Nation By Nation (11Apr09)

4-11Apr09 -- News by news, knell by knell, fitting the west child murdering world with a fashionable yet cheap casket. (Mouseover flags for info)

A B K H A Z I A Abkhazia - Reinforces border with Russian military to keep the west crotch licking Georgia at bay.

A U S T R A L I A Australia - Unemployment rises to 6%.
- Prime shrivels to 3%, lowest in 50 yrs. But Aussies, like all west folk, get no break as the west-wide loan usury celebrates record profiteering.

B E L A R U S Belarus - Despite EU's rabid fang gnashing, going ahead with recognition of S Ossetia and Abkhazia.
- Getting Russian surface-to-air Triumf missiles.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Car sales 3% UP. That's UP!
- Finds more oil in Campos Basin.

C H I N A China - Displeased with USA rising spate of violence in which 4 Chinese nationals were killed.

C Z E C H Czech - Some 80% of Czech Republic unites against the idea of turning the nation into a west nuke trench against Russia.

Prague decked out to welcome EU/USA war retinue.

Sour protests take place despite snipers strategically spread throughout the no-fly zone city to host the EU/USA war party.

E U EU - Obama's "complicated world" forcing Washington to suck up to Turkey drives a wedge twixt USA and EU. USA thinks Turkey wants to hear that USA backs Turkey's accession to EU. This, of course, angers EUnuchs exposing yet another fissure in the fragile west.
- Active prolapse doesn't stop the west war cabal from partying though. After G20 photo ops in London it was off to the NATO shindig in Strasbourg, France. And now it's a wall to wall piss up in Prague for the EU/USA summit. Everywhere their subjects welcome the party goers with increasing demonstrations.
- EUnuchs, angry with USA accounting practices, demand they be allowed to cheat too. EUnuchs have a point! It's unfair to compete unless everyone is allowed to fraud asset value, hide inflation, misreport unemployment, use blank cheque policies for difficult to explain stuff, etc. Sidenote: USA has just abandoned mark2market standard, which anchored asset prices in the market. Without it, the value floats random-like, allowing USA even less connection to reality. EUnuchs want the same. This just to highlight the desperation and collective folly of west. No amount of voodoo accounting can save the necrotic dollar world.

F R A N C E France - NATO party crashed by violent protests.
- Sidling up to Russia begging for some way to invest in Russia and thus save west elite's loot. Sidenote: West "bailout" looting is nearing its end. Phase II is underway, in which west war junta will take the loot and try save it by converting it to anything and investing anywhere, even in west's erstwhile hardcore enemies. After that comes phase III, in which, the west will be unplugged.
- 3 Brits bossnabbed.

4Apr, NATO party, Strasbourg, France

G E O R G I A Georgia - Protests blocking roads to Tbilisi demand resignation of governance that made Georgia even smaller. Clutching to his delusions, Saakashvili vows to remain in power.

G E R M A N Y Germany - Courthouse shootout leaves 2 dead.
- Karmann car firm goes belly up adding 7K to the growing unemployment pool.
- Nationalises Hypo. Sidenote: This, of course, is another falsie euphemism created by the west media truth rapists. Nationalisation implies socialism, communism, or some benefit to public. That's not the case here! West uses the word as a code for stealing public cash to pay for the rich elite's war investments that went awry.
- Production 20% down.
- Import shrivels 4%.

G R E E C E Greece - Governance meets special forces to figure out how to crush the revolution. They figure that: nightly cop raids; deployment of 2500 state anti-revolution troops; 1300 more spy cameras in Athens; harsh punishments for wearing hoods or ski-masks is gonna do the trick.
- 2 cops shot and wounded in Athens, 10Apr.
- Another chain bombing in Athens, Thessaloniki, and Piraeus, 10Apr.
- Civil rights protest, 10Apr.
- School shootout, offender dead, 11Apr.
- Pensioners protest, 11Apr.
- More on Greek Revolt:

I N D I A India - Getting nuke fuel from Russia. No threats by west to sanction and bomb India? Too big for the west child murdering coward, is it?
- Clashes again with Pakistan in Kashmir. Increasing mil build-up in Kashmir.

I R A N Iran - Tells USA to disarm, if it's serious about its sudden peace overtures. It's crazy but apparently the braindead west has to constantly be reminded that it was USA that used nukes against civilian-only targets and TWICE and DELIBERATELY.
- Expands nuke fuel programme to 7K centrifuges.
- USA folds and chats up Iran begging for investments in Iran, to hive some of the west "bailout" spoils.

I R A Q Iraq - Another sign of USA rigormortis. Baghdad turns to Russia alluring it with oil. This must have the west war dogs barking particularly loud. Whatever happened to Bush II's: "if y'all don't help murder, torture, and rape, you ain't gettin' no oil"?
- Attack on USA occupying forces kills 5 USAns and 2 lackeys.

I R E L A N D Ireland - Pumps 90B EUR into its toxic crap. "Toxic asset" is just an euphemism for west's negative ROI on war investment.

I S R A E L Israel - Gaza genocide has orphaned 1346 children.
- Deliberate murders of civilians and medical staff during Gaza assault confirmed by Physicians for Human Rights. The outfit is seeking indictments of Tel Aviv genocide architects.
- Receives more anti-children ammo from the good ol' USA, the chief sponsor of all genocides.
- Attacks Palestinian residents in Safu, 8Apr.
- 17 Palestinians kidnapped in West Bank, as Israel racist war against Palestine continues.

I T A L Y Italy - Earthquake in L'Aquilla renders 2K hurt, 20K homeless, and near 300 dead. But zillionaire NWO rep in Rome, Berlusconi, sees the tragedy as a "camping weekend". Yes, disasters, war, mayhem, pain, suffering, death are all just a big joke for the west war junta.
- Some half a million protest in Rome, 5Apr.
- Production shrivels further 20%.

Giant protests against the west vampire in Rome, 5Apr.

J A P A N Japan - "Stimulus" plans swell to 15T JPY.
- Sharp zapping 1500 jobs due to its 130B JPY/yr loss.

M A D A G A S C A R Madagascar - Rajoelina new gov't tears up S Korean 3M acre farming deal worth 6B USD.

M E X I C O Mexico - Says "Not possible to pass tonnes of coke into USA without great complicity of some US authorities". Did they just realise that after USA vice prez family member was caught snorting coke?

M O L D O V A Moldova - 10K protest storms parliament and prez office despite armed state cops. Perhaps another colour revolution from west since Georgia war proxy dream has vanished?
- Riot blamed on Romania and Romanian ambassador expelled.

10K protest in Chisinau, 6Apr

N O R T H  K O R E A North Korea - Launches satellite, 3Apr, clocking a few new int'l embarrassments for the west big mouths. Before the launch, Obama harassed N Korea with warships and threatened to shoot if they launch. As the launch neared, Obama had diluted the bully blather down to some undefined "stern" reply. After the launch, all Obama's managed was to scream for "someone to do something".
- China pisses off west for it takes no action other than telling west not to wet its knickers over the launch.
- UN held a customary emergency meeting on N Korea launch and after 3 hrs came to a castrated impasse.
- The typical "sanctions" word being deeply debated in west today as the stern response to N Korea launch.

R U S S I A Russia - Test launches 500K-tonne warhead Topol ICBM. No threat quacking from west at all! In fact, not so much as a single peep was heard.

S O M A L I A Somalia - Wants 2M USD for USA kidnapped cpt. Think of it, cpt America, as a paid sailing weekend.

S O U T H   O S S E T I A South Ossetia - Building a direct pipeline to Russia severing dependence on prolapsing Georgia.

S P A I N Spain - Moves to criminal proceedings against 6 Bush II torture henchmen. Invoking "universal jurisdiction", apparently, they can be arrested and prosecuted if they enter EU. But how was Bush II left off the list when even the CNN war rogue has admitted to torture evidence link to the very USA top? Well, cuz it's all 100% west BS trying to placate some of the pent up angst.
- Unemployment touching 20%.

S R I  L A N K A Sri Lanka - Governance celebrates slaughter of hundreds of Tamil separatists.

S W I T Z E R L A N D Switzerland - Destruction of banking, or in this case, the entire nation's economy, yields quick results: Swiss declares "depression".
- Prohibits USB bank execs to travel abroad after the bank secret accounting got raided by USA/US. Do they fear USA could torture them for more bank info?

T A I W A N Taiwan - Pumping 4B USD into its econ afflicted with the unstoppable west rot.

T H A I L A N D Thailand - ASEAN party crashed by protestors demanding governance resignation.

Bangkok protests

T U R K M E N I S T A N Turkmenistan - Central-Asian pipeline feeding Ukraine and EU explodes. Under repairs at the moment.

U K UK - Wank of Scotland zapping 9K jobs. What a fun bailout it was though.
- Car sales shrivel further 30%/month making UK car makers scream for free cash.
- Deficit up by 40B GBP that were somehow forgotten and left off the earlier budget. It's reassuring how meticulous they are even with small amounts, isn't it?
- Production shrivels 6,5%/qtr, biggest tanking in 40 yrs.

UK murders I Tomlinson during the G20 cop occupation of London. One murder was enough to set Greece ablaze. UK remains unmoved and NWO obedient.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - 20K protest in Kiev.
- Governance sinks nation 15B EUR deeper into debt to their IMF master.

U S A USA - USA profile for fun: 45M illiterate; 50M read like 3rd graders; 240M cannot fill out tax forms alone; 32M on food stamps; 60M no medical care; 2M fired just in 2009; money supply doubled from 2000 to 2006; money supply doubled from 2006 to end of 2008; 27% (18 age +) or nearly 100M suffer mental disorders; 4M homeless includes 1M kids.
- Malls are issuing own currencies & selling them at discount to keep dollars home.
- Thermite (explosives) confirmed by Univ of Copenhagen in all WTC samples. Sidenote: Engines don't melt and vapourise from burning the fuel they're made to explode. Plus, air has 21% oxygen which doesn't allow for fire much hotter than 500C, some 900C short of turning steel into lava pools that remained in NYC for 8 weeks. That's why welders use O2 bottles. Finally, no Boeing, no matter how much it tries, can squeeze through a 3-metre hole. Simple facts and pics have always rendered the Bush II & cabal 911 tale totally ridiculous and as cretinous as the North Am baboon species that's swallowed it for 8 yrs. But now, there's hard science proof for those who require more than simple reason.

An incredibly boring vid with N Harrit, who confirms explosives in WTC makes the Danish mainstream TV. Though exhausting and repetitive in detail on nano-explosives, it fails to mention the most important thing here: USA did 911 100%.

- Mortgage delinquency up 50%/annum. 1 out of every 14 houses in active default.
- Obama revives his int'l embarrassment from a month ago as he once again threatens Freeworld with non-existent nukes.
- Fedex zapping 1K jobs.
- War twixt west kings and war financiers rages on. USA governance threatens with purges of bank board members.
- The world's greatest bully turns a pitiful begger: USA begs Turkey now to help with Iraq; lies prostrate before Saudi oil kings begging for kings to stay faithful to d0llar for a bit longer; on knees before Iran begging for to help with Afghanistan; begging Kyrgyzstan to let them stay a while longer; pleading with Russia to ease up on military spending and proliferation; imploring China not to dump d0llar just yet; beseeching UN to do something with N Korea and the rest of the growing "defiant" world; and about to go crawl to SouthAm.
- 2 banks join the west econ grave.
- Nearly 60 dead in 8 shootouts in 1 month.
- Nat'l deficit eclipses 190B USD just LAST month. That's another record. It's headed over 2T if USA makes the end of 2009, that is. That would be two more records.
- Obama quickly prints 83B USD more just for USA wars.
- The ghost town of Detroit is shutting down 23 schools.
- "Bailout" theft estimated at 4T now and is extended to insurance firms. This is highly suspect! Just twixt 4Q08 and 1Q09 Bush II and Obama collectively pumped over 1,4T into USA. But it hardly matters.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Developing South Pars oil in Iran.
- Launching bank with Iran.
- Creating joint oil shipping company with Iran.
- Prolapsed Japan crawls to Venezuela offering 33B USD for any investment, seeking deals and Caracas friendship.

Chavez summarises: on G-20 trillion prints, "same medicine that's killing the patient" & "more money down the bottomless pit"; on IMF & WB (world bank), "tools of imperialism", which must be "eliminated"; on capitalism, "it needs to go down"; and on USA & UK: "the most guilty". be cont'd as it all piles up.


Anonymous said...

Good job you thought to mention Sri Lanka in this week's N by N. Everyone else behaves as if nothing out of the ordinary were happening. Diaspora Tamils have tried to draw attention to the plight of their countrymen, but have received police batons on their heads for their pains. Tamils can be quite hubristic at times. It still gives no one any right to kill them off as if they counted no more than a few beastly insects.

Anonymous said...

Encouraging balance sheet in our favour except for the Moldova mishap. Didn't the authorities anticipate something like this and take measures to protect the country? Whatever, nation by nation the democracy farce is growing more see-through by the day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Greek blog. Of course the Greeks are in the first stages of their revolution, more power to them. But the Brits are already in their post-revolution phase. I mean the Glorious Revolution of 1688. After that the never needed another.

poiuytr said...

even if west operatives achieve replacing the current gov't with some NWO stooge, manage to arm it, and sic it on Russia, it's gonna be west's arse again in the end.

Georgia is 200X smaller than Russia. Moldova is 2X smaller than Georgia or 400X smaller than Russia.

someone in the west should, by now, understand that proxy cannot be laughably tiny if it's to be taken seriously. but alas they don't.

but again, trying to use Moldova to save the west highlights how deeply desperate and completely idiotic the west's become.

Anonymous said...

Use a bit of common, guv, as they used to say at one time. No common, one step beyond logic as one blogger put it below, totally madcap as I see it, the Moldova adventure and the west's constant desire to make everyone bend to their will.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to all on this blog, visitors and writers alike.

Anonymous said...


I don't understand how you can deliver this stuff every seven days. Its nice to see through your telescopic lens. As if you were from outer space with the moral eye of Justice and Truth: The eye of an ancient civilisation, not long ago defunct.



Anonymous said...

And happy Easter to you: The resurrection of the New Dawn is here!

Anonymous said...


True enough. One tends to treat Canada as an adjunct of the US and it rarely seems to merit a slot of its own.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, the economic message I'll retain from this N by N edition is: phase one: looting, phase two: investing the loot, phase three: west going unplugged. I cherish the hope phase two will go as smartly as phase one did and phase three at even a smarter clip.

Anonymous said...

Russia fires a Topol intercontinental ballistic missile and NKorea gets the opprobrium and sanctions. You understand this skewed world and I'd be delighted to listen.

Anonymous said...

Emerging Markets Setting a New Pace
THERE is a natural order to stock market chaos. When investors panic, they often sprint away from emerging markets first and return only at a dawdling pace, after a global rebound is well under way.
Everything went according to plan last year. Many markets in the developing world lost far more than half of their value, compared with a 38.5 percent decline in the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index.
In the first quarter this year, however, emerging markets lost less as the decline continued and gained more in the recovery that began early last month.
Stock indexes in markets like China, Brazil and Russia ended the first quarter with double-digit percentage gains, although the weakness of some emerging-market currencies limited returns for American investors. The S.& P. 500, by contrast, fell 11.7 percent.

Decoupling, eh?

Anonymous said...

Sunday, 12 April 2009
Israeli Occupation Places Baby under House Arrest
'In an arbitrary act that is probably the first of its kind in human history, the Israeli occupation forces placed one-year-old baby Fahd Shuqeir under house arrest for two years simply for being born in Damascus. The baby was born to parents from Majdal Shams who were studying in Damascus University, and upon their return to their hometown with their firstborn son, they were informed by the occupation forces of the decision to place the baby under house arrest.
The baby's uncle Dr. Ihsan Shuqeir stated that the family anticipated all possibilities and the harassments that they will suffer from at the hands of occupation forces, but this act exceeded all expectations, noting that the baby can't visit a doctor or accompany his mother to visit his grandfather.
"The Israeli occupation forces' excuse is that the baby is a terrorist because he was born in Damascus," he said.'

What do you say to this story? Just right for Easter Sunday, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

For Heavens sakes!
Somebody nominate this man for a Journalism award!


poiuytr said...

9:21 -- phases of prolapse
it appears that way, doesn't it? and it's reflected as well.

again, (sorry for repeat, not meant to bore) my bet is the war criminals to loot via bailouts, consodidate assets, rinse the west of its coins, hive the cash, and run. and further, so they're not searched for, they'll give the west a good partying shot, either via another 911 falsie or perhaps by provoking a big conflict, say, with Pakistan.

and the hiving off shore of the loot is underway now. also, notice, that the bailout looting is sort of showing signs of ending. execs v legislators and bankers v legislators battles are erupting.

they're gonna be battling over who gets the last ticket out of there before dollar turns to crap.

so phase II's gonna be somewhat problematic for them, especially since it's a contingency and a very hurriedly done up plan. even more sloppy than 911 or London77 or Madrid train.

but that's Obama's job. he's the fall guy. he's gonna do his embarrassment prostrations, create west anger, launch martial law, and no one will notice the west war junta escape, not even Obama. the guy doesn't seem to grasp why he got the scepter. that's the fun bit.

the second problem with phase II is the inflation on the transfer of trillions. it's gonna inflate whatever investment they're gonna try to make. it would be odd if that was welcome so they may find it difficult keeping all of the loot.


on North Korean launch... the results are in. Japan and USA's talk's the cheapest, perhaps as expected. and poor Obama doesn't even understand why he's the most laughed at puppet today.


9:55 - decoupling, well spotted

Anonymous said...

So basically just one of many hollow men presiding over T. S. Elliot's Wasteland.

April is indeed the cruelest month.


Anonymous said...

Alfred, how right. Or something else by the poet: "All time is unredeemable." But we, the frail species can only ever struggle on and refuse to give in.

Rofl (11:03) above, we wholly second your wise suggestion.

Anonymous said... down again. Heartbreaking on such a day when we strive to find some reason to hope.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, Whatever the daily news might imply, I don't think they can touch Pakistan. It's too big for them with one of the strongest armies in the world plus N weapons which do exist. We'll probably see a series of escalations in weaker places and Moldova is part of it as are the flamboyant pirates of the Indian Ocean. Obama promised us change, didn't he? Well that was one thing he got right. Change is going to hit us with the strength of a tsunami and we'll have no place to run.

Anonymous said...

"An incredibly boring vid with N Harrit, who confirms explosives in WTC makes the Danish mainstream TV. Though exhausting and repetitive in detail on nano-explosives, it fails to mention the most important thing here: USA did 911 100%."

Very true.

And regarding Moldova:

Moldova’s ‘Twitter Revolution’: Made in America?

Anonymous said...

Re 12/4/09 08:52

Nice to see that sky blue flag of the zionist occupied state

And then there is this:

G20 London: Family photo (hilarious video) - Obama bows to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia; Pink Queen licks Hus’ ass of Chinia. Whitie House says its normal.

