Nation By Nation (18Mar09)

12-18Mar09 -- All sorts of news sores collected from everywhere sliced open exposing the degree of West gangrene, drained of the West mindrape abscess, and bled all over this blog page without anesthesia. (Mouseover flags for info)

A U S T R A L I A Australia - It turns out the original report was a 10X lie. It wasn't 30 tonnes of spilt oil but more like 230 (if only 230, as the oil spiller company is planning releasing no further numbers on the scale of the disaster). And let's not forget about the staggering 630 tonnes of fertiliser also dumped into the ocean during this Australian northeast eco-attack.

No worries, pretty West tribes squatting someone else's land! Your brave Aussie troops will soon murder more Iraqi kids and plunder you more war oil spoils so you can keep watching your TV shows.

A U S T R I A Austria - Neo-nazis spill into the streets with gallow escapee Hitler SS officers promising everyone "our time is coming".
- Strache, 30% backed ultra-right leader, wants foreigners out of Austria. Just one thing, Mr Strache. Fine, keep the Austrian yodeling pure. Just first though, get your dirty, vampire, saxon, ubermensch, white fangs out of (1) Africa, (2) Middle East, (3) Central Asia, (4) South America. Then surely everyone, even Austrians, will leave alone the little, pathetic , overcrowded, and terminally resource-less, valley, you call a country.
- Strache also wants to legalise fascist symbols. They're legal in USA. Have a look at USA congress, Mr Strache.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Evo Morales asks large landowners to cede their land voluntarily. He aptly holds the land reform rally on 36K hectares confiscated from a USA owner.
- The USA-destroyed coca industry is revived and back on its feet as promised by Morales. Currently asking UN and USA for recognition of the industry. Sidenote: Bolivia is the 3rd biggest coca producer after Colombia and Peru (both still USA colonies). Prediction: No recognition will be granted. Drugs is USA game.

C H I N A China - USA prodded China with a Navy ship screwing around S China Sea. China promptly ran it out. Embarrassed Obama quickly dispatched a destroyer to up the ante. China now with 1 destroyer called Obama and raised him another destroyer. It's Obama's turn.

E U EU - NATO depot with 20 trucks torched in a hailstorm of rockets and bombs in north Pakistan on 15Mar. Opening a 2nd front in Afghanistan against Pakistan probably wasn't so bright.
- As the energy wetdream of loosening the Russian noose evaporates in Lybia, Somalia, and Nigeria, EU smells the coffee and gives up on the whole idea of bypassing Russia. The second punch line is that EU crawled to Russia asking it to join on Nabucco (pipeline from Central Asia idea). And the third punch line is that Russia politely declined cementing EU energy dependency on Moscow mood.
- Swiss, Austria, Lux, Liechtenstein, and Andorra reluctantly slacken bank privacy after USA/UK pillaged accounts looking for a quick buck. This oughtta prompt a few more hasty EU wank "bailouts" but what about Monaco? Watch the staggering 2T in foreign accounts vapourise from EU now.
- Car sales near 20% shriveled in Feb.
- Follows USA master in threatening a boycott of UN convention on racism if Israel is admitted as a racist state. So racism is not racism in west, if it's Israeli racism. And west is actually building a policy on this double standard.
- After USA and UK torture has been exposed in its sickness in France and UK, USA tells EU to shut up about it and fall in line. Watch EU sign some USA decree and join USA's "war on terror" including augmenting EU's policies with torture.

F I N L A N D Finland - Nokia zapping 1700 jobs.

F R A N C E France - Building a military base in Dubai for 500 troops to make certain Hormuz jugular stays open. That's a good one.
- But not as good as France's only flattop being broken at the moment.
- Arguably leads in anti-zionism movement with launching an anti-zionist party, Parti Anti-Sioniste (PAS).
- Sacked Sony workers took captive the exec and released him at union talks. The West is failing behind in protection of its execs.

