Little Q&A

Q: Did they [the west beast] start the wars because they realised the prolapse was inevitable?

A: Indeedy! And what an entertaining tale it is. It would be criminal not to share it.

Back in the 80s, having a real al-Qaeda-like enemy in Russia, the west junta canonised its mad cash printing disease. They even had a fetching name for it: "Reaganomics". Virulently exhibitionist, the west econ clowns had actually argued on the world stage that soaring debt is immaterial to the health of economy. They forgot to add, quite needlessly to say, that for the cash printing lunacy to work the dollar has to be artificially propped up by a monopoly. And apparently, they failed to realise that unlike mountains of cash, a currency monopoly lifespan is limited. But secured by its innate witlessness, persistent resilience to learning, self pro-west propaganda delusions, and the unusually thick Neanderthal-like grasp of letters and numbers, west happily committed a small miscalculation that was to unravel the entire cesspit from Warshington to Loondon -- going westward.

Without going too far back, following WWII, west built the post-war dollar monopoly on usury.

In the very last days of the hitler's machine, USA had invaded Europe and finished what hitler hadn't quite managed. Without provocation, resistance, or even pretext, in the last days of "war" USA leveled Italy's infrastructure and the economies of Eastern Europe murdering thousands of civilians in the process. BTW, this 1945 USA civilian holocaust is also vehemently denied by the west holocaust-denying criminals.

No sooner the end of WWII was proclaimed, the German war loot magically appeared in west bank vaults managed by USA banks that managed nazi finances throughout the war. In an act of diabolical irony, the war raped nations were offered what was stolen from them under usury terms as loans to rebuild the hitler/USA-mauled econs. To qualify for the loans, a nation had to cede titles to industries and gold as collateral. In the late 40s and early 50s this didn't seem too frightening since one of the chief stipulations these int'l treaties were ratified on was the fixed price and full dollar/gold convertibility. In other words, the idea was that once a nation managed to put economy back on its feet, it could begin to buy back its gold from USA under the same terms, price, and with same tender: the dollar. How gullible was the world to fall for this? Hadn't they seen enough of west genocidal and thieving policies? (There exists a historical explanation, of course, echoing the current orange CIA revolts staged by the west beast around the globe in attempt to enact west policies via tie-eating proxies like saakashvili, pinochet, and even hitler, to name a few famous west henchmen. But it's outside of the scope of this Little Q&A.) Sufficed to say that all the recipients of this USA post-war "aid" were in due time to learn a rather expensive lesson that dealing with west is akin to dealing with the devil.

In the 60s, with the war-ravaged econs back on their feet, the nations began buying back their gold. Gold was leaving USA and printed dollars began bloating up Warshington like an old goat. So USA simply violated all the treaties, backstabbed everyone, much like they do today, and made it impossible for dollar to buy gold. This 1971 int'l deliberate econ-crime is spun in the endlessly diseased west and is known by the baboons as "the end of post-war gold standard".

The world was suddenly stuck with pointless and deeply inflated stacks of the laughable array of the vomit green faces depicting west's masonic slavers and black-magic fiends. Besides int'l outrage, some local "nationalisations" of the "USA" holdings, and dumping of the dollar there wasn't much the world could do then. Russia, the only one capable of smacking the living daylights out of the west wasn't involved for it opted out of these Satan loan offers. But the unity through dollar dumping was enough. In fact, it worked fabulously! (BTW, fancy the fact that the west war junta used the exact usury WMD on its own populace enslaving it to the point of sheer insanity shown daily by the baboon unwavering servility to the decade of hair-rising crimes.)

As a result of the dollar dumping, 1971 is very much like 2006 in the essence that it marks the end of a dollar monopoly and the subsequent beginning of the dollar death. By 1973, thanks to the int'l orchestrated dollar flushing, USA was broke. It's a bit like mid-2008 when even the slower among the baboon herd realised something was strange about their wallet and it wasn't just some 3 week subprime flu.

Just like the west mindrapists rushed to spin the current west-wide prolapse in 2006 into "subprime woes", or "derivative writedown" in 2007, or "global downturn" in 2008, and "bank toxicity" today, the 1973 dollar prolapse was spun into "oil crisis". Of course, it was nothing to do with oil per se but rather with the loss of the dollar monopoly luster.

