Money and Political Power - F. William Engdahl on Economics 101

Another gem of an interview by Engdahl, I was amazed by Engdahl's claim that the famous May 1968 French student riots was orchestrated by the CIA, those riots brought about the fall of Charles de Gaulle, perhaps that was the first “colour revolution”?

Engdahl just like what Poiuytr has always said, the entire US Dollar monopoly system has ended and never to return. The future of Europe if it wants a future, is to co-operate with Russia, China, and Eurasia, but the Euro elites are too cowardly of America’s fury and too arrogant to save themselves.

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Afghanistan and global dominance- 3/1/2010

Afghanistan and global dominance Pt2- 8/1/2010

Nation By Nation (26Jan10)

14-26Jan10 -- Covering the terminal demise of all things west and enjoying the prolapse of this unusually cruel and psychopathic scourge that's plagued the world for 2000 yrs giving the world genocides, blanket deceit, pedophile sickness, and the recent spoiling for a WWIII rumble. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - Rocket attack hits west fortified zone near Germ embassy, Kabul.
- Germs sending another 1500 troops.
- 25Jan, 5 west invaders killed in 24 hr period as confirmed by west.
- The unfavourable odds force USA gen'l to admit, under the cloak of feigned sudden love for peace, to negotiating with the enemy, Taliban, to cut losses, regroup, and re-assault.
- Germs also go public with paying Taliban for not shooting at them.

A R G E N T I N A Argentina - Renews claim to her Malvinas. Loondon occupiers promptly reject returning the stolen islands stating the Brit crown had gained it fair and squarely -- in a war. No spin here! Yes, west is THIS kind of disease. War, genocide, occupation is JUSTICE to the west child murdering monster from hell.

C H I N A China - Tells west -- again -- to bugger off with their sanction wetdreams on Iran, in hope to "soften up" Iran for assault, and sends a lower executive to meet the west war retinue with the message. West was perturbed by the snub but managed to hold the pointless war meeting nonetheless. Yes, west also is an incredible tie-wearing, meeting-happy wanker.
- Picks up 4B USD worth of items on the USA garage sale, which is 4X that it picked up in 2008. Yes, west is selling self like a meth whore going cheaper each day.
- Econ grew 8,7%/2009. Q4 growth outstripped expectations.
- Industrial product grew 18,5%/2009.
- Retail sales grew 17,5%/2009.

E U EU - UK spent ~20% of GDP on banksters in 2009. Of course, they forget to mention that banksters own the Albion isle with everything on it.
- UK GDP shriveled near 5%/2009.
- UK borrowing at a new record, with near 16B GPB/Dec09 or 120B GPB/9 months, or 142B GPB/2009. That'd be the highest since WWII. Note, the west beast lives only of wars.
- UK debt at over 820B GBP is touching 70% of GDP.
- And so the UK media whores reluctantly learn up a new word "inflation". That's, of course, wrong for what the slithering BBCNN sleaze means is superhyperinflation now but one can't expect miracles from monkeys.
- Unable to explain D Kelly's suicide away, Loondon simply locks the matter up for 70 yrs. What a solution to a murder? Just don't have the inquest. Amazingly, the Brit poodles don't mind such travesty. Why don't they lock up Loondon77 and 911? Actually, Busch II had made questioning of USA officials regarding 911 illegal a long ago. Yes, all things west are beyond perverted.
- French state thugs murdered another teenager and faced an angry mob on 21Jan in Woippy.
- Vaticunt meets on the matter of its satanic pedophile bent going too much public in Ireland. Among the typical kid rape charges against these christianic fiends is also "sexual enslavement of children". That's right! Christianism is a cabal of child sex slavers. This is why the christianic scum has their luciferian churches adorned with little statutes of naked chubby boys.
- Vaticunt caught in some 200M EUR cash laundering as west bank wars float up to the very top of the west genocide financing.

Mr Ratzinger as a nazi.

Mr Ratzinger as the fuhrer of all west religion herds. Christianicunts couldn't have picked a more befitting representation.

