Nation By Nation (27Jun09)

20-27Jun09 -- Once again celebrating the knells driven into the west torture-happy child murdering rotters' casket while highlighting the unusual west baboon cretinism. (Mouseover flags for info)

A U S T R A L I A Australia - Like UK chocolate and porn thieving MPs, Canberra caught red-handed giving self cash; some 2B AUD granted via some cash-for-mates scheme. Like in UK, the PM too refuses to resign. Sideline: It's not really theft though. It's just consolidation of west war junta assets and rinsing the baboon of its coins.

C H I N A China - Takes over 135K bpd of crude from Addax, Swiss oil vampire for 4B GBP. China expands into Iraq, Nigeria, and Gabon. Didn't Bush II say he'll share Iraq hydrocarbon wealth only with the select west partners in crime?
- Finds iron core deposits at home.
- Coops with Turkmenistan. Loans 4B USD and gets 40B m3 of gas supply for 30yrs. Sideline: To understand the size of the west unusually insane hyperinflation prolapsing, compare this nominal int'l energy deal to the size of west cash prints. 25B GBP every month in UK. 400B freshly printed in EUnuchville for EUnuch banks. Etc.
- USA and EUnuchs angry with China for limiting sales of bauxite and zinc to west. Yanks actually heard screaming in agony: "China, keep us afloat!" China tells west to read their WTO brochures to find that limits are well within regulations. Sideline: Bauxite is basically aluminium, which is used in west for everything, especially for murder drone planes and to wrap aspertame soda and food tinnies.
- A mere mention of super-sovereign currency in Beijing sends dollar a-tumblin' against everyone on the market, 25Jun.
- Shifting policy of near 2T USD foreign stuffs reserves to pick up USA prolapsed real-estate and gold. Sideline: Not only this is the very prelude to the final dollar blow but it also explains the "shrink to survive" programme of comrade Obama, recent bills authorising USA governance land grabs, and the general USA baboon clearing off of biz and residential areas.

E C U A D O R Ecuador - Correa moves to booting west oil vampires.

E U EU - Gas diktat reminder looms overhead. The next shut off is scheduled for 7Jul unless Ukraine or EUnuchs get the 120M USD payment in to Moscow.
- Belg, French, German, and Swiss tractors fill Brussels in agricultural protest, 18Jun.
- EUnuch Central Wank does another injection into the dying EUnuch banks. This time it's ONLY 442B. Didn't the west apes just recently orgasmed over their "beginning recovery"?
- Total west "toxicity" admitted near 1T. Total bank loss eclipses 2,5T USD.

F R A N C E France - "Muslim clothes" not welcome in France, says sarkozy. Isn't this state-ordered racism?
- Customer spending down 2/10%/May instead of up 2/10% as sarkozy cabal promised. Did they "mistake" up for down? Perhaps less focus on Muslim fashion and more on France prolapse is in order, Paris fashion cop boys.
- Consumption shrivels 1,6%/May.
- Budget 7% LARGER than GDP for 2009. Now, what sort of math is this? Oh, yes, west math.
- Dassault zapping 3000 jobs.

G E R M A N Y Germany - Debt already up for next fiscal yr by 100B EUR.
- But Merkel already declared "winner" in the upcoming election for achieving "econ stability". This just for a laugh to underscore the deeply schizo brain of the west animal. Sideline: Considering that Merkel didn't win the elections the last time and was put on the throne by some clandestine behind-the-scenes west orgy cabal, all west diatribes about any election shouldn't be taken as anything but total and complete farce.
- What's heralded as "stability" by the west media whores and war junta in reality means 6 decade record borrowing. Sideline: It's truly as though west monkeys don't understand a single word, isn't it? They've been caught deliberately and perpetually confusing deflation with inflation, stability with debt, bailout with theft, peace with war, shutting down concentration camps with increasing tortures and detentions, anti-semitic with anti-israel, toxicity with unavoidable and terminal prolapse. The only answer again is that west is the disease and so in every regard.

