Nation By Nation (28Mar10)

16Mar-28Mar -- As always, jubilating the west-wide terminal prolapse knell by knell. It's amazing what the silent shattering of the dollar monopoly in May 2006 has done to the west cesspits. After all, the very issue of west prolapse is now echoed even in the west BBCNN media whore mindrape. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - After being ambushed, the west sordid cowards fired rockets indiscriminately murdering 2 children and wounding 4 others in Khost, 25Mar.
- On average west loses 5 tanks and 10 child murdering troops each day as it daily suffers 3-4 attacks.
- Approx west tally of Helmand#3 offensive for 16Mar-27Mar period: 165 dead, 17 tanks, 2 choppers, 1 hvee.
- West's own version of Helmand#3 losses: double death rate and triple wounded rate in last 2 months.
- Comrade Obama, west's official symbol and standard for peace (after all he's only attacked 5 nations in 1 yr), deploys 30K murderers more near Kandahar.
- West admits to actually "protecting the heroin industry" of Afghanistan. So now, the west beast comes clean and tells us what the war in Afghanistan is about. Amazingly, UN with its stacks of anti-drug wars resolutions had nothing to say on the 50B USD west drug harvest market.

» Click to see west beast's DU crime. Beware! It's harder to look at than the pack of BBCNN war whores.

A R G E N T I N A Argentina - Slaps ban on firms supporting brit occupation of Los Malvinas. Britz responded by dispatching a sub into the troubled waters.

A U S T R A L I A Australia - Eats its badly chosen words from early 2008 when it screeched "keep Aussie resources Aussie" and sells 3,6Mtonnes of liquid gas to China for next 20 yrs.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Lula tells west that since he got so much flak for meeting Ahmadinejad, he's now off to Iran to meet with Ahmadinejad again to support Iran's enriching ambitions. No, this isn't the world the west monster had envisioned in its NWO wetdreams.

C H I N A China - Gives 1B EUR loan to Belarus. Where's IMF? Oh, it's gnawing on the EUnuch flanks in the grotesque west incestual resuscitation comedy of the day.
- Takes over 50% of UK's Bridas oil with a 3B USD venture with Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia, in the continued Freeworld's flush of all things west.
- Won't re-evaluate yuan despite west's petulant floor fist pounding.
- Becomes Iran's #1 biz partner, trading some 20B USD. Yes, west sanction worked then.
- Dumps 6B USD worth of USA t-bills in Jan. China's USA holding is down to 889B USD.
- West big biz shudders as China sets on a "keep China Chinese" course. It's funny and most pleasurable to hear the west monkeys squeal foul when someone else applies west's practices against the west beast.

E U EU - So far we've laughed at the pirates wars among Swiss and the Germ/USA/UK bank tomb raiders; bankster squabbles over the trillions in fresh prints; west plebes against their war industry elite's bonuses and bailout heists; etc but now it's slightly more amusing. On the verge of the abyss, both EUnuchs and Baboons realise that the only way to postpone their own prolapse is by sinking the other's currency. And so at last, the west-wide rot pins the EUnuch against the the baboon.

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks - Abandons carbon tax wetdream after an "unexpected" spate of protests and anti-status quo election results.
- 100s of thousands protest their pension evaporation. They didn't expect applause for their genocide acquiescence, did they?
- Mar23, teachers, taxi drivers, and civil serfs join the strikes.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs - Ratzinger, the nazi-boy germ pope of all west religions, is at last directly linked to the west christianic pedophile cabalism. He knew and allowed the systematic rape of some 200 deaf children to go on in USA by the west christianic sickness. Charges of systemic christian pedophile rape seem to disgorge from all corners of the west psychosis now.
- Pensions drop. Half of Germia is looking at 600 EUR/mo now. And this is just the beginning. Note that pension heist is occurring in synch across all west cesspits.
- Merkel caught in knowing and lying about the Germ massacre of 140 civilians on 4Sep2009. Indeed, among the west promotional criteria is, of course, the art of diabolical deceit, not just ordering massacres, tortures, genocides, organ thefts, and the usual christianic pedophile bent.

