The End of the United States- Igor Panarin

Two months left to read the book on US collapse

31 August, 2009, 23:19

Professor Igor Panarin, whose book “The Crash of America” is just out, claims that by November the book will be yesterday’s news.

Panarin believes President Obama will lead his country to a breakup. Panarin compares Obama to former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev.

“Obama is “the president of hope”, but in a year there won’t be any hope. He’s practically another Gorbachev – he likes to talk but hasn’t really managed to do anything. Gorbachev at least had been a secretary of a regional communist party administration, whereas Obama was just a social worker. His mentality is totally different. He’s a nice person and talks nicely – but he’s not a leader and will take America to a crash. When Americans understand that – it will be like a bomb explosion,” Panarin said, speaking to journalists during the unveiling of his book.

America's Tortured Past

America's Tortured Past

by Stephen Lendman

Global Research, August 31, 2009
On August 24, an ACLU press release stated:

In response to two Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits, "The government today handed over to the American Civil Liberties Union (one of dozens of documents comprising an unprecedented 130,000 previously secret pages, including) a detailed official description of the CIA's interrogation program."

Referring to a heavily redacted December 2004 report (originally commissioned by CIA director George Tenet) detailing torture of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan, it "describes the use of abusive interrogation techniques including forced nudity, sleep deprivation, dietary manipulation and stress positions." Far worse ones were understated or redacted entirely.

According to Jameel Jaffer, Director of the ACLU National Security Project:

The report "is a profoundly disturbing document that illustrates, as well as anything could, how far the CIA strayed from the law and from values that are integral to our democracy. That the barbaric methods outlined in the paper were approved by the country's senior-most officials is particularly appalling."

Bush's Justice Department office of legal counsel head, now a federal appeals court judge, Jay Bybee, advised the CIA that torture and threats of imminent death were legal if they didn't cause mental harm even though US and international law forbid all forms at all times with no exceptions allowed for any reason.

Given America's tortured past, none of this should surprise. More on that below.

On August 25 in The New York Times, Scott Shane and Mark Mazzetti headlined: "Report Shows Tight CIA Control on Interrogations." Claiming it "focused on aberrations in the field," the writers said "by no means (did it represent) gung-ho operatives running wild. It is a portrait of overwhelming control exercised from CIA headquarters and the Department of Justice - control Bush administration officials say was intended to ensure that the program was safe and legal."

These same officials said:

-- federal courts have no jurisdiction and can't review detainee mistreatment or mistaken arrests;

-- US and international laws don't apply in the "war on terror;" and

-- the President as Commander-in-Chief enjoys "the fullest range of power to protect the nation....(that he has) complete discretion in the exercise of his authority in conducting operations against hostile forces."

The 2006 Military Commissions Act authorized torture, created the lawless category of "unlawful enemy combatants," denied them judicial fairness, claimed they can be disappeared, indefinitely detained with no right to counsel, then tried by kangaroo tribunals with no right of appeal and executed.

To protect national security, they may be subjected to all forms of abuse, innocent or guilty, and the right of "military necessity" justifies the most extreme mistreatment.

Any form of intense and prolonged physical and psychological torture may be inflicted short of causing injuries resulting in death, organ failure, or permanent damage - continuing America's long tradition of inflicting abusive barbaric treatment.

The Times gave examples, but omitted prolonged isolation, sensory deprivation, painful shackling, severe beatings, electric shocks, induced hypothermia, exposure to bright lights and eardrum-shattering sounds 24 hours a day, denial of medical care, proper food or enough of it, excruciating force-feeding to hunger-strikers, induced psychological trauma, forced sodomy, threats and bites by attack dogs, being blindfolded and hung from the ceiling by their wrists, and subjected to repeated humiliations, indignities and barbarism for months, even years, although most Guantanamo detainees (and others) committed no crime and were turned in for bounties that snared children as young as 13.

Deaths resulted from asphyxiation, extreme beatings, and deprivation prolonged enough to cause organ failure. Yet Attorney General Eric Holder plans no more than prosecutorial investigations (by a career Justice Department insider) of "rogue" agents, not top officials who authorized their crimes and bear main responsibility for them.

At the same time, Obama's Interrogation and Transfer Policy Task Force will continue the Bush administration's policy of extraordinary renditions to countries with disturbing histories of torture, provoking outcries from human rights activists. It assures continuation of abusive practices despite hollow assurances of closer monitoring, more humane treatment, and greater access for diplomats - the same never honored Bush administration pledges suggesting a similar betrayal by Obama.

Revealed CIA Report Abuses

On August 28, the Washington Post headlined, "CIA Releases Its Instructions For Breaking a Detainee's Will," then continued:

"As the session begins, the detainee stands naked, except for a hood covering his head. Guards shackle his arms and legs, then slip a small collar around his neck. The collar will be used later; according to CIA guidelines for interrogations, it will serve as a handle for slamming the detainee's head against a wall."

"After removing the hood, the interrogator opens with a slap across the face (followed by more slaps). Next comes head-slamming, or 'walling'....'twenty or thirty times consecutively' is permissible (and) if that fails, there are far harsher techniques to be tried."

The New York Times said the Bush administration's Justice Department knew about two dozen abuse cases years ago but declined to pursue prosecutions despite detainee deaths and other extreme examples of torture.

Manadel al-Jamadi was a victim. Captured by Navy Seals in October 2003, he was beaten and tortured, then suspended from a barred window with his arms tied behind his back. He died in November. Army reservist Charles Graner was subsequently convicted and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment at Fort Leavenworth military prison. Eight Navy Seals received light administrative punishment for torturing al-Jamadi and other prisoners. Higher-ups at Abu Ghraib remained free to abuse others.

Redacting the worst crimes and omitting all committed at secret "black sites," the CIA report revealed the following:

-- one or more detainees were told their mothers would be raped in their presence;

-- CIA operatives conducted mock executions by firing guns in adjoining rooms even though a federal law expressly forbids threatening detainees with imminent death;

-- Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was told his children would be killed if America experienced another terrorist attack;

-- a detainee was repeatedly knocked out from pressure to his carotid artery;

-- inmates were threatened with guns;

-- Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the accused mastermind of the October 2000 US Cole bombing, was terrorized with a power drill, nearly drowned by waterboarding, and according to a 2006 ICRC report was threatened with sodomy and the arrest and rape of his family;

-- other evidence from an internal Justice Department investigation revealed reports of prisoners abused in US military custody as early as 2002; Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was informed and did nothing to stop them;

-- a December 2004-initiated Office of Inspector General (OIG) investigation revealed that top White House, Defense Department and CIA officials turned a blind eye to repeated acts of torture and abuse; in addition, the FBI knew about them, failed to act, and only belatedly reported them after Abu Ghraib photographs became public.

CIA officials knew they faced "potentially serious long-term political and legal challenges as a result of the program, particularly (their) use of (extreme interrogation practices) and the inability of the US Government to decide what it will ultimately do with terrorists detained by the agency." They also feared public knowledge could "seriously damage....the reputation and effectiveness of the agency itself." Yet they continued the most abusive practices and still do given the cover afforded them by the Obama administration.

America's Tortured Past

Many, perhaps most or all countries have used torture at times in their past, so it shouldn't surprise that America did as far back as before the republic's birth. Accused 17th century Salem witches faced abusive interrogations, a less extreme form of waterboarding, grueling trials, death by hanging for those convicted, and at least one victim was crushed to death under heavy boulders. None so far as known was burned alive.

