Nation By Nation (27May09)

20-27May09 -- Who'd ever think the west prolapse could yield entertainment? But as the petty chocolate crimes of the west MP porn readers are exposed, there's much to laugh at the west baboons about. Just consider the west war junta's violent mood swings, one minute begging on knees for a new beginning and the next with fists raised high threatening a damn good nuking; the entire west media creativity running so amok that it's no longer capable of producing anything but an endless stream of oxymorons; the fiendish printing of what the lunatics call "deflationary" cash; the lack of knowledge of even rudimentary arithmetics, first chapter physics, and basic geography; and, of course, the permeating desperation as the dark abyssal chasm opens to swallow the serial child murderer whole that makes the strategically tie-wearing baboons break out in cold sweat, stammer uncontrollably, ashen and bloated with grief, and point fingers.

A U S T R I A Austria - Shootout at a temple leaves 1 dead and 15 injured, 25May. Shootout provokes demonstrations in Punjab, India.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Weapon order placed with Russia.
- Coop with Iran.

B R A Z I L Brazil - 300M deal with Turkey for 10B barrels of oil and 1,5T m3 of gas from Black Sea reserves. How did west oil vampires miss these reserves? Disgruntled USA dismisses the deal as "idle talk".

C H I N A China - BeiCon (coop with Freeworld) pumps 8B EUR into Brazil, 8B EUR into Kazakhstan, and 22B EUR into Russia for oil and gas coop. Sideline: Note the three major changes from 2006: (1) non-west int'l trade of energy resources; (2) in non-dollars; and (3) no west hydrocarbon vampire anywhere in sight.
- No deal in Prague. EUnuchs threw a bash in hope to get China drunk and bend it to its will. Of course, they forgot that besides providing comedy material they wield no leverage -- least of all over China. So there'll be no pressure on Myanmar (what UK obdurately keeps referring to as Burma) from Beijing, no condemnation of N Korea for Apr5 for fireworks, and no global warming agreement with west, the greatest eco-killer.
- Imports of aluminium and copper up 7%/month.

F R A N C E France - Strikes continue fiddling with nuke power output and downed reactors. A nation that isn't capable of responsible n-power operation probably shouldn't have n-power, non?
- Goes on with a 500 troop base in UAE (see NBN/18Mar09/France). Only a baboon could swallow that 500 troops are there to somehow help keep Hormuz open. Clearly, this "mil" base is no more than some west war junta private security to guard the west hideaway resort.

G E O R G I A Georgia - 2 arrested for coup attempt.
- Explosion at a TV station.
- Tens of thousand in Tbilisi, 26May, demanding again to get hands of Saakashvili for the prolapse and break up of the country. His scifi non-sequitur answer: "We are building a successful and unified Georgia."

G E R M A N Y Germany - Porsche with 9B EUR debt crawls to Berlin begging for free cash but Berlin plays hard to get.
- Frees a soldier who riddled a mum with 2 kids with bullets in Afghanistan. But deny Germany their holocaust and go to jail forever. Yes, west is the disease.

G R E E C E Greece - Explosions rock 3 businesses in Athens, weekend of 24May.
- State deliberately defaces Qur'an and thus succeeds in provoking a clash in which scores where hurt, 70 cars, and 10 stores damaged, 22May, Athens.
- Bilderbergs met in Astir Hotel, Vouliagmenti. What's there to meet about? Sideline: They wanted Iraq oil but got Iraq Stalingrad. They wanted Iran oil but got a bloody nose. They wanted Afghan drugs and are facing 3 rather large nations now. They wanted Caspian reserves but got booted from the whole of Central Asia. They wanted leverage on China but got China dictate listening daily for the final dollar flush. They wanted Russia -- again -- but lost Georgia and Saakashvili who now eats ties. They wanted market domination but lost all industry sectors. They wanted global monetary control but lost own banks, exchanges, and the dollar into the bargain, the very essence the west is made of. They wanted one giant mall peddling their rubbish but instead got tent cities rubbish. They wanted lots of sparkling diamonds but got overpriced rocks hanging from their wives ears. They wanted to vampire Sakhalin and Murmansk, got neither and lost the North Pole to boot. They wanted to divide and conquer and got the world united against it. They wanted continents and are now barely in charge of Abu Dhabi. They wanted to license their media mindrape across the globe but got bloggers. They wanted space but can't now even reach the orbit. They wanted profits and got foreclosures. They wanted control of the world and got riots outside of their homes. They wanted the planet but lost the entire west. Unless they're debating something sensible like the next euphemism for the west prolapse or the festive costumes for the next Bohemian Grove rave, there doesn't seem much call to meet anymore.

I R A N Iran - Tests Sejjit2 missile, 20May. No commentary from west.
- Supplies 100MWatt electricity to Pakistan for free.
- Signs Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project.

Afghanistan (H Karzai), Iran (M Ahmadinejad), and Pakistan (A Zardari) uniting their struggles, 24May, against the "foreign troops" in the area. At the moment this spells the end of west hopes for Afghan drug harvest.

I T A L Y Italy - 25 USA CIA operatives on trial for rendition (abduction with torture) continues. West is a bit slow when it comes to prosecution of own crimes, isn't it?

J A P A N Japan - Small biz gets a 3B USD cash injection to try to keep it from going extinct like big biz.
- Trail blazes the west prolapse with GDP diving over 15% in Q1 on yr2yr basis.
- Debt is now only 200% of GDP.
- Sony laying off 10K.
- Toyota idled all factories for 41 days.
- But Tokyo says it's out of the woods. But then again, Tokyo also said it wants to pre-emptively strike N Korea.

L I B Y A Libya - Deal to get wheat from Ukraine. Ukraine was envied and slated by west war thugs to be its bread supplier -- twice. So there goes another west plan.

M E X I C O Mexico - Econ shrivels over 8%/Q1.
- Ends USA-flu alert while toll rises to 75.