E U - G R E E C E EU-Greece - Labour minister tells countrymen "You must understand that Greece is no beggar seeking a handout."
- Second after, Greece begged and got 23B EUR from IMF. Yes, west is also a grotesque comedy. Let's see how much of the 23B EUR is going to relieve any of the Berlin fiscal diktat austerity measures. BTW, if there's Greeks reading this, tell your countrymen you're NOT broke. You've just been robbed by the same 911 "terrists" who are waging a vicious war against our planet.
- Clashes in Athens, Mar15.
- Rolling blackouts go into effect.

Athens, 23Mar.

E U - H U N G A R Y EU-Hungary - Capital suddenly buzzed by Israeli fighters.

E U - I R E L A N D EU-Ireland - Near 8% GDP shriveling/2009 is being "recovered" by 1,3% shriveling/2010Q1.
- Unemployment at 13%.

E U - L A T V I A EU-Latvia - Governance prolapses.
- Joins Spain, UK, and USA in boasting 20% unemployment.

E U - N E T H E R L A N D S EU-Netherlands - Shell zapping 2K.

E U - P O R T U G A L EU-Portugal - Privatisation of airlines, trains, post, energy, and paper industry underway as west Grand Asset Reform goes on. Note that west war junta has moved now to looting the fringes of the west cesspits.
- West slashes Portuguese credit sending Portuguese stocks and bonds into a St Vitus dance and aids EUnuchRO dive. Sideline: Rarely both stocks and bonds get hit together. Oh, the wonderment of prolapse.
- Debt at 90% of GDP.
- Inflation over 9%.
- Deficit at over 10% of GDP.
- All these #s are seen as a big problem by the ruling EUnuchs. But if that's the case then consider USA's #s. With 13% GDP deficit, 90% GDP debt, and incalculable superhyperinflation, USA couldn't even hope to apply for membership in Grand EUnuchia. This oughtta highlight the terminality of the west-wide prolapse and the comedy of trying to resuscitate the west fringes. Temporary repair of PIIGS, be it via austerity or more billions of debt, is like doing manicure on a heartattack victim.

E U - R O M A N I A EU-Romania - Loves USA so much it's replacing its MiG 21 fleet with preowned F16s at the expense of 1,3B USD.

E U - U K EU-UK - 25% of adults out of work. That's some recovery there, Brown.
- Public serfs taking near 5B GBP hit on their pensions to "pay for recovery". Why only public plebes? Private sector poodles have no pensions to raid.
- BratAir on strike.
- BratRail planning a strike.
- BoE tells britzies to enjoy the upcoming paycuts. Someone has to pay for the bailouts and bonuses and war defeats.
- Cuts 6000 trees just cuz the poodle peasants liked the woods. It's hard to comment on the growing west insanity.
- China picks up 51% of Loondon's prolapsed cab mfg on the west-wide garage sale.
- Looked up and saw what looked like Russian bombers buzzing the drizzly Gotha isles.

I R A N Iran - Biz with Turkey going from 10B to 30B USD. Looks like west sanctions work beautifully.
- GDP at over 2% growth. No wonder the west beast has been dying to maul this rising nation.
- West further waters down its sanction demands. China tells west to wait some more. Russia tells west its demand retreat is a good sign but suggests to rewrite it some more to delete the econ-punitive terms that are still left in the rabid west drivel.

I R A Q Iraq -

No, this isn't a colourised pic from hitler & cabal. This is USA's work TODAY. Needless to add, all USA murder troops have been acquitted for this Haditha 2005 massacre, in which 24 civilians were butchered by the west beast. This is what the USA troop parents have to say on the matter: "We know our son is innocent, we know he has done nothing wrong." Yes, west is THE disease on all levels, from top to bottom, and in all aspects.

Bomb attack, Hilla, 16Mar.

Convoy IED'd, Baghdad, 16Mar.

Convoy IED's, Shamiya, 17Mar.

Bomb attack, Sumar, 17Mar.

HQ rocketed, Hawijah, 18Mar.

IED car, Baghdad, 21Mar.

See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

J A P A N Japan - 80% of airports are broke.
- Responds to USA mauling by dumping 300M USA t-bills in Jan bringing its USA holding to 765B USD.
- Toyota stops mfg in USA at 2 plants in Texas and Kentucky.
- Toyota production is slated to grow 1% in 2010 despite the death of west markets by increasing Japan production by 40K units and upping sales to China and India. Meanwhile, USA unit production is shriveling by 60K units. No, no part of west including the baboon driver is necessary for harmonious int'l trade.
- USA says that it has to keep its mil base in Japan to "protect" Japan. This is exactly the same argument the silly sisters used in the Golden Goose fairytale when they got caught stealing the goose's feathers. Yes, west uses 1st grader rationale to justify the strategy of its int'l policy.