I N D I A India - 2 day gen'l strike by Maoists spreads through east and central states. Clashes leave 12 state cops dead.
- Cops threw a pregnant woman with a 3yr old child off a moving train.

I R A N Iran - Arrests Brits in connection to civil chaos and pre-election bombing. Of course, west vehemently denies interference in staged-riot bloodshed.
- 22Jun, "armed civilians" open fire on civilians killing scores. Sideline: USA troops, dressed in local garbs, have been caught red-handed planting and setting off bombs in Iraq in attempt to spark civil warfare. This is fact! This is common west policy. The very same happened in Georgia last year, Afghanistan, Serbia,... everywhere where west provokes wars, and is likely to happen momentarily with N Korea.
- BBC told to bugger off for making up terror-inciting lies. Shouldn't BBC broadcast license be suspended for such deliberate broadcast of chaos? Of course it should but then again every west baboon would have to be suspended for willful obedience and subsidy of this unusually rancid forked tongue media whore.
- UK evacuates embassy and ironically is protected from rioters sick of the west rampant deceit by the very governance it's trying to overthrow.
- UK diplos expelled.
- Not to be outdone, petulant Brits expel 2 Iranian diplos in a retaliation.
- Air force on manoeuvres in the Gulf, 23-26Jun.

J A P A N Japan - 8 yrs worth of pensions vapourised like Bush 911 Boeings. Sideline: The west econ whores actually complained that even bonds have failed to offset this pension stock bloodbath. Even bonds? It's as though these econ wizards all missed the small fact that UK failed at peddling 220B GBP bonds and USA resorted to buying 100B USD worth of own bonds. Don't they get that west makes no cash anymore?
- Export 4T JPY down or 41% shriveled/May (y2y). Sideline: This is a serious issue for the USA war island base since Japan lives squarely off export.
- Import 43% shriveled/May (y2y).
- Trade surplus 12% down/May (2y2). Even street dumping of 100s of billion USD in USA bonds couldn't save this island from prolapse now.
- Moans about urgently needing military. Notice the west priorities. Japan is on the verge of devaluation and prolapse but they number one worry is imminent war.
- Votes to let its navy fire on Somalia. Yes, west is itching for any war, anywhere.
- The tale of the fascinating secret dump of 130B USD in USA bonds forgotten and wiped clean from the west media whores' snouts and thus the tiny brainstems of the west red-rump baboon species.
- Toyota's output near 40% down/May (y2y).
- Honda's output near 40% down/May (y2y). Lovely! It pays to be a west 911 psycho child murdering rotter toy.

K Y R G Y Z S T A N Kyrgyzstan - Caves in to USA's offer of tripling the rent for Manas airbase and extends the lease for 1yr.

N E P A L Nepal - Thousands clash in Kathmandu with state troopers in protest of not sacking the army chief.

N I G E R I A Nigeria - Impounds Ukrainian plane carrying ammo apparently en route to Niger delta.
- Delta erupts once again in violence against west hydrocarbon rapists.

N O R T H  K O R E A North Korea - USA destroyers harassing N Korea cargo ships. Yes, west is hoping to provoke a war. Any war, anywhere, anyhow is the west disease's only agenda these days.
- USA accuses N Korea of insurance scam. Just for a laugh. That's rich from a nation that paid itself over 8B in insurance just for the WTC7 911 self-abuse demolition rubbish.
- Exposes USA's invasion plot via S Korea, as though they read NBN19Jun.
- USA gives nukes in S Korea.
- USA general says N Korea will commit some act of terrorism in S Korea. Clearly another west 911 false op to create pretext for N Korea invasion already underway.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - USA continues drone murders or civilians killing 13, 18Jun.
- USA murders 80 civilians in a double drone attack, 23Jun.
- Pakistan "urges" once again USA to stop mass murders, 25Jun.

