Nation By Nation (8Apr10)

29Mar-8Apr10 -- There should be absolutely -- as per our calculations and events themselves -- no question whether the west cesspits are prolapsing... and terminally at that. So it's safe then to move on to the priceless pain, which now illuminates the west rigor mortis pangs. After all, even the grisly pack of the west media whores has taken to covering the merriment of the west's growing agony. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - Karzai seems to be turning on his masters with threats of joining Talib. Watch for a new hasty "election", a code in west for imperator enthroning.
- In yet another case of west cowardice, Germs, after being ambushed and losing 3 child-murdering troops, opened fire on anything and everything managing to kill 5 of their allies.
- 29Mar-4Apr, west loses some 56 plus the customary 3-4X injury rate, 4 hmvs, 2 tanks, chopper, 8 tanks, and suffers 2 base shelling.

A U S T R A L I A Australia - Like baboons and EUnuchs, ratchets up looting by "privitasation" or public assets under the pretext of shaving cost. Port of Brisbane, forestry plantations, and freight and coal rail business go on garage sale. Note how the clever blokes kept the maintenance of railways a public wallet matter.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Gets a 100M USD loan from Russia and begins coop on energy, military, the usuals.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Building a fleet of space rockets slated to orbit in 2014. Too bad the NASA "moon" baboons can't read otherwise they may enjoy this one.

C A N A D A Canada - Ontario, too, ushers in the beautiful word "austerity" with years of public programme cuts; wage freezes on 1M public jobs; wage freezes on 350K private jobs; and dumping the lofty Toronto beautification projects.
- Has had enough of Afghanistan heroin protecting and wants out. Fights among the drug mafias?

C H I N A China - Loads up on Russian S300's. Oddly, west didn't spew the usual venom and threats of bombing China or Russia.
- Following threatening all sorts of retributions, comrade Obama is singing tweely again to Beijing. Why? China responded to the comrade's threats of sanctions with the mention of trade war. EUnuchs have made it clear to USA they want no part of this war.
- Picks up Ford's Volvo for 1,8B USD on the west-wide garage sale.

E U EU - Prez of all things EUnuch among the econ embers of his vast child-murdering reich publishes a book of rhymes. Not a joke! If only he could strum the lira like Nero. Like the west evil challenging all languages to even begin to describe the routine west behaviour, the field of psychiatry will have to stretch pretty far to account for the unusual brainstem disorders, which define the west patient today.
- The core EUnuchzone admits to 11% unemployment.
- Commercial realty rigor mortis carves a 150B EUR loan-exceed-value hole in the EUnuch banks. It's comforting to note that the commercial realty tidal wave nearing the EUnuch shores is 2T EUR high.
- Prices of commercial realty shrivel 26% across EUnuchia. Poodles lead with 44% shriveling.
- EUnuch banks are prepping for a 116B EUR injection into its prolapsed commercial realty. This is odd, since moments ago, EUnuchs couldn't find a single EUR to aid Greece, isn't it?

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks - 100 thousands strike in 200 cities, 23Mar. What's the matter, frankfurters? Don't much fancy the pension heist?
- Angry plebes revive bomb threats unless they're at least given some severance.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs - Ploughs Liechtenstein banks for some hived away cash unearthing 200M EUR. Yes, west is down to turning rocks looking for any morsel of ripe weevils and worms. The west prolapse is nicely highlighted by this for it's down to spending int'l effort to rake in millions while it's trillions short. If the west fiend had a brain cell in its brainstem knot, it would understand all its efforts to stave off its prolapse are 0,0001% effective.
- Catches a hard case of sanction mania and calls for sanctioning other EUnuchs electing some "stability pact", which prohibits the current deficit-to-GDP and debt-to-GDP west rates. Now, would this be the same stability pact that's given our planet 2 world wars, DU plague, torture camps, permanent genocide, and is this the same stability pact that's behind printing tens of trillions to float the west banking and elite concerns?

E U - G R E E C E EU-Greece - Bomb kills 1, Athens, 27Mar.

E U - I T A L Y EU-Italy - Christianic fuhrers defend west religion, a code for a pedophile homo deviancy club, by actually saying that raping a 12 yr old isn't rape because 12 yr old is old enough. Yes, west is THE disease, under all its "devinity" cloaks, in all its forms, in every action, reaction, thought, and rationalisation.
- Deficit rises to 18B EUR/Mar. That's a 30%/yr dilapidation. Although exceeding the EUnuch 3% "stability pact" deficit-to-GDP allowable limits, it's significantly healthier than the Baboonarium.
- Kisses Kaddafy's hand. Yes, Italy still remembers its long since Gazprom swiped wetdream of slurping Libya's energy.

E U - L I T H U A N I A EU-Lithuania - D Keyds kills 2 pedophile rapists of his 3 yr old child. The rapists happened to be a governance parliament member and a judge. Yes, all west institutions are just fronts for organised organ and sex slave traffic, child rape and war junta cabals.

E U - U K EU-UK - Aberdeen univ hikes tuition and cuts spending to give school leader 17% rise.
- BratAir on 2nd strike.

I R A N Iran - West's 2nd watered down version of proposed sanctions is still no good. Russia and China "nay" it.

I R A Q Iraq - 2 Hmv's destroyed; 4 bomb attacks on occupier's patrols and convoys; GreenZone mortared; and occupier's base C5k'd.

West beast hunting people.

See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

J A P A N Japan - Failure to deliver on a promise to drive the occupiers into the ocean plunges Hatoyama's approval to murky depths of 30%.
- Thousand protest USA occupation, 28Mar.
- Finance ministry threatens dumping Hatoyama unless he quickly resolves the matter of USA occupation.
- JapanAir zapping 30% jobs.

K Y R G Y Z S T A N Kyrgyzstan - Riots, tear gas, Molotov cocktails, demonstrators seizing governance building, ...the usuals turn into a full blown coup with live ammo, armoured vehicles, armour vehicle seizure, TV station & parliament takeovers, and Interior Ministry siege, ...the works. Bakiev, a "tulip" revolt child who extended USA's welcome to Mana mil base for 180M USD in 2009 is on the run. Opposition, led by Otunbayeva seems in. West gnashes teeth as the future of USA mil base ferrying 35K troops/month for Afghani rape and heroin protection -- if the opposition remains -- is certain.

Kyrgyz coup.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - Spites USA and goes ahead with buying Iran's electricity.

P A L E S T I N E Palestine - Israel air strikes Gaza over dozen times, 1Apr.
- Gaza suffers israeli tank land incursion, 8Apr.

R U S S I A Russia - NordStream work has begun. Where's Nabucco? Oh, it's where the entire west cesspit is.
- Puts 1B USD into Venezuela oil coop expansion.
- Ratifies Abkhazia and S Ossetia border protection. Yes, the 2008 Mc"gook killer"Cain-Busch II attack has left Russia slightly larger.
- Gazprom makes a bid for UK oil.
- Files application with UN to extend its size over Sea of Okhotsk. This after the discovery of Mendeleev and Lomonosov ridges extending Russia over the Arctic and thus the 25% of planet's energy resources shudders west.
- 28Mar, 2 bombs kill 39, Moscow. West operative, not unlike Basayev, eventually claims credit.
- 30Mar, bomb kills 12, Dagestan, Caucasus.
- 1Apr, bomb accidentally kills the 2 bombers ferrying the explosives, Dagestan, Caucasus.
- 4 Apr bomb explodes part of railroad, Caucasus. No one killed.
- Comrade Obama rushes in offering USA acumen to solve the bombing streak. West's learnt nothing, hasn't it? 6M troops armed to teeth with the greatest war tech wasn't enough 70 yrs ago and they're trying bomb revolt?

S Y R I A Syria - 10s of thousands protest Israeli crimes against Palestine incl the recent assault on al-Aqsa, Damascus, 26Mar.

T H A I L A N D Thailand - Demonstrators storm the parliament and the governance heroes beat a hasty retreat scaling the walls of the palace and climbing down ladders like tree pruners fleeing the fed up mob.
- Martial law with curfews, prohibition of assembly, and live ammo called by the ladder toting governance.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Gets a 400B USD loan from Saudi Arabia. Where's IMF? Oh, like Nabucco, it's where the entire west is.

U N UN - IAEA admits that west has murdered 1M civilians "violating int'l laws" in Iraq. Such is the legacy of the west beast on our planet. The west beast is truly something that's so off scale in all deviancies that it literary stops the mind. Let's just at random browse through some of the west legacy, shall we?

» Hide the legacy of the west beast
Show it

Invaded under the pretext of 911 BS, Afghanistan has endured a decade worth of the beast's atrocities. Among the crimes, which west now proudly admits, is running the biggest heroin assault against our planet.

West legacy in Afghanistan. The entire west command of the west beast dares stand there and lie to the camera. Only after getting caught with pictorial evidence, the beast admitted its ongoing deliberate crimes against the children of our planet.

Torture of children is also west gift to our planet. This is Israel today. West has actually enacted int'l policies which allow their murder troops to torture children in front of their parents to extract testimony from the parent. There exist no words to begin describing the putridness of the west diseased mind. Deliberately torturing innocent people, let alone children, eclipses even the favourite west pastimes like collective punishment and human shield. It's so diseased, in fact, that no int'l convention has ever so much as stipulated such indescribable abomination.

Among the west beast legacies is the systemic blitzkrieg carried out against civilians in all west-raped lands. This is Palestine where a tank incursion following savage air strikes purveys the west's land theft and rape of Palestine. While west governances all pretend before cameras not to completely agree, like USA, behind the scenes, they're hastily fueling the Israel murder machine with war cash and the state-of-the-art genocide tech. 60% of Gaza-locked children are anemic and malnutritioned today.

Even west media whores today admit the diabolical legacy of the west DU vivocide. Serbia alone has clocked some 200% rise in DU-caused health disasters.

Serbia still bears the scars of the west beast 1999 assault and the fiendish destruction of Yugoslavia. West had summoned their favourite assassin, Mr Bin Laden with his KLA terrorist cabals to spark civil war by false flag terrorist massacres -- much like USA has been caught committing in Iraq. The reason for the west beast ripping Yugoslavia into shreds was the vampire's fear that strong Yugoslavia could mount resistance to the psychotic globalist crusade. The west monster remembers well Yugoslavian heroic resistance in WWII, which incidentally is also part of the blood-soaked west legacy.

Vietnam was savagely mauled by the west beast simply because its economy had taken off and the west beast sought to prevent the econ system from becoming the regional template of growth and prosperity. And so, as USA prez wanna-be McCain said, "[USA] bombed it to the Stone Age." ensuring its complete crush for at least 50 yrs.

The west beast legacy in Vietnam and Cambodia -- which west bombed with no reason whatever or even half sane pretext -- isn't just horrors like Mai Lai, psychotic tortures, or the 3M murdered so that the saxonic wall street vampires could maintain their "econ" superiority and the west neanderthal populaces could continue bathing in the arrogant BBCNN air of some divine saxonic racial superiority.

It's also unexploded west mines still stalking victims and agent orange, one of west's precursors to the current west vivocide by DU. Both continue the west wetdream of total destruction of our planet by maiming and murdering children to date.

West beast legacy also includes the total annihilation and perversion of sciences so that the west can continue wielding its Dark Age sword. Spearheaded by nazis like Heizenberg, all sciences were wiped out in the 30s and replaced by rubbish sold in the west pedophile school camps as education. This is Lamaitre, a vaticunt jesuit and also the author of the big bang BS, which is no more than the christianic bible blither simplified so that even a west "scientist" can follow. The unkempt one on the right, the very pillar of the current Dark Age, remains the west standard of "genius" despite never having produced a single original or worthwhile thought.

It's not that west doesn't have studious folk. It does. And they're diligent at their research and put in long hours to please their cabal masters. This is one of them, Mr Clauberg. His scientific legacy is the ability to, without pain killers, physically sterilise up to 1000 girls a day. Though, in his wake lie hundreds of murdered and maimed daughters and mothers, somehow, the USA-run nazi trials forgot about him like it did about the other 30-50K nazi genocide officers and monsters of this calibre.

The west legacy confirmed by this war criminal -- that'd be the one on the left -- years before the story was confirmed about the NYC and TelAviv organ theft cabals, is that of USA governance knowingly and happily trafficking slaves. As the data trickles in, we can add the to the immense crime record of the west beast, the traffic and plunder of organs typically stolen from defenceless children stolen by the monster from around the world; and the stat of 50K slaves trafficked into USA alone each year.

USA baboons actually celebrate by stuffing their baboon snouts bloated every year the genocide of 13-15M NorthAm people.

To west, this is "food rationing". This is India and the legacy of the west rape. In what west textbook whores refer to today as "benign colonisation", britz had systematically murdered 26M with hunger holocaust twixt 1877-1906 . The beast enjoyed it so much that it returned during WWII when Churchill repeated the hunger genocide adding some 7M notches to the impressive criminal record. To the west miscreants, Churchill remains the standard of heroism. BTW, that's the same monster that carved Arabia into the occupied "nations" of the Middle East today so that the west beast could drink free oil for a century now.

This is Korea where the west beast had murdered 3,5M civilians. These are USA murderers at a mass execution of civilians in Taegu, 1951.

This is Poland where the west beast had murdered 30% of the nation. These are Germ murderers, for a change, at a mass execution of civilians, cca 1940.

Iraq, attacked on a pack of WMD lies, has seen all the west beast diabolical tricks ranging from: west troops in civil clothing setting bombs in the old west game of "divide and conquer"; torture; deliberate civilian slaughter; mass murders of wounded and POWs; mass and deliberate murder of children; concentration camps that have tortured now longer than Hitler's, the usual standard for evil; DU poisoning; phosphorous skin burning; ... Incidentally, though against all int'l accords, dressing in someone else's uniforms and civilian clothes is a standard west beast's crime. Russia, in 1941 was too attacked by Germs dressed as Russian troops. It's safe to say that whatever violence there is anywhere on our planet, it's the west beast's work.

