Nation By Nation (1Dec09)

16-1Dec09 -- West banks instead of giving loans are now in business of taking loans. West public officials now all work for west private concerns, spending their politiCIAn time and salaries on ironing out private collectivisation terms twixt the few west firms that are still standing. Perhaps as a reciprocal favour, west firms now dictate west public policy including vaccination jabs and taxes. West software like Win7 isn't made by software firms but is now coded by west governance agencies. West media is proof-read by west military and west tailors are dressing west military into new city fatigues so the child-murdering hitmen blend in among the west baboon rabble. West statisticians don't track stats but mad hallucinations. West bank insurance is now the biggest property land owner in the west cesspit today. And west populace makes like it understands the terminal cash and land reform they're meted out. No reader of NBN could now either question the total psychosis or the terminal prolapse of all things west. (Mouseover flags for info)

A R G E N T I N A Argentina - Tells Israeli envoy on its SouthAm hate-mongering tour to bugger off and let Argentina choose her own friends.

Placards in the hands of humans sharing the sentiment put it straight: "Get out of Argentina, murderer Shimon Peres".

C A N A D A Canada - Bankruptcies rise 43%/Sep y2y.
- Total insolvency grows 33%/2009 y2y. No part of west shall remain standing.
- Perhaps a better testament to the west-wide terminal prolapse is the latest Canadian fall fashion show. Soon the west military will be able to do the runway done up in new fetching "urban" uniforms. The garbs are stitched to provide maximum camouflage for warfare in west cities -- the final battleground of the west beast.

C H I N A China - Gets access including financial supervision to Taiwan's banking. Taiwan slips yet another centimetre away from its erstwhile west rapist.
- Wants west barbarians (chiefly the French and UK EUnuchs) to return the stolen artefacts the west magpies looted from the emperor palace in 1860. Beijing, don't ask! Just go and take it. Who's gonna stop you? The snail-eating bozo at Louvre?
- Deepens mil coop with N Korea, with which it drove the west beast down the Korean peninsula in 1951 where the west war parasite has remained lodged since.
- West complained to WTO about China's resource export practices and China told west to kindly bugger off.
- Invests 6,5B USD worth in Iran's oil industry.
- Invests 50M EUR in Ecuador.

E U EU - Grand EUnuchia wastes no time and produces from its secret lizard ranks the much awaited tzar. The Grand EUnuch Herman wastes no time either instigating a EUnuch-wide tax. Good, so nothing then stands in the way of EUnuch's WWIII aspirations.
- Opens EUnuch bank vaults for USA inspection. The love affair is touching. What's next? Sharing needles? You bet!

F R A N C E France - Vaccination centres feature military personnel and coffins. Words like "unrest" accompany the west-wide jab mandate.
- Prints 35B EUR more but details whose wallet the cash is going down this time won't be revealed till "later". Not a joke! It's this twisted in the west capitalist pigsty. Oddly, it's not the west cretinous monkeys that are angry but OEDC, giant west cash faction, that now wants billions back from France. Like Titanic, all west sinking ships provide the entertainment of the crew fighting for the life jackets.

G E R M A N Y Germany - 50 cities experienced the antics of 85K angry students, 18Nov, marking the only day these west students were actually learning.
- After sending 120 troops to Afghanistan, Berlin mulled a hasty retreat. A few phone calls later, Berlin agreed to a 1 yr extension in their Afghan duty. Yes, all saxon pirate factions are at each other's throats now.
- Mfg shrivels further ~5% (to Sep only). Metal mfg led the prolapsing pack with 6,5% shriveling, cars hanged on with 4,8%, and rubber/chem boys clocked an impressive 5,4% shriveling. It's as though the mfg sector hasn't heard of the boisterous "out of recession" orgies.
- Merkle wants 1,5B EUR from comrade Obama for the Opel backstabbing. What's even funnier than west fighting one another is the west poliCIAns reduced to used car sales reps.
- Banking, despite eating hundreds of billions in just the last qtr, is hungry again for 90B EUR.

West media whores cover the resignation of another war junta rep over "lying" about the Kunduz massacre but the west mindrape whores won't cover the massacre itself. Yes, west is THE disease that delights in murdering children.

H O N D U R A S Honduras - West beast manages to eat Honduras. In another bananas revolt, west sets up a saakashvili in Tegucigalpa. This one's called Lobo. No part of SouthAm recognises the west proxy rubbish.

I N D I A India - Bomb kills and injures 50 in Assam, 21Nov.
- Clocks near 8% growth, more than the expected 6%.

I R A N Iran - 22Nov, mil games guarding strategic points.
- Deal with Bolivia on research in Uyuni lithium reserves. Note that west has been severed from lithium and thus batteries and thus its electric car wetdreams.
- Unveils a plan for 10 more enrichment plants. Apart from the usual vulgarities, west had no response.

I R A Q Iraq - See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

I S R A E L Israel - Increases land theft in Jerusalem by another 900 homes. UN chief is sickened by it but does nothing short of issuing apologies for the recent Gaza genocide report.
- Another report confirms that Israel uses Palestinian prisoners as medical experiment subjects. Among the 10K prisoners, Israel is holding some 300-400 children. West has absolutely no problem with any of this and USA is so pleased with this that it's sending more billions for these abominable crimes.
- Recent Israeli claims of Iran weapon smuggling to Lebabon via Cyprus are shown to be falsified. There's a shock.
- Murders 2 Palestinians in an another air raid on Gaza, 28Nov. Air raids began on 22Nov.

Assault on civilians in Gaza, 30Nov. West has always and exclusively, in its entire blood-soaked history of perpetual genocide, attacked defenceless civilians. Not one single time has west faced someone's army. For that, they have always required war dog proxies.

J A P A N Japan - Looks like Warshington boys violated 1960s accords in which consultation with Tokyo was required for deployment of missiles and/or ferrying about nuke arsenal. Sideline: USA broke some 250 treaties with the native NorthAm people not to mention genociding 15M of them. USA still today officially refers to the native people as "savages". Since the violent theft of the NorthAm plateaus, USA has violated every treaty, convention, word, gesture, and promise. Although digging up a 50 yr old document might be a noteworthy feat, it's silly if Hatoyama thinks he can free the island with just talk or paper.
- But maybe he knows better. 27Nov, Hatoyama went to China to see the defence chief.
- Launches 5th spy-sat, much to the chagrin, of west.

L I T H U A N I A Lithuania - Joins Poland in building west proxy brigades as west encirclement of Russia for Barbarossa II continues.

P E R U Peru - Lima opposition, the representatives of the popular uprising against the USA pillage and plunder, joins the Freeworld in recognition of S Ossetia and Abkhazia.

P H I L I P P I N E S Philippines - An organised 100-gunmen mass-execution with prepped graves leaves 57 dead and region of Mindanao in state of emergency. Massacre of Islamic politician supporters blamed on Ampatuan Jr. Cui bono's unclear as Arroyo has to go against her political support in punishing the massacre.

R U S S I A Russia - Two explosions at Caspian Sea Fleet arms depo kill 10, 13Nov & 23Nov.
- Train bomb kills 26 including 2 high ranks: chair of fed road agency and chief of fed reserve, 28Nov.
- Says will deliver S300s to Iran within 2 months while working out a mil coop deal with EUnuchs.

S O M A L I A Somalia - West escalates ground war and commits another war crime of collective punishment by destroying UN food supply. USA justifies the crime by stating that "some of the food" goes to west enemies. Yes, west is THE disease.

S W I T Z E R L A N D Switzerland - West inner elite pirate war juntas wars rage on. OECD blackballs Swiss in another retaliatory move. Sideline: In round one, USA/UK pirates plundered Swiss vaults. In round two, the Swiss pirates responded by dumping USA accounts. Yes, all factions of the west war junta are now at increasing war with one another not unlike thug gangs duking it out over whore and drug control of a sleezebag-filled city.

U A E UAE - Goes on liquidation sale as admission of 80B USD debt (that's after a silent 10B USD "bailout") lacerates it from one artificial isle to another. Since this west war junta sandbox-with-toys orgy-land is owned by the same banksters that are amidst the sweeping west-wide cash and land reform under the code of "bailout", all west holdings get a good smack. Loondon's and Cuntberra's stocks took a 3% hit. USA deftly avoided it by a strategic exchange shut-down. Rothchilds are called in for the "clean-up". Indeed, no west holding shall remain standing. But truly the funny thing here is that the west freckly cretinous baboon has been "bailing" out not just west war junta but also its playgrounds.

U K UK - Borrowing in Oct over 11B GBP.
- Borrowing in 2009 to be over 175B GBP. They call it "public" borrowing. Are there any among the UK public who borrowed a single coin? Yes, all things west is perverted rubbish.
- "Recovery" is working so good that half of UK industry is instigating pay freezes for 2010.
- State establishes "health and safety" commandos to visit poodles' homes and snoop about as needs be.
- 200B GBP pumped into the UK prolapsed drizzly econ is "strangely" not where it was promised. What's even stranger is that they think this to be strange.
- Iraq inquiry confirms Bush II & Blair decided on Iraq invasion prior to 911, as if Iraq had anything to do with 911 official story or even the Bush II lies.
- Blames comrade Obama with low Brit enthusiasm for Afghan war. Fight on, freckly west baboon pirates, fight on!
- Won't hold an inquiry into the recent tortures and murders of Iraqi civilians. No inquiry needed. The conclusion has been long clear: west is THE disease.
- Book merchant goes belly up littering streets with 1150 more poodles.
- While banksters print self ~30B GBP each month, Loondon governance sentences all 16-18 olds to 50 hrs of community labour for free. Watch the hours and upper age limit rise to 2000 and 65 respectively.

B Musa was tortured to death by some of the Queen anti-civilian Commandos. The west beast beat this man for 36 hrs straight. To west leaders and west freckly monkey populace, this is, however, not a crime. Yes, west is THE disease.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - 388 dead from USA-flu,pt2 attack. Quarantines to be lifted.
- 1M said to have contracted the deadly west bio-attack strain.
- GDP shrivels 16%/Q3.

U N UN - Admits to a new USA-flu version. But oddly, they don't call for halting of the current USA-flu vaccination mandates even though that strain has been obsoleted by their own admission.