M O L D O V A Moldova - Left party boycotts west-proxy governance.

P A L E S T I N E Palestine - Israeli tanks assault Gaza shelling civilians, 25Mar.

R U S S I A Russia - Int'l reserves up by 7B USD at 450B USD, 19Mar.
- Proposes Caracas/Moscow bank to Venezuela.
- Coop with Guatemala.
- Coop with China to counter west. Sadly no details given.
- 11M pensioners see their pensions INCREASED. This just for fun as west pensioners lose their shirt.
- GDP headed to 6%, beating expectations.

S O U T H   K O R E A South Korea - Navy boat explodes and sinks. Seoul tried blaming N Korea for a bit.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Visit of comrade Obama scrapped.
- 5,5B USD gas deal with Iran.

R T Erdogan: "West isn't in a position to tell other country 'oh you're not supposed to have nuke energy or weapons. Take Israel. Why aren't other countries warning Israel to dispose of her nuke arsenal but they're doing to Iran." For some odd reason, the most obvious things are rarely said.

U A E UAE - Gets a 9,5B USD loan to square off 23+B USD in debts. West calculations are funny, aren't they? West hasn't realised it no longer has cash printing machine, which make loans to plug up loans or selling bonds to pay for previous bond monthlies total and complete nonsense.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - Votes to boot NATO recruiters for good.

U N UN - Condemns Israel for land theft, prints resolutions, but won't send its troops.

U S A USA - Apparently the baboon has at last noticed its prolapse. 79% think it's terminal. Sideline: If this is somewhat true, then, as we calculated here using a simple exponential, by Oct, 100% of baboons will share that view. Whether that materialises into the Panarin Scenario is another matter.
- JPMoron floated by baboon's cash is getting 1,5B USD in tax refund to boot. This oughtta please baboons as they gape at their tax bills.
- Californlornia zapping 22K teachers. The word "teacher" is, of course, an oxymoron with regards to anything west.
- Californlornia reports record foreclosure rate in Feb but can't understand why "back to bank" sales shrivel. Foreclosure rate rises 20%/Feb. Note how they've managed to suppress this fun info during their budget masturbations a few weeks ago. They're a wily lot!
- Illnoise reports 22% rise in foreclosures.
- Fluorida reports 10% of mortgages in 60day+ delinquency. It was only 2% at the end of 2006 after the dollar monopoly nuking in May2006. That's 70% growth per annum!
- Atlantis, Georgia reports over 12K foreclosures in Feb, which is their local all time record.
- 15% or 19M now of houses across USA are empty.
- Michigone's largest hospital in Detrot sold off for 400M USD.
- Detrot closes 45 more schools. The baboon cleverly calls the prolapse "shrinking to survive".
- Social security fund is officially belly up now and running a deficit.
- The exponential prolapse of own land matters none to comrade Obama, as he prints 33B USD more for Pentagram's urgent murder needs in Afghanistan.
- Revises its unemployment admitting it at 12+% overall with spots reaching over 20%.
- 35 cities boast 15+% unemployment. Note here, that the lying west media war whores maintained the ridiculous below-10% fairytale until just now. Regardless of west whore #s and claims always aimed to deceive, know west prolapse is eating the west baboons' rumps 24/7 in 3 ways: exponentially, unavoidably, and terminally.
- Unemployment so rampant that comrade Obama prints 9B USD to refill the empty benefit coffers for a few more weeks.
- Media whores learn up another phrase: "social unrest" and use it correctly in connection to west prolapse.
- Media whores further admit that growth of GDP "isn't enough". Of course not, for GDP adds in governance spending, which in west means printing of trillions of worthless papers called money.
- Construction shrivels 6% y2y.
- Home sales shrivel over 2%/Feb leveling at 300K units/yr.

Beautiful, nay perfect exponential. This is the profile of the baboon and its household debt. Note it's touching 14T USD in paper debt. Note the dip at the end. That's the recent comrade Obama siphoning of the credit market. A bit too late? A bit too little? One cannot but laugh when confronted with this flaming baboonary and the cretinous methods they try to employ to "recover" or slow down the west terminal prolapse.

