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Nation By Nation (15Nov09)

1-15Nov09 -- As the savage west "recovery" keeps hammering knells into the cesspit's casket, the WWIII aspirations of the west beast pullulate: bio-war has been launched, west's SouthAm war plans are underway, and west bankers now too claim west god links. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - Nuristan under new Taliban judicial and admin governance.
- Comrade Obama not impressed with any latest Pentagram strategies for the defeat.
- Pentagram screams for 40K more troops and the comrade is mulling sending 10K or possibly 20K. Numbers as strategies remain unspecified -- a commonality in all defeats.
- Germany rushes in to help the USA imperator sending in additional 120 troops. No, west and basic arithmetic doesn't mix.
- USA occupying forces have "shifted" strategy trying now to cut opium production as to hit Taleban's income. The west beast has de facto admitted to having grown smack for a decade until just now.
- Pentagram "ruled" not to release another batch of pics of west torturing civilians. Consider the patent sickness here. The west child murderers are taking pics of their sordid maimings so that their animal families can enjoy it too. Yes, west is THE disease.
- Out of troops and thoughts, comrade Obama forced again to deal with the terrists (sic). USA offered Taliban a deal to split Afghanistan leaving Taliban the south and north-east. The answer, as always, was "get out, gringo!".
- Not too surprisingly, a part of Taliban's income comes from USA directly. Pentagram insurgents pay some 10% of their logistic budget to Taliban in exchange of keeping attacks on NATO supply routes to a minimum.

A U S T R A L I A Australia - Comes up with a brilliant idea to make genetically modified sugar cane and to partner with USA, the known DNA perv.
- Turns away some 80 Tamils seeking refuge. After all, how could Aussia give sanctuary to someone the west was just genociding weeks ago.

A U S T R I A Austria - Takes a turn and flies to Moscow for another typical west knee-scraping begging round. What in the world could Austria offer to Russia? Mutual non-violation pact? Gold bricks tainted with tungsten, the latest west trick in gold markets? Ski tickets to their glacier slalom course?

B R A Z I L Brazil - Israeli diplo on another trip through SouthAm spreading hatred for Iran is welcomed by protests and banners that say "Go home, war criminal".

C A N A D A Canada - Quebec province, in the red, instigates the usuals: social programme cuts and hikes on everything else incl income, corp, and petrol tax. Indeed, no part of west shall remain standing.

C H I N A China - China's entered the weapon market carving a bit of USA's share by selling 1,4B USD worth of fighter jets to Pakistan.
- Mfg grows (at 55,4 from 55 previous month).
- Export climb for 5th consecutive month. Didn't the long snout saxon baboon mutter something about "global" prolapse or how China needs the USA wreck?
- Africa development forum, 8Nov. No details given but trade twixt Africa and China has grown 10X in the decade.
- Pumps 10B USD into the mighty continent over next 3 yrs. West wanted to rule the world but it can't even slow China down.

D O M I N I C A N   R E P U B L I C Dominican Rep - Charges USA with maiming of populace with birth defects by deliberate toxic waste dumping. Why isn't everyone doing it?

E U EU - No Grand EUnuch yet. But that doesn't stop the vampiric amalgam from instigating an imperial tax. The 1st round of EUnuch tax is to squeeze 4B EUR out of the 27 USA-wanna-be's.

F I J I Fiji - Booted Aussie and NZealand diplos. Petulant west retaliated, of course, in kind.

F R A N C E France - CreditAgri wank posts 21% income shriveling/Q3, only pulling 290M/qtr now. Compare this silly number to that of UK's 200B GBP "quantitative easing", RBS latest 300+B GBP bailout, Paris' own most recent 50B EUR "stimulus" pumped into its elite anti-civilian WMD manufacturers, or the new USA's 13+T debt ceiling and see why west needs WWIII.

G E R M A N Y Germany - Angry with USA for pulling out of the Opel sale. Germany was ready to pay billions to save the 10K-25K jobs. German workers walk off disgruntled and Berlin wants 8B USD from comrade Obama. Fight on, pretty west supermensch, fight on!

