Nation By Nation (26Sep09)

11-26Sep09 -- There has been much impatience growing among the gentle readership about one particular perhaps mass casualty event marking the west-wide final prolapse. Know, so long as the west war junta crimes of int'l anti-civilian war expansions, "bailout" theft of west's assets, deepening the super-hyperinflation grave for the west cesspit, and lying about everything 24/7 go unimpeded there's a little call to change the course -- and enact the draconian martial laws to deploy the west robots to stomp some hypothetical west baboon uprising into the prepared plastic caskets that adorn all west nations today. With the slight exceptions of local arguments twixt west zoo keepers and west monkeys complaining about their neglected and rusting cages, in general, the west populace poses no threat to the west war fiends. In fact, the west populace is one with their deviant leaders in full racist support of the west sickening genocides. So long as the west baboons applaud the west war crimes, pay for them, and with glee drink the BBCNN sewage, the west crimes shall continue unabated and no one giant event will be necessary to plunge the west cesspit into dictatorial hell.
That said, make no mistake, west is as good as run on every level, in every way, and with no possibility to repair self and return to its pre-21st century wallet obesity. Despite the west media whores "recovery" orgies and news blackout psy-ops launched by the Pentagram christianic luciferians, the glorious prolapse, predicated on the Russian nuking of the dollar monopoly in May 2006 happily continues. So pop the cork, pour yourself a challis, and let's jubilate to the sounds of the west beast kicking the bucket. (Mouseover flags for info)

B E L G I U M Belgium - Quickly pencils in draconian dictatorial powers to suspend all liberties in case of.... a pandemic. Sideline: That's right, west USA-flu "pandemic" is no more than a made up rubbish to blame the wall-to-wall west prolapse on. The west war junta figures the west baboons won't get too roiled if their end is blamed on a virus, as opposed to the 911 terrists (sic). That's how vile and yet immensely cretinous is the west misculture cesspit.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Buying up Russian arms: T-72s, anti-aircraft missiles, and a nuke sub programme. Looks like Brazil has at last gotten off the fence.
- West tried disputing offshore oil find but Brazil reminds west the newly found oil reserves are theirs and theirs only.
- Deepens econ coop with Iran.

C A N A D A Canada - Spreading coffins around Manitoba.
- Launches satellite on Russian equipment from Russian base. That's west for you, a?! Broke, lying, evil, and technically neanderthal. And these will seem like the good ol' days very shortly.

C H I N A China - Immigration from the prolapsed USA has begun. It's Mandarin and Russian henceforth. How prophetic was Zirinovsky when he told papa Bush to drop the English attempts in USA and go for Russian in 1990.
- Scrimmages along northern Indian/Tibet border. India cuts internet cable with China. Reports of cross-border fire. Troops build up to 30K:50K, India:China respectively.
- Comrade Obama, while sending out love-letters again, launches trade war on China. But since China doesn't need the USA prolapsed market, the victim here of this yet another ill-devised Warshington chess move shall be the USA baboon.
- Continues buying up resources from the prolapsing west. Beats out USA from Canadian oil reserves. Sideline: What a reversal of roles. Ten years ago, USA had a plan to cut off China from oil by forceful theft of Central Asia, Iraq, and Iran. Today, while USA is bled anemic like the UK throne clutching royalty in Iraq and Afghanistan (the first two nations the west beast stepped into), it's China that's clipped off USA from a Canadian pipeline dream.
- Taiwan sidles up some more and opens stock exchange on mainland further wrestling west assets from the west vampire claws.

E U EU - Questions regarding EUnuchia make-believe existence are tabled in Brussels. It's admitted that it's not capitalism but market dictator control; that it's not free market but print cash pretense. Though at prima facia sensible, it's amazing how low the west cesspit has had to descend before the truth is even mentioned. This again highlights the fact that the entire west zoo populace is guilty for enabling the west foreign and arguably domestic policy evil to take root and burgeon to the current psychotic levels. Questioning the EUnuchia amalgam today undoes no crimes. It's only a source of comedy now as the west itself realises the giant sham it's been.

