Of Our Favourite Toy, The 4th Reich

When's the last time west got something right? Not this millennium, certainly.

911 was sloppy. The WMD lies were wincingly embarrassing. The Nigeria uranium trick badly backfired. Ferrying explosives Chicago way vapourised in a missile crater somewhere in Utah. Even with the 50B USD/yr profit from peddling heroin, the less said about the decade-long Afghanistan sinkhole the better. Allowing the baboon vote rigging to go public was careless at best. The EUnuch referendums were so riddled with incompetence that, apart from the few vote corrections, they were more effective untouched.

The Russia prod in 2008 lost the poor tie-eating Mikheil his cherished nation and NATO its dear launch codes. The air assault on Lebanon was hampered by the surprising (to west, of course) S2A defences. EUnuch attempts to liberate selves from Russia's gasline tempering whimsy have all but vanished like the zillions down the CERN black hole machine. EUnuch fiscal acumen is now measured by the sound of west knees polishing the floors of Beijing. What's next? Begging Brazil, Venezuela?

With skulls cracking under the robocop jackboots in all west streets today, the world's greatest marketing scheme seems to have come unraveled like the Wall St derivative gig. Some may even say the west love affair is over with words like freedom, democracy, and all the other nauseating dildo terms with which the west washes the blood off its talons and fangs.

And what's Mr Goebbles doing in the EUnuch Brussel Reichstag? Direct bloodline or not, it hasn't been that long just yet. And a nazi boy for a pope now once again shouting for NWO global diktat? A drug lord for USA prez? Some might say this is either a bit premature or downright reckless. Take EUnuchia for example.

Before the 4th Reich could even goose-step onto the world stage, it's half dead dragging behind it IV tubes pumping some Micky Mouse cash into its varicose veins. It's down to letting the Chinese now cherry pick railroads and factories while Brazil & Russia snoop around waiting for the out-of-business sale. Embarrassing bond spreads, ECB bond failure followed by German bond failure -- and that's German, the very workhorse, backbone, and architect of the glorious Reich. Since when are third world markets allowed to display such contempt to the pretty ubermensch's bonds? And let's be clear, it's only been four years since the 78K word Lesbian treaty was finally jerry-rigged and there have already been two coup d'etats.

Beside inventing cretinous slogans and euphemisms like "more EU, not less!", "firewall", "haircuts", "bank refinancing", "debt to equity conversion", "political clout confidence", "containment of contagion", and "monetisation of debt" and murdering defenceless children, what good is west?

And perhaps more astonishingly, it's as though not one among them grasps this galactic record of failure. Well, that's not totally true. There seems to be one in the whole of the west cesspit.

Here's N Farage stripping the Hitler's wetdream bare.

A bit more with Nigel. Pt1...

... and Pt2

Nigel comments on Slovakia getting the "Greece bailout" vote eventually correct. BTW, that's not true what that daft BBCNN whore says. The Slovakia ruling party didn't lose power because the EUnuch bailout lost the vote. The ruling party was forced to barter early elections for a yes re-vote. Now the 5M trapped in Slovakia are on the hook for 8B EUR to their EUnuch betters. It's nice to see that EUnuch democracy is intact even on its peripheries reflecting the real needs of the hapless members caught in the Berlin web drained of life each few months like flies in a spider web.

And this is what the ungrateful Greeks think of the Germans bearing bailout gifts.

And so here we are pouring pints, laughing, cheering, and enjoying the last seconds of the comedy called west as the child-murdering patient slips deeper into coma. No, this isn't an exaggeration.

Germs, the engine, as they say, of EUnuchia, has at last contracted the rigor mortis bacterium and is, like ECB, now unable to convince primarily China its debt is safe. Even EFSF (Their "stability " fund) has come clean admitting to the abject Germ bond failure pushing the whole of the 4th Reich amalgam into an amusing existential crisis.

And so the hysterics spread. Poland screams the A word (yes, that'd be "apocalypse"). The Italian coup d'etat junta crawls to IMF for 600B EUR -- being with Spain on the verge of default. Funny that it was Warshington -- seemingly no geographical bit of EUnuchia at the moment -- who had to rush to dismiss the Italian knee-jerk reaction as no more than a malicious rumor. They however didn't bother trying to hide perhaps the most telling event in the recent wall-to-wall prolapse of the whole of the west.

USA central bankster overnight slashed the dollar price by 50% for his EUnuch cousin. ECB is right now loading up on this cheap tender with which it buys EUnuch peripheral bonds. This, of course, isn't going to achieve anything for west. But it highlights the split of EUnuchia into the good and bad, or rather more apltly der ubermensch and the subrace swill fit to slave for Berlin.

Herr Merkel, and quite understandably, refuses to debate eurozone bonds, which despite leveling yields into one wouldn't gain much in attractiveness. This would plunge Germs into the darkness of the common EUnuch stock and she -- hanging onto hope with her dear life of somehow being able to extricate Germs in the future from this west failure, prefers to keep the ubermensch status.

As such the Reichstag is favouring harsher hardline policies, stricter haircuts, and even nonsense like slapping fines on delinquent neighbours. Imagine the psychosis required to invent this one. While they're writing off 50% of Greek debt they want to increase Greek debt by additional fines.

And while China ignores Germ bonds, it apparently prefers a slightly more realistic approach to solving the west rot. It's offered to buy up EUnuch railroads and some of its still standing factories. Yes, this is very much an existential matter for our beloved EUnuchs.

If the west monkeys, who for a decade enjoyed their war crimes on their wide screen TVs, wind up slaving 24/7 in EUnuchia-based though not EUnuch-owned sweatshops making toys and garments for the Freeworld, they'll be able to consider themselves extremely lucky.

And remember, these loons wanted to dictate our whole planet.


Anonymous said...

JamesW: I changed the look. I clicked the white form of the same look. Feel free to click on the black version of this template. It's just I couldn't see trying to type this and then mucking with the template crashed my firefox a few times, so...

poiuytr (not signed in)

Anonymous said...

Great, man, great! This white is a sign of hope renewed at a time when we were being threatened from all sides. To come out fighting, what's better than that.

James, hoy! Hope we see you back on the blog as well before long. Your voice has been missed no less than poiuytr's. Give us all a wake up call, would you? At this pass, we're really in need of one.

Anonymous said...

Unlikely, but true: Nigel Farage, our hero from Britain. The charges he lays on the EU doorstep are true in every respect. The end of the euro farce can now only be a question of time.

And the USans who have done their little bit to bring about the death throes of the euro, even while rubbing their hands in glee, will suddenly find their limbs siffening as well and a rattle escapting their throats. And so be it.

Anonymous said...

The way the story is told above, with a great deal of skill I may add, it seems a dead cert that the 4th Reich has as much chances of success as the ones that preceded it. Not that any tears will be shed over its demise.

The only thing we'll truly regret is all the human sacrifices which have taken place to prop up the Golden Calf of capitalism. Did they say the Mayas and Incas were given to bloodthirsty rites? What about the west and its millions of victims already and ongoing?

Anonymous said...

Here are a few lines on the 4th Reich's armed thugs, namely NATO:

Russia could deliver death blow to Nato, say analysts - 30.11.11

ISLAMABAD: With the Russian threat to cut land routes for supply to NATO troops in Afghanistan, the Afghan battleground may turn into a cold death trap for NATO, defence analysts believe. They say that Pakistan should utilise the opportunity for a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan by pulling it out of the American war.

Russia has threatened to cut off NATO supply routes to Afghanistan if the alliance doesn’t compromise on its missile defence plans. “If NATO doesn’t give a serious response, we have to address matters in relations in other areas,” Russian news services reported. Russia’s cooperation on Afghanistan may be an area for review, the news services reported.

Pakistan has already cut the NATO supply route after the Mohmand Agency attack by NATO troops that killed twenty-six Pakistani soldiers. Lt General (retd) Hameed Gul while talking to The News said that Russia would utilise every option to take revenge from the Americans and time has come for the Russians to do this. He said that Russia wants to join hands with Pakistan and Pakistan should re-consider its policy towards Russia. “Americans and NATO troops have been strangled in Afghanistan and time has come for Pakistan to avail the opportunity that it missed on 9/11 to regain the respect and sovereignty”, Gul said.

He mentioned that Americans will have to leave Afghanistan and will ask for concessions and Pakistan should negotiate with them for their exit. If Russia cuts the supply then the route will be from Georgia to Baku and then to Azerbaijan, which means NATO will never get the supply, said Gul.

“Now NATO troops will have to exit Vietnam style, and that too by using Pakistan’s airspace because Iran will never let USA use its airspace”, the retired General said. He mentioned that the war against terror that was started with our own people will come to an end at once and there will be peace in no time once the Americans leave Afghanistan. He said that Indian interests in Afghanistan were growing but India will get nothing from Afghanistan.

Maria Sultan, defence analyst, while talking to this correspondent said that if the Russians also cut the supply line of NATO then it will turn out to be cold death for NATO troops. “They will literally be strangled in Afghanistan with 90000 troops and as they admit that they have reserves for three months which actually means they have reserves for two months and then NATO will have to airlift the troops and during the airlift only 15 to 20 percent can be alive out of the 90000 troops”, Maria said.

She mentioned that in Afghanistan, everything comes from outside and the insurgency this year has been very high as 700 casualities have been reported. Therefore after the Russian decision, Afghanistan will turn into a reverse Kargil for NATO. “They will have weapons but no bullets to fire; and if Pakistan shuts the air corridors on NATO then it would be a cold death for them and America will have to renegotiate with Pakistan”, she said.

poiuytr said...

> The US Military does not have the manpower and resources to carry out a full scale war. US does not have the equipment and the military personal

West military only works against civilians and they have to be defenceless and "softened", as Bush II said, by decades of crippling sanctions. Never once has west waged a mano-a-mano war. Never once has west tickled anyone with arms, even inferior ones. Never once has the west beast assaulted, tortured, and murdered anyone but the weakest.

Not only west lacks the power to go against Iran, it has no way of repelling Iran's 2nd strike capability. This is precisely why west's Iran policy has for a decade been nothing but vulgarities, threats, and petulant screeching.


> 19/11/11 14:46

Thanks so much for the USA debt holding/dumping break down!


> Einstein's theory seems to be in a coma. Is west's chief genius going to disappear?

This unkempt scholastic failure is a Lamairte monkey. Need more be said? Lamairte, the black jesuit pedophile, invented Big Bang or rather the west bible tale spun for the scientifically challenged. With Lamairte, he proceeded to wipe out sciences replacing them with NWO nazi doctrine espoused by inbred aristos like Debroglie or the full fledged nazis like Heinzeberg.

E=mc2 is patent hogwash and it should be evident to a child that m must be a variable, which evokes the Dutch Lorenz relativistic mutilation of matter due to speed.

West sciences are 100% claptrap on par of west econ, politics, and history. All disease in short.

But I'd be unfair if I denied our slovenly einstein clown some credit for which he should be remembered. After tasting USA for a bit, einstein said that "moving to USA was a mistake which he won't rectify for the balance of his life". Beside this, einstein offers no other values.

Just look at the atom. The postulation thereof down to interaction, different weights, properties has never been changed since it appeared in Greek books 2500 yrs ago. Yet, west credits self, some britzie bastard, with the discovery and shamelessly puts it in the 19th century. Yes, all things west are this laughable and 100% rubbish, of course.

> Neutrinos still faster than light in latest version of experiment

Yes, troublesome developments. But not to worry! Expect more lies manufactured.

When west gravity equations failed missing 96% of mass for them to work, west quickly invented dark energy and dark matter. When west didn't find WMDs, it invented religious radicalisation.

I suspect this neutrino thing will wind back to west's sun fusion nonsense, where the CERN boys are caught with missing 30% of mass for their pathetic equations to hold. The first time they tried explaining it, west said neutrinos magically diet on their way from the sun helter skelter changing mass as they please.

Expect debt-to-equity perversion here too. Somehow they'll say the experiment not only confirms their space-time labial manifold excretions, but also the fusion model, and, of course, einstein himself.


poiuytr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
poiuytr said...

> President Bashar was quite clear in a recent interview. 610 deaths in Syria and not the 3.500 widely reported. Even Russian FM Lavrov

Like Gruzie, this is west at work mobilising the Kurd factor in hope to spill it into Iran to aggravate it, siccing "mostly armed" trained terrists (sic) brigades, weapon smuggling, drug smuggling, subterfuge,...

The old game again. Any which way to cause chaos at least on the borders of its enemies.


> What do you think are the possibilites that the American Beast and its criminal allies lwill launch a nuclear World War 3?

I think it's a possibility. It's always been evident that ultimately there will be no other course for west. But despite this, I don't buy it too much.

Perhaps it's wishful thinking, perhaps stubborn unwillingness to confront the unimaginable but I somehow think that there are factions within west, rich, filthy rich and immensely powerful factions, who are only willing to traffic sex slaves, run organ markets, run wars and genocides around the globe for their pleasure. Once there are demands made on these grisly miscreants, once their own comfort, perchance safety, is threatened the screaming cowardice, one of defining west neanderthal genetic traits, takes over.

As such, I'd predict these factions to rather run and live in obscurity in hiding around the planet rather than try stop a missile with their rumps. We saw this in 1918 and again 1945. Like lies, murder, genocide, theft, running away is innate to west.

This doesn't mean they won't, until the very last moment, try provoke giant, perhaps continental, conflicts. In fact, that's all west has been doing this millennium. Plus the current laughable state of the west-wide rot is a giant convincing factor that the Freeworld's counteroffensive against the beast has been nothing but the most brilliant success in all its details.

Plus, I think there are signs of faction warfare emerging within the very NWO beast structure, again supporting that, while west is capable of pushing Georgia against Russia or trained madmen against Syrian civilians, it's incapable of an honorable duel.

I therefore lean towards believing in the strength, mental superiority, and unmatched resolve of humanity, much like in 1941, to successfully play the delaying tactic to the day the west prolapsed beast snorts its last lizard breath.

poiuytr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
poiuytr said...

> Europe 'entering recession' as industrial orders slump

This is classic west press, the product perhaps of a cretin and a whore.

West is experiencing violent rigor mortis tremors known to those in the art, like this readership, as the wall-to-wall prolapse, and the west BBCNN whores talk "recession". The brain lag of the west creature is astonishing.



> With some justification, it could well be said that the US has drawn inspiration from Nazi Germany, but still that is to miss the point as I see it.

USA = Hitler. Same blood, genes, hobbies, methods. Even same family and business names both NWO war juggernauts. Gestapo had bones on their hats. USA marine planes have that on their rudders. Hitler had SS. Comrade Obama has Secret Service. Both harbour same ambitions seeking the annihilation of Russia to pave way to total planet enslavement.

If there are similarities, it's because it's the same creature.