P E R U Peru - People rose against west-puppet governance and won. Lima dropped plans to let west vampires plunder the Amazon region, 23Jun. Sideline: 19Apr - opposition rose up disrupting transport links, seizing oil works, and shutting down a pipeline feeding north coast. 5Jun - state tried smashing the general revolt, violence erupted: 24 cops and some 30 Amazon defenders killed. Ongoing protests forced Lima to enact emergency curfews and put the plan on a 3-month hold. Days later, after some 85 deaths in total, the parliament overturned the west eco-rape decrees.
- Garcia joins his west clown puppeteers in enjoying the west-wide common 80% disapproval rate as a result of his try to rape the proud, free, and heroic people of the Amazon paradise.

R U S S I A Russia - Int'l reserves up by half a bill in a single week.
- In a single trip signs many coop deals, liberates from the west vampires, and becomes partner in: Namibia's diamonds, zinc, iron, tin, gas, gold, silver, manganese; Nigeria's 35B barrels of oil, 4T m3 gas, tin, columbite, iron, coal, and uranium; and Angola's diamonds, oil.
- Building a power plant in Namibia that will supply energy to South Africa cornering more west and a nuke power plant in Nigeria. West issued no rhetoric whether it will bomb either Nigeria or Russia for their N-ambitions.
- Lukoil picks up 45% of Dutch's Total refinery on the west garage sale for 520M EUR. Sideline: Again, notice the relative pricing here. Half of a west hydrocarbon refinery on sale for half a billion. And UK is flooding self with twice that every single working day just to keep up the pretense there still is UK.

S P A I N Spain - Bank of the prolapsed nation screams for spending cuts and tax hikes. Fancy bankers dictating policy in the west.
- Deficit at 10% of 2009 output.

S W I T Z E R L A N D Switzerland - Fully surrenders to USA/UK whip cracking and gives up on bank secrecy and thus its cash source.

S Y R I A Syria - Tells Israel with its perverted idea of peace to shove off. Israel wants peace with Syria but is bent on continuing occupying the Golan Heights it stole from Syria in 1967.

U K UK - 4K walkout in solidarity strike with those sacked by Total at Lindsey refinery.
- What happened to MPs that stole porn, chocolates, mortgages, and more? They get 10K GBP pay rise. Poodles still happy. After all they're still working, albeit for free.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - Unable to find 120M USD to pay Moscow for gas bound for EUnuchville. Sideline: Now, EUnuch wank has just pumped near half a TRILLION into the pathetic EU rubbish banking. We're talking 120M here or 350K% less than the latest EU quick cash trick. Like all data, no numbers in west make sense.

U N UN - USA-flu in 107 nations with 56K reported cases. But USA Centre for Disease says there's 1M cases in USA alone. Again, a bit of a discrepancy.

U S A USA - Comrade Obama ain't too proud to beg. This time he sent one of his famous "let's start anew" love letters to A Khamenei. Has USA diplomacy really come to this kind of embarrassing shame? Yes, it has. BTW, Khamenei, like everyone who caught the story, laughed at the USA top comrade.
- Mortgage delinquency DOUBLES/Q1. This 230B USD housing laceration means there are 1M houses ready to join the foreclosure.
- Comrade Obama exonerates the Fed boys saying they're not responsible for anything. So who's the boss of the west cesspit?
- Bush II & Blair war manifesto from 31Jan03 clearly states both knew there were no WMDs in Iraq. Where's UN to prosecute these war murderers?
- 40 banks prolapsed in 6 months.
- Comrade Obama authorises indefinite detention.
- Central Wank, the Fed, threatens USA with total prolapse if they're audited. Sideline: Yes, the Fed has nothing to do with USA per se. It's just a dozen of private funds that the USA baboon has been enslaved and brainwashed by.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Opens a new SouthAm bank owned 51% by Russia and initially funded by Gazprom.
- Ending patents and all that west BS on intel property in attempt to monopolise technologies. Sideline: Why don't Arabs demand copyright payments from west for using numbers, algebra, calendar, geometry, etc, etc? This oughtta illustrate relatively well the much verminous west double standard evil mindset.
- GM in Caracas suspends all ops as 80% of the 1,2B USD debt becomes delinquent.
- ALBA (Bolivarian Alternative for the People of Our America made up of Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, and Nicaragua) expands to Ecuador and the Caribbean Antigua, Barbuda, St Vincent, Grenadines. "Attacking one is attacking all" reminds the west H Chavez.

