Money and Political Power - F. William Engdahl on Economics 101

Another gem of an interview by Engdahl, I was amazed by Engdahl's claim that the famous May 1968 French student riots was orchestrated by the CIA, those riots brought about the fall of Charles de Gaulle, perhaps that was the first “colour revolution”?

Engdahl just like what Poiuytr has always said, the entire US Dollar monopoly system has ended and never to return. The future of Europe if it wants a future, is to co-operate with Russia, China, and Eurasia, but the Euro elites are too cowardly of America’s fury and too arrogant to save themselves.

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Afghanistan and global dominance- 3/1/2010

Afghanistan and global dominance Pt2- 8/1/2010


James Wolfe said...

Looks like the occupiers & collaborators are fighting amongst themselves. lol

NATO troops clash with Afghan allies

SALAR, Afghanistan (Reuters) - NATO troops clashed with their Afghan allies in a so-called "friendly fire" incident on Saturday, calling in air strikes that killed four Afghan soldiers and stoked anger among villagers.

Four Afghan Soldiers Die in Mix-Up

KABUL (AP) -- A joint U.S.-Afghan force called in an airstrike on what turned out to be an Afghan army post after taking fire from there before dawn Saturday, killing four Afghan soldiers and prompting an angry demand for punishment from the country's defense ministry.

poiuytr said...

West murderers are at odds with their "allies" and so they quickly crawl on their bent knees and scaly lizard bellies to their "enemy", Taliban bringing gifts of cash and some pointless west truce gum-flapping, as is the west beast's trademark to adorn all actions with sickening prattle, to be spared the wrath of their allies.

Every single plan, the west beast manages to slap together, seems to invariably fall flat on its snout, sooner or later.

Not very surprising either is the fact that some Aussie freckly bitch dressed up like a Talib fighter and murdered on of the west own "allies", in the west's perpetual hope to spark internal chaos and wars everywhere.

BTW, the Aussie boy has been caught and shall be executed for the murder. Cuntberra is quite unhappy with the cover blown of their boys running about dressed like locals setting off bombs.

That's right! This dressing up game and murdering civilians is west's oldest game. And wherever there's a bomb going off and some local sect is blamed, you can bet it's the west disease at work yet again.

The reason? West is run. It's got nowhere to go but down the bog and so in its dying pangs, the monstrosity's trying to commit as many last assaults against the children of this planet as it can.

The same applies to Saudi/Yemen, Venezuela/CIAolombia, and once again for China/Taiwan.

Yes, the west baboon is once again trying to hit China from Formosa and from occupied Korea reviving the 1951 "brilliant" MacArse plan to crush China. Of course, west had completely forgotten about China's size in 1951 and lost the north bit of Korea cuz the yank baboons ran, like they're running now in Afghanistan, down the peninsula the second China's 200K contingent crossed Yule.

Comrade Obama, not challenged by lessons of past, is arming up Taiwan against China this second in hope to perhaps draw first fire. It's akin, in its brain power, to Georgia/Russia of 2008.

Anonymous said...

The correct one should be - we'll give you Taiwan, you give us Iran... But, as usual, the West wants to have its cake AND eat it. It wants success in the Middle East (vital for US oil supplies, Israhell-dictated) AND containment of China and Russia (an imperialist ambition, we are the sole owners of the world). In these, its last days, the West therefore muddles its paradigms, and will get nothing.
Its the way they're brought up - they want it all and more, and they want it now!

Anonymous said...

Protest in Tokyo against US military presence
TOKYO: Thousands of protesters from across Japan marched on Saturday in central Tokyo to protest the US military presence on Okinawa, while a Cabinet minister said she would fight to move a Marine base Washington considers crucial out of the country.
Some 47,000 US troops are stationed in Japan, with more than half on the southern island of Okinawa. Residents have complained for years about noise, pollution and crime around the bases.

Anonymous said...

CIA chief Panetta holds talks on Yemen in Cairo and Israel
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report January 29, 2010,
The director of the CIA, Leon Panetta, paid secret visits to Cairo and Jerusalem Thursday, Jan. 28, to prepare the ground for expanding US military intervention in Yemen against al Qaeda strongholds, thereby opening a fresh front in the war on Islamist terror organization.
In Cairo, he met Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, defense minister Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi and intelligence minister Gen. Omar Suleiman. They discussed an Egyptian expeditionary force for Yemen to fight al Qaeda combatants alongside US special forces. Panetta requested for the use of Egyptian military airfields as jumping-off bases for US air strikes against the terrorist strongholds.
In Jerusalem, the CIA chief exchanged evaluations on the Yemen front with Israel's intelligence leaders.
debkafile's intelligence sources report that the American military intervention in Yemen is already substantially broader than admitted. US special operations members of the CIA's combat units and drones armed with missiles, operated from Langley, Washington, are already installed at a big American base under construction near the Yemeni Red Sea port of Hodeira.
President Barack Obama resolved to expand America's involvement in Yemen after local and Saudi armies proved unequal to dealing with Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula - the AQAP.
This latest scam is probably the one being put forward as the Muslim Defence Force. Madmen!

Anonymous said...

About the Engdahl gem, how come people don't know it was a CIA coup against De Gaulle because he so stoutly defended the Gold Standard? The students, with their clear message, No More Consumerism, were sincere - and crassly manipulated for their pains. No wonder Europe's last revolution, 1968, came to nothing economically. And socially rang out the death knell of west society.

Anonymous said...

9:11 -- Strategy of west: "The correct one should be - we'll give you Taiwan, you give us Iran..."

Aaaah, but that's just the crux of the matter here. West has been trying to wheel and deal and carve the planet up with its very creditors but all its begging trips have reaped was nothing but scorn, ridicule, and embarrassing humiliation that even Busch II couldn't take, so they set up this comrade figure there.

In Yalta, west might've divided the world, building Iron Curtains around its capitalist enclaves to purvey its child murdering goals, but today?

West has no choice but not only to cede Taiwan, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq but also its own very stolen land and titles.

If China's letting Taiwan receive 6B USD worth of arms from comrade Obama, it's cause it's going straight into her hands -- as always.

(poiuytr, not signed in)

Anonymous said...

Of course. We see that as well. China is protesting for form^s sake. And menacing the States with sanctions which is another step forward. But, if you'd be so kind, what exactly is happening? Yemen, the military build up in the Gulf. Open, crude threats to China and Russia, and grabbing hold of Haiti so they can mount some sort of a recuperation of SouthAm. And their own west areas on the verge of collapse. Isn't this the nightmare of WWIII in its first stages? Or am I not reading properly between the lines?

Anonymous said...

Two things of interest in the Engdhal video:

- Europe were "economic satraps" of US in the 80s, says E. Now, he could have added, though he didn't, they've become the political slaves of that same entity. "Schizophrenic", he calls Europe in 2010. Which is putting it kindly.
- Till 1971, E. points out, the increase of dollars in the world's reserves did not go beyond 51%. Between 1971 and 2001, however, those very same world dollar reserves grew by a mind-boggling 2.900%. Hence the super inflation all round us. Excellent remark.

Anonymous said...

Put economic sanctions on America and its allies. They are the most sanctimonius and sanction-happy nations on this planet.

Give them a taste of their own medicine for a change, and watch them (and their many apologists) play the virtuous victim crying about being "menaced" by this or that "threat."

God knows the USA has committed crimes against humanity through its sanctions such as against Iraq in the 1990s and 2000s.

They are nothing more than cowardly, hypocritically White cocksuckers.

James Wolfe said...

Anon 31/1/10 22:16

"They are nothing more than cowardly, hypocritically White cocksuckers."


Anonymous said...


Sigmund Freud wrote (in the early XXth century) that "America is a mistake, admittedly a gigantic mistake."

Is it safe to say his prediction will be fulfilled soon?

Anonymous said...