> “France isn’t trading like a AAA,” said Bill Blain, a strategist at Newedge Group in London, who recommends buying U.K. government debt.

Excellent! The secondary impact of this is perhaps even more amusing than the primary, which is France's increased hardship to convince China, Singapore, and so on to invest in its snail-eating vomit.

The secondary one concerns the Germs. If France's debt becomes more unsafe, the "markets" look to Germs to secure the difference. Oh, how beautiful, the EUnuch misconstruct. And so it's Germs that get hurt by France downgrade and they can only battle it by either getting downgraded as well or fight on behalf of France.

When did west do something right? Anyone?


poiuytr said...

> Whatever reservations you may feel about Dr Paul Craig Roberts, please to let this article stand. He says things there we could all benefit from.

No censorship here, as you know. Mostly technical problems plague the blog. But there's no effective censorship due to lack of energy.

As far as Roberts goes, well like the rest of the baboon pack, he bores me to tears. Apart from being chronically too-little, too-late he misses the simple fact that "west is THE disease" here and that west is headlong for a total wipe-out prolapse.

The rest is just primitive baboon claptrap found in abundance on the daft placards of the Occupy hopefuls.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against Roberts or the Baboon Occupy games. But its being overall silly, too late, and completely off the mark shouldn't be denied. Unless Occupy rather swiftly grows it'll probably remain irrelevant. Roberts missed his opportunity to be relevant a long ago.

In general, don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the west "dissent" service but I don't think abilities that simply are screamingly lacking, and so by nature of the baboon, should be ascribed to this pathetically minute handful of folks. We should separate dissent from web management or even worse, as in many cases, genius or astute nay prophetic observation powers from web management.

M Rivero of WHR is fantastic when it comes to running his site, sifting the news, keeping his site current, organising the info, and even his comments are often spot on. And I'm thankful for WHR being around archiving the west disease in its effective, comprehensive, and dependable way. But that's not exactly dissent, is it? Despite Rivero's years of watching the west filth, he still somehow fails to grasp the very basis of the matter here, which is: west has always been the planet's plague.

Equally and for same reasons as above, I'm beyond pleased with Rense, but again, only as a site manager. His views on USA and his moans about some "stolen" USA in the recent years, his celebratory dirges about Kennedy (the nazi boy himself btw), his yearning for the good old USA are totally disgusting as silly. In that sense, he's no more than a USA propagandist selling some fairytale that once upon a time before the onset of the second Bush era, there was a good USA, which didn't murder, bomb Cambodia, genocided Koreas, Vietnam, aided Hitler, ran slave traffic, drugs, and so on.

Let's be clear here. West has always been the plague and never in the history of it, or certainly USA, has west done a single one thing for the benefit of humankind or the planet.

Unless this simple fact is echoed by these folks, they cannot be considered "dissent", "voice of reason" or even up to date on info.

Rense's views, like Rivero, are no different than the current nazification sweeping Germs trying to resurrect the good old pretty world of Barbarossa.

Engdahl, and let's be fair to him, is a total idiot. Yes, he's correct about his silly musings about some detail and often sideline fiscal issues biting the west cesspit here and there. After all, he always rewrites what has already happened often removing irony, fun, and big words to please the yank simple mind. But on the whole, his blither is as annoying and so off the mark that he might as well join the BBCNN whores.

The fact that west is prolapsing and so for good has been given for 7 yrs now. Yet, no west dissenter has untangled so much. That oughtta spark suspicion either as to the acumen of these folks or their true agenda, if their ignorance is deliberate.

Not one among this west dissent elite understands that west is the chief enemy of mankind. And so beside being perhaps extraordinary web managers, they're ultimately as dangerous as the BBCNN pack of rabid whores or the misguided USA Occupy movement, which in effect deflects blame from the real criminals.


poiuytr said...

The west dissent elite believes that west was a wholesome, good, peace-loving, democratic, entity as recent as the 90s. The west dissent elite believes that some fiscal oversight driven by bankster greed is behind the west flagging econs. The west dissent elite believes that abandoning the fed claptrap would fix the west. The west dissent elite believes that west has industry and if only jobs were brought back, it could thrive and lead the planet once again. The west dissent believes elite the west riches and might was accumulated through genius of the west mind and hard work. The west dissent elite believes their einstein and NASA claptrap boasting non-existent achievements as their own. The west dissent believes elite it was Roosevelt and Churchill who won the WW2. The west dissent believes that USA/UK/France fought against Germs in WW2.

In short, the west dissent elite is silly at best or a dangerous pro-west propaganda machine.

Look at Rense. He exalts einstein. Rivero exalts W Braun and the pack of the nazis happily ignoring some 55K lives that this very bastard murdered in the underground labs. Engdahl exalts capitalism, a synonym for genocide and mass slaughter. Roberts exalts the old west regime, the very one that gave us two world wars, Dark Ages, genocide of all continents, nuclear holocaust in orbit, Bikini isles, Japan, etc.

Make no mistake, the west dissent, apart from rearranging news on their web sites, is as dangerous as the west beast itself for it's made of the same self-serving, Baltic flawed gene boasting the unique west mixture of arrogance and cretinism.

And for final the proof of my vitriolic musings here, look at the west cesspit on the whole. There is no dissent, no sense, no voice of reason whatever. Look at it yourself. A decade has gone by. West best leader today is once again a Republican. Need more be said?

Baboons are peeing their panties over Ron Paul today. It believes "change" can come from the west mainstream politicocriminal centre. Moreover, the baboon still believes there's such a thing as election. The monkey saw the testimonies of rigged ballot machines. The monkey witnessed Bush II rise to power, which circumvented democracy with an unusual flare even for the west criminals. The monkey watched comrade Obama backstab it on every single promise he made to it -- not to mention ladling more crimes on the west now infinite record. And they still believe in elections and are turning to the same "party" for some solution.

This alone demonstrates everything one needs to know about west, and the truly astonishing mental sickness the entire west is afflicted with. The baboon still doesn't understand that the only vote it can elect is the one that's cast in the west streets.

West is so amusingly silly, in fact, that folks like Rivero, Rense, and Roberts with their silly mutter and average web programming skills can shine like stars in the Milky Way next to the feted miscreant heap of the west misculture.


poiuytr said...


> Poiuytr is extraordinarily perspicacious in his assessment to the effect that Baboonistan has no dissidents. Sure, the US electorate is

Just gave a treatise on it. At the same time I am shocked that, say, in Greece there isn't a civilian-made conclave negotiating with Russia , Brazil, and China and giving the current occupying governance an ultimatum to leave and take with them the daft EUro.

> Self-opinioned, navel-gazing USians just cannot admit, or even

Yes, and resistant to tuition and impervious to self thought. The baboon is, in fact, such a creature that it believes more its governance, despite reality, than its own eyes. What can one say but a "baboon".

> Let me tell you one more thing, dear Paul Craig Roberts. Just as is the case with Noam Chomsky, your and his "beloved compatriots" are

Oh yes, Chumpsky. What a bastard. That's why I have long since forgotten this dirty shill's name. And let's recall Galloway and his embarrassing 911 about face. It's like M Jagger singing "oh you neocons are full of shit" and then going on TV apologising to Bush II and erasing the song. West, through and through, is so sickening it's fun to watch.

I've yet to hear one single laudable thing the west has done for humanity in its 2000 yrs, a challenge that's gone unanswered for some 6+ yrs.


> "We carried an undue burden for protecting the European banking system from contagion," said finance minister Michael Noonan.

No, you haven't Mr Noonan. The burden is rated per your contribution to the 4th Reich GDP. Slovaks are now paying 8B EUR for the latest bailout after their re-vote. You didn't expect you'd get some cushy little seat next to the damp rag Van Rump and his gangsters for perverting Irish democracy, did you?

This is so fantastic. Thank you, Greece! Raise your glass! It's hurting the west creatures to play their own game.

The more Greece fails the more the trapped members of the 4th Reich suffer and the closer is the beast's end, perhaps the most awaited moment in the entire history of this solar system.

Mr Noonan, tell us more of your beautiful pain, do!


poiuytr said...

> Time to change the venue? A new set of videos perhaps. We are

No confrontation meant here, but write an article too, send it in off the comment form on nationbynation.blogspot.com

Remember, this is your blog, as much as anyone else's.


> America deserves special condemnation because it masqquerades as a champion of freedom and democracy. And America is, by far, the

Yes. USA stands on a genocide of 15M people. Since then it's done nothing but sped up and widened the murder rate around the planet. In the years considered as the "Cold War" peace period, USA murdered some 30M civilians around the planet. Words like freedom, peace, democracy are like the Tesla technologies in the hands of the neanderthals, total perversion.

West takes free energy and gives us HAARP. West takes disease curing medication and it gives us mind rotting plagues. West takes the advent of language and gives us lies.

In sum, west is THE disease.

> The Occupy Wall Street movement is not much more than the Democrats' version of the Tea Party. These protestors are false flag dissidents

Yes, it's disappointing but not surprising.

But don't hang your head. Look at the movement as a measure of disgruntlement in the west, a degree of prolapse. To that end, it's perfect. Far more accurate, in fact, than any of the BBCNN whore natter.



> По моему мнение, Путин должен расстрелять их всех к черту -- подонки общества!

В моем всепокорном мнении, он делает как раз то. Не скажите павианов.


poiuytr said...

> The Euro is not collapsing on its own. America and its Anglo imperialist allies (like Britain) are murdering it.

An interesting theory hove into view. The idea behind it is the focusing on the core problem, the Euro, rather than battling the many trenches around the world that are turning to EUro while dumping the dollar.

First note, it's a theory based on econ ideals. As such, without much further analysis, it's safe to proclaim it totally false.

But with a bit of scratching the surface while recalling that the terminal west-wide rot was kicked off in 2006 with the destruction of petrodollar, it should be clear that the lack of EUro demand on the world market doesn't equal to demand for dollar. So even at a close inspection, it seems to fail on the econ level. The chief enemy of the dollar will remain out there in full force even if EUnuchia goes. And so hurting EUro today doesn't do much short term and certainly not long for USA.

But it's an interesting theory nonetheless for it may be outlining a far more sinister ideas borne of the desperate west rot.

As always, it's hard to second guess a total serial killer pedophile loon, but maybe the idea in the Pentagram is to plunge Germs and their EUnuch chummies into the mire of hyperinflation in order to, once again, equip them with knives, jackboots, uniforms, helmets, and tanks while order them eastward. Maybe the comrade Obama Asian PowerPoint roadmap contains a pretty colourful chart showing three EUnuch arrows done up in pretty ultramarine blue (how else?) penetrating Asia and encircling all her strategic targets.


> American Airlines files for bankruptcy. We expect the rest of the country to be following in their footsteps before too long.

No west business, certainly airlines, is operating without "bailout" subsidy today. This has been the case for years.


poiuytr said...

> America and its allies like Australia are deliberately provoking China.

Yes. What can the poor monkeys do now? Australia is drained of resources by China. NATO is running out of defenceless children around the planet to slake its bloodlust on. Erstwhile subordinate regimes have taken to dictating not only cash policies, but also technological and military ones.

These are very troublesome moments for west. And if they don't figure out something rather spectacular and better nowish, west goes bye bye.

And so they're freaking out courting a disaster. The rising sense of despair is amusingly palpable everywhere in west today. But what will the mokey do?

Anyone care to advise west? Perhaps we could create a think tank and advise the hapless west leaders.


> We do not in the least want to upset poiuytr in his recovery, but in these harsh times, an occasional sighting of him would do us a world

There, I have been spotted streaking by and I'm back to falling flat on me face.


> NATO to Withdraw 40,000 Troops Next Year, But War is Not Over

Now this is as unlikely as the once promised withdrawals of the past 10 yrs. It's like Iraq's withdrawal of Apr2009, Aug2010, and end of 2011.


> Icelandic parliament passes resolution making country the first in western Europe to accept Palestine as an independent state.

That's touching. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to see this storms in the cup across west, but it's as impotent and typically claptrap west as was UK's declaration of war on Germany after Germs assaulted Poland.

Just lip service behind which to hide the delight the west miscreant species draws from genocide.

poiuytr said...

> China’s yuan could overtake the US dollar as the world’s principal reserve currency as soon as next

This is perhaps why comrade Obama has reinvaded Australia and exposed their imperial blueprint for dominating Asia. This is why Japan, after its beautiful rise against the occupation following Fajita's 911 expose, was sliced in half by west and turned into a WMD.

Just consider the time frame here of this blog. These are some events! Some achievements of the Freeworld. Just the thesis on replacing the dollar is a milestone in the liberation of our planet from the greatest plague disgorged in the solar system, possibly the galaxy.

5 yrs ago, this would seem impossible. Today it's plausibility.

Raise a glass. Raise it high. Yuan or not, toast the wonderment of the west wall-to-wall terminal prolapse.


> Since the invasion of Iraq.

Good quick list. Thank you.

I'd add Canada perhaps, which ran from Bush II but was reprimaned, coup d'etated, and put back in the baboon manacles before Bush II was out.

I'd add our Greece brothers. They have singlehandedly with 3 yrs worth of sacrifice destroyed the 4th Reich child-murdering juggernaut.

I'd add Italy's burning rubbish cans and mayhem which with Spain is destroying even the pathetic vestiges of this Merkel's attempt at Hitler's wetdream.

I'd add Iraq for the civilians there have made it clear that west shall never drink her oil without exchanging it for blood.

I'd add Afghanistan, the wonderful Stalingrad-like cavern traps, which have bloodlet the west vampire might.

I'd add Martinique and other west colonies in the Caribbean that have risen against the west beast.

I'd add China and Russia for their brilliant and unwavering counteroffensive.

I'd add Serbia for their continued fight against the west fangs with the latest massive Russian citizenship application.


> Where on earth are we going with this? Have the Japanese authorities gone mad, have we, the public or is the MSM lying as never

Japan seems finished to me. I know it's a big statement but the disaster seems so giant as deliberate. Long ago, it should have all been buried. It does rather appear that Japan aggravated its occupiers beyond measure.

West claims to build anti-nuke shelters yet it's reluctant to put a nuke plant into one of these. This kind of west criminal negligence, if indeed that's all it is, is a direct assault on our planet.


poiuytr said...

> Impending war on Iran? One recent piece of news gives one pause. Out of the blue, we have CIA reporting its lost all its spies in Lebanon and Iran. No one forced them into this "confession". So this

Of west faction wars, case in point: CIA, beside the west fuhrer puppets, USA fed gang, Berlin, HRE, west BBCNN whores, genocide banksters.


> Wait, did that literally happen? A Russian TV anchor giving Obama the finger? That would be hilarious if true.

Here's a link to a picture of it:



> So it's over and done with indeed.

Yes, indeed! Such a swell brief summary of it all.

West is done. The rest is academic though interesting, and amusing. The question remains what other assaults the west commits before the lid slams shut on its coffin.

