Operation Gladio: NATO state terrorism

Think only crazed third world "islamo-fascists", "ragheads", and "A-rabs" commit terror and atrocities? Think again.

Part 1: The Ring Masters

Part 2: The Puppeteers

Part 3: The Foot Soldiers

Next time a bombs explodes in a Baghdad market or Beirut city centre ask Cui Bono?


Anonymous said...

We resent any linkage of terrorism and Islam - or the Islamists as the west likes to call them. Terrorism, all forms and shapes of it, is the sole handiwork of several secret service agencies which, as is only right and proper, will remain unnamed.

Anonymous said...

Bloggers beware: In west schools, students will be taught consipiracy theories as a leading subject so they can learn to tell an argument (mainstream) from a rant (anything displeasing to the govts of nightmare and death). Long live democracy, the best form of governance ever.

Anonymous said...

Super Duper Nato Antics and the answer is: who cares? As though the disbandment of the P26 secret army unit in Switzerland or the civilian Ergenekan in Turkey, currently the subject of a major investigation, makes any difference at all. All of Nato obeys the same set of masters and they have expanded their activities to Afghanistan, Iraq and other places now. Only the end of an economic era will bring about the demise of NATO and friends.

Anonymous said...

Do we really need to ask cui bono when a bomb goes off in the Muslim world or elsewhere? Isn't the daily, dreary answer: the west? Always the west, which feels its fight for survival is best accomplished by killing as many people as possible.

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