West Prolapse In Own Words

Oakland, Baboonarium. The cam holder gets rubber bullet shot. Who'd have believed that bullets would be exchanged twixt the west robocops and populace only five yrs after the nuking of the west cash monopoly?

Oakland again as festivities continue with some 100K marching somewhere.

USA food stamps clocked at 46M. Note the leaning S curve, a classic sign of exponential behaviour: fast take off, inflection pt at 2009-2010, and diminishing return area now. The implied asymptote is not improving conditions, as certainly the west BBCNN whores will shout now, but the governance reluctance to print more food stamps. This is how west keeps unemployment in the "healthy" 20% band. They simply cut unemployment benefits where the statistic requires it. This will in turn exponentially increase the "occupy" crowds though sadly not the acumen and so they'll march on somewhere with placards that make no sense, even to them.

Pink=earnings with degree, Blue=cost of degree. Note here the flagging uncertainty following 911 and then the beautiful certainty following the 2006 dollar obliteration. BTW, the cumulative prolapse of student loan default is gonna be bursting to the tune of 1T USD in USA alone. Yes, students are west's future.

So how does comrade Obama respond to the growing disgruntlement of his nation? He invades Nigeria and sends troops to Australia to somehow protect his Taiwan arms sales while thwarting the "China threat". Now, is this the same China that EUnuchs a few days ago begged for a handout? Could anyone in the galaxy script this wonderful comedy any better, which is played out daily in the heap of the west very own headlines?

LoonDen 9Nov11. Marching charging feet... Indeed, in the sleepy Loonden town there's no place for anyone but lizards, hybrid lizards, and their armies of lizard twonks. How is it that it's taking this long for the west crowds to grasp this immensely simplistic concept that was lain bare a decade ago?

In the meantime, "Prime Minister David Cameron warned squabbling eurozone leaders "the world can't wait" for them to finalise plans to bailout Greece, recapitalise banks and erect a one trillion euro (£870bn) "firewall"..."

Is this real? Be it a voice of a yank park Occupier or one of west's war leaders, it's 100% pure gibberish. So Mr Camewrong calls for recapitalisation of banks and 1T EUR firewall around Italy...

(BTW, it's too late to wall off Italy. He said this a few days ago and it's already too late for that idea. A mere week later and they need a 1,5T EUR firewall around Spain, Portugal, etc.)

So what is this black magic of "firewalling" and "recapitalisation"? Again, both voodoo terms come from the famous west dictionary of lies, mindrape twistings, and the endless famous cretinous euphemisms -- BTW, the thickest book in history of mankind.

What the EUnuchs mean by firewall is pre-bailout Basically, instead of pushing themselves to the border of a self-default with bald leaders ruining G20 orgies, they now advocate the idea of establishing a preemptive bailout fund to the tune of 1T EUR or as IMF'd prefer 1,5T EUR. How is this a firewall? It's not. How is this a solution? It's not. How does this make sense then? It doesn't. It's west. It's just insanity, comedy, and word rape. Firewall = a fund to proactively fund the prolapsed west banksters via these national "bailouts" (another euphemism). Just more of the west psychotic comedy from the very loons that have brought you the glory of 911, London77, endless war crimes, child & organ traffic, active wars in a dozen nations, Japan's multiple open-air fissions, HAARP weather, mercury vaccines, and the very looming prospect of the very last world war.

"Recapitalisation" is, of course, also straight from the same west book of twisted smarm. Recap of banks means rinsing the accounts for more cash to the tune of some 200-400B EUR by haircutting (also their latest smarm) dividents, earnings, loans, and assets. Another pile of manure in short. And notice that Mr Camewrong manages to squeeze two utter nonsenses into one single sentence, an achievement worthy a west leader or a skilled BBCNN whore. And further note, no one in west is so much as questioning such spraffing blather.

No one even asked Mr Camewrong to be so kind and explain how -- if the pathetic ECB liquid sucking banks raise ~300B EUR on some garage sale of their desks and old computer rubbish -- will this change anything? And that's because the answer is evident.

Recap of banks solves nothing. At the end of the day, whether the collection of EUnuch banks rinse 30% of what just the Italy firewall requires while getting a free print of 20B EUR from Germs to boot or not, the peripheral bond monthlies need be paid up to the very west war and child-murdering pedophile machine that prints the tender in the first place. It's a rather bizarre merry-go-around defining the west psychosis, which only cunningly predicates the total and complete "haircut" of humanity that's still left locked within the west glorious iron curtains.

Take Greece for instance. Greece needed cash last week. Why? To pay the monthlies for the bonds it issued. And who bought the bonds? You? Me? Other readers? Hardly. The very west central bank. And so it happens that what the steaming pile of all the west charlatans -- that still some shocking 25% of the west neanderthals approve as leaders -- call "bailout of Greece" is no more than the bailout of their own fiscal rape of Greece.

In reality, the Greek bailout cash doesn't even touch Greece. All that happens is the concession of Greek property to the beast at the levels set by the round of the bailout. The west bankster not only dictates Greek, Italian, and Spanish policy today but have physically invaded these nations with own peripheral governances. And let's be clear here, this is very much a fiscal-predicated land assault for the guarantees extorted from Greece and the peripherals were in terms of land concessions. And that means that Greece today, her architectural treasures, her beautiful isles and sparkling seas, her olive groves, Ouzo, her traditions are now owned by the west beast. The question remains how the west beast plans to actually take over the property, although that operation, which made the bald guy run amok, has just now begun.

Mr Pompousdreou understood well the latest "bailout" of the beast's bank came with permanent foreign boots on Greek soil and so he panicked as his hours were numbered. BTW, the same goes for Italy and its new junta ushering the beast's stringent austerity and land grab aimed to "haircut" in Greece some whopping 60% of holdings, a total wall-to-wall grab with invasion.

BTW, Pompousdreou wasn't the only clown throwing arms up in the air last week while flashing his bald pate about as the EUnuch manure filled his protester-face-kicking boots.

UK unleashed a tirade at Germs to fix the damn thing for it's "chilling UK econ" and Germs, of course, defended with "either help or shut up". UK then closed the half-time by telling Germs to "quit advising everyone" who in turn pounded their fists on the floor calling for a "new EUnuch order" in a stropping wobbly. France commented the disappointing score by stating that the Greek entry to EUnuchia was a "mistake" and took charge by extending short-sale ban of her fiscal stocks. Then France proposed a bailout bank that gets to directly suckle the ECB tit and quickly pay those who print the tender tender, an idea in insanity on par with the UK firewalling and the bank recapitalisation. Germs didn't like the French bailout bank idea thinking it far too gone and told France to simply bugger off, which it did. The mighty French governance then went on to crawl on its knees to Beijing, which even the French were embarrassed about underlining the west pathetic loss of all leverage over their erstwhile colonies with words "[this belly dance] shows [EUnuch] weakness. How will Europe be able to ask China to stop undervaluing its currency now?"

And the beautiful crazed circus of the prolapsed west was concluded with EFSF -- which stands for the farce of it all: EUnuch Fiscal Stability Facility -- hinting that "the bailout fund could one day issue bonds in yuan". And funnily enough, ECB (central beast bank), had nothing to say at all except admitting with addled shoulder shrugs to running out of ideas. After all, what could EUnuchs say after suffering the screaming shame of not being able to raise even a pansy 5B EUR in the latest bond issue -- and those were a 70 yr bonds, which means not even the west banksters now believe that 3 generations of the west monkeys could change the current course of west.

All the west has left now is re-definitions of words and concepts that all mean one thing: a sweeping wall-to-wall cataclysmic wonderment of the irreversible terminal prolapse of all things west.

And so west does the only thing it finds sensible: it continues readying for WWIII and the star wars, which became evident at the end of 2008, continue with the recent destruction of a 7 tonne Russian satellite, following the downing of USA's one on 24Sep11 and Germ one on 23Oct.

And who's the guilty one for the current desperate state of matters on this planet? Yes, that's right, the marching crowds of the west neanderthal monkeys.

They grew fat on slurping the blood of this planet since forever the west beast's been disgorged from the Baltic moors. They enjoyed the benefits of the Arabian genocide of drinking crude for 100 yrs. They tried pulverising Russia to pave way to total planet domination several times in the 20th century. They love hating everything non-freckly. They created and continue to enable the beast. For a decade they accepted its crimes including the self crimes of 911 and Loonden77. They bolstered the evil. Still today they drink deep of the BBCNN sewage paying programme fees. They enjoyed the genocides unleashed on defenceless children around the globe on their BBCNN idiot boxes. They voted for more wars. Without a word, they accepted the comrade Obama's Change charade. And now they're en masse looking away from the real crimes, from the real criminals, banding under incoherent madhouse Occupy placards, which address no part of reality. (just youtube "Occupy comments" to see the manure sloshing in the skulls of the street baboon) And now they'll march into WWIII when called upon by their 2012 leaders. They're already in a pre-election frisson over Ron Paulie, another shape-shifter lying in wait for his turn at the beast's transgressions against our planet, humanity, and all things sacred.


poiuytr said...


> Tbilisi: Georgian Parliamentary Speaker David Bakradze held meetings at the U.S. House of Representatives to promote the draft resolution

This is funny. This is like USA agreeing with UK that they own the North Pole. I hope they didn't forget to pass a unanimous resolution for Russia to return the NATO launch codes swiped with the Bush II humvee.

> Why shouldn't they simply ignore the whole thing? They are Russia, after all and not some village in the Caucasus?

Indeed. No force short of WWIII can glue the shattered embarrassment of Gruzia. And of course, WWIII won't save Gruzia either.


> Iran is all over the place at the moment. War imminent, war imminent

Yes, the west screechings are everywhere but it's still the same game. Unless the west manages to disable Iran's 2nd strike hitting some 200 targets, some movable probably, within a few nano cycles of one another, this west's wetdream shall fail too. It's more likely some silly front for something else.

> However necessary the west prolapse, it does seem to come with a very high price tag.

Indeed! It's a very difficult game taking down the beast. WWIII has always been the possibility and as the rigor mortis spreads through its vampire veins it's likely to act increasingly more insane. It's amazing that thusfar WWIII has been so successfully prevented. Most amazing achievement of all times on this planet.


poiuytr said...

> Early last year, 75 percent were receiving checks. The figure is now 48 percent — a shift that points to a growing crisis of long-term

Yes. Note it takes the west press whores some 6 yrs to come clean on their statistic masturbations. Just know that all words, all phrases, all #s of west are near 100% BS today. All of it. Not just econ, war reports, or rubbish of other nations. All of it! West science books, west history, west anthropology, west astronomy, west everything is total pile of laughable rubbish.

Even going by their own pub'd #s. Why would Greece be defaulting if its debt/GDP ratio is better than France, UK, USA, the central west nations? That's cause all west #s are total laughable rubbish and "bailouts" isn't a bailout but more bankster theft, more NWO consolidation of assets, etc.


> Is a slow but steady destruction of Japan being planned at this stage? The question is legitimate in view of all the murky events

It rather seems since the utter bastards haven't buried the open fissions that Japan is used as the WMD against the whole planet.

But note that the EUnuchs are blaming their high radiation levels on Tarantula Nebula 160K lightyr away. All west #s, data, stories, phrases, words, all of it is 100% BS.


> Property Prices Collapse in China. Is This a Crash? - 8.11.11

Troublesome isn't. Every 7 house in USA is in foreclosure. Near 50% are underwater. And that's ONLY cause the banksters are doing God's work. In effect, Blankfield of GoldmanSacks was right.

The banks are holding the dam of foreclosures. And they're trickling the dam and still it's prolapse of unseen proportions. If the dam burst it's gonna cost more to live in a USA hovel than on the street, just like in Detrot. It's instant city prolapse, instant utility prolapse if the banksters didn't do the God's work in USA and let demand/supply capitalism reign.


poiuytr said...

> 10/11/11 09:17 Let me explain why I posted the above on countless GI body parts nicely "disappeared". It's a point I've been trying to make over the past ten years. The US has lost thousands and thousands of soldiers in the Afghan-Iraq wars without ever acknowledging their deaths. Just take a look at their official casualty figures. It's laughable.

Yes. All west #s are laughable. Total hogwash twaddle. They lie so much now that it's near 100% lies, or truth reversed.

> Turkey quake: -Depth of the epicenter
-Chart of the seismic wave Are those already publicized?

Magnitude 5.6 - EASTERN TURKEY
2011 November 08 22:05:51 UTC
Location 38.714°N, 43.133°E
Depth 9.4 km (5.8 miles)


> US to Announce ‘Permanent Military Presence’ in Australia
New Deployment Has Something to Do With China, Officials Insist -

It's poss west is truly this crazed but it's just as insane as Iran. USA tried taking on China in 1950 by way of Korea. The second they touched Yalu some 100K Chinese troops drove them down the peninsula where they've stayed put since. It's unlikely China today is any less capable than in 1953.


> Perhaps the time has come to change the background of this blog from black to some other colour. The black was beautifully symbolic.

That'd be nice. I can't read it. It's little dots everywhere making me bonkers. But it was JW's twist on the darkening clouds above our heads so...


poiuytr said...

> Will Fukushima Bankrupt Japan?

Bankrupt? It's destroyed it.


> 11/11/11 15:59 The Occupy Movement - 10.11.11

Fantastic news sums, thanks!

> In Oakland, one young man was shot to death by the police in the

How many is that then in USA? 2 or 3 now, isn't it? And still no polarisation of the rest of the baboon. No, the Greek and the baboon are not the same species.


> Pentagon planning Cold War against China 11.11.11

But they've been at Cold War with China for 20 yrs now losing every battle, every offesive, every defensive from the Clinton days to date. They're planning to escalate it?

What are they gonna do now? Hold a hunger strike? Are the Pentagram boys gonna pitch tents in Beijing and go Occupying with placards?

It does rather seem that the beast has been pushed to the ultimate end. It's now wrapped with grenades and threatening to pull the pins thinking somehow in its infinite wisdom that that's gonna do it.


> IMF Director Christine Lagarde wants Russian not to spend their money on social projects benefiting Russians, but instead to privatize

This is total lunacy. West is so beyond lunatic today that I hope all this, every single news blip on west, every single west's own headline, I hope all this reads as the world's silliest comedy ever penned. It's crazies running about talking utter bollocks. It's so crazed there aren't words to describe the west levels of total insanity that beside the bloodthirst is the last defining trait of the cesspit.

I hope you can envision Christine throwing her arms about advising Russia. It's as silly as Pentagram declaring Cold War on China. It's as ridiculous as USA proclaiming Gruzia whole again. It's as laughable as the EUnuch silly cows running about trying to figure out what's going on. It's as impotent as the decade worth of obscenities, threats, and vulgarities against Iran and anyone capable of 2nd strike.

> live on the mercy of IMF handouts, by buying food products from Western Europe.

That seems like a good idea. Russia buying food from a place that can't feed & clothe itself to begin with.