Native Americans were (and still are) victims of genocide through mass slaughter, starvation, neglect, and by exposing them to deadly pathogens like smallpox and other diseases, including influenza, whooping cough, diphtheria, typhus, plague, cholera, and scarlet fever.

Entire tribes were annihilated. Columbus exterminated the whole Hispaniola population by torture, mass-murder, forced labor, starvation, disease, despair, stabbing natives for sport, dashing babies' heads on rocks, letting children be eaten by dogs, beheadings, and burning people at the stake among other atrocities, including especially brutal treatment of women.

In the antebellum South, slaves were tortured by whipping, painful restraint, prolonged isolation in a sealed shed with choking tobacco smoke, and by other punishments. Theodore Roosevelt defended water torture (today's waterboarding) called the "water cure" to extract confessions from Filipinos because "nobody was seriously damaged."

In 1995, Bill Clinton issued Presidential Decision Directive 39 (PDD-39) authorizing extraordinary rendition to other countries for interrogations and torture.

Torture As A Weapon of War

In his book, "War Without Mercy," John Dower documented atrocities by both sides in the Pacific war. American forces "mutilat(ed) Japanese war dead for souvenirs, attack(ed) and (sank) hospital ships, sho(t) sailers who had abandoned ship and pilots who had bailed out, kill(ed) wounded soldiers on the battlefield, and tortur(ed) and execut(ed) prisoners."

Japanese ones aside, American atrocities included civilian abuse, burying combatants alive, and routinely using torture against a race called so vile and subhuman that all forms of barbarism were justified to exterminate them.

In the Korean War, mass indiscriminate killing of civilians was commonplace. It got General Curtis LeMay to boast that US planes "burned down every town in North Korea," killing 20% or more of the population. Both sides committed barbaric acts, including massacres and torture.

Korean expert Bruce Cumings explained the "extraordinary destructiveness of the United States air campaigns, from the widespread and continuous use of firebombing (mainly with napalm), to threats to use nuclear and chemical weapons," to the use of biological weapons, to incinerating whole towns and villages, turning the entire North to rubble, and slaughtering millions of its people, mainly civilians.

In Hwangjoo County, US forces designated one area a hand-grenade field, killing 500 civilians. Prisoners and civilians were buried alive, burned, drowned, shot, stabbed, and beaten to death. In Hwemun Village in Erang County, one woman, after arrest, was forcibly mutilated. Her breasts, legs, and arms were cut off. Then her eyes were gouged out before she was stabbed to death. Others were beheaded. Thousands of civilians were brutally tortured. One family of six was hanged upside down from a tree and burned alive. Another civilian was skinned alive, then burned to death.

Still others were murdered with bats, spears, stones, sticks, clubs, flails, and pickaxes. Women were assaulted and raped. In all, US forces massacred tens of thousands of civilians systematically, ruthlessly, and brutally, including by disemboweling them while alive.

Barbarity in Vietnam was even worse. Atrocities were widespread and commonplace, including massacres, rape, torture, mutilations, wanton mass destruction, use of chemical and biological weapons, and as Richard Nixon told Henry Kissinger: "We're gonna level that goddam country. We're gonna hit 'em, bomb the livin' bejusus out of 'em." Kissinger concurred in replying: "Mr. President, I will enthusiastically support that, and I think it's the right thing to do."

US forces got carte blanche to carpet bomb, incinerate entire villages, burn people alive, fire freely on civilians, murder wounded prisoners or beat them to death, throw people out of helicopters, torture sadistically, gang rape young girls, and commit every imaginable atrocity to people called gooks, vermin, or as General William Westmoreland described them, "worthless termites." Against them, as in the Middle East and Central Asia, inflicting any form of human suffering is permissible.

Torture by US Police

For decades to the present, police have used torture to intimidate, extract confessions, treat people of color especially sadistically, especially black men. In Chicago, the practice has been scandalous according to the Human Rights at Home Chicago Police Torture Archive. Below is the timeline of one of the most egregious examples:

-- in May 1972, the notorious Jon Burge (trained in torture techniques in Vietnam) was assigned to the Area Two detective division on the city's South Side, a predominantly black community;

-- in August 1972, allegations of torture against him and other detectives surfaced;

-- in May, 1973, Anthony Jones was tortured by electric shock and suffocation with a plastic bag;

-- in 1977, Burge was promoted to sergeant;

-- from 1973 - 1981, torture allegations were made against him and his men; Russian roulette, brutal beatings, and other abuses were cited;

-- in 1981, Burge was promoted to lieutenant in charge of the Violent Crimes Unit at Area 2;

-- from 1981 - 1993, dozens of victims made torture accusations, suits were filed, but through 1990, the administration and City Council took no action; Mayor Daley made "no comment whatever;"

-- after torturing detainees for 21 years, the Chicago Police Board fired Burge;

-- in March 1993, the Fraternal Order of Police planned to honor him with a float in the annual St. Patrick Day's parade; community outrage stopped it;

-- in 1993 and 1994, torture allegations against other officers were investigated; through 1998, no action was taken;

-- in November 1999, torture expert Dr. Robert Kirschner testified that abuses by Chicago police followed a pattern found in nations where the military and other security forces practice it;

-- in 2004, several former black detectives under Burge admitted in sworn statements that they saw or heard evidence of torture, saw implements used (including Burge's "shock box"), and that abusive practices were an "open secret" at Area 2;

-- Burge was never charged with a crime, is retired, and now lives in Florida; and

-- the Burge case was notorious in Chicago, but is just the tip of the iceberg there and throughout the country; rarely are abusers held accountable; often they're rewarded and promoted.

Torture in US Prisons

Imprisonments are to punish, not rehabilitate, as those confined can attest, and what's experienced inside is shocking and lawless, but prisoners are powerless to resist:

-- savage beatings by prison guards and other inmates;

-- psychological intimidation and abuse;

-- attacks by fierce dogs;

-- arbitrary abusive shakedowns;

-- lengthy solitary confinement for minor infractions;

-- abusive strip searches;

-- extended lockdowns during which prisoners are confined to their cells;

-- electroshocks with cattle prods and 50,000 volt emitting Tasers that leave victims shaking for hours and are potent enough to kill;

-- assaults by toxic chemicals like pepper spray or mace that cause severe pain, second degree burns, temporary blindness, and occasionally death; and

-- sodomy by guards and other inmates.

Supermax confinement is much worse:

-- the above abuses and extreme deprivation are common;

-- inmates have little contact with staff and none with other prisoners;

-- they're confined alone in small windowless cells for 23 hours a day;

-- they have no work, social contact, education, recreation, rehabilitation, or privacy;

-- when outside their cells, they're painfully shackled and escorted by four-man teams; and

-- over time, the toll is devastating: severe anxiety and panic attacks; lethargy; insomnia, nightmares; dizziness; irrational anger, at times uncontrollable; confusion; social withdrawal; loss of memory and appetite; delusions and hallucinations; self-mutilation; profound despair and hopelessness; suicidal thoughts; and paranoia and schizophrenia.

Many are too scarred psychologically to ever adjust normally again in society. The Eighth Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. In US prisons, it's brutally inflicted. At around 2.4 million, America has the world's largest prison population, more than China and India combined. Poor blacks and Latinos comprise two-thirds of it. Most prisoners committed non-violent crimes (commonly elicit drugs possession) yet are victims of violence inside against which they have no redress or ability to avoid.