There is one small difference twixt 1971 and 2006 however. In 1971 the situation proved to be repairable. In 2006 the petrodollar nuking was terminal for re-establishing the monopoly means today taking down Beijing, Tehran, Caracas, and above all Moscow -- reality supported by Bush II's repeated WWIII threat mutterings in mid and late 2009.

In 1973, papa Bush saved the west by striking a deal with the only oil pump in the world at the time, the Saudis. West gave the oil monarchy every luxury military protection offers and the Saudis agreed to sell oil for dollars only. As is common for west, one crime and lie follows another: and so the post-war dollar monopoly built on usury, killed by int'l dollar dump was replaced by a monopoly built on oil -- hence petrodollar.

Since 1973, if a nation desired to drive, eat, make plastics, or any other of 3000 products, it simply had to buy oil. And to do that it had to first buy and hoard the dollar. And so the dollar value began rising in direct proportion to the world's growing thirst for oil. No part of the dollar value was so much as influenced by the USA aggregate econ sham. Of course, thanks to the deep west mindrape, the baboon loves to believe in the asinine tales of some USA collective brilliance responsible for the dollar dominance and USA wealth. At last today, the truth about the USA labour and mind product is known. Without the dollar monopoly, all USA industries are exposed to be no more than laughable daycare centres for baboons capable of producing no more than perverted slogans. USA economy is, in fact, such sickness that even freshly printed trillions aren't enough to save any of it.

However, a currency monopoly, no matter how structured, is a temporary game as already stated. It requires constant war, constant destruction of all possible competition and that tends to fuel the Freeworld's resolve to break it. Without going into details, let it be known that twixt WWII and 2000, to protect west monopolies, the west savage serial killer attacked 68 nations and murdered some 30M civilians.

The first to officially derail the petrodollar was Hussein when he began accepting euro in the late 80s. Papa Bush cabal reacted swiftly by buying a Kuwaiti war pretext for some 300M, as leaked by Spanish auditors, and invading the Baghdad oil bourse where they reset it to dollar-only basis. So papa Bush saved the west once again in 1989/90, which is probably what gained him his glaring illuminati, 33rd-reptilian, sept11 degree, wizard-lizard, skull&bones superstardom. Imagine how dazzling must have been the early 90s Bohemian Grove ritualistic raves.

Petrodollar was saved.

Russia had folded and west took it apart in what's known as the "grabitisation" period. Carlyle/Soros holdings invaded Russian energy stealing it all for some 300M USD. West NGOs like a parasite ate through Russian politics, media, and biz. West psychos erected billboards across Russia, peddling their burger poisons and shampoos strong enough to cleanse even the unusually bristly saxonic thatch. Quite entertainingly, the Bush dynasty actually thought they succeeded where their grandpa and Napoleon had failed.

China was no more than west's personal slave shop. Kids, and only the lucky ones, were destined to spend their childhoods there sowing boots and shirts, assembling toys and a wide assortment of dildos for the west credit card benders. China's investment of proceeds back into USA's bonds was misread by west as a confirmation that China needs the west buyer for its own survival and is happy to pay to upkeep the market. West central bank was actually amused that its winding up with all the cash USA baboons spent on Chinese toys.

There was no energy competition. There was no other oil pump besides the west ones in Persian Gulf. Iran was no more for west than an unfinished job. Venezuela was a word west never heard of.

Africa was a mere vacation grounds for the white elite creatures to murder big game for fun, to steal shiny rocks to hide the saxonic freckles on their pale wives, and to plunder the mighty continent's vast resources while wiping townships off the face of the earth with laughter.

SouthAm was run by west. West drug mafias were flying narcotic cargo out of the Andes to feed the NorthAm metro baboons their daily intake. The Amazon basin was a place where west eco-terrorists honed their mass land rape techniques. Rio was the number one destination place for the west pedophile sadistic vermin where these USA genetic anomalies slaked their diseased lust on west-design impoverished children. West firms were storefronts for genocidal terrorism -- which is at last getting exposed as well.

Indeed, the early 90s must have felt like a big mac super meal with a double aspertame helping for the west parasite vampires. And so it happened that the monster fell asleep next to his obese rolls of lard. Without a single worry, the west ugliness slumbered away high on its laurels believing it'd conquered the whole of the planet.

But... of course, the beast was wrong. And fatally so! All of it proved to be no more than a temporary delusion for the Freeworld had ceaselessly laboured to liberate its children from the west rapists, torturers, and murderers.