U S A USA - Comrade Obama promised to stop bankster bonuses so the bonuses rise a record 40%. Is there something Obama hasn't lied about?
- The self-proclaimed "god workers" of GoldSacks give themselves all time record bonuses. Smallest cheque was made out for 700K USD. Consider that all the trillions, not just the bonuses, belonged to the baboon and you'll understand the gall of this as well as the truly unusual cretinism of the west baboon species.
- Comrade Obama also reduces GoldSacks taxes for 2009 to a token 1% or some 14M USD.
- But from the baboon, the comrade wants back his 250 USD tax credit he gave him recently to aid with the prolapse. 15M baboons will be sending Obama some 4B USD shortly which will cover about a quarter of the next round of GoldSacks bonuses.
- While baksters are doing relatively OK sacking the west cesspits, Detroit mortuaries are bursting with unclaimed bodies. Murder rate is through the roof. Schools are undergoing an active shut down. Boarded over abandoned realty has replaced malls. Unemployment outstrips 30% and the town's deficit tops 300M. 1M have been displaced to date. The last source of revenue is Detroit's 3 casinos but they're working for banksters 24/7 now. Sideline: Detroit is a wonderful model for all west cities. West banksters, the west war financiers, sold "derivatives" to all cities. But the Iraq and Afghan west defeats have vanquished the 500T derivative market. West cities are now on the hook to repay the banksters, a part of the bond issue deal in case the derivative market disappeared. As such even transport funds are now going to the war financiers, not to the cities. The main point of this isn't however the clever sacking of west or the terminal prolapse of the west populace, but the fact that all west baboons, down to the last porn-surfing cubicle excrement, are directly involved in financing the horrendous civilian massacres, tortures, city razings, and DU destruction of nations.
- 80K seat stadium in Michigone sold for 500K USD. It cost 56M to build 35 yrs ago.
- The "restructured" GM still boasts 1,15B USD loss for Q3. The baboons has given billions to this concern that's in the business of ladling over 10M USD out the window each and every day, weekends included.
- Just the interest on USA debt reaches near 5T USD.
- 10 states are facing bankruptcy.
- Florida runs out of unemployment funds.
- Post office, as they had promised in Jul09 posts a near 4B USD loss and that's after 10B USD worth of cuts this yr alone. Fancy that, the world's biggest spammer going bankrupt.
- Some mindrape newspaper goes belly up in Virginia zapping 1600.
- 4M homes across the stolen NorthAm plateaus are in foreclosure or in what's known as over-3-month-delinquency.
- Past 3 months clock a 50% y2y rise in mortgage 60-day delinquencies.
- 20% mortgages heading for 2010Q1 prolapse as comrade Obama pumps in another 75B USD in a token act to forestall this baboon tsunami.
- FDIC now owns 150 prolapsed banks and literary like Israel expands its settlements to 5K empty houses. While being the biggest property owner, it's in the red by 8B USD.
- 37M baboons on food stamps and 50-60M are suffering hunger. That's 1 in every 6 with hunger issues in USA. They admit to 1 in 4 kids suffering hunger today. 20K baboons get added to this food stamp hunger lot each and every day now.
- Students get an early christmess gift: over 30% tuition hike.
- Under no circumstance miss this wonderful short flash vid on USA prolapse. Poverty Map of USA on Though badly outdated in pegging unemployment at only 8 or less than half of what it is, the prolapse dynamics are captured beautifully.
- IMF joins the "let's dump the dollar" chorus while dumping ~400M USD worth of "gold" to survive. Yes, the last days of west will be marked by west faction wars.
- 3Mile n-plant springs 2 radioactive leaks. 150 evacuated. And these bozos wanted to dictate n-power to the world.
- 27Nov, shootout leaves 4 cops dead.
- Fact that Win7 "backdoor" was designed by USA governance surfaces.
- State dept admits to 17-18K/yr people being trafficked into USA as slaves for sex and labour. How does state dept know this? Well, USA governance engages in this diabolical abomination. Don't believe it? Listen to Rumsfeld, the Baghdad and 911 butcher. McKinney & Rumsfeld This youtube vid establishes on camera that USA governance did stand down defences on 911 as well as admitting to having trafficked slaves via contractors.
- Drops charges against Iraqi rogue legions for murdering 17 civilians in Baghdad in a 2007 massacre.
- Military suicides up 25%/2009 y2y.
- Comrade Obama surging Afghanistan-bound insurgents by 30-35K and in the same breath promises to withdraw all child-murdering legions -- in the next term. Yes, west is the definition of all things vile, crooked, diseased, twisted, perverted, psychotic, evil, cretinous, feted, and whatever else the thesaurus may suggest.
- Comrade Obama returned from his Asia begging trip empty handed. His twee twitter moved no one. They'll be no Yuan unpegging. They'll be no trade deals with Malaysia or Thailand. There'll be no change of heart on liberating Japan from the USA occupation. And there'll be no tariff removal or Afghanistan aid from S Korea.
- Comrade Obama's love letter sent to Brazil also warmed no heart.
- Another satellite down on 18Nov, as star wars continue. Seen and "heard" in Utah, the exploding fireball was again explained as a slow meteor.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Liquidates some physical bridge links with Colombia. The USA Colombian war proxy responds with vulgar mutter and putting military on alert.
- Chavez on Colombia: "No possible dialogue with the treasonous mobster in Bogota. I have nothing to say to the mobster Uribe. He's very dangerous because he lacks morality and ethical principles." These are incidentally the very traits for which Bush II decorated Uribe with medals of honour. Sideline: This is exactly like USA decorating W Braun in the early 60s. The German Nazi butcher, directly responsible for 50 thousand civilian deaths still remains USA hero and all time idol.
- Establishes Palestinian embassy.
- Signs 70 accords with Iran concerning the mutual defence against the west psychotic monster.

Chavez explains the whole Iran hullaballoo in two straight sentences: "We know what the state of Israel stands for -- a murderous arm of the yankee empire," & "Remember, it was the yankee imperialist who dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki."

Y E M E N Yemen - Houthis destroy 6 humvees and 3 tanks in Omran area. Note, these are USA anti-civilian weapons. Saudis, USA proxy, keeps air raids on civilian targets.
- 175K displaced and 200+K trapped in the shelled area by Yemen governance, USA proxy, and neighbouring Saudis since the launch of this genocide called "Op scorched earth". Sideline: How is it that west proxies still don't get that after they do what they're paid for whether it's successful or not, it's always their turn?
- Saudis have resumed air strikes after the unsuccessful invasion attempt of 23Nov.
- Clashes twixt the secession-ready south demonstrators and governance troops leaves 5 dead in Shabwa province, 25Nov.

Houthi defence stopped some 50 Saudi humvees. be cont'd as it all piles up.


Anonymous said...

No way are we going to question the total psychosis or the terminal prolapse of all things west. And even if someone felt so tempted, how could they persist after reading this splendid, hard-hitting. last-month-of-the-year NBN? Worth the long wait.

Anonymous said...

Dear Poiuytr

I often visited a website called "" and I guess you made contributions frequently.
I was (and am) a great fan of your writings, but suddenly you dispaapeared
and the website is now not so exciting as it was.
(People like "Canukistan View" also disappeared. His posts were also nice.)

I found this blog very recently and felt happy that you are still "alive."
But, if possible, would you please let me know what happened there?

Also you often point out
that the West's so-called "new" discoveries are actually not new at all.
I am interested in this topic very much.
Would let me know about references (books or websites, etc.) either in English or in Japanese.

Anonymous said...

Hello 15:44, your first time here? While waiting for poiuytr to reply, let me welcome you here. Me too I liked him and Canukistan best on the Iraqwar site. And now they've both disappeared from there, leaving behind only the anemic bloggers. Hope you'll enjoy NBN as we go along.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Climategate scandal in the NBN above.

Global Warming: "Fixing the Climate Data around the Policy"

Climategate for Dummies

Anonymous said...

Anemic, oh dear. Friendly fire which fortunately missed.
A bit like jostling for the seat on the bus so as to prevent that pregnant lady from getting it. C'mon were on the same team.
Iraq war Woohooo
lighting fuse.....
running away......

Anonymous said...

Quote of the day:
Shulamit Aloni (former Meretz leader): "We are a nefarious people and what we do in West Bank is worse than all pogroms."

Anonymous said...

While America has been absorbed by the Afghan election imbroglio, a less-noticed event slid into place in the Middle East. It is less dramatic than President Hamid Karzai's near removal; but this event tilts the strategic balance: Turkey finally shrugged off its United States straight-jacket; stared past any beckoning European Union membership; and has fixed its eyes toward its former Ottoman Asian and Middle Eastern neighbors.
Turkey did not make this shift merely to snub the West; but it does reflect Turkey's discomfort and frustration with US and EU
policy - as well as resonate more closely with the Islamic renaissance that has been taking place within Turkey.
This "release" of Turkish policy towards a new direction - if successful - can be as significant as the destruction of Iraq and the implosion of Soviet power was, 20 years ago, in "releasing" Iran to emerge as one of the pre-eminent powers in the region.
Believe it or not, chap writing this is called A. Crooke, and that's what he is if you leave out the "e". But what he says about Turkey's tectonic shift is true enough.

Anonymous said...

To Obama’s “last ditch gambit”, recent Russian military analysts' reports state, he is to announce in a nationwide address to his people this coming week that he is going to expand the level of US Military Forces in Afghanistan by tens of thousands of troops, while at the same time using the deployment of these soldiers as a “cover” for returning to the United States over 200,000 additional American soldiers from the over 800 bases in over 39 countries they have stationed around the Globe bringing the level of these forces in America to over 1 million, a number the US Military believes will be able to contain the “explosion of violence” expected to roil these peoples when they learn their economy has been bankrupted.
These reports further state that at the same time Obama will be attempting to keep his Nation from violent disintegration, the tens of thousands of additional troops he will send to Afghanistan are to be ordered to Kandahar where the Americans and their NATO allies will begin their final attempt to secure their TAPI (Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India) pipeline, which without the Western Nations, due to their grave lack of alternative energy resources, and being cut off from these vast Central Asian supplies (which both Russia and China are seeking to insure), are warned will totally collapse.
Making the American’s (and by extension the West’s) situation even worse are new reportscoming from the International Energy Agency stating that “under pressure” from the US government they have been “deliberately underplaying” a looming Global oil shortage for fear of triggering panic buying and raising the Americans fear over the end of oil supremacy because it would threaten their power over access to our World’s last remaining oil resources.
To the scariest “end game” maneuvers being made by Obama, in his attempt to protect Americas Global hegemony, is his record shattering move in plunging the United States $3.5 Trillion further into debt, and which raises the total amount owed by the United States, to its citizens and the World, to the unprecedented height of over $106 Trillion.
So alarming has Obama’s actions become (especially since they are being imitated by all of the Western powers) that the managing-director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF),Dominique Strauss-Kahn, warned this past week that the “stimulus actions” of the West (which in essence is nothing more than the printing of money with nothing to back it up) has now become a “threat to democracy” as millions of people are expected to erupt in violence against their governments over the theft of their money and their futures.

Anonymous said...

Pockets of Rot (excerpts)
Beyond Dubai... there are a number of other areas that on closer inspection appear to be patches of rot that will eventually collapse, causing immense losses to those involved in them... there is undoubtedly rot in the green-tech bubble of the past few years.
Quite apart from the question of whether the entire global warming extravaganza was a gigantic hoax, as now seems possible (probably not entirely, but its over-inflation certainly was), the companies set up using readily available pools of over-excited venture capital don't look like ordinary youthful tech ventures. Instead of their "footprint" expanding inexorably like Google's until it seems about to take over the world, it has remained stubbornly modest, with their margins remaining slender and their revenues heavily dependent on new research grants from various government "stimuli" and other non-market sources. That suggests that the oxygen of genuine and explosively expanding demand for their products and services simply is not there; they will limp along at marginal profitability as long as the money lasts, but will then collapse altogether leaving no permanent results other than investor losses and the wrecked career prospects of their unfortunate ex-employees.

Anonymous said...

Dubai attacks investor panic (2.12.09)
Ruler's reassurances ignored as Gulf shares plunge for second day.

Anonymous said...

Angry Man poiuytr does another compilation which makes us dance for joy while our enemies gnash their teeth and look for the next stone to hide under. 30.000 more USan soldiers sent off? Eeeh! Stalingrad, here we come.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed poiuytr is coming back into fashion? Even a Bulov has given him his imprimatur! Now if only James would step forward and take his due, we'd be sitting pretty once again.

Anonymous said...

Climategate Still Going Strong
CRU’s Phil Jones will step down from his position as director of the unit that cooked climate change data to hide global cooling. Britain’s East Anglia University says Jones will relinquish his position until the completion of an independent review.
The CRU scandal emerged after anonymous persons gained access to 160 MB of emails and source code. It is uncertain if the evidence implicating Jones and the CRU came from hackers or whistle-blowers.
Lord Monckton, the third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley and adviser to Margaret Thatcher’s policy unit in the 1980s, went on the Alex Jones Show last week and called for criminal prosecution of Jones and his crew of climate change fraudsters. In a blog entry posted prior to talking with Alex Jones, Monckton noted how Phil Jones and his co-conspirators “have refused, for years and years and years, to reveal their data and their computer program listings.”
Phil Jones and the CRU have stonewalled FOIA requests demanding access to the data. It is alleged he destroyed evidence in an effort to cover-up the fraud.
On Sunday, the Times Online reported that scientists at the University of East Anglia admitted throwing away much of the raw temperature data on which their predictions of global warming are based. The CRU was forced to reveal the loss following requests for the data under Freedom of Information legislation.

poiuytr said...

15:44 -- ""

Right. That was literary years ago. Maybe two now.

> but suddenly you dispaapeared

Yes, stopwar zapped me and I left.

> (People like "Canukistan View" also disappeared.

Yes, he was always into the econ stuff as though there is such a thing. I see econ as another tentacle of the west beast. West folks think there's some free market, supply demand at work and they blame soft sales for everything. Econ in west is no more than another scapegoat. But there was Syrian and IS and a few other outstanding contributors.

> I found this blog very recently and felt happy that you are still "alive."

Welcome. Enjoy. Contribute. Send articles in. Etc. It's not my blog. Remember JamesWolf? He appears here once in a while.

> that the West's so-called "new" discoveries are actually not new at all.

Right. No part of west "teachings"/brainwash is right. None of it! In short, west is THE disease. It's not a mantra but a conclusion. Wherever you look at the west and scratch a bit below the surface prattle, you'll see the same criminals, the same crimes, the same genocides, the same methods, the same deceit, the same lizard miscreant that's been raping the planet for 2000 yrs. Be it war, be it design poverty exported to all corners of the earth, be it BBCNN pumping its cretinous lies from their satellites, be it burning children with phosphorous, be it razing Falluja, be it murdering Afghanis, be it torturing in dungeons, be it attacking Russia via Wilson, Hitler, or Saakashvili, be it science... it all leads to and cements the fact that west is THE planet's only disease.

> Would let me know about references (books or websites, etc.)