- Comrade Obama dictates EUnuch banks limits of operations. Specifically, EUnuchs won't be able to play around with "hedges". Yes, of course, it's one bank, one west ruler henceforth but it's fun to see how quickly the EUnuch sovereignty has vanished.
- Prolapsed GM zaps 8300 jobs in its Belgium plant.
- EUnuchs to fund Brussels war junta betters with a new EUnuch-wide service tax. The west hoards created the monster. Let it scoff them down.
- G20 and IMF merging their toxic gangrene assets and swan songs.
- Germ GM-Opel zapping 2500 jobs. Someone has to pay for the "out of the recession" orgies.
- France figures it'll solve pension deficit by raising retirement age. West logic is priceless. Besides, west parasitic populaces deserve no retirement for their child-murdering war-supporting "careers".
- Germ consumer confidence plunges yet another month, cuz of "unexpected" rise in unemployment. This just for a laugh.

H A I T I Haiti - 150K dead in the wake of the 7.0 earthquake.
- So comrade Obama invades Haiti with 20-24K troops, blocks relief efforts, shuts down airports and ports, and threatens a "long" occupation. Why? To "fix regime" and "improve USA image". Yes, west is patent insanity. Sideline: This is another giant concentration camp made by comrade Obama like Palestine. This is also a 4th nation attacked in 6 months by the west chief "peace laureate". Yes, all west standards are nothing but sickening farce, much like their west reptilian DNA.
- Following the invasion, humanitarian aid stops and children begin vanishing from hospitals. UNICEF confirms the children theft by west as 33 are tracked to France, 50+ to USA, etc. Many remain missing. Yes, west is patent evil -- with no rival.
- USA chief TV christianic mindrapist explains the earthquake as the result of the "pact with the devil". Yes, west is THE disease.
- Allegations surface regarding west's use of seismic WMDs styled after Nikola Tesla's quake machine, which was operational, along with free energy, 100 yrs ago. Oddities popping up support the allegation: UK fleet left days prior, much like USA's defence team NORAD had left NYC days prior to 911; USA troops were readied for large-scale invasion BEFORE the quake very much like USA teams of firefighters arrived the night BEFORE 911. That fact alone that USA has managed such quick and grand-scale invasion proves it must have been prepped. But whatever the truth regarding west seismic WMDs, note here that the west beast only attacks and invades defenceless nations that need be crippled either by vicious sanctions like Iraq, design famines like Ethiopia, design poverty like the erstwhile SouthAm, and eco-cataclysms. West is a scavenger sniffing out weakness slaking its evil on children and the crippled. And this is not just a policy but the very reflection of the true collective behaviour of the west freckly baboon creatures.

- Chavez on west occupation "Haiti has no shortage of guns. My god, they need doctors, medicine, fuel... what's this... thousands of troops?"

Haiti occupation and civilian massacres have been a steady west game since west found the isle. West has been raping and asphyxiating this island paradise for years and has ratcheted up the rape in 2004 and physical occupation since. Civilian massacres caused by west in Jan 2005 and Dec 2006 have now been eclipsed by the current invasion by the west child murdering psychos. Sideline: This follows the re-takeover of TCI and militarisation of Aruba. West beast is taking over the Caribbean.

While Russia waives education fees to all Haitian students, comrade Obama anchors USS Bataan, his portable floating concentration camp to "aid" the Haiti earthquake victims. West is the definition of madness.

I R A N Iran - Gasline with Pakistan.
- Considering slashing UK ties.
- Sends 5th fleet to Aden.

R T Erdogan on Iran: "It's unfair to ask a country not to have nukes when other country in the region already has them." Note here, the issue is no longer n-power but n-weapons. No, this is not the landscape the west parasitic beast had in mind.

- Under the Merkel scowl, Germs come slithering to Tehran for a 1B EUR job to build gas compressors. Serving the Freeworld is west's only survival prospect henceforth.
- Rejects west's nuke "offers". No, this is not the Iran west had in mind in 2000, when Busch II tried taking Iran's oil.
- Export with China at over 2B EUR /Mar-Dec2009, or 40% y2y. No, no part of west is necessary for any part of the self-sufficient Freeworld.

I R A Q Iraq - See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

J A P A N Japan - 77% in Okinawa vote for booting the USA occupants.
- JapanAir goes bankrupt.
- Ends refueling USA child murdering bombing sorties.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - 1 USA drone used to massacre civilians shot down.
- USA warns Islamabad that al-CIAda wants to provoke a war twixt Pakistan and India. Yes, west's econ policy is any war anywhere anyhow.
- Comrade Obama murders 20 civilians with another anti-civilian attack, 20Jan.