China, tiptoeing around the sleeping monster, managed to take over its wallet. By the late 90s, China was the grandest recipient of USA monthly liabilities and had replaced the west central bank, the Fed, in controlling the dollar cost. A mere fiscal musing in Beijing was enough to set the dollar interest into an unpredictable St Vitus dance. Realising the loss of control over its own currency price, the Fed leaned on Clinton to lean on China, which he did but to no avail. The transparently disappearing leverage over China made USA demands for yuan decoupling comical even in the 90s. Of course, not as downright hysterical as today, when they laugh directly in their snouts when USA top fiscal clowns come to town to perform.

In the meantime, Putin in Russia had managed the unthinkable and swept the house clean of the west claws. Yukos, the west energy grab of Russia, was smashed to bits and west puppets wound up either behind bars or in west exiles bitterly plotting and financing "forceful Putin regime changes". The fangs of west energy vampires were pulled out one by one. Sakhalin and Murmansk west energy claims were buried and west vampires booted with much ovation. And this was all before the Russia's Lomonosov Ridge discovery which extends Russia across North Pole and adds some 30% of the planet's energy resources under its belt. West NGOs were one by one slapped out of Russia liberating media, political arena, and business. By the end 90s, Russia was Russian and ready to play some chess with the west bozos.

As a very interesting sidenote: There remains a monumental historical quandary here. Somehow west believed that the road to a total world domination was open in 2000. The west war junta had apparently missed all the signs of the silent Russian liberation and launched their New World Order, Pt2 assault simply too late. This very much parallels the Hitler's Barbarossa mistake, in which the speculation remains that had Barbarossa been launched earlier in 1941, it might not have been reverted in the 5 months as it was with the decisive Moscow counteroffensive strike of Dec 5, 1941. The only explanation is that the west beast, untouched by study and impervious to learning, indeed has sewage for brains. The west populace supports this shocking revelation further with its tremendous mental lag ignoring all its end of days signs for 3 long yrs. Still today, the vast majority of west baboons can be observed scratching their red rumps on branches without a thought of their impending doom. The west war junta still seems to cling on to some illusion of victory pouring zillions into their defeated military posts. Indeed, the majority of west believes in self-melting steel and evaporating airliners. But back to our marvelous dollar death tale...

So by the late 90s when the west beast finally awakens from its snooze, it found the world was drastically different and unfriendly.

The hyperinflated dollar was hanging on a petrodollar thread which was getting alarmingly thinner by a minute. China didn't budge on any Warshington demands and instead kept plunging USA deeper and deeper into debt. Warshington thought of blackballing China from buying its bonds but couldn't get along without the loans. And so they swelled up to some 800B USD, which means USA services some 2B+ USD to China each and every single month, with no hope of ever repaying the principles unless they move to a new currency like USA land, gold, or what's left of USA industry.

Iran began turning into a rather large oil pump showing little respect for the west's fang gnashing. The Central Asia chess pretense of the Brzezinski's war blueprints proved to be too flummoxing for west that it was effectively lost before Bush II had even found it on the map. Plus, there arose the small matter of the anti-Gringo movement across SouthAm and Africa. West holdings have been rounded up for the chop everywhere unless they were torched like west oil vampire towers in Nigeria. West was forced to abdicate the mighty continent's rape and go back to plotting coups and proxy invasions. Most sadly, even OPEC, the very west personal valet, compounded the west woes in early 2001 by threatening to go euro or be forced to re-evaluate all USA oil contracts, effectively destroying the petrodollar monopoly.

Things got so desperate that the skull&bones dynasty had to return from retirement and launch a world war in a hasty attempt to re-establish west dominance. But things were too far gone.

Besides the sloppy 911 mass murder that needs no Columbo to untangle, they literary achieved nothing but the speeding up of the west final unraveling.

Bush II began his reign by trying to purchase Iran oil reserves in hope to keep China away from oil and thus pliable to USA diktat. But he failed. China got its own well and USA lost the last hope of leverage over China and west found itself under Chinese fiscal command.

It wasn't after Bush II celebrated his war "mission accomplished", that the war actually began. Russian weapons strangely proliferated across the Freeworld commenced disappearing the west legions of child murderers and torturers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq and Afghanistan are no more than west's 21st century Stalingrads today. (Stalingrad is a beautiful tale highlighting the west evil and cretinism but well outside the scope of this little Q&A. Sufficed to say that in west, Stalingrad carries a severely perverted meaning thanks to west propaganda mindrapists.) Russian arming of the Freeworld spread like wildfire and though the west beast has assaulted some 10 nations: Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Algeria, Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Serbia, and under Obama, the man that promised to stop all wars, Pakistan while murdering over 2M civilians, it's run out of defenceless nations to slake its bloodlust on. Everywhere west turns today are missiles pointing against it.