No clue. Specifically with the stolen science/achievement credits, I could try google someone depending on the subject. This is so vast... Maybe by subject we could find some resources but I really don't know. It's another one of my grand manuscripts gathering dust. At random...

Telescope. West credit self with it. Ship making, sea faring, discovery of Americas, fighting & beating Hitler in WWII, the einsteinian pile of excrement west teaches for physics, be it aeronautics, be it medicine, be it warfare even, etc etc... all 100% rubbish. West has stolen everything it's got often in genocidal roberies. West has never ever produced a single good thing for mankind. Not once!

What west calls "Copernicus Revolution" is no more than Honduras, Ukraine, Afghan, German, UK, or USA elections. Total 100% rubbish. Heliocentricity, number of planets, shape and size of earth, time, calendar -- all of it precede the west barbarian saxonic filth by 3000 yrs.

All the west scum did was to lock the data in its Vaticunt dungeons and genocide, under "god scapegoat" (same pretext the west banksters operate under now), continents. The only thing west has ever designed is genocide and total data blackout known as the Dark Age which persists till today.

poiuytr said...

21:37 -- Don't forget the Climategate scandal in the NBN above.

Climate, alCIAda, USA-flu, "global meltdown".... all scapegoats so long as the west beast has something to blame the slaughter of millions of civilians and children on other than the saxonic vaticuntian criminals. It's hard to honour this particular west deceit with a mention. West is screaming about personal carbon footprints now. One single inter-continental flight eats more oxygen than a million of people do in a year. And these west climate scums are flying about in their giant jets, not to mention burrying the planet in DU fallout. It's no different than subprime mortgage, derivative oversight, bin laden, vaccinations, 911 bush lies, etc... all just west psychotic mutter.

I don't think the west crazed prattle should be honoured in any way today. It should cause no reactions just like west vulgarities against Iran or Venezuela. West has to be treated like the psychotic religious serial killer that it is. There can be no dialog with it.

All that needs be said is that west is THE planet's disease and all that needs be done is to celebrate and spread the jubilation over the west filth species terminal prolapse. The rest falls into place.

But you're right, there was this specific data fiddling exposed on climate. But then again, I leave out, other than the west grand Land&Cash Reform, most of the other west data fiddlings too, be it west exchange fiddling, etc. But thanks for adding that.


6:45 -- Turkey did not make this shift merely to snub the West; but it

Does Crook, by some chance, say why it took Turkey some twenty years to stop knocking on the door of the psychopathic west racist child-murdering fiend?


As always, all kind words are appreciated -- not for the author's sake -- but to demonstrate and keep demonstrating the unity behind the conclusion: west is THE disease.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, in reply to the question on Crook article, not really. He goes on in this vein<.
"In the past months, a spate of new agreements have been signed by Turkey with Iraq, Iran, Syria and Armenia, which suggest not just a nascent commonality of political vision with Iraq, Iran and Syria, but more importantly, it reflects a joint economic interest - the northern tier of Middle East states are in line to become the principal suppliers of natural gas to Europe - thus displacing Russia as the dominant purveyor of gas to central Europe. In short, the prospective Nabucco gas pipeline to central Europe may gradually eclipse the energy primacy of Saudi oil.
What is mainly symbolic in the prospective passing of the baton of energy "kingpin" - at least for Europe - from Saudi Arabia to the "northern tier", however, is given substance, rather than symbolic form, in the simultaneous weakening of the "southern tier" - Saudi Arabia and Egypt - both of which have become partially incapacitated by their respective succession crises and domestic preoccupations.
The weakening of the "southern tier" comes at a sensitive time. The region sees the drift of power from erstwhile US allies, Egypt and Saudi Arabia towards the northern tier, and, as is the way in the Middle East, is starting to readjust to the new power reality.
This can be most clearly seen in Lebanon today, in the growing procession of former US allies and critics of the Syrian government, making their pilgrimage to Damascus. The message is not lost on others in the region either.
The US administration sees these changes too. It additionally knows - as writers on the elsewhere have made clear - that any sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program ultimately will fail. They will fail not only because Russia and China will not play ball but precisely because the much touted "moderate alliance of pro-Western Arab states" is looking increasingly to be a paper tiger: the "moderates" are not seriously going to confront Iran and its allies.
Hopes by those, such as John Hannah, writing on, that the Saudi bombing of the Houthi rebels in Yemen would mobilize a sectarian Sunni hostility towards Shi'ite Iran have not been realized. On the contrary, the Saudis' action has been clearly seen in the region for what it is - a partisan and tribal intervention in another state's internal conflict."
Only to conclude that US and Israel, the poor Dears, are in the midst of great trouble indeed.

Anonymous said...

Looking worse and worse.
We're moving in the right direction then. Catharsis, here we come!


Anonymous said...

Bogus election in Honduras
Washington stands alone, with its right-wing puppet states in Colombia, Panamá, Perú, Costa Rica and Israel, as the only nations to have publicly indicated recognition of the electoral process in Honduras and the future regime. A high-level State Department official cynically declared to the Washington Post, "What are we going to do, sit for four years and just condemn the coup?" Well, Washington has sat for 50 years and refused to recognize the Cuban government. But that's because the Cuban government is not convenient for Washington. The Honduran dictatorship is.
BTW: Who exactly recognised the legitimacy of elections in Afghanistan and the coming powers of the US Viceroy there?

Anonymous said...

"Just one more surge!" -- The Indus
"Just one more surge!" -- The Kushan
"Just one more surge!" -- The Scythians
"Just one more surge!" -- The Parthians
"Just one more surge!" -- The Saffarid
"Just one more surge!" -- The Ghaznavid
"Just one more surge!" -- The Ghorid
"Just one more surge!" -- The Timurid
"Just one more surge!" -- The Hotaki
"Just one more surge!" -- The Durrani
"Just one more surge!" -- The Aryan
"Just one more surge!" -- The Persians
"Just one more surge!" -- The Sassanids
"Just one more surge!" -- The Hephthalites
"Just one more surge!" -- The Huns
"Just one more surge!" -- The Mughals
"Just one more surge!" -- The Arabs
"Just one more surge!" -- The Turkic
"Just one more surge!" -- The Hazaras
"Just one more surge!" -- The Khwarezmids
"Just one more surge!" -- The Mongols
"Just one more surge!" -- The British
"Just one more surge!" -- The British (again)
"Just one more surge!" -- The British (Yet again)
"Just one more surge!" -- The USSR
"Just one more surge!" -- The United States

Would be really funny if countless civilian deaths in the region were not part of the "surge".

Anonymous said...

I fished this out from below:
War, any war, is a crime against humanity, and all those reponsible for it, supportive of it, or even indifferent to it, must be regarded as war criminals.
The only reason why many of us blog is that on that day when history catches up with our doings, there'll be mitigating circumstances for some of us, although we are all equally guilty of these heinous crimes against humanity.

James Wolfe said...

Its great to see you out and about poiuytr, you had me and everyone else worried by your absence I hope you’ve fully recovered. We desperately need your NBN, because the west propaganda organs are unbearable.

Charges being dropped on the Blackwater murderers sums up the racism, barbarism and vulgarity of the US legal system and American society as a whole. Those Blackwater cowards murdered 16 Iraqis in Sept 2007, and ran off, were protected by Condoleezza Rice who forced the Iraqi puppet regime to reverse its ban on Blackwater crusader cowards. Just like the Haditha Marines who murdered an entire family, killing 12 or 14 people in cold blood in Nov 2005, and Corporal Leahy who was convicted for murdering Iraqi prisoners yet was given clemency, with his disgusting mother saying she was “proud of him”. And Stephen Dale Green who raped a 14 year old girl, murdered her and her family set them on fire and then went off drink beer and played golf and poker with his fellow US Army cowards in Jan 2006. The US legal system protects the guilty and justifies the obscene. Obama once inaugurated gave immunity to the Abu Grahib fiends, who raped, murdered and sodomized men, women and children. Banning the release of more photos and films exposing American barbarism, immunity for the Guantanamo and CIA tortures/Kidnappers.

There is absolutely nothing redeemable about the US and its vile population. They US people have no shame, no decency, no humanity, no honour and no integrity. I pray and hope the Americans suffer just as much as the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Africa and Asia.

It doesn’t matter who is charge of the US, whether it be republican or democrat the same old imperialist policies are pursued.

As for the artefacts and antiques stolen from China in 1860, the US and UK fiends raped and stole Iraqi’s antiques in 2003, with Zionist scum like Ehud Barak profiting from the theft. I pray and hope I live to see the day when the West pays for the crimes it has committed and vengeance is wrought.

Anonymous said...

"Just one more surge!" -- The British
"Just one more surge!" -- The British (again)
"Just one more surge!" -- The British (Yet again)

Well, you have to hand it to the Brits. They are a pesky lot.

Anonymous said...

Did poiuytr get the Swine Flu mêbbe and that famous "jab"? Jokes aside, we too wish him a splendid recovery and return to health. An ailing blogmaster just won't do in these our days of tribulations, trials and surges galore. And, yes, a pesky lot they definitely are, the super brits. Hope this time they get swatted away like so many unwanted, buzzing flies.

Anonymous said...

This "surge" strategy has been tried before - without success.
As Barack Obama plunges ever deeper into chaos, let us remember the British retreat from Kabul and its destruction in 1842.
Yes, indeed, let us. But what has 21st century America got to do with history? They make their own as they go along.

Anonymous said...

Target Date July 2011? The better to manage panic fleeing.

Anonymous said...

The Nobel Peace Prize man tells the world: "War is peace", and we all nod wisely and say we guessed it all along.

Anonymous said...

Bigotry Wins in Switzerland
Among the nearly 60 Muslim-majority states in the world, only one, Saudi Arabia, forbids the building of churches. Does Switzerland really want to be like Saudi Arabia?

Anonymous said...

The draft coming in through the back door:
UK: Criminal checks for all sixth formers: Every teenager is likely to face a criminal record check under plans for all young people to take part in compulsory community service.

Anonymous said...

Re-colonizing Afghanistan with counter-insurgency.
In General David "I'm always positioning myself to 2012" Petraeus' own counter-insurgency doctrine, the proportion of soldiers to natives must be 20 or 25 per 1,000 Afghans. Petraeus and General Stanley McChrystal have now got 30,000 more. Inevitably the generals - just like in Vietnam, whether Obama likes it or not - will ask for a lot more till they get what they really want; at least 660,000 soldiers, plus all the extras. At present the US has about 70,000 troops in Afghanistan.
That would imply the reinstatement of the draft in the US. And that's trillions of dollars more the US does not have and will have to borrow ... from China.
One way or another, US you're done for.

Anonymous said...

re: 9:59

America doesn't borrow money from China or anyone else.

It extorts imperial tribute from the rest of the world.

This is another aspect of American Dollar Imperialism that American apologists (including the misnamed "antiwar" movement) lies about.

This is a very cunning lie in that it obscures the predatory basis of the American economy and absolves the USA of guilt. Indeed, it seemingly paints the USA as "victim" of foreign lenders.


America is a vampire nation that likes to feign innocence. But it is parasitic from Wall Street to Main Street.

"For the first time in history, in the twentieth century, America was able to tax the world indirectly, through inflation. It did not enforce the direct payment of taxes like all of its predecessor empires did, but distributed instead its own fiat currency, the U.S. Dollar, to other nations in exchange for goods with the intended consequence of inflating and devaluing those dollars and paying back later each dollar with less economic goods-the difference capturing the U.S. imperial tax."


Anonymous said...

Putin says no plans to leave power - 3.12.09
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, in power for over 10 years, ruled out a departure from politics on Thursday, telling a questioner: "Don't hold your breath."
The country's most powerful leader made the comment with a smile when asked on his annual televised question and answer session with the Russian people if he would like to leave politics and start a quiet life.
Putin, 57, also said he "will think about" taking part in the 2012 presidential election, when many Russians expect him to return to the Kremlin for a six-year term.
Looking relaxed and confident, Putin said Russia had passed the peak of the economic crisis and reassured callers worried about job security, pensions and living standards.
"The economy has grown by an average of 0.5 percent per month over the last five months," Putin said in the session, broadcast live nationwide by state television and radio. "I'm counting on these positive trends in economic development becoming more significant in the middle of next year."
Putin's eighth annual phone-in entitled "A Conversation with Vladimir Putin. The Sequel" showed the premier back on form after an uncharacteristically subdued performance last year amid the economic crisis.
Commenting on everything from Russia's football performance to the brand value of Lada cars, Putin showed the mastery of detail, firm command, trademark frankness and humor which has made him the country's most popular politician.
An increase in oil prices has pulled the Russian economy back from the brink of collapse this year but despite billions of dollars of government aid, Russia still lags far behind emerging market peers such as Brazil, India and China.

