Nation By Nation (7Jun09)

28May-7Jun09 -- As west war junta has rinsed the last coin from the herds of west baboons, it's put all the loot on a garage sale. Being picked clean like a carcass of a once mighty monster, some may say that west is no more. Others may see it as being devoured alive. Regardless of the vantage point, west is on a liquidation sale. All merchandise must go. No returns. Cash only. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - Taking west child murdering legions to the Hague for criminal prosecutions. Unfortunately, USA is above int'l law.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Uranium "exploration" underway. So far no discernible shrieks from west.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Renews indictment of USA pilots for downing of an airliner in Sep06.

C H I N A China - The USA circus, on another handout seeking tour through China, is celebrating great successes. Gags like: deficit is temporary; USA has strong dollar policy; and investment in USA is safe, literary bring the house down.
- Buying 50B USD worth of IMF bonds. Sideline: The table's turned! IMF, chief among west WMDs, has been turned against west and quite contrary to its "bank" charter is now taking giant loans to survive. Henceforth, west is the usury victim here and working to pay China monthlies.
- Buying USA Hummer. Does this mean USA child murdering military vehicles are gonna be Chinese? That may complicate matters somewhat.

E U EU - Shriveling of near 5%/Q1 on y2y worse than fears by 2/10th of a point. This means millions in active poverty, unemployment at min 20M, and highlights the exponential nature of prolapse as Q408 saw only 2,5% shriveling.
- Exports and imports down 8% and 7% respectively, or the biggest hit since inception.
- Investment in EU down by 4,2% or the biggest hit since inception. Sideline: EUnuch "economists" offer sci-fi blither as comments like: "in a way it's a good sign cuz it means the unwinding of inventories has run its course". Clearly EUnuchs are thinking this is as low as they'll go. Such hallucinations and mass insanity is only matched by USA where "economists" are stubbornly clinging to the notion of the prolapse somehow being "cyclical". Their rationale? "It's always cyclical!". But even more entertaining are the flummoxed west crowds, which are beginning to collectively freak but have no clue why.
- EUnuch central bank is flooding EU with 40B GBP in fresh new cash. Sideline: Though west is no longer capable of prevaricating about "deflation", it's still far from admitting extreme case of hyperinflation. When they do, it's gonna be on the very eve of the grand west devaluation, perhaps the most expected event in recent history.
- EUnuchs apparently fill EU governance slots with ultra right dictators in the latest musical chair charade.
- Chaffed west media threatens "less news". No quip! West journalism is too suffering a prolapse. West media? Is there anything less useful?

F R A N C E Railway strike on 26May. Next planned for mid-Jun.
- Universities not teaching in 15th week.

G E O R G I A Georgia - NATO war games over without managing to provoke a repeat of Bush II assault on Russia.
- USA warships abandoned docking in Poti, Abkhazia, after seeing Russian navy in the area.
- Tbilisi's screaming for west help against Russian military assembly mounting across the castrated nation.
- Railway line exploded. Tbilisi says it's no big deal.
- Demonstrations to oust the west puppets go on.

G E R M A N Y Germany - 20K teachers on strike.
- Like in USA, insurance sector joins the prolapse. Figures 20% hikes will save it.
- Opel sold to Russia via Canada front store but parties cuz Berlin thinks Opel is "safe". Of course, Opel's "safety" is beginning with the zapping of 10K in the first round. Also, henceforth, west assembles for Russia.
- The "engine of EU" shrivels 7%. It's about time, west kicks in another engine, if they have one.
- Workers from Arcandor are demanding 650M EUR "bailout" from governance. Berlin rejects the demand saying "Arcandor" had trouble BEFORE the official prolapse gangrene set in. Not a joke!
- HRE bank gets more free cash, this time 3B EUR. Perhaps, they can add equality to the list of west circus jokes.
- Merkel has finally noticed west is printing cash. If that wasn't amazing in itself, she had a go at UK, USA, and EU for the extreme hyperbloating of the west bubble, which, of course, her -- being political -- calls "irresponsible". Sideline: Not more than just a few weeks ago, Germany, along the entire west, heralded "deflation"! Now they're admitting to printing hundreds of billions and even are ripping their hair over the hyperinflation in progress. That's deflation to hyperinflation in 2 weeks. West is either all cretins or all liars, possibly both, but there's simply no other choice.
- Wants gold returned from USA. Would this be the stuff looted during WWII?