Additionally, a masterful sequence of marvelously orchestrated events drove the west rapists out of Central Asia shattering their 30 yr long wetdream of controlling Asia. EUnuchs, despite all the big mouth attempts, fell deeper and deeper under the spell of Russian energy supplies. Today, the criminal continent can be castrated in days with just the fiddling of a single gas tap.

No one and nothing could have ever done more for the death of west than Bush II/Blair. Historically, it must be questioned who exactly these high ranking secret society members really work for, for it's evident, it isn't he gullible long snout baboon creature.

When west holdings began getting the flush around the planet, all Bush II could do was to make the dollar hyperinflation secret making M3 illegal to publish, an act underscoring the west dementia and desperation. All inflation numbers pouring from the west today are patent nonsense for no one's knows the size of M3, the cash in circulation. Even subjugated slag nations like Japan started openly questioning the west war terror and the silliness of 911 lies.

But that's not all! When Bush II invited the world to "Bring it on!" he had no clue -- and possibly still doesn't -- that he had personally asked on behalf of all the west baboons for the very end of their idyll. And so comes 2006 and with it the blow that commenced the west-wide prolapse without a single drop of blood spilt.

It was Cheney, the man that magically knew the distance twixt a 911 "terrist" plane and its target BEFORE it hit, who figured that the common thread among the continued west failures is Russia. And so he ran his mouth against Putin during his visit of the Baltic states gripped then by the neo-nazi frenzy toppling Russian nazi-liberation monuments. Who could've known then that his badly chosen words uttered at some pointless sideshow were gonna be the very ones the entire west animal will eventually choke on?

A week later, Putin had an answer dispelling for good any delusions that Russia was west's little toby. With a stroke of a pen, said to be mightier than a sword, the petrodollar was nuked to hell in May 2006. The dollar began its death spiral. The days of west were numbered.

In one signature the entire west: NZ, Australia, Israel, EUnuchville, Stolen NorthAm plateaus, and occupied territories like Malvinas, & Japan, was sentenced to permanent fiscal oblivion.

West biz, being unmatched in stupidity, realised, of course, nothing. West populace, easily the most cretinous on earth, still doesn't. Only int'l fiscal institutions took heed and quickly shoveled dollars out the window -- much like in the 70s. In 6 short months, the near 40 yr dollar monopolistic dominance was undone as by Dec 2006 euro had surpassed the dollar as the number one sought out international tender. Even Bill Gates was heard to lament the impending death of the dollar as he was cleansing his Swiss accounts of the gangrened and contagious greenback.

Skipping many (literary many chapters worth) orchestrated blows delivered to the west murder machine -- which one day should make for the most entertaining reading -- the post-petrodollar west is worth a look and a laugh.

As the dollar dies, west is reduced to begging everyone, even its erstwhile archenemies like Iran and Taliban. While west is unable to reach the orbit today, Iran's satellites are looking down on the west monkeys. West has by now admitted to recent 3T in newly printed cash with 5T waiting to be printed momentarily forcing us to find new terms for concepts once sufficiently expressed by "extremely insane meta-hyperinflation". Devaluation, not just some silly depression and recession, has expanded the west media whore vocab as Iceland and Latvia usher it into west. The next step is loss of west buying power and the long awaited entertaining chaos as west child murdering baboons begin canibalising one another.

Yes, today west is no more than a hyper-overbloated bubble ready to explode and litter the planet with its christianic roman saxonic amero UKian porn-MPs disease excremental slime. Sadly though, by no means are the west child murdering and torture sprees over. It's in its final stages that the west disease shall become perhaps most evil.

The final flush of the west is a complicated matter requiring a delicate touch and patience. After all, the Freeworld's dealing with a patently insane lunatic with an unusual sadistic bent who's armed to teeth with nukes.

So yes, west started the world terror tour in 2001 because it was facing bankruptcy. Imagine the lengths the beast will go today facing its final prolapse.


Anonymous said...