And so it's essential to laugh, highlight, and deride the west creatures as their idyll prolapses on their rumps. I call on all to write about the increasing pain of the west neanderthals as they meet jackboots, join the unemployment lines, and freeze to death on the sidewalks of their capitalist metropolises built on 2000 yrs of genocide and theft.

Some may say this is too harsh and far too sweeping a judgment. I say Falluja razing was far too sweeping death sentence to all life. I say west torture of children is too harsh.

After all, west populace cannot be spared now for it's the very backbone of the beast. And it's a willing, consciously agreeing, and deliberate force. Just look at the USA placards or UK strikes. All they complain about is their pocket. Ten years of children ripped to shreds in a dozen of nations for the fun and to propel the west love affair with madness of their troops mean nothing to them.

Many in west love blaming the odd bankster. But, though not blameless, Bush II didn't kill anyone in Iraq or Afghanistan. The murder legions of the west beast are made of the west populace. Behind each west troop, there is a viper nest cheering the bloodshed and torture. And in each west hovel spews the BBCNN whore the west racist venom and demonisation formulae against humanity and our planet. In each west BBCNN eater lives a genocide enabler, who despite the sickening truth fully shown even on his whore channels, runs off to his cubicle each day to deliberately and willingly support the very beast in its crusade against all life on our planet.

Highlight this miscreant's pathetic plight as it west idyll prolapses around it and grace it with scorn, derisive laughter, contempt, and good holiday cheer.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, poiuytr! And to you as well as to fellow bloggers, good holiday cheer.

But for heaven's sake, be careful. Falling flat on your face because you've overdone things is not at all what any of us want here for and from you. Just the occasional: Hi, I'm still alive and things are going swimmingly, would do the trick.

More and later, once we've assimilated the wealth of ideas above, your comments will be answered to the best of our ability.

Anonymous said...

Poiuytr fireworks! We watched dazzled and amazed. Exactly that has turned this blog into such a precious thing. I challenge everyone to name another site offering us anything approaching the same intellectual delight in honesty.

And now back to business as usual. More on the euro. Nibbling away, nibbling away at France and its financial credibility:

Egan-Jones downgrades France's credit rating

Ratings agency Egan-Jones on Wednesday cut its rating on debt issued by the Republic of France by one notch, citing a 21 percent increase in the country's debt in the last two fiscal years, which it called a "disastrous trend."

Anonymous said...

Poiuytr, above, your raised hour hat in honour of China and Russia for their brilliant and unwavering counteroffensive. I agree with you. And here's the latest to prove it. With all their warmongering talk about an attack on Syria followed by Iran, we hear that the highly touted US aircraft carrier George W. Bush has left Syrian waters and has actually docked in France. So it was enough for both countries to raise their voices just a bit, for Russia to send on a few ships to Syria and the US were out of there. Their rhetoric over Iran is also absolutely clear. Touch that country and a nuclear war is engaged, China has said and Russia is not far behind. The Freeworld is finally waking up to its dangers, responsibilities and duty to protect both themselves and their allies.

Anonymous said...

4th Reich backing down on Iran? Or calm before the storm?

E.U. Foreign Ministers Fail To Agree On Iran Oil Ban - 2-12-11

EU foreign ministers failed Thursday to reach an agreement to impose an oil embargo against Iran —a measure that some argued would have choked off funding for Iran's alleged program to develop nuclear weapons.

Biden: No indication Iran orchestrated embassy attack - 2.12.11

Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday he had no evidence the attack on the British embassy in Tehran was orchestrated by Iranian authorities, but it was another example of why the country was a "pariah."

Anonymous said...

@poiuytr - west dissidents are the pits. Agreed. But two points in their defence. One: there is no population in the world more brainwashed than poor westerners. So if they open both eyes and manage to glimpse something of the truth with one alone, it's a great achievement. Two: Is getting to round up its own dissidents "legally" and send them to jail or even to Guantanamo Bay. Among the "terrorist" crimes they can be charged with, again quite "legally" is that of hoarding rations for seven days in their homes. Go figure. But under these circumstances, the role of the dissident does become increasingly difficult to assume. Just wait until Paul Craig Roberts, Rense, MR and all the others are rounded up and stuck into jail. I wonder what people will have to say then.

Anonymous said...

Poiuytr's 4th Reich description above might sound excessive to some. I couldn't find a word in it which didn't fit the facts as they have been relayed to us. And then there is Nigel Farage. No one can claim that Farage is not a product of the west. Yet he for one refuses to get taken in by the glitter and gold EU Brussels has come to represent. Together, poiuytr and Farage make a formidable team. And thanks to the two of them, we might just about begin to see things in a clearer light.

Anonymous said...

Chavez: New Regional Group Revives Bolivar's Dream

"We are sentencing the Monroe Doctrine to death." - 2.12.11

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — South American independence hero Simon Bolivar once dreamed of unifying several nations as a counterweight to their powerful hemispheric neighbor, the United States.

Two centuries later, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is tapping into that legacy at a two-day summit of the Americas starting Friday. Chavez describes the new regional bloc that excludes the U.S. as a tribute to his idol, saying the time has come to put an end to U.S. hegemony.

"This is the achievement after 200 years of battle," Chavez said Thursday. "The Monroe Doctrine was imposed here: America for Americans, the Yankees. They imposed their will during 200 years, but that's enough."

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega echoed Chavez's statements, saying it's time for Latin American and Caribbean countries to ensure the policy of U.S. intervention to protect hemispheric nations, declared by President James Monroe in 1823, is never revived.

"We are sentencing the Monroe Doctrine to death," said Ortega, speaking before joining fellow presidents for the summit's opening ceremony on Friday.

Chavez also sees the nascent Community of Latin American and Caribbean States as a tool to strengthen regional integration.

"We must march toward what Bolivar called a great political body," Chavez said.

The 33-nation bloc, known by its Spanish initials CELAC, includes every country in Latin America and the Caribbean. Unlike the Washington-based Organization of American States, or OAS, it will have Cuba as a full member and will exclude the U.S. and Canada.

Cuban President Raul Castro also supported Chavez's stance as he arrived Friday, saying the creation of the new bloc is "the biggest event in 200 years."

Many Latin American leaders, however, say they see CELAC as a forum to build closer economic and political relations across the region rather than a platform for challenging U.S. policies.

Anonymous said...

West slipping into a coma, poiuytr? I very much hope so. Though their armed wings continue the insanity of their killings with so far little to check their shameless acts. At present, of course, suddenly China and Russia seem to have woken up to the dangers these armed madmen represent for their own populations and they are taking something of a stand. Well, better late than never.

And now let us look at US. Their bailout binge has cost them 7.7 trillion dollars in printed money so far and counting. And, as you point out, European central banks can now stock up on dollars to buy their own bonds back at a minimal interest rate. Still they are hard at it, destroying the rest of the world. Broke as they are, how on earth do they manage to carry on with their warlike activities?

In any case, much as I detest the NWO, one good thing they have done for us, for their own nefarious purposes, they have contributed greatly to crushing the west as part of their own personal power plans. And Russia and China, of course, helped them along, the former by nuking the dollar in 2006, the latter by turning itself with no fanfare into the number one economic hub in the world today.

I'll seriously raise my glass, poiuytr, when the wars come to an end. Perhaps I'll make an exception to this resolve at the end of the month when Iraq is finally freed in its own way from the massive burden of living cheek by jowl with US troops.

Anonymous said...

Bilderberg Leaves Rehab, Cleared to Rule the World

One of the world’s most secretive societies is emerging from the closet, blinking and shrinking at the harsh light of day, like Dracula suddenly deciding it might be safe after all to emerge from his cool dank vault at sunrise.

Sunrise is the right word. Never have the prospects for one world order seemed rosier or closer at hand. So it can be no coincidence at all that the Bilderberg Group, and its sister cabal, the Trilateral Commission, are suddenly basking in deckchairs on the lawns of public respectability.

It is my sincere conviction that we are watching the warm-up acts to prepare us all for a single world order as the orchestrated take down of the entire global economy begins to bite.

Bilderberg is not something which has been discussed on this blog if memory serves aright. But since 07;53 brought up the NWO component in world politics, perhaps a few words on them might be in order.

All west politicians in any case, all leading bankers. industrialists and journalists, etc. are part of that group. Remember Obama being caught furtively entering a Bilderberg meeting in US before the last elections? Now they have openly placed two of their own, Lucas Papademos and Mario Monti at the helm of affairs in Greece and Italy. So that puts paid to the myth of democracy once and for all. And Bilderberg has come out with a shining face, intent on public recognition. Will it be given them?

Nussiminen said...

As regards the Western baboons, they cling very dearly to their violently insane notions of moral superiority, from which follows their 'inalienable rights' to other peoples' labour output and natural resources. This world outlook is based on real, rampant Western parasitism, harking all the way back to the 16th century. And, given this highly parasitic modus vivendi prevailing among the baboons, their approval of whatever criminal outfit that's perceived -- correctly so or not -- to be propping up the West's execrable existence is a given.

Ergo: The Bilderbergs have absolutely nothing to fear from the baboons unless, of course, things start to deteriorate so badly the baboons eventually lose confidence in their beloved betters. But, even then, it's not a matter of any moral awakening whatsoever. The baboons are rotten to the core, and should they finally take the view that Big Business has failed them, Norway's Anders Behring Breivik will stand out as their shining beacon of hope and moral purity.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Nussiminen, an excellent, stinging comment. You're absolutely right to qualify Western attitudes as an expression of their centuries old "rampant Western parasitism". Their attitude towards the Bilderberg wanna be masters of the world was also well spotted. Poor Breivik, have you seen, he's been declared "insane"? Expect him to be out and about in a few years from now.

Anonymous said...

Done deal: Russia supplies cruise missiles to Syria - 3.12.11

Fulfilling a contract signed in 2007, Russia has supplied Bastion coastal missile systems with Yakhont cruise missiles to Syria under a contract signed in 2007, a diplomatic source in Moscow has told Russian media.

Objecting to Western fears that the defensive weapons system will fall into the hands of terrorist groups, a diplomatic source says that Moscow has fulfilled its obligations as laid out in the five-year-old contract.

Anonymous said...

Poiuytr, a few short comments on what you wrote above. @06h46 you state "Japan seems finished to me". Why is that exactly? I mean that is the message we've been getting constantly from the MSM and even more so from the alternative media. Is it Jeff Rense who's convinced you how bad things are? Fulford, I know you don't think highly of him, but he does live in Tokyo after all, has often said things had been greatly exaggerated in the matter of Fukushima. And our own Rising Horus also seemed to be of this opinion. Hence my question.

Also, no think tanks for the west on our part, thank you. They've got enough of such mad things of their own.

The currency wars: we tend to differ on the matter apparently. Well, time will tell.

About Occupy you wrote something like let's take it as "a degree of prolapse" and be happy with what they're doing. In a similar spirit, I'd plead that west dissidents could also be regarded as representing the ongoing prolapse and they should also find at least limited acceptance in our eyes.

Anonymous said...

Here is the Pentagon giving out some casualty figures for their combat troops. No country is mentioned.

More US Soldiers Committed Suicide Than Died in Combat in 2010 & 2009 - 3.12.11

For the second year (2010) in a row, more US soldiers killed themselves (468) than died in combat (462).

Now was this in Iraq, was this in Afghanistan? If the latter, it sounds wholly made up. For the month of November 2011 alone, the AR have announced a total of 840 deaths among US and NATO troops. But keep an eye on the suicides, also a false figure no doubt. Still it will come in handy when the real figures are finally revealed.

Anonymous said...

The US Is Sending 4 Of These State Of The Art Destroyers To Join The Contested European Missile Shield

Despite chest-pounding Russian protests, the US is moving ahead with plans to install a missile defense shield to protect NATO European territory, and has committed four of its 60 Arleigh Burke-class destroyers to sit off the coast of Spain.

Geoff Ziezulewicz of Stars and Stripes reports that the ships will deploy to the 6th fleet in Rota, and bring with them a full Lockheed Martin Aegis combat system with a long list of heavy ordnance and a "detect to kill" radar array.

The radar system, and the ability to send missiles to destroy incoming ballistic missiles, is what the Russians are so upset about.

Anonymous said...

The US Is Sending 4 Of These State Of The Art Destroyers To Join The Contested European Missile Shield

Despite chest-pounding Russian protests, the US is moving ahead with plans to install a missile defense shield to protect NATO European territory, and has committed four of its 60 Arleigh Burke-class destroyers to sit off the coast of Spain.

Geoff Ziezulewicz of Stars and Stripes reports that the ships will deploy to the 6th fleet in Rota, and bring with them a full Lockheed Martin Aegis combat system with a long list of heavy ordnance and a "detect to kill" radar array.

The radar system, and the ability to send missiles to destroy incoming ballistic missiles, is what the Russians are so upset about.

Anonymous said...

On the one hand, Iran claims it shot down a US RQ-170 Sentinel drone over its airspace. On the other, it has issued the following warning about the price of oil:

Iran Says Oil Would Go Over $250 If Exports Blocked - 4.12.11

Iran's Foreign Ministry believes that if the West seriously considered blocking Tehran's ability to export oil, the global price of crude would more than double.

Some will be rubbing their hands in glee, those who've placed bets on just such an outcome.

Anonymous said...

Russia to send observers to Kosovo to protect Serbs

The First Deputy Speaker of the Russian Federation Council (the parliament’s upper house) Alexander Torshin says that Russia must closely watch the situation in Kosovo and help ethnic Serbs who are being persecuted by the Kosovo authorities.

Russia draws a line in the sand à la Bush Senior?

Anonymous said...

Rival Militias in Libya Wage Turf Battles, Defy Interim Government

Rival militias about 10 miles west of Libya’s capital clashed violently over the weekend, ending with the death of one local official and the destruction of a militia base to rubble.

Libya’s new government has still not been able to assert control over the country, as armed gangs and militias – formerly America’s freedom fighters – defiantly wage turf wars and destabilize the new interim government a mere two months after Mummar Gadhafi’s death.

So, "progress" in Libya now translates as a true civil war?!?

Anonymous said...

Russia's Parliamentary Elections in brief:

Putin’s United Russia Wins Elections 52% second comes the Communist Party 20% , Zhirinovsky’s Liberal Democratic Party of Russia came third with 14%...

Bravo Putin! It's down from the 61% the last time round. It's still an excellent score.

poiuytr said...

> Touch that country and a nuclear war is engaged, China has said and Russia is not far behind. The Freeworld is finally waking up to its dangers, responsibilities and duty to protect both themselves and

Yes, this is new also. 5 yrs ago, the only nation threatening WW3 was Bush II's USA. In fact, he repeated it quite often each time he ran out of thoughts in public. Today, WW3 is threatened by others.

