Nation By Nation (21Dec09)

11-21Dec09 -- 2009 rounds off quite nicely with this 40th issue of NBN. The 40 past celebrations of the stakes being driven through the pedophile heart of the west vampire child murdering monster have taken us to 88 nations where, beside jubilating the wonderful terminal prolapse of the genocidal saxonic DNA-perverted scourge, we've witnessed nations birthed, liberated from the west rapist talons; we've enjoyed the EUnuch comedy of the psycho creation of some hitler-wetdream lunatic amalgam; we've been entertained by the west monkey populaces getting squeezed dry by their bankster cabals; we've marveled at the patent cretinism of the west neanderthal baboon species; we've toasted west rising homelessness, sprawling tent cities, and increasingly mauled econ circumstances; we've untangled the west media whore mindrape and combated the deceit; we've laughed at the streak of west int'l embarrassments as the west car-salesmen politiCIAns criss-cross the planet groveling like little dogs for a handout; we've stood by the Freeworld watching it face the west disease from the mist of the Amazonian basin to the heat of Iraqi desert and the cavernous traps of the Afghani Stalingrad; we've tracked the growing unified front against the west beast; we've wept in terror, rage, and horror over the west monstrous crimes that define the west disease better than words ever could. This NBN, albeit somewhat special, is however no exception. Fill the glass and let's toast the west econ funeral. (Mouseover flags for info)

A B K H A Z I A Abkhazia - Nauru joins Freeworld & NBN in recognition of this 2009-birthed nation and her twin S Ossetia.

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - German war minister favours dealing with Taliban now -- as if Taliban would cut a deal with the germ genocidal fiend.
- Per own admission, USA is dumping some 30-40B USD/yr on the Pentagram child murdering commandos, or some near 5M each and every hour 24/7. But that's not the whole tale! USA Pentagram troops are a MINORITY in comrade Obama's legions. Some 70K of the comrade's total units are "contractors", which cost another some 23B USD. No matter how much of the heroin industry comrade Obama is controlling today, like all things west, the war is a losing venture. Currently, USA has some 120K murder contractors and 70K troops deployed in Afghanistan. Being out of troops, comrade Obama increased contractor legions by 40% just in Q2.
- Estimated cost thus far for the USA faction of the west monster nears 240B USD, which eats up 5 yrs of full heroin production -- if things were running smoothly for the west monster cabal.
- Comrade Obama's 30K troop escalation in reality means 30K Pentagram troops and 56K contractors or a total boost by some 86K fiends.

A U S T R A L I A Australia -

Aussies welcome the retinue of one of the west's genocidal arms.

A U S T R I A Austria - Nationalises german HypoGruppen.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Getting rid the world of capitalism is getting rid of the world's woes, says E Morales.

E Morales: "Capitalism has to go for earth to survive." Indeed, proven by 2000 yrs of perpetual genocide against all life, west and the planet simply cannot coexist.

C H I N A China - Cancels meeting with US/UK/fr/germs on Iran citing scheduling issues.

C O L O M B I A Colombia - USA's building a mil base on Venezuela border. Yes, the west beast is actually going for active WWIII encircling Venezuela and Russia.

C O N G O Congo - Human Rights Watch confirms 19K of UN occupational forces directly support Congolese mil genocide supplying them ammo, food, etc. To Sep, UN has deliberately contributed to the death of 732 proven civilians, as per UN, which means reality is the typical 20X worse.

E U EU - Prolapsed GM fails to garage sale Saab, so they're scrapping the rubbish mfg. West is now past the garage sale stage! Also, this means 3400 west monkeys out of jobs and 1100 dealerships gone.
- Bankster aid admitted at 5,3T EUR. Despite that, the EUnuch banks lend to no one pushing the EUnuch nations to issue record bonds offerings to tie over the next qtr. As such, bond issuance has increased 50%/2 yrs. That's some prolapse! Plus, drawing bonds doesn't equal cash, as UK and USA knows well now.
- Copenhagen climate orgy of the biggest fiends ever assembled on this planet ends in embarrassment as west deceit and evil is yet again exposed.