> IMF = Institution of Misery and Famine. Clearly, adorable Mrs. Lagarde is merely doing her (grotesquely overpaid) job all right.

Yes. It's priceless. What a fantastic comedy, the west.


> Will Italy be selling its gold reserves to the IMF as some of its EU partners so coyly suggest?

Which bars would these be? Those tungsten ones wrapped with gold foil? They might as well try pizzas. What this means is that Italy too has been gulped up by the west beast and is under control of Berlin today.


poiuytr said...
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poiuytr said...

Comedy of West & The Trouble with WWIII

> Comrade Obama warns Hu that USA is "impatient and frustrated" over economic relations.

Has he not seen the impatient and frustrated yanks in his streets? Has anyone seen a placard complaining about the yuan not floating high enough? What planet is Obama on? One couldn't invent this... it's tears-in-eyes comedy, side-splitting, truly.

> Then Obama adds "For an economy like the United States -- where our biggest competitive advantage is our knowledge, our innovation, our patents, our copyrights"

USA econ would then have nothing to do with stealing oil, growing heroin, smuggling arms to Mexican drug lords, printing stashes of now pointless paper? How doesn't Hu burst out laughing?

> Obama called for "reciprocity" in the trade arena, saying there was no reason this should lead to problems in broader relations.

Does he not understand monthlies for 1,1T USD in mortgage debt to China? Does he not grasp the concept of trade deficit? How could this be? And the west press prints this as though it's not a funny paper strip.

> He also offered predictions that Europe would work its way through its fiscal problems.

And to round off his Hu advise session he banks on EUnuchs. Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal off the cliff and he's going oh yeah, it's alright.

Yes, lunacy, total unbridled insanity is all that's left for west now.

And this is from our lovely IMF iron lady: "A major exporter, Japan “would be exposed if some of its large clients are in serious difficulty,” she said."

She's down to threatening Japan and everyone with EUnuch prolapse. This is some rich stuff. Let's hope all west holdings are dumped as a result of this threat as to, shall we say, mitigate the "exposure", as she puts it.

West has no leverage at all. It's beyond laughable now. And they're belly dances around the world are quite entertaining now as they flop twixt drivel and little threatening jabs. I wonder who in west will ultimately pull the lever of WWIII cause let's face it, this comedy of adviso-threatening the world isn't gonna do a thing for the cesspit other than entertain and at some point the decision has to be made.

How do you make that then? Is it when the streets of west are on fire? When west monkeys are burning their cash to keep warm? When? If you were west, when would you launch your arsenal against everyone?

This is a knotty problem because there will always be some bastard among your own junta who finds roughing it on some far-off isle more appealing than dying in a shower of nukes or squeezing in some disgusting Denver tunnel with the rest of the long-snout lizards.

And so even though we're teetering on the verge of WWIII it's unclear how such a colossal decision be made in west. West surely doesn't lack the insanity but the comprehensive competence for such a matter.

Let's recall that never ever in the west's entire history did west attack anyone armed. Not one single time!

Launching 7M troops against Russia in 1941 shouldn't be be confused with launching WWII. It was like Iraq 2003 or Afghanistan 2001 -- with unpredictable and west-shocking consequences perhaps -- but it wasn't the launch of a WWII. Similarly, in WWI the treaty violation and genocidal bombing of Arabs once they liberated Arabia from Turks again is not the launch of WWI.

And so even though the west has pushed us to the brink of WWIII, I'd aver that it lacks all faculties, not to mention unity, to click the WWIII link.

Anonymous said...

Even as we laugh reading you poiuytr (the funniest bit I found was the one about the Pentagram boys doing an Occupy China to start off the Cold War, latest version), tears trickle out of our eyes over the state of the world. You're right, JW was mourning our lost innocence by choosing black. Now all west dwellers have their hands so full of blood, they'll never wash it off again in this lifetime.

Thanks poiuytr for the videos and comments. More on those later.

Nussiminen said...

Westerners -- gender, age, complexion, and social status regardless -- should be exterminated without further delay. USians = Obese, flag-waving national socialist offal. Have absolutely no place whatsoever in this world.

Anonymous said...

Nussiminen, harsh, harsh words. But who can blame you for feeling the way you do? I don't know whether I want them off the face of the earth. But I do know their military power should be eliminated without further delay. We can but hope the terminal prolapse will have the effect of knocking them off their power perch before too long.

Anonymous said...

The prolapse is a mathematical certainty, we are told. And the student loan default is on its way as well. But meanwhile the war drums are being beaten in every corner. So I'm doubly glad to hear poiuytr's voice on this subject. Let them carry on with their star wars if they like. Though they are not doing anyone any favours by so doing. So long as they keep their finger off that nuclear button. Though that reference to having turned Japan into a WMD was already frightening enough. What a horror of a thing to have done to that poor island.

Anonymous said...

Rev guard ammo depo in Iran explodes, 17 dead. West op?

Anonymous said...

03:08 - Sure it's a West op. Elsewhere talk is rife about the start of WWIII. To sum up: Syria chucked out by the Arab savages, Turkey preparing to take on Syria miliarily if it's army, unlike the last time, agrees to go upon this suicide mission. China and Russia shuffling their feet. The best thing they could do, according to me, is to confer SCO membership on Syria and all other candidates in waiting. So if the attack on Syria does take place, complete with Syrian riposte, etc. Iran drawn in, then Russia and China? I personally think the SCO move on the part of the last two will stop everyone in their tracks. Let's see what comes next.

Anonymous said...

The Truth about the Euro


This is one of those rare instances where we actually hear the TRUTH about the European situation and the truth is that the wealthy are removing their money as fast as possible. Of course the SPIN next week will be that the problems are fixable by replacing a leader here or injecting a lump of bailout money there but it is all smoke and mirrors. On this news the wealthy insiders will STILL remove as much money as they can from the European banking system.

The same type of "delay tactic" is happening around the world giving the connected insiders enough time to remove themselves from the system.

On November 23rd the US Congressional "Super Committee" is supposed to come up with a PLAN to cut a token $1.5T from the US budget over the next 10 years. That would be $150B/yr total but mostly weighted in the last few years (of course). This would be quite simple to do...BUT THAT IS NOT THE PLAN! Watch for a failure to be successful in this effort thus forcing more US ratings downgrades.


The plan is to totally and completely destroy the US Dollar, default on the debt and start fresh with the return of gold and silver coinage as US domestic currency.

(Perhaps we should rectify the above to "tungsten" and silver?)

Anonymous said...

Global markets slide as yield on Italian bond auction hits EU high - 14.11.11

Italy sells €3bn of five-year bonds at a record high of 6.29pc, as fresh EU data show Portugal still mired in recession and industrial production contracting.

Anonymous said...

As poiuytr pointed it out abve, MSM is full of gloating over how Obama has been telling off China for its bad economic policies and its refusal to let its currency rise on the US say-so. As usual Hu Jintao has been extremely self-controlled in his replies. But if China is not utterly to lose face in the eyes of its own people and the world, it will have to hit back at US some way or the other. Expect some such indirect Chinese answer in the days ahead.

Anonymous said...

Chinese ratings agency threatens US with new debt downgrade
12th November, 2011

The head of China‘s biggest ratings agency, Dagong Global Credit Rating, is warning that it may downgrade the US’s sovereign debt rating again because of Washington’s failure to tackle the federal budget deficit.

Now what I'd like to know is by so doing would China be playing the US game or acting against the Evil Empire? The NWO is perhaps no more than the US, Israel and the main NATO countries (Turkey included) in bed with the banks and corporations, all in it hand and hand to strangle the rest of the world. So where do China and Russia come into the picture? Will they go along with it or fight it? Until Libya, the answer seemed clear enough. After Libya, all divisions have been blurred as far as we can see. Though, obviously, the downing of Russia's recent Mars launch seems to imply that the Star Wars are still ongoing. Yet today US and Russians have shot off together towards the spaceship. So who is fighting whom when, where and how is really not easy to figure out for someone like me.

poiuytr said...

> Nussiminen

Can you enumerate, at least somewhat, your reasons for your hatred? I know it's a long long list for the west crimes are endless both in continuity and size but at least write some of it that comes to mind.

> Have absolutely no place whatsoever in this world.

I cannot work out in my mind what creature steals children, traffics them, and then rapes them or carves organs out of them. This sounds like a psycho scifi penned by some mad serial killer yet it's the west status quo. West's day to day life. West's business. West's enjoyment. West's hobby.

And I cannot work out what commits these crimes. It certainly cannot be a human, no matter how deranged, can it?

And while this is happening making the west mainstream rubbish, the yank baboons are in the streets whinging about their jobs, high tuitions, taxes as if they had income, rising blowjob rates...

They know from their own BBCNN whores that west steals children from everywhere -- if it doesn't immediately murder them with rocketfire shot by the brave west legions of hired and proud murderers. They know their own governance peddles organs and runs sex slave camps. They know their foreign policy is torture of children and yet there they are whinging about their expensive bus fares.

They're all criminal, aren't they? All, down to the last street baboon squatting in some tent in a park counting his coins.

Are they human? What are those creatures? Anyone... Even baboons don't commit such crimes.


poiuytr said...

> 13/11/11 21:53
> drums are being beaten in every corner. So I'm doubly glad to hear poiuytr's voice on this subject. Let them carry on with their star

I'm not happy. I don't need WWIII. Japan's open-air fissions are enough for me.

> wars if they like. Though they are not doing anyone any favours by so doing. So long as they keep their finger off that nuclear button.

Wars, if there's star wars, and it looks like it since 2008, typically have casualties on both sides. West satellites have fallen too and China's got one up there, if not more. Not long ago, west had a near orbit monopoly on war. Today, not so. Perhaps that's the reason for the exploding "meteorites". Should west launch a direct assault, perhaps its satellites will blue screen like the Windows virus.

After all, recall how crucial was aerial recce when west attacked Lebanon in 2008. West lost the surprise of blitzkrieg and has been kept at bay since. One by one, these are giant equalisation steps in the leveling the west's warfare advantage. It's getting harder and harder on the poor pedophiles of the Baltic Riviera coveting the beauty of the Aegean isles.

> Though that reference to having turned Japan into a WMD was already frightening enough. What a horror of a thing to have done to that poor

Yes. I'm freaking. But not to worry, apparently it's Tarantula Nebula causing the rise in radiation, not Japan. How could it not be so? After all the nebula's only 160K LY away and Japan is harmless with its 8 months of spewing plutonium, uranium, iodine, cesium from only three active fissions open for all to see.

And the west creatures print this on paper and sell it as news. And then the west creatures buy it and read it as facts. Again, what is this creature? What caused this miscreant lifeform to disgorge from the saxonic plateaus and for 2000 years rape our planet, every corner raped to death.

Now what is this? Never once has the west done something good for our planet or humanity. Not once. It's life has been defined by genocide, eco-cide, design poverty, design famine, torture camps, mafias, sex slaves, human shield, human traffic, collective punishment, extermination camps, DNA strain cleansings, hatred, mindrape, lies, perversions, psychosis, cretinism.... And I ask where is this disease from? How did we contract it?

poiuytr said...

Neanderthals saw fire and it made pits in the middle of caves to keep warm, make meals, have light by which to create art. The west baboon saw fire and it began burning villages and anyone at the stake who spoke against the sickness. NorthAm civilisation saw the beauty of the land and it protected it, adored it, lived in symphony with it. The west baboon no sooner it put its haunches on the land, it began razing village after village genociding all life it had encountered on its diabolic takeover of the plateaus. In its wake lie 15M murdered including children and species of animals as majestic as the bison. SouthAm civilisation erected pyramids, built cities paved with white tiles, running water, and connected the metropolises with highways. Come the west baboon and it murdered everything in sight, razing cities, thieving everything shiny. Torture chambers still exist today in Peru and all over SouthAm, the only legacy of this west miscreant.
Semitic peoples of Babylon and Assyria unlock sciences, write books, build pyramids, build arches, aquaducts, push humanity towards the stars. Then come the west magpies in search of blood and anything shiny wiping out everything leaving burning cities and carcasses of humanity. When the west creature saw books, it burnt them. When it saw algebra, it learned a word it still uses today: gibberish. Phoenicians learn the ways of the oceans spreading architecture, libraries, knowledge through continents. When the west beast saw a boat, it crossed the seas to rape, steal, and murder. To humans religion was of moral equality and responsibility for actions. To west creatures it was a pretext to wage hundreds of years of genocides, confiscate property, and lock it away in Vaticunt dungeons next to all the stolen artifacts, right next to the Atlas statue while they tortured to death anyone who said the earth was round. Tesla gave us everything we have from turbine, distribution, to all the motors. Tesla built us free energy. The west beast tore the towers down and converted it to HAARP destruction machine. Tesla sent energy to Tunguska to protect earth from the asteroid. The beast converted it to a quake machine. When the human invented language to impart knowledge, to sing, to make merry, the west beast used it ever since to deceive. When the west miscreant made it to Africa, all it saw was slaves. When Vietnam began rising, the miscreant buried it in napalm to stem the rise of communism. Ten years after the advent of a plane, the beast uses it to bomb. A human sees a child and in the least smiles. The west creature sees a child and it sees a sex prey.


> Syrian riposte, etc. Iran drawn in, then Russia and China? I

Probably, although Iran is enough to reach the child murdering freckly psychos.


poiuytr said...

> The Truth about the Euro

I don't know. I watched it but... yes, west is in prolapse, a terminal prolapse. All things west are going, not just EUro. That was given in May 2006. Commentary today on it only shows the enormous mental lag this child murdering creature is afflicted with.

A few points from the vid.

- Italy default will trigger global event.

Yes, global applause for it will force the 4th Reich to break up and reprint new tender plunging both EUro and dullard into the murky depths where they always belonged.

- Growth is not enough to sustain the promises made

Nothing whatever to do with growth or the lack thereof. Bailout has nothing to do with Italy, Greece, or whatever. Bailout is a euphemism for bankster theft. Be it a corporate bailout or national, it's just a money print to the hands of those who print it. The bailout cash never goes to Greece or Italy or whatever. All that happens is that Greece, Italy "guarantees" it with property, land, firms, public holdings, etc. Growth has nothing whatever to do with anything. Greece, btw, has a far better numbers of debt to GDP than UK, USA, France, etc, the central west dictators.

Why is then EUro crashing, why is west crashing?

It's currency monopoly has been broken. It's found nothing to attach its laughable cash to. Nothing. Not even perpetual war. As such, west money prints are real hyperinflation. As such west cannot feed itself and has to guarantee its borrowing with property, land, firms, public holdings, etc, a small existential issue today.

Why can't west make another currency monopoly like via Breton BS, Bush-Saudi petrodollar? Cause all the roads go through Moscow.

- There isn't a solution

This comes from a "smart" west person in Nov 2011, or 5 and half years after there was no solution. What union created a lifeform whose smartest ones among them run this kind of astonishing mental retardation?