Well done, poiuytr, tears chase laughter as we grow through the text paragraph by paragraph. And we end on the chilling note of the vast dangers attendant on the various stages of the prolapse. Let us hope BRIC and SCO are taking this very, very seriously and preparing their counter-attack weapons.

Anonymous said...

If the magic figure of 2000 years is left aside and we concentrate on contemporary times, the first victims of the USans were the Europeans, thrust into 2 World Wars on USan command, then deprived of their gold with the disappearance of the gold standard, etc. The USans bled them dry, but at the same time shared part of their know-how with the EUnuchs (and bombed Japan) which led to the 30-odd years of artificial west prosperity. Now the Freeworld's waking up, we can look forward to a stronger, fairer architecture of world affairs.

Anonymous said...

Blogmaster poiuytr is an energetic day-dreamer, as near as we can get to a visionary. The prolapsing west has found a poet to describe its whimering antics.

Anonymous said...

UK: Jobless rate soars to 13-year high : A job is now being lost every 30 seconds : McDonald's receiving 2,200 applications a day: Directors and CEOs claiming the dole up 200%
British Airways asks 40,000 staff to work for nothing: The astonishing plea comes as BA faces what Mr Walsh says is a 'fight for survival'.
Medvedev calls for supranational reserve currency.
Interesting article above, Well done.

Anonymous said...

Can we get some analysis of what is happening in Iran?

The Western media is virtually in a sexual lather over the Green/Twitter/Color/Fill-in-the-Blank revolution there.

poiuytr said...

Here's an article from some yank baboon squealing in agony. I put it here for 2 reasons: 1) fun cuz it's morally uplifting to see these creatures from hell experience pangs of pain and 2) to highlight the disease these west sons of bastards are. Notice he doesn't complain about the millions of people his pretty nation has murdered. He spares no thought, no tear, over the child murdering sprees, town razings, tortures, phosphorous and DU nation burials, his country bitches are doing. All he whinges about is his loser dollars.

Even when wrapped under a mantle of anger and seeming dissent like this yank baboon, Craig Roberts, Engdahl, Icke, Rense, etc... they're still all the same exact vampire disease as their banking war junta leadership and media mindrape whores. Their one single aggregate complain is that Bush II/Blair lost the wars.

Don't be misled by no west "dissent" drivel. All charade! They're all the same! West is THE disease!

Here's the article:

Proud To Be American? You Should Be Ashamed

We have seen the largest looting operation in history perpetrated against The American People.

Over $5 trillion dollars in junk securities were marketed and sold. They had a real value of about $2 trillion dollars; the other $3 trillion, roughly, was pure fiction.

The banks created and sold these throughout the world, with the full knowledge and support of Congress, The Fed, and the banks themselves.

It was pure fraud.

Granting someone a "mortgage" based only on whether they can fog a mirror is proof positive of malfeasance, unless you disclose this fact to the buyers of these securities - a fact that was not disclosed until after the securities blew up.

Lenders, builders and others pressured appraisers to "hit the numbers" to support these fraudulent deals. Proof of that is found in the nearly-10-year-old Appraisers Petition bearing thousands of appraiser signatures.

That ratings were a "mistake", either real or intentional, is a matter of now-known historical fact.

Americans have sat on their butts through all of this, allowed their 401ks and IRAs to be trashed, their supposed "home values" to be pumped and then destroyed, and their hopes, dreams, employment and house have all vanished into the ether of fraud.

When this came to light the banks went to Congress, and supported by The Fed's intentional draining of liquidity to create an immediate "crisis", they got a $700 billion bailout bill passed - one that you, your children and grandchildren, will have to pay for.

The government then passed another near-trillion-dollar "stimulus" bill claimed to hold unemployment to 8%. It did not, because it was yet another "papering over" of the fraud, but that bill your children and grandchildren, along with you, will also pay.

Your savings accounts and CDs now yield an effective zero.

Your credit card interest rates have gone from 11% to 29%, all so that the banks can keep granting ill-advised credit to people who can't pay. Those who can pay - the rest of you - are being jacked for 30% a year in interest.

We have seen a few "tea parties" in which a few people showed up and which were immediately panned by "those in power" as "astroturf."

Anonymous said...