West has even lost the monopoly on threatening the bringing about the end of the world if they don't get their brat way.

What's west got left?


> 4th Reich backing down on Iran? Or calm before the storm?

Backing down is my bet. Herr Merkel has been more than adamant about comrade Obama's vitriolic stand against Iran. There's probably two good reasons for that. One, she's about to implement Hitler's wetdream and WW3 could mare that. Two, she understands her 4th Reich experiment is well within range.


poiuytr said...

> there is no population in the world more brainwashed than poor westerners. So if they open both eyes and manage to glimpse something of the truth with one alone, it's a great achievement. Two: Is getting

That's the one-eyed leading the blind proverb, isn't it? And right, that's sort of what I tried to say, there is no dissent. It hardly matters whether the cretinism is due to harsh brainwashing techniques, being illiterate like effectively 30% of USA, or due to deliberate ignorance. The result's the same: no dissent.

> to round up its own dissidents "legally" and send them to jail or even to Guantanamo Bay. Among the "terrorist" crimes they can be

Right, or whether it's due to fear. The result's the same: no dissent.

Notice that Engdahl and Roberts are both USA mainscream TV figures. It's unlikely any real dissent or anyone truly representing the truth or danger to the west system could ever get a millisecond of the west airwaves. In fact, if they're making TV in west, they're proven to be harmless.

> Just wait until Paul Craig Roberts, Rense, MR and all the

I don't know. Each nation has to find its own line. 3000 USAns were burnt in the WTC for the pleasure of their betters and to pave way to total madness. As far as politics go, everything following that mass slaughter has been nothing but crime. It seems the murder of 3K should be enough to spark a good revolt. But the baboons have collectively decided that that's not the line just yet. They're getting kicked, sprayed in their faces now. A few of the street dissenters have been killed by now. They're out of work and going hungry. Their towns are ghost cities. Still, none of this means anything. The baboon still believes that someone will kiss it all better and now the monkey's reaching its paws to yet another Republican, a matter that cannot even be explained with any known psychological disorder.

Greeks went on a general offensive made of street dissent and general strike solidarity lasting now 3 yrs following the state murder of 1 single teenager. Is the baboon 3K times dumber, slower, or just more tolerant?

Italians are banding together in organised chaos and strikes against just austerities.

Note that even in drawing the line how far the people can be abused is deeply retarded in the baboon planes.

> others are rounded up and stuck into jail. I wonder what people will have to say then.

One might say by then that it would be too late to talk. But not in USA. There'll be no response because the mixture of brainwashing with fluoride, flu vaccines, mercury vaccines, aspertame diet, TV mind-eating flicker, chemtrails, daily fanatical religious rites in USA schools, etc has rendered the baboon impotent both in thought and action.


poiuytr said...

> Together, poiuytr and Farage make a formidable team. And thanks to the two of them, we might just about begin to see things in a

That's a fun thought. Unfortunately, Nigel isn't comprehensive in his critique. He's entertaining in the expose of the 4th Reich and his summaries of Van Rump, but the 4th Reich is just a tiny, laughable, harmless bit of west.

Maybe Nigel only comments on what he's paid to work on but one would think that someone with such reach could do a bit more. Loondon77, D Kelly, UK tortures, UK quantitative easing/or grand theft, etc... there's quite a bit he could be speaking on beyond the 4th Reich deformation. But... it's good to see at least that...

In general, so there's no doubts here. I'm thankful for these moments like with Nigel and Rense, Rivero's etc work. But dissent? Unless it's comprehensive exposing the disease in all its folds, it smacks of some constrained agenda or ignorance.


> It is my sincere conviction that we are watching the warm-up acts to prepare us all for a single world order as the orchestrated take

I'm certain that's the idea within NWO or certainly it used to be. But I don't see it.

It's clear that Herr Merkel is likely to get her Hitler's wetdream, total 4th Reich under Berlin. The destruction of EUro has made Berlin's "EU Treaty Change" a 99% certainty and without a doubt the changes are going be these: local member governances are stripped of power to sell bonds or make budgets without approval of Berlin; and Berlin will get the power to tax all members as it pleases. Like USA, 4th Reich members will taxed twice. No question this is underway and is going to happen now, accompanied with many rubbish cans burning.

But I'd like to remind Bilderberg or the Trilatteral clowns that EUnuchia and USA and Australia, OK and New Zealand, OK OK, and the occupied lands isn't the globe. There's still 90% of the planet out there rather unwilling to dance to the west gumflap muzak.

I don't see how Bilderberg or anyone secret or overt is going to convince anyone beyond the immediate west borders of falling in line.

> Bilderberg is not something which has been discussed on this blog

Neither 3lateral com, skull/bones, illuminati, and so on. But we've repeatedly debated the lizards, haven't we? Why split hairs?


poiuytr said...

> As regards the Western baboons, they cling very dearly to their violently insane notions of moral superiority, from which follows

Yes. This excerpt is from some AP baboon writer:

"China wants to convert some of its mountain of U.S. government debt into investment in renovating American roads and subways, the commerce minister said Friday."

I hope everyone's having a good laugh at the disease that's innate to west, their insane notions of moral superiority.

Look at the spin. It's priceless. Not only they owe China everything they own but now they're spinning China's play for USA assets as some sort of westernisation of China and "renovation" of USA infrastructure. It couldn't get any more diseased in the monkey's head. Yet here it is. They print it and the other baboons read it shaking skulls in agreement that China is at last becoming an "adult" as comrade said.

It's priceless being able to spin total abject loss of property due to unsolvable debt into having infrastructure renovated.

Watch Chinese toll booths go up on USA roads. Hopefully they'll charge the baboon in yuans.

BTW, the same is happening on the other side of the Atlantic. China's going for the infrastructure.


poiuytr said...

> parasitism, harking all the way back to the 16th century. And, given

Indeed. It's funny but the Americas didn't exist until they were discovered by their Columbus.

It's this kind of claptrap that speaks volumes about the west psychotic mind.

West thinks it invented arches, architecture, boats, maps, etc. It's totally absurd as all things west.

> then, it's not a matter of any moral awakening whatsoever. The
baboons are rotten to the core, and should they finally take the view that Big Business has failed them, Norway's Anders Behring Breivik

This is very troublesome point you're bringing up. The grand irony of it all perhaps.

There will come a time when baboons realise that Bush II meant well and was, after all, the biggest yank of all times. There will come a time when even the street Occupy baboons will understand that USA never had any industry but war and dollar monopoly with which it raped the world in perpetuity. There will be a moment when all baboons realise that their erstwhile comfort was made of genocide and nothing else. They'll stop gibbering about pointless nonsense like bringing jobs back to revive industries, or regulating Wall Street a bit more, and so on.

At that point, they'll all happily line up in the old goose-step march, with the "dissent" Riveros, Renses, Roberts boys in the lead behind the Bush II/comrade Obama's wars against the planet. I think there may come a day when we'll see the biggest ultra right radicalisation across the whole of the west when it finally dawns on the west creatures their days of world rape are numbered.

Perhaps that's why west betters are aiding the west rot instead of postponing it. Unemployment, hunger, anger, and the unmatched cretinism of the baboon species all play into the hand of vast west militarisation against the planet.

That said, even if all baboons join their betters in the chorus of WW3 threats, it solves nothing for west.


poiuytr said...

> state "Japan seems finished to me". Why is that exactly? I mean that is the message we've been getting constantly from the MSM and even

I don't know MSM views. But even if it's all true. In other words, the nuke disaster doesn't have to be 40X worse or whatever Rense index shows, and it's genocide. Look at vids from Tokyo, people holding Geiger counters to the pavement. It's everywhere and concentrated around Japan forever.

My first conviction of crime came when USA, hours after the plant started its meltdown, said they had delivered the much promised coolant, which was, of course, a lie.

And if we go before March, before this 10 month direct irradiation period of tens of millions, the USA fiscal assault was quite evident as were the reasons for it.

Without war, it seems that Japan is not likely to get rid of the USA nuke-based occupation.

> but he does live in Tokyo after all, has often said things had been greatly exaggerated in the matter of Fukushima. And our own Rising

Well Fulford... what can one say? Aside from his faux pas with Ninjas vs. Illuminati comix tales, I don't think a meltdown(s) can be exaggerated. It's a matter of stats once the unstable fuel is out of the bottle. There is no escape from it and each day that Japan fails to contain it in whatever manner the stats are increasing for everyone on this planet. Proximity, # of meltdowns all increases the stats. Nothing else to this death game. It cannot be exaggerated. And the next generations of the irradiated will attest to it.

It would be interesting if Fulford said something like that the meltdowns never happened or that the plant is fine or that never was a plant to begin with and so on, but "exaggeration" or a meltdown, that's just silly rubbish. That's like arguing that the danger of playing the Russian Roulette with only 1 bullet is greatly exaggerated.

> Also, no think tanks for the west on our part, thank you. They've got enough of such mad things of their own.

That was tongue in cheek. I just think that the west is in so much pile of manure it would be fun to highlight it by trying to help it out of it. It's just a jape for there is no way out, it would just underscore the loss of west options.


poiuytr said...

> For the second year (2010) in a row, more US soldiers killed themselves (468) than died in combat (462).

This is so ridiculous, it's funny. Again, all #s and letters and phrases and things west are 100% BS.

If these #s were true then it would mean that serving in warzones is statistically safer for yanks than driving down their roads.

But still they don't mind the insulting degree of lies and go ahead and print it and the baboons read it. It's a touching symbiosis. It's like that 2 metre hole in a building and Bush II saying it was a Boeing that did it. He didn't even have to explain how the plane would've had to fold its wings with engines to squeeze in through that before it proceeded to vanish into thin air, for the baboon to accept the fairytale nonsense as reality.


poiuytr said...

> Russia's Parliamentary Elections in brief:

It's unthinkable to replace the head of the counteroffensive during the final war on this planet.

Imagine the Russian subterfuge effort west is tearing into via NGOs and other channels right now.

Anonymous said...

Good news for the free world

- Mr. Putin on his way back.

- Ballistic Missiles able to target aircraft carriers at Supersonic Attack speed. Another heartwarming achievement by Persia's engineers.

- Russian E-Commerce Market on its way to #1 in Europe surpassing the German market. Yes, life is increasingly unkind to western vermin.

- British Embassy stormed, sacked and humiliated by the 'natives.' Will their be a retaliatory British expedition?? Don't hold your breath! LOL.

We have said it on NBN before. Nothing is certain in life except death and taxes. Nothing is clearer than "west is the disease."


Anonymous said...

Italy unveils painful $40.3B austerity plan

ROME: Prime Minister Mario Monti unveiled a $40.3 billion package of austerity measures on Sunday, raising taxes and increasing the pension age in a drive to shore up Italy's strained finances and stave off a crisis that threatens to overwhelm the eurozone.

Packed into a single emergency decree which comes into effect before formal parliamentary approval, the measures followed growing pressure for sweeping measures to restore confidence in the eurozone's third-largest economy.

Monti said the package, divided between 20 billion euros of budget measures over 2012-14 and a further 10 billion euros in measures to boost growth, was painful but necessary. "We have had to share the sacrifices, but we have made great efforts to share them fairly," he told a news conference, in which he said he had renounced his own salary as prime minister and economy minister.

Deputy Economy Minister Vittorio Grilli said the package should ensure that Italy met its target of a balanced budget by 2013 despite an expected 0.4-0.5 per cent contraction in the economy next year and zero growth in 2013.

In a mark of the emotional impact of the cuts, Welfare Minister Elsa Fornero broke down in tears as she announced an end to inflation indexing on some pension bands, a move that will mean an effective income cut for many retired people.

The measures come before one of the most crucial weeks since the creation of the single currency more than a decade ago, with European leaders due to meet on Thursday and Friday in Brussels.

Italy, with stagnant growth and a public debt of around 120 per cent of gross domestic product, has been at the centre of Europe's debt crisis since yields on its 10-year bonds shot up to around 7 per cent.

Adoption of the package is seen as vital for re-establishing Italy's shattered credibility with financial markets.

Unions said the cuts will hit poorer workers and pensioners disproportionately hard, but there was little sign of serious political opposition to Monti's plan.

Anonymous said...

Russia is moving back into Cuba with arms production deal.

How long before Russia missiles threaten America in a replay of the Cuban Missile Criss?

Russian arms in US backyard: Back in Cuba

Anonymous said...

"Baboons are peeing their panties over Ron Paul today."

Ron Paul is a pied piper propagandist for American right wingers and other nationalists/fascists.

Anonymous said...

> raising taxes and increasing the pension age in a drive to shore up Ita

I hope you join in me in side-splitting laughter here. And cheers to this!

Raising pension age? The young workers are 50% unemployed as it is. 60, 64, 73, 75, or 200, it makes no difference. If there's no jobs, there's no retirement age.

Only west could produce comedy of such calibre.

If that's not enough, imagine a 75 yr old engineer squinting at a computer juggling magnifying glasses. Or a 73 yr old nurse's shaking rheumatic hands leaning on a walker trying to find someone's vein to stick an IV in it.

(poiuytr not signed in)

Anonymous said...

re: Western parasites

America in particular is not only an economic parasite on the global economy, as Putin said, but the USA always accuses other countries of its own crimes.

The American economy has always been based upon exploiting and sucking the resources and wealth out of other nations. Dollar Imperialism is one example that no one talks about--including people here.

But the more America rapes the world economically, the more America--in its typical Orwellian manner--claims to be threatened by other nations and portrays them as an economic "threat"! You see this with the "Japan bashing" of the 1980s and now the anti-China demogoguery that defines the USA and West today.

This is part of the demonization propaganda that Euro-Americans instinctively push.

The worst of course are White people of all political stripes--even the supposed anti-Western "critics" like this website.

Putin says U.S. is "parasite" on global economy

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: How the U.S. Uses Globalization to Cheat Poor Countries Out of Trillions

America: Host or Parasite?

Anonymous said...

Fulford is a phoney. Here's where Amerislobs get their stupid ideas-

Not an original thought in the whole bloated ignoramisdome.

Anonymous said...

Qatar after its so-called successes in Libya has now decided it's attained the status of junior superpower. Take a look at this:

Russia downgrades relations with Qatar over attack on ambassador: Airport security and customs officials beat up Russian Ambassador Vladimir Titorenko and two other Russian diplomats on November 29 in an attempt to seize the diplomatic dispatch the ambassador was carrying on a return trip from Jordan.

Even the west which has few scruples generally speaking would hesitate to make a move of this sort,

Anonymous said...

And so as not to forget our favourite prolapse saga, which country has a debt to GDP ratio of 1.000 per cent? You got it. Yes, it's Great Britain. And where it thinks it's going from here is anyone's guess.

Anonymous said...

