Nation By Nation (30Apr10)

8Apr-30Apr -- Not long ago, the west beast became busy printing cash to "bailout" its subprime lenders. Soon the "contagion" -- west's latest in its endless word bending perversions -- spread to the central west elite banks. Tens of trillions have been sunk on both sides of the Atlantic west animal occupied territories into what west calls banking. Then west feverishly printed hundreds of billions to try save at least its most elite big concerns and the vampire charade called Wall Street. The trend of the west terminal prolapse has long been as indisputably clear as marvelous but today we enjoy the cherry on top of the west flushing party cake. Yes, today west has moved to pumping hundreds of billions into "bailing out" entire nations. West prolapse is no longer a matter of just some industrial sectors dying off. It's entire countries drowning now in the west's own mental manure and the general west saxonic christianic child-murdering syphilitic tradition. And so top off your goblets, Freeworld, and three cheers to the latest in the west beast's most lovely demise. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - 9Apr, yank chopper down, 4 dead.

A R G E N T I N A Argentina - Strikes first weapon deal with Russia. Another one arming up against the crazed west pedophile christianic sodomy-loving fiends.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Planning a bond sale, first one in 70 yrs. As opposed to any west bonds, these are backed by the largest lithium reserves, something the west beast only dreams about.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Will vote against west's rabid sanction ideas on Iran. This isn't the world west had imagined, is it?, when Bliar and Busch II launched their world terrorist assault in 2001.

C H I N A China - Comrade Obama follows, in the unique west schizo way, his twee overtures with duty on China steel for not going along with his Iran sanction madness.
- China responds with slapping tariffs on USA meat import and comrade Obama ratchets duties on Chinese paper. Is comrade Obama actually thinking he can win this one?
- Making furthering coop overtures to Cuba.

E U EU - Looks like even the planet has had enough with this saxonic offal. Eyjafjallajokull volcano shuts down west monkey travel and bites near 3B EUR out of their revenue in just a week.
- Christianic systemic child rape spreads across the west cesspits with charges surfacing in Ireland, Austria, Germia, USA, and Italy. Current and old pope, the head of the west pedophile religion, are both implicated in the mind-stopping sickness. To illustrate the disease the west is, consider that USA-based christianic pedophile, after convictions, was removed from his position and put into a job of a "youth coordinator" in the some other christianic parish. Yes, our planet is suffering one ailment and one ailment only: the west.

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks - Frankenstein cops arrest and hold for two hours in isolation a 3 yr old on suspicion of being a terrorist. No, west mental sickness has no bounds. BTW, separation, much less isolation, of 3 yr olds from parents is illegal by int'l convetions Frankensteins have signed too. But then again, treaties mean nothing to the west animal.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs - Fails at auctioning off all of its 3B EUR worth of bonds. That's a good sign when the motor of EUnuchia can't raise pifly 3B EUR. A good sign for the west-wide terminal prolapse, that is.

E U - G R E E C E EU-Greece - THIS IS THE BIG NEWS. This is, in fact, what all have been waiting for, and as they say "IT". Part of west has just terminally prolapsed and effectively vanished. Henceforth, Greece is funded by EUnuch and west collective IMF bank from cash squeezed out from west neanderthal BBCNN slurping lot and under the dictate of the west beast. All that's left to do now is to erase the word Greece from all maps and globes.
- Even Herr Merkel was forced to change her rabid vulgarities and agree to Greek May2010 bailout and west bank annexation with some 120B EUR package.
- 30Apr, 120B EUR isn't enough though and Greece is begging for 160B EUR. Note that tens of billions mean nothing to the west-wide prolapse.
- Of course, the saxon IMF "bailout" is really a pretext for further dictate which demands Greek further cut salaries, do away with pensions, raise existing and invent new taxes. Greek west-proxy governance has agreed to it all. Sideline: Severe austerity measures won't be enough to save the west idyll however. West needs to move to effective political annexation on par with Hitler's 1938 Munich of all its occupied peripheries or suffer losses like with Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, as Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Ireland come a-knocking on the EUnuch central bank long since boarded-over gate. And even that may not be enough today. The next step in extending west life is NATO troops "maintaining peace" in all these west-raped territories.
- 45B EUR of the 120B EUR bailout evaporate in a week as Greece settles maturing bonds.
- Fails at raising loans even though it offered 25% yields on bonds, a total insanity for the bond gap across the EUnuch central bank may now be bigger than the collective vacuum of the west baboon skull. Sideline: Note that the prolapsed Greece ran deficit of only 14% of GDP and debt of some 120% of GDP. Let's have a good laugh, shall we? So Greece is gone with debt over 100% of GDP and deficit having grown to 14%. Let's look at Baboonarium. Their fed debt is at near the 13T USD limit, recently upped but they only rake in slightly over 14T USD/yr. That's debt of 90% and comrade Obama's deficit is at 11% of GDP & bravely projected to grow to 70% over next 2 yrs. Now, this is comparable to Greece, isn't it?, with a slight small difference: there is noone who can bailout the baboon.