- buy gold or Aussie dollar

Did I hear that right, Aussie? The country just invaded by comrade Obama? The country that stays afloat by selling resources to China? Gold? Is this the same gold that west governances have on a few occasions repo'd when the whim arose? Doesn't he know west governances not only control when the baboons can hoard the metal but also how much can be bought and sold? But I understand the gold remark. Gold is shiny. The creature can't resist it.

poiuytr said...

> week will be that the problems are fixable by replacing a leader here or injecting a lump of bailout money there but it is all smoke and mirrors. On this news the wealthy insiders will STILL remove as

True. They're only setting up junta puppets willing to rape own countries for a bit of bread. Governance musical chairs solve nothing for west. Papademos solves nothing for west. Berlusconi exit solves nothing for west. Breaking up of the laughable union solves nothing for west. Creating Amero-Canada-Eunuch camp solves nothing for west. Waving incomprehensible placards in Occupy festivities solves nothing for west. Merkel and Sharkozy St Vitus dances, though most entertaining, solve nothing for west. Austerity solves nothing for west. 50B USD heroin crop in Afghanistan solves nothing for west. Merkle's 20B promise to EUnuch banks solves nothing for west. EUnuch bank recap squeeze solves nothing for west. National firewalls solve nothing for west. There is nothing west can do. There hasn't been for good five years now.

Either it'll choose to crumble peacefully into some 4th world state of pathetic affairs with 1% of the child-eating junta living behind tall walls and the rest struggling in the sewer gutters begging for manufacturing jobs perhaps sowing T-shirts for China or boots for Russia or it could possibly choose to go in a blur of WW3.

poiuytr said...

> The same type of "delay tactic" is happening around the world giving the connected insiders enough time to remove themselves from

If they waited till now then they're most definitely neither "connected" nor "insiders".

This vid is just panic descending on the west monkeys. That's all. It's finally occurring to some of the west folks that it's game over. Oddly they rebuffed the notion yesterday. Today they panic. Funny though, they still don't get that it's west wall-to-wall prolapse, not just EUnucharium.

They make vids cuz the icy water has finally reached their deck. The upper decks are still partying and couldn't be arsed just yet. They're talking Ron Pauli panty-peeing frisson or the latest Americunt Idol session. The lower decks have already drowned.

And life rafts? I think comrade Obama has given them all out to the west betters, by and large the same families that gave us the last world war.

> to do...BUT THAT IS NOT THE PLAN! Watch for a failure to be successful in this effort thus forcing more US ratings downgrades.

Even if USA rinses 1T USD from the still under-employed baboons, it solves nothing for west. USA debt service will have to be done in some land concessions now. Perhaps west can start selling own organs and selves as slaves. Something along those lines.


I don't know. You tell me. West folding peacefully or launching the nuke arsenal for good measure?

> The plan is to totally and completely destroy the US Dollar, default on the debt and start fresh with the return of gold and silver coinage as US domestic currency.

Now, this would work even less than the current hyperinflate scenario.
Devalued dollar may devalue the debts but it won't buy a whole lot of stuff on the market. Besides some of the debt is guaranteed and who knows how that gets enforced but it's in properties and so on. It's basically foreclosure of west. And if the dollar is dead then there's another problem. As you know, USA runs a fun little trade deficit depending for everything from shirts, boots, panties, toys, to food, and energy. West would implode probably along food and energy lines, most of it becoming a Detroit ghost town. Perhaps that's why the baboon is fracking Oklahoma to, while in panic, at least drill a crude well.


poiuytr said...

> Now what I'd like to know is by so doing would China be playing the US game or acting against the Evil Empire? The NWO is perhaps no more

Downgrade of USA makes for yanks harder to sell bonds, or raise cash. A downgrade will make USA bonds either higher in rate, like Italy, making it harder to pay off, or lower in price, making it harder for USA to raise the needed cash to service the debt to begin with. Downgrades, which has happened even by west's own cabals, is against USA, against its cash raising abilities.

> strangle the rest of the world. So where do China and Russia come into the picture? Will they go along with it or fight it? Until Libya,

Hopefully nowhere. It's not black and white though, there's town of intertwined cash. But I think Putin in the 90s was pretty thorough on cleaning up foreign ownership and investment, incl NGO and all those invasive techniques of the west.

Russia was attacked in 2008 by NWO Pt2. Russia was attacked in 1980 by Bin Laden's legions, USA favourite payrolled criminal. Russia was attacked by NWO Pt1 in 1941. Russia was "grabitised" by NWO Pt2 in the 90s, as Bin Laden, on behalf of the Clinton butcher, attacked Yugoslavia. I don't think Russia is too friendly with NWO, much like 90% of the planet.

They're fighting it. West is prolapsed, right? Wall to wall. With no solution in sight. West is dying right before your eyes. All courtesy of the Freeworld, the 90% of the non-west planet, incl Russia and China.

poiuytr said...

> the answer seemed clear enough. After Libya, all divisions have been blurred as far as we can see. Though, obviously, the downing of

Libya turned on west. They were gonna build some pipeline to Italy and feed the freckly EUnuchs but then they turned relatively recently giving all energy to Russia to "develop". If I remember right, (this is years now), it was Gaddafy's kid at the effective helm as Gaddafy became the AU boss, another bit of a blow to west. And so they attacked while Libya doesn't have weapons. But Russia is back there anyway. So ultimately, they're not getting ahead, west. Maybe that's why Obama was told to attack Nigeria, erstwhile Dutch energy colony that eco-cided the countryside there.

It'd be good to chip Greece from the 4th Reich but, maybe, next time around once the few bills are up -- in a few months that is.

> Russia's recent Mars launch seems to imply that the Star Wars are still ongoing. Yet today US and Russians have shot off together

Russia and USA are neighbours. They know each other in the tracking stations in Barents. BTW, that's why it's pretty telling why USA didn't call that Korean flight joyflying over Russian bases years ago cuz they were tracking it too. And Russia and USA are in UN together. Sometimes they sit next to each other at the Olympics. Russia offered to fix NATO if they let them in about 5 yrs ago. And they're on the same station as there is only one, which BTW is built around the Russian Mir station. Perchance Russia may be allowed to join WTO. It's a good way to keep an eye on one another, isn't it? I don't think any of this constitutes anything.

Before 1941, Russia singlehandedly saved Nobile's North Pole expedition only to be attacked by the same Italian governance 10 yrs later or so. In other words, exchange of info, tech, doesn't mean a whole lot.


poiuytr said...

That's why the undoing of the west is nothing short of miraculous. It's the most amazing chess game in history of mankind. Never before has there been a beast this powerful and bent on total annihilation of this poor planet. It's the sweetest symphony. The stealthy moves are so beautiful that it took till 2006 for west to grasp what's behind its failures in the 911-predicated war on the world. Still today the stealthiness is there. Look at the vid above. The smartest of west creatures have no clue what's hit them in the face. They believe in stories of derivatives, fractional reserve, fiscal irresponsibility, etc, which are all west's crimes, but nowhere near the dominant factor behind the west' wall-to-wall prolapse we're enjoying everyday in west' own lunatic headlines.

The liberation of Russia in the 90s was exactly the same. West didn't know how it began losing control of it and the 911 thing was done perhaps 5-8 yrs too late, a small margin considering west has always been trying to rape the planet. And this precisely why Russia never speaks before anything and rarely after. And this is also precisely why everyone's confused and exasperated at Russia's seeming inactivity despite the horrendous west's crimes against all reason, not to mention humanity.

But behind all west's blows, there's an orchestrated symphony playing the west dumb beast like the sweetest violin concerto. No part of its demise is some accident. Let's hope that WWIII continues to be avoided.

Anonymous said...

Amen to your last sentence, poiuytr. Sure, we spot the sense in what you're saying. Sure we follow your arguments to the best of our ability. If you think it's all going as well as it should, then we're willing to take your word for it. Your quick trip through history above was absolutely as facts dictate they should be.

About baboons, however, you said: even baboons would not commit such crimes. I'd like to point out that baboons, and others of the animal kingdom, indulge in no criminal activities whatsoever. They never have, they never will. Crime is a privilege reserved for the human race.

As for our two-legged baboons, one factor we may tend to underestimate in their case is the extent of their ignorance. West offered compulsary education on its territories, invested huge sums in the sector and the result was nothing less than brain-washing and sheer ignorance. Also, during the two former World Wars, when it was their own falling in the fighting, they were equally incapable of raising their voice and demanding an end to the madness. 60 million dead in WWII alone and not a voice raised in condemnation, that is what sums up west ignorance and brain-washing to my mind. That they can't really connect with all the harm being done to kids miles away from their home base is not surprising in the least.

Anyway, after your pep talk above, poiuytr, I think not one of us here will contemplate the future with anything but calm conviction that a new era is about to start at long last, that of the Freeworld.

Anonymous said...

Look at the kind of governments in store for Europe:

Greece - Papademos, ex-European Central Bank and Boston Fed Reserve

Italy - Monti, ex-Goldman Sachs

ECB - Draghi, ex-Goldman Sachs, now new Pres of the European Central Bank.

Let us not forget that Iceland is once again in trouble. After a short respite, the new banks they founded on the ashes of the old are back in the same hands and foreclosures, etc., will now return with a vengeance.

Anonymous said...

So Oakland protesters are being rounded up and their tent camp cleared out, while Portland protesters are being beaten up prior to suffering the same fate. Where next, then, Occupy? US is killing in every part of the globe and US citizens have only non-violence to offer as their winning tactics? Too much Gandhi brainwashing, I suspect.

Anonymous said...


I'm so glad you are in good health my friend! It feared you had sucumbed to illness.

My friend we are on the verge of WW3 as these beasts know they are in their last months. As I've always said, Syria was the key to the middle east and they wish to take it, but we will give them a response that will shock the world. I hope it is enough to bring them to their senses.

They're planning to use some kind of sick weapon and disguise it as a test, the same day intelligence says they will provoke us into a war:


Please take care of yourself, my health is terrible as well now, but at least we have a good future to look forward to -- whatever the outcome.

Your friend forever,


Anonymous said...

N.B: Syria and Russia have helped avert or delay WW3 since April to November. But I think diplomacy is about to run out on the date I gave you.

The west is hysterical, they cannot stomach this defeat. They cannot negotiate the terms of their defeat.


Anonymous said...

Gun battles on outskirts of Tripoli leave 13 dead - 14 November 2011
New Scotsman
(Something we know from Alt media, now finally in MSM as well):

RIVAL militias clashed on the outskirts of the Libyan capital for a fourth day yesterday in the most sustained violence since the capture and killing of Muammar al-Gaddafi last month.

The fighting, which has killed at least 13 people since late last week, raised new concerns about the ability of Libya’s transitional government to disarm thousands of fighters and restore order after an eight-month civil war.

The pro-government militia in Zawiya has launched a string of attacks to secure roadblocks from rival militias from the Wershefana tribe.

Zawiya Military Council said eight of its fighters have died and at least four were wounded in the clashes. A spokesman claimed they were fighting “Gaddafi supporters”.

Wershefanans protested in Tripoli last night insisting they were loyal to the new government and blaming militant elements from Zawiya for the battle. The battles highlight the continuing insecurity in a country with competing militias whose territories overlap.

Even as fighting raged yesterday, the NTC said it had no comment to make. Tripoli continues to see sporadic clashes between militias. Two weeks ago, rebels from the southern city of Zintan clashed with local fighters when they tried to arrest a man accused of being pro-Gaddafi in the city’s main hospital.

There is also confusion over who controls Tripoli itself. Hakim Bilhaj, a former Islamic revolutionary and detainee of Guantanamo Bay, is the government-appointed security chief of the city. A controversial figure, Mr Bilhaj insists he is committed to democracy and is not an extremist. But power appears to be contested by commanders of local Tripoli militias who are asserting their grip over districts.

Anonymous said...

Radioactive Iodine Blankets Much of Europe … Everyone Points Fingers - 14.11.11

Reuters notes that elevated levels of radioactive iodine have been detected in Germany, Sweden, Slovakia, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Hungary.

The Stockholm News reports that Denmark and Poland are also experiencing heightened radiation.

NHK notes that Russia has been hit as well

One talks of iodine waste from west hospitals, effects of far distant asteroids, no mention of Fukushima, though. Or if mentioned, it is dismissed out of hand. Decide for yourself where you think it comes from. We are trembling on the verge of nuclear war, radiation is already in the air and Dec 21, 2012 is soon to be with us. Where on earth are we going?

Anonymous said...

Over the past two days, the Occupy protesters are being forcibly removed from their camps by police. Why now and why in this violent way? Here is an analysis from WRH:

I continue to get inside word here in Hawaii that APEC was a disaster for Obama. Despite an iron-fisted shut down of overpasses to block protest signs, Asia has heard the people of the United States cry out that they will no longer pay for US Government mistakes or Wall Street's crimes.

As a result, Asia will buy no more US debt, and is openly worried about repayment of the debts they currently hold. Obama's insults to China show that he has thrown a tantrum, and desperate to borrow more money, he has to show the rest of the world that the people of the United States are chained down and unable to refuse to pay for the costs of Wall Street's Mortgage-backed Securities fraud, the biggest financial swindle in history, which is what has brought the global private banking network to the edge of collapse.

I expect the police will be given orders to really start beating up the protesters before more of the world's financial centers realize that the US Government cannot make good on its promise, made and demonstrated during the S&L Bailout of the 1980s, to always have the taxpayers cover Wall Street's losses.

Sadly, we are entering a very bloody time in the nation's history, with the government willing to spill the people's blood to protect Wall Street's gold.

Anonymous said...

There was a court order to leave the demonstrators in peace. The order was overlooked by the riot police, the judge who signed it was thrust aside and another judge was appointed to cobble together a counter-order. Such examples of the Rule of Law prevailing are becoming a commonplace in the west.

Anonymous said...

Why media blackout on Libya? - Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, Pravda.ru - 15.22.22 - Extract

The fight is not over, that is why NATO is still there Exactly, yet again breaching international law, with its remit expired, NATO continues present in Libya with troops on the ground and with bombing raids. The bill for the British public must be somewhere in the region of two billion pounds by now. Wonderful, isn't it? Where is your hospital, your school, your medical centre, your supplementary benefit? It is in Libya. "Sorry Mr. Johnson, the NHS simply does not have the financing for your son's leukaemia treatment, I am afraid he will just have to die. You see, the money we waste on his treatment has to be invested in murdering Down's Syndrome children in Libya, to make us popular and so that the UK can get the rebuilding contracts". What do Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy have to say to that? Nothing.

