Nation By Nation (30Jul09)

21-30Jul09 -- West terminal prolapse is now officially acknowledged by the west mindrapists whores. Indeed, "Fiscal Ruin of the Western World Beckons" appeared as a headline on 18Jun09 in UK, clearly copying NBN, and erasing all the years of subprime woe, derivative oversight, mortgage bubble deceit. Even given the tremendous drag of the west brainstem and the insatiable propensity to patent deceit, the facts spelling the very terminal prolapse of the entire west cesspit are at last hitting the unusually evil west creature right twixt its demon eyes. Of course, it only took the west war hoards 3 short yrs of endless econ spins and lies to fess up. Perhaps, more astonishingly, there are still those in west that believe their "slowdown" is "cyclical". (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - Operation Helmand-Stalingrad has cost USA invaders some (admitted) 680 troops thusfar. Adding the nominal 4X wounded ratio, that's 3K troops out of commission. This is substantiated by USA screams for more troops.

A U S T R A L I A Australia - Killing 1M camels.
- Canberra, after its last int'l embarrassment with its spies caught in China, appeals for quick end to it all. Canberra actually threatened China with trade hit over China's rooting out the Aussie spy network. China, of course, laughed and it turned out that it was Aussies who got the trade hit in the end. Now, Canberra's reduced to begging to quiet the whole embarrassment down. It's lovely to see the west clout evaporate like Bush II Boeings in the 911 self-abuse.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Morales calls for ALBA (Nicaragua, Cuba, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Bolivia) to build up armed forces to specifically counter the growing gringo threat from the north.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Dumping USA bonds.
- Israel's anti-Iran tour of SouthAm stonewalled in Brasilia. Despite Tel Aviv's mournful dirges, Israel was told: "Iran has every right for N power". The funny thing is that Brazil is also enriching and yet no west gob dared to so much as mutter. Brazil also confirmed that the only nuke bomb owner in the Gulf is Israel, courtesy of USA/UK.
- Unhappy with USA mil build up in Colombia.
- Pumps 34B BRL into 1M low-income homes. Let's hope yank baboons don't go now swarming to Brazil from their prolapsed shanty towns wrecking yet another continent.

C A N A D A Canada - Dumping USA bonds.

C H I N A China - China not just #1 car market, richest nation, but also the biggest exporter now.
- Iron ore trade with Brazil surges.
- Quarantines 22 USA students for USA-flu.
- Has evidence 5Jul Uigher riots that cost 200 lives were a coordinated attack instigated by Uighur leader, USA resident.
- 2500 troops train with Russia for 4 days, 22Jul.

C O L O M B I A Colombia - Kfir, Israeli jet with Israeli pilot crash-lands in Colombia, 21Jul. Israeli troops in Colombia? Indeed! Consider: Honduras mil coup; current USA troop build up in Colombia; Uribe's medal of USA honour decoration by Bush II and the many times repeated scenario of west building a war dog proxy emerges yet again.
- Indeed, Uribe's regime has joined the west war junta. Colombian troops are now deployed in Afghanistan.

C O N G O Congo - Dumps west mindrape by cutting 6 French radio blather frequencies.

D E N M A R K Denmark - Apparently serious about challenging Russia's north pole claim, beefs up its Greenland military contingent.

E G Y P T Egypt - USA troops deployed under the pretext of securing Israeli/Egypt 1979 agreement. Though on his last legs, Mubarak vows to remain in power till his last breath. Once he goes, west loses Suez, further compounding its many woes.

E U EU - Retail shrivels near 2% celebrating 14th consecutive month of wall-to-wall terminal prolapse.
- On track to boast 12% EUnuch unemployment by end of yr. Sideline: Indeed, the west prolapse is terminal and that's precisely why they're trying to ignite wars by seeding Georgia/Moldova & Poland/Czech against Russia; Colombia/Honduras against SouthAm; and Taiwan/Tibet/Uigher against China.

F R A N C E France - Foreign industrial orders shrivel/Q2.
- Michelin plant and some USA cigarette plant workers fighting for their survival lock up 4 bosses.
- Threatens war on Somalia. Some big words from a mighty leader who dares spend 600 GBP/day of public cash on flowers. Not to worry, Sarkozy was told to curb his spendings.
- French gen'l takes over command of NATO in USA.

G E O R G I A Georgia - Saakashvilli screams his future is with the west war junta and begs USA to send him WMDs against Russia.

G E R M A N Y Germany - DeutscheWank like all west banks kept afloat by zillions of printed cash has the gall to celebrate "profits", which "grew" near 70%. The simple fact that a handout cannot account for profit doesn't seem to bother, let alone repulse, anyone in EUnichia.
- Joins "dump dollar" chorus.
- Joins west attack on Afghanistan.
- Porsche exec takes 70M and walks from the embarrassment. Porsche with a debt of 10B EUR can't even finish eating the rest of VW in the latest cannibalistic consolidation of west war junta assets -- and VW is 20% nationalised already. If the company has 10B in debt, where did the exec find the 70M?
- Opel "rescued", 10K jobs getting zapped.
- Mass vaccination scheduled for Sep.
- Unemployment up/Jul by 52K jobs. Admits to 3,5M out of work. Didn't EUnuchs celebrate a week ago the "revival" of the German machine?
- Econ shriveled near 4%/1Q09 and posts further contraction in 2Q09. On track to over 6% shriveling/2009, which is quite nominal for the west worm-infested prolapse these days.

H O N D U R A S Honduras - No change after mil coup.
- Boots Venezuela diplos and severs ties.