The CIA's Tortured Past

Since the 1950s, the CIA conducted torture experiments, including very harsh mind control forms. At McGill University's Allan Memorial Institute, the agency funded Dr. Ewen Cameron's work with psychiatric patients, keeping them asleep and isolated for weeks, administering LSD and PCP angel dust cocktails, then monitoring the results. They showed that sensory deprivation and hallucinogenic drugs disrupt clear thinking enough to make subjects receptive to suggestion. The CIA developed a new interrogation technique that University of Wisconsin historian Alfred McCoy called "the first real revolution in the cruel science of pain in more than three centuries."

In his book, "A Question of Torture," McCoy explained how techniques were developed, refined, codified in manuals, used extensively in Southeast Asia, Central America, and now everywhere, including in Iraq, Afghanistan, and at secret black sites globally. A worldwide gulag exists with no oversight or legal compliance - on US bases, torture ships, and in prisons of complicit countries. Nothing is banned, including the most inhumanely harmful abuses.

At Fort Benning, Georgia's School of the Americas, SOA (renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, or WHINSEC), hemispheric security force students are taught the latest ways to torture, repress, exterminate poor and indigenous people, overthrow democratically elected governments, assassinate targeted leaders, and suppress popular resistance when it erupts. They practice techniques of sensory deprivation and overload, mind control, forced nudity and other humiliations, sleep and food manipulation, how to inflict physical and psychological pain, and commit virtually any atrocity imaginable, designed for maximum impact.

In making a case for "torture warrants," Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz asked "should law enforcement be authorized to torture suspects who are thought to have information about a ticking bomb," then claimed that "scenario had long been a staple of legal and political philosophers" to justify the most extreme forms of abuse.

Torture, he claims, "can sometimes produce truthful information" despite its prohibition at all times for any purpose. In addition, experts say it doesn't work and non-abusive practices are much more effective. The US Army Field Manual 34-52, Chapter 1 says:

"Experience indicates that the use of force is not necessary to gain the cooperation of sources for interrogation. Therefore, the use of force is a poor technique, as it yields unreliable results, may damage subsequent collection efforts, and can induce the source to say whatever he thinks the interrogator wants to hear."

A declassified May 10, 2004 FBI document said the agency "has been successful for many years obtaining confessions via non-confrontational interviewing techniques." A former FBI interrogator said torture turns people into terrorists, and top CIA and military experts categorically say torture doesn't work.

Yet apologists like Dershowitz and others claim it does and in ticking bomb cases is justified. He and at least four other Harvard Law School professors agree, leading international human rights expert and University of Illinois Law School Professor Francis Boyle to call "Harvard's Gitmo Kangaroo Law School" the "School for Torturers" and advises parents not to "send your children (there) where they will grow up to become racist war criminals!....Harvard is to Law School as Torture is to Law....Harvard Law School is a Neo-Con longer fit to educate Lawyers, Members of the Bar, and Officers of the Court."

George Bush's Secret Torture Memorandum

Dated February 7, 2002, it directed the Vice-President, Secretaries of State and Defense, Attorney General, White House Chief of Staff, CIA Director, National Security Affairs Assistant, and Joint Chiefs Chairman regarding "Humane Treatment of Taliban and al Qaeda Detainees."

It states:

Regarding the treatment of Taliban and al Qaeda detainees, "Geneva applies to conflicts involving 'High Contracting Parties,' which can only be states. However, the war against terrorism ushers in a new paradigm, one in which groups with broad, international reach commit horrific acts against innocent civilians, sometimes with the direct support of states. (This) requires new thinking in the law of war (thus) I hereby determine as follows:

-- "....none of the provisions of Geneva apply to our conflict with al Queda in Afghanistan or elsewhere throughout the world...."

-- "....I have the authority under the Constitution to suspend Geneva between the United States and Afghanistan (but) I determine that the provisions of Geneva will apply to our present conflict with the Taliban;"

-- however, "I....determine that common Article 3 of Geneva does not apply to either al Qaeda or Taliban detainees....; (Therefore, these detainees) are unlawful combatants not qualify as prisoners of war under Article 4 of Geneva...."

"I hereby direct the secretary of state to communicate my determinations in an appropriate manner to our allies, and other countries and international organizations cooperating in the war against terrorism of global reach."


George W. Bush

On July 9 in Common Dreams, former CIA officer Ray McGovern wrote: "Seldom does a crime scene have so clear a smoking gun" that exposes the president authorizing torture as official US policy and commanding his top officials to implement it.

Barack Obama's January 22 Executive Orders banned torture, directed the closure of CIA black sites and Guantanamo, and the "immediate review of all" its detainees. They also halted Military Commission proceedings, and assured that "humane standards of confinement" will be observed in accordance with international humanitarian laws, including Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions. It prohibits:

-- "violence to life and person, in particular murder of all kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture;

-- outrages of personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment;"

-- carrying out sentences or execution "without previous judgment pronounced by a regularly constituted court affording all the judicial guarantees which are recognized as indispensable by civilized peoples;" and

-- caring for the wounded and sick, including by an impartial body like the ICRC "offer(ing) its services to the Parties to the conflict."

He ordered the rule of law restored, but never followed through. Detainees are still at Guantanamo. Conditions and practices there are unchanged. Torture and other indignities remain official US policy. Inmate lawyers report a ramping up of abuses, including beatings, dislocation of limbs, pepper spraying in closed cells, force-feeding of hunger strikers, and other violations of US and international laws.

In addition, CIA black sites remain open. Extraordinary renditions were reauthorized. Restoring the rule of law was abandoned. The Global War on Terror was rebranded the "Overseas Contingency Operation" to include the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts and enemies throughout the world.

Policies are unchanged under an administration as lawless as its predecessor and with an "absolute (commitment) to eliminat(e) the threat of terrorism (with) the full force of our power," including by using torture.

In a March 2008 campaign speech, Obama said the following:

"I believe that we must reject torture without equivocation because it does not make us safe, it results in unreliable intelligence, it puts our troops at risk, and it contradicts core American values. When I am president, the American people and the world will be able to trust that I will outlaw torture."

In office, Obama abandoned his promise to continue America's sordid, tortured past in violation of the rule of law, ethical and moral standards, and everything he swore he'd change.

Stephen Lendman is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization. He lives in Chicago and can be reached at

Also visit his blog site at and listen to The Global Research News Hour on Monday - Friday at 10AM for cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on world and national issues. All programs are archived for easy listening.

Stephen Lendman is a frequent contributor to Global Research. Global Research Articles by Stephen Lendman

Nation By Nation (30Aug09)

26-30Aug09 -- Just like west has perverted the definitions of "antisemitic" and "insurgent", misusing them like some harping mentally deranged fiend on 24/7 basis, they've apparently added another one to their list of word rapes: "recovery". Whatever they mean by it in west, it's nothing to do with what it meant weeks ago. Considering current west reality: rising unemployment; crashing econs apart from econs showered with hyperinflated prints of cash; prolapsed housing markets; shriveling retail indicating the prolapse has trickled down to the west plebes; a simple question arises: what does the west war junta mean by "recovery". Could recovery be a code for the planned needle final solution? Is it some inside west war junta joke like that crazed NWO victory threat papa Bush gave on Sep 11 (how else?), 1991? Does it mean the end of their assets consolidation and movement to the final west prolapse phase (in which the west war junta transmogrifies assets and pulls out of what's left of the west cesspit)? Whatever the answer, one thing's clear enough. The west-wide "recovery" orgy, celebrated by the ugly west media whores on behalf of their war junta betters, has nothing whatever to do with the welfare of west populace and most bizarrely not even with the health of west econ. (Mouseover flags for info)

A B K H A Z I A Abkhazia - After attack on shipping routes, preemptively gives Russia the auspices for its railway system. Georgia's beating fists on the floor in another amusing fit.
- Russia takes on protecting Abkhazia's shipping.