Chavez's statements like: "These maniacs in Copenhagen are voting for your future", "Copenhagen is neither democratic nor inclusive, but just an imperial dictatorship", "There's a ghost in the room called capitalism", and "Obama should return the peace prize for it was almost on the same day he got it that he sent 30K troops more to kill innocent people" brought the house down eliciting a standing ovation. Apart from this, the whole orgy of the west child murdering parasites isn't worth mentioning.

F R A N C E France - Ushers in overt governance subsidy of the west media mindrape. Gives 600M EUR to media to keep the mindrape spam printers going.
- Pumps another 35B EUR into its dying econ. Sarkozy's double forked tongue cleverly twists it as such: "It's not another stimulus but a loan to finance investment" and the snail-eating baboon pretends the jabber made sense. Yes, west populaces are that cretinous.

G E O R G I A Georgia - In pathetic petulance knocks down WWII liberation monument. What's next? Hitler and busch shrines? The ultra-right worms are out of their holes all over west.

G E R M A N Y Germany - 2010 budget features record debt, 330B EUR, which grew at a whopping 7%/yr. Terminally eroded tax base and swelling unemployment costs make the #s be the worst since WWII. Wunderbar to that!
- Sends 2K more of freckly ubermensch child murdering troops to Afganistan. May they all return safely.
- Israel comes to Berlin for another 1B EUR for WWII reparations. Looks like Berlin will have to try to peddle 321B EUR in bonds actually.

G R E E C E Greece - Banks on the brink of default. The debt to EUnuchs runs at some 300B EUR, which is 113% of GDP. This forces Athens to choose now twixt reduction of its own circumstances to revolt levels or further lacerating the Grand EUnuchia. Either way, EUnuchs fear domino effect. Can we expect mother Gotha's bailout of Greece? Hardly! Germs have already stated that Greece needs to help itself.

I R A N Iran - Bushehr operational after final tests.
- Seeking WWII reparations via UN. When will the rest of the world send in their bills to the west beast?
- Energy coop with Azerbaijan.

I R A Q Iraq - West blames Iran for taking over Iraqi oil pump. Even Iraq denied this rubbish war pretext. Pretext or not, west has never attacked an armed nation. What this shows however is the diseased west mindset which ponders war 24/7.
- What happened to Busch II's "only partners in crime get oil"? 30% of export, 40B barrels/yr, auctioned off to non-west: China, Russia, Malaysia, and Angola.

- 55km of Ceyhan-bound (Turkey) pipeline destroyed 325km N of Baghdad. Even an autistic yank baboon should see the issue with ROIs on all west ventures.

Samarra, 20Dec

Tikrit, 20Dec

Karbala, 18Dec

Hit, 13Dec

Saladin, 13Dec

- See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

Made in west. (Gaza birth defects due to toxic bombardment)

Made in west. (Agent orange remains 400X safe level today in Vietnam. McCain, USA prez hopeful and an idol, boasted about bombing Vietnam "gook" back to the stone age.)

Made in west. (Gaza 2008/2009 genocide. USA is now giving Israel 30B USD to continue the satan's work.)

- West, the self proclaimed Nobel Peace Prize peddlers, have made 5M orphans in Iraq in the 6 yrs of the cruel and beastly christianic assault on the nation. Well, they'll be adults soon, lest some dirty saxon baboon thinks there's no bill attached to these genocides.

I S R A E L Israel - Admits to carving organs out of Palestinians for the west vampire market and the vampirism goes back to the 90s.
- Expands Palestinian land theft and house razing in Jerusalem, Jabal district.

Gaza genocide is rewarded by the USA baboons with 30B USD in anti-children aid. Yes, west is THE disease.

J A P A N Japan - Hatoyama gives USA 2014 as a get out date. Silly, isn't it? And that's why Japan will prolapse right with its luciferian master.

