Nation By Nation (10Jul10)

22Jun-10Jul -- Day by day, as the west prolapse begins permeating the very musings and apocalyptic blither of the baboon kind, NBN's data of the west-wide terminal prolapse are basically rendered superfluous. But under no circumstance should our jubilations be derailed by the self-pitying mournful tone the west arrogant redneck neanderthals have begun affecting as the child-murdering saxonic freckly creature stares at its own econ death. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - West tried yet again to slither up to Talib for truce negotiations. Yet again, west was told off: "We don't want to talk to anyone -- not to Karzai or foreigners -- until forces are withdrawn."
- New USA child-murdering boss promises west war investors victory in Afghanistan returning west strategy to its original war wetdreams. He also calls for paying for more war with USA baboon's pensions.
- 7Jul, USA admits to 3 troop deaths.
- 8Jul, USA admits to 3 troop deaths.
- 9Jul, USA admits to murdering 6 civilians.
- 10Jul, USA admits to 7 troop deaths.

West-style warfare: robo-troops against children and their mums and still needing a number advantage.

A U S T R A L I A Australia - Rudd out, Gillard in. The first thing the new PM does is pledging support to USA wars. Oddly, her obvious geographical/loyalty confusion is not so much as questioned by this strand of west disease.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Shuts down USA's walmart offices.
- GDP grows 7,13%/2010.

C H I N A China -China-based GM outsells own USA turf. China's been #1 auto market since 2008.
- Live round drills welcome USA/S Korean war games.
- Trade gap with USA swells 120%. USA screams "no fair".

E G Y P T Egypt - Red Sea oil spill, blamed on Egypt, comes from west boats ferrying the stolen resource.

E U EU - Unemployment at record high, much like its bristly cousin, the baboon. That's over 23M of Grand EUnuchs out of work.
- Mfg prolapses some more.
- Vaticunt pedophiles launch new fanatical attack to frighten the west neanderthals with pictures of tortured guy nailed to a cross.
- Gives USA access to all its banks. The west war junta actually thinks it can save itself by rinsing the west neanderthal wallets. Such is the unbounded cretinism of the west kind.
- Prints another 750B EUR to make it through the summer. And this after all the poverty measures.

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks - Silly Sarkozy tried saving Le Monde, the symbol of west survival that's gone on the west-wide garage sale.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs - All households get slapped with TV tax of 18EUR/month, even if they don't have a TV. This will save the west.

E U - G R E E C E EU-Greece - Bomb at police ministry kills 1, 25Jun.
- More protests, clashes, tear gas, and "burn parliament" banners in another nat'l strike on 29Jun.
- Greek "bailout" (code for saxon bank 700M EUR heist) does precisely what it had promised to avoid. 6000 Greek islands go on west-wide garage sale.

Greece AFTER bailout.

E U - I T A L Y EU-Italy - 29Jun, Italians rise against the 25B bloodsqueeze poverty measures. Some 100K turn out in Bologna, some 60K in Rome, and 80K in Milan.

E U - L A T V I A EU-Latvia - Nazis take to streets celebrating the coming of Hitler.

E U - U K EU-UK - Warns citizens of "abject misery" for "the world has changed dramatically in recent weeks".
- Poverty measures include the zapping of 500K jobs at min plus some 650K jobs in private sector.
- Mfg prolapses some more.

I R A N Iran - Frankenstein's Total moaning "it was a mistake" becomes the first beneficiary of the west self-bloodletting sanctions on Iran.
- Producing long-range missiles now.
- Gives Syria radar.

I R A Q Iraq - See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

J A P A N Japan - Unemployment over 5% and climbing.
- New west-stooge governance unveils tax hikes as IMF reins in the USA base island's econ under the west-wide poverty measures.

P A L E S T I N E Palestine -

Civilians in Gaza shelled by Israel, 30Jun.

R U S S I A Russia - Visa-free travel with Nicaragua.
- Swaps spies with USA.
- S300/400 sale to Turkey. West can't probably even keep track now.
- Pensions upped by 3,4%, 1Jul.
- Opens oil offices in Cuba for Gulf of Mex drilling of Boca de Jaruco reserves. Such is the power of west sanctions.

T U R K E Y Turkey -Closes sky to Israel military flights.

U N UN - A careless speech suggesting banning the baboon dollar sends the dead tender into convulsions.

