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Liberate It !

Liberate them. Liberate this. Liberate it...Shackles have wounded the soul, torn it apartChains embedded in wrists, dug into ankles, around heads,like some embedded reporter...Fighting the nightmare only to realize it is real,it happened, it is happening...No delegations à la Kerry visited,No Pelosi came by,No EU took photos...Cover it up, cover it up...Throw a blanket, a cloth,Make it White...as white as snow.No, better, dump them...Mass graves, rivers, anonymous tombs...Who will know ?Who will speak ?Who will testify ?Sand thrown over dunes of blood and tearsOnly the winds and the sky bore witness...And the rest ?Silent as stone,as rock, as gravel, as rubbles...The walls screamed,The trees weptThe pavements wailedThe fields criedThe rivers agonizedThe morgue full, pregnantwithout a whisper... And the rest ?Silent...Silent...Silent.No security Council condemnedNo lawyers filed suitsNo war Crimes warrants were issuedNo convoys arrived...The courts are emptyThe chairs vacant,The judge, invisible...Forgotten, forgotten, forgotten,Hurry up, cover, cover...Hurry up...No need to cover,No need to hide,Take them all out.From dust to dustFrom nothing to nothingness,Vacant, absent...gone.Do you know his name ?Does she have a number ?Tattoos are erased,peeled off with the skinNo Identity,Who will recognize It ?It. Is it an It ?Or a She, maybe a HeOr it is Them ?Them who ?Where is the name?Where is the number?Any fingerprints ?No Sir, just shadowsTake them all out.Liberate ThemLiberate It...


USA Asserting 10th Amendment

USA constitution is immaterial and this should have been made quite clear already. For example, per the document, only USA congress can declare war. But as you know, USA congress, though made up of right war whores readily acquiescing the US/UK world terror wars, has nothing whatever with the initial assault by the packs of USA trained child murderers around the globe.

So waving the 10th amendment today in an attempt to remind Obama and gang that US states should be guaranteed sovereignty and freedom from his augur NWO powers is pointless, if not downright laughable.

However, many Yankistani who grasp what's coming on their heads due to their nation-wide Bush-reign complicity are pinning much hope on this wave of lip service that is sweeping the US state governances.

It is not the 10th amendment stuff, but this realisation of what's happening to Yankistani that makes this article a good read.
(intro by poiuytr)

Majority Of U.S. States Join Sovereignty Movement, Assert 10th Amendment Rights
(February 23, 2009, by jeepndesert/newworldliberty.wordpress.com)

A majority of states have bills passed or have proposed bills which affirm 10th Amendment rights. Some affirm additional rights and/or give specific reasons. New Hampshire has written the most aggressive legislation.

With the economy collapsing, it is a very real and immediate danger that the federal government can turn into a completely criminal and fascist government. They’ll put foreign troops on their streets. They’ll grab people to put in forced labor or concentration camps if they are unemployed or protesting. They’ll conduct experiments on these prisoners.

This is especially true since a private corporation owned by a small group of people, who own over half the world’s wealth, control our currency and monetary policy through the Federal Reserve. They also have such power over the world as a whole through the World Bank, IMF, most other national central banks, numerous well-funded non-government organizations, and numerous corrupted government officials.

The Federal Reserve owners want the economy to collapse so they can grab real assets and power. Their whole monetary system is a giant ponzi scheme designed to fail because money is based on the issuance of debt, and the interest owed is not put into the system except through more debt with more interest.

The stock market has dropped 50% in value since this started last year. This is a great depression. The unemployment will rise. The spending of the two bailouts plus the trillions the Federal Reserve has printed will cause inflation to rise sharply. This same situation happened to the Soviet Union. This is not just an economic recession.

This is not just about mortgages since the value of mortgages is much less than the spending packages. The financial releveraging of the mortgages in the form of financial derivatives has magnified the problem. Giving loans to high risk individuals and giving ARM loans did stimulate the problem. The manipulation of oil prices through dollar devaluation and speculation also helped stimulate problem.

This current economic problem is largely due to the fact that we’ve been existing on borrowed time, running huge trade deficits and growing debt exponentially. Our assets now exceed our debt. We now owe more interest on our debts than we can possibly earn. The debt ponzi scheme our currency is based has busted and has started the process of collapse. We can’t spend our way out of this because we’re out of assets and out of credit.

This group of men who own most of the world’s currencies and wealth want complete centralized control of printing money. They also want a powerful undemocratic regional and world government which can usurp the sovereignty of national governments. They want more European Unions. They want a stronger United Nations. They want to push their own agendas, which include population reduction through eugenics. The threat is real and well documented in policy documents and in the mainstream press.

The Federal Reserve is doing to the United States exactly what the IMF and World Bank do to third world nations. Unless we wake up and get our head out of our fluoride and Prozac ass, we’re going to find ourselves as a third world nation, if not in the middle of World War III, the Fourth Reich, civil war, and revolution.

The only way we can stop the U.S. government and these banks is through the states. If the states are united, the people are united. If the people are united, the U.S. government ceases to function, and the states are able to reform a functioning and lawful U.S. government instead of the completely corrupt, rogue, destructive, and lawless federal government we have now.