I C E L A N D Iceland - Pumps 2B USD into prolapsed banks. Yes, hyperinflation is the cure. After all, the whole of west is taking the same medicine today.

I R A N Iran - Sends 2 mil ships to the horn of Africa.
- Holds naval 30-ship exercise with Russia in the Caspian.

I R A Q Iraq - see heyetnet for Iraq war news

I S R A E L Israel - West Bank land theft continues at over 4%/yr. Over 300K new illegal Israeli settlements. Stealing W Bank's Dead Sea shores.
- Expanding into Jordan now via UK occupied land, which UK stole from Jordan in 1946.
- Stealing E Jerusalem. Note that though the settlements on the stolen land are illegal under int'l accords, no west nation including UN, the USA instrument of war, opens its gob.

J A P A N Japan - In silly throes of "election", as if west had that.
- Whoring is the only booming industry of the prolapsed USA-occupied island.

K Y R G Y Z S T A N Kyrgyzstan - Bakiev re-wins elections. Nationwide protests underway.

M E X I C O Mexico - Pumps 1B USD into car mfg. No part of west shall remain standing. Not only the west prolapse is contagious contaminating every single west asset but fully unavoidable today.
- 2500 troops deployed in state Michoacan.
- On track to 8% econ shriveling/2009.

M O L D O V A Moldova - West staging another orange revolt to try proxy up Chisinau against Russia and to protect one of its organ traffic farms.

N E W  Z E A L A N D New Zealand - Near 8 quake moves southern isle 30cm westward. This follows the spate of quakes running down the South Pacific tectonic rip. Did west crank up HAARP?

N O R T H  K O R E A North Korea - Says USA foreign minister is "vulgar" and "by no means intelligent". USA retorts by threatening war. West isn't just vulgar and stupid but also incurably violent.

R U S S I A Russia - Not just a gas/oil energy dominance. Moving towards at min 25% of world nuke power.
- Moving to build 2nd mil base in Kyrgyzstan.

S P A I N Spain - As Iceland ushered devaluation into the west cesspit, Spain foreshadows what's to be west new reality: bank robberies up 10%/yr directly tied to the high unemployment.
- Bomb injures over 50 at a Civil Guard building.

U K UK - MPs give selves ~10K GBP expense fund, paid by poodles. Now they don't have to explain porn and chocolates.
- Top econ shamans are scraping knees in front of their queen for forgiveness for their ridiculous spins on econ of the drizzly isle. How is it that west doesn't understand that it's days, econ or otherwise, were numbered the day the petrodollar bought it in 2006? The rest is academic.
- Cops get powers to enter homes and tear down anti 2012 Olympic signs.
- 52 pubs going belly up/wk. Indeed, the prolapse has at last trickled down to the west very plebe.
- Brown charges UK poodles 5M GBP for his travels.
- Deficit doubled/yr at 13B GBP.
- Debt at 800B GBP representing near 60% of GDP. That's UK debt ONLY!
- Tax receipts shrivel by 10%, biggest shriveling since 1923. Hurry, London boys, tax the unemployed for not contributing to the beautification of the drizzly isle!

Poodles rally (this in Sheffield) sending a strong message to their betters: "Torture children, murder them and their parents in any country you wish to invade, print yourselves zillions in cash, lie all you want, kill anyone with London77 ops, but, under no circumstance, close our school." There can be no sympathy for the west child murdering creatures for their behaviour, as the prolapse squeezes the living daylights out of them, exemplifies the very parasitic, self-obsessed, patently evil nature of this bizarre freckly animal that has murdered, without any justification, over 2M and maimed over 5M civilians in just the last decade. Do your bit! If you meet a west baboon asking for directions, send them the other way.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - Prolapsed nation maxes out "credit" and takes 3,3B USD more from IMF forfeiting its future.

U N UN - Threatens 2B deaths from USA-flu as 1000 have already succumbed to the design killer. Sideline: This isn't swine flu but USA-flu. Swine flu was used by USA in 1961 during its terrorist attack on Cuba. This disease is a lab splice from swine and bird flu and therefore has nothing to do with the 1960s strain. The term USA-flu isn't only correct but it also gives full credit to the bio-WMD designer. (for more info see: A Ott's evidence it's man-made
- Calls for mandatory vaccination of 200 nations -- or the entire planet. Yes, UN is short for insanity.
- Relocating Palestinians to Slovakia and other EUnuch countries. No matter what sordid plans west has for Palestinians, the fact that Jews are minority in Israel cannot be altered.

U S A USA - Giant int'l slave/organ trafficking ring exposed in two states implicating mayors, state governance, jewish charities and religious sects. The size of the west war junta organ theft and smuggling cannot be overestimated. Sideline: A few assorted points: Israeli army officer admits to Israel's financing of organ traffic; South Africa doctor ring, long tied to USA design-disease experiment crime, exposed to perform the transplants; Prof at Univ of Calif confirms Rosenbaum organ smuggling ring; Sources of organs are west-impoverished and raped nations like Romania, Moldova, and, of course, Palestine; Witness claims he told FBI yrs ago about the organ smuggling and USA took no action; C McKinney pinned Rumsfeld on camera to admit that USA governance traffics human slaves (youtube: "McKinney, Rumsfeld"); Israel was caught in 2002 murdering 3 Palestinian children and carving organs out of them; USA was caught experimenting with AIDs and AIDs "cures" on USA orphans in New York; USA was caught murdering children in Nigeria recently in medical experiments; USA was caught performing eye surgery experiments on the mentally ill; mass graves of tortured children found in USA. Make no mistake, the scope of this organ butcher network is as big as the entire west for west is a parasite that lives off the very blood of someone else's children. West is THE disease.