G E O R G I A Georgia - Uprising against Saakashvilli underway. What's wrong? Don't Georgians like being ~30% smaller? They didn't actually expect to win the war with Russia last year, did they?

G E R M A N Y Germany - Merkle, in swift tightening of gun laws, calls for raids on homes of gun owners.
- Apparently can't explain the shooting spree. Well, how about then the Virginia school shooting, Oklahoma bombing, Beslan, TWA800, Lockerbee, London77, Madrid, or 911? Stuck on those too? Ask Bulow then. Sidenote: Von Bulow, German Defence Minister, was one of the first to come clean on 911.
- VW going for 4-day wage week. They, of course, call it 4-day work week.
- BMW over 700M EUR in the red, divident slashed by 66%. It's alright. Where the West is going, they won't need cars.
- Output down 7.5% in Jan.

G R E E C E Greece - USA warns yanks not to travel to Greece.
- Revolution against the West madness continues as clashes flare up on 13Mar in Athens and 14Mar in Thessaloniki.
- 16Mar, governance promises police reorg, as if that's gonna do it, but asks the West for help with quelling own people. UK answers by sending special riot control robocops to crush the revolt. What's the plan? NATO "peace-keeping" troops carving up Greece like Yugoslavia? Greece revolt is international mayhem henceforth.

Greek revolutionaries are soon to meet UK troops on their own streets.

I R A N Iran - Near 3B EUR deal with China to develop South Par gas reserves. This somewhat further complicates Israel's urgent need to bomb Iran, doesn't it?
- Plans to build 50K centrifuges over the next 5 yrs.

Iran has been shaking the right hand after all. Despite a decade of war threats from the West, Ahmadinejad proclaims Iran a "nuclear and space power" and Obama extension of Bush II sanctions "childish".

I S R A E L Isreal - Fissure with USA appears as USA disagrees about strike on Iran, particularly now, since USA needs Iran to stabilise Afghanistan. Imagine these meetings.
- Has murdered 1434 in Gaza since Dec 08.
- Destroys Palestinian homes and stores in East Jerusalem.

J A P A N Japan - Pitiful econ prolapse doesn't stop Tokyo however from sending 2 destroyers to Somalia. After all, if the West isn't stealing resources it cannot be. Reader Note: In protest to the West sick parasitic ways, the article and capital letter is revoked and henceforth the West shall be known merely as west.
- Talks big. Says it will shoot down N Korean satellite during April launch but is careful not to go as far as requesting UN sanctions on N Korea. A slight priority problem there?
- 20T JPY "stimulus" package underway and a meeting to address the "severe situation". Yes, west, you need more meetings, reorgs, acronyms, euphemisms, and new slogans. You're good at that.

L A T V I A Latvia - So broke that it scraps German consulate and plans to auction off the empty building.

M A D A G A S C A R Madagascar - After deploying tanks in Antananarivo and giving parliament a deadline, army tanks smash through and take over the nation's governance toppling Ravalomanana.

M E X I C O Mexico - Retaliates against USA "involvement" in the current "drug" war by raising taxes on USA import worth some 2.5B USD.

R U S S I A Russia - Choosing twixt Venezuela or Cuba or possibly both to station its long-range nuke bombers. Another stirrup jammed into the USA vulnerable flank.
- Building military presence in S Ossetia. Georgia keeps grinding what's left of its teeth.
- Reminds west that indeed Iran is now a nuclear power and "dangerous".
- Deploys mobile TopolM battalion. Sidenote: Topol is a 20m long ICBM with 11K km range apparently immune to all West radar systems. This after, Washington begged to slow all this down by 80%.
- Nigerian gas/oil move-in is reality now and so EU indeed faces Russia energy monopoly.

S U D A N Sudan - The end of west occupation begins as 13 NGOs like Brit Oxfam, USA Care, and Dutch/French are asked to get out. USA particularly displeased about this. Was west waiting for applause after the unilateral issue of arrest warrant for Sudanese prez for not giving up oil reserves for the benefit of the pretty west folk?
- Expelling French ambassador.

