Nation By Nation (4Mar10)

19Feb-4Mar10 -- Dispelled should be all the worries relatively recently raised questioning the terminality of the west prolapse. The west media whores did indeed try staging a "recovery" juggernaut campaign raping all econ indicators, reinventing econ concepts, and razing all reason to justify the west war junta lunatic "out of recession" orgies and zillion bonus rounds but no one with half a brain should fall prey to the west rabid deceit today for west-wide prolapse is not only written in the west own headlines, but in the frightened mugs of the confused west monkey species, west sprawling ghost towns, and in the west giant Land and Cash Reform. In fact, west-wide prolapse should no longer be debated as a econ issue but a matter of the very existence of the west cesspits. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - Talib confirms west attempts to bribe. Apparently, west, among others, had offered ~30K USD for safe convoy passage. The answer to west was however was: "get out!", which precipitated the Helmand #3 assault by the spurned west.
- Helmand #3 as of 23Feb: west launched 15K troops, jets, drones, 60 gun-choppers, abraham tanks against all life. 53 tanks, 2 drones, 1 carrier chopper, 2 west paradrops have been neutralised. West chief crusader, despite earlier arrogant boasts, concedes facing "stiff resistance" and now threaten 18 month long escalation.
- USA says it kills less and less civilians now. So the west child murdering beast has at last confirmed in its own words that indeed west has been murdering civilians after all despite the earlier denials thereof. Yes, west is psychotic on every level.
- USA is now offering 1500-2000 USD for a murdered child or adult; 1000 USD for a maiming; 500 USD for destroying a vehicle; and 50 USD for destruction to property. That's some 70B USD, one west bankster bonus round, to genocide the whole nation, as per west murder-dollar rate. If this sounds psychotic, that's cause west is the definition thereof in every aspect.

West spreading peace one child at a time. West may pay the lucky parents 1500 USD, unless west finds this child was a "terrist". Yes, west is THIS sordid, in every aspect, on every level.

- 22Feb, west attacks civilians murdering 33 including women and children.
- Dutch governance prolapses over Helmand losses. It was fine for Holland to murder, torture, and sack, so long as there were no losses to this grisly child murdering creature from hell.

A R G E N T I N A Argentina - Taking UK occupation and eco-rape of Los Malvinas to UN seeking resolution against the oil-obsessed britzies.

H Chavez to west queen Gotha: "Leave Los Malvinas. Haven't you noticed, queen, it's over. It's not 1982. If a conflict breaks out, be sure, Argentina won't be alone." Chavez adds aptly: "How can UK speak of democracy when they've got a queen. It's as irrational as their Los Malvinas claims." Indeed, all things west are this irrational.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Another comrade Obama begging trip celebrates another international embarrassment. Clinton's begging moved no one and the answer remains "no" to west on Iran.

C H I N A China - The answer remains "no" to west on Iran.

E G Y P T Egypt - Discovers Amenhotep III statue in Luxor. West magpies and archeological vulture thieves circle in. After all, the west christianic beast still uses the Egyptian "amen" in their jesus sun worship rites and west loves destroying all vestiges of humanity.

E R I T R E A Eritrea - Protests west vampire sanctions meted out as punishment for not joining in west genocide of Somalia. West fears all along its oil jugular, like Eritrea's Assab narrow.

