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Note in the following the west diseased brain. They threaten Russia with their Russia-hating prezzies. And yes, as always, the only force on earth capable of stopping the west beast is indeed west's chief enemy. No surprise there!

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A new report prepared by the Foreign Intelligence Service circulating in the Kremlin today says that the United States top National Security Advisor to President Obama, Thomas Donilon, was granted a “rushed meeting” with President Putin this past Friday wherein he warned the Russian leader that the world as we know it may be about to end.

According to this report, the Obama regime became alarmed last week after Russia’s top military official, Chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov, threatened to carry out a pre-emptive strike if Washington goes ahead with its plan to build a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe, after which Donilon was dispatched to Moscow by a frightened Obama.

From the very outset of this meeting, this report says, a “highly agitated” Donilon proceeded to denounce Russia’s threats and “non-cooperation” with the US over a number of international issues, including Syria, warning that Moscow’s actions could very well lead to Obama losing his upcoming election and putting into office Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney who during a recent CNN interview stated that: “Russia, this is, without question, our number one geopolitical foe.”

In responding to Donilon, this report continues, Putin stated that it didn’t matter to Russia who the US president was as the record clearly shows that Obama has done nothing since being in office other than continue Bush’s agenda of strict totalitarian domestic rule meant to aid America’s global hegemony. Putin further added Russia’s “extreme displeasure” that Obama has continued to protect the Wall Street “gangsters” who collapsed the global economy in 2008.

As this meeting neared its end, this report states, Donilon became “decidedly dejected” and voiced his concern to Putin that everything they were talking about may, in fact, be pointless and cryptically stated, “what’s the difference in any of this anyway; Nostradamus is the one in charge, none of us may even have a world to live in before this year’s out.”

This report ends by stating that Putin was “stunned” by Donilon’s strange remark after which the meeting ended with no further comments or appendages by the Kremlin or other Russian ministries, or officials.

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Crossing over to the troubled EUnuchia -- where Greek Berlin junta gets an election blow and apparently where even the IMF bosses have now taken to repeating the old NBN's mantra regarding west imminent and irreversible fate, that of total wall-to-wall prolapse -- let's check in with Mr Nigel.

But where is Herman Von Rump? Unavailable? Perhaps reading faxes, as they jam the Brussel EUnuchs' machines? -- coming from Greece where A Tsipras forced the Berlin douchebags to cancel all their silly austerity and obedience promises they made to the Vaterland a few months ago during the coup d'etat.

And this isn't all. If only the Greek rape was nulled out... Apparently, the immediate moratorium of the last round of the Berlin rape is followed by stripping the very cabal of the Athens coup d'etat junta of immunity. And that's still not all!

There will be "investigation" into the banksters' ways and who is responsible for the collapse of Greece. It would be surprising, if this breath of fresh air didn't precipitate some rather hasty relocation of the coup d'etat junta back to the Berlin bunkers or wherever these war-obsessed, child murdering, 911-designing lizards weave their plots to maul our otherwise beautiful planet. And it's still better even than this!

Apparently, the question of whether Greek debt is even legal is going int'l. Now, this could possibly point to other EUnuch and baboon lands spreading some antigens against the west beast's war on the world.

It wouldn't be surprising if the clatter of the Brussel faxes didn't shudder Herr Merkel just a bit. She's, of course, at the moment indisposed confronting the ugly French result. It seems she's now taken to high-pitch yodeling, no doubt delivered with the traditional syphilitic germanic threats, at Hollande that all questioning of austerity is simply and strictly verboten.

Let's hope A Tsipras shan't forget to question the west war bankster theft via bailouts, while he's at it. Let's look at those for a moment and have a laugh.

The data isn't important in itself so don't try to squint-read the tiny numbers. Note instead the sharp rise of asset hoarding beginning the second half of 2008 following the 2007 dollar crashing due to the nuking of the dollar monopoly in May 2006, perhaps the most amusing and fun event in the whole of the laughable west-wide wall-to-wall terminal prolapse.

When they say "assets", they don't mean just cash stolen via the endless bailouts but also hotels, sundry realty, about half of all the baboon hovels, malls... well, everything in short. Basically, all west assets have been shifted into the pocket of the west bankster. Isn't this fantastic to see what all the bailouts have been about in just one simple picture?

This graph is for the baboon central wank, or what the plateau monkeys call the fed and it shows that 99% of the baboons no longer even own the 1% of USA assets. In short, the baboon only owns debt today, unsolvable and eternal debt.

Let's pause here, top off thy chalice, raise it high and let mighty cheer resound and heal thy wounds!

In 2001, when the baboon launched its rabid world war against all humanity, predicated on the sloppy self-rubbish attack of 911, murdering and torturing children for their BBCNN viewing pleasure, the baboon owned everything.

The dollar was a created entity, unrelated to any real economy behind it, driven solely by the mechanism of the petrodollar monopoly created by the Busch-Saudi clan. It cost them zero to print it and it got its value for free from the world's thirst for oil regardless of how much of the green stuff they made.

Today, the baboon owns NOTHING! Its greenback is but a hollow and let's hope a painful reminder of the yester-decade opulence as the baboon used to make its living from the blood of this planet leeching and plundering wherever it pleased. Today, all the economy problems with printing cash are real. Hyperinflation, the vanquishing of the buying power, and unsolvable debt are all real.

And perhaps most beautifully, while the baboon was slipping into its fiscal coma of its imminent terminal prolapse, its zoo keepers pried on it ripping it to shreds to boot.

The chart shows the rate, dates, and the levels of this incestual canibalisation of the whole of the west. And so it happens that today, after wanting to rule the entire planet, the baboon is a fiscally extinct species.

This, btw, is phase II (what the old NBNs called phase II) in which the west war junta hoards up everything they can before the west has its proverbial day of reckoning.

Now, the following graph is the same thing. Same time, same hockey-stick profile, same rate of bailout theft, same result, the same rough tripling of assets since the death of the dollar monopoly, the sole engine that ran the west cesspit and the sole reason for its wonderful, amusing, and spiritually uplifting death dance we're lucky to witness.

The only difference here is that the following graph is for the EUnuch central bank. Well, same criminal, same crime.

Together, these graphs also underline that the two central banks, though pretending not to be on too frequent cunnilingus terms, are, in fact, the very definition of incest.

Be it seen in the laughable comrade Obama's hasty dollar price slash to pump up the ECB with cheap baboon tender during the Greek coup d'etat chaos or shown by these two pretty graphs, it's clear that the baboon and the EUnuch are as different as two cheeks of the same arse. (Yes, quite right, this technically is profane but once one begins touching the west disease, even the most flowery damnations lose their sting.)

Note EUnuch's central wank mirrors that of the baboon, which means the same thief is ripping off the EUnuchs as is the baboons. Let's hope Tsipras at least points this out to the disgruntled west monkey masses.

And let's go to the drizzly isles of the britzies for our final bout of laughter. Apparently, Mr Camewrong was dealt an electorate drubbing there as well. That's mildly amusing but what's side-splitting is his response. It's not unlike that of a petulant brat beating its fists on the floor.

For mis-voting, Mr Camewrong threatened the isle captives that the harsh austerities shall go right ahead and soon may be augmented.