Informatron (revised) for NbN October 2 2009

ZioNazi Mercenary Police Force Occupies Town in Former USA
America on a hair trigger away from imploding on to its own historic footprint (like building 7): civil war

Submitted by: informatron

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As everyone knows (well, not everyone, most people, and certainly all and NbN warriors know) Zionist forces have taken over the USA ever since the inside job 911 anthrax and WTC attacks.

Since 911 the Former USA has been a Zionist occupied territory, just like Montreal, London, Paris, Bonn, Sydney... And just like the peoples of the cities under siege, Kabul, Baghdad, Mogadisho, Jerusalem, the American people have also had their share of woes under the ZioNazi occupation: Main Stream Media Lies, kidnapings and assasinations, high voltage electrocution by tazers, poison gass, vaccination and infection by bio-warfare weapons, and massive arbitrary arrests which have swelled the American prison population to 2,3 million, the highest rate in the world.

Trillions of USA dollars have been looted from the American Defence Department, American banks, and the life savings of millions of ordinary American citizens looted from their accounts. Unemploymenet has reached over 30% in many areas while local Patriot Militias are being formed over night while the sale of guns and ammunition has exploded. Conditions are so bad in ZioNazi America that the only employement available is with the military, and the only booming business is the prison business.

The depressed town of Hardin, Montana (pop 3,464 or 868 families residing) is no exeption. But there was one way the town was very special: Hardin had no police force of its own. That is untill a few days ago.

Unfortunately, someone in Hardin had the brilliant idea a few years ago to initiat a large scale development project which was to resolve the economic ills of the depressed town and provide employment to its citizens. The project: a prison for 464 inmates.

The Two Rivers Regional Correctional Facility, a $27 million construction project, was financed through the sale of bonds issued by the town. Unfortunately, upon project completion, Hardin city officials were not able to find any prisoners, even though they searched far and wiide from Alaska to California hoping to get into the prison business as contractor to various authorities.

Time was of the essence, foreclosure threated the project. Bonds defaulted on May 1, 2008. In the fall of 2008, the facility bid to house a sexual offender program for the state of Montana but it was rejected. Having failed to find customers for two years for the vacant prison, city officials announced that the town of Hardin was willing and able to house the Guantanamo prisoners but that too was rejected. This Guantanamo announcement was made six months ago and, as a result, a private company called The American Police Force (APF) contacted the town in a bid to lease the prison and entered into an exclusivity agreement whereby APF would gaurentee 5 USD per prisoner per day, regardless. AFP also promised to invest USD 30 million to develope an international security training centre and expand the prison population to 4000.

APF’s website, which has been periodically unavailable (see below), says essentially that marshal law is their business, APF leverages the talent and expertise of their extensive global network to provide local, regional, and national security solutions to the United States Government and other clients who are in need of customized private investigative and security services incorporating lessons learnt from experience in Iraq and Afghnistan. Also the websit proclaims: "Whether you are suspicious about a cheating spouse or concerned about a personal threat, APF’s team will employ their experience to fulfill your domestic investigation needs."

The American Police Force LOGO is rich in strange symbolism for an American Security company: A Double Headed Eagle a Red Shield emblazoned with a White Cross. At the top is a Princely CROWN. Are these symboles anything to do with Eric Prince the founder of Blackwater, now known as Xe? Nobody knows, and APF refuses to say who their parent company is. The APF representative in Hardin, Captain Michael Hilton, is originally from Moldova, and Associated Press reports say that he has a criminal record and was sentanced to two years in jail. Hilton pleaded guilty in March 1993 to 14 felonies, including 10 counts of grand theft, one count of attempted grand theft and three counts of diversion of construction funds, according to Orange County court records.

Keith Clayton, owner and cook at the Hardin Purple Cow restaurant for 22 years, said he hasn't followed the story too closely, but he also saw no reason to be pessimistic. "I really hope it all goes through because it would be a real boon to the community and it would be good for business," he said.

Trina Maurer, chairwoman of the Hardin Chamber of Commerce, said APF made a false step when it showed up with the SUVs bearing police logos - "They would have been smart to buy a pickup" - but she said "it looks good and sounds good, and people are excited."

"We needed this shot in the arm and we waited a long time for it," Councilwoman Colstad said. "We've had too many years of hard times."

Because so little has been revealed publicly about APF, rumors have been sprouting abundantly, in Hardin and around the country and on Twitter. The latest rumor making the rounds was that President Barack Obama is using Hardin as a test case for plans to establish government-funded private mercenary police forces throughout the country by the end of October. It makes good sence because the American people are up in arms about the state of the Former USA as a police state and as a collapsed economy which is pumping trillions of tax dollars into Wall street.

One rumor has it that Hardin residents would be ordered to submit to an untested swine flu vaccination, and people who refused would be quarantined in the new prison. But this too is not outlandish because many US States and indeed Zionist occupied countris around the world have passed bills that would force citizens to be vaccinated for the swine flu by force. Video testemony confirms Mandatory Vaccinations.

On Wednesday there were reports that APF had entered Hardin with Mercedes SUVs festooned with "Hardin Police Department" and the Red APF LOGO with Eagle, Cross, and Crown, even though Hardin to this day has no police force of its own.

Must see video footage of Hardin, the people of Hardin, the prison, and American Police Force taking over town:

Addendum and Post Script:

News of the American Police Force invading Hardin and taking control of the town sparked outrage. The blogosphere was rife with chatter. CBSNEWS reported on September 29, 2009 that APF planned a helicopter tour of the region in coming days to look at real estate for a planned tactical military training ground. Hilton said 5,000 to 10,000 acres were needed to complement the training center, a $17 million project. But the company's flashy arrival stirred new questions. The logo on the black Mercedes SUVs said “City of Hardin Police Department.” Yet the city has not had a police force of its own for 30 years. The company was incorporated in California in March, soon after Hardin's empty jail gained notoriety after city leaders suggested it could be used for the Guantanamo Bay terrorism detainees. We also learn that the then-Montana Attorney General Mike McGrath issued a 2007 opinion saying prisoners from other states were prohibited, Hardin successfully sued the state.

Jeremy Scahill, the Blackwater pundit, was mum about all these developments, but Alex Jones reported live from Hardin: Friday, October 2, 2009. "When the scene started to unfold in Hardin, Montana, my first reaction could best be described as an overwhelming feeling of despair. The thought that our worst fears were coming true so soon literally sent chills down my spine. Talk of foreign troops on American soil and secret, empty detention centers appeared to be taking shape before our very eyes. Scary stuff indeed."

