Eυχαριστίες Ελλάδα

Going on the 4th exhausting year, our Greek brothers -- on behalf of what's left of humanity on this saxon lizard-raped planet -- confront the west beast sickness. (Some pix links may break. After all, they come from the same west media whores who sell the 911 evaporating aircraft and self-imploding building grot; Somalian fishing boat piracy; Hussein WMDs; and/or D Kelly suicide walks. By the way, these west morons whose first and only tongue is this one couldn't, for their dearest life, work out the spelling of "protester" and so to be correct at least once used several incarnations of the word in the same article.)

Incidentally, it's these media whores who refer to the latest Greek wave of saxonic rape as "Greece Bailout #2" and "Voluntary Bond Swap".

Of course, it's neither a "bailout", nor a "second" one at that and it's not a "bond swap" of any kind and certainly it has nothing to do with anything even remotely "voluntary". Every single thing the west BBCNN whore says these days is patent lunacy at best.

In the broad west whore terms, Luciferas Papaldemon, the germanic appointed NWO junta kingpin has just enacted a mandatory int'l reflow of cash into the west beast pocket while increasing rape of Greece in, what can only be, a deliberate push to heighten civil strife -- perhaps in order to lay pretext for Barbarossa South to crush the Acropolis under the beast's jackboot once and for all.

While sold as a 130B EUR gift to Greece, it's no more than printed cash being routed into the pocket of the beast that prints it. It probably doesn't even touch Greece lands. In fact, it's so psychotic that Papaldemon's governance may be rewriting Greek constitution to reflect that Greeks' priority henceforth is not Greece but debt servicing. This is truly some psychotic stuff.

But it gets richer than this. In order to implement this round of int'l theft, the beast is forcing Greeks not to have yet another haircut, but to go totally bald on this one.

It's getting so petty that Greeks are forced to fork out 14B EUR by mid-March. If you consider that 14B is something that comrade Obama, the ruler of child-murdering west herds, prints up every ~40 hrs, it's clear that none of the austerity has anything whatever to do with economy but with everything with the deliberate lining of our Greek brothers against the wall by predicating more theft of pensions, wages, and life in general.

Now, for those who still somehow cling on to the BBCNN war blather, consider that the last round of austerity produced a 15% y2y drop in Greek manufacturing and over 11% y2y drop in industrial output while raising out-of-school unemployment to 50%. So even going by the west whore austerity and other such tot limericks, "haircuts" don't seem to improve a thing. But the west whores and their employers, the fiendish Luciferian orders of organ thieves, couldn't be arsed with such first-grader mistake in their arithmetic, when they're busy doing grant deeds like resurrecting the hitler's NWO wetdream.

As bailout is no more than a code word for theft and more consolidation of assets by the west beast, neither is "bond swap" a bond swap.

Now this is some fantastic stuff! Bonds have ceased to be bonds in west. The whole premise of this fiscal instrument is the idea that the lent moneys is bonded at a set schedule, hence the name. Here, however, the Moloch-serving lizards once again rewrite the definition as they did for other silly west words like banks, democracy, peace, foreign aid, truth, physics, god, elections,... well, you name it!

What they mean by "bond swap" is the arbitrary reduction of the Greek outstanding bonds by some 75% of value across the board. This magic trick is achieved by simply shaving off of over 50% of their face value plus squeezing yields to pifly 2%, which quite "incidentally" at last puts them on par with german ones, which seem to have touched the near 2% mark by late Jan12, just when they were concocting this marvelous little scheme.

Quite frankly, there aren't words to describe neither the insanity of west nor the disease producing it -- much like there aren't words to even begin to outline the madness of the laughable west einstein jesuit physics rubbish, euler usury principle of magically exploding interests, or the copernicus revolution, which discovers things already fully known and used for over 4,5 millennia.

And since there truly aren't words to sum the west disease, let's turn to pictures exposing the true face of the greatest evil ever to disgorge in our part of the galaxy bent on suffocating both humanity and our once beautiful planet.

Now, who's the terrist (sic) now? Let's just hope someone doesn't get the silly idea of posting the names of these hero robocops on some blog.

Thessaloniki joins Athens, 12Feb12,

Athens, 150 shops, 50 buildings, injury score: ~50 humans to ~70 NWO 911 robocops.

War zone between humanity and the 911 west disease.

Note the gear of our Greek brothers as they face the rioting robocops.

Robocops still fired up for their beautiful jobs serving the west pedophile beast?

West values, culture, and civilisation are just code words for this. Never in the entire history of the west beast, has the miscreant done a single thing for the benefit of mankind or our planet. Not once! All the creature knows is murder, genocide, plunder and it's given our planet 2K years of it nonstop.

The battle against evil rages on.

The yank's Starfux gets a rather fetching facelift.

Cinema falls victim to the street vandalising robocops.

Syntagma Square, Athens.

No baton, no west.

Greek junta opposition chucking the "austerity" assault book. Note it's a bit of novel there, the rape book.

And now, let's turn to Nigel for a few words on the matter.

Note the intervention by the obese saxonic creature near the end of the clip. It's of course 100% lie like all other west drivel.

Nazis were never prosecuted in the USA-UK-France-Germany axis bloc. In fact, SS officers were reinstated and drew state pensions, something Greeks aren't allowed to do today. West complex producing the murder machine was fully absolved in the USA-scripted Nurnberg charade. Wehrmacht officers ditto, plus they were rearmed in early 50s by the beast bloc contrary to all int'l treaties signed in 1945. Mass murderers like M Rostock or Sachsenhausen Serge, among thousands of others, lived happily away in their germanic viper nests enjoying old age and the security of their retirement years. USA adopted some 20K nazis to aid with their governance programmes, many of which still remain the baboon's heroes today. And let's not forget that the head of all west religions is a pretty little nazi boy himself.

Now, this technically has nothing whatever to do with the current west bankster comedy of the 2nd Greek Bailout, Bond Swaps, Greek haircuts, and so on, but it has everything to do with the protracted war on humanity waged by the west beast against our planet -- in part echoed in this Greek Bailout farce and the pictures above.

Inside Job, Narrated by Matt Damon (Full Length HD)

Inside Job, Narrated by Matt Damon (Full Length HD) from jwrock on Vimeo.

'Inside Job' provides a comprehensive analysis of the global financial crisis of 2008, which at a cost over $20 trillion, caused millions of people to lose their jobs and homes in the worst recession since the Great Depression, and nearly resulted in a global financial collapse. Through exhaustive research and extensive interviews with key financial insiders, politicians, journalists, and academics, the film traces the rise of a rogue industry which has corrupted politics, regulation, and academia. It was made on location in the United States, Iceland, England, France, Singapore, and China.