S&P piles pressure on Franco-German EU budget plan

PARIS | Mon Dec 5, 2011

PARIS (Reuters) - The leaders of France and Germany agreed a master plan involving treaty change on Monday to impose budget discipline across the euro zone as a top rating agency piled on pressure for a rapid solution to the EU debt crisis.

Standard & Poor's said it had told 15 of the 17 euro zone countries, including Germany, France and four others with the top AAA credit rating, that it might downgrade them en masse within 90 days, depending on the outcome of a crucial EU summit on Friday.

President Nicolas Sarkozy and Chancellor Angela Merkel said their proposal included automatic penalties for governments that fail to keep their deficits under control, and an early launch of a permanent bailout fund for euro states in distress.

They said they wanted treaty change to be agreed in March and ratified after France wraps up presidential and legislative elections in June. "We need to go fast," Sarkozy said.

Italy, the biggest euro zone nation in trouble, offered a glimmer of hope that the bloc could halt a crisis that is threatening the survival of the common currency. Its borrowing costs tumbled after its new technocrat government announced an austerity program.

French Finance Minister Francois Baroin said S&P's move did not take into account Sarkozy and Merkel's announcement.

After about two hours of talks with Merkel in Paris, Sarkozy told a joint news conference: "What we want ... is to tell the world that in Europe the rule is that we pay back our debts, reduce our deficits, restore growth."

Merkel added: "This package shows that we are absolutely determined to keep the euro as a stable currency and as an important contributor to European stability."

Anonymous said...

One often tends to think the Muslim world has the most amount of traitors per square kilometre. Well, now we see Russia catching up with them at a breathtaking rate.

A demo against Putin. Russian police charged with using violence. Accusations of rigged elections raining down. Concern being expressed from all sides by the high morality west. Wonderful!

Well, Putin had warned us well in advance that such things were only to be expected. Rest assured, if any rigging there was, it was on the part of the west which are past masters at the whole thing in any case from within their own countries. And the Russian police were violent, were they? Any such adjective used in MSM about US police behaviour towards their Occupy protesters which has already led to the death of several persons.

Ugh, mark my words, all this is going to end up by backfiring against the people behind it. Keep an eye on Afghanstan in coming days as Russia strengthens its stance on the supply lines.

Anonymous said...

S&P to put AAA Eurozone countries on creditwatch negative: The Financial Times reported that the credit rating agency, Standard and Poor's placed the six remaining AAA Eurozone countries on creditwatch negative. Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria, Finland and Luxembourg are the countries put on watch for a possible downgrade.

Anonymous said...

Did they think, that the Elite wouldn`t target this kind of money?

The Norwegian Bilderberger Scam - 1
” If you live in Norway remember: You have all this money, you are not in financial crises as your government tells you and you should look out for vultures circling the skies. And there’s an explanation called : Oil.

The Norwegian Crown Prince attends the Bilderberger meetings frequently. ( 2011 )

If one studies the list of 2011 one will find that: Oil, finance and Social Media is well represented. And so are the usual suspects.
One could use sense of logic or intuition and maybe come to the conclusion that part of the agenda was to manipulate the Oil prize, a strategy for Gadhafi, and tighten the Internet surveillance agenda.

Since the meeting Facebook has come up with new “ innovative “ ideas for voluntary being spied on, Apple launched its “ iCloud “ and so on. And of course to come up with a further and ongoing plan to push P.I.G.S over the economic cliff, as soon as they are sucked dry of the very last Euro and the middle class in Europe, has gone into further economic slavery. PIGS, is a term used by the financial market. PIGS are: Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain.

Back to the Bilderberger Norway design and Royalty and Oil. A most toxic mix.

Did you know that Norway is one of the strongest economies in the world ?

People in Norway certainly don’t. Norway is richer that Bahrain. And yet, austerity measures are imposed on the Norwegian people, with cuts in their welfare system. In fact, Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world to live in, as for: Food, housing, and general necessities.

Norway has estimated 3.100 trillion crowns in her Oil Foundation. That equals 533.200.000.000 US $. That’s about: 106.640 US $ for each person in Norway. Now I´m not a number geek, but this is a lot.

Did they think, that the elite wouldn’t target this kind of money? Think again. Well, the Matrix cant start a war on the grounds of “ implementing democracy”, because they kind of have one already (why is there royalty in democracies), so they have to snatch it with other strategies. The Money is placed in a construction called The Government Pension Fund. Clever name. Their Minister of Finance Sigbjoerg Johnsen set it off about 15 years ago.

What has all this to do with the Crown Prince?

A lot. On the Bilderberger meeting he will find sweet, sweet relatives as Queen Beatrix of Holland, That’s Shell. Be-a-matrix, is one of the richest people in the world, and has a heart for the people and countries she exploits, about as warm as an ice cream stand on the North Pole.
I really don’t know how the Matrix succeeded, especially in Scandinavia and The European continent, to convince the public that Royalty doesn’t own a nickel.

That’s the opinion of the media and is presented as: The truth to the struggling public.
In UK they at least know, well some do, that The Queen owns 1/6 of the planets surface based land, that’s approx. worth £17,600,000,000,000. And still she thinks she’s so poor that she applies for poverty help to shine up her palaces!
In Denmark where I live, we are not granted insights to The Royal Family’s fortune, that’s: Against the law. Very democratic. So I guess that royalty has to be in on it, one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

Bilderberg Scam - 2

If the Norwegians think, that Håkon is watching DVD´s in his room while the Bilderberger´s discuses economy, they are about to enter a stupid mans trap.
Let me go back to The Government Pension Fund :
The Prime Minister of Norway Stoltenberg is of course Bilderberger, and so is their Minister of Finance Sigbjoern (Sigbjørn) Johnsen.

He states to the media and the people of Norway: “ The fund is set to finance daycare and care for the elder. And so the fund will do well to all the people of Norway eventually. The money in the fund belongs to the people of Norway, and the political system will administer it “. Very social and democratic. Such a wonderful person.
But, big surprise: He went shopping in London: Norway byes Regent Street. Kind of a long trip in the morning, with the little ones, or a visit to granny.

Then they bought some of Champs-Elysees: Norway buys $1 billion of real estate. And that’s just two, shopping tours, but what´s interesting is, that it´s Illuminate Strongholds, they are buying.
Who benefits?

Just a tiny example : There is currently a waiting list in Oslo counting 3100 kids, who needs daycare. So I think its fair to say, that the money isn`t taking that direction.
Norway supports the Gates Vaccine foundation with 4 billion.
And what have we in Norway on Svalbard ?
Another Bilderberg construction, closely tied in with Bill Gates and that bunch: The Doomsday Vault.

The Crown Prince is a key person of the Al Gore Co2 agenda in Norway. Why is The Crown Prince interesting: He´s got the sympathy of the Norwegian people, and he’s promoting the Bilderberger designs to the public. And in Norway as maybe for the rest of Scandinavia, people look up to royalty and tend to engage in their belief system.

I think that Norway is being robbed blind. I´m not saying that Håkon is the robber here, but his buddies are, and they wouldn`t be his buddies if here were standing in their way. Thats a club rule.
Royalty do what is does best in the social conditioning program of the Elite : They promote, and is not seen as being the Elite itself, economically.

If you live in Norway remember:
You have all this money, you are not in financial crises as your government tells you and you should look out for vultures circling the skies.

The Norwegian rabbit hole goes very deep, and is very sinister.


( The week after the 2011 Bilderberg meeting Soros visited Oslo and Prime Minister Stoltenberg. About a month later the Oslo bombing took place. )

poiuytr said...

> Merkel added: "This package shows that we are absolutely determined to keep the euro as a stable currency and as an

Just read this. Is this poss? How is this not a sarcastic threat? West can't even issue statements anymore.

And so our beloved 4th Reich moves to tightening the nazi noose around the necks of all the entrapped fools.

Herr Merkel will settle for nothing less now than total control over the budgets of all members. Of course, though very harmless sounding this means everyone now goosesteps as Berlin wishes.

But what after Berlin gets its ein Fuhrer or "golden rule" diktat as Sharkozy with the charming ultra-right fat old lady call it? What happens then?

EUnuchs, as it is, can't even sanction Iran for fear of immediate peripheral oil death. If they can't do this, how will EUnuchs hope to actually hit Iran or anyone with a bit of arsenal?

What will the Fuhrer do with the pathetic assembly of already pretty angry EUnuchia?

It's truly funny how the west's options have shrunk to just a few amusing scenarios.

If they choose to stay in their rancid status quo, perhaps while consolidating NWO powers across the anemic west lands with games we're laughing at in EUnuchia, they'll prolapse terminally with no hope to reconvene for a very long time.

If they choose to throw around their weight and keep pushing the buttons, they'll irk someone large enough, like Iran, to make their prolapse a slightly hasty matter.

Iran is capable of taking the cash hit just to burn the west rump with self-imposed oil embargo. As such you can see the comedy in west's tries to impose sanction on Iran.

And if west decides for war then it'll prolapse in a blaze of lightnings.

All west's options only concern its terminal and unavoidable prolapse today, nothing else. There isn't even the slightest hope on the horizon for west now.

What on earth is die Fuhrerlein gonna do with the hapless EUnuchia?


poiuytr said...

Advice From the 1%

A little strange musing appeared on bloomberg. Perhaps it can shine a bit of light on the question often raised: what is this baboon creature?

Here's some bits of it.

> The rabble has been driven from the public parks. Our adversaries, now defined by the freaks and criminals among them, have demonstrated only that they have no idea what they are doing. They have failed to identify a single achievable goal.

Yes, they're laughing at the baboon. Change? No Child Left Behind? They're all little jokes showered by the betters on the daft baboon skulls and the monkey doesn't even get they lizards are laughing at it.

> Now, we’ll never know: The Lower 99’s notion of an attack on Wall Street is to stand around hollering at the New York Stock Exchange. The stock exchange!

Though not even pretending to unravel the criminally-psychopathic brain of the 1%, it seems odd that the movement's thusfar failed to mature into something a bit more wholesome.

That said, taking their tents and pushing them out of the parks with bulldozers changes very little. West is out of cash. West middle class baboon is more extinct than the blue whale. The baboon youth is terminally unemployed while it leverages 1T USD bubble in unpaid loans to the west mindrape education system. In other words, hunger movement cannot be swept away with batons and just cause the 1% is celebrating the cleaning of the NYC sit-in, don't for a second think west isn't unavoidably headlong for a wall-to-wall crushing prolapse.

> There’s a reason the Lower 99 currently lack leadership: Anyone with the ability to organize large numbers of unsuccessful people has been diverted into Wall Street jobs, mainly in the analyst programs at

Now, this is interesting. They're given day-care centre jobs to baboons with organisation abilities. Note that the baboons are taking them and thus selling out, for a bit of stale bread, their ideals. Well, such is the baboon, no surprise on either end. Note that all of west, top, bottom, however sliced, is sickness to the core. Prostitution, in fact, is west's only honourable trait.

> theirs. Fearing for their lives, the Lower 99 will surely become ever more desperate and troublesome. Complaints from our membership about their personal behavior are already running at post-French Revolutionary highs.

Is the 1% growing concerned then? Could this be? Could the few tents pitched up around Baboonarium be enough to make the lizard concerned, perchance frightened? This is an interesting indicator. As the Occupy walks indicate the degree of USA prolapse, lines like these indicate the growing fear of the hungry baboon packs prowling city parks.

If this is only half-indicative of the fear invading the west child-murdering lizard club, the baboon Occupy movement has been a resounding success.


poiuytr said...

> The Lower 99 is a ticking bomb that can’t be defused. They may be

Indeed, a nice achievement there by the Occupy folks.

> They may turn their anger on others -- immigrants for instance, or the federal government -- and we can encourage them to do so. They may

Yes, it would be odd if the west juntas weren't trying to harness the building angst across the west cesspit. This is touched on above.

This can become very troublesome for the very west folks burning west effigies in the streets of these popular movements could one day be turned into a massive WMD at the disposal of the very beast that has raped it unimaginable. The very same radicalised movement could be turned and sicced on our planet one day.

This is Hitler. He preferred radical leftist to centrist thinkers for with a bit of prod, be it via poverty or a carefully touched up speech, they can be turned into radical right.

I think ultra-right radicalisation of the west creatures is huge possibility as west slips deeper into its anemic coma.

> Hence our committee’s conclusion: We must be able to quit American society altogether, and they must know it. For too long we have simply

Yes, that much has also been clear for years. That'd be phase III, won't it? In the 2nd one they hoard up -- via bailout heists/public assets sales/agenda 21/BS like wind power/etc -- assets under one rule. The 3rd one is the end of west. They'll dump it, create chaos in which they'll run. Setting off bombs behind them will ensure the baboons are too busy to follow. Whether the bombs will remain local like in Loonden77 or 911 or they'll be crossing continental shelves remains to be seen.

> Ordinary Greeks seldom harass their rich, for the simple reason that they have no idea where to find them. To a member of the Greek Lower

Odd, a simple list of addresses should change this, shouldn't it?

The whole article is here:


poiuytr said...

7/12/11 06:46 -- Thanks for the Norway stuff.

It's funny how it's all in the open in west. This is no secret stuff here. Bilderbergs, Skull&Bones... hell, not long ago at least half the baboons cast vote for a Skull&Boner.

The west betters have now taken to laughing at their subjects and their growing poverty. They joke about austerity and laugh about their powers to crush or manipulate the pathetically poor west sods.

And the west populaces are perfectly pleased with it. Half of them ignoring it still for they're like those hear-nothing, see-nothing, say-nothing monkeys. The other half still believes in some "democracy" or "market" solutions to their demise completely misunderstanding that never has west been anything but the brutal assembly of the beast itself wreaking in perpetuity havoc around our otherwise beautiful planet.

It's astounding how the west hoards of neanderthals are still paying the BBCNN fees to drink their sewage pumped from satellites into their prolapsed hovels and how they're still willing to blame someone overseas for their troubled days.

It's this out of this world neanderthalism that is innate to the west Baltic miscreants that makes the west terminal prolapse so amusing and enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

I did like the snippets from the Bloomberg article with poiuytr's pithy comments tacked on-

Our one NBN problem perhaps is our impatience. We talk about austerity. A few countries apart, hardly anything of that austerity is palpable elsewhere. Take that Norway article, for instance, the one example of austerity given there was a waiting list for day care involving some 3010 kids. Now what kind of example of great suffering is that? The prolapse is there, but the welfare state is still holding its own in many places. Let's bear that in mind and arm ourselves with patience.

Anonymous said...

'White House pushes to weaken Iran sanction'

The Obama administration is pressuring Congress to ease the potential impact of crippling sanctions on Iran's Central Bank, arguing that the restrictions will drive up oil prices and wind up being a boon for Tehran and its pursuit of a nuclear weapon.