Chavez: "Labs don't allow us to make medicine cuz they have some patent. No, no, no! Invention belongs to the world, especially in medicine." be cont'd as it all piles up.

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Nation By Nation (19Jun09)

8Jun-19Jun09 -- As the Freeworld's dollar coup de grace is ever nigher; as west media whores learn a new word: devaluation; as MPs steal porn and chocolates; as hyperinflation becomes admitted reality of the bloated west cesspit; and as the noose begins tightening, much amusing wailing is heard from the west bubonic tribes. Let's celebrate! (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - 10Jun, USA murders 10 civilians with a missile strike. No sanctions by UN?

West is THE disease. It's west youth, not some shadow governance, that are committing these unspeakable transgressions. And they do it with glee. It's their west parents, not some secret cabal, that financially and morally support this west criminal abomination and who are actually "proud" of this 8 yr long genocide that has murdered 2,5M to date. The west is The disease from the top down to the lowliest plebe and back up. Don't fall for the west's desperate finger pointing antics like Nazis did in Nurenburg. They're all guilty of the greatest humanitarian transgressions ever! The degree of guilt is immaterial to this kid and all humans on the planet who find west serial killer spree reprehensible.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - As west vampires smell lithium and circle Bolivia, Morales says Bolivia will mine the greatest reserves on earth ALONE granting no one lithium monopoly.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Jumping on IMF bonds too, after China and Russia, with a 10B USD loan. Henceforth, baboons work for Brazil, Russia, and China. It's about time west puts up the "under new management" sign.

C A N A D A Canada - Misplaces 20M worth of gold bricks. Claims possible accounting error? Does the baboon world know anything beside murdering and lying? They can't even add simple numbers or are they just thieving?

C H I N A China - Tells USA to issue USA bonds in Yuans.
- Car sales 14% UP. That's UP, west.
- Becomes #1 car market.
- Moves USA bonds to IMF bonds. It's basically changing monthlies from USA bank the to the whole of west bank. Calls USA central bank what it is: "world's biggest junk investor...ridden with rubbish assets". So much for USA's begging for new fiscal beginnings. Sideline: USA is currently -- doing some rough order math -- on the hook for some 3B USD in just interest to China each month.
- Sub collides with USA trawled sonar rubbish.

E C U A D O R Ecuador - Says "to hell with OAS" after Cuba tells USA/OAS to shove off, 8Jun. "Group Of Rio", SouthAm org, looks to be replacing this parasitic west SouthAm diktat org.

E U EU - Out of the realm of this planet's accounting, EU central bank pumps near 4T EUR into the dying EUnuchville. 311B are being injected into the EUnuch war elite holdings immediately, 3T are earmarked for EU banks to keep them afloat a bit longer, 33B for sundry chocolate and porn expenses, and 500B for bank liquidity (That's right, EU bank vaults are EMPTY.) They're also burning 460B EUR in liabilities, as though they don't matter. Debt? Just evaporate it like Bush II did Boeings on 911. This may be beyond words and numbers but, of course, not beyond USA, where they've printed apparently 12T by now to float the west obese vampire carcass.
- Admits to 2M job loss per Q1.
- Finds USA backed Georgia guilty of attacking Russia last year. They're quick and bright, aren't they?
- Car sales plunge further 5%/May, marking 13th month of active prolapse.

F R A N C E France - Michelin zapping 2800 jobs.

