Nation By Nation (21Jun10)

11May-21Jun -- On the eve of UK poverty measure announcement, the west-wide terminal prolapse is as obvious as it shall be after Loondon unveils its civil cuts in some pathetic hope to thereby extend their child-murdering reign on this planet. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - In hope to prevent NATO break up and entice west war bankster junta into funding more of the war, USA top gen'l reveals the treasure trove found in Afghanistan strategically estimated at 1T USD. He tells the west media whores: "there's a stunning potential". Potential for what, dear general? To vampire? Quite clearly, all the drivel the west beast has given us about "liberating" the world is, by their own words total, total hogwash. The aim of the west beast can no longer even be blurry.
- Pentagram needs new "emergency" funding after the botched Helmand offensive of comrade Obama's, which has delivered nothing but more defeat for the west heroin vampires.

E U EU - Germs and Frankensteins mull issuing Second-Citizen-EUro tender. They're actually thinking of splitting the EUnuch zone with superEURO currency for the betters including the saxonic heart of west and commonEURO for the peripheral EUnuch slaves. One, two, three, or more currencies will save nothing.
- Vatican fiends force a girl their priest raped to apologise in public. West psychosis is so off-chart that even reporting on it seems like some sci-fi job.
- Pope, the west chief religious fiend and the west elected rep of their gods, promises -- THIS IS NOT A JOKE -- to stop molesting children.
- EC prez talks about the end of democracy in Greece, Portugal, and Spain. Is west on the verge of deploying tanks against themselves to keep their idyll going?

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks - Pension cuts announced.
- Working till 62, not 60, announced.
- Shuts down Hamas TV. So long as democracy is intact in the west cesspits.
- Le Monde put on the west-wide garage sale.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs - Investor confidence plunges. That's odd, isn't it? And Berloon took such stern measures to maintain the security of the EUnuchia tender.
- Herr Merkel wants punishments meted out to the insolvent nations now. There's trouble in this line of thinking though for the most insolvent and most indebted in the whole of EUnuchia are Germs, UKians, and the Frankensteins. Yet, the Berloon dictate omits the saxonic war child-murdering core from these lunatic wetdreams.
- Buys names of germs hiving cash from Berloon in Swiss banks, yet again.
- Gap twixt the rich/poor growing as the west middle class vanishes in the west-wide terminal prolapse. Poverty is now an issue to 22% of germs.

What a sight: germs angry. Murdering children around the planet, leveling nations with DU to protect their "trade routes" is alright with these creatures. But touch their dildos, and the freckly monkeys from the Baltic marshes pile into the streets. This is Stuttfart, btw.

This is Berloon.

E U - I T A L Y EU-Italy -

Some 100K Italianians angry, 16Jun, Rome. These Italian poverty measures want to eke out 13B USD/yr. This is SILLY. It's half what GoldSacks boys got in their last bonus -- that's just BONUS -- round. It should be clear that #s clearly show that the poverty measures enacted across the west cesspits have NOTHING whatever to do with cash but the pretext for martial rule, as the west cesspits prolapse further.

E U - U K EU-UK - Poverty measures to zap 750K job, on a second estimate.
- Announces 2B GBP cuts even before THE emergency poverty measure announcement.

G E O R G I A Georgia - Saakashvilli's charged by his west betters for his ties with Iran. Sooner all later, all west lapdogs fall out of grace.

I R A N Iran - Stops exports of zinc, copper, etc to those who voted yes with the west junta.
- Oil exports hit 850M bpm in Mar or 2,3M pbd. Chief clients are: Japan, China, S Africa, Brazil, Pakistan, Spain, India, Dutch. Let's hope comrade Obama's sanctions do at least cover oil import and thus shut the taps for all his west lapdogs. Of course, as we already know, comrade Obama's sanctions don't affect west war junta businesses.

I S R A E L Israel - Iranian flotilla being met by 11 USA war ships, not to mention Israeli war ships for some showdown.

J A P A N Japan - Kan doubles sales tax to please IMF masters.
- As a goody good USA state, slaps sanctions on N Korea, without any investigation. Well, as Japan chose, Japan shall reap.

K Y R G Y Z S T A N Kyrgyzstan - Uzbek prez says civil war in Kyrgyzstan caused by 3rd party but fails to name it.
- Bakiyev's son got asylum in UK.
- Russia sent in paratroopers.
- Reserves mobilised.

2K dead, 500K displaced.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - China makes nuke plant deal with Pakistan leaving USA gnashing fangs and slipping the odd typical vulgarity here and there.
- Comrade Obama murders 18 with drones, 11Jue. So far, he's murdered some 1000 with drones since his war on Pakistan started in 2008.

R U S S I A Russia -
- S300 delivery to Iran is off again, as of 19Jun. Sideline: Judge Russia not from headlines, especially the english kind, but from results. And those are total and complete wall-to-wall terminal fiscal prolapse of all things west. None of it has been an accident.
- Gazprom bidding on the entire Azerbaijan gas.
- Frankensteins slither up to Moscow for SouthStream but Gazprom won't be ceding 10% of stock to them as they had hoped.
- Unveils SU-T50, further gapping the west techno lag.
- Moments after Moscow says they believe in future of EUro, Medvedev slips saying that EUro collapse is a possibility and RBL could just become one of the world's reserve currencies. West responds by media tarnishing Medvedev with own soiled stigma of "new world order globalisation" for allowing the RBL global reserve possibility. It's hard to describe the west endless sordidness and use of its own stigmas on others.
- Lifts satellites for Ukraine, France, and Sweden.

S W I T Z E R L A N D Switzerland - Gives USA thousand more names so that comrade Obama can plunder some accounts.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Severs all ties with Israel, including zapping 16 mil agreements, 757M USD plane project, and 1,5B USD missile project.

U S A USA - Admits to 17-18K slaves/yr incl children trafficked to USA. This # was 50K a year ago. Either way, again, words fail to describe the west sordidness and the west disease.

Grotesquely mishappen NY students protest loss of free train passes. Our hearts are with you. :)

- 90 banks miss bailout repayment. There's a shock. When the baboon misses hovel payment, the banks repo the hovel. Since all yank banks run off the baboon's bailout cash, shouldn't the baboon move into the banks evading the debt?
- NY state, living off bailout for 3 months now, threatens to shut down governance unless it gets more free cash. It runs with a deficit of near 10B USD now.
- Unemployment up by some 12K/May, keeping benefit roll at the steady near half a million (472K).
- This rolling half a mill reflects ONLY those baboons that get benefits. There's 5X of those that don't qualify and state admits dropping 1M unemployed from this benefit tracking/May, which means and proves that USA has long since given up on counting its unemployed.
- The vanishing act of trillions will not be investigated and the USA central bank, the magician in the case in point, won't even be audited/asked about it, rules comrade Obama.
- Fan&Fred delist from NYSE posting 5T USD loss for 2008 and 2009 only. Tens of billions just weren't enough for the prolapsed slumlords. They're now advocating the razing of all the excess rental and housing inventory to bring the price up by artificially liquidating the supply.
- 83 banks laid to rest this yr, as of 20Jun. One USA banks now dies every 48 hrs.
- Fluorida boasts a backlog of 500K foreclosures now. Given the oil muck beaches, this is yet another predicament how to unload this unwanted rubbish.
- Minnesota reports arrest for credit card debt. Consider here that USA runs 13T USD in personal debt. This is NOT fed debt, which is touching 14T right now, but the collective baboon personal tab. How are they going to arrest all the insolvents?
- A spate of mil trainings against civilians, riot control, and mass arrests erupts. Now, why would this be?

This is how USA governance is dealing with rising unemployment. In the final stroke of irony, it's the baboon tax cash that pays to put down the "terrists" with "FOOD NOW" placards. This is Alaska, 28Jun.

- Residential construction starts hit 52 wk low in May dropping 10%/month.
- Comrade Obama closes 3500 acres from the baboon in Arizona in the brewing 1st and 2nd class citizen battle.
- NASA boys, after abandoning having to make another moon movie, get into fortune telling and predict the end of world for 2013, clearly now taking advice from the Mayans.
- None of the USA financial issues however stop comrade Obama from printing another 33B USD for his anti-civilian terror wars around the planet.
- Comrade Obama deploys 1000 troops in Puerto Rico, in yet another Caribbean annexation. Sideline: TCI re-taken by UK was shortly followed by Haiti's takeover by USA war elite.

Alabama's slick new look

- Oil spill was known 2 months prior to its announcement. This explains and is supported by the stock dump of early Apr. And it means that the west creatures have pumped some 60-90K bpd into our oceans for 140 days. And this doesn't take into account the millions of gallons of toxic chemicals to make it even worse, and the oil muck is still gushing.

Basic arithmetic tells us: Low flow estimate: 60K bpd; High flow estimate: 120K bpd; Mid flow estimate: 90K bpd (from end of May); 100K bpd used here (as that's the latest most updated figure from the baboons); beginning leak moved 2 months back prior to announcement; we now have some 14M barrels ready to suffocate our oceans. That's 56 Valdez-size disasters thus far. Valdez had wiped 2000 km of coastline and destroyed near 3M hectars of water. So multiply these #s by 56 to get the size of the destruction so far. Each 2,5 days add another Valdez. But not to worry, the oil vivocidal exec is looking at a 10M/yr pension.

Oil muck. They're ladling this toxic stuff into someone's backyard now. That's right, some britzie oil firm is filling USA backyards with this. So far some 250 tonnes have been spread, probably to ensure even greater eco-calamity. And these creatures wanna run the world?

- USA closes 60M acres of coastal water. That's a way to deal with it.
- FAA conspires with the vivocidal maniacs and closes parts of Gulf air space from the prying eyes.
- At the beginning of May, Looserianna clocked Hydrogen Sulfide at a whopping 1000+ ppb (parts per billion) and Benzene at 3400 ppb. Now, this is nearly 2 months ago now and Hydrogen Sulfide and Benzene are toxic at over 5 ppb. Oddly, the baboon isn't concerned.
- Estimates place the destruction of the Gulf of Mex at 40%.
- Estimates place the daily gush at 120K bpd. It's anyone's guess now but it's clear that the west media whores lied their usual 20X rate mid-April.

The toxic vapour has mixed with the water cycle giving USA death rain. This is Fluorida's results of this new death rain phenomenon. Has there been any calls for mass evacuation? Astonishigly, USA is letting its own baboons inhale 100+ level of toxins without a single word of at least caution.

- Comrade Obama establishes some front escrow for BP to shelter it and the execs from prosecution so they can keep sailing their zillion dollar yachts. So long as priorities remain intact in Warshington.
- Comrade Obama deliberately compounded the unfolding eco-cataclysm: he refused other nation's aid; gave BP a waiver on eco-regulations in 2009; delayed Looserinna protection measures AFTER the spill was announced. Possibly complicity?
- What appears to be highly strange, deliberate, and smacks of culpability here is the lack of side drilling to relieve the pressure of the leak. Could this be the event long since predicted in NBNs to create enough smokescreen for the west war junta to hide in as the west lands go prolapsed?
- Looserianna reports sickness, not just oil muck.

No wonder comrade Obama mobilised thugs to keep the baboon from the beaches.

- Burning oil with dolphins, turtles, the whole marine life.

Oil Joy Flight

Oil pics be cont'd as it all piles


Anonymous said...

Thank you, poiuytr, thank you. Especially for the long (for you) analysis of the Gulf oil spill. Otherwise, the whole of prolapse latest is spot on. It's going a bit too slowly to the taste of some. But they are those who have no idea of what historical time means.

BTW: did you see that item about a natural blight on the poppy fields of Afghanistan so that yields are much lower than past years? Even nature is taking a hand in their destruction. Unless it was the Russians or the Tali who did something to the fields under the cover of darkness.

Anonymous said...

A masterpiece in miniature, as usual, to sum up the where the terminal prolapse is at, proceeding according to plan. NBN is the one and only site which gives us this overall view.

Anonymous said...

Greatv read as always
by phil_s66 on 22.06.2010 [14:54 ]

they are going down, they are going down..

Anonymous said...

poiuytr is specially good on west double standards. When the Iraq war started, millions took to the streets. No effect on any government. Since then nothing whatsoever. But as soon as it came to austerity measures within their country, west dwellers suddenly rediscovered their legs and stamina and took to the streets! Really the diseased west has to be seen in action to be believed.

Anonymous said...

re: 18:56

Western and American cretins do not sincerely oppose war, they just oppose the CONSEQUENCES(or fear of such consequences) of war for themselves and their parasitic way of life.

Over 1 million Iraqis killed thanks to the Anglo-American invasion and hundreds of thousands more killed thanks to USA economic sanctions in the 1990s, and nary a soul in the West notices ... or cares.

Western/American "morality" deserves to be pissed on.

Anonymous said...

Osborne's UK austerity budget: VAT up and welfare slashed (22.5.10)
• VAT raised to 20% from January 2011
• Government departments face 25% cuts
• Public sector pay frozen for two years

Don't want to be a spoilsport, but if this is all the austerity programme means, seems to me it's a bit premature to be popping the corks of champagne bottles. Of course, the welfare slashed part has been left without specifications, but still. They are on the downward path, but this one could take a an eternity to reach its final destination. Or am I wrong, poiuytr. How much longer do you give this terminal prolapse phase?

Anonymous said...

Germany and Russia Move Closer

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle will brief French and Polish officials on a joint proposal for Russian-European “cooperation on security,” according to a statement from Westerwelle’s spokesman on Monday. The proposal emerged out of talks between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Dmitri Medvedev earlier in June and is based on a draft Russia drew up in 2008. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will be present at the meeting. Peschke said, “We want to further elaborate and discuss it within the triangle i.e., France, Germany and Poland in the presence of the Russian foreign minister.”

On the surface, the proposal developed by Merkel and Medvedev appears primarily structural. It raises security discussions about specific trouble spots to the ministerial level rather than the ambassadorial level, with a committee being formed consisting of EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and Russia’s foreign minister.

All of this seems rather mild until we consider three things. First, proposals for deepening the relationship between Russia and the European Union have been on the table for several years without much progress. Second, the Germans have taken this initiative at a time when German foreign policy is in a state of flux. And third, the decision to take this deal to France and Poland indicates that the Germans are extremely sensitive to the geopolitical issues involved, which are significant and complex.

Anonymous said...

"they are going down, they are going down..

Yes, and not a second to soon.

The sooner that America and its allies like Canada, UK, etc. are kicked back to hell, the sooner that their self-pity, whining, and belligerent chest-beating can be ended forever.

The worst is the phoney Western "progressives" and pseudo-opposition groups. Their time is up.

Anonymous said...

Good to read all your determined comments. If I had a magic wand, I'd make the residue of their stolen goods vanish today already. So the rest of the 90% of the world's population could take a deep breath without fearing to get a bomb on their heads or having to face grass for their next meal (Africa - Famine threatens 10 million people in days to come).