A child is the west beast's favourite prey. West loves murdering the wounded and old but it systematically slakes its satanic lust for human blood on children, hopefully armed with no more than a slingshot. USA troops made beer bets whether their snipers could hit children walking to school in Iraq. Yank religious sect rushed into the quake ravaged Haiti to steal children. Recently, west beast troops crushed the testicles of a child it tortured before his father. Teenagers of our planet are routinely hunted, herded like animals, and slaughtered for spare organs so that the west excremental neanderthals can buy a healthy liver for some 60K USD on the vast west organ market that implicates west governances and upper christianicojudeic religious sects. Even west's own children are preyed upon by this crazed west christianic lunacy. All over the west now surface accusations of institutionalised pedophile rape. But then again, what can be expected from religion run by nazis? Murder of children including newborns is the west way. From the moment the beast had eventually managed to cross the ocean to Americas, it began its brutal annihilation of life. In SouthAm and NorthAm alike, the west beast used the same method in killing children. The west miscreants were ordered to crush America's children heads under their boots to save ammunition. No crime eclipses that of deliberate murder or maiming of a child. Yet, to west, that's daily routine.

Drowning torture has enjoyed a long and successful career in the west. This is the grisly west christianics while assaulting SouthAm to steal land and plunder all things shiny. And the professors and scientists of the west beast today dare shrug their baboon shoulders and grunt: "It's a right mystery where Mayans, Aztecs, and Inkas have all gone." The chilling west legacy can still be seen in christianic torture chambers across SouthAm.

...and, sadly, on and on and on and on... no part of our planet has been spared the grisly psychotic rape of this diabolical disease.

The west beast's pretexts for these crimes typically range from "fighting the drug wars", "spreading democracy", "liberating from selves", "looking for WMDs", to "spreading christianic good or just freedom" or "delivering humanitarian aid", but the aim of the west christianic saxonic beast -- in its entire diseased life, ever since the right sickness disgorged from the Baltic marshes -- has been the same: total and complete annihilation of humans, humanity, and all reminders, vestiges, product, culture, civilisation, and art thereof.

In general, it's impossible to enumerate, catalogue, or even present the legacy of the west beast for it is simply too vast and this emotionally exhausting sample is but a drop in all the oceans.

Consider that just in the time twixt WWII and the enthroning of Busch II reign, the west had bombed near 70 nations around our planet murdering some 25-30M civilians. And these, by the west perverted standard, are the "peaceful" years.

In the wake of the west beast lie entire continents raped, looted, and genocided.

Astonishingly, the cretinous baboons down under that have stolen the Australian continent don't even admit today to the million plus genocide that had cleared the land for their deranged opera house in Sydney so the saxonic neanderthals can warble their "bless us, jesus for we are the fairest creature" hallelujahs pretending they're a civilised and upright species.

However counted, however sliced: assemble all evil from all the corners of our planet in all its existence and it won't touch the routine day in the life of the west beast.

U S A USA - Wall street "bailout" reaches 4,6T USD. That's TRILLION -- for the baboon, a completely tailless animal now, that's a number that has 12 zeros for a tail -- and that's just the cost of the wall street pretense.
- All this madcow printing puts the current USD debt-to-GDP at over 60% and comrade Obama's budget bravely cranks it up to 90%. These rates also consider the small fact that west GDP's INCLUDE the printed trillions, which the west fiend econ charlatans somehow dare count as production. But then again, it's no diff than west "bailed out" firms counting the free cash as profit, yet not taxable one. Yes, all #s as all things west are 100% pure laughable rubbish.
- It's so mad in fact that the west crazed econ loons can't agree whether it's inflation or deflation. The coastal central banksters scream deflation cuz the shelf clutter isn't moving but the fly-over-states based Fed boys opt for inflation. Sideline: No textbook fairytale condition, be it econ or anything else, applies to any part of west. West has neither had free market, democracy, private/public sector, free speech, nor economy. West is always been a child-murdering pedophile-run slavery lockup propelled by a gargantuan Dark Age machine. West neither has ever had public nor private sector or elected governance, for that matter. West governance has always been a private concern and never has west elite biz like west religious pedophile rapers been separated from it. Never has west sought anything it claims to seek. It's only goal has always been the total and complete annihilation of humans, humanity, and all the vestiges, reminders, culture, achievements, and beauty thereof.
- As of, 28Mar, it's 41 banks dead this year.
- AIG misses payment to USA coffer so governance sticks in own folks. Funny how all west media whores missed this fun hostile takeover.

This is quite telling of the beauty of the west idyll. Too bad about the tiny print, but the leftmost column suffices in telling the whole story. It shows 1/3 of households earning over 65K USD. No need to bother beyond this. So that means that two thirds, or 66% of baboon dwellings pull in less than 65K USD/yr. That's HOUSEHOLDS. Yes, for 2 out of 3, USA is just a shanty town.

- Near 70K baboons zapped/Mar. That's up by over 20K from Feb.
- Post office zapping 30K this year sometime.
- Owner of 158 shopping malls -- incidentally, the only landscape feature left in all west cesspits -- accrues near 30B USD debt and so it goes bankrupt.
- Attracting no buyers on the west garage sale, GM's hummer is slated for extinction next week.
- Illnoise has zapped 10K but is zapping 20K more teachers.
- Indiana (note the west raping idiots actually really thought they were in India) clocks an all time record for 90-day+ delinquent mortgages in Jan.
- Californlornia, with 80 hotels prolapsing, boasts near 30% rise in hotel foreclosures/Q1.
- Toyota slams doors in Californlornia leaving near 5K baboons stranded, 2Apr. Apparently, Californlornia begged Toyota to stay. Note how the yank baboon operates. First, it threatens voodoo hexes in its inimitable vicious vulgarity and then it sidles up like a high meth skank busy spreading VD.
- Fluorida cuts teacher pensions by 40%.
- Parts of prolapsed Wisecon&sin hike water price over 30% and do so retroactively to Jan.
- With 400M+ USD deficit, Detrot and the word bankruptcy begin appearing in a single headline.
- Clocks a month record for personal bankruptcies reaching near 160K/Mar. If the monthly stats are right, the growth rate is over 30%/mo meaning some 7K baboons go belly up each and every day now. If half true, it warrants a pint!
- Baboon home values shrivel 30% since 2007 on average.
- Office vacancy clocked in 10Q1 at 16 yr high -- and that's with 17% rent shriveling.
- Even the west propaganda motor loses its sting. CNN loses half of its cretinous flock.
- Print media clocks 43% shriveling in revenues.
- Comrade Obama is busy inventing acronyms for a spate of new taxes to soon hit the prolapsed nation.
- Mulls clearing student loan debt if the student agrees to join the Pentagram child-murdering and heroin-growing armies.

Kid soldiers? Where does the baboon get its grand ideas?

- Signs of more self-abuse appear as state provocateurs begin fomenting revolt sentiment with tales of organised governator threats and more. If there is some general baboon uprising, the first wave will be organised, run, and planned by west colour and fruit revolt planners.
- NASA, the proud moon film makers, are giving Russia 330M USD more to keep riding Russian tech to ISS.
- Buys old Russian booster rockets. Sideline: USA space programme, started by nazis -- how else? -- began with the embarrassing of suborbital hoppings while Russia orbited satellite, man, multi-man crew, did space walks, sent probes to our neighbours, took pics of Venus, and brought samples from the moon. Then later, NASA remained the embarrassment it had begun as, as USA's Skylab frumped into the sea while Russian Mir became the foundation of ISS. But then it turned real ugly. That was when NASA hired Kubrick and began committing assassinations. But this too was topped by the exploding fleet of shuttles that have been retired several times over. Today, as USA space programme has shriveled to hiring Russian tech, it's a small wonder that the NASA Braun nazi boys have turned their skill and talent to the matters of greater importance like "climate change study" and "Toyota peddle repair".
- Governance begins wrapping the nation with a barb wire as Capital Act outlines the limits of emigration.
- Comrade Obama approves killing of USAans, if they're terrists (sic).
- Washington shootout kills 3, 31Mar.
- NYC shootout leaves 4 dead, 5Apr.
- Shootout in Hollowwood kills 4, 4Apr.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Dozens of coop deals signed with Russia worth some 20B USD.
- Building a nuke plant with Russia. No war threats from the west baboon cowards?

The coop deals include 5B USD worth of weapons just in case the baboon gets unruly. be cont'd as it all piles up


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Anonymous said...

Marvellous, thanks. Just what we'd been waiting for. With each new edition, it just gets better.

Anonymous said...

Tremendous piece of work, poiuytr, cataloguing some of west's crimes the world over. Wish there were more like you out there, in the blogging world, with similar zeal and lucidity.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, Poiuytr. Once again, you did a great job. I will print it out and carry it so that I can read it carefully in the commuter train.

Anonymous said...

Poiuytr, you still have it my friend. I'm glad I found this place, I was afraid something bad happened to you.

"West beast legacy also includes the total annihilation and perversion of sciences so that the west can continue wielding its Dark Age sword"

Hahaha, well said, as ever. I'm going to write a large article on this topic very soon. I'll send you a line when it's done.


Anonymous said...

9-11 Truth makes HUGE appearance at Los Angeles Anti-War March

WeAreChangeLA brought the 9-11 Truth message to the Anti-War march in Los Angeles in a HUGE way. We brought our four massive 2-sided blue banners. These babies are so big, it takes five of us to carry one. We showed up early and it paid off, because we got a good spot up front.

Anonymous said...


Were you one of the participants of "Iraqwar-mirror of the world" ??

Anonymous said...

Freud was absolutely correct when he wrote in the 19th century:

"America is a mistake, a colossal mistake!"

Anonymous said...

At the Geopolitical Crossroads of China and Russia: Kyrgyzstan And The Battle For Central Asia
Which direction the next Kyrgyz government takes will have repercussions far beyond the nation's small size and population (slightly over five million).
It could affect U.S. and NATO plans for the largest military offensive of the Afghan war scheduled to begin in two months in Kandahar province.
It could determine the future of the Collective Security Treaty Organization and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the two major potential barriers to Western military penetration of vast tracts of Eurasia.
The stakes could hardly be higher.

Anonymous said...

Who Rules America?

THERE IS NO GREATER POWER in the world today than that wielded by the manipulators of public opinion in America. No king or pope of old, no conquering general or high priest ever disposed of a power even remotely approaching that of the few dozen men who control America's mass media of news and entertainment.

Their power is not distant and impersonal; it reaches into every home in America, and it works its will during nearly every waking hour. It is the power that shapes and molds the mind of virtually every citizen, young or old, rich or poor, simple or sophisticated.

The mass media form for us our image of the world and then tell us what to think about that image. Essentially everything we know—or think we know—about events outside our own neighborhood or circle of acquaintances comes to us via our daily newspaper, our weekly news magazine, our radio, or our television.

There Were 88 Media Companies… Now There Are 6 These are the 6 media companies that exist today. There used to be 88. These 6 all get their news from Reuters and the Associated Press. Reuters owns the AP and Rothschilds own Reuters.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, you've done an admirable piece of work above. And now where are you? Exhausted and in need of a well deserved rest, certainly. But do come on as soon as you can. It would set all our minds at rest.

And now I have a special message for you from the Midnight Lady. She said she wished you well and begged you not to be so "hyper". It simply affects the health adversely. In which she's absolutely right. Cheers.

Anonymous said...


Isn't it simply marvelous that Russia is supplying the US with their technology and the Yank wanks are returning the favor by encircling them with military bases and hostile regimes?

How does Russia tolerate this nonsense?

Anonymous said...

Yank, yank,
Ignorant, narrow-minded wank,
Dumber than a bucket of bricks,
Thicker than a huge bundle of sticks,

Walks with an empty look on his face,
Hands always near his can of mace,
Just in case!

Can only discuss two topics:
The weather and baseball,
While the rest of the world plays European football.

Stuffs his mouth sunrise to sunset,
Threatens every nation on the fucking planet,
Can't even find his own country on a map,
But installs on his car a gold-colored hubcap.

Preaches in a place called church every Sunday,
Then molests young boys in a rent-a-car on Monday.

Hides like a girl behind his lawyer,
Then behind his gun,
Shoots up his classmates yearly just for fun.

Always barks like a dog about his freedom,
Brays like a donkey about his greatness,
Yet keeps Iraqi children constantly sleepless.

Brainwashed by his flat-screen,
Plagued by a million fears.
And still has nothing but scrambled eggs between his ears.

In two thousand and one,
They run out of countries to bomb,
So they hijack four jets in the month of September,
Since then, have turned the world
Into a giant blender.

Avoid this ugly creature while you can,
It's frightening, it's hideous, it's called an American!

Anonymous said...

Eh ben, that was great stuff, 03:57! Really was. But the last thing in the world we'd want for anyone is Yank-obsession. Not worth it, the butcher bastards. Still, when inspiration speaks, who can resist the call? I specially liked the verses: "So they hijack four jets..." till "Into a giant blender". Give us lines on the Freeworld as depicted by poiuytr next time, would you? Be of good cheer.

Anonymous said...

Investors rush to sell Greek bonds (9.4.10)
Market turmoil hits the euro and adds to fears of economic collapse in Greece - The Guardian

Anonymous said...

The Desperation of the west propaganda machine.

Qatari diplomat + smoking on board = Al Qaeda.

I find these people under my bed every night, too. And they're always about to light up.

Anonymous said...

Greece again, 10:53
World Stocks Drop as Greek Debt Default Nears
AFP | Financial markets turned on Greece again on Thursday, driving up its borrowing costs to record levels on rising doubt that the EU will provide a debt rescue, and the euro plunged further.

Anonymous said...

This is WRH's Michael Riviero speaking to the baboons. Check out his conclusion. Doesn't he sound just like our poiuytr?

The Guy Who Stole All Our Money Now Wants to Steal Our Paycheck, Too (8.4.10)
Ben Bernanke has funneled trillions of dollars worth of bailouts, guarantees and sweetheart deals to U.S. (and foreign - and see this) banks.
This money was pickpocketed from you and me, directly (through government spending) and indirectly (increasing debt costs, future inflation, etc).
Bernanke is now calling for tax increases and raised the possibility of reductions in entitlements such as Medicare and Social Security.
About ten years ago I warned you that Social Security was being looted of the baby-boomer cash setaside to balance the Federal Government's books. And I warned that since this looting (called "loans") occurred during what was claimed to be an economic boom time, there could never be a condition under which the government could put that money back. This meant that either taxes would be raised to replace the looted funds, or the benefits already paid for would be canceled, or both.
And here we are.
And now I am warning you again. We are in the final days of the United States Federal Government and they are simply looting the people for all they can get before they skedaddle to the border, and they will go on looting you as long as you continue to allow it to happen.
You didn't listen before.
And this time round, they won't listen either.