Anonymous said...

In total agreement with you, 13:23, about the imperial scams of the vampire nation. Thing is it's end days now for their evil designs.

Anonymous said...

Recovery? Who can help with recovery this time? There is no one. It will not be China as some suppose as China shall suffer the same systemic collapse as the U.S, and all of Europe, Russia, and South America. China’s neighbors Japan, Taiwan, Korea, India, Indonesia and others will join the fallen.

Anonymous said...

The U.S. imperial enterprise in Afghanistan and Pakistan is doomed, as well as evil.
President Obama's speech to West Point cadets was a stream of non sequiturs so devoid of logic as to cast doubt on the sanity of the authors. “These additional American and international troops,” said the president, “will allow us to accelerate handing over responsibility to Afghan forces, and allow us to begin the transfer of our forces out of Afghanistan in July of 2011.”
Obama claims that, the faster an additional 30,000 Americans pour into Afghanistan, the quicker will come the time when they will leave. More occupation means less occupation, you see? This breakneck intensification of the U.S. occupation is necessary, Obama explains, because “We have no interest in occupying your country.”

Anonymous said...

"Commenting on everything from Russia's football performance to the brand value of Lada cars, Putin showed the mastery of detail, firm command, trademark frankness and humor which has made him the country's most popular politician."

Who do you think would win in a debate between Putin and Obama?

Compared to Bush, Obama is smart--but in a con man/shyster kind of way. But this is what passes for intelligence among Americans.

Take Obama away from this teleprompter, he might not be so smart.

In comparison, Putin actually seems to have an intellect and is capable of speaking with this crutch.

Anonymous said...

Correction: In comparison, Putin actually seems to have an intellect and is capable of speaking withOUT this crutch.

Anonymous said...

Dubai assets could be 'untouchable'
Lawyers warn bondholders over complicated legal structure in UAE.

Anonymous said...

New infections of swine flu 'on the way down'
The number of new cases of swine flu has halved in England amid signs the second peak of the pandemic is petering out, latest figures show.
There were 22,000 infections over the past seven days compared to 46,000 the week before, the government said.

Anonymous said...

Quite, 04:53, no doubt whatsoever that Putin and Obama inhabit totally different intellectual worlds. Obama is a phony through and through, down to the birth certificate he has showing birth on foreign soil. This will be used against him when the time comes to stage a coup. But Putin too and sidekick Medvedev also get on one's nerves with their too clever by half doings. Well, we just have to bear up with it, I suppose. But the day must come when Russia and sidekick China finally make a stand against further destruction of the world in the name of zionism and capitalism. Or is that asking for too much?

Anonymous said...

UK's Corus cuts 1,700 jobs
Europe's second-largest steelmaker lays off workers in Teesside.
One plant to shut down.

Anonymous said...

Afghanistan: the clock is ticking for Obama as the Taliban bides its time - 4.12.09
Now we know what the American President intends to do about Afghanistan, it is worth reflecting for a moment on what the enemy's strategy is likely to be. This is best summed up by a remark recently made by a Taliban sympathiser to a senior American official in Kabul: "You might have all the watches, but we have all the time." By this he meant that, for all the technological wonders available to Nato forces, from unmanned Predator drones to satellite imagery, the Taliban enjoys one great advantage against which the West simply cannot compete. Our leaders are subject to the fickle support of their electorate, while the Taliban are under no such constraints.
O, poor leaders, trying so hard to show respect for democracy. Asinine leaders and their media masters/slaves.

Anonymous said...

Chinese Banks Frantically Try To Raise Capital?
A recent event that has gone almost completely ignored by MSM economists was the announcement that Chinese banks are now under government pressure to shore up their finances, and are set to unleash a wave of billions of dollars in capital raising that could strain equity markets. The Chinese government seems to be very concerned about the financial cushion available to the country’s banks:
Over the next year or more, Chinese financial institutions will be pulling billions of Yuan out of various investments, selling stocks and bonds in order to raise a massive amount of capital, but for what?
The move appears quite sudden, as if the push for capital is meant as a hedge for a possible panic event, much like an inside trader selling off his shares in a company because he knows it is about to go bust. Either these banks are much weaker than the Chinese government has let on in its economic reports, or, they are expecting a severe downturn in the markets, which would explain why they need billions of Yuan as a parachute. Either way, as soon as the Chinese begin pulling capital out of U.S. markets (in which they are heavily invested) we can expect to see the DOW falter drastically.
The shoring up of billions of Yuan could also indicate that the Chinese are preparing to dump more U.S. treasuries, as they did a couple of months ago

Anonymous said...

Friday, 04 December 2009
Ukrainian Kids, New Victims of Israeli 'Organ Theft'
'An international Israeli conspiracy to kidnap children and harvest their organs is gathering momentum as another shocking story divulges Tel Aviv's plot to import Ukrainian children and harvest their organs.
The story brings to light the fact that Israel has brought some 25,000 Ukrainian children into the occupied entity over the past two years in order to harvest their organs. It cites a Ukrainian man's fruitless search for 15 children who had been adopted in Israel. The children had clearly been taken by Israeli medical centers, where they were used for 'spare parts'.'

Anonymous said...

Poor Ukraine, all these problems hitting them at the same time, gas problems, a pandemic no one has really understood, the IMF sitting on their heads and now this losing of children to the last country in the world anyone should give adoption rights to. If I were Ukrainian, I'd throw in the towel and move to Russia.

Anonymous said...

Jobs boost for US
Economy loses fewest jobs since start of recession.

Anonymous said...

Update on Houthi Resistance: Three Saudi Tanks destroyed as Saudis prepare to crawl on to Malahit. 4.12.09
Three Saudi Tanks destroyed as Saudis prepare to crawl on to Malahit.
Saudi rocket and air attacks continued last night targeting (Alhasama and Beni Siyah, Mount Dukhan, Mounts Rumaih and Almdud). During clashes yesterday (3) Saudi tanks were disabled, and in the evening they were destroyed completely
This morning, Saudi missile strikes were less frequent than the evening, and there are preparations for Saudi Arabia to start creeping on (Malahit) approaching from the (Mount Rumaih) direction.
Information Office of Mr Abdul-Malik Badr Eddin al-Houthi

Anonymous said...

Russia ready to support new US Afghan plan: Medvedev - 5.12.09 - Sends Love to Obama
ROME: Moscow is ready to support the new US strategy for the Afghan war by letting troops transit through Russian territory and helping with training and economic projects, President Dmitry Medvedev said on Thursday.
“We are ready to support these efforts, guarantee the transit (of troops), take part in economic projects and train police and the military,” Medvedev said in a press conference with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.
Moscow and Washington reached an agreement in July allowing the US to launch up to 4,500 US flights a year over Russia, opening a major supply route for American operations in Afghanistan. Previously Russia had only allowed the US to ship non-lethal military supplies across its territory by train.
Moscow has said it had no intention of sending troops to Afghanistan. The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979 and withdrew 10 years later after a bitter conflict.
Freeworld hero speaking or simply the zio Serf?

Anonymous said...

Dubai's Debts - 5.12.09
Investors are becoming increasingly worried over how Dubai is ever going to pay its enormous debts.
Amid rising fury among bondholders at losing lots of money, the cost of insuring the debt against restructuring or default rose on the London stock market on Friday.
And banking analysts say the trust of investors has been unforgiveably shattered.

Anonymous said...

100 dead in Russian nightclub blast - 5.12.09
Officials say fireworks, not terrorism, to blame for blast in city of Perm, about 700 miles east of Moscow

Anonymous said...

Credit Suisse optimistic (5.12.09)
Analysts predict good 2010 for global equities.
Now how about that? The Swiss should know if anyone does.

Anonymous said...

Global Warming is a fraud.
Melting Ice is a fraud.
Carbon Footprint is a fraud.

War not a fraud.
Torture not a fraud.
Economic Meltdown not a fraud.

You takes your pick and you makes your choice.

Anonymous said...

"Today, seven Jewish Americans run the vast majority of US television networks, the printed press, the Hollywood movie industry, the book publishing industry, and the recording industry. Most of these industries are bundled into huge media conglomerates run by the following seven individuals:
Gerald Levin, CEO and Director of AOL Time Warner
Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company
Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Chairman of Seagram Company Ltd
Edgar Bronfman, Jr, President and CEO of Seagram Company Ltd and head of Universal Studios
Sumner Redstone, Chairman and CEO of Viacom, Inc
Dennis Dammerman, Vice Chairman of General Electric
Peter Chernin, President and Co-COO of News Corporation Limited
Those seven Jewish men collectively control ABC, NBC, CBS, the Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, and Interscope Records.
Most of the larger independent newspapers are owned by Jewish interests as well. An example is media mogul is Samuel I. "Si" Newhouse, who owns two dozen daily newspapers from Staten Island to Oregon, plus the Sunday supplement Parade; the Conde Nast collection of magazines, including Vogue, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Allure, GQ, and Self; the publishing firms of Random House, Knopf, Crown, and Ballantine, among other imprints; and cable franchises with over one million subscribers."
I could add that Michael Eisner could depart Disney tomorrow but the company will remain in the hands of Shamrock Holdings, whose principal office is now located in Israel".

15.000 million Jews on the planet and this is one small glimpse into the unrestricted power they can wield. Poiuytr, on a good day, of course, would call this "scapegoating" and issue dire threats of ultimate zapping.

Anonymous said...

"What can be said militarily about Obama’s surge? Understand that in Afghanistan, 30,000 troops is a drop in the bucket. The size of the country, the wide extent of Taliban and other anti-occupier action, and the largely mountainous nature of the terrain make Afghanistan a troop sponge. A serious effort would require 300,000 more troops, not 30,000."

poiuytr said...

JamesW --

> Charges being dropped on the Blackwater

Like that Brit troop. Kill, murder, torture, rape... none of it is a crime if you do it for the west beast. Download a song and be beheaded in the Times Square. Yeah, west is THE disease. Germans whinging about Kunduz. They're all the same. All diseased child murdering satanic fiends.

> clemency, with his disgusting mother saying she was “proud of him”.

It's important to highlight this! It's not just the west leaders committing these genocides on paper. It's not just the little shaven pimply christianic pervs murdering children for fun. It's not just their animal parents that are proud of their animal west offspring. It's not just the west news whores lying 24/7. It's the entire west from the top down to the homeless bottom. From the fuhrers down to the cubicle filth, they're all war financiers, genocidal racist scum. It's only degrees that separate the west diabolical misculture but it's all evil: built on evil and sustained by evil.

> And Stephen Dale Green who raped a 14 year old girl, murdered her and

It was a gang crime and they only charged this bastard letting the rest go scotfree. Yes, west is THE disease. These crimes are so horrendous that they cannot even be described by a human, yet to the west psychotic miscreant, they're "proud of it".

> US legal system protects the guilty

Yes, great sentence!

> There is absolutely nothing redeemable about the US and its vile population. They US people have no shame, no decency, no humanity, no

Yes. Pure poetry!

> honour and no integrity. I pray and hope the Americans suffer just

The funny thing (or not so funny since yanks are truly the most cretinous among the whole west herd) is that the yank baboon believes in its superiority. It actually thinks that west leaders, be it EUnuchs or the Bohemian Gropers, work for them.

The baboon has no clue how disgusting it is even to the west war junta and that it's been long since sacrificed.

That's partly the problem with NBN. The baboon is so stupid, so brainless, so brainwashed, it can't even read it. And if it did, it wouldn't get it though it's aimed to be a simple read.

> of the US, whether it be republican or democrat the same old imperialist policies are pursued.

The idea that the baboon opinion can be expressed with two parties that are made up of exactly the same criminals is absurd and a further testament to the incredible cretinism of particularly the USA species.

> US and UK fiends raped and stole Iraqi’s antiques in 2003, with

It's beyond words. All this gets me catatonic. Then they stand there at Louvre, this west barbarian excrement next to Egypt obelisks.

> I live to see the day when the West pays for the crimes it has committed and vengeance is wrought.

Many in west are paying and the exponential trend will soon engulf each and every baboon. That much is certain. And that's only if things don't go off the rails.

James, good seeing you around here!

poiuytr said...

7:54 -- Did poiuytr get the Swine Flu mêbbe and that famous "jab"?

I'm not really sick -- just perhaps catatonic. While the tales of west bankster looting delight me, children butchered by the Germanic swill in Kunduz or kids raped by the Israel evil sap the daylights out of me.

I jot down stuff, have gone through 140GB of sundry writings and as the sun rises I begin questioning each word on all the scattered pages.