But as the hours and days unfolded and more light was shined upon this story, it became less of a looming threat and more like an engrossing tabloid scandal.

One look at the Napoleonic Michael Hilton (or whatever one of the several aliases you’ve come to know him by) soft soaping the locals was reminiscent of some of the characters I’d met during my 17 years as a private investigator. I was occasionally employed to inquire into the backgrounds of a client’s potential business partner(s) and over the years I developed a knack of “sizing-up” some of these slick operators into often stereotypical profiles.

Hilton was one such character. The very choice of a recognizably wealthy name for an alias sent up an immediate red flag. Then the other familiar flashy dresser driving expensive cars, staying in the priciest digs in town and throwing money around like so much confetti is essential to a good con. These things are meant to distract the masses from responsible business practice by mesmerizing them with “bread and circuses”.

The curiosity about this guy led me to the web-site where I literally broke out in laughter. This thing looks like somebody’s wet dream; a fantasy company one might create for a video game or a big screen adaptation of a comic book.
I mean look at those screen shots: Choppers coming out of an “Apocolypse Now” sunset? Soldiers in action poses with automatic pistols in each hand. Who are they trying to appeal to? 16 year olds? Certainly not serious clients looking for a company that practices restraint and professionalism. ...Not even “Blackwater” has the resources that this company claims to have. And the array of services that they offer is quite frankly absurd. The licensing, personnel and insurance alone would be on a scale that would make it impossible for this company to be kept under the radar so long or to rise out of nowhere so soon...The one conclusion I’m drawing from all this is that “American Police Force” is a scam of epic proportions. If, in fact, there is some larger entity driving this company from behind the scenes, it appears (at least to this observer) that they are an utterly incompetent, motley crew of bumbling con artists that may (at best) inspire an interesting screenplay.

The Lesson: Dont shoot till you see the whites of their eyes.

Well there you have it. Thanks to the pathetic town of Hardin, Montana, we know that Police State America is on a hair trigger away from total destruction.

The social tensions in the Former USA have been building up ever since the Patriot Act. People are running scared. They are fed up and out of work. Dont forget the militarisation of law enforcement, the construction of FEMA camps, the secrecy of Government, the threats made to congress, the economic collapse, Katrina, the corruption on Wall street, the privately owned Federal reserve printing trillions to give to the elite Zionist Masters. The Revolution is on. American Patriots Militias have formed accross the nation. They are not asking if Marshal Law will be declared, they have already declared war against their Faschist Government. Don't tread on me!

(insert dont tread on me image here, link below)

The Former USA is not only collapsing it is imploding on its own historic foot print (just like building seven): Civil war.
ZioNazi America must now abandon its defeated troops abroad to face the "terrorist" enemy within. At last Jerusalem shall be free for all to see!

Here is proof of the FUSA powder keg. Take a look at these Patriot Militia videos:

Foreign Mercenary Scum Target 30 US towns 1st Hardin Montana (Patriot news from within Hardin town with views of APF website, embedded Ravel's Bolero understood to be "Russian" music)
Go viral: shine light on these cockroaches and make them scurry back under their rock or the physical fight will come. Power in numbers. Time to stand up or die on your knees? Your choice:

America in distress, a call to Arms: Join the Resistance (The call of a Patriot)

Will Blood Be Shed in the fight for Freedom? (Must see. An excellent summary of the Patriot Militias situation in the Former USA).

This is War. Rise up The American Resistance (Short message: Only traitors talk to Feds)

This is my oath to defend the constitution and the republic (4th July Patriot)

APF site and cache:


Anonymous said...

So that's the way the cookie crumbles in good ole US of A! Brilliant, man, brilliant, your piece! Take on the mercenaries for a change. They've infested the war zones already and now it's the turn of the west, USA today, EU tomorrow. After the Irish vote, I see civil war and unrest on Europe's future agenda as well. As for the coming freedom of Jerusalem, man, that's a given. The Palestinians know it, you know it and so do I. The rest of the world will be informed when the time is ripe. Heartfelt thanks, then, for above.

Anonymous said...

Informatron, good to have you back and fighting fit. Excellent work you've provided. And now take a look at below. According to that useful rule of thumb, we're now slipping into phase two in America. Hardin will become the perfect symbol of the movement, and we sit back patiently and watch as events unfold.

Must see video of former Soviet journalist Yuri Bezmenov.

"Four stages of ideological subversion is a process which is legitimate nothing illegal about it and open."
1. Demoralization - takes one generation
2. Destabilization - takes about five years
3. Crisis - takes a few weeks
4. "Normalization" - may last indefinitely
We are currently in the crisis stage.

Anonymous said...

What of poiuytr´s feeling that the A.R.M. is just a Nazi-like move to disarm the population. Or is it just a case of "Do, you´re damned", "Don´t, you´re damned"?

Anonymous said...

Some people see Nazis under their bed every night. Others wake up shrieking: "Oh, my Gawd, the Russians are coming." Forget the old shorthand and develop a new language to meet the needs of the times. OK, the zio-NWO is none too bad. But we could do better. And, informatron, your article was impressive, thanks. Meticulously researched and stylishly presented.

Anonymous said...

Huge losses in Vietnamistan
2 soldiers died in the Philippines
Torture tape exposed
Naturally, we need the APF (American Police Farce) to shield us from our enemies! Or should that be in the singular, the TRUTH?

Anonymous said...

Investigation Could Sink American Police Force
The plans of American Police Force to boss the $27 million dollar detention center in Hardin Montana as well as expand their presence across the country while training foreign troops inside the U.S. could be mothballed after Montana’s Attorney General launched an investigation and demanded the organization turn over all its records.

Anonymous said...

Is APF for real or a hoax simply? Unbelievable story.

Anonymous said...

Exposed: American Police Force Is A Blackwater Front Group
American Police Force, the paramilitary unit patrolling a small town in Montana, has been exposed as being a front group for the disgraced private military contractor Blackwater, now called “Xe”.

Anonymous said...