P O L A N D Poland - Claims to reveal "secret" comrade Obama's anti-Moscow missile silos. They're 40 km west of Kaliningrad, Russia. Yes, it's clear west is gearing up for WWIII but this Polish ruse to draw fire from Russia is, even by west baboon standard, shockingly cretinous.

R U S S I A Russia - France cedes cathedral in Nice to Russia as Putin continues reclaiming Russian assets from the west magpie fiends.
- Supplies MiG29s to India. The ongoing vying for India by Russia and west tilts to Moscow as war market is 70% Russian despite west's sweetest overtures, comrade Obama's love letters, and garage sale pricing schemes.
- Fleet sent to Aden.

S O M A L I A Somalia - UN does good on its anti-civilian threats and stops aid to 1M civilians.

S W E D E N Sweden - 3K protest their job zappings as GM/Saab falls prey to west "recovery". Odd, isn't it? The freckly bastards didn't protest 10 yrs of murdering children in over 7 nations on their behalf, did they?

Just look at the west vileness. Not a human among the west grisly war lot.

U A E UAE - Dubai freezes 22B USD debt debate for 6 month. This is what Iceland did prior to telling UK to kindly sod off.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - 17Jan vote liberates another nation from further west rape as the blue-skinned west orange revolt merchant's given the boot. This means Russian fleet on Crimea, no NATO eastward expansion as Busch, Bliar, and comrade Obama all so planned, and immediate lift of diplomatic freeze with Moscow.

U N UN - Melting Himalayas report with which the west eco-criminals terrorised the world turns out to be more west BS. That's not a shock but note that all west attempts at re-conquering the planet are falling on their baboon rumps.

U S A USA - 17B USD siphoned away from credit market into the pockets of the west central wanks. Tis be the great wealth and land reform or the west war junta asset consolidation.

The great wealth reform of the Baboonarium began the second the west war junta had realised their days were numbered following the masterful Russian nuking of the dollar machine mid-2006. The graph shows the amount of bank holdings. The grey bands suppose to mean recessions. Note the step function there around 2007.

- As such, Central Wanks is holding 2T under the wraps despite "bailout", in case there are still bailout believers.
- Other banks? They're dying at a rate of 1 each 3 days as in 2009. So far, it's 9 for 2010 gone rancid. On the upside, where the baboon's going, they'll be needing neither credit cards nor bank accounts.
- Citi, floated by "bailout" since beginning 2008, posts a near 8B USD loss for 2009Q4.
- BoA posts over 5B USD loss for '09Q4. Is that all? After all, let's not forget BoA forgot to mention 15B USD loss at the beginning of 2009.
- Borrowing limit UPPED AGAIN. This time by near 2T to 15T. 6 month ago, the ceiling was at 9T. At xmess, it was at lifted to 13T. Not hard to see where's west going, is it? WWIII or bust is the west beast's last policy and raison d'etre.
- USA airlines business shrivels 18%/2009, which be the largest drop ever since the monkey picked up making graphs.
- Walmart chains zapping near 12K jobs. Not to worry though! It won't affect unemployment, they'll just dump the perpetually unemployed from the stat and maintain the stat frozen like war deaths at a number the west baboon has accepted. Yes, perpetual deceit is west's policy.
- 11K added to the unchanging unemployment stat in 9Jan week alone.
- 18M homes empty now. 50M in poverty. Such are the beauties of capigalism.
- Foreclosures 21% up/2009 from 2008. Now, that's some "trending"!
- 4-week unemployment benefits at a steady 500K. Long term unemployment (3 months and shriveling as USA goes into the red on unemployment benefits) at a steady 4,6M. That's near 2M zapped each and every month.
- NASA garage selling engines, shuttles, and other rubbish.
- Comrade Obama breaks another promise failing to stop concentration camp in west-occupied Cuba. Hardly a news.
- Spills 2M litres of oil down its Texan waterways.
- Ex Malaysian premier M Mohamad joins the 911 truth chorus.
- Nationalising 100B USD student loan business. Yes, either pre-pay or go to war, baboon students.
- It's confirmed now that Busch II cabal weighed a missile attack on Russia during the Olympic 2008 proxy attack via Georgia when they saw Russia deploy 20K troops in 12 hrs carving up the petulant west war dog including the funny seizing of NATO launch codes. Busch II, in most eloquent redneck he could manage, demanded Putin return the humvee with the codes but after 4 days of mulling a strike on Russia backed down and buggered off back to his ranch where the west war junta likes relaxing by shooting animals and...actually people too.
- Shootout in Virginia leaves 8 dead, 20Jan.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - 1500 stores closed for gouging. Note the difference. In west, gouging is rewarded with tens of billions in bonuses.
- Nationalises French store chain Exito.
- Raises min wage 10%.