N O R T H  K O R E A North Korea - Despite west threats, went ahead with nuke test, 24May.
- Follows with 2 missile tests, 26May.

P O L A N D Poland - Unhappy with Germany denying holocaust in Poland where Germans murdered every third person.
- Happy to deploy USA missiles against Moscow.

R U S S I A Russia - EU gas supply via Ukraine at 23B m3 level instead of the usual 46B. The taps have closed by 50% over the last 4 months.
- Another EU gas supply "disruption" in process as Ukraine is unable to either pre-pay or stock-pile. To dig deep into thine empty wallet or to sup frigid tea. That is the question for the EUnuch Shakespeares.
- Deepening military coop with China (SCO).
- Gazprom adds Slovenia with a 15 yr supply deal.
- Nuke fuel supply deal with Jordan. Russian presence may make Jordan harder to bomb for Israel now, not to mention another non-west nation turning nuke.

S R I  L A N K A Sri Lanka - Warns Australia not to accept any Tamil refugee civilians. Australia obeys. After all, it's just people.
- 300K civilians, after weeks of being shelled, are now herded and locked behind fences in a giant makeshift camp. If it sounds like Gaza, it's no accident.

T A I W A N Taiwan - Travel, investment, and biz-alliances with mainland (that'd be China) up, as the island doffs the west occupation manacles.
- Under west rule, the island's econ shrunk over 10%/Q1.

T U R K S  &  C A I C O S Turks And Caicos - Turns to UN to stop UK hostile takeover, suspension of constitution, and land theft. UN failed to hear the small Caribbean nation.

U K UK - Prolapsing at a sharpest pelt since 1930s. But it can still show a small Caribbean island.
- GDP clocks 2% shrinkage/Q1. That's 4% worse on yr2yr basis.
- "Stress test" results -- the poodle copy of USA (see last NBN/USA) test to see just how red is the red their banks are in -- rather not even released.
- BritishAirways boasts 400M GBP loss/yr.
- Honda subsidiary workers awarded 3% wage cut.
- Car production dives 55% in just Apr.
- London, after the last bond sale (raising loans) embarrassment, turns to banks to peddle UK bonds. A bit upside down? You bet, like everything in west. Sideline: UK banks -- which are BTW all prolapsed and floated with taxpayer's cash, and that are in the biz of printing cash -- are now seeking loans on behalf of UK. "Loans" wrangled out of UK poodles weren't enough though. People lending to banks once seemed as perverse as it could get but, of course, it gets better. This is UK, after all! The amount UK "urgently" needs is 220B GBP or beyond grasp. (To understand the degree of UK "urgent" prolapse, compare this to some long-term multi-national biz deal like a gas pipeline stretching several nations, which will run around some 5B EUR.) And of course, banks selling governance bonds proves that bank and legislation is exactly the same animal in the west. The check-and-balances branches in the west are indeed as varied as the single stub family tree of the west leadership family.
- Keeps pace with USA in unemployment, which is admitted at 7% on average, and 10% in mfg regions.
- BoE, the very bank that prints own money in hundreds of billions, and is funded by UK taxpayer, posts 1B GBP profit. This cannot be! It can only be explained with the analogue of a thief who obdurately refers to his loot as earnings.
- Sets up programme to detain those who disagree with governance in mental lock ups.

U N UN - Wants to carve 24km wide border zone twixt Georgia and Abkhazia. Beside this being another direct attack on Russia by west, at least, west at last recognises Abkhazia.
- Says USA-flu in 46 countries with 13K cases. UK is heard estimating 30K cases. Sideline: Neither guess, however, rings true since USA CDC estimates 100K cases in USA alone. This is astonishingly 2X of what USA said during last NBN. Fearing misrepresentation, let's cite NYTimes from 15May09: "The real number of swine flu cases in the United States could be “upwards of 100,000,” a top public health official estimated on Friday — far higher than the official count of 7,415 cases confirmed by laboratories." Slight anomaly there?
- Under political pressure from UK, UN agreed not to declare the disease a pandemic but like a typical mad villain seized by a sudden pang of lust for complete galaxy domination, WHO issued a simple warning: "people prepare". Sideline: Note here that it's political agenda that governs int'l health standards in the west.
- Buried under an avalanche of west seabed extension claims. Among the most entertaining is Denmark with its bizarre claim to North Pole, Russia. And among the most perverse ones is UK's Malvinas extension. Extending stolen property? Only in London.