Central banks end US dollar emergency swap lines
The Bank of England said Wednesday that it and other major central banks are ending emergency lending arrangements put in place with the U.S. Federal Reserve in the wake of the global credit crisis, citing improvements in financial markets.
The decision marks the first unified retraction by central banks around the world of extraordinary support measures to boost lending after credit markets seized up in late 2007, causing the global economic downturn.
The Bank of England was joined by the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan and the Swiss National Bank in announcing that the temporary reciprocal currency arrangements with the Fed would expire on Feb. 1.

Anonymous said...

Swiss warn UBS bank could collapse - 31.1.10
Switzerland's justice minister warned in an interview on Sunday that top bank UBS could collapse if sensitive talks with the United States over a high-profile tax fraud investigation fall through.
"The actions of UBS in the United States are very problematic. Not just because they are punishable but also because they threaten all of the bank's activities," Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf told Le Matin Dimanche newspaper.

Swiss to collapse their own bank just to get back at Wall Street?

Anonymous said...

Banks on the verge, the Fed and the UBS among them, military build-up the world over - by the way 14:03, you missed out on Israeli war shadow cast over Lebanon - it's really not the time to go all soft and cuddle up to one's favourite obsessions. Demos in Russia and Japan also to be added to the potent mix. All hell breaking loose is the general impression.

Anonymous said...

U.S. to beef-up Gulf air defense force to keep Iran, Israel in checks - Guardian
MOSCOW, February 1 (RIA Novosti) - Washington will deploy Patriot missiles in the Gulf region as a balancing force in the troubled region, the Guardian daily said on Monday.
The United States raised arms sales to some Gulf states, such as Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait, and deployed warships capable of shooting down missiles.
U.S. officials say the decision was intended to deter both possible attacks by Iran and to discourage Israel from striking Iran.
"Our first goal is to deter the Iranians. A second is to reassure the Arab states, so they don't feel they have to go nuclear themselves. But there is certainly an element of calming the Israelis as well," the Guardian cited an unnamed senior administration official.
The United States will deploy two batteries of air defense Patriots in each of the four Gulf countries. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Israel already have older versions of Patriots.
The chief of the U.S. central command, General David Petraeus, said the region is concerned about Tehran's military ambitions and the prospect of it becoming a dominant power in the Gulf. "Iran is clearly seen as a very serious threat by those on the other side of the Gulf front," he said.
The move comes after Obama's failure to persuade Tehran to open its nuclear installations to international controls, despite the U.S. president's attempts to emphasize diplomacy over confrontation in dealing with Iran.
The White House is also drawing an agreement for sanctions towards Iran's Revolutionary Guard, which is allegedly in charge of the country's atomic program.
The deployment was not announced officially; however, the information was leaked to U.S. media. Russia and China are still pressuring for a diplomatic solution.
Does this answer any of the questions above?

Anonymous said...

Brit government invents 33 new crimes every month
Daily Telegraph | Labor has made 4,289 activities illegal since the 1997 election, at a rate of about one a day.
Call it Society Freedom. The slow fading away of the Entitlement Society.

Anonymous said...

Recent events like Google’s complaint about censorship in China, a British woman’s being prosecuted for having illicit sex in Dubai, and a British man’s being convicted of drug smuggling in China had received swift criticisms against the host countries from both governments and mass media in the West.
Yet, what many Western governments and mass media do not want to tell the world is something more troubling, that is, the widespread Western neo-colonial discrimination against non-Western laws -- while they strictly expect, as a matter of right, the respect by non-Western nationals and organizations towards Western laws when these non-Western nationals and organizations are in the West. (Pravda)

Anonymous said...

This is simply the "west is best" syndrome which infected everyone for such a long time. Now, gradually, the Freeworld has begun finding antidotes to that dangerous malady.

Anonymous said...

More examples of American freedom in action. Of particular note is an Obama flunky calling for American regime infiltration of 9-11 Truth Movement websites.

Hmmm ... looks like somebody has something to hide.

Obama Staffer Calls for "Cognitive Infiltration" of " 9/11 Conspiracy Groups"

Spying on Americans: A Multibillion Bonanza for the Telecoms

Anonymous said...

"This is simply the "west is best" syndrome which infected everyone for such a long time. Now, gradually, the Freeworld has begun finding antidotes to that dangerous malady."

The West and its scum citizens all suffer from this imperial arrogance that they are the moral judge and jury of the world--even as their criminal nations genocide, exploit, and seek to colonize nations from Iraq to Afghanistan.

White imperialist nations of the West deserve to burn in their own nuclear inferno.

poiuytr said...

14:03 -- What's happening? Is this not the nightmare of WWIII, stage I?

Yes. You don't need to be reading twixt the lines and the psychosis of the west beast is taking shape in WWIII by any means.

I'm very shocked to see this materialise but it's been taking shape for a long while now. I used to favour some inside collapse of west, perhaps 911 falsie, perhaps provoking war that brings war, at last, to the very west parasitic baboon populace, and major west war junta repartiation, not unlike 1945, when 20K nazis were peddled via Vaticunt to occupy SouthAm and bolster USA command by receiving highest offices and honours by their so-called "enemies" in warshington.

But something went wrong, as it's common with all NWO plans. Their begging trips have achieved nothing but laughter and ridicule exposing the west collective desperation and total incurable arrogant cretinism.

SouthAm, though once staked out by the Busch clan, is quite unstable. So is Africa. And Russia and China don't seem to be taking too kindly to making deals with the west war criminals.

And so the west military juggernaut keeps grinding at all defenceless nations and has taken to ratcheting up wars, anywhere, by any means. Note the recent capture of a Aussie scum who murdered a Afghan guard, a supposed ally of west, dressed as a Talib. This is Reichstag fire, this is 911, this is typical west beast false op.

The same goes for CIAolombia, Pakistan/Afghan, India/Pakistan, etc and yes, Taiwan/China and anyone/Russia.

Astonishingly, west learnt no lesson in 1951 when relatively unarmed China managed to mobilise 200K troops and squash MacArse's assault on China. Although, in case of Taiwan, I think Taiwan has long since been re-joined with her motherland and it's there in its pseudo-independent capacity only to flummox and deceive the west war mongering whores.

Back to point, you're not wrong, I fear. It's very much the prelude to WWIII. After all, Busch II/Blair had attacked Russia in 2008 with the full forethought of launching missiles Moscow-way.

In fact, we may have come close to hot active WWIII on several occasions already.

poiuytr said...

14:03 Pt2

But so long as the bait isn't taken; so long as the west parasite gets the runaround; so long as the west beast is lacerated and bloodlet in its many battles; each day brings forward the very terminal prolapse of the entire west cesspit from false-troop-criminal Aussie, land thieving Israel, cretinous and broke Grand EUnuchia, and the stolen plateaus of NorthAm by the saxonic baboon religious-lunatic miscreant and all occupied territories like Kosovo, Japan, Lebanon, Malvinas, Palestine, Haiti, PanArabia, Tahiti, etc.

It's very much a battle today twixt west's econ death and the subsequent grinding to an effective halt and the west beast's agility to provoke a giant military cataclysm somewhere.

So far, though extremely painful, the west coward beast is only daring targeting defenceless children, preferably "softened up" (as was Albright's term, the USA Iraqi children butcher who found the murder of 500K children in Iraq a "worthy" cause by USA) by eco-disasters, famines, diseases, and wars.

But that's not to say, that the west beast isn't dangerous. The fact that it's patently insane like all its vampire populaces of right monkeys doesn't help matters much.

I'm glad you mention this for it's key today, I feel. Individual data of west stock tumbles and bailout scams are all immaterial. It's the time race of west econ death vs west beast's realisation of its psycho WWIII wetdreams.