S W I T Z E R L A N D Switzerland - The Vatican bank branch state summons German ambassador to explain the blow to the Swiss econ by EU's destruction of Swiss secret banking. Forget the ambassador, read this blog.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Attacks northern Iraq - again.
- Diplo game to squeeze cash out of USA yields early results: 30 F-16 jets.

U K UK - Cop clashes accompany arrests made by Brit forces in occupied Northern Ireland following the attack on Brit forces there.
- London fears continuing stoking the growing displeasure caused by announcing the zillions in "bailouts" and moves to no announcement method. It's called "blank check" and USA has been doing it for yrs.
- Bank of England prints up 213B GBP into governance bonds. WHAT? One more time: London tells BoE to print hundreds of billions so that it can borrow it (that's what bonds are, just a loan!). This is so circularly insane it may give the reader a whiplash. So in UK, banks now print money, government borrows it, uses it for NWO elite collectivisation by giving it back to the bank, and the UK peasants are stuck with the bond monthlies and bond principles. It's too bad west doesn't understand something as silly as bonds otherwise some might mutter about this.
- Housing lost ~1T GBP in 2008.
- MPs call for tax hikes for climate change. Bury nations in depleted uranium, spill megatons of oil into oceans, shower earth with satellite radioactive debris and get hundreds of billions for parties and bonuses. Ride a bike to a job, brave false op attacks on the tube, and get stuck with the bill for everything.
- Re-invades Turks and Caicos, destroying islands' constitution and takes over administration. Yes, west NEVER EVER attacks armed nations. It's just kids in Iraq, Caribbean islands, that's the scope of west's bravery.

Des Dalton, Republican Sinn Fein likens occupation of Ireland to the Brit occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - Good example that west culture/values are 100% BS. After 5 yrs after Ukraine was made into a west nation by USA election "orange" fraud, the nation is on its last legs. Prolapse is clocked now at 20%, exports down at 50% (like USA). But the 5 yrs of west rape wasn't enough to turn the populace into baboons. Yushchenko, USA puppet, enjoys below 3% approval rate.
- Sidles up to Moscow getting a 4B EUR loan.

U S A USA - Tries wooing India again selling it 2.1B USD worth of military aircraft.
- Gardens growing food by locals bulldozed in Los Angeles.
- Admits to 1.5M children being homeless, 600K of which are under the age 6. Nice little datapoint on the slight blemish on the face of the most freedom-loving, democratic, most-civilised of all species. But factor in: (1) the statistic is taken in 2005-06 when the USA prolapse had not trickled down to the peasant; and (2) the data is published by the same people that stubbornly maintain that engine fuel can turn steel into molten lava and spontaneously vapourise airplanes, and you've got the beginning outline of the true west horror.
- Obama figures wounded troops should pay for medical treatment on their own. Now, would he waste his time with this if there were only 8K wounded?
- Obama, in the USA soap sitcom called "Bailout", acts bemused with AIG, which after being given near 200B USD (that's 200000000000 in free cash), is skimming 170M off the top for bonuses. The twist here is that it's not 170M but 450M in actuality. Perhaps this shall be released next week when all this has been forgotten. Yes, the rinsing of the USA baboon continues as scripted. In the previous part, AIG gave Obama campaign cash but who can follow such a complicated sitcom?
- Citibank pays a single chief exec 10M in 2008 while operating on 45B USD "emergency bailout" just to exist. It's nice to see that west execs are willing to take a pay cut to ease the US peasant burden.
- Red Cross confirms that USA tortures and CNN admits that Bush II governance indeed did approve of torture knowingly violating int'l laws and treaties and did it in writing. Yes, that's right! CNN is still some 4-5 yrs behind your local blogger.
- Imports shrivel 4.6 in Jan (30%/annum) and exports shrivel near 9%/Jan (50%/annum). That's as good as Japan and Ukraine!
- Obama agrees with his moaning parliament and grants them the 410B USD they asked for in the last Nation By Nation so they're not so envious of the state-floated bankers and execs. It's worth to note one of the items on this "urgent" governance "bailout". It asked for 2M for "swine smell management" for Iowa. It looks though like USA's gonna need far more than 2M on this particular item.
- Prolapsed California is zapping 26K teachers. Why not turn schools into forced labour camps for the young ones? It's efficient, scalable, turns cost into profit, and so NWO.
- Prolapsed Illinois mulls 50% tax hike. How about taxing ghosts in ghost towns of the erstwhile USA mfg centres and the new tent shanty towns?
- Unable to keep spinning and smarming the USA farcical excuse for economy, Washington Post gives up and simply dumps the business section. The baboon readers won't notice. If anyone still reading USA newspapers, they deserve what they buy.
- 11 dead in Alabama shooting spree. Is USA tightening gun laws too like Germany?
- Pentagon produces another great idea: a balloon flying at 20K metres perpetually spying for 10 yrs. They nicked this idea from kids in Spain who launched a balloon with a 50 EUR camera taking pics of atmosphere and earth from 20 miles up.
- Construction company axes 2.5K jobs.
- Murders 12 yr old girl in Iraq for no apparent reasons by shooting her on the street with a "warning" shot. Yes, defenceless children are west's favourite target.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - State takes control of seaports to protect oil infrastructure.
- Coca-cola like west is big but not big enough. Hugo Chavez takes on the giant booting its delivery trucks from Catia to clear room for housing. "Good riddance," aptly describes the unfolding situation a local, "the trucks block traffic and the drinks are full of chemicals."
- Starts military action against US-prodded Colombia.
- Arrests USA pilot for trafficking drugs.