Germany's back at it. Germany murders over 100 civilians in a 4Sep strike in Kunduz, Afghanistan. German gen'l said the atrocity is "appropriate". Note the methodology of war against civilians is the same as is the psycho commentary of this saxonic monstrosity. This is a 3rd world war this incredibly aggressive DNA strain is starting.

H O N D U R A S Honduras - Comrade Obama suspends the silly opera squeals and overtly backs the coup side aiming to canonise it with a fruit revolution.

I R A N Iran - West beats an embarrassing retreat. In a span of 2 wks, west goes from the typical thug threats like "there's no time to delay, Tehran" to a rather meek "OK, have more time then" and finally finishes with a zero mention of its rabid enrichment terms. No wonder Ahmadinejad said that "capitalism has come to an end".
- Coop with Venezuela for 20Kbpd oil.
- Charges 3 USAns with spying.

"The painful results of capitalism manifest in wars, terror, and discrimination."

I R A Q Iraq - Civilian legions murdering children in Iraq caught in a child-sex ring. This west sex aberration sickness has come to light after the 2007 carnage in which this USA private firm killed 17 civilians. Per testimony of the "employees", the firm is on a "christianic crusade that views itself as eliminating Islamic faith and Muslims from the globe." Let it be known far and wide that "west is THE disease!"
- warnewstoday blog for war news.
- heyetnet for war news.

I R E L A N D Ireland - Wank of Ireland clocks 1B EUR loss for last 6 months. 6B EUR hanging in the air. Lucky, Ireland has joined Grand EUnuchia. It will kiss it all better.

I S R A E L Israel - 8Nov, shells northern Gaza.
- USA acquiesces on Israel land thefts, which, of course, TelAviv takes as a greenlight on another Gaza attack, more Palestinian plunder, and increased land thefts.

I T A L Y Italy - Bank wars explode as Italy charging JPMorgan and German Central Wank with fraudulent bond issue in Milan. What isn't fraudulent about west banking or west for that matter?
- 23 USA operatives found guilty for kidnapping. Of the the CIAda boys gets 8.

J A P A N Japan - 16 consecutive month of earning shriveling at 1,6% y2y across the USA mil base island.
- Foreign minister cancels USA tour.
- Comrade Obama required 16K cops to protect him from the growing anger against the USA occupation.

Here's the result of yet another failed comrade Obama's pre-election promises to "make friends". From the new management top down to the last man, Japan's sick to death of the psycho yank rape.

L A T V I A Latvia - Ratchets up state-run apartheid policies against Russians living in Latvia.

P A R A G U A Y Paraguay - Prez dumps mil commanders in a preemptive coup avoidance manoeuvre.

P O L A N D Poland - Just when it couldn't get much more bonkers, Warsaw issued a plea to be occupied by USA child murdering mil. The embarrassment was so big that the foreign ministry tried its best to deny it compounding the true psychosis of this west wanna-be minion state.
- If that wasn't insanity, Poland volunteered to happily test USA-flu vaccine.

R U S S I A Russia - Digging about in Cuba for gas and oil.
- GDP grows 14%/Q3.
- Int'l reserves up over 1B USD/fist half Nov.
- Warns EUnuchs with a gas shut off if Ukraine siphons off and suggests EUnuchs pay for Ukraine if they want gas this winter. It's nice to see EUnuch's energy supply completely out of their hands. Even if EUnuchs pay for Ukraine, they can't prevent the siphoning.
- Mulls fining EUnuchs for not drinking enough gas as per contract obligation. Nice one, Moscow!
- Bans DNA specimen exports like blood and marrow due to west's plot to target specific DNA with their bio-WMDs. Yes, we're very much in WWIII. But Moscow needs stopping adoption of its children to west for the west beast has an atrocious record in child abuse and murders.

S O U T H   K O R E A South Korea - Attacks N Korea's vessel claiming border crossing, 10Nov. Sends more warships in fear of retaliation.

S R I  L A N K A Sri Lanka - The gen'l in charge of the Tamil genocide did apparently so well he's up for prez. How about a Nobel Peace prize? Perhaps he can share it with comrade Obama. They can work out who murdered more civilians later.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Erdogan says he'd rather meet Sudanese prez Bashir than the Israeli boss.