So far, from the sidelines, the Freeworld's masterful and very complicated game of plunging the west econ to hell is winning. This, of course, doesn't alleviate the tremendous pain and cost in human suffering in the crazed pangs of the prolapsing saxonic satanic beast. And this also urges and underscores the dire need for total and complete resolve on behalf of all humans to ratchet up ridicule of the west econ death and jubilation in the very snouts of the freckly miscreant child murdering west baboon over their imminent, unavoidable, and extremely hilarious econ prolapse.


poiuytr said...

5:28 -- Freud on USA

Yes. To add to it: as much as I indict einstein as perhaps the chief Dark-Ager of modern times serving the pedophile gang of psychotic fiends of the Vaticunt, the west war junta capital, there is something slightly laudable about the unkempt gibbering imbecile Albert. And it's his quote on USA, his new home, after Vaticunt exported the science shill to plague the world with the christianic "let there be light" swill dogma mindrape.

And the quote went something like this: "USA was a big mistake. I had heard so much of freedom and it's a big mistake. So big that I won't be able to solve the remaining balance of my life."

Well, so much einstein on the west disease.

BTW, it doesn't take too many pages in any history to see what sort of crimial the west beast has been throughout its entire sickening existence. It only highlights the tremendous drag of einstein's brainstem, a necessary prerequisite for all west laureates, to figure this out so late in his life.


9:06 Swiss v USA or Pirates v Pirates

Lovely progress in the battle.

Round 1: USA/UK/and Germs assault Swiss bank plundering for cash
Round 2: Swiss tells them to bugger off, some joker returned his mercedes, as a symbol of fissures growing among the west pirates
Round 3: USA/UK take on UBS ripping it to shreds threatening total takeover
Round 4: Swiss mitigates assault by chatting up some "compromise" revealing some account infos
Round 5: USA/UK unhappy with info or rather the amount of pitiful cash they've found considering their trillion expenditures and sky-high deficits and war lacerations. So they assault Swiss again.
Round 6: Swiss tells USA/UK to bugger off, saying some rubbish they didn't agree to this and that and gives USA only 4K accounts info instead of some 70K.
Round 7: USA/UK resume war threats.
Round 8: Swiss threaten to rather burn the bank than cede it.

What's next? Invasion of Swiss, the Vaticunt bank branch state that funnels through its HRE vaults the west psychosis? This is as funny as west governances shaking fists at west banksters and vice verse, either at home in private or on stage in Davos.

Yes, west pirates are battling one another for what's left over the loot and the wars are growing.

These faction wars will predicate more blood purges within west and some giant collectivisation of all things financial across the whole of the west cesspit. It's no accident UK and USA central banking, like BBCNN news, are all orchestrated and acting as one.


10:56 -- USA beef up of military against Iran

Yes, it highlights it clearly but it solves nothing for west. It must be said again and again that no matter what the west parasites do including standing on their skulls or learning new vulgar venom, Iran controls west oil jugular.

Nothing short of a precise successful strike on hundreds of targets, many moving, within a single nanosecond can take Iran's second strike away. As such, Hormuz is and will remain as good as a blade nestled comfortably on west's Adam's apple.

poiuytr said...

19:48 -- "west is best" disease

Yes, well said! Absolutely right! The world has been suffering thanks to the evil product of the west mindrape machine this very syndrome.

And that's precisely why it's essential to show and keep revealing the west existence in its true colours. It doesn't take too much to see the horrific child murdering disease and earth vampire sickness the entire west cesspit is and has been throughout its entire filthy life.

And the very basis of this is the simple challenge: west has never once done anything good for mankind, not one single time!

And thereupon the conclusion and a warning to all: west is THE disease. Yes, there are many challenges facing the Freeworld, the planet for that matter. There are many psycho idiots running about in every nation. But west is THE disease, THE being the key word there, hence the upper case.

And west isn't winning the chief children butcher beastly psycho pedophile liar fiendish torturer from hell spot by some nominal margin, but with no competition. It's very much like USA war spendings. A single west nation eclipses the entire planet in war spendings. That's a fair sample of the disease. Put all psycho butchers of the world, including its known history together and you still can't even touch the crimes committed by the west beast in just the 20th and 21st century, not to mention the last 2000 yrs of the west vaticunt perpetual genocide against all life forms.

And so, here we are -- so long as the googlebaboons and comrade obama net warriors allow us -- undoing this massive world "west is best" mindrape one NBN at a time!

Also, thanks should be given to the BBCNN ugly whores and west child-murdering war junta leadership for doing perhaps the most in bursting this bubble filled with rancid puss known as the "west is best" marketing mindrape.


BTW, hello James! Fancy seeing you in these here parts. Each time I do an NBN, I'm knocked down with fevers for 2-3 days. Explain that, some google-flu WMD? :)

Anonymous said...

BTW, hello James! Fancy seeing you in these here parts. Each time I do an NBN, I'm knocked down with fevers for 2-3 days. Explain that, some google-flu WMD?

Could be the emotional stress of dealing with these issues.

Stress can seriously break down the immune system.

It's important to not let these political issues affect one's emotional well-being and health.

Take time to rest and recover--physically, mentally, and spiritually.

One can't be politically effective if one is emotionally or physically incapacitated.

Anonymous said...

Another U.S. War? Obama Threatens China and Iran by Shamus Cooke
Global Research, February 1, 2010
The possibility of yet another U.S. war became more real last week, when the Obama administration sharply confronted both China and Iran. The first aggressive act was performed by Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who “warned” China that it must support serious economic sanctions against Iran (an act of war).
Clinton said: “China will be under a lot of pressure to recognize the destabilizing effect that a nuclear-armed Iran would have, from which they receive a significant percentage of their oil supply.”
The implication here is that China will be cut off from a major energy source if they do not support U.S. foreign policy — this, too, would equal an act of war.
A more direct military provocation occurred later when Obama agreed to honor a Bush-era military pact with Taiwan, a small island that lies off the mainland coast of China, and is claimed by China as its own territory. Taiwan has been a U.S. client state ever since the defeated nationalist forces fled there from China in the aftermath of the 1949 revolution. Taiwan has remained a bastion of U.S. intrigue and anti-China agitation for the past six decades. Obama has recently upped the ante by approving a $6.4 billion arms sale to Taiwan, including:
“... 60 Black Hawk helicopters, Patriot interceptor missiles, advanced Harpoon missiles that can be used against land or ship targets and two refurbished minesweepers.” (The New York Times, January 30, 2010).
The same article quotes a Chinese government official who responded, accurately, by calling the arms sale “… a gross intervention intoChina’s internal affairs, and seriously endangering China’s national security…” In 1962, When Russia supplied missiles to Cuba, nearFlorida’s coast, the U.S. interpreted this to be an act of war.
China responded harshly to the Taiwan arms deals, imposing “an unusually broad series of retaliatory measures… including sanctions against American companies that supply the weapon systems for the arms sales.” These U.S. arms manufacturers are giant corporations who have huge political influence in the Obama administration, and are likely to further push the U.S. government towards an even more aggressive response.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for various answers to bloggers' questions above, some of which we shared. Pertinent, prescient as ever.

Anonymous said...

After test failure, US warns Iran over defensive missiles (Tue, 02 Feb 2010)
Amid failure of the US long-range ballistic missile test over the Pacific Ocean, the Pentagon warns Iran continue to pursue long-range ballistic missiles.
The Pentagon released a report that described the intermediate and shorter-range missiles of Iran and North Korea as " threats" to US forces, allies and partners.
On Sunday, the US military fired a ballistic missile at a US Army site at the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Island and minutes later launched a ground-based interceptor missile from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California in an attempt to shoot down the ballistic missile.
However, the sea-based X-band radar "did not perform as expected" in the test, the MDA said in a statement.
The US Air Force says both missiles performed well during the launch and the flight phases but the system's sea-based radar fell short of expectations.
Three explanations possible: 1) They're telling the truth, it was a botched attempt. 2) They are lying to make people believe they are inept. 3) The attempt was deliberately aborted by someone reluctant to see US engaged in even more wars.

Anonymous said...

