Nation By Nation (21Jun10)

11May-21Jun -- On the eve of UK poverty measure announcement, the west-wide terminal prolapse is as obvious as it shall be after Loondon unveils its civil cuts in some pathetic hope to thereby extend their child-murdering reign on this planet. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - In hope to prevent NATO break up and entice west war bankster junta into funding more of the war, USA top gen'l reveals the treasure trove found in Afghanistan strategically estimated at 1T USD. He tells the west media whores: "there's a stunning potential". Potential for what, dear general? To vampire? Quite clearly, all the drivel the west beast has given us about "liberating" the world is, by their own words total, total hogwash. The aim of the west beast can no longer even be blurry.
- Pentagram needs new "emergency" funding after the botched Helmand offensive of comrade Obama's, which has delivered nothing but more defeat for the west heroin vampires.

E U EU - Germs and Frankensteins mull issuing Second-Citizen-EUro tender. They're actually thinking of splitting the EUnuch zone with superEURO currency for the betters including the saxonic heart of west and commonEURO for the peripheral EUnuch slaves. One, two, three, or more currencies will save nothing.
- Vatican fiends force a girl their priest raped to apologise in public. West psychosis is so off-chart that even reporting on it seems like some sci-fi job.
- Pope, the west chief religious fiend and the west elected rep of their gods, promises -- THIS IS NOT A JOKE -- to stop molesting children.
- EC prez talks about the end of democracy in Greece, Portugal, and Spain. Is west on the verge of deploying tanks against themselves to keep their idyll going?

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks - Pension cuts announced.
- Working till 62, not 60, announced.
- Shuts down Hamas TV. So long as democracy is intact in the west cesspits.
- Le Monde put on the west-wide garage sale.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs - Investor confidence plunges. That's odd, isn't it? And Berloon took such stern measures to maintain the security of the EUnuchia tender.
- Herr Merkel wants punishments meted out to the insolvent nations now. There's trouble in this line of thinking though for the most insolvent and most indebted in the whole of EUnuchia are Germs, UKians, and the Frankensteins. Yet, the Berloon dictate omits the saxonic war child-murdering core from these lunatic wetdreams.
- Buys names of germs hiving cash from Berloon in Swiss banks, yet again.
- Gap twixt the rich/poor growing as the west middle class vanishes in the west-wide terminal prolapse. Poverty is now an issue to 22% of germs.

What a sight: germs angry. Murdering children around the planet, leveling nations with DU to protect their "trade routes" is alright with these creatures. But touch their dildos, and the freckly monkeys from the Baltic marshes pile into the streets. This is Stuttfart, btw.

This is Berloon.

E U - I T A L Y EU-Italy -

Some 100K Italianians angry, 16Jun, Rome. These Italian poverty measures want to eke out 13B USD/yr. This is SILLY. It's half what GoldSacks boys got in their last bonus -- that's just BONUS -- round. It should be clear that #s clearly show that the poverty measures enacted across the west cesspits have NOTHING whatever to do with cash but the pretext for martial rule, as the west cesspits prolapse further.

E U - U K EU-UK - Poverty measures to zap 750K job, on a second estimate.
- Announces 2B GBP cuts even before THE emergency poverty measure announcement.

G E O R G I A Georgia - Saakashvilli's charged by his west betters for his ties with Iran. Sooner all later, all west lapdogs fall out of grace.

I R A N Iran - Stops exports of zinc, copper, etc to those who voted yes with the west junta.
- Oil exports hit 850M bpm in Mar or 2,3M pbd. Chief clients are: Japan, China, S Africa, Brazil, Pakistan, Spain, India, Dutch. Let's hope comrade Obama's sanctions do at least cover oil import and thus shut the taps for all his west lapdogs. Of course, as we already know, comrade Obama's sanctions don't affect west war junta businesses.

I S R A E L Israel - Iranian flotilla being met by 11 USA war ships, not to mention Israeli war ships for some showdown.

J A P A N Japan - Kan doubles sales tax to please IMF masters.
- As a goody good USA state, slaps sanctions on N Korea, without any investigation. Well, as Japan chose, Japan shall reap.

K Y R G Y Z S T A N Kyrgyzstan - Uzbek prez says civil war in Kyrgyzstan caused by 3rd party but fails to name it.
- Bakiyev's son got asylum in UK.
- Russia sent in paratroopers.
- Reserves mobilised.

2K dead, 500K displaced.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - China makes nuke plant deal with Pakistan leaving USA gnashing fangs and slipping the odd typical vulgarity here and there.
- Comrade Obama murders 18 with drones, 11Jue. So far, he's murdered some 1000 with drones since his war on Pakistan started in 2008.