Anonymous said...

The Shylocks meet the Fagins by Gilad Atzmon
In Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice Shylock is a Jewish moneylender, a character who has become a name of the ultimate heartless usurer. In the play Shylock lends money to his Christian rival, Antonio, setting the bond at a pound of Antonio's flesh. Once Antonio fails to pay his loan back, Shylock demands the pound of flesh in return. Though Shylock is just a fictional character, the willingness to attach a price tag to blood or human flesh is rather revealing.

Charles Dickens’ Fagin is a fictional Jewish villain who appears in Oliver Twist. Fagin is the leader of a children’s pick-pocketing gang. In exchange for their services Fagin gives the children a roof over their heads. Fagin is a literary symbol of the total exploitation of the poor and the innocent.

Anonymous said...

with respect to the wikileak - soldiers shooting a van video

How many of you people have actually been down there and expierienced this? None of you and even Wiki dont have the intel that these soldiers had. Its kill or be killed over there. People are not even taking in the consideration where the intel comes from and that these civilians that they killed had it coming they are what the people of Iraq fear. Seriously they got what they deserved and anyone who really wants to debate this with me hit me up. Ive been down there twice and these people I garuntee were not innocent. It is very unfortunate about the little girl but they did call evac and its her family or whoevers fault that dragged her into it.

An American Soldier

Anonymous said...

You must be joking, American Soldier. You come on to this website of all places and ask us for understanding and speech even as we mourn, along with the innocent Iraqis, your victims, the anniversary of the fall pf Baghdad!

Not yet DU-dead you? But braindead, certainly. In our eyes - and I speak for the entire blogging team here - USans are the worst criminals (with the rest of the west) this planet has ever seen. Even if each of you were given three lives of punishment over, you would still not have received condign punishment.

A piece of advice, Soldier, don't let our blogmaster or some of the others catch you here. They'd flay you alive. I'm just being polite. So make tracks for some west blog where you might be received with open arms.

Anonymous said...

Kyrgyzstan’s next leader will have to win Moscow's approval (9.4.10)
An ability to please Russia may determine whether the new leader of Kyrgyzstan’s interim government becomes the next president.
Ms. Otunbayeva has said that the US can continue using the base at Manas but a senior Russian official, speaking on condition of anonymity, made clear yesterday that the Kremlin expected her to close it. He said that Mr Bakiyev had broken a promise to expel the Americans, adding: “In Kyrgyzstan there should be only one base — Russian.”
And quite right, too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Yank soldier, (15:08)

You wrote: "Seriously they got what they deserved and anyone who really wants to debate this with me hit me up."

With equal pertinence, on 9-11, you Yanks got what you deserved.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Death Of The Internet: Unprecedented Censorship Bill Passes in UK - 8.4.10

A draconian Internet censorship bill that has been long looming on the horizon finally passed the house of commons in the UK yesterday, legislating for government powers to restrict and filter any website that is deemed to be undesirable for public consumption.
The “Digital Economy Bill” was rushed through parliament in a late night session last night after a third reading.
In the wake of the announcement of a general election on May 6, the government has taken advantage of what is known as the “wash-up process”, allowing the legislative process to be speeded up between an election being called and Parliament being dissolved.
Only a pitiful handful of MPs were present to debate the bill, which was fully supported by the “opposition” Conservative party, and passed by 189 votes to 47 keeping the majority of its original clauses intact.
The bill will now go back to the House of Lords, where it originated, for a final formal approval.
Shit man, shit, shit, shit! Off their heads, they all are, Brits and cohorts.

James Wolfe said...

An American Soldier

What an arrogant, disgusting, and stupid creature you are. How dare you attempt to justify your barbarism. The people of Iraq have every right to defend their homes, dignity, and country from foreign rapist, plunderers and invaders such yourself you twat.

Who the hell are you attempting to impress or intimidate with your churlish bravado and inane posturing? It is you and your fellow occupiers that deserve to die and suffer. You are indeed an American soldier, stupid and cowardly.

Russia and China would squash you slack-jaw cretins.

You think you’re tough because you oppress defenceless people from the third world? You are repugnant.

Anonymous said...

@(8/4/10 17:22)

I'm still at iraq-war, though I left for a while. You can read one of my new articles there. It is still somewhat good, for arguing different views, but it is a worse site without poiuytr. I feel the fighting spirit has almost disappeared from there. I was very angry when they ban him, but there is nothing I could have done. I am happy enough to read his reports here and his commentary.


Anonymous said...

As democracy unravels at home, the west thuggishly exports it elsewhere
Democracy in both America and Britain and the rest of Europe is coming under scrutiny these days. Quite apart from the antics of MPs and congressmen, it is said to be sliding towards oligarchy, with increasing overtones of autocracy. Money and its power over technology are making elections unfair. The military-industrial complex is as powerful as ever, having adopted "the menace of global terrorism" as its casus belli. Lobbying and corruption are polluting the government process. In a nutshell, democracy is not in good shape.
Any day now it will be pronounced dead and given a modest burial.

Anonymous said...

Hi Syrian, Feels good to hear your voice again. Though of course we've been following some of your recent trajectory through a neighbouring blog. Great strides you've taken yourself to match the increasingly grievous state of the world today.

Anonymous said...

James W., you addressed that "slack-jaw cretin", who seemed to wander on to our website unawares, in admirable terms. Others who ticked him off were not bad either. He got a right earful, all in all. Thanks for that.

And now two questions: Where's poiuytr and what do you personally think about the harsh Brit moves against the Internet?

Anonymous said...

Death of the Polish President and his wife, along with 85 others, as the pesidential aircraft crashs somewhere to in western Russian!

Engineered or an accident? Has Russia finally woken up and is hitting back at its enemies?

Anonymous said...

Payback for recent bomb attacks in Russia perhaps, 09:54? Russia-backed revolutions underway in Thailand and Kyrgyzstan, both US puppet states up until now. Death of the Polish Pres today. Russia's renewed refusal to allow sanctions against Iran. Expect Georgia to fall anytime now. And the Afghans to bring down even more west aircraft in their fight to the death.

Anonymous said...

10:42 - Payback also perhaps for the CIA drug trade in full spate between Afghanistan and Russia, accounting for the deaths of some 30.000 Russians per year, according to official sources.

Actually, Russia can't afford to lose even a single member of its melting population. I wish they'd put a complete stop to the horrors of letting their babes and kids be adopted by West people.

Anonymous said...

These reporters were most likely informants not just regular reporters why would they be walking along with no military escorts or anything. Your all jumping the facts on this all videos that get out like this are supposed to be TS but they still have there ways just like anything else that leaks out. Theres reason that the military does not give full details to media and its not because they're corrupt. I dont fully agree with everything that goes down there but I dont jump the gun like everyone and just assume dumb shit either.

Anonymous said...

so all you anti-Americans, what would you do in that situation?

You've received a call saying some of your troops are taking small arms fire. In your gunship, you spot a group that fits the description. You even see one with what looks like an RPG.

you bet I'd open fire to protects my brothers and sisters. Of course I was Navy, which meant a Tomahawk coming your way.

An American Soldier

Kon Abaga said...

i visited your site n was good enough then othere site that i visited last month

work and study

Anonymous said...

Kon Abaga, thanks and welcome to NBN. Join us on a regular basis. Take active part in everything we do. Thanks in advance for your input as well.

@An American Soldier

We wouldn't have been there in the first place. We have too much self-respect to go round killing men, women, children on the say-so of a vile government. In fact, we wouldn't be USan for anything in the world and, if fate had tripped us up and we were born on those stolen lands, we shouldn't have joined their armed forces, not for all the gold availble. No not even if we'd been tortured to force us into doing so. Death rather than give up on our humanity-loving principles. An American soldier just embodies death and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know where all these people are: poiuytr, Quenzjor, Rising Horus, Informatron? James has just put in an appearance, so I really can't fault him. Do people really think a blog runs itself without any day-to-day contributions from participants. So please. For the sake of the blog. Make your voices heard. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Poland’s Leaders Move to Weaken Currency, Then Die in Plane Crash
Government Against The People
April 10 ,2010

There’s no telling if the two events are connected, but their timing is mighty interesting.

The Polish government and the National Bank of Poland, in a “rare moment of unity,” agree to weaken Poland’s currency, the zloty, in an act that would benefit Poland’s exporters at the expense of Poland’s trading partners—that is, the European Union, among others. Then, the next day, Poland’s president and the president of its national bank die in a plane crash.

EU involvement? Makes one thing, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

"When we can't feed our families what do you tell us? Thou shalt not steal? When survival is the first law of nature? What are you going to do when black people and poor people erupt in the streets of America? It's coming! Will you use the federal troops, Mr. President, against the poor?" - Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam addressing the head of US govt.

Anonymous said...

Nine dead as Thai troops clash with Red Shirt protesters - 10.4.10
The sudden escalation of the month long demonstration, has raised fears of a larger uprising against Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.
The demonstrators, who all wear red-shirts, are supporters of the deposed former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and want Vejjavia to resign.
Protest leader Veera Musikapong told protesters today: “We are changing our demand from dissolving parliament in 15 days to dissolving parliament immediately.”
It looks as though the Thai people have had enough.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amerikkkan baby-killer (11:58),

You wrote: "Of course I was Navy, which meant a Tomahawk coming your way."

That sentence alone embodies your psychopathic serial-killing tendencies. You Yanks are bloodthirsty bastards with and endless appetite for more dead, blown-to-pieces children.

Your country makes up 4% of the world's population, yet produces 80% of the world's serial killers.

You act exactly the same way abroad.

From what I sense, your country might not exist soon.

Do yourself and humanity a favor and get the fuck up and get the fuck out of Iraq and Afghanistan, unless you want another attack that will make 9/11 look like a tea party.

Anonymous said...

01:12 - Hear, Hear! Perfect welcome and goodbye for the Navy man you prepared there. But how on earth did he land here with us? That Wikileak video, do you think?

Anonymous said...

Death toll rises in Bangkok battles
At least 15 dead and more than 500 wounded in violence between government troops and protesters in Thailand.

A bloodbath for the Buddhists! How the world has changed over time.

Anonymous said...

China's trade $7bn in the red (11.4.10)
Asia's economic powerhouse posted its first trade deficit for six years.

Good move on China's part, wouldn't you say? The west gleeful and China serene.

Anonymous said...

Gloomy Greece
Last week the interest rates Greece pays on 10-year government bonds leapt up again, and in response the Athens Stock Exchange plummeted.

Credit rating down
On Friday the ratings agency, Fitch, downgraded Greece's credit rating yet again. According to Fitch, Greece's new rating, BBB-, puts it on an equal footing with Brazil, Panama, Morocco and Namibia.
Any lower rating is not considered investment grade. This is a humiliating position for a country in the Eurozone, although Friday's gloom was somewhat dissipated by the news from Brussels that Eurozone officials may have reached agreement on how to lend money to Greece at below-market rates.

Anonymous said...

This is Rising Horus.

8/4/10 16:01
8/4/10 17:10
8/4/10 17:22

These are my posts. I did not use my handle-name, because everyone except Poi and J.W. stays anonymous.(In this thread, however, new members like "syrian" "American Soldier" "Kon Abaga" used handle-names.)

Should I (or should we) use a handle-name?Is there a rule about that?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, Rising. No, no need for any handle-name. Anon is fine. I think we just wanted to know you were still around, that you hadn't given up on us, after all. Thanks and a million blessings.

BTW what did you think of our latest recruit, the American Soldier which should actually be the American Sailor, if what he says about himself is correct?

Anonymous said...

Latest from Afghanistan - 11th April, 2010

- U.S military vehicle torn apart by mine blast in Kunar By Zabihullah Mujahid
KUNAR, Apr. 11 - A military-logistical convoy of U.S. invaders was traveling to the district center of the Nari district, Kunar province as the lead vehicle struck a roadside bomb blast, on Sunday morning.
The enemy U.S soldiers including an interpreter were killed in the blast that targeted the vehicle destroying it completely .

- People in Marjah protest against Quran desecration By Qari Yousuf Ahmadi
HELMAND, Apr. 11 - The angry mass protest against desecration of Holy Quran by NATO U.S. troops in Marjah town of southern Helmand province has extended to its second day, according to the report from Helmand province.
The protest turned violent and people burned the U.S flag, demanding a quick withdrawal of U.S NATO forces from Afghanistan and bringing those to justice who desecrated Holy Quran in a Masjad ( mosque) in Sistani area of Marjah, according to local residents, the U.S invaders after cutting the Holy Quran with scissors, stepped on it and crushed it under feet, cursing the Holy Quran.
A mass protests was staged by thousands of the people in Marjah yesterday, as well, which was continuing till the evening hours of Saturday, Apr. 10, 2010.
It is worth remembering that at least 25 civilians were martyred and more than 70 civilians were injured at the hands of the U.S. NATO and Afghan puppet army during a protest last month in Garmsir district of Helmand province.

- Kunduz airfield comes under missile attack
By Zabihullah Mujahid
KUNDUZ, Apr. 11 - Three missile struck the terminal inside Kunduz airfield on Sunday morning, Apr. 11, 2010.
According to the report from Kunduz airport, the attack came minutes after president Hamid Karzai left the airport, in which 5 of the president's bodyguards were killed and 3 badly hurt besides damaging the airfield.
The incident comes as President Hamid Karazia and Amrullah Salaih, the head Notational Security Department along with general Mc Crystal accompanied by a number of other government officials were on an official visit in Kunduz province.

Anonymous said...

Rising Horus at 17:10 on 8.4.10 - One should have guessed that was you with the item on the huge 9/11 truth banners carried by US demonstrators. Sorry, I failed to spot the connection. I'll do better next time, I hope.

Anonymous said...

Turkey criticizes Israel's nuclear program
Turkey's prime minister said the world is turning a blind eye to Israel's nuclear program and he intends to raise the issue at the nuclear summit in Washington.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Iran's nuclear program is being scrutinized because of its membership in the International Atomic Energy Agency whereas Israel, which has not signed a nonproliferation treaty, is "free to do what it wants."
Bravo to Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for having had the courage to make this statement.
He, originally the shy, the discreet, has now turned as outspoken as Chavez or Ahmadinejad. A real asset for the Freeworld he's become.

