Good Tidings To All

Now, now -- this is no way to treat the drug lord monarch of all west herds. After all, he's bringing the Freeworld some wonderful winter solstice prezzies. And judging from the cheerful wassailing resounding from every corner of our planet, it's gonna be a fun xmess.

But just before we unwrap some of the holiday boon Santa Obama has hid under the tree for the yank baboon, let's have a listen to some of the carolers from around our planet.

Chinese rear admiral starts the festivities with a powerful tenor: “China will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a third world war.”

Amid the madcap EUnuchia, Serbians are becoming Russian en masse singing that it's not just Kazakhstan, Belarus, but also Kosovo growing Russia's borders now. And let's not forget that Santa Claus himself is now living & manufacturing prezzies in Russia due to the fun discovery of the Lomonosov Ridge some years back.

From the peaks of the Karakorams, we hear that Pakistan slammed NATO's talons in the south gate to Afghanistan. Russia harmonises with a mezzoforte that the north door is about to be bolted as well. Now, this symphony truly rhymes. Open the door, let them in, and then shut it on them. How scintillating.

Pakistan voices are singing sweetly of a new policy, which will target and down USA drones.

Russia then takes a hammer-on solo confronting the west hoards of child-murderers in Syrian waters, while delivering missile shield and other such xmess ornaments to Damascus.

The baboon snarled bearing missing fangs but Russia submitted the monkey a finely tuned partiture of continuing providing arms to Syria for the upcoming concerts.

From the south Atlantic, we hear the pianissimo of Argentina as it's making a bid for her Malvinas. It's a good time too for the Britzies are going to be somewhat battered as they try squeezing out of the 4th Reich.

Despite Mr Dulles having, once upon a time, worked around the clock creating all sorts of int'l implements including the UN to give USA int'l WMDs, a new Freeworld choir made of 33 nations is not only singing Bolivar stanzas, but not one of the choristers is Baboonistani.

And Iran picks up the holiday coda with a refrain that it shall have its nuke way despite the west rabid barking.

If these carols, impossible just a few years ago, fail to put you in the right festive mood, let's have a rummage through the "Change" gift bag of our comrade Obama as he slides into all the baboon hovels either via facebook or chimney.

(1) Comrade Obama promised to re-investigate 911.

Santa Obama closed all such files, widened prohibition of questioning officials about it, and slapped an indefinite moratorium on the whole touchy matter.

(2) Comrade Obama promised to reverse Bush II tax breaks given to the opulent USA 1%.

Santa Obama couldn't find the time during his entire busy reign to even so much as bother self with such nonsense.

(3) Comrade Obama promised to raise the minimum wage.

Santa Obama evidently got this mixed up a bit. Instead of raising the minimum wage, he raised the maximum one to the tune of some 5T USD.

(4) Comrade Obama promised to expose the shady fiscal doings of the "bailout" firms & banks.

Santa Obama not just closed and, for good measure, lost all the books, he also drove the bailout theft to new record heights. He enjoyed it so much that he got a bit careless and eventually caught doing a little personal undisclosed 7B USD bailout on a side.

(5) Comrade Obama promised to stop all the reckless Bush II bailout underwritings.

Santa Obama spun up the cash printers so much that he managed to heap a cool 5T USD on the baboon's already pretty prolapsed wallet. BTW, this is also a record of sorts. What Bush II did in his entire eight yrs, comrade Obama managed in three and half. Plus, note the exponential behaviour of the wonderful west-wide terminal prolapse. And no, there is no force in the galaxy that can stop it. In fact, it's so west-wrecking, that it'd be most surprising if the west betters didn't bestow some econ nobel piece prize on him.

As such, Santa Obama gave the baboon a debt-to-GDP exceeding 100% catching up with Ireland, Italy, and Greece. And this is counting the USA GDP 100% BS, which counts cash prints as "income" beside the many other numerical perversions common down their way.

(6) Comrade Obama promised to make at least 10% of USA energy reusable by the end of 2011.

Santa Obama did no such thing of course and instead bent backwards to protect the int'l oil magnates by giving them USA police and coast guard protection from prosecution and press. He then rewarded the maniacs that destroyed the Gulf of Mexico with zillions in bonuses and some 300 new permits for a new drill&frack bonanza.