Anon 22:50, we second your request for some analysis on Iran, which is so text-book cooked up that we all wonder how any of it can be taken seriously. One point to bear in mind: Iran is an EU attempt at colour revolution as versus American marvels in places like Ukraine and elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

IRAN ELECTION IS THE PERFECT DISTRACTION FOR THE FASCIST IMPERIAL WEST Iranian people must be firm and serene in crushing the fascist 'color revolution". Where was the corrupted West to question USA election that was rigged in Florida and then in New Jersey? WHERE ARE THESE DEMOCRATS OF BORDELOS PLAYING IN THE HANDS OF THE FASCIST MONARCHS AND BANKERS?
How bad this downgrade of sovereign bonds will be? By 2015 they will be all JUNK BOND rated as "C" like GM corporate bonds and many other insolvent banks and corporations. This means INFLATION WILL GO UP STEADILY UNTIL 2015 as government will pass these higher interest on their borrowing to the people!
KEEP THIS POSTING AND MY "PREDICTIONS". Once again I wish I could be wrong but I won't be. So far we are now on the threshold of a Greatest Financial Implosion of the West and the end of the European Imperial Colonisations and their slavery, savage pirates, crooks politicians and human hunters of Third World populations.

Anonymous said...

The gilded nations going down, others coming up. A tremendous economic muddle with little certainty of who's on top. Iran is more of a mess than one had ever expected. The laconic code poiuytr uses leaves the rest of us guessing. For instance, would it be fair to say that the powers Bush II and Blair obeyed and whose sway still holds is none other than the zioentity? In other words, the west today has allowed itself to become a vast colony defending zio interests?

poiuytr said...

1:14 -- who's guilty?
this debate is so old now. do you not find the little white christianic USA and UK kids murdering people guilty?

if you don't, then you're diseased. if you do, then they're doing the work on their own behalf, by their own decision, conviction, etc. in other words they're the guilty murderers right there. no need to search further. the entire west is the guilty parasite serial killer and has been ever since its birth from the baltic marshes or wherever this DNA abomination originated.

Anonymous said...

Proof: Israeli Effort to Destabilize Iran Via Twitter. UPDATES!

poiuytr said...

yes, of course, mossad, cia, mi999, what's the diff? you think there's a diff twixt mossad and cia? seriously, you think there's a diff there?

the entire west was hoping for another orange revolt grab of Iran, Iran's oil, etc. it's ridiculous to split it into little silly factions of the west murder machine. they're all guilty, all of them, down to the little cretinous worker that's still slaving in some cubicle thinking everything's gonna blow over and his retirement is gonna magically return.

as far as Iran cia orange revolt, it has nothing to do with west prolapse anymore. that is done, overwith, written. dollar shall momentarily devalue and chaos will descend on the west cesspit. that's unavoidable. the question is how, how the deval is gonna be distributed and so on. but this Iran west attack was in attempt to try to strengthen their Dubai hideaway security where they've moved loot they squeezed out of the west monkeys via "bailout".

don't try misreading this like i'm backing israel. israel is no more than USA/UK and west propped genocidal base in middle east carved out of the flesh of Palestinian children to facilitate the west vampire oil theft.

but the Iran issue is run by the entire west -- no need to split hairs here. it's like 911, London77, WMD lies, hitler, all west products. there is no one faction guiltier. they're all guilty of the humanitarian and ecological transgressions in attempt to murder half the planet and enslave the rest.

either way, Iran goes (and it seems it's pretty much done but) it makes no difference for the west baboons. they're done, drowned in debt, and headed for deval. even if Iran somehow joint warshington, it would change nothing.

Anonymous said...

I often disagree with poiuytr, friends, but I must say he did warn of a colour revolution effort in Iran just a few weeks ago upon hearing that Dubai had shifted gold reserves from London to its own territory. Anyone else remember?

Anonymous said...

X here: Before you start connecting the dots, consider this: The attempt to discredit the elections and cause instability in Iran look very much like a scheme we've seen before - directly out of the CIA playbook. We've seen this pattern in so many elections in Venezuela, for example, I swear that even the Chavistas would be disappointed if it doesn't reappear next time around. After all, a little drama does add some excitement in elections where consistent landslide victories are won by presidents like Chavez and Ahmadinejad. So here we go again - the old Langley one, two, three.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr would like all west dwellers to be in sack cloth and ashes for the sins of their governments, for absorbing their diet of daily lies because they know no other way to approach the truth. They are exactly like certain freeworld dwellers (Egypt comes to mind) who have to put up with that dying breed, the harch and uncontested dictator, that dying breed. I put Egypt in the freewolrd category because the biggest Arab country in the world can belong to no other group of nations.

Anonymous said...