- 37 banks buried in 2010 on 20Mar.
- Comrade Obama heaps 2T USD on USA collective debt. Nice recovery there. Basic debt at 12,6T so it's time to up the ceiling -- AGAIN! This seems to be west latest trending craze happening each few weeks now. Sideline: Imagine shoveling 4M USD out the window every minute 24/7 with no vacation and breaks for a year and you've got a feeling for the wonderment of the west prolapse. As far as the exponential prolapse, consider Busch II took 4 long years to burn 5T USD. Comrade Obama is 1,6X better than Busch II at hammering knells into the west casket. Perhaps he oughtta print himself a nice bonus.
- Scores the biggest disappointment in peddling bonds. This means that foreign investment in USA shriveled by 32B USD in Jan, which is an all time record for the pathetic bond sales or let's call it what it is: loan begging.
- Comrade Obama passes 12 new taxes on the baboon via his Grand Health Reform.
- Idaho and 14 states threaten to lock horns with the dear comrade over the fiscal extortion under the health reform pretext. This just for fun.
- Admits EUnuch nuke trench is there to target Russian nukes.
- Comrade Obama pretends to be miffed with Israel over the escalation of Palestinian land theft. But behind the scenes he hands Israel 200M USD worth of mil cargo planes -- that's on top of the customary 2B USD/yr -- and promises to supply Israel with F35 stealths to aid the Palestine genocide.
- Pays Russia to lift its satellite cuz USA's space programme is just as prolapsed as the rest of the baboonarium.
- Gets angry over Chinese dump of USA T-bills sputtering all sorts of vindictive venom like threats of "stiff sanctions" saying "if you refuse to play, we'll force you." But oddly, the baboon's forgotten about the 250B USD/yr in trade deficit with China. It's almost as though west is just issuing threats helter skelter with zero thinking. be cont'd as it all piles up

Nation By Nation (15Mar10)

5-15MAR10 -- Even the clever west media whores can no longer spin away the amusement of west-wide terminal econ prolapse, which has, at last, moved from a purely numerical realm to the problem of west existence. So let's jubilate the knells driven into the casket of all things west summed below. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - Helmand #3 offensive in Marjah seems to be turning into NATO's graveyard.

NATO stormed a house and murdered 2 women and a teenage girl. Then NATO lied saying that the women were already killed upon their entry. Then NATO paid the family 2K USD to keep quiet. Yes, west, in all its incarnations has always been THE disease.

For more see

A U S T R A L I A Australia - Under the pretext of expanding Sydney baboon transportation, governance enacts methods of compulsory state confiscation of private land.

C H I N A China - Building a 35-tonne man-tended mil space station to launch this year. This in just when USA's space programme has been reduced to renting Russian equipment and yet another retirement of their exploding shuttle fleet.
- Realty value rises at fastest clip, some 10+% per yr, in 70 cities. Much like with econ growth, this too is the exact opposite of west anemic #s.
- Realty investment grew 31% y2y in Feb.
- Loosening yuan-dollar peg some more. Who wouldn't be moving away from the dollar zombie?
- Responds to Obama's venomous drivel by "USA not only has a terrible domestic human right record, it's also the main source of many human right disasters worldwide." Does the Chinese statement include 911 or not?

E U EU - Chief commissioner prez wants to rule Loondon finances now. Fight on, pirates, fight on!
- EUnuchs to be eating GM potatoes now made by a Germ chemical factory. Bon appetit! What's for afters? Strudel with Zyklon-B pellets?
- Vaticunt caught red-handed, during a corruption investigation, in more of the usual west homo-pedophile sex ring sickness. Chief jesusites are apparently peddling homo prostitutes to the west christianic holy capital.

The west god fuhrers are both mired in pedophile, child rape and abuse scandals. "I always had a bad conscience about it," says G Ratzinger (left) reflecting on his days of child beatings. Could west get any more sickening? Oh yes! He apparently knew of the sex crimes against the children but chose to do...nothing beside watching. Could west get any more sickening still? Oh yes! J Ratzinger (right) was a member of Hitler youth.

  • A U S T R I A EU-Austria - Vienna Choir pedophile abuse charges joins the Germ pedophile sex abuse and torture sickness.