G R E E C E Greece - Demonstrations in Athens over state deliberate defacing of Qu'ran, 31May.
- Mulling over banning performing animals. Sideline: It's illegal, safe for a few crazed nations, to approach whales. So how is it that west has whales in circus tanks performing tricks for the disgusting west hoards of obese, bored, vacant creatures from, let's be fair to them, hell? Everything about west is diseased. Everything is crooked. Everything is a lie. Everything is selective prosecution. Everything is random to suit the west junta.

I R A N Iran - Bombing in Zahedan leaves 23 dead, 125 injured, 29May. Second bombing attempt foiled. Terrorists arrested, hanged, and USA links exposed. That's a shock!
- Comrade Obama admits to CIA's 1953 toppling of Mossadegh but denies all other holocausts since which now account for roughly 35M civilians, including this 29May terror attack.

I R A Q Iraq - USA throws a gay appreciation party in the "liberated" Baghdad zone. Beyond comprehension. Beyond words.

I T A L Y Italy - Fiat rummages among the west garage sale clutter and finds Chrysler.

J A P A N Japan - Exodus of cash hits JPY as the rich take business elsewhere.
- Moon orbiter Kaguya finds no traces of Apollo. Not only Boeings in USA leave no traces, now it's Apollo boys as well. This shouldn't be a shock.
- Car sales 20% down/May marking 10th month of active prolapse. Toyota leads with 50% sales shriveling/mo on y2y, followed by Honda, which celebrates only a modest 30% shriveling.
- Retail shrivels 3%/May marking 8th consecutive month of retail prolapse.
- Nikon cutting 1K jobs.
- Unemployment over 5% (admitted) and climbing.
- Ready with another 150B USD "stimulus"

J O R D A N Jordan - Acquiring N-fuel from Russia. The conspicuous lack of vulgarities from west indicates west is out of energy and can't face another diplo disaster. That's usually when the queue forms behind the tomato barrel in front of the pillory.

M E X I C O Mexico - 83 dead from USA-flu and 4,5K cases. Erects statue to the pandemic but the alert remains "off".
- Launches 90M USD plan to attract tourists.

N O R T H  K O R E A North Korea - Does a 6th missile test and tells west it will bite back if touched. Why exactly can't N Korea perform missile tests when west shoots missiles into civilians and has wiped out numerous beautiful South Pacific islands in their bomb "tests"?

N O R W A Y Norway - Tried writhing out of 1,5B EUR payment to Russia's VimpelCom but to no avail.

P A L E S T I N E Palestine - Getting armoured vehicles from Russia. This happened while Israel was begging in Moscow.

R U S S I A Russia - Buying 10B USD worth of IMF bonds. Sideline (reprise cuz it's so fun): The table's turned! IMF, chief among west WMDs, has been turned against west and quite contrary to its "bank" charter is taking loans from Moscow as well. Henceforth, the usury victim is the west baboon that's been hooked for Moscow monthlies now.
- Reminds west 30% of world's energy reserves are under the North Pole, Russia.
- EUnuch gas shut down in process. Putin, as though he read NBN27May, tells EU to pay for Ukraine, except that Putin didn't shakespeare it up for them: to dig deep in thine wallets... Sideline: Admittedly, being done in June, this shutoff lacks the appropriate theatrical sting.
- Answers NATO with war games with Kazakhstan and Belarus where it's deploying 2 armies.
- Asks: "Why dollar?". This right before a summit with China, Brazil, and India. If they do or rather when they do, the next main event will be the long expected dollar & euro deval. It's more likely there will be grand concessions from west in the upcoming weeks as well as gifts of real-estate.

S O U T H   O S S E T I A South Ossetia - Election underway. West still unable to grasp its war proxy has really been hung and quartered.

S P A I N Spain - Rules out "deflation". This just for a laugh. Sideline: West tried lying about being hyperinflated blaming CPI dips on 'deflation' but now that USA and UK have admitted to manufacturing some 500B USD, no west nation can maintain the ridiculous facade.
- Unemployment at 18%.
- 2M workers on short-wage week.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Wriggling out of IMF dictate causing much teeth gnashing in west. From here on it's no real victims for IMF, just west, just canibalism. From here on IMF, like all west banks, ceases to be one, and requires loans to stay afloat.