One moment I think there's nothing to be said anymore. It's done. The rest is academic largely. The west is being plundered by the same war parasite that's murdering children in Iraq and Afghanistan. On one hand, they want to provoke up wars everywhere but their proxy network will like saakashvili fail them. Some earlier, some later, but none can any longer avert west's fate. On the other hand, there's so many baboons out there who still wave the flag of the west beast either lost in total perverted haze of insanity or deliberately spreading the west christianic racist hatred in hope to flame the wars. Either way, on one hand it seems much still needs be said and explained from the very beginning how the west beast has committed these crimes in its entire life. On the other, it seems pointless. And in the middle of it, my mind stands frozen.


9:59 -- That would imply the reinstatement of the draft in the US. And

If the poll #s are anywhere close to the truth, arming the increasingly disgruntled west herds may be a matter of some concern, however. It could, in fact, precipitate the much talked about revolutionary event.

Had draft been the answer, it would have been instigated long ago. It's not for the only way west could "win" this terror war is through Caracas, Brasilia, Beijing, and Moscow.

The only solution the west war junta is seeking now is to sack the west, cut some deal abroad, give west cesspit over to creditors, and go into hiding. If they don't succeed cutting this deal, they'll have to face the west homeless very soon.

> One way or another, US you're done for.




> America is a vampire nation that likes to feign innocence. But it is parasitic from Wall Street to Main Street.

Beautifully summed up.


13:41 -- Putin says no plans to leave power

One can't abdicate during war.


17:16 -- Ukrainian Kids, New Victims of Israeli 'Organ Theft'

Yes, children are west's favourite prey. Ukraine's econ destruction is the direct result of west int'l policy. That's the west beast way every time. USA governance boys traffic 17K (admitted) each yr. This is unbelievable.

> 25,000 Ukrainian children into the occupied entity over the past two

As unreal as this seems, this is the stuff that saps me.....


6:27 -- Afghanistan/Russia

First, in the 80s, west attacked Russia via Afghanistan. The invasion by Russia was predicated by Bush's cousin Bin Laden's assault on Russia.

Allowing west into the Afghan cauldron is a sensible policy. It's exactly the very policy that's made comrade Obama pump in his insurgent christianic child-murdering filth and lose his legions in a matter of weeks. It would be silly to change the simple strategy of letting what's left of the west beast play with more fire.

> Freeworld hero speaking or simply the zio Serf?

This is exactly the same question raised a few months ago during the last 30K surging of west child murdering troops. The results were obvious within 2-3 weeks and are still today quaking the pathetic NATO command down to its dirty nazi boots. Like then, I aver now there is no change to the general strategy of depleting west legions any which way possible.

poiuytr said...

7:14 -- . Poiuytr, on a good day, of course, would call this "scapegoating" and issue dire threats of ultimate zapping.

Yes. Though Disney and all the sewage rubbish you list is disgusting beyond belief and as laughable as the BBCNN whores, it doesn't account for the west crimes.

West crimes are those committed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, SouthAm, CentralAm. What you're eating on your idiot TV box is of no concern.

West TV being 100% pure mindrape is a given. But since you're being racist about it, understand that west war crimes are carried out generally and largely by white pimply christianic teenager swill with mutilated genitals a la some diseased jew sex rite.

Now, take your racism elsewhere and don't put words in my mouth.

poiuytr said...

7:42 -- 30-35K surge in west child murdering legions

What can be said?

Number one, that soon, in a manner of weeks, comrade Obama will be sending another 30K down his personal Stalingrad.

And two, the strategy of bleeding the west beast's military strength is working.

poiuytr said...

Ukraine's children for spare parts
there's no data in this article

Anonymous said...

Good job, poiuytr. Thanks. We know we can jolt you out of that catatonia if we tease and insult just a little bit. If we didn't agree with you on most of the points you make, we'd long have been out of here. As it is, what you say, 13:41, about Putin applies to you yourself and to all thinking persons still handy with the keyboard. So yes, please to carry on. And quite, west is the disease. May a quick and efficaceous cure be found to combat its many disgusting symptoms.

Anonymous said...

If you don't mind, it might be time to point out that our blogmaster here is so far out in front that he need not bother looking over his shoulder to see if others in the business are perhaps catching up with him.

Anonymous said...

N.Korea military on guard against unrest: reports - 5.12.09
North Korea's military was on guard as public anger grew over the communist country's shock currency revaluation, reports said Thursday.
They said the North had tightened security against possible agitation, with a curfew reportedly imposed in a border region and shops closed across the country during the changeover period to a new currency, which ends Sunday. Analysts said the move, still not announced by official media, appears aimed at clamping down on burgeoning free markets in an attempt to reassert the regime's control.
Vietnam devalued. Now it's N. Korea's turn. Wonder what it all means.

Anonymous said...

AmTrust, Five Other U.S. Lenders Shut as 2009 Toll Reaches 130 - 5.12.09
AmTrust Bank, a Cleveland-based lender with $12 billion in assets, joined five other U.S. banks in being seized by regulators as companies buckle under the weight of commercial real estate losses.
Closely held AmTrust collapsed alongside three banks in Georgia and one each in Virginia and Illinois, according to statements issued yesterday by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., which was named receiver. The failures will cost the FDIC’s deposit fund $2.38 billion, the agency said.

Anonymous said...

Pay cut for two million Britons causes collapse in tax revenue - 5.12.09
Almost two million Britons have accepted pay cuts or reduced hours to stave off unemployment, causing government income tax receipts to collapse by almost one fifth.

Anonymous said...

So now we have a better idea of where some of the troops for the "surge" in Afghanistan are coming from: South Korea.
Would soldiers from US forces in South Korea be joining them, and did the Pentagon plan to replace them - or reduce American troop strength in the South from the current level of 28,500?

Anonymous said...

Saturday, 05 December 2009
NATO's Secret Transatlantic Bond: Nuclear Weapons In Europe - 5.12.09 (D.I:)
'Is Italy capable of delivering a thermonuclear strike? Could the Belgians and the Dutch drop hydrogen bombs on enemy targets?...Germany's air force couldn't possibly be training to deliver bombs 13 times more powerful than the one that destroyed Hiroshima, could it?
The above is from the opening paragraph of a feature in Time magazine's online edition of December 2, one entitled "What to Do About Europe's Secret Nukes."
In response to the rhetorical queries posed it adopts the deadly serious tone befitting the subject in stating, "It is Europe's dirty secret that the list of nuclear-capable countries extends beyond those — Britain and France — who have built their own weapons. Nuclear bombs are stored on air-force bases in Italy, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands — and planes from each of those countries are capable of delivering them." '

Anonymous said...

Bolivia prepares for national vote
Voters in Bolivia are preparing to head to the polls for presidential and congressional elections with Evo Morales, the nation's first indigenous president, expected to win a second term in office.
Surveys ahead of Sunday's vote indicated Morales had a lead of at least 30 percentage points over his closest rival and analysts predicted the president was likely to clinch a sweeping win.

Anonymous said...

Zero degrees 90 k wind. brr Its cold.
A billion bucks in untapped wind power just sailed right thru here, whooosh Help yourselves I'm not greedy.

Anonymous said...

west is rotten beyond believe. No doubt about that. However, those who control and direct the goyim-west is the cancer, the root. Even if the "west war crimes are carried out generally and largely by white pimply christianic teenager swill....", the same west-childmurderer/idiot can be transformed into ANYTHING, cats and dogs, whatever you like. They are only the extension of a left-hand-tantra operation.

Anonymous said...

So here we go, 07:20. Exactly my own thought. Which I wish to develop thusly without causing offence: Whenever WWII is mentioned, Hitler is singled out for special obloquy. His baboons (or cats and dogs) get away scot-free. A similar measure should also be applied to the ongoing WWIII, don't you think? The rotten west leaders are the people to clamp behind bars. They are the ultimate source of evil. Can it not be argued as well that the "teenager swill" they command, in the final analysis, must also figure among their countless victims?

Anonymous said...

Ever met any teenagers? They have brains like tissue paper.

Anonymous said...

FINANCE (6.12.09)
UK faces 'decades of debt', says Treasury.
Rising public sector debt, taxes and falling living standards threaten.

Anonymous said...

Bankruptcy Filings up 100 Percent from 2007: Americans Financially Unable to Meet Current Debt Payments. 85 Percent of Chapter 7 Filings are Classified as No-Assets. (5.12.09)
The U.S. Courts released data last week closing out the 2009 fiscal year. In the release we find that bankruptcy filings are up 100+ percent from 2007. No other economic vehicle shows deeper signs of financial strain than bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is the end of the road for many Americans. Although businesses file for bankruptcy as well the vast majority of filings come from individuals simply not able to meet the demands of their monthly payments. Average Americans are looking at the recovery talks but the reality on the street is much different.
And Barack Obama just promised to give "Al-Gore-Da" another ten billion of US tax dollars to convince the public that a global carbon tax is a great idea!

Anonymous said...

The Obama administration is preparing for a significant weakening of Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari's political position in the coming months, as pressure intensifies for him to shift executive powers to his country's prime minister and military.
Pakistan's power struggle comes as the Obama administration is seeking to significantly remake its relationship with Islamabad, tied to the U.S. decision to send 30,000 additional troops to help rout insurgents in neighboring Afghanistan.
Mr. Zardari announced last week that he was transferring formal control over Pakistan's nuclear arsenal to Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, and Pakistan's president is being pressured to shed additional powers -- such as the right to dismiss the parliament and make key military appointments.
Stifled Pakistan gets breath of air.

Anonymous said...

“The situation in Pakistan is sometimes called ‘managed instability’ and that’s the way it’s likely to stay throughout 2010,” one Pakistani source relayed.

Anonymous said...

What is a left-hand-tantra operation (07:20)?
Can anyone enlighten me?

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr, just not signed in)

7:20 & 8:02

Gentlemen, you're wrong on so many levels, one might guess you're both under west brainwash influence or actually living among the yank parasitic creature. Your exoneration of west criminals is beyond contempt.

If a psychotic killer knocks on your house and proceeds to off one of your family, you're saying here that you two will blame governance for having created the conditions for the murder by perhaps toying with taxes, central bank prime rate, stocks, manipulating elections, fudging unemployment data, or excoriating truth from some newspaper?

Are you seriously saying you two would exonerate the killer in this example for he's just a little confused teenage wanker who clearly knows no better than to murder, rape, torture?

Now take US of A. Some 100K yank baboons are buying new livers each year there. So USA governance alone traffics near 20K (admitted) stolen people in for sex and medical torture. As we see, Israel thieves children for this market in numbers that are beyond belief.

By your "logic" the criminal here would be the one creating the circumstance: the USA liver market, the one that financially commands the hit by creating the liver demand not the child kidnapper, not the butcher, not the organ peddler, etc.

I trust that even you two can see the screaming flaw with your racist-based musings how saxonic christianic white germanic eurotrashy yank gringo USA/UK troops aren't guilty of crimes they're committing.

Make no mistake, all west is guilty. The entire west monkey disease is living directly off the blood of the Freeworld and plunder of this planet. In short west is THE disease.


8:02, BTW no one's exempted the German saxonic swill from their WWII crimes except the west mindrape whores. And no one's stopping the buck with Hitler either, again, except the west mindrape whores that love hiding behind Adolf, saakashvili, 911 self abuse, London77, the lot.

Had you been reading NBN you'd have known that "hitler = west" for the very same criminals litter the news of today.

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr, just not signed in)

8:35 -- bankruptcy filings

One of the many beautiful aspects of the May2006 dollar monopoly nuking is setting off an exponential prolapse.

Had it been linear, which is how the west mindrape whore espouses it and how the west cretinous baboon thinks of it, it would no more than a silly bump in the road.

As an animal that's in its very essence exponential the terminality of west-wide prolapse can be readily celebrated.

The bankruptcies are a perfect example.

A bankruptcy isn't just the loss of cash but the loss of ongoing state revenue via taxes, loss of sustained econ chain, and loss of derivative value or what the venture is worth as a tradable commodity.

While west bankruptcies only speak of the paper value of the "write down" or "toxicity" or some other cretinous euphemism for "loss", they don't list the annual tax value, the derivative worth, etc.

So with each failure -- be a bankruptcy, takeover, downsizing, or a shut down -- west doesn't get bitten once but several times.

The avalanche set off by the brilliant May2006 nuking of all things west is unstoppable by any fiscal means and the only thing west can now hope for is provoking up and winning WWIII, a matter that requires severe delusional psychosis. Unfortunately, that's something that's innate to the west bristly baboon.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr in top form, explaining things so we too can understand and gaining our total support.

Anonymous said...

About NKorea, the reason of the devaluation might well be propping up the value of the fading dollar in their Forex.