Erdogan brings up a good point: "it's doubtful Muslims can commit genocide." Genocide does indeed seem to be the exclusive game of the saxonic christianic disease -- and with no competitor for 2000 yrs now.

U K UK - PM going about NATO looking for 5K more troops for the Helmand Stalingrad as the latest UK strategy is revealed to include a hasty Brit retreat from north Helmand, much to the chagrin of Warshington boys. Imagine the comedy phone calls.
- Broke and battered BratAir with losses at 300M GBP/6 months and while losing 1,6M GBP each and every day merges with Spain's Iberia -- as if that's gonna stop the terminal laceration. BratAir zapping 3K jobs but more will go after the merger.
- Personal insolvency up 28%/Q3 y2y.
- Has cash to hive away however every phone call and email. The madhouse of west can never be overestimated.
- Though in irreversible recovery, says last qtr to still be celebrated by more job zappings.
- Loondon governance pledges loss of control of RBS funds. For a laugh, RBS is 75% nationalised, which explains why UK governance doesn't seem to have the books. It's all total 100% rubbish, west.
- RBS is zapping to 6K jobs despite Loondon pumping 315B GBP into the prolapsed war financier. They're giving them 25B GBP immediately plus 8B GBP as a sundry "trouble fund" (NOT A JOKE!). Plus Loondon has made the UK poodles to underwrite or pay for the wank's 282B GBP toxic portfolio or war funding loss. Sideline: Now, since the wank is nearly public, could someone peek at this badly prolapsed portfolio to see where the 325B GBP went? Of course not! Loondon was also deft enough to pledge zero scrutiny on the books. All things west are 100% sick rubbish. Everything, down to the freckly cubicle war-spectator christianic fiends.
- LloydBG manages to get 6B GBP from Loondon. What does this mean for the poodle employees? That's right, 25K bank jobs to be zapped. But not to worry, as Sachs wank boss said, banksters cannot be limited in their bonus raking since they're "doing the work of god". Sideline: That's right. The west lunacy is governed by their christianic god. Banksters are rinsing cash from the baboons to "recover" some of the war funding that's been used to murder non-christians. West generals and leaders often speak of god as the reason and architect behind all this carnage. Indeed, west is THE disease.
- Nuke expert that flung himself out of the window is no longer a suicide. There's a shock! Yes, he was kelly'd.
- "Quantitative easing" or cash pouring into the empty war coffers via banks at 200B GBP. This will continue raising so long as there's a few coins left to rinse out of the drizzly isles.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - 250 dead, 70K hospitalised, and over 1,3M infected. With what? USA-flu, Pt2. They claim some new 100% fatal strain now. The pneumonia was apparently just a syndrome.
- Whistleblower confirms deliberate bio-WMD attack. It will be quite surprising if this doesn't spill into a bio-WWIII.
- flutracker

