West Prolapse In Own Words

Oakland, Baboonarium. The cam holder gets rubber bullet shot. Who'd have believed that bullets would be exchanged twixt the west robocops and populace only five yrs after the nuking of the west cash monopoly?

Oakland again as festivities continue with some 100K marching somewhere.

USA food stamps clocked at 46M. Note the leaning S curve, a classic sign of exponential behaviour: fast take off, inflection pt at 2009-2010, and diminishing return area now. The implied asymptote is not improving conditions, as certainly the west BBCNN whores will shout now, but the governance reluctance to print more food stamps. This is how west keeps unemployment in the "healthy" 20% band. They simply cut unemployment benefits where the statistic requires it. This will in turn exponentially increase the "occupy" crowds though sadly not the acumen and so they'll march on somewhere with placards that make no sense, even to them.

Pink=earnings with degree, Blue=cost of degree. Note here the flagging uncertainty following 911 and then the beautiful certainty following the 2006 dollar obliteration. BTW, the cumulative prolapse of student loan default is gonna be bursting to the tune of 1T USD in USA alone. Yes, students are west's future.

So how does comrade Obama respond to the growing disgruntlement of his nation? He invades Nigeria and sends troops to Australia to somehow protect his Taiwan arms sales while thwarting the "China threat". Now, is this the same China that EUnuchs a few days ago begged for a handout? Could anyone in the galaxy script this wonderful comedy any better, which is played out daily in the heap of the west very own headlines?

LoonDen 9Nov11. Marching charging feet... Indeed, in the sleepy Loonden town there's no place for anyone but lizards, hybrid lizards, and their armies of lizard twonks. How is it that it's taking this long for the west crowds to grasp this immensely simplistic concept that was lain bare a decade ago?

In the meantime, "Prime Minister David Cameron warned squabbling eurozone leaders "the world can't wait" for them to finalise plans to bailout Greece, recapitalise banks and erect a one trillion euro (£870bn) "firewall"..."

Is this real? Be it a voice of a yank park Occupier or one of west's war leaders, it's 100% pure gibberish. So Mr Camewrong calls for recapitalisation of banks and 1T EUR firewall around Italy...

(BTW, it's too late to wall off Italy. He said this a few days ago and it's already too late for that idea. A mere week later and they need a 1,5T EUR firewall around Spain, Portugal, etc.)

So what is this black magic of "firewalling" and "recapitalisation"? Again, both voodoo terms come from the famous west dictionary of lies, mindrape twistings, and the endless famous cretinous euphemisms -- BTW, the thickest book in history of mankind.

What the EUnuchs mean by firewall is pre-bailout Basically, instead of pushing themselves to the border of a self-default with bald leaders ruining G20 orgies, they now advocate the idea of establishing a preemptive bailout fund to the tune of 1T EUR or as IMF'd prefer 1,5T EUR. How is this a firewall? It's not. How is this a solution? It's not. How does this make sense then? It doesn't. It's west. It's just insanity, comedy, and word rape. Firewall = a fund to proactively fund the prolapsed west banksters via these national "bailouts" (another euphemism). Just more of the west psychotic comedy from the very loons that have brought you the glory of 911, London77, endless war crimes, child & organ traffic, active wars in a dozen nations, Japan's multiple open-air fissions, HAARP weather, mercury vaccines, and the very looming prospect of the very last world war.

"Recapitalisation" is, of course, also straight from the same west book of twisted smarm. Recap of banks means rinsing the accounts for more cash to the tune of some 200-400B EUR by haircutting (also their latest smarm) dividents, earnings, loans, and assets. Another pile of manure in short. And notice that Mr Camewrong manages to squeeze two utter nonsenses into one single sentence, an achievement worthy a west leader or a skilled BBCNN whore. And further note, no one in west is so much as questioning such spraffing blather.

No one even asked Mr Camewrong to be so kind and explain how -- if the pathetic ECB liquid sucking banks raise ~300B EUR on some garage sale of their desks and old computer rubbish -- will this change anything? And that's because the answer is evident.

Recap of banks solves nothing. At the end of the day, whether the collection of EUnuch banks rinse 30% of what just the Italy firewall requires while getting a free print of 20B EUR from Germs to boot or not, the peripheral bond monthlies need be paid up to the very west war and child-murdering pedophile machine that prints the tender in the first place. It's a rather bizarre merry-go-around defining the west psychosis, which only cunningly predicates the total and complete "haircut" of humanity that's still left locked within the west glorious iron curtains.

Take Greece for instance. Greece needed cash last week. Why? To pay the monthlies for the bonds it issued. And who bought the bonds? You? Me? Other readers? Hardly. The very west central bank. And so it happens that what the steaming pile of all the west charlatans -- that still some shocking 25% of the west neanderthals approve as leaders -- call "bailout of Greece" is no more than the bailout of their own fiscal rape of Greece.