Armed rebellion is not going to work. It will just result in a lot of dead people because the U.S. government has excessive firepower. Violent rebellion is exactly what the men in control of our money want.

I encourage everyone to write, email, or call their state legislatures to encourage the passage of such bills. You may also wish to contact your Federal Reserve senators and representative letting them know you’ve lost faith in their ability to represent the people of the United States.

We need stronger legislation with stronger teeth to make a stand peacefully and legally. We must act to prevent what is happening in Arcadia, Iowa, with the Iowa National Guard training for door-to-door gun confiscation.

We can’t allow the U.S. government to continue to usurp state sovereignty. If we allow the U.S. government to do this, we’re going to have a lot of dead people in this nation because a lot of people aren’t going to give up their guns and aren’t going to tolerate the U.S. military, corporate militias, and foreign troops invading their communities and homes.

The states may be forced to stand down. However, we started the process of thinking locally to solve our problems and to make it through these tough times. We want local, responsible, and focused local and state law enforcement to maintain order. We don’t want foreign troops and the U.S. military to do this for us.

We should consider training our local and state law enforcement to stop such door-to-door terrorism by agents of the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve. We should consider making it a high crime in the state for a federal official to offer a bribe or give threats and a high crime to receive such a bribe. We should consider forming voluntary local and state minutemen under the authority of local and state government to maintain order in emergencies.

Whether you agree with everything I put forth or not, a majority of the people do believe the U.S. government is corrupt, out-of-control, and don’t represent the interests of the people. If you don’t agree, you haven’t done the research nor have you paid close enough attention to the news. We’re on the verge of major crisis and change.

Here are a list of states who have passed or proposed bills to affirm 10th Amendment rights. I have not verified which bills have passed though many of them have been passed. Many of them are very new. We need to continue to encourage the states to take more specific action because of the very real dangers. I’ll try to keep this list updated with links.

2009: Arkansas - 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment, Funding Issues

2009: Arizona - 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment

1994: California - 10th Amendment

1995/96: Georgia - 10th Amendment

2009: Georgia - 10th Amendment

2009: Kansas - 10th Amendment

[NEW] 2009: Kentucky - 10th Amendment

1997/98: Louisiana - Sovereignty Constitutional Amendment

2009: Michigan - 10th Amendment

2009: Minnesota - 10th Amendment

2009: Missouri - Freedom of Choice Act (Abortion), 10th Amendment

2009: Montana - 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment, 2nd Amendment

2009: New Hampshire - 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment, Federal Reserve, Taxes, Martial Law, 2nd Amendment, Draft/War, Patriot Act, Labor Camps, 1st Amendment

2008: Oklahoma - 10th Amendment, (Other Legislation: No Child Left Behind, Real ID Act)

2009: Oklahoma - 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment, Funding Issues

2009: South Carolina - 9th Amendment, 10 Amendment, Martial Law and Related, 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment

2009: Tennessee - 10th Amendment

2009: Texas - 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment, Funding Issues

1995: Utah [Number: HJR003, Session: 1995] - 10th Amendment

2009: Utah - Real ID Act

2009: Washington - 10th Amendment

* Proposed: Alabama - 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment

* Proposed: Alaska

* 1994: Colorado - 10th Amendment

* 1995: Florida - 10th Amendment

* Proposed [HJM RS18517]: Idaho - 10th Amendment

* Proposed: Indiana - 10th Amendment

* Proposed: Iowa - 10th Amendment

* Proposed: Maine

* Proposed: Nevada

* Proposed: Ohio - 10th Amendment

* Proposed: Pennsylvania - 10th Amendment

* Proposed: Virginia - 10th Amendment

* Proposed: West Virginia - Same As New Hampshire

Republic of Lakotah - Full Independence

Hawaii - Full Independence

* Not verified with the actual state and may have not yet been filed with the state.

For latest updates, visit the Tenth Amendment Center.


Fixed a couple of typos and added a couple more points.

Added a bill from Utah.

Added a new bill from Kentucky.

Made a clarification. I haven’t sorted which bills have actually been passed.

Visit tinyurl.com/states-fight-back for an excellent collection of YouTube videos of Alex Jones interviewing state representatives in regards to the 10th Amendment resolutions.

Visit here for some additional analysis of the bills.

Death to the Federal Reserve! Death to the New World Order! GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!

Russia and China: A Natural Alliance

26.02.09-Matthew Raphael Johnson

Today’s headlines are abuzz over the “threats” the U.S. is making to China over its currency. The issue is simple: American capitalists are angry that the Chinese government is pegging the Yuan at an artificially low rate via-a-vis the dollar, giving, so it is said, an indirect subsidy to Chinese exporters. Making it more simple, it is a move by the Chinese government that will maintain a cheap Yuan against the dollar, making Chinese imports cheaper.