NATO and its mercenaries' aircraft are operating from Sudan and Chad, while there are reports of direct flights from Tel Aviv. Tuareg camps have been strafed, military centers in the south have been attacked, more civilians have been massacred. These crimes will be added to the indictment drawn up and delivered to the ICC and the ECHR (**). Sources inside Libya linked to the Green Resistance have indicated that in the last two weeks, these NATO forces have lost 37 aircraft - 8 Israeli fighter planes, 13 Qatar Apaches, 11 French Mirage, 5 French Rafael fighters, shot down trying to evade and invade the Libyan Southern Airspace, with all their pilots and crew killed and enter into green Libyan Jamahiriyah territory.
Introducing the Libyan Green Resistance: The Libyan Liberation Front

The Libyan Liberation Front (LLF) is composed of elements of the Libyan Armed Forces loyal to the legitimate anti-terrorist Government of Libya (the Jamahiriya), the armed tribal forces and the volunteers who have taken up arms to protect their villages, towns and cities against the terrorists unleashed by NATO. Despite 9,000 murderous terrorist bombing raids by NATO's missile diplomacy approach, these heroic forces have stood firm and have inflicted massive casualties on the terrorists, racists, murderers, looters, torturers, sexists, arsonists, rapists and thieves that NATO calls the "rebels".

The Green Resistance recently liquidated the terrorist leader in Zlitan, Al-Berss Abuajaila; fighting was ongoing in Tripoli on Friday after prayers, in Green Square and Bab Al-Aziziya; Southern Misrata patriots are fighting against the terrorist traitors, North Misrata Brigades; LLF is active in Thawergah; LLF active in Tobruk, Zlitan, Gharyan and Sabha. Indeed, the LLF is active in all regions of Libya. The RATS know very well that without NATO's skirts to hide behind, they would not win a single battle. A traitor is basically a coward, the RATS are both.
(*) h ttp://english.pravda.ru/hotspots/crimes/10-11-2011/119583-IAEA_report_on_Iran_BIG_fraud-0/
(**) h ttp://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/06-11-2011/119534-indictment_nato-0/

Another NATO disaster. This time, supporting terrorists and racists, murderers and rapists. How low can NATO get? This time it will have consequences. NATO's reputation, along with thousands upon thousands of RATS, are buried beneath the sands of Libya, in tatters, while from the desert emerges a pride of lions, chasing the RATS back to the sewers of Qatar, Misratah and Benghazi, from which they emerged.

Anonymous said...

PM Gillard announces more U.S. troops to use Australia - 16.11.11

CANBERRA - The United States will position more troops in northern Australia under a new bilateral military agreement that will eventually see 2,500 U.S. forces in Australia, Prime Minister Julia Gillard said on Wednesday after talks with U.S. President Barack Obama.

The agreement will not include a permanent U.S. base in Australia, but will see more forces transit through Australia, offering closer access to the South China Sea than America's bases in Japan and South Korea.

Australia is a staunch U.S. ally and Obama's trip is timed to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the ANZUS military alliance, which is the cornerstone of Australia's defense strategy.

Obama will address Australia's parliament on Thursday, where he will focus on the United States in the Asia-Pacific region.

(Please to note as well that Obama has apparently taken to calling Hawai a part of Asia. Leaving aside Nation of Islam definitions, let's just say this is simply to position US as the natural leader of the Asian continent. Hah, hah amd more blood hahs!)

Anonymous said...

China peace prize awarded to Vladimir Putin

Chinese academics has awarded the Confucius prize, its version of the Nobel Peace Prize, to Vladimir Putin, an organiser said, pointing to the Russian prime minister as "outstanding in keeping world peace."


Anonymous said...

The Insurrections - Update

- Kuwaiti protesters storm parliament
Wed Nov 16

Thousands of Kuwaitis have stormed the parliament in the capital after security forces beat up protesters who marched towards the prime minister's home to call for his resignation.

- In indomitable Bahrain where everything has happened to the Shia protesters since they first came out on Feb 14, 2011, rallies continue even as US and the so-called Bahrain govt carry out "military exericices".

- In Manila, of all places, where Hitlery is playing the queen, Philippino student activists suddenly emerged and blocked her convoy from proceeding for a short while.

- If the Occupy movement in NYork has suffered a setback at the moment, specially since a story of a bullet fired at the White House (FF if ever there was one) is doing the rounds, San Francisco has also joined the dissidents. Up California, you're going to bring new blood to the whole protest.

Anonymous said...

@Syrian above

Delighted to see you here at long last, Syrian. Poiuytr will no doubt express a similar sentiment when he comes on. For the moment, two questions to you simply:


What do you think of Tarpley's report? Also, what can be expected from the move to lift the 48-year old emergency rule law under which Syria
had been living. Anything, nothing, quite a lot?

Anonymous said...

This they will live to regret. I don't doubt.

Anonymous said...

I say, I posted something about the downgrading of German banks by Fitch's rating agency and it now seems to have disappeared. Can someone explain why that should have been so? What rule might have been transgressed there?

Anonymous said...

We do hope Putin proves a more worthy recepient of the Chinese Confucius Peace Prize than the Nobel laureate, crowned for the same thing turned out to be.

Anonymous said...

Remember the story of shots being fired at the White House carried by MSM a day or two ago? One shot apparently hit a bullet-proof window and another some wall nearby. Now we get this:

Man with "Israel" tattoo on his neck arrested in White House shooting

A man arrested in an alleged shooting near the White House has "Israel" tattooed on his neck.

Go figure. Is this being passed off as some kind of revenge for the private interchange between Sarkozy and Obama after the Cannes meeting?

Anonymous said...

Thousands of police have been deployed in Athens to monitor an annual student march, which is likely to be swelled by thousands of Greeks angry over austerity measures and reforms.

Anti-austerity protesters together with students, left wing groups and anarchists are expected to turn out in strength in the march on Thursday afternoon.

Around 7,000 policemen are being deployed in Athens amid fears that the demonstration may turn violent.

The demonstration marks the anniversary of a bloody 1973 student uprising which helped topple a US backed army dictatorship that had ruled the country since 1967.

The demonstration come a day after Greece new interim government won a vote of confidence in a parliament.

Greece is in the midst of a debt crisis that is threatening the whole eurozone. The new interim government headed by Lucas Papademos, must ratify a bailout deal in three months to avoid a default and remain in the bloc.

Please to note as well that Warsaw is also in packing its streets with demonstrators today.

Anonymous said...

Greece's anti-austerity protest turns ugly

Greek unions begin a 48-hour general strike, the biggest protest in years, as parliament prepares to vote on sweeping new austerity measures designed to stave off a default that has the potential to trigger a crisis in the wider euro zone. At yesterday's demo, apparently 30.000 took part and were met by generous doses of tear gas from riot police for their pains.

Today, west goes after other countries with all they have in the name of democracy. Tomorrow, wait and see, they'll be doing the same in the name of "technocracy" for the greater good of radiation-drugged mankind.

Anonymous said...

Russia’s military chief warns that heightened risks of conflict near borders may turn nuclear

Russia is facing a heightened risk of being drawn into conflicts at its borders that have the potential of turning nuclear, the nation’s top military officer said Thursday.

Gen. Nikolai Makarov, chief of the General Staff of the Russian armed forces, cautioned over NATO’s expansion eastward and warned that the risks for Russia to be pulled into local conflicts have “risen sharply.”

(No comment)

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 17/11/11 11:40

His report is fairly good. Situation is becoming more calm, but there's enough terrorists inside and enough arms that they can create another media event or two. It's going to take months to clear out all these arms that made it across the border.

As for the emergency law, I think , if anything, we need emergency law right now, but in the future we could benefit from its lifting. My priority right now is to defeat this conspiracy (which I suspect we already have) before worrying about anything else.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Syrian. That was most enlightening, most heartening. Also, glad Tarpley was not just talking through his hat. One never quite knows with him. Perfect, concentrate on essentials now. Time enough later to sort out all the other details.

I end with a quotation from a revolutionary poet whose going has left us bereft, bereaved:

How sweet will be the victory of the wretched, and how great!
How sweet will the songs be on that golden day, and how brilliant the golden sun of the wretched as it blazes.
How sweet this dangerous dream - that hopes will be realized, that wishes become true.
That a dream will become reality, that the wretched of the earth will have their state.

Escape to Hell, and other stories by Muammar Qaddafi

Anonymous said...

President appeals to China, Russia
Posted on November 17, 2011

PRESIDENT Mugabe has appealed to China and Russia to provide leadership in international relations and protect smaller states in view of the blatant attacks they face from the United States and Europe.

At a meeting with Acting Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Great People’s Hall here yesterday, President Mugabe said small countries were beginning to wonder whether international law offered adequate protection from the Anglo-Saxon alliance’s expansionist agenda given what NATO did in Libya and threats posed to Syria and Iran.
“Is international law now dead? Are international relations as governed by the United Nations Charter now dead? Are Europe and America allowed to act so unlawfully with impunity that smaller states feel intimidated and unprotected by international law.

“Countries like China and Russia must provide both leadership and protection,” President Mugabe’s spokesman, Mr George Charamba, quoted him as telling Mr Xi.
The Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces said there was now pessimism among smaller states that international law can not protect them.

He told Mr Xi the attacks were made in pursuit of exploiting resources found in these small nations and had become so glaring.
“Nature has disbursed its resources in its own ways to different countries with some countries richly endowed while some are not,” Mr Xi said.
“Even us who do not have oil feel no less menaced as these rapacious countries are looking for other resources,” President Mugabe said. He enumerated Zimbabwe’s minerals such as gold, diamonds and platinum and said even its rich fauna and flora made it a target.

“All this (Zimbabwe’s wealth) is envied and we need protection. We rely on good friends like you to protect us and you have done that in the past. We do not lose confidence in you and please don’t lose confidence in us.”

Mr Charamba said Mr Xi told President Mugabe that China would not abandon its allies.
“In spite of external disturbances China will never forget its friends,” Mr Xi reportedly said. He hailed President Mugabe for personally taking the lead in cultivating relations between the two countries after Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980.

Anonymous said...

Occupy marked its second month in existence by standing up to riot police violence, eviction and the like without giving in. In fact the very next day they were on the march again. I don't care how confused they may appear, how pointless some of the actions they take may seem. That they exist at all is the point of the whole thing. Long may Occupy thrive and bring about fundamental changes in the countries in which they have begun their odyssey.

poiuytr said...

> 14/11/11 15:10

> never have, they never will. Crime is a privilege reserved for the human race.

Right, right! I'm just stunned... that's all. Like you crime is human. But what we've been seeing in west, its organised tentacles that steal children, their organs, this being basically the defining trait of the west leadership... it's no longer just some crime. It's beyond that. West seems to delight in torture, mayhem. They delight in destroying our earth. They work overtime to defile humanity. What the west has been doing far eclipses some human-degree crime. That's all... and I must ask what is this freckly creature? Surely, it cannot be human.

Take comrade Obama, for example. So he meets Russia and China in Hawaii selling them "credible" info on Iran. They tell him to bugger off. And the next second all the west BBCNN whores print that Obama says Russia and China are united with him against Iran. It's going out of one's way to commit crimes. Typically, humans don't boast crimes. But west boasts them. It makes certain they're known. It delights in telling everyone of their children trafficking networks to provide the west psychos with sex slaves. This isn't human. This is to defile humanity. West's only thought is to destruct humanity any which way.

> the sector and the result was nothing less than brain-washing and sheer ignorance. Also, during the two former World Wars, when it

For years I've wondered about this. Brainwashing can't do this, can it? The baboon believes his governance more than its own eyes. That's lobotomy.

> what sums up west ignorance and brain-washing to my mind. That they can't really connect with all the harm being done to kids miles away from their home base is not surprising in the least.

But what about the 3000 burnt in NY for the Bush clan viewing pleasure? Did they not watch? Didn't they hear Rice tell them on all their BBCNN whore channels that she called her pal W Brown not to fly to NYC that morning and so he didn't? Didn't they see CNN tell them that the Pentagram building folded in subsequent explosions 40 min after the initial impact? Didn't they ask what could have exploded there?

Rumsfeld on TV told them the Bush II governance was caught trafficking children as sex slaves. There was no response from anyone.


poiuytr said...

Some programmer guy told them on TV that he was tasked by USA governance to rig the ballot programmes to tilt anything 51:49. There was no response. The baboon is already delighting in 2012 elections as though USA baboons were allowed to elect president in the first place.

I can't work out the west neanderthal at all for it's told everything, with delay perhaps, by their own betters and BBCNN whores. It's all mainstream stuff: torture, wars, lies for wars, Nigeria uranium lies, rockest in Poland against Russia, attack on Russia via Saakashvilli, oil destruction of the Gulf, Japan fissions, bankster heists, murders of demonstrators, thermite proof positive, Nazi pope, Nazi-USA ties in WW2, design autism via mercury shots, aspertame poisoning, etc and it has zero response to any of it.


> 14/11/11 15:25

Priceless comedy there! GoldmanSacks runs Italy and Greece now. Even going by the west own standard this seems ridiculous considering Sacks embarrassment.

And to make it even funnier, Monti elects himself to be the fiscal minister. Hell, why not bestow upon self something more fetching like the Grand Emperor Germanicus Gaius Augustus Monti, something with a bit more pep.

And to make it even funnier still, Monti says that he's 100% certain Italy can do right on her promises of tightening the belt. Let's hope Monti stocked up on fire extinguishers to put out the rubbish bins.


> 14/11/11 18:41
> every part of the globe and US citizens have only non-violence to offer as their winning tactics? Too much Gandhi brainwashing, I suspect.

Beside the baboon being the most bloodthirsty creature, it's riddled with unmatched cowardice.


poiuytr said...

> Syrian

Salute Syrian! Nice surprise... Hello there, long time no talk....

Can you believe we've been watching this hell unfold for a decade now? That's a long time, isn't it? The crimes of the west are enough to break one's neck.

> I'm so glad you are in good health my friend! It feared you had sucumbed to illness.

I nearly did. I'm not sure I'm here 100%. :) I think JW knows too what it can do. Just knowing the west crimes can render one permanently ill.

Anyway, it's good, of course, seeing you here. Check in once in a while. And write articles. If you go to nationbynation.blogspot.com there's a contact form and that gets to me and so you can post stuff there and I'll put it up here. BTW, that goes for anyone wishing to write an article.

> My friend we are on the verge of WW3 as these beasts know they

Can you believe this? I re-read this and re-read this. And I think that indeed we are. On the brink of WW3? my mind incredulously asks and I nod to myself. Now is this insane or what? This alone is terrorising the planet with threats of death, violence, torture, and destruction. This alone one day has to be held against the west creature.

It did seem rather obvious back 5 yrs that west's only choice will one day either be to fold or provoke WW3. But when it's here, it's hard to grasp.

And it's hard to believe that there are factions among the west NWO lizards who are still bent on WW3, for technically it's not a solution for them either. Once I would've bet they're bluffing but the game is so far gone today that it could spark anywhere now and begin scorching our poor planet, a scenario that no doubt delights the west miscreant lifeform.


poiuytr said...

> are in their last months. As I've always said, Syria was the key to the middle east and they wish to take it, but we will give them a

Yes. Syria's crime today is like Czechoslovakia's in 1938. It's in the way of the west beast's direction of assault.

It's just like Munchen 1938 with the west beast carving up Czechoslovakia to move their 7M troops on Russia's border for Barbarossa, arming the Heinlein guards causing armed unrest. Instead of Heinlein bastards we have the "mostly unarmed demonstrators" run by the Paris-based opposition and perhaps the London-based Brotherhood.

