Nation By Nation (31Oct09)

24-31Oct09 -- How appropriate for the west "recovery" to keep lacerating the west cesspit as the dark months descend upon it enshrouding the freckly war hoards. Amazingly, but not surprisingly knowing the west disease, west is seemingly opting for the WWIII option. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - West insurgent forces driven out of Nuristan. USA abandons 2 military bases in the retreat.
- Taliban names USA Blackwater as the perpetrator of the bomb attack that killed over 100 civilians.

Peshavar attack on civilians. USA tried pinning this on Taliban in hope to spark civilian strife, a common west war crime used everywhere the west beast steps in. Taliban points out: why should Taliban attack civilians when it can attack west military.

A U S T R A L I A Australia - Where are the proud Cuntberra's windbags now who, a half yr ago, were screaming "Keep China's hands off our resources"? As the west worth prolapses, Aussies sold their biggest coal mining complex to China for a 3,5B USD.
- Apparently has seen enough of the Afghan landscape and is pulling out. A bit of an exodus from comrade Obama's heroin armies there.

B A H R A I N Bahrain - Outlaws diplo relations with Israel.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Turns ex USA military base into Russian aircraft tech facility -- a beautiful sign of the times.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Talking about the Olympics, Lula refers to the west creatures as "gringos", as in "we aren't hosting the Olympics so that the gringos win the medals". Gringo, baboon... what's the diff?, so long as the Freeworld is at last collectively identifying and naming the disease -- the first essential step in curing it.

C H I N A China - Desperate USA, out of ideas, goes back to threatening China that dumping dollar would mean China's export crash. Yes, west threats are funny now. It's like someone threatening to bloodstain someone's fist if hit.
- At the same time, USA is bearing gifts. This time it's the Volvo part of Ford.
- Creates 2M more jobs than predicted for 2009. That's 11M jobs created in 2009 or the exact opposite of west. But watch the west media whores keep on prattling about some "global" downturn.
- On track to near 9% growth/2009.
- USA very angry over China's military growth. To see the rabidness of Warshington, consider that China spends 70B/yr on military while USA, with its 700+ military bases occupying the planet, spends over 600B, or near 10X.
- Reopens market to USA pig import.

C Z E C H Czech Rep - Klaus caves in and signs the Lesbian Treaty, claiming satisfaction with some added clause. The wildest of all hitler's wetdreams, Der Grand EUnuchia, hath been born. A battle for hitler's spot has begun.

E C U A D O R Ecuador - Coop with Russia on mil, econ, the usuals. Consider a few yrs ago, Ecuador was a USA military base. Viva Correa's liberation!

E T H I O P I A Ethiopia - 6M starving begging for bread crumbs. Such is the fate of all west war minions.

E U EU - NATO buying Russian troop gear will buy choppers now from Russia. How does this work? West can't even mobilise correctly unlike in 1930s. Could it be that west is planning to assault Russia with Russian weaponry?

F R A N C E France - Plans to give 18 yr olds newspapers for free in a desperate effort to ensnare the generation into the state mindrape propaganda. Consider the acumen of the west NWO fiends who think that rubbish, albeit free, is gonna drive traffic away from blogs.
- Despite the raging "recovery" orgies, warns unemployment will continue rising. Quite clearly, west "recovery" has nothing whatever to do with employment or public prosperity. It refers squarely to the recovery of some of the war investment made by the west war junta to the Bush II/Blair terror tour of 2001.
- Apparently, it was a French warship that downed the Yemeni Airbus, flight IY626, on 30Jun near Comoros Islands.
- An unmistakable sign of ultra-right psychosis, the official immigrant hate-mongering is here.

G E O R G I A Georgia - More war games with USA.
- Train exploded with TNT. Tbilisi blames Abkhazia -- how else?