E U EU - Italy: Apparently, an act of sabotage dumped some 600K litres of oil into Po poisoning the river. Now, how does a refinery even have valves that can dump hundreds of thousand offal into the eco system? All things west are sabotage of humanity and ecology.
- Bulgaria: Says now it never talked to NATO about hosting missiles against Russia.
- France: Air traffic controllers walk off job, 22Feb.
- France: Total oil strikes, 20Feb. As talks prolapse west gets a tiny sample of gas shortage. Of course, this is nothing compared to Hormuz shut off, should west really touch Iran.
- Germs: Lufthansa goes on a token strike but quickly calls it off. West monkeys can't even strike right.
- Germs fighting with yank baboons over Opel prolapse funding. USA wants Germs to pay 3B EUR and EUnuchs are willing to foot only half. Fight on, pirates!
- Germs: Governance is urging the pedophiles hiding in christianic churches to own up to their pedophile sickness. This is rich, coming from a governance that gave the world 2 world wars murdering tens of millions; running extermination camps; running torture programmes with USA/UK; murdering children in Afghanistan; and taking active part in children traffic for west organ and west sex fiend markets.
- Greece is no more. Its fiscal command has been decapitated by saxon baboons with GoldSacks rep put on throne of Greek debt office. Further, while receiving no "bailout", Greece has been castrated of EUnuchia vote. If that wasn't invasion enough, Germs are now suggesting Athens to begin selling off Greek islands to raise cash.
- Greece, in a short bout, tells Germs to bugger off reminding the child murderer Baltic tribe that they murdered 300K Greeks and looted Greek gold. Germs responded by screeching fangs not being pleased with reminders of its abhorrent evil.
- Germs aren't however pleased with having their evil denied either. E Zundel got 7 yrs of Germ dungeons for just that. How glorious is the west baboon freedom.
- Spain: Judge Garzon is getting stripped of powers. This is the guy that brought up charges and sought prosecution of west war junta for war crimes.
- Spain: Unions in the street protesting the rising of retirement age to 67.
- Poland intercepts 11 tonnes of blood being smuggled from Baxter USA to Baxter Austria. Baxter is the firm that recently gave 18 nations tainted "vaccination". Yes, west is working night and day on perfecting its bio-WMD stock.
- Poland admits to torture participation with USA/UK. Didn't comrade Obama say he does not torture?
- Swedish Saab-based econ takes a 6/10ths shrivel.

I R A N Iran - Advises comrade Obama to reign in USA foreign sec'y petulant ravings about Iran's west failed revolt. This isn't the world order the west beast had in mind a few years ago, is it?
- Arrests west terror operative responsible for kidnappings, bombings, targeting civilians, robberies, and mass murders, the usual west methods of covert war. Note here, that Iran nabbed him outside of Iran. No, this isn't the wetdream the west monster had about ruling the planet.
- Announced plans to build 2 more enrichment plants. No, definitely, this isn't west wetdream anymore.

"The whole idea of capitalism is based on emptying the pockets of world's nations to secure the interests of a selected few.... West should face up to the fact that the greed of capitalism has pushed it into the brink of collapse." Indeed, west should fold but alas, the west war junta is believing in WWIII solution.

I R A Q Iraq - See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

J A P A N Japan - Bloomberg, USA fiscal charlatan, revives the nonsense of "deflation" right after Hatoyama was off fighting "inflation". Yes, west is completely insane and incapable of even holding its own line of deceit.
- Hatoyama's approval plunges below 40%. He's failed to deliver on his promise to liberate the islands from the USA girl-raping occupiers.
- Car makers utter the possibility of dumping USA market for the recalls. This could get very fun.

L I B Y A Libya - Tells EUnuchs to bugger off suspending visits from 25 nations of the EUnuch war amalgam.

M E X I C O Mexico - Hosts a 32-nation SouthAm summit that drops the NorthAm baboon from the bloc. USA rushes in to scream that this bloc shouldn't replace OAS where they have a chair. It's funny and inexplicable, but the west baboon thinks its somehow needed.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - West Peace Laureate comrade Obama murders another 4 with drones.

P A L E S T I N E Palestine - USA scholars call for stopping food and aid supplies to Gaza and an artificial curb of Palestinian birth rate. Beside this being a call for genocide as defined by the laughable UN charter that defines genocide as "intent to prevent births", the west is losing even their 60 yr old israel experiment. Palestinian births exceed those of Israelis' by some 4-5 margin making jews minority in israel today. No amount of apartheid or genocide can alter the future here. But that said, it's amazing to see that west is now publicly espousing genocidal wetdreams and there's no reaction whatever. It's not amazing actually for west is the very definition of THE planet's disease.

R U S S I A Russia - USA governance says that west nuke trench around Russia is NOT against Russia. Considering the lunatic source, this is basically proof that west is prepping Barbarossa II.
- Putting mil bases in Abkhazia and S Ossetia. It's safe to conclude that Black Sea, much like Caspian, has now been liberated from the molesting west beast claws.
- The answer remains "no" to west on Iran.
- Buying 4 French war-ships. Everything in west is on a garage sale today.