  • F R A N C E EU-Franks - State thugs and workers clash at Total's shuttered factory.
    - This oughtta make the French love USA even more: In 1951, USA poisoned Pont-Saint-Esprit's food supply with LSD murdering 5 and permanently maiming dozens. All EUnuchs, like yank baboons, are no more than Guinea pigs of their crazed betters. If only they understood that.

  • G E R M A N Y EU-Germs - Wants its own IMF animal to run the whole of EUnuch wanking from Berlin. Frankensteins and also Germ central bank aren't too amused.
    - Import or dependence on Freeworld rises 6% m2m in Jan.
    - Export shrivels 6+% m2m in Jan. Germ voodoo econ charlatans predicted 1/2 rise.
    - Trade surplus near halved at below 9B EUR y2y in Jan.
    - Runs a 80+B EUR deficit, which, of course, is another record, in their new budget that dares counting on raising 211B EUR in taxes through. And these EUnuchs wanna teach Greeks how to run their books?
    - Ravensburg choir school, headed G Ratzinger (on pic above), joins the leaking charges of systemic institutionalised pedophile sadism, sex abuse, and beatings in germ schools and churches. And these abominable freaks from the Baltic mud want to rule the world?

  • G R E E C E EU-Greece - Governance does a wincing pole dance in Berlin pledging total obedience to the west fiscal rape, behind which is the west beast's lust for Greek islands, while Germs respond by saying they won't give the "lazy" Greeks a "single cent". The west rape outline: immediate raising of 5B EUR through cuts, increasing value-add tax to 21%, 10% wage cut in public sector, add'l taxes on alcohol, petrol, cigs, and freezing pensions.

    "So which island were you thinking of?"
  • "Nothing big or fancy. Crete, for example."

  • - 5Mar, clashes at parliament begin.
    - Gen'l strike shuts down the nation on 11Mar. Parts of police, coast guard, and brigades, typically not allowed to strike, join the revolt against the west rape with makeshift firebombs and rocks.
    - Some 50K-60K hit the streets in Athens and 14K in Thessaloniki. See here for more at

    - 20% of 5B EUR bond issue picked up by UK.
    - More T's in derivative debt revealed. Someone, tell Greeks they're not broke. They've just been robbed for a decade by the 911 terrists.
    - EUnuchs in disarray; one second saying they'll "bailout" Greece, the next they shake their fist in stern resolve. The problem EUnuchs are facing is simple: if they pay to postpone Greek uprising and EUnuchRO funeral they'll have to pay and pay. Spain alone, the next "bailout" candidate with 20% unemployment represents a fiscal laceration 4X that of Greek wallet. If EUnuchs don't pay now, they'll pay by losing EUnuchRO. These aren't econ problems. The west terminal econ prolapse has moved to the very issue of existence.

  • E U - H U N G A R Y EU-Hungary - Joins Germs in criminalising questioning the evil of Germ's 1930-40s genocides.

  • EU - I T A L Y EU-Italy - Mulling action against UBS, DeutcheWank, JPMoron for aggravated fraud in derivative markets. BTW, derivative market is a west code for world-genocide fund.

  • L A T V I A EU-Latvia - Leading EUnuch prolapse with a marvelous 18% econ shriveling per 2009.

  • U K EU-UK - Mfg output shrivels 1%/month in Jan, albeit "unexpectedly". The west voodoo econ charlatans predicted 3/10 rise.
    - Realty prices shrivel 1,5%/Feb.
    - 48 hr strike by public serfs marks the biggest organised action in 20 yrs. They didn't mind murdering everyone on the planet but cut their wages and they squeal in terror like monkeys. This alone underscores the west cowardly psychopathic disease.
    - Actually "threatens" China with isolation over Chinese refusal to sanction Iran. This, of course, for laugh. The arrogance and stupidity of the west miscreant is truly side-splitting, isn't it?

    Sod the future, past, and present of everyone on the planet, especially children, just "save us" cries the foul west disease today from every corner of the child-murdering capitalist pigsty. It oughtta be reassuring to all west banner-waving miscreants that there exits no way to save west's present, let alone future. And oddly, that's precisely what Bliar and Busch II were trying to do when west went broke in the 90s by launching the 911-predicated crusade in attempt to reconquer the planet resources to extend the west's unusually genocidal, vampire, parasitic existence on this planet. When the west cretinous neanderthals grasp this final irony, they'll throw down their banners, don fascist uniforms, and in droves goose-step eastward again resurrecting the west's 1941 wetdream of flooding Moscow.