R U S S I A Russia -
- S300 delivery to Iran is off again, as of 19Jun. Sideline: Judge Russia not from headlines, especially the english kind, but from results. And those are total and complete wall-to-wall terminal fiscal prolapse of all things west. None of it has been an accident.
- Gazprom bidding on the entire Azerbaijan gas.
- Frankensteins slither up to Moscow for SouthStream but Gazprom won't be ceding 10% of stock to them as they had hoped.
- Unveils SU-T50, further gapping the west techno lag.
- Moments after Moscow says they believe in future of EUro, Medvedev slips saying that EUro collapse is a possibility and RBL could just become one of the world's reserve currencies. West responds by media tarnishing Medvedev with own soiled stigma of "new world order globalisation" for allowing the RBL global reserve possibility. It's hard to describe the west endless sordidness and use of its own stigmas on others.
- Lifts satellites for Ukraine, France, and Sweden.

S W I T Z E R L A N D Switzerland - Gives USA thousand more names so that comrade Obama can plunder some accounts.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Severs all ties with Israel, including zapping 16 mil agreements, 757M USD plane project, and 1,5B USD missile project.

U S A USA - Admits to 17-18K slaves/yr incl children trafficked to USA. This # was 50K a year ago. Either way, again, words fail to describe the west sordidness and the west disease.

Grotesquely mishappen NY students protest loss of free train passes. Our hearts are with you. :)

- 90 banks miss bailout repayment. There's a shock. When the baboon misses hovel payment, the banks repo the hovel. Since all yank banks run off the baboon's bailout cash, shouldn't the baboon move into the banks evading the debt?
- NY state, living off bailout for 3 months now, threatens to shut down governance unless it gets more free cash. It runs with a deficit of near 10B USD now.
- Unemployment up by some 12K/May, keeping benefit roll at the steady near half a million (472K).
- This rolling half a mill reflects ONLY those baboons that get benefits. There's 5X of those that don't qualify and state admits dropping 1M unemployed from this benefit tracking/May, which means and proves that USA has long since given up on counting its unemployed.
- The vanishing act of trillions will not be investigated and the USA central bank, the magician in the case in point, won't even be audited/asked about it, rules comrade Obama.
- Fan&Fred delist from NYSE posting 5T USD loss for 2008 and 2009 only. Tens of billions just weren't enough for the prolapsed slumlords. They're now advocating the razing of all the excess rental and housing inventory to bring the price up by artificially liquidating the supply.
- 83 banks laid to rest this yr, as of 20Jun. One USA banks now dies every 48 hrs.
- Fluorida boasts a backlog of 500K foreclosures now. Given the oil muck beaches, this is yet another predicament how to unload this unwanted rubbish.
- Minnesota reports arrest for credit card debt. Consider here that USA runs 13T USD in personal debt. This is NOT fed debt, which is touching 14T right now, but the collective baboon personal tab. How are they going to arrest all the insolvents?
- A spate of mil trainings against civilians, riot control, and mass arrests erupts. Now, why would this be?

This is how USA governance is dealing with rising unemployment. In the final stroke of irony, it's the baboon tax cash that pays to put down the "terrists" with "FOOD NOW" placards. This is Alaska, 28Jun.

- Residential construction starts hit 52 wk low in May dropping 10%/month.
- Comrade Obama closes 3500 acres from the baboon in Arizona in the brewing 1st and 2nd class citizen battle.
- NASA boys, after abandoning having to make another moon movie, get into fortune telling and predict the end of world for 2013, clearly now taking advice from the Mayans.
- None of the USA financial issues however stop comrade Obama from printing another 33B USD for his anti-civilian terror wars around the planet.
- Comrade Obama deploys 1000 troops in Puerto Rico, in yet another Caribbean annexation. Sideline: TCI re-taken by UK was shortly followed by Haiti's takeover by USA war elite.

Alabama's slick new look

- Oil spill was known 2 months prior to its announcement. This explains and is supported by the stock dump of early Apr. And it means that the west creatures have pumped some 60-90K bpd into our oceans for 140 days. And this doesn't take into account the millions of gallons of toxic chemicals to make it even worse, and the oil muck is still gushing.