Y E M E N Yemen - 19Jan, Saudi air strikes north killing over a dozen of civilians. Oddly, Riyadh-based west oil marionettes deny any such war involvement foreign office saying: "I don't know where Ahmadinejad got this accusation... that Saudi is waging war on the Houthis." Has comrade Obama not notified Riyadh foreign ministry?
- 200K displaced by the west assault. be cont'd as it all piles up.

Nation By Nation (13Jan2010)

21Dec09-13Jan10 -- Happy new year to all humans suffering the west freckly parasitic disease! And "happy" shall it be for the flush of the west pedophile swill is happily continuing. Pour yourself a goblet and let's jubilate the west beast's decay. But before you do, consider making a blog, spreading the message of all messages: "WEST IS THE DISEASE" for there can be no mercy for the planet's chief scourge. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - Attacks west base killing 8 of the sordid alien occupying intruders.
- 13Jan, west admits to more body bags en route the west cesspit.
- Sends 5 Canadians back home in bags. Happy xmess, lumberjackoffs.
- 27Dec through 2Jan, the west peace lovers murder 10 civilians in Narang in execution style, entering homes of civilians and shooting everyone including cuffed children. Youngest was 12 yr old. Read it again! West executes bound children at point blank! Make no mistake, be it the war junta, the cubicle tax paying baboon, or some freckly homeless wretch clutching at the christianic torture cross for his dear life, all west lifeforms are THE disease!

» Click to see west beast's crime

- 12Jan, USA murders 16 in a drone attack.
- 12Jan, NATO boys massacre 13 civilians wounding another 20 in Garmsir after sacking the local mosque.
- 11Jan, Pentagram admits 5 USA invader deaths.

NATO massacre of civilians sparked another protests and alas another massacre by the NATO terrorist forces murdering 10 civilians and wounding another 25, 12Jan.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Nationalising railroads.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Carves 50K km2 area for an indigenous reserve for 7K people in the Amazon basin. This is while USA steals and auctions off "indian" land in NorthAm. Note, the cretinous gringo baboons don't even have the name right -- still thinking NorthAm to be India.

C H I N A China - Buries west cesspits in its dust becoming the biggest exporter and reaffirming its #1 car market status.
- USA selling WMDs to Taiwan, to wind up in Chinese hands.
- Tells west, yet again, no sanctions on Iran.
- ASEAN free-trade bloc in effect twixt China, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, and Malaysia. Trade at ~230B EUR.
- Tests a missile and calls it a "warning shot across the USA bow".

E U EU - France's Peugeot sales shrivel over 2% in 2009.
- No sooner the cabal of the Baltic EUnuch kind finished up their Cop-haggen earth warming orgies, hundreds saxonic vermin across the EUnuch cesspit freeze to death under the unusually cold spells lashing the womb of this planet's parasitic disease.
- Vaticunt beast sells a "secret" book. Yes, the jesuit pedophiles are eking a profit now off their vast secret dungeons, the centre of the Dark Ages, where all info, data, facts disappear while spamming the world with scum and rubbish like einstein, black holes, heizenberg, christianic bible blither, dark matter, photons, and the rest of the west physics offal the cretinous west monkey populaces have for reality.
- Amsterdam, EUnuch tourist gate, clocks 9% shriveling in action.
- French media whores got caught pawning Honduras anti-west-coup protests as Iran election protests. Yes, west news is patent 100% smear.
- Disgusting Germs refuse to return the 3300 yr old Nefertiti bust to Egypt where the grisly saxonic magpie hoards thieved it in 1913. Egypt, don't ask. Go take it!
- Lithuania hosted at min 2 west torture concentration camps. Prez promised action if this turned out true. What's the action? Tongue clean more west rump?
- Bomb goes off at Nat'l Insurance bldng in Athens, Greece, 27Dec.
- At least 10 Germs freeze to death over the holidays.
- Borrowing of EUnuchia at 85% of GDP, far over the agreed limit. France debt at 75% GDP, Germ debt at 80% GDP, and growing. Wunderbar!
- Remember the "recovery" orgies screeched by the Berlin vermin? It turns out it was all "justified". After all, Germ econ only shriveled 5% in 2009. This ain't auf-wiedersehen. This is good riddance!