K A Z A K H S T A N Kazakhstan - With uranium production 58% up, becomes biggest uranium producer exporting 13K tonnes/yr.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - Not pleased with comrade Obama's pushing the nation into a war with Afghanistan.
- Nobel Peace Prize laureate Obama murders 12 civilians in Waziristan, in 3 strikes he ordered within 24 hr period, 18Dec. This is carrying out his promise to extend civilian attacks.
- 17Dec, USA murders 17 in a missile strike.

R U S S I A Russia - Drafts UN resolution to ban nazi glorification in attempt to stem the rise of the west ultra-right fanatics. Not shockingly USA voted against it. Sideline: It should be understood that hitler=west. USA and UK supplied German murderers everything including airplane grade fuel through 1945, without which blitzkrieg would have been impossible. And yes, Roosevelt not only knew but signed the trade licenses. When the 15 yr info moratorium had expired under the Kennedy bloody-purges reign -- the direct offspring of a nazi-lover Joseph -- USA congressmen who dug into the Hitler=USA matter were exiled to SouthAm, the rest were vanished in the Kennedy/McCarthy psycho purges. Yes, all things west are diseased beyond words.
- Creating common econ space with Belarus and Kazakhstan to go into effect 2012.
- No deal with USA on nukes though START is expiring in days.
- Growth for 2009 3X that of expected level.
- Budget surplus. That's "surplus", vs the west collective record deficit.
- Confirms west climate data is made up rubbish.
- NATO crawls to Moscow begging for troops, equipment, the lot, for Afghanistan but the pathetic begging produces nothing but another grand west embarrassment. They'll be no aid from Moscow at the time. After all, there is no need for the Afghan Stalingrad is thinning the west child murdering herd at an astonishing rate.
- Energy export revenue 31% UP y2y for 2009 at some 55B EUR. Compare this to the bi-monthly average stimulus printed by the west cesspits to understand the irreversible nature of the wondrous west terminal prolapse.
- Energy coop with Vietnam.
- Tatneft posts 55% higher net profit.

It just so happens that the NBN's 40th jubilee coincides with T-32's 70th birthday . 70 yrs ago, on 19Dec 1939, the T-32 design was approved.

The legendary tank, became the chief concern for the dirty germanic swill in Dec 1941, when the tide of the west barbaric assault was turned at Moscow. The tank made an instant impression on the diseased brain of the west murdering scum the second the monkey caught a glimpse of it in Sep 41. The saxonic beast guderian made a little note in his lesbian diary: "1st time T-32 in its sharp form made its debut, the division suffered marked losses. Attack on Tula had to be postponed as a result." Later, T-32 taught the german freckly monkey to expand its simplistic musings a bit: "it is terrible but the enemy tank is better. At close range, the Russian tank climbs a hill or slips across swamps faster than we can rotate the turret. Through the thunder of rumbling and vibration, one hears the shells hit the armour. The din of explosion follows. Thank god, it's so loud that the crew is spared its cries and groans."

By 1943, the best tank of all wars was adorned with a 85mm barrel enabling it to slice through hitler's double-armoured tigers and panthers alike. The 26-tonne wonder that played an integral part in liberation of the world from the west NWO assault of 1938 remains not only a wartime legend but above all a reminder to the west beast that Russia can do more while under savage assault than west could in peace and with 5X more time.

S A U D I  A R A B I A Saudi Arabia - With Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar establishes local trade currency and a central bank in a resolute move against the dollar losses OPEC's been forced to take with the dying dollar.
- Governance obeying west masters in assaulting Yemen in attempt to carry out west's oldest trick: provoking a local pan-Arabic war.

U A E UAE - State Abu Dhabi gives Dubai 10B USD to postpone the artificial isle paradise prolapse.