The all-out WWIII indications are quite stunning. And perturbing. But we're still in the time will tell phase there. Meanwhile, the lower-key Muslim wars are not in abeyance. The imperturbable Afghans got 4 soldiers (official reporting) today, some more yesterday and the no less imperturbable Pakistanis burnt down another supply truck. If war comes on a larger scale, we'll all be learning from them.

Anonymous said...

Strengthening US 'Defense' In Gulf A Step To War (2.1.10)
In short, it seems likely that the Islamic regime would gamble that taking a hard-line would provide a better chance for regime survival than caving in to US demands. Their hope would be that the US would not risk the possibility of disrupting the flow of oil, which would cause incalculable difficulties for the world economy which is already in a precarious condition.
Any little incident would spark war and with US land and naval forces almost surrounding Iran, the chances of such an incident would be very high.
One question needs to be asked here; if such a confrontation does take place between the US and Iran, what will Russia do, support the Iranians militarily? The Russians have nukes. This would absolutely mean World War III. (WRH)

Anonymous said...

Insurrection Daily, What Really Happened and other such blogs all predicting war now. Either we are facing insanity pure and simple, in which case any and all predictions are equally plausible. Or then it's all show. In which case, the martial actions will subside without a shot being fired. For this to happen, however, the financial crisis has to take a leap. Like the Feds going down once and for all, for instance. In any case, the feeling is neck to neck: make war while you still can or pretend at least, for tomorrow the money, all of it, will be gone.

Anonymous said...

State-run Press TV quoted Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Sunday as saying that the nation will deliver a harsh blow to "global arrogance" on February 11.
Press TV offered no details on or explanation of the statement. On February 11, Iran will celebrate the anniversary of its 1979 Islamic Revolution.
Read what you will into this statement. I have no idea what is meant.

Anonymous said...

Another approach to the "forthcoming wars":
Looks like an air war on several fronts in weeks rather than months
Main objective is Iran and, as a by product, to strangle China:
1. Saudi and Yemen have not agreed to stop air attacks against Houthies. USA special forces beefed up in Yemen. Saudi ground forces beefed up by Pakistan special forces.
2. Israel gearing up for attack on Lebanon and Gaza (again, to attenuate possible reactions against Iran attack)
3. Scramble of aramdas at Bab el Mindab, to choke the Red Sea (No Sudanese oil to China).
4. Kill Iran (No Iran oil to China - Clitary has as much already).
5. Turkey is up in arms against these war developments (breaking ties with Israel).
6. Syria may keep quiet if not it will be attacked by air.
7. Naval battle off the coast of Yemen. (Iran v/s SCUM)
Iran will win. This war will provoke the greatest uprising of the Arab and Moslem street, even though Saudi propaganda says Iranians are more dangerous than Israel.
I don't believe that Iran's SCUD missiles would be more effective than Saddam Hussiens SCUDs. But the Patriot Anti SCUD System is not effective either.
The damage and loss of life to everybody will be great. Lets hope it does not happen, then the Zionists will be defeated at home and killed one by one abroad.

One country left out above, Lebanon. If war does break out, it heads straight for the Israeli jugular. And now it's up to the Freeworld to act preemptively. But will it or will it once again play their waiting game?

Anonymous said...

Pentagon to rank global warming as destabilising force. US defence review says military planners should factor climate change into long-term strategy. Remember the wraith bin Laden mumbling something about climate change in his own much-imitated manner? Now one can put two and two together.

Anonymous said...

Russia's GDP 'grew over 3% in 4Q09' - pres. aide
If preliminary figures are correct, Russia's GDP grew by over 3% in the fourth quarter of 2009, presidential aide Arkady Dvorkovich said Tuesday.
"According to a preliminary assessment, growth was over 3%," he told journalists, adding that the figure could change should the Economic Development Ministry revise the figures for the three first quarters of 2009. He gave no further details.
Deputy Economic Development Minister Andrei Klepach said Tuesday the available assessments of GDP growth in December and in the fourth quarter of 2009 (1% and 3.7% correspondingly) were false. He said that the indicators for the first three quarters and first 11 months of last year would be specified, which may lead to the figures decreasing.
According to the Federal Statistics Service, Russia's GDP declined 7.9% in 2009.
MOSCOW, February 2 (RIA Novosti)
So up or down? Confused

Anonymous said...

18:52 -- Russia GDP

The growth #% is per qtr-to-qtr basis, not year-to-year.

So it looks like 2009Q3 Russia's GDP grew near 14%/q2q. And 2009Q4 is said to be 3%/q2q, as the article says in the beginning. Off the cuff, I don't know Q1 or Q2.

But on y2y basis, as the article says at the end, 2009 GDP aggregately fell the near 8%. BTW, 2008 GDP/y2y grew some 5-6%.

(poiuytr, just not signed in)

Anonymous said...

The West aside, the US is by far the ugliest, and incidentally, most cretinous "civilization" to ever appear in human history.

Nothing comes close to its degeneracy and total destruction of spirit.

Anonymous said...


I'm Russian myself, and living in the US (unfortunately), because my mother immigrated here several years ago.

I have a question. Yanks make me so nervous when talking to them. My best explanation is that their superficiality and total fakeness makes me keep guessing what they're really trying to say, or what they really mean.

It's like they have some kind of ulterior motive or sharp knife behind their backs hidden beneath that fake-ass smile of theirs.

Any advice?

Anonymous said...

re: 21:58

Take everything Americans say with a large grain of salt.

Observe their behavior and actions--pay no heed to their pretty sounding words.

Anonymous said...

Advice; Return to Russia as fast as you can and give the US and its people a wide berth.

Anonymous said...

Iran says ready to send uranium abroad as UN wants: Iran says it is ready to send its uranium abroad for further enrichment as requested by the U.N. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced the decision Tuesday in an interview with state Iranian television.

Anonymous said...

Greece rattled by 'hidden debt' controversy
Greek debt markets have come under fresh assault from hot money funds after a commission of experts in Athens told the country's parliament that it had uncovered €40bn (£35bn) of "hidden debts" during an investigation into past manipulation by the financial authorities. - 02 Feb 2010
"Greece is at the centre of an unprecedented speculative attack: we cannot be at the mercy of creditors. Despite our tragic mistakes, our fate is today defined by rating agencies that bear responsibility for the 'bubble' that led to the global crisis in the first place," said Greek head of State.
AthensYields on 10-year Greek bonds jumped 14 basis points to 6.74pc, widening the spread over German Bunds to 355 points. Portuguese bonds suffered after the central bank said the government had not done enough to tackle its ballooning deficit.
Jittery markets are waiting for clearer guidance on whether the hidden liabilities found by the inquiry – and reported in glaring headlines by the Greek press – go beyond revisions already made by the PASOK government when it took power last year.

Anonymous said...

Iran calls US missile shield in Persian Gulf "puppet show" - Feb 2, 2010
Tehran - The United States' deployment of a new missile shield against Iran in four Persian Gulf countries was a 'puppet show,' Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said Tuesday.
'This is a puppet show and the US claim of creating security for the region just another political swindle,' official news agency IRNA quoted the speaker as saying.

Anonymous said...

Kremlin shocked as Kaliningrad stages huge anti-government protest. Special envoy sent to Russia's western exclave as thousands take to streets in biggest protest since Soviet Union fell - 2 February 2010
Dmitry Medvedev sent his special envoy to the western outpost of Kaliningrad ­today after thousands of Russians took to the streets in the largest rally since the fall of the Soviet Union.
The protest, staged at the weekend, saw between 10,000 and 12,000 people gather in Kaliningrad's main square to demand the resignation of the governor and shout slogans against the ruling United Russia party.

The protests were led by a Jew, who else? and once again shows Russia's typical weakness in thinking no evil of their sworn enemies. Destabilistation tactics just after the Poland threat to install US missiles. Wake up, Russia!

Anonymous said...

US attacked Saddam just after China and Iraq made oil agreements outside the US$.