Hooray, Info Braveheart has ventured forth again! A stroke of genius on poiuytr's part to have coaxed him back on. The safari lasted longer than we'd expected. But rich indeed were the prizes valiantly brought home for our contemplation. A thousand thanks, then. And misunderstandings down to a minimum henceforth.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, if I may. But this is too delicious to be missed:
Attack on remote Afghan outposts kills 8 US troops (4.10.09)
KABUL — Militant fighters streaming from a village and a mosque attacked a pair of remote outposts near the Pakistan border, killing eight American soldiers and as many as seven Afghan forces in one of the fiercest attacks of the troubled eight-year war. The Taliban claimed responsibility.
The raid began around dawn Saturday morning and lasted several hours, said Jamaludin Badar, governor of Nuristan province. Badar said the two outposts were on a hill — one on top and one at the foot of the slope — flanked by the village on one side and the mosque on the other.
The U.S. military statement said the Americans and Afghans repelled the attack by tribal fighters and "inflicted heavy enemy casualties."
"This was a complex attack in a difficult area," the area commander, said in the U.S. statement. "Both the U.S. and Afghan soldiers fought bravely together."
Nuristan, bordering Pakistan, was where a militant raid on an outpost in July 2008 claimed the lives of nine American soldiers and led to allegations of negligence by their senior commanders. Army Gen. David Petraeus last week ordered a new investigation into that firefight, in which some 200 militants armed with machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and mortars pushed their way into the base.
Badar said he had sought more security forces for Kamdesh, the district where Saturday's attack took place, and said Taliban fighters had fled to Nuristan and neighboring Kunar after Pakistani forces drove many extremists from the the Swat Valley earlier this year.
"When there are few security forces, this is what happens," he said. He also complained about a lack of coordination between international forces and Afghans. The U.S. statement said the attack would not change previously announced plans to leave the area.

Anonymous said...

Question has to be, 8:55, "What did the Americans do, (EG: rape, steal murder) this village to provoke this attack?
Notwithstanding they shouldn't be there and are rapists and murderers from the very begining, but these "outposts" didn't spring up over night. Likely they'd been there for some time. So what sparked this attack off??
...Americans and Afghans repelled the attack ... "inflicted heavy enemy casualties." ... "This was a complex attack in a difficult area," ... "Both the U.S. and Afghan soldiers fought bravely together." The language used sounds like the yanks got a real pasting on this one.

Anonymous said...

it's all very confusing, isn't it? contractors impersonated the police (a crime), the police impersonated the police (no doubt, some other form of crime), members of the public impersonated the police? whatever, lawlessness definitely in the air.
the state of Montana is not lawless as such, it’s one of the least populated states in the country. there is more crime on one street corner in L.A. in an hour than in all of Montana in a year. one thing is clear, though, so wake up: it’s a testing ground for those that wish to enslave the population;what better place than where no one is looking?

Anonymous said...

Economy Losing 11,000 Jobs per day since December of 2007. 824,000 Jobs Lost in Statistical Revision: 8 Million Jobs Lost Since Start of Recession. Nationwide Unemployment Rate at 17 Percent. (WRH)
Econ nitty-gritty, and even then the figures are only approximate. USans congenitally incapable of telling the truth?

Anonymous said...

What's all the fuss about? APF is only symptomatic of a society adrift. US has been in that state since 9/11/2001.

Anonymous said...

How do you mean "adrift"? Consigned to hell more like it. Take a look:

Dear President Obey-me
How does one bring about peace by allowing Israel to commit war crimes with impunity?
How does one bring about nuclear disarmament by ignoring Israel's nuclear arms?
How does a man claim to be President of the United States while serving a foreign government?
Got any answers to above, any of you?

Anonymous said...

What did Gore Vidal say recently, "We'll have a dictatorship soon in the US"? Wrong as usual. Dictatorship is already alive and thriving in the States.

Anonymous said...

NBN could tell him
but that would be


Anonymous said...


Has this site been taken over by Alex Jones and his band of patriotic USA-loving brownshirts?

These groups that you are promting above are not opposed to the American Empire, its wars, or exploitation of the rest of the world.

These groups in fact stand reality on its head: They portray America as the victim of shadowy "foreign" forces (aka the NWO)--never mind that America has 700 foreign military bases around the world and is colonizing and occupying several nations!

The American oppressor nation is now cast as the victim.

This brand of American populist nationalism represents a classic tactic used by Fascism dating back to Hitler and Mussolini: channel any political dissent into nationalist channels that do not question the true nature of the Fatherland.

Thus, note all the propagandistic uses of patriotic American slogans and symbols like the "Don't Tread on Me" flag.

As for domestic political repression in Montana, this is nothing new for the Land of the Free.

Wasn't the USA founded as a slave nation based upon the repression of Blacks with celebrated "Founding Slaveowners" like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson?

Did Abraham Lincoln suppress antiwar dissent and eliminate habeus corpus during the Civil War?

Did Franklin Roosevelt imprision 100,000s of Japanese American citizens during WWII?

Repression is American as apple pie. Don't act all shocked or surprised.

This is ultimately what passes for political opposition in America: xenophobic militia organizations and nationalist American flag-wavers.

And isn't it true that these so-called anti-government" groups actually have connections to the American military in the form of "former" US military goons?

The only type of political dissent that happens in the USA is phony false-flag dissent.

At base, these people are America-supporting shills just like the Alex Jones of the world.

If NBN wants to promote this brand of politics, be honest about what you represent.

Don't call yourself anti-Western or anti-American, when you obviously contradict this politics with posts like the one above.

Anonymous said...

"The Former USA is not only collapsing it is imploding on its own historic foot print (just like building seven): Civil war.
ZioNazi America must now abandon its defeated troops abroad to face the "terrorist" enemy within. At last Jerusalem shall be free for all to see!"
Informatron, a fitting conclusion to a very well-balanced, thought-provoking piece. We pay our respects to a fine blogger.

Anonymous said...

10:31 - What on earth's wrong with you? Always ready to pick a fight in the name of the "purity of the blog" like the purity-of-the-white-race people? Don't you realize that the real revolution in the USA is being fought on the battlefields of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, to name only a few places. But within the country some form of dissent has also to start and grow. As within the EU in the none too distant future. We all know America has been a failed and rogue state since the word go. That factor must be taken into account in whatever that limping giant does, including resistance. I see the fascist more in you than in anyone else posting on this blog. Carry on in this incredibly intolerant way, which you no doubt consider very clever, and we'll have: Welcome to the morgue rather than the blog on this site again. A pity, because poiuytr does have many excellent things to say in NBN.

Anonymous said...

Introduce yourself, calculae. We don´t know you yet. Who are you?

Anonymous said...

And don´t pay any attention to 10:31. He or she is just jealous. Or even a spy from some other blog who would like nothing better than to sow dissension here.

Anonymous said...

The man's mad. I say man because women as a rule never descend to such levels.

Anonymous said...

Greetings everyone, nice to see you all again. Best regards to you all.