Basic arithmetic tells us: Low flow estimate: 60K bpd; High flow estimate: 120K bpd; Mid flow estimate: 90K bpd (from end of May); 100K bpd used here (as that's the latest most updated figure from the baboons); beginning leak moved 2 months back prior to announcement; we now have some 14M barrels ready to suffocate our oceans. That's 56 Valdez-size disasters thus far. Valdez had wiped 2000 km of coastline and destroyed near 3M hectars of water. So multiply these #s by 56 to get the size of the destruction so far. Each 2,5 days add another Valdez. But not to worry, the oil vivocidal exec is looking at a 10M/yr pension.

Oil muck. They're ladling this toxic stuff into someone's backyard now. That's right, some britzie oil firm is filling USA backyards with this. So far some 250 tonnes have been spread, probably to ensure even greater eco-calamity. And these creatures wanna run the world?

- USA closes 60M acres of coastal water. That's a way to deal with it.
- FAA conspires with the vivocidal maniacs and closes parts of Gulf air space from the prying eyes.
- At the beginning of May, Looserianna clocked Hydrogen Sulfide at a whopping 1000+ ppb (parts per billion) and Benzene at 3400 ppb. Now, this is nearly 2 months ago now and Hydrogen Sulfide and Benzene are toxic at over 5 ppb. Oddly, the baboon isn't concerned.
- Estimates place the destruction of the Gulf of Mex at 40%.
- Estimates place the daily gush at 120K bpd. It's anyone's guess now but it's clear that the west media whores lied their usual 20X rate mid-April.

The toxic vapour has mixed with the water cycle giving USA death rain. This is Fluorida's results of this new death rain phenomenon. Has there been any calls for mass evacuation? Astonishigly, USA is letting its own baboons inhale 100+ level of toxins without a single word of at least caution.

- Comrade Obama establishes some front escrow for BP to shelter it and the execs from prosecution so they can keep sailing their zillion dollar yachts. So long as priorities remain intact in Warshington.
- Comrade Obama deliberately compounded the unfolding eco-cataclysm: he refused other nation's aid; gave BP a waiver on eco-regulations in 2009; delayed Looserinna protection measures AFTER the spill was announced. Possibly complicity?
- What appears to be highly strange, deliberate, and smacks of culpability here is the lack of side drilling to relieve the pressure of the leak. Could this be the event long since predicted in NBNs to create enough smokescreen for the west war junta to hide in as the west lands go prolapsed?
- Looserianna reports sickness, not just oil muck.

No wonder comrade Obama mobilised thugs to keep the baboon from the beaches.

- Burning oil with dolphins, turtles, the whole marine life.

Oil Joy Flight

Oil pics be cont'd as it all piles

Nation By Nation (10Jun10)

22May-10Jun -- West-wide prolapse, which can no longer be denied even by the most bristly of the west neanderthals, makes NBN superfluous. But what the hell, here's another run down of the marvelous west cesspit flushing down the bog. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - Germ prez admits to all that west war in Afghanistan is about "trade routes". Yes, as per Germ governance, murdering children around our planet is west's business. Later, the prez had to leave office for further cementing the truth about the diabolical west disease.
- USA admits to 1K of their lot deaths. This must, of course, be multiplied by the nominal west deceit factor, which runs around 20X, explaining the west defeat in spite of comrade Obama invading troop surges.
- USA chopper down, 2Jun.
- USA chopper down, 9Jun, some 13 NATO invaders dead.
- 50 NATO trucks torched by Talib.

C H I N A China - Lends 500M USD to Mongolia, to keep the baboon out.
- Says S Korean ship sinking may be false-flag op.
- 23B USD oil deal with Nigeria.
- Tells USA copyright blithering fiends to shove off.

E U EU - Launch EUnuchbonds. Sideline: This was one of the 3 possibilities offered to EUnuchs under NBN May12. All 3 possible scenarios, including this one, were however made only to illustrate the sheer amusement and impossibility of averting the west-wide prolapse. Yet, EUnuchs, blessed with IQ tantamount to the yank creature, took it seriously, collapsing their periphery bond issuance and raising their central wank status to that of a governance. This does two things: it effectively wipes out the sole reason for being in the EUnuchia amalgam; and it turns EUnuch central bank into a governing body, soon to be granted EUnuch-wide taxation rights to pay for the EUnuchbonds monthlies.
- Boasts 10% unemployment, which is growing 15%/yr now. That's some healthy union there, EUnuchs.
- EUro at 4 yr low v the dullar. The EUnuch wetdream can't get much more laughable.
- NATO budget and troop cuts are tabled.