U S A USA -Forget Greece and her sensible debt #s. USA is running federal debt of 14T USD plus cumulative baboon personal debts of 13T USD. Ignoring total USA operating outlay that pushes the debt #s to over 80T, current USA debt (including GDP that adds money prints as income) is 2X GDP.
- Tax hikes, though typically a sound way to raise cash, are, like in EUnuchia, totally POINTLESS today. Income tax has eroded 55% to pifly 140B USD in 2009, so taxes isn't one of west's solution.
- Unemployment pegged at some 21%.
- Unemployment rises 13K/wk, 1Jul. Comrade Obama's charlatans predicted a "drop" -- just for a laugh.
- 125K baboons lose jobs/Jun but comrade Obama keeps "official" unemployment-benefits below 10% by simply erasing 1,2M off labour force. Per their own data they're tracking some 50% of real unemployment now supporting the over 20% unemployment. That's 30M baboons out of work and 60M in ridiculous rubbish jobs.
- Small wonder then that baboon bankruptcies rise 14%/H1.
- 40M baboons are relying on food stamps to survive today. Why so little? The governance isn't gonna feed more. Food stamps, like unemployment benefits is a limited # having nothing to do with hunger or unemployment.
- Consumer confidence plunges further 16%/May.
- With total mfg death joined by construction death, 40% of the remaining employed baboons are stuck in low-wage rubbish.
- Mortgage loans prolapse 40%.
- 24% or mortgages underwater, meaning the baboon hovels are worth less than the loans on them.
- 370K properties on foreclosure/Mar. USA banks, living off "bailout" heist own MORE property than baboons today.
- New homes sales prolapse 33%/May rounding at pathetic 300K.
- 90 banks laid to rest, as of 9Jul.
- But the fun is just beginning. Commercial realty prices & transactions prolapse 40% & 90% respectively since the dollar monopoly nuking.
- Fred&Fan, the USA governance mortgage slumlord house since 2008, means today 145B in losses to the baboon pocket.
- USA central bank printing 2T USD to pay self for USA bonds on the verge of default. Forget Greece and EUnuchia. Their fiscal problems are silly in comparison to the amusing baboon slide down the abyss.
- Despite all this, 55% of the baboons find comrade Obama to be "socialist". Indeed, the west cretinism cannot be underestimated.

Treat yourself to this beautifully succinct chart tracing the west-wide wall-to-wall terminal prolapse. Note the marvelous slide starting in 2007 -- in full synch with the dollar monopoly nuking of mid 2006. Note also the irrecoverable over-decade-long erosion of trade shriveling realty prices to 2003 level in one single year. This roughly means that west commercial real-estate is all underwater today with loans bigger than liquidating price. And be dazzled with the thought that it doesn't include 2010 data, the year in which USA's construction was finally laid to rest and the razing of realty to prop up the prices has begun.

- Prolapsed Californlornia is releasing 40K prisoners and lowers min wage.
- Verizon celebrates USA splendid recovery with 12K job zappings.
- NASA celebrates USA splendid recovery with 1K job zappings.
- Comrade Obama prints 33B USD for war on Afghanistan.
- Comrade Obama gives self an internet kill switch. This means that the internet is working just fine then.

Another treat. As commercial realty stands abandoned covered with pathetic "for lease" signs across USA, behind the scenes, the unpaid loans are exponentially bloodletting the already gangrened banks. Remember the subprime fibs of 2007? Laughable, aren't they?, the west BBCNN whores. This chart alone proves that all west is and has been lying about their prolapse, not to mention the terminality thereof.

- Has destroyed some 30% of its contiguous coastline from Taxes to the Atlantic side of Fluorida plus over 40% of Gulf of Mexico.
- Tar balls turn up in New Jersey, the next station after Fluorida of the Gulf Stream.
- On 10Jun, it's day ~160 (leak was known 2 months prior to announcement). Gushing at 100K bpd, some 16M barrels of oil plus Corexit have been pumped into the gulf thus far. That's some 64 Valdez-size disasters with the potential to wipe out 130K km of shoreline and 1,7M km2 of water. These #s are off chart
- Millions of baboons are now breathing benzene and enjoy toxic rain.
- Hundreds "swimmers" report sickness. That's right, the incurably cretinous baboon is still seeking after a swim in its poisoned waters.
- 1500 "workers" reported sick and turned to BP-run hospitals.
- The west governances are doing something about it however: Comrade Obama has made it a felony to film the destruction; and he's asked USA NAVY to figure out a way to nuke the gushing as if that's possible; Canada has put 2500 troops on standby for deployment to USA oil beaches as if that had anything to do with it; USA coast guards, working for BP now, are filling USA coastline with Corexit poisons.
- In the meantime, USA 7K troops with 46 war ships have evacuated USA corexit-oil waters and wedge themselves into Costa Rica, under some BS of fighting "drugs".

Thanks to this chap with a cam doing the job of the west press bristly whore cabal, we can see that the baboon is now swimming in toxins for covered toxins with pretty BP-hurriedly-trucked sand are still toxins. Plus, burying the toxins with sand isn't really a clean-up, now is it?

Busch II had once salivated over Iran's, as he put it, being "awash with oil".

XXL Baboons survey their oil beaches

End of April

End of June

Pensacola, Fluorida

How's the baboon still at rest? Anyone?

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V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Nationalises 11 USA oil rigs.

H Chavez while hosting Syria's B Assad: "We have common enemies: the yankee empire and the genocidal state of Israel". be cont'd as it all piles