G E O R G I A Georgia - Revolt, protest, and clashes continue.
- Russia not wasting time with Saakashvili and won't renew talks until someone sane replaces the west tie-eating marionette.

G E R M A N Y Germany - Exports shrivel 30%, at 64B EUR instead of last year's 90B EUR. That's particularly painful. Good!
- Import shriveled by 23%, at 54B EUR, marking biggest shriveling to date.
- Insolvency 10% up/Q1.
- Corp bankruptcy 18% up/Mar (y2y).
- Changes tax code for big biz to accommodate the prolapse "toxicity". This means the "deutsche volk" will have to dig deeper in their pockets.
- Wholesale prices 9% down/May (y2y). So far no word if it's deflation again. LOL Sideline: It's costing far more now for west to house and shelve all its rubbish than no one's buying than if they gave it away. West has appropriated airports to park new cars on.
- Germany, the "engine" of EU, is costing EU 500B EUR in cash for banks only thus far. Engine? How about the "anchor" of EU?
- Arcandor not "special" like Opel to be given free cash. 58K jobs hanging on a thread.
- 1300 firms knocking on Berlin's door for governance handout but prolapse fund is "only" at 115B EUR (this is for firms only! Banks have their special prolapse fund). As monstrously insane this is, in actuality the 115B isn't enough to even begin to cover the prolapsed begging firms.
- Merkel tells Zimbabwe to return "stolen land" to "white farmers". No joke! As real as the west prolapse! This just for a laugh over the insane delusions and factual perversions west lives by.

G R E E C E Greece - Cop killed in Athens, 17Jun. Revolution blamed.

I N D I A India - GM invades India. Sideline: This otherwise boring news illustrates 'phaseII/III' of the west prolapse, in which, after west war junta has consolidated the assets including the bogus multibillion "bailout" theft, the assets are being moved out of west to preserve some of the value. Sadly, west baboons are too cretinous to fully appreciate the finer points of their own fiscal rape and therefore cannot join the Freeworld in cork popping toasts to its many wonderful ills.

I R A N Iran - Ahmadinejad reelected. West beats the floor with fists like a petulant brat doing his usual orange revolt antics. Russia and China congratulate the reelected prez.
- Kissinger exposes USA's plot to maul Iran, if the west orange rubbish doesn't work out. Now, this isn't just some long-snout flapping policy. This is a direct int'l assault.

Unmistakable traces of the west mindrape. The sign is in english. They don't speak that in Iran. Whoever wrote it intended it for world propaganda, not for Iranians, or for the national election matter. Again, west baboons are too cretinous to get this so they're lapping it up like a good dog from the BBCNN autism machine. Say what you want about A Khamenei. He's not wrong dubbing UK the "most treacherous" and "evil".

J A P A N Japan - Trade surplus shrivels 55%/Apr (y2y), at 630B JPY. Now this is serious for no trade surplus, no Japan.
- Aggregate corp investment down by 4T JPY at 22T JPY (~250B EUR) marking 2nd yr of active investment prolapsing.
- Japan caught smuggling 130B USD in USA bonds into Switzerland. Again, that's 130B USD in one suitcase. 10 bonds were 1B USD each! This is out of this world! Sideline: On surface, Tokyo plays the obedient dollar lapdog. In reality, it's flushing it all down the bog like everyone in their right mind. This is a confirmation of the raging fiscal war within the very west cesspit. How extraordinarily entertaining! Watch them sweep it under the carpet somehow and say it's all some misunderstanding.

L A T V I A Latvia - On the brink of active devaluation.
- Crawling on its knees back to Moscow for help with prolapse.
- Even abandons once haughty plans to bill Russia for "occupation".
- IMF circling the prolapsed Riga like a scavenger offering a 7B EUR interest slavery bait.

M O L D O V A Moldova - Parliament dissolved for not being able to elect prez. Apparently, Moldova is still on the list of west possible anti-Russian war proxies and under west orange revolt regime change programme.