G E R M A N Y Germany - Deutsche wank stops floating Daimler. Sideline: Indeed, west banking has long since ceased to perform banking. Instead of loaning, they require free public cash at rates of tens of trillions annually. What do they do with the cash? They keep it! Why? They're recovering their miserably failed war investment made into Bush II/Blair 2001 attempt at the re-colonisation of the planet. So far EU and USA have recovered on the order of some 20T each (of course, heaped on the west public debt mountains). Hence the "recovery" parties. For those questioning the fact that west banks via "derivative market" worth some 500T on paper is nothing more than a war investment read up on how USA, UK banks have been exposed to invest in cluster bombs and the typical anti-children arsenal the west beast loves genociding with. Here's a link to one of the exposes: West Bank Cluster Bomb Production
- Volkswagen, the biggest car mfg EU has, saw its income erode 90%/Q3. Wunderbar! Sideline: Let's gloat over the gargantuan size of the west prolapse for a bit. Volkswagen is now bringing in some 170M (that's million) EUR per qtr. Compare that income to UK central bank printing near 30B (that's billion) GBP each MONTH. Or further, compare that to USA pumping another 700B USD down the Helmand Valley -- a half yr occurrence now. Compare that to the routine "bailout" injections of 5-10B EUR/USD to west war junta assets. And remember Volkswagen is the BIGGEST EUnuch car maker. The hopeless west situation readily emerges.
- Consumer confidence admitted to shrivel. The econ whores allow that the rising unemployment may play a role here but despite that they still went to forecast a RISE. Yes, west econ shamans are lying whores too.
- 60% doctors are refusing the USA-flu shot.
- Shipping industry not shipping. Instead they want free cash from Berlin like Hapag got 1,2B EUR. Again, note that public coffer and hyperinflation prints are in BILLIONS while west incomes are in MILLIONS.

H O N D U R A S Honduras - USA coup gang attacks Brazilian embassy with psychological torment blasting it with noise and lights. This is a classic USA torture technique used in USA concentration camps and against Noriega in 1989 when he was hiding at the Vatican embassy. Why isn't Brazil blasting USA's embassy with looped samba treats?
- Talks on restoring Zelaya collapsed.

I C E L A N D Iceland - Closes the USA McDonald's feederies.

I N D O N E S I A Indonesia - Claims a huge meteor smash on 8Oct. Sideline: "Meteor" crashes have become common since the end of 2008 when USA and Russian satellites "collided". But what mainstream media whores call "meteors" aren't meteors but satellites. Meteors don't travel at 30-50Kmph but 10X that. Meteors don't explode, make noise, or leave smoke trails.

I R A N Iran - Oil bourse launched in the beginning of 2008 opened on 26Oct offering non-dollar oil. Sideline: When Iraq broke the west currency monopoly in 1988, Bush I responded with a vicious attack predicated on a Kuwait pretext obtained for some 300M USD. This is why west's been waving fists at Tehran for years. Looks like OPEC has to follow now or lose the shirt as its dollar-based portfolio runs dry.

I R A Q Iraq - Bomb attack on governance bldgs in the Greenzone leaves 155 dead, 500 injured. The double prong attack must've gotten past all USA insurgent security checkpoints - a bit like 911 "hijackers".
- See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

I S R A E L Israel - USA rewards TelAviv with more anti-civilian missile batteries.
- Another UN report smacks Israel with illegal diamond plunder of Ivory Coast. Watch that report too get outlawed in USA.

J A P A N Japan - Sends comrade Obama eviction notice. Warshington "rejected" it.
- Comrade Obama threatens Japan from stopping being his military base against China. Sadly, the threat was unspecified otherwise we'd have more comedy. If it weren't for Romania and Bulgaria (whose strategic worth is that of Oklahoma), comrade Obama would have no friends.
- Bridgestone tyres shuts down 2 factories in Aussieland and New Zealand.
- Export shrivels 30%/Sep y2y. Shipping rubbish to USA down 34%, which is all "worse than predicted".

L E B A N O N Lebanon - Hit by 7 artillery shells from Israel.
- Hit by Israeli rockets, 27Oct, no casualties.