Although I do not believe Iran will have any form of win out of this attack.
Iran is about to be destroyed ... is my opinion ... there is no way Iran can withstand the might of US, UK, Israeli, and French all banging away for weeks on end.
I still believe Israel will make a dummy strike to the north to draw UK and US defense to their north and while the world watched that interplay, Israel will make the attack against Iran using Saudi air space.
France has clearly said it will be in to protect it's oil supply and is not a friend to Iran.
I expect to see a totally blackened Iran much worse than Iraq ever saw.
The only places not blackened by US and IS nuclear bombs will be the oil fields.

Anonymous said...

Above - I disagree:
The news of the patriot missiles is based only on the statement of an anonymous US military "officer".
The point is to underpin a NYT claim that the Gulf states want patriot missiles because they "fear Iran". I don't even find the claim of missile installation likely. Probably just another threat being telegraphed through the media like the phantom armada that was supposedly headed to the Persian Gulf 18 months ago.

Anonymous said...

Another version of the same story:
US saber-rattling is just a negotiating tactic in wake of forthcoming Fed bankruptcy
The United States is using the threat of war as its final negotiating tactic against the Chinese following the bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve Board. By sending missile defenses and troop to the Persian gulf, the Americans are saying: we can cut off the supply of oil from the Middle East and create mass starvation. At the same time, by holding military exercises within Thailand using troops from Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and South Korea, the United States is telling China that Asia is not China’s for the taking. The sale of state of the art weapons to Taiwan is yet another signal to the Chinese communists that the US still has influence in the region. As for the Russians, They seem to be siding with the US in this show-down.
The US definitely needs to start issuing greenbacks and abolish the Federal Reserve Board. Once that is done, a global alliance needs to be formed to negotiate with China over the creation of new global financial institutions. They also need to negotiate debt forgiveness for the US once it returns to constitutional rule. The Chinese, for their part know the US would never really choose to start WW3 unless it was given no choice. The new financial system needs to be announced as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Obama unveils $3.83T budget with mother of all massive deficits

President Barack Obama sent Congress a $3.83 trillion budget on Monday that would pour more money into the fight against high unemployment, boost taxes on the wealthy and freeze spending for a wide swath of government programs.
The deficit for this year would surge to a record-breaking $1.56 trillion, topping last year's then unprecedented $1.41 trillion gap. The deficit would remain above $1 trillion in 2011 although the president proposed to institute a three-year budget freeze on a variety of programs outside of the military and homeland security as well as increasing taxes on energy producers and families making more than $250,000.
Echoing the pledge in his State of the Union address to make job creation his top priority, Obama put forward a budget that included a $100 billion jobs measure that would provide tax breaks to encourage businesses to boost hiring as well as increased government spending on infrastructure and energy projects. He called for fast congressional action to speed relief to millions left unemployed in the worst recession since the 1930s.

Anonymous said...

re: 7:52

That is Americunt propaganda. Who is posting this shit? Some cretin?

I'll wager all the dirty American dollars in the world that the author of this article is some self-styled American "financial analyst."

That Americunt shill is calling for "debt forgivness" for the American Empire that has literally financially looted the world?

First of all, there is no US "debt" to begin with.

America NEVER had any intention of repaying these bogus "loans" to begin with.

They were a form of American theft or financial extortation from China, from Japan, from the world.

As for renegotiating a "new" financial system, what that really means is the same old parasitic American Dollar system of old with a new mask.

It's called American Dollar Imperialism.

Anybody who claims to be an expert on the global financial system but does not call an American parasite a parasite is nothing more than an American shill.

And don't even make me laugh about that cocksucker rhetoric about America "returning" to Constitutional rule.

The US Constitution is worth even less than the American Dollar. It ain't even worth wiping your ass with that holy precious document.

Here's how the American parasite nation and economy really operate--contrary to the deceptions peddled by the legions of Americunt propagandists that infest this website and elsewhere.

America: Host or Parasite?

Anonymous said...

21:40 - Thanks for sorting out the Russian GDP bit. First it used to be annual figures, now we get quarterly figures. Soon we'll be getting GDP figures on a daily basis. Well, progress must be, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Kenya: FAO Raises the Red Flag over Food Situation

All Africa | An estimated 3.8 million Kenyans will require emergency food aid this month amid a relentless rally in prices of key cereals.

Anonymous said...

Ahmadinejad: West survives on sowing discord
Press TV - 2.2.10
President Ahmadinejad warns against divisive policies that seek to destabilize the region, as reports circulate that Washington is ramping up its military hardware in the Persian Gulf,.
In a Tuesday meeting with Qatar's crown prince Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani in Tehran, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Western countries have always played a destabilizing role in the region.
“The Westerners cannot bear the thought of security and solidarity among regional countries,” said the Iranian president. “They have survived largely by sowing discord and inciting instability in the region.”
President Ahmadinejad said the relations between regional countries such as Iran and Qatar should be stronger than ever, now that “the enemy seeks to gain political and economic benefits by spreading the fire of war in the region.”
This comes amid reports that US President Barack Obama has approved the deployment of new warships and anti-missile systems to the Persian Gulf.

Anonymous said...

America Can't Cope with Two Wars
The Quadrennial Defense Review developed by the US Pentagon was unveiled yesterday, February 1. The document virtually represents the US military doctrine for the upcoming four years. The biggest news of the review is the USA’s intention to push into the background the politics of waging two wars within the scope of its efforts to counter multiple threats with China, North Korea, Iran and international terrorism among them.

Anonymous said...

The Rise Of The Fourth Reich (aka America)

Anonymous said...

Conjuring Hitler: How Britain And America Made the Third Reich

Anonymous said...

Thanks 10:36, 10:40 - Scary stuff, but enlightening.

poiuytr said...

21:44 -- The West aside, the US is by far the ugliest, and incidentally, most cretinous "civilization" to ever appear in human history.

No contention! Yes, the yank baboon is a shockingly neanderthal species. Indeed!

The stupidity of this twisted creature is unmatched. There are yank baboons who believe it's 20th century simply cuz the year begins with 20## -- NOT A JOKE! Most can't find USA on a map of North America. A vast majority of this bristly chortling baboon when asked to name USA neighbours only name Canada and Mexico. None know the relative sizes of nations or populations. And Busch II and John "Gook Killer" McCain didn't get this when they attacked Russia via Georgia 2 yrs ago.

There's a reason for this.

First, the influx of the west hoards onto the stolen plateaus of North America cleared by perpetual genocide that murdered 13-15M, was predominantly made of religious psychotic cabals. While Aussie was filled with whores and criminals, USA was filled with sickening pedophile clans of inbred fiends.

Plus, there's been the "dummification" plan, as penned by Rockefeller back in the 50s, which has worked beyond belief. All USA channels: films, TV, radio, textbooks, books, magazines, are all and have been brutally censored by one single mindrape dept for decades now. I forget the name of this dept but it's something with typical NWO ridicule in it like American Heritage Sciences or whatever...

Plus, many claim physical assault to cretinise such as fluoride, vaccines, HAARP/barium bombing (proven also in EUnuchia) BTW, aspertame, etc.

And so today, USA proudly boasts 45M, or roughly 1/6th, unable to read or write. It gets better. 50M read at a 3rd grade level in USA. That's effective 30% illiteracy. One out of every 3 yank baboons is a monkey today incapable of receiving or delivering any information.

If we add, econ enslavement through usury, we can add to this total cretinous baboon pool, some 60M now living in "official" poverty. Sure, there must be a gigantic overlap, however, it's safe to say that cretinism, statistically proven cretinism, is now exceeding 30%.

And this can be easily verified. Nowhere in the world could such blatant lies rife with ridicule be barfed at the populace by their leadership.

Just comrade Obama makes the case in point.

He broke every single promise he made to the pathetic baboon. And it appears no baboon has so much as noticed, much less remembered.