Anonymous said...

Turkey's Newfound “Ottomania”
This is a harking back to an era marked by conquest and cultural splendor during which sultans ruled an empire stretching from the Balkans to the Indian Ocean and claimed the spiritual leadership of the Muslim world.
The longing for those glory years — by religious Muslims and secularists alike — partly reflects Turks’ frustration with a European Union that seems ill disposed to accept them as members. And in a country where the tension between religion and secularism is never far from the surface, members of the new governing class of religious Muslims have seized upon nostalgia for the Ottoman Empire as a way to challenge the pro-Western elite that emerged during Ataturk’s rule, and to help forge a national identity of Turkey as an aspiring regional leader.
“Turks are attracted to the heroism and the glory of the Ottoman period because it belongs to them,” said the director of Topkapi Palace, Ilber Ortayli, who, as the keeper of the sumptuous residence where Ottoman sultans lived for 400 years, is also a zealous unofficial gatekeeper of the Ottoman legacy. “The sultans hold a place in the popular consciousness like Douglas MacArthur or General Patton have for Americans.”
The current vogue is for of all things Ottoman, from the proliferation of historical docudramas to the popularity of porcelain ashtrays adorned with harem women.
Ottomania has also infected the nation’s youth; 20-somethings at hip dance clubs here wear T-shirts emblazoned with slogans like “The Empire Strikes Back” or “Terrible Turks” — the latter turning the taunt Europeans once used against their Ottoman invaders into a defiant symbol of self-affirmation.
Kerim Sarc, 42, the owner of Ottoman Empire T-Shirts and the scion of an illustrious Ottoman family, believes that the newfound fondness for a mighty empire that lasted more than 600 years and once reached the gates of Vienna is linked to the long struggle for membership in the European Union. The bloc has imposed tough conditions on Turkey, including asking it to compromise in its longstanding dispute over Cyprus.
“We Turks are tired of being treated in Europe like poor, backward peasants,” he said.
The Ottoman renaissance is equally prevalent in the nation’s highest political circles, where the Muslim-inspired Justice and Development Party government has been aggressively courting former Ottoman colonies, including Iraq and Syria, in at least a partial reorientation of foreign policy toward the east that Turkish analysts have labeled as “Neo-Ottoman.”

Anonymous said...

An Expert Speaks - Soviet commander: U.S. faces similar Afghan fate (6.12.09)
A former commander of Soviet forces in Afghanistan has warned history is being repeated in the war-ravaged country as the United States and its allies become increasingly mired in an "unwinnable war."
Gen. Victor Yermakov commanded the Soviet Union's 40th army in Afghanistan from May 1982 to November 1983, one of six commanders to preside over the Soviet task force after its 1979 invasion.
The Kremlin's bloody nine-year campaign to support the Marxist government in Kabul cost the lives of more than 15,000 troops and brought the Soviet economy to its knees before its 100,000-strong army was forced into a humiliating withdrawal. The strategy of imposing its will on Afghanistan militarily had failed in the face of an unyielding guerilla insurgency, backed ironically by U.S. money and weapons. Afghanistan had become Moscow's "Vietnam War."
Fast forward 20 years and President Obama has authorized a troop surge that will take the U.S. commitment in Afghanistan to around 100,000, bolstered by around 45,000 NATO service personnel.
"We too entered Afghanistan with a large force," says Yermakov. "We came there not to conquer Afghanistan but to render international assistance to stabilize the situation there.
"But you cannot impose democracy by using force. An Afghan has agreed with you today, at gunpoint, that American democracy is the best thing in the world, just as he was once saying that the Soviet system was the best.
"But as soon as you turn around, he'll shoot you in the back and immediately forget what he was just saying.
"I would like to remind you what the first man to unite the Afghan tribes, Czar Babur, said: 'Afghanistan has not been and never will be conquered, and will never surrender to anyone.' Afghans are a very freedom-loving and proud people."
Babur was a descendent of Genghis Khan who founded the Mughal dynasty which conquered much of central Asia in the 1500s.
Asked what difference the latest troop surge will make, the 74-year-old former deputy defense minister says, "I can see only one: Obama will be more often going to the airport to pay his last respects to the airlifted U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan. That's the only difference that I can see, whatever the size of the task force."

Quenzjor said...


Gentlemen, you're wrong on so many levels, one might guess you're both under west brainwash influence or actually living among the yank parasitic creature.
End of quote

This statement seems to settle, to the unfavorable, a question that grows occupying my mind since the time I started reading, soon devouring Insurrection-daily, back in this summer.

I must presume that not only you personally are no resident of any country western, but that, moreover, you are no longer willing to consider any input from a person western on the value of what they plead. You seem to have drawn a time-line in the sand, after which no avowal of opposition to the west system by one who is part of it any longer stands a chance to strike you as sincere. Sure, you give some hints as to when and why this has been. They are reasonably enough, as, e.g., the acceptance of that phony "war on terror" mindset without so much as any coherent moral or intellectual sign of life by western masses, or the whitewash pass over the GWB crimes and shifts towards brutishness by all the former "dissidents" now falling for the mendacious BHO rhetoric of "change", devoid of any substance.

But just how do you derive your judgment of ALL people western?!?!

Let me state that me just for one, - and maybe I am the only one, but my mind boggles at such guess, !!! I AM a resident of a country, alas incorporated in the west beast cultural depravation. I was born as what I am, grew up striving for the preservation of an open mind and soft heart. I do not see any practical chance of starting a new life elsewhere and YET I am completely aware of, I hate, get sick by, and even feel myself driven insane step by step over all the loneliness and revulsion induced by a daily diet of impotent realization of all thethings I cannot change, the very same things that make YOU sick, sad and livid.

What is more, I know it in my bosom that I HAVE fought the west beast, wholeheartedly with what little was at my disposal at any time to the relative degree I came to grips with its utter evil and outstanding position creating harm on this planet, since, at least, some 10 years ago. Not many years, nor junctures in life, after reaching my appropriate age of maturity and adult judgment. Don't get me wrong: I do not ry to acquit myself by these words, I have certainly NOT done enough, for I have not made any tangible headway in, at least, establishing a small centre of dissident thinking and acting around my person, even in my own family, and because in this war for the very heart of humanity, we are condemned to win, we all are committed to results and not just endeavours.

It's just that you are one of the very, very few persons I know who (a) face the true gargantuan, daunting, encroaching proportions of the enemy that destroys all human beings' lives, and (b) yet to not get so bleak, sweeping and negative in their outlook as to lump Russia, China and all the rest of the defensive or counter-offensive side in the surreptitious world war together with EUSraHell, as though this didn't mean to, effectively, condemn mankind for its own rape, - I'd like to know whether the only person I, in a sense, trust in these days, HATES MY SOUL, - or doesn't.

In hope, yours sincerely,
and with a thousand thanks, in any case, for this wonderful site.

From Germany, "Q."

(Little remark: Please don't distrust my clumsy language. All of you. It's just me. I am not fluent in English, yet feel pressed, congenitally, to express far more than I can. Never mind.)

Anonymous said...

"Q" - That was marvellous, simply transcendent, one of the best posts this site ever had. The questions you ask, the conflicts you depict, the despair you delineate, all of it is shared by many others on this site. Only we haven't been able to express it quite as well as you do. Cheers "Q" for voicing our own deepest concerns. Long may we work side by side on this blog, along with our revered poiuytr and James W.

Anonymous said...

Houthi Update
Saudi rockets kill Shia civilians in N Yemen
Sun, 06 Dec 2009
Saudi special forces
Saudi military has reportedly killed several civilians in its latest round of land and air attacks on the Shia-populated northern Yemen.
The mortalities included several children, said the Shia Houthi fighters who have been resisting fierce state-led offensives as well as attacks by Saudi armed forces in the northwestern Sa'ada province.
Reporting on the conflict on their website, the resistance fighters said they had foiled a Saudi incursion into northern Yemen. The Saudi soldiers then reacted by firing a dozen rockets at villages at Mount Al-Dukhan and surrounding areas.
The Saudi shelling continued overnight, according to the source.
The fighters are accused by the government of seeking to reestablish a clerical rule, overthrown in a 1962 coup, a charge rejected by the Shia resistance, who maintain that the central government is widely corrupt and bent on violating their basic civil rights.
Riyadh, which has recently joined the offensives against the Houthis by Sana'a, has also claimed that the fighters had attacked one of its border checkpoints.
The Houthis, on the other hand, condemn the government's armed campaign as a marginalization attempt which is backed by the Saudi-backed Wahhabi extremists.

Anonymous said...

Climategate has echoes of Watergate, UN says
UN officials say that Russian hackers were paid in a deliberate conspiracy to undermine the Copenhagen summit. Is Russia behind the Climategate hackers and their deeds which have so energised climate change doubters? (6.12.09)

Anonymous said...

Riots erupt in Athens (6.12.09)
Clashes on the first anniversary of the police shooting of a teenager, whose death sparked weeks of violent disorder last year.

Anonymous said...

The Very Latest Scam
Carbon Capitalists Warming to Climate Market Using Derivatives
Estimates of the potential size of the U.S. cap-and-trade market range from $300 billion to $2 trillion.

Anonymous said...

The Exploitation Never Ends - 06.12.2009
American Indian Land Sold Off by IRS to Pay Off Taxes
'US tax officials have sold off thousands of acres of an impoverished Indian reservation in what the tribe claims is a "shameful" and unprecedented breach of laws protecting Native Americans.'

poiuytr said...

17:52 -- Q

> You seem to have drawn a time-line in the sand, after which no avowal of

NO! You, west, has drawn the line. Not me! 60 yrs ago, you murdered 30M Russians, children and women, largely for fun, and razed 1000 cities and towns. With astonishing cruelty, you have wiped out children, women, elderly from every corner of this planet in the perpetual west genocide. You wiped out continents.

Your museums are filled with stolen artefacts plundered from every nation on earth. Your markets are filled with plunder, even carved organs from stolen children of the world.


But in your endless west perverse sickness it's convenient to magically forget west's crimes and make ridiculous statements like comrade Obama and the rest of the west barking dog world.

> who is part of it any longer stands a chance to strike you as sincere.

There is nothing sincere about west. Nothing! There is not one single page in any west textbooks, media, allowed books that isn't perverted and raped. West folks are all subject to this vileness and as such rarely manage an independent thought and say rubbish like you just did that the Freeworld drew the line or that west child murdering troops aren't guilty of murder.

All things west are patent rubbish. Indeed, your statements help cement the conclusion long reached: west is THE disease.

> But just how do you derive your judgment of ALL people western?!?!

You kill ALL Arabs. You murder ALL Iraqis. You murder ALL Afghanis. You murder ALL Palestinians. You murder ALL Africans. You murder ALL Russians. You would have and tried murdering ALL Chinese.

You, west, use "COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT" as int'l policy! You, west, torture children in front of parents to extract testimony, as int'l policy.

But you wanna be treated differently?

Your finger-pointing talk is as laughable as it's deranged.

> and revulsion induced by a daily diet of impotent realization of all thethings I cannot change, the very same things that make YOU sick, sad and livid.

YOU'RE LYING! Your words are emotive but false -- typical of west.

Above -- read for yourself -- two west dwellers have exonerated the west child murdering legions from the tortures, and murders they're committing.

You were NOT sickened by it. You weren't even bothered just like you're not bothered with west courts setting these criminals free.

If you were, you'd have attacked them, not me.

So your teary phrases of how abused you are by the west crimes come to a big naught for by not taking a single action against the west vermin, you're in effect condoning it. You're part of it. You're west. YOU CHOSE IT!

> I'd like to know whether the only person I, in a sense, trust in these days, HATES MY SOUL, - or doesn't.

West is THE disease! This is NOT a tenet. This is a conclusion.

Living in west doesn't mean you have to be part of the west beast. Stand up for humanity and cease being part of the west child murdering juggernaut. The fact that you do not see a problem with your west monkeys saying that it's not the fault of the west troops if they happen to decapitate a 6 yr old girl for fun proves you're not a human but a willful part of the west murder machine.

If you were truly sickened by your kind, you would not hold on to your genetic or physical links to the beast and instead help expose it for what it is: a satanic perverted species of child murderers.

You need to consider, not me!, where you belong: the Freeworld or west. Your choice and your choice only!

So far you've demonstrated nothing beyond being displeased about the west econ demise.

Where do you stand? Do you think that west troops aren't guilty of the murders they commit?

James Wolfe said...

More US Black Ops and staged terror. The story was removed lol

Four armed Americans intercepted, released

PESHAWAR – NWFP Police intercepted four armed Americans here at a police check-post on Sunday but let them go after the mighty guests (Americans) approached police high-ups to secure their immediate release.