Notice what I said: The U.S. capitalists said x, the Chinese government said y.
That’s no accident. In China, the state controls nearly all investment, and it is the state apparat that controls the value of the currency. Therefore, for anyone with any rudimentary political economy knowledge, what the U.S. capitalists are angry about is that the Yuan is being pegged at a rate that is good for China. In the U.S., a secretive private corporation called the “Federal Reserve” dictates U.S. interest rates for their good. This is the issue at hand.

Let us say that the Chinese permitted the Yuan to “float,” which means for the Chinese currency to permit “the market” to dictate currency relationships. If this were to happen, immediately, European, Japanese and American finance capital would quickly flock to buy up Yuans to manipulate the Chinese economy.

Now the issue should be clearer. Of course, the phrase “the market” is a mystification: this phrase refers to a handful of major currency profiteers such as George Soros and Warren Buffet, who, along with a few others, have the power to control currency values worldwide.

The amusing aspect of this is that the U.S. believes itself to be in a position to “threaten” the Chinese. American politicians, by and large, are a dull bunch, with often only a smattering of knowledge in these very complex fields,. However, they need to be informed that the Chinese government owns a rather uncomfortable share of American debt.

On the other hand, China desperately needs the U.S. to continue to finance its economic boom. But even that has its down side in that China’s rise to power has been the result of the American consumer permitting his level of debt to rise far in excess of his net worth. In the U.S., the middle class, for the first time in its history, has reached a level of debt roughly 115% percent of their collective worth. It is growing, and this figure is only measuring credit card debt. Without the cheap Chinese goods at the Walmart stores, not to mention rising oil prices, the U.S. economy would be set into a tailspin.
What does this have to do with Russia?

Firstly, it should be clear that, in order to maintain Russia’s economic independence, the rouble should be made non-convertible.

This would protect it from predatory strikes such as the one George Soros launched against Thailand in 1996, nearly destroying all the Asian economies–except China’s.

Secondly, an alliance between the Chinese and the Russians stands in stark relief to the economic rapists of the New World Order.

They could be successfully challenged through an alliance of this kind. China needs oil and natural gas desperately. She also needs Russian military know how, equipment and spare parts. Russia’s impressive scientific establishment is also necessary for further Chinese growth and innovation.

Thirdly, the economic/military alliance between these two countries would serve as a major brake against American expansionism and military adventurism.

Russia and China need each other. Both countries are doing very well economically with a strongly state-centered investment policy; this model can serve as a mode of development for third world countries, many of which still nurse deep scars of exploitation and debt thought direct foreign investment.

Lastly, an alliance between the two countries will quickly silence the endless stream of hypocritical criticism from Washington. The two would make a superpower that could easily take on an overextended and arrogant U.S.
Keep in mind, that despite the overbearing rhetoric about being the “world’s only superpower,” the U.S. has not taken on a significant military power since Korea.
In Iraq, the U.S. has yet to face the Russian-trained Republic Guard, who, according to my sources, have moved to the extreme north of the country, waiting for the U.S. to extend its forces hundreds of miles beyond their supply depot at Kuwait City.

An exhausted, overextended and morale-less U.S. infantry will be easy pickins for a rested, elite trained and well armed Republican Guard.

It’s far from certain whether the war in Iraq has even begun as yet.
America’s superpower status is being challenged globally. Massive debt, unpopular war, imperial overstretch, vicious trade competition, the third-worldization of the southern U.S., outsourcing and an increasingly alienated population are just a few of the ills that show major gaps in America’s armor that challengers can exploit. A Russia/China alliance on top of this, with India as a wild card, would put an end to the delusions of the American neocons and capitalist bosses.

There is little doubt that this has been on the mind of Putin since he took office in 2000. Regular meetings between Russian an Chinese officials at all levels are a matter of course. American threats, and the saber rattling of the neocons are forcing the two giants together. Increasing polarization of Russia/China and the west can only be in the interest of Russia and her nationalist movements and parties. Many in the Russian “Eurasian movement” have long looked to China to begin building an alternative model of development that stresses solidarity, national pride and local community over profits and debt.
An infrastructure is already present. Self-interest is already at work. Soon, the endlessly pompous U.S. will see herself challenged significantly abroad as her internal rot worsens. The Islamic world is already permanently embittered against the U.S., and elite sources are predicting oil prices to top $150 a barrel.

Many years ago, I predicted that Russia and China will attempt to monopolize global energy resources, keeping them out of the hands of Exxon, Mobil and Texaco, and thus ensuring the American domination of the globe.

As only a few people are saying, the wars in the Middle East, though undoubtedly connected with the Regime’s love of Zionism, more importantly have as its basis the salvaging of the terminal American economy. In other words, the control over Central Asian and Middle Eastern oil is the last gasp of American imperialism; the final, disparate attempt to shore up the American economy, based almost entirely on perceptions and debt.

Why should any of us Slavophiles be upset? The pompous, arrogant and ultimately cowardly uses of U.S. aggression are built into the very lifeblood of American capitalism. It is to world politics as genetics is to height and eye color. Recently, the always solid, Paul Craig Roberts reported that China is soon to take over building military ships for the U.S. Navy, without a peep from the same crazies who blame all of this on the Jesuits.