I C E L A N D Iceland - Tells UK and Holland to shove it up their rumps, the near 3B EUR debt. UK responded with classic vulgarities and petulant threats. Looks like the matter whether Iceland should repay debt or not is moving to a referendum. Greece, Latvia, and everyone else, who joined the west EUnuchia child murdering genocidal bastards thinking they'll make a quick buck, join in, the west debt revolt has begun!

I R A N Iran - Gasline from Turkmenistan. Sanctions of west work miracles. While Russia and China keep playing with Iran, west castration from resources continues unabated to the chorus of west rabid jabber.
- Tells the UK idiots to keep driveling and get a smack on snouts. This is quite a different world than what the west creature had in mind a decade ago, isn't it?, in which Iran was slated to be a west prey.
- West assassinates nuke expert. USA denies the charge, a surefire sign of complicity.

I R A Q Iraq -

82mm mortar peppers Bakr base of the occupants, 3Jan.

5Jan and 6Jan, occupants' wheels, 27Dec hummer, 1Jan hummer, and a minesweeper with crew on 10Jan destroyed.

Basra airport under Katusha attack, 12Jan. Diwaniyah base attacked by Katushas, 26Dec.

-See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

J A P A N Japan - JapanAir goes belly up zapping 16000 jobs. Those who lick arse of genocidal child murderers shall too go down.
- Okinawa governor "urges" USA to bugger off. This just for a laugh, as if the west beast could understand words.
- Charges yank baboon solider with hit and run in a laughable act of anger against the west military occupation.
- Labour earnings shrivel 3% in Nov/y2y marking 18th straight thinning of the samurai's wallet.
- Pay in all industries shrivels near 6% in Nov/y2y. Shed west occupants, join ASEAN and possibly survive. Stay the course and lie in the same casket with the master. Astonishingly, Hatoyama has taken to playing finance debt wanking games instead of remembering that he was put on the throne to cleanse the isles of the west occupation.
- 2010 budget counts on debt inflation by near 500B USD partly thanks to the lowest tax receipts since 1984.
- Debt at 195% of GDP. Yes, the isle is as good as sunk.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - Comrade Obama, the west peace prize laureate farce, murdered 700 civilians in 2009 in 44 drone attacks in north Pakistan. This was before he expanded the west robot assaults.
- 1Jan, comrade Obama executes 6 civilians in a drone attack.
- 27Dec, comrade Obama executes 13 in north.
- Catches 5 trying to attack nuke power plant. They're all west baboon agents.

P A L E S T I N E Palestine - Israel continues air and tank attacks on Gaza civilians murdering civilians unabated.

Jan, 17 more homes razed by the invading Israeli child murdering organ thieves.

R U S S I A Russia - Reminds the west child murderers that two can play the pre-emptive strike game.
- Makes union trade zone with Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. Looks like they've seen enough of the west capitalist idyll. Russia is already 2X the USA Baboonarium, with Kazakhstan, it's ridiculous to compare.
- Chechen prez Kadyrov comes clean admitting west is behind Chechen violence against Russia. Indeed, Beslan child murder spree and Basayev have long since been linked to the west beast.
- Launches 2700 km long Siberia feed pipeline to feed Asia's market. Now, shutting off EUnuchs carries no price hit.
- Tells west there's no proof of Iran's n-work.
- Ex Yukos clown gets another 15 yr prison sentence as the west parasite readies to attack Russia over the masterful smackdown of Yukos rape in the Grand EUnuchia justice farce theatre.
- To build Turkey a n-plant. No threats of war from the west beast?

S O M A L I A Somalia - 21Dec, west propped legions attack parliament and AU officers in Mogadishu leaving 45 dead.

U K UK - Much like UK's diseased offspring known as USA, banksters divide up some 40B GPB for bonuses. The looting of west is also growing exponentially.
- 2nd cargo ship taken by Somalia in 2010.
- As an obedient poodle, joins comrade Obama in Yemen attack. After all, this is no laughing matter for the freckly west miscreant. If Saudi goes, so does west.
- Apologises to Israel for Livni arrest warrant for war crimes in Gaza 2008/09 and promises never to do it again. Yes, war criminals are now protected by UK as policy.
- Unemployment for 18-24 yrs old island cretins at over 18%, admitted. Such is the future of the child murdering kind.
- BBC brainwash launched in Dubai pronounced dead after the west media whore barfings managed to capture only 3% of available market. Indeed, it takes a special kind of a brainstem to graze on the BBCNN refuse, only found among the west neanderthal saxonic species.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - Gearing for election on 17Jan. Janukovic in lead per last poll. This could mean another nation liberated from the west parasitic disease.