F R A N C E France - For a joke... budget minister admits to 130B EUR deficit or "perhaps more" for 2009 but swears it will be "smaller" in 2010. Note that simple econ arithmetic has long since left west. It's voodoo crystalball and horoscope palm readings like this henceforth. The fascinating bit again is the complacency of the west baboon with this sort of charlatanism.

G E O R G I A Georgia - Told Russia, it will attack Russian navy. This just for a laugh.
- Saakashvili says that Abkhazia will one day return to Georgia. Good, so on the record, he has now officially then recognised Abhkazia. Perhaps, Mr Saakashvili be so good as to explain this to comrade Obama and his EUnuch henchmen who remain stubbornly delusional on the issue.

G E R M A N Y Germany - Gives IMF, west central bank, 15B EUR to keep the parasite breathing a while longer. Note the consumption of the west central banks here. It's draining west by some 20-25B EUR/month now or roughly 6X the entire west heroin production market.
- Ratifies grand EUnuchia without asking the volk -- how else? All eyes are on the pending Irish vote fraud, after which EUnuchs become ein Volk unter ein Fuhrer again.
- NDP party tells foreign-descent politicians to get out of the Reich. Yes, nazis are swarming once again.
- While celebrating "recovery", export shrivels 23%+/H1 (y2y).
- While celebrating "recovery", econ to shrivel min 5%/2009.
- School shoot out leaves 10 injured.
- Opel picked up by Russia holdings on the embarrassing pretend-to-haggle west garage sale. Germany had to promise to pay 600M EUR to get rid of the toxic asset.
- Finance ministry says "dark forces at work in UK" and issues some freaky threat that Germany will shut down some part of UK econ. Indeed, the west war junta is now at war with self, as the west hyperinflated idyll comes crashing on their rumps.

H O N D U R A S Honduras - Zelaya physically back in Honduras albeit on the Brazilian embassy turf. His presence in the nation is met with violent resistance from USA-run coup plotters.

I R A N Iran - Dumps dollar from foreign exchange accounts and urges OPEC to follow suit. Sideline: OPEC is, of course, compensated by titles to USA's firms and realestate to stay on dollar and keep crude's price artificially low in the Bush II ill-fated price-war with the Freeworld's oil pumps. In other words, the OPEC monarchy couldn't care less about the dollar losses for they own half of USA today but it's nice to see them prodded.
- Buying more missiles from Russia. France is begging Moscow not to do it and thus spare the EUnuchs from further Israel's taxes and wrath.
- On to building second enrichment plant to the chorus of west fang gnashing.

I R A Q Iraq - Attack on USA insurgent choppers, 12Sep.
- Balad base shelled, 12Sep.
- Bakr base shelled, 12Sep & 23Sep.
- Habbaniya base shelled, 13Sep.

Balad base
- IED attack on USA insurgent convoy in northern Baghdad, 12Sep & 13Sep (2 armoured vehicles confirmed destroyed).
- ED attack on USA insurgent convoy, 14Sep & 15Sep in Hilla.
- ED attack on USA insurgent convoy, 22Sep in Saladin (2 vehicles destroyed).
- ED attack on USA insurgent convoy, 13Sep (2 armoured vehicles destroyed).
-ED attack on USA insurgent convoy , 23Sep near Anbar (humvee destroyed).
- Two prong attack incl a sniper, 14Sep (USA minesweeper destroyed).
- 23Sep, Green Zone mortar attack.

USA insurgents.
See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

I S R A E L Israel - Comrade Obama rushes to immediate support of Israel against the UN report finding Israel guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the 2008/9 Gaza genocide and continued siege.
- Caught once again in stealing kids and carving organs out of them for Israeli and USA organ vampires. This time the victims are Algerian children. pressTV source Sideline: USA governance, Israel, specifically Jew religion orgs in USA have all now been implicated in running a giant traffic ring spanning the entire globe wherever the west beast has its claws to supply the western pretty saxonic superpeople culture with human organs. The sickness and disease of the west cesspit is beyond words in any language.

Israel raid against children, West Bank, 24Sep. West's favourite thing to do, beside torturing, thieving organs and shiny things, is terrorising the defenceless child.