L I T H U A N I A Lithuania - Prez finds out about USA torture camps in Lithuania from TV. This just to show the sickness of west. And to show more of it, he said that if it's true, then they "need to apologise". Apologise for 8 yrs of concentration camps? How about a note signed by the prez's parents that he shall never do it again? Yes, west is an incurably diseased cesspit.

P E R U Peru - Battle against the west parasites rages on. People of Peru take on USA oil rapist hoping to plunder the Amazon region in courts and threaten physical removal if need be.

Peruvian uprising against the west beast continues.

Ashanika warriors take an oil rapists' vessel.

R U S S I A Russia - Keeps telling west no sanctions on Iran possible.
- Deepening mil & econ coop with India and China.
- Eying a few banks and what's left of GM on the USA's garage sale.

S A U D I  A R A B I A Saudi Arabia - Somewhat painful to west, Saudi unlinks pricing from dollars.
- Battles flare up with Yemeni Shi'ites.

S R I  L A N K A Sri Lanka - Comrade Obama continues aid, despite USA's own report on genocide, to Rajapaksa governance that genocided Tamils and is holding 250K of them in a squalor camp incarceration. Sideline: West seeks no peace. Never has that been the case. Ever since its emergence from the Baltic marshes this miscreant has waged perpetual war on all life on this planet. Genocides are just means of resource theft and spread of its diseased rape.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Cleans 65B USD worth of trade with Russia and China off the gangrene dollar. Oddly, IMF retorted with nothing.

U K UK - Comes somewhat clean on the nationalisation of NorRock bank and tells poodles they won't see a single pence from the "bailout" for at least a decade. Well, of course not, the UK public cash has too been privitised.
- GDP unexpectedly down 4/10th%/Q3. Looks like Loondon boys need to take lessons from USA on advanced number perversion methodologies for GDP in USA has magically grown/Q3 and over 3%.
- Biggest Sep deficit EVER since the number trackings have begun. Deficit now at 15B GBP or 2X that of 2008. This trend too is echoed exactly in USA yet that doesn't stop the yank seasonal adjusters from "growing" USA econ.
- Post on strike, 23Oct.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - Peeling away from the west rape. Signs a coop deal with China spurning the IMF rabid dog.
- 3 week shut down of schools, cinemas, etc to ride out the USA-flu flare up, which appears to be something new, not the H1N1 USA lab bug. 40K seem sick from it. Here's the plague tracking in realtime: flutracker. Would this be some west's bio assault on Russia or a test of some new bio strand?
- Yuscenko, west proxy, blamed by Moscow for blocking gas payments to Russia. Such political finesse using west agents against west interests.

U S A USA - A TV news channel clocks 50% shriveling in viewership/Oct y2y. Watch for some compulsory mandates to revive west TV mindrape or perhaps tax breaks offered to those baboons that manage the erstwhile USA norm of 8 hrs a day of TV-eating.
- Comrade Obama moves to outlaw Goldstone report on Israel's genocide of Gaza. The "funny" thing is that Goldstone, the west bastard, has left out the worst west crimes like phosphorous burning of civilians, DU assaults, DNA toxic microshrapnels, etc. It's just like Bush II 911 report leaving out WTC7 and the USA defence day off. All things west are 100% rubbish. For more on Goldstone omissions: uruknet

Not a crime for Goldstone or west.

Gaza genocide and razing is not allowed to be debated in west now.

This is neither a crime for comrade Obama, nor it's allowed to be discussed.