Anonymous said...

Afghanistan - There hasn't been much on that country for sometime on this blog. That's because their own blogsite was down much of the time. Here, though, we'd like to give you a quick update of events, if we may.

On May 10 2010, the Resistance launched a large-scale offensive against the invader. For people not in the know, it was just another of the Resistance's spring offensives, as they like to call it. Well it wasn't. It was a fight to the death with profound religious connotations that any Muslim would recognise.
Within no time at all, the Resistance which this time has no doubt been joined by people in the Northern Alliance as well, as stuanch in their faith as the Taliban themselves, has done wonders. carrying out attack on attack and decimating the forces of the West.

Today the results are clear for all to see. Gen MacChrystal, the butcher of Afghanistan, is on his way out. Gen Petraeus, the butcher of Iraq, had a fainting spell recently in public when asked about Afghanistan at a press conference. Poland wants to withdraw its troops, Canada, UK, Holland, etc, etc.

Within this short period, the Afghan Resistance has achieved this and much, much more. They will no longer give up, summer or winter, until the invaders are out or the last of them are laid to rest.

Anonymous said...

Euphoria cools over Chinese moves to weaken yuan - 22.6.10
Oil prices and risky assets across the world have tumbled after China intervened to weaken the yuan, sending a clear signal to investors that the country's shift to currency flexibility is a two-way street.

Oil prices and risky assets across the world have tumbled after China intervened to weaken the yuan. The yuan depreciated to almost 6.82 against the US dollar under the new crawling peg, which allows the currency to fluctuate by 0.5pc on either side of a reference point.
Analysts said there had been heavy activity by state lenders, suggesting the central bank had used proxies to intervene. "They're introducing two-way volatility in a way that China likes to do things," said Standard Chartered.
China exports fall by most in 13 years, imports drop by recordEuphoria after the weekend announcement caused commodities to surge, with rallies in equities, credit, and 'risk currencies' such as the Australian dollar. But momentum faded in New York late on Monday, as markets began to question whether the move was really a transforming shift for the global economy, and European debt worries returned to the fore. Oil fell almost $3 to $77.5 a barrel in Asian trading.
Albert Edwards from Societe Generale said it is unwise to assume that the yuan must strengthen as controls are relaxed, arguing that China's export miracle is fragile. "I think they will devalue when the global economy goes into a double dip recession".
Yi Xianrong from China's Academy of Social Sciences said there will be no repeat of the sharp moves from 2005 to 2008, when the yuan rose 21pc against the dollar. The plunge in Europe's currencies has already caused a 14pc appreciation against the European bloc this year, with an impact that has yet to feed through.
China's commerce ministry has opposed a rise in the yuan, fearing that it could endanger exporters with wafer-thin margins in the textile, toy, and electronics sectors. The central bank has gained the upper hand, arguing that the weak yuan policy has caused an unhealthy build-up of reserves ($2.4 trillion) and is stoking inflation, but these differences in view can be overstated. The bank said on Sunday that "there is at present no basis for major fluctuation or change in the exchange rate."
Neil Mellor from the Bank of New York Mellon said China will have to let the yuan rise to curb reserves, but warned that this may not prove a tonic for global assets. "At the end of the day this a tightening of policy that may imperil China's industry, which is why they have resisted doing it for so long," he said.

James Wolfe said...

Superb stuff!

It’s wonderful seeing those disgusting West fiends at each others throats. After bailing out Greece, sorry I mean bailing out French & German banks that own Greek debt. The Euro tarts a panicking and squealing over Spain now. This time there’s no money to save themselves, so the arrogant Europeans demonstrating their inherent racism and chauvinism. Devise the novel idea of creating a two tier Euro: one for the poor profligate Mediterranean untermensch types like Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal. A “real” Euro for the Aryans: Germany, Netherlands, Franks etc. This was what Jim Willie was saying earlier this month, and touted last week.
Obama, has fired Death Squad McChrystal, I’ve heard Petraeus will replace him. I wonder what the real reason for McChrystal’s departure is. It can’t be official stated reason; Obama’s ego can’t be that sensitive. I suspect the debacle in Southern Afghanistan may have something to do with it. I doubt Petraeus tactic of bribing people will work in Helmand and Kandahar.

As for the self-serving self-pitying West hordes protesting and whining: booo hooo. HOW SAD. Where were these cunts when Afghanistan and Iraq being murdered, raped, looted, pillaged, and occupied? I have no sympathy for the whinging twats.

As for the UK, well true to Tory form the Tories look for more ways to rob the poor. Mind you the Brits voted for this so they deserve it. Contrary to official propaganda UK national debt is 5 trillion. The UK is fucked. No amount of propaganda can hide that.

James Wolfe said...

Webster Tarpley once again demonstrating his incredible intellect and insight gives a fascinating analysis of McChrystal’s departure and consequences of Petraeus’ ascendency.

Towards the Eighteenth Brumaire of General David Petraeus?

Anonymous said...

Re: 1:30

Watching the Americans hysterically wail as they lose their precious "possession" of Afghanistan will be very entertaining.

It will be almost as fun as watching those Americunts dangling from heliocopters as they were driven out of Vietnam.

The American Empire and its scum citizens think they have a God given right to colonize the planet and react with enraged self-pitying delusions when the world has a different idea.

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please to comment, someone, anyone, on the potentially dynamite-stuffed situation around Iran with all those warships and US troops (?) on Iran's western borders plus on Israel's latest plans to genocide the Palestinians in Gaza. Makes me quake in my boots. Or just media propaganda?

Rainbow said...

You can see the white water bubble and spit like acid in this clip someone made at the shore in Pensacola (I think), about 2 min. You would be hard pressed to find a better video of what is going on there; the gulf of Mexico turns to acid will be the headline. Thanks. Love your info blog!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Rainbow, we are also following the Gulf of Mexico disaster with our hearts in our mouth. Politics are all very well, but to destroy our mother seas, well that's like dropping that nuclear bomb the west already seems to be balancing in its hands, ready to launch WWIII over the likliest candidate they can find.

Anonymous said...

Europe austerity boosts risk of US rift
Europe's harsh cuts cause US concern about global recovery - 22.6.10
By Alan Clendenning, David Stringer

LONDON - A trans-Atlantic rift over the right medicine for Europe's financial crisis is brewing as world leaders prepare for the G-20 meeting in Canada — with Britain on Tuesday announcing its steepest cuts in decades and Germany defending its tough austerity measures after a warning by President Obama that too much budget slashing could threaten the global recovery.
Britain's emergency budget is the latest in a string of savage public spending cuts and reflects Europe's newfound resolve — since markets pushed Greece to the brink of bankruptcy and even threatened the bloc's economic union — to tackle debt before worrying about growth.
But Europe's single-minded focus is worrying the U.S., prompting Obama to write a letter to world leaders on Friday warning against excessive spending cuts.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel fought back this week, defending her government's $80 billion (euro 65 billion) savings plan even as British Treasury chief George Osborne forged ahead with his own grim austerity budget.
Many European analysts agree the more urgent priority is taming deficits.
Obama "has a point, but there are some countries that don't have a luxury of a choice, they have got to get a grip and start cutting quickly because the alternative of becoming the next Greece is not palatable to them," said Jonathan Loynes, chief European economist at Capital Economics in London.
Britain's emergency budget aims to sharply reduce record public debt and fall hard on most people. Shoppers will pay higher sales taxes, wealthy people will be hit for higher capital gains taxes and banks will be charged a new levy on profits, a move that has already been approved by France and Germany. Even Queen Elizabeth II accepted a freeze in her support from taxpayers.
In Germany, a spokesman for Chancellor Angela Merkel said she talked on Monday with U.S. President Barack Obama on the phone about a letter he wrote to the G-20 leaders in which he cautioned against hurting a fragile global economic recovery by trimming spending prematurely.
The letter was seen as a criticism of Germany's plan to reduce the country's deficit, but the spokesman said Obama did not pressure Germany to continue stimulus spending by piling up more debt. He spoke on condition of anonymity in keeping with government policy.
Europe's leaders are struck in a quandary: They must bring down mammoth debt through spending cuts to ward off economic panic, but the measures are bound to stunt growth. And no one will likely know for years whether they chose the right medicine and the right dosage.

Anonymous said...

JW, Your comments were exactly what they should have been. Thanks. I specially liked your sentence: Petraeus' tactics of bribing will not work in Helmand and Kandahar. Spot on.

I also took time off to go through the Webster Tarpley article and I agree: this is a gift of the gods for future Republican pres candidate Petraeus. What it will mean for the rest of the world still remains to be seen.

Anonymous said...

Whatever, they say, whatever they do,
by Lima-P on 24.06.2010 [21:46]

the oceans are as fucked as the west economy so proficiently taken apart by this weeks NBN.

Anonymous said...

Bomb hits Greek law enforcement ministry, 1 dead (25.6.10)

A bomb disguised as a gift exploded inside Greece's law enforcement ministry on Thursday night, killing a senior ministerial aide in the country's highest profile attack in years.

(There: the beginning of the destabilisation of Greece.)

Anonymous said...

Deutsche Bank: U.S. Financial Conditions Just Collapsed Back To Crisis Levels (24.6.10)

Deutsche Bank’s Peter Hooper:
Financial conditions appear to have worsened substantially in recent quarters based on our update of the broad index of US financial variables presented earlier this year at the US Monetary Policy Forum. In the wake of recent developments in Europe, increased stress in financial markets has pushed that index halfway back to its immediate post- Lehman crisis lows.

(And this is what is being touted by Obama and Biden as the "Recovery Summer"?!? WRH)

Anonymous said...

Central Banking in Crisis: Some Twenty Countries on the Verge of Insolvency
Market Volatility as the Debt Implosion Continues by Bob Chapman. Global Research, June 23, 2010 - The International Forecaster

Cycles were created for the accumulation of wealth. A boom occurs and you get wealthy from investments on the way up and even wealthier on the way down, because the elitists are controlling the supply of money and credit and interest rates. That is the real underlying mission of the Fed, which is owned by banking and Wall Street. All the power to control markets and create inflation and deflation lies with the Federal Reserve. Politicians do not create monetary policy, the Fed does. The politicians do as they are told. They know from time to time there will be economic pain, but the payoffs are so good they learn to live with it.

This time the damage is so bad that the Fed has been forced to monetize trillions of dollars of debt. The disease this time has spread to Europe with the ECB, using, quantitative easing by simply creating money out of thin air. That is something they said they would never do. The only real liquidity in Europe is emanating from the ECB and the Fed. We believe that eventually countries will fail, as Iceland has. You know all the possible victims. There are presently 20 of them including the US and UK . Three-card Monte games do not last forever. If liquidity is that scarce then where is the money coming from? The only place it could be coming from is the Fed. Not only is a $2 trillion bailout in process, but also as banks and thrift institutions fail stress tests some will be bailed out by being absorbed by other supposedly solvent institutions. When that option is gone then governments must bail them out. When the monetization hits the entire system collapses. After 50 or more years in this business we believe the system is definitely going to fold.

All the central banks involved are broke or virtually broke. If they are not broke why is their condition a big secret? The Bundesbank told Spain last week that we do not want stress test results made public. The reason obviously was because of the sad condition German banks are in and their penchant again to keep everything secret. These are the same people who want a one-world currency in the form of an SDR, which is worthless, because it has no backing. It is just another fiat currency. They all are in such bad shape they cannot even sterilize their interventions. The new trillions we see in the system in Europe and the US cannot be sterilized.

Anonymous said...

China draws fire on mega loan to Ecuador
By Gonzalo Ortiz (25.6.10)

QUITO - The opposition and experts in Ecuador are questioning a US$1.68 billion loan from China to finance 85% of the construction and equipment of the Coca Codo Sinclair hydroelectric dam.

Work on the dam, to be built by China's state-run Sinohydro Corp - described as the world's largest builder of hydropower plants - is set to begin in July.

The 15-year financing deal with China's Eximbank, which carries a 6.9% interest rate, was signed on June 2 in Beijing by Patricio Rivera and Jorge Glas, ministers of Finance and Strategic Sectors, respectively.

Glas described the credit as "the largest that China has loaned to any countries in South America's Pacific coast region".

The remaining 15% of financing for the nearly $2 billion dam - the most costly infrastructure project carried out in Ecuador - will come from this country: $300 million over the next six months.

The two governments reported that Eximbank is also interested in financing the Sopladora hydroelectric plant downriver from the Paute complex in southeast Ecuador, with a new $600 million credit. Like the Coca Codo Sinclair dam, the plant would also be built by a Chinese company.

If the deal for the Sopladora plant goes through as expected, the Asian giant will be financing nearly 60% of the public works projects in the energy sector currently underway in Ecuador.

There is no precedent for such a large share of investment by a foreign country in any sector of the local economy.

Anonymous said...

Head of the Russian Chamber of Commerce Industry slams UNSC Iran sanctions, Praises Turkey and Brazil

Ex-Russian PM slams UNSC sanctions
Fri, 25 Jun 2010

President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Yevgeny Primakov
Former Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov says Russia is cautious about the fourth round of sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council against Iran over its nuclear program.

The president of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry made the remark at a meeting organized by the Turkish Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists in Istanbul on Thursday.

Primakov highlighted the importance of economic ties with Iran, adding that the new sanctions should not damage Russia's financial interests, Ria Novosti reported.

He also praised Turkey's active foreign policy in brokering the Tehran nuclear declaration.

Foreign ministers of Iran, Turkey, and Brazil signed the declaration in the Iranian capital Tehran on May 17, according to which the Islamic Republic would ship 1200 kilograms of its low-enriched uranium to Turkey to be exchanged for 120 kilograms of 20 percent enriched nuclear fuel rods to power the Tehran research reactor, which produces radioisotopes for cancer treatment.

The UN Security Council imposed a fourth round of sanctions against Iran on June 9, despite strong opposition by Turkey and Brazil — both temporary members of the council.

(Oh, oh! Russia thought it was being so clever! Soon the stupid Russians will have to choose sides if the war against Iran does start. And do you know what, chances are it will again choose the side of its "white" brothers. Stupid, stupid Russia!)

Anonymous said...

Ghana eliminates the Americunt Evil Empire from the World Cup again!


Anonymous said...

Has anybody seen Global Research? The Western cretins are possesed by apocalyptic fears that the Gulf Oil spill may be big ... really big... and lead to a tsunami that hits the Florida coast at 600 mph.


If so, there is a God, and he will wreak his terrible vengeance on the West for its horrific crimes.

Reaching too Far, Delving too Deep: The Well from Hell
BP Knows it will get Worse, much Worse

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was good, 07:27: The Well from Hell! We also hear that if BP goes down, as it well might, consequences will be worse than when Lehmann Bros folded up.