U S A USA - 25% of Detroit schools closing down.
- 75B USD pumped into a prolapsed car mortgage lender.
- 108B USD "emergency loan" pumped into IMF. Sideline: This is funny! USA is loaning to IMF, once the chief world rape instrument, so IMF can loan to prolapsed west nations. Yes, USA senses profit off the IMF west cannibalism. More mind-boggling is perhaps the fact that this "urgent loan" managed to somehow direct 91B of it to the Pentagon to continue the Bush II/Blair murdering legacy. Although inexplicable on any level, it underscores the fact that west banks are not only west legislation but also west military.
- Obama says he cannot shut down concentration camps because he would need 80B USD to do it and he just doesn't have that at the moment. So it costs 7X more in USA to shut down a concentration camp than it costs to bankrupt GM and Chrysler. And it costs more to shut down a child-sodomy and torture camp than to run it. But didn't broke California do the exact opposite: open prisons because it's cheaper than to run them? This patently ludicrous rationale is the unmistakable trademark of the west disease.
- BankUnited is this year's 34th USA wank to die. This one leaves USA with a 5B hole.
- Housing 20% down/Q1.
- Can't agree what the real debt is. Dallas Fed now says it's 99T. Sideline: USA debt, much like all west #s such as unemployment, GDP, literacy, war casualties, election promises, news, inflation, etc are all subject to unbelievable rape and manipulation. USA likes to add "total liabilities" to this 99T number to hide the fact that the number still means unavoidable debt. Some true perverts in the west get away with citing a 250B debt by attaching the word "cash" to it. Number games aside, there isn't enough money in the entire solar system to pay off USA debt.
- Citizen A Keyter, after being stonewalled in USA, writes to Russia for help to prosecute Bush II and cabal for crimes against humanity. ( for more)
- Obama now begging China for help with Pakistan, asking for troops, war material, anything. This after he threatened Beijing with destroyers. This just for a good laugh.
- Issues 100B USD bonds and....... buys them!!!! This is the news of this NBN. Yes, a garage sale sign has now been pinned on the baboon's rump. And better! Sideline: This means that USA is now looking for foreign lenders to float USA. Unlike UK's failed attempt to raise over 200B GBP, USA just buys its own bongs. That's being one's own lender. So how could this be? Well, they're printing cash. This isn't the first hundred billion printed by west but the first time west has admitted to manufacturing money. The west mischievous tomfoolery of terming this runaway half a year of wild printing of trillions of zillions "bailout", "stimulus", or even "deflation" didn't fool China, which told USA to knock it off. Let's see how many troops Obama's gonna score from China now. If you're not crying tears of laughter, re-read it. The west has substituted raving lunacy for all its words, actions, and math and gives us a constant streak of comedy today like: "Pulling out of Iraq with Permanent Bases", "Bailout just to file bankruptcy", "Piss up orgies at the failed EUnuch prez's place to somehow swoon China", "West media celebrations of improving econ amidst mfg centres becoming ghost towns and unemployment over 15%, "Obama's 'strong dollar' boasts followed by slashing medical care to save the dollar", "Accounting responsibility meaning nations running 100% or better debt/GDP ratios", "Begging China for help after running mouth against it", "Begging Iran for help after threatening to wipe it off the face of the earth", "Begging Taliban for a new beginning after trying to genocide Afghanistan", "Begging Russia to disarm so they can attack it again", "West basic physics of spontaneously vanishing Boeings and self-melting steel structure buildings", "911, London77, Madrid bombing self-abuse", "Denmark's claim to North Pole", "UK's claim to South Pole", "Obama's vows following his attack of Pakistan and sending some 20K there, not to send anyone to war", "West nations lending to IMF so it can lend to west nations", "West populace lending to banks so banks can spend it", "West banks printing money", "West legislators reading porn and eating bonbons", "Protection of German holocaust against Jews under pain of jail while denying all other holocausts, even German ones", "Wanting new direction with Evo Morales after the unsuccessful hit", "Bailout profit", "USA shaking hands with Chavez after USA called for his assassination", "West democratic elections decided by occult cabals behind closed doors"....., and finally "Deflationary money printing". Yes, west is not only THE disease, it's the most lunatic one at that. Someone, quick, order some 700 million straightjackets.
- Announces a "sweep" on Latino/Mexican "gangs". This after opening prison gates and stopping prosecution in certain USA regions due to lack of cash. Racial war provoked by state (like in Greece) underway?
- GM gets another 4B USD, probably just a little bonus for the clever 90K job zap.
- 44 states shed jobs. California leads the prolapse.
- Building a new 2+B USD military base in Djibouti. Note: again, while jobs are lost in millions in less than half a yr, USA has no other thoughts, plans, or interests but more war. Apparently, they think they're still strong enough to take on the mighty continent of Africa.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Boots USA gold diggers Gold Reserve as contract expires for USA to plunder Orinoco reserves. Mining will continue but henceforth only under Venezuela/Russian management.
- 35 oil contractors nationalised.
- UK Wood-Group stripped of operation.
- GM sub shutting down with no date in mind to reopen.
- Nationalises steel firms and USA-funded OrinocoIron.
- 39 branches of USA oil middlemen firm taken, as Chavez continues liberating Venezuela's assets from west talons.

Venezuela (H Chavez), Bolivia (E Morales), Brazil (L Lula), Ecuador (R Correa) "radicalising revolutions now, not tomorrow". This means SouthAm on-dollar-based hydrocarbon coop happily underway. Note the conspicuous lack of the used-car salesman uniform worn by west robots. be cont'd as it all piles up.

The Emotional Bankruptcy of the West

by King - (21.5.09)

The blogger world moves to its own laws, its own concerns. Recently, as mainstream voices vaguely tut-tut over Barack Obama’s decision not to release to the general public photographs of prisoner abuse in Iraq, some of which were viewed by US lawmakers in a special session, bloggers for their part had practically gone berserk over this unwise decision, the latest reminder that torture as usual is very much part of west politics no less in the countries they have invaded and temporarily captured as in Guantanamo and other strategically placed torture camps. That is one side of the medal.

Then there is the other. Slowly worn down after years of exposure to the utterly ignoble in the conduct of west wars, we have almost acquired a certain immunity to the effect of further trauma from the widespread battlefields. Where we might still be capable of small, timorous reactions ranging from shock to disgust to downright terror is if we take a look at what is happening to the people of the west themselves. The Muslims dying? That is far, far away and one can’t quite imagine what it all means. But how to accept with the same equanimity, not to say indifference, the crimes westerners without exception are being exposed to on a daily basis by the powers that be? Gradually, very gradually, they begin to catch a glimmer of the sense that they too are in imminent danger, victimised as a matter of course, and subjected to the emotional terror the west wields with such unrestrained cunning and skill.