Anonymous said...

Vds good, bad, indfferent all make the point. And mainstream m. even when they try to tell part of the truth get it garbled. We should have grown used to it by now. As for Zigzag Bananas bowing and scraping along with the rest of 'em, must be a put up job. Perhaps the Muslims and Chinese are the new Zionists. They all want a bit of the pie after all.

Anonymous said...

Moldova’s ‘Twitter Revolution’: Made in America?

Its very interesting to read all these articles coming out of the woodwork regarding Moldova and the ZioWest manipulation.

We are getting good at what we do.

And the turn-around is now days rather than years before we catch them in the act.

If only 911 happened now, rather than then. We could have nipped them in the bud.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous thought, but I fear they'd still have sent their shadow armies to decimate the Muslims. But that all of you are getting good or even better at what you do is unassailable.

Anonymous said...

Re: Sri Lanka. Proxy war par excellence. India and Pakistan the two protagonists behind the Tamil Tigers and the Sri Lankan government. Pakis begged and pleaded with the Indians to stop meddling in Baluschistan. Fell on a deaf ear. So they turned to Sri Lanka to deal a telling blow. All India has been able to do so far is to whisk away the head of the Tamil Tigers to the mainland.

Anonymous said...

150 militants attack U.S.-NATO supply line
About 150 militants armed with rockets and automatic weapons attacked a transport terminal in northwestern Pakistan that lies along a key supply route used by U.S. and NATO troops, wounding three guards and torching eight cement trucks Sunday, police said.

Anonymous said...

Bangkok In State Of Emergency
There were signs that the government might not be able to contain the protesters.
Demonstrators from the United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship say Abhisit's four-month-old government took power illegitimately and want new elections. They also accuse the country's elite - the military, judiciary and other unelected officials - of undermining democracy by interfering in politics.
This is what happens when a population gets mad as hell, and decides not to take government oppression any more. Take heed sheeple.

Anonymous said...

this is the people in action, not the unholy alliance busy in Moldova.

Anonymous said...

Forced labor in store for UK youth

UK: Prime Minister's plan for compulsory volunteers - BBC News
Sun, 12 Apr 2009
Prime Minister Gordon Brown has pledged to ensure every young person has done 50 hours of voluntary work by the time they are 19-years-old.
Mr Brown said a promise to bring in compulsory community service would be a part of his next election manifesto.
Under the scheme, the work may include helping charities and is likely to become part of the National Curriculum.
The scheme would be woven into plans to make everyone stay in education or training until the age of 18 by 2011.
Mr Brown told the News of the World newspaper: "It is my ambition to create a Britain in which there is a clear expectation that all young people will undertake some service to their community, and where community service will become a normal part of growing up in Britain.

N.B. BO has something similar going on in US. The military draft back in a new disguise.

Anonymous said...

Old but still relevant - Israel
By Habib Trabelsi – Middle East Online First Published November 25, 2008
Not only do columnists and analysts openly accuse Israel of sponsoring acts of piracy that multiply off Somali waters, but they also do not hide their fears of an internationalization of security in the Red Sea, where Israel plays a decisive role.
“What is happening in the Horn of Africa is not a simple case of piracy. These acts of piracy raise various questions about the capabilities and equipment of simple outlaws who are seeking ransoms,” wrote Tuesday (November 25) Nawaf Al-Meshal Sabhan in the Saudi daily Al-Iqtissadia.
“These acts triggered statements on the internationalization of the Red Sea, in which the enemy state of Israel would be a crucial element,” he adds.

Question - If the Saudis know so much, how come they still openly flirt with the zioentity?

Anonymous said...

The Iraqi Resistance on the Anniversary of US Invasion

April 12, 2009 IraqiResistance

While the illegal US Occupation enters it’s 7th Year and after they killed thousands of brave Mujahedin and after they arrested hundreds of families in order to break the strong will of the people, the Iraqi Resistance again spoke to the whole world.
The most powerful Organizations are the "Political Council of Iraqi Resistance", including the Islamic Army of Iraq and Hamas of Iraq, and "Jihad and Change Front", including the 1920 Revolution Brigades and Rashideen Army.
The "Political Council of Iraqi Resistance" writes:
"… The invasion of Iraq left only massive destruction in the country’s infrastructure, shredding the communal net of the Iraqi community and planting sectarianism between its sons which resulted in killings, displacement and actions that will leave its negative after effects in the heart of the Iraqis for a long time. Adding to more than a million martyrs who went as victims to this invasion and what happened to Iraq from emissions that led to the emergence of all types of killings, its causes and types that were not known in Iraq before the invaders entered it. (…)
It was only natural that from this invasion a resistance will be produced which defends this country and the people from its injustices. (…)
From this stand we call upon the proud, patient and injured Iraqi people to wrap around the resistance that came from the womb of this nation (…)
We call the factions of the Iraqi resistance to continue the attacks against the invaders and increase their attacks against them until they leave submissively from our country and learn a bitter lesson in respecting the sovereignty of other countries and the dignity of the nations. This is a great service that the resistance offers to its nation and to all the nations all over the world."
The "Jihad and Change Front" writes:
"There is no promised democracy and no true witness, no able political movement and no constitution, no justice and no fairness, no rebuilding and no security, no freedom, no leader and no independence. (…)
However by the will of Allah (swt) and then by the will of the people and our power against the occupation, we will rebuild this nation after it has been liberated by the last foreign soldier no matter how much it costs us, how many more big sacrifices and no matter how long or short a time it takes. (…)
The Iraqi resistance is now facing two duties: One they must end this occupation and force it to leave by increasing against it the military pressure. Two, to undermine everything that the occupation achieved and its projects and all those that helped them in these dry years. (…)"
This statement has been issued together with three smaller factions: "Jaish al Fatiheen", "Asaeb al Iraq al Jihadiyyah" and "Jaish al Mujahideen al Murabiteen". They are publishing a joint statement for the first time.
The full Statements (in English) can be Downloaded here:
The Iraqi Resistance will confront the criminal Occupation as long as they keep standing in Iraq. They are the ones who represent the Iraqi people, they are the ones who have a clear vision and they are the ones who will win this war, even if western media corporations continue their support for the barbaric US Army by censoring everything related to the Iraqi Resistance.
Antiimperialist Media
12 April 2009

Anonymous said...

Re Red Sea: Two or three days before Obama, and before the "ceasefire" of Gaza, ZioUSA and Israel signed an agreement regarding smuggling weapons to Gaza which basically involves boarding and inpecting Iranian ships.

Bravo Anti Imperialist Media.

Here is more from our favorate Baroness:
“Ties between the European Union and Iraq grow stronger by the day” – Baroness Nicholson MEP

19th March 2009: Speaking yesterday at the conference, “What Future for Iraq?”, Baroness Nicholson MEP, ***Chair of the European Parliament’s Delegation for relations with Iraq,*** reported on the growing relationship between the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the European Parliament.

Her contact address:

Anonymous said...

Delighted Baroness Nicholson MEP is still going strong. Exquisite irony. We'll be dropping her a line one of these days.

Anonymous said...

China pledges 'ample liquidity' to sustain economic growth
Central bank to continue 'loose' monetary policy / Chinese economy shows some signs of recovery (The Independent)

Take note please. Wasn't this what was said here all along, West economies battered and shattered/Freeworld thriving?

Anonymous said...

I'll give you the best of the day from my standpoint:

- State of emergency declared in Thailand and Thaksin calling for revolution.
- The bird-flu-pandemic scare in the air again, this time out of pestilential Egypt. There's much, too much wrong with that place and none of it to do with innocent bird flu.
- The obscene elect who are nothing of the kind (see Shlomo Sand's book, if you don't know the truth already) still mumling on about attacking Iran. They do that, they can all go and live with their Egyptian and Saudi friends and the rest of us will heave a sigh of relief. Crazy Vatican sending their top man to Israel, too.
- The Brits ressurect yet another dead man to blame for all kinds of imaginary horrors.

And on in on in a world which has lost each and every of its basic simplicities.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time there was ‘W’ the Waster
Do you know what the “W” in George W Bush stands for? Well, we found out that the “W” in his name meant “Waster”, W the waster. He wasted the old civilization, he wasted the global economy, he wasted the environment, he wasted American international prestige, he wasted our faith in our selves, he wasted lives in Iraq, he wasted our core values leaving us with nothing. (Pravda)

Anonymous said...

"Obama: British Empire, Worse than al-Queda?"

Of course, everybody knows that the Anglo-American Evil Empire is al-Queda, but still an interesting read on the Machiavellian lies and deceit that the haughty British are guilty of.

But you could say this about the genocidal entity known as Western (spit) Civilization in general.

Anonymous said...

I loved "Western (spit) Civilization". All they deserve is our bottomless contempt. As for Nu'man Abd al-Wahid, this paragraph of his correspond with convictions of our own:
"History testifies that if the American revolutionaries had not liberated themselves from the British they simply would not have become the technologically pioneering and culturally dominant nation of the last 100 years. China, India and Iran are now showing similar patterns of progress. The fascinating progress of all the three nations is predicated on the uncompromising fact that they freed themselves from imperialist and neo-imperialist bondage. It is very unlikely that China will ever suffer from British imperialist opium dealers backed by the British Navy again. [1] Since Indian independence, the Indians have not been inflicted by any famine caused by British imperialist looting and pillaging of their staple resources." Obama is still an unknown quantity for most people. And 9/11 was definitely not an al-Qaeda job. In fact that sainted organisation has never existed. But all in all an interesting read. Many thanks.

poiuytr said...

12:51 King - Pakistan & Moldova

yes, west can't even hope to touch Pakistan. it's a nuke country. so they need a proxy there. india comes to mind. kashmir. but this is playing with so much fire that... yeah, they're desperate enough though. what's the point though? draw Russia in, nuke the whole Central Asia? if that's the plan, then there more psycho than thus far thought. then we need a new word for insanity.

same with Moldova. i don't see the point. you can't use a proxy the size of 1/400 the enemy. it just doesn't work like that.

in either case, i don't get the efficacy of these insane manoeuvres... but it does go along the line of any war, anywhere, anyhow.

17:14 - Pakistan attack news, thanks!
17:25 - Brit volunteering compulsory

this is funny. it follows Obama and of course Hitler. very west that, turn their brainwashed garbage-fed kiddies into even bigger cretins.

the fact that west doesn't fight this shows what sort of a DNA disease it is.

17:34 - Saudi flirting with Israel

right! that's the tragedy of it all. the Arab oil monarchies are all deliberate partners in the Arab genocide. that's why the it's all jews' fault mantra doesn't hold. it's traitors everywhere to the west. it's cash. it's all profit cash driven mafia. but thanks to the death of the petrodollar and now the dollar, this world mafia is falling apart and unprecedented concessions are being made by west to keep it together for a while longer.

that's why Saudis own Chrysler bldg in NYC and other posh property. that's why China got USA realty. who knows what Obama is offering to Russia. Alaska comes to mind.

this is the fun bit here, watching them go at each other as their trillions turn to trillions of rubbish that's worth more as recycled paper than the bills it supposed to represent.

but that's the tragedy of the planet. the lackeys. the dollar slaves that have worked for the beast raping their own people. hopefully the dollar rot cures this sickness a bit but it's still disgusting.

that's why USA can never leave Iraq. the second they do, Arab monarchies are gonna have to flee rather quickly.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, you who know so much, surely you know when to classify things in the "creative chaos" category. Spread mischief wherever you can and the more preposterous, the better. Moldova is textbook in that respect. The Russians don't understand why they're doing this, we don't see the point of it, others are scratching their heads as well and yet it's on and on. The c.c. theory is also linked to an excess of hubris. Anything they touch, the west feels, will bring them profit. Well, now it's payback time. Perfect comments about the vile Arab rulers. As for Iraq, they'll go, the US, I mean. Not because they want to in any way, but because there'll be no alternative. And, of course, we must never underestimate their insane stupidity. But on our side - and God that's a powerful factor - is the tide of history which is in the ebb-phase as far as the west is concerned.

Anonymous said...

My heart's bleeding. Iraqwar still down this morning. But thank the Lord for Insurrection Daily.

Anonymous said...

April 12, 2009
Viva Saint Augustine! By Christopher Manion "It is fitting, on this glorious day of Easter, to recall Saint Augustine. His City of God was the most widely-read book besides the Bible for nearly a thousand years, and forged the foundation for the freedom that developed and flourished in the West in Christendom, and nowhere else." [Usual west self-praise]
"To Obama and Pastor Wright, of course, them's fightin' words. But Augustine made one thing perfectly clear: the individual's highest priority is the salvation of his soul. The state cannot save our soul. Hence, the state is limited, metaphysically and irreversibly. Our freedom to seek our most important goal is irrevocable. [This is the good bit here and as true as the beating of the heart.]
Every tyranny has begun by denying that eternal goal so the tyrant could totally control his victims and make his nightmares a reality. If there is no higher law than Caesar, then Caesar rules without competition.
Saint Thomas More limns it perfectly: "Men desire authority for its own sake that they may bear a rule, command and control other men, and live uncommanded and uncontrolled themselves." [Perfect summing up of the power complex.]

Anonymous said...

Thanks for addressing my concerns in an earlier comment. Russia and China, seems to me, have factored in the role of time. No one is in a special hurry to end the great proxy wars in Afghanistan or Iraq. It's weakening the West on the cheap, if I may put it that way. Muslim lives are lost naturally, but in return west casualties pile up, dead bodies, hardware, treasure. So finally we'll see zio-Natosised west (corrupt Arabs included in this entity) on its knees and begging for release. Moldova in pinching Russia in passing because the occasion presented itself. Russia as usual will give a dignified sigh and move on to the more important task of getting back Alaska which the Tsars should never have rented out in the first place. That lot had much in common with the Arab rulers of today.

Anonymous said...

WE ARE ANTI-IMPERIALIST MEDIA: We want to inform you.
By: informatron on: 12.04.2009

We want to inform you. We stop world-wide terrorism by US invading system.

We are Iraq resistance snipers:



Anonymous said...

Tremendous power here in N by N. As though someone had his ear to the ground and could hear volcanoes rumble.

Anonymous said...

Islamic Financing - 13.4.09

Here at home, amid all the losses in the banking and housing worlds, there is one conspicuous exception. It’s the Islamic practice of doing business without charging or paying interest on a loan. Throughout the recession so far, Islamic financing has been growing at 10 to 15 percent a year. (WRH)

Anonymous said...

Georgia protests enter fifth day
By: BBC on: 13.04.2009 [17:03 ]
Georgia protests enter fifth day

Many protesters want the president to resign over last year's war with Russia
Thousands of opposition supporters in Georgia have begun a fifth day of protests, calling on President Mikhail Saakashvili to step down.
The demonstrators gathered outside the parliament in Tbilisi, before marching on to the presidential palace, where they plan to hold an ongoing protest.
Correspondents say turnout is falling and the opposition seems increasingly unsure of how to continue its campaign.
Mr Saakashvili says Russian oligarchs are financing the Georgian opposition.
The opposition accuses him of mishandling last year's conflict with Russia over the breakaway region of South Ossetia, and of being increasingly autocratic.

poiuytr said...

9:51 - creative chaos
i get the idea behind 'order out of chaos' and how west creates fissures everywhere and then exploits them.

typically, design poverty does that well. what i don't get though is the efficacy of it all. say, Moldova it's just too late, too little, and much too long of a process to achieve anything real, and Moldova is very tiny.

i thought Moldova would have gone 'colour' revolt over a year ago, when west tried splitting/NATOising Ukraine, before the Georgia attack on Russia. and possibly had west synched up Czech/Poland, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, and something with Koreas, then maybe Russia would have a scenario on her hands. but this... this is just stupid soap opera with Saakashvili howling for help from west, Georgia being split threeways, Ukraine teetering on the ledge, Czech republic in civil resistance... this is the work of total morons.

west's arrogance and stupidity isn't just theatrical dramatics. it's 100% real! look at 911. it's hard to find a more sloppy crime.

today, forcing vote recount in Moldova doesn't get west anywhere. arming Moldova and siccing it on Russia won't get them a thing but vote recount? that's as pointless as France urging bosses when nabbed not to make deals with the unions. it's just laughable. it's just NBN material.

like King says in 14:00... time isn't on west's side.

west has been badly lacerated since May2006 and the bloodletting continues.

and setting about to take over Moldova in some hope to save the west.... well, it's like everything else. like hitler donning uniforms of dead soldiers on little kids and cripples in 1945 and sending them to the front lines. it's like obama offering 'honourable reconciliation' while murdering civilians and surging occupying forces. it's like west trillion "bailouts" printed in dead currency. none of it solves a thing for west. it only highlights their growing desperation of not being able to deal with their rigormortis.

the strange thing is why west doesn't just fold. the west war junta would turn coats, hide for a bit, keep their loot, and reemerge as the tomorrow's west new leaders. so why don't they orchestrate a colour revolt in USA and UK instead of Moldova. that would be more sensible. rotten, of course, but more sensible considering the pathetic position the west is in.

19:21 - Saakashvili
he just cried someplace that west comrades have "abandoned" him. this is NBN joke material. how could a joker like this be in power anywhere, much less in charge of a nation?

did he not see Rumsfeld hugging Hussein? does he not know the story of Hitler?

it's really strange but the west world with all its glorious lackeys is truly a moronic cesspit run by some strand of barely upright monkeys. the word baboon, as exaggerated as it may sound, is fully proven by west time after time to be not only justified but anthropologically correct.

in fact, there doesn't seem to be a single brain cell functioning in the west.

the war leadership commits unspeakable crimes yet all of them have negative ROI for west and west populace doesn't mind. they just sit there ladling in the BBC lies paying BBC fees for the mindrape.

they know that explosives were in WTC but do nothing. they know London77 was Tony murdering UKians for fun but do nothing. On the contrary, Tony's readying himself to be the chief EUnuch highest priest. west is 100% bonkers. every one of its many obese folds is rancid and abscessed.

their own gov't hunts them and they wave the flag in proud collective catatonia.

when west folks protest, it's over the reduction of their wallets. in west, there is no cause and effect. consequences don't work there much like first grade physics were suspended on 911. there is no sense of responsibility. no consciousness. no guilt. no semblance of even the most basic humanity.

west is just a sickness.

every layer, every aspect. fetid. moulded. rabid. filled with puss. textbooks filled with lies. media spewing nonsense 24/7 via satellite networks. i mean, west puts up satellites just to spread their rabid foaming endless trash. that alone shows the aberrant perversion of the west neanderthals. they spend money just to mindrape.

everything west does is to rape, to brainwash, to control, to exploit. none of it, not one single quid has ever been spent on making the planet somewhat better or saving someone's life. everything west does is to rape, pillage, maim, murder, destroy. everything! ever since the birth of this saxonic deviancy in the Baltic marshes. the animal's goal has been to destroy the planet.

cretinism, preferably the anemic inbred kind, is the only promotional criteria in the west. if a person is able to formulate a question, they're finished in west.

if a person asks the wrong question they're buried under state-canonised CNN vulgarities. if that doesn't stop them, they're locked up in dungeons. laws govern west information world today. west needs laws to enforce their diseased history fibs and to stop 911 questions.

west politics is a badly scripted soap exclusively played by immoral idiots whose shoe size far eclipses their collective IQ.

lying is the only allowed means of communication in west.

it's so sick it renders me speechless.

in short, west is the disease.

and that has to be remembered also when reviewing their pathetic colour revolt machinations. Moldova scheme is as harebrained as Georgia's was, as Czech nuke trench is, as the fascinating hyperinflation bailout.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, that's you in top form, tirelessly repeating what everyone should know, i.e. west is the disease. But part two of message: not incurable, no longer. A miracle cure has been found: May 2006. Only, unlike miracle drug Rember for Alzheimer's, it takes time to act. Hence our efforts here. We even bore ourselves every so often, but we keep reiterating what needs to be said: west out, world in. If not, we don't even need nuclear attacks, the continued existence of the west as the west will do us in. Another day, another experience of tears and laughter - and the fight goes on.