E U - P O L A N D EU-Poland - Entire nation command decapitated in a plane crash on 10Apr. PM Kazcynski, head of Polish army, and Polish central bankster were among the perished. No word on the decapitation of comrade Obama's anti-Russian nuke trench wetdreams just yet.

E U - P O R T U G A L EU-Portugal - Prolapsed to junk as investment zone.
- Raises bond yield to near 6% after the rating cut. It's fun how the west prolapses along its yield fissures.

E U - S P A I N EU-Spain - Boasts now 20% unemployment.
- Has rating cut to junk and fails on raising loans via bonds. Hope EUnuch central banksters are prepping a hefty "bailout". This one's gonna have to be 20X that of Greece, or some 2T EUR or better.

E U - U K EU-UK - Busies self and BBC-grazing poodles with ridiculous election theatrics not worth commenting on any further.
- Prolapsed BratAir merge their woes and debts with Spain's Iberia. Pretty soon, there will just be WestAir amalgam offering standing room only to the diseased freckly west pedophile lot for a bargain price of half their annual income to ferry them about their prolapsed cesspits.

I R A Q Iraq - 8-Apr through 30Apr summary: 10 IED attacks in Baquba, Kirkut, Hilla, Wassit, Jalawlaa, Mosul, Ramadi, and Ghazaliya; 3 hummers in Abu Ghraib, Mosul, and Babel; 4 rocket attacks on bases in Diwaniya, Kirkut, Babel, and Baghdad Airport.

Calso base after katusa attack, 11Apr.

Camp Echo gets two rockets, 8PM, 20Apr.

See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

J A P A N Japan - Hatoyama proves unable to keep his promise to send the yank home. 80% of Japan wants him out for the miserable performance. It seems Japan understands that either they liberate themselves from the occupation and sever west ties or prolapse with its occupying masters.
- JapanAir, long since pitifully prolapsed, quits flying to Brisbane, Australia and Hawaii.

K Y R G Y Z S T A N Kyrgyzstan - Getting liberated from the west rape via a coup.
- New governance backed by army on 10Apr freezes bank accounts of ousted west proxy PM and strips him of immunity. Somehow the PM refuses to acknowledge his stepping down though he did a quickstep down the ladder when the crowd came knocking on his bedroom door.
- USA suspends flights to their mil base, 8Apr.
- Russia sends in army units to see the coup through.
- UN and EUnuchs blither about invasion of Kyrgyzstan to pacify the coup. Why don't the west clowns invade Israel to stop the ethnic cleansing there, if they're so peace-seeking, that is?

N O R T H  K O R E A North Korea - Tells west it didn't torpedo anything. West blamed Pyongyang for the sinking of some military vessel of the yank-occupied South Korea.
- Moves to mid-range in missile testing. So far no nuking threats from comrade Obama.

P A L E S T I N E Palestine - Gazan fishermen attacked by Israeli mil boats, Apr 27.

See weekly report from Palestinian Centre for Human Rights on west ongoing transgression against humanity: April22-28 report

R U S S I A Russia - Taps Caspian reserves with 270M barrels of crude and 63B m3 of gas.
- Finds near 5B barrels of oil reserves on the Caspian shelf to boot. How unfortunate for west to have already been driven from the region then.
- Halts adoption to yank lands, after some baboon couple abandons a 7yr old adopted child sending him back to Russia. USA are truly child murdering and torturing animals and adoption to them is just acquisition means of victims. Some bent yank beat a 2 yr old Russian to death in 2006. That's 2YR old! Another yank murderer killed 21 month kid by locking him in a car for 9 hrs. Yank legal system found nothing wrong with this murder of a Russian child. Another yank bitch punished her 3 yr old Russian kid by strapping her into the car seat for 4 hours after beating her. And on and on... West is THE disease, indeed.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Tells comrade Obama to bugger off with his endless Iran sanction rants.

