Myth of US Air Superiority

Like a pathetic school bully, the United States targets and attacks the weak and vulnerable. Its extraordinary, perhaps to be expected that the US hasn't fought a country that has a decent air force since the Korean War 1950-53.

The US military in stark contrast to the propaganda of its media, are pathetic cowards and bullies. The US has no qualms about destroying and raping countries like Vietnam and Iraq. But would never dare to fight Russia or China. Or even moderately armed countries like Iran or Venezuela. Thanks to Russian and Chinese arms, the free world can live free!

Nation By Nation (29Mar09)

24-29Feb09 -- News from around the globe rinsed dry of west propaganda smarm and presented as naked datapoints underscoring the end of domination of the "white blue-eyed" strand. (Mouseover flags for info)

A B K H A Z I A Abkhazia - NBN welcomes Abkhazia, a new nation liberated from west and recognised by Russia in Aug08.
- Housing Russian military.

A U S T R A L I A Australia - Puts up Iron-Ore Curtain in attempt to keep its minerals away from China. This may prove foolishly short-sighted as the price of the current ~2B China bid for Australia's iron resources will keep falling like everything in the west.
- Holds "earth" hour by shutting lights off. If you wanna aid the planet shut of TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines for good.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Sticks 34B BRL into building 1 million homes.
- Prez Lula states that the world catastrophe has been caused by "white people with blue eyes" and that it's wrong for black and indigenous people to pay for mistakes of whites.

L Lula da Silva with Hugo Chavez expose the truth about the gringo.

C Z E C H Czech - Governance implodes as the pro-NWO PM and current EU prez, Topolanek, is voted out. Topolanek takes a parting shot at his west bosses saying that the "bailouts" are the "road to hell". It's reassuring that the west legislators not only KNOW the truth behind the west "stimulus" scams but won't say a word till scorned. Now, add the fact that they rely on rock bands for speech mat'l and you've got a farce none could invent. On the other hand, he may have a point. If you listen carefully, coming from west, you'll hear the distinct tolling of what can only be the Hell's Bells.

E C U A D O R Ecuador - Fighter plane down on Colombian (USA proxy) border.
- Buying fighter jets from Brazil.
- Seeking military coop with Russia.

E U EU - Exceeding gloomiest fears, EU mfg orders shrivel 34%/yr2yr.
- Jobs cut for 10th consecutive month. The only month that willl break this pattern is the one in which there'll be no more EUnuchs to fire.
- Freaking out over the sudden loss of EU prez (see Czech Rep above). Brussels worries that Czech Rep may not ratify now the flopped draconian Lebensraum constitution -- as if the Irish "NO" hasn't already done that.
- It only took a few years but now blogs are confirmed that indeed EU took active part in USA flight tortures.

F R A N C E France - Adds 80K to the unemployed list in Feb alone.
- Follows USA/UK example. Natixis, one of the bailed out wanks, distributes 70M EUR from "bailout" among its execs. What do the ones that pay for it get? That's right, a baton across face.
- Strikes erupt in ports.
- As anger sets in, 3M (USA owned) workers take exec hostage for 2 days. This already happened to Sony exec (see NBN/18Mar09).
- Sarkozy bullies Andorra into accepting banking secrecy ban and thus its effective fiscal end.
- In fear of the waking mighty continent, Sarkozy offers "end of colonial" behaviour in a few African nations. But unless France returns the stolen obelisk, museum artefacts, gold, gems magpied from Africa, and, of course, Suez, it's no more than that typical empty "white" blither.

G E R M A N Y Germany - HD printer mfg dumping 5K jobs.
- Continental auto parts dumping 2K jobs.
- Daimler shorting wage or week, as they prefer to spin it, for 68K German-based EUnuchs.
- Not to worry, the money saved by dumping people on the streets is used wisely! Germany pumps 400M EUR into NATO to enhance its glorious spying powers.
- Merkel with Obama agree that GM/Opel must be saved at all cost. It's funny how west leaders have assumed fire fighting duties.
- Continues collectivisation of elite holdings by printing up 82B EUR to postpone their prolapse.