In reality, the Greek bailout cash doesn't even touch Greece. All that happens is the concession of Greek property to the beast at the levels set by the round of the bailout. The west bankster not only dictates Greek, Italian, and Spanish policy today but have physically invaded these nations with own peripheral governances. And let's be clear here, this is very much a fiscal-predicated land assault for the guarantees extorted from Greece and the peripherals were in terms of land concessions. And that means that Greece today, her architectural treasures, her beautiful isles and sparkling seas, her olive groves, Ouzo, her traditions are now owned by the west beast. The question remains how the west beast plans to actually take over the property, although that operation, which made the bald guy run amok, has just now begun.

Mr Pompousdreou understood well the latest "bailout" of the beast's bank came with permanent foreign boots on Greek soil and so he panicked as his hours were numbered. BTW, the same goes for Italy and its new junta ushering the beast's stringent austerity and land grab aimed to "haircut" in Greece some whopping 60% of holdings, a total wall-to-wall grab with invasion.

BTW, Pompousdreou wasn't the only clown throwing arms up in the air last week while flashing his bald pate about as the EUnuch manure filled his protester-face-kicking boots.

UK unleashed a tirade at Germs to fix the damn thing for it's "chilling UK econ" and Germs, of course, defended with "either help or shut up". UK then closed the half-time by telling Germs to "quit advising everyone" who in turn pounded their fists on the floor calling for a "new EUnuch order" in a stropping wobbly. France commented the disappointing score by stating that the Greek entry to EUnuchia was a "mistake" and took charge by extending short-sale ban of her fiscal stocks. Then France proposed a bailout bank that gets to directly suckle the ECB tit and quickly pay those who print the tender tender, an idea in insanity on par with the UK firewalling and the bank recapitalisation. Germs didn't like the French bailout bank idea thinking it far too gone and told France to simply bugger off, which it did. The mighty French governance then went on to crawl on its knees to Beijing, which even the French were embarrassed about underlining the west pathetic loss of all leverage over their erstwhile colonies with words "[this belly dance] shows [EUnuch] weakness. How will Europe be able to ask China to stop undervaluing its currency now?"

And the beautiful crazed circus of the prolapsed west was concluded with EFSF -- which stands for the farce of it all: EUnuch Fiscal Stability Facility -- hinting that "the bailout fund could one day issue bonds in yuan". And funnily enough, ECB (central beast bank), had nothing to say at all except admitting with addled shoulder shrugs to running out of ideas. After all, what could EUnuchs say after suffering the screaming shame of not being able to raise even a pansy 5B EUR in the latest bond issue -- and those were a 70 yr bonds, which means not even the west banksters now believe that 3 generations of the west monkeys could change the current course of west.

All the west has left now is re-definitions of words and concepts that all mean one thing: a sweeping wall-to-wall cataclysmic wonderment of the irreversible terminal prolapse of all things west.

And so west does the only thing it finds sensible: it continues readying for WWIII and the star wars, which became evident at the end of 2008, continue with the recent destruction of a 7 tonne Russian satellite, following the downing of USA's one on 24Sep11 and Germ one on 23Oct.

And who's the guilty one for the current desperate state of matters on this planet? Yes, that's right, the marching crowds of the west neanderthal monkeys.

They grew fat on slurping the blood of this planet since forever the west beast's been disgorged from the Baltic moors. They enjoyed the benefits of the Arabian genocide of drinking crude for 100 yrs. They tried pulverising Russia to pave way to total planet domination several times in the 20th century. They love hating everything non-freckly. They created and continue to enable the beast. For a decade they accepted its crimes including the self crimes of 911 and Loonden77. They bolstered the evil. Still today they drink deep of the BBCNN sewage paying programme fees. They enjoyed the genocides unleashed on defenceless children around the globe on their BBCNN idiot boxes. They voted for more wars. Without a word, they accepted the comrade Obama's Change charade. And now they're en masse looking away from the real crimes, from the real criminals, banding under incoherent madhouse Occupy placards, which address no part of reality. (just youtube "Occupy comments" to see the manure sloshing in the skulls of the street baboon) And now they'll march into WWIII when called upon by their 2012 leaders. They're already in a pre-election frisson over Ron Paulie, another shape-shifter lying in wait for his turn at the beast's transgressions against our planet, humanity, and all things sacred.

Letter From Poland

This is a Dutch documentary on the mysterious death of the Polish Government in April 2010. An incident that has not received the attention and scrutiny it deserves, because the most hostile anti-Russian regime in Europe was literally wiped out. The geopolitical implications and repercussions of this incident has yet to be truly felt or understood.

Letter from Poland / Brief uit Polen (2010) from disinpho on Vimeo.