According to official sources, police team deputed at a check-post on Ring Road, Hayatabad, intercepted four Americans riding in two Land Cruisers. Upon searching, the team spotted unlicensed sophisticated weapons in their custody.

The sources informed that Americans tried to make their way out forcibly but police team took hold of them.

To the shock of police personnel, duty officer leading the team at the check-post received a call, perhaps from one of the higher authorities of NWFP Police, on his cell phone and let the American go with their illegal weapons.

When contacted, a police official requesting anonymity confirmed the incident. “Yes, the same incident was reported in vicinity of Hayatabad Police Station, however I am not allowed to unveil details,” he said.

This correspondent tried several times to contact US Consulate, however the call was not attended.

Anonymous said...


@ poiuytr:

YOU DREW THE LINE! ... You murdered, you attacked, you chose ...

I (ME, not west) didn't draw any line, much less 60 years ago. I didn't murder any one, much less ALL Iraqis, Russians, children ... I am not in favour of collective punishment, and I certainly do not believe any west text book any more.

Should YOU really not be of western decent, it's moreover obvious that YOU, poiytr (not "you, freeworld" or some such hallucinations) are the one in favour off collective condemnation, which is the same as collective punishment minus the means to enact it.

I hope for your sake that this is not so. Because that would show your own soul to be of truly devilish, luciferian complacency. You would, in that case, effective have done less than me to detect, resist and get forgiveness for true evil, which is in our very own midst.

Which is sin, not being part of some race or civilization.

How, the hell, do you know where I (my person) have, or have faile to, stand up to, disown or expose west crimes?! I didn't you see start any true insurrection, either. Other than internet chatter.

I am sorry for my flattering you in the first place. I've brought you to lose your countenance, just as you did to me. This helped clarify a lot. Your writings are moral posturing and they are dangerous for their blantantly too simple moral analysis.

@ Anon 19:34

Thanks for your kind words. Me, I am going back to They are intellectually way behind poiuytr. But, at least, most of them are way more honest and seriously dealing with good and evil, with truth and justice than him.

Anonymous said...

"The rotten west leaders are the people to clamp behind bars.
They are the ultimate source of evil."

NO!!! You misunderstand!. The rotten west leaders are as dogs and cats
as (m)any of their idiotic subject/population. It's not the "elected" assholes that lead
their countries. That's the whole point!! They are being ruled and screwed by a cabal of
zionist that is still ongoing. (what I mean by left-hand-tantra..)
WWII is only the extension of WWI. Look who financed Hitler to a great extend!
WWIII will be the same.

It's the west that is to be blamed, as the cancer of this planet.
And poiuytr... you don't see the cause of the disease, the cause of cancer!
West is rotten, but if you don't let the dogs out (to Iraq, Afg...aso.), they can't rape and
murder children/women/men anywhere in the world. They will only rape themselves.

Btw, the cabal I am talking about did the same shit to Russia. Who financed the communist-project??!!
The same cabal. The reason why the whole world except west maintains its humanity is that they didn't fall
into the trap called individualism. (promoted e.g. by Ayan Rand, a russian ziobitch!!!)
The whore west fell into this self-made-trap long ago! That's why they steal,
murder, plunder and rape the whole planet. And the ziotanic backers are exploiting this ism's.
That's the cause!! The main cause.

As I mentioned before. The west would definitely rape themselves without these backers, too.
But then nobody would be bothered.

Quenzjor said...

@Anon 10:32

You are basically correct, as far as I can see. There are puppetmasters, with an agenda who are playing out ideologies and religions. They are devilishly powerful, but they're NOT omnipotent. Just as their father, the devil himself.

Why poiuytr will not have this fact? Ask himself!

The merits of his anaylsis, which I meant with "(a)" and "(b)" (in my first comment, 17:52) are that "every people gets the government it deserves", as the dictum has it which I believe true to a considerable extent. Poiuytr applies it, but sorrily he does so fanatically.

As I call his writings "dangerous" (10:30), I mean that, in the very least, he will defeat his own ends. He will certainly not bring so mujch as a handful of westerners to disown their origins, just as the Allied in WWII didn't help topple Hitler by their calls for unconditional surrender.

Probably, he doesn't even strive for that end. The Allied didn't either.

Anonymous said...

Quenzjor, we'll let poiuytr answer for himself, shall we? Not in mantras and tenets probably, but only in conclusions. As regards me personally, I wish you joy of your return to iraqwar. But, if I may, do keep an eye on us here as well. We need all the support we can get. This is a pretty fine blog on the whole and deserves to be widely visited. You'd have made a formidable addition to our team of bloggers.

Quenzjor said...

@Anon 13:52 (and 6/12 19:34, and 5/12 10:18 also?)

Thank you. Let's see first, how poiuytr reacts. Actually, me, I have not lost interest in this blog, at all. But I fear, he would value my presence other than you.

Actually, there are a host of things other than the west econ demise that heavily get on my nerves. To put it very, very mildly (I spoke of insanity already). In fact it's all the things pertaining to our moral demise that do this so. From which I have come so far as to discern - and even welcome to some extent - the west economic demise as the only possible "cure".

Believe it or not, but what truly racks my heart in these times is the utter disappearance of any terrain between shallowness and divisiveness. Its exactly the persons with whom I agree so much that rather sooner than later I get to blames and counter blames stabbing right through the core.

Poiuytr may take umbrage at this statement, I should say the children murdered, tortured, raped bother me foremost. Sorry, but these crimes are not my daily world. Flatly, factually! And luckily! Do I diminish their sufferings, or the guilt of their abusers, by saying this? Who is served if me, in addition to him, is dejected all the time, growing cynic and foaming for revenge?

Can HE bear the misery of all this world by the strength of his will or emotion, can he thereby atone, amend, or even just alleviate it?

You know, ultimately I am slow, - very slow -, to deliberately, profoundly and finally condemn any person for an incurable fault in his or her character. Please keep this in mind, with anything I say.

Poiuytr dares me to take my stand, with the Freeworld or with west. I did. In a slow, but inexorable and steady inner development, that curiously started right at the time I now have learnt coincides with the Russian counter-offensive of the "nuking of the petro-dollar", I have realized that NEVER, ever will things return to the days of my childhood. Not "just" economically.

I have literally given 90 percent (probably way more) of the persons surrounding me to the devil. They are weighed and will probably found wanting on God's balance. I hope for God's mercy, for on this world, there is nothing short of the revenge of the Freeworld left that's capable to bring us back to our senses.

Is this too little of a stand? Just asking, me.

Anonymous said...

For heaven's sake, Quenzjor, if you've been following this blog at all closely, God is one of poiuytr's bêtes noires. Let's leave him out the equation, God, I mean, not poiuytr. The rest of what you say sounds pretty well thought out to me. Actually, we're all on the same side but that does not exclude some "friendly fire" with, at times, dire consequences.

Quenzjor said...

@Anon 16:42

For WHOSE sake, just did you say?

But joking aside: God is, indeed, no part of any equation. You may see, though, how our judgments diverge at this very point of different attitudes towards what (or whom) this notion represents.

This being said, I will most surely not flog this horse to death. For G..'s name or authority, is indeed not only cited in vain, but in delusion, throughout west, 24/7, ad nauseam.

Now, let me brace again for some friendly salute from the other side.

Quenzjor said...

"the other side", ... my bad, you just said we're on one side.

talked too much for today.

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr, not signed in)

You failed to answer like all west war dogs. Please, stop the spam and go back to iraqwar.

Anonymous said...

Ban Sundays to 24 hours of Limbo. No shopping no internet. Everyone back to their corner.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Oh, don't shoot the messenger when he comes. If you do, the message itself might be irretrievably lost.

PeaceGrease, interesting idea. No interaction, just the pleasures of solitude.

Anonymous said...

Are we back to the purity-of-the-blog stance? Sometimes I wonder whether out blogmasters here are not of saxon descent after all. Such doggedness in pigheadedness!

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr, not signed in)

8:11 -- fuck off with your personal jabs.

poiuytr said...


First and foremost, I don't care much about personal twitches west populaces of brainwashed monkey waste mistake for emotions or even human feelings.

NBN only celebrates the terminal prolapse of all things west. Personal issues of the west whinging masses as their econ prolapse bites their rumps are only useful as an indicator of the degree of the west prolapse.

> I am not in favour of collective punishment, and I certainly do not believe any west text book any more.

You miss the point. It's irrelevant what you think. West engages and commits these crimes. You are west, therefore you are guilty. It's that simple.

If you wanna extricate yourself from the west crimes, you do it! Not me or anyone else! It's 100% your problem. So far you have not even attempted to differentiate yourself from the west disease lot.

> How, the hell, do you know where I (my person) have, or have faile to, stand up to, disown or expose west crimes?! I didn't you see start

Can't you read? I've already TOLD you. Two west bastards exonerated the west child murdering troops right above your first drivel and you failed to counter them. Your silence on the matter of the sickening acquittal of west child murdering legions speaks louder than any of your semi-intellectual gibberish.

> I am sorry for my flattering you in the first place. I've brought you to lose your countenance, just as you did to me. This helped

All encounters with west filth tend to do that, as they should. Natural growing response of all humans to the west disease.

You're all the same disease. All you're concerned with is YOU, your personal wealth, your personal circumstances. You're aware of the children dying perpetually for your welfare, just like you state yourself. And you don't give a damn, just like you state yourself.

> murdered, tortured, raped bother me foremost. Sorry, but these crimes are not my daily world. Flatly, factually! And luckily! Do I

See, you know but don't care though you're happy living off the blood of these children. These daily crimes however define you and your diseased west family. You're all saxonic vampires hiding behind jesus tales, 911 self abuse, and the general west homo-loving mis-civilisation.

> You know, ultimately I am slow, - very slow -, to deliberately, profoundly and finally condemn any person for an incurable fault in his or her character. Please keep this in mind, with anything I say.

Haven't you seen pictures of burnt flesh by the west beast that once were children? And you're "too slow" to condemn? You're not slow, you're a willing accomplice, cuz you're reaping the benefits of the west beast genocides and you're enjoying that.

> I have realized that NEVER, ever will things return to the days of my childhood. Not "just" economically.

You're not wrong there! And that's why you too need to join NBN and jubilate the west-wide flush down the bog where the west child murdering miscreants belong.

> Is this too little of a stand? Just asking, me.

This is not a stand, it's christianic spam wrapped in some pseudo-let's-be-friends rubbish. But like all west monkeys, you too are transparent and simplistic in unraveling.

You thought your evasion of answering will go unnoticed, didn't you?, you little wily saxon.

ANSWER: Do you think that west troops aren't guilty of the murders they're committing?

Quenzjor said...


You miss the point. It's irrelevant what you think. West engages and commits these crimes. You are west, therefore you are guilty. It's that simple.

Ah, finally I get it. I am west, and you are Freeworld. Proof: I ask before condemning. It's axiomatic, it's a dogma. You are a dogmatist, that's the clue to it all. It's just religion here, nothing else. Of course, it's a false religion, just like the official religions of practically any stripe alive today, and for most part of the last 2000 years.

Above I said that I feel myself on a gradual slide towards insanity. I now must admit that you are way ahead of me, into your personal cul-de-sac. Just two quotes from you:

[west folks] say rubbish like you just did that the Freeworld drew the line or that west child murdering troops aren't guilty of murder.

-> completely fanciful, I said none

You were NOT sickened by it. You weren't even bothered just like you're not bothered with west courts setting these criminals free.

I happened to still remember the jolt it gave me. The moment I realized that the impunity and cover-up in west was systematic and complete did change my life. Whoever claims different should better offer some semblance of proof.

Let's some up.

Yesterday I wasn't, today I am beginning to lose interest in this blog. I will restrict myself to short, unemotive statements or questions or keep away altogether. The purity of this blog will be preserved. As will the purity of emotion keep with poiuytr. Let's see him continue working against his own ends (the joy over west defeat, for even this joy, here, is feigned, not candid, believe what you like)

Two short answers, yet, for now, finally, I was directly challenged for once:

"Do you think that west troops aren't guilty of the murders they're committing?

Yes, of course. Whatever made you suppose different?

it's christianic spam wrapped in some pseudo-let's-be-friends rubbish.

Did I mention Christ anywhere above? The farthest-going harmony with the politico-moral stand of any religious organization to really exist at the place I live I feel with the muslims at You fool yourself at a lot of intellectual junctures to intricate here to unravel against your will.

Final note: I never came here to be your friend, but to save souls. For I am a Christian, and I see you work the ends of them that are truly responsible for the scandals that torture your mind.

It is probably futile: you'll arrive at hell.
At least, have my respect for being so upright as to let my posts stand. Good bye.