Yes, full agreement, USA features quite a special case species, that oughtta be studied and kept in cages for kids to marvel at and feed peanuts to, once the planet is liberated from the west scourge.

poiuytr said...

21:58 -- "I'm Russian myself, and living in the US (unfortunately),..."

Zdrastvujte tovaris! I'm not Russian, but I'm increasingly humbled by your people, strength, brains, culture... I think it permeates, from time to time, NBNs and my commentaries.

But day after day, all data supports it more and more. Your grandpa (if I'm not assuming too much in reading your age) saved not only Russia from the Germ sickness, but the planet from the NWO part I, launched incidentally against your nation and world by exactly the same cabals like in 2001 -- namely Busch, Rockefeller, etc...

The west bastard beast tried to bleed you dry postponing opening west front till their 1944 Normandy charade. To the diseased west populace of monkeys, Normady is their war victory. If only Stalin had smacked that Roosevelt nazi NWO masonic cripple from hell and booted that fat Church-ill bitch in its bulldog fascist face, Russia could have spanned to Atlantic and hundreds of millions of civilians and children could have lived today.

But... that's a different tale. One day, it must be told though that USA=Hitler.

As you saved me, incidentally all the yank baboons, and everyone on the planet in 1945, Putin and today's Russia did it once again this century, stopping the west NWO PtII disease in its tracks with Katusas and Rucni-granat and the brilliant dollar monopoly nuking of 2006, a move that west is yet to realise and that will go down in history as the pivotal moment in this planet's liberation from the torturers and child murderers.

> It's like they have some kind of ulterior motive or sharp knife behind their backs hidden beneath that fake-ass smile of theirs.

Any advice?

Yes, you're right. Yank baboons are creatures that cannot be befriended or even dealt with. They have no data to draw upon in their brainstems and thus they're reduced to mimic, just like monkeys, what they see on their TVs. Yank baboons are easily spotted on blogs cuz their contribution literary spans only the west mainstream barfs. They're incapable of independent thought and fear to death to deviate the sheeple mentality that's so brutally enforced by the west cabals there. It's happening in EUnuchia and in all the eastern appendixes of the Grand EUnuch bizarre amalgam. But yanks are totally braindead refuse.

And they're incredibly mindraped by the Kennedy criminal McCarthy cabal and they're racist, nay xenophobic. They hate and are taught to hate Russia.

They'll smile like the BBC whores do at you, but they hate and fear you for you are Russian, west's chief enemy ever since the Holy Roman Empire machine occupied St Petersburg.

West tried murdering you all in 1918, getting as far as to Volga from Pacific. Burning and razing towns is attributed to Hitler, but it's a USA/UK invention applied on Russia civilians in 1918.

West tried murdering you all in 1941.

West tried lacerating you with Bin Laden/Warshington forces in 1980.

West tried raping you, stealing everything, in 1990.


poiuytr said...

21:58 -- Pt2

West tried drawing fire and perhaps nuking you in 2008 via Gruzie, the west ashkenzy capital of west fiscal control, as they claim themselves.

And let's not forget sundry assaults like the nuclear destruction of Ukraine, the bread basket that once Hitler had planned to rape to feed the saxonic hoards of child murdering scum and vaticunt fascist pedophiles, via the software explosion of Chernobyl. Or the murder of Kursk sub crew. Or the mass murder of Russian children in downing the Russian charter flight over Switzerland, deliberately overriding all procedures to ascertain the collision. Or the Beslan children massacre waged by USA operatives and trained criminals like Basayev, etc.

Russia is under perpetual attack from west simply because it's always stood in the way of total planetary enslavement, destruction of all life, the west beast's only programme, only goal.

And so the yank baboon pathetic wretches hate you and your kind and are working around the clock to find another Gruzie proxy to launch another attack against you.

I, for one, have tremendous faith in Russian brains and strength that was enough to counter the west 1:7, 1:10 advantage, without which the west coward beast doesn't ever dare to attack (that's why they only attack defenceless children like Haiti, Iraq, Afghan, Palestine). I have tremendous faith in Russia's strength equalisation today if not exceeding the odds in some respects. But this does not mitigate the enormous pain and suffering west crimes against Russia and the many defenceless nations today.

Advice? I suggests finding Russians to befriend or anyone non-USA birthed creatures and ignoring the yank baboon neanderthals. I suggest taking the USA TV and tossing it in the rubbish bin. I strongly suggest not fighting with the creatures. 100 thousand of them don't pay for one single Russian.

I suggest learning, if you don't already know, about the west perpetual criminal existence, not just against you, but all. And I suggest spreading the message that "west is the disease", not necessarily here but in Russia, among Russian people.

You know them. You can speak to them. You have the experience with the yank baboon. Relay it! Relay it on behalf of humanity on this planet.

There is a lot of "west is best" (as someone had very cleverly termed it above) marketing still brainwashing the Freeworld today and it's people like you that can help undo it.

And I strongly suggest you write me directly. Write your email in the "contact" form on the right and click it and let's talk more....for my sake. Why, my favourite song is Svescenaja Vajna today.

poiuytr said...

7:24 -- "US attacked Saddam just after China and Iraq made oil agreements outside the US$."

Yes. This is the first Iraqi war. Indeed. Busch I paid some 300M USD to purchase a war pretext with that Kuwaiti occupation false op and went to Baghdad where he resent Hussein's oil bourse to dollar-only sales.

But Iraq had been drained by the perpetual Kissinger "let's kill them both" war twixt Iraq and Iran and crazed sanctions which extended to baby food, incubators and so on, murdering 500K children below 6 yr of age.

Busch family attack of Iraq either in 1990 or 2003 were like west landing in Normady in 1944 fighting vanquished army that had to be shackled to guns by the Germ perverts to prevent them from giving up.

Iran is not Iraq. Not in the dire effect of sanctions, not in size, and not in arms. Iran has submarines, satellites, air force, and missiles, both Russian and Iranian. Iran is armed and the west beast has never attacked anyone armed in its entire history.

If west does attack Iran, it'll be the first time west is going against arms and the very last time.

And this is precisely the very reason why the "war on Iran" has been stalled on west muttering obscenities for the last decade.

Plus, there is Hormuz, a pesky narrow that when shut down means the entire west going oil-anemic within days.

Nothing but instant and total obliteration of Iran's 70M population and all its military equipment can achieve success for west.

> way Iran can withstand the might of US, UK, Israeli, and French all banging away for weeks on end.

You're 100% right, but that's the difference here! US, UK, Israel, French, as you say, and let's be kind to west and add Spain, Poland, Italy, Swiss guard, Germs, and the odd Prussian bitch, cannot pound Iran for weeks on end.

West can only pound defenceless nations weeks and years on end, not armed ones, not ones with 2nd strike capability.

Iran has 2nd strike capability, meaning if assaulted, it can retaliate. Therefore, they'll be no pounding for days on end. Either west is successful in carrying out a precision attack that literary lasts seconds on a nation the size of half EUnuchia or west is gonna be dodging missiles and war, active, hot, nuke fallout war, that so far the west diseased populace has admired and jerked off to on their BBCNN TVs is moving to the very dwellings of the west monkeys.

poiuytr said...

Now, if Afghanistan and Iraq are any indication of the west military "might" that literary is only effective against children, west will likely lose 3rd strike capability and it's WWIII.

Now, WWIII may result in the death of Iran and far far beyond, but it will result in the death of west.

> France has clearly said it will be in to protect it's oil supply and is not a friend to Iran.

This is nice of the French but they have no license on dodging ballistic missiles. They'll protect the oil supply (I assume you mean Hormuz) until the first hit. From there on, France will never ever recover from it because the war will be unstoppable and will span decades.

It is for this reason, I urge Sarkozy to return the stolen Egypt obelisk, while it's still in one piece.

> The only places not blackened by US and IS nuclear bombs will be the oil fields.