"Of course Russian bombers are welcome to stay", says Hugo Chavez when asked to clarify by frightened west what's happening to USA backyard. be cont'd as it all piles up.


Anonymous said...

Thunderingly good choice of pictures to illustrate the general insanity chronicled above. Hats off.

Anonymous said...

Not to forget Pakistan which has dashed out of the west ghetto and is now merrily going its own way.

Anonymous said...

Pakistan is being shaped by popular will as never beforeThe decision to reinstate the chief justice is a fillip for democracy – and bad news for those waging war in Afghanistan

Mohsin Hamid
The Guardian, Tuesday 17 March 2009

Yesterday's announcement of the restoration of the chief justice of the Pakistani supreme court is a victory for those who desire a more representative state in Pakistan. But it is a blow for Barack Obama, who appears intent on escalating American military involvement in Afghanistan.

The reason is simple: the US needs a Pakistani state that is significantly unrepresentative of the Pakistani people, because most Pakistanis are opposed to America's war in Afghanistan, and the US cannot hope to succeed there without Pakistan's support.

Pakistan is a vast and complicated country, and it is witnessing many confusing and contradictory developments. Among the most important of these appears to be a narrative of increasing representativeness: despite itself, the Pakistani state is being shaped by the will of its citizens as never before.

The power of this narrative has been breathtaking, particularly over the past year and a half. In November 2007, General Musharraf, an unpopular president, was pressured into giving up his uniform. Three months later the army stood back and refused to facilitate the rigging of national elections, allowing Musharraf's party to suffer a crushing defeat. And in August 2008, Musharraf was removed from the presidency by an unprecedented alliance of the PPP - the Pakistan People's party - and the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), or PML-N. It was the first case in Pakistan's history of a military strongman relinquishing power to democratically elected civilians without first being killed or plunging the nation into civil war.

And now, a mere half year later, an increasingly autocratic President Zardari has been forced to restore the chief justice, Iftikhar Chaudhry. The result is likely to be increased independence for the judiciary - an unwelcome development (to say the least) for a man as notoriously corrupt as Zardari - as well as a rolling back of the powers Musharraf had brought in to strengthen the executive at the expense of the legislature.

Given Pakistan's unpredictability, this promising narrative of representativeness could of course still be undermined. But for now, four related and powerful developments are propelling it along. The first is a decline in the army's popularity after the rule of Musharraf, and in its morale after losses in the unpopular campaign against the Pakistani Taliban, which has made the military reluctant to intervene directly against the will of the people.