U K UK - "Unexpectedly" consumer confidence shrivels in Dec from -17 to -19. What do the #s mean? They mean the poodle is out of cash and all it has left is fleas.
- Nov marks another deficit record with deficit eclipsing 20B GBP. That's 60% of GDP now.
- FlyGlobe goes belly up without stranding 4K at airports.
- Governance stops AirBrat strike forcing the prolapsed diseased carrier to keep the pretense up. It's fun seeing west governances play little car salesmen and firm wardens.
- A lady solves personal prolapse predicament by killing self and her 5 mo old kid. Such is the sign of times for west.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - IMF pulls 3,5B USD out of the prolapsing nation.
- Signs 2,4B USD deal with Iraq providing tanks, carriers, and AN32 cargo planes.

U S A USA - Broke NY state shaves 10-20% off school and health programmes plus 750M USD from cities to fund record bankster profits and bonuses. And NYC chief actually celebrates the record bankster bonuses.
- While states go broke, comrade Obama finds 30B USD to fund the genocide of Palestine and promises it to Israel for the next 10 yrs, plus he gives Israel extra 3B USD for sundry expenses, 1B of which is earmarked for Israeli civilians. This oughtta spill a rather cheerful grin across the baboon's mug, especially the homeless kind.
- If Israel aid seems like a lot, comrade Obama prints 636B USD more for his expanding wars. 128B USD is needed by Feb. These are some stunning numbers.
- Media whores learn up new blither like "cash-related civil unrest" and "USA collapse".
- Attacks Yemen with missiles and air strikes. After all he's the west symbol for "peace". Yes, all things west are this sordid.
- 6T USD evaporates from house market since the brilliant nuking of the west dollar monopoly in May 2006.
- 140 banks laid to rest in 2009.
- Citi embarrasses capitalism. It offered stock at 20% below closing value to raise some 20B USD but no one came. Doesn't Citi get west is now beyond the garage sale stage?
- Facing over 5T USD in immediate debt financing for 2010, and that's sans outlays, which push it well beyond 90T.
- No wonder that even the voodoo Moody charlatans are threatening to dump USA's "AAA" investment rating. This just for a laugh.
- 1 in 110 autistic. The mass retardation via vaccination has worked then.
- Detroit unemployment at 50%.
- Prolapsed California hopes to raise 660M USD by auctioning off near 1M m2 of commerical office real-estate. Doesn't the baboon know it's no longer garage sale?
- Commercial real-estate loses 37% in value. This ticking bomb is yet to explode in the baboon's snout.

The default on commercial realty in west is taking off as per terminal prolapse, exponentially.

- USA unemployment benefits go to 500K and extended (3 mo) to 5M. That means that 2009 saw some 10-15M baboons zapped. The only thing west knows to manufacture is poverty, genocide, and the homeless.
- Comrade Obama, while encircling Russia and Venezuela, pushing Pakistan against Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia against Yemen is busy pumping zillions into AFRICOM, a giant assault on the mighty continent.
- Bayer admits that their genetically twisted crop is out of control in USA. With a bit of luck, the baboon will soon be feasting on its own lab made diseases.
- 3rd biggest mindrape radio network goes belly up taking 224 stations with them.
- Comrade Obama is planning some medical care trick for xmess eve. If he gets his way with the "reform", this oughtta set off the grandest of all job zappings in history of mankind.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - SouthAm9 (Nicaragua, Venezuela, Honduras, Ecuador, Bolivia, Antigua & Barbuda, San Vincent, Grenadines, Dominica) trade currency sucre established by Chavez goes into affect in Jan2010. Adios, dollar gringos.
- USA spy drones violate Venezuela airspace. Chavez orders shootdowns henceforth.

Y E M E N Yemen - - Houthis repel another Saudi invasion attempt, 11Dec.
- So comrade Obama joins the genocide and missile attacks Yemen in attempt to accelerate the Yemen v Saudi war to set pan-Arabia ablaze like he's trying with Pakistan/Afghanistan, Colombia/Venezuela, like USA tried with Iraq/Iran or Russia/Georgia in 2008.
- Houthis surround Saudi's 107 brigade.
- In air raids, USA murders 70 civilians, 14Dec.
- The west peace prize winner showered civilians with 1011 missiles since the cruise missile assault was authorised by comrade Obama a few days ago.
- Saudis, the USA war dog, carries out 70 air strikes against Houthis in 24 hrs, 18Dec.