- GMAC mortgage bender is out of the free 13B USD cash injection and needs 5B more. Sideline: "Bailout" is a code for theft of public funds. So far USA and EU have looted west for some 20-25T each and the spree isn't abating. The war junta underwriters are simply taking their war investment in west back before the deval comes.
- Consumer confidence, like in EU, plunges. USA expert texperts say that's "unexpected".
- Admits to "possible" above 10% unemployment now. Just for a laugh. Further admits to over 8M jobs zapped in the last 2 yrs of the prolapse. Wonderful seeing baboons fill the streets and tent shanty towns.
- Foreclosure bank takeovers up 23%/Q3 or some near 1M/Q3. Nice! Florida still in the lead but Nevada and California maintain close second in the USA home prolapse races. It's 19M homes empty in USA now.
- In an attempt to raise milk price, killing 3M cows. Feeding people? Cruelty to animals? Those are all non-issues in the west. It's about profits, nothing else.
- Like UK, governance takes over public utilities and sells them. This time it's Chicago's water.
- To highlight the size of the prolapse, consider that Detroit tried auctioning away 9000 houses "priced to sell" at a 500 USD (that's five hundred per house!). To truly highlight it, consider further they only managed to sell a measly 20% of the prolapsed realty.
- Going for WWIII as the only option left: Pentagram's studying Russian; comrade Obama's missile front encircling Russia seems to be running through Moldova, Ukraine (though political battle rages on over Ukraine), Georgia, Poland, Czech Rep, Romania, probably Finland (for auld lang syne (Finland attacked Russia in 1941 along side Hitler)), Uzbekistan, Japan (if they can keep it), Afghanistan (if they can subjugate it), Greenland, and Bulgaria. Sideline: Although patently insane, accurately reflecting both the west evil and desperation, this is another one of those lofty grand NWO plans doomed to failure. For one, the creation of the Barbarossa II front requires several years, which is something the west cesspit doesn't have. And second, it's not as though Moscow hasn't noticed.
- 49 states post job losses for last month. That's another 530K newly zapped.
- The recently upped debt limit is already maxed out. In a matter of weeks comrade Obama's hyperinflation spree goes from 9T to 13T. These are TRILLIONs. Consider that 3B got China Afghan copper resources and 1B got Saudis weapons from Russia. And here USA is pissing away trillions and it hasn't even managed to slow the prolapse down.
- It's 115 banks dead now. 9 died in one day, 29Oct, which is another record.
- Capmark doesn't feel like dealing with its near 2B USD debt so it goes bankrupt. Its 43 affiliates are tumbling as well.
- Amazingly, the west whores have so far managed to avoid talking the commerical real-estate crash, which is FAR more fun than the baboon residential rubbish. Capmark bankruptcy alone means 60B in commercial realty zapped. Currently, commercial realty is some 20% empty.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Takes over USA's gold mine rapist on 27Oct. The Brisas gold reserves are henceforth to be developed by a Venezuela-Russian venture. Canadian gold miner was stripped of operating rights and is on its way out as well. Indeed, send the gringo a-packing.
- The rest of ALBA, after Venezuela, recognise Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
- Donates some fighter jets to Ecuador and gets a few more Russian Su's. be cont'd as it all piles up.

Fall Of The Republic - The Presidency Of Barack H Obama

Fall Of The Republic - The Presidency Of Barack H Obama

Fall Of The Republic documents how an offshore corporate cartel is bankrupting the US economy by design. Leaders are now declaring that world government has arrived and that the dollar will be replaced by a new global currency.

President Obama has brazenly violated Article 1 Section 9 of the US Constitution by seating himself at the head of United Nations' Security Council, thus becoming the first US president to chair the world body.

A scientific dictatorship is in its final stages of completion, and laws protecting basic human rights are being abolished worldwide; an iron curtain of high-tech tyranny is now descending over the planet.

A worldwide regime controlled by an unelected corporate elite is implementing a planetary carbon tax system that will dominate all human activity and establish a system of neo-feudal slavery.

The image makers have carefully packaged Obama as the world's savior; he is the Trojan Horse manufactured to pacify the people just long enough for the globalists to complete their master plan.

This film reveals the architecture of the New World Order and what the power elite have in store for humanity. More importantly it communicates how We The People can retake control of our government, turn the criminal tide and bring the tyrants to justice.