Anonymous said...

The $2.3 Trillion State and Local Government Debt Monster – California Pension Systems on Unsupportable Path with $500 Billion Projected Shortfall. (11.4.10)

Much of the focus on US government debt over the past few years has revolved around the federal government. No doubt, this is a stunningly large amount. Yet the government has the ability to finance this debt through the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve with a buffet of choices. You have direct bailouts to Wall Street, quantitative easing, and systematically dismantling the U.S. dollar. But one issue that is rising to the top is that of state and local government debt. States do not have the ability to print money at the whim of any central banker. And the state and local government debt market is up to a whopping $2.3 trillion. At this point, trillion is the new billion.

Anonymous said...

News from US - 12.4.10

- Sovereign debt crisis at 'boiling point', warns Bank for International Settlements: Sovereign debt is already starting to cross the danger threshold in the United States, Japan, Britain, and most of Western Europe, threatening to set off a bond crisis at the heart of the global economy.

- 42nd US bank failure in '10 is South Carolina bank: Regulators on Friday shut down a bank in South Carolina, marking 42 bank failures in the U.S. so far this year amid mounting loan defaults, especially in commercial real estate.

- Over Half Of Detroit Homeless Population At Risk Of Dying On City Streets: The homeless in Detroit face a dire situation. The Detroit Free Press reports, that living on the streets puts more than half of them at risk for dying -- a far greater percentage than in any other American city.

Anonymous said...

Hungary elections: first step to power for far-Right since Nazi era
The far-Right has taken more parliamentary seats in Hungary’s national elections than at any time since the Second World War. 11.4.10

Fidesz, Hungary's centre-Right party, won 52.77 per cent of the vote, based on 99 per cent of votes counted, in a blow to the Socialist government.
Jobbik, a far-Right party, gained entry into parliament for the first time after winning 16.71 per cent of votes, behind the ruling Socialists who took 19.29 per cent.
Hungary's largest Jewish organisation warned that the vote was "the first occasion that a movement pursuing openly anti-Semitic policies" has taken a step to power since the Nazi era.
Hungary's election gains for Jobbik follow a upsurge in support for the far-Right across Europe.

Anonymous said...

Is the World's Second Biggest Economy On the Ropes? (11.4.10)

Iceland has around the 101st biggest economy.

Dubai is also tiny.

Greece is somewhat bigger, with the 27th biggest economy.

When Iceland, Dubai and Greece tanked, that was horrible ... but not catastrophic.

Portugal - the 37th biggest economy - may be next. It would be horrible if Portugal tanks.

But Spain is also in real trouble. As the 9th biggest economy, a default by Spain could be major.

But none of these are in the same ballpark as Japan - the world's 2nd biggest economy. Only the U.S. is bigger.

So it is newsworthy that S & P cut Japan's sovereign credit rating in January.

Where is Japan heading? Liberation or further slavery?

Anonymous said...

The Latest Scams (12.4.10)

- Washington nuclear summit under way Fourty-seven nations seek to stop extremist groups from acquiring nuclear material.

- In Thailand, the so-called PM is now claiming "terrorists" were responsible for the twenty-plus Red Shirts dead and scores injured.

- Poland is in a state of shock over president's death. So far so good. Claim it's a "new Katyn".

- In Kyrgyzstan, ex-Pres Bakiyev is calling on UN to send troops to his country.

- West Bank - Ethnic cleansing on a grand scale by Israel.

Anonymous said...

11:10 - Latest scam word: "infiltration"

IDF order will enable mass deportation from West Bank - 11.4.10
A new military order aimed at preventing infiltration will come into force this week, enabling the deportation of tens of thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank, or their indictment on charges carrying prison terms of up to seven years.
When the order comes into effect, tens of thousands of Palestinians will automatically become criminal offenders liable to be severely punished.

Anonymous said...

Specially for our friend poiuytr:

Saakashvili: 'Something Incredibly Evil' About Kaczynski Death
Saturday, 10 Apr 2010 05:11
Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili says “there is something incredibly evil” in the death of Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his entourage this weekend.
Is the embattled Georgian president pointing fingers at the Russians?
Asked about elaborate on his "evil" comment during a CNN interview in London, Saakashvili said: “I mean the way he died. Of course, there is a symbolism in that. I do not want to comment about it.”
Saakashvili said Kaczynski showed strong solidarity with Georgia in the face of Russia's meddling in his country.

Anonymous said...

Poland president air crash.

Wanna bet it was a false flag terrorist attack (by the USA and Britain) to blame on Russia, either directly or indirectly?

Anonymous said...

No, no bet, 19:57, sorry. If it was an engineered crash, I'd also put my money on US-Brit rather than Russia for the job.

Anonymous said...

Did The Fed Just (Surreptitiously) Bail Out Europe?

That nice little vertical line in the Total Loans and Leases of Commercial Banks chart is a gain of $421.8 billion dollars of outstanding loans and leases in one week's time.


You won't find anything like that in the records - because it's never happened before. That's beyond unprecedented, it's ridiculous, and assuming it's also accurate, someone has some 'splaining to do on what clearly appears to be some sort of back-door game being run.

Anonymous said...

Risk of Japan going bankrupt is real, say analysts - 12.4.10

Analysts say Greece's debt problems may currently be in the spotlight, but Japan is also walking a financial tightrope, with a public debt bigger than that of any other industrialized nation. Japan’s debt is expected to hit 200 percent of Gross Domestic Product next year as the government tries to spend its way out of the economic doldrums, despite plummeting tax revenues and soaring welfare costs for its ageing population. Hideo Kumano, chief economist at Dai-ichi Life Research Institute says: "Japan's .. debt to budget ratio is more than 50 percent," adding that, without issuing more government bonds, Japan "would go bankrupt by 2011." Japan’s huge public debt is a legacy of massive stimulus spending during the economic "lost decade" of the 1990s, as well as a series of pump-priming packages to tackle the current recession. Standard & Poor's has warned it might cut its rating on Japanese government bonds, raising Japan's borrowing costs.

Japan must be getting something right in its first serious attempt after WWII to rise above slavery. Up Japan, up. Say no to intimidation.

Anonymous said...

Situation in Thailand today:

- Thai PM Accuses 'Terrorists' of Inciting Deadly Violence

- Thai PM Pressured as Army Chief Calls for Polls

Never forget that Ahbesit, the present Thai PM is a pure West puppet, propelled to power after the army got rid of Thaksin for his work in favour of the poor of the country.

Anonymous said...

US planning to hold a National Strike between April 15 and April 18. Let's see how many USans observe this.

Anonymous said...

The Afghan Resistance on Marjah (12.4.10)
The indication by General McChrystal that they will soon launch a same type of operation as they have launched one in Marjah is just a propaganda of the invaders to divert people's attention from their failures in Marjah, because they have not accomplished anything in Marjah, the flag-waving drama which was staged by the invaders to dupe people that they have taken control of Marjah. However the reality is that the Mujahideen are in control of Marjah, and to prove this to the world the Mujahideen had invited journalists to come and see for themselves who really is in control of Marjah, but to hide this truth from the world the invaders have blocked journalists from entering Marjah. Only those journalists are allowed in by the invaders who are on their payroll.

Anonymous said...

BRIC Countries: Common Goals – Common Actions
Published 13 April, 2010, 12:20

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has written an article for Russia’s daily newspaper Vedomosti on Russia’s role in the BRIC group of states ahead of the BRIC Summit on April 15-16. RT has published his article in full.
The BRIC Summit, which will take place in Brazil on April 15-16, 2010, is a young forum that nevertheless has gained great international recognition from the outset.
And this is no surprise, since its member countries combined account for 26% of the world’s land area, 42% of the world's population, and 14.6% of the world’s GDP. In recent years, BRIC's share in global economic development has exceeded 50%.
What place does Russia hold in this group of states?
Overcoming the impact of the global crisis, our country at the same time follows the path of comprehensive renovation. Our key task is to achieve sustainable economic growth and an increase in the income of citizens based on a diversified economy, technological modernization and innovative development. We increasingly invest in further space exploration, energy efficiency, development of nuclear and alternative energy, information, telecommunications and new medical technologies, and development of drugs. We attach great importance to the processing of mineral resources our country is rich in, as well as to agricultural production growth. I am convinced that our BRIC partners will find these Russian achievements useful.
For our part, we have been following with interest and appreciation the dynamic development of other alliance members. A combination of our countries’ relative competitive advantages is mutually beneficial in many areas, and offers us unique opportunities to boost cooperation. Many of such advantages have been already made use of.
Here is one example: at a recent meeting in Moscow our agriculture ministers have decided to create a joint database to assess food security in the BRIC countries and promote cooperation in agricultural technology development and exchange. Such technologies are designed to reduce the negative impact of climate change on food security, and ensure adaptation of agricultural industry to such changes.
There are also wide opportunities for multilateral cooperation in nuclear energy, aircraft engineering, space exploration and use, and nanotechnologies. Such cooperation can be enhanced through financial interaction of the BRIC countries, in particular in the form of agreements on the use of national currencies in mutual trade.
In our view, joint economic security measures are also important, such as exchange of information on possible speculative attacks on currency, stock and commodity markets.

Anonymous said...

Banana Republic With No Bananas (but plenty of weapons which no one can eat, alas)

Experts on third world banana republics from the IMF and the Federal Reserve have said the U.S. has become a third world banana republic.

Anonymous said...

Argentina seizes pension funds to pay debts. Who’s next? (13.4.10)

Daily Telegraph | It is a foretaste of what may happen across the world as governments discover that tax revenue is down, and also discover that the bond markets are unwilling to plug the gap.

Anonymous said...

The American Recovery, Lots of Puff But No Substance - Pra^vda (13.4.10)

Ok, ok, if one reads the US post and watches Wall Street, not to mentions listens to the "honest" American government, one "knows" that everything in America is perfectly fine, economy is thundering along and the Empire is back to full strength....or is it?
Behind the daily charade, the endless cheer leading are very unforgiving currents that ca not be hidden from an expert eye, no matter how much the Obama Regime and the rest of the American One Party Two Branch system wants it.

Anonymous said...

Kyrgyz president offers terms for resignation
Buzz up!19 votes Send
Email IM .Share
Facebook Twitter Delicious Digg Fark Newsvine Reddit StumbleUpon Technorati Yahoo! Bookmarks .Print .. Reuters – Ousted President Kurmanbek Bakiyev (L) speaks at a rally of his supporters in the centre of Jalalabad, …
. Slideshow:Protests in Kyrgyzstan .
Play Video Afghanistan Video:Gentler Approach to Afghanistan FOX News .
Play Video Afghanistan Video:Fallen SWAT Officer, Marine To Be Honored CBS 2 / KCAL 9 Los Angeles .
By Dmitry Solovyov Dmitry Solovyov – 2 hrs 1 min ago
TEYYIT, Kyrgyzstan – 13,4,10

Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev said on Tuesday he might resign if the interim government guaranteed his safety and calmed the turmoil gripping the country since an uprising against his five-year rule.
Raising for the first time the possibility of ceding power, Bakiyev attached several conditions to stepping down, a sharp shift in tone that could offer a way out of the standoff with the self-proclaimed government which controls Kyrgyzstan.
When asked by reporters under what conditions he could resign, Bakiyev said: "I believe first and foremost if there is a guarantee that the roaming of these armed people ends in Kyrgyzstan, that this redistribution of property and this armed free-for-all stops.
"Secondly, if my personal security and that of my family and my relatives is guaranteed," Bakiyev told reporters outside his yurt in his home village.
"And also let them start preparing a snap presidential election to be held within two or three months."
By offering the prospect of resignation, Bakiyev could open up a way out of the turmoil.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that came out all wrong. I wasn't careful enough. Again, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Israel tells its citizens to get out of Egypt now (13,4,10)

Israel issued an "urgent" warning Tuesday to its citizens to leave Egypt's Sinai Peninsula immediately citing "concrete evidence of an expected terrorist attempt to kidnap Israelis in Sinai."
Egypt's representative to the US Nuclear Summit made it a point to say that Israel's known nuclear arsenal needs to be looked at alongside Iran's much propagandized but never proven nuclear ambitions. Israel clearly does not like this, and may stage another false-flag bombing against Egypt as punishment.

Anonymous said...

Israel ghas gone its head in more ways than one. As of today, it can bein its "legal" ethnic cleansing of the West Bank. Great, super! And the entire world has nought to say to the deed. Unregenerate monsters, all.

Anonymous said...

Shit. Here's the comment once more:

Israel has lost its head in more ways than one. As of today it can begin its "legal" ethnic cleansing of the West Bank. Great! super! And the entire world has nought to say to the deed. Unregenerate monsters, all.

Anonymous said...

US family expels adopted kid to Russia

Anonymous said...

Thanks for link, 21:58. A news item at about the same time also informed us that another adopted child of Russian descent died in the US of a heat stroke after being left hours in a car under a blazing sun. Whereupon, the Russians swore: no more kids for adoptive parents from the US. Don't know what it is with the Russians that, in spite of a dwindling population at home, they feel no qualms about letting their parentless babies go to foreigners. Perhaps a serious change in policy will now occur.

Anonymous said...

re: US family adopting Russian kids.

This is just another example of American family values in action!

Anonymous said...

Let's see if Ban Ki Moon has the guts to defy his American masters and start investigating the American Reichstag Fire of 9/11.

"Ahmadinejad calls for UN Chief to probe into September 11 attack, NATO's role in Afghanistan"

Anonymous said...

Hundreds dead in China earthquake (14.4.10)

Quake of magnitude 7.1 strikes around 33km below surface of Qinghai province, injuring up to 8,000.

Anonymous said...

08:07 - You say "family values" to a USan, he or she will probably want to know if it's something to eat. They're a lost patchwork nation, the USans are. And perhaps "nation" is also the wrong word in their context.

08:34 - Ban Ki Moon from slave nation S. Korea would surprise us all a great deal if he suddenly turned round and showed some guts. But one never knows. Surprises are always possible. Bravo to Ahmadinejad in any case. He's someone with guts.

Anonymous said...

The nuclear family: World unites against terror threat
In a show of global unity, 47 nations sign up to agreement to stop atomic material falling into terrorist hands.