N.B. Much of yesterday, the blog did not allow one to post, since the Post Comment rectangle was missing whenever we tried. Poiuytr please check this out if you can. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Europe's Fiscal Dystopia: the "New Austerity" Road - By MICHAEL HUDSON (27.06.2010)

Europe is committing fiscal suicide – and will have little trouble finding allies at this weekend’s G-20 meetings in Toronto. Despite the deepening Great Recession threatening to bring on outright depression, European Central Bank (ECB) president Jean-Claude Trichet and prime ministers from Britain’s David Cameron to Greece’s George Papandreou (president of the Socialist International) and Canada’s host, Conservative Premier Stephen Harper, are calling for cutbacks in public spending.

The United States is playing an ambiguous role. The Obama Administration is all for slashing Social Security and pensions, euphemized as “balancing the budget.” Wall Street is demanding “realistic” write-downs of state and local pensions in keeping with the “ability to pay” (that is, to pay without taxing real estate, finance or the upper income brackets). These local pensions have been left unfunded so that communities can cut real estate taxes, enabling site-rental values to be pledged to the banks of interest. Without a debt write-down (by mortgage bankers or bondholders), there is no way that any mathematical model can come up with a means of paying these pensions. To enable workers to live “freely” after their working days are over would require either (1) that bondholders not be paid (“unthinkable”) or (2) that property taxes be raised, forcing even more homes into negative equity and leading to even more walkaways and bank losses on their junk mortgages. Given the fact that the banks are writing national economic policy these days, it doesn’t look good for people expecting a leisure society to materialize any time soon.
The problem for U.S. officials is that Europe’s sudden passion for slashing public pensions and other social spending will shrink European economies, slowing U.S. export growth. U.S. officials are urging Europe not to wage its fiscal war against labor quite yet. Best to coordinate with the United States after a modicum of recovery.

Saturday and Sunday will see the six-month mark in a carefully orchestrated financial war against the “real” economy. The buildup began here in the United States. On February 18, President Obama stacked his White House Deficit Commission (formally the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform) with the same brand of neoliberal ideologues who comprised the notorious 1982 Greenspan Commission on Social Security “reform.”

A balanced budget in an economic downturn means shrinkage for the private sector. Coming as the Western economies move into a debt deflation, the policy means shrinking markets for goods and services – all to support banking claims on the “real” economy.

On June 3, the World Bank reiterated the New Austerity doctrine, as if it were a new discovery: The way to prosperity is via austerity. “Rich counties can help developing economies grow faster by rapidly cutting government spending or raising taxes.” The New Fiscal Conservatism aims to corral all countries to scale back social spending in order to “stabilize” economies by a balanced budget. This is to be achieved by impoverishing labor, slashing wages, reducing social spending and rolling back the clock to the good old class war as it flourished before the Progressive Era. The rationale is the discredited “crowding out” theory:

Budget deficits mean more borrowing, which bids up interest rates. Lower interest rates are supposed to help countries – or would, if borrowing was for productive capital formation. But this is not how financial markets operate in today’s world. Lower interest rates simply make it cheaper and easier for corporate raiders or speculators to capitalize a given flow of earnings at a higher multiple, loading the economy down with even more debt!

Anonymous said...

Assad begins Latin America tour

Syrian leader’s tour seeks to boost ties with continent that is home to millions of Syrian-origin emigres. By Roueida Mabardi (27.6.10)

In his search for greater international recognition, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad embarks on a landmark Latin American tour on Friday to reinforce economic ties with a continent he is visiting for the first time.

Accompanied by his wife, Asma, the Syrian leader will arrive in Venezuela on Friday before proceeding to Brazil and Argentina, all three home to large communities of Syrian emigres.

He will also visit Cuba to strengthen traditionally close ties.

"Bilateral relations and developments in the Middle East and Latin America" will dominate discussions in the four countries, the official SANA news agency said, without providing a detailed schedule of the visit.

"This is a trip that was envisaged for a long time but was not carried out for various reasons," said a Western diplomat in Damascus.

Boycotted and sidelined for decades by the United States and the West for allegedly supporting terrorism, Syria has begun to assert itself as a key player in the Middle East.

Last month, shortly after the United States accused Syria of supporting "terrorist" groups and renewed sanctions for another year, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev described Damascus as a key political player in the region.

Assad's Latin American visit seeks to strengthen ties with a continent that is home to millions of Syrian-origin emigres, said the Western diplomat.

The tour is intended "to reinforce the economic bonds" with the Latin American countries, "particularly with the emigres of Syrian origin" and especially those in Brazil, which has between three and four million, he said. The majority of the millions of Syrian-origin emigres in Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela are businessmen, engineers, doctors, politicians and even a former president — Argentina's Carlos Menem.

Anonymous said...

Chavez: 'genocidal' Israel will be put in its place - 26.6.10.

The socialist Chavez is a harsh critic of both Israel and the United States and cut relations with Israel after accusing it of "holocaust" for its 2009 offensive in the Gaza Strip.

"It has become the assassin arm of the United States, no one can doubt it. It is a threat to all of us," Chavez said, during a visit by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Chavez said he supported a peaceful struggle for the return to Syria of the Golan Heights, captured by Israel in 1967.

"The territory will one day return to the Syrian hands," Chavez said. "Of course we want it to be peaceful because we don't want more war."

"But one day the genocidal state of Israel will be put into its place, and let's hope that a really democratic state emerges there, with which we can share a path and ideas."

Chavez did not offer further details of what putting Israel "in its place" would entail.

U.S. attempts to isolate Syria and reshape the Middle East have failed, he said, and Israel was fast losing allies.

(Outspoken as ever, our Chavez, and no less visionary.)

Anonymous said...

Evans-Pritchard Announces Fed Contemplating $5 Trillion QE Expansion - 06-25-2010
Source: Zero Hedge

In his latest column, the Daily Telegraph’s A. Evans-Pritchard does a good job of recapping all the various reasons why Bernanke has now completely cornered himself, and facing a newly collapsing economy, is left with just one recourse: the printing of more, more, more paper. This should not come as a surprise to anyone who has read even a few posts on Zero Hedge – the only response the Fed is left with as deflation accelerates, and as the Fed and the banking cabal refuse to do an orderly reorganization whereby financial firms grow into their balance sheets via a debt restructuring (and equity wipe out), is the spewage of more, inflation-stimulating, fiat. Ironically, as this newly printed and rapidly diluted monetary representation (because it increasingly is not equivalent to money) makes its way only and almost exclusively to those with direct discount window access, i.e., the mega banks (and for some ungodly reason, the clearinghouses soon), the assets that will be bid up are all tangible commodities, while secondary assets, which are contingent on a properly functioning reserve banking (money multiplier) system, collapse in a deflated heap of liquidations. Yet one notable section in AEP’s post draw our attention: “Key members of the five-man Board are quietly mulling a fresh burst of asset purchases, if necessary by pushing the Fed’s balance sheet from $2.4 trillion (£1.6 trillion) to uncharted levels of $5 trillion.” We are very curious where the DT’s reporter has found this information, since if it comes from a credible source this is a massive game changer, and while many have speculated this will happen sooner or later, to know for a fact that QE is definitely coming is major news, and, if true, we are stunned the WSJ’s Jon Hilsenrath, who recently has had his ear “very close” to the Fed’s internal process, has not reported on this yet.

Incidentally, the $5 trillion number was referenced previously on Zero Hedge in a post by RBS economist, and uber-realist, Bob Janjuah, as follows:

All that’s now left, as I have said before, is for the Fed to shift to a USD5trn or so new QE programme, likely in co-ordination with a bunch of other central banks, which in total may give us USD10trn or more of new QE. But this isn’t happening until much much later this yr or, more likely, next yr.

We agree with Bob: the next QE phase will most certainly not occur before the midterms, which as the recent abdication of a national budget demonstrated, are a critical priority for the administration, over and above the telegraphing of the country’s catastrophic state to the general population, which is precisely what a nuclear monetary blast would be (let alone a new fiscal one – it is no incident that today, for the first time, a new $35 billion unemployment stimulus bill crashed in the Congress after it could not muster enough votes). Therefore, we are confident that the Fed has its hands tied well until December, although we anticipate a January lift off date for QE version 2 and final, which, as Bob Janjuah notes, will likely come in collaboration with every single central bank in the world, in one last (failed) reflation attempt: the final spasm for the Keynesian religion.

Anonymous said...

Often when we come to post here, the POST A COMMENT section is missing, so we've posted below where it was still working. Just so you know.

Anonymous said...

310 international soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan in June - 27,6,10

Two NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan
Jun 27, 2010
Kabul - Two NATO soldiers were killed in an attack in eastern Afghanistan on Sunday, while the British Defence Ministry said a British soldier had died of wounds he sustained in an attack earlier this month.

The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said in a statement that two foreign soldiers had died following a small- arms attack in the eastern region. It did not reveal the nationalities of the deceased.

Most of the NATO troops in the eastern provinces are from the United States, while small units of French and Polish military forces are also based in the restive region.

The British soldier died of wounds he had sustained during a blast in the Nahre Saraj district of the southern province of Helmand on June 10, the Defence Ministry said.

The soldier died in hospital in Birmingham, the ministry said in a statement posted at its website.

Meanwhile, the Canadian Defence Ministry said two of the six soldiers killed in separate attacks in Afghanistan on Saturday were Canadians.

In a statement the ministry said a female Canadian soldier and her male comrade were killed in the Panjwayi district of the southern province of Kandahar when their vehicle was struck by a roadside bomb.

At least 310 international soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan in June, the deadliest month for NATO troops in the country since the ouster of the Taliban regime in late 2001.

Both Taliban and NATO-led troops are preparing for major battles this summer, when the total number of foreign troops is set to peak at 150,000 from the more than 130,000 currently based in the country.

(Please to multiply all figures by ten. Then we may be somewhat closer to the truth.)

Anonymous said...

Defeat of jobs bill in Senate costly to California: Some 200,000 jobless Californians have already lost their unemployment benefits, and that figure is expected to rise to 1.5 million by the end of the year without an extension from Congress. California's unemployment rate stands at 12.4 percent, among the highest in the nation. (27.6.10)

Anonymous said...

Austerity G20 Came and Went

Barack Obama has welcomed the commitment from the G20 group of developed and developing nations to halve budget deficits by 2013.
The US president said he was "serious" about reining in the soaring US budget deficit, adding that would present Americans with "some very difficult choices" next year.
At the weekend's G20 summit in Toronto, leaders debated how quickly they should move from a focus on economic stimulus to cutting deficits.
George Osborne insisted that the government's austerity budget had full international backing from the G20.
The chancellor said that the G20's call for those nations facing the most serious fiscal challenges to "accelerate" the pace at which they repair the damage caused to public finances by the recession represented a significant change of tack.
Although the final communique from the weekend talks in Toronto papered over the cracks that have been emerged over the best way to nurture a fragile global recovery, Osborne denied that there were now deep splits in the body set up to steer the global economy through the most serious downturn since the 1930s.
"There is a very explicit recognition that countries with serious fiscal challenges should accelerate the pace of consolidation," Osborne said.
"People have seen a change in tone from the G20. People have understood the impact of the sovereign debt crisis."
Obama had warned ahead of the summit that the G20 should remember the lessons of history, and be wary of withdrawing economic stimulus packages too soon.
But on Sunday the president welcomed the commitment to halve budget deficits by 2013, although he added: "We can't all rush to the exits at the same time."

Anonymous said...

Millions to lose benefitin incapacity reform
Millions of people deemed unfit to work face cuts in their state handouts after George Osborne said that claimants of incapacity benefit were now in his sights as part of an attempt to reform the welfare state. The Chancellor signalled that 2.6 million claimants of the benefit would be targeted as part of the “trade-off” between cuts in welfare spending or cuts in frontline services. Ministers are expected to discuss how to protect those in genuine need while accelerating the testing of those unfit for work when the public expenditure Cabinet committee meets for the first time this week. “It’s a choice we all face. It’s not a choice that can be ducked,” said Mr Osborne, who is today addressing business leaders

(Now we're talking. Now it will be reaching down to the spoilt people of the west. Now we can expect some reactions of weight.)

Anonymous said...

Sports update: The Britzies are eliminated from the World Cup by the Germs.

World War II in reverse. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The only time I back the Germs is when they play their arch enemy the Brits. They did us proud yesterday. Not to think I like the Germs, but I detest the Brits even more. They've caused more harm to mankind than ever the Germs managed to do. Born bullies, the anglo-saxons.

Anonymous said...

Turkey closes skies to Israeli military
Mon, 28 Jun 2010

An Israeli air force cargo aircraft
Amid tense relations prompted by Israel's deadly attack on a Turkish-flagged aid convoy, the government in Ankara takes a step to impose certain restrictive measures against the Israeli military.

"Military planes are required to obtain overflight permission before each flight. One military plane was denied permission immediately after" the May 31 onslaught on the Gaza-bound fleet, AFP quoted a diplomat as saying on Monday.

The diplomat, who was speaking on condition of anonymity, did not specify whether the decision signaled a total ban on Israeli military flights using Turkish airspace.

There were no restrictions on civilian flights, the diplomat added.

Speaking after the G20 summit in Toronto, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his country had closed its airspace to Israel after the attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla.

Israeli media earlier said that a military plane carrying more than 100 Israeli officers to Auschwitz in Poland was denied permission to use Turkish airspace and had to take an alternate route. (Good. Carry on, Turkey!)

Anonymous said...

The final communiques of the G8 and G20

It did little to assuage the central grievances that were expressed before the events during the 'People's Summit' held by Canadian activists Jun. 18-20, or in the many peaceful demonstrations held prior to and during the summits.

The major issues being protested - lack of commitment regarding climate change and clean energy, the mounting concerns regarding the development of the Albertan tar sands, ongoing wars and foreign occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the imposition of fiscal austerity measures on member states despite continuing fallout from the global economic crisis which began in 2008 - were not resolved.

And perhaps the core concern - that a select, if somewhat broadened, group of elites are making decisions that concern all peoples around the globe largely in secret - appeared to be flaunted by members of the corporate elite, dubbed the 'B20' (Business 20), who were on hand.

During the summit, several dozen of the globe's most powerful CEOs were given exclusive, off-the-record meetings with the G20's finance ministers and Prime Minister Harper.

The G20 includes the "world's most industrialised nations" (which also comprise the G8): Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Britain and the United States.

Its other members are Australia, Mexico, Turkey and South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and South Africa, plus the 27-member European Union.

In concert with the eventual announcement by the G20 that they would seek to halve deficits by 2013 (with the exception of Japan), one business leader projected, "Stimulus is winding down and the private sector is going to have to come in and pick up the slack."

Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty praised the corporate leaders, saying "The advice we get from you is invaluable in terms of our deliberations and the deliberations of our leaders."