One of the greatest C McKinney's hits. Beside inveigling USA gen'l to admit the deliberate defence stand-down on 911, she gets Rumsfeld to admit on camera that USA governance is trafficking slaves.

- USA post service going broke by Sep.
- "Bailout" at 23T now. That's 23000000000000! Now, did it "bailout" anyone? Sideline: It no longer matters what they print. They're not printing dollars but hyperinflated fractions thereof. All west #s are immaterial today. All that needs be understood now is that the end of west is here and while it may be a tricky financial issue for the Freeworld, it's a matter of life and death for the entire west wars-enabling populace.
- Verizon zapping 8K plus thousands of contractors.
- Last month sees 554K baboons zapped from jobs, that's 3,5M just this yr. Unemployment at 26 yr high. Sideline: USA claims it's only 6M since 2007 but that too is a lie. USA does not track the "unemployed" but only those who are receiving "unemployment benefits". Once these run out the unemployed disappear off USA stats. All west reporting is deceitful and deliberately so.
- 64th bank this year goes belly up.
- Governance angry with Obama's concessions to Moscow. Didn't west hooray'd how swell comrade Obama performed there?
- Prime rate/mortgage lending reaches biggest gap. That's usury at its most wonderful. While baboons are paying their bankers zillions they're getting screwed with banks pocketing near 6% on loans. It's too bad the baboon is such a cretinous creature, it can't even enjoy the wonderment of its prolapse.
- Comrade Obama threatens to withhold 4B USD from education cuz yanks are so stupid. Aside from trying to untangle this muddled up logic the facts are that it's no accident that USA spends most on education while producing the most cretinous monkeys. In sum, USA "education" system works as planned.
- Selects 12K children for USA-flu vaccine test.
- Threatens 150M (50%) sick from USA-flu. Has nearly 200M doses ready.
- Like GM, Delphi auto mfg zaps over 6B USD in pensions. Enjoy your autumn years, baboons.
- Printing 680B USD more for wars.
- Urgently needs 30K more troops. Stalingrads do seem to be doing the trick and quite quickly at that.
- MorStanley slates 70% of revenues for bonuses or some 4B USD. That's touching.
- Israeli pilots and jets in Nevada practicing war with USA mil.
- Prolapsed California begins localised taxing of marijuana sales; releasing 30K prisoners; cuts 7B USD from schools; ratchets up 4B USD in new taxes; admits to 3B USD in accounting machinations; and borrows 2B USD more rounding off its deficit at a lovely 30B USD.
- Comrade Obama gives self powers to detain anyone for as long as he pleases without trial plus gives self 106B USD in one single signature. Sideline: Let's get this straight. Let's look at what the USA baboon calls "change". While Obama promised to stop torture; expose torture evidence; prosecute for war crimes; stop wars; investigate 911; and stop printing billions, Obama has expanded torture; hid torture evidence; protects war criminals; expanded wars attacking Pakistan; made questioning 911 illegal. The only promise comrade Obama has arguably kept is ceasing printing of billions as he's moved to trillions.
- Michigone unemployment swells by 12%/yr to 16% overall, foreclosures swell by 190%. Some parts boast 26% unemployment.
- Moving to tax toilet paper. Baboons use toilet paper?
- Tells embassies to stock up on local currencies. Yes, dollar is headed for a major devaluation.
- Pennsylvania pays 44K state workers for 2 days instead of 2 weeks due to the prolapse. Working for free is the latest west trend.
- USA military & FEMA to "assist" with USA-flu outbreak scheduled for autumn. Assist? Yes, assist! Shopping Malls to double as mass vaccination centres. Fancy there's baboons still weighed by zero worry.
- Foreclosures 20% above average in most of the fly-over states with 2M filings/1H09. Didn't comrade Obama print hundreds of billions to avoid just that?
- Big mfg orders down 2,5%/Jul. Demand for USA planes 40% gone. USA has nothing left but war, disease, and lies to export.
- GDP shrivels in 2Q clocking 6%/1H09. Sideline: It's not an accident EUnuchia and USA suffer exactly the same blows. Same dollar, same disease, same symptoms, same prognosis.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Arming up, doubling tanks. Indeed, west is spoiling for a Colombia-proxy war against the liberated SouthAm nations.
- Signs military, agricultural, and energy deals with Russia.
- Signs 7 energy deals with Spain for oil and thermoelectric plant.
- Signs deals with Japan for oil and gas taking some 2,5B USD in investment from the prolapsed island. Sideline: The only chance Japan has left is to quit the west cesspit and send gringos home.
- Ends trade with Colombia worth some 5B EUR/yr, currently shifting 1,5B EUR food import from Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. Colombian-shared gasline may be closed as well.

Chavez: "Thank you for believing in Venezuela like we believe in Russia." Indeed, the only reason the west diabolical creature from hell hasn't achieved its goal of conquering the entire world has once again been Russia. In fact, the death of the dollar, and thus the entire west ugliness, was brought to you by the fantastic counteroffensive from Moscow. be cont'd as it all piles up.


James Wolfe said...

Another masterpiece by you, the West certainly without a shadow of a doubt succumbing to fiscal destruction. The 23.4 trillion in bailout money the US has promised and printed since September is mind blowing. Yet the explosion in prices for goods and services haven’t appeared yet. When prices hit Zimbabwe figures is when the dense Western public finally “get it”.