U N UN - Stops food supplies to Somalia civilians. Yes, UN is no more than a west war front. Sideline: This is precisely along the lines of its original charter, created by Dulles and other west warriors and "peace" prize laureates.
- Attacks Eritrea, another west oil jugular nation, with sanctions and embargo.

U S A USA - Comrade Obama keeps unemployment at 10%. How? While USA lost 20M jobs in 2009, 85K just in Dec09, the USA stats weasels also shrank the 150M labour force to maintain the 10% ratio. It's no different than USA war deaths. Baboons who no longer get unemployment benefits aren't worthy any stats. The neanderthal monkeys remain, of course, unemployed and homeless but they no longer get to stain charts. In this fashion, the USA stats whores wiped out ~2M from labour force just in H2-2009. Yes, all things west are this patently 100% laughable rubbish. And never has it been different! The funny thing here is that labour pool shrinkage is west BBCNN mainstream media whore story and yet it sends no thoughts to the manure-filled skulls of the west neanderthal creatures.
- Ave work week has shriveled to 33 hrs. With min wage below 10 USD, do the math and understand that even tens of millions of officially employed baboons are effectively going hungry and homeless.
- It's no wonder then that personal bankruptcy grew 30% in 2009 to 1,5M baboons. It must be added that these are the ones that could afford to go bust. Again, like with unemployment, those that can't afford the filings make no charts, though they far outstrip those can afford this west capitalist pig luxury.
- 300K baboon dwellings go into foreclosure each month now. That's some 500-700K baboons made effectively homeless each month.
- 1M dwellings were wiped out in just Q4.

These are "home starts". Note it's never been this pathetic in the capital of the west cesspit. High time someone invests in USA and buys the ugly CNN eating miscreants a zoo. Certainly, beside mass cull, this idea has already occurred to the west war junta. Hence the labour barbwire camps strewn around the west paradise.