All of this is music to the ears of those of us who see the writing on the wall: the coming end of American domination of the globe, which means, as a matter of the globe’s political structure, the proportional increase in Russian, and therefore Orthodox, power abroad. Putin’s stroke of genius, deplored in the west, is his smooth and well maneuvered alliance with China. Why is China slowly but surely defeating America in the field of political economy? The answers are as simple as rare. Here are a few thoughts:

a) The Chinese are reproducing. Americans are not. American women, driven by shattered marriages and personal arrogance, find it more “fulfilling" to work for some boss than to raise a family. Therefore, they become part-time parents who have only one or two children.

b) The Chinese have a government that can only be called social nationalist, a state-centered economy that has a substantial percentage of privately owned capital. Though even the latter is under the tight leash of the state. Japan and South Korea also developed under this model.

c) Because of this state system, the Chinese government has been able to strategically manipulate the United States, buying up debt and attracting American investment.

d) Americans are, en masse, clinically insane. Americans care about nothing other than their own financial condition, and all American politics revolves around that nexus. Therefore, debt will be central to the economy. In China, as in Japan, fiscal strictness is the norm among the population, meaning that the yuan will always be strong and that trade balances will always be in China’s favor.

In sum, all what the conservative, liberal and libertarian economists have been telling American college students has been wrong.

Markets do not outperform state run economies, and further, that global economics remains national, and in the case of China, more national than ever. National interest is the primary engine of China’s economic boom, and all of it has been state directed.


Many years ago, Imperial Japan, an extraordinary power staffed with extraordinary people, developed an ideology of the East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere. Its purpose was to throw out unwanted European invaders and replace them with Asian governments in a coalition with Tokyo, under their indirect control.

Today, the very same thing is happening, but under the system in Peking rather than Tokyo. As soon as China announced that it was no longer pegging to the dollar (as if, today, that was even a relevant factor), Malaysia announced the same. As the yuan moves up and up, more and more Asian economies will hitch their wagon to this brilliant star.

Finally, the arrogant, execrable American capitalist and foreign policy hack will have a brake put on his murderous dreams.

As China’s empire grows, Russia will become its primary supplier of energy and technical knowledge. A new superpower will emerge to challenge American hegemony, one already stretched to the limit, and based on a population largely held together by drugs, the legal system, debt and threats.

Making matters more interesting is China’s interest in Africa. Africa is the land of untapped natural resources and a rather unremarkable population who simply cannot get its own act together.

China both has the means and money to treat African oil, diamonds, tin and fertile soil the very same way the U.S. has treated the same from Latin America and the Middle East. Many American policymakers are aware that this would be the final nail in the Regime’s coffin.

As per usual, the pompous Chris Smith (R-NJ), referred to China’s involvement in Africa as “helping to support Africa’s dictators” and, in a more candid moment “possible taking Africa’s resources for themselves.” I’ll let that one sink in for awhile. Not only has dictatorship delivered the goods about as well as “democratic” systems in Africa have, but the U.S. record in resource extraction as well as “supporting dictators” would take a library of volumes to record.

The recent “forgiveness” of African debt has everything to do with fears of China.

Of course, governments cannot forgive debts, only banks can. And I found it humorous that the major banking families in the world, all of whom owned some African debt, permitted politicians to take the credit–and the blame–while, as usual, remaining on the sidelines themselves.

However, the forgiveness of African debt is a rather cynical poly to counteract the influence of Peking on African politics. The overthrow of African “dictators” as now being considered by neocons has everything to do with neutralizing this influence.

Many of my readers have heard of Stratfor.com. They are a rather well respected, albeit elite and somewhat “official” sounding, resource on international politics. Their services are not free, and are designed to assist international investors in evaluating the political situation in various parts of the world.

Apparently, someone there has been reading my material, for there is a piece which, among other things, deals with Russia’s relations with China, specifically, the reasons why Russia cannot trust the Chinese, and how longings for a formal alliance against the west are ill-conceived.

Given the nature of Stratfor.com’s clientele, this conclusion can certainly shock no one.

However, I thought the arguments they put forth to be very good ones, and thus felt it necessary top comment upon them. Here is the paragraph dealing with this issue:

And while many Russians dream of a Chinese alliance against the West, China has been taking advantage of that mis-perception and preparing for a world in which Russia no longer matters. It is Beijing, not Moscow, which has been building rail lines and petroleum pipelines into Central Asia and acquiring Central Asian energy firms. It is Beijing, not Moscow, which is now pre-eminent in influence in North Korea. It is Beijing, not Moscow, which quietly sponsors an unofficial policy of encouraging migration of its citizens to resource-rich Russian Siberia. It is Beijing, not Moscow, which is purchasing component after component of Russian military technology as part of a broad-based modernization program. And it is Beijing, not Moscow, which likes to hold large-scale military maneuvers on the border named innocuous things like "Northern Sword."

Let me take this bit by bit:

“And while many Russians dream of a Chinese alliance against the West, China has been taking advantage of that mis-perception and preparing for a world in which Russia no longer matters.”