As you rightly mentioned, the West doesn’t give a shit about how their militaries invade, murder rape, pillage and destroy other countries. But if their safe and comfortable lives are threatened or undermined in anyway hysteria and self pity breaks out.

Israel seems very serious about attacking Iran now, Gates, the US NSC chairman and Admiral Mullen have all been to the Zionist state recently. Add this with the movements of the German built and financed Israeli Dolphin submarines, the despicable Zionists are looks like the final stages of their preparations for their war are occurring.

You hit the nail right on the head. Everything about the West is a lie, especially their history and their statistics. How can anyone believe any statistic from the US? Their unemployment states and methodology are ridiculous, just like their Iraq War casualty figures.

The Western obsession with ABUSING CHILDREN, is incredible and too obscene/disgusting to contemplate. The Israeli/Jewish abduction, murder, rape and mutilation of Palestinian children is well known. Yet the Western media never publicize this fact.

I’m amazed these Rabbis and Government officials that were arrested in the US, usually such people commit crimes with impunity. Its Israel and Jewish controlled Amsterdam is the home of the ecstasy industry.

Australia threatening China, it shows how deluded, arrogant and the sense of entitlement the White West are.

poiuytr said...

& let's not forget info from Dec on USA torture/mass murder of children: "More than 30 unmarked graves are to be excavated at a Florida reform school where former students allege that children were routinely tortured and murdered by staff up to half a century ago."

poiuytr said...


Hello! Good seeing you online!

> The 23.4 trillion in bailout money the US has promised and printed since September is mind blowing. Yet the

Yes. And USA's printing 700B more. The laceration is unpluggable. They're on a 24th bottle and the patient's slipping deeper into coma.

> explosion in prices for goods and services haven’t appeared yet. When

which is what they base their "deflation" song on. of course, it's just depression: west folks buying tar instead of new roofs, tube of glue instead of new tyres, box of nails instead of new furniture, motor belts instead of new cars and all that rubbish is lying about the west shelves taking up space costing the retail mafia more in storage than if they gave it away. west auto mfg's are paying for renting airports to park new cars no one wants.

so the dip in west price of things is just elasticity of profit of the west market dictators.

> prices hit Zimbabwe figures is when the dense Western public finally “get it”.

maybe. i fear that west isn't ever gonna get it though. when i said they're baboons, i meant to be slightly dramatic highlighting their brash arrogance. i had no clue then that i still overestimated them. west doesn't get that Boeing cannot evaporate, under no circumstance, that a building steel structure cannot turn into molten lava even though USA baboons grill poultry and never ever has anyone achieved melting the grill before the chicken. they don't get the "bailout" is just rinsing of them. they don't get that there shouldn't be a mass grave of tortured children, that that's a bad thing. those that are squeezed by the prolapse feel the pain of it but still don't get what happened and probably happily blame the terrorists and call for the murder of more children in some "stan" country.

in fact, even the "fringe" west folks, those who have prided themselves in understanding the WMD lies, the Iraq atrocities, the evil freedom usurping in west, the hyperinflation of west, 911 evidence... even this crowd of west enlightened folks has disappeared now that the prolapse has descended on their skulls.

suddenly, they realise that it's not just some sideline internet entertainment but very reality and they don't very much care for it. and so they run to those who committed 911 for protection now. in fact this group will be the most fanatical about the protection of west as the last days come.

in short, they're all total bastard baboon scum.

> anyway hysteria and self pity breaks out.

Precisely! all west folks care about is their own wallet. and west is now all mournful cuz Bush II and Blair failed to rape the world. especially the scum that protested it while it was just online "entertainment" like canukistan and all those freckly west monkeys from iraqwar, for example, or engdahl, craig roberts, alex jones even... the lot.

> Israel seems very serious about attacking Iran now, Gates, the US NSC

yes. it seems that way but the fact remains that it's impossible. Hormuz is still there and Iran will shut it down slicing the west oil jugular in minutes. attack on Iran, whether it's successful, which it can't be since hitting hundreds of mobile sites within the same nanosecond is a slight impossibility, means west going oil-dry. so attack on Iran just cannot be but indeed west looks like it's serious these days.

it's more like Israel's throwing a wobbly trying to scare USA/UK/etc into caving in on its other demands like the genocide and theft of Palestine and Jordan, forcing west aid these crimes and send more cash in exchange for not attacking Iran.

it's a bit like the Swiss stopping buying German rubbish as response for German/UK/USA bank account plunder.

west is just at each others throats these days.


poiuytr said...

> Dolphin submarines, the despicable Zionists are looks like the final stages of their preparations for their war are occurring.

right. but i must maintain that Iran is not a possibility for west to attack. Iran is armed, has satellites... it can reach EUnuchs if not more. it controls entire west oil supply.

the west beast attacks defenceless children by policy. i suspect Somalia or neighbour to create a proxy and assault energy rich Africa places.

> statistics. How can anyone believe any statistic from the US? Their

right. west has this GDP thing and yet each nation, per admission, adds it up differently. USA counts dollars several times just cuz they change industries. it's absolute nonsense measure, yet they use it as though it's normalised stat. the same goes for even literacy and every data, as you say.

> The Western obsession with ABUSING CHILDREN, is incredible and too

yeah, i forgot so much... like the USA mass grave of tortured children. i added that into the NBN. and the children stealing/eating ring run in EUnuch Belgium peddling kid slaves for the west war elite's deviant pleasures... i can't even begin to type this. it's not possible for a human to even look at this crime without rage sending your blood pressure to heartattack levels. for west, children abuse, carving organs out of kids, toture of children by policy in UK/USA dungeons is just mainstream entertainment to round off the lovely day with. west is the disease is all i can manage when confronted with west's reality.