Kids in Israeli jails. No part of the west cesspit seems to have a moral problem with this ongoing humanitarian transgression of the most diseased kind. West can't stomach Islam and Russian orthodox. West can't stomach face veils and ski masks, enacting all sorts of laws to ban both. But kids in jails? Well, that's west's pride and joy! In fact, USA foreign minister under Clinton, after being asked about USA having deliberately murdered 500 thousand children in Iraq, said it's "worthy". Yes, west is the disease.

I T A L Y Italy - Quits Afghanistan after 6 body bags arrive in Rome.
- F Cossiga, ex prez, reminds all that 911 was an inside job. Says it's "common knowledge among intel agencies". This is confirmed by Bulow (German intel guy) who revealed the fact days after Sep11.

J A P A N Japan - New management stops fueling USA murder missions on Afghanistan and moves to further military separation from its USA occupiers. Comrade Obama demands answers from Tokyo but is unable to get a concrete response at the moment. Sideline: It was this party that removed 911-self-terror from the realm of "theory" where west mindrape media whores would like to bury it making it an official int'l record in 2008. It would be surprising if Tokyo and Warshington saw eye to eye these days. Perhaps comrade Obama oughtta re-invade the bucking island.
- Prolapsed JapanAir needs more cash to keep flying.

L I B Y A Libya - Head of African Union, Kadafy, proposes moving the useless UN rubbish from NYC to Beijing saying that the "Security Council should be called a terror council for failing to stop 65 wars since 1945." Sideline: UN was established by USA (names of chief west war fiends like Dulles appear here -- yes the very airport used by Bush II and Cheney in 911) to do USA's war bidding at the expense of others. This is not a dramatisation but directly taken from the fiendish beastly agenda of west. Since WWII, USA has attacked 68 nations murdering some 25-30M civilians around the globe and this doesn't account for the 21st century west terror tour.

Chavez with Kadafy. "Africa and South America — multipolar world is born." -- Chavez. Note west is no longer a pole.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - Sent USA a 1,6B USD bill for war expenses.
- USA murders 12 in another anti-civilian missile attack, 24Sep.
- 7 rockets hit India. Yes, west needs a big war anyhow, anywhere.
- Drone attacks up 3X. There's been some 60 attacks now murdering some near 600 civilians.

P E R U Peru - Clashes twixt people vs USA-run state over the USA vampire eco-rape of Peruvian Amazon basin continue.

R U S S I A Russia - Gazprom picks up 51% of SeverEnergy on Italy's garage sale for 1B+ EUR.
- Patrols Abkhazia's waters to keep the Saakashvili west war dog at bay.
- Signs mil treaties with Abkhazia and S Ossetia. Abkhazia will host Russian mil HQ. All this while west, like an unusually dense mule, refuses to recognise the loss of the regions.
- Advises west not to surge their insurgents in Afghanistan for the more they'll do that, the more they'll lose. Sideline: In 2002, USA had some 5K troops there. Now it's close to 200K that's west pumped in and they're short of 300K per Pentagram's whinging.
- Tells west to go bugger self with sanctions on Iran.

"I am convinced that a firm collective response to signs of neo-Nazism and attempts to revise WWII enshrined by the UN Charter should be a priority for UN." Yes, nazis are swarming again. Sideline: Indeed, D Medvedev is right except perhaps that it's not "neo"-Nazism but still the same old Nazi perversion that at 3:15 on July 22, 1941 rolled their USA/UK-built murder juggernaut into Russia with the sole intent to destroy it once and for all and thus pave way for west's New World Order wetdream of total and complete planetary subjugation. USA supplied Hitler motors, trucks, cash, comm systems, and fuel through 1945. Roosevelt, to immortalise this sickness, stamped the phrase New World Order on the USA dollar and issued "trading with enemy" licenses to the USA governance in order to justify the USA aid and abetting of the Nazi war machine throughout the war. Make no mistake, Hitler=USA/UK! And it appears the same old clique of the blue-eyed, peroxide-blond, and silicone-udder saxonic christianic supermensch is at last taking NBN's advice that the only way to avert their west-wide head-to-toe prolapse is by marching on Moscow. Of course, they'll have to win this time and do that rather within nanoseconds. Hence the crazed wave of west's rewriting of history and demonisation of Russia.