It is far from certain that China’s pursuit of its interests, either correct or not, can lead one to the conclusion that China wishes Russia no longer mattered. I suppose a strict realist would wish that no other country except one’s own actually mattered.

“It is Beijing, not Moscow, which has been building rail lines and petroleum pipelines into Central Asia and acquiring Central Asian energy firms.”

China is being supplied by Russia in terms of its energy needs. China is merely pursuing its interest in diversifying her energy sources. Either way one looks at it, both Russia and China are using energy as a weapon against the west. It is, after all, the west’s Achilles heel.

“It is Beijing, not Moscow, which is now pre-eminent in influence in North Korea.”

“It is Beijing, not Moscow, which quietly sponsors an unofficial policy of encouraging migration of its citizens to resource-rich Russian Siberia. “

Yes, Russians have considered this a problem for some time. China, contrary to popular myth, is not overpopulated. The majority of her citizens are crammed into a few cities. Western and southwestern China are empty, as is inner Mongolia and outer Mongolia (that is, Mongolia proper). Unfortunately, Siberia is also largely empty as well.

“It is Beijing, not Moscow, which is purchasing component after component of Russian military technology as part of a broad-based modernization program.”

This is far from a problem. It is, on the contrary one of the central areas where Russia and China have cooperated against western imperial designs on the region (that is, Central Asia).

“And it is Beijing, not Moscow, which likes to hold large-scale military maneuvers on the border named innocuous things like ‘Northern Sword.’”

Yes, but, recently, such maneuvers have been done in concert with the Russians, with more planned on the way. This is one of the major reasons why I have written many times in the past that Russia “has the west quaking in its boots.”

Though Stratfor’s arguments seem compelling, and are very well stated, they ultimately fail. China and Russia under normal circumstances would be rivals for influence in Siberia and Central Asia. But these are not normal circumstances, and the result is that China and Russia have been thrown together, in spite of many disagreements, due to the manifest threat of the United States and other western powers and proxies.

Therefore, with much confidence, I predict that, so long as the western threat exists, cooperation rather than conflict will be the norm between Russia and China.

Things will change if and when such threats dissipate. So far, Russia and China have developed a rather pleasant symbiosis. China is in need of Russian technical expertise, as well as her energy resources. Russia, on the other hand, wants influence in Asia in order to counter western subversion in Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and all of Central Asia, and the Chinese vehicle may assist them in this regard. Further, China is a growing market used to Russian goods and is a substantial chip to play against the U.S. and the corporate, liberal oligarchy that current controls her institutions.

Now, this symbiosis may change, and then conflict will replace cooperation. But even here, the threat of U.S. domination may keep the alliance together even when the symbiosis breaks down. China, Russia, the Islamic states, Venezuela, some in the EU, Malaysia and many others are drawn together under one banner: multipolarity.
Therefore, with fits and starts, it might be rational to expect an increasing level of cooperation among these states and regions, as well as the increasing philosophical plausibility of Eurasianism among educated Russians.

Nation By Nation (24Feb09)

19-24Feb09 -- Deloused from West bias, rinsed for data, and told straight as it is. (Mouseover flags for info)

B E L A R U S Belarus - Recognises Abhazia and South Ossetia. Seeing West diplomacy against Russia topple, EU chastised Luscenko with vulgarisms and threats.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Ultimatum delivered to French oil vampires to do good on obligations or else.

C A N A D A Canada - Amalgamation of business and state continues, as in any West province, as post office, rails, airport security go on garage sale.

E C U A D O R Ecuador - Raids US fraud Stanford wank. "Surprising" links twixt Stanford and drug trade emerge.

E U EU - Ignoring stomped-down constitution moves ahead with the creation of 60K EU Army. If this isn't enough for the captive states to run like hell...
- Current prez, Klaus of Czech Rep, tells Brussels to shove the "freedom" pretense of the dictatorial EU. Looks like no EU flags will be waving over Prague anytime soon.
- New attempt by West to prod Russia is underway: EU begins vying for Belarus (This days after they told Luscenko off. Clearly West diplomacy is in the same state of disarray as West econ.), Ukraine, and Georgia.

F R A N C E France - 430K strong riots escalate to revolution force in Guadeloupe: Collective Against Extreme Exploitation (CAEE) opens fire on French authorities. "If Paris wants Beirut, they've got it" says a revolutionary.
- Uprising against the colonist France spreads to Martinique, French Guiana, and Reunion Island. Looks like a few Beiruts actually.
- Battered and fearful Sarkozy offers 2.6B, one time pocket change to each revolutionary with some tax cuts hastily thrown in in desperate attempt to stop the Caribbean revolt moving to France, to Paris, to his bedroom.
- 70% pretty angry, 60% expect massive strikes, and 40% want them.
- Last revolution gave us "Fraternite, Liberte, Egalite". Here's contemporary revolution French for you: "Casse-toi, pauvre con" meaning "Get lost, loser".
- GDP shrivels 1.2% (4Q08), unemployment touches 8% and keeps rising.
- State cops attack Sorbonne students calling for solidarity with uprising colonies, for "unification of struggles", and "people occupation of places of power and major roads". BTW, revolutions typically begin at universities.
- Opening a mil base in UAE. Apparently, the 500 troops in Abu Dhabi are gonna help assure the 50km-narrow Hormuz remains open and functioning in case of war with Iran.