- So who's getting these baboon-free properties? That's right, the banksters! The USA central bank with its insurance branches is the biggest residential property owner in USA. It's gulped up near 1T USD in properties in just 2009, or 75% of the Freddie/Fannie monopolistic prolapsed portfolio. But apparently, even they've had enough and announced that by Q2, they'll quit loading up on the prolapsed properties. BTW, have the banksters paid the property tax, or some 10B USD, for 2009? Of course, not!
- Commercial paper shrivels to 280B USD in Q4 alone. Sideline: Commercial paper is the direct measure of trust among the chief of west pirates.
- Monetary multiplier shriveled to 8/10ths, marking an all time most pitiful record! Sideline: This is a measure of how much cash can be made off re-lending and re-lending and re-lending from a wank to a wank in the diseased west system of non-existent cash.
- GoldSacks apparently gave self more in bonuses in 2008 than it had made in revenues. Of course, the revenues were from bailouts. Yes, all things west are 100% sordid, diseased, twisted, perverted, and laughable.
- Is the yank baboon feeling the prolapse? Indeed! USA governance admits to 1 in 5 children (under 18) being under official poverty level in 2008. That's 2008 data!
- Aug08-Aug09, food stamp baboon pool grew at 25% with 36+M depending on them for food by Aug09. This alone means over 3M children were added by Aug09 to the baboon poverty charts.
- USA south and southwest ran 20% child poverty rate in 2008 with Mississippiss clocking +30%. Again, this is 2008 data, when things were all pretty in the Baboonarium.
- While USA boasts 40M on food stamps, unemployment rate eclipsing 20% on ave now, with basic debt at 80% of GDP and growing, comrade Obama is printing over 700B USD for his child executions in no less than 5 active war theatres today. If the baboon had a brain cell, this oughtta please him to no end.
- USA "debt" no longer wanted! While comrade Obama, as per their own admission (which means the numbers can be safely multiplied by the current deceit inflation multiplier of 10-20) ran up over 1,5T USD in deficit, only 300B USD of which were financed via bonds. (China only bought 100B USD in 2009). BTW, financing via bonds doesn't solve a thing. It only postpones the obligation at an expense, all paid by the baboon. The rest of the 2009 deficit, the remaining 80%, of comrade Obama's careless arithmetic was eaten by USA central bank. It's no surprise then that all USA budgets, down to the municipal ones, are labouring for the west bankster cabal henceforth.
- Bond market clocked 3,5% shriveling in 2009, biggest drop in 40 yrs. The scheme of issuing bonds to pay for bond liabilities is broke then too. USA has absolutely zero chance of paying the debt and has no option now but to default. Watch in 2010, the very actual default of Chinese 1T USD or some giant land reform in USA with which to square away the debt.
- Borrowing is through the roof though, clocking another all time record, with Nov level over 7T USD. Sideline: While credit vanishing from the system has been readily added to the perverse number masturbations resulting in pseudo deflation of M4, borrowing pricetag remains real and words like superhyperinflation have to be invented to describe this uncharted fiscal prolapse territory the west has entered.
- Public pension fund short of 2T USD. Time to tax the pensioner baboon for terrorising the west system by breathing too long!
- Total bailout admitted at 14T USD by now. Foregoing that this isn't the whole story, this alone represents a nice wealth reform.
- 1st week of 2010 means 1st bank dead. West shall be needing no banks soon.
- Pumps near 4B USD into prolapsed GMAC, courtesy the baboon.
- 4 baboons freeze to death in Chicago over xmess. This while the west war retinue screams global warming.
- Commits another act of self abuse to predicate full nudity airport searches to appease the deranged west hoards of psychotic pervs. Comrade Obama uses the BS tale to further the pretext for Yemen war.
- Adding 2T USD to M2 has now been suggested overtly. Indeed, superhyperinflation is too weak a word for this.
- 25 states out of unemployment funds borrow 24B USD from fed. 15 more states heading there within Q1.
- Messachushits (sic) clocks 18 arsons on 28Dec.
- NYC nuke reactor shut down due to malfunction. And these monkeys wanted to dictate the world n-power.
- BoE just happened forget to mention 15B USD losses at the beginning 2009 -- practice rewarded by USA stock exchanges and governances. Yes, all west #s are patent nonsense. After all, only a total imbecile could expect truth from a diseased child murderer.
- Comrade Obama hides AIG "bailout" loot. The same was done with 911 by Busch II and Hitler-USA by the Roosevelt masonic cripple.
- Comrade Obama promises Egypt aid and know-how in building a steel-concrete concentration camp wall around Palestine.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Fortifies Colombaboon border with tanks and troops against the planned comrade Obama war.
- Jets intercept comrade Obama's war fighters buzzing Venezuela provoking yet another war.
- Devals bolivar to stem dollar conversions by int'l parasitic concerns. Military deputised to smack down on firms using the repeg for price gouging.
- Takes over 3 banks and will take more unless they lower rates.
- Furthers China coop on Orinoco oil belt.
- Chavez: "21st model for west rape is via coups or interventionist imperialism."
- Launches Comerso -- common market with China, Argentina, & Bolivia. Chavez on Comerso: "It's not for the money grubbing marketeers selling food that fattens people and the capitalist intermediaries but for people".

Chavez to Toyota: "Make an affordable car that works or get out!"

Y E M E N Yemen - 11Jan, Houthis take 3 mil bases from Yemen mil in the north after Yemen army assaulted north killing over 15 civilians in a failed attempt to take Iqab.
- 19 Houthis killed by Yemen army during attack on Saada in op titled "Blow To The Head". The title of this op is taken directly out of the sordid west war book.
- Saudi Khawba base taken by Yemen rebels after Saudis attacked -- again -- on 5Jan with hundreds of rockets.
- Houthis repel yet another Saudi attempt to take Muannag destroying 8 enemy tanks.
- USA attacks against civilians in Sa'ada in 30 airstrikes, end of Dec.
- 22Dec, Saudi admits heavy casualties.
- Somalia heard express opinion of possible joining in.
- South Yemen calls strikes against west-bent governance.
- Yemen prez, west stooge, is now "open" to dialog. Looks like west's Op "scorched earth" worked like everything else this genocidal maniac plans. Unless comrade Obama sends in boys and quells the situation rather quickly, the chance here is that the west beast will be battling for its very dear life if the revolt spills into SaudiA.
- Saudi embassy in Sweden hit with Molotovs. be cont'd as it all piles up.