Saudi vehicle. be cont'd as it all piles up.

Nation By Nation (10Dec09)

2-10Dec09 -- As the year winds down so does the west econ, prospects, choices, and circumstances in general. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - West murders 15 civilians incl children, 8 Dec, Laghman province.

West making friends everywhere.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Smacks west with "taxes" on foreign investment. GoldSacks particularly angry as doors around the planet keep slamming its usury claws. Looks like they'll have to "recover" by increasing bonuses plundered from the baboon.

C H I N A China - Tells west again to bugger off with their endless "sanctions" dirges on Iran.

E U EU - Eco-murderers gather at a 400M USD orgy with free hookers in Copenhagen in an attempt to draft up another BS-based world assault while they still have their EUnuchian union intact. Sideline: Napoleon failed them, Hitler failed them, BuschII failed them, Saakashvili failed them, USA-flu I and II have failed them thusfar, so they're turning to eco assault.
- P Jones, chief among the west eco-climate war lizards, steps down as his jubilation over west-wide climate deceit is revealed. Climate and weather, to west, is nothing more than another war opportunity like murdering people in 911 or London77.
- UN promises to investigate the west climate lies. Of course, this too is a lie.
- Holds an opulent fireworks-adorned ultra-right rally over the collectivisation of 27 tribes into one glorious Hitler-wetdream dictatorship. "[Grand EUnuchia] will allow EU to play on world stage" promises EUnuch prez. Given west's trackrecord in genocide, this should be taken as a WWIII threat.

G E R M A N Y Germany - GM/Opel looks like a 8300 jobs getting zapped. It only took a year, zillions, and several west governances to produce this magnificent result.
- Output shrivels "unexpectedly". Mfg, investment-goods production, energy, and construction down 1,6%, 3,5%, 3,4%, and 2,4% respectively. This is while 85B EUR "stimulus" and a 2500 EUR governance enticement were hard at work. Note that west governances now issue "blowout sale and going-out-of-business coupons".

G R E E C E Greece - Riots and state thug attacks against civilians in Athens, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, and Patras mark the anniversary of the state murder of A Grigoropoulos.
More stuff here:

Revived revolt spills into 2nd day, as of 7Dec.

I N D I A India - Purchases MiG 29's.

I R A N Iran - Turkey tells west to bugger off with their "sanctions" wetdreams.
- Signs venture with Russia, 29Nov, incl 15 new oil/gas projects in the Caspian Reserves.
- Busher tests OK.
- USA Navy warns comrade Obama that despite all the west ships, Hormuz can still be shut if Iran so wishes. This is strange, isn't it? It's as though the west crusader has just discovered the map of the region or was comrade Obama, the Peace Laureate of the west cesspits, really about to push the button.

I R A Q Iraq - Multiple bombings leave over 120 dead, 8 Dec.

6Dec, Tikrit.

5Dec, Karbala.
- See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for more.

West troops arrest civilians for mass executions enacted by Maliki proxy farce using "testimony" extracted under west int'l policy of torture. No, it's no different than Vaticunt witch trials, burning heretics, and mass confiscation of lands. Same criminals, same crimes. In 2000 yrs, the west freckly animal hasn't evolved a single day.

I S R A E L Israel - Stories of giant west theft of children for organ harvest resurface. 25K kids are said to have been stolen within the last 2 yrs from poverty wrecked Ukraine through Israel for the west organ market.

Association for Human Rights report confirms west engages in collective punishment using any means available from air strikes, mass water deprivations, and apartheid policies.