Ha, ha! Latest bit of playacting on the part of west and its slaves!

Anonymous said...

Japan getting it right at long last, seems to me. All these recent moves against Japan tells the real story:

- Toyota suspends Lexus sales amid rollover fears
Troubled car maker halts supply of its new Lexus GX 460, after a consumer magazine warned the vehicle may roll over.

- LA judge will take 200 runaway Toyota cases.

- Toyota executive urged bosses to ‘come clean’.

How about US coming clean for a change?

Anonymous said...

The Boomerang Effect By Gilad Atzmon (13.4.10)

The Holocaust Educational Trust was established in 1988 says their official website. “Our aim is to educate young people from every background about the Holocaust and the important lessons to be learned for today.”

Wonderful, I think to myself. My 9 year old son told me that a Shoa guru visited his school recently to talk about the holocaust. My son raised his hand, he wondered whether the lesson of the holocaust could be applied to the Palestinian ordeal. “We are not here to talk about politics” answered the ‘trusted’ trained Shoa mentor. For my son the message was clear: The Jewish people's suffering is universal, other people's suffering is ‘politics’.

Anonymous said...

U.S. Military

A Sign of Empire Pathology. More US military personnel have taken their own lives than have died in action

Finian Cunningham
Global Research
Wednesday, Apr 14, 2010

Also a convenient way to account for the discrepancy in numbers as the real casualty figures finally come out.

Anonymous said...

Morgan Stanley's Real Estate Funds announce losses amounting to $5.4 billion to shareholders.

Marvellous! More of the same, please.

Anonymous said...

"Death to America” Fury at NATO Massacre in Kandahar (14.4.10) - Pravda

Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai has condemned another NATO massacre of civilians in Afghanistan, the latest in its blase Wham! Bam! Sorry Ma’am! policy of slaughter from Kosovo to Kabul. This time it was a bus strafed with automatic weapons fire in Zhari, Kandahar Province. The victims included a woman.

Anonymous said...

The Dirty Business Behind the 9-11 Clean-up
April 11, 2010

The discovery by Professor Steven Jones of tiny chips of super-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center has greatly improved our understanding of what happened on 9-11. With this evidence in hand we have a much better understanding of how the Twin Towers were pulverized. The crucial questions about 9-11 remain: Who made this nanotech super-thermite? And who put it in the Twin Towers?

The red-gray chips of super-thermite found in the dust of the pulverized World Trade Center have fundamentally changed our understanding of what happened on 9-11.

Seeing that an advanced nano-composite form of thermite was used to demolish the buildings, we can now understand that the clean-up was actually a well-planned operation to remove and destroy the evidence of the crime. Every aspect of the well-planned false flag terror atrocity of 9-11 was completely controlled and compartmentalized, the hallmarks of a Mossad (Ehud Barak) operation. Every part of the operation is carried out by people and companies that are controlled by the architects of terrorism. They are all essentially part of the same team - the Israeli terror team - and can be controlled and trusted, from the top down. With this in mind, we begin our review of the people who cleaned up the World Trade Center.

Anonymous said...

Iran complains to UN over Obama 'nuclear blackmail'
Iran has formally complained to the United Nations over comments by US President Barack Obama which Tehran considers to be "nuclear blackmail," the official IRNA news agency reported Wednesday.
In a letter submitted to the world's top diplomatic body on Tuesday, Tehran questions the "intent" of Washington's new nuclear policy and says it contains threats of nuclear attack against Iran, IRNA said.

The US loves to choose enemies they believe are weaker to ensure a win. Look what happened in Iraq. If the US picks a fight with Iran, there will be much graver consequences for the whole world.

Anonymous said...

Gaza: endless casualties of Israel’s “buffer zone” - Eva Barlett (Uroknet)

April 14, 2010 - Mahmoud Shawa, 19, was shot just below the knee by an Israeli soldier during a non-violent demonstration against the Israeli-imposed 'buffer zone’ near Nahal Oz border crossing. He was rushed to the Shifa Hospital bleeding heavily. Although in great pain and having lost a considerable amount of blood, Shawa was able to clarify that, no, the Israeli soldiers did not give any warning before they shot him in the leg. The bullet, entering and exiting just below Shawa’s left knee was clearly intended for his kneecap, paralleling the injuries of two of four demonstrators shot by Israeli soldiers on March 30 in two separate Land Day demonstrations. One year earlier, Wafa An Najar, 17, was 'kneecapped’ as she and her family returned to the site of their home, destroyed during the Israeli war on Gaza in 2008-2009. As Wafa stood roughly 800 metres from the border in Khoza’a, southeast of Khan Younis, an Israeli soldier targeted her, hitting her exactly in the kneecap...

Israel has lost any legitimacy it might once have had.

Anonymous said...

Freeway blogging for 9/11 Truth - April 9th, 2010

Anonymous said...

12:45 - a slightly longer piece on the same topic:

Morgan Stanley Loses $5.4B In RE Fund: Biggest Loss In History! - 14.4.10
Here’s a story for the decade. Morgan Stanley’s Msref VI, an $8.8 billion real estate fund, lost $5.4 billion, the biggest loss in the history of private real estate equity investing. This story is just out from the Wall Street Journal and it is worth a read.
It isn’t clear from the article, but they bought many of their properties in 2007. I don’t have to tell you how insane a move that was when the U.S. housing market was collapsing. One of their big misses was the Eurotower in Franfurt which, ironically, is the home of the European Central Bank

Anonymous said...

Exit from the Euro - 9.4.10

Bryan Marsal, of all people, who is CEO of the bankrupt Lehman Brothers, said, in an interview with Handelsblatt, published March 24,1 that the next great crisis is imminent, since none of the problems that came to light in 2008 have been solved, no lessons were learned from the disaster, and the banks are doing now exactly what they were doing before.
An indication of how the euro crisis is now perceived worldwide, is shown by the fact that, for the first time, the vice governor of China's central bank, Zhu Min, questioned the stability of the euro; Greece is just the tip of the iceberg, he said; and Spain and Italy are obviously of greater concern. Zhu stressed that the deeper structural problem is how the euro will be managed: "We do not see resolute actions that signal to the markets, 'We can solve this problem, we can end this crisis.' Therefore, the markets are very unpredictable." Since China holds a significant part of its currency reserves in euros, and China, despite its relatively good growth rates, is sitting on a social and political powder keg, these concerns should not be ignored.
The Financial Times of March 25 published an article by the four German professors, namely Professors Wilhelm Hankel, Wilhelm Nölling, Karl Albrecht Schachtschneider, and Joachim Starbatty, who filed a lawsuit against the introduction of the euro in 1993 and 1998, before the German Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe. They argue that only Greece's exit from the euro and the reintroduction of the drachma would represent a way out.2 They also pointed to the Karlsruhe ruling of 1993, which allows Germany to remain in the euro system only if the euro maintains the same stability which the D-mark previously had; and they would announce an immediate new lawsuit in Karlsruhe, if the European governments dole out financial aid to Greece, in violation of the Maastricht Treaty's "no bailout clause." They expect to have a better chance of winning the case this time, given the massive problems of the euro.
Not only have these professors, along with the present author, been proven right, when they said back then that the European Monetary Union could not function due to the member-states' different structures: As forecast, their competitive differences have now become even stronger. The argument that "the European process," the euro, and European integration would secure peace in Europe, has turned out to be a fiction. Instead of developing into an orchestra which performs Classically composed works according to the laws of polyphonic harmony, this Europe has become a cacophony, in which prejudices, and even insults, have produced discontent and dissonance.
Helga Zepp

Anonymous said...

The World Today - Continuation of above H. Zepp article

All of us — Germany, Greece, Ireland, and so forth — are victims of a construct, EU, which has been set into place in order to serve the interests of the financial oligarchy's empire, against the people's interests. This empire's lackeys, with Thatcher, Mitterrand, and Bush in the forefront, took the lost historic opportunity of 1989, the fall of the Wall, and German reunification, and transformed the EU into a regional empire, as part of the worldwide globalization imperium.

And what has this brought us? Civilization is on the verge of a new Dark Age. Over the past four years, the number of people who go hungry each day worldwide has climbed from 800 million to 1.2 billion. The North-South dialogue, and even the mere pretense of remedying hunger in the developing countries, has ground to a complete halt. Ferry boats to many Greek islands in the Aegean are no longer operating, while in Germany's cities, public swimming pools, libraries, and day-care centers are shutting down. The debate over privatizing the health-care system is starting up again—we already had that once, 70 years ago. The United States is in the throes of a crisis far beyond most people's imagination. The list of institutions and other things that were once taken for granted, and are now breaking down, goes on and on.

Anonymous said...

re: Exit from the Euro - 9.4.10

That is a piece from Lyndon Larouche. I wouldn't trust him one whit.

The Larouchies are hostile to the European Union because the EURO represents a challenge to the dirty American dollar as the world reserve currency.

When push comes to shove, all Americans jealously pimp for their Dollar Empire, no matter how predatory it may be.

That is the basis of everything these parasites have.

Petrodollar Warfare
Oil, Iraq and the Future of the Dollar
William R. Clark

The invasion of Iraq may well be remembered as the first oil currency war. Far from being a response to 9-11 terrorism or Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction, Petrodollar Warfare argues that the invasion was precipitated by two converging phenomena: the imminent peak in global oil production, and the ascendance of the euro currency.

Energy analysts agree that world oil supplies are about to peak, after which there will be a steady decline in supplies of oil. Iraq, possessing the world's second largest oil reserves, was therefore already a target of U.S. geostrategic interests. Together with the fact that Iraq had switched its oil export currency to euros -- rather than U.S. dollars -- the Bush administration's unreported aim was to prevent further OPEC momentum in favor of the euro as an alternative oil transaction currency standard.

Anonymous said...

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, as a country-wide Resistance Movement - 14.4.10
Part One
Now after the passage of nine years since the American invasion of Afghanistan, the public of the world have reached the conclusion that the usage of the word of terrorism was an unjustified pretext and the attacks were an illegitimate aggression. Being so, it was part and parcel of a colonialist strategy of Washington drawn up by Pentagon strategists after the disintegration of the former Soviet Union. By using this pretext, they wanted to bring the world under their belly.
Washington needed some slogans to make the invasion appear justified and the execution of the colonialist plan feasible. So they adroitly and cunningly coined the War on Terror cliché. However, the ground realities in Afghanistan indicate that the invading forces in Afghanistan are not fighting against a few armed opposition but they are facing the Afghan nation in an armed confrontation. Had it not been the case, they would not have needed 150,000 soldiers to maintain the status quo.
On 13, last February, 15,000 foreign troops supported by 20,000 Afghan hireling police and army soldiers launched massive offensive against Marja, a town in Helmand province., But now after the passage of two months, the American and their puppets see a certain defeat there. If there are a few terrorists as they prefer to call them, then why their highly-trained soldiers and sophisticated weapons could not achieve victory. Vice versa. Army may fight against an armed group but they could not withstand a people’s upheaval.
Nine years back, Bush claimed, Taliban were not more than 1000-2000 and promised to eliminate them soon. But today one of their prominent generals, general McKiernan, says America needs 400,000 soldiers to contain Mujahideen in Afghanistan. Likely, in the past nine years, never a day has passed without the invaders claiming that they have killed tens of armed Taliban. By now, they should have finished all those 2,000 Taliban. But the ground realities of today show that the resistance movement grows day by day.

Anonymous said...

A Country-wide Resistance Movement - Part Two

According to a survey conducted by Western institutes, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has influence in 80% of the Afghan territory. Is it possible for 2,000 or even 10,000 armed men to do this? The fact is that the current Jihad movement is a nationalist, Islamic and country-wide movement. Torture, detention, air strikes and brutal raids would never eliminate it.
The Red Army of the former Soviet Union killed about two million Afghans but they could not put a stop to the resistance. The more the invading Americans and their allies martyr the Afghans, the more they would bounce back stronger, rather than being silenced; the flames of revenge will become more wide-spread and burgeoning.
The bottom-line is when the White House rulers and the Pentagon generals stop, not throwing dust into the eyes of the public of the world under the fake name of fighting terrorism and when they will abandon their ambitious colonialist goals and dreams of dominating the world?
We deem it necessary to remind these rulers who are intoxicated by the craze of capturing the world, if you do not look at the realities as they are, you will certainly end up facing the fate of the former Soviet Union. Then surely, you will not only lose control of the world but face disintegration back home. Now the choice is yours.

Anonymous said...

Chinese economy surges again (15.4.10)
Growth of nearly 12% puts China on verge of overtaking Japan as world's second largest economy.

The Chinese can quote a US politician who once said of charges of keeping the dollar artificially weak: It's our yuan and it's your problem.

Note as well the myth of US being No 1 econ world power served and reserved in every such news item.

Anonymous said...

Toyota SUVs in new scare (15.4.10)
Toyota will conduct safety tests on all its sport-utility vehicle models.

Another ongoing piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Israel's Declining Sperm Quality Tied to Depleted Uranium Exposure - 15.4.10

Israel's population is facing a dire threat: a drastic depopulation, from the use of weapons that leave behind Depleted Uranium (DU). Depleted Uranium leads to the word Omnicidal, as DU kills everything in the food chain, everywhere the wind blows. Experts say the dramatic drop in Israel's sperm count could eliminate their ability to reproduce.

Hoist with their own petard?

Anonymous said...

Israeli sperm count.


Anonymous said...

05:59 - HAHAHA, indeed. Then the thought occurs: And what about the Palestinian sperm count? And one sobers up and finds little reason to rejoice.

Anonymous said...

US plans full European missile shield in 8 years - 15.4.10
U.S. anti-ballistic missile systems will cover all of Europe by 2018, a senior Pentagon official said, laying out an ambitious target for defending against a perceived threat from Iran.
"One hundred percent," Bradley Roberts, deputy assistant secretary of defense for nuclear and missile defense policy, said in reply to a question at a hearing of a House of Representatives Armed Services subcommittee Thursday.

This is not about Iran; it is, unfortunately, about Russia. Wake up, Russia!

Anonymous said...

Depleted uranium is destroying life

Jerry Mazza | The total world inventory of depleted uranium stands at 1,188,273 tonnes as of 2002. That is enough to wipe out life on the planet for billions of years.

