Nation By Nation (23Apr)

19-23Apr09 -- The only question that remains now is what to wear to the funeral for west. (Mouseover flags for info)

A U S T R A L I A Australia - USA doctor practiced on Aussies, killed 3, and ran.
- Governance admits to "recession". If the west web spies didn't just collect terrabytes and instead read the blogs, they would've known this long ago.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - USA has been linked to the unsuccessful Morales hit. Obama's denying everything. Both statements are shocking, unexpected, and surprising aren't they?

C A N A D A Canada - Wants the Canadian imprisoned and tortured in one of the USA concentration camps back.
- Gives self the right to confiscate assets linked to crimes.

C H I N A China - 30B EUR deal with Russia for oil.
- Begins prying Jamaica away from the clutches of USA with 140M USD loans. Sideline: The standard procedure for enslaving the world, known as "Washington Consesus", has now been replaced by "Beijing Consensus". WashCon enslaved nations through: a) privatisation (corporate hostile take over of public assets); b) free trade (destruction of local markets and competition and installing USA monopoly dictate like with the coke industry in Bolivia, sugar industry in Czech Rep, oil industry in Sudan, diamond industry of South Africa, etc); c) deregulation of public spending (destruction of hospitals, schools, and all public infrastructure to create design poverty like basically everywhere where USA/UK have stepped). WashCon was used by IMF, WB, BIS, and USTD (USA treasury dept), the chief world poverty designers, as a standard procedure to enslave nations. WashCon is no more! The Freeworld is turning to BeiCon which has invested near 100B USD into 6 nations thus far which include Jamaica now, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Venezuela, Afghanistan. BeiCon chief aim is liberating nations from the dollar slavery. (Note that USA is in wars with the top BeiCon nations).

C Z E C H Czech - Arrests D Duke, USA senator, on charges -- get this! -- either "denying or approving of nazi genocide". Again, his crime is that his book can be "interpreted" as an effort at justifying or challenging the holocaust". It's a bit like hiring a prostitute or being celebate. Both crimes but they're undecided. When it comes to EUnuchs pleasing their masters, logic never interferes.

E U EU - Says in uncertain terms it may investigate Bush II war crimes after all. It's only been 6 yrs since the indisputable pictorial evidence hit the web. But arrest Duke cuz he may either believe in holocaust or not. Is this real? Could such screaming insanity even be true?

F R A N C E France - 16Apr, nuke plant workers on strike. 3500MW nuke output cut. 5 of 19 nuke plant affected. Now, nothing against the strikes but screwing around with nuke plant output is very dangerous and if France isn't capable of maintaining guaranteed stability, the country should not wield nuke power for the sake of human kind.
- Workers in Clairoix lose patience and smash auto part factory, 21Apr.
- Governance threatens students with repeating this year since they've clocked 3 months of demonstrations, protests, and blockades in the country's biggest university revolt ever. Sideline: The purely reactive response of the west governances underscores that west no longer has a plan. It's just putting out fires now. It only reacts to panic today without a clue what they've got themselves into.
- 2 bosses nabbed at Molex and released to negotiate.

G E O R G I A Georgia - Russia troops close in on Tbilisi, the capital. They're 25km away now.
- Demonstrations, erupted on 9Apr demanding Saakashvili's resignation, continue with tens of thousands hollering they've seen enough of the west paradise.

It's hard to believe but Saakashvili actually eats his tie in this UK vid. It takes this kind of mental togetherness to work for west these days.

G E R M A N Y Germany - Admits "recession" since GDP's falling and both export and import are dying. Claims deflation since prices of crap no one wants are falling but happily pumps zillions into its dying econ. Obviously contradiction of terms is no longer an issue in west.
- Urging "new" bank revamp. Their plan thus far was this: put all toxic assets into some bank and sink it while hoarding all the other assets into an elite bank while having people pay for it all either with their cash or in terms of debt. But the plan isn't good enough. They now admit that just swapping bank debt for people's cash isn't gonna do the trick. And they're correct because there is no way to resuscitate the dollar.
- Opel/GM divorce underway. This is a perfect example of the west war junta consolidation of assets at work. GM gets free cash from USA baboons, dumps toxic assets or Opel and USA prolapsed plants. Then they'll try to convert what's left of it to keep value before west goes. And indeed, GM is shutting down in USA and is running to China, even though USA gave the firm over 40B USD just in the last 6 months.
- Ratcheting up punishments for tax cheating. Nice trend, isn't it? West is legalising drugs, abandoning prosecution of misdemeanors and thefts, but it's increasing prosecution of any and all cash lifting from the bankers. Money is the highest of all laws in west. Everything else, including children, is totally irrelevant to the west creature.
- Shriveled by 3,3%/Q1. Hardly "auf wiedersehen" applies here. It's more like "adios, gringos". Sideline: #s are irrelevant. West psychotic policies, omissions, spin, and admitted lies have rendered all numeric data of west irrelevant. What's important is the trend -- the irreversible, unstoppable, and gloriously exponential west prolapse -- they highlight.
- Pumps 1B EUR more into banks. Make no mistake. This isn't deflation. This is theft at the expense of generations to come -- if any will follow, that is.
- USA very angry with Germany for not growing and eating USA genetically perverted crop.