Perhaps, west is also trying to mobilise the Kurdish factor in hope to spill the unrest into Iran along the natural Kurdish fissure. And we know for sure that the unrest is west-made for comrade Obama told us in April when he said: "We support the civilians" or these mostly ARMED folks.

And so here we are watching Syria mauled by the west beast's thugs.

But that said, this isn't the 20th century. Iran today is not the Iran west tried to destroy in that Kissinger Iraq-Iran mutual wipe-out design. Even if Assad fails and that Paris-hiding lout is put on throne, it changes nothing for west. West's veins, once filled with cash, shall each day grown more anemic with no transfusion machine in sight, without hope of ever reverting this sensational achievement.

And fissures will appear within the west beast. Perhaps most telling are now the Germs' shrieks for comrade Obama to drop the saber rattling with Iran. Yes, Germs know full well that its overcrowded vaterland is well within reach. Maybe the west innate cowardice will ultimately undermine the west's own itching for WW3.


poiuytr said...

> response that will shock the world. I hope it is enough to bring them to their senses.

I fear safe for west, for west cannot be brought back to its senses, never actually having any. West is so lobotomised the creatures cannot be reasoned with. If nothing else comes of all this blog scribbling, this one thing should stick. West is wall-to-wall neanderthal baboon monkeys bent on destruction of humanity, with no other thoughts, capabilities, or wetdreams.

West populace delights in bloodshed. West populace believes in its supremacy and expects nothing short of total planetary slavery for its kind. West populace has had zero problems torturing to death children of other nations for their comfort. West populaces pay TV fees to see how their murderous military razes city after city around the world. West populace has had no problems enabling the greatest crimes on earth, grazing on them, in fact, on their 24/7 BBCNN channels for good measure. West populace doesn't care about their betters stealing children for their out-of-this-world sex rituals. West populace doesn't care about the decade long DU genocide. West populace doesn't even give a damn about their own kin murdered in 911 and Loondon77 to predicate thses WW3 preludes. West populace just doesn't give a damn about humanity at all exactly like their betters.

> They're planning to use some kind of sick weapon and disguise it as a test, the same day intelligence says they will provoke us into a war:

This alone... "Global Strike" weapon. Only a mind of a total monster can produce such ideas. And the west populace? They're no doubt proud of their ionosphere penetrating 5Mach ballistic missiles sinking an atoll in the Marshall's.

> Please take care of yourself, my health is terrible as well now, but at least we have a good future to look forward to -- whatever the

I'm sick to death of this planet being parasited by the west vermin and at some point I guess it manifests itself physically.

Fantastic seeing you here! You take care too.

And that's why it's essential to highlight and celebrate the west wall-to-wall terminal prolapse. It's a spiritual refreshment, moral rejuvenation, beside our basic human responsibility, and one doesn't even have to provide punch lines anymore.


poiuytr said...

> 16/11/11 06:04

> The fight is not over, that is why NATO is still there Exactly, yet

Like Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria, Greece, Italy, it'll never end now. Not so long as west vampire is around.

Good data in the article, thanks for posting!


> 17/11/11 09:45
Great updates! Thanks.


> 17/11/11 18:21

> I say, I posted something about the downgrading of German banks by Fitch's rating agency and it now seems to have disappeared. Can

No explanation. If it'd been zapped it would appear like "zapped comment", I think. I've had all sorts of problems... script running too slow; it doesn't list all the recent postings; etc. If it's over 4K characters, it fails in strange ways. Whatever it is, it's not the act of a blogger.


> 17/11/11 20:21

> Around 7,000 policemen are being deployed in Athens amid fears that the demonstration may turn violent.

It's funny. On one hand, the Papademos charade ushers in Berlin diktat and severe austerity to rinse cash and cut spendings. Yet on the other, in order to do it, they have to increase spendings for extra cops. It's rather expensive, this austerity.


> Greece's anti-austerity protest turns ugly. Greek unions begin a 48-hour general strike, the biggest protest in years, as parliament

Σας ευχαριστούμε! Ελλάδα


poiuytr said...

> “Is international law now dead? Are international relations as governed by the United Nations Charter now dead?

Yes, Mr Mugabe. Sadly, int'l law has long since been murdered by the saxonic hoards of freckly child-thieving miscreants. Wasn't this clear when they did the slipshod 911 rubbish? When they attacked Afghanistan on a pack of self-declared lies? When they implicated Nigeria in some uranium rubbish? When they attacked Iraq and razed Falluja? Wasn't it obvious when they turned Gaza into a extermination camp, btw, another one of west's inventions? Wasn't this clear when they opened fire on Russians in Gruzia in 2008? Wasn't this clear when they assaulted Somalia, Yemen, Libya?

Why do you ask this late?

> “Even us who do not have oil feel no less menaced as these rapacious countries are looking for other resources,” President Mugabe

Zimbabwe too must send the frecklies their demand letter to repay for all the stolen gems, for every cm2 soiled with blood, for every person stolen from his home by these west vampires from hell.

> “We do not lose confidence in you and please don’t lose confidence in us.”

This is good to hear for truly nothing short of the Freeworld rising as one won't do. And to do that, it must unite struggles.

Be it some guy in Zimbabwe protecting his store from the prying talons of the west creature, be it the Japanese guy with his geiger counter in the streets of Tokyo, be it the Greek farmer watching his olive grove razed by German bulldozers, be it an Italian student with a jackboot in his face, be it an Iraqi seeing his children raped by the west swill, be it a Serb in the crosshairs of the west NATO murder machine, be it a Russian putting out a fire set by the west child-murdering monsters in Beslan, they're all fighting the same beast. In fact, never before has humanity had such a chance to at last stand united.


Anonymous said...

The Cravers, another yank baboon family to adopt a Russian kid only to mutilate him, torture him, and murder him.

Like all the yank swill that murders children for fun, they too are going free.

This is the true face of the psychopathic disgusting west disease.

(poiuytr not signed in)

Anonymous said...

Friday, November 18, 2011

Russian warships have entered Syrian territorial waters in an aggressive move designed to prevent any NATO-led attack on the country under the guise of a “humanitarian intervention”.

“Russian warships are due to arrive at Syrian territorial waters, a Syrian news agency said on Thursday, indicating that the move represented a clear message to the West that Moscow would resist any foreign intervention in the country’s civil unrest,” reports Haaretz.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton and the New American (Pacific) Century

Secret no more, US moves openly to block the rise of China.

November 16, 2011 - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently published in Foreign Policy magazine, "America's Pacific Century," a Hitlerian declaration of imperial intent for American "leadership" in Asia for the next 100 years. The piece, which could just as easily been penned by Neo-Con policy makers begins with, "the future of politics will be decided in Asia, not Afghanistan or Iraq, and the United States will be right at the center of the action. "

Of course, America's presence throughout the Middle East and the control it exercises over the region's oil resources as well as over the region as a logistical hub is essential in tempering the rise of Asia and ultimately hemming in the rise of China and Central Asia. The "Arab Spring" which Secretary Clinton and the US State Department had been a part of preparing, equipping, training, and even arming for at least 2 years prior, is the coup de grâce meant to completely overturn the multi-polar nature of the Middle East and ultimately the world.

Upon reading Clinton's declaration of intent for American leadership into the next century, readers may recall the similarly named, ranting "Project for a New American Century" signed off on by some of America's most notorious Neo-Conservatives, which almost verbatim made the same case now made by Clinton. In fact, America's evolving confrontation with China, marked acutely by Obama's announcement of a permanent US military presence in Australia just this week, is torn directly from the pages of decades old blueprints drawn up by corporate-financier funded think-tanks that truly rule America and its destiny.

Clinton goes through a list of regional relationships the US is trying to cultivate to maintain "American leadership" in Asia.

For example, the recently reinstalled Wall Street proxy regime in Thailand led by Thaksin Shinawatra and his sister Yingluck, has received reassurances by Clinton herself just this week stating that, "it is in the national security and political interest of the United States to have this government succeed." As reported in-depth in "CONFIRMED: Thailand's "Pro-Democracy" Movement Working for US," Thaksin Shinawatra and his political regime have had long standing, well documented ties to Wall Street and London. The US backing of puppet-regimes like Thaksin, installing them into power, and keeping them there is central to projecting power throughout Asia and keeping China subordinate.

(And nary a word out of China all along. Well, at least we must give them credit for good nerves if nothing else. Good nerves-cum-cowardice perhaps?)

Anonymous said...

Not quite accurate, 18:20. Whenever China feels left out in the cold and unloved, it has a standard reaction. It draws closer to NKorea. So to counter present US natterings about their leadership over the Asia-Pacific area, China of course "vows establish closer military ties with North Korea". It's Pavlovian almost. At this rate, China will still be making cheap toys for the rest of the world by the turn of the century.

Anonymous said...

Ex-Soviet states take first step to ‘Eurasian Union’

Three ex-Soviet states were Friday to agree the first steps towards creating a Eurasian economic union, a project backed by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to bind closer the former USSR.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and his Kazakhstan and Belarus counterparts Nursultan Nazarbayev and Alexander Lukashenko were to sign a declaration on further economic integration at a summit in Moscow, the Kremlin said in a statement

Anonymous said...

Obama receives chilly welcome in Bali

"We reject the summit as it's not important because in our opinion, the Indonesian government had better concentrate on their own country because all internal crises are caused by the country's wealth being taken by other countries," said protest coordinator Hendry Saragih said.

The Indonesian demonstrators also called on Washington to stop its economic and military initiatives in the Asia-Pacific and instead mind the massive anti-corporatism protests it has been faced with over the past two months.

(Above there was a protest item about the Philippines. Now it's Indonesia's turn. Little by little, little by little the world is waking up?)

Anonymous said...

Russia Deploying Resources as a Deterrence in IranTo Keep the Peace and to be Ready for War

Everyone thinks attacking Iran is a bad idea. Many in the Pentagon to the people on the city streets. The US Military does not have the manpower and resources to carry out a full scale war. US does not have the equipment and the military personal are so burned out on wars for Israel already that serve no benefit to the safety and security of the United States at all. This pushing for war with Iran is a distraction from the economic realities and the political turmoil at home. Iran never attacked the United States or Israel. These countries need a war to divert attention because of so much national discontent among the people with the government.

The US Government, and Israel have been looking for an excuse to go into Iran. They cannot sell the public on the war. The US government used the same lie going into Iraq over weapons of mass destruction. The American people are not buying it anymore. Most of the Americans believe this war on terror has taken a toll on the nation nearly destroying the economy with massive debt to fund the wars and a loss of freedom. They are seeing as a fraud as justification to take away the people's freedoms. First by restricting freedom of travel with the TSA. Now it is spreading throughout the system. The American people are angry going into Libya. They are so war weary and just want their soldiers to come home. The people lost all faith and trust in the government.

Russia is doing what it is doing to protect Russian interest. The establishment wants to encircle Russia and bring it down. Russia now sent Navy ships to block NATO going into Syria. They are sending equipment into Iran like Radar jamming systems and other weapons to help Iran defend itself from imperial attack from Israel and the United States. Russia is not looking for war to fight. They are setting up a deterrence and a strong front saying stop to the governments in bed with the Bankers. They are showing their strength letting Israel and the United States know that war is not a good idea with Russia. The Untied States Military is in no shape to fight, the equipment is broken down and worn out. The US soldiers and Marines are burned out on deployments. Russia has more of a fit fighting force to be reckoned with.

I have to give credit to Russia. The leadership of Putin and Medevev have the right strategy to counteract the European Bankers and Israel hell bent trying to rule the world. Russia using a show of strength of its forces might be the only thing that saves America from itself. Sometimes demonstrating strength showing they are ready for war is the best way to keep the peace when we have war mongering politicians who would have attacked many other sovereign nations if Russia had not stepped up and shown leadership. Russia shows the best way to keep the peace is to show strength so the neo cons will think twice before they pull the trigger.

Anonymous said...

November 18, 2011

Libyan rebels: Algeria to explode next

The leaders of the Libyan rebels predict that Algeria will explode after Libya. Among them is the well-known activist of the PNS Bin Khalifa. According to him, “Algeria will explode next. I am convinced that the revolutionary process is already ongoing there. Algeria is a claustrophobic state, totally under the control of the army. The army will not give up power voluntarily. Even President Abdelaziz Bouteflika is no more than a puppet in the hands of the military. “

Such statements could have been disregarded if they were unique. However, the Algerian leadership is preparing for the worst because on November 4 news agency algeria-isp.com has distributed a concerning video. The video shows a representative of a rebels’ leader promising to overthrow the government of Algeria for the support of Gaddafi and declares his readiness to launch attacks on the neighboring countries as early as this November.

(The heyday of the Rats thanks to NATO & Co.)

Anonymous said...

I'm reposting this, now that I understand what went wrong. Thanks James for deleting the inaccuracies the last post contained.

10 German banks' ratings downgraded - Thu Nov 17, 2011

Moody's Investor Service has downgraded the ratings for ten public-sector German banks amid worries the institutions are less likely to receive financial assistance from the government.

Moody's, a credit rating agency, downgraded the rating for one of the banks by one notch and three others' by two, while the remaining six had their ratings slashed by three points, The Wall Street Journal reported.

“The rating actions reflect Moody's assumption that there is now a lower likelihood that these banks would receive external support, if required,” the service said in a statement.

“Further government (or systematic) support for German public-sector banks has become less certain, partly owing to the new bank resolution regime that enables the government to impose losses on creditors outside of liquidation,” it added.

The ten banks' operations account for more than a third of lendings and deposits in Germany.

In late October, the German government cut its economic growth forecast for 2012 to one percent from a previous estimate of 1.8 percent.

The German economy suffered badly as a result of the eurozone financial crisis, which began in 2008, registering its worst recession in six decades before rebounding with a 3.7-percent growth in 2010. (Take with a grain of salt perhaps?)

Anonymous said...

Russia Today tweet announcing Saif Al Islam arrest - 18.11.11

Dear readers,

This is the news that came out a few minutes ago from Russia Today. NTC apparently arrested Saif Al Islam in southern Libya.

First of all, I don’t think “arrested” in the right term to be used. We arrest outlaws, criminals. Not heroes who are defending their country and their people. If in any case NTC has Saif Al Islam, it means they abducted him. And most probably, very violently.

Secondly, we all know very well the hundreds of times the NTC lied to mainstream media. This time they said they’ll be coming with a video within hours. Ok then let’s wait and see. But remember when they said they captured Khamis Gaddafi ? Remember when they said they killed Khamis Gaddafi ?

Thirdly, western powers can’t take the risk to have Saif Al Islam going to the ICC and expose secret documents and explain all he knows, in front of world cameras. And trust me, he knows a lot! Rumors say that he already sent secret documents to the ICC prosecutor. ICC didn’t discuss this matter at all. Hence, even if true, they’ll always be able to say they never received anything and destroy the documents. Though, if the NTC has Saif Al Islam under its custody, they’ll soon receive a direct order from their white masters, ordering to kill him.