The second is a rapid expansion of the middle class due to economic growth and urbanisation. For much of this decade, the economy has performed almost as well as India's, and roughly half the population now live in cities, towns and built-up borders of major roads that cut across the countryside and are home to traders rather than farmers.

The third is the complete transformation of the country's media and communications industries, with dozens of independent television channels and tens of millions of new mobile phone connections creating, in effect, a giant electronic public forum.

And the fourth is the exhaustion of ideological cover: customary invocations of a threat from India and of the need to defend Islam are failing to explain the state's willingness to use (and have America use) violence against its own people in large swaths of its own territory.

It was by ignoring this emerging climate in Pakistan that Zardari found himself in the embarrassing - and, for him, politically dangerous - position of needing to reverse course on the issue of the chief justice. Zardari was proceeding from the old-school assumption that he who controls the state controls Pakistan. As president, and with a hand-picked retainer as governor in the most populous province of Punjab, Zardari thought he could with impunity dismiss the provincial government of the PML-N when its insistence on the restoration of Chaudhry became too irritating.

But then something unprecedented happened. Civil society denounced the move. The media cried foul. Zardari's low poll ratings collapsed. A minister in the national PPP government stepped down. Senior provincial bureaucrats resigned rather than act as directed by the governor to prevent a protest march led by Nawaz Sharif, the PML-N leader and former prime minister. Police officers in Punjab refused to follow orders.

The march went ahead, and it grew in numbers by the thousands, advancing towards Islamabad. The top-down Pakistani state found itself facing a bottom-up revolt. Authority was flowing from something other than the will of a tyrant - a novel concept in Pakistan. Zardari was being told that the country now believed in certain rules, and even he would have to abide by them. Dismissing democratically elected provincial governments and undermining the judiciary was just not on. All of which must have come to Zardari, an inveterate rule-breaker, as quite a surprise.

Where all this will lead is uncertain. For Pakistan, if the will of the people can be harnessed to democratic institutions and to politicians who learn to respect the notion of shared power, there is reason for great hope. If not, today's agitation could become tomorrow's revolution.

I have been inundated with congratulatory messages from Pakistani friends, many of them normally supporters of the Zardari-led PPP. It all feels like a birthday, and more than one person has said that today will be remembered as the day a truly democratic Pakistan was born. After the horror of this month's terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team, many Pakistanis are celebrating much-needed good news.

For President Zardari, recent events represent a significant defeat. He is favoured by the same foreign governments who favoured President Musharraf, and for the same reason: his willingness to resist popular outrage over the war in Afghanistan and its consequences for Pakistan. But Zardari is also like his predecessor in his propensity for undemocratic excesses. Now he, too, is discovering that in the new Pakistan he is less powerful than he had imagined.

For the rest of the world, and particularly the US, Britain and Nato, the choice is becoming increasingly stark. If a war fought by democracies for control of Afghanistan, a country of 30 million people, requires for its successful prosecution the undermining of democracy in Pakistan, a country of 170 million, is that really a price worth paying?

Anonymous said...

Re: Switzerland, it's not just the Vatican bank, it's the world bank for the wealthy. A shame their money will now have to go elsewhere. I'd suggest Bolivia for investment in the coco leaf of the Indios.

poiuytr said...

12:55 Pakistan
It's worse than that, cuz Pakistan is pushing Iran into it completely screwing USA/NATO up. i bet it's so funny now, that they can't work it out anymore. who to hit? i'd bet Obama has no idea what to do and he's got a israeli gen'l in one ear... screaming legions in other. There's no solution now. Again, it appears the West has been led to the slaughter. And this is just a beginning. Pakistan and Iran and Taliban will squeeze West dry for any headway.

They should have learnt long ago, you don't fight two fronts, let alone five or six now?