Anonymous said...

Celente Calls For 'Revolution'
As The Only Solution
By George Celente
KINGSTON, NY — Taxed to death, angry at government bailouts, outraged by Wall Street greed, and bitterly resentful of a system that rewards the undeserving rich, the American public is ready to revolt.
"The Tea Parties and Tax Protests sprouting across the nation, which we had predicted, are harbingers of revolution," said Gerald Celente, Director of The Trends Research Institute. "But they are not enough. Much stronger and directed action is required. Our call for 'Revolution' will galvanize the people, destroy the corrupt ruling systems, and produce a prosperous and more just nation."
The Revolution Celente proposes is unique in concept and bold in execution. It is about a lot more than just "taxation without representation."
"Nothing short of total repudiation of our entrenched systems can rescue America," said Celente. "We are under the control of a two-headed, one party political system. Wall Street controls our financial lives; the media manipulates our minds. These systems cannot be changed from within. There is no alternative. Without a revolution, these institutions will bankrupt the country, keep fighting failed wars, start new ones, and hold us in perpetual intellectual subjugation."
The country is restless, and ripe for radical reform. There is no doubt protests will proliferate and intensify. In response, the government will call out the troops and bring in the police. They will use the Patriot Act to silence, detain, harass, persecute and prosecute groups and individuals exercising their Constitutional rights.
But Celente's Revolution need not degenerate into violence or open warfare.
"Intellectual Revolution"
"I am calling for an 'Intellectual Revolution'. I ask American citizens to free their minds from the tyranny of 'Dumb Think.' This is a revolution about thinking - not manning the barricades. It's about brain power - not brute force."
For society to survive and grow, it must wake up and grow up. Americans must acknowledge what their opinions are based on, who they listen to ... and why.
What are America's prime information sources? CNN, "The most trusted name in news"? Fox, "Fair and balanced"? CNBC, "First in Business Worldwide"? The New York Times, "All the news that's fit to print"?
Who do the people listen to? A closed circuit of familiar faces guaranteed to take predictable positions. Authorities on nothing, yet pronouncing upon everything; a cadre of media aristocrats, pretending they're the people's voice.
Bill O'Reilly, Steven Colbert, Rush Limbaugh, Keith Olbermann, Sean Hannity, Jon Stewart, Chris Matthews, Jim Cramer, Joe Scarborough, Anderson Cooper, Bill Maher.
TV tough guys, broadcast big mouths and Beltway blowhards have now been joined by featherweight comics throwing powder puff punches at sitting targets.
This new addition to the critical debate is celebrated by the world's leading financial newspaper: Wall Street riveted by comedy clash
Financial Times, 13 March 2009
"A showdown between a comedian who has become one of America's most challenging commentators and a news commentator known for his comedic antics has shown the brightest spotlight on the media's market coverage since the financial crisis began.
On Thursday night, two cable television celebrities squared off as Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show ... on Comedy Central ... confronted Jim Cramer ... star of CNBC's Mad Money programme."
Without a hint of irony, FT bestows the title of highest American intellectual common denominator upon a clown. A pencil throwing, screaming, wryly grimacing professional comedian has become "... one of America's most challenging commentators"?
"Wall Street riveted by comedy clash"? "The brightest spotlight on the media's market coverage"?
With the world financial markets in collapse, this rivets Wall Street? Nearly two years into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, this shines as "the brightest spotlight"?
From Wall Street, comedy moves to the White House. President Obama made history using comic Jay Leno's Tonight Show as a platform to peddle his policies.
World shaping decisions are packaged in sound bites and pitched by the nation's Showman-in-Chief. There is no time or place for debate or discussion. It's all entertainment.
"The 'Intellectual Revolution' must be waged on the battlefield of the mind," said Celente. "Americans are doomed unless they kick the junk news habit, deprogram themselves from celebrity worship, refuse to blindly follow political leaders and question all ideological dogmas ... especially their own.
"For the revolution to succeed, people must repudiate the one-headed, two party system, and learn to think for themselves," said Celente.
While the corporate-owned mainstream media and the government still control the broad avenues of news and information, only willing and lazy minds need be held hostage to it. The Internet world is awash in data, facts, analyses and opinions (independent and mainstream) for all to access and assess.
Trend Call-to-Action: What can you do? Participating in an April 15th tax protest may be your cup of tea. Pester your politicians. Make your voice heard, your discontent felt and your solutions known. Band with others who share similar objectives and common goals.

Anonymous said...

Venezuela Aiming to Ship 1 MMbopd to China
Source: Efe - 04/13/2009 11:10
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said here Thursday that he has reached an agreement with Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao on a plan to boost Venezuela's oil shipments to China to 1 million barrels per day next year.
"I proposed that given the global situation we study the possibility and we agreed to move up the target set in the strategic accord for 2013," the leftist leader said to applause from a hundred or so national, provincial and local leaders at the Communist Party academy.
Talks on reaching that level of supply, building a Venezuelan refinery in Chinese territory and launching a joint venture for crude transport were the top items on the agenda during Chavez's visit.
"Those three top strategic objectives already justify the working visit to China, but we have other political and geo-political interests to discuss with President Hu Jintao," Chavez said shortly after landing Tuesday in Beijing for a visit that concluded Thursday.
Chavez said it was important for Chinese companies to increase investment in oil exploration in Venezuela to achieve the new supply target.
In that regard, Venezuela's Energy and Mines minister, Rafael Ramirez, and top executives of state-owned oil company PDVSA met Wednesday with leaders of Chinese state oil firms CNPC and Sinopec to discuss current and future cooperation.
The talks, according to Venezuelan officials, also centered on a joint refinery project on Chinese territory capable of processing Venezuelan heavy crude into fuel and other derivatives.
But a potential snag in the project is that large amounts of oil are needed to supply it. More Chinese investment in oil production, therefore, is needed and some experts in Beijing have not ruled out the possibility of energy firms in other countries, such as France's Total SA, joining the initiative.
According to Chavez, considering that Venezuela currently exports 1.5 million barrels per day to the United States, the goal of shipping 1 million bpd to China (in 2008 the total was 380,000 bpd) is reachable "and we'll be in a position to raise that amount after 2010."
The proposed Venezuelan-Chinese crude oil transport company also is part of plans to reduce reliance on the U.S. market, the destination for roughly half of the South American country's oil production despite years of bilateral tensions.
"We're diversifying our oil business. Even though we're a small country, we're an oil giant and China doesn't have the reserves necessary to meet its needs," Chavez said.
"God put the oil that China needs for the next 200 years in Venezuela. Before, the United States took our oil like a 'vampire," Chavez told the Communist Party leaders to rousing applause.

Anonymous said...

The day's scant gleanings: 1) NKorea to re-start nuclear plant. 2) Thai Rev. on hold. 3) Barmy's tricky opening of doors a crack: Cuba travel ban lifted, Iran's talks without pre-conditions. 4) Pakistan - No drone attacks for several days, but M. Media spew out their wildest dreams: the imminent breakup of the country. 5) Kazakhstan complains Israeli military hardware recently purchased defective. Russia be careful about those drones you felt you must absolutely get from your I friends, although Syria and Iran urged you not to.

Anonymous said...

Iran has agreed to train the Afghan police.

PressTV Tue, 14 Apr 2009 07:13:07 GMT
Tehran has offered to help train police forces in Afghanistan as part of a promise to help the reconstruction of the war-torn country.

Asked Monday whether Iran would opt for military cooperation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to help Afghanistan, Iranian police commander Ismail Ahmadi Moghaddam responded that Tehran does not attach authority to the alliance.

"We only recognize the (ed: puppet) government of Afghanistan and we therefore pursue this issue only through the channel of (puppet) government authorities," he said.

Meanwhile, Moscow is transporting NATO stuff to the puppet Afghan front, and supplying transport for puppet anti-Chinese forces in Darfur, Africa.

Somali coast guards (pirates) are being sniped by an armada of Navies from Russia, India, China, and ZioLands.

Egypt is considering an arrest warrant against Israel's arch enemy, Hassan Nasrallah of Hizb Allah.

It seems that main stream media TV has invented a new game.

Two adversary teams playing against each other is now passé, old school.

Now we have much more exciting multi-team games playing multi goal-posts with one football. The spectators are the same but there is no referee.

The world is not that simple any more, at this stage: Primordial Chaotic Black Swamp from which the new dawn emerges.

Anonymous said...

X here: Guess the Freeworld has its credibility problems too like Iran sucking up to that creature Karzai or Russia kissing the NATO hand for unknown gains. Or Egypt-Israel ganging up on Hezbollah. You're right about the new rules of international football. And mainly about the new dawn emerging from the Primordial Chaotic Black Swamp. Even if we lose, which I doubt, the new dawn is worth waiting for. X

Anonymous said...

Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Must Be Hung From A Street Lamp-Post, Then Tarred And Feathered -The Thai People Must Continue Their Protest Against Fascist Rule By A British Puppet - By Matthias Chang (13/4/09)
The news that the protestors who demanded the resignation of the fascist Prime Minister Abhisit resulted in the complete shutdown of the ASEAN Summit in Pattaya is a great victory for the Thai people and democracy in Thailand.
The fascist Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva who came to power with the support of the military and connivance of the moribund Monarch, is now getting a taste of his own methods – massive street protest.
But there is a difference. The previous government of Thaksin’s supporters was a duly elected government, but was overthrown by illegal means of the present fascist Prime Minister. Having usurped power, he then rigged an election and proclaimed himself the “lawful” prime minister. This man has no shame. He is a disgrace to his country and it is only a matter of time before he is overthrown by the growing democratic forces in Thailand.
This fascist thug had the audacity to declare on national television that “the government had tried all along to avoid violence, but the protest has developed and they have used actions incompatible with the Constitution.”
This is the perverse logic of a fascist thug whose supporters financed by big business in Thailand and foreign vested interest, laid siege to government buildings in order to force a legitimate government to resign. When their efforts failed, the Supreme Court of Thailand, beholden to the moribund monarch, outlawed the ruling party. But, these actions are deemed compatible to the constitution!
When idiots play with fire, it is inevitable that they will get burnt.
A wind of change is blowing in Thailand and if the moribund monarch knows what is good for the feudal monarchy, he should beat a hasty retreat and acknowledge that fascist coups to prolong his feudal rule will not be tolerated.
I believe that there is sufficient goodwill remaining not to embarrass the moribund monarch further. But if he persists in his stupidity then it is a matter of time before the institution of the Monarchy in Thailand will be brought into question and challenged. History has never been kind to any monarch that refuses to acknowledge that absolute power is no longer feasible (though they may still entertain illusions).
Neighbouring countries that have constitutional monarchy or absolute monarchy should counsel this aging monarch that his fascist ways will jeopardize their very existence.
ASEAN members are exercising double standards. They were quick to condemn the leaders of Myanmar but when this fascist prime minister came to power through a coup, they welcomed his power grab.
Tell Abhisit to go quietly or soon you may also be on the receiving end of a similar message.
Thaksin transformed the Thai economy and was a competitor. But he was a legitimate competitor and ASEAN members should rise to the occasion and compete with him in the spirit of ASEAN. Instead, some leaders in ASEAN feared his rise. This was a mistake.
A successful Thailand is good for ASEAN. A moribund Thailand will drag down ASEAN. The 1997 crisis should be sufficient to remind us in ASEAN that we must pull together and not be afraid of friendly competition.
Let this be a warning to ASEAN members.
If we are to overcome the growing global financial crisis, we need to have a stable Thailand.
Fascist Abhisit is toxic and his kind of politics has no place in ASEAN.

Anonymous said...

Re: Tremendous power here in N by N. As though someone had his ear to the ground and could hear volcanoes rumble.

And x: Even if we lose, which I doubt, the new dawn is worth waiting for.

Every little crumb posted here is not lost. It is savoured and appreciated like pieces of magic mushroom.

Many thanks for poiuytr and wolfe for bringing us together.


Anonymous said...

I second that wholly. Without the bloggers and their public we'd never get out of our fog of despair. So thanks indeed. And to you too informatron, trying so hard in the face of adversity. Never foget that.

Anonymous said...

By the Staff of American Free Press
Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio, has told Italy’s oldest and most widely read newspaper that the 9-11 terrorist attacks were run by the CIA and Mossad, and that this was common knowledge among global intelligence agencies. In what translates awkwardly into English, Cossiga told the newspaper Corriere della Sera:
“All the intelligence services of America and Europe…know well that the disastrous attack has been planned and realized from the Mossad, with the aid of the Zionist world in order to put under accusation the Arabic countries and in order to induce the western powers to take part … in Iraq and Afghanistan.”
Cossiga was elected president of the Italian Senate in July 1983 before winning a landslide election to become president of the country in 1985, and he remained until 1992.
Cossiga’s tendency to be outspoken upset the Italian political establishment, and he was forced to resign after revealing the existence of, and his part in setting up, Operation Gladio. This was a rogue intelligence network under NATO auspices that carried out bombings across Europe in the 1960s, 1970s and ’80s. Gladio’s specialty was to carry out what they termed “false flag” operations—terror attacks that were blamed on their domestic and geopolitical opposition.
In March 2001, Gladio agent Vincenzo Vinciguerra stated, in sworn testimony, “You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple: to force … the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security.”
Cossiga first expressed his doubts about 9-11 in 2001, and is quoted by 9-11 researcherWebster Tarpley saying “The mastermind of the attack must have been a sophisticated mind, provided with ample means not only to recruit fanatic kamikazes, but also highly specialized personnel. I add one thing: it could not be accomplished without infiltrations in the radar and
flight security personnel.”
Coming from a widely respected former head of state, Cossiga’s assertion that the 9-11 attacks were an inside job and that this is common knowledge among global intelligence agencies is illuminating. It is one more eye-opening confirmation that has not been mentioned by America’s propaganda machine in print or on TV. Nevertheless, because of his experience and status in the world, Cossiga cannot be discounted as a crackpot.

Anonymous said...

Add to this British MP Norman Baker now says Dr David Kelly did not commit suicide but was assassinated (as was Robin Cook, we say or German politician Möllemann or, more recently, Austrian Jurg Haider, but let's not get distracted). What's it with all these guys? We've known from the word go and they stumble upon the truth now?

Anonymous said...

I was about to post what is below, then I saw Re 911.

Comment in passing:

Yes, I have often thought that since we, as amateurs, know that 911 was an inside job, then many secret services all over the world MUST have known too, for quite some time.

It makes them accessories to the crime.

And politicians all over the world have used the war on terror to their advantage to put in place ever increasing regimes of tyranny against their own people.

As it turns out my intended post is relevant, because Afghanistan was attacked in the name of 911.

I wished to bring your attention to this mind reboot sanity reset:

Soufis d’Afghanistan 1973 (never mind the French, its the music)

Rare documentary film of exquisite beauty of a beautiful people now under attack by invading barbarians using weapons of mass destruction.

And here, see the Afghan youngsters of 1973. These kids of seven or eight must be 40 years old today, no doubt giants of the Afghan resistance.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Afghanistan was attacked using 911 as a pretext. Yes, many of us know what happened that day. But a reminder now and then reinforces our case that the world is drowning in illegality, the arbitrary and total deceit.

Anonymous said...

Invaluable video. Thanks. Arnaud Desjardins has always been a marginal figure in France, begging and pleading with his countrymen to amend their ways and go back to their roots. His message often fell on deaf ears. But not always. As for the Waterloo Warriors, we know they are fearless because they keep in touch with their souls and worship the ineffable beauty of God. Tomorrow, God willing, they will take back their country. How did Desjardins conclude his video? Afghanistan, Islam, Peace, Love.

Anonymous said...

RE Italians Say 911 Solved
To be precise, Gladio also called Stayed Behind network was(is) present in the whole of western europe and was meant to be a "resistance" force in case of a warsaw pact forces victory. Its aim would have been to conduct guerrilla type operations while waiting for an anglo-american response.

Anonymous said...