There's no point debating Iran's nuke aspiration if Israel has already been furnished by the west int'l treaty criminals with nuke arsenal, maintains Erdogan. What's notable however is that no example of tantamount clarity and logic exists anywhere in west.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - Russia cleaning up Ukraine from the west filth with 30% gas discounts, revamp of nuke power grid, and more. Sideline: Remember last year? EUnuchs were molesting Ukraine's gaslines thinking they own the pipes in the sacked west-raped nation. Today: Ukraine's Naftogaz is joining Gazprom; Crimea belongs to Russia till 2042 checking the entire NATO Black Sea aspirations; Ukraine is free of IMF dictate; and Russia gets 260K tonnes of duty-free steel. Yes, the already 2X size of Russia has grown by 600K km2. And let's not forgot that the prices of human organs on the west vampire markets will rise since with the loss of Ukraine the west beast has lost one of its organ harvest victims.

Welcome home, Ukraine!

U S A USA - NBN isn't the only one to catch the striking parallel twixt prolapsed Greece and USA "econ" debt and deficit numbers. The inevitability of the prolapse is understood by some like the USA central banksters and so comrade Obama is told by the Fed to swiftly bestow austerity measures upon the baboon: repo of retirement medical care funds and pensions; somehow upping by at least 50% taxes; and of course, inventing new imperial taxes. Now, this is sound since just the interest on the baboon's debt is enough to ensure a prompt wall-to-wall prolapse of all things baboon, but a small question still rankles. How do you tax the unemployed and the pathetically prolapsed? Did the Fed forget that two thirds of yank households bring in below 65K USD/yr? Did the Fed forget that the baboon owes 60% on all its realty? BTW, this is a lowest equity holding in 6 decades. Marvelous, isn't it?

Did the Fed forget about the prolapse of the baboon's income? Did the Fed forget about 1 in 4 houses in USA being "under water" or with more debt than it's worth? Did the Fed forget about 1 in 9 houses in effective default? Did the Fed forget about its own siphoning off the near 1,5T USD in lending? Did the Fed forget that USA is in active terminal prolapse? Does the Fed recall nothing from any of the NBNs?

- Though they may forget a lot they remembered to murder 5 more civilians in Pakistan with their terrorist drone strikes.
- The funny thing is that the Fed, while rinsing the baboon, wants to channel 5T USD more into elite Wall Street stocks and 20T more into the USA elite war businesses. This is mind-stopping, but note no baboons, blessed with a brain the size of a pinhead, are so much as riled.
- Pentagram admits channeling some 1,5B USD into some secret no-bid coffers.
- 30 Pentagram recycled child-murdering troops attempt suicide each day. 18 seem to be successful every day.
- Comrade Obama celebrates over 3% GDP growth for Q1, which is lower than 2009Q4. What happened? Did he run out of printer ink? Remember west voodoo economists count governance cash prints into the GDP as "governance investment". In other words, this is all 100% nonsense.
- Have a barf bag handy! It turns out that Busch II governance knew that hundreds, some 500, of USA concentration camp victims tortured and held longer in cages than Hitler's camps did in the crazed USA lockups strewn around our planet are innocent. Both Busch II and comrade Obama admins refuse to release the innocent for fear of horror stories spreading about the USA sickness. Among them are kids as young as 12 yr old and people old as 93. Yes, west deliberately tortures and kills innocent people, kids included, just to maintain some tale. The west sickness is truly beyond words.
- Tens of thousands of baboon students protest 820M cuts in education (a code in USA for mass brainwashing) someplace unimportant. The idiot baboon offspring didn't think their human transgressions were free, did they?
- Comrade Obama mulls full-blown annexation of Puerto Rico.
- Destroys Gulf of Mexico with oil spill. Lies about the spill, some 5X at first, which is better than the usual BBCNN and west governance lying factor of 20. It's now some 800K litres/day spilling into the gulf with apparently no way to stop it. ...and these filthy oil covered monkeys and eco-vampires wanted to dictate eco behaviour to our planet. UPDATE: As of 1May, the destruction has been admitted to be still 5X more (now we're reaching the nominal west lying rate) and it's some 25K barrels or 4M litres gushing out each day into the gulf. Comrade Obama, out of sheer insanity, ordered USA Air Force to battle the oil spill. How are jets manned by trained child-murderers stop a rig leak isn't however explained and highlights the sheer lunacy of all things west.
- Some CIA boss on charges for raping Muslim women. No, the west hypocrisy and sexual aberration sickness knowns no limits.
- Comrade Obama tries bending Russia to his Iran-sanction will by offering giving Russian firms waivers to continue trade with Iran. This is truly bizarre, isn't it? He wants Russia to sign the sanction rants but really not enact them, just to save his face. This is truly uniquely insane, isn't it? Unfortunately, the baboon's brainstem isn't big enough to appreciate the truly bizarre circus west has become.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Gets 20B USD from China to diversify oil market away from USA and develop Junin4 reserves to supply 400K bpd to China.
- Chavez holds ALBA summit 19Apr, celebrating the Bolivar Liberation of SouthAm from the west beast's talons.
- Foils another Chavez's life attempt. Who's behind it? So far no official word. be cont'd as it all piles