In a plea to House and Senate negotiators writing a broad defense bill, the administration has asked for substantive changes to a provision that would target foreign financial institutions that do business with the Central Bank of Iran, including a six-month delay for all the penalties. But the chief sponsors of the sanctions, which the Senate resoundingly backed last week on a 100-0 vote, are resisting the request.

Sanity speaking at long last, doublespeak or schizophrenia? Soften the sanctions to preserve the price of oil at its present levels and yet make physical war on Iran? Don't they think that act will push the price of oil skywards?

Anonymous said...

Give the west populations time, give them time. Here, this is serious:

Over 46 Million Americans On Foodstamps For The First Time Ever: Since the start of the Second Great Depression, food stamp participation has increased by 18.7 million, and is now at an all time higher 46.3 million.

No wonder, then, that US Occupy along with the Greeks are the most determined to make their voices heard. The prolapse has come faster than anyone of us imagined. The insurrections will be speeding up in 2012. Take that as written in stone.

Anonymous said...

Occupy Germany Is Antiwar (Excerpt from their manifesto) - 6.12.11

In the area of foreign policy we are witnesses of ever more escalating military conflicts and interventions in the name of »Western Democracy«, while internally we are being confronted with overarching surveillance in every sphere of life and increasing police violence. Political decision-making processes become more and intransparent and withdraw themselves from democratic control.

War-mongering is a well-tried tool to use fueled conflicts to distract the public from internal problems.

In light of the dispute over Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons program, threats of a possible military attack against Iran, especially in the U.S. media and in Europe are expressed more openly now. This is especially true for the Republican candidate to the U.S. Presidential Elections in 2012.

The sanctions imposed by the British government against Iran and the withdrawal of the British ambassador to Tehran are further evidence that there is less and less interest in finding a diplomatic solution to the conflict. Also, it is important to note that Russia and China both maintain very close trade relations to Iran. Both countries have signalled openly that they would intervene in the conflict should it escalate further.

At the same time, sanctions against Syria are tightened and rebel forces are supported with weapons. In Syria we see the same severe conflicts of interest with Russia and China.

It is a known fact that by now the Libyan »Transitional Council« (an administrative instance supported by Western governments) collaborates with armed groups in Syria. It is becoming clearer that armed opponents of the Syrian regime receive massive support from abroad, just as before in Libya. We condemn the Western governments’ intentions to intervene and disturb the processes of social change taking place in these countries to gain justification for an eventual military intervention.

After occupying Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya now NATO seems to have laid their eyes on Syria and Iran as the next targets for a forceful change of regime. International efforts to find a peaceful solution at the negotiating table are being nipped in the bud. This type of politics has already resulted in countless victims of war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and has brought massive destruction of infrastructure and ecosystems over these countries.

Mainly big Western corporations profited from the subsequent reconstruction and reallocation of resources while the cost for weapons, military bases and warfare were paid for with tax money from the citizens of the NATO member states.This adds to the massive indebtedness of Western governments.

Leading members of the German government have repeatedly expressed their support for a military intervention in Iran in the context of the country’s alleged nuclear weapons program.

Established mass media have also repeatedly voiced opinions in favour of the »military option«.

However, the Charter of the United Nations expressly prohibits the use and threat of force in international relations. There are only two exceptions to this »prohibition on the use of force«: The right to individual and collective self-defense according to article 51 and peace-enforcing measures according to chapter VII of the Charter.

Article 25 of the German Constitution (»Grundgesetz«) decrees that the general rules of International Law are part of German Federal Law, that they supersede national law and cause immediate rights and duties to the German citizens.

We say: End all Preparations for War against Iran and against Syria Now! End all Wars Worldwide Now!

We announce stiff resistance against any further escalating steps towards war on the part of »our« governments and »our« corporate or public media.

We are many. We are the 99%. Expect us.

- »Occupy Germany«, December 6, 2011

Anonymous said...

China's Hu urges navy to prepare for combat

Chinese President Hu Jintao on Tuesday urged the navy to prepare for military combat, amid growing regional tensions over maritime disputes and a US campaign to assert itself as a Pacific power.

The navy should "accelerate its transformation and modernisation in a sturdy way, and make extended preparations for military combat in order to make greater contributions to safeguard national security," he said.

Addressing the powerful Central Military Commission, Hu said: "Our work must closely encircle the main theme of national defence and military building."

His comments, which were posted in a statement on a government website, come as the United States and Beijing's neighbours have expressed concerns over its naval ambitions, particularly in the South China Sea.

Anonymous said...

The true Fourth Reich is the United States of America.

Here is more proof for all the American apologists out there.

Yet, still many people try to minimize the United States' limitless crimes and downplay the American Threat tacitly and directly.

These American apologists (both open and disguised) deserve to face the same fate as America: Hell on earth.

"UK, US devising arms to wipe out races"

The UK and US militaries have been developing new biological weapons which are capable of terminating certain races, a Middle East expert tells Press TV.

“They (the US and UK military establishments) even developed a black-only bomb that targeted the Afro gene. There is even talk now that there may be one for the Chinese gene,” Peter Eyre, a Middle East consultant, said in a recent interview with Press TV.

Eyre described the sinister project as “absolutely insane,” adding the work on such weaponry initially started in former Rhodesia [modern day Zimbabwe] by the UK government, but was then transferred to South Africa [by then UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher] when the former British colony declared independence.

The analyst went on to say that the US and UK have not only amassed a huge stockpile of biological and chemical weapons but also provided dictatorial regimes around the world to use and develop such lethal weapons.

“The United States, the United Kingdom…were behind providing Iraq Saddam Hussein with chemical and biological warfare [during Iran-Iraq conflict]…The UK actually paid for the laboratories to be established [in Iraq] and helped them (the former Iraqi regime) produce that,” Eyre said.

Ralph Schoenman, a California-based political commentator, also told Press TV that the Pentagon has also been weaponizing genomes viral agents in level 4 and level 5 laboratories in the US.

Schoenman further stated that such weapons are either sold to repressive regimes or are deployed in operations against countries Washington wants to destabilize.

The Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), which prohibits the development, production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons, called on member states to destroy all stockpiles of banned substances by April 29, 2007.

However, the US has announced that it will not be able to destroy its stockpile of chemical weapons before a final deadline required by the CWC in 2012, saying it needs at least another decade to destroy its chemical weapons.

According to the CWC's directive, any country found to be in non-compliance will have to be referred to the United Nations Security Council.

Schoenman said, however, that the US has no intention of eliminating these weapons and such talk on the US part is simply propaganda.

"There is not a scintilla of evidence to suggest that the US military indents to dispose of this weaponry; on the contrary, it is escalating its supply," he added.


Anonymous said...

Even more examples of how America is the real Fourth Reich:

America 2011 Is Germany 1939

Anonymous said...

EU comes under threat of downgrade by S&P

Standard & Poor's, the rating agency that shocked markets by threatening a mass downgrade of eurozone debt, has issued a warning on European Union credit too.

Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy defied the Prime Minister's threats and announced a Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) will be part of the proposals for the EU treaty they want leaders to ratify.

The US credit rating agency, which has been accused of jeopardising the vital Brussels summit which starts today, said it had put the debt issued by the EU itself on "credit negative watch" as a result of its action earlier this week.

In a statement last night, S&P said: "Given the EU's dependency on such revenues from national budgets, and our recent CreditWatch placements on the 'AAA' ratings on Germany and France, among others, we will concurrently review the 'AAA' long-term rating on the EU with the ratings on the eurozone member states."

The notice, which also warned on a raft of banks, threatens the rating and firepower of Europe's "big bazooka" bail-out fund, the European Financial Stability Facility. It will further undermine confidence in Europe ahead of the Brussels summit, dubbed the "last chance for the euro".

Germany and France said a City tax will be part of a new European treaty in an aggressive move that will force David Cameron to concede defeat or allow the eurozone to advance without Britain.

Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy defied the Prime Minister's threats and announced a Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) will be part of the proposals for the EU treaty they want leaders to ratify on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Russia ready to send observers to Syria – foreign minister

7th December, 2011

Russia proposed on Wednesday sending its monitors to Syria as part of international efforts to settle the nine-month old political crisis in the Arab country.

“If it makes sense for our Syrian colleagues,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told journalists in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, “We could consider the broadening of the observer group to involve not only representatives of the Arab League but also those of other countries who are not indifferent to what is happening in Syria and who are sincerely interested in settling the situation.”

“Russia, in particular, could delegate its representatives to such a group,” he added.

Syria confirmed on Monday that it would allow military and civilian observers into the country as part of an Arab League plan to end months of bloodshed there but attached a number of conditions, including the lifting of economic sanctions imposed by the League.

The League is planning to send some 500 monitors to the country, where more than 4,000 people have been killed over the nine months of unrest, according to UN estimates.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman said earlier this week that the plan was expected to be signed “soon.”

Please to take note as well that Britain is not going to take part in any attack on Syria, according to one of their leading military advisers to the government. All of a sudden, mindful of "international law", the arguement ran: Syria is not another Libya. There is no UN resolution of the table. Neither is there a direct invitation to intervene from the Arab countries. Hah! We're most impressed by this bowing down to the contingenices of the Law.

Anonymous said...

Putin slams Clinton for encouraging protesters

MOSCOW (AP) — Prime Minister Vladimir Putin strongly criticized U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Thursday, accusing her of encouraging and funding Russians protesting election fraud, and warned of a wider Russian crackdown on dissent.

By describing Russia's parliamentary election as rigged, Putin said Clinton "gave a signal" to his opponents.

"They heard this signal and with the support of the U.S. State Department began their active work," Putin said in televised remarks. He said the United States is spending "hundreds of millions" of dollars to influence Russian politics with the aim of weakening a rival nuclear power.

Putin's tough words show the deep cracks in U.S.-Russian ties despite President Barack Obama's efforts to "reset" relations with the Kremlin. Ahead of the election, President Dmitry Medvedev threatened to deploy missiles to target the U.S. missile shield in Europe if Washington failed to assuage Moscow's concerns about its plans.

Clinton has repeatedly criticized Sunday's parliamentary vote in Russia, saying "Russian voters deserve a full investigation of electoral fraud and manipulation."

Russian protesters have taken to the streets in Moscow and St. Petersburg for three straight nights despite a heavy police presence, outraged over observers' reports of widespread ballot box stuffing and manipulations of the vote count. This week has seen some of the biggest and most sustained protests Russia has faced in years, and police have detained hundreds of protesters.

Thousands were expected to join protests in Moscow and other cities on Saturday.

(Remember the last presidential election in Itan? The selfsame scenario being now played out in Russia to manipulate events. With one difference: Unlike in Iran, no mention of the traitor within, in this case none other than Gorbatchov. Apparently the Russians refuse to wash their dirty linen in public).

Anonymous said...

More about Alex Jones, America's nationalist demagogic mouthpieced ... sorry, I mean fearless truthtelling patriot--who incidentally is often featured here on Insurrection Daily.

In case, anybody has figured out yet, Alex Jones is a closet Zionist shill:


1.) Alex Jones has a Jewish wife named Kelly Rebecca Nichols, and he has three(3) children with her.

2.) Alex Jones and his Jewish wife and children all qualify for Israeli citizenship under Israel’s “Law of Return”.

3.) Alex Jones has at least twenty(20) Jewish sponsors and advertisers that financially support his radio show and websites.

4.) Alex Jones’ flagship radio station, KLBJ AM, in Austin, Texas, is owned by Emmis Communications, a media conglomerate based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The founder, chairman, president, and CEO of Emmis Communications is the dual Israeli citizen Zionist Jew Jeffrey H. Smulyan.

5.) Alex Jones’ radio show is broadcast on Sirius XM Radio. The chairman of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Eddy W. Hartenstein. The CEO of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Mel Karmazin. The President of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Scott Greenstein. Of the six(6) senior executives of Sirius XM Radio, five(5) are Jews.
6.) Alex Jones has a Jewish lawyer named Elizabeth M. Schurig who is also the lawyer for Holly Lev Bronfman, the sister of Edgar Bronfman, Jr. Thus there are only two degrees of separation between Alex Jones and the Bronfman family, one of the wealthiest and most influential Jewish Zionist families in North America.


Anonymous said...

08:15 - It goes without saying that if a 4th Reich there is then it is the US (along with its stooges in Europe and elsewhere). But that bit about genetic weapons leaves me somewhat bemused. I can't get my head around genetically programmed bombs and bullets. I can believe more easily in the existence in the HAARP earthquake machine than this latest brilliant invention of the military industry.

As for 15:07, I think it is somewhat unfair to accuse NBN of being any kind of a supporter of Alex Jones. We already knew a bit about his Jewish background. You have supplied us with further information for which many thanks. But rest assured, we trust Alex Jones as little as we trust Jeff Rense or Michel Rivero or the guy who runs Antiwar.com whose name escapes me at present, etc. Occasionally we may post some news item we find interesting on one of their blogs. Beyond that we have no truck with them at all.

Anonymous said...

Chanting 'Russia without Putin,' flash mobs roil Moscow - 8.12.11

Moscow was uncommonly tense Wednesday, with tens of thousands of riot police patrolling the streets and helicopters buzzing overhead, while opposition leaders promised more flash-mob-type demonstrations to protest alleged official vote-rigging in last weekend's bitterly contested Duma elections.

Anonymous said...

The Eurozone coup d'Etat

Much is being made of this "historical", treaty-changing Eurozone meeting which took place today. Before the MSM gives us their views on it ad nauseem, just this one-liner. Perhaps what some of us tended to term as the currency wars was simply a staged event simply to bring about these treaty changes, in a word the 4th Reich.

Anonymous said...

re: 19:23

That is a naked American attempt at "colored revolution" against Russia. The use of so-called flash mobs is a trademark tactic to manipulate the youthful masses (or dupes) of a targetted nation.

What will be really politically damning, however, is how many American/Western so-called activists--like the Occupy Wall Street protestors--will be supporting these flash mobs.

Coup d'État in Disguise: Washington's New World Order "Democratization" Template

What Really Happened in the Russian Elections

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, 01:18, who can miss the US hand there dripping with dollars. If Iran could control it when it was their turn, Russia should be able to do the same. Although for reasons best known to themselves, the Russians have always refused to play the PR card. Best bit so far in all this was Fox telly and its purported pictures of rioting in Russia which turned out to be filched from Athen rioting. If the Free world is not going to awaken to just how dangerous the west really is, it's curtains for them as well.

Anonymous said...

Eurozone countries go it alone with new treaty that excludes Britain - David Cameron loses bid to shield City of London from EU regulation and critics warn 'dangerous' move isolates UK

Britain is facing isolation in Europe after David Cameron vetoed a revision of the Lisbon treaty, prompting a majority of EU members to agree to draw up their own deal outside the architecture of the union.

In one of the most significant developments in Britain's 38-year membership of the EU, the British prime minister said early on Friday morning he could not allow a "treaty within a treaty" that would undermine the UK's position in the single market.