> children is well known. Yet the Western media never publicize this fact.

right. Iran is evil for enriching. Brazil enriching is alright. it's this kind of patent racism that west is defined by. Iraqis defending their nation are terrorists. USA troops raping Iraq are defenders. Gaza being an extermination camp is a state of Palestine to west. everything, absolutely every single word from west is upside down lie, insane spin, rabid deceit.

that's why the USA thing today is important since it confirms that west steals children, tortures them, and steals their organs on a mass int'l scale. unfortunately, the west is such a baboon that they don't get anything.

> arrested in the US, usually such people commit crimes with impunity. Its Israel and Jewish controlled

yes, i think... i think the arrests were a mistake. they were going after money laundering cuz the west governance is money hungry pillaging bank accounts, enacting bank "money laundromat" schemes, and tax evasion things... i think that's how they found this giant network and had no clue when they touched it that organs carved from children stolen from the world will spill out of the closet. this leads straight to the top and connects all the dots on this west beast.

> Australia threatening China, it shows how deluded, arrogant and the

indeed! it's like that USA clown telling China USA investment is safe. but the cool thing is that China laughed in their face. 90% of the planet isn't listening to this west mutterings. west is today just this disconnected self-sputtering sicko shuffling back and forth in his decaying hovel.

but yes, the delusion of the west populace they're free, great, smart, rich, powerful, pretty is beyond belief -- like all things west.

poiuytr said...

link from wordpress blog confirming west wetdreams of destroying Russia and China to pave way to total world rape.

it's interesting to note how much more, if not infinitely, things have gotten for the west beast, since it only used to be Russia and now the challenge has grown to include China, and let's not forget Iran and Venezuela and the rising states of the mighty continent of Africa.

60 yrs ago, west only had Russia to assault and had Hitler, the UK/USA stooge, won, west would have raped the world then. today they have many nations to take down before they can enact their planet genocide wetdreams. but it's funny that the west war junta is only acknowledging Russia and China, but that alone... clearly shows the immense stupidity of the west beast.

Anonymous said...

You are right about the depravity of the West in terms of their treatment of children. This is none more true than for America, where every manner of criminality is embraced and practiced, and reveled in with a sadistic glee.

American criminality is without limits, and beyond words.

America is every imaginable filth, piled upon every act of debased behavior practiced, but worst of all, topped off with a smug, sanctimonious sense of morality.

This is the charnel house that is America.

Below is the story of Cathy O'Brien, a former US "MK-ULTRA" sex slave, whose conditioning involved her sexual abuse as a child....

Confessions of a WHITE HOUSE SEX SLAVE, '81-'88 [CIA/DIA MKULTRA trauma mind control]

VIDEO: Cathy O'Brien & Mark Phillips: CIA Mind Control & drug/kiddie porn to White House

poiuytr said...

9:44 --
right. west is sordid, sick, diseased beyond any imaginable words. there aren't any words, in fact. it's even hard to stretch one's mind into such beastly dimension to even grasp the 1% that's revealed of the west patent vampire monstrous sickness.

when papa Bush retired from white house, he said "we had sex". they said he meant to say "success" but indeed what he meant was precisely that: sex.

west is THE disease, is all i can manage when confronted, reminded of these horrendous ongoing crimes of the west child murdering war junta cabals.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

And another point, off topic:

Please poiutr, dont fix something that is not broken. May I suggest you keep all comments to your lead articles in ONE place. I suggest here.


Anonymous said...

Also may I suggest that you include the Rebel Roports web site in the listing. It is Jeremy scahill's web site of Blackwater fame. His latest article:

"Blackwater Founder Implicated in Murder" (Erik Prince)


Anonymous said...

Jeremy scahill's web site:

Anonymous said...
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poiuytr said...

1:46 -- fix?

don't fix what? christianic loon spam?

poiuytr said...

1) Vatican is run by a nazi.
2) Christianic west junta is murdering children, bearing false witness, coveting neighbour's wives, sisters, and children, and gluttony? well, 40% of yank baboons are "obese".
5) And that's not even regarding the little fact that it was holy roman bitch that wrote the bible crap stealing ancient texts.
6) Christianics are so diseased they pray to an effigy of a tortured naked man. this perhaps best sums up the true insane degree of evil that defines the disgusting west cesspit.

all in all, christianic scum has forfeited all its rights to speak and espouse its diseased jesus dogma.

once again, CHRISTIAN SCUM, note: this is not about your braindead beliefs, sick wishes, or fear-based mindrape.

NBN has nothing whatever to do with personal beliefs or philosophies. As such it covers no religious news and stays clear of all religious and belief based news. NBN doesn't cover aliens, crop circles, holy apparitions, etc either, even though some of the data out there is truly baffling.

NBN is purely a celebration of the west christianic child murdering beast's demise and all its baboon subjects based on the news pouring in. that's all!

all such rubbish dogma will be treated as attack on the site. if you can't stick to the points, don't lurk around here, go back to the BBCNN whores.

Anonymous said...

More Viable of the global scenarios NBN is covering might be the fate of the Grand Armee in Moscow instead of the fate of Paulus's Army in Volgograd...

For those of you not familiar with this, here is a clear picture...

Cossack '41

Anonymous said...