Nation By Nation (8Apr10)

29Mar-8Apr10 -- There should be absolutely -- as per our calculations and events themselves -- no question whether the west cesspits are prolapsing... and terminally at that. So it's safe then to move on to the priceless pain, which now illuminates the west rigor mortis pangs. After all, even the grisly pack of the west media whores has taken to covering the merriment of the west's growing agony. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - Karzai seems to be turning on his masters with threats of joining Talib. Watch for a new hasty "election", a code in west for imperator enthroning.
- In yet another case of west cowardice, Germs, after being ambushed and losing 3 child-murdering troops, opened fire on anything and everything managing to kill 5 of their allies.
- 29Mar-4Apr, west loses some 56 plus the customary 3-4X injury rate, 4 hmvs, 2 tanks, chopper, 8 tanks, and suffers 2 base shelling.

A U S T R A L I A Australia - Like baboons and EUnuchs, ratchets up looting by "privitasation" or public assets under the pretext of shaving cost. Port of Brisbane, forestry plantations, and freight and coal rail business go on garage sale. Note how the clever blokes kept the maintenance of railways a public wallet matter.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Gets a 100M USD loan from Russia and begins coop on energy, military, the usuals.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Building a fleet of space rockets slated to orbit in 2014. Too bad the NASA "moon" baboons can't read otherwise they may enjoy this one.

C A N A D A Canada - Ontario, too, ushers in the beautiful word "austerity" with years of public programme cuts; wage freezes on 1M public jobs; wage freezes on 350K private jobs; and dumping the lofty Toronto beautification projects.
- Has had enough of Afghanistan heroin protecting and wants out. Fights among the drug mafias?

C H I N A China - Loads up on Russian S300's. Oddly, west didn't spew the usual venom and threats of bombing China or Russia.
- Following threatening all sorts of retributions, comrade Obama is singing tweely again to Beijing. Why? China responded to the comrade's threats of sanctions with the mention of trade war. EUnuchs have made it clear to USA they want no part of this war.
- Picks up Ford's Volvo for 1,8B USD on the west-wide garage sale.

E U EU - Prez of all things EUnuch among the econ embers of his vast child-murdering reich publishes a book of rhymes. Not a joke! If only he could strum the lira like Nero. Like the west evil challenging all languages to even begin to describe the routine west behaviour, the field of psychiatry will have to stretch pretty far to account for the unusual brainstem disorders, which define the west patient today.
- The core EUnuchzone admits to 11% unemployment.
- Commercial realty rigor mortis carves a 150B EUR loan-exceed-value hole in the EUnuch banks. It's comforting to note that the commercial realty tidal wave nearing the EUnuch shores is 2T EUR high.
- Prices of commercial realty shrivel 26% across EUnuchia. Poodles lead with 44% shriveling.
- EUnuch banks are prepping for a 116B EUR injection into its prolapsed commercial realty. This is odd, since moments ago, EUnuchs couldn't find a single EUR to aid Greece, isn't it?

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks - 100 thousands strike in 200 cities, 23Mar. What's the matter, frankfurters? Don't much fancy the pension heist?
- Angry plebes revive bomb threats unless they're at least given some severance.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs - Ploughs Liechtenstein banks for some hived away cash unearthing 200M EUR. Yes, west is down to turning rocks looking for any morsel of ripe weevils and worms. The west prolapse is nicely highlighted by this for it's down to spending int'l effort to rake in millions while it's trillions short. If the west fiend had a brain cell in its brainstem knot, it would understand all its efforts to stave off its prolapse are 0,0001% effective.
- Catches a hard case of sanction mania and calls for sanctioning other EUnuchs electing some "stability pact", which prohibits the current deficit-to-GDP and debt-to-GDP west rates. Now, would this be the same stability pact that's given our planet 2 world wars, DU plague, torture camps, permanent genocide, and is this the same stability pact that's behind printing tens of trillions to float the west banking and elite concerns?

E U - G R E E C E EU-Greece - Bomb kills 1, Athens, 27Mar.

E U - I T A L Y EU-Italy - Christianic fuhrers defend west religion, a code for a pedophile homo deviancy club, by actually saying that raping a 12 yr old isn't rape because 12 yr old is old enough. Yes, west is THE disease, under all its "devinity" cloaks, in all its forms, in every action, reaction, thought, and rationalisation.
- Deficit rises to 18B EUR/Mar. That's a 30%/yr dilapidation. Although exceeding the EUnuch 3% "stability pact" deficit-to-GDP allowable limits, it's significantly healthier than the Baboonarium.
- Kisses Kaddafy's hand. Yes, Italy still remembers its long since Gazprom swiped wetdream of slurping Libya's energy.