G R E E C E Greece - 21Apr, state cops attack PASOK (socialist party) headquarters in Athens. Violence ensued and cops broke limbs of two. Could this be the UK crowd containment unit at work?
- Tourism over 20% down.

I C E L A N D Iceland - Prolapsed. Currency 50% down. Tourism booming.

I S R A E L Israel - Killing Palestinians by water shortage in Gaza. 150000 have no access to tap water in Gaza.
- Demolishes 90 homes in east Jerusalem in expanding Palestinian land theft. But west didn't wanna debate this in Durban so they rather walked.

J A P A N Japan - Steel production 50% down.
- Says hello to trade deficit as exports down 50% in March. This is very grave for a country that lives solely off its manufacturing export.

K A Z A K H S T A N Kazakhstan - Tells NATO to sod off and won't be partaking in the war games.

M E X I C O Mexico - Panic shutdown of public places as 60 confirmed to die of some new swine-flu/bird-flu strain. Sideline: This is 90% yet another USA attack on the world. This after USA offers "help" in Mexico drug war and after design diseases go missing from USA death labs (see NBN16Feb09:USA) For those who don't believe that something like this could be possible, read how USA armed their terrorists with pig virus during their failed attempt to invade Cuba link.
- Cases found in USA.

M O L D O V A Moldova - Election recount upheld so they'll be no west colour party today.

R U S S I A Russia - Moving into Kyrgyzstan, now that USA's been booted out.
- Makes 5B EUR deal with Airbus. Sideline: The deal has to do with metal resource supply and it stretches out to 2020. Notice here the length and the cost of the deal. That's 5B EUR for over a decade worth of work. Now, compare this to any west "bailout". Those happen quarterly, deal with 10X costs at minimum, and return NOTHING. GM got 5B USD just to turn out the lights and banks have zero product.

S P A I N Spain - IMF tells Spain to protect banks by curbing public spending. Now how can a foreign company dictate country's fiscal policies? Spain is another WashCon victim, isn't it?

S R I  L A N K A Sri Lanka - 100K flee while tens of thousands are still trapped while Sri Lanka's assault on north continues.

S W E D E N Sweden - It turns out that judge that sentenced two kids to 1 yr in dungeons for a web site not unlike google's youtube is a member of some copyright org. West loves a fair trial.

T A I W A N Taiwan - Getting econ aid from mainland China.

U K UK - 120K jobs zapped in March.
- Claims lowest inflation levels since prices climb at a slow pace yet forgets to factor in BoE money printers spewing new 200B GBP.
- Dispenses with bank debt. How? Where did bank debt go? It was "added" to public sector. Sideline: Deflation while BoE prints 200B? Bailout while debt is added? That's not deflation, that's extreme hyperinflation. And that's not a bailout; it's just governance swapping cash for debt with all UK subjects for generations to come.
- London launches "housing boost" pumping 1B GBP into abandoned construction. Now, that isn't a housing boost but big elite construction firm boost.
- Apologises for a) torture and b) lying about it. So west tortures and lying as standard procedure are now OFFICIAL!
- Kids asked to snitch. Yes, betray-friends-and-family, fabulous-prizes-to-be-won programme, is on.
- "Bailout" is now equal to GDP! Again, everything UK earns now goes to the war bankers pockets. And let's be clear, banks produce NOTHING. This is bye bye to the drizzly island.
- This also means that UK operates in the red, at the expense of future generations debt -- like USA, like the rest of the prolapsed west serial child killers. Currently its deficit is at a whopping 12% of GDP. This is no longer just death pangs. This is scooping out the brains before mummification.
- London begs for more loans. This comes only weeks after they borrowed some 170B GBP in the last "SOS" bond issue. Now they issue 220B GBP in bonds, which means they're looking to borrow 220B from anyone. Who pays the monthlies? UK subjects. How? With deficit and future. Far more sensible would be learning up Mandarin and crawling to China for help like GM, Airbus, Taiwan, and others.
- Tax 50% increase on 200K GBP/yr wages. Now, this is brain scooping in reality! Watch UK upper middle class desert the island like the hived billions are vanishing from Swiss banks.
- T Blair calls for "war on militant Islam". Now, that's inciting violence, isn't it? And it's very different from Obama who, when begging in Turkey, said "USA is NOT at war with Islam". Who's the boss? Who forgot the script? Is there a script or is it improv henceforth?