(7) Comrade Obama promised to close USA concentration camps and stop USA torture policy.

Santa Obama increased the torture policies adding USA baboons as fair-play toys of the NWO Pt2 junta that's been waging war against our planet and all life since they did 911.
Perhaps pointless to add, Santa Obama closed no camps and instead gave us an xmess discovery of yet more torture dungeons found this time in Romania.

(8) Comrade Obama promised to pull out of Iraq by Apr 2009.

Santa Obama is still there.

(9) Comrade Obama promised to pull out of Iraq by Aug 2010.

Santa Obama is still there.

(10) Comrade Obama promised to pull ouf of Iraq by the Dec 2011.

Santa Obama is still there.

(11) Comrade Obama promised a diplomatic solution to Iran's getting off its knees.

Santa Obama diplomacy is a codeword for WW3 threats, sanctions, and the activation of the M Brotherhood, armed mercenary legions, and the Kurd factor in hope to at least set Iran's borders ablaze.

(12) Comrade Obama promised, in general, to stop all wars.

Santa Obama added to the fat west psychosis dossier Yemen, Niger, Somalia, Central Africa, Palestine, Libya, and Syria. Plus he's prodding Moscow with Romanian-Poland missile trench and, of course, China with the recent conquest of Darwin.

(13) Comrade Obama promised fiscal responsibility bringing USA back to growth by profit, which, of course, was an oxymoron to begin with.

Santa Obama has already maxed out the recently upped borrowing limit of 15T USD. The only growth he's managed appeared in the areas of unemployment, food stamp population, and the abject poverty herd size. It would be wrong, however, to deny Santa Obama his right due. After all, he has managed to grow a few markets like the Afghan heroin harvest by some 60%/yr and the old USA favourite pastime of smuggling drug cartel weapons.

Still, both achievements can be categorised no more than too little too late for Santa Obama's econ policies are no longer measured by boring numerical blither but by the clashes twixt his robocop elves and the new 2011 USA species, the street baboon.

(14) Comrade Obama promised two state solution for Palestine.

Santa Obama continues happily to support the ongoing Palestine genocide.

(15) Comrade Obama promised to secure "loose nuke" material.

Santa Obama failed this while ironically also failing to deliver coolant to Japan -- although his elves tried lying about it -- which directly added, if not directly caused, the WMDisation of Japan.

(16) Comrade Obama promised to uphold freedom to unionise and pass Employee Free Choice Act to halt the exploitation of USA worker by insurances, banksters, and other such parasites.

Santa Obama made no attempts whatever to affect the worker's life -- unless putting a jackboot in worker's face counts.

And the most fun prezzie of all are the hundreds of millions of the USA plateau baboons who -- if they ever manage to unwrap these priceless gifts with their illiterate minds and street-scraping knuckles -- believe this ridiculous comedy to be the "Change" they were promised.

Of Our Favourite Toy, The 4th Reich

When's the last time west got something right? Not this millennium, certainly.

911 was sloppy. The WMD lies were wincingly embarrassing. The Nigeria uranium trick badly backfired. Ferrying explosives Chicago way vapourised in a missile crater somewhere in Utah. Even with the 50B USD/yr profit from peddling heroin, the less said about the decade-long Afghanistan sinkhole the better. Allowing the baboon vote rigging to go public was careless at best. The EUnuch referendums were so riddled with incompetence that, apart from the few vote corrections, they were more effective untouched.

The Russia prod in 2008 lost the poor tie-eating Mikheil his cherished nation and NATO its dear launch codes. The air assault on Lebanon was hampered by the surprising (to west, of course) S2A defences. EUnuch attempts to liberate selves from Russia's gasline tempering whimsy have all but vanished like the zillions down the CERN black hole machine. EUnuch fiscal acumen is now measured by the sound of west knees polishing the floors of Beijing. What's next? Begging Brazil, Venezuela?

With skulls cracking under the robocop jackboots in all west streets today, the world's greatest marketing scheme seems to have come unraveled like the Wall St derivative gig. Some may even say the west love affair is over with words like freedom, democracy, and all the other nauseating dildo terms with which the west washes the blood off its talons and fangs.

And what's Mr Goebbles doing in the EUnuch Brussel Reichstag? Direct bloodline or not, it hasn't been that long just yet. And a nazi boy for a pope now once again shouting for NWO global diktat? A drug lord for USA prez? Some might say this is either a bit premature or downright reckless. Take EUnuchia for example.