G E R M A N Y Germany - Hour after Swedish Saab goes bankrupt, the bust Opel screams for justice demanding 3.3B EUR.
- German econ minister apparently read this blog and found out that Obama has a cash printer. He's on his way to USA to get the 3B printed.

G R E E C E Greece - Revolution continues: trucks block borders and roads (blockade called off on 23Feb); TV station under open fire in Athens; strikes and protest marches in Athens and Salonica; barricades make debut in the streets; clashes with police using flash grenades and tear gas; march on parliament; doctors on strike.

Triggered by the state killing of A Grigopoulos in Dec 08 Greece has led the revolt against the tyranny and madness of NWO.

I R A N Iran - Obama does another 180 degree flip and urges attack on Iran. It must be stated that USA signed NNPT which grants Iran nuke power. But violation of treaties is never among US chief worries.
- Will prosecute int'l crimes now like the attack on Gaza.
- Bushehr, 1st Iranian nuke power plant, goes online.

I R A Q Iraq - USA admits to 10K wrecked war-cars. Crew is typically 3-4. Relatively modest estimate confirms that just based on this single Pentagon data, US losses in Iraq eclipse their official numbers.

I R E L A N D Ireland - 120K fill the streets in Dublin on Sat, 21Feb joining the West revolt.

I S R A E L Israel - Gaza terror campaign continues: jets, gunboats, and tanks hit Gaza City and Jabalya.
- Evicting Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem to expand illegal occupation.
- Missile attacks Lebanon.
- Arab League enquiry into war crimes in Gaza is underway.

J A P A N Japan - Toyota loses 5B but paints only 20% shriveling in 2009. 20%? LOL
- 65K jobs gone in Jan.
- Nissan will cut 12K jobs more and move out of Japan.

K Y R G Y Z S T A N Kyrgyzstan - Eviction notice delivered to USA. USA has 180 days to pack up and get out of Central Asia. Desperate USA in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, weaseling back in after USA got the boot there in 2005. This is a big deal to Washington since no Central Asia hold, no US foreign policy.

L A T V I A Latvia - Governance collapses.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - Unhappy with low bribe level (it got ~3.5B from Bush II and NATO) asks USA for a raise on par with "Marshall Plan" for "fighting" the Taliban.

R U S S I A Russia - Gazprom truly global. LNG plant on Sakhalin cuts out middlemen and turns the entire world into Gazprom market. As ASEAN market is slated for 25% expansion over next decade, the 65% Moscow-dependent EU is told it will have to compete for Russian gas. Yes, that means that EU's looking at gas price hikes.
- Gazprom signs 25B deal with China.
- Problems with USA over nuke treaties arise. US proposal not submitted and difficulties expected as USA loves playing small print games in which nukes in stockpiles aren't really counted as nukes. This after the very recent desperate Washington plea in Moscow to disarm 80%. What Washington really wants is for Russia to disarm 100% so that the West can finally pounce on it again.
- Sinks Chinese boat.
- Gets rid of visas for Serbia.
- Not recognising Kosovo.
- Sukhoi's Superjet Int'l office opens in USA.
- Changes 1992 accord to begin exporting nuke mat'l/tech circumventing IAEA pesky approvals. First client is India. This is a blow to Washington since they've tried nuke-dazzle India for years now.
- Beats USA out of US own weapon market adding Qatar and Kuwait to its weapon/tech clients.

S O M A L I A Somalia - Ceases Greek ship. Some 40 ships get taken a year in Somalian waters. West feigns shock calling this "piracy". West is always shocked reaching for inane euphemisms when their wars turn on them.

S P A I N Spain - Judges on strike.

S W I T Z E R L A N D Switzerland - Right-wing part of gov't seeking "retaliation" on USA for plundering Swiss bank secrets. Proving that Swiss bank accounts aren't secret is as good as scrapping the lot. In sum, no secret accounts, no Swiss. But UK is already underway searching the accounts. The US/UK mad cash hunt could easily precipitate the end of Swiss banking.
UK says it does NOT condone torture. BULLSHIT! These nails were "removed" by UK.

U K UK - Follows USA (how else?) seeking to make some cash by plundering Swiss and Cayman tax hives.
- Report on UK tortures coming out next month. Watch it suicided like D Kelly or lost like thousands of US torture vids that US court had ordered publicised in 2005.
- Following USA mad cash printing, Brown pumps another 500B into the prolapsed island.
- US concentration camp survivour is coming home from US captivity. US mind-stopping cruelty of continuous beatings and senseless torture exposed and proven.