U S A USA - Texas shootout leaves 13 dead, 30 injured, and evidence to another inside op to possibly predicate a cull on Muslims within USA and Grand EUnuchia. Stories of more shooters, multiple weapons, and wireless phone network jamming emerge.
- Has begun seizing Muslim property. 4 mosques and a NYC skyscraper of Muslim non-profit org have been confiscated by the christianic state. This is like WWII and the seizure of Japanese property while German property flourished, of course.
- Homelessness has risen 18X in Los Angeles in last yr. Though no USA dept bothers tracking the homeless, it's guessed now at 3M. Yes, the prolapse's working just fine.
- Foreclosures of baboon dwellings up 19%/Oct y2y. 300K homes joined the bank-owned list/Oct, an 8th consecutive month in the residential realty prolapse.
- It's either paying 10-20K/yr for "medical" insurance or 5 yr of labour in a gulak for all baboons now. This is akin to some 1B USD aid to the medical insurance sector, which means that credit must be given to the architects of this anti-baboon measure for it's slightly more clever than just stuffing the prolapsed insurance industry with the usual boring "bailout". Sideline: BTW, this is classic, textbook definition of "fascism". Governance mandates yet doesn't provide. The mandate benefit is reaped by governance-selected sector creating a fascist oligopoly and effective merger twixt elite private business and governance.
- Lines begin forming for the voluntary round of vaccinations.
- This goes hand in hand with 4X suicide rate, as the "recovery" mercilessly lashes the Baboonarium.
- GMAC needs 11B USD more. And why not? It's a standard west bank christmess bonus.
- The state of New York has begun screaming it's going bankrupt in 3 weeks.
- Job zapping on 22nd consecutive month, which is the biggest frump since the baboons have learnt to read and keep records on this.
- Oct job loss at 200K, which was readily "celebrated" since it wasn't 220K like in Sep.
- Central Bank interest rate at near zero. But baboons keep paying 5-6% on their dwellings. Never in history of Milky Way has there been such an astonishing usury rape.
- 50% of food producing states declared disaster areas. What's next? Starvation of the baboon?
- FreddieMac clocks another 5B USD loss.
- FannyMae broke again with a 20B USD loss needing 15B USD right away.
- 123 banks dead this year.
- AIG gets 2,1B USD more.
- CIT gets 2,3B USD more. What the hell, it's Christmess.
- Though USA export's cheap like a meth slut thanks to the d0llar death, USA still manages to clock a trade deficit record, growing it 18% to 177B per Oct, a 13th consecutive month of deficit burgeoning. Deficit with China alone grew over 9% to 21B/Sep. It's a small wonder then that comrade Obama's singing Mao songs in Beijing today. Note here the accelerating trend of the prolapse.
- Commercial realty prolapse makes its debut with 2B USD worth of loans maturing. The total exposure/loss is at 300B USD and delinquency is at 16% and growing. Commercial renting shriveled by 17% and shriveling. Vacancy at 20% and growing.
- IMF dumps 200 tonnes of gold to raise a bit of quick cash. The 6-7B USD is truly silly in comparison to the west bank burn rate as can be estimated from the above.
- 37M baboons on food stamps. Let's visit with them, shall we? See what they're carrying in their manure-filled skulls. Barf bags on standby, as always!

Their nation has attacked 10 countries in the last decade on BS pretexts. It runs concentration camps where it tortures even children by policy. It's murdered millions and condemned entire nations and generations to death and maimings by DU bombing. It burns civilians to death with phosphorous bombs and rips off every shiny thing it sees. But look, all the baboon cares about is its medical care. Yes, this self-obsessed, obesity-deformed parasite lives off the blood of the planet.

Even the USA homeless fashion boasts the deeply innate USA-centric self-obsessive "what about me?" psychosis.

Look at this! Cretinous to the bone, the baboon thinks socialism has something to do with genocides, multi-zillion theft, and patent deceit, or whatever else could this bimbo baboon be objecting to. Note the ever-present idiotic grin on these creatures.

Again, note the freakish grin, the trademark of west. This pic beautifully sums up the west miscreant's twisted value system. Invade nations; murder children; raze cities; torture children; 911 -- it's all OK, as long as the baboon doesn't have to dig too deep in its pocket.

In general, no west social class experiences even the slightest remorse about the rivers of blood its parasitic existence has inflicted upon our planet. This is a true mark of a cold-blooded serial killer.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Signs 15 accords with Brazil.
- 15K troops mobilised along the 2K km long Colombian border.
- 90 Colombian arrested crossing border.

"The imperial yankee wants war" -- H Chavez.

Y E M E N Yemen - Saudi Arabia attacked Yemeni civilians, 7Nov-on, in northern Yemen, with USA phosphorous bombs helping Saleh's, one of the Bush II/Blair henchmen and Yemen prez, in this unraveling genocide of the Houthis that's intensified since Aug09. Saleh like all west faithful proxies declared "no truce till the tyrants are destroyed". West links the Houthis to Iran and justifies this latest genocide. Let's get this straight. West, via their Yemen and Saudi oil-whore monarchies, is murdering civilians to protect the west eroding oil theft route with fighters and banned bombs but it has the gall to blame Iran for the massacres. be cont'd as it all piles up.

CNBC - Dollar Will be Utterly Destroyed, Global Currency, New World Order

Yes a New World Order, an order of the FREEWORLD a non-West New World Order.

Gerald Celente on Russia Today American unemployment rates are around 20%

Gerald Celente on Russia Today American unemployment rates are around 20%