U K R A I N E Ukraine - Sinks 3B USD deeper in IMF mire. Ukraine is now fully west bank owned.

U N UN - UN Racism Conference boycotted by west because it discussed racism. Pouting west nations touchingly walked out together while Ahmadinejad touched on some of the west evil. Ahmadinejad's full speech (9 pgs) in pdf here (BTW, If anyone sees D Ortega's full speech from Trinidad during the Summit of Americas, please post the link (split the link up into lines since google doesn't wrap them))

U S A USA - Obama flip flops once again and gives 5B USD and 500M to Chrysler, apparently just for closing shop. GM sales 50% down and though they got 5B can't pay 1B by June. Odd accounting? Yes, as absurd as everything west.
- Over 120K homes repo'd in last 6 months. That means USA's homeless production rate must be at some 500K/yr.
- Microsoft revenue down 6%, sales down over 30%/Q3. Surely, they'll spin this as overproduction of bits.
- Fred Mac, CFO of long since prolapsed USA nonsense suicided in his basement. His firm got 45B USD for free and still is going belly up taking down 13M dwellings with it. Sideline: Note here that some stupid bank got 50B GBP free, just to stay open, to produce nothing. Looks like Fred Mac or someone who might have assisted understood how off-scale and incurable the west rot is.
- Buries 26th dead bank this year.
- Broke California conducting a test on abandoning prosecution of burglaries, shoplifting, vandalism, traffic violations, assaults, meth narcotics, and other such areas starting May4. Whether they'll do this and spread it through USA remains to be seen but this is, as they say, it! This is state sponsored mayhem getting unleashed.
- USA says it won't bend on Iran n-power or on unpredictable N Korea. Some delusion of grandeur. Iran has n-power and N Korea answers to no one. USA, despite its boisterous talk, is bent more than the treble clef. And let's not forget not only USA's acceptance but begging for truce with Taliban.
- Despite the funny vid begging Iran for a new start, Obama's back to the usual USA violent threats of "crippling sanctions". Jekyll Hyde act, printing money, surging troops....none of it will do now. The game's over for west.
- FEMA's heard asking USA counties to identify suitable places for mass graves, where to land big choppers, and those kinds of things. The game's over for west.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Acquired surface-to-air missiles from Russia.
- Before west media mindrapists have a screaming orgasms over the tale of H Chavez's "giving" an island to USA, let it be known that the island is leased by Venezuela and won't be transferred till 2020 when the lease is up. There's a good chance the island will be Venezuelan in 2020, as well, as other parts of USA currently serviced by Citgo. be cont'd as it all piles up

Nation By Nation (18Apr09)

12-19Apr09 -- Celebrating the last days of the child murdering monster line by line. (Mouseover flags for info)

A B K H A Z I A Abkhazia - Tells EU "inspectors" to get out and go guard Georgia.

A U S T R A L I A Australia - Launches war on animals and bravely kills 30K foxes.
- Mass gun repo in progress.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Morales manages to extend prez term limits.
- A plot to assassinate Morales is foiled. EUnuchs found among the caught and killed. Irish officials, no doubt very concerned, are on their way to Bolivia right now.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Chatting up Colombia, one of USA's last drug vassals, to go off d0llar and join Brazil-Argentina-Uruguay no-d0llar trade zone.

C H I N A China - Growth at over 6%/Q1.
- Foreign reserves reach 2T USD.
- The long west-feared dump of d0llar underway. Given away by steadily rising prices of metals like zinc, aluminium, nickle, and copper, China's monthly import of some 350K tonnes of the resources has been revealed. So much for the USA pathetic ceding of USA prolapsed realty to China and so much for the ongoing USA media delusions how China needs them.
- Begins investing in Caspian Reserves via Russia and Kazakhstan -- now that Central Asia is getting clean from west.