Emotional terror us? Yes, you. No other than you who get your two square meals a day, have a clean house and good plumbing, access to medical care, at least so long as you linger in the various countries of Europe, perhaps a job, in any case the dole, and to cap it all some money in the bank put aside for a rainy day. So what’s new that you must also sit up and pay attention? The latest west policy towards their own people sums up best as cutting the population down to size. The high rate of political assassination aside, State cops across EU and USA have begun killing people for no reason anyone can fathom. When they are not being killed outright, upright citizens of the west areas find themselves locked up on the flimsiest of grounds. UK is textbook in this respect to be followed tomorrow by the rest of

Europe. Ever heard of the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC)? It’s their job with a little help from local GPs to send Government critics to mental asylums. Heck, forget critics. At a pinch, one can argue they were guilty of breaking the unwritten law of compliance and deserve punishment. But what FTAC powers allow police authorities to do is arbitrary to the point of madness. Anyone at any time can be detained and for no more reason than their stated opinion that the person may be a danger to themselves or to others Then, the latest thing, the psychiatric prison (p.p.), opens its doors and swallows up the unfortunates. As one journalist pointed out, in ex-Soviet Union people finally got their day in court. Even infamous Guantanamo Bay ends up by giving their detainees some kind of a say. Britain’s p.p’s are no-trial places. Once in, not a hope in hell of coming out again anytime soon.

The random, the arbitrary, the absurd is daily fare for west dwellers. There’s Australia, of course, the squatter land, which has launched a food police charged with inspecting lunchboxes of kindergarten kids. The good fight being fought there is the war against obesity. My favourite among these stories is the Brit motorcyclist, 19, who was arrested by police, charged, fined and electronically tagged for four months, all because sweets from a badly opened packet of Imperial Mints dropped out of his pocket as he was riding home. Let world mafia thrive, but do get careless boys and girls to toe the line.

It would appear that like bad parents who never succeeded in gaining the respect of their children, all that now remains to be done is to break the will of the people. Frighten, sap everyone, push them into this dead-end of desperation to break and debilitate before the final physical assault. Sanctions, shadow terror and poverty precede all west physical attacks on the weak, starting with the children as always.

The mindless mentality of waging war – and what a war, one not even the most fervent of supporters could even begin to justify – has come back to infect the west. Financially, first and foremost – America’s wars will cost that country some $660 billion in 2009-2010 alone. How much its allies, including tiny, so-called neutral Switzerland, will have to cough up for the honour of enabling ongoing bloodshed is not known with the same exactitude, but certainly weighs heavily upon the budgets of the vastly contracting west GDPs. Financial erosion combined with totalitarian governance have begun to affect the mindless masses, 99% of the population at a rough estimate, whereas the remaining 1% is probably evenly divided between the elite and those who oppose them with the fiercest single-mindedness. An unraveling economy means entitlements in disarray. The welfare state is on its last legs, even if its beneficiaries haven’t quite realised it yet. This has begun with substantial cuts in pension funds. In America, certain funds have completely dried up. Returning soldiers with wounded minds, their disability pensions also unavailable, spread their own personal brand of disruption wherever they can.

Other unpleasant changes are in the air, too, in a none too distant future. Leaders are running scared. Corruption, rapacity, sanctimonious behaviour stinking to high heaven like the kind British politicians have taught us to expect from them in connection with their expenses, all this acts like salt dripped generously into our many wounds. For USans, the hardest hit by unemployment since they are directly subjected to the boom we hire, slump we fire philosophy of arch capitalism, each new bailout rubs poison into wounds in the same way.

Another form of spreading mayhem among people is to teach them to shit in their pants. From west nurseries to their airports, fear rules the lives of the masses. All pretense of allowing people full freedom has been dropped, though the rhetoric of freedom – democracy, human rights, freedom of speech, thought and association and all that bunkum, is still going strong. On the ground, however, not a trace of it remains. New crimes are invented even as we write these lines. Hate crimes, for instance, defined arbitrarily and applied with sovereign disregard for any norms of justice. Smoke and food crimes are also having a field day. New ones are in the offing, carefully invented in the think machines even as we write these lines. The internet, the sole mode of open communication still within our reach, is under threat from all sides. Soon we might all be sitting there twiddling our thumbs, unable to access anything at all.

Societies such as these stand in no need of external enemies. They are self-destructing, human dignity shredded beyond salvage. As the great philosopher-poet of Pakistan Allama Iqbal once wrote: Soon the west will enter a time where men hold no jobs and women, childless, sit with empty laps. The enemy within is more than enough to justify the militarization of everyday life. In this respect, one should remember the youth corps plans being hatched in US and UK, soon to be imitated by all the other west zombies. In America teenagers as young as 14 are being trained in police combat techniques. The ostensible reason given is the fight against drugs, terrorism and illegal immigration. The truth of the matter is these are carefully planned first steps towards establishing martial law in the USA, with the rest of the west smartly preparing to follow suit. Unless, of course, the star wars take over first, the two sides to the conflict commit to a fight to the death and World War III in all its glory is declared.

From Stand-Up Comedian to EU MP?

by Attila – 22.5.09

At a time when, along with wars, hate crimes and hate crime bills are all the rage, France has gone and surprised us once again. Not a revolution quite, this time round, but something similar and stunning for the rest of fossilised Europe. This is how it all started. An extremely popular stand-up comedian of French-Cameroonian origin, Dieudonné M'bala M'bala, took part in a TV show on channel France 3, along with a Maghrebian artist.

Dieudonné took it upon himself to play the part of an extremist Israeli settler, almost out of his mind with fury that an Arab should be allowed to taint a French show boasting such a wide following. As we can see, Dieudonné has something in common with Barack Obama. Both are mixed-race. But unlike the illustrious occupant of the White House, the French comedian does not believe in lying, deceiving, dissembling. Truth is what he deals in.

Dieudonné has spared no one in his critical stance towards society, ridiculing any and everyone he suspects of hypocrisy and deception. But the effrontery he has shown in criticising an Israeli was more than present-day French society could take. A frenzy of criticism descended on Dieudonné’s person, diabolised in much the same way Jean-Marie Le Pen once was. The powerful organisations of French Zionism, led by the infamous CRIF (Representative Committee of Jewish organisations in France, the French equivalent of American AIPAC)) immediately attacked Dieudonné, suing him for racists comments and "anti-Semitism" (a criminal offence in France).