T A I W A N Taiwan - Comrade Obama is peddling fighters to Taipei too now. He says that Taiwan's jets are too old and "wouldn't work" against China. This is as clear as it can get. West is still, after 60 yrs of trying, seeking a proxy war on China. The odd thing is that west still believes that there exists power efficient enough against China.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Finds temples and pyramids in Gobekli that are 11500 yr old. Watch the west monster send its "archeological" magpies plunder the site for west baboon hates any and all reminders of humanity, something the west neanderthal has failed to achieve itself.

U A E UAE - Bans Israeli travelers, even if they're just suspected carrying false passports, perhaps issued by UK or some other west governance.

U K UK - Blast in occupied Ireland, 21Feb.
- RBS, scotland wank, fully floated by poodle cash manages to lose 3,6B GBP/2009. It's a small wonder then that their current round of "bonuses" is only 1,6B GBP -- that's BILLION!

(Somewhere on Gotha's isles) West baboons haven't minded their decade long genocide of some 7 nations but now that they've lost their crusades, they're actually daring to seek sympathy. SOS? OK, how about LOL, for an answer?

U K R A I N E Ukraine - As soon as Tymoshenko finally buggers off, west is trying to dig claws into Ukraine by pushing Poland to get visa-free access to the long envied nation.
- NATO joins in this west desperation and says that they haven't given up on Ukraine. How is the west cretin this delusional?

U S A USA - Admits to consumer confidence prolapsing some more. Just for a joke.
- Bank-gangrene spreads near 30%/Q4 through the USA wank veins. This while the war junta banks celebrate biggest bonuses and profits ever. Too bad the baboon's comparative reason has been castrated otherwise they too may enjoy this ultimate irony of their prolapse.
- 5 more banks die. That's 21 in 2010 and 161/prolapse thusfar. The west bank death rate is 1 every 2 days or so now.
- FDIC, USA wank reserve body admits reserve ratio of NEGATIVE half a point at end of Q4. That's 700+ wanks in the red waiting for the coup de grace. Too bad, the dirty baboon understands none of this otherwise it too could enjoy its econ extinction.
- Citiwank warns no withdrawals and is asking for notices for withdrawals from all accounts.
- 45 states admit aggregate 810B+ USD budget laceration. So where's the 1T USD from comrade Obama's budget deficit if not in the states' pockets? Would that be spent on war and torture implements? Welcome to the very systemic failure of all things west.
- Boeing zapping 1000.
- USA post zapping 30K.
- City of San Francisco zapping and short-waging 15K.
- 186K baboons zapped in Jan. That's some recovery, comrade Obama! Still it's only ~500K on short term rolling unemployment benefits. Note that if USA got rid of unemployment benefits altogether, their unemployment would plunge to zero. Yes, west unemployment numbers are 100% disconnected from unemployment, reality, and reason.
- Week of 25Feb saw 22K baboons join the unemployed pool.
- Governance is right to start debating anti-baboon measures for 85% of the monkeys now realise something's badly amiss in their capitalist paradise and apparently 75% blame governance. Panarin or not, west-wide prolapse is here. It's exponential, terminal, and as laughable as no longer avoidable.
- Governance debates controlling the rising "dangerous unemployed" class of baboons. It's a small wonder then that USA medical board is classifying "anger" as a mental disease, perhaps requiring a treatment at one of the many concentration camps strewn around west.
- Autism explosion affects 1 out of 110 baboons now. Still, west offers no explanation on this mental genocide.
- Director of a mental institution turns out to be a serial pedophile rapist facing some 25 counts now. West institutions like churches, schools, and hospitals are no more than rapist and torture enclaves.
- State drugging explosion, due to depression and "anger" diseases, grows at 7%.
- The gap in 2007 grew 5X/decade. 1% owned 65% of USA assets while 90% owned only 12% assets. This is 2007 data! It's nowhere near reflective of the exponential trend of the Land and Cash Reform happening right now. In 2007, while actively sacked, the common bristly baboon didn't even notice the noose around its neck, much less its tightening.

Worth a quick look and a long laugh. The last exponential hill is USA's unemployment. Note it's the longest and steepest since they've kept numbers.