Nation By Nation (23Oct09)

16-23Oct09 -- The "dollar death" is now commonplace -- even in the diseased west media mindrape. Who'd have dared to dream it a year ago or in May2006? Well, dare to dream now! Raise the challis, toast to No West Ogre world, and let jubilation reign across the steadfast rising Freeworld. Combat west ugliness around the web. Ridicule their prolapse predicament. Celebrate their mounting homeless wretches. Mock their rising poverty and growing ghost towns. Remind them of gangster bonuses and war defeats across the globe. Pour salt in the west disease lacerations. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - War costs mean that USA insurgents pay 400 USD for a gallon of petrol, something that goes for 4 USD or better in USA. Even with the revived heroin production pulling some 50B USD/yr, USA stands no chance of making profit in this blood venture.

West spreading DU horror.

West murderer packs up used Uranium238 rods.

West nuclear assault is against YOU too -- regardless where you reside.

This is the result of the west war against the planet. West is not just THE disease but also the absolute mockery of all things human. If you can stomach more, see: uruknet's "Deceit of DU".

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Bolivia summit dumps d0llar and ushers in Sucre-only trade among the ALBA members: Ecuador, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Non-baboon Caribbean, and hopefully soon Honduras.

Chavez and Morales administer last rites to the baboon money.

C H I N A China - Calls and raises comrade Obama slapping USA nylon import with a hefty 36% tariff. Yet another war west is gonna be eating soon.
- Strikes a bauxite deal with Guinea for 7B USD marking the liberation of yet another part of Africa from the harrowing west rape. Sideline: China-Africa trade has grown 10X since the west satanic attack on the world in 2001. Soon, the mighty continent will be back on its feet and ready to walk to west to settle the long running score.
- Moves on the 2007 deal with Afghanistan for copper mining the Nynak reserves, something long since eyed by the west murderer. Sideline: Production is slated to go into effect in 2011 with 320K tonnes/yr. Amusingly, USA clasped its empty hands and lamented like an old toothless hag: "we're sacrificing blood and China reaps the benefits". Another fun USA comment was: "US strategy is towards exit while China wants to stay." What joy watching USA fiends whinge their deranged prattle.
- Despite that, USA boys are climbing deep up China's arseslit trying to stave off the d0llar flush. Pentagram has invited a Chinese general for a tea; WhitewashHouse is now praising Mao; comrade Obama's bringing Beijing gifts of missile and space tech; and USA central bank recants their allegations that China manipulates currency. How the USA windbags boasted that "China needs them"!
- Bank lending up at 516B Yuan/Sep from 410 in Aug. That's UP, exact opposite of all west banks.
- China's M2 up 30%/Sep y2y, or more than expected. Note that west has long since dispensed with admitting the west hyperinflated M2.

C Z E C H Czech Rep - V Klaus still standing twixt the Lesbian Treaty burgeoning into the very Hitler's wetdream of Grand EUnuchia.

Salute, indeed! -- for as long as the impasse lasts anyway. Klaus' own governance is now plotting a prez bypass to please their west betters.

E G Y P T Egypt - Severs ties with the French Louvre bastards cuz the French won't return stolen artefacts from Luxor, which include the famed Roseta stone. From genocide, lies, and hoarding all things shinny, the west has always been THE disease. French "archeologists" (west term for thiefs) have been booted from Egypt. But UK has their loot. USA has theirs in Boston. Germs keep it in Berlin. Why just the French? And why just Egypt? Send the genocidal imperialist child-murdering artefact-thieving saxon packing from every corner of the planet!

E U EU - Twitching in growing discomfort as d0llar hits 14mo low against the EUnuchzone. Though Germs boast they can hold the screaming till 1,45, French EUnuchs are whinging about having to keep hyperinflating to keep up with the USA baboons -- as if they haven't been and in tens of trillions via the "unofficial" d0llar-euro peg. Sideline: Those who seek the absurd west econ prattle should realise that one of the key Maastricht peripeties is total market manipulation of this kind. There is no free trade. There's never been any free trade. Just west disease! There is no "loose monetary policy", "no reserve building driving exchange rates", "no bailout", "no stimulus", "no currency market". It's just a feudalistic arbitrary monopoly rule by a few select lizard wizards of the west war junta. That's all! And it just happens that it all ceased to exist in May2006. The often unspoken beauty of this is the fact that the EUnuchs, like their baboon kin, get all the benefits of super-hyperinflation without ever seeing a single pence.