G R E E C E Greece - Revolt still actively on: explosion shakes Pireaus port on 29Mar; state bullies attack 1000+ protesters with stun grenades and tear gas on 26Mar.
- Epanastatikos Agonas (Revolutionary Struggle) issues an apology to Greece for not succeeding in blowing up Citibank.

I N D I A India - Clashes with Pakistan in Kashmir.

I R A N Iran - Obama clocks another int'l embarrassment. This time it's with his pretty vid sent to Iran begging to bury the hatchet. But Iran with 30 yrs experience with USA isn't going for the sudden "Satan's" twee promises. Perhaps Obama could stick the vid on youtube -- for a laugh.
- Launching nuke plant venture with Russia.

I S R A E L Israel - USA confirms that Iranian convoy attacked in Jan08 in north Sudan in which 39 people were murdered was brought to you by Israel. Israel answers by saying that the attacked trucks were bringing weapons to Gaza. The fact that Gaza is one sea, Egypt, and some 1400 km away somewhat perverts the logic here but bothers none for west is used to perverted reasoning.
- WTO admits and confirms blogs that Israel murdered 16 Palestinian medical personnel and attacked 34 medical facilities and 8 hospitals. Another few war crimes for the UN war crime record keepers.
- Israel used an 11 yr boy as human shield. Another one, UN!

J A P A N Japan - Military on standby to shoot N Korean satellite rocket.
- Housing at 25 yr low. Shouldn't Tokyo worry about its demise instead of starting WWIII on behalf of its USA masters?
- Car sales at 35 yr low.
- Export down 50%.

K Y R G Y Z S T A N Kyrgyzstan - Dispels all west's hopeful rumors that USA is welcome to prolong their Central Asian stay on Manas base.

M E X I C O Mexico - Asks USA for ~20B USD since that's how much USA consumes in drugs from Mexico.
- USA states that Mexico drug cartels is linked to Hezbollah. Now, this is a prelude and pretext for invasion. It follows the "white blue-eyed" mantra: any war, anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - As west attacks, Pakistan turns to SCO (Shanghai Coop Org) for protection against the "white blue-eyed" scourge. Sidenote: SCO is Russia/China & other 4 central Asian nations pact from 2005.

R O M A N I A Romania - Begging IMF for a quick 20B EUR lifeline.

R U S S I A Russia - Mesmerised with EU going to Ukraine in attempt to "repair" Gazprom pipeline. Tells EU to keep hands off its property.
- Connecting Bulgaria and Greece directly to Russia via new gas pipeline project. Russia retains the customary 51% of the venture which will liberate the two nations from the Ukrainian bottleneck. This way gas to EUnuchs can be shut off without inconveniencing the Balkans.
- Apparently, Kissinger and Baker made little progress begging Russia again to disarm. Instead, Russia rolls out a plan to arm the Arctic to ensure west stays clear of the North Pole reserves.
- Navy off to Somalia to aid Somalian newly reinstated gov't after west toppled it via terrorist proxy attacks.

S O U T H   O S S E T I A South Ossetia - NBN welcomes S Ossetia, a new nation liberated from west and recognised by Russia in Aug08.
- South border town reported attacked by Georgia. No casualties.
- Housing Russian military base.

S W I T Z E R L A N D Switzerland - Minister returns Mercedes to Germany. It's down to vulgarities and hysterics among the west war elite financiers and kings.

T A I W A N Taiwan - Unemployment pegs 6%.

T U R K S  &  C A I C O S Turks And Caicos - Premier Misick resigns as UK re-invades the islands.