- Detrot, Michigone, is now boasting 30% home vacancy.
- Maine stops trains to north since the baboon is out of work, there's no need to pretend to ferry the animal about.
- "Baboon Squeeze" is on. As the baboon loses roof over its rump in the Grand Land Reform, 40% are now piling up several generations into one hovel they still have keys to.
- Over 11M mortgages underwater (worth less than debt on the title) now. This # is deeply underestimated but still, even at the nominal west deceit rate it confirms the west terminal prolapse.
- Home sales shrivel 11%+/Jan.
- Land and Cash Reform going strong as comrade Obama has another plan to repo ~10M acres of land from the baboons.

It's not just the top junta wallet! The west terminal prolapse has hit the wallet of the lowliest baboon that now can't even afford a toast at his local fast-food trough. Pretty soon, the baboons will be eating each other.

- State arrests in manacles a 12 yr old girl for doodling on school table. Yes, west is insane and defenceless children are its favourite prey.
- Comrade Obama announces that the governance has the right to assassinate any USA citizens.
- Crushes testicles of a child before parents during torture. BTW, this isn't some side psycho incident but the very west-wide official int'l policy of torturing children before parents to extract testimony. Yes, west is THE disease from top down to the last cubicle west christianic pedophile child-murdering baboon beast.
- Bill Gates, the man that cleaned his Swiss accounts of dollars in 2006, speaking on overpopulation is heard to say: "if we do a really great job on vaccines, we could lower that perhaps 10 to 15%."

Note, following the 2006 dollar monopoly nuking, USA ceased to make income. The trend is beautiful, isn't it, diving off the abyss where the entire child-murdering west cesspit baboons are going.

Another piece of art from the west baboons. This is USA's export. With a slight lag, right after 2006, west can't seem to peddle anything. Hence the wonderful topplings of all west rubbish like GM, Saab, Opel, and all that pile of overprices and underthought rubbish. For Japan and other rubbish-makers, leaving west markets is the only sound econ strategy today.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - No recognition of USA puppet governance of Honduras.

Y E M E N Yemen - 1Mar, clashes erupt in south twixt west-proxy governance and Yemen. be cont'd as it all piles up.

Nation By Nation (18Feb10)

5-18Feb10 -- The growing desperation spreading through the veins of the west fallen creature like the bacilli of ravenous Ebola has pushed west's already pretty serious mental disorders to new plateaus of deranged psychoses never previously experienced on this side of the galaxy.

On one hand, west embraces Taliban offering the west's erstwhile arch-enemy billions in truce cash and puppet governance chairs. On the other, no sooner it mails off its love letters, it sends 15K troops to murder all things Talib and any child in the way. On one hand, west is begging Russia for military truce. On the other, west is surrounding Russia with nukes. On one hand, west nations are all teetering on the edge of debt default. On the other, west banks have never done better and are celebrating fattest profits with gluttonous bonus orgies. On one hand, west layoffs continue unabated as the need for west product and service goes extinct. On the other, west official unemployment stat is improving. On one hand, west screams it's fighting deflation. On the other, the same west econ voodoo fiends scream they're fighting hyperinflation. On one hand, west postures like a unified entity. On the other, the west war junta picks each other pockets like the common street grifter thugs they are. On one hand, west screams the earth is overheating. On the other, the same west science pervs scream the earth is freezing up. One one hand, west celebrates outgrowing EUro diapers. One the other, west is burying the bizarre EUro experiment in a grave. On one hand, west condemns anti-semitism. On the other, west has murdered millions of Iraqis, or one of many Semitic peoples, and buried their nation in DU waste.

Expect total and complete madness from west as all its mental faculties fall victim to the many lacerations the west child-murdering beast is suffering from its foot claws to its dragon skulls. It's down to vulgar conniptions, emotive disarray, pathological lies, helter skelter violence, chaotic madness, and unveiled perversion from here on. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - Having love overtures spurned by Talib and unable to provoke up civil war with costume terrorism (see Aussia last NBN), west launches Helmand offensive #3 in, which 15K troops descend on Afghanistan civilians razing everything in sight. 3K civilians displaced in first hours of the assault. Some sundry blips on the west offensive: Resistance, 17Feb

» Click to see the west beast's crime

- To avoid facing civilian war crime inquiries in the future, Germs relabel their Helmand genocide as "non-int'l armed conflict". Note that to west, Germs in Afghanistan is somehow not an "international" matter. And note that to west, Germs brandishing WMDs is somehow not an "armed conflict". No, beside pure ridicule of humanity, permanent diabolical farce, total perverted psychosis, blood-curdling pedophile sickness, and 100% disease in every respect, the west beast has no other faces.
- USA admits to murdering 12 civilians, 14Feb.
- USA admits to murdering 5 civilians, 15Feb, in continued indiscriminate razing of homes.