F R A N C E France - Like Italy, says it's done with the Afghanistan outing. What an effective charter, this NATO.
- Sarkozy threatens Klaus with "repercussions" unless he "falls in line". Sounds like EUnuchia's already a dictatorship.
- Issues command to all French to retreat from Guinea. Let's see this spread to all west colonies.
- Very angry with Italy cuz Italy was bribing Taliban not to get attacked and so the French boys got it instead. Italy denies Taliban dealings, which is silly since USA is overtly doing just that today. West doesn't even have their script synchronised anymore.
- Perturbed farmers block Champs Elysees burning rubbish in a mass complaint over their reduced circumstances. And these are the good times, farmer boys.

G E R M A N Y Germany - The aggressive "recovery" sees job zapping rate GROW near 5%/Aug y2y, marking a 15 yr record. Factor in the disappearing wages that have shriveled 7,5% and hours worked that have shriveled over 10% and the difference twixt the employed and the unemployed vanishes. Maybe USA is right about tracking the unemployed as employed and vice versa. LOL
- Metal sector unemployment festers 6,3%/Aug y2y. Some wise econ talking head was heard to sum up: "unemployment is expected to rise through 2010". But note that rising unemployment doesn't seem to spoil the west media whore "recovery" yodeling.

I R A N Iran - 42 dead in a bombing attack in Pishin on border with Pakistan. Tehran points to the old USA/UK firm. USA vehemently denies everything.

I R A Q Iraq - See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

J A P A N Japan - Policy break from USA in late 2009 can hardly fool anyone into thinking that Japan is either gonna save its skin from the wall-to-wall west prolapse or that it doesn't deserve it. Steel output shrivels 18%/Sep y2y, marking a 12th straight month in the industry prolapse.

R U S S I A Russia - Tightens the EUnuch noose with SouthStream on the bottom and NordStream along the freckly top. SouthStream also sets up Serbia as THE energy buffer for the saxonic EUnuch. Soon the EUnuch will have to bring gifts including the stolen and occupied Kosovo if it wants to keep its rump warm. Plus, the beauty is that the varied gas tap network the multi gaslines offer are more suitable for more discriminating energy diktat, especially with respect to the west EUnuchs. With NordStream and SouthStream in place, it won't take 3 days before Loondon poodles feel the draft.
- Signs 1B USD mil deal with Libya.
- Knocks out dollar from China trade. Biggest news are often brief.
- After the threat, Renault paid up 250M USD to keep the factory running a while longer.
- Dumping dollar for Iran & Venezuela trade. S Korea and S Arabia follow suit. Listen up... yes, that's the baboons and their swan funeral dirge. Everywhere one turns now, it's "dollar eulogies" even from the very west media whores that have willfully partaken in the 911 terrorism deliberately concealing the truth about the size of the west evil.

S A U D I  A R A B I A Saudi Arabia - Time for comrade Obama to fly to Riyadh and cede whatever USA's got left for the OPEC leader is planning to go off the dollar and pull the rest of the OPEC clowns with it. Bush II gifts of USA realty and sundry bank ownerships kept the Saudis faithful to the dollar albeit with voiced disdain, but the prolapse has reached such embarrassing depths now that comrade Obama will have to offer entire cities, if not states, to extend the dollar's OPEC existence. This is, of course, a non-news for OPEC's dollar fidelity changes nothing with regard to the imminent fate of west. Sideline: For those patiently awaiting the royal flush, it's far more clever to "threaten" the dollar flush than actually doing it. A simple utterance in Beijing makes the entire west jump and forced concessions granted by USA is a far safer method of dismantling the nuke-crazed criminal child-murdering viper's nest than by plunging it into a wall-to-wall devaluation chaos -- although that is quite inevitable at some point as well.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Despite the rabid west vulgarities, going ahead with showing Israel murder children in some show.
- Payments for Israeli import are coming in late and later. Import from Israel plunges 40% and TelAviv is out some 500M USD so far.