Offering an indication of the B20's influence, South Korean Finance Minister Jeung-Hyun Yoon told Toronto's Globe and Mail, "I sincerely hope the business summit can serve as a platform for public-private collaboration and the starting point of the new normal in the global economic architecture."

As the effects of the latest policy pronouncements begin to be felt, many fear that Toronto will become known as the staging ground for the security model that will be deployed to protect this new architecture.

James Wolfe said...

So much for the "reset", great excuse and opportunity for the US to renege on any agreements or trade deals they made with the Russians. So much for Ray’s Hell Burger photo shot.

Ten arrested in US on charges of spying for Russia

James Wolfe said...

I expect the Russians to retaliate in the days and weeks to come by suddenly uncovering and exposing US spy networks in its territory. Looks like the heat might be taken off Iran if the US and Russian relationship deteriorates in the days and weeks to come.

All this crap I’ve been reading and hearing that Israeli & US forces are massing on the Azeri border and Israeli/US navy are converging to attack Iran, is nauseating.

James Wolfe said...

Here is Wayne Madsen and Ray McGovern's view on the affair.

Alleged Russian secret agents held in US

Anonymous said...

Thanks James W for the best news I've read over the past few weeks. The rest of it has just been stuff to make one throw up and pull out tufts of one's hair with bare hands. May Iran remain safe from the blood dripping vultures and Russia return to its senses. No more of that reset nonsense with its worst enemy.

Anonymous said...

- Eleventh suspected Russian spy arrested in Cyprus

Live Suspect freed on bail, after 10 arrests in US. Russia calls FBI's claims 'contradictory'.

- Campaign to clear shelves of West Bank settlement wares forces Israeli factories to cut production.

- McChrystal to retire from US military
General Stanley McChrystal is to retire after stepping down as Nato's top commander in Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

China military denies exercise aimed at U.S

Analysts and a military officer said the live ammunition exercise starting on Wednesday that will close off parts of the East China Sea off China's coast over six days were routine and the timing was coincidental.
"The PLA artillery exercise in the East China Sea and the joint U.S.-South Korea exercise in the Yellow Sea are a complete coincidence," Li Daguang, a professor at China's National Defense University told the Wen Wei Po, a Hong Kong newspaper under mainland control.
"The outside world shouldn't read anything into this."

(The timing does not appear to be "coincidental"; it appears to be a projection of Chinese power in the region after Obama had the audacity to publicly criticize China's handling of North Korea at the G-20 summit. WRH)

Anonymous said...

Chaos erupts in Greece over austerity measures

Greek riot police fired teargas at protesters chanting "burn parliament" in Athens on Tuesday just hours before lawmakers were to begin debating a sweeping pension reform to help tackle the country's huge debt crisis.

(The Greek government, like the US Congress, sold the people of their nation into the slavery of a private banking system that is allowed to print up money out of thin air, and issue the public currency at interest. The politicians are in the pay of the bankers, and the Greeks understand that there is really only one way for them to become free again. The private central banks and the politicians who serve them must go. WRH)

Anonymous said...

Kyrgyzstan's reform plaform wins 90% support at the polls, but Russia remains wary. Uzbek origin citizens slowly return to their Kyrgyz homeland.

Anonymous said...

RE: 15:68

Ha. Ha. That's typical Orwellian pseudo-dissent from Michael Rivero, as he tries to portray America and Obama as the innocent victims.

That military exercise is a counter-response to America's attempt both to "project power" right off of China's coast and to rattle sabers against North Korea.

US War Ships off the Chinese Coast

US-South Korea Military Drills: China seriously concerned over U.S. aircraft carrier reports: FM spokesman

These Americunts like What Really (Didn't) Happen never question what moral right does America have to in Asia (or elsewhere) in the first place threatening China, North Korea, etc.

Such is the audacity of American Empire and its imperial people.

Anonymous said...

00:27, in this particular case, you might have misunderstood Rivero's comment. Seems to me he was making fun of Obama.

Anyway, US has really lost all sense of proportion. Sabre-rattling with Iran, sabre-rattling with China, soon real sabre-rattling with Russia, now that they claim they've discovered Russian spies in US. All this is bound to have a bad end. Hubris to the power of ten, let's say.

Anonymous said...

Spying Suspects Seemed Short on Secrets

The suspected Russian spy ring rolled up by the F.B.I. this week had everything it needed for world-class espionage: excellent training, cutting-edge gadgetry, deep knowledge of American culture and meticulously constructed cover stories.

The only things missing in more than a decade of operation were actual secrets to send home to Moscow.

The assignments, described in secret instructions intercepted by the F.B.I., were to collect routine political gossip and policy talk that might have been more efficiently gathered by surfing the Web. And none of the 11 people accused in the case face charges of espionage, because in all those years they were never caught sending classified information back to Moscow, American officials said.

(It's a set-up. Russia won;t play ball with Iran so this is USreal putting Russia on the defensive. WRH)

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, we are looking forward to reading some comments from you tomorrow, if at all possible. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I too am waiting with bated breath for Poiuytr to unleash his latest condemnation of American and Western crimes.

Rip these cretins a new asshole, raw and bloody as they fully deserve.

Anonymous said...

The Short Version, by Jay Hanson
( The Long Version is archived at )

Any ONE fundamental error in neoclassical theory should be sufficient reason to reject conclusions based upon that theory. Here are five fundamental errors in the theory:

#1. A fundamentally incorrect "method": the economist uses "correlation" and "post hoc, ergo propter hoc" (after-the-fact) reasoning, rather than the "scientific method".

#2. A fundamentally inverted worldview: the economist sees the environment as a subsystem of the economy, rather than the other way around. In other words, economists are trained to believe that natural resources come from "markets" rather than the "environment". The corollary is that "man-made capital" can substitute for "natural capital". But the First Law of thermodynamics tells us there is no "creation" -- there is no such thing as "man-made capital". Thus, ALL capital is "natural capital", and the economy is 100% dependent on the "environment" for everything.

#3. A fundamentally incorrect view of "money": the economist sees "money" as nothing more than a medium of exchange, rather than as social power -- or "political power". But even the casual observer can see that money is social power because it "empowers" people to buy and do the things they want -- including buying and doing other people: politics.

If employers have the freedom to pay workers less "political power", then they will retain more political power for themselves. Money is, in a word, "coercion", and "economic efficiency" is correctly seen as a political concept designed to conserve social power for those who have it -- to make the politically powerful, even more powerful, and the politically weak, even weaker.

#4. A fundamentally incorrect view of his raison d'etre: the economist sees "Homo economicus" as a "Bayesian utility maximizer", rather than "Homo sapiens" as a "primate". In other words, contemporary economics and econometrics is WRONG from the bottom up -- and economists know it. The entire discipline of economics is based on a lie -- and economists know it. Moreover, if human behavior is not the result of mathematical calculation -- and it isn't -- then in principle, economists will NEVER get it right.

#5. A fundamentally incorrect view of economic élan vital: the economist sees economic activity as a function of infinite "money creation", rather than a function of finite "energy stocks" and finite "energy flows". In fact, the economy is 100% dependent on available energy -- it always has been, and it always will be. See a synopsis of the current energy situation at .

Anonymous said...

President Obama's Secret: Only 100 al Qaeda Now in Afghanistan - 30.6.10

Does that 100 include the phony CIA and Mossad agents playing dress-up Al Qaeda?

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama=Barack Osama.

Anonymous said...

Quite, well put!

Anonymous said...

Russia says ready to send helicopters to help NATO in Afghanistan
Russia is willing to provide transport helicopters to assist the NATO-led military contingent fighting Taliban militants in Afghanistan, a defense industry official said on Thursday.
Vyacheslav Dzirkaln, deputy head of Russia's Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation, said Russian An-124 Condor cargo planes had transported over 88,000 metric tons of cargo for NATO troops in Afghanistan under the successful Strategic Airlift Interim Solution (SALIS) project.
"The aircraft leasing mechanism successfully used in the SALIS project could be applied to heavy-lift transport helicopters for NATO forces carrying out missions in remote areas of Afghanistan," Dzirkaln said at a roundtable meeting on cooperation between Russia and NATO.
"Russian Mi-26T Halo helicopters of this class have already demonstrated their unique capabilities and performed well in Afghanistan," the official added.
In December 2009, a Russian Mi-26T helicopter successfully returned a NATO Cougar helicopter to its airbase in Kandahar after the craft had come under attack. The Mi-26T has been serving NATO troops in Afghanistan for more than three years.
The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) has about 120,000 troops in Afghanistan. A total of 46 countries are involved in security efforts in the war-ravaged country.

ZHUKOVSKY, July 1 (RIA Novosti

Anonymous said...

Lord, what will Russia do next to gain a pat on the head from west. Slpw but steady suicide on the part of the Russian govertment is what it sounds like.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting. Russia has now joined the malevolent West.

You made your decision Russia, prepare to answer for it.

Anonymous said...

Russia are fools assisting the illegal war and slaughter of the innocents, by supplying and no doubt flying these helicopters. Russia has renegaded on its commitments with Iran on the S300 aswell as still an unfinsihed nuke power plant. $th round of sanctions voted for, now supporting logistcally as well as military transport to fighting positions.
Russi are now just a bought and paid for stooge for the west. Russia has no more independence. Putin to me was a hero for Russia but he seems to have allowed Russia to fall in the snake pit of the west and is happy to be bit at its own cost.
Afghan fighters will shoot down as many as they can hopefully.

Anonymous said...

FINANCE (Telegraph - 2.7.§0)

- Spectre of a double-dip
Fear that the economy is lurching downwards stalks markets.

- China eyes BP assets
State-backed company keen on $9bn of BP's assets.

- Australian mining deal
New PM Gillard reaches a compromise with miners on new tax.

- London's bankers square up for a fight with the EU
As new regulation looms, bankers argue greed can be a force for good.

- UK faces new credit crunch
BoE warns households to brace for a fresh credit squeeze.

(And murdering someone is actually saving his or her life. I quite agree. Just as I agree that greed is a force for good and that war is a means to peace.)

Anonymous said...

Europe approves US mass data grab - 2.7.10

Europe has signed a deal to hand over all bank transaction data to the US in order to help the ongoing war on terrorism.

(Bull biscuits! This is about a desperate clutching dying grasp for that one last tax dollar before the total collapse! WRH)

[For once, an excellent comment by M. Rivero}

Anonymous said...

Britain is outed as a Nazi nation. Let's see how the Anglo scum answer these charges.

Anti-British Russian Official Speaks Out

Anonymous said...

Turkish economy grows 11.7 percent in a stunning upturn

The Turkish economy expanded at a breakneck rate of 11.7 percent at constant prices in the first quarter of 2010 over the same period a year ago, suggesting a strong recovery from a severe recession which took a profound toll on the global economy.

The Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat) released its quarterly growth rates on Wednesday, revealing that the economy continued to grow for the second straight quarter. The growth rate was in double-digits, in line with market expectations. Accordingly, Turkey's gross domestic product (GDP) amounted to TL 23.35 billion at constant prices in the first three months of the year, 11.7 percent higher than a year earlier, when the economy contracted by 14.5 percent. At current prices the year-on-year growth in the GDP was 16 percent, to reach a total GDP TL 243.26 billion. When calendar-adjusted, the Turkish economy expanded by 11.8 percent in the January-March period of the year from one year earlier and grew by 0.1 percent compared to the previous quarter.

After a continuous contraction for four quarters in row, the economy rebounded at the end of 2009, growing by a higher-than-anticipated rate of 6 percent. Turkey's gross domestic product (GDP) slumped by 4.7 percent in 2009 over a year before, well below the 6 percent year-end projections in the medium-term economic program. This was the first time Turkey saw a contraction in its economy following seven years of continuous growth between 2002 and 2008.

Anonymous said...

Russia may lose billions for breaching missile contract with Iran
RIA NOVOSTI | June 30, 2010

Russia’s refusal to deliver S-300 surface-to-air missile systems to Iran means Tehran could turn to China as its main arms supplier, depriving Moscow of a serious source of revenue, a Russian daily suggested on Wednesday.

Moscow said in mid-June it would freeze the delivery of S-300 air-defense systems following a new round of UN sanctions imposed on Tehran on June 9. Security Council Resolution 1929 imposed a fourth set of sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program, including tougher financial controls and an expanded arms embargo.

According to Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Russia’s losses will amount to the value of the contract plus penalties for breach of contract.

The S-300 contract is worth some $800 million, while Russian experts estimate the penalty for breach of contract at $400 million.

Furthermore, Iran could refuse to buy any more military products from Russia, leading to an estimated loss of $300 million to $500 million a year.

In another indication of a trend that should be worrying to Moscow, experts pointed to Iran’s decision to effectively end cooperation with Russia in the civil aviation sector.

Earlier in June, Iran banned its airlines from using Russian-built Tu-154 airliners on domestic and international routes. In addition, there have been reports of the imminent deportation of Russian pilots because the Islamic Republic already has “enough qualified flight personnel.”

Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi warned on June 22 that Russia would be responsible for the consequences of its failure to deliver S-300 surface-to-air missile systems to Iran.

Russia initially said the delivery of S-300 systems to Iran would not be affected by the new UN sanctions since they are not included in the UN Register of Conventional Arms, but experts from the Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation concluded the missiles did come under the new set of sanctions.

A Kremlin source echoed that opinion on June 11, while Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said it was up to the president to make the final decision.

Anonymous said...

re: 21:06 It's about damned time.

Russia cannot be trusted. It's cynical on again, off again antics with the Bushehr reactor project is just one example of what this West-loving country does.

Anonymous said...

02:04 - God alone knows what games the Russians are playing with Iran and the west. They are so sharp, one day they'll cut themselves deeply and bleed to death maybe.

Anonymous said...

The latest threat to the global recovery - state capitalism (2.7.10(

A fascinating new book is about to hit the shelves. Called The End of the Free Market it argues that all-powerful governments from around the world will be the new driving force in the global economy, skewing the decision making process away from individuals, companies and the market towards states, political interests and authoritarianism.

China's reported bid for $9bn of BP's assets is an example of the expansion strategy that the country has been pursuing. Stated in one bald paragraph it sounds a little apocalyptic. But Ian Bremmer, the highly respected author who is president of the Eurasia Group in the United States, makes a compelling case. The financial crisis has left Western capitalism nervous and risk averse, constantly under attack from a body politic keen to take advantage of public anger over the events of 2007 and 2008. Issues like the control of the banking system, remuneration and the failure of so much of the financial sector, whether Northern Rock, Lehman Brothers, AIG or Royal Bank of Scotland, has created a fundamental crisis in confidence.

At the same time, and with little of the same scrutiny, cash-rich governments from the Middle East and Asia are taking advantage of this malaise. Bremmer argues that, with the collapse of communism little more than a generation ago in historical terms, China, Saudi Arabia and Russia are now the leading players in this new era of state capitalism.