10.31 I understand where you are on this. Don't forget there is allot of USA Government propaganda against these militias which paint them as you say: Fanatic kooks associated with the KKK and hell bent on white Amerika dominating the world. This is not true, and even unimportant. Unimportant too is whether APF is part of Blackwater or just a scam.

What counts is that the USA is on the brink of civil war.

I suggest you see this patriot video,the message is clear in answer to your comment.

Listen carefully to what is being said as self evident(the sound is bad, so turn up the volume around 2 minutes into the vid):

"The Afghans and Iraqis resistance are not terrorists they are doing exactly what I would have done, they are defending their country."

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear!

Anonymous said...

re: 10:55 and others.

It seems that ideological purity is what you and other "American Patriot Movement" supporters are engaged in.

God forbid if anyone questions the politics of these God fearin', flag-wavin', freedom-lovin' Real American Patriots.

And my point is very simple: NBN and others should be honest about their politics.

If they are pro-Americans who wish to defend America (as these patriot movement groups are), then say so.

These patriotic militia groups that you promote certainly are NOT anti-American, as NBN claims to be. Just ask them.

They may be anti-government (at least in name), but that is not the same as opposing the *American nation* itself.

If NBN supports this, say so, and drop all pretext of Anti-Americanism.

@ 12:11

As for the USA on the verge of civil war, the jury is still out.

Remember, there was much greater political upheaval during the 1960s with the antiwar, student, and urban revolts in which the US National Guard was called out. (i.e. Kent State Massacre, Watts rebellion, etc.)

Yet, even these things sadly did not lead to a USA civil war.

Anonymous said...

14.17 Hey kiddo

You're too young to know any difference between then (60s) and now. Back then there was no Patriot Act, no Global War on Tera, no Gauntanamo Abu Gharib, no shameless admission of torture, no financial collapse, no anthrax 911 inside job attacks. No "Homeland" "Fatherland" security.

All the they did was kill off the Kennedies.

Anonymous said...

A specious distinction that, 12:11, between anti-US Gov amd anti-US nation. We hate the Amis, have always done so and will continue to do so till our dying day. The Amis must be crushed once and for all, their overwhelming power that is. Once that is done, they have a right to live on like anyone else on this planet. And if the so-called Am patriots, whatever their agenda, contribute in anyway to that weakening process, then their movement is of interest to us here on NBN. Igor Panarin predicted unrest from October on. Fascinating, I find, that this part of his predictions seems to be coming true.

Anonymous said...

RE: predictions, as modern China turns 60, can we foresee its future? The surprises of the last six decades have not deterred an army of pundits from trying to peer into China’s future, making forecasts not just a few years ahead, but decades
“Things develop ceaselessly,” said Chairman Mao Zedong in 1956, noting how much China had changed in 45 years. “In another 45 years ... the beginning of the 21st century, China will have undergone an even greater change. She will have become a powerful socialist industrial country.” As forecasts go, it was pretty prescient.
Let's hope, Panarin turns out to be as good a forecaster.

Anonymous said...

15.25 "And if the so-called Am patriots, whatever their agenda, contribute in anyway to that weakening process, then their movement is of interest to us here on NBN."

Elementary to say.

But necessary for the youngsters in our midst. Well said.

Anonymous said...

15.25 As for disarmament: Once the war criminals have been rounded up (and that includes people like Aznar of Spain, future first EU president, Tony Blair, etc), free peoples of the world will require war time reparations out of the hide of the ZioWest military industrial complex, and that includes Wall Street.

Many meek nations, too scared to talk today, will jump on this band wagon called the rule of law, and civilisation.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, 16:18. And thank you, too, as someone else also did earlier on, for reminding us that different generations are also involved in this present controversy. And we the older ones know better what US power was in the sixties and what it has come down to today: the entire ziowest on the verge of collapse. 16:40: the day of judgement for the war criminals you name and all the others is a consummation devoutly to be wished and also inevitable. We look forward to it with every heartbeat, we the patient ones.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones reporting live now from Hardin, this minute:

Anonymous said...

What's he saying? Anything of interest or the usual tripe?

Anonymous said...

Colombia says 'no' to US bases - 4.10.09
Amid reports of a deal reached for the establishment of US military bases in Colombia, the country's foreign minister says there is no need for more American personnel.
In an effort to reassure other South American countries, Foreign Minister Jamie Bermudez told the BBC that Colombia seeks only "information, technology, intelligence" in the form of military cooperation with the US.
"We don't need personnel, we need more information, technology, intelligence - that's the key issue… Those who fight best in Colombia are our own soldiers. We don't need American soldiers to do this."
"We are not going to have American bases in Colombia. Today we have 71 military personnel from the US," Bermudez said.

Anonymous said...

Et tu Uribe? Americans must be feeling aggrieved over this.

Anonymous said...

Greenspan: Jobless Rate Likely to Top 10 Percent - 4.10.09
Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan predicts that the unemployment rate will push past 10 percent and stay at that level for a while.
For Greenspan to make this statement when the reality is unemployment at 17% to 19% or even more only serves to discredit the government's reporting on the economy as a whole. Mendacity, thy name is the west,

Anonymous said...

19.30 City council voted to out-source police to APF. Alex Jones reporting from Hardin says he was glad to see for himself the City of Hardin. Lots of drunk native Americans (pop 30 and lots of homeless people begging on the streets. The poverty is shocking.

Meanwhile marines are training in urban warfare in multiple towns in USA: as objective, to condition the public for occupation forces. Low flying helicopters causing damage to homes.

Captain Michael Hilton has been appointed Police Chief and will be running a constabulary but he has an outstanding Wyoming warrant for his arrest for a driving infraction, but he has appeared in public in a police uniform in front of City Hall.

APF has been in Hardin for 9 months. As per contract, Hardin city will be allowed to place up to 30 inmates of their own in the prison.

A caller sent in minutes of Sept 15 City Council meeting confirming that a contract has indeed been signed with APF. Caller is faxing the document to Prison Planet. More details later.

19.42 Yes real unemployment is up there close to 20% but remember this is nation-wide average.

Average means that unemployment is beyond 20% in many places: for that figure to match, half of all FUSA must be in extreme economic depression. Just like the City of Hardin.

No question. Amerika has fallen into astronomic debt and depression level unemployment. Expect social tensions to get worse as unemployed and homeless watch banksters roll in more tax payer cash.