S P A I N Spain - Surges Afghan NATO murderer contingent by 200. This will surely solve the dire lack of west's 300K troops. Who are these west leaders? What arithmetic are they using? What planet are they from? These questions are posed in all seriousness.

S W I T Z E R L A N D Switzerland - After stopping all business with USA, Wegelin bank is dumping accounts with any USA holdings.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Spurns another round of IMF sleazy overtures like a rabid dog. West is such a crippled animal today that it has to pay its own IMF bank to keep it alive.
- 6 dead in clashes with Kurds.

U K UK - Sending 1000 more insurgents to Afghanistan to please Warshington bosses.
- Cardboard coffins seen strewn in Scotland. If anyone doubts west is about to prolapse like a distended gut walls, consider the deployment of these caskets around the west. No numbers, no words, no data, no pictures can sum up the west econ more aptly.
- Retail "disappointingly" flat.
- Jobless rate admitted at 13 yr high at 8%.
- Mulling over "freezing pension" and "child benefits".
- UK governance is now under Greenspan control. That'd be the erstwhile USA central bankster. No worries, poodles, the lead you're on is in good hands.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - Prolapsing, not able to pay IMF interests on the 16B+ USD loans.
- Corporate bankruptcies continue rising.
- Debt at 100B USD.
- Said it won't be able to pay for gas this winter for EUnuchs. Instantly WB, brother of IMF, loans Kiyev 400M to keep gas flowing to the energy thirsty EUnuchs.