Each year brought its own special reward. In June 2006, the comedian was fined (4.500 Euro) by one French court for calling a Jewish TV presenter “a secret donor of the child-murdering Israeli army”. In November 2007 another court fined him (5000 Euro) because he had had the temerity to establish a link between Jews and slave traders. In June 2008, another fine hit him (7000 Euro) for his designation of the Holocaust as “memorial pornography”. In February 2009, it was Canada’s turn to join the act and Dieudonné found himself shelling out 75.000 Canadian dollars for anti-Semitic defamation against one Patrick Bruel, singer and actor. It has grown so bad that a Save Dieudonné Fund has been set up to collect money for future fines. This was certainly not the first time that the Zionist network had decided to crush an outspoken critic of its role in politics or its unconditional support for the last racist state on the planet: Israel. But on this occasion, the French branch underestimated their opponent and completely misread the situation.. Dieudonné began making the accusations of anti-Semitism brought against him the central feature of his sketches..

Having failed to bully and intimidate Dieudonné into holding his tongue, the Zionists decided to topple his career as a comedian into oblivion. In obvious response to his defiant stance, they then used their total control over the French political class to shut down his shows on the pretext that they would "threaten the public order". Concert halls which used to fawn over Dieudonné now refused to hire him, referring to orders from above which they didn’t dare disobey. Well, Dieudonné has always been an ingenious person. He rented a bus and began performing his skits in that restricted venue. But at least the message got out. His fame spread further afield. And Dieudo, as he is commonly known, had one more thing up his sleeve. With impeccable logic he argued: if as a comedian my freedom of speech is denied me, let me give it a second try as a politician.

Dieudo had already tried to run for office on several occasions, without bringing in the voters. This time, however, he came up with an absolute winner. Borrowing from other somewhat honest analysts in France (rare beings, though these are), Dieudo pointed out that the Left-Right division in politics no longer obtained. The sole issue distinguishing one political party from another in France was their attitude towards the Zionist ideology, the state of Israel, and the role of the Israel Lobby in France itself. Needless to say, pandemonium ensued. The French ruling elite, foaming at the mouth, descended into total hysteria. To a man, mainstream shills declared that the comedian’s new political party had to be banned, many of them adding that Dieudonné was probably insane and needed locking up.

But Dieudo is not one to give in to threats and calumny. Steadily his new political movement has gained momentum. Calmly he has begun introducing some of the leading lights of this new party to the general public. And so it has come to pass: the birth of "the Anti-Zionist Movement" of France now running as candidates for the European Parliament. What cannot be stressed enough is that the Anti-Zionist list is made up of candidates drawn from every walk of life and political movement imaginable. Unionists, nationalist conservatives, Roman-Catholics, Muslims, ex-Communists, Socialists, even a few dissident Jews, etc. Ethnically, there are no exclusions within the movement.

It appears that the Zionist threat is truly uniting many of those who until recently were virulently opposed to each other. The rage of the establishment knows no bounds, and if this thoroughly ZOG country can at all get away with it, they will no doubt impose means to outlaw Dieudonné's political movement, declaring it a criminal organisation and therefore illegal. But stranger things have been known to happen. If luck holds, Dieudonné’s new party might do very well, indeed..

As our main source puts it: “Banning Dieudonne's political party will, at best, be a stop-gap solution as we can be certain that Dieudo will sue the French courts in Brussels and that, if needed, he will simply re-compose his movement under another name. Under the influence of the recent immigrants to France, French society is changing and it appears that while the "native" French did not have the wits and guts to take on the Zionists in power, those who immigrated to France do have what it takes.”

Courage galore and no lack of ideas either! Thanks to Dieudonné, Zionism is now finally being recognised for what it is: a tribal and racist, ideology, and support for Israel is now regarded as no less morally repugnant than support for Apartheid used to be when Boers reigned supreme. The entire intellectual edifice, carefully built up by the Zionists in France over many decades, stands henceforth in danger of being closely examined and questioned. Now that the key issues have been spelled out, the Zionists will find it hard to paper over the cracks.

Or as Dieudo has stated on several occasions: he has already won his victory. What comes next? Dieudonné does not take his participation in the forthcoming elections too seriously. Humour can open the doors of liberation. The ridicule which Dieudonné is now heaping on the previously sacred cows of French Ziopropagnda, such as the "The Eternal Memory of the Shoah" (all in caps), and all the rest of the Zionist brainwashing system might well prove to be a formidable weapon for which the Zionists no longer have a readily-whipped out standard answer. It will be very interesting to see what happens between now and June 7th - the election date.

(Main Source: Fight Fire with Humor – French comedian faces off against Zionists, blog The Truth Will Set You Free, 19.5.09) – Dieudonné vids available on You Tube)

Nation By Nation (19May09)

12-19May09 -- As rivers of puss pour out of the west abscessed lacerations and necrotic shreds of scales-covered flesh flake off the west child murdering juggernaut, from pole to pole, the Freeworld mobilises for the inevitable worm explosion.

A B K H A Z I A Abkhazia - Deal to permanently station Russia mil in Abkhazia -- just in case what's left of the west Saakashvili proxy goes mad again -- goes on.