N E P A L Nepal - General strike protesting the killing of a Maoist leader, 14Jun.

N O R T H  K O R E A North Korea - As west has no chance of avoiding a wall to wall prolapse, west media whores are gripped by a WWIII frisson. Knocking the rust off the old Pearl Harbour false op, USA is mobilising Hawaii for an "impending" strike. And UK knows not only the target but also the date, 4June, and astonishingly also the very equipment with which this strike is gonna be carried out, Taepodong2. Now, in the same paragraph, the west media whores call N Korea the "most secretive" nation. Considering the facts that west tabloids know the date, missile, and scope of the nuke attack, either west is lying about N Korea being the most secretive nation or they're lying about the "impending" strike data. Either way, this highlights yet another west media charade.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - Angry with USA's mass civilian murders. Gives USA warning.
- USA answers by murdering 13 in a drone attack, 14Jun.

P E R U Peru - Oil war flares up again. People once again rise against the pro-west governance oil rape. Governance imposes curfew.
- People win the first round as pro-west governance postpones the west rape of Amazon for 3 months in attempt to cool the situation.
- UPDATE: Apparently, the second round is won as well! Peru governance under the weight of 300K mobilisied defenders of their land overturns decree granting west vampires Amazon rape and genocide of the indigenous people.

Salutation to the people of Peru for solidarity and resolve in standing up against the west-bent governance and stopping the west rape of the Amazon paradise.

R U S S I A Russia - Creates Kazakhstan-Belarus single market front to counter the west WTO silly cripple.
- Swapping USA bonds for IMF bonds like China. A mere comment on this in Moscow tumbled and bruised the dollar.
- USA's prolapsed Citibank in Moscow begging for handout.
- Spurns USA like a rabid dog. West thought that if it gave Russia a radar, Russia wouldn't mind missiles pointed at it. A retarded 1st grader couldn't come up with such laughable nonsense that west has for int'l diplomacy.
- Hosted SCO and BRIC: China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrghyzstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, India, Pakistan, Mongolia, and Brazil, 15-16Jun. End of west announced in terms of "some" dollar change. What could that be? Let's hope USA has a standby currency ready. Let's say at the rate 1:60, only as an initial teaser rate, of course. LOL

S O U T H   K O R E A South Korea - Mobilising North Korean border. Sideline: Now, west is screaming about N Korea nuking USA on 4Jun. How are troops standing on the border to stop the nuke WWIII? Well, they're not! They're there in prep to invade, if anything.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Getting more Mi-28 choppers from Russia.
- Probably alerted by NBN, Exxon muscles in on the Black Sea hydrocarbon reserves.
- Bombs Kurdistan, northern Iraq.

U K UK - 3M scurry in confusion as the tube strikes against appalling conditions, 10Jun.
- Industrial product shrivels 12%.
- GDP down by 2% per Q1.
- Not all is down. Trade deficit up by 10% at 3B GBP.
- And unemployment rises to admitted 7%.
- Working for nothing is west new reality! BratAirways tells 40K workers to simply work for nothing for a month. No joke! Again, UK poodles are going to work for NOTHING, for the whole month. Who pays their mortgage, food, rent? Who cares?! Sideline: Now that you've finished laughing, there is no word yet invented for this kind of econ system. Let's get this straight. UK banks are printing 25000000000 GBP a month for themselves. UK leaders are stealing chocolates and porn and give themselves payrises. UK military is murdering some else's children. And UK plebes are working for FREE now. Everyone should understand now why UK has a double cross for a flag. Don't forget to set your alarm clock, poodles! You're working for free today!
- Urgently seeking 220B GBP via 25 yr 4,5% bonds to prolong the island charade. These bonds are peddled now by UK 4 elite banks, as insane and controversial as this sounds. Sideline: That's cuz governance didn't have much luck a few months ago trying to raise that kind of cash for UK directly so they figure if banks sell UK bonds, no one will notice they're UK bonds and as such total contagious toxic rubbish. They're so clever.
- Retail sales 1,6% down/May (y2y).
- Media mindrapists caught redhanded -- again spinning terror provoking lies. They're showing a pro-Ahmadinejad rally in Iran and call it an anti-Ahmadinejad rally. Yes, the west animal is not just the disease, it is also this persistently underhanded, patently stupid, and fundamentally evil.