The scale of this vanishing of the grand army in the Russia campaign calculates to the other-worldly and macabre figure of negative (-) 97.3 percent.

hard to fathom but such are the rewards of global adventure.

Plu Sa chang

James Wolfe said...


The West is beyond redemption and hope. It seems like Armageddon is scheduled for September when the US financial year ends and October when people finally realize the games up. Its been widely circulated US embassies across the world have been ordered to purchase local currencies that last for year except of course in the UK. Where the pound sterling is in its death spasms, and the national debt has ballooned. The totalitarian lockdown well set for the UK, the US has ordered its child raping murdering, torturing, thieving military to assist local police forces in emergencies. Add this with the mass graves, FEMA internment camps, coffins, and the swine flu outbreak the West ruling junta know the games up.

What I want to know is what will China, Russia, and South America/Middle East/Asia/Africa will do next. Do the people and leaders know what happening and going to happen. A post-West world seems just too incredible and impossible to believe. Despite knowing everything I know about 9/11, fake state organized terror, derivatives financial collapse, the Iraq/Afghan atrocities. The vile never ending Western propaganda has it seems permanent fucked with my brain. I find so hard to think and believe outside the obscene West propaganda paradigm. Am I making sense, my mind has been raped by the West media for so long, I can’t think straight.

As for the West abusing kids, remember Operation Ore, when literally 1000s of paedophiles credit cards were caught, but how many people were convicted hardly anyone, then the whole thing was shelved because far too many respectable people were caught out. Or the Boystown/Franklin paedophile Scandal in Nebraksa? Not to mention Marc Dutroux crimes that implicated Belgian and European elites. Or more recently Michel Fourniret who raped and murdered children for the French/European elites.

Watch these videos to understand the perversity

Conspiracy of Silence - John Decamp - The Franklin Cover-Up Scandal

Kay Griggs Talks: Desperate Wives (Blackmail In US Government


Part 2

No to mention what happened at Abu Grahib, where children, women and men were raped and sodomized American soldiers, even their famale soldier too part in the rapes.

West is depraved.

Anonymous said...

a few more thoughts on christianics:

1) during the Falluja, Iraq assault USA literary razed the entire city with citizens in it. west troops, caught on camera, laugh, joke, and scream in orgy how wonderful it is to murder people. vids show USA murdering wounded civilians. the orders were clear and we know them today: "put two bullets in everything alive or dead".

now, this is led and ordered by self-professed christian Bush II with full consent from vatican, the centre of west mindrape.

during the beastly offensive, USA top gen'l (i apologise for not remembering the war criminal's name) showed a picture of Falluja which had some smudge on it. he called it a "PROOF OF SATAN".

west is beyond,,,,,, beyond B E Y O N D words to describe.

2) christians gave the world perpetual war in EUnichia since they're assembly and establishment of holy roman vampire. the war spilt outside of EUnichia when the freckly beast at last managed to copy boats, which took them 3K years.

then, christianics genocided Asia, Africa, and SouthAm. SouthAm is littered today with spanish inquisition chamberes, or TORTURE chambers with implements a human cannot even figure what they're for.

west has always performed genocide and torture under the very flag of goody good christianity on EVERYONE incl children for as long as this vileness has been around. christianity to west is no more than a word, like freedom, and free market, and capitalism. all code words for genocide of everything non-saxonic ugly.

3) it was Mr Mussolini, how else, who gave vatican independence from italian scrutiny and control.

4) it was vatican that gave us patent lies and bullshit mindraping today's sciences with abject litter like Einstein, while Tesla and Alfven were removed from west books, media, and sciences. west believes today in "big bang", which is the christianic tale spun for "scientifically-minded". all BS, all mindrape, all diseased flags under which to conduct mental and physical genocide.

please, christianics, go to church or wherever you perform you vile rites, but do not litter this site with your propaganda. all you'll achieve is the destruction of yet another source of info, something that's drastically disappearing from the web.


5) 60% of USA assets is owned by some 400 people or a few dozen families. the rest belongs to vatican/UK crown.

christianity has nothing whatever to do with the philosophy of afterlife, or some creative power in the universe. it's just another WMD in the hands of the west child murdering parasite.

Anonymous said...

23:29 is by poiuytr, i'm not trying to mislead by posting under anon, i'm just not signed in cuz i didn't remember the fucking log in at the moment!

poiuytr said...

16:30 -- west assault on Russia 19th century

you're absolutely correct! i have not forgotten about Brezina creek (which btw is on the map) and have mentioned it before in comments in a way: hitler had Stalingrad, Napoleon Brezina creek, and Bush II/Blair Iraq and now Afghanistan, Pakistan, and even Lebanon.

the reason i talk about Stalingrad is only cuz it's recent and to try undo the west-mindrape diseased spin.

in west, the idiots are taught that Stalingrad was Russian defeat of sorts completely deliberately misunderstanding the 3 level beauty of the west trap.

let me recap: 1) Stalingrad was used to equalise forces. instead of tanks against troops, which is the only way west can attack (see Palestine with west tanks rolling against children with rocks, see Iraq with USA perverts hunting civilians with missiles shot from attack choppers at night, see NYC with west murderers attacking civilian buildings), Stalingrad ruins forced german scum to get out of the tanks and WALK against Russian troops. Stalingrad forced the west 100X advantage to a mano-a-mano combat, which west cowards can never even hope to fight.
and so battalions disappeared in the sink hole.