U K UK - London funnels over 7M GBP to manage the expected G20 protests.
- Revolt group "Bank Bosses Are Criminals" boasts about attack on the home of exec of Royal Wank of Scotland.
- Fails at raising the full 1.7B GBP in bonds. This means that London has trouble borrowing a comparatively laughably pifly amount from the planet's rich, which means that UK's become a black hole of an investment. Sidedrivel: West legislators have failed at bringing the west bankers dollar dominance. Instead they've squandered all west cash sunk into the lofty Bush II/Blair world subjugation terror tour. West bankers want it back and legislators are out of options. Squeezing west populace works only to a point and recovers nothing. West is out of time. Some fun times ahead.
- Sends 2K troops to Afghanistan. Wasn't west offering "negotiations" to Taliban? Did that offer go wrong too?

U K R A I N E Ukraine - What's behind the sudden EUnuch interest in fixing Russian pipelines? Considering that USA has sent warships into Black Sea and Russia is sending subs there now, could it be that the "blue-eyed whites" are fixin' to have another go at Russia via Ukraine?
- Governance of prolapsed nation reassures west that loan obligations will be met. That tells you who's the boss.

U S A USA - Obama, as expected, rejects Russia/China offer to flush the gangrened dollar, idea backed by UN, Kazakhstan, Iran, Arab world, and AU (African Union) states. Instead Obama underscores his delusions by stating that "dollar is extraordinary strong". It must be said that the same man recently threatened Russia with non-existing nukes, harassed China with a destroyer, and attacked Pakistan.
- Obama also said that "USA is retrieving global leadership". Right, and that's probably why he sent a "let's make up" vid to Iran and asked Taliban for truce.
- Sends 4K more troops to Afghanistan/Pakistan. Notice the smaller yet more frequent doses in "surging". Does this mean that neither the offer to Taliban nor the 17K troop worked? In that case, how's 4K troops gonna change the USA defeat?
- Banks force their way -- again. "Mark to market" pricing abandoned. This means that assets/stocks are gonna get priced randomly henceforth. Again, this reaffirms that capitalism is no more than monopolistic price fixing. Supply/demand, comps, open market, or price of cash (interest) are just nonsense peddled by CNN/BBC clowns and the west "education" camps.
- Some hazy outline of resistance takes shape. Demonstrators are sought for some 30 protests planned for 11Apr.
- Mainstream media bailout underway as USA sees saving media mindrapists in "the interest of USA". The US baboon didn't think the brainwashing and lies are free, did he?
- IBM zapping 5K jobs.
- Unemployment in Nevada, North & South Carolina, Oregon, California, Rhode Island eclipses 10%. The prolapse is led by Michigan with 12% and climbing.
- Unemployment doesn't stop Obama from sending out another destroyer though. This time to harass N Korea for wanting to lift a satellite.
- USA commercial realty 20% empty and withering away.
- Tries garage selling 1T of prolapsed bank assets but no one's coming.
- While USA banks froze loans to baboons, they happily loaned some 40B USD to insiders. Baboons could not be reached for comment in their tent cities.
- GDP shriveled 6.3%/annum. Yes, it's worse than originally reported.
- Silverstein, the famous guy that on 911 "made the decision", "decided to pull", and "watched the building collapse" wants more cash. Looks like baboons are gonna pay 4.5B USD more to the architects of 911. Notice baboons are paying for everything, even the self-abuse 911 terror.
- Michigan cops kill 15 yr old. This was enough to set off revolution in Greece.
- 2 USAns arrested in Egypt for child trafficking.

Watch this vid. Rumsfeld confirms USA governance knew of child trafficking and wasn't much bothered. Is there anything more sordid on the planet than the west perpetual and organised crime against children via all methods available?

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - After meeting USA prez, Barack Hussein Obama, Hugo Chavez says there's no rush to reinstate ambassadors.

Hugo Chavez sums up Obama as "poor ignoramus" and offers advice that Obama "should study a little to understand reality". Just a few highlights here of Obama's actions seem to support the view. be cont'd as it all piles up.