Not possible. There may be a silo in Quarna, if the silo isn't on sub skirting London this very second. West will have to blacken Iran from Caspian to Hormuz murdering all and do so with 100% success and in nanoseconds or prepare for missile drizzles, showers, and torrential rains for the next decade.

And may I add one more small point.

Even if Iran could be magically removed from the map at zero loss to west. Guess what?

It still solves nothing. West is still broke and going down the econ hell where it belongs. Iran is no solution for west. The only way west can survive in its world-rapist capacity is by going to Moscow and Beijing.

It should be clear that if Iran represents difficulty for west, Beijing and Moscow are a sheer impossibility. If west gets suicidal, it may pursue this strategy, for it's patently insane, but victory of any kind hasn't been in west's cards for 3 yrs now.

poiuytr said...

7:52 -- "The US definitely needs to start issuing greenbacks and abolish the Federal Reserve Board."

Although sound in some respects within the nominal USA microcosm, it solves nothing regarding USA's debt. At the end of the day, no matter what colour currency they opt for, west and its looted riches belong to its creditors. And this is why, the west fiends abolished the Amero plans, for they solve nothing.

> Once that is done, a global alliance needs to be formed to negotiate with China over the creation of new global financial

Someone has already advised this comrade Obama, the child butcher and he penned many a love letter. He even send his best love emissaries and trubadors like Kissinger to beg for such a "global" alliance. On a good day, USA received the cold shoulder. Typically, USA got laughter and scorn.

USA is not in a dictating position. Yes, neither comrade Obama, Busch cabal, Hitlery seem to know that, but the lunatic prattle and acts of insanity by these fiends are immaterial.

As is USA and with it the entire west beast can only accept full unconditional capitulation terms. So far, west has not agreed to it and as such the econ prolapse of west is taking shape. It's either unconditional capitulation, econ death, or WWIII rather faster although flashier death.

West has no other options.

> institutions. They also need to negotiate debt forgiveness for the US once it returns to constitutional rule. The Chinese, for their part

Why would anyone forgive USA debt? For the pretty bristly baboon's snouts? For the 5M murdered in Iraq? For the 30M murdered in Russia in 1941-45? For the mindrape and terror of the planet? For the theft of children in Haiti? For the children organ harvest rings?

If west implodes, changes regime, and accepts capitulation, it will pay with land, the last worthy commodity. Besides, North American doesn't belong to the genocidal white baboon that squats it today. This is Panarin map, BTW. Whether it's true or not, who knows, but land will be west's settlement tender once prolapsed, if west doesn't succeed in provoking WWIII.

> know the US would never really choose to start WW3 unless it was given no choice. The new financial system needs to be announced as

Yes, it sounds insane. Granted. Nonetheless, west is pursuing exactly that: WWIII or some eco destruction of earth.

> soon as possible.

Debt is debt. War is war. No new financial system download is available to solve any of it.

May I ask you to describe this "new financial system" and how it pertains to any of the west's woes? Can you also tell me, if this is your own idea, or something you have picked up elsewhere? If latter, please tell me the source of this "new financial system" solution latest west rave?

poiuytr said...

9:14 -- "re: 7:52 That is Americunt propaganda. Who is posting this..."

So beautiful put. If only I could put it like that. I tend to mutter on like some drunk and here you're posting pieces of this clear-cut calibre. Well done!

> That Americunt shill is calling for "debt forgivness" for the

Yes, I too was amused by this laughable notion, the west parasitic creatures are hanging on to for their wretched dear lives. Most fun. Everyone, jubilate this! Cheers! Americunts mull begging for "debt forgiveness". Priceless thought, truly. I would pay to see the source of this joke.

> Anybody who claims to be an expert on the global financial system but does not call an American parasite a parasite is nothing more than an American shill.

Indeed! Well said!

> And don't even make me laugh about that cocksucker rhetoric about America "returning" to Constitutional rule.

Yes, it should be pointed out that USA constitutional rule is based on genocide. USA declaration of independence, celebrated piece by the yank baboons is perhaps the most racist manifestation of the west disease ever put to pen. It's just that the illiterate yank scum can't read.

Also, constitutional rule included Caribbean piracy and slavery, very much something comrade Obama has revived.

And they want forgiveness. I'm still laughing. Who wrote it? Whose idea is this? Is this west mainstream notion now or just some blog hit-and-run nonsense? This is beyond belief but quite fun. It also indicates the degree of increasing pain the west hoards of child murdering monkeys are beginning to suffer.


9:37 -- GDP #s

Yeah, it's incomprehensible jungle out there. Suffice to say that all these #s are nonsense. USA GDP breakdown is such a laughable jungle that they themselves how many times they count a dollar. GDP and all this are just weapons of mass deceit.


Thanks for the links! Indeed: USA=Hitler. No questions. Luftwaffe, till 1945 was flying on Standard Oil (Rockefeller) oil supplied to Germs by and with full signed agreement of Roosevelt.

1941 attack on Russia was no more than the launch of NWO, Pt1, same goal, same road to it, same people at the reigns.

Anonymous said...

General excitement over 07:52. It's in no way If anything, I'd say it's the fantasist Benjamin Fulford. That's his kind of talk. I'm surprised you don't know him yourself.
As for the reason it was posted here, I expect, it was to provide yet another take on fresh wars or no fresh wars in the immediate future. But now that poiuytr too has come out and said how he sees things to come, I think we have a full-spectrum vision of what might be lying in store for us.

Anonymous said...

Iran goes about its business while chatter about armed conflict reaches a crescendo:
Tehran has successfully launched a probe into space - with two turtles, a hamster and a worm on board. The Islamic republic also plans to unveil three new satellites on Wednesday - all part its ambitious independent space programme - which coincides with celebrations of the country's 31st Islamic revolution anniversary. (Al Jazeera)

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's Benjamin Fulford.

Almost everything he says is basically uncheckable.
My guess is that he was bribed or threatened at some time.
There are a lot of CIA and their friends in Tokyo.

Anonymous said...

US May Lose 824,000 Jobs as Employment Data Revised - 3.2.10
The U.S. may lose 824,000 jobs when the government releases its annual revision to employment data on Feb. 5, showing the labor market was in worse shape during the recession than known at the time.
Actually, the government was lying to make things look better than they really are, in order to keep their jobs. And if they lied about the unemployment, they are probably lying about the recovery as well.

Anonymous said...

Good you spotted the Fulford as well, 18:54. He's always in the cusp of sci fi, that chap. Now below you do have a USan econ shill, like Engdahl is one or Max Keiser, etc. This one is Bob Chapman, and the excerpt is posted only for its connection with a possible WWIII.

"The administration says it will cut non-defense discretionary spending by about 13%, but they just increased such spending by 17%. We might ask why didn’t they just rescind the increase? The reason is there can be no deficit reductions. In fact, if there is not more stimuli added then the economy will dip back into depression. This is the same mistake FDR made in 1937, and as a result America had to create another war to save itself from collapse. FDR’s methods are what are being used today and as in the 1930s, they won’t work today. Both are Keynesian nightmares created to put ultimate power into the hands of the elitists so they can force the world to accept world government. The tactics being used now are the same as in the 1930s, a 2-stage depression to be followed by a WWIII. We are now seeing the 1934 type rebound, that could last a few years, if enough stimuli are supplied. Deficits do not produce a solid recovery; they create a transitory recovery. Business knows this and as a result they won’t commit to expansion. They have no confidence in such plans, because they know once stimulus stops the economy will fall back again. They are also aware that stimulus is inflationary, just as monetization is. As far as the stock market is concerned we could be seeing a replay of 1936. Taxes had already risen by 5%, the deficit fell by more than 50% and the Fed cut back on M3 and raised reserve requirements, all of which was simply too much for the economy to handle. It receded and unemployment rose again. The Fed and the administration are well aware of this and that is why deficit cuts will not come and why more stimuli will be added. The economy is not back to any kind of “normality,” if in fact such a thing exists. We keep on hearing employment is a lagging indicator, when that is untrue. The only thing true about the unemployment numbers is that they are bogus.
Just as they did 73 years ago the Fed is contemplating removing reserves from the system. They already know what that will result in, so why would they do such a thing? Could it be that they want a repeat of 1937?