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks - Celebrates poverty measure of losing pensions with a strike, 27May.
- Liquidates the right to retire at 60. It's slavery till death for the west IMF cannibalistic vampire now.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs - 85B EUR/4 yrs cuts announced as poverty measures are ushered in. That's savings of 21B EUR/yr, which won't even cover a single west bankster bonus rounds.
- Among the poverty measures is the zapping of some 15K jobs.
- Cutting 40-100K troops from the NATO fiendishness. But who's gonna protect the west trade routes?
- Hundreds more vatican pedophile rapes go public.

E U - G R E E C E EU-Greece - Advised by some UK think tank to leave EUro and default on 300B EUR. Although sound advice, this will not save EUro, dullar, or any part of the terminally prolapsing west.
- China's investing up to 1B EUR into Greece as the prolapsing west cesspits are being pried apart.
- Seeking Libya's aid. The west-wide fiscal gangrene has moved to physical crumbling of the west fiendish amalgam. The only way Berlin & IMF can hold their EUnuchium together is via tanks now.

Greece protests roll on

E U - H U N G A R Y EU-Hungary - Prolapses like Greece and ushers in poverty measures.
- Is made to withdraw its prolapse rhetoric and keep mouth shut as EUro responds with further prolapse.

E U - I T A L Y EU-Italy - Suspends mark-to-market to hide debt from EUnuch markets. This just for a joke.
- Ushers in poverty measures. Indeed IMF cannibal war against west has begun.

E U - P O L A N D EU-Poland - Deploys anti-Russian missile batteries.

E U - R O M A N I A EU-Romania - Some 50K demonstrators protest poverty dictate in front of governance.

E U - S P A I N EU-Spain - Central bank takeover of a bank further knocks EUro making it clear that collectivisation is not the answer for west either.
- IMF bestows 15B EUR squeeze upon Spain and Spain governance gladly accepts it.
- 75% of public sector or 2M go on strike protesting the IMF dictate.

E U - U K EU-UK - Murder troops stay in Afghanistan despite earlier governance whinging about the cost.
- Governance warns "whole life to be disrupted" across the drizzly isle. Oh, indeed, for such is the fun of terminal prolapse.
- Poverty measures announce 300K job zappings over 4 yrs, which some 50K are immediate. The measures include some 15% slash in public budget and upping unemployment to 2,65M this yr and beyond that in future. The details to be revealed after "emergency budget" of 22Jun.
- NATO budget cuts of 10-15%/6 yrs are announced.
- Motorways go on the west-wide garage sale.
- Shooting spree leaves 12 dead, 2Jun.
- Bans doctor that linked thermisol shots with autism. That's a way to solve it.
- Admits to having 225 nukes. Fails to admit how many it gave to Israel violating int'l treaties.

I R A N Iran - Gets slapped with UN's 4th round of sanctions. Ahmadinejad: "sanctions count for nothing" is the response and indeed, since Russian companies or individuals are exempt among west elite business, such is the case. Chavez: "Israel massacres, kills, doesn't comply with United Nations resolutions ... and the United Nations acts as if nothing has happened."

I S R A E L Israel - Attacks Freedom Flotilla, some 20 civilian vessels carrying Gaza aid to Palestine in int'l waters murdering tens of them and imprisoning some 700, 30May.

Response around the world was:
Ireland: "unacceptable"
Belgium: "regrettable"
Germany: "deeply concerned"
Russia: "barbaric", "we condemn the act", & urges UN resolution
Nicaragua: pulls diplos out of Israel
Iran: "Israel is a threat to global security", "Hold USA & UK accountable", demands UN resolution against Israel, sends more aid ships ready to rumble
Turkey: "death to Israel", "Ready to go to war with Israel", & pulls diplos
Venezuela: "act of war", doesn't pull diplos since they were already pulled in 2009
Greece: cancels airforce games with Israel
Israel: "perfectly humane"
USA: nods in agreement and tells west nations to tone down the anti-Israel rhetoric
UN: "Iran may have enough n-stuff for two nukes"

Turkey at Israel embassy as Israel pulls diplos.



Loondon. Now, since the ships sailed under the Irish & Greek flag, this is an attack against EUnuchia and NATO. Where are the NATO boys then? Oh, they're protecting west drug fields in Afghanistan. Yes, west is THE disease.




USA, Warshington

4K Aussies, 2Jun, Sydney


France and her civilian dressed cops

France and her robocops

More pics

J A P A N Japan - Hatoyama & #2 step down.
- Before they go, they still manage to commit last assault to the free Japan movement by firing minister Fukushima.
- Kan steps in and immediately pledges lapdog-like obedience to USA.
- JapanAir suddenly prefers Boeing to Airbus. Yes, Japan stands re-raped.
- IMF ratchets up dictate increasing Japan sales tax to crush any anti-west ideas.