Anonymous said...

- Red shirt leader escapes hotel raid Thai commandos launch security operation as deputy PM brands protest leaders "terrorists". This has become the most meaningless word in the language.
- Again talk of Greece going bust and opting out of the Euro.
- Officially acknowledge deaths among west invaders in Afghanistan rising, with Germans and Brits leading the list. Anything even remotely resembling the truth not to be expected from USans.
- A thick layer of ash from an Icelandic volcano disrupts air traffic in Europe, while China copes with the aftermath of its terrible earthquake.
- YouTube is now showing a vid about gun shots in the area near Smolensk where the Polish plane went down. Implication: Russia shot down the aircraft. Make up your own mind.

Anonymous said...

Thousands rally to oust Georgian president Saakashvili a.k.a. US puppet - 14.4.10
Some 15,000 protesters have rallied in front of the President's residence and the parliament building in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi. Peaceful protests are set to continue during the upcoming days.
The opposition has rejected proposals to form a coalition government, saying their aim is to oust President Mikhail Saakashvili and not to win seats.
Tents have been set up and hundreds of people filled the small square in front of the building while thousands gathered on the streets adjacent to the residence.
After the completion of the rally, around 20 tents stood and will be occupied by dozens of protesters who are expected to stay – ‘until Saakashvili resigns’.
Levan Gachechiladze of the opposition promised that “every street in Tbilisi will become a protest spot,” and all of Georgia will be involved in the demonstrations in the coming days.
"We declare Saakashvili to be persona non grata in Georgia," said opposition leader Zviad Dzidziguri. He said Georgians would picket Saakashvili everywhere he goes.
Among the many events at the rally, protesters found a moment to release a white rabbit wearing a red tie onto the grounds of the residence hinting, once again, at the now-famous episode when Saakashvili was seen chewing his tie.
The opposition Conservative Party has called the president ‘rabbit’, accusing him of cowardice, and called on protesters to throw vegetables at the residence.
Meanwhile, Tbilisi authorities have labeled as ‘illegal’ the decision by protesters to picket the president’s residence.
As the mayor’s office has not authorized mass rallies in places other than Rustaveli Prospekt, “a 24-hour picketing of the president's residence can be deemed as a violation of the law," according to a source in the mayor’s office as quoted by the Interfax news agency.

Anonymous said...

Kyrgyz president 'formally resigns' - 16.4.10
Kurmanbek Bakiyev, the deposed president of Kyrgyzstan, has formally resigned from his post, the country's new leaders said.
Roza Otunbayeva, the head of the interim government, said on Friday that Bakiyev had submitted his resignation in a hand-written letter faxed to the capital, Bishkek.
Otunbayeva read portions of the letter in a televised address to the nation on Friday.
"I tender my resignation in these tragic days as I understand the full scale of my responsibility for the future of the Kyrgyz people," the letter read.
Al Jazeera's Roza Ibragimova, reporting from Bishkek, said Otunbayeva used the address to explain why the interim government decided to let Bakiyev leave, accusing him of bringing the country to the brink of civil war. "She said that he had become a source of instability ... and they could no longer tolerate that."
Bakiyev fled to neighbouring Kazakhstan on Thursday, ending days of turmoil that disrupted US military flights through a Kyrgyz air base.
Seems that air base is back in US hands.???

Anonymous said...

April 16, 2010 - Bank of Ireland forced to sell off assets
Bank of Ireland is preparing to sell off at least three flagship businesses, including its insurance and asset management arms, as a condition of receiving state aid.
The lender, which is 16 per cent owned by the Irish taxpayer, said today that it was close to securing an agreement with EU regulators over the terms of its bailout.
The Irish lender said that it expected the EU to force it to sell New Ireland Assurance, its life and pensions business, with a book worth around €12 billion (£10.5 billion).
It said it would probably have to auction off its investments arm, Bank of Ireland Asset Management, a Dublin-based funds group with €25 billion in assets under management for institutional investors.
It will also sell ICS Building Society, which has a mortgage loans book of about €7 billion.
The bank estimated today that the divisions being put on the sale block consist of roughly €7 billion of loans and €4 billion of deposits. Together, they generate underlying profits of about €90 million.

Anonymous said...

Morgan Stanley fears German exit from EMU
Morgan Stanley has warned that the Greek debt crisis is setting off a chain of events that may prompt German withdrawal from the eurozone, with grim implications for investors caught off-guard.

Anonymous said...

US jobless benefit filings, foreclosures up sharply The number of American workers filing new claims for unemployment benefits rose sharply in the week ending April 9, the second consecutive week that jobless benefit claims rose when business and academic economists had predicted they would fall. In a further sign of economic and social distress, the number of homes in foreclosure jumped 16 percent in the first quarter of 2010. More than 900,000 homes, or one in 138, received a foreclosure notice during the first three months of this year.

Anonymous said...

U.S. Cities In Free Fall: Cities in the "Sand States" of Florida, California, Arizona and Nevada, where overbuilding was rampant, are also in trouble, claiming nine of the top 10 spots in our list of cities in free fall. In Las Vegas, Riverside, Calif., and Phoenix, median home prices have fallen 50%, 44% and 37% from their respective peaks. Jobs are vanishing.

Anonymous said...

Benjamin Netanyahu's Nephew has a message for Americans!!

Peace for Israelis and Palestinians? Not without America's tough love.


"If Americans truly are our friends, they should shake us up and take away the keys, because right now we are driving drunk, and without this wake-up call, we will soon find ourselves in the ditch of an undemocratic, doomed state."

By Jonathan Ben-Artzi, whose extended family includes uncle Benjamin Netanyahu. Wake up call or alibi function?

Anonymous said...

Iran Kicks Off Nuclear Disarmament Summit
Conference to Call for Elimination of Nuclear Weapons - 16.4.10

Starting off with a speech from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian nuclear disarmament summit kicked off today with 14 foreign ministers, 10 other deputies, and an undisclosed number of other representatives. All told, some 60 nations and several international groups were represented.

The conference, designed as an alternative to the Obama Administration’s summit from earlier this week, sought to focus on the dual issues of nuclear weapon disarmament and urging more international respect for the spreading of civilian nuclear technology to members of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Both issues are of considerable import to the Iranian government, which has for years faced an ever growing amount of sanctions and threats of invasion over its civilian nuclear program, and accusations that it has designs on atomic weapons, something the government has vehemently denied.

The expectation is that the summit will culminate with a “road map” calling for the total elimination of all nuclear weapon arsenals on the planet. This may be of limited value, however, as not every nuclear weapons state will be in attendance.

Anonymous said...

Russia Reports Over 2 Million Dead In US As Mysterious Die-Off Accelerates - 17.4.10

A most chilling report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Science for Prime Minister Putin states that a “mysterious die-off” in the United States has claimed over 2,000,000 lives since 2008 and is “more than likely” linked to a “crossover” plant disease linked to genetically modified grains and foods.

According to these reports this mysterious, and as yet unidentified, lung disease responsible for this mass die-off began during the spring of 2008 in the US agricultural State of Iowa where (very ironically) at least 36 people attending a Lung Association event at the Governors mansion were stricken.

Important to note about Iowa is that it is one of the largest corn producing regions in the World harvesting over 2 billon bushels of this valuable grain farmed on nearly 32 million acres of its farmland, over 99% of which are genetically modified varieties made by the US agricultural giant Monsanto and idententifeid by their trade names of Mon 863, insecticide-producing Mon 810, and Roundup® herbicide-absorbing NK 603.

Not reported to the American people about these genetically modified corn varieties made by Monsanto was the study released by the International Journal of Biological Sciences warning that they were linked to organ damage. Monsanto quickly responded to this study, stating that the research was “based on faulty analytical methods and reasoning and do not call into question the safety findings for these products.”

Anonymous said...

Chaos to last weeks as more volcanic ash belches out (17.4.10)
Airport closures spread south and west as more air routes are suffocated by cloud.

Anonymous said...

Iran rightfully calls for America to be suspended from IAEA (17.4.10)

The leader of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has rightfully called on the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to suspend America for constantly threatening to use nuclear weapons against his country and other states; and his bold stance could be a significant opportunity for the non-European world to stand up to western terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Thai PM May be Forced Resign, Dissolve Parliament as Street Protests Continue
“Red Shirts” heavily outnumber security forces in Bangkok.

Anonymous said...

BRIC: Towards a More Democratic and Fair, Multilateral World (16.4.10)
The leaders of Brazil, Russia, India and PR China, the four major emerging economies, met this Thursday at the BRIC Summit in Brasilia. The issues discussed were mainly economic, with the areas of energy and infrastructure standing out.

Anonymous said...

Brazil secures Chinese pledge for heavy investment - 16.4.10

Brazil secured Chinese pledges to investment heavily in and buy more from Brazil as the summit of BRIC countries -- Brazil, Russia, India and China -- opened a day early to allow for President Hu Jintao to return to China to oversee earthquake relief.

Notice that, rather than waging wars to secure the energy it needs, China has been making deals toward that end, both here, and in Venezuela.

Anonymous said...

Ahmadinejad calls for U.S. to destroy its nuclear arsenal first - 18.4.10

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad drew applause at a nuclear disarmament conference in Tehran attended by representatives of 60 countries when he called for the destruction of all atomic weapons, starting with those in the U.S. arsenal.
All the bons mots are coming out of Iran at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Anglo colonizer nations and their people are the sickest scum on this planet.

Take a look at what these New Zealanders are up to. It shreds their carefully cultivated "cute Kiwi" mask:

New Zealanders comprise the highest rate of child sex tourists in the world.
New Zealand Has the Highest Rate of Child Rape in OECD.

Anonymous said...

God help us! The sickest people are leading the world at the moment. May poiuytr's carefully crafted analyses and predictions all come right in the shortest possible time. And the world learn to breathe pure air again, 01:32. And where New Zealand leads, can Australia be far behind?

Anonymous said...

Trying to break Toyota (19.4.10)

USan government sources say Toyota will pay a record fine for their "defective" cars, namely $16.4 million.

NO COMMENT, beyond Japan stand firm. All this is just blackmail.

Anonymous said...

U.S. Accuses Goldman Sachs of Fraud

The move marks the first time that regulators have taken action against a Wall Street deal that helped investors capitalize on the collapse of the housing market. Prompty, slavge countries Germany and Britain have jumped on the bandwagon and are considering the possibility of also levelling charges against Goldman Sachs

Anonymous said...

One Million Foreclosures in 2010: That’s Recovery, Mr. President? asks WRH and adds the following comment (19.4.10)
President Obama has repeatedly promised the American people oodles of hope and change. So far, he has delivered tons of despair and more of the same.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amerikkkan soldier,

Your IQ does not exceed 80 on your best day.

Anonymous said...

Go away and leave us in peace, you Am Sol beast with complacency oozing out of your pores, a smirk on your face and a bazooka or whatever you use in your blood-dripping hands. Go someplace else where people can understand your distorted mindset. At best, I'd say, a hospital would be the place for you. A tent hospital, I mean. You and your kind foreclosed on the human race a long time ago. Hope the DU gets you before too long, you government slave.

Anonymous said...

Volcanic ash: costs rise (20.4.10)
Impact 'greater than 9/11', as European airlines lose £165m a day.

Oh, dear. Another false flag and everyone fell for it.

Anonymous said...

Unchartered Econ Waters - 2010 Projected Sovereign Debt Issuance

Governments around the world will issue an estimated $4.5 trillion in debt this year (of which US alone will account for 45% of the total). This represents triple the five-year average for industrial countries. No one has any idea how this is to be achieved.
(LEAP Newsletter)

Anonymous said...

Bank Failure Tally for 2010 Hits 50: Eight more banks failed last week, bringing the 2010 total to 50. Three of the failures were in Florida, and two were in California. Massachusetts, Michigan and Washington had one bank failure each. (20.4.10)

James Wolfe said...

Deleted American cretin’s spiel, I won't tolerate his trolling and his inane comments.

Americans soldiers are rapists, thieves, murders, liars, cowards, and occupiers. No amount of American propaganda, prevarication, obfuscation, and dissembling can deny that truth.

James Wolfe said...

Kiwis being paedos, I thought Kiwis were called sheep shaggers by Aussies? Looks like they’ll need a new nickname. Child molestation is rampant in west society, whether it be the Catholic Church, the US military, Marc Dutroux, Michel Fourniret. Josef Fritzl, or the mysterious end of Operation Ore/Avalanche. As Poiuytr has rightly said, the West is the disease.

Looks like Iceland is having its revenge on the bully boy Brown, by spewing Volcanic ash across the Britain.

The walking cadaver that is the US economy continues to walk. But for how much longer?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for ridding us of that USan pest, James. For once, I wholly agree with expulsion and ban. I hope all is well with poiuytr. We worry, don't you know. Aussies, Kiwis, USans and their pals etc. all in the same boat. Corruption rises from them like the so-called false flag volcanic ash from Iceland.

Anonymous said...

If the US economy is a walking cadaver, then its younger brother the British economy is dead man walking.

Anonymous said...

More on "dead man walking"

Who will be able/want to help the United Kingdom after the 6th May when its political chaos will inevitably expose the advanced meltdown of all its budget, economic and financial parameters?

The financial situation is so serious that the technocrats running the country have devised a plan, submitted to the parties contesting the next General Election, in order to avoid risking a power vacuum which could lead to a collapse in Sterling (which is already very weak) and British treasuries (Gilts which the Bank of England has itself bought up to the tune of 70% over the last few months): Gordan Brown would remain PM even if he loses th election, unless the Conservatives were able to garner sufficient votes for outright victory. In effect, with an economic and political crisis as a backdrop, the polls lead one to think that the country is turning to a Hung Parliament, without a clear majority. The last time that happened, in 1974, was a kind of political preliminary to IMF intervention eighteen months later.

For the rest, the Government puts a positive spin on the statistics to try and create the conditions for a victory (or a managed defeat). However the reality is depressing. British real estate is trapped in a depression which will prevent prices reaching their 2007 levels for many generations (in other words, never) according to Lombard Street Research. The three parties are preparing to face up to a catastrophic post-electoral situation. According to LEAP/E2020, the United Kingdom could well suffer a Greek event with British leaders announcing that the sountry's situation is substantially worse than that disclosed before the election. The numerous meetings, at the end of 2009, between the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, and Goldman Sachs is a reliable indicator of sovereign debt manipulation. As we wrote in the last GEAB issue, all one needs to do is follow Goldman Sachs to know where the next risk of sovereign debt payment default lies.