Anonymous said...

Chinese Supercomputer Is Ranked World’s Second-Fastest, Challenging U.S. Dominance - 2.7.10

A Chinese supercomputer has been ranked as the world’s second-fastest machine, surpassing European and Japanese systems and underscoring China’s aggressive commitment to science and technology.

(Probably, it's the fastest. But face saving oblige.)

Anonymous said...

Banks Continued Failure To Realise Commercial Real Estate Losses…
The massive commercial real estate market is already plaguing the weak balance sheets of banks. It is the case that each Friday, we are likely to see one U.S. bank fail because due to high levels of commercial real estate (CRE) debt on their books. This market is likely to cause the failure of hundreds of banks and put the economy down into another real estate funk. The amount of commercial real estate transactions shows no sign of recovery in this market. And why would there be any recovery? This is an area for hotels, strip malls, condos, and other projects that usually reflect a healthy and growing economy. We do not have that and the problems embedded in CRE are going to stifle any growth for years to come.

There will be no growth until the American workers have jobs that pay high enough to allow them to undertake new borrowing from the banks. No high-paying jobs, no borrowing, no borrowing, no new money, no new money, the US economy crashes as do all pyramid schemes.

Anonymous said...

re: 10:50


More propaganda from that mouthpiece of aggressive British imperialism--the Neocon Telegraph no less?

What's next? Timothy Geithner's speeches posted as reputable economic analysis?

These Anglo scum certainly are insistent in their repetitive propaganda.

But sadly, you pretend not to understand that Anglo fawning over their precious "Free" Market is bullshit.

Anglo Free Market Capitalism=Anglo financial predation and speculation.

Led by Wall Street and the City of London, this system is about Derivatives speculation and other bankster scams.

And Global Recovery=Recovery for these Anglo vampires.

In fact, guilt for the global recession/depression should be laid firmly at the feet of America and Britain and their beloved "Free Market" (i.e. Wall Street/City of London derviatives fiends)

Fight the Derivatives Cancer with a Wall Street Sales Tax, Plus Bans on Hedge Funds, Credit Default Swaps, and Synthetic CDOs

Ultimately, the Telegraph's demonization of state capitalism (replete with the predictable dash of Anti-China Yellow Peril rhetoric) demonstrates that Anglo vampire nations like Britain and America are soiling themselves in nationalist outrage over one fact: Their precious model of Anglo Neoliberal capitalism has been DISCREDITED by more successful models of capitalism emerging outside of the West.

And if there is one thing that Anglo Imperialist nations like the United Snakes and Britzieland cannot stand it's the idea that their system has been shown for the cancer that it is.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tarpley man, 11:40. What you fail to realise every time is that such things are posted so poiuytr can shoot them down, time and health permitting. We see through their stupidities, never fear. In any case, I'm a communist, the last communist perhaps, but communist to the death. So all this nonsense about free market and capitalism and stockmarket are all bullshit in my ears. What interested me in the whole Telegraph propaganda piece was this emergence of a new form of apparent "communism", one that anyone worth his salt would dismiss without a second's hesitation. No hard feelings.

Anonymous said...

BPs secret 3rd Oil Spill The Big One
By: morris on: 03.07.2010

poiuytr said...

OLD NBN 15:29 -- poiuytr, thanks, blog working beautifully for now.

I didn't do anything. :) I can't. There's nothing that can be done. And the problems are back apparently. It's pretty spotty and it's nothing to do with the few options available on the blog dashboard. I've noticed vids somehow screw up the comment box and it takes a while to load it. Sometimes the # of comments in the blog and on the screen don't match. Sometimes comment takes minutes before it appears and sometimes even refresh won't do and you have to shut the tab off on fireworks and reopen it to see it.

That's why I crosspost it to and nationbynation at wordpress. I used to hive it with pics on google docs but they stopped supporting cross post of pics over 20 or some ridiculous amount so... it's all google boys fault, like the reduction of comments size cuz they don't wanna us to talk after all, and freaky failure if you do max it, and so on... youtube too. All west "internets" are no more than WMDs. They start them right, attracting people and they slowly erode it to nothing after they've collected their data or whatever the idiots are doing.


poiuytr said...

OLD NBN 6:43 -- What exactly does America have to sell that anyone wants to buy? Nothing.

Indeedy! I don't wanna just reiterate what you said but it must be added that this is the KEY, the absolutely KEY issue here, driving everything from Helmand west genocide, west bank evaporation, to Greek protests, the truly "heart-wrenching" EUnuch demise.

I'd also expand the word "America" to west, just to be more precise about the afflicted parts we're watching tumble down the murky abyssal cesspits never to re-emerge in the present state again.

With the dollar monopoly, west had EVERYTHING. Living off our planet's demand for oil, west simply printed cash and bought everything. With the permanent loss of this little fascist perk created by papa Bush in early 1970s, west has NOTHING -- well, safe for the Himalayas of suddenly real debt.

And it's better even than that. West has no way out of it for west has no means of sustenance. It completely depends on the slave labour of our planet to be fed to obesite and to be clothed in extra extra extra large monkey clothes.

This is key in the wonderment of the west terminal prolapse and should be applied to all headlines that catch this blog's interest.

For example, the recently much debated "sanctions" of comrade Obama mean absolutely NOTHING for west has NO leverage over anyone. It's all 100% BS pretense, no different than west pretending to still be intact though on the very verge of martial-law enhanced prolapse. And that's not adding the oil vivocide of our oceans, which has wiped out some 30% of USA shoreline and all of USA fishing industry in the region.

The only leverage west has is over defenceless children of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine. Today, west has begun slaking its evil on its own baboon dwellers filling its own streets with civilian combating robocops. That's all! This doesn't mean that the people of Iraq/Afghan/Palestine suffering the increasing death throes madness of the west beast are somehow expendable -- not at all -- it's just means that outside of the west assaults on defenceless civilians, west actions are completely and totally laughable at best.

In fact, Frankenstein's Total oil vampire is already grumbling about the loss of its profits due to these very sanctions by comrade Obama. It was supposed to be Iran that suffers, right? But here it is in plain sight and as clear as the Caribbean used to be before the west neanderthal drilled there; the sanctions have turned to be sanctions against west.

And that's the case with everything today. West simply has nothing today but debt, one crisis after another stemming from that, and multiple military defeats, which is unable to change in any manner. Even leaving any of the war spots is no longer possible for west.

In short, west is run or in a terminal prolapse.

But I like your brief summary thereof better.

poiuytr said...

quick technical note

The post above (9:25) gave me error, it complained it was too long but it showed up anyway upon refresh.

If it's misbehaving for you, try again, bang on it. It's google mucking with it constantly, not the blog settings.

poiuytr said...


> Regardless, China needs to dump the dollar and let the American Empire and economy implode as they so richly deserve.

Right. Well spotted. That's another one of west top famous lies. Somehow the west media whores and their handlers keep blithering about how China needs USA in order to secure its 800B in USA debt. All 100% hogwash, of course.

And indeed, as you suggest, China could at any point dump it all sinking the entire USA in one single afternoon. (Probably not, since the yank creature would shut off its trade computers and feign another 911 rather than see that happen.)

But just this possibility is China's, or one of China's biggest leverages over the west neanderthals. While west has nothing on China, if China so much as muses about dumping just some of the USA rubbish it sends all west exchanges into cardiac turmoil. And it's this little game that's given China access to USA land ownership and beyond.

If there's any game out there in the Freeworld today, it's possibly a scuffle brewing among its chief powers: China and Russia, etc..., over the inevitable taking over the west carcass. Favours shall be feigned and extended to the drowning west monster making it appear as though the psychotic Busch II/-Bliar world war cabal is succeeding in bending our planet to its will today. But they're no more than a way to get a head start to the dinner table before the general feeding frenzy on all things west, lands included, shall begin.

And that's why it's very very unlikely that China will dump the dollar. The 800B or whatever it's claimed to be is immaterial. It's dead anyway for USA cannot honour its debts that are 70% of its GDP, which in itself is now over 60% total and complete BS made off hyperinflation. Whether China dumps it or keeps it, the cash value isn't there. The value of strictly in the control of USA prolapse. It's like comrade Obama has his internet "kill" switch, China has its dollar switch in its hand and when it so much as plays with it, USA goes anemic requiring mouth-to-mouth from its bent EUnuch DNA cousin.


poiuytr said...

OLD NBN 21:05 -- • Western public debt: when insolvency becomes intolerable

Right! And so we move to the 3rd phase of the west-wide terminal prolapse, incidentally, the final one, in which west neanderthals will require physical means of containment.

It's funny, but the west monkeys remain unaware that it's not adding up on the most plebe level today. It's much like the South USA baboon practicing its breast stroke in poisoned waters, despite having to wade through toxic muck to get to the greasy waves. And even their betters know better as is revealed in their frequent tizzies today.

The west econ slavery, sold by the west beast as "free market", "democracy", and most ostensibly "economics", is no longer adding up at the bottom levels for the prolapse has trickled finally down to the last west cretin, whatever branch the bristly creature might have been resting its empty skull on.

It used to add up but no more.

The simple econ reins used to predicate slavery in all of west and total adult day-care control. In other words, the template put all west monkeys on a predetermined allowance for literary wasting life in some cubicle. The allowances were scaled precisely to create and maintain econ baboon spheres to keep varied stock of slaves, and float the west monster corporate world that predeterministically fed off it.

All this was working while some 95% of the west labour force, or those capable of potential uprising, were basically incarcerated their entire life, only to be released precisely at west statistical dying age. The baboons knew this system under the terms corporations, work, or possibly career, which were all codewords for the west bristly creatures to spin in a cubicle wheel like a trapped rodent while believing they're the pretty boys creating wealth and spreading democracy. None of the west cretins have untangled this just yet, despite the amusing west systemic breakdown of today.

No value, no wealth, no nothing was ever produced by all these millions of the west "working" miscreants. West was and is floated solely by genocide of our planet, by monopolistic war-protected markets, nothing else. There is no such thing as west product and certainly west ingenuity. All total and complete lies like the west unkempt einstein figure with its nobel prize, comrade Obama's peace prize, Busch II 911, or Busch grandpa WWII, etc...


poiuytr said...

OLD NBN 21:05 PtII

But today, this template, this programme of the west slaver machinery is broken and the numbers no longer add up. And despite the endless attempts, the west war junta with its bankster cabals cannot come up with a fix, not even a work-around. It's BEYOND hilarious, in fact!

And so today, the west monkeys' allowance cannot keep them incarcerated in cubicles, stuff them with poisoned food stuffs, and allow them to frump their rumps in front of plasma TVs to enjoy the latest in BBCNN family programming brainwash.

And as things are being rearranged by reality in the west cesspits at the very plebe west level, west war junta has lost control now of the control methods or leverage over its own population. This spells a very dire situation to the west betters and it's not one that can be considered a status quo. In other words, change of "lifestyle" at the plebe level across all of west is around the corner.

And so the west monster cannot provide its neanderthal subjects with day care centres, known as corporations, to keep the west masses catatonic and pliable like meth whores. It cannot any longer implement cash siphoning system, known as stock exchanges. It cannot even embezzle from the baboon banking accounts to float its multi trillion dollar war projects, known as derivative market. It cannot even hope to keep spewing lies into the baboon hovels 24/7 to maintain the west lobotomy, known as west news and general TV programming. And it cannot even provide brainwash institutions to the baboon offspring, known as west education system, to castrated the rising generation.

And so, at last, the west child-murdering junta has lost the leverage even over its own slave pool of cretins. And in this case, it should be highlighted that the general west sky-high cretinism is no longer an advantage to the west war junta cabals. Quite the contrary, in fact. It's fascinatingly entertaining watching the west monsters lose cool today and bare teeth in anger over the west populace control loss. In fact, when they'll have a tete-a-tete with the psychotic savage west masses, they may actually rue the decision to annihilate so much humanity from west creating hundreds of millions of violence-loving monkeys.


Anonymous said...

Moscow admits alleged spies are Russian
Carl Schreck, Foreign Correspondent

Last Updated: July 03. 2010 9:55AM UAE / July 3. 2010 5:55AM GMT
Soviet police stand in front of the KGB building in Moscow in 1990, the former headquarters of the USSR’s intelligence service. Alexander Nemenov / AFP
MOSCOW // Following the arrest of an alleged network of Russian spies by US authorities, Moscow shifted into damage control mode this week with a disclosure virtually unprecedented in the history of its intelligence affairs: it has admitted the accused covert operatives are Russian citizens.

Russia’s foreign ministry said in a statement late Tuesday that the accused agents are Russian citizens and said it hoped they would be afforded access to lawyers and Russian consular officials while in US detention facilities.

A woman who answered the phone at the ministry’s press office this week said all 11 suspects identified by the FBI were Russian citizens, though the chief ministry spokesman, Andrei Nesterenko, on Thursday declined to give details and referred inquiries to the statements posted on the ministry’s website.

(No comment on Russia, poiuytr? And the spy story in particular. If you could manage one more in the same spirit as the excellent ones above?)

Anonymous said...

More (absurdist) evidence of the fascistic nature of America:

TX Rep. Louis Gohmert Warns of Terrorist Babies:

poiuytr said...

11:07 -- No comment on Russia, poiuytr? And

I will when I get through the rest.

I'm going through the comments of this NBN and am stifled by my lengthy drivialities and google size limits both in comments and new NBN I'm slapping up together.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that imperialist Germany's Hitlerian dreams of leading the EU empire are ending with things like the Greek rebellion against Germany's attempts to impose draconian austerity on that nation?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, poiuytr. You know we're patience personifed when it comes to you.

Anonymous said...

Did the US drop tactical nuclear weapons on Iraq/Afghanistan – You bet!

UK, July 4 (Pal Telegraph, by Peter Eyre) - You may find this story hard to believe and at the same time challenge as to why anyone would use such weapons having no regard for other humans that live on this planet. We hear almost weekly about the push by President Obama to fulfill the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) by reducing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) but is there any truth behind this PR exercise or is it a case of business as usual?

I am sure you all believe that the last use of nuclear weapons was in Japan during WW2 but I have to tell you that this is far from the truth. In actual fact the US, UK, NATO and Israel have been using WMD’s on an almost daily basis since the conflict in the Balkans in the 1990’s. In actual fact it started well before this when the Israelis went to war with Egypt……this was the first time WMD’s had been used on mass with weapons purchased from the US and with US technicians acting in an advisory role.

We have discussed the use of depleted uranium weapons many times before but maybe no one has truly grasped how serious these actions have been and the greater implications on the rest of the world and our environment.