U S A USA - Comrade Obama favours an "alternative to surging troops in Afghanistan" by murdering more civilians in Pakistan with "drone attacks". Beside this being deeply psychotic in all rationale, it highlights the state of the incurably criminal mindset of west that only knows war; any war, anyhow, anywhere.
- While comrade Obama says he's ready to play nice, he attacks Somalia on 13Sep.
- Comrade Obama surges USA insurgents in Afghanistan by 1000 while rejecting the criticism that Afghanistan is Vietnam. He's not wrong there. This is different indeed. This is Stalingrad. This one's terminal. But the comrade is wrong about the 1000 troops. Reports asks for 500 thousand for the next few years and 45 thousand for Pakistan. The comrade will have to do a bit better.
- J Carter, ex USA augur, confirms the 2002 plot against H Chavez was USA dirty work. No shock there.
- Comrade Obama caught up in a 290M fraud.
- Comrade Obama in his limitless simplicity said he's scrapping the Poland anti-Russian missile battery. Sideline: The funny thing here is that this truly harebrained revelation of Obama's does nothing but proves that USA has been lying for 5 yrs saying the missiles are against terrorists while all along the whole gaffe was against Russia. And it's beyond funny how Obama actually expects applause and gifts from Russia for taking back this phantasmagoria threat of Bush II's.
- Comrade Obama's moving to "bailing out" west mindrape media machine now. USA mindrapists quickly put out a study confirming that "TV increases intelligence". Not a joke! Obama's gonna bailout USA media mindrape and base it on increasing USA intelligence.
- NASA laments over space radiation saying 4cm thick protective coating isn't gonna be enough once the astro leaves the earth's magnetosphere. Why don't they ask the Nazi-led Apollo boys how they dealt with this one. 12 of them had no more than a plexiglass visor shielding them from the galactic and solar lashing and none came back so much as slightly tanned. Everything is a lie about west. Everything!
- Assets shrivel at 22% ceding the "wealthiest" region title to EU. This indicates that the west war junta has pretty much sacked USA for what it's worth and phase III of the west prolapse can now go into effect. In this phase, the west war junta will pull some giant stunt so that no one in west has time or mind to look for them. Hence the coffins and other such tell-tale indicators.
- Comrade Obama stands up for the west banksters and promises no limit on their bonuses. Of course, how else could the west war junta finish sacking the west cesspit?
- Comrade Obama renews trade rape of Cuba.
- Some 1M angry baboons took to the streets in Warshington protesting the prolapse and reduced circumstances.
- Comrade Obama clocks another int'l embarrassment. Says he will talk with N Korea after all.
- USA biz junta is said to be dumping stock.
- USA poverty affects 1 out of 7-8 USAns today.
- USA has 1M homeless children, per their admission, now.
- Philadelphia dumps libraries -- no cash for them.
- 95 banks belly up just this yr. That's some 3/wk. This rate has grown as well, as it should for a prolapse is an exponential animal.
- California, the motor of USA, at admitted 12%+ unemployment, which is rising, despite BBCNN "recovery" orgies.
- IMF, west central bank, forced to raise cash by dumping gold.
- USA seeking 112B loan from China, Russia, and Japan or anyone really. This is the ongoing bond issue problem USA and UK has had. But the Freeworld isn't buying and so USA, like UK, keeps buying own bonds, or giving self a mortage burying self deeper in insane levels of cannibalistic debt for the short term pretense of its econ existence.
- The 12T debt ceiling recently raised from 9T is already NOT enough. It only took weeks to max out the 3T delta.
- Income shrivels in 2007-2008. 4/5ths of USA lose income. This doesn't account for 2008 or 2009 that runs some 500K jobs zapped each month and the recent GM/Chrystler governance bailout bankruptcy.
- Unemployment off scale. Detroit, Michigone, the erstwhile USA mfg centre, is now clocking 30% rate.
- Realestate property ownership shriveling to 66%/2008. This doesn't account for the foreclosure explosions of 2009.
- USA clocks a reverse in migration labour. USA clowns are seeking after jobs in China and migrant labourers are leaving the USA dust bowl.
- The gap is the biggest since 1913. Top percentile clears 23% of USA income. That's grown 10% since the "consolidation of assets" by the west war junta's been on. Some 400 folks own 65% of USA assets today. That's some sacking, but try explaining that to a baboon. Numbers, dates, and the pesky percent glyph will only perplex this sad creature sending it deeper into the jungle thicket of the west mind vacuum jungle.
- Gold climbs over 1000 USD/ounce.
- Durable good orders shrivel 2,4%/Aug. Quick USA, season-adjust it to reflect an artificial small growth like you do with GDP and other econ indicators. Sideline: Both CPI and GDP are artificially raised right now by some boskin committee act. No joke! The rationale is pointless to dissect for it's all just lunacy trying to bandage the fiscal lacerations. The point here is that ALL west #s are manure. In fact, it's the exact same pile of excrement the UK parliamentarian leaders charge UK poodles to clear off their estates. With CPI, the fraud lies in substituting cheaper rubbish thus resulting in an oranges to apples comparison. With GDP, boskin bumps it up artificially with no anchoring to reality whatsoever while the base calculation counts the same dollar several times to begin with in order to produce the USA beloved giant number. West GDPs are total fiction, very much like west elections with the holy Roman rites of chief augurs (inauguration means bestowing clairvoyant powers upon the chief shaman, by definition, not hiring a prez). With unemployment, the stat only counts those actively drawing unemployment state or corporate benefits, not the unemployed.
- Biz investment down half a point. Yes, even the ultra west rich war fiends are out of cash, time, and patience with USA.
- 35M or roughly 1 out of 9 on state-controlled food rations as they clutch to food stamps for their dear life.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - "USA's words have no political or moral basis. How can USA say Venezuela's involved in arms race when USA is installing 7 military bases in Colombia?" -- Venezuelan foreign minister. Indeed, the words of west are no more than vulgar self-mutter of a deranged sow drowning in its own offal. But they do have one value. The pitch of the squeals is the measure of west's increasing pain.
- Signs 33B EUR worth of deals with Russia and China on energy coop and dev'p of Orinoco Belt oil reserves. Note here that there's an oil pump and no west vampire in sight. 10 yrs ago this would have been utopia. Today, such news is mundane, common, nay boring.
- Invests in Iran's South Par reserves.
- Buys Russian arms on 2B+ USD credit incl surface2air missiles and T-72s. USA finds it a "serious challenge" to their war plans in SouthAm.
- France crawls on its scaly belly to Chavez with 25B USD seeking a foothold in the Orinoco Belt. Note the breakup of the west lair. Brits crawl to Libya for energy. French are licking Chavez's arse and Germans are launching econ war on UK.
- Mining uranium with Iran. This must please the west lizard war whores to no end. be cont'd as it all piles up.

G20 Pittsburgh Protests-TOTALITARIAN USA!