Nation By Nation (23Mar09)

19-23Feb09 -- Highlighting the Good-riddance-you-beast sentiment ringing from every corner of our planet as delivered in every news today at exponential rate; after it's been disinfected from the west rabid mindrape, that is. (Mouseover flags for info)

A R G E N T I N A Argentina - Liberates an aircraft firm from the USA harrowing claws that was grabbed by USA in the 90s.

A U S T R A L I A Australia - "Keep Australia Australian" screams Canberra as China goes shopping in the prolapsed west offering 14B GBP for Australian mining. Yes, let's keep Australia Australian! So move back to your UK drizzly island.

C A N A D A Canada - USA bent governance gleefully welcomes USA plan to "bailout" auto supply industry and said: "we already have a similar programme going here". So Canada has been in the west active prints of cash for over a year now, pumping 3.2B CAD into its auto industry way before USA did it. No part of west is spared its collapse.

C H I N A China - Despite USA concessions, slows down investment in USA. Time to rather quickly cede more territory and factories to Beijing, Washington guys!
- Taiwan sidles up to China for help on its prolapsing west econ and army. Not only USA is losing another potential war proxy but this means that USA arms (some 9B USD worth of arms were peddled to Taiwain under Bush II reign) will end up in Chinese hands.
- Taiwan cuts military by 20%. Sidenote: The USA wetdream of siccing Taiwan on China dates back to 1950 when USA unveiled the brilliant war plan of attacking China via South Korea peninsula while having Taiwan hit if from southeast. Of course, USA dropped the sci-fi plan and booted the gen'l. If USA couldn't attack China in 1950, consider the idea now with China commanding 3M troops and over 1000 missiles pointed specifically on this small USA-controlled island. The ultimately strange thing here is that up till now USA was really delusional enough to think Taiwan's gonna be their war proxy against China one day.
- Tells USA Cocacola firm to take a hike with their 1.2B USD bid to buy Huiyuan Juice Group. Venezuela doesn't want the USA fizz crap, now China, and Yankistan can't afford it. What now?
- Creates special fund for west shopping spree. Buys up Australian iron core, zinc, and aluminium producers. Buys Canadian energy. Angry west screams foul and demands China also buy the prolapsed west mfg has-beens but China's going only after good stuff like energy and resources paying no attention to the west sore-loser mutter. What's particularly amusing is how west laments it's being "taken advantage of".

C Z E C H Czech - PM calls off the long awaited "USA nuke trench" vote. Why? Cuz he'd lose the vote, he admits. What's important here is the illustration of west "democracy". If you can't win the vote, don't have it. If they vote wrong, make them vote again like the Irish.

E C U A D O R Ecuador - Amasses more troops on Colombian (USA stooge) border. Yes, USA needs a war and badly! Anywhere, anyhow. The last days of west are going to be the most dangerous for the planet.

E U EU - Going to Ukraine to probably take over the 13.5K km pipeline to make certain the EU umbilical cord to mother Russia isn't jeopardised by the Ukraine's looming econ death.

F R A N C E France - Shootout at a nursery school. (None killed!) Is France planning tighter gun laws too?
- Revolt is on as planned and scheduled. 3M in 200+ protests march across France against the west abomination. Paris alone saw 5hr march to freedom. Clashes with tear gas NWO state bullies not avoided. But Sarkozy avails no concessions to the NWO-raped people. 75%+ of France backs the revolt.

Viva La France! NWO may run France but they've lost the mind and heart of the nation. Any sane dictator would abdicate but then again no part of west could be accused of even traces of sanity.

- While France in revolt is given nothing, Paris is doubling arms spending. Why? To quash the demonstrators?
- Rejoins with the pretty NATO war org.

G E R M A N Y Germany - Nationalising Hypo Realty.