Happy birthday! Following the vicious west assault on civilians, Abkhazia was liberated by Russia and set free from the west harrowing neanderthal claws on 26Aug, 2008. West beast is still refusing to believe it, much less to join in and sing.

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - Reports indicate Kandahar is being wrestled out of the NATO control, once again.
- NATO commander asks for 20K more USA troops.
- Why is west in Afghanistan? It's making 50B USD/yr on drugs. Taliban is partly west-stoked creation so that the west drug mining can go on amidst the artificial chaos and so indefinitely. West has surged its occupation in Afghanistan to ~100K troops (68K USA, 10K UK, 20K other partners in crime). But it seems the support of Taliban, much like S Hussein's, has bit west in the arse as their dead pile up. This is further supported by the USA Pentagram, which is screaming at comrade Obama to give it 4X troops so they can even begin to make a difference. Again, note the west efficacy here. Yes, west is growing drugs in Afghanistan. Yes, they've increased the production by some 45%. And yes west is supplying some 75% of the world drug market. But the business model is so badly crippled by the enormous and rising demand the Afghan Stalingrad represents that the entire fiasco is rendered next to useless, strictly business speaking. The drug revenue doesn't stretch much beyond covering the high-tech semi-robotic anti-civilian NATO military deployment. And let's not forget the important bit here. The entire cumbersome NATO command is next to toothless today for its legions are mired in this increasingly messy engagement. This is why USA has quickly reapportioned Colombia, by bribing Uribe with USA medals of honour and other such oxymorons, to harvest drugs from the Amazon basis. And this is why Russia was so eager to open the Helmand gates for west. A few weeks on, and USA's war deployment around the globe has been drastically thinned. At zero cost (actually Russia got paid by comrade Obama for Afghanistan access) west has been further emasculated.

A R G E N T I N A Argentina - Hosts an emergency SouthAm summit on USA hostile takeover of Honduras and current surging troops in Colombia.

A U S T R A L I A Australia - Inks up a 26B GBP deal with USA on LNG. Note the shame of west reduced to doing deals with self.

C O L O M B I A Colombia - Admits that USA troops are in Colombia not only to "fight the ongoing drug war" (which is west code for trafficking more drugs) but also to murder FARC members. Indeed, per admission, war on region has always been on their minds.

E U EU - Special emergency fiscal meeting on for 17Sep. Apparently, they'll be figuring out how to "continue" the EUnuch "recovery". Perhaps another print of say 300B EUR?

F R A N C E France - Also in "recovery" and that's why it quickly pumps 18B EUR into its shriveling economy.
- After boss-nabbing, boss-beating, and bomb threats, the disgruntled west plebes move to threaten poisoning the Seine.

G E O R G I A Georgia - Attacks on S Ossetia continue.

One of the many disturbing manifestations of west.

G E R M A N Y Germany - Merkel pledges 4K troops without any time limits for the endless occupation of Afghanistan. How much is Germany getting off the 50B USD/yr drug industry?
- Unable to peddle their BS industries like Opel, they're now changing the tune and saying they'll let comrade Obama's Governance Motors just keep it. Yes, west war junta's consolidating their toys, while all the west baboons watch and pay for it.
- Like all west, for west is one single beast today, just with many heads sprouting from the grisly body made of 2000 yrs of genocides and land thefts, banks in Germany despite getting zillions in free cash aren't lending. So Merkel says the state will lend now. So banks got zillions for keeps and state will lend, which means people will pay higher taxes to lend to themselves. Well, so long as Germans are happy with their capitalist war idyll.
- Retail shrivels indicating prolapse at commoners' level.
- PMI below 50 meaning mfg orders have shriveled yet again despite "recovery".
- Clever arithmetic adding printed cash to GDP, econ grows by 3/10ths%. It's like west banks recently celebrating profits from USA, UK, to Germany. While west media whores celebrate this artificial "silver lining" even Merkel warns "the [real] GDP to shrivel 6% this yr".
- It ain't the plebe though. Unemployment rises further pegging at 9% now.

H O N D U R A S Honduras - Micheletti, put on throne by USA coup, heard to sigh he's ready to resign and let Zelaya return.

I R A N Iran - Ahmadinejad seems to be keeping his word. He said he's gonna seek justice on int'l scale for west crimes when he was elected. Iran's setting up a special fund and task force to do just that now. The idea of establishing a fund to expose USA war crimes passed 189:21.
- Much to the west chagrin, finds more oil. Apparently, Susangerd reserves hold near 9B barrels.

I R A Q Iraq - Occupier convoy bomb attacked, 28Aug.
- Occupier patrol IED'd in Baghdad, 28Aug, confirmed 2 dead.
- Occupier patrol IED's in Ghazalia, 27Aug.
- Occupier patrol IED's in Sadr City, 24Aug.
-See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for more.

I S R A E L Israel - Murders 3 Palestinians, 24Aug in air attack. No word on whether they returned to carve organs out for USA organ-thirsty market. ("Organ-thirsty" means no overdramatisation here. Market, like USA, which bears the 15-20X mark up is, by all means, deeply unquenched.)

J A P A N Japan - Also struck by "recovery", celebrates new unemployment record of 6%. Sideline: 6% or 10% is secondary to the trend derivative, which continues to indicate, despite all west media whore orgies, west "stays the course" to prolapse.
- This is further underscored by chief cabinet sec'y: "no doubt the job situation is worsening".
- Japan opposition party trouncing on the Bush II Tokyo stooge governance is taking over the reins of this badly crippled nation that's not much more than a USA military base. Sideline: This party made 911 evidence a matter of international record with its presentation in Jan 08, upon which they questioned supporting USA "war on the world" by providing military basis. This could become yet another thorn in the west beast's rump and it's surprising no fruit-colour revolt has been staged thus far by the west psychos.

Watch the 911 expose from Jan 2008. Although revolutionary it received zero attention from the west media whores.

M O N G O L I A Mongolia - Uranium mining coop deal goes to Russia. Not Canada, as west resource pirates had hoped. Apparently, stunned Canada had the contract all printed out and had already fountain pens ready for action.

N E T H E R L A N D S Netherlands - It turns out the "moon rock" the Apollo boys gave to Holland exPM is nothing but a piece of ordinary earth rubbish. So let's see... USA went about in 1969 passing out rocks as "moon rocks" to the gullible. Holland museum is apparently "laughing" about the mischievous knavery and NASA says it will "investigate" about the Apollo nazi-led exercise in advanced film making.

R U S S I A Russia - Beefs up missile defences on N Korea border.
- Has 187 USA-flu cases ONLY. And 27 were contracted while school kids were on a field trip to the drizzly UK isles. Now, considering west USA-flu #s, this proves the existence of systemic bias here. That means that the spread of USA-flu has been somehow "biased". And that means that it's artificially created and seeded largely in the places the west beast can reach. Now remember, as to the spread of the flu, the "odd" explosion of USA-flu viles on a commute train in Swiss. As to the disease itself, remember the avian and swine flu splicings in west labs. Yes, west and places it can reach have been selectively poisoned to predicate the needle solution mandate to end all west woes. As to the planned genocide, remember J Burgermeisters' expose. Of course, to understand this, baboons will have to look up the word "systemic", "proof", "bias", "artificially", "seeded", "in", "the", and "explosion"... no, they know that well from the rancid Hollywood brainwash.