Forget Star Wars. It’s Back To Colonial Warfare
by Eric Margolis (14.4.09)
There are a lot of unhappy campers at the Pentagon right now. US Defense Secretary Robert Gates chose last week to present a controversial new budget that will affect the course of US foreign and military policy for decades to come.
Furious debate has raged in the Pentagon over the future and mission of US military forces ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union.
The Pentagon has been deeply divided over whether the US military should be configured to fight conventional wars against Russia and China, or be transformed into an agile force to combat Third World guerillas.
Both the Bush and Obama White Houses have been pushing the Pentagon to opt for the latter by beefing up forces and deploying new equipment in Iraq and Afghanistan. But many generals and admirals have been bitterly resisting cuts in US conventional forces.
Last week, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates finally put an end to this debate. Gate’s newly announced defense budget makes clear that America’s military future lies in what the Pentagon calls, "expeditionary warfare" or "counterinsurgency operations." These, it is clear, will take place mostly in the Muslim world.
The British, less given to euphemisms than Americans, used to call their distant operations against unruly natives, "colonial warfare" or "little wars."
However, in 1914, the British Empire’s army, trained to fight colonial wars against lightly-armed Zulu, Dervishes and Afghans, met the modern Imperial German Army and suffered a bloodbath. Neither Britain’s generals nor soldiers were ready for the horrors of modern warfare.
While Gates was waving his big stick and warning all misbehaving Muslims, President Barack Obama was playing the good cop on his visit to Turkey, offering the "hand of friendship" to the very same Muslim world to which Secretary Gates was planning to dispatch more US troops and Predator killer drones. This sharp irony was completely lost on the US media.
Though the US deficit just reached a staggering US $1 trillion for the first half of 2008, military spending will still rise 4%. The Afghan and Iraq wars will alone cost $200 billion this year.
So much for Obama’s promised government austerity. Plowshares will be beaten into swords. Congressmen and lobbyists will scream to high heaven when some major weapons programs are terminated, but overall, the US military industrial complex is hardly suffering.
Supporting the Afghan and Iraq wars is now the Pentagon’s priority. Fifty more deadly Predator and Reaper drones will be acquired. They are the Pentagon’s favorite tool for "taking out" foes in Pakistan and Afghanistan, along, of course, with civilian "collateral damage." The British writer George Orwell called using such euphemisms, "making murder respectable."
More special forces and advanced ground and air sensors to target "terrorists" and "insurgents" (i.e., those resisting the American Raj) will be deployed. Over 500 more versatile F-35 strike aircraft will be purchased. Production of the magnificent stealth F-22s, costing $140 million a piece, will shortly end at 187 units. This has dismayed the Israelis, who were planning to order the F-22. Political pressure may yet keep the F-22 production line open to fill the Israeli order.
The Army loses heavy combat vehicles, artillery, and anti-missile systems. The US Navy loses one of its eleven carriers and some planned high-tech destroyers. Coastal combat vessels for shallow water Gulf and Third World operations will be added. Thirteen billion dollars of gold-plated presidential helicopters worthy of an airborne mogul emperor were sensibly postponed.
These realignments of defense spending clearly show the Obama administration intends to pursue a long war strategy in Afghanistan, Iraq, perhaps Somalia, and in other future Third World hot spots located near major oil deposits. President Bush’s so-called "war on terror" cost taxpayers $808 billion. Obama has renamed it "overseas contingency operations," but otherwise he seems to be following Bush’s lead.
What caused so much heated debate in the Pentagon – and the heads of some senior generals like former Air Force chief of staff Michael Moseley – is the concern that reconfiguring the US military to fight "counterinsurgency" wars in the Muslim world will undermine national defense and America’s ability to wage future wars against other great powers like China, Russia or even India and Europe.
Keeping one US soldier in Afghanistan costs $330,000 annually. The US military has been engaged in various conflicts abroad for 17 years: much of its equipment is seriously run down. The average age of US Air Force fighters is 24 years old. The USAF KC-135 tankers that allow long-range power projection average 47 years old.
The Iraq and Afghan wars have worn out the US Air Force and Navy: equipment replacement from operations in Iraq is alone estimated at over $60 billion.
Meanwhile, Russia is planning for small wars around its frayed borders, but it is still retaining substantial military muscle. China and India are steadily modernizing their armed forces.
The US Navy’s carriers, America’s key to strategic power projection, are now seriously threatened by three new weapons. China’s improved, 2,000 km range DF-21 missile than can be guided onto carriers by radar, satellite and drones; Russia’s 300 kph "Shkvall" rocket-powered torpedo that travels in a self-generated air capsule; and the Russo-Indians supersonic BrahMos 300 km range anti-ship missile. They may make US carriers’ sitting ducks.
It takes decades to order and deploy new weapons systems. The Obama administration has now locked the US military on a course that cannot be quickly changed if new strategic threats emerge.

Anonymous said...

Re "The Stay Behinds". They were a little bit too pro-active, using synthetic terror in Europe to blame the "left" to manipulate the populace to vote right.

Today, they have lots more in their arsenal. Democracy in the ZioWest is a farce.

Anonymous said...

Re: Marjolis article: So the plan is to eradicate the Muslims, is it? Well, what Gates boy does not seem to realize is that guerrila warfare is only then successful when the cause is just. But the situation is perfect for World War IV in a few years' time, the heavyweights seeing to it having their arsenal is shipshape by then.

Anon 15:36: Democracy has always been a farce, not only in the ZioWest.

Anonymous said...

It is plain to see that war is brewing, slowly, step by step. Moldova is part of it, so is North Korea. The Muslim countries are already embroiled in it. China, Russia, SouthAm, each preparing in its own way. I shudder to think what will happen when hostilities are openly declared. There's an inevitability about it. But at least the adversary will be weakened enough to prove no difficult prey.

Anonymous said...

World leaders miss the target
By Henry C K Liu - 14.4.09
Leaders attending the Group of 20 second Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy in London on April 2, echoing the first such gathering in Washington in November 2008, continued the tradition of superficial posturing for political theater on global television, while missing the real target - that is, the need not so much to revive dysfunctional trade that has collapsed from its own internal contradictions, but to redefine the predatory terms of international trade created by dollar hegemony.
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, host of the G-20 London summit, declared it as having created a "new world order". While unipolarity appears to be in the process of being replaced by emerging multipolarity, the world is still a long way from developing a new order. If anything, the G-20 London summit was a desperate last-gasp attempt by the Group of Seven (G-7) leading industrialized nations to restore a failed old world order.

Anyone wants to read more:

Anonymous said...

B. Bernanke says he sees tentative signs of recovery in US economy and the stockmarket backs him up by ending in the red.

Anonymous said...
Two More Banks Collapse
In economic news, federal regulators shut down two banks on Friday: Cape Fear Bank in Wilmington, North Carolina, and New Frontier Bank of Greeley, Colorado. Twenty-three banks have collapsed so far this year.

Anonymous said...

Russia confirms Somali pirates free tanker with Russian
Posted 15.04.2009
MOSCOW, April 13 (RIA Novosti) - The Russian Foreign Ministry officially confirmed on Monday that Somali pirates have released the Norwegian-owned chemical tanker Bow Asir with a Russian crewmember onboard.
"According to reports from Russian embassies in Kenya and Norway, Somali pirates have released the Bow Asir tanker, seized on March 26," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
The Bahamas-flagged vessel with 27 crewmembers - a Norwegian captain and Russian first officer, as well as 19 Filipinos, five Poles, and one Lithuanian - was captured some 500 km (250 nautical miles) east of the port of Kismayo in southern Somalia.
It was released on Friday after the owners paid a ransom, the Norway Post newspaper reported, adding that the pirates had demanded $2.4 million.

Anonymous said...

UBS to Cut 7,500 More Jobs After $1.8 Billion Loss
LONDON — The Swiss bank announced the additional job cuts as it continued to lose money in the first quarter and clients withdrew funds.

Decoupling: Swiss Bourse still ended higher. PPT and coupling: Has anyone noticed the International Herald Tribune has been swallowed by top neocon New York Times?

Anonymous said...

"While unipolarity appears to be in the process of being replaced by emerging multipolarity, the world is still a long way from developing a new order. If anything, the G-20 London summit was a desperate last-gasp attempt by the Group of Seven (G-7) leading industrialized nations to restore a failed old world order."

This is true. The G-20 was ALWAYS intended by the West as a cynical attempt to COOPT Developing or "emerging market" nations (especially BRIC nations like Brazil, Russia, India, and China) into a Western dominated world order.

The West understands that a more naked Western world order is no longer politically viable, so it needs a more "diverse" multipolar mask.

Hence, the G-20.

This is analogous to America and its cynical promotion of Barack Obama as the more "colored" mask of the same old American Empire.

Instead of a White boy led American Reich, now the USA "rebrands" itself as a more tolerant, inclusive, multicultural American Reich with Obama.

So too, the G-20's role is to rebrand what at base is still a Western dominated global order with a more "inclusive" multicultural, non-Western veneer.

Anonymous said...

A quick read through mid-month news brought these things to our attention: Pakistan seems to be stepping back from the brink while wildly corrupt India prepares for its usual biggest democracy in the world theatrics. Dirtiest story in the world presently: Egypt, Israel, Saudi, CIA attempting to put Hesbollah in its place. Mark our words; that's the beginning of the end for vilely corrupt Egypt. If anyone thinks Guadaloupe and Martinique have given up, they've got another think coming. Brits have identified and suspended G20 bobby, wow. As for the rest of our favourite west, Georgia blames Russia for its woes and Modova suffers from identity probs. Turkey seems to have acquired favourite country status with USA, Iran continues serene in the face of world threats and NKorea still going strong. LOL

Anonymous said...

How are things going in the land of the free? Take a look:
Tent-City Residents Issued Moving Papers
Rob Dew and Debra Hamilton
April 14, 2009
Sacramento Police were busy today passing out decrees to the citizens of tent city telling them to move out by April 15th. “Any items not removed will be considered abandoned and disposed of accordingly.” stated the one page document. “Move to Shelter by: 4-15-09 WED” was hand written at the bottom of the page. What alternatives for shelter do the Tent Citizens have? The Cal-Expo shelter touted as a solution on several local news reports has been full for some time and has a waiting list. That will leave many of over 500 residents without a solution. Most tent-city residents have too many possessions to store at the bus depot storage lockers. Motorhome Dave a nine month resident was selling off some of his possessions in a yard sale in order to rent a storage unit. He thinks the mayor and governor are just trying to mitigate the public relations nightmare that Oprah caused. Another resident, Bill who has unsuccessfully tried to get transitional housing will try his luck across the river, which is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Parks and Recreation and could result in $100 illegal camping ticket. As of now the City of Sacramento has given a large population of homeless two days to find a home.

Anonymous said...

USA loses its world's supremacy
15.04.2009 Source: Pravda.Ru
The release of Richard Phillips, the captain of the pirated Maersk Alabama, has become the best Easter gift for his family. It became another reason for all Americans and President Barack Obama to demonstrate their power to the whole world.
However, the return of the captain and his crew does not mean that America keeps its leadership in the world. Quite on the contrary, it shows that the USA has been losing it.
US troops are deployed in 153 out of 192 countries recognized by the United Nations, The Guardian wrote. The White House still spends too much on defense. The US Air Force and the US Navy do not wish to part to their nuclear warheads even now, 20 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
It will be eight years this autumn since the US incursion in Afghanistan and six years since their invasion of Iraq. It is longer than the time when US troops participated in WWI and WWII.
US troops had to face the guerrilla warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they are still unable to overcome it. The guerrillas enjoy the support of the local population in the two war-torn countries.
The usual tactics – the bombing of villages – does not bring any results. Now the USA can launch the anti-piracy operation off the Somali coast. The need of this operation demonstrates the uselessness of the US-led struggle against international terrorism.
Any great world power could conquer Somali with the use of only several battalions within several weeks only, which is unachievable now, because Somalia as a state stopped its existence 20 years ago. No one is capable of establishing law and order there.

And no one is capable of establishing law and order in the US either so what's the difference?

Anonymous said...

White House pushing GM toward bankruptcy
Jerry White (15.4.09 - Uruknet)
The Obama administration is aggressively pushing General Motors into bankruptcy, the New York Times reported Monday. The White House wants to use bankruptcy courts, the newspaper said, to break up the century-old industrial icon and sell off its profitable parts to private investors. Meanwhile, the company’s undesirable assets, including health-care and pension obligations, would be liquidated in drawn-out bankruptcy proceedings... The dismantling of the auto industry—which will provide another windfall for Wall Street—is undoubtedly part of the Obama’s administration economic "recovery" plan, which is designed to boost the fortunes of America’s financial aristocracy through the impoverishment of the working class...

Anonymous said...

The American military budget (the largest in World History) is being INCREASED, but the American media portrays it as some kind of cut back.

As someone once said, War is Peace....

"The Largest Military Budget in World History"

Anonymous said...

Yes, marvellous how the media can always claim black is white - and get away with it. The good thing about War is Peace is that it will destroy the Evil Empire all the faster.

Anonymous said...

Cybersecurity Act Would Give President Power to 'Shut Down' Internet
By Greg Fulton
April 14, 2009 "Rawstory" — A recently proposed but little-noticed Senate bill would allow the federal government to shut down the Internet in times of declared emergency, and enables unprecedented federal oversight of private network administration.
The bill's draft states that "the president may order a cybersecurity emergency and order the limitation or shutdown of Internet traffic" and would give the government ongoing access to "all relevant data concerning (critical infrastructure) networks without regard to any provision of law, regulation, rule, or policy restricting such access."
Authored by Democratic Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia and Republican Olympia Snowe of Maine, the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 seeks to create a Cybersecurity Czar to centralize power now held by the Pentagon, National Security Agency, Department of Commerce and the Department of Homeland Security.
While the White House has not officially endorsed the draft, it did have a hand in its language, according to The Washington Post.
Proponents of the measure stress the need to centralize cybersecurity of the private sector. "People say this is a military or intelligence concern," says Rockefeller, "but it is a lot more than that. It suddenly gets into the realm of traffic lights and rail networks and water and electricity."
Snowe added, "America's vulnerability to massive cyber-crime, global cyber-espionage and cyber-attacks has emerged as one of the most urgent national security problems facing our country today. Importantly, this legislation loosely parallels the recommendations in the CSIS Center for Strategic and International Studies blue-ribbon panel report to President Obama and has been embraced by a number of industry and government thought leaders."
Critics decry the broad language, and are watchful for amendments to the bill seeking to refine the provisions. According to, no amendments to the draft have been submitted.
Organizations like the Center for Democracy and Technology fear if passed in its current form, the proposal leaves too much discretion of just what defines critical infrastructure. The bill would also impose mandates for designated private networks and systems, including standardized security software, testing, licensing and certification of cyber-security professionals.
"I'd be very surprised if it doesn't include communications systems, which are certainly critical infrastructure," CDT General Counsel Greg Nojeim told eWEEK. "The president would decide not only what is critical infrastructure but also what is an emergency."
Adds Jennifer Granick, civil liberties director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, "Essentially, the Act would federalize critical infrastructure security. Since many systems (banks, telecommunications, energy)are in the hands of the private sector, the bill would create a major shift of power away from users and companies to the federal government."

What happens if this succeeds? Any alternatives to the net?

Anonymous said...

The "internet" can't be "shut down", especially with WiFi & satellite comms. Even China hasn't been able to stop it. It was designed to withstand a thermo-nuclear attack!

Anonymous said...

What happens if this succeeds? Any alternatives to the net?

The International Citizen Ham Radio Amateur Network guys should start an open source project to replace the internet as it exists to day. They even have their own satellites but high speed links by radio is ok too.

As for the indestructibility of the network, yes, but governments can shut it down because the cable infrastructure and sat links are centralised.

Citizen owned Amateur Radio based internet would be virtually indestructible.

Anonymous said...

Re Ham Radio Internet:
Looks like it is operational already:

Also internet could be provided through electric power lines.
Broadband Over Power Line (BPL) and Amateur Radio

Then as a last resort, use pigions and stalks

Anonymous said...

Precious info. Already makes one feel better. Another point is sites can be shut down here and there no doubt but what of internet use in financial transactions? Wouldn't any widespread shutdown paralyse international trade? Where banks can go surely we can follow.

Anonymous said...

US economy goes back to 1955 as deflation returns - 15.4.09 (WRH)
The US economy has begun to deflate for the first time in more than half a century as a slump in demand pushes energy and food costs lower.
The consumer price index fell at an annual rate of 0.4% in March, the first decline since August 1955, figures from the US labour department showed today. It was bigger than the 0.1% drop expected by economists.

Anonymous said...

New wave of job losses feared across Europe• Philips reveals Q1 loss and warns of further restructuring
• Reports claim 10,000 more jobs will go at UBS
• German arm of Woolworths collapses
David Gow in Brussels, Tuesday 14 April 2009
Mainland Europe is bracing itself for thousands more job cuts as Philips warned of further restructuring to staunch mounting losses and the German arm of Woolworths filed for bankruptcy.
In Switzerland the country's biggest bank, UBS, is reportedly planning to axe up to 10,000 more jobs as early as next week as it struggles to regain profitability – and credibility.
And as ArcelorMittal, the world's biggest steelmaker, confirmed it would cut output by half and mothball several plants, unions urged the group to retain the current workforce in readiness for any upturn.
Dutch group Philips, one of the earliest continental firms to report first-quarter earnings, said it had already axed 5,216 jobs this year and the number of its employees had fallen by 18,030 in a year, with 5,600 due to discontinued operations.
Warning that demand in the current quarter would be weak after slumping more than expected in the first three months, the world's biggest lighting business and Europe's biggest consumer electronics firm said: "Consequently, we will accelerate measures to further lower our fixed cost base."
According to Gerard Kleisterlee, Philips's chief executive, the group now expects to realise annual cost savings of €500m (£445m) by the end of this year compared with original plans to save €400m.
Pierre-Jean Sivignon, the group's chief financial officer, told reporters there were no immediate plans to announce more job cuts on top of the 6,000 set to go this year. But he failed to rule out more redundancies at a firm now employing 116,000 globally.
Reporting a 17% drop in sales to €5.1bn as the recession deepens, Philips said it had swung to an operating loss of €74m in the first quarter – a decline of €339m on a year ago when it made €265m.
Kleisterlee said there had been a significant further deterioration of markets. "While the effects were felt most strongly in our activities that cater to the consumer market and to the construction and automotive industries, our healthcare sales are now impacted as well. We expect no material change to this situation in Q2," he warned.
Healthcare sales fell 2%, notably because of lower demand in the US, but the biggest declines were in consumer lifestyle (down 25%) and lighting (down 19%). Sales of TVs and audio-visual multimedia slumped by a third.
In November, the UK arm of Woolworths went bust and today it emerged that the German arm had followed suit, putting at risk around 11,000 jobs after filing for insolvency on Saturday.
The German business, bought by British investor Argyll Partners from private equity firm Electra at the end of 2007, has 323 shops, of which US investor Cerberus owns around a third of the buildings.
Founded in 1926, the retail chain turned over about €900m last year and brought in a former Lidl manager, Stefan Rohrer, to run the business in March. He quit, after just four weeks, at the start of this month.
Frankfurt's district court said it had appointed Ottmar Hermann as administrator – just days after he took on the same role at the venerable car-parts supplier and designer Karmann.
Meanwhile, UBS staff, already facing 11,000 job cuts this year to bring the workforce down to around 75,000, fear more are on the way after the troubled bank shed 240 posts in the Asia-Pacific.
Analysts said between 5,000 and 10,000 more jobs are at risk, with Swiss media reporting that a worst-case scenario could become reality as soon as 22 April. "It's inevitable. [Oswald] Grübel [the new CEO] has made that clear from the day he started," said Peter Thorne at Swiss broking house Helvea.
The European Metalworkers' Federation, stunned by new European production cuts at ArcelorMittal's continental plants, urged the group to avoid compulsory redundancies and to use the recession to invest in retraining and renovation.

Anonymous said...