13:32 Swiss
I didn't mean that Vatican is the only depositor. I meant Vatican is the bank, Swiss is just the branch. Vatican takes the deposit and spends them in "derivatives".

But yes, they left out Monaco from the list. I don't know if it's a mistake or Monaco has been spared the pillage. Maybe that's where Bush keeps the loot. So long as there's Monaco, they'll keep it there but after that, I suggest Russia or Bolivia to make a secret bank. Absolutely. It's such a laugh, all this.


Anonymous said...

Russia bids to topple cash system

17/03/2009 1:00:00 AM
Russia has unveiled radical plans for sweeping global financial reforms designed to weaken US dominance and consign an obsolescent world economic order to the past.
The Kremlin said in a six-page document addressed to the upcoming Group of 20 summit in London the downturn was the result of a collapse of the existing financial system due to poor management and inadequacy. It said the crisis showed the need to abandon traditional approaches and adopt collective and globally agreed decisions aimed essentially at developing a globalisation process management system.

The document spelled out five principles on which a new international financial architecture should be based and offered proposals in eight specific areas for the G20 to consider, including reform of the international monetary and financial system, reform of the system's institutions and tightening international regulation and financial supervision. Russia said the London summit should agree on parameters of a new financial system but should be followed by an international conference to adopt conventions on new regulations. AFP

Anonymous said...

"It's worth to note one of the items on this "urgent" governance "bailout".It asked for 2M for "swine smell management" for Iowa".

Smell management will work for a Stink Tank?!

Anonymous said...

Even with smell management techniques a west Think Tank will continue to stink to high heaven.

Anonymous said...

AIG is going to ask all employees having received bonuses to give back half. Could this mean that Barack Obama will also have to part with half of the $101.332 he received in campaign contributions. Might skew his budget.

Anonymous said...

China's quashing of Coca-Cola deal delivers blow to foreign companies

China has blocked the largest ever takeover of a Chinese company by a foreign multi-national in a move that deals a major blow to foreign businesses hoping to make major acquisitions in the world's fastest-growing major economy.

By Peter Foster in Beijing
Last Updated: 12:25PM GMT 18 Mar 2009

The rejection of the £1.8bn bid by Coca-Cola for the Huiyuan Juice Group Ltd, China’s largest pure juice maker, comes after almost six months of speculation over the deal which was widely seen as a test-case.

Officially Beijing blocked the takeover on the grounds that it would not be in the long-term interests of Chinese consumers, forcing them to pay ‘higher prices and have less variety of products’ according the Ministry of Commerce ruling.

Coca Cola having a hard time of it, be it in Venezuela or in China. Wonder what they hold against the poor company.

Anonymous said...

I particularly like...
...the Georgian article. (LOL)!

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it, so do I. Georgian dentists must be doing overtime.

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I have it right: My global vision is very foggy.

The Western European hoards, out from the European heartland swamps, through systematic genocide, are now firmly entrenched abroad. They are in Iceland, Greenland, North America, (parts still of) Latin America, South Africa, Palestine, Australia and New Zealand. Not to forget the scattering of Islands all over the Oceans. Diago Garcia in the Indian Ocean, for example (the locals took the Empire to court, to get their Island back, but lost the case) has been totally depleted of its population to make way for a giant air base, and a place to park black hole prison ships, holding "enemy combatants". Other Islands have been subjugated to serve as European holiday ranches or for banana and sugar plantations.

Now these European hoards have made a confederation called NATO to replace the United Nations (which was originally conceived as a drug for honest Europeans and other Free Citizens to think that world peace was at hand at last.

This new NATO confederation essentially consists of The British Commonwealth under the Queen, and the United States, on the one hand, and a number of (on again, off again) Free Lancers, on the other hand.

These European Hoards (combined), deluded by hubris, are now trying to grab Asia (Including China), Africa, and the Arab World, after having corrupted and blackmailed the leaders, and impoverished the populations through wide scale looting of resources, and bio-terror.