S O M A L I A Somalia - Opens fire on a helicopter of USA pirates.

S O U T H   K O R E A South Korea - First independent orbit try fails. Looks like S Korea, like all west, will have to keep renting Russian equipment.

S O U T H   O S S E T I A South Ossetia - Happy birthday! 26Aug, 2008 is when S Ossetia got her independence from the west beast. West beast continues to reject the birthday song.

S U D A N Sudan - UN occupying troupes forced to evacuate a bit of southwest as LRA mounts attacks in the region.

S W E D E N Sweden - Round 2 with Israel over the organ theft expose (see NBN24Aug09 for 1st round). In this round: Israel moves to fiscal assault by commencing boycotts of AbsolutVodka, Volvo, IKEA; the author of the article gets death threats from militant jew factions; and Sweden is now forced to treat the article as "racial agitation", not just "blood libel". Sideline: The strange and quite the typical thing regarding the underhanded nature of all things west is that, once again, no one's talking the real issue here, the crime, the organ plunder. Everyone in west is debating some rubbish like press freedom whilst deliberately missing the fact that west murders to carve out organs and sell them on a giant int'l west organ black market. It's exactly like EU proving explosives in WTC yet no one said the obvious. What could have caused such mass brain rot across the whole of west? Make no mistake, Swedish "irking" Israel is just a snowjob to burry the USA/Israel organ harvest crimes in nonsense sideline prattle until all dirty west baboon monkeys grow weary of the whole thing like always.

S W I T Z E R L A N D Switzerland - Wiped out banking after the USA/UK plunder for a bit of hidden cash takes a token shot at USA. Wegelin Bank leads the pack in stopping doing all business with USA. Swiss was heard to utter "USA has overestimated its fiscal luster" (paraphrase here).

U K UK - USA quite angry with the return of the Lockerbea patsy. Are they worried the truth will come out? Why? If west baboons don't get 911, which includes visual evidence, they stand no chance of ever untangling this one.
- UK PM in Afghanistan "TALKING" to Taliban. One more time: PM is having a talk with Taliban now. About what? So Taliban doesn't kill west invaders so much as to make the west drug harvest too expensive? Yes the west disease is sordid beyond grasp.
- While celebrating the end of recession, it projects further 13% drop in housing. See, people's wallet has nothing to do with "recovery".
- Mortgage lending shrivels by over 4B GBP, marking biggest 3yr (that's the entire active prolapse) drop. Sideline: So how's this work? UK banks get zillions and are printing near 30B GBP each month, that's 30000000000 GBP each month or around 3B every flipping day and they lend NONE of it. Where's the cash going? Has any poodle asked? Does any poodle even care? Well, go back to your slumber in your dog houses, poodles. Don't worry, they'll wake you for your shots.
- Perhaps for playing part in the Lockerbee embarrassment, London is fluorising Scotland's water now.
- Troops not given ammo anymore, unless they're in the Afghan crossfire. This is a BIG news! UK can no longer trust its own troops.

U N UN - Want 5 yrs olds to learn about masturbation and 9 yr olds about homophobia and transphobia. Note here what sort of barf raising rubbish are these paid castrates spending their time on. Not a word about Israeli land thefts. Not a word about Gaza genocide. Not a word about Tamil genocide. Not a word about earthquake calamities. Not a word about USA and Israeli int'l organ plunder. Not a word about USA/UK ongoing war crimes. But masturbation, kids, and deviant sex? Well, that gets them pervs going. West is the disease -- in every aspect, in every dept, in the very sense of the word, and in every way.

U S A USA - More evidence emerges that USA has special press commandos that determine if west media whores' news coverage is "positive or negative to the mission objectives." No question here, west media is no more than a propaganda army assaulting all those who still eat the BBCNN mindrape swill.
- Offered millions in bribes to UK to keep Lockerbee's guy behind bars. Doesn't USA get that they can no longer bribe with dollars? Not even UK poodles want that rubbish. UK needs oil from Libya, not some ugly green smear from USA.
- Next fiscal year means shriveled pension checks for 50M baboons and higher medical premiums for 32M of them. Well, someone has to pay for the "end of recession" party.
- Unemployment to be "higher" and deficit "bigger" than "expected". Is this still the same "recovery"?
- Real unemployment more like 16% and even that seems moderate. Sideline: The scalars don't matter. It's the trends that do, the derivates in all these cases. And they all steadfastly point to a total and complete prolapse of the entire west cesspit world. The underlying reason is very simple: no petrodollar, no dollar & no dollar, no west, not even in parts. Hence the west war junta huge hope for the needle solution.
- Dead bank count for 2009 at 84.
- Deficit announced to be 2T bigger in comrade Obama's term. If only 2T. But regardless, is this still the same "recovery" the west media whores are orgasming over?
- Econ spirals down "more than expected" in Q2. That's GDP shriveling 1,5%/Q2. Is this the "recovery"?
- USA central bank, the Fed, forced to disclose where trillions went. The Fed rebuts with an unveiled threat of USA econ collapse if they're forced to release such data. And they're allowed to keep the vanishing of trillions secret. The degree of heists in west are beyond astronomical now.
- Press ad revenue shrivels 30%/Q2. That's 3B USD gone from the paper part of the west mindrape machine.
- M Jackson (yes, the singer) was killed confirms autopsy. Anyone any clue why they'd kill him? Was it the "They Don't Care About Us" vid?
- USA health dictators mulling making genital mutilation ala some bizarre jew sex ritual universal for all USA-born boys.
- Massachusetts gives baboons a healthy choice now: pay 1000 USD per day and go to jail for 30 days or roll up your sleeve for the needle.
- Raised voices heard twixt CIA and white house. Yes, west war junta factions are at each other's throats. After all, not everyone can get the USA-flu vaccine antidote. It's the west war junta cut-off fringe that will soon become the proverbial 5th column. But first they have to sort it out amongst themselves who exactly it is.
- After weeks of mock drivel, comrade Obama changes mind and supports Israel's theft of Palestine in E Jerusalem.
- Another int'l embarrassment for comrade Obama. Caught in over 70M heist of funds. His fund raiser Hussein Nemaze out on a 25M USD bond.
- New yank vocab: Governance member from Iowa extends the pathetically thin baboon dictionary with "hyperinflation" and a governance member from Oklahoma introduces "revolution" as in "[it's] at point of revolution in USA".

Imagine the intense stupidity of a nation that believed this the laughable vomit about repairing USA. And the freaks actually got their rumps off the couch, and in droves previously unheard of collectively pulled the lever of the election arm bandits for Hussein Obama's "Change programme". Now, try picturing the indescribable cretinism of a moron who still believes it today. Per latest poll, there's still 150M of them in USA. Considering comrade Hussein Obama's record, it's truly unbelievable how incurable the west mind rot disease is.