The move marked a victory for Nicolas Sarkozy, who had been pressing for an inter-governmental agreement among the 17 members of the eurozone to underpin tough new fiscal rules for the single currency. "We could not accept this," he said of Cameron's demands.

The French president, who has been pressing for the formalisation of a "two-speed Europe", was pleased on Friday when the number of EU member states indicating their support for a separate treaty reached 23. Britain was joined by Sweden, which rejected euro membership in a referendum, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, who had hoped to agree a revision of the Lisbon treaty, said she believed the accord would stabilise the euro. "I have always said, the 17 states of the eurogroup have to regain credibility," she said. "And I believe with today's decisions this can and will be achieved."

Cameron wielded the British veto in the early hours of the morning after France succeeded in blocking a series of safeguards demanded by Britain to protect the City of London. Cameron had demanded that:

• Any transfer of power from a national regulator to an EU regulator on financial services would be subject to a veto.

• Banks should face a higher capital requirement.

• The European Banking Authority should remain in London. There were suggestions that it might be consolidated in the European Security and Markets Authority in Paris.

• The European Central Bank be rebuffed in its attempts to rule that euro-denominated transactions take place within the eurozone.

Sarkozy, who had faced criticisms on Thursday evening that he was isolated after claiming that Britain was pushing for a complete opt-out from financial regulations, rejected the demands out of hand.

The Guardian

Anonymous said...

Is there anymore denying that Obama is a socialist? He truly hates what America is/was. I'm seriously scared if Obama wins in 2012(not like most GOP candidates will do much better). As Socialist Europe burns in front of our eyes he STILL wants to be them. Anyways I think POIUYTRE or whatever your hippy name is, I have some advise, calm down America is not going anyway, watch some football and go fuck yourself

Nussiminen said...

Yankee drivel
Void and trivial

Obama, like most USians, is an ardent National Socialist, yes. What makes him appear somewhat of an aberration is that he's fully capable of moving one leg past the other. To a Yank baboon, this isn't just a matter of BMI but of intellectual strength too, mind you.

No thanks.

Anonymous said...

re: 07:44 "Best bit so far in all this was Fox telly and its purported pictures of rioting in Russia which turned out to be filched from Athen rioting."

Really? That is really brazen, though not unexpected, media deception.

Do you have a link to this fabrication?

This trick apparently is becoming a staple of Anglo-American media deceivers in which they use footage of one country and present it as events happening in another!

This was done by CNN et al. against China in 2008. And the BBC pulled a similar trick against Libya a few months ago.

There is no limit as to how low these Western media whores will stoop to degrade themselves!

"Manipulating Video Images: Sloppy Journalism or War Propaganda?"
The BBC's Fake Images from Tripoli

Green Square Tripoli. Libyans are seen celebrating the victory of Rebel forces over Ghadaffi in this BBC News Report (see below)

Examine the footage: It's not Green Square and it's not the King Idris Flag (red, black green) of the Rebels.

Its the Indian flag (orange, white and green) and the people at the rally are Indians. Perhaps you did not even notice it.

And if you did notice, "it was probably a mistake".

Sloppy journalism at the BBC or outright Lies and Fabrications?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, 17:56. That was careless of me. Here's a link to the made in Athens Moscow protests:


It's not just sloppy journalism, I'm afraid. It's criminal journalism. If we had any kind of a justice system worth its name, all of MSM would be in jail by now. Libya was the high point of their activity. After Libya, we can definitely count them among the war criminals who have killed thousands with impunity. NATO or MSM, I see no difference.

Nussiminen said...

However damning the evidence of unbridled lies, demagoguery, and obfuscation on the part of the Corporate Media -- don't EVER fool yourselves into believing suchlike revelations will make as much as a microscopic difference to the West's totally degenerate, drooling imbeciles and scum.

Sincerely, take my word for it: The media whores could happily have chosen to throw in some footage showing a decidedly Yankistani street brawl with the typical traffic signs and US flags clearly visible all over the place. Even then, the baboons could not possibly have cared less, being the well-fed, complacent, and criminal parasites that they are.

Conversely, any honest, truthful, and intelligent media outlet (certainly not a Western, ahem, "priority") can be sure to have the baboons raging and fuming. Western baboons = Insane low lives.

Anonymous said...

I would include the Western Occupy Wall Street movements as no different from the rest of the Western baboons.

They are all Western supremacists in one form or another--despite their "antiwar" rhetoric.

If you read the (cough) "antiwar" manifesto from the German Occupy movement above, they don't even have the honesty or courage to describe the Western wars against Libya, Iraq, or Afghanistan as aggression or crimes against humanity. They prefer using euphemisms like "intervention" instead.

Anonymous said...

Intervention? Occupation? What? fuck we saved those brutes from themselves I mean take a look a look at N. Korea and S. Korea take your pick you dumb hippies. I would choose the latter take a look at what Libya or Iraq was before we got there - it was run like a fiefdom not rule of law beheading no democracy nothing. But you expect us to believe that an alternative universe is better without us LOLOLOLOLOLOL the Chinese or Russians would have anyone of you lazy hippies goosestepping to their tunes thank GOD 4 America proud to say it proud to be it...America Fuck Ya!!!

Anonymous said...

check it you losers my favorite number #20 and #45

Nussiminen said...

A humble question to the proud drooling Yank: Which country do you believe most people on this planet would be really happy to see go up in flames?

To cheer you up a little, Yank baboon, let me tell you that I, for one, do NOT believe your beloved Gangsters in Government were complicit in setting the Twin Towers ablaze back in 2001. However, be careful not to misunderstand me: Indeed, I was elated when I heard about the event and, yes, great joy surely remains my prevalent mood whenever I watch the 911 footage. But still, the alleged complicity of the Offal Office et al. seems like a nonsensical idea to me. I mean, as if a vile National Socialist psychotic rabble such as the USians would need "fireworks" as 911 to yearn for worldwide conquest, enslavement, and genocide.

One thing I'll say for your betters, ugly Yank: They know your moral stature in full just as do the peoples of the Third World.

Anonymous said...

Great exchanges above. But still. I'd say it's a waste of time even talking to a USan. For what? Their complacency matches their stupidity. They are a true product of their own lying media and mafia government and Ponzi-scheme economy. Flag-waving, war-making idiots of this kind are best left to their own interminable self-praising monologues. What need of any intervention on our part?

Anonymous said...

Another way of looking at the staged "currency wars":

Today’s euro-troubles are nothing more than one of many variations of sovereignty-troubles. Because when a country’s leaders irresponsibly cede a part or all of its sovereignty – whether monetary, political, financial, economic, judicial or military – it had better take a really good look at what it is doing and what the implications are for the medium and long term.

Ceding national sovereignty means that somebody else, somewhere else, will be taking decisions based on other people’s interests. Now, as long as everyone’s interests coincide, then we are OK. But as soon as the different parties’ interests diverge, then you are confronted with a power struggle. And power struggles have one simple thing in common: the more powerful win; the weaker lose.

Now, we have a huge power struggle inside the eurozone. Who do you think will win? Who will impose new policies – Germany or Greece? France or Portugal? Britain or Spain? Germany or Italy?

And that is just on the public scene. You also need to look at the more subtle, less media-highlighted private scene, which is where the real global power decisions are made.

Will the new Italian PM, Mario Monti, cater for the needs of the Italian people or for the mega-bankers’ lodge sitting on the powerful Trilateral Commission of which he himself is European chairman? The same question goes for Greek president Lucas Papademos, also a Trilateral member. The same question goes for all the governments of the EU member states where the real power brokers are the major bankers, industrialists and media moguls sitting on the Trilateral, Bilderberg, World Economic Forum and Chatham House think-tanks and private lobbies.

Global elites will do everything to keep the euro on its transitional path towards a global currency that will eventually replace both the euro and the US dollar. This entails engineering the controlled collapse of both currencies, whilst preparing the yellow brick road for a “Global Dollar” or some such new oxymoron.

The US dollar will be easy to collapse: all that is needed is for the mainstream media to yell, “The dollar is hyper-inflated!!” and the Naked Emperor Dollar will fall swiftly. The euro, in turn, will simply break up as its member nations revert to the old days of pesetas, lire, francs, escudos and drachmas…

Is the time ripe for that? Maybe not… yet. So, no doubt we will still see more “emergency treatment,” more “financial chemotherapy” to “bail out the euro” just as we’ve seen them “bail out the banks,” even though most banks and the Oxymoron Euro cannot be salvaged but just kept artificially alive, like the “Living Dead…”

So, here’s a question for Greeks, Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Irish, even the French and Germans: will you accept the invitation by your Procrustean Leaders in Brussels to lie down on their bed?

Anonymous said...

We’re No. 1!

Does US joyously lead the world in something? Yes, but ’tis not a joy, but the sad fact that the United States is a leader in incarceration. There are about 2.3 million people behind bars – one of every 100 citizens.

Add to the above, the FEMA concentration camps dotting the landscape and soon to be made operational. We fully expect almost half of the US population to be incarcerated before very long. Like, for instance, members of the 99% making such a nuisance of themselves in the cities of the EE.

Anonymous said...

Never thought I'd live to see the day when I'd be saying this, but, well, fair is fair so here goes: Bravo Cameron, bravo! Britain vetoed the move to revisit and revise the Lisbon Treaty with some vague support from Sweden, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Let's see where we go from here.

poiuytr said...

> The prolapse is there, but the welfare state is still holding its own in many places. Let's bear that in mind and arm ourselves with patience.

Yes, from some angles it appears that west intact, operating as if it's head isn't locked in the wound up guillotine. For example, look at EUnuchia. EUro's dying and Herr Merkel pushes ahead, as if everything's alright, towards the 4th Reich amalgam. Demonstrations today litter west cities, something that didn't exist in the size a few years ago. Yet, the west media churns out rubbish about who's best dressed at some latest sordid Hollowood back slapping session, as though west has never been better.

Don't fall for any of it! It only shows the immense insanity of the west beast now fully lain bare. West is dying and dying without any hope of resuscitation.

As far as whether it's going fast or slow, it's a matter of opinion. I think it's way too fast actually. And as with all things hasty, it could lead to disasters. I'd prefer slow taking down of the beast, but the prolapse is an exponential animal and it will accelerate through the west veins.

Just compare headlines of west from 2 yrs ago to today. Even the BBCNN whores can't help but highlight the west wonderful rot.

Look what's west daily bread now:

"Thousands of unemployed workers and activists from around the country will begin to “Take Back the Capitol.”" from Warshington ACDC.

"West spy self, facebook, google, twitter, phones," This is the only IPO heralded by the west stock exchanges. West is now publicly IPOing governance spying firms selling it as "economy".

West populace is driven bonkers now: "A woman had been denied food stamps so she killed herself critically wounding her two children" This is next to news with some Vanessa having the sexiest haircut at some USA prez candidate piss-up.

Poverty and the growing poor made of the erstwhile middle spheres are now one of the many growing implosions of west. The gap, during the bailout heist, has been growing like west hyperinflation: "In the United States, the average income among the richest 10% is 14 times greater than the average income among the poorest 10%," These #s are 100% RUBBISH but this is west media today. It's interesting to see this complaint out of the BBCNN whores as their owners lament the loss of the tax cow.


poiuytr said...

For years we get this from west: "UK Manufacturing Output Drops More Than Forecast" In 7 years, as all west charts show with that wonderful slide down the hill starting 2007, we've seen nothing but fiscal prolapse on all ends.

And as such, we have west turning its inherent evil on its very subjects now, which is perhaps the most amusing bit about the west wall-to-wall terminal prolapse thusfar: "UK Police include Occupy movement on 'terror' list" Pretty soon, all the concentration camps the Bush II/Bliar tandem of Baghdad butchers had built, will be open for business with the terminally unemployed being provided a nice state job there.

Make no mistake, west is going and going fast. For 2000 yrs, it's been the single one unmatched evil power raping every corner of our planet. It's 2000 yrs of perpetual genocide going unchecked. That's some evil, some power. 10 yrs ago, the beast assaulted the planet for its last time believing it could make it this time about with Russia having been "grabitised" in the 90s. This is a very tiny margin compared to the enormous power this beast has had for so long. And here it is, west not only lost a war, or two wars, or say three wars, it's lost everything. Hyperinflation now fills its veins requiring permanent IV feeding. USA is printing cash for EUnuchs. Yes, the beast has turned on itself parasiting and canibalising self. And the beast evil has also turned inward on the very enablers of the genocides.

The growing incest, insanity, 180 degree lies, madcap self mutter, harping vulgarity are the very symptoms of the west death throes, the echo of the last moments as the beast is performing the most captivating St Vitus dance for the whole of the Freeworld to enjoy, toast, and cheer.


> Eyre described the sinister project as “absolutely insane,” adding the work on such weaponry initially started in former Rhodesia

Not long ago -- under Bush II -- USA got caught red-handed testing/murdering kids in Nigeria. The whole HIV story reads no different than 911.

> The analyst went on to say that the US and UK have not only amassed a huge stockpile of biological and chemical weapons but also provided

Colombian forests were genocided by USA "anti-coca" bombing. East EUnuchs had harvests wiped out by USA infestation bombings in the 50s.

DU bombing going on for a decade now is nothing short of permanent genocide.

But let me repeat again and again that much like with Tesla's legacy, west monkeys are masters neither of chemistry nor genetics. Certainly the neanderthal is trying to weaponise everything it lays its talons on but that's a far cry from ruling these technologies.


poiuytr said...

> Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy defied the Prime Minister's threats and announced a Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) will be part of the proposals for the EU treaty they want leaders to ratify on

Great. So Die Fuhrerlein gets her 4th Reich. She now dictates the budgets, new slew of taxation, and policies of all EUro EUnuchs as they've been stripped of all sovereignty. To assure the Reich is working, she'll have to deploy her own governances effectively coup d'etating all the "members" incl France. She may even choose to make the barking Germ tongue compulsory across all occupied territories to facilitate the new EUro protection policies. She may gain control over police forces of the trapped EUnuch nations. But so what?

I ask so what Herr Merkel? What are you going to do with this skeletal remains of the west beast? EUro, she can't save any longer. She can add nothing to the steaming pile of west manure but terminal prolapse, hopeless despair, and raging angst. Why then want the reins of this ridiculous entity, which is oil & gas starvable in a single day should anything come down around the world?

Anyone has a idea? If this were the 30s then the possibility of dressing the hapless EUnuchs in pretty uniforms and marching them eastward may be a possibility but war isn't done that way today.

What does this shapeless woman have in mind?