19.34 That is great news. Columbia has come to its senses. More and more, its happening now, FUSA is being SHUNNED world wide for the blood on its hands, and the lies on its tongue. Latin America and Africa announced an anti NATO alliance thanks to Gaddafy and Chavez...

And besides:

"The poor are shunned even by their neighbors, but the rich have many friends." Proverbs 14.20

Anonymous said...

Sorry re 21.11: Native Americans in Hardin is about 30%.

Anonymous said...

Sober summing up. Like it or not, Hardin is fast turning into the symbol of American decline. Now you know what it feels like to have lost all one's friends, FUSA.

Anonymous said...

Money running out, Mother Hubbard America? Out, out of Afghanistan, out of Iraq and all the other places your presence has infested and, above all, out immediately from Palestine which your filthy lucre has martyrised for decades.

Anonymous said...

More Patriots.

More re American Resistance:

Do you remember Ed and Elaine Brown? Those brave freedom fighters, fighting the FED by not paying taxes (which they could well afford to pay)?

They had not filed income tax returns since 1998. The government claimed they were responsible for taxes of more than $625,000. The Browns countered that the government had not presented any law requiring them to pay income taxes (because that law does not exist).

Three days ago, on October 2 2009, tax activist Elaine Brown (68 years) was given a virtual death sentence of 35 years. Her husband has not yet been sentenced.

CBSNEWS: CONCORD, N.H., Oct. 2, 2009 (AP): A New Hampshire woman sentenced to 35 years in prison Friday for plotting to kill federal agents during a nine-month stand off at her fortress-like home said she will continue to fight government corruption from behind bars.

At her sentencing hearing, Elaine Brown said the judge's decision mattered little to her given her age and beliefs.

"I'm 68 years old. I don't have much time left on this Earth. But I have no doubt I will spend eternity with my husband and a myriad of others who have fought tyranny and oppression," she said, pausing several times to clear her throat but maintaining a defiant tone.

She and her husband, Ed, holed up in their 110-acre compound in Plainfield in early 2007 after being sentenced to five years in prison for tax evasion. They were arrested nine months later by federal agents posing as supporters, and were convicted in July on a variety of weapons and conspiracy charges.

Brown insisted that she and her husband were being punished for nothing more than civil disobedience and "daring to challenge and question this massive government."

"Our state motto is 'Live free or Die,' which is what we proclaimed over and over during our resistance," she said. "I will always resist."

For those of you who missed this important story, here is a video interview with Ed Brown On June 7, 2007, during the siege by "public servants turned criminal":

10.31 IMPORTANT LISTEN CAREFULLY. "This country is heading towards a revolutionary war." Ed and Elain Brown's last interview while still free at home on Sept. 2007 with William Wagener, from California, about why they are resisting.

For the sake of completion, here is Dan Riley "The Dog Walker" story mentioned in above clip (Free Minds TV)

And here is Ron Paul on 6/22/07 speaking about Ed and Elaine Brown as heroic true patriots.

These loving people must never be forgotten.

poiuytr said...

> 10:31 -- WTF?

I don't wanna speak on behalf of Informatron, the author of this piece (he sent it, the blog posts it, something avail to all), but my guess would be that he too is highlighting the unraveling of the parasitic vampire.

I agree with you about this Ales Jones and Craig Roberts' whinging about the glorious yesteryears of the beautiful USA and mad flag waving. Yes, yanks are hallucinating about some USA paradise that never existed. Yanks are patently cretinous beings. All parts of their history are deceit and laden with the most sickening crimes. The history of USA is the history of perpetual genocide. No questions there. But yanks will do a lot of stupid things now. No doubt they'll fly their striped flags over their tents now.

That said, I don't see it as a pro-USA patriotic frenzy. If indeed that's the case, then down with such rubbish, but I don't know... my guess it's more like: look at the breakdown on every level.

What I see in the "calls to arms" and "let's get the ol' USA back" squeals is the pain of their current predicament. That's all. Plus I'd be willing to bet that half of it is driven by NWO anyway. But again, to me, it only highlights the growing desperation of the baboon zoo today. The rest, the actual details are rubbish, not even worth noting, I think, much like all the famous USA dissidents like Craig Roberts, Rense, Jones, the gang, and so on. They're all loons.

"These groups in fact stand reality on its head: They portray America as the victim of shadowy "foreign" forces (aka the NWO)--never mind "

Yes, I agree with you. This is ultra right rising like in Germany 1930s. Ultra right is rising in EU right now, left has been wiped out, and Obama's there to highlight how bad the left is for the break up of USA is deliberately to be blamed on not only left but also racist thing. All this panders heavy to the diseased brain of the yank trailer squaller and nationalistic fiends that now are rising from the prolapsed Los Angeles (where poverty has touched 20%), Warshinton, Loondon, and down under Cuntberra. The entire west freckly beast will now rise under its christianic flag against the entire world. I agree with you, but I don't think informatron meant to underline that or espouse such view.


poiuytr said...

> 10:31, Pt2

"that America has 700 foreign military bases around the world and is colonizing and occupying several nations!"

No question! More now, USA vampire is back in Panama opening 2 new bases. Yes, in a few months, when the dirty west cesspit goes hungry they'll tell them to go kill leftists, socialists, and sic these bearded long snout monkeys on SouthAm and possibly back on Russia. Some NATO "commander" just got angry with Russia saying war with Moscow is inevitable.

But I -- and I'm not saying this is how it is -- but I see all this as signs of prolapse, growing desperation on every level across the entire west. The west war fiends are right now bickering about how and who to attack. Imagine the scream ups. When I see the trailer yank baboons with their rusty rifles snouting they'll take over their land again, it's ridiculous. It's just laughable for all it means even the trailer squaller now is pinched by the stinging "recovery".

"The American oppressor nation is now cast as the victim."

Yes. Right. Exactly! You say it well. I agree with your sentiment. I'm just trying to maybe say that it doesn't matter. Let them rise, group, regroup. Let them even wave flags high over their 70% fallen housemarkets. So? They're done. Yes the west is in the throes of 1930s nazism rising like a tidalwave, now under a single command. But so what? Russia is very different than it was in 1941. China, SouthAm, and even Iran can protect themselves against the little fascists.

That's what I tried saying. Let them have single EU under single command with single army. So what? There's no one to attack anymore. There's no one who can be made victim to save the entire west from prolapse. No amount of fascism, no amount of "patriotism", no amount of anything can help, revert, or even slow down the west wall to wall econ prolapse. They're done! And all they can do now is gnash their vampire fangs down to their gums.

poiuytr said...