PRE-ELECTION PROMISE: will stop torture
POST-ELECTION ACTION: increased torture & detainment w/o due process

PRE-ELECTION PROMISE: will prosecute for torture and war crimes
POST-ELECTION ACTION: indemnified all war criminals; hid torture evidence

PRE-ELECTION PROMISE: will close concentration camps
POST-ELECTION ACTION: says can't close them cuz it costs too much

PRE-ELECTION PROMISE: will investigate 911
POST-ELECTION ACTION: made debate and questioning 911 with USA governance illegal

PRE-ELECTION PROMISE: will pull out of Iraq
POST-ELECTION ACTION: will stay indefinitely

PRE-ELECTION PROMISE: will stop wars
POST-ELECTION ACTION: attacked Pakistan; surged assault on Afghanistan by some 30K troops; is occupying Somalia waters; is supplying WMDs to Georgia

PRE-ELECTION PROMISE: will back creation of Palestinian state
POST-ELECTION ACTION: backs Israel's surging theft of Palestine and even Jordan now

PRE-ELECTION PROMISE: will stop warrant-less searches
POST-ELECTION ACTION: searching everything, even laptops; establishing groups made of kids as governance snitch commandos

PRE-ELECTION PROMISE: will stop reckless money printing and fiscal misappropriation
POST-ELECTION ACTION: printed over 700B USD; gave 5B bonuses to execs for staging bankruptcy to nationalise assets; grants limitless bonuses to banks off "bailout" zillions; increased debt ceiling; ignored trillions in central bank payouts; personally implicated in a 70M USD political fund heist

POST-ELECTION ACTION: increased unemployment; nationalised giant assets; evaporated trillions from social programmes; increased housing prolapse; 84 banks killed under his watch; runs record deficit on this side of the galaxy; finished USA mfg

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Gets 203M USD from Spain for a joint venture dev'ping Barua-Motatan reserves. From here on all foreign oil interest, just like in Russia, operate only in joint ventures with Venezuela. Spain is the first to get in the door. be cont'd as it all piles up.

Organ Plunder

Although the story has been successfully squashed by the west media mindrape machine, recently, USA governance officials were linked to a massive int'l organ trafficking horror. The sickening tale of human theft, murder, organ carving, and organ black market implicates the entire west criminal cesspit including South Africa where these ops are performed but namely points to USA and Israel at the moment.

On 17Aug09, reacting to the enormity of this int'l humanitarian crime committed on namely Palestinian civilians, Swedish mag Aftonbladet published a bile-raising expose. 2 pages devoted to an article headlined "OUR SONS PLUNDERED FOR THEIR ORGANS" delved into the sordid details of this mind-stopping terror.

Israel wasn't amused and had a talk with the Swedish PM to squelch the uncomfortable story like it's been erased in the rest of the west manure-whore media. Sweden didn't buckle to the initial pressure and so Israel is at the moment trying to somehow discredit Swedish media and even launch some Swedish boycott.

Make no mistake, while the Swedish PM alluded some constitutional right regarding general news business, none of this is a matter of free speech, journalism, stupid shampoo boycotts, media accreditation, Israel-Swedish diplomacy, or even some underhanded attempt at censorship.

This is about a horror of the most unimaginable proportions. This is about the west disease. This is about the very sickness the world's become under the west rape.

So without further ado, here's the original article as it appeared in the Swedish press.

(Have a barf bag handy. You should have that anyways when reading round here about the west devious evil)



Source: 17Aug09, Alfonbladet, by D Bostrom.

You could call me a 'matchmaker,' said Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, from Brooklyn, USA, in a secret recording with an FBI-agent whom he believed to be a client. Ten days later, at the end of July this year, Rosenbaum was arrested and a vast, Sopranos-like, imbroglio of money-laundering and illegal organ-trade was revealed. Rosenbaum’s matchmaking had nothing to do with romance. It was all about buying and selling kidneys from Israel on the black market. Rosenbaum says that he buys the kidneys for $10,000, from poor people. He then proceeds to sell the organs to desperate patients in the States for $160,000. The accusations have shaken the American transplantation business. If they are true it means that organ trafficking is documented for the first time in the US, experts tell the New Jersey Real-Time News.

On the question of how many organs he has sold Rosenbaum replies: “Quite a lot. And I have never failed,” he boasts. The business has been running for quite some time. Francis Delmonici, professor of transplant surgery at Harvard and member of the National Kidney Foundation’s Board of Directors, tells the same newspaper that organ-trafficking, similar to the one reported from Israel, is carried out in other places of the world as well. 5–6,000 operations a year, about ten per cent of the world’s kidney transplants are carried out illegally, according to Delmonici.

Countries suspected of these activities are Pakistan, the Philippines and China, where the organs are allegedly taken from executed prisoners. But Palestinians also harbor strong suspicions against Israel for seizing young men and having them serve as the country’s organ reserve – a very serious accusation, with enough question marks to motivate the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to start an investigation about possible war crimes.

Israel has repeatedly been under fire for its unethical ways of dealing with organs and transplants. France was among the countries that ceased organ collaboration with Israel in the nineties. Jerusalem Post wrote that “the rest of the European countries are expected to follow France’s example shortly.”

Half of the kidneys transplanted to Israelis since the beginning of the 2000s have been bought illegally from Turkey, Eastern Europe or Latin America. Israeli health authorities have full knowledge of this business but do nothing to stop it. At a conference in 2003 it was shown that Israel is the only western country with a medical profession that doesn’t condemn the illegal organ trade. The country takes no legal measures against doctors participating in the illegal business – on the contrary, chief medical officers of Israel’s big hospitals are involved in most of the illegal transplants, according to Dagens Nyheter (December 5, 2003).

In the summer of 1992, Ehud Olmert, then minister of health, tried to address the issue of organ shortage by launching a big campaign aimed at having the Israeli public register for post mortem organ donation. Half a million pamphlets were spread in local newspapers. Ehud Olmert himself was the first person to sign up. A couple of weeks later the Jerusalem Post reported that the campaign was a success. No fewer than 35,000 people had signed up. Prior to the campaign it would have been 500 in a normal month. In the same article, however, Judy Siegel, the reporter, wrote that the gap between supply and demand was still large. 500 people were in line for a kidney transplant, but only 124 transplants could be performed. Of 45 people in need of a new liver, only three could be operated on in Israel.

While the campaign was running, young Palestinian men started to disappear from villages in the West Bank and Gaza. After five days Israeli soldiers would bring them back dead, with their bodies ripped open.

Talk of the bodies terrified the population of the occupied territories. There were rumors of a dramatic increase of young men disappearing, with ensuing nightly funerals of autopsied bodies.

I was in the area at the time, working on a book. On several occasions I was approached by UN staff concerned about the developments. The persons contacting me said that organ theft definitely occurred but that they were prevented from doing anything about it. On an assignment from a broadcasting network I then travelled around interviewing a great number of Palestinian families in the West Bank and Gaza – meeting parents who told of how their sons had been deprived of organs before being killed. One example that I encountered on this eerie trip was the young stone-thrower Bilal Achmed Ghanan.

It was close to midnight when the motor roar from an Israeli military column sounded from the outskirts of Imatin, a small village in the northern parts of the West Bank. The two thousand inhabitants were awake. They were still, waiting, like silent shadows in the dark, some lying upon roofs, others hiding behind curtains, walls, or trees that provided protection during the curfew but still offered a full view toward what would become the grave for the first martyr of the village. The military had interrupted the electricity and the area was now a closed-off military zone – not even a cat could move outdoors without risking its life. The overpowering silence of the dark night was only interrupted by quiet sobbing. I don’t remember if our shivering was due to the cold or to the tension. Five days earlier, on May 13, 1992, an Israeli special force had used the village’s carpentry workshop for an ambush. The person they were assigned to put out of action was Bilal Achmed Ghanan, one of the stone-throwing Palestinian youngsters who made life difficult for the Israeli soldiers.