> my head around genetically programmed bombs and bullets. I can believe more easily in the existence in the HAARP earthquake machine

It's far more fuzzy probably than some sci-fi in which particular diseases can be spread to particular races. It's far simpler to just vaccinate the poor with mercury, which is what's happened in west on a massive scale producing spike in autism across the whole of west. Spreading DU in the Middle East kills all life and has turned all USA cycled troops into little personal decay machines (I counted some several decays each minute from just the average -- as admitted by west mainscreamers -- exposure for each west troop) but mainly the DU bombing, by virtue of locality, will murder non-west life. And like HAARP it's not going to be terribly accurate. Dangerous definitely in the hands of the baboon but probably not accurate.


poiuytr said...

> As for 15:07, I think it is somewhat unfair to accuse NBN of being any kind of a supporter of Alex Jones. We already knew a bit about his

Yes, I don't think A Jones has been plastered here much. As for me, I follow him as much as Fullofitford. But any news blip, any view, let's plaster it here, why not? Sticking articles here doesn't mean anything but something to debate.

Again, as for me, for what it's worth, and in my humility... I think all the news blips are details. It's difficult to understand the whole tragedy of our planet without studying it all, the beast, its 2000 yr old blood reign.

And it's very hard because compared to the glut of disasters today, for example, WW2 seems pointless to study. It's considered long gone past, long since swept under the carpet by the west historian revisionists. WW1 seems even more outdated. And so on.

But unfortunately, without parsing those disasters the last decade won't make a whole lot of sense -- both in terms of the emergence of the beast and its evil plans and the Freeworld's methodology of defence.

Apart from 911, which is a beautifully framed (no pun here) west crime, the decade is incredibly murky and deliberately spun into total madness by the west channels (unfortunately incl the west dissenters though perhaps unintentionally). And without looking at west, its unchanging ruling class, its perpetually same crimes seeking the same goals, and its whole blood history, this millennium can't be too clear.

And so at the chance of repeating myself ad nauseum there's two main points here.

One is that, although our planet has seen many ills and known many villains running about wild with no regard for it or the life on it, the chief one has been the west cesspit. Put all crimes together and you won't even begin to touch the average day in the life of the west beast. In sum, west is THE disease.

Second, though the disease has been suffocating our planet for 2000 yrs now exporting nothing but genocide, design poverty, and design sickness in its entire life, the beast's days are numbered. What the west is experiencing is not a fiscal setback, EUro-dollar match, unusual bankster greed, unemployment disgruntlement, the result of China not playing fair, but the very amusement of terminal prolapse. West is losing its very existential battle it launched on the mass murder of own kind in NYC. West is dying of the loss of its business model, which was gain by war, theft, and parasitism. In sum, west is enjoying its terminal wall-to-wall prolapse.

The rest are just the details of it. Not that there aren't interesting and certainly the looming WW3 threat is there but no matter what is plastered here, no matter of the source, don't let the local issues overshadow these two simple facts.

What I meant by 911 being "framed" is that it's a fascinatingly short moment in the history of west where the crime is fully visible, separated from any political spin, and requires no knowledge of anything else about west.


poiuytr said...

> term as the currency wars was simply a staged event simply to bring about these treaty changes, in a word the 4th Reich.

Maybe, but why? I'm truly perplexed why go on with the nonsense? Why bulldog-like bite? Why the bullheadedness of the EUnuch freaks? Grant all powers over all EUnuchs to Berlin, so what? There's nothing EUnuchia can do and its fate remains unchanged by the 80-thousand word EU treaty rewrites.

I said this years ago and it stops my mind but it appears that west launched the NWO Pt2 attack against our planet too late. Maybe 10 or maybe only 8 yrs too late.

Though seemingly long, it's a micro margin in the life of the west assault against our planet and even comparing against the NWO life.

And so it appears that Bush II was put on the throne of the west simply a few years too late. Had they done 911 during Clinton and attacked Iraq instead of the sanctions, they might have taken Iran as well then. Had they done it in 1995, Russia could've possibly been bent to the beast's liking -- although it would be a situation fully unsustainable in long term. And so the question arises, why were they so late?

Papa Bush announced NWO Pt2 on Sep 11 1991, a decade before it was effectively launched in NYC. Did it really take a decade for them to shuffle the governance seats to facilitate the NWO Pt2 grab? Or were they, as is the beast's style, waiting for a particular planetary position or some lizard numerology signal unable to budge until Sep 11 2001? Either way, they were simply too late and as such the beast was stopped forever in the first nation it stepped into bleeding its energy and might into the silly pointless vulgar vagrant maniac that the beast is today.

And so the 4th Reich idea is also a decade or so too late. Ruling EUnuchs today is not the most savoury job. Instead of commanding a powerful union capable of raping many weaker nations, the fuhrer today will spend most of his time putting out rubbish can fires across most of its nations. And as such, EUnuchia, whether EUro survives or whether Germs manage to untangle selves and break the nonsense, is completely pointless as a political, economic, and military entity.

It's very puzzling but perhaps not too surprising for the west is not only immeasurably evil but cretinous without limit.

The same mistake was made by NWO Pt1 when Hitler launched Barbarossa. 3:00AM, 22 June was simply too late. Even the immense power of 7M troops armed to teeth wasn't enough to offset the fatal delay. It's totally mind-boggling if one considers that west wasn't pushed into it and had a decade of peace and unlimited funds to prepare for the assault.

And here we are, the very same west families that architected NWO Pt1 in 1941, committed the very same mistake made by their grandparents.

It's no wonder west keeps repeating the same thing over and over. It's no wonder even the pack of BBCNN whores are likening west to Hitler. It's no wonder the Freeworld can guess west's moves and flank the beast at every stage. Yes, west is truly cretinous as it's evil and totally resistant to any sort of learning.

As such, the true comedy of EUnuchia is yet to begin.


poiuytr said...

What Really Happened in the Russian Elections

> the Russians think he is too obliging to the West, a centrepiece of the regime installed in the 90s. They would prefer a stronger anti-imperialist position any day.

This is perhaps the most telling bit of the article. Impatience is running high everywhere but like a cornered rat, west's most threatening moments are probably still to come and impatience is not a luxury the Freeworld can afford at the moment.


> Best bit so far in all this was Fox telly and its purported pictures of rioting in Russia which turned out to be filched from Athen rioting. If the Free world is not going to awaken to just how

This is priceless. Showing own riots as the enemy's. This is like that 911 rubbish with Arabs cheering completely different events. A few of the west BBCNN whores should also be kept around for future study.


> Obama, like most USians, is an ardent National Socialist, yes. What

Obama is funny, that's true. Drug lord, weapon dealer, organ and slave trafficker,... endless here. But even funnier is the baboon and his belief in Obama's "change" vomit. I gotta slap together some fun article of the baboon change movement.


> http://rt.com/news/fox-moscow-fake-riots-281/

This is so side-splitting. The yank whores... priceless!

> It's not just sloppy journalism, I'm afraid. It's criminal journalism. If we had any kind of a justice system worth its name, all

Yes, it's west status quo. All things, all data, all numbers west are this psychotically criminal and 100% BS.


> baboons raging and fuming. Western baboons = Insane low lives.

Beautifully summed.


poiuytr said...

> describe the Western wars against Libya, Iraq, or Afghanistan as aggression or crimes against humanity. They prefer using euphemisms like "intervention" instead.

Yes. It's impossible to even pretend to swallow the west excuse of dissent, be it in the OWS tents or on the WHR websites. All of it is deranged for it all fails to paint a comprehensive picture of both what the west beast is and what's happening to it.

Everyone in the west dissent ring chooses own claptrap to explain away the current west fiscal rot. All of them fail to grasp the root cause and of course then the terminality of it. And none of them paints their prolapsed lands as the beast whose only claim to fame has been stalking the weak of our planet.

That said, I'm not trying to slag the bits of odd movements here and there that seem to pop up across the west prolapsed plateaus, it's just that it's made of exactly the same cretinous miscreant as is the west murdering juggernaut.


> Global elites will do everything to keep the euro on its transitional path towards a global currency that will eventually

I'm not following this. Merge EUro with the dullar, so what? A far cry from a "GLOBAL" currency. Merge officially Loonden with Berlin and Warshington ACDC, so what? Still a far cry from a "GLOBAL" union.

It's very poss that the EUro trouble was half rigged to predicate the "treaty change" to actually create the 4th Reich, but so what?

> The US dollar will be easy to collapse: all that is needed is for the mainstream media to yell, “The dollar is hyper-inflated!!” and the

Sure. They won't have to yell anything, they'll just dump it. But still, some econopolitical merger of EUnuchs with the baboons means nothing. It solves nothing for west. It doesn't even hope to delay its terminal prolapse.

> So, here’s a question for Greeks, Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Irish, even the French and Germans: will you accept the invitation by your Procrustean Leaders in Brussels to lie down on their bed?

Right. Wonderful question. Who in their right mind would want to lead the smoldering vestiges of the west sickness charged with boiling angst and more veins more anemic than the saxonic royal lizards?

This is precisely the kind of insane policy we could only expect either from the freckly EUnuch or the silverback baboon.


> Never thought I'd live to see the day when I'd be saying this, but, well, fair is fair so here goes: Bravo Cameron, bravo! Britain

Yes, I just saw that. Britzies wanted to maintain control. This is true comedy. They're not gonna play games now that they're on the brink of birthing the 4th Reich?

Seems that they'll start slice by slice, as always, taking direct control over the 17 EUro EUnuchs first. As for the little members, they'll certainly get the vote correct the next time.


Anonymous said...

don't you now that about 3/4 of civilian deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq were at the hands of their own countrymen. The way I see it is that every empire or super power finds themselves in a position of having to do f'd up things to maintain their position. We are no different in that aspect.

Where we have been different is all of the good we do as well. In the end the US is spreading freedom and democracy in the sense that the more other democracies are out there the better for the US.

If a democracy is impossible, however, the US will make a deal with someone who can at least be friendly to it - better than nothing (realpolitik). I mean why does this get under you peoples skin? No conspiracy just good old nation biulding - like Rumsfeld said "freedom is messy"

Anonymous said...

BYW the MO of the US military has never been to target innocent civilians. I'm sure it happens, and to an unfortunately large extent, but that is not their MO, nor is it that of the UK, France, Germany or Australia etc also involved.

The Afghans and Iraqis perform acts of terror upon each other every day. Sunnis vs Shiites, Hazarra vs Pastun. Nearly every day you can read details of a massacre of suicide bombing.

The wars are terribly unpopular here, and there is a lot of support for them to end. But what else do you want from the people besides that? What are you doing about it? Anyway, it is fallacious to call it a genocide, it simply doesn't fit under the definition of what that is. That is just hyperbole.

Anonymous said...

To quote Allan Bloom:

"Americans are Lockeans: recognizing that work is necessary (no longing for a nonexistent Eden), and will produce well-being; following their natural inclinations moderately, not because they possess the virtue of moderation but because their passions are balanced and they recognize the reasonableness of that; respecting the rights of others so that theirs will be respected; obeying the law because they made it in their own interest. From the point of view of God or heroes, all this is not very inspiring. But for the poor, the weak, the oppressed--the overwhelming majority of mankind--it is the promise of salvation."

Anonymous said...

Listen up 13:21, 23, You're using the tone of reason, more power to you, but to give us such utter rot that it's surprising, I find, that I even bother to reply.

US is a genocidal power which is on its last legs. It's hands our dripping with blood. Its "democracy" and "freedom" are laughable concepts. They have neither in the home country and they're transporting these absurdities to other places through bombs and bullets. So don't give us any of your reasonable, wheedling ways. What do you think we are? Deaf, dumb and blind USans like yourself and others? Just wait till you find yourself in a FEMA camp. Write to us then, we'll send your oranges to while away the time.

Anonymous said...

French banks downgraded by Moody's

The agency cut its ratings on the long-term debt of BNP and Credit Agicole by one notch to Aa3, concluding reviews that began in June and were continued in September. Societe Generale's long-term debt was cut by one notch to A1.

The downgrades were driven by the increasing difficulties the banks were having in raising funding and the worsening economic outlook, Moody's said.

The news comes a day after the European Banking Authority (EBA), warned the region's banks must find €114.7bn of extra capital in order to withstand the euro zone debt crisis and restore investor confidence.

Anonymous said...

re: 13:21.

Your tripe is typical of the delusion and rationalizations that Americans offer up to minimize their crimes. This is part of the cult of American Exceptionalism--the idea that America is better than other nations because it's been chosen by God as the Beacon of Liberty, and thus America's crimes are somehow understandable as a matter of expediency.


America seeks to destroy entire nation states in everything but name. But it does so by stealth and deceit, particularly by playing up SECTARIAN divisons and fomenting civil war in a targetted nation rather than the more obvious ham-fisted type of genocide.

Just look at America's criminal rap sheet. America destroyed the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Sudan by balkanizing them, and it has DELIBERATELY (though covertly) fomented sectarian killing and murder in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and elsewhere.

This is America's "Salvador Option"--named after the covert destabilization campaigns and wars that America waged against Latin American nations.

And this is nothing new. This strategy of playing one group against another is what America did to the First Nations (i.e. Native Indian) tribes in order to exterminate them and steal their land--which America is occupying to this very day.

All of America's wars are "Indian Wars" at base.

The American Empire is a mass-murdering, aggressive, and yes, genocidal entity that has tried to masquerade as a crusader for freedom and democracy since 1776.

Anonymous said...

So for this Sunday what news round the world?

- West rubbing their hands in glee over the "massive" protests in Russia over election results. Russian leadership appears very laid-back over the whole thing. Their choice.

- War clouds still thick over many heads. Syria, for one. Pakistan, into its third week of blocking supplies to NATO-US, for another. Rhetoric somewhat less hysterical regarding Iran ever since a US drone was brought down. Russia and China as ever victims of acts of intimidation.

- EU - The concensus seems to be that Britain has committed economic suicide following the Cameron veto. Somehow, I don't buy that myself. If Cameorn has committed economic and political suicide, then the EU no less, I'd say. Nigel Farage must be cheering this on.

- As US gets ready to wind down operations in Iraq, Iran pipes up and claims at least 50.000 if not more GIs were killed in the Iraq war. Quite right. This is one aspect of these genocides which has attracted little attention. You may rest assured that casualties for Afghanistan are even higher. And then we'll enter the second cancer phase as the effects of DU absorption kick in, both for the invaders and for the local populations.

Anonymous said...

re: 50,000 dead Americunts in Iraq. Do you have a link?

If true, that is heartwarming news. The only thing that will deter American aggresssion is more dead American stormtroopers.

And if you watch the video below, it talks about how America has used NUCLEAR weapons in the form of "mini-nukes" in both Iraq and Afghanistan. This is even more of a crime than America's use of depleted uranium.

And it would be a major American scandal with political shockwaves around the world.

Too bad the Western and American free press won't even address this issue, but predictably dismiss it as "anti-American propaganda."

This is the banality of evil today. The most outrageous crimes are swept under the rug and not even admitted.


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The Russian is not coming back. God bless the Russian.


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