U K UK - Returns gold to Dubai. This can only mean that either west has struck some tentative deal with Iran or is secure about another "orange" election there.
- BoE is drowning the UK isles at a rate of 25B GBP in new cash EVERY month now. Britain scientists have not yet ruled out "deflation" though.
- Car sales 25% down/May.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - Gas shutoff looms as EUnuchs are unwilling to pay the comparatively -- to their hyperinflation, that is -- silly 500M USD.
- Econ shrivels 21%/Q1.
- Unemployment near 800K.
- Living off IMF 8B USD loan. Sideline: Note that the entire nation is surviving on 8B USD or 16B if they get the other half of the loan. Compare this to: the UK's 25B GBP of new cash pumped into the island every single month; the USA 100B USD print of cash under the self bond purchase; or the 12B in free cash in just 2 months to a single firm like GM to just to go bust; and you'll get the feel of the size of the west prolapse.
- State bank explodes in Melitopol, 22 injured, 2Jun.

U N UN - USA-flu in 69 countries with 22K cases (it appears to grow by 10% cases every 4 days now).
- Condemns N Korea for testing missiles. No condemnation of west using missiles against children and their parents?
- Praises, that's "PRAISES", Sri Lanka for the marvelous defeat of Tamils and concludes no outside intervention is necessary. Note here: Slaughter of 20K civilians and detainment of 300K civilians behind fences is not a matter requiring intervention by UN, and in fact, is a matter that gets "praise" from this bizarre west assembly.
- Admits Israel targeted civilians in Gaza08-09 "deliberately" and on "too numerous occasions" but does nothing though paid to deal with just that.
- Planning a west prolapse crisis meeting for midJun. Murdering people is alright, but west fiscal prolapse, well, that requires attention. Sideline: Besides what's UN's involvement with west fiscal prolapse anyway? Could it be the deployment of UN troops?
- As west achieves misusing Tesla to permanently dent the earth's weather patters with HAARP & chemtrail bombings, we now have "asperata", new freak cloud formations baffling all who see them.

U S A USA - GM bankrupt. This just for a laugh. Pumping 50B USD into a bankrupt rot is what USA calls "strong dollar policy". That's also for a laugh.
- Military fort forced to shut down for 3 days in attempt to slow down the suicide rate.
- IMF, not just selling bonds, but now selling 400 tonnes of gold to stay above water.
- Admits to another half a million jobs zapped in May. That's 3M min this year alone and this does not count the marvelous GM food chain prolapse in the making.
- Admits to over 9,4% unemployment, which means it's 15% in mfg regions, if not more.
- Admits to debt of 550K USD per household. Real debt including USA future debt puts this at 3M USD per household however. Either way, USA generations are now insolvent long before birth.
- Admits to shriveling by 12% in 2008.
- Entire nation on the dole. Currently 16% of USA income comes from governance subsidy paid by crisp freshly printed cash. This is USA's darkest hour ever in its entire life!
- Health care declared deceased by Comrade Obama.
- Microsoft threatens exodus if taxed. Yes, tax the poor baboons. 60% of zero is a lot, Warshington politburreau comrades!
- Mfg orders celebrate 16th consecutive month prolapse. USA econ charlatans that were singing improvement songs last month feign shock.
- California, leading the USA prolapse, is mulling getting rid of textbooks and instead digitise the lies. This just to highlight the lengths of their desperate and laughably ineffectual measures as the rising cold water begins flooding the middle class level.
- Not all is down though! Bankruptcies up 40%/May on y2y.
- Actually changes tax code to reflect the Madoff heist. Instead of prosecution, it's a write-off meaning that the victims get to eat 50% or so of it. Q: Now, does anyone, beside the baboons, believe that USA would be willing to take a tax hit for "some" embezzler, if it hadn't had the cash in its pockets already? Everything in the west is a silly comedy.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Chavez cancels El Salvador trip due to a foiled hit on him. USA maintains innocence.
- Takes over 70 oil producer middlemen firms.
- Coop with Russian Lukoil and Rosneft to develop oil Carabobo Orinoco reserves.
- Arming up with hand-held anti-aircraft missiles from Russia. USA very unhappy indeed. Why the anger? Did Warshington have some plans in Venezuela?

H Chavez on nationalisation of GM: "Comrade Obama, be careful, me and Fidel gonna wind up on the right!" be cont'd as it all piles up.


Anonymous said...

Great NBN out on time and as witty as ever, a combination of Chavez tongue-in-cheek and poiuytr irony. The sidelines about IMF and comment linking UK return of Dubai gold and the upcoming Iran election held my interest specially. And thanks for all the rest as well.

Anonymous said...