2) being so absolutely cretinous, as west is today, hitler with USA/UK guidance ordered massive attack on Stalingrad, pulling troops from around Stalingrad, off Volga, to form the massive phalanx. this is classic PUTIN today. meet west on an issue, force west to mobilise on it, and let west attack with all its might. west typically wins this attack and gains a metre. of course, while this is happening, and west is focused on one single issue, being the braindead vicious animal it is, Russia, like during Stalingrad, encircles, bites, the west elsewhere where the flanks have been exposed.
this is Stalingrad and current 10 yr counteroffensive of Putin producing splendid results, as NBN shows on weekly basis.
while west readied to assault Stalingrad, after having brigades vanquished in her ruins, Zukov surrounded west murderers and captured 600K of them.

Stalingrad is a recent beautiful parallel to the very strategy used on west today.

and 3) west has never figured this out, which is perhaps the beauty of it, which means it can be used over and over on the west child murdering parasite.

recently, the dear readership moaned about Russia's acquiescence on supply routes to Afghanistan for west war machine. about 3 wks ago now. clearly, there was a reason. Russia merely opened the gates to hell for west and while west is now reeling from the 2 wk shock of Helmand defeat scraping urgently for 30K more troops pumping another 600B down the Helmand Stalingrad, Russia pressed and showcased a world currency coin at G8, one of west's biggest self-orgy events.

the Russian dismantling of the west beast has been nothing short of unimaginable beauty, orchestration on a scale never previously experienced and understood. it's very much like a symphony.

one day, i hope to present a book, for it's well over 400 pgs now, on PUTIN -- THE LAST THING WEST SAW outlining the masterful counteroffensive using all Russian might, guile, and brains thinking a few moves ahead that are seen with Kutuzov and Zukov.

if one factors in the fact that at the beginning of the 90s, Russia was bought out by west soros-carlyle-bush-blair parasitic war machine and grabitised by gorbachev cabal's treason, one should stand in awe of the results: 1) the quick pace liberation of Russia, 2) the quick pace int'l checking of the west WWIII assault of 2001, and 3) the current terminal fiscal end of the entire west billboard-adorned BBCNN cesspit of genocide spectator baboons and EUnuchs.

poiuytr said...

James --

> hope. It seems like Armageddon is scheduled for September when the US financial year ends and October when

indeed, this fall, yes. the info has been leaked even, it seems, perhaps by the sordid lizard meetings of bilderbergs or that bohemian grovers... however, it seems it's been leaked though and confirmation comes from the statements made by the west war junta even.

the mass "vaccination" programme just happens to coincide with it. :)

BTW, did you catch the latest tale: west killing hemophiliacs with HIV shots? it's UNREAL but here it is again, another data, as if one isn't enough to indict the whole damn west cesspit.

Bayer's been shooting up sick people with HIV killing some 1000 now and infecting family members. all this with the conspiracy of west governances. it's proven USA governance knew and agreed. it's just like Rumsfeld saying yeah, well we did traffic slaves but we're not doing it now.

can you imagine going to court and defending your traffic ticket by saying, yeah, well i ignored the stop sign but i don't now.

west is psychotic... i'm really rendered speechless most of the time. it's truly so off scale and outside of human norms that the very sickness and degree of west perpetual crimes is part what protects them for no human can even stretch his mind that far, to grasp the crimes, so most people probably just figure it cannot be.

i cannot imagine torturing a child, yet west does it as POLICY. west is so insane, i cannot grasp the crimes, much less comment on it.

> people finally realize the games

yeah, they don't know what's happening, how it happened, but they know that they're starving and they don't care for it. they're gonna gladly join the west war machine now for a bit of bread like the starved germans did when they assembled in millions for the barbarossa Russia attack.

the ones that screamed against the Bush II/Blair blood regimes are now running to the bush clan for cover cuz they at last realise that the vaccine, FEMA coffin, the mass relocation laws are for them.

> embassies across the world have been ordered to purchase local currencies that last for year except

LOL, yes. it's leaks like this that confirm the true state of west econ. it's funny since germans, USA, and UK are all celebrating the end of recession today. indeed, devaluation is not something a regime broadcasts and it's gonna hit the west war watchers right twixt their eyes.

> raping murdering, torturing, thieving military to assist local police forces in emergencies. Add

it's off scale. hitler gestapo and commandos are back in full force. cameras in everyone's home now.


poiuytr said...

James, PtII (cuz google doesn't want us to talk TOO much)

but it's the classic story. west baboons didn't care when they came for the Iraqi children. west baboons didn't care when they came for Palestinian children. west baboons even enjoyed the mass slaughter of Afghanis with their drones. west baboons didn't care about own orphans massacred in medical tests. west baboons didn't care about Pfizer murdering children in Nigeria with medical experiments. all they cared about was the Pfizer's stock. west baboons didn't care when they attacked Russians in S Ossetia. west baboons didn't care when they came for the "conspiracy theorists". now they're coming for the baboon, and they're beginning to feel slightly uncomfortable.

> China, Russia, and South America/Middle East/Asia/Africa will do next. Do the people and leaders

whatever it is, it's not gonna be along the lines of saving west populace. if that's the result, perhaps, but it's certainly not the goal of any of the strategies for they're trying to save themselves from the beast and fiscal crash. hence the fiscal decoupling, energy solvency, and beefing up of war machines.

it appears west wants to strike Russia again in Georgia just to keep it busy, Venezuela/Bolivia via Colombia to keep Russia/China contingent busy there and attack China's energy source. it's clear and admitted by comrade hussein obama that Polish missiles are against Russia, so they may need to stretch Russia by assaulting them via Georgia and Poland. there may even be some North Pole assault as Denmark and Canada seem to be building troops along their north cap zones.

so Russia and China, in my opinion, are trying to save themselves, arm allies, like in SouthAm, and Africa, and fiscally play their game replacing IMF/WB everywhere possible.

the best scenario for west is its prolapse and settling debt in ceding land to Russia and China, but clearly the west war junta psychos are bent on WWIII holocaust rather, so... it's very much down to the wire now.

however, credit must be given to Russia/China for managing the west prolapse without full blown WWIII thusfar.