Anonymous said...

Question: Do you think the Iceland volanic ash thing was done by the Icelanders themselves to get back at Britain?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Amerikkkan soldier,

I will merely repeat my accurate charge:

Your IQ does not exceed 80 even on your best day.

P.S. TAKE YOUR WHITE TRASH REDNECK SELF AND GET THE FUCK OUT OF IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN!!! Those countries are not your motherfucking business!

Anonymous said...

re: Americunt sadist.

What do we call "Bacha bazi"?

Isn't that a favored America torture technique like your infamous Naked Pyramid, Waterboarding, or other sadistic practices?

Sexual torture. It's America as apple pie and Gitmo Gulag.

Land of the Free, your lying, hypocritical, self-righteous cock-sucking America ass!

Anonymous said...

USan Soldier (American, you're not. That's a word reserved for your elders and betters), give us a break. Go and colonise Texas instead and douse it generously in DU as you've done with other parts of the world. You don't deserve kids, you and your lot. So as above so right said: IQ 80 (best day), sperm count O (on any given day). Off with you now, you idiot.

Anonymous said...

US navy to launch Great Green Fleet (21.4.10)
Eco-friendly warriors will keep an eye on carbon footprint as it destroys its enemies.

Good grief! Yet another scam. When will all this folly end. Oh, poiuytr, where are you? You'd have laughed it all off and we'd have recovered our composure and poise.

Anonymous said...

Sovereign debt threat (21.4.10)- Telegraph
Spiralling sovereign debt is the top threat to world economy, warns IMF.

Tiens! Look how clever they are. They've noticed it too. Hats off to the IMF.

Anonymous said...

07:46 - Yet another IMF story to warm your heart:

IMF proposes two big new bank taxes to fund bail-outs (WRH, 20.4.10)

Webmaster's Commentary:
Stealing from the poor to give to the rich.

Spot on.

Anonymous said...

Mounting international impact of European air traffic crisis

Anonymous said...

Thank you, 08:50. Very interesting. A startlingly successful false flag. And it killed two birds with one stone.

Anonymous said...

Protesters seize troops in Thailand - 21.4.10

Anti-government protesters in Thailand have seized a train carrying about 70 soldiers northeast of the capital, Bangkok.

The troops were travelling through the Khon Kaen area, a stronghold of the so-called red shirt protesters, when they were seized on Wednesday.

Al Jazeera's Wayne Hay, reporting from Bangkok, said negotiations between police and red shirts are under way to allow the train to continue after it was stopped 450km from Bangkok.

Anonymous said...

China To Support Only Harmless Sanctions against Iran - Pravda - 21.4.10
China does not intend to support radical sanctions against Iran that could stop its nuclear program, says the statement made on April 20th by Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu. She stated that Beijing insisted on a diplomatic solution of Iran’s nuclear issue, explaining that “dialogue and negotiations” are the most efficient methods.

Anonymous said...

Support Tyranny Or You're A Terrorist
(21.4.10) - Latest Scam from US:
Support, or at least ignore, tyranny or the corporate media might call you a racist, anti-Semite, a terrorist, or all three epithets. Today, vocal, non-violent, civil disagreement or disobedience can be deemed as terrorist activity.

Anonymous said...

Another USan Scam:
8 Invented Diseases Big Pharma Is Banking on
Since direct-to-consumer drug advertising debuted in 1997, pharma's credo has been When The Medication Is Ready, The Disease (and Patients) Will Appear. Who knew so many people suffered from restless legs in insomina?

Briefly, the eight new ones:
1. Serm Deficiency - a pill to prevent postmenopausal osteoporosis;
2. Statin Deficiency - For any and everything and can also cause cancer and diabetes;
3. Circadian Dysrhythmia - the new name for insomnia, specially when brought on by "restless legs";
4. Adult Autism ADHD - So far reserved for kids, it is now being extended to adults. SSRI antidepressants is all the answer;
5. Asthma "Two Drugs" - The drug against it? LABA known to have proved deadly in many cases;
6. Treatment Resistant Conditions - Seroquel, the latest useless antidepressant;
7. Low T - For aging men equivalent to the hormone replacement therapy for women;
8. Spectrum Disorders for the newly conceived disease Fibromyalgia.

And on and on. You takes our pick and you makes your choice.

Anonymous said...

re: 19:56

Americans definitely need a drug for "Intelligence Deficiency"!


Anonymous said...


Recently, I feel that 80% of Western medical theory is simply wrong. The media's restless propaganda that US medical science (not social and political system about medicals) is best advanced in the world is just a crap. Its aim is perhaps to prevent Westers from having questions on "modern medical science".

Bigest battlefields are perhaps cancer and vaccination, because of its huge economic influence. But if you keep digging, you will find peculiarities in so many diseases.
(And, first of all, do some of the "disease" really exist?)

In my view, the only exceptions are (1) emergency treatment and (2)surgery for the wounded. (Surgeries for the cancer etc. are perhaps a fraud.) So, I wrote "80%."

Anonymous said...

01:07, 04:11, Absolutely right, both of you. No way west medicine is going to be scam-free, when everything else is crammed with scam, top to bottom. So now we're at the stage where we get wonder cures for invented disease. Whereas something as serious and deadly as cirrhosis of the liver, for instance, has no cure whatsoever, except perhaps transplantation - and that too not readily available.

I agree that surgery can still keep some of our respect. But the great reliance on transplantation by the aging west populations leads us to another horror of immorality: organ theft, which has become yet another plague to strike people who are down as it is, such as the Palestinians and others.

Scam, spam, that's the west for you. A moral disaster. Ethically wretched.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News as they like to call it: 22.4.10

- Ukraine extends lease for Russia's Black Sea fleet.

- IMF proposes two new charges to be levied on banks: a financial stability contribution to fund any future bailour and a financial activities tax on bank profits and pay.

Anonymous said...

Dare we hope that nature will soon punishe America, as it so richly deserves?

"Rare Yellowstone volcano eruption would be deadly"

Anonymous said...

We dare, definitely, and no one will hold it against us. But the Yellowstone goes about it at a leisurely pace, so who can tell when it will come about. Ditto for the earthquake to end all earthquakes we've been expecting for California for decades now.

Anonymous said...

Ongoing Revolutions (22.4.10)

Five killed in fresh Kyrgyz unrest, while ex- president takes refuge in Belarus

Fresh unrest erupted in Kyrgyzstan Monday, leaving another five people dead and 30 injured. Deputy Premier Temir Sariyev blamed Bakiyev supporters for fomenting unrest.
While the Pravda wonders whether:
Kyrgyzstan is Civil Unrest or Civil War?
"The Republic of Kyrgyzstan is teetering on the edge of a very dangerous situation. Mob rule has set in amid a breakdown of law and order, as murdering gangs of criminals go on the rampage against ethnic Russians and Turks. Kyrgyzstan, with its 80 different ethnic groups, an apparent absence of Government and a planned uprising in the south, is very much a volcano waiting to erupt."

As for the Thai Reds, after the masterly coup of capturing some soldiers, they are now appealing to the UN to send in peace-keepers (Ha!) to save them from any Thai army assault. And Thaksin from abroad suggests a snap election would be the very thing to solve all problems past and present.

Anonymous said...

Mohammed Daud Miraki, April 21, 2010

With the long awaited decision by the Obama Administration in regards to the new strategy for Afghanistan, the situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated to the point that the US commanders started using the word 'defeat’ in their report to Washington. The word defeat has rarely been uttered by military; however, Afghanistan is the exception, where defeat is a realistic outcome. There, defeat is a reality that all invaders have faced since the beginning when Pashtuns have inhabited this region. The Pashtuns’ resistance is one of multiple factors characterizing the Anatomy of US’s Defeat in Afghanistan, where the inevitability of defeat for the US and NATO appears to be a certainty...

The Afghan insurgency and their supporters. are working on obtaining modern Russian Rocket Propelled Grenade launchers. In the past, Afghan Mujahideen used RPG7; however, RPG7 is not effective against NATO armor. Hence, the most effective weapon would be RPG32, which penetrates all NATO and US armor vehicles and tanks. Furthermore, insurgents are also working on obtaining modern version of SAM7 anti aircraft shoulder-held missiles. This would be the final nails in the coffin of US’s defeat in Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

Series of blasts hit Thai capital One dead and 75 wounded after five blasts rock area where anti-red shirt rallies have been held.

Al Jazeera - 22.4.10

Anonymous said...

Palestinians deported to Gaza

Israeli move raises fears of more Palestinians being expelled from Israel and West Bank.

This is such a shameful act, words fail me to comment.

Anonymous said...

Merkel says early Afghan pullout would be worse than 9/11 (22.4.10)

Agence France-Presse | Germany has around 4,400 troops in northern Afghanistan, the third largest contingent after the United States and Britain.

Anonymous said...

Fresh medical scams

Alzheimer’s drugs cause brain damage and actually worsen memory loss
Big Pharma drugs promoted as potential treatments for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) could cause the very brain damage and memory loss they are supposed to treat.

Also, "experts" now come to the conclusion that all these pre-scannings for cancer might be a mistake and carry a risk of over-diagnosis of non-existent tumours. Well, well.

Anonymous said...

NATO: Trying to Find a Strategic Concept or Looking for a Strategy? - Pravda, 22.4.10
NATO´s meeting this Thursday in the Estonian capital city, Tallinn, was a group hug among the twenty-eight member states desperate to find a reason to exist, other than providing a gentleman’s club and a marketplace for the weapons lobbies. After lying to Russia about expansion, NATO continues to look for more buyers as it controls the foreign policies of its members.

Anonymous said...

Russia: From Recession to Recovery - 22.4.10
Vladimir Putin stated that his Government avoided an economic collapse (such as the one in 1998). Admitting that some measures were more effective than others, he stated that the forecast for growth is now at 4% and that the results for the first quarter of the year fuel optimism.

Anonymous said...

Greek workers strike, challenge EU/IMF talks
Greek public sector workers went on strike Thursday to protest austerity measures and press the government not to agree to further cuts as it discusses an aid package with the EU and the International Monetary Fund.
I guess the Greeks are tired of being forced to pay for government mistakes and corporate greed!

Anonymous said...

American war criminals issue insincere apology to cover up their latest crimes.

And American Trotksyites fawn over them.

US soldiers issue apology over killings in Iraq

Anonymous said...

An American never has to aplogize over anything... we are and remain the last best hope for humanity. If you commmie faggots don't like it move to Cuba.

An American Soldier

James Wolfe said...

"we are and remain the last best hope for humanity"

That epitomises your obscene delusions of grandeur and idiocy. The US is a cancer, thankfully your vile empire is metastasising as we speak. No economy means no empire. Printing money no longer works.

Anonymous said...

A.S. get the hell out of here. I begin to doubt that you even have a best day 80 IQ. Halve that, more likely. You can't imagine how incredibly stupid you sound. A bear emerging from a cave after hibernation would show greater sense. Out with you, man, out with you, you primitive so and so.

Anonymous said...

Today's Mainstream stuff (24.4.10)

Georgia confirms highly enriched uranium seizure: Georgia's president said his country had seized a shipment of highly enriched uranium, blaming Russia for creating the instability that allows nuclear smugglers to operate in the region.

Russia: Not involved in Georgia uranium seizure: Russia on Thursday angrily rejected accusations by Georgia's president linking Moscow to a case of attempted uranium smuggling and suggested he was lying, in a new flare-up of tensions between the hostile neighbors.

Bakiyev blames Russia for overthrow: Kurmanbek Bakiyev, the deposed Kyrgyz president, has said that Russian anger at his decision to extend the lease on a US air base was a factor in his overthrow.

Greece requests financial bailout: George Papandreou, the Greek prime minister, has asked the European Union and International Monetary Fund (IMF) to activate a financial aid package, designed to help pull the euro zone member out of its debt crisis.

Anonymous said...

Greece activates €45bn loans
PM says it is a 'pressing necessity' to call for financial rescue after austerity measures fail to move markets.

Anonymous said...

Re: an Ameriunt Sadist

He is actually trying to parody a typical American goon.

It's brilliant satire!

Anonymous said...

In a sense, you're right 22:00. But it's still unbearable. I felt like telling him: the commies, that might be us, but the faggots, that's yourselves. And the only place in Cuba they might let you in is Guantanamo. Hateful, dreadful creatures, all.

Anonymous said...

Years of austerity for bailed-out Greece
The €45 billion rescue package by the International Monetary Fund and European Union comes with harsh conditions.


Anonymous said...

For nations living the good life, the party's over, IMF says (25.4.10)

In the lingo of the International Monetary Fund, the future of the world hinges on "rebalancing and consolidation," antiseptic words that would not seem to raise a fuss.
Who doesn't want more balance in their life?
But the translation is a bit ruder, something on the order of: "Suck it up. The party's over."
To keep the global economy on track, people in the United States and the rest of the developed world need to work longer before retiring, pay higher taxes and expect less from government. And the cheap imports lining the shelves of mega-chains such as Wal-Mart and Target? They need to be more expensive.....

Anonymous said...

Vanquishing the Palestinians (24.4.10)

The vanquishing of the Palestinian community is almost complete. The support by the United States and a minority of the world to the vanquishing of a people, the refusal of the mass media to accurately portray the Middle East crisis and the inability of an anguished world to take appropriate action to prevent the catastrophe re-shapes the modus operandi of the 21st century world. The world has accepted the notions that social justice is a hypocritical selective process, international law has no validity and the oppressed have no protection.

Anonymous said...

Japanese island set for mass rally against US bases (25.4.10)
YOMITAN, Japan – Up to 100,000 demonstrators on the Japanese island of Okinawa are set to protest against a US airbase Sunday in a row that is dominating national politics and souring ties with Washington.
The huge rally near Kadena Air Base, the largest US military facility in the Asia-Pacific region, is expected to include Okinawa governor Hirokazu Nakaima and more than 30 town mayors.
Many on the subtropical island chafe at the heavy American military presence, a legacy of Japan's World War II defeat to the United States, complaining of noise, pollution and frictions with US soldiers.
The issue threatens the political future of centre-left Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, who has been pressured by both Washington and his left-leaning political allies to find a solution to the dispute.
The row centres on the unpopular US Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, which under a 2006 pact with Washington was to be moved from the crowded city of Ginowan to the quieter coastal Henoko area of Okinawa.
Hatoyama, after taking power in September in a landslide election, said the base may be moved off the island instead. But a search for alternative locations has met with more local protests

Anonymous said...