June 17, 2009 Amir Hesami/Agence France-Presse

Supporters of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran flashed victory signs on Saturday in Qum, south of Tehran.
Not only are they aware of decades of western intervention in their affairs, the fact that thousands of US troops continue to battle forces in two of Iran’s neighbors makes Washington unwanted and detested. Why should they do anything to please it? Yet, in the minds of the US news media, it is Washington’s needs that dominate all discussion.
The above paragraph is key to the understanding of the Iranian election’s aftermath. Despite major attempts to discredit Ahmadinejad by the Mossad, the CIA and the Western Media, he won the election. They lost it!
Now they will have to learn to live with it.

Anonymous said...

World Bank sees positive China signs
China set to achieve 7.2% economic growth this year, says bank, upgrading previous forecast
Who cares what these hooligans say, but as confirmation of one's own sense of events, their pronouncements sometimes come in handy.

Anonymous said...

China, Russia agree to boost use of yuan and ruble 18.06.2009
MOSCOW: China and Russia agreed on Wednesday to boost the use of their domestic currencies in bilateral trade, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said, as Moscow seeks to reduce the dominance of the US dollar.
“Another very important task — which today has become very timely — is the question of using national currencies in mutual payments,” Medvedev said at a joint appearance in the Kremlin with his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao.
“We agreed to take additional measures in this direction, including perhaps correcting the contractual and legal basis, as well as giving corresponding directives to the finance ministries and central banks,” Medvedev said.
The comments came during a state visit by Hu to Moscow during which Russia and China signed an array of economic agreements.
Both countries have called for a revamp of the global financial system in the wake of the global economic crisis, saying there is a need for a new supra-national currency besides the dollar.
Total trade between Russia and China was estimated at more than $55 billion last year, according to the Kremlin. Much of that trade is currently handled with US dollars rather than Chinese yuan or Russian rubles. afp\06\18\story_18-6-2009_pg5_36

Anonymous said...

Put it ot a workable level so that companies involved in trade can directly make use of the local currencies.
However, the problem with the Rouble is that its tied to the basket of the ziogreenback/euro which means the calculation has to be made all the time through the weighing basket.
Russia should stop weighing the rouble against a currency basket consisting of ziocurrencies othewrwise Rouble-Yuan story will be a farce and a show and nothing else.

poiuytr said...

16:02 -- "poiuytr would like all west dwellers to be in sack cloth and ashes for the sins of their governments, for absorbing their diet of daily lies because they know no other way to approach the truth."

you needlessly dramatise here.

just answer a simple question. those who torture in west dungeons children of the Freeworld, those who fire missiles into civilians, those who raze with tanks houses in 10 nations now, who are they? Are they Bush brothers? Are they GOVERNMENT? seriously, who are they? who makes up the west child murder legions? who are these 500K murderers? are they rich even? what's the predominant religion? what's their predominant colour? what's their predominant social standing?

see, your blaming some rich governance scumbag has its merit certainly! under no circumstance would it exist without the sordid west war junta. but it requires obedience and servility of all the west factions: banks, firms, media. and that requires obedience and willful servility from the very west baboon.

no part of west can be exonerated. it's all guilty. the degree of guilt is immaterial.

the west finger pointing today is just funny. it's exactly like the screams of agony as the west idyll descends into oblivion.

it's like that Sheehan woman crying over her scumbag baby that was killed by the Iraqi defenders. it's a ridiculous charade highlighting the deeply innate diseased double standard of the disgusting saxonic animal.

if you haven't risen against your evil west family and DNA brothers, you might as well now join them now, cuz it's over regardless where you stand or sit now.

Anonymous said...

How long can the Twitter/Green "Revolution" hysterics last?

Iranian Elections: The ‘Stolen Elections’ Hoax

Anonymous said...

Thanks for above, Anon 04:28, which clearly points out that the west will draw every bit of capital it can from the post-election situation in Iran, concentrating on the protestor rather than the vote count. Heck, what did Moussavi and his bunch care. Minutes after the polls closed, they had already declared victory. America has regularly and openly set aside large sums of money for Iran destabilisation purposes in the recent past. Now that money is being put to good use. Calm will return to Iran once the protesting hooligans are encircled by the authorities, both religious and civil. And may Ahmadinejad be granted long life and success in his various enterprises.

Anonymous said...