A R G E N T I N A Argentina - Blocks UK oil pipeline mat'l cargo from going to the occupied Malvinas where the UK drizzly creature was planning to drill for oil some 100 miles north of Malvinas.
- Confronts UK thieves and enforces water rights surrounding Brit-occupied Malvinas. Britzies will need a permit before crossing Argentinian waters now. This could get pretty.
- And it does! UK now threatens war. Yes, the west child-murdering swill is a predictable animal, isn't it?

A U S T R A L I A Australia - China picks up 30M tonnes of coal/yr mining operation on west garage sale for 60B AUD. Where's the 2009Q1 arrogant Cuntberra's screams of keeping Aussie stolen resources for Aussies only?
- While top banks post biggest profits off bailout, Aussie too edges to a debt default. West prolapse shall leave no part of west standing.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Setting up space agency for Chinese satellites. No, this isn't the world the west beast had planned.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Lula tosses USA patents and their cretinous royalty demands. Henceforth, breaking of the USA patent-based monopolies is on. Yes, the west bastard scribbled utter phantasmagorias on reams of patent paper thinking it's gonna go around the world and charge humans for their invention. Well, this west scam has now been broken by Brazil.

C A N A D A Canada - Mil base commander in Canada is apparently also a serial killer having murdered 2 women thusfar. For west, Jack the Ripper kind of sickness is the essential promotional requirement.

C H I N A China - Investing 10B USD in North Korea. This is after west "ordered" Beijing to sanction North Korea. Smack on the west's chin, perhaps? Sideline: This is very much a econ war now. Historically, China kept yuan and thus export low with a dollar peg. It never responded to 20 yrs of USA's verbal diarrhea. USA slapped tariffs, a matter that moved to WTO, complained about China toy quality, and tried all sorts of petulant attacks. China has reverted trend on USA debt. USA responded with 6+B USD arming of Taiwan and is courting Tibet to become a civil unrest proxy. And so China's dumping west internet barfs, offers a lifeline to Japan prying it from the west claws, and now North Korea. Apart from west's current tries to have another go at Russia, locking horns with China may have been west's last act.
- China's academy of mil science is heard "our retaliation shouldn't restrict to military matters... and we need to treat not just the symptoms but the disease" when talking about west's peddling 6B USD worth of anti-China arms to Taiwan. Yes, that's right, they used the word "disease" in connection to west for, indeed, "west is THE disease".
- It's fun to note that the mere utterance in Beijing on dumping USA bonds sent USA bond market into a St Vitus dance. No, this is not the kind of world, for which the west parasite had murdered own kind in 911 and Loondon77 to predicate its world assault.
- Now, imagine that if words send USA market a-crashin', what's happening now for China has moved to the long-awaited action. In Dec, China dumped 4% of USA T-bills reducing foreign reserves to 755B USD. It's Japan and Brits who lead in owning USA debt henceforth, not China! That's right, west is sentenced to increasing cannibalism, since Japan has no course but to follow suit and dump USA assets or perish with its crazed child-murdering saxonic masters and Okinawa molesters. This is, as they say, "it".
- Taiwan export grows. That'd be thanks to China's demand , which has grown to 30 yr high. Sideline: Taiwan's biggest market is China and Chinese market has grown near 190%/2009. In the same period Taiwanese export to EUnuchs and yank baboons grew 40% and pifly 13% respectively. Now, can Taiwan really afford to have a row with Beijing today, even if armed with yank anti-civilian WMDs?
- In 2009 China has picked up ~10B USD worth of USA garage sales items or some 60 firms. And these baboon garage sale merchants wanted to rule the world. With or without escalation, it's good riddance to the freckly west christianic baboon swill. All west can do now is to choose the speed of its demise, nothing else!