But like all empires, this European Empire (aka the zio-west) is now facing heroic resistance abroad, and implosion from within, because its soldiers, and citizens, are tired of the slavery, injustice, and the madness of their leaders.

This empire (and it is really just an extension of the old Roman empire, having the same callous mentality) has come to an end.

This ending manifests itself Nation by Nation.

Anonymous said...

The storyline of the latest empire to tip over - going, going, gone - has something dreamlike about it and yet is rooted in solid, everyday reality. No doubts remain on that score.

Yet what to make of the citizens of this soon-to-be ex-empire? Are they really aware of what's happening? They are surrounded by so much subterfuge on every level, it hardly seems possible. Won't it be a hard, bumpy ride for them when they finally realise their time has come?

Anonymous said...

France hit by new nationwide protests
Workers demand government do more to fight effects of economic crisis

The Associated Press
updated 6:42 a.m. ET March 19, 2009

PARIS - A new wave of nationwide strikes by angry workers demanding that French President Nicolas Sarkozy do more to fight the economic crisis hit France on Thursday.

Rail traffic was disrupted throughout France, although the high speed TGV trains that connect France with other European countries were running normally. In Paris, it seemed that many people just stayed home as subways during rush hour were less crowded than usual.

Schools, hospitals and the postal service and public transport also were affected.

Paris police laid out two routes through the capital, rather than one, for the expected crowds for a protest march that was due to start in early afternoon. Unions called on employees in the public and private sectors to join in the strikes.

In a rare move, police decided to open a second route to accommodate an overflow crowd during the march from the Place de la Republique to Place de la Nation in eastern Paris.

'March is legitimate'
"This march is legitimate and useful for the country. Perhaps as a result of this march, the authorities will finally move to respond to the preoccupations of the French," former Socialist presidential candidate Segolene Royal said on RTL radio Thursday morning.

A strike in late January put between 1 million and 2.5 million people into French streets. Weeks later, President Nicolas Sarkozy announced measures to help people affected by the financial crisis, including special bonuses for the needy. Union leaders want further talks on more measures to help those in distress as a result of the crisis.

Sarkozy told ministers at a Cabinet meeting Wednesday that he "understood the worries of the French," but said he had no plans for additional measures.

Budget Minister Eric Woerth said the measures already announced will increase social expenditures in 2009 by nearly euro10 billion (about $13 billion).

Some 200 protest marches are planned Thursday around France, according to the powerful CGT union, which has members in various sectors of the economy.

poiuytr said...

BEAUTIFULLY SUMMARY! do consider, please, writing more... writers are needed that state it like that.

yes. i agree with your view of it. totally. the point i try to add to the sordid record of the saxon parasitic life is the fact that this, what you state and beyond, is ALL KNOWN to the west populace, you know, the self proclaimed PEACE-LOVING DEMOCRATIC peoples of the beautiful coca cola guzzling west and they all have deserted all humanity for their pathetic profit and that is a crime against the planet, against humanity, and it's a deliberate crime.

when the west war criminal record is reviewed it's always bankers like rothchilds and psychos like hitler who are made to stop the buck, whose job is to take the blame. i say no! let's not waste time with who in the dirty saxonic child murdering west is the guilty party, THEY ARE ALL COLLECTIVELY GUILTY of all the crimes, of the death of the 12 yr old girl USA swine army whores murdered days ago. the west is guilty of ripping arms off children in 7 nations today. the west is ALL guilty of its collective terror psycho parasitic dracula diseased attack on all lifeforms on this planet.

i admit i need help with making this claim, this indictment of the entire western peoples. anyone, join in! this blog isn't mine. it's yours.