E U - L I T H U A N I A EU-Lithuania - D Keyds kills 2 pedophile rapists of his 3 yr old child. The rapists happened to be a governance parliament member and a judge. Yes, all west institutions are just fronts for organised organ and sex slave traffic, child rape and war junta cabals.

E U - U K EU-UK - Aberdeen univ hikes tuition and cuts spending to give school leader 17% rise.
- BratAir on 2nd strike.

I R A N Iran - West's 2nd watered down version of proposed sanctions is still no good. Russia and China "nay" it.

I R A Q Iraq - 2 Hmv's destroyed; 4 bomb attacks on occupier's patrols and convoys; GreenZone mortared; and occupier's base C5k'd.

West beast hunting people.

See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

J A P A N Japan - Failure to deliver on a promise to drive the occupiers into the ocean plunges Hatoyama's approval to murky depths of 30%.
- Thousand protest USA occupation, 28Mar.
- Finance ministry threatens dumping Hatoyama unless he quickly resolves the matter of USA occupation.
- JapanAir zapping 30% jobs.

K Y R G Y Z S T A N Kyrgyzstan - Riots, tear gas, Molotov cocktails, demonstrators seizing governance building, ...the usuals turn into a full blown coup with live ammo, armoured vehicles, armour vehicle seizure, TV station & parliament takeovers, and Interior Ministry siege, ...the works. Bakiev, a "tulip" revolt child who extended USA's welcome to Mana mil base for 180M USD in 2009 is on the run. Opposition, led by Otunbayeva seems in. West gnashes teeth as the future of USA mil base ferrying 35K troops/month for Afghani rape and heroin protection -- if the opposition remains -- is certain.

Kyrgyz coup.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - Spites USA and goes ahead with buying Iran's electricity.

P A L E S T I N E Palestine - Israel air strikes Gaza over dozen times, 1Apr.
- Gaza suffers israeli tank land incursion, 8Apr.

R U S S I A Russia - NordStream work has begun. Where's Nabucco? Oh, it's where the entire west cesspit is.
- Puts 1B USD into Venezuela oil coop expansion.
- Ratifies Abkhazia and S Ossetia border protection. Yes, the 2008 Mc"gook killer"Cain-Busch II attack has left Russia slightly larger.
- Gazprom makes a bid for UK oil.
- Files application with UN to extend its size over Sea of Okhotsk. This after the discovery of Mendeleev and Lomonosov ridges extending Russia over the Arctic and thus the 25% of planet's energy resources shudders west.
- 28Mar, 2 bombs kill 39, Moscow. West operative, not unlike Basayev, eventually claims credit.
- 30Mar, bomb kills 12, Dagestan, Caucasus.
- 1Apr, bomb accidentally kills the 2 bombers ferrying the explosives, Dagestan, Caucasus.
- 4 Apr bomb explodes part of railroad, Caucasus. No one killed.
- Comrade Obama rushes in offering USA acumen to solve the bombing streak. West's learnt nothing, hasn't it? 6M troops armed to teeth with the greatest war tech wasn't enough 70 yrs ago and they're trying bomb revolt?

S Y R I A Syria - 10s of thousands protest Israeli crimes against Palestine incl the recent assault on al-Aqsa, Damascus, 26Mar.

T H A I L A N D Thailand - Demonstrators storm the parliament and the governance heroes beat a hasty retreat scaling the walls of the palace and climbing down ladders like tree pruners fleeing the fed up mob.
- Martial law with curfews, prohibition of assembly, and live ammo called by the ladder toting governance.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Gets a 400B USD loan from Saudi Arabia. Where's IMF? Oh, like Nabucco, it's where the entire west is.

U N UN - IAEA admits that west has murdered 1M civilians "violating int'l laws" in Iraq. Such is the legacy of the west beast on our planet. The west beast is truly something that's so off scale in all deviancies that it literary stops the mind. Let's just at random browse through some of the west legacy, shall we?

» Hide the legacy of the west beast
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Invaded under the pretext of 911 BS, Afghanistan has endured a decade worth of the beast's atrocities. Among the crimes, which west now proudly admits, is running the biggest heroin assault against our planet.

West legacy in Afghanistan. The entire west command of the west beast dares stand there and lie to the camera. Only after getting caught with pictorial evidence, the beast admitted its ongoing deliberate crimes against the children of our planet.