> happen. A post-West world seems just too incredible and impossible to

in 2007 even, actually even 2008, the death of dollar was utopia for most. in 2008 and probably even now, many will argue that there's such a thing as a Petrodollar... if someone said on Sep 10 that 3000 will be slaughtered in hours to predicate west WWIII, one would think it insane. west prolapse terminality is fact. based on a simple fact that west cannot be without currency monopoly and that died in May2006. there's nothing west can do to re-establish that unless they bend Russia and China and everyone else now to their will. and reality is that west can't even touch Lebanon, much less Iran, Venezuela, China, or Russia. but certainly, west will try till its last breath to use all it knows: proxy warfare, bio warfare, genocide of all civilians incl children.

tell me how is it west doesn't collectively understand 911 and London77? which bit of you can't vapourise Boeings and building can't turn into lava on their own don't they get? this is physics lesson #1. how is this possible? i still marvel at the enormous cretinism of this west baboon. i really don't get the stupidity that defines west. i find it an affront that such a innately braindead scum wanted to rule the planet.

> fucked with my brain. I find so hard to think and believe outside the obscene West propaganda paradigm. Am

i fully understand this and agree. west means lies, 180 degree spin 24/hr on every issue. it means debasement of all human values. it means crimes that shudder and chill human spine and physically render one insane when one realises it. it means 700M of baboons running amok with WMDs.

poiuytr said...

James, PTIII

that's why i tried with NBN to foremost unspin the west lies, the very source of human defilement, and celebrate the end of this cesspit from hell, to spread hope and unity over the dissolution of the west disease. that's why i try to make it simple with slogans like: west is the disease instead of delving into the endless crimes, which all raise blood pressure, stand hair on end, and turn blood cold...

> I making sense, my mind has been raped by the West media for so long, I can’t think straight.

yes, writing and reading and sharing info with like-minded, very much like a therapy session is necessary. unifying our struggles is of utmost importance, not just to spread info, try turn a few baboons into upright species, but also not to go off the rails and remain functional through the hell. that was the idea behind NBN. the facts should be liberating and morally uplifting. small solace but solace nonetheless.

> As for the West abusing kids,

yes. aware of all the links. recently i couldn't even bring myself to type the name detroux. i just can't... my blood boils, my mind stops. mass children theft and peddling them as slaves and torture subjects for the pleasure of west leaders.... i cannot even think like this. and then you get millions of west baboons waving their flag and standing behind these creatures from hell. i'm aware of it and like you am permanently scarred by west out of this world criminality. it's essential for my blood pressure to have you contribute to the blog. solidarity, unity, and spread of info is a way to battle the lizards.

> No to mention what happened at Abu

USA video taping self raping children. can anyone think of something more criminal, sick, diseased, perverted, vile?

> West is depraved.

indeed, west is the disease.

Anonymous said...

The author below talks about the innate sense of superiority displayed by Western Left and why it is ultimately hostile to global revolution, but really this characterization should be applied to all of the West and its citizens.

From "Is the Western Left Afraid of Revolution?":

"I have to return to a theme that I think lies at the heart of the problem, namely racism pure and simple. For five centuries we have been lording it over the planet, our wealth and knowledge, access to all manner of resources eg, our centres of ‘learning’, the sophisticated networks and so forth have created the illusion of superiority. We have collectively benefited from this abundance of wealth, albeit for most, merely the crumbs off the table, but that does not alter the fact that we are citizens of Empire and that includes the UK’s hankering for days of yore, that relies on the complicity or at least the acquiessence of its citizens."

James Wolfe said...


Russia’s strategic moves can so infuriating for the uninitiated like me. Agreeing to help NATO supplies to Afghanistan confused and angered many, it seemed yet again Russia had capitulated and allowed its self to be dictated to by the West. But Afghanistan is a disaster, therefore adding to your enemies (West-NWO) problems is the most prudent thing to do.

I see now Russia has signed an agreement with Turkey for the South Stream project today. Add this with the Nord Stream pipeline. The War on Terror scam to steal central Asian oil and gas is unravelling.

Turkey and Russia Strike a Series of Energy Deals

Russia has been reminding everyone it has the means to fight back.

Shades of Cold War as Russian submarines spotted off US east coast

The French hordes are becoming more desperate.

US firm closes down factory after French workers beat up boss

You mentioned how angry and disgusted you were that how such a stupid people can demand to rule the world. Well the Western mindset has been shaped by centuries of global domination and exploitation. They being the West have lived so long on the hog, they’ve become acclimatized to it. Their propaganda media relentlessly spews lies about how wonderful and good they are and how horrible and bad everyone else is.

The White West see themselves as better than everyone else, and that people of Africa, Middle East, Asia and South America are children of a lesser god.

Racism, Chauvinism, Arrogance and Delusion are so ingrained in the West psyche and personality nothing short of calamity will change it.

What’s your take on the Bandar Bush alleged Saudi coup attempt? According to Webster Tarpley on Alex Jones, Bandar was aligning himself with Russia.

In kingdom, Saudi prince's coup 'fails'

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