J A P A N Japan - New bailout round at 7T JPY.
- JapanAir plunges into default unable to pay debts. They're seeking 125B JPY in quick funding or they'll be grounded by end of 2010Q1.
- Admits USA not likely to stop Japan's occupation. Talks on booting the gringo off the isle stalled.
- Afghanistan war aid to USA ends in Jan2010. Japan was made to refuel USA craft used to carry out anti-civilian bombing raids.
- Needing urgently to issue 500B USD in bonds or rather is seeking loan. Any givers? Perhaps, if Japan was free of USA rapists... Soon the occupation won't be just the odd drive-by gang rape, eco-cide pollution, brutal land theft. It will manifest as econ detriment with Japan unable to raise cash so long as the west mil legions are harboured.
- For those still reading west #s. GDP turns out to have grown 1,3%, not 4,8% as broadcast. Why? They couldn't agree on deflation, which might have fallen half a point instead of rising. Also industry investment was murky, as it might have actually shriveled instead of grown. Yes, the west voodoo econ masturbators are something to follow. Sideline: This is exactly like USA's 700B USD tarp "stimulus", which was literary pulled out of some baboon's arse over a coffee with no anchoring the numbers and policies. Baboons, you're in good hands. Believe, don't question, don't think, go back to BBCNN.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - 2 explosions leave 11 dead, Lahore, 6Dec.
- In a permanent attempt to set off a civil strife, it's no surprise the explosion in Peshawar has been linked to west.
- USA murders 3 in another drone attack in Waziristan.

The results of Comrade Obama's peace-loving let's-be-friends campaign.

- The west beast launches "The Beast of Kandahar". That's west's proud name for this flying murder machine drone.
- Comrade Obama's expanding Beast drone massacres beyond current west-assaulted regions of Baluchistan and Waziristan. Yes, west needs war -- anywhere, anyhow.

P H I L I P P I N E S Philippines - A Ampatuan Jr in jail and charged with the massacre. Martial law declared in the region, 5Dec.

P O L A N D Poland - Becoming west war trench by letting comrade Obama child murdering troops be stationed there.

R U S S I A Russia - Tells west to bugger off with their idea of recognising Israel as a jew state.
- 112 killed and over 130 injured in explosion at a night club in Perm.
- Tells EUnuchs to dump OSCE and NATO and do it right. Ambassador to NATO says it clear: "Shutting themselves into a little Western house won't work." Indeed, if west wants to be at all, sooner or later, it will have to cede all command -- a thought that's pushing west into downright insanity and thus the planet closer to WWIII.
- Bans USA pork from 5 plants.
- Confronting west rapists over the theft and occupation of Kosovo. Of course, in west's court.

S W I T Z E R L A N D Switzerland - The personal valet of the Vaticunt christianic dungeons filled with pillaged artworks and Papal Secret Library launches attack on all things non-christianic. Soon the west beast will be back to conversion to christianity by torture and witch burnings.

R Erdogan has it right: the swiss racist religious attack reflects "the increasing fascist and racist stance of EU".

U A E UAE - USA banking alone is admitted to be looking at another 5B USD loss, or maybe it's a "writedown", in the Dubai prolapse.

U K UK - Corus zaps 1700 jobs.
- Realty default at 30B GBP. That's some "recovery", Loondon!
- Sends 500 more troops to Afghanistan. They failed to add how much cash they're sending Taliban to keep them alive.
- BoE says "econ appears to have turned". With 30B realty default, that seems a sensible thing to say. But note here that they don't actually know. Yes, the west econ voodoo witches have no clue how to report on the west-wide terminal prolapse.
- Scots want out. SNP's pushing referendum to break off from the saxon Gotha rape.
- Brown vs banksters: RBoS banksters want their bonuses unlimited.
- Brown vs Sarkozy: the west tzars don't see eye to eye on... well, anything now, not just how to carve up the cash loot.
- Brown vs USA: arguing over Afghan "pull-out" clearly unable to synch up war goals any longer.
- Brown vs UK industry: bailout that's produced nothing but unemployment has been admitted to have pumped "by mistake" 850B GBP into some bankster's pocket. Not to worry, poodles, they're looking for it.
- Brown vs UK upper echelon: Enacts stealth tax, freeze of personal allowances to squeeze cash out of some 70K relatively affluent poodles.
- Brown vs USA central banksters: Loondon derided by USA bank cabal for not granting BoE unlimited and stealth powers like the USA central bank enjoys. Note here (a) the conspicuously missing border. West isn't horizontal but a vertical fiendish lizard caste amalgam and (b) yes, all west pirate factions are at war with one another.
- Racism, nazis, or ultra-rightism march again, 6Dec in Nottingham. No wonder the rally organisers will soon be promoted to governance posts.