As an example when we look at Iraq you may find it hard to believe that just one small group of US Naval Vessels dropped on Iraq the equivalent of many thousands of Nagasaki bombs……..add to this the fact that the nanoparticles from these weapons have since crossed international borders and contaminated millions of people unrelated to this conflict. Under the terms of the Geneva Convention that makes these weapons totally indiscriminate and therefore constitutes being a war crime of gigantic proportions (mass genocide). The consequences of all these actions will soon be revealed in the publication of an extensive War Crimes Complaint (a formal legal document) that has already been lodged in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia towards the end of last year.

Anonymous said...

I have forgot to paste the link to the article.

poiuytr said...

19:40 -- "Western and American cretins do not sincerely oppose war, they just oppose the CONSEQUENCES(or fear of such consequences) of war for themselves and their parasitic way of life."

Beautifully summed. Right, the baboon isn't angry over its crimes against all reason, not to mention humanity. They're livid with the losses they're incurring in their last crusade of 2001.

They don't hate Busch II for his evil, for 911, for torture, or for any sensible reason. They hate him for failing to reconquer our planet and plunder it for the benefit of the west offal populace. They don't hate comrade Obama for his extension of Busch II policies. They hate him for failing to reconquer our planet and return them their slipping parasitic idyll.

They're all suffering the Sheehan symptom. While her sonny was happily raping, murdering, and torturing someone else's children, she was a proud mother of an USA pretty peace-spreading troop. It was after she'd received a parcel with her offspring's left overs that she began to dislike this suddenly ugly war business.

They're ALL like that. West is, with truly few exceptions that are so outnumbered by the neanderthal that it's pointless to even keep track of, made up of this type of vampiric two-facedness.


poiuytr said...

19:45 -- "Don't want to be a spoilsport, but if this is all the austerity programme means, seems to me it's a bit premature to be popping the corks of champagne bottles."

If this is the worry, pour yourself another pint for west poverty measures have NOTHING whatever to do with upping VAT by a percent or two, reducing min wage, cutting some redundant job here and there, or instigating more prudent fiscal policies so they don't hand out too many toxic loans next time around. West poverty measures are the first manifestation of the upcoming physical assault on west's own populaces. It's the manacles, whips, batons, cages, etc that are being taken out of the box and strategically deployed throughout the entire west cesspit.

You're 100% correct about the prima facie effect of their #s. No question there!

Greece poverty measures hope to save a drop in the bucket. In other words, if the measures are insignificant in terms of reducing west's neanderthals' living circumstances, they're also as insignificant in somehow stalling or averting the west terminal fiscal prolapse. After all, saving tens of billions of EUros in 2 years by an entire nation is beyond paltry to just one day in Afghanistan, GM's closing bankruptcy fee, or a single west bankster bonus dinner party.

If the #s don't add up, as you state, it's cuz the #s aren't the point. The poverty measures, be it UK, Germia, Frankensteinia, sPain, etc are about about mass control as the west prolapse trickles down to the plebe level requiring such measures. They're the first wave of west total fiscal dictatorship. And fiscal dictatorship means food dictatorship and that means death dictatorship. It's a wonderment why the west masses of war-loving psychos still don't understand who the cages strewn around the west lands are for.

Also, for example, take Greece... It got "rescued" with 700B EUro flowed to saxonic pockets, right?, to avoid its default and prolapse. But Greek islands are still on sale or rather in a title transition to the west saxonic beast anyway. They've done precisely what they had promised to avert.

Selling west land right from under the west monkey's rump now is then possible and happening, all courtesy of these poverty measures, which when announced seemed not much more than toothless.

Also, the poverty measures fully predicate total west fiscal consolidation with one single bankster running all west wallets. Today, some Germ decides the value of some fish caught in the Azores.

The ramifications of the poverty measures aren't just the VAT hike. They're total and complete dictatorial martial take over of all lands/assets/slaves that west still squats.


poiuytr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
poiuytr said...

17:39 -- "Afghanistan - There hasn't been much on that country for sometime on this blog."

Yes, the Marja updates have been much missed. Thanks for the info here!


21:17 -- "Neil Mellor from the Bank of New York Mellon said China will have to let the yuan rise to curb reserves, but warned that this may not prove a tonic for global assets. "At the end of the day this a tightening of policy that may imperil China's industry, which is why they have resisted doing it for so long," he said."

This is priceless, the comedy of west!

To understand west econ blather, picture a guy on a leaking dinghy in a North Sea storm with a bucket that has a hole for a bottom. Now picture him lodging a sincere concern with the harbour marshall that some cruise ship he had once passed might not have completely proper markings displayed on its giant bow. And you've got these crazed NY melons pegged.


poiuytr said...

James -- "Euro: one for the poor profligate Mediterranean untermensch types like Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal. A “real” Euro for the "

It's truly side splitting. They're so desperate, so wigged out from their sinking, the innate evil is coming bare now, pretense to conceal it and codewords are suspended.

I'm glad you're marveling at the Roman citizen and Roman slave fiscal split the Berlin ubermensch is chiseling in their bankster dungeons. It's unreal. The next step is forcing all the 2nd class citizens wear a proper marking on their lapels, just in case they travel to the heart of the Fourth Reich.

> "Obama, has fired Death Squad McChrystal, I’ve heard Petraeus will replace him. I wonder what the real reason for McChrystal’s departure is. It can’t be official stated reason; Obama’s ego can’t be that "

Right. Details on Afghan liberation are sadly murky. But the trend is visible. Especially, in the recent EUnuch yelps to cut NATO.

If only the west populace had a brain cell. They too could enjoy the impossibility of their situation. Stay in the war zones and bleed to death. Leave them and also bleed to death.

And so to appease the grumbling west war banksters, they bring in a new war merchant. From every angle, every side, on every level, in every aspect down to every detail, west is an endless study in total and complete unmatchable evil mixed with lunacy.

> "something to do with it. I doubt Petraeus tactic of bribing people will work in Helmand and Kandahar."

It's 1944 with Hitler replacing general after general to somehow hope to stop the Russian tanks rolling into his bunker.

poiuytr said...

James Pt2

> "deserve it. Contrary to official propaganda UK national debt is 5 trillion. The UK is fucked. No amount of propaganda can hide that."

Right, this too... USA's debt is 60-70% of GDP. USA's debt is outside this solar system. UK's debt is as big as the rest of the whole of Grand EUnuchia outskirts. But they sell everyone that it's Greece, with relatively nominal numbers, that required near 1T in hurried cash funneled to Frankenstein-Germ pockets as Herr Merkel and Sharkozy beat their fists on the table like petulant brats. This is just side splitting, rolling on the floor, tears of laughter stuff.

And if that wasn't enough for a successful comedy act, they go on penciling poverty measures, which promise for whole nations to save up in a whole year barely half of what a few of USA banksters eat for a bonus every half a year. I can't stop laughing...

Then west cops beat up some old lady and arrest her for not paying her credit card bill. This while the entire west banking is run off bailout or theft.

Cops in Vegas molest kids for feeding some homeless guy and then they wipe out 40% of Gulf of Mexico and 30% of USA shoreline and no one is not only in jail, or even arrested, but they arrest those who dare look at the continued destruction. I'm rolling on the floor laughing... The vivocide against our planet is not funny, of course, but the total and complete detachment from even the most basic grasp of reality is just... I can't... one can't make up this west sickness to its very marrow that defines its every single move. What in the world produces this kind of brainlessness?

Then they sic 40K of their christianic pretty boys to murder everyone in sight to clear path for Kandahar razing assault. After they get a right crotch booting, they actually dare to crawl to Talib, the very ones they tried seconds ago blitzkrieging. And not only that -- as if that's not enough of lunacy, they actually hope for some deal in which their permanent military occupation of Afghanistan would be accepted. I cannot believe I'm even writing this... it's so warped that even going by the baboon standard, defining the total limit of possible cretinism seen in any lifeform, this is beyond insane.

And when Talib tells them they don't deal with murderers, they hurriedly replace the war CEO returning to their blitzkrieg ways. What made this creature?

poiuytr said...

James PtIII

Then the dying west corporate parasite disgorges another monthly batch of hundreds of thousands and to keep the unemployment number below the somehow emotive 10%, they simply slash the labour force, as though it just vanished like Busch II's Boeings. I'm laughing me belly hurts.

Imagine this. Someone on team Obama actually just decided to wipe out over a million of unemployed yanks from the fraction to keep the ratio below 10. This wouldn't fly for a 1st grader and yet that's west-wide policy.

And, of course, all this is done while the unemployment # tracks unemployment benefits, not the unemployed, which isn't even statistically related. What in the world is west? Anyone? What it is? What sort of bizarre, diseased, slimy creature is it?

Then the west religion boys, after getting caught raping kids en masse answer by making a new Vaticunt dept to re-assert the Roman bible rubbish. This is so beyond just typical mental disorder, it couldn't have been catalogued anywhere in our galaxy just yet.

Four weeks ago, the west chief religious augur, that contorted Germ nazi boy, which in itself is beyond believable (I mean west religion run by a nazi boy...), said they didn't rape any kids. A week ago, he said they won't do it again. And he's not in jail. He's not even accused of any wrongdoing. Child rape, as long as it's done en masse, is totally and fully legal in the whole of the west hell hole. This bit isn't funny... hmmm, OK ok, how about this then...

Then the NASA boys, also "incidentally" of nazi pedigree, go: "hang on, we can't do moon again but, hey, so what, the world will end anyway in 2013", slightly changing the Mayan date there, possibly to appear original. West is so mad, there really aren't words... what did they breed with in the Baltics to make this kind of psychotic baboon neanderthal?

BTW, using the west's own precepts, isn't NASA guilty of denying holocaust by concealing its nazi Apollo past?


poiuytr said...

1:30 (James2) -- "Towards the Eighteenth Brumaire of General David Petraeus?"

I must admit I don't follow Tarpley. Is WT saying in the article that Petraeus is being set up as the next USA war junta dictator with the oblique Rubicon and Hindenburg/Kaiser hints?

I think it's totally different. What's bantered about as relief of duty, is in fact vacation time for McChrystal. What's sold as punishment of sorts for some "conduct" rubbish, is really a reward. Didn't Petraeus collapse recently when in a meeting on Afghanistan? He was probably told he's off to the eastern front, something that during Hitler was the most feared punishment for all Germ commanders. It's no different today, methinks.

Petraeus wasn't promoted. He's being punished.

> WB says: "As for General McChrystal, he was critically weakened and made vulnerable to ouster by the total failure of his counterinsurgency strategy, with the Marja offensive falte"

This makes it sound like McChrystal somehow wasn't part of the Marja genocide but rather just framed by it.

Besides, gen'l is totally immaterial to the war situation. His job is much like that of a west CEO; to -- through lies, concealments of truth, and making the typical west big gob promises -- raise investor confidence.

What it implies and is underscored by the recent UK talk of leaving Afghanistan is that the west child-murderer bankrollers are grumbling about the Busch II failed promise to bring them the head of Central Asia on a silver platter. The gen'l swap buys the west war junta a bit more time with their disgruntled financiers. That's all. I don't think there's any more to the tale.


poiuytr said...

1:30 James2 PT2

> WB says: "firing General MacArthur in a dispute about the limited war policy in Korea in April of 1951. The beneficiary of the public revulsion against Truman wa "

This is a total sideline but I don't get WB here either. MacArthur was taken off the job for becoming a security liability for west.

West wanted China, not some sodding Korean peninsula. MacArthur headed the double prong attack idea on China to be led from Korea, which they were raping and Taiwan (Formosa then). But when the baboon began molesting the Chinese border from the Korean side, China shocked the west baboon by first mobilising 200K troops -- something thought totally impossible by the west rapists -- and then by crossing the Yalu river. The saxonic beast then legged it down the Korean peninsula as fast as its haunches carried the child-butchers. MacArthur gave up 250km in a single breath. To date, the saxon hasn't managed to budge though it's sinking own boats in hope to re-gain the land once occupied by the MacArthur butcher.

Now MacArthur, after running and taking refuge behind the 38th parallel, scribbled up another swell idea how to attack China. This is when even the Warshington loons figured the man's so lunatic that his war games, if not stopped, will provoke China to not just cross the Yalu again but the Pacific.


poiuytr said...

1:30 James2 Pt3

> WT says: "Soon Julius Caesar was exercising virtually total power in Rome. Petraeus is likely to cross the Rubicon in about a year or less, this time around."

This I don't get at all!

First, Rome is not, in this particular aspect, related to USA at all! In fact, USA has taken all precautions to maintain TOTAL control in the hands of one single person.

In USA, the prez is also the military top chief. Unlike Caesar, Petraeus will always remain a subordinate to USA prez, whomever they enthrone. BTW, it's for this reason why USA prez is NOT elected by USA baboons, a creature so oblivious that it actually seems to enjoy its presidential ballot masturbation pretense.

And it goes even further. USA prez, being the supreme of all supreme war commanders, doesn't even need its Congress approval to launch strikes and wars.

Note that all west media whores and war juntas refer to Iraq and Afghanistan as "war", yet no war has ever been declared here. That's because they're not really technically (as per the bent USA dictatorial set up) wars but just military ops, which remain under full and total control of one single person, who isn't elected, but rather chosen by some clandestine cabal.

This is all open public stuff and despite that the baboon thinks they're in some democracy or something, while USA is the most hardline, fanatical war dictatorship on the face of the planet.

Anyway, so in USA there is no possibility of a military coup takeover for the military boss and country boss is the same person. So there's no Rubicon for our dear Petraeus.

How is it that Tarpley doesn't get this is beyond me.

BTW, the NATO bit about falling apart. I bet it's no more than just posturing forcing USA to plunk in another 50K troops and try a bit harder to bring in the spoils. NATO cannot run simply cuz they've got nowhere to run. The result of staying in war or leaving is the same: total wall-to-wall west-wide terminal prolapse. War just buys them more time with the west financiers. Changing gen'ls is a time and marketing issue, no more, and only for the west war financiers. It probably doesn't even matter to the west battalions.


poiuytr said...

5:21 -- "The American Empire and its scum citizens think they have a God given right to colonize the planet and react with enraged self-pitying delusions when the world has a different idea."

Right, they're diseased. I'd add EUnuchs and the rest of the west cesspool to this.

Like that new Aussie PM. Her first act working for Australia was pledging USA full war support. Neither her loyalty nor obviously dubious geographical knowledge was so much as questioned. And therein lies the immense and shocking west mental sickness that affects all in the west cesspits. In short, west is THE disease.


9:35 -- "Please, please, please to comment, someone, anyone, on the potentially dynamite-stuffed situation around Iran with all those warships and US troops (?) on Iran's western borders plus on Israel's"

I maintain, as always, that west is not capable of a physical face-to-face hit on Iran. West may be trying sabotages, subterfuge, pink revolutions, bla bla bla but an attack? "No way" to that!