A U S T R A L I A Australia - Reveals behind-the-scenes dealings. While loud and present in the west war chorus, Canberra's secretly offering uranium to China; a revamp of arms treaties to Indonesia; a prisoner swap to Philippines and Singapore; and, most entertainingly, investment to Iran. Canberra issued an apology to all implicated nations for the embarrassment. Sideline: Australia is not alone in negotiations with Freeworld. It's quite the trend among the running west war junta. USA has tried begging Russia to lay weapons down; to pal around with Iran; Taliban for truce; and China not to dump d0llar. Most of EU like France, Italy, Greece, and Austria have sought and cut deals with the Freeworld. This is phase II of the west prolapse. The first, in which west war junta rinsed west populace of all cash, consolidated assets, and piled up all the loot is nearly up. In phase II, they're moving the loot out of west any which way, much like GM has done. Then shall come phase III, the most feared of all, in which the west madmen will try run and to ensure no one follows they have to create some gigantic distraction for all.
- Jails a man for thinking west history is different than taught. Sideline: If a denial of German atrocities is a crime in west, then all west textbooks, books, films, and propaganda is criminal, by the same rationale, since it all denies west the 2000 yrs of perpetual holocausts.
- Increases debt by 58B AUD and plans to increase debt in 4yrs to 200B AUD. Pumps 22B AUD into trying to save 210K jobs. All this after a 90B "bailout". The fun bit is that it has the gall to call all this "a return to strong growth".
- Within a week, Canberra changed its mind and forecast 300B AUD debt, not 200B. Despite the unusually large error in the bean-counting, even for west, which alone underscores the happy non-existence of accountability, responsibility, and sanity, Canberra didn't retract the "strong growth" bit.

C H I N A China - After knocking USA off Brazil's partnership list, adding Brazil into BeiCon: (a) 10B USD initial loan to secure Brazil's oil; (b) 13 accords signed on investment & coop; (c) and buying and expanding Brazil's MMX steel mining.

E G Y P T Egypt - 18May, weapon depot explodes in Abu Sultan.

Egypt, west puppet state, goes insane and slaughters all pigs as a "prevention" against USA-flu. Vids showing the insanity have been youtube-cided but here's still one that may still work: It would be surprising if a new disease didn't emerge from this mind-boggling psychosis.

E U EU - Fines Intel 1,4B EUR for market block. It's morally soothing to see them go at each other's throats.

F R A N C E France - Select students are denied diplomas because they disagreed with the state too much. No doubt, this sensible policy will ensure student love for governance for generations to come.
- Wants UN to extend French sea borders to 350 nm from the norm of 200nm to claim more seabed around St Pierre and Miguelon islands in the Atlantic. Will Moscow do the same and extend its North Pole zone to Calais?
- Votes to shut internet off willy nilly to downloaders despite EU's vote that internet access is a fundamental right.

G E R M A N Y Germany - Opel on garage sale despite Berlin's petulant screaming. And that's not all! Berlin has to guarantee 2,6B EUR to even hope to dump this toxic mfg asset.
- Auto part firm dumping 4,5K jobs.
- Goes on with the voodoo "bank fix", which works like this: swap toxic assets for gov't bonds. Sideline: This means that after they have squandered the decade worth of Bush II/Blair war investment (aka derivatives and asset toxicity) they're refilling empty war chests with people's cash, via gov't bonds, which is public loan issued by governance. To make it more bizarre the banks are somehow absolved from paying monthlies like a good bond issuer should and only have to promise to service it annualy. This means that the word "bond" no longer means a bond in west, but rather some bizarre interest-deferred promise-based perversion. It also means that the word "bank" no longer means a banks for it doesn't loan to people but people loan to it, and without any say whatever in the matter.
- Begged Dubai for cash for the Opel toxic asset and failed to get any. Sideline: UAE's bought 10% of Daimler in Mar09 and has set aside some 700B EUR specifically earmarked for the upcoming west shopping spree.
- Shrivels 4%/Q1.
- Tax harvest fails refilling the war coffers and amounts to 316B EUR deficit through 2012. Some might say that a 3 yr outlook is a mite ambitious.
- 100K walk the streets in Berlin, 16May, asking for econ survival. 50K do the same in Madrid, Brussels, and 20K in Prague, the current prez-less capital of EUnuchs Ltd.

G R E E C E Greece - 12May, bomb goes off in Eurobank, Athens.

I N D I A India - Export shrivels 33%/Apr. Looks like it sat on the fence a little too long waiting for the highest bidder.
- Buying a nuke sub from Russia.
- 200K jobs zapped in last 6 mo in diamond industry.

I R A N Iran - Deploys ground-to-air and ground-to-sea batteries in Hormuz on heightened risk of west strike.
- Sends warships to Somalia.
- Building up missile arsenal. Obama responds: "Iran not off the table". Sideline: So which bit is a lie here? The silly twee vid sent to Tehran begging for forgiveness or these war threats? Only in west could such a screaming contradiction enjoy no concern.

I R A Q Iraq - UEA with Hungary pounced on Kurdish gas in attempt to steel 3B ft3/day for EUnuchs. Iraq occupied governance shot the first attempt down.

I T A L Y Italy - Fiat to zap 18K jobs and close 10 factories.

J A P A N Japan - Sony boasts 1B USD/yr loss. That's a 1st in 14 yrs.
- Daimler is zapping 2,5K jobs.
- Nissan owns up to 233B JPY loss/yr but says it's less in the red thanks to the "stimulus" free cash. Paraphrased but not a joke!
- Panasonic nears 400B JPY in loss/annum. Sales down over 14%.
- Mizaho bank execs toast to a near 600B JPY annual loss.

M E X I C O Mexico - USA is sending arms, war advisers, and 700M+ USD to get "El Chapo", the root of all evil in Mexico.
- Prison opens gates to some 50 big wheels.

N O R T H  K O R E A North Korea - Invalidates all contracts of Kaesong region. Sideline: Kaesong is a 65km2 region in N Korea on the border with South Korea where S Korea operates some 70 factories employing some 30K. The idea, once upon a time, was to bring the west-torn nation closer together.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - NATO trucks attacked and torched.
- Shells Indian post in Kashmir.

P E R U Peru - Indigenous uprising in Cusco, Ucayali, Loreto, and Amazon regions forces Lima to declare state of emergency. Uprising reason -- disgusted with oil ecocide: land pillage, pollution, and zero distribution of profits.
- Harbours 3 Bolivars, who fled to Peru on 18May, sought by Morales for murder of 60 protesters in Bolivia.