Decouple the world from the dollar (16.4.09)
Korkut A. Erturk
The current US policy ignores the possibility that changes in financial sentiment might eventually force its hand on the dollar. The extreme monetary easing and a massive fiscal stimulus being implemented amounts to fighting deflation by trying to destabilize the monetary standard to induce inflation. If it fails, the current slump can turn into a great depression worse than the last, and if it works, the resulting inflation will probably make the 1970s look good. But, given the severity of the situation, what else can be done?
Given that the problem is not the global imbalances per se, but how financial deregulation and the global order absorbed and recycled them, a safer approach would target the following three objectives: first, the reassertion of public control over the credit creation process; second, preparing for the possibility that the value of the dollar dives; and third, resuming recycling trade surpluses before contraction begins to destroy them.
We have to wean the world of its dependence on US overspending without sticking the US and the world economy in a depression. That requires that the global monetary standard, and by extension the integrity of monetary reserves, is safeguarded as more stimulus is implemented.
A credible plan to achieve this would involve figuring out a way to draw a wedge between the global dollars accumulated in foreign reserves and the domestic dollars that the US will be creating at a much faster clip. That way, the world economy can reinflate at the same time, since everyone would be able to devalue in relation to a stable monetary standard.
Technically, this wouldn't be hard to do. An idea such as setting up a substitution account at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to convert unwanted dollars to special drawing rights (SDRs) can be considered. The idea was considered before in the late 1970s when international confidence in the dollar was ebbing, only to be shelved once the political swing to the right made it redundant. In principle, the IMF could issue as many new SDRs as demanded without being inflationary and could even refashion itself as the asset manager of the world. The IMF could even help generalize new instruments such as the proposed Asia bond by using Chinese reserves.
The real question is whether there will be the political will to carry out these proposals. Will the United States have the wisdom to decouple the world economy from the dollar? Will the US and China, who have the most to gain from cooperation, be able to do so? Will the Group of 20 nations be the driving force behind a new global accord? Much rests on whether the Barack Obama administration can move past a dollar-centric economic paradigm.
Korkut A Erturk is an associate professor and chair of the department of economics at the University of Utah. Recent publications include "Revisiting the Old Theory of Cyclical Growh: Harrod, Kaldor cum Schumpeter" (Review of Political Economy 14:2, 2002) and "Overcapacity and the East Asian Crisis" (Journal of Post Keynesian Economics 24:2, 2001-02).

Anonymous said...

Both job losses in Europe and Decouple the Dollar make me think that the west and the rest have only taken a first step so far in their downward plunge. The pain came fast in 2008, but remained theoretical for much of the overfed populations (in which I include China and Russia, though not poll-rushing biggest democracy India with its 12 active separatist movements and a foreign woman of dubious origin at its head). But now the writing on the wall can be picked up even by the blind. The Easter holidays were duly, dutifully celebrated. Come December, however, the High Street will yearn for earlier days where Christmas shopping was also a must. If Afghanistan by this summer does not succeed in emptying the abcess of occupation, the west will not be able to hold on to even a semblance of recovery.

Anonymous said...

Anon 08:09: Quite a mixed bag of messages up there, but you may be right and Afghanistan is key to it all. Though all we get from the Mainstream at the moment runs along the lines of surges, getting more of those dirty Taliban and my favourite oxymoron "marital rape" laws. But in the blink of an eyelid all this might change.

Anonymous said...

Our patience, our tolerance are exhausted now. May the body count rise in Afghanistan.
Also applies to the people of Palestine.
Emancipate Gaza
Free the Palestinian State.

Anonymous said...

Conflicting Reports on Sale of S-300 to Iran On the one hand AFP quotes an arms industry insider as saying Russia is not currently implementing its agreed sale to Iran. While on the other, RIA Novosti quotes Iran's deputy foreign minister as saying the deal is going ahead as planned. The Russians say no, the Iranians say yes. In this instance, it is clear I believe the latter. In fact whenever the two countries put out conflicting stories, I trust Iran over Russia. Russians, in spite of everything, still seem to be seeking to be best friends with the west and its dirty pus-filled centre Israel.

Anonymous said...

US Has Won a Huge Victory - US Aircraft and Elite Navy SEALs Defeat Three Somalis in a Lifeboat - By Glen Ford (16.4.09) ICH
What a weekend for American foreign policy! The United States Navy, backed up by warships from 20 other nations, knocked off three Somali guys crouching with rifles in a lifeboat tied by a rope to a U.S. destroyer. To hear the U.S. corporate media tell it, the Americans had won a huge victory over the forces of evil.
N.B. The three "pirates" were teenagers.

Anonymous said...

166 days left till civil unrest and armed resistance in America begin (Futurefastforward). Sounds dire? Could well happen. Meanwhile the Amis are shooting at teenagers (see above) and smirking at their tea parties proud they've managed such a bold step. Truly baboon behaviour. And baboon-in-chief Zigzag takes advantage of it. He has yet to say or do something we could call statesmanlike. All of it is more of the same dusted off and presented as earth-shaking changes.

Anonymous said...

Off topic or then again not: Shabby shoddy ZioIndia copying west masters:
‘Indian Army ill-prepared to combat China, Pakistan’
By: dailytimes on: 16.04.2009
NEW DELHI: Even after a hefty hike in defence budget, the Indian Army is ill-prepared for a war against Pakistan or China, former Indian Army chief General (r) VP Malik said on Wednesday. “Despite the 24 percent increase in the defence budget this year, if you ask any of the chiefs of the defence staff whether they are fully prepared and equipped to take on either China or Pakistan, my hunch is that they would say no,” he said while addressing a seminar on defence planning. Vice Admiral Raman Puri blamed the bureaucracy and the services for the status quo. iftikhar gilani\04\16\story_16-4-2009_pg7_10

Anonymous said...

What's it with China these days? They've offered no one any kind of threat to my knowledge. Yet there we have the Indians lamenting their army is not up to par. Australians doing the same, claiming they are not well armed enough to stand up to China. Now if they'd been talking about the USA, I could understand. Instead, in the China trance, both I and A have decided to follow the Pentagon and raise their defence budgets. Stupidity on an unheard of scale and blind obedience to the dictates of the master.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the master, I must confess I'm a self-hating goyim. But the master race gives me the willies as well. So where do I go? Straight to hell, I should imagine.

Anonymous said...

The new Anti Zionist Party "Parti Anti Sioniste P.A.S.",of France has launched its campaign for the European Elections in June.

Here the video (French, but the beginning video presentation is interesting):

Please pass this news on to Zionist occupied Canada and other countries. They might get ideas.

Anonymous said...

OK, done 12:12. We'll put out the word wherever we can. Good luck to the Frenchies in June.

Anonymous said...

A 'Copper Standard' for the world's currency system? - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
By: Telegraph on: 16.04.2009
Hard money enthusiasts have long watched for signs that China is switching its foreign reserves from US Treasury bonds into gold bullion. They may have been eyeing the wrong metal.
China's State Reserves Bureau (SRB) has instead been buying copper and other industrial metals over recent months on a scale that appears to go beyond the usual rebuilding of stocks for commercial reasons.
Nobu Su, head of Taiwan's TMT group, which ships commodities to China, said Beijing is trying to extricate itself from dollar dependency as fast as it can.
"China has woken up. The West is a black hole with all this money being printed. The Chinese are buying raw materials because it is a much better way to use their $1.9 trillion of reserves. They get ten times the impact, and can cover their infrastructure for 50 years."
"The next industrial revolution is going to be led by hybrid cars, and that needs copper. You can see the subtle way that China is moving into 30 or 40 countries with resources," he said.
The SRB has also been accumulating aluminium, zinc, nickel, and rarer metals such as titanium, indium (thin-film technology), rhodium (catalytic converters) and praseodymium (glass).
While it makes sense for China to take advantage of last year's commodity crash to restock cheaply, there is clearly more behind the move. "They are definitely buying metals to diversify out of US Treasuries and dollar holdings," said Jim Lennon, head of commodities at Macquarie Bank.
John Reade, metals chief at UBS, said Beijing may have a made strategic decision to stockpile metal as an alternative to foreign bonds. "We're very surprised by Chinese demand. They are buying much more copper than they will need this year. If this is strategic, there may be no effective limit on the purchases as China's pockets are deep." Zhou Xiaochuan, the central bank governor, piqued the interest of metal buffs last month by calling for a world currency modelled on the "Bancor", floated by John Maynard Keynes at Bretton Woods in 1944.
The Bancor was to be anchored on 30 commodities - a broader base than the Gold Standard, which had caused so much grief in the 1930s. Mr Zhou said such a currency would prevent the sort of "credit-based" excess that has brought the global finance to its knees.
If his thoughts reflect Communist Party thinking, it would explain the bizarre moves in commodity markets over recent weeks. Copper prices have surged 49pc this year to $4,925 a tonne despite estimates by the CRU copper group that world demand will fall 15pc to 20pc this year as construction wilts.
Analysts say "short covering" by funds betting on price falls has played a role. But the jump is largely due to Chinese imports, which reached a record 329,000 tonnes in February, and a further 375,000 tonnes in March. Chinese industrial demand cannot explain this. China has been badly hit by global recession. Its exports - almost half GDP - fell 17pc in March.
While Beijing's fiscal stimulus package and credit expansion has helped lift demand, China faces a property downturn of its own. One government adviser warned this week that house prices could fall 50pc.
One thing is clear: Beijing suspects that the US Federal Reserve is engineering a covert default on America's debt by printing money. Premier Wen Jiabao issued a blunt warning last month that China was tiring of US bonds. "We have lent a huge amount of money to the US, so of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets," he said.
This is slightly disingenuous. China has the world's largest reserves - $1.95 trillion, mostly in dollars - because it has been holding down the yuan to boost exports. This mercantilist strategy has reached its limits.
The beauty of recycling China's surplus into metals instead of US bonds is that it kills so many birds with one stone: it stops the yuan rising, without provoking complaints of currency manipulation by Washington; metals are easily stored in warehouses, unlike oil; the holdings are likely to rise in value over time since the earth's crust is gradually depleting its accessible ores. Above all, such a policy safeguards China's industrial revolution, while the West may one day face a supply crisis.
Beijing may yet buy gold as well, although it has not done so yet. The gold share of reserves has fallen to 1pc, far below the historic norm in Asia. But if a metal-based currency ever emerges to end the reign of fiat paper, it is just as likely to be a "Copper Standard" as a "Gold Standard".

The latest Chinese copper purchases took place in Chile.

Source > Telegraph | Apr 16

Anonymous said...

X here with a question. We hear a lot nowadays about the Swiss going into deflation, the US too. Oil is down, wheat is down. Cargill announced a 68% profit-loss today. So for the common man to survive in this depression-repression-recession environment is inflation better or deflation?

Anonymous said...

Re Copper.

So China is dumping dollars on (say) Chile in return for copper. Thats a good investment for the Chinese, but what will Chile do with the Chinese USA dollars? Buy chinese goods? I thought their deal was for Chile and China to trade direct, ie without USD interference.

So where is the glut of dollars realy going, if not back in Chinese pockets.

Re 12:12 Thats what I like about this place, we are a nation of doers, even if it is only but by the pen.

Anonymous said...

Good point there about China, Chile, copper, dollar and trading in local currencies. The original vicious circle.
X sorry, can't help you with the inflation or deflation conundrum. We'd need poiuytr to sort this one out for us.

Anonymous said...

Brazil urges tighter rein on world finance
Brazil's president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva speaks during opening plenary of the World Economic Forum on Latin America in Rio de Janeiro, Apr. 15
The Brazilian president has called for more stringent regulations on the international financial markets to prevent a new wave of downturns.
A political solution is needed to tackle the economic turmoil, which was created by speculators, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said in Rio on Wednesday, while addressing the opening ceremony of the World Economic Forum on Latin America.
Lula urged world leaders to support the formation of a new global economic order, where the state can play a more determining role, alongside the private sector and the civil society.
"Considering the state as worthless was the 20th century's fashion… When the creators of this theory see their corns hurting, who can save them? Precisely the state," he said.
Lula said nationalization of banks that receive economic aid during the current crisis should not be ruled out because of mere “ideological prejudices.”
The President added that tax havens and protectionist measures must be scrapped to help the world economy out of the current crisis.
He also urged the resumption of the Doha economic talks, which were suspended last year after developing countries and rich states failed to agree on a series of key issues.
The president also pointed out that world powers must involve emerging countries in efforts to ride out the crisis.
"We did not create the problem, but we are part of the solution," he said.
This is not the first time that Lula - a former trade union leader - has criticized the dominant financial systems for the present crisis which has caused great suffering among the developing nations.
During a press conference with the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in Brasilia in March 2009, the Brazilian President said: "this crisis was caused by the irrational behavior of white people with blue eyes.” He went on to say: “I don't know any black or indigenous bankers."
Over 500 business and political leaders from 37 countries are in the Brazilian port city to attend the Forum, which runs from Tuesday to Thursday.
During the opening ceremony, regional economic recovery and sustainable development were the focus of discussions.

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Texas could bid for independence, says Governor as fury over Obama's spending rises
16.4.09 - WRH
The governor of Texas has suggested that his state could secede from the Union after accusing the federal government of strangling Americans with taxation and debt.
Governor Rick Perry whipped his 'patriotic' supporters into a frenzy during tax protests yesterday, with many waving flags and shouting 'Secede!'

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Apr 16, 09
General Growth Files Biggest U.S. Property Bankruptcy
General Growth Properties Inc. filed the biggest real estate bankruptcy in U.S. history after amassing $27 billion in debt during an acquisition spree that turned it into the second-largest shopping mall owner.
Here comes the commercial real estate crash.

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Nokia profits plunge 90% as handset sales fall
World's largest mobile phone maker reports worst earnings since 2001 but cheers investors after sticking to forecasts
Investors seem to cheer up for any little morsel of comfort.

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China’s Economy Grows 6.1% While U.S. Contracts
By Kevin Hamlin
April 16 (Bloomberg) -- China’s economy, battered by collapsing exports, grew at the slowest pace in almost 10 years, probably marking its low point.
Gross domestic product expanded 6.1 percent in the first quarter from a year earlier, after a 6.8 percent gain in the previous three months, the statistics bureau said in Beijing.
A 30 percent surge in urban fixed-asset investment in March and a jump in industrial output, both reported today, added to evidence that the government’s 4 trillion yuan ($585 billion) stimulus plan is working. Premier Wen Jiabao cautioned that while the world’s third-biggest economy is in better-than- expected shape, China is yet to establish a solid foundation for a recovery.
“They’ve stabilized the economy and now the challenge is to think about how to support consumption and how to support private investment,” said Stephen Green, head of China research at Standard Chartered Plc in Shanghai. “We’re still looking for stimulus measures to encourage consumption.”
Today’s report follows a statement from U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner that China isn’t a currency manipulator. His stance eases pressure on China to allow its currency to rise, which would hurt efforts to revive exports.
The yuan traded at 6.8326 against the dollar as of 5:29 p.m. in Shanghai, from 6.8313 before the announcement. The Shanghai Composite Index closed 0.1 percent lower, trimming a 39 percent gain this year, the second-best performance among 88 indexes tracked by Bloomberg.

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Collapse is happening in real time as we watch. If you have cash-on-hand buy fungible bottles of whisky to help you through the trauma, and to trade with baker's hot loaves.

Anonymous said...

Don't dink whisky, but see your point. Bread would be more my kind of thing.

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Informatron, "Collapse is happening in real time as we watch." Any evidence? Yes, I know about the economy in the doldrums, etc. But what of the people? The High Street is still moving on intact. Easter holidays were fully booked out in most west countries. And summer holidays will also bring much profit to travel agencies, apparently. A disconnect between the rotten financial world and the world of pleasure-loving westerners. Can you explain this, please.

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“The comprehensive change taking place now is similar, to a large extent, to the process of reshaping the world which happened towards the middle of last century, when we begged others for rights which were originally ours. We handed them those rights so that they return them to us.
They ignored us then and still ignore us now. Since we try not to make the same mistakes again, we need to realize that the world respects only those who respect themselves, does not concede a position except to those who take their positions with their own efforts, and does not return a right except to those who work hard for returning their rights, hold on to them, defend them and fight for them.
Only when we do that it means that we are at the beginning of the right road towards the future.”
‘President Bashar al-Assad addresses the 21st Arab Summit in Doha’, March 30th 2009.

Fighting words from the president of Syria. Bashir al-Assad sounds a bit like Chavez here. A self-respecting Arab leader. How refreshing!

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Déjà Vu All Over Again in Afghanistan
by William Astore and Tom Engelhardt
April 17, 2009
It didn’t take long. Only 11 days after Barack Obama entered the Oval Office, a Newsweek cover story proclaimed the Afghan War "Obama’s Vietnam." And there wasn’t even a question mark. As John Barry and Evan Thomas wrote grimly in that January piece, "There is this stark similarity: in Afghanistan, as in Vietnam, we may now be facing a situation where we can win every battle and still not win the war — at least not within a time frame and at a cost that is acceptable to the American people." In the two and a half months since that piece appeared, the President and his advisors have, in fact, doubled-down on what is increasingly the Af-Pak War — with the expanding fighting in Pakistan’s tribal borderlands helping to destabilize that regional nuclear power. As a result, it would hardly be surprising if "Obama’s Vietnam" became an ever more common refrain in the year ahead.
In a number of ways, however, the Af-Pak War couldn’t bear less of a relationship to the Vietnam one. After all, this time around there is no superpower enemy like the Soviet Union or regional power like China supporting and arming the Taliban (or, for that matter, like the United States, which supported and armed the mujahideen to give the Soviets their own "Vietnam" in Afghanistan in the 1980s). In Vietnam, the U.S. faced a North Vietnamese professional army, well-trained, superbly disciplined, and supplied with the best the Soviets and Chinese could produce, including heavy weapons; while the guerrilla organization we fought in South Vietnam, which Americans knew as "the Vietcong," had widespread popular support, was unified, dedicated, well structured, and highly regimented.
The "Taliban," on the other hand, is a rag-tag, under-armed set of largely localized militias adding up to only perhaps 10,000-15,000 armed fighters, loyal to a range of leaders, including the pre-2001 Taliban leadership headed by Mullah Omar, various former mujahideen commanders of the anti-Soviet War, or sometimes just local warlords. Even where firmly lodged itself, the Taliban’s support in rural Afghanistan, as far as can be told from what opinion polls exist, is at best unenthusiastic, and based largely on its ability to bring some safety to rural areas the corrupt central government has no control over, and above all, on its ability to present itself as the only real opposition to a foreign military occupation of the country.
Unlike the Vietnamese, the Taliban are largely incapable of bringing down American and NATO planes or helicopters, attacking big American bases, or massing for major offensives of any sort. While growing in strength by every measure available, what they are largely capable of doing, in military terms, is blowing things up via roadside bombs or suicide attacks (which is, of course, no small thing). As a result, American casualties, while serious and possibly due to rise this year (along with Afghan civilian casualties), are exceedingly modest if measured by a Vietnam-era yardstick.
In other words, in scale, the Af-Pak War is unlikely ever to become a real "Vietnam" (Obama’s or otherwise). Looked at another way, however, this war may have the capacity to inflict upon the U.S. the kind of defeat that the Vietnamese, for all their strength and nationalist fervor, were incapable of. In a sense, Af-Pak threatens to be, in the personalized terms the American media often favors, not "Obama’s Vietnam," but "Obama’s Afghanistan" — that is, our version of the defeat we once helped inflict on the Russians which played a role in breaking the back of the Soviet empire. The U.S. suffered a genuine defeat in Vietnam and its army nearly collapsed in the process, but the American empire and the American economic system stood in no mortal danger from it.
By the end of 2009, the cost of the Iraq War — that is, of putting down another set of rag-tag insurgents — will pass that of the Vietnam War and, in dollars spent, stand second only to World War II in U.S. history. Add to that the rising expense of a never-ending Af-Pak War and — in the worst of economic times — you have the equivalent of a vast financial hemorrhage, an economic sinkhole. In short, if "Obama’s war" proves a "quagmire," it may not be a Vietnamese-style one.
In one way, however, the Af-Pak War has borne, and continues to bear, a certain eerie resemblance to the Vietnam one: in the manner in which Americans have chosen to fight it. Not surprisingly, as retired lieutenant colonel and TomDispatch regular William Astore points out in the following striking piece, in this we resemble ourselves 40 years ago. As a result, for anyone who remembers Vietnam, much of our military’s "new thinking" on counterinsurgency warfare, which has gotten such media praise, looks old and tired indeed. But let Astore take up the tale from here. Tom

Same Sino-Russian servility towards US as the Arab world, with some notable exceptions, has been showing. Long Live Afghanistan!