West has never ever in its entire diabolical existence that has scarred every corner of our planet and genocided all our continents, attacked anyone armed so much as with air force. West does not attack anyone with 2nd strike capability -- for west, beside being the biggest loon nutter, the greatest unmatched psychopathic serial murderer, is also the most screaming coward.

West deliberately and carefully chooses the weak, the defenceless. It wages military assaults against civilians, and prefers to murder children armed at most with slingshots. This is NOT a dramatisation!

West warfare is hunting civilians with missiles fired from choppers. West warfare is tanks against mud huts. West warfare is shooting 360 in residential areas. West warfare is razing and burning civilian houses. West warfare is human shield. West warfare is gang rape of children and then setting their bodies on fire. West warfare is torture of people locked up in several chains. West warfare is 40K troops sicced on several civilian villages. West warfare is bombing to the huts with napalm and hitting Cambodia while they're there. West warfare is the release of toxins into water supply. West warfare is dressing as locals setting bombs to spark sectarian or regional civil strife. West warfare is DU vivocide. West warfare is murdering 3000 of own people with the latest in skyscraper demolition technology.

And Iran is not a child with a rock in its hand.

Second reason is that Iran is big, very big. In fact, too big for west to keep track of its strategic, as they say, points. It's too big for these to be "taken out", as the west beast loves saying, at the same time by the same strike. If a total and complete disabling of Iran isn't accomplished by the first strike within seconds, Iran will get to answer. And war, something the west miscreant enjoys on his telly, will become his very reality.

Third reason is Hormuz. Touching Iran means losing 100% of Persian oil supplies. This means west going oil dry in days. Not years, not months, not weeks. Days! The implication thereof are obvious. West won't require missiles to be effectively neutralised.

All these reasons are independent and one would be enough to deter any such madness by west.

For proof I give you the simple fact that it has not been done in a decade. All west has done is spew vulgarities and war threats while watching Iran rise from the ashes of the west predicated genocide known as Iran/Iraq war.

In other words, if an attack on Iran would be in any way possible, west would have long since done it or proxy-saddle someone to try.


poiuytr said...

14:31 -- "But Europe's single-minded focus is worrying the U.S., prompting Obama to write a letter to world leaders on Friday warning against excessive spending cuts."

This is some fantastic stuff, taken straight out of some sci-fi. Yet here it is: west daily reality.

The west media whores are actually trying to pawn that comrade Obama is worried about the stunted growth of EUnuchs. This from a west-Atlantic cabal at war on EUro to postpone dollar prolapse. Who is buying these psychotic lies? What creature can listen to this? Imagine it, I can't. Neanderthals, baboons... what a pleasant company that would be compared to the average west offal.

It appears that USA isn't ready for the general civil uprising across lands west just yet. The prolapse throwing them a bit out of synch, isn't it?


22:30 -- article from Chossudovsky's globalresearch.

What on earth are the west baboons on? I mean there no brain cell intact across the whole west cesspit? And Chossudovsky is supposed to be the voice of reason and here his site blabs as though it's BBCNN. Someone, tell me how was this christianic saxonic vermin made? They must copulate through dirty socks thinking them to be sufficient contraceptives.

> "money and credit and interest rates. That is the real underlying mission of the Fed, which is owned by banking and Wall Street. "

It's not. USA central bank is a dozen of largely private wallets. There are banks from other west nations for the west creature is immensely incestual, but that's it. No one owns the west war investor cabal. Wall Street is just a firm, no more. It's just a stupid firm where west corporation parasites posture to swindle voluntary investment from the west cretinous, totally cretinous populaces. Wall Street has nothing whatever to do with the fed, in fact.

> "All the power to control markets and create inflation and deflation lies with the Federal Reserve. Politicians do not create monetary "

This isn't true either. For pete's sake... how could this be? How could Chossudovsky allow this claptrap mindless BS on his site?

Not long ago, the USA cross state municipal bond scam erupted. Doesn't Chossudovsky understand bonds? West governances can raise cash through bonds, even west corporations. Many west structures, all outside of the baboon control, but not associated with the fed can screw with cash supply by selling little BS bond notes or dumping them, thus add to inflation or deflation, as if.

The word "control" should be used at all for west hyperinflation is NOT controlled. In fact, the fed lost its cool in the 90s over the loss of its control over its own cash printers with China amassing so much of USA T-bills. For near 20 yrs, the Fed hasn't been in control of its own currency.

Who wrote this total hollowwood bombastically-assembled rubbish?


poiuytr said...

22:30 Pt2

> "spread to Europe with the ECB, using, quantitative easing by simply creating money out of thin air. That is something they said they would"

This is true. Quantitative easing is a UK codeword that matches USA's bailout codeword. They mean the same thing: print of trillions or super hyperinflating all things west. Both USA and Grand EUnuchia have each required some 20T of hurriedly printed cash to maintain the pretense of survival, which isn't working either.

> "the entire system collapses. After 50 or more years in this business we believe the system is definitely going to fold."

Anyone with a grasp of simple arithmetic knows this. After 50 yrs, one would expect a bit of brain. Truly, the west creature is so unique in its denseness, let's hope some are kept in terrariums for future study what sickness spawned this saxonic neanderthal.

> "All the central banks involved are broke or virtually broke. If "

I cannot... West has no cash. Or rather has cash that's over valuated at such rate that it means total and complete wall-to-wall terminal prolapse of all things west. Without artificial war-protected monopolistic demand for west currency, there is NONE. West has no product and therefore its cash is backed solely by NOTHING today. It's worse, of course, cause west has been lacerated at such rate that there aren't enough bandages in the whole of the universe to stop the bloodletting.

Even if west today wasn't drowning in wars, USA wasn't drowning in oil, and no west nation was drowning in insolvable debt, west would be an extinct animal simply cause it cannot back its worth with anything and has no hope to do so.

Add reality, debt that cannot be paid off in tens of generations, even if they didn't do anything but worked and worked, wars, and the exceptional brainless west skull and you've got a very cheerful scenario of things to come to the west freckly war lover child murdering psychopaths.


poiuytr said...

13:24 -- "BTW: did you see that item about a natural blight on the poppy fields of Afghanistan so that yields are much lower than past years? "

Ah yes, the evil "terrist" enemy of the beautiful peace-loving west, mother nature, is destroying the west drug crop while the goody good west christians, sparing no expense, try to protect the heroin fields with their own blood. And so the west beast has attacked our planet too poisoning her with 100K barrels of oil and added toxins each day, spraying her with DU vivocide, and lacerating her atmosphere with HAARP.

West reality reads like the most insane brain-bent sci-fi. The disease of west cannot be put in words, no matter how many languages one affects.

But even if the harvest is on par with Busch II re-planting of the poppy, for that's what he did, it's no less mind-stunningly amusing and quite frankly, even a typical yank baboon oughtta see the slight miscalculation in this odd business undertaking.

On a good year, before the yield erosion, the profit runs some 50B USD for west, which is two west bankster bonuses or a lot, but the cost runs over 30B USD/qtr plus expenses incurred by Afghani resistance.

It's hard, nay impossible, today to find any deal in which the west monster isn't bloodlet, gangrened, and suffocated by its own design.

BTW, many thanks for the compliments.


As always, all kind words are noted and greatly appreciated -- chiefly for their solidarity demonstration value.


poiuytr said...

have more to write/post but need a mental break for a bit

Anonymous said...


Magnificent work and analysis as usual.

Question for you.

Take a look at this poll:

On the chart with blue and yellow bars, notice that the countries which scored lower than the US in terms of favorable views carry out a tiny fraction of the crimes which the US has carried out and is carrying out.

How can this be???

Is the poll run by the CIA or something?

And notice also that the countries which have been the main targets of US terror (Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Palestine, etc.) have been conveniently excluded from the survey.

Anonymous said...

Afghan War: Petraeus Expands U.S. Military Presence Throughout Eurasia (5.7.10)

While speaking outside NATO headquarters in Kabul on July 4, General Petraeus stated "We are in this to win." Only four days before, the deadliest month of the war for NATO forces ended and with it the lives of over a hundred foreign soldiers.

Petraeus's 150,000 U.S. and NATO troops are not going to turn the tide in America's longest, and NATO's first ground, war. Nor will the conflict be shortened by pulling more nations, with almost a third of the world's already embroiled, into the Afghan vortex.

(Again, one wonders just how Petraeus is going to define "winning", because this war is unwinnable militarily. - WRH)

Anonymous said...

On a lighter though certainly significant note, more allegations surface that Lance Armstrong, the Great American Hero, is guilty of doping and cheating.

In America, everything is based upon deception and lies--including sports.

Anonymous said...

And mainly their elections, 08:50. Their mid-term soon to be upon us and all the others, a farce, nothing but a farce, Next US Pres Petraeus, VP, S. Palin is how I see it. All arranged already.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Estulin reveals the secrets of the last Bilderberg meeting on Russia Today:

- Not a one world government, but rather a one company united policy: controlling the finances of the entire world.

- Barbarossa III - 13 sectret bases have been built in Afghanistan from where west is planning to attack Russia. This is inevitable and coming soon. (Yupee. Comment please.)

- The end of all Nation-State Republics the world has known since the time of Louis XI of France.

Anonymous said...

Taking a leaf out of China's book, NWO apologists have come out with this one: China's one child per family system should be applied to the whole globe. By 2100, then, world pop will have been brought down to 1.5 billion. What a great achievement!

Anonymous said...

Up to 400,000 Layoffs Expected at State, Local Level

USA Today | State and local governments plan many more layoffs to close wide budget gaps.

Anonymous said...

re: 16:20

You're a "communist" who is posting British propaganda simply because you want Poiuytr to rip it?

Talk about an exercise in wasting his time.

Anonymous said...

More crimes that Proud Americunts should answer for:

America's Genocide Against Iraq

Anonymous said...

The Lights Are Going Out For Free Speech On The Internet (6.7.10)

Type the keywords “Internet censorship” into Google News and you will immediately understand to what degree the world wide web is under assault from attempts by governments globally to regulate and stifle free speech. From Australia to Belarus, from Turkey to Vietnam, from Pakistan to Egypt, from Afghanistan to Iran, huge chunks of the Internet are going dark as the Chinese model of Internet regulation is adopted worldwide.

(poiuytr, are the days of the NBN blogspot counted then? Let's make the most of it.)

Anonymous said...

Hi there, 01:19. No hard feelings. I think what got your goat was the commie part of it. Never mind. Nothing new. It's poiuytr's reasons I was after. The rest one knows oneself. Take care and cheers.

Anonymous said...

There we go: the decade or so of peace in SAm slowly coming to an end:

Costa Rican Govt Approves US Occupation
Thousands of US Troops to 'Fight Drugs'
by Jason Ditz, July 06, 2010

In another example of the growing militarization of the war on drugs, the Costa Rican government has given the US permission to launch an invasion of up to 7,000 Marines, ostensibly to “fight drugs.”

The vote was extremely controversial in Costa Rica’s legislature, with several MPs arguing that it gave he US a “blank check” to occupy the nation and was a threat to its sovereignty. Costa Rica has had no military of its own since its abolition in 1948.

Anonymous said...

"This May be Britain's Abu Ghraib"

The allegations of torture by British soldiers in Iraq bear chilling comparison with America's worst excesses

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see I.E.D.s obliterating Hummers in Costa Rica.
Idyllic oceanside retreats to become....

Anonymous said...

08:11 - I'm extremely sorry for Costa Rica and the future that awaits them. Even sorrier for what all this may imply for the rest of Central and South America. Does it mean west has grown tired of attacking Muslim lands and is now turning covetous eyes on the southern part of the continent? Or are they so deluded they think they can fight on all the continents at the same time and stil come out the winners?

Anonymous said...

Russia offers to exchange spies with US just as west begins preparations to put the recently discoverd offenders on trial. If someone could only cast some light on all this mutual spying business.

Anonymous said...

Russia plans 2nd base in Kyrgyzstan
Thu, 08 Jul 2010

The Kyrgyz foreign ministry has said that the issue of creating a second Russian military base in Kyrgyzstan is still on the table.

"No official negotiations are currently being held on the issue, but it remains relevant today," Ria Novosty quoted acting Foreign Minister Ruslan Kazakbayev as saying.

An earlier deal between Russia and Kyrgyzstan to build a Russian base was shelved, following the April 2010 coup in the Kyrgyz Republic that overturned the then President Kurmanbek Bakiyev's government.

The August 2009 memorandum had been signed on the opening of a Russian training center for Russian and Kyrgyz soldiers and the deployment of additional troops in the Central Asian republic.

However, Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) Nikolai Bordyuzha said earlier that negotiations on the issue could be resumed now after the June 27 referendum in Kyrgyzstan that changed the country's political system.

Bordyuzha believed building the base is more likely as the new Kyrgyz authorities were determined to pick up the previous government's policies toward Russia where they had been left off.

The decision would "depend on the stabilization of the situation in Kyrgyzstan" and could be made after the situation improved, he added.

The CSTO charter was signed by Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia in 2002, later joined by Uzbekistan.

poiuytr said...

20:58 --

> How can this be???

It's a BBC poll. It's therefore patent 100% rubbish.

A country that gave us 2 world wars is viewed as the MOST positive one and USA... well.... no point wasting time and breath. It's a BBC poll, a total and complete guarantee of 100% deceit.

> Is the poll run by the CIA or something?

It's run by BBC whores, that's enough.

West lies about everything and all the time. This is not a overdramatisation but a plain statement of fact. Not a single chapter, not a single west "hero" is real.

From einstein, physics deceit, to their entire blood-soaked history of this saxonic creature from the Baltic marshes, west is the study in the most diabolical evil. Not once has the west beast given our planet anything positive, something laudable, something that benefited the mankind. This is NOT an exaggeration but again plain fact.

In short west is THE disease here and always been. Their #s, be it polls, econ "indicators", or corexit toxins spilled are all 100% rubbish needing constant surgeries to highlight and bring into focus the true demented psychotic sickness of the largely saxonic christianic west child-murdering beast.


8:50 -- On a lighter though certainly significant note, more allegations surface that Lance Armstrong, the Great American Hero, is

All west heroes... all west statements, all west #s, all west chapters are nothing but a collection of the most rabid sickness found in the entire Milky Way. This is not an overstatement but plain fact.


poiuytr said...

21:43 -- Bilderberg plans

West plans are laughable, thank goodness to the Freeworld's masterful counteroffensive, just as are the freckly BBCNN cabal whores spewing their sickening racism and war threats 24/7.

Busch II with Bliar had a plan to 1) conquer Persian Gulf oil, 2) Conquer Iran's oil thereby cutting China off from energy creating a leverage over Beijing and pushing China back into her role it played in the 90s as it made cheap trinkets for the west populace of neanderthals, 3) Re-conquer Central Asia raping Caspian Reserves and surrounding Russia with nuke trenches just in case, 4) Plunder Russian reserves in Murmanks and Sakhalin among others.