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Michael Parenti on the Racist/Imperialist Propaganda of Entertainment Media

The West's greatest and most diabolical weapon is propaganda and lies.

Will US Banking Collapse 2009?

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Karl Denninger-CAUTION: Monetary System Collapse

It WILL happen if we don't change course. Tickerguy shows you the numbers, depicted in graphs.

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Origins of Christianity

JOE ATWILL. Caesar's Messiah is a book written by American author Joseph Atwill and released in 2005 by Ulysses Press that examines religious and historical texts that have been used as a basis for mainstream Christian understanding of the historical Jesus. Caesar's Messiah primary thesis is that Christianity was the creation of a circle of individuals associated with Roman Emperors Vespasian and Titus, and whose purpose was to aid in subduing the Jewish people by providing an alternative to the warlike philosophy that spawned the first Jewish Revolt.

"Zero": Exposing the 9/11 Hoax

8 years on the lie of 9/11 continues to be used by The West to launch wars of aggression against the most vulnerable and defenceless. For those who still believe the lie that is 9/11 watch this documentary.

Nation By Nation (10Sep09)

31Aug-10Sep09 -- In spite of the west "recovery" celebrations, the braindead west media whores are bantering the word "collapse" in connection to their idyll on daily basis now. That's a small wonder for west is under a double-prong econ attack. While suffering beyond extreme fiscal lacerations, the collapsing industries around the west erode revenues. Panarin gives the west lunacy 2 more months. (Mouseover flags for info)

A B K H A Z I A Abkhazia - Orders destruction of Georgia vessels should they violate Abkhazia's waters again. Yes, west has succeeded in putting the area on war footing once again.

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - West beast murders over 100 civilians in a aircraft attack on 4Sep, in Kunduz. Over 400 injured.

Made in USA.

Despite the west surge in war crimes, the red bits making about 80% of Afghanistan are under Taliban control today.

A U S T R A L I A Australia - Some 500K litres of oil have been gushing out of a rig in northwest every day since 21Aug making another splendid eco-cide 150km-long oil slick.
- Battles rage over who's to pay for the mass vaccination. Insurers don't wanna pay and neither do doctors. Watch west baboons not only roll up their sleeve soon but to pay for it as well.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Tells west to knock it off with their constant "sanctions" on Iran.
- Finds new 2B barrels of crude offshore.

C H I N A China - July trial of conducting trade in CNY apparently worked so China moves to selling int'l bonds in yuan. Though short and mundane, this news is, as they say, "it". The dollar's being flushed with the whole damn west.
- Though Aussies screamed a few months ago about keeping Aussie resources Aussie, the prolapse has changed their mind. Canberra's ceded 70% of the Northern Territory uranium reserves to China.

C O L O M B I A Colombia - First fringe benefits of the USA military "coop" are here. A yank troop raped a 12-yr old girl. Colombians still pleased with their USA child-raping "friends"? Strangely, even the Bush II-decorated Mr Uribe has failed to comment on the benefits of USA military presence.

E C U A D O R Ecuador - Opens Iranian bank.

E U EU - Meets and meets and meets some more in order to try curb bankers bonuses. Sideline: This is, of course, just a smokescreen. But it illustrates the sickness of west rather well. While west governances have printed trillions drowning the west baboons in insolvent debt, the banks just took the cash, celebrated it as profit, added it to west GDP #s, and divided it as bonuses. West governances are now pretending to be getting it back for the people. Too bad west folks are the stupidest on earth otherwise they might have at least enjoyed this theatre before they're devalued, prolapsed, and dumped.
- 170K EUnuchs were tossed out of their jobs in Jul. Such is price of "recovery". Unemployment admitted at 9,5%, 10 yr high.

F R A N C E France - Predicates "6 month detention by cops without charge" and "trying kids as adults" on the USA-flu pandemic, as astonishing and bizarre as this is.
- Despite the much celebrated "recovery" Jan-Jul deficit is BIGGER, at 110B EUR.
- Governance spending up over 5%/Jan-Jul at 215B EUR.
- Tax revenue shrivels over 23% eroding 40B EUR pulling it now only 133B/Jan-Jul. But to west media whores, this means recovery.
- Despite being obviously broke and operating with negative cash, pledges unlimited war support to USA's attack on Afghanistan.
- Loses more jobs in Q2 than "reported". They explain the misreporting by fearing that the truth would curtail sales. Yes, they actually admit to lying in order to mindrape. No part of west media can or should be believed, let alone trusted.