U R U G U A Y Uruguay - Joining the Freeworld and SouthAm anti-gringo polarisation. Jose "El Pepe" Mujica wins prez.

U S A USA - Like Israel, it's "murderous arm", expands land theft by seizing 7112 acres of native land in S Dakota.
- Comrade Obama tells baboons governance is out of ideas and funds for the increasing homelessness.
- Governance employees get pay freezes.
- Comrade Obama pumps some 100B USD into unemployment funds as states run out of them. It however doesn't specify whose pocket this cash's going down.
- Detroit, Michigone, school wardens are looking at a 10K USD/yr paycut, while losing medical care. Prolapse of schools in west could however spell higher IQ in the long run and certainly they'll find a way to keep the baboon offspring entertained with daily fanatic religious rituals, be it without books, teachers, or facilities. 2500 have been zapped from the prolapsing Detroit system already.
- USA treasury (governance cash printers) threatens banksters for pocketing the "bailout" trillions. US central bank (the Fed, an amalgam of largely private war financiers) threatens USA governance with 1T USD smack (withdrawal from USA econ) for talking out of line. Yes, all west pirate factions are at war.
- Commercial realty prolapse not just "on the horizon" but here. Default is at 16 yr record, at over 3,5% of mortgages growing to 4% before this year's out. Yes, it's exponential! CMBS default is at 30B USD, or 500% increase y2y.
- Bankruptcy filings over 100%/y2y.
- Foreclosures clock another record with near 4M notices. Second year or active prolapse, second record.
- 20B of the 75B USD pumped into prolapsed baboon mortgages already vapourised for 25% of these mortgages are already delinquent nonetheless. Sideline: There is nothing that can save west realty. It all follows very simple logic. No dollar monopoly, no dollar. No dollar, no west nothing: no value, no jobs, no way to pay mortgage, no way to liquidate without keeping the original note. That's why comrade Obama's expanding war throughout Pakistan, Afghanistan, is looking at Venezuela and apparently again at Iran, and continues to encircle Russia.
- Comrade Obama tells baboons "saving" USA car industry has cost the baboon 30B USD.
- WellsFarGone closing 122 branches in California. That's true, a state that pays with bog roll slips that have "I O U" doesn't need banks. Perhaps toilets to flush them down but certainly not banks.
- AmTrust bank belly up with 500M debt, bringing the total prolapse casualty bank toll to 130 for 2009.
- Chief warrior admits no data on Bin Laden. Even if we granted west its 911 lies, it's still beyond psychotic how the entire west cesspit has been sidetracked with murdering and torturing children around the globe for a decade instead of chasing this erstwhile USA operative.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Cleaning up banking. 7 bank nationalisations accompany 30 arrests for banksters. West feeds banksters, the Freeworld deals with them.
- Russia's building an arms plant to mfg weapons directly in Venezuela.
- Russia fills recent mil chopper order.
- Gathering other weaponry from Russia like T72s, missiles, RPGs.

Chavez: "They're preparing a war against us."

Y E M E N Yemen - Governance with Saudi keep up anti-civilian assault and invasion attempts against Houthis. Saudis hit north Yemen on 30Nov, 1Dec with heavy artillery, tanks, and jets dropping phosphorous and toxins.
- Governance tanks begin razing attack of Saada.
- Houthis down Yemen jet, ~6Dec.
- Houthis repel Saudi ground offensive, 1Dec.
- Saudis had Jordan's units aid them with the assault on north Yemeni Shi'ites. A few more repelled attacks and the EUnuch and the baboon imperial legions will have to step in. be cont'd as it all piles up.