U K UK - While there are homeless on the drizzly isle, there are now 1M empty homes, just sitting there laughing at the prolapsing masses of poodles.
- Iran nuke expert gets David-Kelly'd in Australia. Apparently, sick of being alive, he happened to leap out of window 30m high. But what's the point kellying people now? It's not as if west can take on Iran, even if they manage to "sex up" the dossier and kelly those who could speak.
- The long promised Loondon "war on bonuses" has worked like charm! WankOfScotland is distributing "only" some 240K GBP to each bankster in bonuses. Thank goodness, the poodles are so levelheaded, understanding, and kind, otherwise someone could have a tizzy over the insidious ridicule that is now accompanying the west sacking.
- LloydBankGruppen needs another 25B GBP quick! Loondon gave them 5B immediately. Hopefully that will tie them over the Christmas bonuses. Sideline: Consider here that Afghan copper has cost China some 3B GBP. Compare that to the monthly west "bailouts" and marvel at the degree of the prolapse.

U S A USA - At min, 43 states continue job zappings/Sep but "unemployment" rose only in 23 of them. How so? Well, let's quote from the USA media whores comedy sketch to understand this anomaly: "...some states saw unemployment decline as workers gave up looking for work..." When you finish laughing at the pure swill west baboons are eating as "news" on daily basis, celebrate the growing lunatic dementia of the west cesspits. And these monkeys wanted to rule the planet.
- West populace is beyond cretinous today and that's why it's possible to pull a sloppy charade like 911 and tell the baboon straight in its snout like Sachs just did defending their 20B USD "bonus" round: "Public has to learn to tolerate the inequality" without even the slightest fear of repercussion. Yes, ridicule is accompanying the west sacking. Unfortunately, the baboon is such a mental excrement that it doesn't even get the mocking insults. This is a fair sample of what happens to the saxon DNA when left to inbreed for just a few generations.
- While in full "recovery" orgy, USA econ bureau admits to no job gain till at min 2017 -- as if USA had that much time.
- Ron Paul, the erstwhile flag bearer for all the disgruntled baboons figures it out: "The more troops we send, the worse it gets". Truly, this blood thirsty species suffers an amazing, never before experienced, brain drag and unusual resistance to tuition.
- Media whores and war junta are rebranding "bailouts" and "stimuluses". Apparently the novelty of this theft euphemism has worn off and the baboon demands a brainwash upgrade.
- The Fed takes over Oklahoma shopping mall. Yes, property is being confiscated right from under the baboon's rump -- an essential matter for a fun-filled bon voyage.
- Bailout theft and money printing "admitted" at 24T now, or deval of 90+%. It's immaterial to pretend to count 30T or 10T or deval of 90 or 99%. It's all the same: bon-voyage.
- 99th bank laid to rest.

Turns out the recent poverty #s were some 18% supressed. It's 47M officially -- or 1 in every 6 baboons -- "learning to tolerate the inequality". How morally uplifting and just! Also, note the freakish deformation of the west freckly child-murdering species.

- AIG gives self 200M in bonuses. Why not? It ain't their cash.
- Approves "cervical" vaccine for boys. Not a joke! They go on justifying it, not by some bizarre medical argument, but by predicting "reviving sales" which have sadly declined 5%/Q3 due to the vaccine growing unpopularity cuz it has maimed and killed. Still, it's puzzling. Yes, it's widely known that USA male baboons are genitally mutilated at birth via some crazed voodoo ritual but it's still believed that males of this species do not have cervixes, labias, or vaginas for that matter. The vaccine makers and USA drug authorities aren't however concerned with this small matter.
- Deficit 2009 is 3X of 2008, which is another record for the baboonarium. Decade deficit on track to over 9T cementing terminal insolvency.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - On a treasure hunt with Iran for....uranium. be cont'd as it all piles up.