H A I T I Haiti - Turns out that Haiti post-quake occupation resulted in the Clintons, the butchers of Yugoslavia, looting Haiti's state telephone company. As unreal as it is, for west "humanitarian aid" is a code for thieving children and established businesses.

I C E L A N D Iceland - 90+% tell UK and Holland to shove off with their 5+B EUR claims. Congrats to Iceland voters for such a marvelous turnout. Loondon pretends not to have noticed the sweeping referendum.

I R A N Iran - Ahmadinejad reminds world that 911 is a "big lie".
- West tones down their rabid verbal "sanctions" attack after being told off by Brazil, China, and Russia, thinking some watered down blither will get by. USA is further pushing UAE and Saudis to "lean on" China to approve sanctions on Iran. Could west really be this cretinous? Oh, yes!
- Nasr1 cruise missile goes into production. Hear that faint chortling sound? That'd be the west baboons gnashing their fangs.
- "We warn the countries in the region over the presence of bullying powers. They haven't come here to battle terrorism or drug smuggling." The reason it's taken so long for the obvious to be said cuz it took a decade to back the words with some muscle.

I R A Q Iraq -

C5K hits USA occupier patrol, Kirkuk, 9Mar.

Occupier base in south Tikrit katusha'd, 11Mar.

Occupier base in Diyala katusha'd,13Mar.

Occupier convoy attacked, Diyala, 13Mar.

See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

J A P A N Japan - Y Fujita reminds world that 911 is a "gigantic hoax".
- Yanks thought they'd move the occupation mil base a few blocks down the road to solve the eviction issue but Nago doesn't want them either.
- Corp bankruptcies rise 2,5% m2m in Feb.

L I B Y A Libya - Severs all ties with Swiss after imposing total embargo on the Vaticunt-guard state.

P A L E S T I N E Palestine - Israel invades al-Aqsa with tear-gas, rubber bullets, and stun grenades.
- Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights revealed 13Mar that Israeli police tortured Jerusalemite children.

West beast slakes its evil on defenceless children. Never in its entire 2000 yr blood-soaked history has the west pervert dared to touch armed people. For that, it requires legions of whores and daft proxies.

- Israel expands land theft to 1600 homes in East Jerusalem, the second USA promised everyone it would not happen. Yes, west is the deceit master, not just THE disease.
- Russia and China join the world condemnation of Israel's land theft of Palestine. Although symbolic in nature, it's a new token of Freeworld's solidarity.

R U S S I A Russia - 4B EUR mil tech coop deal with India as India gets pried away from the west harrowing claws.
- Energy deal with India for 16 nuke power plants. How is it the west beast isn't threatening nuking India for this nuke coop?
- Making 1000 stealth jets, 200 of which go to India.
- Calms west by telling them that "Iranian missiles pose no threat to either " EUnuchs or yanks. Two can play this game.
- Tells west there'll be no merging of Nabucco and SouthStream pipelines. In their endless comedy routines, west asked Russia to merge the pipelines.

Lavrov, Foreign ministry, on USA "human rights" report: "Fits tradition and ritual omitting not only USA concentration camp abuses, which despite USA administration promises just won't close down, but also abuses in USA jails, domestic violence leading to murder of children, racism and xenophobia towards migrants and Islamophobia."

- East Siberian pipeline to feed China 1,6M bpd to go operational in 2011. Another stake through the west NWO wetdream of 2000.
- Bringing war criminal charges against Georgia for 2008 massacres.
- Mulls common currency for with Kazakhstan and Belarus and plans common market by 2012.
- Invites liberated Ukraine to join Russian-Kazakhstan-Belarus-Kyrgyzstan custom zone. Are germs peeing their panties just about now, as Russia just about returns to Soviet size?
- Will hold naval exercises with Ukraine in Black Sea in June. This is the first joint exercise since the west fraud theft of Ukraine 7 yrs ago.

S E R B I A Serbia - Wants to join the 57-member OIC (Organisation of Islamic Conference). It would be surprising if there wasn't much venom spewed by the west beast over this one.

S O M A L I A Somalia - Street fights twixt Shabab and west-proxy governance erupt, 10Mar, resulting in 43 dead.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Pulled and won't repost ambassadors to Warshington, following USA "genocide" attacks.
- Won't debate loans with IMF. To save face, IMF still begs in Ankara.
- Cancels trip to Sweden for approving of the west genocide attack against Ankara.