Anonymous said...

Can't blame "Q" for leaving, not after the sticks and stones he got for daring to "defile" the blog. I might have done the same in his place. Only, listen up all you psychotics and catatonics and people two steps away from turning insane: the whole blog thing is not about US. It's about THEM. They who get the bombs on their heads on a daily basis (Muslims, for the better part, I remind you), adults and kids, limbs flying around, blood flowing as though a river had overshot its bed, life returning to where it came from, etc. It's not a game and it's not a power struggle. Not a party neither of the O so clever elite. We're trying to wake people up. Any allies are welcome. No individual is going to bring this madness, the genuine version of the thing, to an end. We have to go collective. And collective is what this blog should be all about. End of thought.

Quenzjor said...

Do you think that west troops aren't guilty of the murderers they're committing?

Yes, of course, THEY ARE. Whatever ...

Englisch Sprache, schwere Sprache!

Further little correction: "" They are heavily in favour of Ahmadinejad. And as far as their discourses go, I for the most part agree with them vehemently.


@Anon 7/12 10:32

I guess that now we've both had it. You are a "west bastard[s]" that "exonerated the west child murdering troops", and I failed to counter you. Why? Because we dare ask WHAT MADE westerners so depraved as they now are. See it? We dared treat them (i.e.: ourselves) as part of the human race, when everyone knows they are not, they are vermin, they are disease.

People, you are wasting your time here. Go to some site where they are doing more than just dabbling with morality, truth, justice, emotion, - anything genuine.

A place where there's not a great sham and imposture.

Go on visiting this site for curiosity's sake too see what a wealth of facts and insights a huge intellect may collect to analyse a deluge in human history the nature and meaning of which he yet misses out completely.

Have fun, if you can ...

Quenzjor said...

@Anon 12:11

You are right. I agree. With ALL you said.

I feel miserable and powerless. But I won't accept any nonsense. For with nonsense we won't achieve the goal you named.

Sorry for again having the last word. Just giving my opinion in some fulness in the (probably vain) hope it might help us make some way ahead.

Anonymous said...

O, don't bother apologising "Q". We'll be set right within no time at all by other monomaniacs. As for your advice to leave the blog and go to some other more "honest" site, you tell us which one. We've given many of them a try. Most of them are not worth a single byte they take up. And what passes there for blogging much of the time is sheer self-indulgence and a parody of thoughtful comment. Look at Top News on Iraqwar at least and see what's become of it. You said somewhere you came in the name of Christ. Can't be. Where there's no tolerance, understanding and compassion, there's no Christian, and the person writing these lines happens to be a Muslim so knows twice over what it means to cherish humanity above all. But if all one wants is a bit of "me-time", then one of those stupid psychiatrists may be the right person to seek out.

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that many of those blogging on this and other antiwest sites are Muslims.
When they get abused, hearing themselves called christianic, vatacanic, saxonic bastards and the like, they don't make a song and dance about it. They simply shrug it off and carry on doing the work they set out to do: correcting public perception about the marvels and beauties of west civilisation. Everything west is hollow - and also deadly for those they have taken their wars to. Our task is to get eyes to open to this uncomplicated truth.

Quenzjor said...

@Anon 14:05
Where there's no tolerance, understanding and compassion, there's no Christian, ...

Poiuytr, earlier above
NBN only celebrates the terminal prolapse of all things west. Personal issues of the west whinging masses as their econ prolapse bites their rumps are only useful as an indicator of the degree of the west prolapse.

You suggest I try it with tolerance and compassion again? You think, poiuytr wouldn't eat me alive. !?

Your understanding of Jesus is popular but false. Jesus said he has come to bring "a sword" (i.e. a divide with men, for him or against him). He did not promise to bring an apple-pie. (please forgive exaggeration)

I wish it were otherwise, but it isn't.

But on the other blogs you are right. Me too, I noticed the decline on Perhaps people should give it a try. Perhaps I should myself spend some efforts. (up to now, I have not contributed there, might have raised false perceptions above)

Take care & Peace

Anonymous said...

Hi "Q". You turned out to be an elitist too. We don't know our Christ, do we? That's just a popular view, etc.? Go back to the Gospels and you might be surprised. Sure, he came with the sword for the evildoers, the elite. He practised austerity and discipline like no other. Yet, love thy neighbour like thyself was his addition to the 10 Commandments. But with elitists we get nowhere. That's a given.

Quenzjor said...

@Anon 15:43

I am no elitist. The only elite I accept are the choice of God, who become discernible on earth through serving their fellowmen. I tried to come with that intent, but probably failed.

To your conclusion (last 2/3 phrases) I do subscribe.

But all this leads to nowhere. Please tell me how I should so much as start making amends for understanding and compassion without poiuytr distrusting me again. Perhaps I should in my very first post given more care in depicting just how it sickenes me what west perpetrates. But the fact is that is hard, and not just for elitists.

I don't see a lot of you doing much in that way either. Can only a superhuman in the disciplines of empathy and vicarious suffering qualify for credible contribution to a non-elitist community?

The fact is quite simple, after all. I turned up and claimed humanity; poiuytr answered I'm lying. He made clear he won't change his judgment until I rush to judgment (i.e. collective condemnation) of others, who are vastly reprehensible, indeed, but then also ignorant and morally overchallenged. I said I have misgivings with such an act, and he said this proved my inhumanity. A lot of you seem to agree with him.

But actually, it IS an integral part of the teachings in the Gospel to BE so loath to the condemnation of others (and no, I do not mean those who murder, torture, maime ..., but the others, who are "guilty" of staying "part of the disease". And so I will obey God, not men.

(I will yet learn to not have the last word.)

Anonymous said...

Hey Q, just stop worrying. That conscience of yours will the death of you otherwise. I tell you what. Just join the team, this one or some other to your liking, doesn't matter. And begin posting the stuff you find interesting, with or without your own comments added. Go to the topmost story here, for instance, and give us the news which held your interest most on this December Tuesday. Copy it from elsewhere and post it. Do a summary of the thing or whatever. Get busy, man, that's what we need. And the aim is always clear-cut: we celebrate the prolapse of the west. We track the progress of the Freeworld wherever it becomes visible. Once you've got into the swing of things, you'll find yourself telling others how to proceed. So good luck Q and now go for it.

poiuytr said...


"Do you think that west troops aren't guilty of the murders they're committing?

Yes, of course. Whatever made you suppose different?

Why did you NOT then react to the two west bastards above who state west troops are NOT guilty of these sickening crimes?

poiuytr said...

Q, Pt2

> Final note: I never came here to be your friend, but to save souls. For I am a Christian, and I

You're laughable, Mr Q. Your "final note" is yet another lie.

I said you wrapped your blather in christianic dogma. You said you didn't. And now you admit this. You're a liar. And not a good one at that.

Beside being another self proclaimed crusader, perhaps the most criminal creature ever disgorged on this planet, you're so pathetic you can't even write a few paragraphs without deceit, something so dear to west that you can't even tell the difference.

But tell me before you hopefully leave this site for good, what else do you crusaders want today?

Beside souls, you wretched west crusading beast, what are you stalking here?

Wanna steal shiny rocks, plunder Babylon, Egypt, genocide Mayans, Aztecs, native NorthAm people, Palestine, wipe out Pacific island, murder all things non-jesus?

Would you like christianic Vaticunt torture chambers reopened? Would you like to put children of the Freeworld on the rack and convert them to your sickening dogma? Would you like to burn heretics again? Would you like jubilation over the end of your species stopped? Would you like the song and dance on the grave of your kind stopped? Would you like to infiltrate NBN jubilation over your very end with christianic sickness, the first diabolical censorship job of all times?

Have you ever been to your christian torture chambers for that matter, that litter SouthAm, you piece of west vileness?

Did your god tell you to come here steal souls like he told BushII to murder civilians around the globe?

Be gone, you germanic crusader refuse!

Take thy threats and perish with much teeth-gnashing pain in the west-wide econ prolapse and beyond with the entire herd of the psychotic freckly animals you call family.


Note that the west parasitic beast hasn't changed in 2000 yrs. It's still the same demonic lizard-brain dark force it's always been since its emergence from the Baltic moors.

It slithers in here with false praise only to enact its crusader vileness.

They're still very much at a "crusade" against all things christianic. Not just the west war junta but all of them, down to the rabble like Q here.

Behind this revolting holy Roman 911-like job called christianity, they murder, lie, pillage, and thieve? Note that there's no difference twixt USA gen'l razing Falluja for west god, BushII god war instruction, or the west plebe like Mr Q here.

They're all self-empowered soul rulers of the world, still carrying out a child murdering crusade against all life form.

No time for mercy now! West is the disease from the top down to the very last homeless and cubicle squatting offal.

Don't fall for their rubbish no matter how wrapped up in pretty verbiage. It's all forked-tongue lies with one purpose and one purpose only -- enslavement of the planet!

This exchange with this Q bastard, which admittedly has left me sullied as all encounters with the west parasite tend to, shows clearly the diseased superior mindset of this child murdering vileness.

But the message is clear and stronger than ever: west is THE disease, all of it, all things west, with less and less exceptions.

Therefore, the jubilation of the terminal prolapse of this crusading soul-eating fiendish serial child murdering disease must go on, louder than ever before. If you're sickened by west crimes, join in, celebrate!

Let bells of freedom ring over every west bank going belly up. Let ovations thunder over every zapped baboon from his cubicle out on his rump in the street. Let joy accompany west rising homelessness and disappearing legions of child murderers. Let wine flow and let's toast the millions of this miscreant suffering hunger like already the 50M of the yank species.

Let jubilation reign! Let humanity conquer the beast!

Anonymous said...

Oh definitely. I echo your conclusion: Let humanity conquer the beast. It sounds as solemn, as self-contained as some of the great religious pronouncements which have shaped man's consciousness for millenia now. The trouble with religion is, down those same millenia, it has often served no more than an alibi-function role for man's inhumanity to man. The trouble is irreligion gets us no place either. But never mind that now. Let jubilation reign! No ifs and buts.

Anonymous said...

In "Q's`defence, if I may, and without everyone hitting the ceiling, 00:00: He didn't react to the two "west bastards* apparently defending the enemy because he didn't realise the enormity of their crime. This was his first real appearance on this site and you expected him to come with all antennae sharpened and finely tuned to picking up each and every thought crime? A person of good intent he seemed to be, but without an acute sense of what is and what is not required.

Quenzjor said...


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

(seventeenth answer later)


@Anon 8:07

I couldn't agree more. Thanks for your tremendous comment. For me the best on this page. The reason I came here.


@Anon 8/12 17:29

And thanks to you for your words. This was the most personal, the kindest piece I read. Your message went to heart. I definitely consider.


@Anon 8:17

I'm afraid I'm not so easily defensible as that. Thanks for trying, but poiuytr is as right in his assessment of my as he can get. He is right in being wrong: I do think that I know and feel enough.

After all, there are pictures on every NBN, familiar enough to any internet insurrectionist, and which give enough of a briefing to even the cursory visitor.


@poiuytr, 17th question
Did your god tell you to come here steal souls he told Bushii to murder civilians around the globe?

My God doesn't speak to me the way "he did" to the element you mention.

I found that difference to be a rather reliable watershed for knowing the persons with whom I come to deal. Realizing this set off quite a change in my life, not to the better, nor to the worse, but to the much more complicated.

I beg your pardon for confusing people on this site with the (up to now) undigested thoughts that have sprung from this change.

You're not wrong there! And that's why you too need to join NBN and jubilate the west-wide flush down the bog where the west child murdering miscreants belong.

Thanks for inviting me.
I'll try find out where and how to make myself useful.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news, old "Q". Now we're getting somewhere. We take poiuytr as he is - and sometimes he's tremendous indeed and sometimes downright petty - we accept fellow bloggers with all their enthusiasm and occasional faux pas. Above all, we take ourselves as we are and try and enter the educational process that the parlous state of the world today makes imperative. As long as we're learning, we're alive and lessening harm.

Anonymous said...

A Yemeni Christmas
Thanks informatron for the link.
The west is the disease.
h ttp://

Anonymous said...

And to you 17:39. Good one though you may have got your religions a bit mixed up. Informatron has become our foremost authority on all things Houthi. Good job too, the silent way the media treats Yemen as a rule. West is the disease beyond question.

Anonymous said...

One, two, three:

The Caucasians are coming
With their Christmas tree
All hail to ...

What, no? Tree banned by powers that be? Right. Once again. One, two three:

The Caucasians are coming
Without any tree
All hail to Mary and
Jesus and Peace.

Anonymous said...

Good try, Anon above. Brought a smile to my lips at least.

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