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O, my Gawd, I don't believe I'm reading this!
- Same celebration of Jews all over, but why not? After all the Mainstream is exclusively in their hands. Festering Israel, afflicted Palestine.
- Obama, like ex-Pope, will turn out to be the touring prez. He's now in Mexico, talking the sweet, even while attempts are made to assassinate Evo Morales in Bolivia.
- The Georgia-NATO obscenity goes on on. No end to bootlicking on either side.
- Negative equity for many homes and smiling stockmarket figures.
Anyone see any sanity in all this?

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Where's poiuytr? Haven't heard from him for several days. Don't tell me he's off on a packaged tour to some remote part of the world.

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Biggest circus in the world got off to a flying start in India. Some twenty-five already dead. Performances announced to last an entire month. Poor, defeated sub-continent.

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1,500 farmers commit mass suicide in India
Over 1,500 farmers in an Indian state committed suicide after being driven to debt by crop failure, it was reported today. The agricultural state of Chattisgarh was hit by falling water levels.
"The water level has gone down below 250 feet here. It used to be at 40 feet a few years ago," Shatrughan Sahu, a villager in one of the districts, told Down To Earth magazine.
"Most of the farmers here are indebted and only God can save the ones who do not have a bore well." And this should be a country? Hah, hah.

Anonymous said...

While the west subsidises to within an inch of their lives their stupid, bloody inefficient farmers, those in India are given very little respect. Look at neighbouring Pakiland now. Any mass suicides there? No. And why may that be? Because they're all too busy fighting off the infidel and expiring on battlefields the Muslim world over. QED

Anonymous said...

RE: Farmer Deaths in India, the full story:
1,500 farmers commit mass suicide in India
Over 1,500 farmers in an Indian state committed suicide after being driven to debt by crop failure, it was reported today. The agricultural state of Chattisgarh was hit by falling water levels.
"The water level has gone down below 250 feet here. It used to be at 40 feet a few years ago," Shatrughan Sahu, a villager in one of the districts, told Down To Earth magazine
"Most of the farmers here are indebted and only God can save the ones who do not have a bore well."
Mr Sahu lives in a district that recorded 206 farmer suicides last year. Police records for the district add that many deaths occur due to debt and economic distress.
In another village nearby, Beturam Sahu, who owned two acres of land was among those who committed suicide. His crop is yet to be harvested, but his son Lakhnu left to take up a job as a manual labourer.
His family must repay a debt of £400 and the crop this year is poor.
"The crop is so bad this year that we will not even be able to save any seeds," said Lakhnu's friend Santosh. "There were no rains at all."
"That's why Lakhnu left even before harvesting the crop. There is nothing left to harvest in his land this time. He is worried how he will repay these loans."
Bharatendu Prakash, from the Organic Farming Association of India, told the Press Association: "Farmers' suicides are increasing due to a vicious circle created by money lenders. They lure farmers to take money but when the crops fail, they are left with no option other than death."
Mr Prakash added that the government ought to take up the cause of the poor farmers just as they fight for a strong economy. "Development should be for all. The government blames us for being against development. Forest area is depleting and dams are constructed without proper planning. All this contributes to dipping water levels. Farmers should be taken into consideration when planning policies," he said.


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Want something to cheer up. Well, give this one a try.
Venezuela, leftist allies create regional currency - Apr 16, 2009
CARACAS, April 16 (Reuters) - An alliance of Latin American and Caribbean governments led by Venezuela will create a regional electronic currency that is expected to circulate by 2010, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Thursday.
The leftist Chavez, who has called the global financial crisis the end of capitalism, has frequently urged allies to stop storing currency reserves in dollars and recently proposed creating an international currency backed by oil reserves.
Member nations of the ALBA, a trade bloc of Venezuela's allies including Bolivia, Nicaragua and Cuba, meet on Thursday to sign an accord creating the currency called the "sucre."
"Today the Sucre will be born," said Chavez, speaking on live television with Cuban President Raul Castro.
"In September, we should be ready to begin some pilot projects for exchange with that virtual currency ... by the first of January of 2010 we should have the system functioning," he said.
He did not offer more details on how the currency would work. In the past, Chavez has said the Sucre could one day become a physical currency.
The OPEC nation's finance ministry on Thursday said it hopes countries outside the ALBA trade bloc, including other nations in South and Central America and the Caribbean, will later join in using the currency.
Most Latin American countries store their reserves in U.S. dollars, though the greenback's steady decline in recent years and China's growing influence in the region have left countries seeking new ways to store cash.
Chavez has also championed the use of alternative "social currencies" used in barter-style markets of small Venezuelan communities as part of his self-styled socialist revolution he calls an alternative to global capitalism. (Reporting by Patricia Rondon; Writing by Brian Ellsworth; Editing by Jan Paschal)

Anonymous said...

Could you please stop posting unwanted feeds on this site like this thingie called Reuters? Mainstream is Doo Doo here & You all should know better. Also, people with names like William Astore and Tom Engelhardt. OK? Thanks.

Nake '47

Anonymous said...

Nake '47, I don't know about the others on this blog, but if I've ever had the temerity to post a Reuters piece here or something by some American shill, I apologise. Full care will be taken as we go along.

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07 45: Madolin:

Here example reasons and observations for collaps:

AA usa Failed banks:

Bank Name CERT # Closing Date Updated Date
New Frontier Bank, Greeley, CO 34881 April 10, 2009 April 16, 2009
Cape Fear Bank, Wilmington, NC 34639 April 10, 2009 April 16, 2009
Omni National Bank, Atlanta, GA 22238 March 27, 2009 April 16, 2009
TeamBank, National Association, Paola, KS 4754 March 20, 2009 April 16, 2009
Colorado National Bank, Colorado Springs, CO 18896 March 20, 2009 April 16, 2009
FirstCity Bank, Stockbridge, GA 18243 March 20, 2009 April 16, 2009
Freedom Bank of Georgia, Commerce, GA 57558 March 6, 2009 April 16, 2009
Security Savings Bank, Henderson, NV 34820 February 27, 2009 April 16, 2009
Heritage Community Bank, Glenwood, IL 20078 February 27, 2009 April 16, 2009
Silver Falls Bank, Silverton, OR 35399 February 20, 2009 April 16, 2009
Pinnacle Bank of Oregon, Beaverton, OR 57342 February 13, 2009 April 16, 2009
Corn Belt Bank and Trust Company, Pittsfield, IL 16500 February 13, 2009 April 16, 2009
Riverside Bank of the Gulf Coast, Cape Coral, FL 34563 February 13, 2009 April 16, 2009
Sherman County Bank, Loup City, NE 5431 February 13, 2009 April 16, 2009
County Bank, Merced, CA 22574 February 6, 2009 April 16, 2009
Alliance Bank, Culver City, CA 23124 February 6, 2009 April 16, 2009
FirstBank Financial Services, McDonough, GA 57017 February 6, 2009 April 16, 2009
Ocala National Bank, Ocala, FL 26538 January 30, 2009 April 16, 2009
Suburban Federal Savings Bank, Crofton, MD 30763 January 30, 2009 April 16, 2009
MagnetBank, Salt Lake City, UT 58001 January 30, 2009 April 16, 2009
1st Centennial Bank, Redlands, CA 33025 January 23, 2009 April 16, 2009
Bank of Clark County, Vancouver, WA 34959 January 16, 2009 April 16, 2009
National Bank of Commerce, Berkeley, IL 19733 January 16, 2009 April 16, 2009
Sanderson State Bank, Sanderson, TX
En Español 11568 December 12, 2008 April 16, 2009
Haven Trust Bank, Duluth, GA 35379 December 12, 2008 April 16, 2009
First Georgia Community Bank, Jackson, GA 34301 December 5, 2008 April 16, 2009
PFF Bank and Trust, Pomona, CA 28344 November 21, 2008 April 16, 2009
Downey Savings and Loan, Newport Beach, CA 30968 November 21, 2008 April 16, 2009
The Community Bank, Loganville, GA 16490 November 21, 2008 April 16, 2009
Security Pacific Bank, Los Angeles, CA 23595 November 7, 2008 April 16, 2009
Franklin Bank, SSB, Houston, TX 26870 November 7, 2008 April 16, 2009
Freedom Bank, Bradenton, FL 57930 October 31, 2008 April 16, 2009
Alpha Bank & Trust, Alpharetta, GA 58241 October 24, 2008 April 16, 2009
Meridian Bank, Eldred, IL 13789 October 10, 2008 April 16, 2009
Main Street Bank, Northville, MI 57654 October 10, 2008 April 16, 2009
Washington Mutual Bank, Henderson, NV and Washington Mutual Bank FSB, Park City, UT 32633 September 25, 2008 April 16, 2009
Ameribank, Northfork, WV 6782 September 19, 2008 April 16, 2009
Silver State Bank, Henderson, NV
En Español 34194 September 5, 2008 April 16, 2009
Integrity Bank, Alpharetta, GA 35469 August 29, 2008 April 16, 2009
The Columbian Bank and Trust, Topeka, KS 22728 August 22, 2008 April 16, 2009
First Priority Bank, Bradenton, FL 57523 August 1, 2008 April 16, 2009
First Heritage Bank, NA, Newport Beach, CA 57961 July 25, 2008 April 16, 2009
First National Bank of Nevada, Reno, NV 27011 July 25, 2008 April 16, 2009
IndyMac Bank, Pasadena, CA 29730 July 11, 2008 April 16, 2009
First Integrity Bank, NA, Staples, MN 12736 May 30, 2008 April 16, 2009
ANB Financial, NA, Bentonville, AR 33901 May 9, 2008 April 16, 2009
Hume Bank, Hume, MO 1971 March 7, 2008 April 16, 2009
Douglass National Bank, Kansas City, MO 24660 January 25, 2008 April 16, 2009
Miami Valley Bank, Lakeview, OH 16848 October 4, 2007 April 16, 2009
NetBank, Alpharetta, GA 32575 September 28, 2007 April 16, 2009
Metropolitan Savings Bank, Pittsburgh, PA 35353 February 2, 2007 April 16, 2009
Bank of Ephraim, Ephraim, UT 1249 June 25, 2004 April 9, 2008
Reliance Bank, White Plains, NY 26778 March 19, 2004 April 9, 2008
Guaranty National Bank of Tallahassee, Tallahassee, FL 26838 March 12, 2004 February 2, 2009
Dollar Savings Bank, Newark, NJ 31330 February 14, 2004 April 9, 2008
Pulaski Savings Bank, Philadelphia, PA 27203 November 14, 2003 July 22, 2005
The First National Bank of Blanchardville,
Blanchardville, WI 11639 May 9, 2003 February 2, 2009
Southern Pacific Bank, Torrance, CA 27094 February 7, 2003 October 20, 2008
The Farmers Bank of Cheneyville, Cheneyville, LA 16445 December 17, 2002 October 20, 2004
The Bank of Alamo, Alamo, TN 9961 November 8, 2002 March 18, 2005
AmTrade International Bank of Georgia, Atlanta, GA
En Español 33784 September 30, 2002 September 11, 2006
Universal Federal Savings Bank, Chicago, IL 29355 June 27, 2002 April 9, 2008
Connecticut Bank of Commerce, Stamford, CT 19183 June 26, 2002 February 2, 2009
New Century Bank, Shelby Township, MI 34979 March 28, 2002 March 18, 2005
Net 1st National Bank, Boca Raton, FL 26652 March 1, 2002 April 9, 2008
NextBank, N.A., Phoenix, AZ 22314 February 7, 2002 February 2, 2009
Oakwood Deposit Bank Company, Oakwood, OH 8966 February 1, 2002 February 2, 2009
Bank of Sierra Blanca, Sierra Blanca, TX 22002 January 18, 2002 November 6, 2003
Hamilton Bank, N.A., Miami, FL
En Español 24382 January 11, 2002 February 2, 2009
Sinclair National Bank, Gravette, AR 34248 September 7, 2001 February 10, 2004
Superior Bank, FSB, Hinsdale, IL 32646 July 27, 2001 February 2, 2009
The Malta National Bank, Malta, OH 6629 May 3, 2001 November 18, 2002
First Alliance Bank & Trust Company, Manchester, NH 34264 February 2, 2001 February 18, 2003
National State Bank of Metropolis, Metropolis, IL 3815 December 14, 2000 March 17, 2005
Bank of Honolulu, Honolulu, HI 21029 October 13, 2000 March 17, 2005

BB Take a look at these graphs:

Base USA money supply printing rocket:[1][id]=SBASENS&s[1][transformation]=pc1

4 million usa jobs lost feb 2008 to feb 2009

CC Why will the dollar be the first of today’s fiat currencies to collapse?

For the past few decades, the U.S. has enjoyed an historically unique position. As the most powerful nation in an increasingly globalized world, its currency, the dollar, is in demand as a store of value. That is, investors and central banks in other countries want to hold dollars as alternatives to their own, presumably less stable currencies. This insatiable demand for dollars has handed U.S. consumers and governments a virtually unlimited credit card. And we’ve spent the past two decades maxing it out.

The U.S. is now the world’s biggest debtor nation, and our current economic expansion is only possible because Japan, China, and Europe are willing to finance our trade deficit by, in effect, lending us $800 billion a year. They do this by taking the dollars we pay for their Toyotas, French wine and Chinese electronics, and using them to buy U.S. bonds and other financial assets.

Add it all up, and U.S. debt now comes to about $45 trillion, or $600,000 per family of four, a clearly unsustainable burden. When our trading partners figure out that we’re no longer solvent, they’ll stop lending us money (that is, they’ll use their dollars to buy euros or yen or gold rather than U.S. bonds), and the value of the dollar will plunge. The process has already begun, with decreasing demand for dollars sending the value of the dollar down by about a third in the past three years. But this is just the beginning.


Anonymous said...

That was a terrific answer, informatron, soundly documented every step of the way. I'll no longer doubt the real-time economic collapse being played out all round us. Even if my next-door neighbours have already booked their 09 summer holidays in the southern hemisphere. Things might look different for the individual by 2010.

Anonymous said...

As expected, vote recount in Moldova confirmed communist victory. What next? Perhaps the twitterers can be incited to kick up a fuss about inept counting officials. Or does everything die out now and the baroness gets to shed a few tears over thwarted democracy?

poiuytr said...

great articles... i'm rendered superfluous by the gentlepeople of this blog.

8:37 -- where am i?
not on a holiday. for me, holiday is 6 hrs of uninterrupted sleep. (i've had cough for 4 months now, and am told it's a 6 mo disease.) also i've scoured news for NBN. and trying to untangle Thailand.

9:14 -- intellectual revolt
i hope so. but youtube makes me think otherwise. either it's not the case or youtube is censored like mad now.

12:10 -- Baker on Kelly
a few more names come to mind who have said the truth. von Bullow (german), Fajita (japan opposition leader) i suggest youtube vid on Fajita urging 911 investigation to halt Japan's whoring for USA terror wars. let's see...

if you haven't seen it. there was some brussel's guy that said 911 is inside job too. but overall it's paltry when it comes to truth in west.

also, silverstein and rudi guiliani. they both told us they did 911, didn't they?

7:22 -- K Ertuk article on "how to feed the wolf and keep the goat whole"

thanks for the article. at first, Ertuk sounded promising. it's not exactly a typical saxonic name... but each sentence revealed deep confusion and ultimately total perversity that can only originate in the west.

1) one of his goals early on, in curing the west gangrene, is to keep USA from depression. now, why on earth would he want that? does anyone? i mean really. are there even USAans who still want the USA dictator status quo today?

2) separate foreign dollars from USA dollars.

this is easy. foreign dollars will go back to USA, bloating it up. they'll be used to buy USA ground and huts from under the feet of the baboon. Rich oil Arab monarchies, China is already shopping.

3) SDRs via IMF? this guy Erturk wants IMF to remain and retool itself from the world loan slaver to another world loan slaver. he calls it "global asset manager". now, this is the talk of a madman. now, he goes further in his typical USA-centric lunacy.

he says IMF should use Chinese foreign reserves to buy Asian bonds. (buying bonds is giving loans) so he suggests that China should float the IMF disease to indebt Asia to this west instrument of fiscal planet rape. is he mad or a yank?

the only question remains how many times he'd been dropped on his skull?

the answer comes at the end of the article. Erturk is from Utah and he's a professor.


8:49 -- conflicting reports on missiles to Iran from Russia.

indeedy! that's the game. Russia backs sanctions on Iran. Russia defies NATO. Russia warns Iran very dangerous. Russia delivers n-fuel. Russia promises EU gas. Russia takes over Lybia gas shattering EU's dreams. Russia whiplashes the west like this.

obama, as he said finds the world flummoxing. why on earth should Russia and Iran tell him the truth and help him untangle the web of west inextricable mess of prolapse? it's war. west murdered 2000 Russians last year. hardly a time for helping obama cabal with his impossible decisions. news are conflicting. statements benign. meetings conducted with extreme politeness.

3 yrs ago Bush II went to Moscow and ranted about Russia. russians got angry that putin didn't tell him off and putin answered that bush ii prattle makes no difference. that's the game. no response.

USA/UK launched the war against the whole world in 2001. there's no stopping it though yanks may actually be trying to by being pretentiously polite and offering candy.

russia didn't phone hitler with plans in Stalingrad to zap paulus's 6th army dirty german murderers, did it?

(btw, west lies about Stalingrad too and sells it as some vanity battle. well, again... west refuses to learn and now it's got Stalingrads all it can eat)

and so Moscow's not gonna tell west about missile movements today.

sorry, if i'm driveling too long... but Russia's press releases have been pissing good people off for years. don't give in to any of it. ignore it. it's meant for the washington boys to whiplash them. let them untangle it. look at russia's

Russia never foretells and rarely talks afterwards. while west argues about Georgia NATO exercises with Russia, Russia is sure to be sawing off yet another tentacle of the west parasitic octopus someplace. by the time NATO does their Georgian military dance, obama will find another 25K troops missing someplace. and none in the west war meetings will be able to connect the few simple dots.

now, Israel talks big with deliberate obscene vulgarities. typical of all non-entities and spoilt dependents. but only dares murder children and only from tanks and missiles.