E U EU - Greece is invaded by Brussels freckly EUnuchs under the pretext of bailout. Brussels attacks Athens with: "psychological and political aid" (not a joke); deficit cut of 4% of GDP by slashing social programmes by next month; raising 25B EUR by end of March; instant public wage freezes; immediate massive private sector layoffs; upping retirement age; full takeover of Athen's accounting books; and most astonishingly the strip of EUnuch vote. Yes, Greece has been invaded by the freckly saxonic child-murdering fiendishness.
- While the EUnuch takeover of Greece is underway, Germs and Netherlands prefer excommunicating Greece from the EUnuchzone, which is no more than pretext for Brussels to deny Greece bailout even after Greece accepts and complies with the EUnuch fiscal invasion terms.
- Greeks, unlike their EUnuch-rump-eating governance, respond by public sector strike 9 & 10Feb, and scheduling a gen'l strike for 24Feb. The only choice Athens has left now is to run from the west beast or be eaten alive by the EUnuch pedophile.
- Spain housing portfolio boasts 70B EUR default today.
- Spain raises retirement age to 67. How about lowering work age to 0,5 so that newborns can be sold to the west beast for organ harvest and sex slavery? Astonishingly, despite all the exhausting tonnes of evidence and NBN drivel, it doesn't seem clear to all just yet that peace or future aren't concepts that can coincide with west. Sideline: It should be cheered, however, that the EUnuch bizarre amalgam is one leg in its grave while it still dangles dirty diapers on the other.
- Not shockingly, Greece is seeking to sign up with Russia on SouthStream.
- Greece: bomb ruffles JPMoron's office, Athens, 16Feb.
- Greece: Turns out GoldSacks didn't chalk up loans as debts. This just to illustrate that all west #s are rubbish and all one can go by is the trends, which need be multiplied by 11-20, the typical west deceit range constant.
- France bank cabalist reveals that EUro is an extinct creature. Really? How is it that these econ vandals take so long to grasp such primitive facts?
- Swiss, angry with Germs buying stolen bank data for 215M EUR, threaten to expose Germ war junta tax dodging schemes. Yes, the pirates of the Caribbean are at it.
- Swiss, angry with USA baboons list Baboonarium riskier than Indonesia. Battle on west pirates from hell.
- Bulgaria joins comrade Obama's Barbarossa II nuke trench against Russia.
- Bulgaria, though happy to aim nukes on Moscow, begs Russia for a 2B EUR loan for nuke plant project.
- Yet, EUnuchs are flummoxed why Russia lists NATO as a threat. No, west mental drag cannot be overestimated.
- Germ export shriveled over 18% in 2009.
- Germ christianic school pedophile rapist ring expose grows to hundreds of victims and spreads to several schools confirming that west is a systemic pedophile sickness. Yes, schools to west are no more than child brothels. And this miscreant wants to dictate moral and even dress code.
- Germ consumer confidence shrivels yet again last month. At least, the Germ fanatics get where they're going this time.
- Nazis swarm in the streets in Germania again.

H A I T I Haiti - The advocate the USA child traffickers hired to defend them is under investigation for sex trafficking himself. No joke! All things west are this perverted, this diseased, this farcical, this crazed, this off scale. Yes, west is the definition of ridicule of humanity.
- The quake death toll at 230K.

I R A N Iran - Claims 20% enrichment success. West gnashes fangs.
- Saudis coerced by USA to somehow sway China against Iran. Saudis realise the impossibility of the task and tell warshingtonites off.

I R A Q Iraq - 15Feb, IED attack on west occupiers, Basra.
- 12Feb, occupation HQ shelled, Baghdad.
- 9Feb, occupation HQ shelled, Kirkuk.
- 5Feb, occupation HQ rocketed, Baghdad. (vid may be here:
- 5Feb, occupation patrol IED'd, Falluja.

15Feb, mortar attack on west occupation HQ, Baghdad.

14Feb, occupation patrol attack, Baquba.

13Feb, five Katusas hit occupation airport, Basira.

10Feb, occupation humvee hit, Ansar.

10Feb, occupation humvee hit, Jihadiya.