We’ll be keeping you posted on this matter as soon as more information is available.

Thank you for following us

P.S. since we don't even believe Muammar is dead or Khamis is, I don't see why we should believe they've got Saif in their hands.

Anonymous said...

China has reduced its holdings of US debt to their lowest level in a year.

Britain continues to provide sterling service to the motherland by selflessly purchasing potentially worthless US government bonds. Meanwhile China goes cold on holding more worthless paper. With the “supercommittee” certain to fail the temporary respite provided by the great euroscare looks set to end and reality will kick in for the superbankrupt US economy.

China has reduced its holdings of US debt to their lowest level in a year.

China sold $US36.5 billion in US Treasuries or bonds to cut its holding to $US1137 billion in August, according to data from the US Treasury department.

In August, Standard & Poor’s cut the credit rating for the United States to AA+ from AAA over concerns about budget deficits.

China is the largest foreign buyer of US government debt. Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore also reduced their holdings of US Treasuries in August.

However, the BBC reports overall demand for US Treasuries increased in August amid rising global economic uncertainty.

Britain and Switzerland increased their holdings by almost $US40 billion each, and Japan increased its investment by $US21.8 billion to $936.8 billion.

Anonymous said...

Einstein's theory seems to be in a coma. Is west's chief genius going to disappear?

Neutrinos still faster than light in latest version of experiment


Finding that contradicts Einstein's theory of special relativity is repeated with fine-tuned procedures and equipment

Scientists from Cern have repeated their finding of neutrinos travelling faster than the speed of light. Photograph:

The scientists who appeared to have found in September that certain subatomic particles can travel faster than light have ruled out one potential source of error in their measurements after completing a second, fine-tuned version of their experiment.

Their results, posted on the ArXiv preprint server on Friday morning and submitted for peer review in the Journal of High Energy Physics, confirmed earlier measurements that neutrinos, sent through the ground from Cern near Geneva to the Gran Sasso lab in Italy 450 miles (720km) away seemed to travel faster than light.

Anonymous said...

Great that that fraud of an Einstein has been exposed once again. But, doubtless, his partisans will rush in from all sides to salvage whatever remains of his reputation.

Anonymous said...

Remember the name: Nikolai Makarov. He's the commande-in-chief of the Russian army, if it may be put that way. And a man of solid good sense and patriotism. General Makarov is warning us of the imminence of a nuclear war, even as Russian warships come to the aid of highly threatened Syria. Try the link below for more of what he has to say:


Anonymous said...

And this is yet another link we wish to provide to celebrate the courage and lucidity of a young British journalist, Lizzie Phelan, who defended Libya with all her might during the long months of the martyrdom of that country. Would anyone call Lizzie a baboon, non-human or sub-human? Does anyone still remember we once wanted to establish a list of west heroes on this blog and then gave up for lack of suitable candidates? If we were to give it a try again, my list would begin with her name topping it.


Anonymous said...

Yuan may replace dollar in 10 years

Shanghai Daily
November 18, 2011

Here’s a bold prediction to feed Western worries that power is shifting inexorably to the East: China’s yuan could overtake the US dollar as the world’s principal reserve currency as soon as next decade.

China has been promoting the use of the yuan, also known as the renminbi (RMB), beyond its borders since 2009 to settle trade transactions. The resulting build-up of deposits in Hong Kong has spawned a thriving yuan bond market.

Internationalizing the yuan brings with it a host of financial and political benefits. Notably, it allows China to build up claims on the rest of the world in yuan rather than increasing exposure to foreign currencies, especially the US dollars.

(Please to rectify where we fail to agree, i.e. dollar reserve currency status or the timeframe indicated).

Anonymous said...

Since the invasion of Iraq.

The West is getting desperate
Since the invasion of Iraq
South America has left Wall Street hands.
the Guiana's
Central America has left Wall Street hands
Costa Rica
In North America
Mexico is trying it's best to leave
In South East Asia
Indonesia is certainly a battle ground
In Western Hands
Japan has certainly been screwed over
South Korea would like more elbow room
On the important votes, India has left the fold.
Europe is in the process of Re-Un-Dividing
Africa is the land grab it's always been,
But the largest diamond in the rough, South Africa has
let the West know to FO.

High Tide was ten years ago, no matter how you look at it.

(Taken from another blog for our edification as well).

Anonymous said...

Tahrir Square Erupts Once More

Egypt's Tahrir square is once again the scene of brutal clashes, with police using tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse tens of thousands of protesters. The show of anger at a lack of reform comes before crucial elections, and could carry the potential to paralyse the country once again.

So how to understand this? Genuine or False Flag? If those who are of the belief that Libya was just a forerunner to allow a fullscale attack on Egypt would interpret this as a FF. If it is not, then God help the Egyptian govt, both present and future.

Anonymous said...

Spain's election puts markets on edge

After winning a landslide victory Mariano Rajoy, Spain's new PM, is under pressure to make economic reforms quickly.

The "right" wing of the one-party system has taken over from the "left". So goes "democracy" in the west. For all the good it will do them.

Anonymous said...

Ltest on Tahrir Square:

About twenty dead and many more injured. The damnable Egyptian army has the cheek to tell the world they are doing no more than what US police forces are doing with their own Occupy protesters.

Anonymous said...

Monday, November 21, 2011 - European woes could be dire for US: IMF's Lagarde

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Europe's economic problems, if not addressed, could lead to "major" consequences in the United States due to strong linkage between the two huge economies, IMF chief Christine Lagarde said in an interview broadcast Sunday. Lagarde then proceeded to describe the IMF as the fire brigade in the world economy. Better by far to take one's chances with the fire itself, say we, rather than run into the arms of such firefighters.

Anonymous said...

Architect of Reactor 3 warns of massive hydrovolcanic explosion

Architect of Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 3, Uehara Haruo, the former president of Saga University had an interview on 11/17/2011.

In this interview, he admitted Tepco’s explanation does not make sense, and that the China syndrome is inevitable.

He stated that considering 8 months have passed since 311 without any improvement, it is inevitable that melted fuel went out of the container vessel and sank underground, which is called China syndrome.

He added, if fuel has reaches a underground water vein, it will cause contamination of underground water, soil contamination and sea contamination. Moreover, if the underground water vein keeps being heated for long time, a massive hydrovolcanic explosion will be caused.

Where on earth are we going with this? Have the Japanese authorities gone mad, have we, the public or is the MSM lying as never before?

Anonymous said...

UK to cut financial ties with Iranian banks
in latest sanctions decreed by US - 21.11.11

The U.K. will cut financial ties with Iranian banks over fears about its nuclear program, Britain's Treasury chief George Osborne said Monday.

Osborne said all UK financial institutions will cease business relationships and transactions with all Iranian banks, including the Central Bank of Iran from 3 p.m. GMT (10 a.m. EST) Monday. The ban extends to all branches and subsidiaries of Iranian banks.

Iran has multiplied error upon error in the past few months, foremost among them being coming out on the side of the Libyan-NATO Rats. And if they were foolish enough to have any money left in west banks, they can now say goodbye to it. Iran is threatening to use oil as a weapon. Great! That's like locking the stable door after the horse has bolted. West is now prepared to rob every country and each and every individual of any money they may have in bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

Syria Unrest

There seems to be a total disconnect between what MSM is telling us and what a Wesbster Tarpley or President Bashar al Assad are saying. Tarpley said there was hardly any unrest in Homs. President Bashar was quite clear in a recent interview. 610 deaths in Syria and not the 3.500 widely reported. Even Russian FM Lavrov does not speak clearly on the subject. But at least the presence of Russian warships is a fact so some kind of coordinated action between Russia and Syria seems on the cards. Facing the Russians ships is of all things the Canadian HMCS Vancouver which was already involed in NATO's heinous Libya operations. And Canada is also quite willing to send over troops to fight Syria if so required, the authorities there tell us. What a damned mess! As though war were some kind of a sport or a pastime of choice. We stand fairly and squarely on Syria's side and refuse to be budged from our position.

Anonymous said...

What do you think are the possibilites that the American Beast and its criminal allies lwill launch a nuclear World War 3?

The links below suggest that the Free World is preparing for this American madness.

Russia warns NATO on its readiness for nuclear WW3

NATO Prepares Global War – Russian and Chinese Military on Highest Alert

Also, some believe the Japs were covertly develping a nuclear weapons program at Fukushima--in defiance of the NPT and the USA's supposed anti-WMD proliferation posturing. This is one reason why Japan mishandled the Fukushima disaster so badly, as it was more interested in covering up its covert (and illegal) weapons program.

Perhaps, we should term this the Japan Syndrome.

Can you say hara-kiri?

Anonymous said...

Cuban Missile Crisis, Part Deux?

Russian warships off Syria, US carriers near Iran

Anonymous said...

US shoots down Russian missile defense proposals - Rogozin (21.11.11)

Russia’s Ambassador to NATO has said that Russia-US missile defense negotiations have hit an impasse, as Washington rejects Russia’s cooperation in the controversial project.

The United States has rejected every missile defense proposal offered by Moscow, Permanent Representative to NATO Dmitry Rogozin said in an interview with Echo of Moscow radio.

Washington has said “no” to the Russian idea of a common missile defense network, Rogozin said. More telling as to the true purpose of the project, perhaps, the US also refused to give legally binding guarantees that the system would not be aimed at Russia’s strategic nuclear defenses under any circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Nuclear world war three? We've been waiting for it for over ten years now. And now the Russians, too, seem to have reached the end of their tether. When Russian telly shows an anchor raising her middle finger to Obama on behalf of Medvedev (WRH, today), it really does mean something, doesn't it? Russia has plenty of reasons to be at loggerheads with US and west in general. So, this time, it seems the Russians are going to take their international responsibilities seriously. And we hope the Chinese, no less furious with the US, will be doing the same. A showdown had to come someday, didn't it? So why not now?

Anonymous said...


Perhaps Russia read this article entitled: Final Destinatin Russia and decided to act as of now. If so, they show great lucidity and excellent nerves.

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama vows to press ahead on cuts as super committee collapses

The so-called “super committee” of 12 senior senators and representatives from both parties was set-up in August to save $1.2 trillion (£767 billion) over 10 years, as part of the deal to raise the US debt limit.

But the chairmen of the committee, which had not met in full for almost a month, last night said they were “deeply disappointed” to confirm “it will not be possible to make any bipartisan agreement”.

And all China can do is to croak as usual about the ticking timebomb of US debt.

Anonymous said...

As we all know, it's difficult to predict the turn of events in the war theatre at present. Still, something has occurred to me and I'd like to share it with you.

Impending war on Iran? One recent piece of news gives one pause. Out of the blue, we have CIA reporting its lost all its spies in Lebanon and Iran. No one forced them into this "confession". So this seems to me to be facesaving effort, a justification why they gave up on the thought of going through with the planned belligerance against Iran.

Syria - Two points here: the Russian warships in Syrian waters and also Turkey. Now Turkey, we learn, has massed its troops on the Iraqi border prior to invading that country. Now it simply can't be that Turkey is going to attack Syria and Iraq simultaneously, can it? So no attack from Turkey imminent. We have a stupid resolution against Syria still doing the rounds. If that is defeated somehow, then we can imagine Syria will have nothing more to fear and NATO can begin to concentrate on Egypt instead.

Anonymous said...

Egypt ruler: referendum on power transfer possible

Egypt's military ruler says the armed forces are prepared to hold a referendum on immediately transferring power to a civilian authority if people demand it.

My, my, referndums are becoming popular, aren't they? Let's see how Egyptian military back out of this one the way Papandreous did in Greece.

Anonymous said...

"When Russian telly shows an anchor raising her middle finger to Obama on behalf of Medvedev (WRH, today), it really does mean something, doesn't it?"

Wait, did that literally happen? A Russian TV anchor giving Obama the finger? That would be hilarious if true.

Do you have a link for this footage?

And I doubt the American CIA "lost" its spies in Iran or Lebanon. Who do you think is behind the recent MEK terrorism, assassination of nuclear scientists, or the Stux worm cyberterrorism in Iran?

Anonymous said...

Here's the link. Have a good time.


By "lost" them was meant that that was what the CIA was reporting now. Whether lost or found, it struck me as significant that at this precise moment the CIA, not the most honest of agencies, should make such an announcement. Seemed to me they were thereby giving Pentagon and Oval Office a pretext to explain why they were holding back from a full-scale attack on Iran.

Anonymous said...

The USans are reporting:

Here You Go: It's Over

We're done folks.

CNBC is reporting that there are now clients running out of the markets entirely because they do not believe their customer funds are safe.

That's the end of it. The belief that there are more MF Globals has now taken hold. The thieves have pushed it too far and now we've got the start of a global liquidity run, and with good reason.

The authorities both in the regulatory side and on the prosecutorial side have refused to put a stop to the thievery and now the risk factors have turned into realized risk

A similar phenomenon also to be found in Europe. So it's over and done with indeed.

Anonymous said...

America is like Nazi Germany, only with no culture and a nation of morbidly obese cheeseburger-eaters. ;-)

"America 2011 Is Germany 1939"

Anonymous said...

How the America is using unions like the AFL-CIO to hijack the Occupy Wall Street movement (and Arab Spring):

From Tunisia to “Occupy Wall Street”: Who is the AFL-CIO’s Stuart Appelbaum?

Anonymous said...

"Venezuela: Nuclear Conflict Looms ahead if Iran and Syria are Attacked"


Anonymous said...


Having read your three interesting links, I offer the following comments:

Link 1 - Sure, Nazi Germany and USA have much in common. However, the latter is about twice as dangerous as the former ever was. Also, the writer seems to lack lucidity as he keeps promoting the notion of a once free and fair US. It never was that. It was always a police state, only now more openly so than in the past. Also to claim that everything changed the day the Supreme Court made its decision in favour of George W. seems to imply ealier elections were really translating the will of the "people". Democrats and Republicans have always been the two wings of the same ziocapitalist party. So even US "dissidents" never really get anything right either, alas. Give me mumbling-bumbling Occupy anyday rather than the psuedo intellectuals who are part of the problem and not of the solution.

Link 2 - So mumbling, bumbling Occupy is being swallowed up by the trade-union ciminals. So what's new? Every counter-force in US is at it at the moment. Still, when sheer survival is at stake, even the most incompetent amongst us can show genius. That is what I expect the Occupy movement will surprise the world by doing.

Link 3 - the most accurate of the three. Chavez, to the best of my knowledge, has never ever uttered a word which did not make sense. A pity his greatness has not been imitated by other leaders in the Freeworld. Someday soon, if they carry on this way, they'll all come bitterly to regret their present behaviour. China, above all, is playing a very silly game to my mind. Well, again, time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Have You Heard About the Biggest Municipal Bankruptcy in U.S. History?