> 10:31, Pt3

"Wasn't the USA founded as a slave nation based upon the repression of Blacks with celebrated "Founding Slaveowners" like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson?"

Well said! Yes, USA is created on the greatest land theft of all times and a 13-15M genocide. Still today, the USA declaration of independence refers to the original NorthAm people as "savages" and all the christianic yank baboons are still celebrating this piece of racist genocidal smear by stuffing their lard faces with grilled meat every year.

"Did Abraham Lincoln suppress antiwar dissent and eliminate habeus corpus during the Civil War?"

Lincoln gave orders like all before him to "exterminate Indians". His civil war to hold the vampiric union together is immaterial. But yes, all criminal.

"Did Franklin Roosevelt imprision 100,000s of Japanese American citizens during WWII?"

Roosevelt fueled Hitler through 1945, gave him trucks, motors, comm equipment, and cash. Roosevelt was is a criminal cuz like the entire west wanted Russia but got across his face. It was he who printed New World Order on the USA dollar.

"The only type of political dissent that happens in the USA is phony false-flag dissent."

Yes, the baboon is an incredibly cretinous creature. Sheehan epitomises it. She was proud of her sonny butchering, raping someone else's children. The second she received a box she figured war is ugly. The whole "uprising" by the yank animal has nothing to do with USA's crimes. The baboon is just unhappy about its lot today.

All I'm trying to add here is that that's alright. Their pain today is just funny, laughable, most morally uplifting.

"If NBN wants to promote this brand of politics, be honest about what you represent."

I think you're right to complain and I'm glad someone caught it. Unless Informatron tells us otherwise, I see it only as a slice through the faltering west idyll, more proof of their prolapse, more proof of their collective pain, no more than that.

I don't mean to argue at all with you. On the contrary... maybe I'm wrong, but I'd look at it only as just the further dilapidation of the west. What do you think?

poiuytr said...

> 11:47 -- "If they are pro-Americans who wish to defend America (as these patriot movement groups are), then say so."

Agree with you. Great point! If you look at just the last NBN though... or any of them, you'll see it's nothing but a celebration of the prolapse.

What's gonna make things a bit blurry now that the prolapse is actually here is the old proverb "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". That does it everytime. Suddenly, it's erstwhile enemies in bed together.

The trouble lies in the immense and incurable inbred stupidity of chiefly the yank baboon. Truth cannot be shown, explained, or talked at them. They're patently impervious to learning and so they'll never share the reasons or understand who the hell they are even. All they can do is to bite the zoo keeper's hand here and there. If they do, does it matter what brainless impulse motivated such outburst in the zoo?

But you're right...NBN does not long for some hallucinated up grand old USA for it just factually doesn't exist. Perhaps, NBN did step outside of its rails which were only to highlight the inevitability of the west-wide terminal econ crash and fight the west media whores in this particular area. The rest is incredibly complicated and dirty considering the sources. Join NBN, you do the article intake and postings.

"They may be anti-government (at least in name), but that is not the same as opposing the *American nation* itself."

You're 100% right! I'm very pleased with you speaking up, btw. Yes, yank baboons aren't angry cuz the west beast is burning children with phosphorous bombs, cuz yank troops are raping children in their dungeons, cuz west has invaded over 10 nations in the last decades, cuz west wants WWIII. All that, they enjoy. They love the torture pix on CNN. They masturbate to such disease. They are the disease! They're only angry cuz their hovels are sliding down the bog. And that's why all I see is the fun in it. 70% unemployment in parts of California today.... that's EEEEHHHHAAAAA excellent! 30% unemployment in Detroit is truly marvelous.

"If NBN supports this, say so, and drop all pretext of Anti-Americanism."

I agree. It's not the case. Just a reprint of emailed in article. And like I said, knowing Informatron, I guess he's highlighting the social break as well, not just econ. If it's anything else... I'm with ya 100%. Down with any pro-west sentiment for west baboon populace has forfeited all human rights. They've watched for 10 yrs crimes that eclipse those of Hitler and done NOTHING. Again, Sheehan is the best example. They're arrogant, proud, and obnoxiously loud until they get a box of remnants. Sheehan deserves no mercy like the entire US of A that watched own governance murder 3000 of them and did nothing. The same goes for UK poodles and the rest of the EU amalgam today.

poiuytr said...

> 11:47, Pt2

"As for the USA on the verge of civil war, the jury is still out."

I doubt it too. The equation here is simple. Revolt needs be organised. It needs to have a motive, aim, means, etc. All this is far exceeding the baboon acumen.

All this we're seeing is just baboons screeching from the tree tops. The zoo keepers have stopped feeding them. They're angry, bristled, and growing quite agitated. That's all. It's not gonna precipitate anything, least of all some birth of sudden Freeworld's support and mercy for this silverback brainless war-happy extremely-violent saxonic-freckly christianic-pervy miscreant.

poiuytr said...


Tell the tech bastards to up the limit of posts. What's with this 4000 character limit BS? This isn't a baboon blog! Letters and numbers aren't the enemy here for the readers.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, good to hear your conciliatory tones in place of the stridency adopted by 10:31. We all believe in the prolapse of the west. You taught us to detect the signs and now we know how to discover them in all world events. For the rest, do you think we don't know our history as well as anyone? But why the extreme narrow-mindedness, the hysteria, the fanaticism displayed by friend 10:31? Someone rightly mentioned the purity-of-the-blog syndrome above? Extreme intolerance results and that way lies the path to hell. And what of the Panarin predictions? For those to be fulfilled, one needs some kind of uprising in the US. The story of Hardin is so preposterous, it might jolt even the overweight Americans into some kind of action, beneficial to the rest of the world. If the whole US facade crumbles and their constructions collapse, the poor and downtrodden the world over will be the main beneficiaries. For me, 10:31 represents the voice of unreason and sectarian dissent for the sake of dissent. If it's James speaking under the cover of anonymity, I'm vastly disappointed. I expected better from him. But, then, this blog has always been full of surprises and a million dos and don'ts. One enters it at one's own peril.

Anonymous said...

China and Japan begin talks on building alliance
Former sworn enemies, discussing plans to create an "East Asian Community," will send shock waves around the world.

Good for that world or bad for it, time alone will tell.

poiuytr said...

> 6:24 -- "You taught us to detect the signs and now we know how to discover them in all world events."