K Y R G Y Z S T A N Kyrgyzstan - Stops fuel to USA war base. When the coup booted the pro-west governance, west media whores wrote that USA base future is "uncertain", when, of course, it was "certain", as NBN said and as we see now.

N I C A R A G U A Nicaragua - Opening embassies for S Ossetia and Abkhazia.

N O R T H  K O R E A North Korea - 100K rally against the west war provocations.

R U S S I A Russia - Launching metal exchange.
- Bomb kills 7, Stavropol, 27May.
- War games with Norway.
- Syria arms deal includes MiGs and navy equipment. West gnashes fangs and sputters the usual monosyllable vulgarities.
- Transdniestrian region and Moldova joining Ukraine/Russia trade zone.
- 3B EUR submarine deal with Vietnam.
- Just so happens to play war games by Koreas putting end to the west beast war wetdreams.
- Despite comrade Obama's ban, Russia moves to drilling for oil in Cuba.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Erdogan and Putin announce no gas delivery to Israel via new gasline to Turkey.

Erdogan on Israel

U S A USA - 81 banks dead this year, 9Jun.
- Political meetings adjournments arrive due to rising civil unrest.
- ConnectiCUT gets its rating clipped, as its deficit reaches near 1B USD.
- Pennsylvania capitol mulls bankruptcy with its 70M debt.
- S Carolina cuts health, education, and sundry social programmes.
- Minnesota's 12K nurses waddling about again with placards.

USA, rental vacancy up, home vacancy down... The trending here means that the baboon is taking refuge in its parent's hovel basements.

- 46% baboons report debt stress. Indeed, just the personal baboon debt (credit cards, school & hovel loans) now sits at 13,5T USD today, or equal to the entire USA fed debt. Every single baboon carries now 80K USD in personal and state debt. To make it even more fun, consider that 30% of baboons have ZERO cash left.
- 290K baboons zapped from jobs/May.
- Baboon bankruptcies up 9%/May.
- 93K baboons have homes repo'd/May, a record. The hovel repo rate grows at 44%/yr now.
- Near 50% of all the unemployed are unemployed terminally.
- Comrade Obama needs 84B USD more for wars. This is yet another 2-3 month ritual in west now.
- Comrade Obama is raising USA debt level, yet again. This is now a ritual every 2-3 months now. 6 months ago, the ceiling was at 9T, today, it's at 14T -- all time, solar system, and universal record. It's in fact so funny that USA GDP (including the bank printed cash, which they add as income) shall be eclipsed by debt in the next budget.
- Comrade Obama solving USA debt by axing some 100K teachers across the USA. Just for a laugh.
- AIG with their 182B USD bailout will not be investigated now for toxic underwritings. How kind of comrade Obama.
- Germ report on CIA printing USA cash complicates USA claims that N Korea counterfeited dullars.

The redneck Riviera stretching from Taxes to Fluorida now boasts free all you can eat fish to entice the summer benzene seekers.

- "Top Kill" solution, of course, failed and oil keeps on gushing a Valdez-size spill every 60 hrs.
- Comrade Obama deploys 6000 troops to guard the USA muck coastline from photographers and press. Finally, a decisive act.
- Comrade Obama gives press a good tonking for asking about the spill.
- Comrade Obama begs BP to quit pouring Corexit9500 on his shorelines. There's over 1M barrels now of this stuff washing the mighty US of A.
- Comrade Obama mulls oil-clean-up taxes. Clean up? A bit early, isn't it?
- Fluorida reports oil/corexit9500 rain fall.
- Alabummer & Mississipiss report oil/corexit9500 coastline.
- Looserianna pronounces 50km of shoreline dead and gone, which means soon there'll be zones that won't require any clean up at all.
- GoldSacks sold 44% stock of BP 3 weeks prior to the announced explosion, which means it was leaking and unstoppably so since 1Apr, not 20Apr. This means the west eco-terrorists have poured over 28 Valdezes into our oceans.
- Oil spillers beg Russia for submarines and help.
- Univ of Florida discovers another oil plume. Now, since when are baboon students in charge of oil spill tracking? Shouldn't this info come from comrade Obama?
- Oil cleanup estimated at 1,2B USD. They truly don't understand #s in Baboonarium, do they?
- Oil-cleaners get sick from benzene exposure.
- Active oil spill map documenting oil-onshore, oil-in-water, benzene odor, the whole set of the west eco-attack on our planet:

Apparently, second leak discovered

Spill pics, albeit with annoying music be cont'd as it all piles