R U S S I A Russia - Upping space flight price tag from 30M to 50M for the Right Stuffing NASA boys. Sideline: USA, with its fleet of randomly exploding space shuttles, is fully dependent on Russia to get into orbit and to ride the Russian space station.
- Endearing Mongolia with coop, investment, the usuals. Did west forget about Gobi? It's really as though west doesn't have a map.
- Carves a bit of the sinking Japan away from west by n-fuel deal. Despite the n-fuel deal, no threats to bomb Moscow and/or Tokyo were registered from west?
- Breaks another west monopoly. This time it's the diamond cabal. The timing as west plunges off the cliff is certainly not accidental.
- Vetoes west idea to keep west stooges in Georgia after the NATO war games are up on 1Jun.
- Nabucco II, the EU wetdream of non-Russian gas supply is nuked days after its unveiling. In a masterful series of deals, Russia is buying up entire Azerbaijan gas, incidentally, the very planned source for Nabucco II. EUnuchs heard lamenting.
- Signs up Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, and Italy for the new 63B m3 SouthStream gasline in the further splitting up the EU collective animal farm along its natural energy fissures. The beauty of the SouthStream pipeline is that when Ukraine pipeline is shut off, there'll be no disruptions to the Balkans.
- Moscow launches new defence strategy since "some foreign states are seeking dominance with nukes, high tech warfare, and militarisation of space". Now who could that be warring in the orbit? Sideline: Several satellites have been knocked down twixt Nov08 and Mar09. While pawned off to the baboons as "mysteriously behaving asteroids", "strange fireball lights", and "meteorites", some 8 satellites have been seen crashing. In fact, USA lied about Iridium33, the USA satellite involved in the collision with the Russian Kosmos2251, saying that it's purely a private telecom satellite. It turns out Iridium33 carried USA military robotic satellite retrieving system, or rather a machine that's made to knock satellites down.
- Ruble to head for global reserve currency.
- Building "BlueStream" gasline running under the Black Sea to feed Middle East.

S P A I N Spain - Unemployment over 17%.
- Shrivels over 7%/annum. Considering all these econ woes, especially after west gave them Madrid bombing in 2004, it must be said that sleeping with child murderers can sometimes painfully backfire.

S R I  L A N K A Sri Lanka - "Job done" celebrates Colombo as all of Tamil rebels are dead after 48 hr ultimatum on 15May.
- UN called it "bloodbath" and "large scale killing of civilians" but did absolutely nothing. That's even less than a blogger.
- 430 civilians (100 children) killed in 2 days, 12May.
- 70K killed thus far in this ethnic cleansing by west powers via SLA.
- 14May, 60 wounded, 23 killed in bus attack.
- 17May, Colombo says the last of rebels committed mass suicide but couldn't identify them. Now, what sort of suicide leaves no identifiable parts?

This was "no-fire zone" until Sri Lanka went after the female and children "rebels".

T A I W A N Taiwan - The opposition, propped by west, promises demonstrations, as the island is returning to the mainland.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Spurns IMF policy order to shut off unnecessary civil programmes in favour of protecting IMF "investment". Turkey is one of the last non-west nations with IMF claws still in it. Sideline: Other than that, IMF lives off cannibalistic practices loaning to west-trapped nations.

U K UK - BT celebrates annual loss with the zapping of 30K jobs.
- BoE says "growth unusually uncertain". Actually, considering reality, it's unusually "certain" and to remain negative. Sideline: BoE is the bank that reinvented all business practices. It totally cut out the pesky middle nonsense of tedious production and lengthy sales and went straight for profit by directly manufacturing cash, mountains of cash, 250B GBP, in fact.
- It should be no surprise, considering the new BoE business model, that UK debt is at 80% of GDP. As breathtaking as it is, BoE maintains that recovery will come next yr but it fails to elaborate how is this miracle is to happen.
- MPs "parliamentary expenses", paid by the UK obedient worker, now extend to bon-bons, cow moats, chandeliers, tampons (even for male MPs), king size beds, mortgages for both real and fictional houses, 2nd homes, home cinemas, massage chairs (so far and quite surprisingly there's been no mention of dildos), swimming pools, diapers (not a joke!), gardening, horse manure shoveling, flat cleaning (imagine the lizard Bohemian Grove orgy that costs 12K GBP just to clean up.), and porn. "Horrified" PM apologised and explained away this evidently on-going, deliberate, and organised theft of public funds as "a mistake", while "by mistake" he happened to shred his 40K expense list.
- Thanks to the marvel of the west twisted definition of "democracy", governance supported on a good day by only 20%, or a super-minority, remains happily and unquestioningly in power.
- To pay for these fiascos, governances is zapping 7K jobs.
- Tamil sit-in protest in London failed in making London interfere in the slaughter. Of course, it didn't help that London is one of the west slaughter architects and supplicant of anti-civilian weapons to Sri Lanka.
- Keeping mouth shut on tortures, as ordered by USA.
- Home repos 50% up.
- 5B GBP system is watching UKians to make sure they commit no such fiscal shenanigans like their MPs.
- MI5 cleared of London77 bombing. So who had the foreknowledge then? Perez, then Israeli state sec'y told us clearly that it was London Police that whisked him away from the tube station BEFORE the bombs went off. The consequences of Perez's public statement are beyond belief but like US baboons, Brit poodles don't mind the occasional self abuse.
- Governances seeking anyone including 11 yr olds to become informers. "Become gov't informant. Betray friends and family. Fabulous prizes to be won" was once a joke in UK.
- Copies France, how else?, and files UN border extension for seabed around Malvinas. Now, how can one ask to enlarge stolen propety?

U N UN - 17May, WHO says USA-flu now in 39 countries with 8,5K cases. Projects 2B cases. The admitted case rate seems to be increasing some 10% every 3 days now. Very oddly, USA CDC said on 14May that there's already 50K cases in USA alone. Slight anomaly? Well, they're both west sources.