Look James, give us a straightforward answer for once, please. What is wrong with poiuytr? Is he on the mend or not? May we hope to see him again soon or not? In any case, would you be so good as to give him our unconditional love and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Unless, of course, he's simply busy bookwriting. In which case, everything else can be cancelled, with the exception of the love bit. Thanks.

NBN bloggers

Anonymous said...

Greece hit by new riots as pressure grows to quit euro
By Christopher Leake
Last updated at 2:08 AM on 25th April 2010
Support for the bail-out of debt-ridden Greece was in doubt last night, leaving the country on the brink of financial meltdown as top German politicians said it should be forced to quit the euro.
Riots erupting during workers’ protests over planned public spending cuts, just hours after Greek Premier George Papandreou sought emergency £35billion of loans from eurozone countries and the International Monetary Fund.
The Greek government was finally forced to ask for international help after the cost of its borrowing spiralled to a new high, making it prohibitively expensive to borrow money to service existing debts.

Anonymous said...

re: 21:57

America its desperate to destroy the EURO as a challenger to the Dirty Dollar as the world's only reserve currency--and defend American Dollar Imperialism.

This is American economic terrorism disguised as usual.

Anonymous said...

Hey commies and left retards check it out 2 down, one more to go.... - Judge Clears Second Navy SEAL in Iraqi Abuse Case

BAGHDAD -- A U.S. military judge has cleared a Navy SEAL of wrongdoing in the alleged beating of a prisoner suspected of masterminding the grisly 2004 killings of four American contractors in Iraq.

The military says the judge found insufficient evidence to convict Petty Officer 2nd Class Jonathan Keefe on charges of dereliction of duty.

Keefe -- one of three SEALS charged in the case -- was not accused of assaulting Ahmed Hashim Abed but of failing to prevent the abuse.

The case has drawn fire from at least 20 members of Congress and other Americans who see it as coddling terrorists to overcompensate for the notorious Abu Ghraib prison scandal.

Anonymous said...

Check it out commies and left retards 2 down, one more to go.... - Judge Clears Second Navy SEAL in Iraqi Abuse Case

BAGHDAD -- A U.S. military judge has cleared a Navy SEAL of wrongdoing in the alleged beating of a prisoner suspected of masterminding the grisly 2004 killings of four American contractors in Iraq.

The military says the judge found insufficient evidence to convict Petty Officer 2nd Class Jonathan Keefe on charges of dereliction of duty.

Keefe -- one of three SEALS charged in the case -- was not accused of assaulting Ahmed Hashim Abed but of failing to prevent the abuse.

The case has drawn fire from at least 20 members of Congress and other Americans who see it as coddling terrorists to overcompensate for the notorious Abu Ghraib prison scandal.

Anonymous said...

You see little boys and fat chicks posting here like you were enlightening the world... America or the West or whatever you fuckin call it does not, I repeat DOES NOT have to apoligize to anyone, least of all a fucking wing-bat terrorist. Call me what you ladies want but we, not you wanna be anarchists concpiracy theory no life faggots, are making the world safe. Heres a question if you agree with the terrorists so much why don't you join them? Go to Afganistan or Iraq and join them make your mama proud...but watch out pencil necks guns are heavy and you just might meet face to face with a yank.

An American Soldier

Anonymous said...

re: An Americunt sadist

Your Americunt "soldiers" are geting their asses raped in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Why else would your brave ladies be committing suicide left and right?

US Military Suicides Rise, Despite Prevention Efforts

Is the U.S. Army Losing Its War on Suicide?,8599,1981284,00.html

BTW, if you want to find some "faggots" look in the mirror.

Ever heard of the American military's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy?

Gates eases ban on gays in the military

Anonymous said...

American military prowess in action. LOL.

US Helicopter Shot Down in Afghanistan: 13 Americans Dead

Anonymous said...

Thank you, 21:24. We no longer felt able to cope with US filth above. So there was a tools down moment there in sheer despair. Recovered now from all that.

18 US veterans commit suicide each day: Seven percent of the attempts are successful, and 11 percent of those who don’t succeed on the first attempt try again within nine months.

When's our chappie in line for his attempt?

Anonymous said...

Thailand is close to civil war as its British-born PM rejects deal with angry Red Shirts

So how did Thailand, a mostly Buddhist nation of 66 million, come from economic success to such a stark political precipice?

The country, officially a constitutional monarchy, has experienced 18 military coups since 1932 – but continues to hold elections.

Thais are glancing nervously at the army, believed to be badly split behind a brittle façade of unity. Generals have launched 18 coups since 1932, but almost as great a fear now is that enlisted men could join protesters and help turn the protests into a full-scale uprising.

Anonymous said...

- Canada gearing up to become the first country to slap the scam carbon tax on the population.

- Voices are loud in saying the bloody drugs wars in Mexico are taking place at the behest of the CIA.

- The Afghan Resistance has brought down two helis in the same number of days. Looks as though they might have got the needed weapons. If so, then the time is coming when even the corrupt mainstream media will no longer be giving us just sham casulty figures. Something real might come out of their mouths for a change.

Anonymous said...

Ukraine parliament ratifies Russian naval base deal 2010-04-27 16:00:24

KIEV, April 27 (Xinhua) — The Ukrainian parliament ratified on Tuesday an agreement to prolong the stay of the Russian navy in Ukraine's port of Sevastopol until 2042. (27.4.10)

The agreement was supported by 236 lawmakers in the 450-member assembly.
Last week, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev signed the deal in the eastern Ukrainian city Kharkiv.
Russia agreed to give Ukraine a significant discount on the price of imported gas in exchange for an extension of the right to base its Black Sea Fleet on Ukrainian territory.
According to the agreement, Ukraine will receive a discount of 100 U.S. dollars per 1,000 cubic meters on natural gas, if the price is not below 330 dollars. But if the price goes below 330 dollars, the discount will be stand at 30 percent.
In return, Ukraine will prolong the lease of Russia's Black Sea Fleet on its Crimean peninsula by 25 years, with the option to extend the lease for five more years after the new term expires.

Anonymous said...

E.C.B. Official Warns That Greece May Have to Cut More Deeply - 27.4.10

As workers in Portugal went on strike against austerity measures and the risk premium on Greek bonds rose to a record level Tuesday, a European Central Bank official warned all euro-zone countries to cut their soaring budget deficits and suggested that Greece may need to impose even harsher measures to bring its debt under control.
Translation: "Squeeze the peasants harder!!!!"

poiuytr said...


if anyone's still here, that is...

Many apologies about my long absence. Routine computer maintenance became a can-of-worms technical nightmare rendering my machine and me useless.

poiuytr said...


if you're still here... GREAT to see you again! BTW, post your articles here. Or at least cross post them.

Just send me your email contact via the form on the bottom right. It seems like it doesn't work but it does and gets to me and then I'll reply.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
poiuytr said...

american soldier

if indeed you've done 2 iraq tours, you've accumulated -- just by stats -- 2/3 to 1 mg of U238 in your lungs. That's some 1,5M decay events in a year or 3 each and every single minute 24/7 from here on.

You're quite the mini nuke plant there. And the fun bit is that there's no way to shield you or the pack of animals you call family from it. So go hug them, enjoy the lovely radiation that's killing you as I type this and bugger off.

I'll zap you henceforth when I see your cretinous drivel.

Anonymous said...

Poiuytr, all one can say is thank heavens you're back. And there we were imagining the worst. Health problems and what not. And when you get some time, a comment on the Polish President's death, please. His twin is now going to run for the same position, etc, etc. Good to hear your voice again, poiuytr. Honest. Things are looking up.

Anonymous said...

Look, folks, p is here again.

Anonymous said...

Medvedev: Russia Ready to Join NATO Missile Defense - April 27, 2010, Tuesday
Russia is interested in cooperating with NATO on the establishment of a joint missile defense system, its President, Dmitry Medvedev has stated.
NATO foreign ministers agreed at their informal meeting in Estonia last week to begin dialogue with Russia on cooperation in the sphere of anti-missile defense.
In an interview with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), Medvedev said that a system of global missile defense must protect “all responsible participants of the international society”, as cited by ITAR-TASS.
NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen stressed last week in Estonia the importance of cooperation on missile defense that would protect the European and Russian populations against "a real missile threat."
Medvedev said that if Russia is not included in the system, it would have to react somehow to it.
In February, Romania and Bulgaria said they were in talks with the US on deploying elements of the US missile shield in Europe after the Obama Administration abandoned the plans of its predecessors to base the system in Poland and the Czech Republic.
"Russia simply wants good relations with other countries - both large and small ones. We believe that our country is an organic part of the modern world and want to develop along with the rest of the world. The face of modern Russia is a smiling face... But other countries must smile back at us,” Russian President Medvedev said.

Anonymous said...

Greek financial crisis - 28.4.10

Economic problems escalate after Standard & Poor's downgrades country's debt to junk bond status.

Anonymous said...

General Election 2010
Like it or not, an age of austerity beckons : The next UK government will have to borrow something upwards of £500 billion over the next five years and much of that will have to come from abroad. Not enough savings in Britain to fund a deficit of this size.

Portugal, too, downgraded: A- now.

poiuytr said...

7:02 -- great

Great to see someone's still here beside that americunt lurker.

I'm in such a state of technical disarray here that I don't quite know what to do. I'm gonna have to gut the machine some more but I'll try, since it's working, to hang about more. I'd like to go through the many great comments and am slapping together another NBN.

Most fun too since Germs are now suggesting to Greece to just leave the EUnuch wonderlands and go have their devaluation in private and then crawl back with sundry gifts of, perhaps, islands.

The same goes for Portugal now and quite frankly all of them. The EUnuchia idyll hasn't lasted all that long, has it? Probably the shortest lived empire hopeful of all time.

Germs too have failed to sell off their recent bond issue, failing to raise the much needed 3B EUR to tie them over to May. It's so silly... how can one even begin to comment?

I hope Bolivia scores with their first planned issue. It's a good gamble there now that west bonds are laughable gangrene. At least Bolivia has it backed by lithium.

Greece, as it looks, is actually planning NOT paying them back, or, as they call it, do some "partial" payback as the bonds mature in a few weeks now, some 8B EUR worth. That's gonna be much fun.

The Polish decapitation: I don't know. It's odd that basically the whole Polish governance, prez, army head, and a central bankster take the same plane. Even small corporations typically don't put all their clowns on the same plane.

On one hand they play with WWIII in some complex multinational game of nuke trenches, radars, confronting Russia of all nations, and on the other, they all go gleefully low-altitude joy-flying through fog like a bunch of drunk transvestites.

But it's possible... The screaming lack of brains does seem to be the west most conspicuously prominent trait. After all, any monkey who falls for the west monster twee chirps today cannot have a whole lot in its skull.

Anonymous said...


If you have the money, it might be better just to buy a new computer or laptop.

A new computer or laptop can be had for under 500 US Dollars.

And has anybody seen this self-serving "Letter of Reconciliation" that American war criminals have issued after the Wikileak US Collateral Murder video?

Notice how they only issued this false "apology" after this politically damaging video was released, even though the American massacre took place in July 2007.

Americans will only issue an ass-covering apology after their crimes have been exposed for all the world to see.

Anonymous said...

Greece bans short-selling as panic spreads
Shares tumble across Britain, Europe and Asia as Greek debt costs hit a 14-year high and Portugal stock market falters.

Anonymous said...

Israel expels first Palestinians under new military edict - 27.4.10
Israel has deported two Palestinian men to the Gaza Strip under a new military regulation that came into effect two weeks ago restricting the right of Palestinians to live in the West Bank. The new regulation is a charter for ethnic cleansing that could lead to the expulsions of tens of thousands of Palestinians. It is the latest step restricting Palestinians’ freedom of movement and residency rights based on their Palestinian ID card.
Is what we see here at attempt to achieve the complete annexation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem by Israel, with forced repatriation to Gaza.

Anonymous said...

Over 700 killed in 44 drone strikes in 2009
Dawn | Of the 44 predator strikes carried out by US drones in the tribal areas of Pakistan over the past 12 months, only five were able to hit their actual targets.

I doubt that figure of five as well myself.

Anonymous said...

Pentagon’s Mach 20 Glider Disappears, Whacking ‘Global Strike’ Plans - 27.4.10

The Pentagon’s controversial plan to hit terrorists half a planet away suffered a setback this weekend, after an experimental hypersonic glider disappeared over the Pacific Ocean.
In its first flight test. the Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 (HTV-2) was supposed to be rocket-launched from California to the edge of space. Then the HTV-2 would could screaming back into the atmosphere, maneuvering at twenty times times the speed of sound before landing north of the Kwajalein Atoll, 30 minutes later and 4100 nautical miles away. Thinly wedge-shaped for better lift, equipped with autonomous navigation for more precision, and made of carbon-carbon to withstand the assault of hypersonic flight, the hope was it could fly farther and more accurately at a lower angle of attack than other craft returning to Earth.
At least, that was the idea. Instead, nine minutes after launch, Darpa researchers lost contact with the HTV-2. They’re still trying to figure out why. The agency says the flight test wasn’t a total bust: The craft deployed from its rocket booster, performed some maneuvers in the air, and “achieved controlled flight within the atmosphere at over Mach 20,” Darpa spokesperson Johanna Jones says.
But it’s bad news for the Pentagon “prompt global strike” program — a burgeoning and hotly-debated effort to almost-instantly attack targets thousands of miles away. The Defense Department is pursuing three different families of technologies to accomplish the task. One is to re-arm nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles with conventional warheads. But that runs the risk of accidentally triggering a response from another atomic power, who might mistake it for a nuke. A second effort is to build shorter-range cruise missiles than can fly at five or six times the speed of sound; that effort hit some recent turbulence when flight tests for the X-51 Waverider, scheduled for December 2009, were pushed until May 2010. Something like an armed version of the HTV-2 is the third choice.

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