Before the 4th Reich could even goose-step onto the world stage, it's half dead dragging behind it IV tubes pumping some Micky Mouse cash into its varicose veins. It's down to letting the Chinese now cherry pick railroads and factories while Brazil & Russia snoop around waiting for the out-of-business sale. Embarrassing bond spreads, ECB bond failure followed by German bond failure -- and that's German, the very workhorse, backbone, and architect of the glorious Reich. Since when are third world markets allowed to display such contempt to the pretty ubermensch's bonds? And let's be clear, it's only been four years since the 78K word Lesbian treaty was finally jerry-rigged and there have already been two coup d'etats.

Beside inventing cretinous slogans and euphemisms like "more EU, not less!", "firewall", "haircuts", "bank refinancing", "debt to equity conversion", "political clout confidence", "containment of contagion", and "monetisation of debt" and murdering defenceless children, what good is west?

And perhaps more astonishingly, it's as though not one among them grasps this galactic record of failure. Well, that's not totally true. There seems to be one in the whole of the west cesspit.

Here's N Farage stripping the Hitler's wetdream bare.

A bit more with Nigel. Pt1...

... and Pt2

Nigel comments on Slovakia getting the "Greece bailout" vote eventually correct. BTW, that's not true what that daft BBCNN whore says. The Slovakia ruling party didn't lose power because the EUnuch bailout lost the vote. The ruling party was forced to barter early elections for a yes re-vote. Now the 5M trapped in Slovakia are on the hook for 8B EUR to their EUnuch betters. It's nice to see that EUnuch democracy is intact even on its peripheries reflecting the real needs of the hapless members caught in the Berlin web drained of life each few months like flies in a spider web.

And this is what the ungrateful Greeks think of the Germans bearing bailout gifts.

And so here we are pouring pints, laughing, cheering, and enjoying the last seconds of the comedy called west as the child-murdering patient slips deeper into coma. No, this isn't an exaggeration.

Germs, the engine, as they say, of EUnuchia, has at last contracted the rigor mortis bacterium and is, like ECB, now unable to convince primarily China its debt is safe. Even EFSF (Their "stability " fund) has come clean admitting to the abject Germ bond failure pushing the whole of the 4th Reich amalgam into an amusing existential crisis.

And so the hysterics spread. Poland screams the A word (yes, that'd be "apocalypse"). The Italian coup d'etat junta crawls to IMF for 600B EUR -- being with Spain on the verge of default. Funny that it was Warshington -- seemingly no geographical bit of EUnuchia at the moment -- who had to rush to dismiss the Italian knee-jerk reaction as no more than a malicious rumor. They however didn't bother trying to hide perhaps the most telling event in the recent wall-to-wall prolapse of the whole of the west.

USA central bankster overnight slashed the dollar price by 50% for his EUnuch cousin. ECB is right now loading up on this cheap tender with which it buys EUnuch peripheral bonds. This, of course, isn't going to achieve anything for west. But it highlights the split of EUnuchia into the good and bad, or rather more apltly der ubermensch and the subrace swill fit to slave for Berlin.

Herr Merkel, and quite understandably, refuses to debate eurozone bonds, which despite leveling yields into one wouldn't gain much in attractiveness. This would plunge Germs into the darkness of the common EUnuch stock and she -- hanging onto hope with her dear life of somehow being able to extricate Germs in the future from this west failure, prefers to keep the ubermensch status.

As such the Reichstag is favouring harsher hardline policies, stricter haircuts, and even nonsense like slapping fines on delinquent neighbours. Imagine the psychosis required to invent this one. While they're writing off 50% of Greek debt they want to increase Greek debt by additional fines.

And while China ignores Germ bonds, it apparently prefers a slightly more realistic approach to solving the west rot. It's offered to buy up EUnuch railroads and some of its still standing factories. Yes, this is very much an existential matter for our beloved EUnuchs.

If the west monkeys, who for a decade enjoyed their war crimes on their wide screen TVs, wind up slaving 24/7 in EUnuchia-based though not EUnuch-owned sweatshops making toys and garments for the Freeworld, they'll be able to consider themselves extremely lucky.

And remember, these loons wanted to dictate our whole planet.