G R E E C E Greece - Revolt on. Bomb near Police HQ shakes Athens on 19Mar.
- NWO governance freezes public wages. Yes, that oughtta help the revolt right along.

I S R A E L Isreal - Beginning to suffer isolation for violations against humanity. Israel team met with hostilities in Sweden.
- Mauritania boots Israeli embassy out.
- Turkey urges war crimes investigation.
- "Israel Apartheid Week" grows 100% since '08, now observed by 54 cities around the waking planet.
- UN envoy admits Israel has committed war crimes in Gaza. Isn't the UN castrate paid to do something about war crimes instead of blogging about it?
- Threatens to begin punishing captives to get Israeli war criminal soldiers released. That's another war crime UN can jot down.
- Arrested Palestinian gov't to blackmail opposition. And another one, UN!
- Holds 11.5K Palestinians including children and women in its concentration camps. And another 11500 crimes against humanity!

You've seen USA camps and prisoners kneeling in front of the self-proclaimed "peace-loving", "democratic", and "civilised" USA. This is an Israeli concentration camp. Quite strikingly similar in the mindless brutality meted out by these bully nations.

How's this make you feel? This is USA at work. Yes, same criminals, same crimes. Make no mistake, there is no difference twixt Israel, USA, UK, or any other part of the fiendish west.

J A P A N Japan - Threatens local sanctions on N Korea, if it lifts satellite on April 4-8.
- Unveils a brilliant plan to stop littering streets with unemployed by printing up 1.5T JPY.

M A D A G A S C A R Madagascar - USA retaliates against the people of Madagascar for having toppled another USA dictator stooge by halting all aid.

R U S S I A Russia - Whiplashes west yet again. After telling west Iran is dangerous, it says no sign of military objective in Iran now.
- Planes buzz USA mil boats parading in Sea of Japan.
- After the increasingly desperate USA begged for 80% relief on arm spending, Russia launched a Topol mobile battalion, 2nd S-300 Triumf defence system, and is expanding nuke arsenal.
- So Kissinger goes back to Moscow to beg some more. This time he's bringing Baker with him, the very architect of the papa Bush pretext for war on Iraq in 1990. What's the USA tact? Alaska? How about threats with non-existent nukes again. At least that Obama int'l embarrassment was funny.
- THE MOTHER OF ALL NEWS: After the 2006 masterful nuking of petrodollar, setting the end of times scenario for the west into motion, Moscow has moved, as foreshadowed by Putin at Davos, to the ultimate coup de grace -- perhaps the most expected event in history of mankind. Russia sets out to dump dollar. China and UN backs it! India and Brazil seen in meetings. No need to ask where Venezuela, the rest of South Am with the possible exception of Colombia, Africa, and Asia stands. Yes, the dollar and thus west dominance is at last over!
- Suspends USA poultry imports.

S P A I N Spain - Students clash with state cops.
- Much to USA chagrin, pulling out all 630 troops from west-occupied Kosovo.

S W I T Z E R L A N D Switzerland - West unhinging is down to vulgarities now. Compromised economy by west bank account pillage results in Swiss calling German Nazis. Big wheel bank guy got involved calling for end of vulgarities. Nice seeing them go at each other's throats.

T U R K S  &  C A I C O S Turks And Caicos - Calls for help to stop the UK lizard takeover attack. Sidenote: TAC got independence in 1982. Today, UK has toppled TAC government, destroyed the islands' constitution, and taken over administration. Watch USA build a prison and nuke base there now to try answer Russia's takeover of USA backyard. Who's next? Aruba?