Your most kind and it seems then that my efforts have come to an end. See, the rest of the story of the west prolapse is going to be somewhat messy and much anger shall rise across all forums. No virtual friendship shall survive this one. And yet it could be so simple. Remember the French students. Just unite your struggles, nothing else. There will be no other unity here. If you're searching that, you're not gonna find it. Not here, not anywhere for it doesn't exists. The only thing that's made us read the same news was the sickness we feel when confronted with west's crimes. Beyond that, we're different and that's alright.

"For the rest, do you think we don't know our history as well as anyone? "

I'm not sure who you *are*. If you're EU or USA then no. I'm convinced you don't know the facts. If baboons knew 10% of it, they would have stopped waving the flag long ago.

"narrow-mindedness, the hysteria, the fanaticism displayed by friend 10:31?"

He's anything but that? Why such harsh thesaurus words? Don't you think he's got a good point? Why looking to USA for some revolt when all they want is the USA mighty beast back. USA baboons aren't even calling for 911 justice. I don't see any reasons to support any of the baboon squeals today, be it real of NWO-rigged.

"Someone rightly mentioned the purity-of-the-blog syndrome above?"

I posted what I found filed in my spam inbox like I've posted articles in the past. Talk of purity this and that is unjustified, methinks. But don't get me wrong... I wish not to banter words about this. NBN is about the jubilation over the end of the west cesspit, the castration blows it's receiving from the rising Freeworld and that's it! I do have to in the most kind and respectful way ask to keep and leave all personal things aside from here.

You're pillorying an opinion. That's mighty unkind. He attacked no one. He raised a very valid point. And you're tossing tomatoes at him. Come on! No personal stuff here. We've been down this road before. This blog does not pander to anyone. Frequency of posts of flatter preambles make no difference here.

"And what of the Panarin predictions? For those to be fulfilled, one needs some kind of uprising in the US."

WHY?????? Do tell. Why? On the contrary! USA will be sliced up by its own owners. Yank baboon own nothing. Collectively, the entire 99% of USA owns 25% of its assets. They have, as always, in their short history, no say. Never ever have yanks determined their future. The baboons vote for prez as though they're actually voting for one. They're misled about basic, absolutely basic foundation of the USA idyll. The prolapse and Panarin map of USA has nothing whatever to do with the baboon.

Perhaps the only aspect the baboon may be relevant here is whether the new owners want this "resource" cleared off or not. Obama's "clear to rebuild" plan suggests the former. A sound policy given the immense ineffectual product of the baboon.

" The story of Hardin is so preposterous, it might jolt even the overweight Americans into some kind "

I 100% disagree with you. Yes, the story is INSANE! But 911 is 3000X more insane. All basic physics taught in USA schools were suspended on 911. And it did NOTHING! Pictures of torture did NOTHING! Pictures of children burnt to death did NOTHING!

poiuytr said...

> 6:24, Pt2

"of action, beneficial to the rest of the world."

The only beneficial action the baboon can do is to bugger off. No part of the planet shall be bettered by somehow bringing back the US of A.

Note here, as I've said before. Now all the Bush II critics shall rise and join the ultra right and become the greatest butcher blood thirsty fiends of our times. All cuz they don't very much enjoy that it's their red rump now. There can be no sympathy, just like Mrs Sheehan has forsaken her share.

" If the whole US facade crumbles and their constructions collapse, the "

It's happening right now. That's the lesson of NBN. I thought you learnt to read the signs, as you said. West is broke. West is dead, fiscally a dead animal with no hope of resurrection. It's just pangs of fiscal death now. Baboons need not bother anymore. They'll get theirs shortly.

"10:31 represents the voice of unreason and sectarian dissent for the sake of dissent."

I don't think so at all. The point is very sound with me. Why support USA of 1990s? You enjoyed the butchery of Yugoslavia? 50s? Korea genocide. Vietnam. SouthAm. Africa. You name it. Which USA do you yearn to see again exactly?

" If it's James speaking under the cover of anonymity, I'm vastly"

No clue, no idea. It doesn't matter who says it though. That's my OVERALL BIG POINT. Seek no friendships. Play no political games. Celebrate the fiscal end of the west disease, if you find its crimes objectionable. That's all! There is no more to be found in this blog. I beg all to consider this and leave it alone if you're seeking more and little cliques and so on. Many blogs and sites will be happy to have you join their legions of the online warriors. Not here! Please! I'm BEGGING cuz I don't wanna break up the fights and clean stuff once it gets out of hand!

He raised a good point. You should answer him and talk about the data. If there is USA you believe to be righteous and laudable, say it. I've asked for 3 laudable things, for 1, that west has done. Answer it then. Let's talk data, not allyships and tones and tabloid stuff like that.

" disappointed. I expected better from him. But, then, this blog has always been full of surprises and a million dos and don'ts. One enters it"

Again, I'm begging you. Please take all your personal stuff elsewhere. You'll cause enforcement of logins and rubbish like that.

" at one's own peril."

Don't enter it then. NBN is not compulsory. Just please don't destroy the little this humble blog provides. Please note this last sentence!

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, endlessly misunderstood, endlessly threatened, that is the peril one faces on this blog. Two points made before and now repeated. We are not, most of us on this blog anyway, I repeat not, even remotely connected to the west, not skin colour, not upbringing, nor mindset. No America or EU would we ever want back for anything in the world. But neither do we deny them a right to existence.

And then the Panarin stuff, point two: unrest and civil war were predicted as of Oct 09. And seemingly something of the sort has begun in USA. That's what was being celebrated here, in this particular posting. And as for history, I personally hold a damned degree in the subject and learnt my lessons while attending the many lectures that such an "achievement" entailed.

But go ahead, zap, enforce, do whatever you like. You admins are masters of all you survey. Who would even dream of stopping you from doing anything you decided to do? We are just fulfilling a promise to the best of our ability.

Anonymous said...

13 U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan since Friday - Irish Sun,4th October, 2009
Eight U.S. soldiers, and 7 members of Afghan military forces, were killed Saturday when militants from a local village swamped two remote military outposts near the Pakistan border. The attack brought the death toll of U.S. soldiers killed since Friday to thirteen.
Elsewhere, In three separate incidents, five U.S soldiers were killed Friday. One U.S. service member was killed when an improvised explosive device detonated in eastern Afghanistan, the International Security Assistance Force said in a statement released Sunday. Two U.S. service members were killed in another improvised explosive device attack in southern Afghanistan, the statement said.
In another incident two U.S. service members were killed in a hostile attack in eastern Afghanistan, the ISAF statement added.

Stop squabbling above and rejoice instead.

Anonymous said...

All this bickering is tiring one out. When is the next NBN to be posted, calculae?

Anonymous said...