Grain OPEC push would damage Russia's WTO bid-USD June 7 2009 By Dmitry Zhdannikov
ST PETERSBURG - Russia, pursuing membership of the World Trade Organisation, should steer clear of backing a "grain OPEC" which could distort global trade, a senior U.S. agriculture official said on Sunday. Russia, the world's No. 3 wheat exporter, could damage its bid to join the WTO by backing a global body to regulate grain trade, said Michael Michener, administrator of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's foreign agricultural service.
"I think this Russian idea does look like a cartel. It does seem like OPEC ... and frankly that is something against the WTO," Michener said at the World Grain Forum in St Petersburg.
"We would even say to Russia: be cautious about it. If it is done in a way that is trade distortive and trade prohibitive, I think it would affect Russia's application to the WTO."
Russia, the world's second-largest oil exporter, is not a member of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). But it has previously suggested that global grain trade could benefit from an international trade group.
Michener said, however, that enthusiasm for the idea had faltered as Russia accelerates its bid to join the 153-member WTO after a decade of trying. Some officials have said it could reach this objective by the end of the year.
"This is their year for WTO essentially," said Michener, adding Russian talk of a grains cartel had subsided. "They are really backing off right now."
Asked if Russia could continue promoting the idea of a grains OPEC were it to join the WTO this or next year, he said: "If they try, they will wind up in litigation.
Why Russia should even want to join shoddy WTO is beyond us. Better by far they stick to their outsider role.

Anonymous said...

Germany small update: Qatar is supposed to take over Porsche.

Anonymous said...

China in South Pars (Asia Times)
China is proceeding according to a set agenda. Beijing steers clear of the shrill rhetoric of the Caspian Great Game that we constantly hear from the US, EU and Russian capitals. Nor has Beijing any use of the extravaganza of "energy summits" that the EU specializes in. Certainly, Chinese diplomacy in the Caspian never brags about its success stories. It is secretive, result-oriented and purposive. The most fascinating part is that Beijing is not indulging in one-upmanship - at least, openly. It knows Central Asians respect discretion. It doesn't speak disparagingly of either the Russians or the Europeans and the Americans.
In particular, it takes care not to ruffle Russian sensitivities. Its measure of success lies insofar as it is poised to advance its energy cooperation with both Russia and Central Asian countries. Arguably, it suits Moscow as well that it is China rather than the EU which is succeeding in the Caspian. So long as Europe's energy dependence on Russia remains at its current level, Moscow remains content.
Equally, China's latest foray into the Iranian gas scene will be welcomed by Moscow. On Wednesday, China National Petroleum Corporation CNPC and the National Iranian Oil Company signed a $4.7 billion deal to develop upstream phase 11 of the South Pars field with an estimated reserve of 14 trillion cubic meters, which is enough to supply Europe's gas needs for a quarter century.
France's Total had originally signed a memorandum of understanding in 2000 to execute the project but retracted under US pressure. As Iran moves slowly into the gas export market, Moscow will be pleased with more Chinese deals (and with the proposed $7.5 billion Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline from South Pars). Moscow's preference is that Iran shapes up as a regional gas exporter in the huge Asian market.
The "natural alliance" smoothly at work.

Anonymous said...

A scathing NBN this week. But even as we note the consolidation of west econ losses, we deplore their second set of WMD, democracy, is beong used with impunity all over. Rigged elections to EU parliament, in Lebanon and other places. Will they manage to place their west candidate in Iran as well?

Anonymous said...

Well, let us forget our forebodings and fears and adopt hilarity as our worthy blog master enjoins us to do.

Anonymous said...

Obama promises 600,000 jobs as the recession eases - OECD fuels hopes recovery may start sooner than forecast
By Sean O'Grady and James Thompson
Tuesday, 9 June 2009
An upbeat assessment of the prospects of recovery from the OECD, a White House forecast of 600,000 jobs to be created and brighter news from China to Germany has bolstered hopes that the global recession may be shorter-lived than feared. The OECD said that the UK was one of four advanced economies that are displaying "stronger signals of a possible trough", along with Canada, France and Italy.
The OECD said that "while it is still too early to assess whether it is a temporary or a more durable turning point, OECD composite leading indicators for April 2009 point to a reduced pace of deterioration in most of the OECD economies".
The OECD's leading indicators include surveys of business and consumer confidence and future orders that can be relied upon to provide a picture of movements in the real economy some months hence. (The Independent)
Something to be hilarious about.

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