U N UN - USA-flu declared a "pandemic" at last with 40K known cases spread through 76 nations.
- Sanctions North Korea, after 2nd nuke test, with arms embargo and ship searches. What arms? Doesn't N Korea have nukes already? Which is it, UN boys? China warns west on the ill-conceived idea of searching boats. All this smacks of a pretext for N Korea invasion by west. However, even if successful, it solves nothing for west. It's still headlong down the bog for the west baboon populaces of child murderers.

U S A USA - Fed hires Enron PR to fix USA hyperinflation image. No part of it is a joke! That's Enron and fiscal image fixing. Only a west birthed, reared, and brainwashed monkey could come up with such total and utter nonsense of thinking that a marketing campaign, no matter how perverted, could possibly fix a 90T USD hole with over 12T in hyperinflated rubbish no one wants.
- "Bailout" proves to be just a charade. BearSterns and AIG, after getting zillions in free cash post 5B USD loss/Q1 anyway. USA econ warlocks feign dismay.
- Unemployment admitted at 10%. Michigan admitted over 14%. Michigone suits it better. Call it a little Enron-like marketing PR campaign to rebrand the west ghost towns to something at least a bit amusing.
- Explosion at Ford plant, North Carolina, 3 dead, 41 injured.
- Comrade Obama eyes arms market. Didn't he beg for disarming just a few weeks ago?
- Foreclosures above 300K per month now, growing at 18%/mo, marking 3rd consecutive month of baboons losing roofs over their empty excrement-sloshing skulls.
- Retailer EdBauer goes belly up and on the west garage sale. It's yours for some 200M USD, if you want 300+ stores full of garbage.
- Comrade Obama unveils a "shrink to survive" programme to save USA ghost cities, which means bulldozing the prolapsed parts. Indeed, Chinese and Russian real-estate should be cleared off of the bubonic baboon before it's ceded. That's only good manners.
- Dead GM, once the daycare centre for 80K baboons now only babies 8K.
- Comrade Obama "overhauls" health care system. Here's how: he'll charge baboons 500B USD extra while he cuts 400B USD in services. Now, that's not an "overhaul". That'd be bulldozing of 1T worth of USA health care industry. Baboons aren't angry about it.
- Creating one bank, which it will then fuse with governance. What sort of a econ system is this? Well, it's the end of the phase II: the looting and consolidating of west war elite assets. Only one more phase left.
- Product shrivels over 1%/May marking 16% consecutive month of active prolapse.
- Frees a soldier, M Leahy, who committed "grisly executions" of bound POWs. Leahy's family "proud" of their boy. Yes, west is THE disease from top to the very bottom of the cesspit and back up. Sideline: Rarely, NBN attempts to preach a lesson. But if there is one thing to remember, it's that the entire west, down to the common plebe, is guilty of the greatest deliberate humanitarian atrocities and cataclysms. Do not fall for any of their pathetic finger pointing, scapegoating, and hiding behind "shadow governance" excuses. To a man, they're all guilty. They're all savage monsters. They're all bubonic baboons.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Liberating the chemical industries from the gringo talons to achieve "full petroleum sovereignty". This primarily concerns InteliChem, Mitsubishi, Debenture, Ensco, west: USA, Japan, and UK holdings.
- Seaports also getting liberated from west rape.
- Bans USA fizzly drink simply cuz it's a "poison".
- Liberates coffee plant from German claws that grabbed it in 1998.

Y E M E N Yemen - Caught 9 members of some Dutch-based west NGO. The west oil theft route is getting unfriendly for west oil vampires. be cont'd as it all piles up.