Trending now: West Prolapse & Other Such Soirees

Oakland, West Baboonistan. Tear gas, rubber bullets, arrests, 25Oct11.

Meanwhile, for the wonderful eco-destruction of the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Stream, comrade Obama grants BP permission to drill hundreds of new such disasters. Maybe comrade Obama's generosity could be explained by him getting the unusual tzar-like power to wage any war he or his wife wishes and apparently to infect USA children with anthrax so that the governance can heal them again. At least Hitler in the 30s kept his medical experiments under the wraps. But what could be expected from the governance of the biggest drug lord on earth? After all, in 2008/9 comrade Obama told all he's protecting Afghan "heroin crop and manufacturing". That was no joke, his governance is caught now red handed running guns for drug wars.

Meanwhile, comrade Obama invades a few African nations, drone-murders people in Somalia, attacks Yemen, sends his hired psychos to Syria, puts Pakistan in the cross-hairs, aims rockets on Moscow, and makes a 911-like pretext to hit Iran. Let's hope this is the "change" the baboons can still believe in.

Someone explain how isn't any of this making the Occupy placards, of course including 911? Compared to these mind-stopping continuous crimes against humanity, the institutional larceny the street protesters are complaining about, is silly. The whole Occupy movement across the central west lands feels like complaining about Jack The Ripper for parking in the red zone while going a-slashing.


On a good note, the baboon bank death rate = 1 per 3,5 days, weekends included, which has eaten some 84 banks thusfar this yr. Just for fun, BoA defrauded 1B USD and paid 285M USD. Watch comrade Obama print the BoA chieftains zillions in bonuses for a crime well done.


Greece. Our Greek brothers still leading the way. Note helmets, sticks, and even gas masks among the protesters. The clashes of humanity against the beast are backed by the nation's numinous solidarity manifested in a series of general strikes.

Most amusingly, a congress person was booted for refusing further "austerity", a west lizard euphemism for collective poverty punishment.

Greece, once more. And the saxon lizard said that "Greeks are lazy"?

Meanwhile, EUnuchs settle on some 130B EUR "bailout" pretext under which Germs invade Greece with permanent ground contingent of invigilators to assure Brussel dictate "reforms" are implemented.

This amusingly accelerates the baboon prolapse for they're now on the hook for some 1T USD in new taxes and 3T USD in cuts. This comes after recently comrade Obama upped the borrowing to 15T USD, which is already exhausted. That's a burn rate of ~2T USD/3 months or 1B USD each and every hour. At this rate it would cost more to spend it than what it's worth.

Expect the BBCNN whores soon to celebrate these wonderful fiscal policies by showing a dramatic decrease in the number of baboons on food stamps -- of course not cause the baboon found food elsewhere but cause they won't be printing as many food stamps. This is precisely the same syphilitic technique the west juntas use to keep their unemployment down.

At the same time, while postponing for a bit the embarrassment of the 4th Reich breaking up, EUnuchs are apparently crawling the Beijing carpets begging for a 1T EUR handout. Now what could the laughably prolapsed entity, beside unskilled manufacturing labour and snail sandwich, be offering to Hu?

Germany & Spain. It rather seems that it's the Germs who are lazy and, let's be clear, retarded, lagging on the understanding of the west beast's crimes with such an embarrassing delay only echoed by UK and, of course, the baboon.

As some of EUnuch lands suffered more credit-rating downgrades, Berlin solved the pesky problem: if rating cuts continue they shall be forbidden. This is precisely what Bush II did with his cash printing. He simply made it illegal to publish M3, without which the astronomical hyperinflation of the west cesspit can't be worked out. This just to illustrate the clever solutions the west beast has at it its disposal in its last days. In other words, don't be fooled by any of the rabid barking from any of the west governances and their BBCNN pack of whores.

Rome. Not far behind Greeks. EUnuchs told Rome to "stop rotting EU". Not a joke! Yes, that's how truly psychotic is the west sickness.

Meanwhile, as the street flames begin licking the Vaticunt stone walls, the west mindrape machine calls for the rise of global fuhrer, or "global authority" as the nazi popes prefer to call it. Consider this a spiritually uplifting sign of this unusually diseased parasite losing grip.

Loonden, the benighted bit of west, still insists on chatting, as if the beast could be moved by maundering jeremiads.

Meanwhile, bankruptcies across the drizzly isles rise 11%/y2y.

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Yanks Joining In, Are They?

Occupy War Street

Occupy Chicago

Occupy San Francisco

And here the point of this post. While the discontent infects even the mentally slowest nation, their mainscream news whores are reporting this: (not a joke!)

CNN front page boasts: "Knox Says I Did Not Kill", "Greece Budget Misses Targets", "Cheney: Obama Owes Bush Apology", and the ultimate in this baboon farce: "Kiss' Gene Simmons Weds".

MSNBC breaking & top news boast: "Syrian Opposition Pleads For Help", "Arctic Ozone Hole Detected", "Stocks Tank As Greece Misses Targets", "If Intelligent Aliens Exist, What About God?"

Now imagine the kind of cesspit with 100M-150M who are still helplessly glued to their TV tubes grazing on the "top story" truth brought to them by the BBCNN pack of whores.

Of course, not everyone's silent about the unraveling of the very centre of the child-murdering beast. China rebukes the baboon for the black out: US media blackout of protest is shameful and RussiaToday seems to be having a field day with it.