G E R M A N Y Germany - Service sector sales shrivel 4%/Q2. Employment in service sector shrivels over 2%/Q2. If this is "recovery", imagine what the prolapse's gonna be like.
- Biz bankruptcies rise by 15%/Jan-Jun on h2h. This will make the job easier for tax collectors.
- Biz insolvency filing up 16%/Jun on y2y. Annum rate at ~15%.

G R E E C E Greece - 10K protest the econ rubbish, Thessalonika.
- 2Sep, bomb goes off at Athens stock exchange injuring 1.
- 2Sep, bomb goes off at a governance bldg, Thessalonika.

I R A Q Iraq - 9Sep: USA Saladin base shelled; USA patrol in Kirkut bombed; rocket attack on USA in Kirkut.
- 8Sep: USA patrol bombed; USA minesweeper destroyed in Falluja; USA occupied Baghdad airport shelled; 2 USA humvees destroyed in Ramadi.
- 7Sep: USA patrol IED'd, Baghdad.
- 5Sep: missile attack on Baghdad airport; USA transport attack in Dilaya;
- 31Aug: N Iraq USA HQ shelled.
- See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

I S R A E L Israel - Continues Palestinian land theft. USA now fully supports it. How else, as if there is difference twixt Israel, USA, or any other part of west.
- Bombs gaza, 4Sep.

Chavez: "Israel is an imperialist nation that annihilates other people and is hostile to peace".

L I B Y A Libya - Tells UN to disband Switzerland cause "Swiss is a mafia, not a state". There's a good point. A nation that is no more than a bank teller for the Vatican genocidal beast with 5 languages spread among 5 million dwellers that occupy every cliff and crag of this erstwhile west tax haven is very questionable indeed.

L I T H U A N I A Lithuania - Willingly becomes a host of a new USA's concentration camp.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - 7Sep, USA missile-attacks "school" on Afghan border killing 5.
- 20 NATO transporters en route to Afghanistan blown up near Karachi.
- USA insurgents attack Islamabad.

P E R U Peru - People down state chopper as the battle over Peru goes on twixt the west-run governance bent on raping Peru's resources and the general uprising.

R U S S I A Russia - Building 2 gaslines from Iraq and reviving 1996 oil deals. What happened to Bush II "Iraq's only for our partners in crime" rubbish? It's down the bog like the rest of the west cesspit.
- Surpasses Saudi Arabia in oil export with 7,4M bpd vs Saudi's 7M. Sideline: As an act of abject desperation, Bush II enacted subsidised oil scheme in 2008 in an attempt to price-starve Russia by artificially keeping the OPEC price down. Of course, like all NWO plans, this too "worked". As a result, west has been bloated by uncontrollable hyperinflation, the Freeworld stands unaffected, and Russia takes the lead in oil export.
- Offers west to take over the command of NATO. It offers no troops but just to take over the reins. It's too bad the west loons are such pitiful retards, the beautiful irony is lost on them. Sideline: Russia gave NATO a proposal to run the inefficient, cumbersome, and deeply disorganised org for them 2 yrs ago. The proposal was ridiculed, as Moscow had predicted, by the arrogant west. A few more genius attacks by comrade Obama, and west won't have an option but to also garage sale their military.

S P A I N Spain - 85K lose jobs in Aug ending Q2 unemployment at modest 18%.
- Goes ahead with prosecution of Bush II torture cabal.

S W E D E N Sweden - In round 3, after USA's fully joined Israel in getting pissy over the Swedish expose of Israel organ theft, Swede PM opts out from going to Israel.