E U EU - Car sales shrivel 17% in Q1, 1-yr low record. It's gotta cost the market dictators more to store the cars than give them away by now.
- Has a great idea to put chips in every sheep found in EU.

F R A N C E France - Air France jettisons 2,5K jobs.
- State bank admits 1,5B EUR loss for 2008. This banks is the dominant crutch of the Paris stocks.
- Energy sector workers on strike for 24hrs, 16Apr.
- Northwest shootout leaves 2 dead.
- Biz federation tells French bosses not to agree to any terms if nabbed. Governance vowing to end "bossnabbing". Watch unions declared another enemy of west.
- As west war cabals bicker among themselves, Sarkozy is heard on Obama: "not up to standard on decision making", on Zapatero/Spain: "perhaps not very intelligent", and on Merkel/Germany: "no choice but to come around my view".

G E O R G I A Georgia - Ongoing protests against Saakashvili's governance. Saakashvili cries that "west has abandoned him".
- 14Apr, 5th day of protests.
- Georgia is split 3 ways. Econ is prolapsed. Protests have no end. So what's Saakashvili do about it? He launches NATO war games. Notice the sensible priorities of west slave nations.

Rumsfeld, the butcher of Baghdad, and Hussein best of pals in the 80s. Imagine the brain capacity of those who still fall for the USA sweet talk?

G E R M A N Y Germany - German Woolworth bankrupt. 320 stores with 11K employees on the line.

G R E E C E Greece - 13Apr, 4 cop cars burnt up and 7 bank cars destroyed in Thessaloniki.

I N D I A India - Redefines mass suicides. 1500 kill themselves over debt. One farmer killed himself over 400 GBP debt. Every single person, including newborns, in USA are 30K in debt and operate on a budget that's missing 2T/yr. Though suicides and shootouts are on the evident rise in west, USA maintains it's still only 4/hr.

I R A Q Iraq - Russian Lukoil shopping in Iraq for oil. Yes, while USA is bloodlet in Iraq by Russian weapons, Russia is scoping out war spoils. Strangely, Obama has missed this. Sideline: This is classic Stalingrad. While west puts all its might into bullying Russia over on sanctions against N Korea to save Obama further int'l embarrassment, Russia slices one of west's claws off.

I S R A E L Israel - Murdered 437 children, maimed 1872 children, and 1500 orphaned during Gaza massacres.
- Gaza genocide continues as Israel air-destroys another home in Gaza.

J A P A N Japan - Sony zapping 2K jobs.
- Toyota sales 36% down/Q1 in USA and 31% down at home.
- GDP shriveled over 12% in Q1.
- Econ shriveled over 10% in Q1. Japan's own comment best sums up the island's prolapse: "While in a severe situation, the economy is worsening rapidly." And it's no wonder Tokyo is sidling up to Venezuela.

M O L D O V A Moldova - Election recount confirms earlier results raining on the west colour revolution parade.

N O R T H  K O R E A North Korea - Kicks out UN "inspector" goons. Russia says: "it's no surprise" yet it's "disappointing". What's the west to think about Russia's stand here?

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - NATO occupiers attacked in northern Pakistan.
- USA kills 4 civilians in 2 drone strikes.

P O L A N D Poland - Crawls to IMF for 20B USD aid like Iceland. Sideline: Not long ago, IMF was sucking cash from the whole planet like a fat parasitic leech. Now, this cash Dracula is relegated to incest and cannibalism slurping the gangrened bits of west.

R U S S I A Russia - Gazprom moves on USA at last. USA is becoming a Moscow gas dependency like EU.

S A U D I  A R A B I A Saudi Arabia - Going shopping for 500K hectares (bigger than S Ossetia) of land in Madagascar, Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, and thereabouts. Is west war junta buying a quaint little hideaway nation in Africa?

S O M A L I A Somalia - Continues fighting west nuke rubbish dumping in its waters. Sideline: Barrels of west nuke rubbish have been found in Somalia. 300 have been killed by the radiation. Sideline: In the diseased west view: protect your land and become an insurgent, terrorist, and a pirate, yet murder children and get promoted and zillions in "bailouts".

S O U T H   O S S E T I A South Ossetia - Russian tanks are guarding border against Georgia now and her west war-fiend mates. West media whores spin it as "occupation by Russia".