J A P A N Japan - USA launches econ warfare on the island for its anti-USA & pro-China stance: USA StandardPoor knocks Japan credit; enforce Toyota and Honda into giant billion losses over faulty floor mats. Sideline: Toyota led the pack for having angered USA in 2009 by not signing up with the GM (governance maggots) psychos.
- Toyota chief won't be attending to the USA governance recall charade. Anyone feeling the gloves are about to come off?
- Hatoyama facing "hyperinflation". This just to remind all of the west lies. Not long ago, they claimed "deflation", remember? All things west are 100% rubbish, if not totally bile rising sickness.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - Some 200 USA troops invade. It's no longer just drone civilian massacres. It's troop invasion now.
- Comrade Obama escalates drone murders to 3/wk.
- School bombing that killed 9 linked to USA. The suicide bomber was escorted by USAns.

P A L E S T I N E Palestine - Gaza airport attacked by israel.
- 16Feb, Tanks attack houses in northern Gaza. Yes, west requires >10X advantage otherwise it does not dare attack. That's why it's reduced to barking on Iran and tries to assemble a gang of proxies against Russia.

Brave west WMD-armed forces battle terrorism one old woman at a time.

Erdogan states the obvious: "Save 1,5M Palestinians from the israeli seige" & "They [west] rise against hunting seals but watch the murder of children with phosphorous." Further, Erdogan correctly concludes that world's justice is now broken. Indeed, the west creature has destroyed the collective security and justice on this planet by perpetually and deliberately committing the biggest crimes possible as daily policy. In short, west is THE disease!

» Click to see the west beast's crime

R U S S I A Russia - Duty-free oil trade zone with Belarus.
- NATO boys sleaze up to Moscow again looking for a handout.
- As Gazprom takes over Ukraine's oil infrastructure, it concludes there are no attractive garage sale items in west at the moment.
- Shipped 1M tonnes of liquified gas to China.
- France hawking a warship to Moscow. USA is very angry but France needs a bit of real cash.
- 4-6B USD arms deal with Saudi Arabia. Another one getting pried away from the west harrowing baboon claws.

T U R K M E N I S T A N Turkmenistan - Connects Iran to a 20Bm3/annum Daulet-Khangiran pipeline after it slates all gas resources for Russia, China, and Iran. Where's west with its fiendish energy thirst? Listen careful... that faint scraping sound in the distance? That'd be the EUnuchs gnashing their fangs.

U A E UAE - Prolapsed Dubai's debt moratorium expires yet no plan's been made to settle the score. Some ideas of basically forgetting 40% of the debt have been mulled but as it is Dubai's headed for default.

Dubai intercepts Iraq historical artefact smuggling. Yes, the west magpie disease has looted the oldest artefacts of humanity. But how could west have any compassion for human history, being a bristly knuckle-dragging braindead monkey from hell itself.

U K UK - Publishes USA "cruel and inhuman" torture records. Comrade Obama is "deeply disappointed". Note here that the west Peace Tzar Obama isn't disappointed about the abominable west torture behaviour but about the squealing on it. West is the definition of absolute and total farce.
- Trade deficit bloats to 7,2B GBP/month in Dec. But Loondon "economists" said it would shrivel to 6,6. Yes, words like "scientist" or "economist" are just codes for "monkey".
- Like Germs, buying "stolen" Swiss bank info. It's all down to thug mafia crimes now in west among the west pirates juntas.
- UK divident shrivels 19%/2009 evaporating 10B GBP more than in 2008. Let's hope the cubicle poodles are happy hanging on to their miserable lots pretending not to be involved in the world's genocides and tortures their taxes are buying.
- 1 in 8 shops laid to waste on the drizzly isle by Moscow's 2006 petrodollar nuking.
- Issued fake passports for israeli assassins of M Mabhouh.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - Yanukovych takes over the reins of the west-raped nation ending the west harrowing plunder.
- First mandates are in: NATO gets the boot and Russian military/fleet is welcome to Crimea; Ukraine pipeline network goes to Gazprom ending Brussels' tries (remember EUnuchs molesting the pipelines last year?) to steal the oil infrastructure brokered in some March2009 "pact" Kiev's west clowns made with the west beast; another nation is joining NBN in recognising Abkhazia and S Ossetia; and Tymoshenko told to go away and shut up. No, this isn't the order, the west monkeys had wetdreamed when they murdered 3000 in NYC in 2001 to predicate their final crusade against all humanity.
- Tymoshenko's petulant election fraud screaming tossed out by election committee. Watch west fiends recruiting her for some orange revolt.