USA talks big, annoyingly slow, and simplistically like John Wayne and never lets truth and reality to interfere.

Japan barks short crap but hasn't been able to back it with action since its annexation by USA in 1945.

Germany issues long warped nonsensical statements ending them with dangling verbs never achieving anything but to conjure up Monty Python hitler skits.

France prattles like two homos feeding each other little chocolates in a gay bar over a fizzy pink drink.

UK speech, full of tiresome caveats, esoteric adjectives, and theatrical dramatics, is always delivered with Mr Bean grimaces. the shakespearean london thespianics are no more sensible than the hissing of a snake.

now, does anyone care about the west insane blather?

the whole west is a crippled meth patient today shuffling through his sick room pushing its stack of IVs while muttering senile crap that no one cares about. it doesn't even notice when a piece of flesh peeled off its leper body and smeared the floor tiles.

the only concern today is not to catch the leprosy. not to tell west where's missiles.

10:55 -- GM bankruptcy
GM should abandon building cars. who's gonna drive them anyway? hardly the tent city baboon. instead they should roll out an armoured tank against civilians with special missile armament against hospitals, tents, and nursery schools. they'd be "bailed out" in a second.

7:45 -- Mandolin: where's evidence of collapse.

what we're seeing is elasticity of profiteering. technically it's not a canonised econ but...

they've been raping on profits so much that there's a bit of margin. it's thinning with the expense of layoff, lower wages, etc. so there's some margin left to prolong the agony.

but it's a good question. i can't get the data either. suicide rates are through the roof apparently in the west, but i don't know what they are. foreclosures are through the roof, some say it's 1 out of 9 houses now in USA. apparently, some 500K houses gone, that's say 1M or 1,5M people homeless. it's seen in the shootouts stats rate going up. but again, all this is unreleased or so badly spun, it's ridiculous.

for example, it's like UK media celebrating China's Growth Slowing. that's the headline but reality is that China grew over 6% while all of west is on track for 5% prolapse. but west media whores manage to twist this and sell it as though China is out of breath too.

also, 1 yr ago, when top four US banks had collapsed, no one among the west proles was touched, or nowhere to the extent it's trickled down today. so give it a few more months. the trend is on.

14:58 -- X's inflation v deflation

let me preempt my attempt at an answer by stating that i do have an econ degree. im not saying it to boast but to apologise and explain why i can't be of help.

one thing about econ.... there's only one single lesson that made sense. actually two. and that's it!

both are FRIGHTENING beyond belief and both are fully echoed in the west evil, namely in the USA criminal record.

the rest of all econ books filled with gibberish about local maxima and minima masturbating with the supply/demand curve up and down the boring chart searching for the elusive equilibrium G-spot; counting up aggregate beans and then comparing them with adjectives like inferior, developed, and latent, while pretending adding words and numbers makes sense; tirades about comparative or absolute advantages; and drivel about human capital and investment is all 100% nonsensical BS. no different than 911 west lies.

there is NO supply/demand. there's laws! made by criminals and enforced by criminals. that's all. there's no free market. there's laws that govern "free" prices and laws that govern "tariffs", overproduction, and the endless glossary of euphemisms for price. there's laws that run west econ systems. nothing else! it's all deliberate slavery. west firms don't make profit. they're daycare centres for the west adults in most cases. much like schools in west don't teach but just merely try keep youth off the street and in state bondage.

most of west has always been subsidised to keep masses employed and strapped or enslaved. no econ modeling here. it's slavery modeling. it's not an accident that west is working and returning nearly all cash for food and housing just like it's not an accident that baboons die at 65, right when they're discharged from work. it's not an accident that "free market" just happens to work Mon-Fri and all gov't and biz shuts down for the weekend to keep the masses of west gullible morons in perpetual impotence from birth to death.

there's just laws made by few.

inflation and deflation both belong into the econ nonsense glossary, i fear.

the only two concepts that work, i mentioned above, are: scale of economy and monopoly.

don't know which is more of a horror.

economy of scale means that unless you have everything you can't mass produce. so that garage idea is total BS, a little pie in the sky sold to naive kids.

if a biz depends on supply, it's OVER, it's NOT a biz, it's a dependency, a little slag. and who's got the lot? the gov't and its giant concerns, the ones that are getting the free bailout zillions.

monopoly is obvious. but the concept means that it's the only biz model that makes money. and second, this model requires guns to keep it in business. hence the horror west has been exporting.

that's all there is to micro and macro economy.

dollar was a monopoly thanks to petrodollar and loans before that. prime rate is a monopoly. resale rate is a monopoly. west people debt is a monopoly run by bond issuance which is also monopoly.

that's why 60% of assets of west are owned by some 500 people. the rest belongs to vatican and UK saxonic anemic lizards.

i hope.... i should elaborate a lot cuz these are big statements... i gotta write up the dollar tale. it's a fun one. it explains it a bit. but...

now, inflation is nothing but monopolistic rape enforcing slavery since no one can save up. interest or price of money requires inflation otherwise money would have no time value. it's artificially imposed.

but west is in hyperinflation. it's totally bonkers now. it's just postponing devaluation or collapse.

i don't get it though. because it can never hope to pay it down. west has no resources, other than human but west labour is overpriced. the only way to reduce the labour price is with a gun. maybe that's why west has camps ready. but still they can't produce and export to make cash, so... all i can figure is they're trying to sack west for what it's worth, pack up, and convert some of it, and run.

i can't figure anything else here with hyperinflation or rather extreme hyperinflation.

when in trouble, west, namely USA, has always gone for extreme inflation. and each time it banked on war to create money monopoly artificially raising dollar value and ignoring the debt. this is "reaganomics" and the idea that debt doesn't matter comes from this but it's purely dependent on murdering people to keep them in dollar obedience.

now, when Bush II made M3 illegal 3 yrs ago (the official entry into hyperinflation) they were banking on at least drug monopoly in Afghanistan, perhaps even petro monopoly or some oligopoly deal with Russia. who knows exactly?

it's merely a postponing tactic and cannot be solved without monopoly. today, i don't see west having ANY monopoly and under no circumstance cash monopoly.

so under these new Freeworld rules, hyperinflation means devaluation at a rate of some 90% or total poverty wall to wall chaos.

i cannot figure the deflation idea.

let's could only happen now by overproduction somehow driving the price of crap down, reducing profit.

i've seen west claim deflation. but it's another 911 like fib. what they call deflation is crap sitting on shelves cuz no one has the cash or will to buy it.

they spin it into claiming deflation by overproduction, low price or big cash value. it's a nonsensical sequence of independent claims.

car sales are tens of points down. that means they've got lots full of idiotic cars that no one wants. that's not overproduction per se. it's just that no one has the cash or confidence, as they say, to buy it.

that's not deflation, that's depression.

and they dare link unemployment rate to deflation too. their diseased rationale is that if things don't sell then there's no profit causing layoffs. just taking the original idea another irrelevant step further. and they figure since there's layoffs then it must be deflation. again, that's BS. they're firing people cuz they're out of cash.

the west is merely consolidating resources, that's all. dumping redundancies and shutting down all the day care centres.

all this is depression if anything. but i strongly suggest that it's neither depression but the very prolapse, the end of days, for west in every respect cuz west can't even devalue.

i now realise i didn't answer your question. and so i humbly apologise for the obfuscating rant and call on others to take up the extremely challenging question.

poiuytr said...

12:12 informatron

funny list of banks.

since i was just driveling on the very theme of the dollar value,... i just wanna add to the first paragraph on the dollar.

dollar value was held artificially via the demand for oil.

hence petrodollar.

it was brutally enforced by war, by constant flow of blood of Freeworld people.

USA never had any advantage whatsoever. it was just a monopoly.

and as such, debt, inflation, USA production, none of it mattered. all of it was purely academic and decoupled from dollar value.

now this was destroyed in 2006. petrodollar died and since then dollar has been dying. and USA's only worth today is it's land or rather the land they stole by murdering 13M indigenous people 200 yrs ago.


also, for Mandolin, look at EU. Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Estonia, Czech, Ireland, Iceland, France... it's one strike after another, one riot after another. the end of west can be seen in that.

what i don't get is where is USA. it appears that Bush II had eradicated the middle class there and no one cares about the paupers, the rest is still somewhat fat. or maybe it's more brutally policed. or probably it's the baboon mentality.

Anonymous said...

A million thanks poiuytr for your long reply though your health is down. Believe it or not, that's extremely worrisome. We've seen the pattern before with others. We hope it's not a wasting disease or some poison in the system. Are you getting adequate care at least? The blog is doing quite well for the short time it's been on the web. On the other hand, never think you're not needed. Not even James or Informatron could take your place. O, shit. Life's like that, isn't it? Trouble then moments of joy then trouble again and one never knows what^s coming next. So please to be extremely careful and may recovery be only days away. Again, thanks for bringing some clarity to fight the general obscurity.

Anonymous said...

"most of west has always been subsidised to keep masses employed and strapped or enslaved. no econ modeling here. it's slavery modeling. it's not an accident that west is working and returning nearly all cash for food and housing just like it's not an accident that baboons die atmost of west has always been subsidised to keep masses employed and strapped or enslaved. no econ modeling here. it's slavery modeling. it's not an accident that west is working and returning nearly all cash for food and housing just like it's not an accident that baboons die at 65, right when they're discharged from work. it's not an accident that "free market" just happens to work Mon-Fri and all gov't and biz shuts down for the weekend to keep the masses of west gullible morons in perpetual impotence from birth to death." What you say here finds eerie echoes in a recent American shill article: "In “free” America today, ordinary Americans have no more claim to their own labor than a medieval serf." Probably the serfs were better off then we shall ever be. Law of nature: one step forward and two steps backward.

Anonymous said...

It was easy to guess you must have an econ degree. Not because one is needed to talk sense. In fact most trained economists talk through their hats so that's hardly a recommendation. No, the guess was based on the ease with which you broke down barriers for the layman and simplified. Like you latest attempt at an explanation, as elegant as a mathematical formula: the economy of scale and monopoly. Even a dunderheads like me manage to get their head round that one.

Anonymous said...

Heartfelt thanks for having another go at making me see the crisis has set in and is biting. I too have taken note of the rioting and demos across EU. It must be the strangely unconcerned, business-as-usual faces of my next-door neighbours that get me down occasionally. As for the Americans, they don't do riots and demos. They'll probably all shoot one another before the year is out. Thanks once again.

Anonymous said...

Not to ignore poiuytr but to push further and further:

More for Mandolin from informatron

"Concluding Commentary"

(Posted Thursday, 16 April 2009 By: Alf Field, another guy who predicted the collapse in 2005, see his video below)


The fact is that anyone with an understanding of monetary history could have predicted the inevitability of the current financial crisis.

Only the timing of the onset of the crisis and the trigger that started it were areas of uncertainty.

I first publicly predicted the current crisis at the Gold Rush 21 Conference in August 2005. I was a delegate, not a featured speaker. The talk was impromptu and off the cuff.

Someone has kindly placed a video copy of that talk on the internet and it can be accessed at:

That talk referred to the fact that all the problems then emerging in the US economy started with the letter “D”.

It is appropriate to review the progress of these various problem sections of the economy. They now include a couple of new ones:

1. Debt: This was discussed in detail in the “Crisis Cogitations” article. Deleveraging is taking place with debt totals declining. The nominal value of GDP needs to be increased to help sustain the debt levels. Government debt will replace and then exceed the private debt that is currently being eliminated.

2. Deficits: These cover both the US Government Budget deficit and the external trade deficit. The trade deficit is declining but the Budget deficit is about to go exponential. This is where the rubber hits the road. Cash required for all of the other D’s will eventually filter into the budget deficit.

3. Dollar: The US Dollar is a major problem as other countries recognise that the US dollar cannot continue as the world’s Reserve Currency.

4. Deflation: Caused by the debt and credit collapse – and may even lead to the other D-word, Depression. The worse the economic downturn becomes, the greater will be the efforts to turn the economy around, all requiring increasing Federal Budget deficits. This applies to all countries around the world.

5. Demographics: The Baby Boomers have entered their retirement phase, which means that there will be increasing claims for pensions, social security and medical entitlements for which the Government has no resources. These unfunded claims could amount to a total of more than $40 trillion, all of which will swell the budget deficit for years to come.

6. Derivatives: This is the “biggie”, running into many hundreds of $ trillions at notional values. Huge losses are already emerging from this area, which have nearly sunk AIG and the banking system. Nobody knows where the losses will settle, but it seems a foregone conclusion that they will be massive, eventually finding their way into increasing US budget deficits and debt.

7. Dwellings: The slump in real estate is far from over and attempts to assist in this area will also swell the US budget deficits.

8. Destruction: Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to cost vast amounts of money, all funded by additional budget deficits.

9. Deceit: This is a new one. The first casualty of war is truth. Lies, deceptions and misinformation abound in a war situation. Whether we like it or not, we are all involved in a war between government fiat currency and sound money. Governments will not willingly give up their right to create new fiat money. We must expect Governments to fight the introduction of sound money with whatever tools they have, which will include propaganda and misinformation.

Realistically we must assume that the world economy will continue to wind down.

Deleveraging is continuing apace and people are scared. In such circumstances one cannot expect people to borrow and spend with gay abandon. That will not happen. People have become conservative and will save or repay debt to improve personal balance sheets. It is probable that unemployment numbers will continue to escalate, possibly sharply.

Unemployment in the USA has reached 8.1% and will almost certainly go higher. We cannot exclude the possibility of a 20% unemployment rate.

When the economy tanks and unemployment rises, two things happen to the US Government budget.

Expenditures increase due to higher unemployment claims while Government revenues decline as tax receipts plummet. The result is that Government budget deficits mushroom rapidly. These deficits are then aggravated by spending on stimulus packages, money thrown at supporting the banking system and the “too big to fail” corporations.

Bloomberg has estimated that all the various packages thus far propagated by the US government total more than $12 trillion. Where will this huge amount of money come from? It comes from the US budget, to be found in ballooning deficit numbers.

How does the US government raise the money to fund these deficits? Increasing taxes would have a detrimental impact on the economy, so that will not happen. Can the money be borrowed? Not in the quantities that will be needed, and $12 trillion may only be the first pass at a much, much higher final number. Money to fund the deficits can only come from selling Treasury Bonds to the Fed in exchange for newly created fiat US dollars. That is already happening and is a trend that will rapidly escalate .

As mentioned above, this is where the rubber hits the road, not only for the USA but in countries around the world. Escalating national budget deficits will be financed by newly created local fiat money. The frightening thing is that whereas this situation has occurred in individual countries from time to time throughout history, this is the first time that it is happening world wide in virtually every country at the same time.

Where does this lead to? It is time to dust off the centuries old “Gresham’s Law”.

Gresham’s Law

Sir Thomas Gresham was an English financier who lived nearly 500 years ago. His Law states that “bad money drives out good money” What he meant was that people will hoard “good” money while spending the “bad” money.

Gresham lived in an era of metallic money and the “bad” money he referred to related to coins that had been clipped or had been debased by having some of the precious metal content supplanted by base metals. The “good” coins were hoarded and disappeared from circulation. People got rid of the “bad” money while they could still find someone to accept it.

There is a corollary to Gresham’s law that applies to the modern situation when a country rapidly increases the fiat currency in circulation. Initially people exchange the local “bad” currency for foreign “good” currency (or gold) and hoard the good money. Gradually the locals introduce the use of foreign currency into every day trade and eventually the local fiat currency is spurned. At some point Gresham’s Law is reversed. The “good” money drives the “bad” out of circulation.

This is exactly what happened in Zimbabwe recently. Initially South African Rand and US Dollars were hoarded by Zimbabweans. Subsequently these currencies emerged in every day trade until the Government had to accept the de facto situation that they could no longer spend Zimbabwe dollars in Zimbabwe. The people would not accept them. The Government eventually announced that trade in Zimbabwe could be conducted in any foreign currency. “Good” money had replaced the “bad”.

History is littered with similar examples. Virtually all South American countries went through a similar process 30 years ago where the bad money was eventually driven out by the good money, which at the time was the US dollar.

The downfall of the Roman Empire included a similar set of circumstances. Roman government spending reached a point where it exceeded the income raised in taxes and tributes. The Emperor raised taxes to cover the deficit, but citizens voted with their feet and departed from Rome to avoid the higher taxes. Tax collections declined.

The Emperor refused to cut expenditures and finally resorted to debasing the silver currency to cover the deficit. Initially this worked while the population remained unaware of the minor reductions in the silver content of the coins. This could not be hidden when the reductions in silver content became more obvious. Eventually the silver content was reduced by 95% in just a few years. The Roman Legions rejected the debased currency. Without an army, the Roman Empire collapsed

I recently visited Vietnam for the first time. It was basically a tourist visit, but I was interested in monetary developments in that country. The local currency, the Dong, is not an internationally exchangeable currency and has showed signs of moving in the direction of the Zimbabwe dollar.

The first thing that made an impression was a question on the Vietnamese arrival form. Immediately following the normal question: “Are you carrying more than $10,000 in cash or convertible currencies?” was another question: “Are you carrying more than 300 grams of gold? If so, list the gold that you are carrying.”

This is an interesting development. Be prepared for this question to soon be inserted on arrival forms near you.

Virtually all trade in Vietnam can be conducted in either Dong or in US Dollars. Every Vietnamese can instantly quote the price in either currency. The locals spend Dong while US Dollars are hoarded. Gresham’s Law is alive and well in Vietnam. The Vietnamese are also well versed in the benefits of holding gold as “good” money. This article suggests that the Vietnamese people hold a total of 700 tonnes of gold, a huge amount for such a small country:

It will be interesting to follow developments in Vietnam.

How will the current crisis end?

How will the current crisis end? As mentioned, this is a war between fiat money and sound money. It is extremely unlikely that Governments will voluntarily give up their freedom to create fiat money at will. They will have to reach a point where there is no alternative to introducing sound money because citizens finally refuse to accept the fiat currencies. This journey will probably be decidedly unpleasant.

Fiat money will survive for as long as people are prepared to accept it in payment for goods and services. The end will come when the general populace rejects the fiat currency in favour of sound or “good” money.

The bottom line is that it is the people who will finally decide when this crisis will end, when they reject bad money and force the good, sound money into circulation.

How can this happen in the USA? We need to go back to examine the basics of banking. Centuries ago goldsmiths, the forerunners of modern banks, provided a storage service for metallic coin money. The receipts they issued were regarded as being as good as gold and enabled commercial transactions to take place easily. The goldsmiths’ profit came from storage charges.