What did the NWO plans get the beast?

It bled to total catatonia in the first nation it stepped into: Afghanistan and it lost all Iraq's oil reserves, stealing some 15% of what it did before 2003 and at the expense of perpetual war that's liquidated west's derivative markets, the size of is so stunning that the # makes no sense at all for it eclipses tens of trillions.

But that's not all! Far from it!

It further lost Iran's reserves and now business, thanks to comrade Obama's sanctions against the west parasitic business scum. China therefore grew and grew stepping into the market dictator shoes that once belonged solely to the west miscreant.

In the meantime, SouthAm rose and cleansed itself from the harrowing west saxonic rape. In this added wonderment, the NWO fiends from hell, lost lithium reserves in Bolivia and oil in Venezuela & Brazil. China and Russia have moved in. By the time the freckly west creature realised this brewing demise all it managed to do is provoke up a pink revolt in Honduras and the current giant military invasion of Costa Rica.

But that's NOT all! Far from it!

The Freeworld managed to nuke west dollar monopoly in 2006. This is akin infecting the entire blood supply of the west beast with rapidly spreading gangrene disease, the result of which, we're marveling at right now. The effect of this cannot be underestimated, although it has gone completely unnoticed by all and remains to be unreported. If I ever get my scribbles to make sense, this is key to the west demise and I go over it in great detail, for it is the greatest moment in the end of the west monstrocity.

This moment set west on an course to inevitable wall-to-wall fiscal death across all west lands. There shouldn't be any questions today, as west nations, one after another, fall victim to this dollar monopoly nuking, regarding this brilliant counteroffensive blow.

And that's not all, of course. Afghani and Iraqi resistance keeps west so bogged down that it's doing nothing but acceleration the vicious child-murdering criminal's decay.

So, considering plans of the west beast and the results, don't hold your breath over some cretinous indulgent homo-whore-filled meeting these ugly saxonic creatures hold.
e finances of the entire world.

> - Barbarossa III - 13 sectret bases have been built in Afghanistan from where west is planning to attack Russia. This is

There is NO question west is gearing and has been for Barbarossa II (I apologise about the numbering scheme here. Barbarossa I was in 1941 when west cross Russia's borders with 6 million troops in hope to annihilate all life in Russia. Although west has been perpetually attacking Russia via proxies, I know of no face-to-face Barbarossa II here... but no contention intended.).

However, this isn't 1941 and direct assault on Russia will have very much the same effect for all miscreants west as their current fiscal terminal prolapse, albeit somewhat hastened and perhaps adorned with dazzling blaze.

So building 13 or 3000 bases in Afghanistan changes nothing for west.


poiuytr said...

9:34 -- poiuytr, are the days of the NBN blogspot counted then? Let's make the most of it.

I don't know. I think so from what's happening and how the web efficacy has been systematically eroded. Google search fails to return almost everything important from oil spill stuff, to west creature's atrocities committed not just currently in Iraq, Afghanistant, and Palestine, but even before. Even nazi stuff is harder and harder to find.

But that said, so what? Destruction of internet will only hurt the west beast. Deploying USA troops to fight prying journalist from USA's beaches changes absolutely nothing about the very fact that the yank baboon has lost 30% of its coastline and has sentenced some 15% of its populace to benzene, arsenic, and other toxin "life".


19:10 -- Russia offers to exchange spies with US just as west begins preparations to put the recently discoverd offenders on trial.

Maybe that's the whole story then: spy swap. Yanks needed someone out of Russia perhaps.


5:07 -- Russia says ready to send helicopters to help NATO in Afghanistan

Nothing new here at all! Russia's been very pliable to west's access to Afghanistan. In fact, it was Russia that opened the door for west to its Helmand hell. The headline makes it sound like Russians have somehow come around to west's view of thinking. Not a bit of that!

Russia's aid to keep west plunging itself into Afghanistan has been there all along for many reasons.

In general, we've been down this road many many many many many many times.

The only reason Busch II-Bliar world war hasn't produced the results the west beast was after, and in fact, has produced quite the opposite for all the west frecklies, wherever they may reside the west rubbish cesspits, is down to Freeworld's counteroffensive, led by Russia.

Look at sanctions, the most debated topic till now for the last 2 weeks.

It's west firms that are being sanctioned today including giants like the Frankenstein's Total. Who'd vote against that? The desperation of west combined with the loss of total leverage over everything makes west funny and all its sanctions, actions, and statements no more than total empty blither comedy.

West staying in Afghanistan is essential today for west's military front must be kept at bay by permanent multiplying strain. UK and Canada's wishes to run and EUnuch's cries to slash NATO's budgets and forces must be stemmed to keep the west beast spread thin and at a permanently breaking point like a silly condom rubber. Intensifying west's involvement and commitment to its own bloodlet is essential in keeping west busy and bleeding. Who'd vote against that?


poiuytr said...

5:10 -- Lord, what will Russia do next to gain a pat on the head from west. Slpw but steady suicide on the part of the Russian govertment is

Hopefully everything. West decay has moved down to the west plebe level where the fiscal west rot has permeated every aspect of all west lands. This is no time to give the west beast a clear cut enemy. Quite the contrary is the case. As west goes down, in the last mile, it has to be surrounded by sympathising, crying "friends".

Once west prolapses, the dinner frenzy may begin, but till then, west cannot be shown any clearcut fronts of any kind.

This is precisely the reason behind Russia's wonderful S300 non-delivery to Iran. Note first, in this issue, that Iran needs no S300 to defend itself and to remain free of west physical attack. The issue has far more teeth in terms of the threat of doing it or not. This is precisely the same case for China's threat of dumping USA debt. The dump of it will not be as painful as the China's leverage and threat of doing it, which basically has taken all west banking and exchanges under Beinjing's dictate, requiring new and improved dictatorial fiscal controls enacted across EUnuchia and baboonarium, making west banking and stock exchanges extinct animals.

Iran needs no S300 to remain too powerful for the west creatures to try anything direct. In fact, the seeming break in Iran and Russia's policies muddies up the waters so much, west has no clue who to build nuke trenches against today? It's clear to west Russia's one of the targets and so is Iran but which is bigger? Which requires more prudent spending today is beyond all the west hoards of child-murdering beasts and their fumbling is most entertaining.


poiuytr said...

6:42 -- Russia are fools assisting the illegal war and slaughter of the innocents, by supplying and no doubt flying these helicopters.

Under no circumstance can any of west's atrocities be blamed on Russia. Quite the contrary. After all, remember that RPG is a Russian-language acronym.

However, this anti-Russian bias stems from west's arrogance again, I fear. Somehow, west expects to see the good guy emerge, like they do in their Hollowwood films for the west cretins.

Russia saved the world from NWO Pt1 in 1941-45 at the expense of losing 30 M and 1000 towns and cities. None so much as attempted to pay Russia back or at least thank her. None, although life since the failed Busch 1 assault on the world via Germs was only possible thanks to Russia's stopping of this disease.

It's unlikely Russia would be willing to or should be expected to so much as lose a drop of blood. Russia's masterful conteroffensive of the west world war started in 2001 has brought the entire west cesspit to the very verge of fiscal prolapse while avoiding WWIII or some other large-scale nuke exchange thusfar. How can anyone ask for more?

I further give you the hundreds of millions of the west miscreant baboons who have not only lifted a single claw in their own defence but who are actively and willingly fueling the west beast child-murdering machine. Russia's confrontation with west today, if carried out without provoking WWIII, which in itself is very improbable, would mean preserving the west cesspits. It should seem rather absurd to somehow believe that someone else's going to pay for this this time around but the very baboon.


11:12 -- Banks Continued Failure To Realise Commercial Real Estate Losses…

This is most fun. It's a 3+ Trillion laceration across the USA with no hope of stopping or slowing it down.


poiuytr said...

now off to slapping together another NBN but making less than pathetic progress

Anonymous said...

Russia is hot to join its criminal Western cousins.

Reminds me of that old saying "as thick as thieves."

"US-Russian relations: Wooing the West"

Anonymous said...

Look, if anyone knows their Russian history, the Russian elite have always hero-worshipped the West and its charming models and denied their links to Asia. The Yellow Peril, the enemy from the East, was their favourite bogus thrills of fear. But it marked them deeply.

The Soviet Union resolutely turned their back on the West. After it bowed out, the West poured in until Putin moved to power, and Putin is a statesman.

On the whole, then, I side with him over the siren call of the west. Though I hasten to add occasionally his actions seem most questionable. For that we have poiuytr to set us right.

Anonymous said...

Russian president pardons four alleged Western spies

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed on Friday a decree on pardoning four individuals imprisoned in Russia for alleged contact with Western intelligence agencies, the Kremlin press service said.

The pardoned individuals are Alexander Zaporozhsky, Gennady Vasilenko, Sergei Skripal and Igor Sutyagin.

All four have appealed to the Russian president to free them after admitting their crimes against the Russian state, press secretary Natalia Timakova said.

MOSCOW, July 9 (RIA Novosti)

Anonymous said...

Russian agents arrive in Vienna as part of spy swap (9.7.10)

Ten spies leave US hours after admitting guilt as Moscow stresses openness of spy swap.

Anonymous said...

Legal noose tightens on Europe's monetary union - 8.7.10

The plot continues to thicken at Germany’s constitutional court, a body with power of life or death over Europe’s monetary union.

Contrary to general belief, Germany’s eurosceptic professors have not abandoned their legal efforts to block the EU rescues for European banks exposed to Greek debt, and since May 7 for banks exposed to debt from Spain, Portugal, and Ireland as well.

Should they succeed, of course, the eurozone risks disintegration within days, and perhaps hours. I am not sure that investors in New York, London, Tokyo, Beijing, or indeed Frankfurt quite understand this.

There are now four cases at the court – or Verfassungsgericht – arguing that these disguised bank bail-outs breach multiple clauses of EU treaty law, and therefore breach Germany’s supreme and sovereign Basic Law.

Complaints over the Greek part of the bank rescue to include the new €440bn Stability Facility, which breaks EU law at every turn, have just broadened the case.

It also covers the European Central Bank’s mass purchase of Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, and Irish bonds from private banks. This enables investors who bought these bonds during the credit bubble in order to boost yield – just as they bought US subprime CDOs to boost yield – to shift the consequences of their own misjudgements onto taxpayers (Hedge funds were already “long” Club Med debt, of course, when the ECB stepped in so they simply make a speculative gain from taxpayers).

It has been widely reported by the German press – which should know better – that the court rejected the original case by the Court. This is untrue. Their request for an immediate injunction to block transfers to Greece was turned down (on the grounds that such a move would be too dangerous). The case is still pending.

In their latest broadside the professors said the rescue fund “self evidently” violates the no-bailout clause of the Lisbon Treaty.

They have seized on comments by France’s Europe minister Pierre Lelouche, who admitted after the summit deal on May 7 that EU leaders had carried out a constitutional coup. “It is expressly forbidden in the treaties by the famous no-bailout clause. De facto, we have changed the treaty,” he said.

The quintet said the methods used to ram the EU rescue through the Bundestag were a “putschist” threat to German democracy. “This path is leading Germany to ruin,” they said in the Frankfurter Allgemeine.

The citizens were not informed as the €440bn Stability fund was created. The opaque nature of the negotiations in Brussels left it unclear who was driving the policy, and for exactly what purpose. A SIV (structured investment vehicle) had been created in Luxembourg to raise money and operate the fund. “Yet when the Bundestag adopted this aid plan not a single member of parliament knew what they were voting for.”

“Chancellor Merkel obliged the President to sign this emergency law within hours. He was not able to examine its constitutionality, as he is sworn to do. No government should ever treat a head of state in this fashion, not least on a question of such existential importance.”

The group said the erosion of German state finances “strikes a blow at the constitutional foundations of our state and our society”. It runs contrary to the true spirit of Europe, with its diverse roots and cultures, and “trifles with the future of our children and grandchildren”.

“To fight this is not a return to outdated nationalism. As citizens we have a right to demand that our government abides by its sworn oath to protect the German nation against threats.”

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Anonymous said...

Is the IMF about Ready to Muscle U.S. Taxpayers? - 9.7.10

The IMF has long been a bought, and paid for, muscle arm of the U.S. government and the banking elite.

The play goes like this. Banks loan money to third world countries that have no chance in hell of paying the money back. The IMF comes in with "austerity" programs that include heavy new tax burdens on the working class. The revenue from the new taxes will, of course, go to payoff the banking elite. It's a sick game, but the elite seem to get their jollies by pulling this scam in country after country.

It appears the elite appear to want to up the ante. It appears they are getting set to turn the guns inward and go after the hard earned money of Americans. (WRH)

(I always love this "hard earned money" sob story, as if workers elsewhere in the world did nothing to earn whatever meagre salary they earn.)

Anonymous said...

General: US Casualties in Afghanistan Will Continue to Rise - 9,7,10

June’s devastating record death toll in Afghanistan, 103 NATO troops including 61 Americans, may just be the tip of the iceberg, according to second in command Lt. Gen. David Rodriguez.

Lt. Gen. Rodriguez’ comments suggest the toll is the new normal, and furthermore he cautions against drawing any conclusions about how badly the war is going based on the massive death tolls. “This is a contest of wills,” he insisted, adding that there was an “upward trajectory in the war.

(I am waiting for the "body count" moments to begin on the corporate news regarding Afghanistan soon, just as happened in the unwinnable, immoral, and illegal war against North Vietnam.)

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr not signed in)

19:32 -- IMF tale

It's far funnier than that. IMF has lost all its fangs stuck into our planet. So it's retracted its tentacles and sunk its vampire teeth into west: EUnuchia primarily.

Today, the IMF vampirism is no more than more of that incestual cannibalistic disease of west gone awry, much like Vaticunt or anything else west. It's absolutely enchanting to see IMF slurp its own blood today.

It's further enchanting to see that no baboons get it and, indeed, Mike's comments with his "hard earned" BS... well, the guy's a silly yank baboon. He's great for secretarial tasks like compiling news. His commentaries are often no more than screeches of a disgruntled baboon.

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr, technical rubbish)

As "anonymous" my comment didn't appear after I posted it, even after refreshes. I had to close the tab and reopen the whole site to see it.

This is ALL google masturbations to try to castrate the blog potential. It's the same attack they've run against youtube making more difficult to use than it was 3 yrs ago.

Typical west "progress".

Anonymous said...

Thanks, poiuytr. We don't really care about google. We've got our measure of them as well. As long as we can still use the web for a while, we're quite willing to limp along technologically.

Thanks for two comments. About IMF, I too believe it might finally turn out to be a tool in the hands of the Freeworld, a vampire against its erstwhile masters.

Hope your book is coming along nicely.

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