S P A I N Spain - Bush II torture henchmen case at its end. Spain wants the whole case dismissed now. There's a shock, isn't there?

S R I  L A N K A Sri Lanka - Governance, evidently bent on eliminating everyone in the north, rejects both LTTE ceasefire and UN truce appeal. 100K civilians, though fleeing by thousands, are caught in the massacre. Demonstration in Switzerland and Australia.

S W I T Z E R L A N D Switzerland - USB zaps 7,5K jobs.
- Credit Suisse shuts down accounts for USA, due to the USA/UK pillage of secret banking, the very basis of Swiss econ. Some 3B SWF on the run from Swiss. Vatican v west kings war is inevitable now.

T H A I L A N D Thailand - In state of emergency after unrelenting protests turn violent riots.

U K UK - Follows USA to impose community service on all. PM says "community service" will be "normal part of life in Britain". This, of course, harks back to Hitler Jugend, the org that reared west's chief religious czar, the pope.
- London 100K protest demands end of Tamil slaughter in Sri Lanka.
- UK brave troops after gang-raping a 15 yr old girl in North Yorkshire may be charged with "unlawful sex act", since the victim is underage. Now, how is this not a rape, kidnapping, breach of duty, and antisocial behaviour? Yes, west is the disease!
- Pouring 2000 more of these gang-rapist state-hired murderers into Afghanistan to slaughter civilians there. That's some 25K west troops added to Afghanistan/Q1.
- 15% of homes have negative equity. This means that the debt exceeds the dropping value of the home.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - Crimean protest, 11Apr, demands joining Russia/Belarus union.
- Fined 530M by Gazprom for sundry failures over gas delivery.
- Yuschenko hated by 97% of nation. Even for west where all governances made up of rabid liars and war psychos enjoy no more than 20% approval levels, this is somewhat of a noteworthy record.
- GDP shrivels 25% in Q1.
- Pumps 5B EUR into its prolapsed elite bank.

U N UN - Finds Obama's flip on not prosecuting USA hangmen for torture illegal, but, as is customary for this impotent USA raped org, takes zero action against USA's clear violation of int'l treaties including the UN charter.

So why exactly is it that the UN cannot put a stop to this? They've got the data. They've got the evidence. They've got the laws. They've got the means. Sideline: UN was created by USA in 1945, largely by Mr Dulles (yes, that's the airport in USA that lent itself to 911), to carry out USA int'l policy or rather perpetual war. Not once since its inception has the UN so much as rebuked USA though between 1945 and 2000, USA had attacked 68 nations murdering some ~30M civilians.

U S A USA - 3M zaps 3600 jobs or 11% of workforce.
- Admits to over 6M on unemployment benefits. Sideline: USA makes some 700K/mo of unemployed now but only counts and admits to those actively receiving aid. Once the aid runs out, they're forgotten by the statistic. So when USA claims it has 6M unemployed, you can bet it's 3X worse if not more.
- Mall vacancy grows by 10%/1Q09. One of the largest mall owner bankrupt with ~30B debt.
- Foreclosures 50% up in March/yr2yr basis.
- Illinois unemployment at 9%. Foreclosures backlogged till Sep.
- 1 in 9 homes is vacant due to foreclosures. West media whores create another euphemism to cover this up. They call it "overproduction of homes". Sideline: This, of course, is a lie since the homes weren't vacant before the foreclosure proceedings.
- The clever minds of USA strapped governances are busy creating new revenue sources. Among them are: car-idle penalty, slaughterhouse tax, streetlight fees, emergency response fees -- as if this isn't already covered by USA tax. However, they seem to be completely failing to understand that USA is already 2T in the red for 2009 and no amount of fee insanity can change USA fate today.
- Fed deficit near 200B in March alone.
- Family suicide, parents and 3 kids in Maryland.
- Cops murder 16 yr old in Michigan. That was enough for Greece to rise off its knees.
- 17Apr, 2 more banks go belly up joining 25 in Q1. Consolidation of war junta assets going as per plan.
- Obama gives self the right to shut down internet, after all, truth is west's biggest enemy.
- Media bailout and attack on web in the works. They're so stupid they actually think they're gonna force people back to drink the TV sewage.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Pumps 1M bpd of oil to China. This means that USA export can be unplugged.

Chavez: "Move over Washington, it's China's turn." be cont'd as it all piles up