NationByNation is a celebration of the west prolapse via some of the collected news. it's good, in the desperation witnessing the west crimes, lies, and sickness, to be reminded of the funny, amusing, and entertaining prolapse of the western bacteria cultures. it heals to read how they're hyperinflating their world with hundreds of billions every week now. it's important sometimes to know and be reminded that the Freeworld is not only 90% of the world and thus fully capable of beautiful existence without any part of the west cesspit, but that it's well on the way to make that reality.

it's important to know that for example the entire west "market" the west mindrape media whores claim is NECESSARY for the world is pathetic. India alone replaces it all, and TWICE! add China and you've got 4X west markets in two nations. add the mighty continent of Africa, which when all the white saxon genocidal slaver swine are driven out back to their EUropean overcrowded hole, will rise, add South America, and indeed the west is not necessary. if the west white ubermensch superrace gets a mfg contract from the Freeworld, they can consider themselves VERY lucky. of course, it will require the west idiots to learn another language, which considering that USA barely speaks one, removes this possibility of survival for the saxonic occupants of North America.

One more thing on your comment!

> Zealand. Not to forget the scattering of Islands all over the Oceans. Diago Garcia in the Indian Ocean, for example (the locals took the Empire to court, to get their Island back, but lost the case) has been totally depleted of its population to make way for a giant air base, and a place to park black hole prison ships, holding "enemy combatants". Other Islands have been

CAN YOU PLEASE ELABORATE HERE, MORE DATA ON this particular island's fate. thanks in advance!

> subjugated to serve as European holiday ranches or for banana and sugar plantations.

yes, how right you are. years ago, in my island skipping days, i'm in Honduras. i'm wading through sewage that leaks out of wooden huts. kids are playing in the piles of garbage that litter everything. i had a camera and could not bring myself to film it, i was shocked, sad, and dismayed.

the little village was surrounded by jungle, green lush thicket adorned with beautiful hibiscus blooms. i went in there to look for the moving mimosas, little tropical plant that moves if you touch it. the weather is gorgeous. ocean? blue, crystal clear. i jumped in. there's corals, tropical fish, beaches. but all this natural beauty is destroyed with this immense sorrowful poverty.

i went back to the village after floating in the gorgeous ocean they've got. i'm talking to locals, what the hell's going on. why are you idiots sitting here in shit? why are you let your kids starve. this natural wealth is enough to provide for all of them, for everyone, for ever. i tell them the white sun-worshipping euro and US bitches will pay to vacation here. let's just clean it up, put up a motel and let's go.

then i'm told what's behind the poverty. west had already discovered the island. the heartbreaking poverty is the west dracula monster trademark. that's when i first experienced it. i had to see for myself to be sure this indeed is deliberate poverty seeded by the west child murdering herds of animals.

indeed it was! eventually i made it to large tall wall. hectares of pristine beaches and jungles had been carved out of the flesh of Honduras people. Iron Curtain was put up and guards hired to keep native populace in the sewers. behind the wall? opulent "resort" for the rich USA swill. with private airports, the lot.

poverty in the world is all west deliberate export. south africa shanty towns are west concentration camps the west evil merchants built for the native where they're forced to die. FORCED! if a black native is diagnosed with HIV in south africa, they're banished into the shanty towns: tents with no water, no food, no sewage systems, that they have to BUY from the white saxonic south african rapists. that's TODAY! and factor in the fact that AIDS is USA design disease.

mexico, a nation commanding not only superb natural wealth but astonishing anthro artefacts, is one big war-torn ghetto. USA resorts litter the baha though and rumsfeld has his hectares there where he relieves himself by chopping trees, as he gleefully admits in public. mexico is USA little raped colony deliberately made poor, deliberately destroyed.

and so was the entire South America, until the recent Bolivarian revolution with people like Chavez and Morales and Careras at the helm.

the entire Africa had this fate. all Caribbean islands. all SOuth Pacific islands. all same fate. west parasites found it and raped it.

brits are doing it today, re-raping Turks and Caicos, one of world's natural treasures.

west is the disease! there are no other plagues or challenges facing the planet. just west. and the chief guilty party in the west is the war-entertained child-slaughter-happy largely saxonic and christianic populace of sitcom slurping psychopaths, and XXL blubbery cretins that can't find Iraq on a map of Persian Gulf, and pot smoking losers queuing up to see retards like bono and the jagger lizards.

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