U K UK - This is funny! UK banks got trillions in free cash at the expense of the UK poodles and kept the cash instead of loaning it out in some harebrained effort to keep the west econ pretense up. West governances lack control over their banks so they're thinking now that by making the central bank's prime NEGATIVE they'll force the banks to dump the cash on. Yes, the last days of the west vampire produce amazing bits of the most entertainingly absurd comedy.
- Printed 50B GBP in Aug. Sideline: Note the entire USA 2008 ANNUAL weapon industry revenue was 40B USD. The hyperinflation vs west revenues ratio (the biggest ones are weapons and drugs, both accounting for about 90B/yr) is no longer comparable.
- Printing 25B GBP for Oct, just to keep the drizzly island afloat for a few more weeks. (This is basically the entire budget it cost for the entire west to harvest heroin in Afghanistan, which is barely enough these days to pay for the cost of the military harvest.)
- While obviously completely broke, it happily pledges its war forces to Afghanistan without any limits whatever.
- Gives the prolapse west bank, IMF, 10B GBP. Seems like a lot but it's only about 2 weeks of what UK prints now.
- Unveils 100B GBP plan to privitise infrastructure. Note the trend: assets are hoarded by the west junta at the expense of west public. All public gets back is debt and toxicity. Isn't west great? But the west baboon surely couldn't have thought there was no price for the decade of BBCNN genocide watching.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - Gets a 2B EUR loan from Russia so it doesn't prolapse before the elections.

U N UN - Joins the "let's dump USA dollar" chorus.
- Admits to deliberately infecting masses with viruses for profit. Read here.

U S A USA - Governance mulling hiring girl scouts to battle "hurricanes, pandemics, and terrorism". Not a joke!
- Comrade Obama tells little kids "Just cuz you don't have cash, it's no excuse to cut school", in a nation wide attempt to calm the prolapsing nation.
- Loses "the most competitive econ" title.
- Is demoted to 93rd place among 133 nations in terms of "econ stability".
- Despite "recovery" it's now 89 banks dead/2009.
- Admits to unemployment rising in Aug and currently being at 9,7%. Sideline: Again, #s are irrelevant, as all west #s are patent lies, but the trends are nice. While west celebrates "recovery", its econs are marching on unaffected towards the glorious west-wide prolapse.
- Made 40B USD/2008 by peddling weapons. Sideline: Consider here that the entire USA weapons market for 2008 took in 40B in revenue. Match this to a "print of cash" of 700B that lasted comrade Obama 7 months. Match it to 30B GBP that UK is printing now every single month to stay afloat. And you'll readily understand why west cannot, under any circumstance, but prolapse.
- Consumer borrowing down by 21B/July. That's right, shopping spree in USA has too died. Sideline: Not to worry, the death of credit cards in USA doesn't mean USA baboons are out of debt. They're still 2,5T in the red and that's NOT counting their mortgages, which runs it off scale.
- After raising debt limit to 9T very recently, comrade Obama is raising it to 12T.
- Gold over 1K USD/ounce, as dollar flush nears. Sideline: Make no mistake, USA governance will repo all gold once the deval hits. There is no clever escape for the baboons from their imminent prolapse.
- Governance tells USA baboons the 55B USD "loaned" to GM/Chrystler ain't never coming back.
- It’s well over 40M “poor” in USA now. 2008 saw 13% rise and 2009 hasn’t been all that great either. Now, for laughs, USA defines “poor” to be someone “living” on 11K USD/yr or a family on 22K USD/yr.
- Bill predicated on USA-made disease terror authorises state home searches and random detainments.
- IBM slides confirm the USA-flu pandemic is west-made terror as it was known by the west elite. IBM knew in 2006 about the 2009 "planned" disease pandemic.

Rest of slides here: D Nicoloff

How is it that IBM knew? Well, IBM worked for Hitler.
That's Watson, IBM guru and IBM beloved leader. The one on the left, that'd be Hitler. Roosevelt knew all this and granted licenses to trade with the enemy to USA elite biz in order to abett and aid the Hitler machine. Yes, USA created and supplied Hitler with trucks, motors, cash, comm systems, and even fuel till 1945.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Getting 10 agreements signed with Russia including acquiring more weapons.
- Signs energy coop deals incl oil export with Iran.
- Getting nuke knowhow from Iran.
- Chavez on a Freeworld trip forging ties with Syria, Algeria, Libya, Iran, Belarus, Russia, & Turkmenistan. "It's now or never to liberate world from imperialism" says Chavez. be cont'd as it all piles up.