U S A USA - Tax harvest was expected to refill the empty coffers but instead it left USA with a 20B USD gaping hole. This takes into account the pillage of the off shore tax hives.
- Oregon chem depot leaks mustard gas. Mustard gas is a biological WMD made to blister skin and lungs but despite that authorities were confident the leak posed no risk. This raises a few obvious questions. How does mustard gas pose no risk? Why is USA stockpiled with WMDs anyway? Why are they leaking? And above all, why isn't UN going in to get them?
- Canadian caught bringing ebola viles into USA. Act of terrorism was ruled out though. Now, how is smuggling ebola not terrorism when bringing a bottle of water on any west plane is?
- 80% of graduated students found no job in 2008. Apply now or wait for the 2010 recovery. LOL
- Turns out that the 500K jobs reported as zapped in Apr was just more media BS to stage a false sense of "recovery". The real number is over 630K following the trend.
- Chrysler zapped 23K jobs.
- GM zapped 25K jobs, idling 13 factories, and jettisoning 3K dealers. As GM heads for bankruptcy; GM elite dumped the toxic stock magically days before it dived to hell; 90K jobs now on the line; yet GM urgently needs another quick 11B USD -- that's after getting 5B USD to complete the expensive bankruptcy forms.
- While paid to close shop in USA, GM re-emerges in China currently enjoying sales growth. The same goes for Ford now living in Brazil. Sideline: That's phase II in progress: the consolidated loot is moved. Soon, assets probably won't even have to relocate and instead will be carved out of west geographically precipitating the end phase. Indeed, along these lines, the fly-over land of USA is likely to fall to China while coasts with Alaska will go to Russia and other creditors, as it's already been predicted. Let's hope they keep some baboons for future generations to marvel at this bizarre CNN-fed species.
- Freddie posts 10B USD/Q1 loss. That's akin to shoveling 50kg of 100 d0llar bills out the window every hour 24 hrs/day for 3 months without taking a single break. Evidently, just burning this much cash is quite costly. And 10B/3 months is very tenuous considering the usual west lacerations.
- Leads west in legalisation or taxation of marijuana in hope that the grey hippie generation will refill the prolapsed coffers.
- Real unemployment estimated at 16% with 25M unemployed.
- Borrowing now 50 cents on every dollar. That's min deval of 50% right here. Adds 90B USD to the deficit, which is 4X that of last year. Though nominal for an exponential prolapse they need a new colour code for this is no longer just being in the red.
- Obama blocks pictures of USA inhumane torture from release. Here's a few off Obama's now hard at work trying to (a) suppress torture pics, (b) stonewall enquiries, (c) "postponing" the shut down of Quantanamera concentration camp, and (d) protect Bush II hangmen from prosecution. This is everything he promised not to do, isn't it?
- Credit card prolapse joins in the woes with 80B USD laceration.
- Medical Care and Social Security Retirement funds now plundered to float USA banks.
- Obama says "no more blank check to TelAviv" while USA has already earmaked near 3B for Israel for 2010.
- 97B USD more pumped into wars. Who needs debauchery like medical care and retirement when west war junta wants to continue murdering and torturing children.
- 1/370 houses in foreclosure. 1/4 in negative equity.
- Foreclosures up 32% in Apr. California, Florida, and Nevada lead the pack.
- Trains teenagers to conduct armed raids. It's not just FEMA, fanatical christianic orders, but also Obama Jugend now.
- Cannot account for 9T USD. They obviously didn't check the west war junta wallet.
- Slaps sanctions on Myanmar. At least west recognises the new name, which USA was reluctant to do.
- Obama admits USA cannot keep "borrowing from China" (Of course, that's particularly difficult when China isn't lending anymore). This after China says to hell with floating USA (see China, 11MayNBN) and after Obama said "dollar strong", "USA recovering", and "USA respected by int'l community". Watch parts of USA become Chinese property.
- Though out of cash and up to several new generation's eyeballs in debt, Obama manages to begin stuffing free cash into USA insurance sector that has at last come begging for its due zillions.
- AIG loses 4,4B USD/Q1. That would be the free cash that USA baboons gave them. USA media mindrapists, with logic that can no longer be followed, managed to sell this loss as a "great news".
- Obama seeking new revenue from a new "assisted suicide" programme. Not a joke!
- Murders another 50 civilians in an indiscriminate missile attack on Peshawar, Pakistan.
- Not just chem WMDs go "missing" in USA but 8B worth of weapons (that's annual Russian weapon sale) including surface-to-air missiles and apparently the H-bomb. USA manages to defy even insanity.
- C Powell's buddy admits 90% in USA concentration camps are innocent. While all eyes are on Egypt's west-mandate to eradicate part of its food supply, USA torture of innocent people for 8 yrs, which is longer than Hitler, goes relatively unnoticed. Sideline: C Powell is, of course, one of the chief Bush II/Blair henchmen so his chummies are probably in the know.

USA tortures citizens.

Obama promised to end this sickness so USA tortures on. More pics here:

...and let's not forget that among the many USA int'l policies is "sodimisation of children in front of the child's parents". No words, no anger, no rage, no shrink can ever hope to manage an appropriate response. More info on

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - PDVSA launches a new 60:40 hydrocarbon venture with PetroChina for 100B CNY to supply 40 tonnes of oil/yr to China. Another knell into the supply for north residing clientelle.
- Boosting China oil export 8X to some 3M bpd.
- Furthering agricultural coop with China.
- Ends IMF continental rape, as Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Uruguay reach Banco del Sur accord.
- Chavez again marches into USA Cargill, supposed food maker, for transgressions of laws. USA can't even make pasta without committing crimes.

Chavez: "I don't think the same financial architecture that has caused all these problems can offer a solution to the mess." Indeed, west prolapse is somewhere twixt phase I and II now and a firm matter of when, no longer if. be cont'd as it all piles up.