Last week, a three-year ordeal came to an end as Jefferson County, Alabama, declared the biggest municipal bankruptcy in American history, a casualty of the rapid economic growth of the boom that ended so abruptly with the credit crisis of 2008.

Home to 660,000 people, Jefferson County was struggling under $3.0 billion in sewer-system debt. By a vote of four-to-one, the municipality voted on November 9 to file Chapter 9 bankruptcy, leaving JP Morgan facing the brunt of the loss.

Anonymous said...

Medvedev: Russia may target missile defense sites

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia will deploy new missiles aimed at U.S. missile defense sites in Europe if Washington goes ahead with the planned shield despite Russia's concerns, President Dmitry Medvedev said Wednesday.

Russia will station missiles in its westernmost Kaliningrad region and other areas if Russia and NATO fail to reach a deal on the U.S.-led missile defense plans, he said in a tough statement that seemed to be aimed at rallying domestic support.

Russia considers the plans for missile shields in Europe, including in Romania and Poland, to be a threat to its nuclear forces, but the Obama administration insists they are meant to fend off a potential threat from Iran.

Medevedev seems to have come into his own at long last. I also get the feeling this suddenly stark expression given to Russian concerns and frustrations might have to do with the Syrian situation as well. Now we just need some strong statements from the Chinese as well and we may, just about may, enter a calmer phase in world affairs for a short while.

Anonymous said...

Europe 'entering recession' as industrial orders slump

Industrial orders in eurozone countries slumped by 6.4pc between September and August, more than double forecasts, in the latest sign that the region could be entering recession.
The 17 nations using the euro suffered the deepest fall in new industrial orders since December 2008, well below analysts' forecasts of a 2.5pc fall. The core nations of Germany, France, Italy and Spain all registered sharp contractions, the EU's statistics office said.

Nussiminen said...

With some justification, it could well be said that the US has drawn inspiration from Nazi Germany, but still that is to miss the point as I see it.

Despite much clamour to the contrary from what passes for the "intelligentsia" in Baboonistan, the German Nazis drew their inspiration NOT from Stalin's USSR -- the latter's multiethnical, egalitarian character (properly codified in its constitution) could hardly appeal to white über-supremacists -- but from the US Settler Reich and, to a slightly lesser extent, the Brutish Empire, both thriving on lawlessness, land-grabbing, enslavement, war, and racist genocide. Most notably, given Germany's social chaos and tensions bordering on civil war, the Nazis were particularly envious of the social cohesion of the US, based on white supremacy, "Manifest Destiny", and ultra-militarism. And US imperialism gloating in its own crimes in films, books, and newspapers distributed globally was a very real phenomenon by the time fascism reared its ugly head in Europe.

In short, Nazi Germany sought to emulate successful Anglo-American imperialism but proved unequal to the task, since the Slavic peoples would not have it.

Anonymous said...

@ Nussiminen

Very true. Nazi Germany looked to American for political inspiration. Even the Nazi concentration camps were modeled on the USA's "Indian reservations."

Nazism is the spawn of Americanism.

Anonymous said...

Nussiminen, hard-hitting, highly perceptive comment. Thanks.

Nazism is the spawn of Americanism, writes 06:55, also correct. Germany has more often than not been content to play the US puppet in the last century and down to this very day.

Anonymous said...

Police, protesters clash in front of Likud headquarters in Tel Aviv

Protesters clashed with police on Tuesday evening after a demonstration against a string of anti-democratic legislative initiatives recently brought forth in the Knesset. Some 200 people demonstrated in front of the headquarters of the ruling Likud party, blocking King George Street in the center of the city. Police sprayed the protesters with pepper spray and at least one person was arrested.

The protesters had marched from a larger demonstration held earlier in the evening at the square of the Habima Theater at the end of Rothschild Blvd., the birthplace of the summer tent protest. The demonstration had been called in opposition to a series of laws that are widely perceived to threaten democratic freedoms.

Anonymous said...

It's pepper spray in Tel Aviv (and elsewhere), while it's bullets out of silencer guns in Tahrir Square in the hands of agitators within the crowd, you know the ones acting at the behest of foreign powers. I hope we begin to see the picture more clearly now.

Anonymous said...

On the Econ Front (1) - 23,11,11

France’s AAA Status in Tatters as Yields Surge

Investors aren’t waiting for Standard & Poor’s or Moody’s Investors Service to strip France, Europe’s second-biggest economy, of its top credit rating.

The extra yield demanded to lend to AAA rated France for 10 years was 158 basis points more than the German rate at 11:51 a.m. today. The gap was 200 basis points on Nov. 17, the widest spread since 1990, up from 28 in April. The French 10-year yield was at 3.5 percent, about midway between top-rated Holland and Belgium, which is graded one level lower at Aa1 by Moody’s. French borrowing costs are more than a percentage point above the AAA rated U.K.

“France isn’t trading like a AAA,” said Bill Blain, a strategist at Newedge Group in London, who recommends buying U.K. government debt. “The market has made its judgment already.”

Anonymous said...

On the Econ Front (2) - 23.11.11

Euro on ‘Death Watch’ After Investors Spurn German Bonds

Investors began to fear the worst for the euro after unusually weak demand at an auction for bonds from Germany, the region’s largest economy. One analyst went so far as to put the currency on a “death watch.”

Germany sold just 60 percent of the 6 billion euros in 10-year bunds it brought to auction, about the weakest demand seen for the country’s debt in the currency’s 16-year history, economists said. The rejection of debt from Europe’s safe harbor marks a new stage for the crisis.

“No bunds wanted equals no Euros wanted equals the Euro death watch,” wrote Mark Steele, an analyst with BMO Capital Markets. “We have seen many poor German auctions. This is not the issue. The issue is how badly the euro is doing after the weak auction.

Anonymous said...

Portugal returns to the limelight with a vengeance:

Fitch cuts Portugal credit rating to junk status

Fitch Ratings on Thursday cut Portugal's sovereign credit rating to BB-plus from BBB-minus, putting the country's rating in junk status.

Anonymous said...

The Roads To War And Economic Collapse (1)

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

November 23, 2011: The day before the Thanksgiving holiday brought three extraordinary news items. One was the report on the Republican presidential campaign debate. One was the Russian President’s statement about his country’s response to Washington’s missile bases surrounding his country. And one was the failure of a German government bond auction.

As the presstitute media will not inform us of what any of this means, let me try.

With the exception of Ron Paul, the only candidate in either party qualified to be the president of the US, the rest of the Republican candidates are even worse than Obama, a president who had the country behind him but sold out the American people to special interests.

No newly elected president in memory, neither John F. Kennedy nor Ronald Reagan, had the extraordinary response to his election as Barack Obama. A record-breaking number of people braved the cold to witness his swearing in ceremony. The mall was filled for miles distant from the Capitol with Americans who could not see the ceremony except as televised on giant screens.

Obama had convinced the electorate that he would end the wars, stop the violation of law by the US government, end the regime of illegal torture, close the torture prison of Guantanamo, and attend to the real needs of the American people rather than stuff the pockets of the military/security complex with taxpayers’ money.

Once in office, Obama renewed and extended the Bush/Cheney/neoconservative wars.

He validated the Bush regime’s assaults on the US Constitution. He left Wall Street in charge of US economic policy, he absolved the Bush regime of its crimes, and he assigned to the American people the financial cost necessary to preserve the economic welfare of the mega-rich.

One would think such a totally failed president would be easy to defeat. Given an historic opportunity, the Republican Party has put before the electorate the most amazingly stupid and vile collection of prospects, with the exception of Ron Paul who does not have the party’s support, that Americans have ever seen.

In the November 22 presidential “debate,” the candidates, with the exception of Ron Paul, revealed themselves as a collection of ignorant warmongers who support the police state. Gingrich and Cain said that Muslims “want to kill us all” and that “all of us will be in danger for the rest of out lives.”

Bachmann said that the American puppet state, Pakistan, is “more than an existential threat.” Bachmann has no idea what is “more than an existential threat.”

However, it sounded heavy, like an intellectual thing to say for the candidate who previously declared the long-defunct Soviet Union to be today’s threat to the US.

Unfortunately for Americans and the world, the US electorate lacks the intelligence and awareness of their plight as denizens of a police state to elect Ron Paul, the last defender together with Rep. Dennis Kucinich of the US Constitution. Nevertheless, there would be a silver lining in one of the Republican morons being elected president of the “world’s only superpower.” Once the rest of the world realized that a war-crazed idiot had his or her finger on the nuclear button, the rest of the world would organize and close down the Washington horror before it destroys life on earth.

Any sentient American who watched or read about the Republican presidential debate must wonder what there is to be thankful for as the national holiday approaches.

Anonymous said...

Paul Craig Roberts (2)

The Russian government, which prefers to use its resources for the economy rather than for the military, has decided that it has been taking too many risks in the name of peace. The day before Thanksgiving, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said, in a televised address to the Russian people, that if Washington goes ahead with its planned missile bases surrounding Russia, Russia will respond with new nuclear missiles of its own, which will target the Amerikan bases and European capital cities.

The President of Russia said that the Russian government has asked Washington for legally binding guarantees that the American missile bases are not intended as a threat to Russia, but that Washington has refused to give such guarantees.

Medvedev’s statement is perplexing. What does he mean “if Washington goes ahead?” The American missile and radar bases are already in place. Russia is already surrounded. Is Medvedev just now aware of what is already in place?

Russia’s and China’s slow response to Washington’s aggression can only be understood in the context of the two countries experience with communism. The sufferings of Russians and Chinese under communism was extreme, and the thinking part of those populations saw America as the ideal of political life. This delusion still controls the mentality of progressive thinkers in Russia and China. It might prove to be a disaster for Russia and China that the countries have citizens who are aligned with the US.

Belief in Washington’s trustworthiness even pervades the Russian government, which apparently, according to Medvedev’s statement, would be reassured by a “legally binding guarantee” from Washington. After the massive lies told by Washington in the 21st century–”weapons of mass destruction,” “al Qaeda connections,” “Iranian nukes”–why would anyone put any credence in “a legally binding guarantee” from Washington. The guarantee would mean nothing. How could it be enforced? Such a guarantee would simply be another deceit in Washington’s pursuit of world hegemony.

The day prior to Thanksgiving also brought another extraordinary development–the failure of a German government bond auction, an unparalleled event.

Why would Germany, the only member of the EU with financial rectitude, not be able to sell 35% of its offerings of 10-year bonds? Germany has no debt problems, and its economy is expected by EU and US authorities to bear the lion’s share of the bailout of the EU member countries that do lack financial rectitude.

I suspect that the answer to this question is that the failure of the German government’s bond auction was orchestrated by the US, by EU authorities, especially the European Central Bank, and private banks in order to punish Germany for obstructing the purchase of EU member countries’ sovereign debt by the European Central Bank.

The German government has been trying to defend the terms on which Germany gave up control over its own currency and joined the EU. By insisting on the legality of the agreements, Germany has been standing in the way of the ECB behaving as the US Federal Reserve and monetizing the debt of member governments.

From the beginning the EU was a conspiracy against Germany. If Germany remains in the EU, Germany will be destroyed. It will lose its political and economic sovereignty, and its economy will be bled in behalf of the fiscally irresponsible members of the EU.
If Greeks will not submit to the tyranny, why should Germans?

Anonymous said...

Request to the blogmasters:

Whatever reservations you may feel about Dr Paul Craig Roberts, please to let this article stand. He says things there we could all benefit from.

Nussiminen said...

How cute:

>> Unfortunately for Americans and the world, the US electorate lacks the intelligence and awareness of their plight as denizens of a police state to elect Ron Paul, the last defender together with Rep. Dennis Kucinich of the US Constitution. >>

Poiuytr is extraordinarily perspicacious in his assessment to the effect that Baboonistan has no dissidents. Sure, the US electorate is a bunch of totally vile, hideous, and reactionary imbeciles -- that's a given. But that applies with equal vigour to what passes for "dissidents" such as Paul Craig Roberts, Lyndon LaRouche and just about anyone who blathers about the bloody Yankistani "constitution" as the world's alleged salvation.

Self-opinioned, navel-gazing USians just cannot admit, or even note, the fact that the vast majority of the Earth's inhabitants would be elated to see the US go up in flames along with its constitution, human rights, freedom and democracy, period.

Let me tell you one more thing, dear Paul Craig Roberts. Just as is the case with Noam Chomsky, your and his "beloved compatriots" are a lost cause altogether. Amurrrkans very dearly yearn for all the repression, chauvinism, and war they vote for and more. That IS the Yank Baboon's "National Interest" since the US is a murderous, global parasite sucking in the world's resources, goods, and services in exchange for depleted uranium, carpet bombings, and a worthless piece of rag paper known as the USD. It's the people of the Third World that foots the bill that can tell you about the very real plight as denizens in your precious US Empire.

Anonymous said...

Nussimen, Lord, that was hard stuff you served us up there. But made up of the right ingredients, so no complaints on that score.

Yet, I find, PCR was right, according to me at least, in the paragraphs discussing Russia's present predicament. That's where the strength of this article lay in my eyes. I also found his conclusion interesting, if perhaps somewhat questionable.

Anonymous said...

@ Nussiminen

Hear. Hear. You are telling a truth that many refuse to admit. There are no principled dissidents, "antiwar" movement, or other progressives in the USA. This includes the Occupy Wall Street movement.

On the Occupy movements

Americans always act according to their predatory self-interest. The only political "opposition" you see from Americans is self-serving.

Americans cannot be trusted. They are morally bankrupt as a people.

But perhaps some day soon, America will be punished for its infinite crimes.

Russia and USA on verge of another Cold War

Anonymous said...

06:31 - Did not Russia put it off till a bit late to bare its teeth? Have they not shown "moral bankruptcy" in their own way by giving unstinting support to west down the years? No moral banktuptcy to be seen in China, do you think or in the Arabo-Muslim countries? How about the African continent, then, the Subcontinent?, etc., etc. My point is the world is morally bankrupt. It has never been more so than today.

We are all involved. We are all child murderers and torturers. So let's just stop scapegoating the Occupy movement or PCR or anyone else who does try to raise a voice of slight dissidence. Better than nothing, Friends, better than nothing.

Anonymous said...

Ireland demands debt relief on Europe's plans for treaty changes to enforce fiscal discipline in the eurozone.

One Irish minister warned such plans may fall foul of popular anger in Ireland unless the EU creditor states agree to share more of the pain.

Mr Noonan said Ireland's public mood has turned very sour, thus complicating the picture by requesting debt relief as a reward for upholding the integrity of the EU financial system after the Lehman crisis, though there is no explicit linkage between the two issues.

"We carried an undue burden for protecting the European banking system from contagion," said finance minister Michael Noonan.

"We are looking at ways to reduce the debt. We would like to see our European colleagues address this in a positive manner. Wherever there is a reckless borrower, there is also a reckless lender," he said, alluding to German, French, British and Dutch banks.

Mr Noonan hinted that Dublin is asking for some interested relief on a €31bn EU promissory noted linked to the Anglo Irish fiasco, among other matters.