Torture of children is also west gift to our planet. This is Israel today. West has actually enacted int'l policies which allow their murder troops to torture children in front of their parents to extract testimony from the parent. There exist no words to begin describing the putridness of the west diseased mind. Deliberately torturing innocent people, let alone children, eclipses even the favourite west pastimes like collective punishment and human shield. It's so diseased, in fact, that no int'l convention has ever so much as stipulated such indescribable abomination.

Among the west beast legacies is the systemic blitzkrieg carried out against civilians in all west-raped lands. This is Palestine where a tank incursion following savage air strikes purveys the west's land theft and rape of Palestine. While west governances all pretend before cameras not to completely agree, like USA, behind the scenes, they're hastily fueling the Israel murder machine with war cash and the state-of-the-art genocide tech. 60% of Gaza-locked children are anemic and malnutritioned today.

Even west media whores today admit the diabolical legacy of the west DU vivocide. Serbia alone has clocked some 200% rise in DU-caused health disasters.

Serbia still bears the scars of the west beast 1999 assault and the fiendish destruction of Yugoslavia. West had summoned their favourite assassin, Mr Bin Laden with his KLA terrorist cabals to spark civil war by false flag terrorist massacres -- much like USA has been caught committing in Iraq. The reason for the west beast ripping Yugoslavia into shreds was the vampire's fear that strong Yugoslavia could mount resistance to the psychotic globalist crusade. The west monster remembers well Yugoslavian heroic resistance in WWII, which incidentally is also part of the blood-soaked west legacy.

Vietnam was savagely mauled by the west beast simply because its economy had taken off and the west beast sought to prevent the econ system from becoming the regional template of growth and prosperity. And so, as USA prez wanna-be McCain said, "[USA] bombed it to the Stone Age." ensuring its complete crush for at least 50 yrs.

The west beast legacy in Vietnam and Cambodia -- which west bombed with no reason whatever or even half sane pretext -- isn't just horrors like Mai Lai, psychotic tortures, or the 3M murdered so that the saxonic wall street vampires could maintain their "econ" superiority and the west neanderthal populaces could continue bathing in the arrogant BBCNN air of some divine saxonic racial superiority.

It's also unexploded west mines still stalking victims and agent orange, one of west's precursors to the current west vivocide by DU. Both continue the west wetdream of total destruction of our planet by maiming and murdering children to date.

West beast legacy also includes the total annihilation and perversion of sciences so that the west can continue wielding its Dark Age sword. Spearheaded by nazis like Heizenberg, all sciences were wiped out in the 30s and replaced by rubbish sold in the west pedophile school camps as education. This is Lamaitre, a vaticunt jesuit and also the author of the big bang BS, which is no more than the christianic bible blither simplified so that even a west "scientist" can follow. The unkempt one on the right, the very pillar of the current Dark Age, remains the west standard of "genius" despite never having produced a single original or worthwhile thought.

It's not that west doesn't have studious folk. It does. And they're diligent at their research and put in long hours to please their cabal masters. This is one of them, Mr Clauberg. His scientific legacy is the ability to, without pain killers, physically sterilise up to 1000 girls a day. Though, in his wake lie hundreds of murdered and maimed daughters and mothers, somehow, the USA-run nazi trials forgot about him like it did about the other 30-50K nazi genocide officers and monsters of this calibre.

The west legacy confirmed by this war criminal -- that'd be the one on the left -- years before the story was confirmed about the NYC and TelAviv organ theft cabals, is that of USA governance knowingly and happily trafficking slaves. As the data trickles in, we can add the to the immense crime record of the west beast, the traffic and plunder of organs typically stolen from defenceless children stolen by the monster from around the world; and the stat of 50K slaves trafficked into USA alone each year.

USA baboons actually celebrate by stuffing their baboon snouts bloated every year the genocide of 13-15M NorthAm people.

To west, this is "food rationing". This is India and the legacy of the west rape. In what west textbook whores refer to today as "benign colonisation", britz had systematically murdered 26M with hunger holocaust twixt 1877-1906 . The beast enjoyed it so much that it returned during WWII when Churchill repeated the hunger genocide adding some 7M notches to the impressive criminal record. To the west miscreants, Churchill remains the standard of heroism. BTW, that's the same monster that carved Arabia into the occupied "nations" of the Middle East today so that the west beast could drink free oil for a century now.

This is Korea where the west beast had murdered 3,5M civilians. These are USA murderers at a mass execution of civilians in Taegu, 1951.

This is Poland where the west beast had murdered 30% of the nation. These are Germ murderers, for a change, at a mass execution of civilians, cca 1940.