China Commodities Undercut U.S. Dollar
Commodities (Extract)
Jun 18, 2009 - By: Jim_Willie
China is directing their mountain of reserves away from acquired mining firms and toward managed hedge funds. This is a new direction for Beijing, clearly in response to the refusal by Rio Tinto to permit a $19 billion stake from the Chinese aluminum giant Chinalco. They were frustrated and angered by the other refusal with the failed Unocal dea in 2005. Clearly, whether stated openly or not, the Chinese are thwarted by USGovt and UKGovt hidden leaders from investing in strategic firms. From their point of view, tarnished by ill feelings, their money is good for credit supply but not good for commodity supply lines. So China will continue its pursuit of significant interests in commodity firms, both metals and energy related, and will amplify the pressures by taking scattered interests in hedge funds,
Felix Chee is a key adviser to China’s $200 billion sovereign wealth fund. At the prestigious GAIM International hedge fund conference in Monaco this week, Chee stated “We will have a preference for managed accounts. The platform would like a core of single manager funds and fund of funds. We are looking for the best managers and a handful of fund of funds, and when I say handful I mean five or less.” Chee will initially run the China Investment Corp hedge fund and its proprietary trading desk. Chee previously managed the endowment at the University of Toronto, whose $1 billion portfolio centered on hedge fund assets.
The Chinese are set to buy a minority interest in the entire US hedge fund industry potentially. They will surely push for more commodity investments, in a clever stroke, maybe a brilliant stroke. Now, interestingly, if the USGovt through its Wall Street offices, attacks hedge funds, then the Chinese will resist both on a financial front and political front. This puts an end possibly to the attacks of hedge funds like what we saw last autumn. Those attacks resulted in powerful continuation of the decline in prices for key commodities last autumn. The USGovt released a huge amount of crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which started the cascade process. Next came the Wall Street maneuvers to pull credit from hedge funds. They in all likelihood targeted the funds that were heavily long in those key commodities. Imagine competing against your own banker in an investment strategy, sure to lose most of the time.
This entire strategy announced by China should severely weaken a hidden USDollar support, long used with successful short-term results. The Wall Street syndicate has long hit gold and crude oil, smashing temporarily their prices, when its purpose was to prop the USDollar. The Chinese skillfully are working to take that device away. While such directed efforts undercut their own US$-based assets valued at over $2 trillion, they better enable a wider employed strategy of diversification of investments into hard assets. By the way, Russian President Medvedev has recently learned that mere words spoken from a podium can move the price of crude oil and the exchange rate of the USDollar. The adversaries of the USGovt are fast learners of old US devious tricks.

Anonymous said...

22:39 - One question still needs an answer. Would all those people, including Cindy Sheehan's son, have gone warring had their govts not decided they should be doing so? In your "scapegoating" of people in general, you, inadvertently no doubt, whitewash the crimes of their leaders.

BP said...

Another searing work by Poiuytr, the Premiere Pre-Emptive Pathologist of PorculUS ImperioCapitalism, who wields his verbal flensing hooks with ferocious accuracy to strip off the agitprop blubber and reveal the putrid bones crumbling beneath.

How to accelerate the decline and fall of the Beast into an acceptably harmless decomposition, that is the only question.

Everyone has a part to play ... Rome wasn't burnt in a day!!

Anonymous said...

Khamenei gives protesters fair warning
Leader insists there was no election fraud and tells protesters they will be held accountable
USans putting aside yet another $400 million for "covert" operations in Iran

poiuytr said...

13:40 -- Would they?

Kids have torn limbs. Watch their parents tortured to death. Parents watch Sheehan's son rape their kids. Towns are razed. 2,5M civilians gone. 5M maimed. Nations buried under DU and phosphorous. West kids making bets whether they can shoot children from sniper rifles and winning bets.

Are you fucking kidding me with your hypothetical rubbish?

would they?



Mike Leahy murdered bound POWs and was set free. his family lauds the judge and is PROUD of their serial killer son.

and you come in here trying to defend the west bubonic plague with some hypothetical rubbish? you high or what?

Anonymous said...

Indeed, BP, Rome was neither built nor burnt in a day. Well-spotted. And the final decline and fall of the west would be to all our advantage. We want poiuytr to be more effective, not less so, hence the occasional criticism, I imagine.

poiuytr said...

13:53 -- "...more effective" ?

the agenda here is "west is THE disease" and its prolapse. what you want me to be effective in? what's your agenda?

Anonymous said...

No comment

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