Later the goldsmiths started issuing receipts for their own gold as loans and charging interest on those loans. Then they started lending fictitious receipts based on the gold they were holding in storage for clients. That was when they morphed from the sound business of storage into the murky waters of lending money belonging to others.

The same two functions are performed by modern banks – the transaction function and the loan function. The transaction function is easy, safe, but unexciting business. The loan function is much more profitable and invites risk taking. This is where problems normally emerge.

With the development of electronic money and electronic banking, the transaction function has become vital to continuing economic activity. This is why Governments are so determined to save their national banking systems, but this requires them to absorb all the bad investments and derivatives from the loan side of the banks.

It seems inevitable that before this crisis is resolved, that the two functions performed by banks, the transaction function and the loan function, will need to be separated.

It also seems inevitable that when government fiat money is rejected by the people, (following unbridled creation of new fiat money), that gold and silver will have to re-enter the national and international monetary systems. In our modern economies, with their electronic money transaction systems, gold and silver will need to be in an electronic format to be reintroduced as money.

Electronic gold and silver money already exists. Some people (ahead of their time) have perceived this need and set up the electronic transaction function of a banking system using gold and silver. James Turk at is one such person. Their business provides a facility for people to open electronic gold and silver accounts. buys and holds the precious metals on behalf of clients who can use their holdings to make electronic payments from their accounts, either in gold or silver or by converting back to fiat currencies. makes its profits from minor transaction fees and small margins between the buying and selling prices of precious metals. They only provide the storage and transaction functions of a bank. They do not get involved in the loan function. Thus has also achieved the separation of the loan and transaction functions of a banking system.

I have no connection with and only mention their business as an example of how good money may evolve and eventually drive out the less desirable fiat money from circulation. If you use or any similar business, please be aware that you must do your own due diligence to satisfy yourself of the security of the operation.

What to do in the interim?

Nobody can be certain how the various forces will play out in the period ahead, but if events unfold along the lines described in this article, then there should be a massive transfer of wealth from fiat money and financial assets into tangible assets.

The top tangible assets will be the precious metals that should form the basis of the new sound monetary system. Gold and silver, but particularly gold, will be the main financial life preservers. The ship has been holed and is sinking. This is not the time to take off your life jackets. Do not try and trade your precious metal positions.

Most people are uncomfortable holding too large a percentage of their assets in precious metals and related mining company shares. There are many other tangibles that can be considered, ranging from commodities, base metals, energy assets to real estate, equities and collectibles such as works of art by renowned artists. It is important to pick a suitable point in the valuation cycle to purchase tangibles such as real estate and equities.

Anonymous said...

A tidy summation by Alf Field, thanks, informatron. To poiuytr's 2006 nuking of the dollar can now be added the battle between good and bad money, Zimbabwe-style, still to come. As for X's inflation-deflation question, which is better for the man in the street, the answer seems as elusive as proving the Reimann hypothesis. We'll trust to time to provide answers.

Anonymous said...

Cash-rich China courts the Caspian
By M K Bhadrakumar
China's prospects as the first major economy to recover gives it a crucial role to lead the world economy as a whole and the Central Asian region in particular. Following up on a $25 billion loan to Russia that China dished out in February, it has agreed to lend $10 billion to Kazakhstan. China expects both the recipients to reciprocate by bolstering their energy supplies to China.

Anonymous said...

(USA) 94 Years of Serfdom

By Paul Craig Roberts

April 15, 2009 "Information Clearing House" -- -This April 15 is the 94th year that Americans have had to file an income tax. For most Americans, the day is a non-event. The federal and state governments have already collected the taxes due by withholding from each paycheck over the course of the calendar year. Most Americans never saw the money and have no real idea that they earned it.

Some Americans have their incomes over-withheld as a form of forced savings. They look forward to tax time as it means they will receive a refund check from the government that they can use for a summer vacation, a big screen TV, a new appliance, or a down payment on a new car.

Few Americans realize that over the last 94 years they have been enserfed and have no more rights to their own labor than medieval serfs or 19th century slaves.

The 16th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified because the income tax was only for the rich. Some states ratified the amendment because no one in the state had an income high enough to be subject to the tax.

According to the US Department of the Treasury’s history of the income tax, less than one percent of the US population was subject to the income tax. A progressive structure was applied to this less than one percent of rich Americans, with rates ranging from 1 percent to 7 percent on incomes over $500,000, a great sum of money in those days.

In the first year of the income tax, the world’s richest person, John D. Rockefeller, paid $2 million in income tax, almost 3 percent of the total income tax collected.

People were happy. They had finally gotten the rich.

And themselves as well. Exemptions were reduced and tax rates were raised in rapid succession in 1916, 1917, and 1918. Within five years the tax rates ranged from 6 percent to 77 percent, and people whose incomes were initially exempt now paid tax at more than double the initial top rate that had applied to John D. Rockefeller.

In “free” America today, despite the Kennedy, Reagan, and Bush tax rate reductions, ordinary Americans have no more claim to their own labor than a medieval serf. Most are content, however, with handing over 30 percent of their income as long as they can hope to tax the rich at 50 percent, the tax rate on 19th century slaves.

Some 19th century slaves, whose skills were worth more in towns than on plantations, were leased by their owners to businesses in towns. The businesses would remit half of the slave’s wages to the owner. Out of the remainder, slaves could save enough to purchase their freedom.

Today, we cannot purchase our freedom from the IRS. The only free Americans today are those who can work off the books or who can live on public welfare.

People who reject my analogy can test the analogy by refusing the government’s claim on their labor. They will find that the IRS can be just as ruthless as the worst feudal lord or slave owner.

For many Americans freedom is not as important as “fairness,” by which is meant a more equal distribution of income. However, a number of studies indicate that a progressive income tax doesn’t achieve the kind of leveling that some desire. Moreover, rich and poor are not static groups. Studies have discovered that there is a great deal of movement between the income quintiles. Some people rise, some people fall, and some rise again. The same people do not inhabit the same quintile year after year.

Government does not seem to be the answer. Indeed, some of the largest incomes result from collusion with government, such as the Clinton/Bush financial deregulation that produced the world’s first annual incomes of $1 billion.

The desire to tax the rich has caused a concentration of less accountable power in the United States as national and global corporations took over from local businesses. The estate tax, created in 1916, has forced family businesses, media, and farms into large corporate conglomerates. The corporate media, animal, chicken, and egg farming, with its inhumane conditions, antibiotics, and waste concentrations that pollute the environment, and large scale chemical fertilizer farming that pollutes rivers and oceans are, in part, unintended consequences of taxation aimed at the rich.

Today the income tax serves our interest less than ever before. The collapse of socialism and the rise of the high speed Internet has opened vast under-utilized foreign work forces to first world corporations. The consequent loss of jobs and careers by Americans cannot be rectified through the corporate income tax.

Ralph Gomory, coauthor with William Baumol of the most important work in trade theory ever published, Global Trade and Conflicting National Interests (MIT Press, 2000), has suggested that jobs would flow back to America instead of continuing to leave if the corporate income tax were replaced by taxing corporations on the basis of whether the value added to their products occurs at home or abroad.

The ecological economist Herman Daly has suggested that the tax base be moved off of income and on to the use of increasingly scarce natural capital. Non-renewable resources are being depleted, and the over-use of nature’s waste absorption services is resulting in pollution and environmental destruction.

Taxing the use of natural capital would conserve it and lead to its more rational use.

These promising tax ideas directly address the most pressing economic and environmental problems of our time, but they cannot be considered because people are still absorbed in class warfare.

A mainstay of class war is the propaganda that “the rich don’t pay taxes.” This myth lives on despite the annual release of IRS data that proves the contrary. In 2006, the most recent year for which data is available, Americans whose tax returns placed them in the top 1 percent earned 22.1 percent of adjusted gross income and paid 39.9 percent of all federal individual income taxes.

The top 5 percent, defined as rich by President Obama, paid 60.1 percent of all federal individual income taxes. The top 10 percent paid 71 percent.

Those Americans whose earnings placed them in the bottom half of the income distribution paid less than 3 percent of the individual income tax collected.

The immunity of many Americans to facts is impressive. Just as many Americans continue to believe that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and hid them in Syria, Russia, or Iran, many Americans will continue to believe that “the rich don’t pay taxes.”

Anonymous said...

Good article, KING, even if Nake '47 above (11:12) might go into a tizzy, objecting that USans have no place on this blog. It occurred to me that baboonland is the main cause of all our present distress and can't simply be ignored. This is one of the most casual and freedom-loving of the blogs available, a home away from home. It should remain that way.

Anonymous said...

Say, you lot, don't you know the Americans can't be trusted? They were born deaf and blind. But they've got big mouths all the same and all that comes out is a stream of foul lies. Turn your backs on their scribblers, say I.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, a couple o' things to report on this Saturday, none of 'em totally beyond the pale.
- See charismatic Zigzag sucking up to charismatic hero Hugo. Looks like a scene out of a Hollywood movie.
- US ready to talk to everyone it seems, Cuba, Iran, even Israel. Also poised to attack Eritrea. Excellent combination: shoot, shoot, shoot with the mouth and the gun.
- Thailand today: state of emergency continues, yellow-shirt leader survives.
- Russia planning war games in Abkhasia to counter NATO-Georgia dance. Ams planning to destroy Russia again by pointing whatever weapons they have at Russian industrial centres.
- About the Indian farmer, not only plagued by water shortages and debt, don't forget the Monsanto factor, vile GM seeds killing off the crops. Ban Monsanto, please.
That's all for now. And next NBN due anytime. Looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

One is the enemy
Diverse its many defeats.
This is the reality
So pay close attention.

Munkar & Nakir
from "Afghanistan: Caravan of the fool-saints"

Anonymous said...

O, thank you, thank you. That's absolutely beautiful and also fitting. Says it all, doesn't it? I've always thought the poets, when pure-hearted, are the best of us all. They cross continents of truth on the wings of a single line.

Anonymous said...

Yes, fabulous verses. Much obliged.

Anonymous said...

'The final draft of the controversial Durban II anti-racism conference is prepared amid fears of anti-Israeli sentiments overwhelming the event. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, said on Friday that all member states have agreed on the last draft and that all disputed points such as references to the Middle East have been deleted.
As the agreements have been made, Pillay expects the 17-page document to be signed at the conference which starts in Geneva on Monday. Disagreement plagued the Durban II conference with Canada and Israel boycotting the event over fears that Muslim nations would focus on Israeli atrocities against Palestinians.'

While you were all waxing lyrical above, the daily grind went on. And came up with the Durban II nonsense, which will soon change its name to Geneva I, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Russia’s nuclear attack on U.S. may start with major banks (Pravda)
While US scientists put forward the new doctrine of the Minimum Nuclear Deterrence (targeting missiles against Russia’s 12 key enterprises), decided to draw a map of a limited strike that could paralyze the US economy. It turns out that the United States is much more vulnerable than Russia at this point. An attack against only five targets in the USA will throw the US economy back into the Stone Age.

Anonymous said...

The international monetary system’s breakdown is underway - GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin – April 17, 2009
The next stage of the crisis will result from a Chinese dream. Indeed, what on earth can China be dreaming of, caught – if we listen to Washington – in the “dollar trap” of its 1,400-billion worth of USD-denominated debt? If we believe US leaders and their scores of media experts, China is only dreaming of remaining a prisoner, and even of intensifying the severity of its prison conditions by buying always more US T-Bonds and Dollars.
In fact, everyone knows what prisoners dream of? They dream of escaping of course, of getting out of prison. LEAP/E2020 has therefore no doubt that Beijing is now constantly striving to find the means of disposing of, as early as possible, the mountain of « toxic » assets which US Treasuries and Dollars have become, keeping the wealth of 1,300 billion Chinese citizens prisoner. In this issue of the GEAB (N°34), our team describes the “tunnels and galleries” Beijing has secretively begun to dig in the global financial and economic system in order to escape the « dollar trap » by the end of summer 2009. Once the US has defaulted on its debt, it will be time for the « everyman for himself » rule to prevail in the international system, in line with the final statement of the London G20 Summit which reads as a « chronicle of a geopolitical dislocation », as explained by LEAP/E2020 in this issue of the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin.
Behind London’s « fools’ game », where everyone pretended to believe that an event of « historical » international co-operation (5) took place, the G20 summit in fact revealed major divisions. The Americans and British (followed by a compliant Japan) desperately tried to preserve their capacity to maintain control over the global financial system, freezing or diluting any significant reform granting more power to the other players, but in fact no longer powerful enough to enforce their aims. The Chinese, Russians, Indians, Brazilians,… strove to change the balance of the international monetary and financial system in their favour, but were unable (or maybe, deep down, unwilling (6)) to impose their reforms. The Europeans (the EU without the United Kingdom) proved incapable of making up their minds between the only two options available: duplicating US and UK policies and sinking along with them, or questioning the very roots of the current monetary and financial system in partnership with the Chinese, the Russians, the Indians and the Brazilians. Today the Europeans have avoided following Washington and London in their endless reproduction of failed past policies (7), but they do not yet dare to prepare for the future.
The Europeans can be held accountable if, in the remaining small window of opportunity (less than 6 months now), they fail to undertake the necessary steps to avoid a 10 year-long tragic crisis (8). Indeed they have the technical know-how that can help to create an international currency based on a basket of the world’s most important currencies, and they know which political approach is required to best combine the various strategic interests of a group of countries whose currencies would comprise the new international reserve currency. Unfortunately, EU leaders (namely Eurozone ones) clearly seem unable to face their responsibilities today, as if they preferred to let the Western system break down (though claiming the contrary) rather than fight to turn it into a bridge leading to a new global system. It may be a choice (LEAP/E2020 does not believe so); it may also be the result of the pusillanimity of EU leaders selected on the basis of their docility (vis-à-vis Washington and major European financial and economic players). In any event, this neutrality is dangerous for the world because it prevents the launch of an effective process to avoid a decade-long tragic crisis to unwind.
In this issue of the GEAB, our researchers anticipate the different forms a US default will take at the end of summer 2009, a US default which can no longer be concealed concealable from this April (most taxes are collected in April in the US) onward. The perspective of a US default this summer is becoming clearer as public debt is now completely out of control with skyrocketing expenses (+41%) and collapsing tax revenues (-28%), as LEAP/E2020 anticipated more than a year ago. In March 2009 alone, the federal deficit has nearly reached USD 200-billion (way above the most pessimistic forecasts), i.e. a little less than half of the deficit recorded for the entire year 2008 (a record high year). The same trend can be observed at every level of the country’s public organisation: federal state, federated states, counties, towns, everywhere tax revenues are vanishing, suffocating the whole country with spiraling debts that no one can control anymore (not even Washington).

I remember our King predicting default a little earlier on.

Anonymous said...

X here: Took off well, this article, then crash-landed.

Anonymous said...

International Forecaster Weekly
The Much Much Greater Depression
Posted: April 15 2009
unfavorable forecasts in the years to come, deficits set to increase, the devastating impact of the inane bailouts, failing production and tanking consumer spending will have on our economy, a toxic asset sale wont fix the world economy. Barack Romulus Augustulus Obama claims that his Administration will end the budget deficits by the end of his first, and hopefully last, term in office. Our peerless leader's projections are based on an average GDP of 2.6%, while Congress disagrees, using an average GDP of 2.2%, in their budget forecasts for what will be the next wildly excruciating four years. Would these be the projections for the US Economy, or are they for Never, Never Land, or for the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland? Perhaps Tinker Bell can sprinkle some fairy dust on our economy to make these phantasms come true. What kind of utterly preposterous poppycock will the Illuminati come up with next? It appears that the Puppet Masters, their Wall Street henchmen and their US government flunkies have now added crack-smoking to their usual Satanic rituals and occult New Age meditations as they fire up the Goldilocks Matrix for another round.

More in the same vein, from which one can retain the following: US GDP, first 2 quarters at least = -6.3%. unemployment = 20% and rising, hence hyperstagflation, then when it all calms down a bit comes deflation. Anyone any the wiser?

Anonymous said...

Huge demonstration in Geneva denounces racism, Israel - 4/18/2009
GENEVA, April 18 (KUNA) — A huge demonstration marched through the streets of Geneva Saturday denouncing racism and Israel ahead of the UN Durban Review Conference (DRC).
The gigantic demonstration was led by Swiss NGOs which were joined by Arab and African and other NGOs.
The event took place on the sidelines of the Civil Society Forum underway which will conclude its work Sunday and will issue a very strong statement denouncing Israeli practices in the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt). (end) KUNA 182157 Apr 09NNNN

Anonymous said...

Sunday, 19 April 2009
Are You Kidding Me? (
'I watched closely all the tea parties all over the country Wednesday. What a showing of national pride and solidarity. What a showing of subservient compliance and casual indifference. What a joke.
In Lafayette Park, Washington D.C., of all places to protest, the plan was to dump one million tea bags in the park, but the brave dissidents never did it because they forgot to get the proper permits. Are you kidding me? What is civil disobedience without civil disobedience? They even went so far as to say that they were willing to put down plastic tarps and clean up after themselves.
That's like saying we don't agree with your oppressive, unconstitutional despotism of our nation and to show our ire in no uncertain terms we're going to break public law and disrupt the peace so take that, nah- nah-ne-boo-boo. But don't worry because we'll put everything back when we're done as if nothing happened cuz we don't want any trouble!' (D. Icke blog).
Revolution in Yank, or as some people have taken to calling it, Jank Land. Whatever the baboons do is Jank Junk.

Anonymous said...

Dull, dull Sunday devoted to such matters as:
the handshakes at the LatinAm meeting. Apparently they are all Freemasons, Obama, Chavez, Ortega, R. Castro, etc., all members of the same ruling party group. First the shock, then the sentiment that yes, OK by me if Chavez runs the NWO.
New flashpoint Eritrea where the two I's = Iran and Israel are gearing up to a proxy war.
The tired old climate change scam. Antartic ice growing not melting away, we are told. I hate the environmentalists, Al Gore leading, because their final goal is population cull.
Finally I fight depression with the thought that our two weapons against the bastards, war and ec crash, haven't lost their potency. We'll get em in the end - whenever that end comes - and god, the world will then be a better place.

Anonymous said...

X here. I had to laugh over "Are you kidding me?" Seems you now need permits to rebel (or even to go on a march probably) and definitely govt authorisation to start a revolution. How much stupider are we going to get? Revs are not fun, easy, legal things. It's a state of rupture in which hands get dirty, lives get lost and our legal standing gets a bashing we'd never thought possible. No one showing any common on this anywhere in the west (noble exception: Greece?).

Anonymous said...

Would the person who gave us the answer to everything by quoting the verses: One is the enemy, Diverse its many defeats, This is the reality, So pay close attention, have the goodness to tell us where to go to find more info? Our google has broken down on us as far as this question goes. Eternal thanks. And may Munkar and Nakir be clement with you as with our souls as well.

Anonymous said...

Free Gaza
Emancipate Palestine

Then alone will the planet return to its orbit.

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