UK says it does NOT condone torture. Have a look at the brave UK troops take on kids.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - Gives heads-up to EU that it can't pay for Russian gas imports. Ukraine's only source of income is the 150M/mo from pipeline rent. No pipeline, no Ukraine.
- Protests in Crimea against NATO renewed attempt to have another go at chipping away at Russia.
- Kiev protesters tell Yuschenko, the US lame duck puppet, to pack up and go to USA.
- UK Londonderry battalion trains proper technique of kicking down doors for their upcoming Ukraine mission. Yes, EU is desperate to have gas shut off. Ukraine seems likely to be the next Georgia, West proxy in attack on Russia.

U N UN - Draft resolution declaring Israel "occupying state" with "racist policies" is tabled. Let's see the vote...
- UN/US fissures continue appearing. IAEA backs Iran's no capability for nuke bombs. But even so, if the entire West has nukes, why can't Iran? Anyone?

U S A USA - The wings of the mighty union are coming off. Oklahoma house and state of Washington vote for sovereignty.
- While USans are taxed even on downloads and tax filings, Obama unveils a new 3T bailout plan comprising of 2T crisp new print. Somehow is also plans to halve US deficit. Now, sure US baboons struggle with concepts like letters and numbers, but this? How is there not a single brain cell to question the Vegas sideshow magic of reducing obligation while borrowing more.
- GM stock hits 70-yr low. Let's smarm this up so it doesn't sound so sad. GM stock is as high as it's ever gonna be.
- Obama, after promising "no wars", moves war inside Pakistan.
- Snuck into the recent 800B bailout, Washington takes charge of US health now. No surprise then that cases of "assisted suicide" offers instead of approving available treatment are already USA reality.
- Obama staffs up his dept with Rhodes Institute agents from UK. This isn't as odd as it feels, since Rhodes Institute agenda includes US/UK reunification, or should we say "official" reunification.
- Some fun numbers give credibility to Putin's Davos outline for "US-free World": GDP shrivels 4% (Q408); Food bank demand up 30%; 200K stores incl JCPenney and Sears go bye bye; 5M unemployed per record (USA doesn't track "unemployment" however but only "unemployment benefits" meaning that once benefits end, the unemployed is no longer tallied so the real US unemployment is much larger since 5M lost their jobs in just 2008.)
- Federal gov't shuts of 100% of water for California.
- Obama stops all ammo/gun import to USA.
- USA troops seen in drills to repo guns house by house.
- GM, Swedish Saab office, topples.
- Obama does another flip and moves ahead with Poland/Czech nuke trench idea.
- Citigroup forces USA to buy 40%. Biz takeover of gov't is a classic textbook definitions of fascism.
- AIG, 80% nationalised, in red again. This time it's 60B.
- Amnesty Int'l confirming Israel use of phosphorous on civilians in Gaza, calls for USA to cease weapon export to Israel.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Revving up oil production to 3.4M bpd from 3M over the next years.
- Execs of Stanford, USA wank implicated in 8B fraud, suddenly wanted to leave Venezuela but Caracas persuaded them to stay awhile.

...to be cont'd as it all piles up.

Are Yanks Not Coming To Obama Party?

23Feb09, by poiuytr

In 2000, a clandestine conclave of war junta put Bush II on the throne to lead the whole West snakepit. A half of US baboons were somewhat perturbed about the behind the doors dealings but basically remained compliant, even pliable, and the NWO world terror reign was off as planned when the young, barely average-IQ'd emperor gripped tight the world reins.

In the following four years, which can only be characterised as uniquely blood-soaked, Bush II admittedly did little to win minds and hearts. In fact, it can be safely assumed that if in 2000 Bush II boasted 50% of the US vote, in 2004 it couldn't have numbered more than 30%, if not less. After all, given the perpetual lies adorned with daft jokes and first grade vulgarities, gruesome war crimes, and rather interesting new 911 evidence, some might have termed Bush II 2004 prez bid as pointless as expecting news on BBC News.

But the whole world feels today that indeed the young emperor had won even in 2004. Amazingly, the US baboon wasn't a slightly bit angered and obediently accepted the bitter result even though the famous Ohio ballot nudging was exposed and later confirmed.

USA always waits for others to do their work. This is Dublin, Ireland 21Feb09.
In actuality, the US baboon showed neither bitterness over the two blatant frauds nor any signs of tiring of the US political charade. Come 2006, the monkeys, engripped by the new election frisson, went into a downright frenzy practicing en masse lever pulling on their couches months in advance.

This time, their collective tingling excitement came from the grandiloquent twitter of Mrs Pelosi. She promised the US baboon for exchange of ink staining the correct box to (a) stop war and pull out of Iraq; (b) impeach and prosecute Bush II for war crimes; and (c) open 911 for investigation. As a result, yanks descended on the US ballot bandits in extreme numbers and Pelosi had gotten her wish of becoming part of the NWO.

Not more than two months in Mrs Pelosi (a) voted to escalate Iraq war and give Pentagon a blank check for the mounting war expenses; (b) used harsh rhetoric to condemn any impeachment ideas; and (c) never spoke of 911 ever again.

Amazingly, the US baboon herd remained calm through this pretty good crotch booting. A few rumps might have turned reddish but on the whole USA had decided to ride it out and patiently await 2008, the year in which, due to term limits, Bush II will have to abdicate his Napoleonic post. It's almost as though the US baboon had never heard of puppet leaders.