Iraq, attacked on a pack of WMD lies, has seen all the west beast diabolical tricks ranging from: west troops in civil clothing setting bombs in the old west game of "divide and conquer"; torture; deliberate civilian slaughter; mass murders of wounded and POWs; mass and deliberate murder of children; concentration camps that have tortured now longer than Hitler's, the usual standard for evil; DU poisoning; phosphorous skin burning; ... Incidentally, though against all int'l accords, dressing in someone else's uniforms and civilian clothes is a standard west beast's crime. Russia, in 1941 was too attacked by Germs dressed as Russian troops. It's safe to say that whatever violence there is anywhere on our planet, it's the west beast's work.

A child is the west beast's favourite prey. West loves murdering the wounded and old but it systematically slakes its satanic lust for human blood on children, hopefully armed with no more than a slingshot. USA troops made beer bets whether their snipers could hit children walking to school in Iraq. Yank religious sect rushed into the quake ravaged Haiti to steal children. Recently, west beast troops crushed the testicles of a child it tortured before his father. Teenagers of our planet are routinely hunted, herded like animals, and slaughtered for spare organs so that the west excremental neanderthals can buy a healthy liver for some 60K USD on the vast west organ market that implicates west governances and upper christianicojudeic religious sects. Even west's own children are preyed upon by this crazed west christianic lunacy. All over the west now surface accusations of institutionalised pedophile rape. But then again, what can be expected from religion run by nazis? Murder of children including newborns is the west way. From the moment the beast had eventually managed to cross the ocean to Americas, it began its brutal annihilation of life. In SouthAm and NorthAm alike, the west beast used the same method in killing children. The west miscreants were ordered to crush America's children heads under their boots to save ammunition. No crime eclipses that of deliberate murder or maiming of a child. Yet, to west, that's daily routine.

Drowning torture has enjoyed a long and successful career in the west. This is the grisly west christianics while assaulting SouthAm to steal land and plunder all things shiny. And the professors and scientists of the west beast today dare shrug their baboon shoulders and grunt: "It's a right mystery where Mayans, Aztecs, and Inkas have all gone." The chilling west legacy can still be seen in christianic torture chambers across SouthAm.

...and, sadly, on and on and on and on... no part of our planet has been spared the grisly psychotic rape of this diabolical disease.

The west beast's pretexts for these crimes typically range from "fighting the drug wars", "spreading democracy", "liberating from selves", "looking for WMDs", to "spreading christianic good or just freedom" or "delivering humanitarian aid", but the aim of the west christianic saxonic beast -- in its entire diseased life, ever since the right sickness disgorged from the Baltic marshes -- has been the same: total and complete annihilation of humans, humanity, and all reminders, vestiges, product, culture, civilisation, and art thereof.

In general, it's impossible to enumerate, catalogue, or even present the legacy of the west beast for it is simply too vast and this emotionally exhausting sample is but a drop in all the oceans.

Consider that just in the time twixt WWII and the enthroning of Busch II reign, the west had bombed near 70 nations around our planet murdering some 25-30M civilians. And these, by the west perverted standard, are the "peaceful" years.

In the wake of the west beast lie entire continents raped, looted, and genocided.

Astonishingly, the cretinous baboons down under that have stolen the Australian continent don't even admit today to the million plus genocide that had cleared the land for their deranged opera house in Sydney so the saxonic neanderthals can warble their "bless us, jesus for we are the fairest creature" hallelujahs pretending they're a civilised and upright species.

However counted, however sliced: assemble all evil from all the corners of our planet in all its existence and it won't touch the routine day in the life of the west beast.

U S A USA - Wall street "bailout" reaches 4,6T USD. That's TRILLION -- for the baboon, a completely tailless animal now, that's a number that has 12 zeros for a tail -- and that's just the cost of the wall street pretense.
- All this madcow printing puts the current USD debt-to-GDP at over 60% and comrade Obama's budget bravely cranks it up to 90%. These rates also consider the small fact that west GDP's INCLUDE the printed trillions, which the west fiend econ charlatans somehow dare count as production. But then again, it's no diff than west "bailed out" firms counting the free cash as profit, yet not taxable one. Yes, all #s as all things west are 100% pure laughable rubbish.
- It's so mad in fact that the west crazed econ loons can't agree whether it's inflation or deflation. The coastal central banksters scream deflation cuz the shelf clutter isn't moving but the fly-over-states based Fed boys opt for inflation. Sideline: No textbook fairytale condition, be it econ or anything else, applies to any part of west. West has neither had free market, democracy, private/public sector, free speech, nor economy. West is always been a child-murdering pedophile-run slavery lockup propelled by a gargantuan Dark Age machine. West neither has ever had public nor private sector or elected governance, for that matter. West governance has always been a private concern and never has west elite biz like west religious pedophile rapers been separated from it. Never has west sought anything it claims to seek. It's only goal has always been the total and complete annihilation of humans, humanity, and all the vestiges, reminders, culture, achievements, and beauty thereof.
- As of, 28Mar, it's 41 banks dead this year.
- AIG misses payment to USA coffer so governance sticks in own folks. Funny how all west media whores missed this fun hostile takeover.