As one of the leading stone-throwers Bilal Ghanan had been wanted by the military for a couple of years. Together with other stone-throwing boys he hid in the Nablus mountains, with no roof over his head. Getting caught meant torture and death for these boys – they had to stay in the mountains at all costs.

On May 13 Bilal made an exception, when for some reason, he walked unprotected past the carpentry workshop. Not even Talal, his older brother, knows why he took this risk. Maybe the boys were out of food and needed to restock.

Everything went according to plan for the Israeli special force. The soldiers stubbed their cigarettes, put away their cans of Coca-Cola, and calmly aimed through the broken window. When Bilal was close enough they needed only to pull the triggers. The first shot hit him in the chest. According to villagers who witnessed the incident he was subsequently shot with one bullet in each leg. Two soldiers then ran down from the carpentry workshop and shot Bilal once in the stomach. Finally, they grabbed him by his feet and dragged him up the twenty stone steps of the workshop stair. Villagers say that people from both the UN and the Red Crescent were close by, heard the discharge and came to look for wounded people in need of care. Some arguing took place as to who should take care of the victim. Discussions ended with Israeli soldiers loading the badly wounded Bilal in a jeep and driving him to the outskirts of the village, where a military helicopter waited. The boy was flown to a destination unknown to his family. Five days later he came back, dead and wrapped in green hospital fabric.

A villager recognized Captain Yahya, the leader of the military column who had transported Bilal from the postmortem center Abu Kabir, outside of Tel Aviv, to the place for his final rest. “Captain Yahya is the worst of them all,” the villager whispered in my ear. After Yahya had unloaded the body and changed the green fabric for a light cotton one, some male relatives of the victim were chosen by the soldiers to do the job of digging and mixing cement.

Together with the sharp noises from the shovels we could hear laughter from the soldiers who, as they waited to go home, exchanged some jokes. As Bilal was put in the grave his chest was uncovered. Suddenly it became clear to the few people present just what kind of abuse the boy had been exposed to. Bilal was not by far the first young Palestinian to be buried with a slit from his abdomen up to his chin.

The families in the West Bank and in Gaza felt that they knew exactly what had happened: “Our sons are used as involuntary organ donors,” relatives of Khaled from Nablus told me, as did the mother of Raed from Jenin and the uncles of Machmod and Nafes from Gaza, who had all disappeared for a number of days only to return at night, dead and autopsied.

“Why are they keeping the bodies for up to five days before they let us bury them? What happened to the bodies during that time? Why are they performing autopsy, against our will, when the cause of death is obvious? Why are the bodies returned at night? Why is it done with a military escort? Why is the area closed off during the funeral? Why is the electricity interrupted?” Nafe’s uncle was upset and he had a lot of questions.

The relatives of the dead Palestinians no longer harbored any doubts as to the reasons for the killings, but the spokesperson for the Israeli army claimed that the allegations of organ theft were lies. All the Palestinian victims go through autopsy on a routine basis, he said. Bilal Achmed Ghanem was one of 133 Palestinians killed in various ways that year. According to the Palestinian statistics the causes of death were: shot in the street, explosion, tear gas, deliberately run over, hanged in prison, shot in school, killed at home etcetera. The 133 people killed were between four months to 88 years old. Only half of them, 69 victims, went through postmortem examination. The routine autopsy of killed Palestinians – of which the army spokesperson was talking – has no bearing on the reality in the occupied territories. The questions remain.

We know that Israel has a great need for organs, that there is a vast and illegal trade of organs which has been running for many years now, that the authorities are aware of it and that doctors in managing positions at the big hospitals participate, as well as civil servants at various levels. We also know that young Palestinian men disappeared, that they were brought back after five days, at night, under tremendous secrecy, stitched back together after having been cut from abdomen to chin.

It’s time to bring clarity to this macabre business, to shed light on what is going on and what has taken place in the territories occupied by Israel since the Intifada began.


Short interview with D Bostrom on Israel murders and organ theft.

Nation By Nation (24Aug09)

16-24Aug09 -- If it had a brain cell among its number, this is perhaps the time the west populace of BBCNN genocide watching baboons oughtta start worrying. At least a bit. Why? From Berlin, Tokyo to Loondon and on to Warshington, despite all reality, the west war junta and its obedient west media mindrapist whores are all celebrating the "end of their recession". Let's help with the cork-popping celebration. (Mouseover flags for info)

A B K H A Z I A Abkhazia - Attacked by west war dog Georgia. Under sea blockade with at least 2 ships hijacked.

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - 2 rockets smack into prez compound in Kabul, 18Aug.
- "Elections" re-throne Karzai.

A U S T R A L I A Australia - Aussie cops get powers to conduct warrantless searches.
- QuantasAir shrivels 88%/Jun y2y. Slashing 1,5B AUD in services. Good, they're out of the woods then. LOL
- Health minister with a call to abandon the mass vaccination programme, reveals that west vaccinates from the "same" vial. Yes, west vaccination, beside all the other genocidal side effects, is basically a giant mass sharing needle rave.
- Says that it has 130K cases & 130 dead from USA-flu.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Returns toxic rubbish to UK. 1700 tonnes of used syringes, dead batteries, suspicious food & toilet stuffs, medicine crap, and dirty diapers are back home in Suffolk, UK. "How is it possible for countries that say they're doing everything for environment to do this?" asks Brazil environment minister. Well, sir, that's cuz west is THE disease. By policy, they're torturing children, carving organs out of their victims for their organ market, and indiscriminately murder everyone they see around the globe. Hardly, they'd think twice about dumping rubbish on your beach.

C H I N A China - Further reduces lending to USA by 25B/Jun.

C Z E C H Czech Rep - Expels 2 Russian diplos.

E C U A D O R Ecuador - Starts nuke power coop with Russia.

E U EU - Celebrating "50" on the 21Aug-released PMI which should mean that EUnuch mfg has stopped shriveling and just hovers put.

G E O R G I A Georgia - Actually filed a demand with UN to strip Russia of veto.
- Blockades Abkhazia and hijacks their cargo ships. Yes, west attack on Russia has begun.
- Offense minister admits as much by stating that USA is training Georgian troops against Russia.

G E R M A N Y Germany - Governance gives USA's GM (Governance Motors) 4B USD to finance the prolapsed Opel embarrassment. Note that west governances have merged into this bizarre custodian body taking care of the bailout-acquired west war junta assets.
- Shooting spree in northwest leaves 4 dead, 18Aug.
- Governance asks if Porsche manipulated stock. Not a joke! West governances are still pretending then that west stocks, cash, banks, media, education, econ data, and elections aren't manipulated.

H O N D U R A S Honduras - Expelling Argentinian diplos.

I R A Q Iraq - USA invaders murder mother and 3 children (all under 12), 16Aug.
- USA HQ in Hurriya shelled, 16Aug.
- Bomb attack on USA convoy near Falluja, 18Aug.
- Basra airport Katyusha'd, 18Aug.
- USA Echo base in Diwaniya Katyusha'd, 19Aug.
- USA patrols in S Baquba and Nasiriya IED'd, 20Aug.
- See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

J A P A N Japan - Retail shrivels 11%/Jul y2y marking the 17th consecutive month of the trickled down prolapse.
- Wages shrivel at a record pace in Jun.
- Unemployment at a 6 yr high.
- But to west media whores this tallies up as "recovery".