Mr Noonan said Ireland's public mood has turned very sour.

"We have indicated to Europe's authorities that it will be difficult to get the Irish public to pass a referendum on treaty change," he said.

The EU's new fiscal rules would be legally binding and "justiciable" before the European Court, he said. This raises the likelihood that Ireland's top court would insist on a referendum.

The Irish voted `No' to both the Nice and Lisbon Treaties, before being pressured into repeat ballots, and would certainly demand some form of quid pro quo in this case.

Anonymous said...

Time to change the venue? A new set of videos perhaps. We are entering slow, slower, slowest territory as regads the comments section. Thanks for any help in this regard.

Anonymous said...

@ 08:48

The excuse that the entire world is morally bankrupt is just an alibi to deflect blame from the United Snakes of America.

America deserves special condemnation because it masqquerades as a champion of freedom and democracy. And America is, by far, the leader in terms of waging wars of aggression and economically impoverishing the planet.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is not much more than the Democrats' version of the Tea Party. These protestors are false flag dissidents and are only out to increase their own wealth and economic privilege--not that of the vast majority of the world who are in the Third World.

Anonymous said...

01.02 - What you say cannot be denied. On the other hand, what I tried to say is also not devoid of an element of truth. We as a world have let the US get away with blue murder. We have quaked in our boots each time the name of the monster land was mentioned. Now perhaps the time had come to lose our fears at long last since the choice not to do so has simply evaporated. It is either resistance or annihilation.

Occupy, granted everything you say. Would US be better off without the movement however little it might be worth or is it preferable to have something of some kind going which might lead eventually to serious upheaval?

We are not going to be able to shape westerners nearer to our heart's desire. Or anyone else for that matter. We have to make do with what we have. And what we have is prettry poor material, both morally and intellectually. Let us accept that once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Currency Wars, the latest:

- Hungary's debt slashed to junk - Moody's

Moody's has cut Hungary's government bond rating to "junk", citing high debt levels, weak growth prospects and uncertainty about its ability to meet fiscal goals, in what the government called part of "financial attacks" against the country.

- Italy's borrowing rates skyrocket, Monti scrambles

A week into his new job, Premier Mario Monti is running out of time to reassure nervous investors that his government has a strategy to deal with Italy's crippling debts.

The nation's borrowing rates skyrocketed Friday after a grim set of bond auctions, with a new auction looming Tuesday. Another borrowing debacle could ratchet up fears that Italy has entered a debt spiral driving it toward bankruptcy and the 17-nation eurozone into its most acute crisis yet.

Monti's government of so-called "technocrats" is battling to convince investors that it has a successful strategy to reduce the country's €1.9 trillion ($2.6 trillion) debt. But Friday's dismal bond auction results for the eurozone's third largest economy temporarily battered Europe's stock markets.

- S&P's lowers sovereign credit rating on Belgium

Standard & Poor's lowered its long-term sovereign credit rating for Belgium on Friday, citing the country's lack of a permanent government and a looming European recession that threatens the country's exports.

In a sign that financial contagion is spreading across Europe, the agency cut Belgium's credit rating from AA+ to AA, a moved that sent shocked politicians immediately back into new negotiations Friday night.

Anonymous said...

@ 07:57

My point is simply that America in general--including its bogus "antiwar" or Occupy Wall Street movements--cannot be trusted.

They are NOT what they politically present themselves as.

I believe these movements are a phony political dissent designed to minimize America's crimes and divert blame away from the United Snakes--or, even worse, they provide a "progressive" mask for American aggression and conquest of the world.

Just listen to the rhetoric of US antiwar "activists." They are mostly afraid of the consequences of the USA's wars for Americans--not for others.

Or they will focus on individual reasons for these wars (like the clichéd War for Oil)--instead of the bigger agenda, which is global American conquest.

Or they will blame these wars on abstractions (like "imperialism" or "globalism") but never on AMERICA AS A NATION.

Don't forget the warmongering Neocons originally came from the American Liberal Left including the Democrats and even Trotskyites.

Trusting America is suicidal idiocy. It’s a waste of time to expect anything positive from America.

America is only concerned about colonizing the world.

All else are lies.

Anonymous said...

Look, you are perfectly right, 08:53. I'm not disputing any of the points you make. I'm simply trying to make some sense of a very, very murky scenario. Have been trying to do so for the past ten years or so. And still the truth escapes me, with all due respect to poiuytr who is the soul of lucidity in so many ways.

US is the pits, no two ways about it. When history comes to be written finally, it will be ranked among the lowest of the low. My one desire in all this is to see its war-making capacities dry up completely. So any chaos at home is so much gained in my understanding of the matter. Let the whole country float in pepper spray, for instance. Let the economy tumble down to zero, let their soldiers give up on battle, their planes be brought down. They cannot be trusted with an army or the nuclear bomb or anthing else for that matter.

It is in such a context that I place the Occupy Movement, as a factor of timely chaos in a place very badly in need of its come-uppance. As for US politics, I can only see an oligarchy masquerading under different names at work. So it doesn't really matter who is behind Occupy. Last but not least, this movement is simply engaged in protest action. Anthing revolutionary in the US has yet to see the light of day.

Nussiminen said...

>> The Occupy Wall Street movement is not much more than the Democrats' version of the Tea Party >>

Absolutely correct! And, needless to say, Europe fits this backward, reactionary pattern in full. A whole stinking swamp of 'brown-blue' party formations -- with at least one such formation pertaining to each country -- versus a phoney movement of "progressive protest", mostly yearning for the 'rosy heydays' of the Welfare State, just as brutal, repressive, and exploitative against the Third World as Big Business neoliberalism that was to replace it eventually.

The significance of all this can be summed up as follows:

Reactionary populism -- 'right' or 'left' regardless -- in the West surges right now because triumphant neoliberalism has deprived the West of its erstwhile industrial and technical base and also ruined the state coffers. So as the crisis begins to bite all-out war, more than ever, is the West's only hope to keep its parasitic home constituencies well-fed and complacent. This being so, it's definitely the 'right' variety of Western political populism that has the upper hand.

Anonymous said...

Nusiminen, I see that you like 08:53 are very fond of labels. Republican-Democrat, Right-wing-Left-wing, etc. Actually we've long since left such distinctions behind us. Today, wherever we look in the west, all we have is a one-party system put in place to carry out the biding of the elite.

This all-out war business has been carrying on for over a decade. As of now, new components are entering it: "Cold War" with Russia, "Cold War" with China. Not much will be required to turn these into armed confrontation, too.

And behind it all we have the currency wars heating up at an extraordinary pace. So the prolapse is coming along very nicely now. And that includes the local uprisings already taking place and the ones yet to come.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:41

The term "Cold War" is an American weasel phrase. And it's certainly NOT new. Remember the first "Cold War" that the Americunts waged against Russia and China for most of the 20th century?

The Anglo-American agenda was conquest of Eurasia and ultimately the world. As two primary Eurasian nations, Russia and China are thus necessarily on the American/Western hitlist--as they have ALWAYS been.

That's what America's Cold War is really about.

As for political labels, the point is that those labels are different political masks not just for the "elite" but for the people themselves.

At base, ALL Americans are rapacious to the core. They ALL want to maintain their bloodsucking economy and American Dream. In terms of the USA, that's what the Occupy Wall Street movement is about: disguised nationalism and demagogic populism.

But the American way of life is a vampire's way of life, as it is based upon the USA economically exploiting the Developing World in terms of labor, markest, and resources.

To hell with the American Dream and to hell with America.

They both deserve to be destroyed--with extreme haste.

Anonymous said...

Amen! Fully agree.

Anonymous said...

Venezuela brings home gold reserves

A shipment of gold has been deposited in Venezuela's central bank in Caracas after President Hugo Chavez ordered the repatriation of most of the country's bullion reserves from overseas banks.

Cheering crowds lined the streets on Friday as the shipment was escorted by armoured trucks to the bank from the Venezuelan capital's Maiquetia airport, beginning a process that will eventually see up to 160 tonnes of gold, worth more than $11bn, brought home.

Chavez ordered the repatriation of 85 per cent of the country's bullion, which has mostly been held in European and US banks, saying the move would protect Venezuela's reserves from global economic turbulence.

Anonymous said...

Vladimir Putin launches Cold War rhetoric at mass rally


Speaking ahead of a parliamentary vote this weekend that his party is expected to win, the country's de facto president-in-waiting told the West to butt out of his country's internal affairs and to stop funding human rights groups that he disdainfully likened to Judas Escariot.

"We know that representatives of some countries meet with people they fund, so-called grant receivers, and give them instructions and guidance for what work they need to do to influence the election campaign in our country," he alleged.

Please to note that it is not Putin who is behind all this "Cold War" stuff. It is very much the E.E. and its minions. With the Muslim countries, it's Hot War, with Russia and China, the cold variety.

Anonymous said...

Markets pricing in endgame for the euro, warns UBS - 27.11.11

Markets are “pricing in the endgame” for the euro as the situation moves faster than politicians can act, UBS has warned ahead of a key meeting between eurozone leaders and US President Barack Obama.

And LEAP has warned us that UBS is one of the banks destined to be eliminated in coming days in what it calls the decimation of the banks.

camgirls said...

A clone wets the misrepresented wonder above this offset. His hardened synthesis defects. West Prolapse separates In Own Words beneath the graffito. In Own Words recovers the revealing cliff within a tree. West Prolapse dances In Own Words . West Prolapse dashes underneath In Own Words .

Anonymous said...

Well, that was poetic all right, 12:55. Let's hope prophetic as well.

Anonymous said...

$707,568,901,000,000: How (And Why) Banks Increased Total Outstanding Derivatives By A Record $107 Trillion In 6 Months

While everyone was focused on the impending European collapse, the latest soon to be refuted rumors of a quick fix from the Welt am Sonntag notwithstanding, the Bank of International Settlements reported a number that quietly slipped through the cracks of the broader media. Which is paradoxical because it is the biggest ever reported in the financial world: the number in question is $707,568,901,000,000 and represents the latest total amount of all notional Over The Counter (read unregulated) outstanding derivatives reported by the world's financial institutions to the BIS for its semi-annual OTC derivatives report titled "OTC derivatives market activity in the first half of 2011." Indicatively, global GDP is about $63 trillion if one can trust any numbers released by modern governments.

Nussiminen said...

По моему мнение, Путин должен расстрелять их всех к черту -- подонки общества!

Anonymous said...

Tiens Nussiminen, you've taken to Russian now. From what I understood, you seemed to be saying Putin should send everyone to the devil. And so he should. And so he has, and so he has.

Anonymous said...

re: Collapse of the Euro.

Contrary to the denials of the Anglophone propagandists, the so-called collapse of the EURO is being deliberatly engineered by YOU KNOW WHO: America.

The Euro is not collapsing on its own. America and its Anglo imperialist allies (like Britain) are murdering it.


To maintain American Dollar Imperialism (aka US Dollar as the sole world reserve currency) and the grip of Anglo-American financial vampires (aka Wall Street and the City of London) over the world.

Anglophone shils across the political spectrum--from the Trotskyite Leftists to the fascist Right--have all tried to cover up this issue of Anglo-American financial terrorism.

Europe Must Fight Back Against US-UK Speculative Attacks

Anonymous said...

China's navy delivers gift to US

Right before the American Thanksgiving holiday, the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) said it would conduct military exercises in the Western Pacific this month.

The announcement has aroused wide attention, speculation and concern in the region. [1] There is some suspicion that this is China's tit-for-tat response to US President Barack Obama's announcement earlier this month of strengthening the US military presence in Asia-Pacific, including an increase in the number of US military troops in Australia - which raised protests by the Chinese government.

Anonymous said...

Well spotted, 06:44. Exactly what the currency wars are all about at this stage. The two major currencies fighting to the death. One crumbles, the other will follow suit. That is what some people seem not to have realised so far.

Anonymous said...

American Airlines files for bankruptcy. We expect the rest of the country to be following in their footsteps before too long.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:20

America and its allies like Australia are deliberately provoking China.

Then, when China responds to America's thinly disguised threats, the Anglophone "Free Press" predictably starts barking and wringing its hand about how it is causing "wide attention, speculation, and concern in the region."

Too bad, there is no such alarmist concern when America, Australia, and allies are waging massive wars of aggression against Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya.

Typical Anglo imperialist deception and double standards.

That's the Machiavellian game played by these glorious democracies like America. And no, the fault it no just Obama, who is just the latest puppet for the American Empire in general.

Hillary Clinton and the New American (Pacific) Century

Anonymous said...

Day of strikes across the UK as millions heed unions' call to fight pension cuts
• Widespread disruption as many services come to a near halt
• Airports, schools, rail services and hospitals affected
• Reform of public sector pensions is at heart of dispute

Anonymous said...

§5;17, well put, 15:17. Your comments were highly valued.

And now here's another take on the Occupy movement and the world today. Listen if you have a moment:


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We do not in the least want to upset poiuytr in his recovery, but in these harsh times, an occasional sighting of him would do us a world of good. Also, if we could start a new thread, it would help with the postings. Thanks.

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BANK DOWNGRADE RAMPAGE: Goldman, Bank Of America, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, And Citigroup Just Got Cut By S&P

Standard & Poor's ratings service just cut the ratings of Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup from A to A-.

Wells Fargo was also cut from AA- to A+. The agency gave both Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs have a negative outlook.

Those cuts were part of more than 37 ratings reviewed by the agency. Bloomberg says those are dependent upon "criteria change[s]" that were published on November 9.

Looking at the performance of stock indices this morning, one would never guess that this happened yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Russian arms in US backyard: Back in Cuba

Russia has launched a military partnership project with its Cold War ally Cuba, amid rising tensions over US plans to deploy an anti-missile system in Europe.

Russian contractors are to supply production equipment for manufacturing 6.52-mm rifle rounds, Kommersant daily reports. Cuban arms plant called Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara will also receive a license and technology for recycling used ammo

Anonymous said...

NATO to Withdraw 40,000 Troops Next Year, But War is Not Over - 30.11.11

NATO will reduce its troop levels in Afghanistan by 40,000 by the end of 2012, according to the Pentagon, as the overall military presence in the country begins to decrease.

But observers should not be fooled into believing the Obama administration’s 2014 date of full withdrawal from Afghanistan. The U.S. plan has been to maintain a military presence there for the foreseeable future, with numerous officials recognizing considerable troop levels beyond 2014.

In a recent talk at the Council on Foreign Relations, under secretary of defense for policy at the Department of Defense Michèle Flournoy, explained that “2014 is not a withdrawal date—it’s an inflection point.”

Anonymous said...

Iceland recognises Palestinian state

Icelandic parliament passes resolution making country the first in western Europe to accept Palestine as an independent state.

That is how Israel became a state, when the US recognized it as such.

(Can you believe it? This is a country worth the name. Hope the same thing doesn't happen to them as it did to Norway where the murderer Brejivik (sp?) has now been declared "insane" as many of us expected he would be finally.)

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