U N UN - UN, the world's sickness and genocide merchant is now saying that the earth is COOLING. Any old lie to predicate their eco-assault warfare on the planet. And as such they're setting up a finance fund of eco-dictate labeled cleverly "Climate Change Fund". Yes, west is THE disease, on every level, with every word, in every aspect.

U S A USA - Commercial Realty at 3,5T implosion levels. Expect much merriment.
- 1 in 5 homes worth less than the debt on the title.
- Negative equity rises to 21%/Q4, rising 4/10th over xmess season. That means yank baboons are voluntarily and happily sinking deeper.
- Yank dwelling value plunges 5%/y2y across the board, with pockets registering 50% and better plunges.
- 90 past due realty defaults rise. Sideline: Nothing can fix west. If they print cash, as they're doing, they'll eat hyperinflation and that much harder a prolapse. If they reflow cash, as they're doing, they'll eat unemployment, poverty, and face hundreds of millions of angered neanderthals. If they succeed in provoking WWIII, as they're doing, they'll eat nukes. It's that simple.
- Foreclosures make another record in Dec, it's now 1 in 1000 homes or so. And this is all while the entire USA housing is on a 1,2T lifeline. That's TRILLION! If this is fun, wait till the lifeline is unplugged, at the end of March. Expect much merriment.
- So where are all the foreclosed baboon hovels going? Down Soros' and GoldSacks pockets, of course. And that's not all! The west banksters created a FDIC-1West scam to not only privitise baboon's realty at 60-70% of value but to also get cash from the baboon for the rest of the value. This is akin to private confiscation of property and cash to boot. Too bad, the yank baboon is such a cretinous animal otherwise it would be fun watching it writhe in pain as the Grand Land and Wealth Reform strips it naked and flogs it for good measure. OK, so we know where the baboon dwellings are going, but where is the baboon going? Who cares is the only responsible answer.
- JPMoron and GoldSacks top dictators give selves 17M and 9M each as another bonus right off the "bailout" or baboon's cash. Are baboons angry? No, they don't understand a thing. They haven't even unwound the pathetic case of the 911 self-abuse.
- Central wank to begin siphoning 2,2T USD out of USA econ. This is very much the eve of the most expected event in history of this planet, akin to not only unplugging an anemic patient from plasma bottles but also bloodletting him from the jugular into the bargain.
- Freddie and Fannie 51B USD bailout turns out is NOT enough. There's a shock! So to save the day, comrade Obama imposed "NO limits" on baboons' cash to save the west chief usury despot. So far there's been some 110B USD pumped into the prolapsing relics of the capigalist cesspit.
- Unemployment stat masturbators lower rate to some 9%. They managed this despite ~20K baboons were zapped in Jan. How did they perform this miracle? They postponed the #s. It's actually the usual half mil (473K) baboons that were zapped.
- Califoreigna, Fluorida, 0hio, Illnoise, and Michigone all boast unemployment of 15% or better.
- Los Angeles credit "negative" now.
- Comrade Obama urging sanctions on Iran yet again. Brazil, China, and Russia remain unmoved by the west's pangs of crazed jive blither.
- Peace laureate comrade Obama prosecutes 15 yr old child, who has been tortured for 7 yrs in USA concentration camps for war crimes. No, the farcical pedophile insanity that defines west cannot be invented.
- Pension fund short by 1T, that's TRILLION. How just! Let the old baboons eat dirt too.
- USA father waterboards own 4 yr old daughter to teach her alphabet. Yes, they're all psychos. Total and complete psychos.
- Baboon shootout leaves 3 dead in Alabama.
- 30% of USA nuke reactors are now leaking. And these idiots want to rule the planet. Russia has an apt term for USA: "Painted Rust".

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Building refinery with Iran in Syria.

Y E M E N Yemen - Another spotty ceasefire in effect with Yemen governance. Quiet on the north front heard. be cont'd as it all piles up.