U S A USA - Feb marks yet another record budget deficit of 651B USD, growing at 10% y2y. Talk about fascinating "recovery".
- 2009 liabilities grew at amazing 16% to 14+T USD.
- But none of this stops the war beast from boosting its 2011 world genocide budget by 7%.
- Prolapse drives sales tax to a record of 12%.
- Treasury comes clean like USA central bank and promises NO bailout of the 5T USD prolapsed realty portfolio of the realty usury monopoly of Fan & Fred's.
- Comrade Obama begins the realty confiscation under the Grand West Cash and Land reform offering cash for keys to prolapsed private property of 5M homes. Note here, he's paying the baboons in "dollars". And that can only mean ONE thing! Once they've confiscated enough private land/realty, they'll dump the dollar.

Detrot, Michigone is so broke they can't even afford to board over ALL the windows. As picture shows, the clever USA middle class still finds a way in to squat the derelicts.

- Detrot sold 394 homes for less than 394K USD. Impressive, isn't it?
- 5 yr ago ave home price in Detrot was 100K USD. Today it's 10K USD. Such is the marvel of exponential prolapse thanks to the May2006 dollar machine obliteration!
- Detrot 15+% have income less than half of official poverty line. 30% are in official poverty.
- Detrot populace shrivels from 2M to 0,9M today.
- The population shriveling isn't enough so "relocation" plans to "shrink" the city are underway. The mayor, however, fails to reveal where exactly they plan to truck the rinsed out yanks.
- Michigone sends out an incarnation of "SOS", favourite west pastime these days. This time it means: Save Our Students as 400 USD/student vanish from public funds.
- 18M homes across USA are sitting empty now.
- 40M yank baboons are unemployed now.
- 150M yank baboons admit to "feeling the stress". This just for a laugh.
- 43% of workers across USA report having less than 10K USD for retirement. This "retirement prolapse" band is growing at near 10% per annum.
- 27% of workers across USA report having less than 1K USD for retirement. This "retirement prolapse" band is growing at astonishing 33% per annum.
- It's no wonder then that "retirement confidence" is at 16%, or non-existent.
- It gets better still! FDIC, the USA banking controller, is eyeing the 2T USD sprawled across baboon pension funds to plug up some of the banking lacerations with.
- For the first time since establishment, social security fund has paid out more than it brings in from taxes.
- Comrade Obama borrowed from social security fund the rest and paid the fund with 2,5T bonds and IOUs backed by the baboon's faith in their federal governance.
- It's 30 banks dead per 2010, as of 13Mar.
- Comrade Obama prints 140B USD for jobless benefits, as states go bankrupt. "Jobless" sounds better than "unemployed", doesn't it? Word games accurately reflect the scope of west's capabilities.
- 36K baboons join the hopelessly "jobless" pool.

Worth a quick grin. The dying curve shows the evaporating cash from the baboon's collective investment. It's down to ~170B USD and it's being drained at an insane 40% rate. The rest, near 5T USD, is just #s on paper backed by nothing.

- USA Post, the biggest spam provider on earth, mulls 3 day deliver strategy. When it goes, it goes.
- Wyoming joins Montana and Tennessee in bucking federal mandate on guns.
- Cops admit to murdering 6 unarmed civilians in Katrina and conspiracy to cover up the mass murder. Note that humanitarian aid, for west, does also include executions.
- NYC cops admit that innocent people are being arrested and ticketed just so that cops meet the cash target quotas now.
- Shootout at Pentagon leaves 2 dead, 4Mar.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Takes over 2 sugar mills for violating labour rights and puts them on probation of 90 days.
- Poverty shrivels from 1996's 70% rate to 23% in 2009. This is exact opposite of the west cesspits, isn't it?
- Buys some Chinese jets and radars.

H Chavez on recent USA embarrassment of begging Brazil to back sanctions on Iran: "Blond Condoleeza comes to Brazil to provoke us, to try and divide us from our brothers" on recent USA begging trip to Brazil asking for attack on Iran. On IMF: "When we got cash from IMF, they'd come here and impose conditions and rules dismantling our laws. But now, with China, we're on equal footing." be cont'd as it all piles