M E X I C O Mexico - Decriminalises personal possession of marijuana, coke, and heroin. No word on LSD or angel dust.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - USA murders 12 civilians incl children with another drone missile attack.

R U S S I A Russia - Multi-prong attack launched by west against Russia is underway: bomb kills 20, wounds 40 at police HQ in Nazran, 17Aug; explosion destroys Yenisey river power-plant and kills 66-75; Georgia admits USA is prepping it for war with Russia and assaults Abkhazia with Black Sea blockade and ship piracy while continuing shelling S Ossetia; Russian crew on "Arctic Sea" and cargo hijacked.
- Discovers giant oil and gas reserves in Siberia with some 520B tonne and 95B m3 capacity respectively.
- Recovers crew and cargo of the hijacked ship. Sideline: The all Russian crew of 15 cargo ship "Arctic Sea" was hijacked near UK on 24Jul by 8 pirates. Russian navy recaptured the ship near northwest African coast on 17Aug arresting hijackers and taking crew with cargo to safety. The hijackers have been charged with piracy and kidnapping. Allegations made by Russian press suggests the cargo consisted of X55 cruise missiles and the hit was done by Israel. In effect, Moscow remains characteristically silent on the matter.

S O M A L I A Somalia - Fight flare up leaves 55 dead, 60 hurt, in Mogadishu, 20Aug.

S O U T H   O S S E T I A South Ossetia - Moves to join Russia-Belarus union.

S P A I N Spain - Celebrates end of recession with 20% unemployment. EUnuchs were actually heard to adumbrate in no certain terms: "...the high unemployment may 'delay' recovery." Not a joke!

S R I  L A N K A Sri Lanka - 300K civilians held in an open-air concentration camp since the end of the governance racial purification genocide will remain there "indefinitely" says governance.

S W E D E N Sweden - Told by Israel to quit publicising Israel's murder of Palestinians to harvest & traffic organs. In round one Sweden told Israel to bugger off but Israel has retaliated with a Swedish media attack. Watch for another EUnuchia-wide media revamp.

S W I T Z E R L A N D Switzerland - Governance selling state's 6B CHF stake in UBS, the UK/USA ravaged and prolapsed bank. Swiss governance actually said that the dumping of the bank asset is a "good" sign. West lies are so absolute now that they're basically telling the truth.

S Y R I A Syria - Proposing Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria alliance bloc, something west will love.

U K UK - Celebrates the biggest monthly deficit on record thusfar. In Jul, UK operated with -8B GBP in its wallet. That's MINUS 8B.
- Also celebrates the steepest decline in receipts which shriveled 15%/Jul y2y. Well yeah, the unemployed don't pay taxes, neither does the governance-run biz, and wanks consume hundreds of zillions every few months beside burying the island in hyperinflated prints of cash. But you can count of the west media whore mindrapists, for to them, this means UK's "on the mend".
- While BoE is printing near 30B GBP each month for self, it loans to no one. So Bank of China steps in and cherry picks UK prolapsed homes. That's right, China's real-estate shopping on the UK yard sale.
- Copying USA, UK military "loses" 6B GBP in war equipment incl weapons. See NBN19May09 for USA military apparently "losing" as much as the H-bomb.
- And copying USA in selecting sites around the countryside suitable for mass graves. See NBN23Apr09 for USA prepping for their mass cull. See globalResearch article for more on what should be a pretty disturbing news for all the poodles.
- Poll suggests that at min 30% of medical staff (the first to go) refuses to roll up the sleeve in the upcoming mass vaccination. Watch for quick west-wide criminalisation of any and all vaccination non-compliance.

U N UN - Rolling sleeve up for mass "vaccination"? Read Blaylock's ways that include freezing the injection puncture to slow down the reaction and other methods to fight the mandatory needle here.

U S A USA - Mortgage delinquency at all time high per Q2. Florida, Nevada, and California lead with over 10% foreclosure rates.
- 36M on food stamps per May09 data. That's 1 out of 9-10 people now in USA need stamps to function.
- USA mfg shrivels to 9% of workforce. And they count selling fast foods as mfg. That's right, USA mfg product is the most pathetic since 1941.
- 576K unemployment benefits seekers by mid-Aug. That's up 15K/week. To spin this slight blemish, USA market dictators have resorted to claiming that if the monthly job loss remains under 600K, it's all swell.
- USA stock index made up largely from the Bush II and Hitler war building concerns are ALL running in excess of 130PE ratio today. Sideline: This means ALL preferred USA firms are losing some 130 dollars to each one earned. While everyone can see the rudimentary problem with this, west media whores don't hesitate to call this a "sound & recovering stock market" and celebrate its each death twitch with big font headlines.
- Beside mass grave sites, mass vaccination, and the deployment of anti-civilian troops & militias, USA recovery is best illustrated by Guaranty, an 81st bank to kick the bucket just in 2009. That's about 2 banks dying each week.
- Governance sets out to slaughter 12M marine mammals. Yes, west has declared war on all life.
- Comrade Obama joins the christianic lunatics: "We are God's partners in matter of life and death". Sideline: This christianic psychosis is fast gripping the entire west war cesspit. Bush II & Blair prayed to their god while they launched their wars against children around the globe. USA war gen'l actually pointed to a fuzzy picture of Falluja during the west's brutal razing of the city and said that the smudge on the photo was Satan. Bush II regularly claimed to speak with god and apparently was told to invade Iraq by god. None of these are jokes! West is a mental sick ward and christianic lunacy the biggest cover for the greatest genocide machine ever. It's no accident that the head of christianity is a nazi hitler jugend boy.
- Comrade Obama to borrow 9T/decade or basically a trill each yr now. But from who? USA like UK is reduced to buying own loans beside forced to plug up fiscal lacerations by printing zillions in new cash. All this cuz no one's loaning to them. China, the biggest USA lender has slashed lending to 800B USD in 2009 from some 1,3T in 2008 (over 30% shriveling in China2USA investment then and the trend continues) forcing USA to cede real-estate and industry titles to Beijing. Perhaps the comrade should call his partner in crime, the west god?
- Governance admits Bush II artificially adjusted "terror level" throughout his blood-thirsty reign to suit his political agenda.
- Army depot in Kentucky springs a mustard gas leak. No UN outcry over USA's bio-WMD stocking and use? This is a repeat of Oregon leak. See NBN19May09.
- Says 8K sick with USA-flu, has 20M doses and 200M are on order.
- Buying more nuke fuel from Russia.
- Mulling curfew for everyone in New Jersey.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Stops fueling Colombia. Sideline: Venezuela was selling 17M l/mo at 50% market rate to Colombia. The sweet deal is over thanks to Uribe's USA arsecrack licking for which he recently received some USA medal from Bush II. In return for the medal, Uribe gave Colombia to USA for a military takeover to position troops against SouthAm.
- While debating Orinoco oil dev'p deal with Russia, arms trade discussed as well. West fears Russia may get pulled now in the planned USA war on SouthAm.

H Chavez: "Obama is lost in the Andromeda nebula on SouthAm policy. We're not asking him to intervene in Honduras but to get his claws out."

HELP WANTED: Can someone join NBN and translate Chavez's weekly TV shows?

Y E M E N Yemen - USA-backed governance makes 100K civilians flee mayhem caused by the ongoing strife to secure west oil theft route. Sideline: To approach understanding the scope of the west evil, look at a world map showing world's resources. Then overlay a map showing war conflicts. West plunder routes will readily emerge. be cont'd as it all piles up.