U K UK - Housing shrivels 40%. UK says that's "unprecedented" but be reassured that's quite normal for a typical nationwide prolapse.
- Deficit swells to 75B GBP. Quick, print cash, chaps!
- Factory orders at 17 yr low.
- Unemployment at 2M. That's also still modest and on track with the prolapse.
- Public borrowing at 90B/yr and 2009 looks like 200B will be needed. Wait! How's this "PUBLIC" borrowing? Anyone in UK got a free quid lately? Nobody angry yet? Well, at least when UK prolapses the pretty UK NWO-obedient folks can keep warm with the memories of the UK brave troops torturing someone else's kids.
- Car production down 40%. Commercial car production 60% down.
- Homo jokes illegal.
- Anti social behaviour warning meted out to a 2 yr old. Raises a valid question, who's more bonkers USA or UK?

U S A USA - Expands Pakistan military assault.
- AIG, after getting zillions, wants back the 300M it paid in taxes. Baboons had no response to the matter.
- Auto supply industry gets a quick 5B USD injection.
- Sends warships to Black Sea. Another go at Russia? Are they serious?
- Unemployment over 9% and happily climbing.
- 60B USD pulled out by foreign investors in Jan only.
- US Mail closing branches, mulling garage sales, and getting rid of 150K workers.
- Shuts down Hormuz. This is the west's biggest fear and here it is. USA did it on their own. US nuke sub smashed into another US boat creating another west eco-attack spilling 100K litres of oil in the narrow and compromising the west oil thief route.
- Let's look at the beauty of the "bailout" scam. Citibank is using 10M of it to build new posh office centre while those that paid for it all are moving to tent cities.

Well depictied by artist Dees. Bailout is an euphemism for the west war junta consolidating their assets while looting what's left of the west world. Once all piggy banks of west have been smashed, they'll pull the plug.

- Hussein Obama notches up another int'l embarrassment. After China's sending 2 destroyers to meet the 1 Obama sent, USA bully is forced to fold and act like a brat crying that China is playing too "aggressively".
- State of Georgia is out of ammunition.
- State of Idaho is out of ammunition. Ammunition import halt is working then. But who are the baboons gonna shoot anyway? Neighbouring baboons? The herd swinging on trees, in tents? They don't even know what's happening but somehow figure a rifle's gonna save them. This alone speaks volume about the self-proclaimed most civilised and advanced people. But at least it shows USA's growing desperate by a minute.
- Bill passed to create 200K "volunteer" state-loving and helping force. Membership in these special forces is extended to children.
- The Fed buys 300B worth of gov't bonds. Now this means that USA populace is on the hook for another massive loan from the war bank cabal at terms set by the war elite. USA hyperinflation is immaterial to keep track of now.
- The Fed unveils a 1.2T "rescue USA" plan. If this isn't insane enough, the plan will buy up mortgages. Now, that's not rescue! If USA wanted to save the mortgage slaves, it would give the people some cash. Not the case here! What this proposes is to buy up baboon dwellings for USA central bank. The plan fails however to illuminate where will the baboon go. Could the vids of boxes and camps strewn across USA have anything to do with this?
- Governance takes over two federal credit union clearing house titans (basically just preferred banks) US Credit Fed Credit Union and WesCorp Federal Credit and another 3 banks.

The "new and improved" look of USA.

- 20 banks across 3 states shut down.
- Forget AIG's 450M bonuses being offensive. MLynch, also bailed out by USA baboons, gives self 3.6B, that's BILLION, in "bonuses".
- Anger sets in: 3 policemen dead in California in a gun battle.
- Basic deficit now touching 2T.
- Desperate and out of breath Obama sends Iran a sweet overture vid begging for a new start replacing the redneck "we'll kick your ass" with redneck "we're committed to diplomacy now". Iran responded: "sure mate, but first change your ways -- fundamentally." The fundamental change is however given, whether USA wants it or not, considering the advanced stage of the prolapse rigormortis of the whole of west.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - 6B USD co-op with China underway to build oil refinery in China.
- Creating another venture with Russia for oil int'l projects. For over 100 yrs till 2006 no oil well was dug without the west vampire slurping from it. Since 2006, non-west int'l oil and gas ventures are commonplace, nay boring to report. be cont'd as it all piles up.