This is quite telling of the beauty of the west idyll. Too bad about the tiny print, but the leftmost column suffices in telling the whole story. It shows 1/3 of households earning over 65K USD. No need to bother beyond this. So that means that two thirds, or 66% of baboon dwellings pull in less than 65K USD/yr. That's HOUSEHOLDS. Yes, for 2 out of 3, USA is just a shanty town.

- Near 70K baboons zapped/Mar. That's up by over 20K from Feb.
- Post office zapping 30K this year sometime.
- Owner of 158 shopping malls -- incidentally, the only landscape feature left in all west cesspits -- accrues near 30B USD debt and so it goes bankrupt.
- Attracting no buyers on the west garage sale, GM's hummer is slated for extinction next week.
- Illnoise has zapped 10K but is zapping 20K more teachers.
- Indiana (note the west raping idiots actually really thought they were in India) clocks an all time record for 90-day+ delinquent mortgages in Jan.
- Californlornia, with 80 hotels prolapsing, boasts near 30% rise in hotel foreclosures/Q1.
- Toyota slams doors in Californlornia leaving near 5K baboons stranded, 2Apr. Apparently, Californlornia begged Toyota to stay. Note how the yank baboon operates. First, it threatens voodoo hexes in its inimitable vicious vulgarity and then it sidles up like a high meth skank busy spreading VD.
- Fluorida cuts teacher pensions by 40%.
- Parts of prolapsed Wisecon&sin hike water price over 30% and do so retroactively to Jan.
- With 400M+ USD deficit, Detrot and the word bankruptcy begin appearing in a single headline.
- Clocks a month record for personal bankruptcies reaching near 160K/Mar. If the monthly stats are right, the growth rate is over 30%/mo meaning some 7K baboons go belly up each and every day now. If half true, it warrants a pint!
- Baboon home values shrivel 30% since 2007 on average.
- Office vacancy clocked in 10Q1 at 16 yr high -- and that's with 17% rent shriveling.
- Even the west propaganda motor loses its sting. CNN loses half of its cretinous flock.
- Print media clocks 43% shriveling in revenues.
- Comrade Obama is busy inventing acronyms for a spate of new taxes to soon hit the prolapsed nation.
- Mulls clearing student loan debt if the student agrees to join the Pentagram child-murdering and heroin-growing armies.

Kid soldiers? Where does the baboon get its grand ideas?

- Signs of more self-abuse appear as state provocateurs begin fomenting revolt sentiment with tales of organised governator threats and more. If there is some general baboon uprising, the first wave will be organised, run, and planned by west colour and fruit revolt planners.
- NASA, the proud moon film makers, are giving Russia 330M USD more to keep riding Russian tech to ISS.
- Buys old Russian booster rockets. Sideline: USA space programme, started by nazis -- how else? -- began with the embarrassing of suborbital hoppings while Russia orbited satellite, man, multi-man crew, did space walks, sent probes to our neighbours, took pics of Venus, and brought samples from the moon. Then later, NASA remained the embarrassment it had begun as, as USA's Skylab frumped into the sea while Russian Mir became the foundation of ISS. But then it turned real ugly. That was when NASA hired Kubrick and began committing assassinations. But this too was topped by the exploding fleet of shuttles that have been retired several times over. Today, as USA space programme has shriveled to hiring Russian tech, it's a small wonder that the NASA Braun nazi boys have turned their skill and talent to the matters of greater importance like "climate change study" and "Toyota peddle repair".
- Governance begins wrapping the nation with a barb wire as Capital Act outlines the limits of emigration.
- Comrade Obama approves killing of USAans, if they're terrists (sic).
- Washington shootout kills 3, 31Mar.
- NYC shootout leaves 4 dead, 5Apr.
- Shootout in Hollowwood kills 4, 4Apr.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Dozens of coop deals signed with Russia worth some 20B USD.
- Building a nuke plant with Russia. No war threats from the west baboon cowards?

The coop deals include 5B USD worth of weapons just in case the baboon gets unruly. be cont'd as it all piles up