Gutter-class North America, how low can you go?

Anonymous said...

"... he too is highlighting the unraveling...the prolapse...the social breakup..."

poiuytr has it right. Reference to the collapse of building 7 as analogy to the internal implosion of the USA, in the preamble of the article, makes this self evident. It is the premise for discussion right from the start.

To be explicit, here is the point of departure: It is not sufficient to review developments of the battles against invasion and occupation around the world NbN without peeking into the internal social conditions and morale of the enemy inside his fortress.

Behind his fortified walls, has the enemy been attacked by the plague? His water poisoned? Can he sustain his onslaught in foreign lands? Behind his back, are his women having affairs with the brave soldiers he is fighting?

And quite rightly, this raises the question: How much of this "internal unrest" is a case of "good cop bad cop"?

"I'd be willing to bet that half of it is driven by the NWO anyway..."

Yes, it has occurred to me some time ago, that much of this "dissent", this Patriot movement for the restoration of "the glorious USA Constitution, and the universal values it represents" is nothing but a dangerous gambit to establish the "United States of the World under one god: Washington DC"

Something to ponder and nip in the bud. That is why I (elsewhere and already) proclaimed the New Dawn.

"Egypt: United States of the World under one living god: Pharaoh, King of Light."

Anonymous said...

More trouble behind the fortified walls of the enemy. Girls flirting again:

Denmark's military chief of staff has resigned after an officer translated and posted on the internet a book disclosing Danish military secrets.

Admiral Tim Sloth Joergensen was forced to resign on Sunday after it emerged that the military's IT service chief, Jesper Britze, translated into Arabic a book the army wanted to ban and leaked it to the media.

The controversial book, titled 'Ranger - At War with the Elite', was written by former Special Forces soldier, Thomas Rathsack and gives an eye witness account of Danish operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The armed forces had requested a ban on the book, saying it jeopardized troop safety in Afghanistan. However, a Danish court had rejected the request.

Britze has been suspended since the revelation.

Anonymous said...

October 5, 2009 by Infowars Ireland
Our published information that the Irish Referendum on the dictatorial Lisbon Treaty was rigged, is ACCURATE. The WAY the Referendum was rigged and influenced in favour of the treacherous YES lobby?
This is how the Irish were ‘persuaded’ to change their minds: Ballot boxes may have been stuffed prior to the Referendum polling booths opening. Etc, Etc.

James Wolfe said...

First of all I don’t post anonymously, that anon who made that accusation is wrong.

As for this new patriot movements and supposed dissidents/militias that are now appearing out of the woodwork. These people are pathetic, its only now after the economic collapse do these miscreants start protesting.

These West cretins’ rage and anger is really self pity and fear of what the future holds. They care nothing for the misery, pain and hardship the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Yugoslavia, have endured.

Poiuytr, things are panning out as you’ve said. It seems Obama and liberals are being set up for the fall, so a new OVERTYLY racist and fascist movement can replace him. Reading the comments on the telegraph and independent comments section about the demise of the dollar, right wing western scum are screaming vitriol at Obama and blaming him for all their problems. Accusing him of being a “secret muslim”, plotting against America, and how America is going to be invaded and occupied. Totally oblivious of the despicable indignities and pain the US has inflicted on the defenceless of this world.

The arrogance, ignorance, deceitfulness, cruelty, absurdity, hypocrisy, selfishness and barbarism of the West masses is incomprehensible.

Fundamentally the west baboons are without a shred of decency, honesty or mercy.

The screams, anger, pain that emanate from the West masses is purely self pity and a vile sense of entitlement.

I wish I live to see the day when the West and its diseased people suffer the way the people of the Africa, Asia, Middle East, South America have suffered.

I want to shove the West baboons words and actions down their throats, and watch the West baboons cry and hear them scream!

Anonymous said...

James, I apologise on behalf of the person who accused you of posting without giving your name. It's not quite what one expects of you as a rule, but not everyone is to know that, are they? One thing where great minds meet: I too wish to live to see the day when the West and its mortally terminal people suffer the way other people have been made to suffer simply for their pleasure and unending profit.

Anonymous said...


It is all well and good to rant and rave about "West Baboons", but at this point I am not sure that it is worthy or constructive, other than to vent one's rage at crimes committed.

Venting rage, just to vent rage (or to demonstrate which side of the fence one is at) is a waste of time.

Teaching each other to see light in this black swamp, or exploring what comes next is a better occupation.

I, for one, am not keen to see ANY innocent people suffer the way the peoples of Africa, Asia, M.E., and South America have suffered at the hands of the ZioWest. For them reparations are in order, including the millions of Americans (and others) now rotting in over crowded ZioWest jails.

"Treat your prisoners well!" is the teaching.

As for war criminals, and there are many, they should be tried fairly and punished before being set free. Perhaps their right hands amputated live on CNN for their foul deeds, and their tongues cut out of their mouths for their war warmongering lies to the world, their noses amputated, all the more to recognise them.

Also, I am not one to dismiss the American Revolution/Resistance Movement off hand as a bunch of hick "baboons squealing", lamenting the fall of their empire and their privileges. I would certainly not dismiss them as "not profitable" or "insincere".

Many good Americans have cried out in the open against ZioWest tyranny across the world at considerable risk to themselves, and their families. Many have been assassinated, thrown in jail for life, tortured, lost their jobs, their property confiscated. Salutations to Cynthia McKinny, to Malachi, to Norman Finklestien, to Code Pink, to Jews against Zionism, to Winter Soldier, to 911 Truth, to We Are Change, to History Revisionists, and to many brilliant financial analyst/writer economists at places like ZeroHedge, and to Max Keiser for talking openly about controlled demolition on the main stream media, exposing the ZioWest economy as the great Ponzi scheme that it is. These are just a few examples of a very long and diverse list of American thinkers and activists whom I would be proud to consider my friends. Yes! Friends! Not only because they are the enemy of my enemy, but also because, just like the Afghan, Iraqi, Somali, and Palestinian Resistance, they are calling for a better world, each in her own way calling for the collapse of the corrupt ZioWest empire.

The collapse is happening. Where do we go next is my question.


Anonymous said...

Good for you, informatron! Our feeling exactly. No dismissals, no exclusions wherever possible. We're all in this together, the ignorant as much as the well-informed. The baboons as much as the higher species. And the daily victims in Muslim lands who've made the whole collapse possible. We go ahead with courage, patience and utmost fortitude. Thanks, informatron. And thanks, editors, for having made this thought-provoking posting possible.

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