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr not signed in)

Aaaaah, the cognitive infiltrators have arrived. The comrade Obama's Pentagram new dept, named: surprise/deception/strategic command has gone online.

Prepare to be amused.

This too highlights the west disease. They actually think that by setting up a fetchingly named dept will change something. They think that if they send "Special Forces" to Afghanistan instead of just "troops" it'll make a difference. They actually think now they can spam the Freeworld into obedience and servility. That's how cretinous the west mind is.

As for Fulford and Rense and their claims to some covert ninja warfare on the illuminati... it's just more Hollowwood-like madness. Yank baboons think they're in some Swartzenegger movie.

West baboons live in sheer Hollowwood-generated fantasy. To west, terminator, worm alien-world ports, superman, are all real. As real as west's supreme military might, or west econ recovery. Indeed, that's how cretinous the west mind is.

So everything they think up is anchored in this phantasmagoria and thus fundamentally flawed in every way and hence the astounding madcap blither spamming the planet from the west media whore satellites or the west baboon blog monkeys.

James Wolfe said...

Poiuytr, I can’t compete with you, you are on a different level. Please keep posting.

Fellas, there is very little that I can add to what has been said. We know Americans and the West baboons are utterly brainwashed by their propaganda and self-serving lies.

I’ve long stop arguing and talking to Americans. Because I know the truth, I know about the genocides, murders, rapes, tortures, kidnappings, child molestation, frauds, lies, propaganda, occupations, sadism, depleted uranium, cluster bombs, white phosphorous, deformed/mutant babies, cocaine/heroin trade, slavery that has been committed by Americans in the name of America. I can’t bare listening, reading, or seeing Americans either on the net or real life. I don’t want anything to do with them.

Even watching them queue up and beg for food at “Food Banks” in California like lemmings doesn’t satisfy me. Knowing millions of Americans, are homeless, or that 33/34 million Americans are dependent on Food Stamps doesn’t make me happy. Knowing at least 20% of the US working age population are unemployed doesn’t delight me. Because the crimes the US have committed are so unspeakable and plentiful, no retribution seems fitting, at least none that I can think of.

James Wolfe said...

Benjamin Fulford

Apart from his revelations about HAARP being used on Japan & China, Fulford is an utter fraud. Jeff Rense knows that listen to Rense’s voice when he interviews him and Fulford makes outlandish claims.

James Wolfe said...

Americans queuing up for food in California, supposedly America’s richest state, the sixth largest economy in the world.

One in Eight Americans Used Food Banks Last Year

Anonymous said...

The U.S. dollar survives as reserve currency because there is no apparent substitute. The euro has its own problems. Moreover, the euro is the currency of a non-existent political entity. National sovereignty continues despite the existence of a common currency on the continent (but not in Great Britain). If the dollar is abandoned, then the result is likely to be bilateral settlements in countries’ own currencies, as Brazil and China now are doing. Alternatively, John Maynard Keynes’ bancor scheme could be implemented, as it does not require a reserve currency country. Keynes’ plan is designed to maintain a country’s trade balance. Only a reserve currency country can get its trade and budget deficits so out of balance as the U.S. has done. The prospect of U.S. default and/or inflation and decline in the dollar’s exchange value is a threat to the reserve system.

poiuytr said...

8:10 -- dollar tale

Although eloquent a la BBCNN style, you completely and totally misunderstand what's happening.

I wonder why that's the case.

Dollar reserves outside of west are 100% immaterial to west prolapse.

The reserves are interesting only as a gauge to watch the reserves in terms of the trend of the dollar dumping, that's been going on since mid-2006.

The trend itself however is not important to the terminal and west-wide prolapse of all things west.

What's important then, you ask?

The fact that the dollar isn't backed by anything worthwhile. That's all.

As such, the dollar's lost and is losing its value. And that's important either. What's interesting is that this means the west has no way of keep buying all the things it requires to survive.

All the trillions of printed dollars, largely in the wallets of the west monkeys, are no more than toilet paper today, or going that way.

Currency is relative to the backing of it. No backing, no value. It's that simple. Debate about the currency masturbations is irrelevant. The issue is the backing and that's gone, vanished, vanquished, evaporated like one of Busch II's 911 "Boeings".

To offset the buying power loss for the last 3 yrs, west monkeys are printing trillions more, which only, in a very amusing way, accelerate the west-wide demise.

Most yank baboons couldn't tell you how many zeros are used just in USA basic debt.

The power to buy with dollar is diminishing and has shriveled to levels that no one understands.

As such, the dollar and euro and the entire west currency zone is bloating at a rate not grasped by anyone. All that's understood is the end result. Hence the concentration camps laying in wait across west and the west's hurried ratcheting up of wars around the planet.

The west prolapse has nothing whatever to do with abandoning, devaluing, or changing the colour of the dollar bill, although all these are likely side effects.

The prolapse of west is happening because west can't keep buying all its very survival.

This isn't an econ issue. This isn't a dollar issue. This isn't a currency technicality issue.

This is west's survival issue.

Hence the west's struggle to provoke WWIII or at least some continental military cataclysm.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the dollar isn't backed by anything worthwhile. That's all.

The American dollar is not backed up by any real economic foundation. It is only backed up by one thing in the final analysis: the American military.

The Dollar is a military propped up entity, with the threat of the US war machine implicitly threatening any country that breaks free American Dollar Hegemony

Anonymous said...

22:37 -- Dollar backed by war

Yes! Exactly! The oil monopoly backing is gone, so they ratcheted up military deployment. But USA has no monopoly on war, unless its waged against defenceless nations. And as such is becoming hopelessly outnumbered by those with 2nd strike, devaluing the west war dollar backing.

(poiuytr, not signed in)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for above three remarks. The oil monopoly replaced by the war monopoly. That's something my small brain can take in. And soon that war monopoly will also get nuked. Wonderful. And then it will be clear even to idiots like myself that, as poiuytr puts it so succinctly, this is all about the west's survival issue.

Anonymous said...


The dollar monopoly was always backed by war. Always!

That's 1990 Busch I war on Iraq. When Hussein destroyed the dollar oil monopoly with going EURo, Busch I invaded and forced Iraq bourse back to dollar only, saving the dollar oil monopoly, or petrodollar.

But the destruction of the petrodollar in May2006 was done by Russia and friends, and re-establishing it means attacking Russia, which by and large seems to be happening, as insane as it is.

But the war machine has always propped the west monopolies, be it dollar one, drug one, poverty one, etc.

And today, it's war machine but not war monopoly. USA/west doesn't have a monopoly on war or weapons or destruction. It can only maim nations that have no military power and that's why Iran hasn't been touched.

And that's why west hasn't had ANY monopoly for 3 yrs and thus nothing backing the dollar except the USA economy, which on a good day, is a good laugh. On a good day, USA top performing industry stocks run P/E of 10-15, or losing 10 dollars to 1 made.

And that's why west is headed for a terminal prolapse with no hope to revert or even postpone it.

And that's why it is seriously starting to look as though the west beast is going to provoke up WWIII or something that leads to that.

And as you mention, it's not a money issue any longer for west, not just USA, but survival.

West is screaming, long at last, money problem, and comes up with rubbish now like "debt forgiveness", apparently, new currency, etc none of which solves anything. It's survival.

And when it was a money issue some years ago, remember, west only said it was a subprime mortgage oversight.

West media lags reality by 4-5 yrs. West populace never catches on.

(poiuytr, not signed in)

Anonymous said...

American "debt forgiveness"=American vampire forgiveness.

Last I checked, vampires do not deserve forgiveness.

They deserve a stake through the heart.

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