And so arrives a new face: a strapping, nonchalantly festive, cig smoking Kenyan that resembles more a pimp than the typical US political sendup material. His name is Obama and his song is so dazzling that he manages to whip the US herd of tax payers and the millions of freshly unemployed into yet another disgusting pre-election masturbatory orgy. War crimes and election frauds are readily forgotten and the entire USA celebrates the saviour's foolproof recipe for bringing back the US long lost luster. After all Obama goes on record promising to (a) roll back tax cuts on the rich; (b) close the shameful network of US concentration camps and join the int'l law assuring USA lives up the Geneva Convention standards; (c) investigate and prosecute war crimes whoever they may concern; (d) aid prosecution on torture flights; (e) abandon the reckless cash printing and elite bailouts; (f) and above all stop war and pull out of Iraq.

Not more than a month in the office of the chief West augur -- hence the word "inauguration", which BTW has nothing whatever to do with presidency but everything with some bizarre ancient Roman mystic rite of bestowing warlock clairvoyent powers -- Obama backstabs the US baboon on every single count.

He (a) decided to ignore the tax cut on the rich; (b) is keeping the US concentration camps in full operation and went as far as stating that they comply with the Geneva Convention; (c) not only forgot all about prosecution of war crimes but is helping Bush II hide all his emails requested by the prosecution; (d) extends Bush II secrecy over the torture flights admonishing everyone not to "play with fire"; (e) prints up a whopping 800B for his handlers' wallets and a sideline quick 76B for his wankers, sorry bankers, so they have a way of dealing with foreclosures and threatens the US baboon that unless he gets 2T more there's gonna be big trouble; (f) and instead of stopping war, sends 17K more troops to Afghanistan and attacks Pakistan.

Indeed, Obama is more Bush II than the NWO could have hoped Bush II would be. And it raises a huge question as to the mental agility of the North American plateau species. Is it an upright walking one or not yet?

Greeks are in the streets. The French are in the streets. So are the Irish. Gaudeloupe's is on fire. Latvians, Lithuanians, Bulgarians are in the streets. What about yanks? Didn't they get the personal Obama invite? Are they not coming to the big world wall-to-wall piss up party?

Nation By Nation (19Feb09)

15-19Feb09 -- Grabbed from everywhere, cleaned off West bias, and presented in all its relevant glory. (Mouseover flags for info)

A U S T R A L I A Australia - After giving BILLIONS of FREE cash for its elite, Canberra jumps to help those hammered by freak natural disasters by offering -- now get this -- a) loans, b) cuts in transport cost, and c) a whopping 6M grant -- that's a 6 "million" grant. Why don't they dispense with the charade and just tax natural disaster victims?
- Gov't to charge for each toilet flush in the Perth area to raise cash. Like I said, tax flood and fire victims to raise cash for the war bankers.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - As it boots USA, it turns to Russia for help and gets Russian choppers.

C U B A Cuba - Gets an apology from Guatemala for allowing USA use its territory for Bay of Pigs. (US invasion of Cuba in 1961 by US-trained terrorists failed so USA was going to in 1962 shoot down own plane, blame Cuba, and declare war on the island (see operation Northwoods). But the quick Russian nuke gambit had managed to persuade the Washington war tzars to drop their evil plans and resort to endless sanctions. This is nearly the exact scenario as with Iran, Syria, Venezuela, or N Korea today.)

E C U A D O R Ecuador - West b(w)ankers take another hit as Ecuador defaults on its near 30B foreign debt.
- Chooses China to coop on power. (Notice the trend everywhere: USA out, Russia/China in. The sooner the captive West states realised this, the less painful their end could be.)

E G Y P T Egypt - Strikes erupt: 200K in medical field and 60K in trucking.
- Sending over thousand troops to aid the West sacking of Congo. (6M people have been killed in Congo while the nation's resources have been plundered by US/UK stooges: Rwanda and Uganda in the decade long war. Congo is currently occupied by 20K West troops.)

E U EU - The pro-Gaza massacre stance demonstrated at Davos "bears fruit". Turkey turns away from the EU's energy wetdream of having own south gas corridor pipeline.
- To put the EU amalgam under one fuhrer, the Irish are forced to vote again, and "correctly" this time. It should be clear, even to the extremely slow ones, that the West democracy is as big a farce as the longest running oxymoron: "the west civilisation".
- An EU poll blames Jews for the West fiscal prolapse plus 40% of polled want Jews out of fiscal industries. Deja-vu, anyone?

F R A N C E France - Now actually contemplating bailing out other "NATIONS", not just its elite banks and elite concerns. But how is France to save the prolapsing EU when it can't even raise the minimum wage to meet its own unions' demands? Not surprisingly, Sarkozy did not illuminate on this small point.
- 100K riot in Guadeloupe. The month long strikes turn violent as Paris-sent cops fail to appease the uprising Caribbean colonies with batons and tear gas. Will France do the right thing now and grant independence to all its colonies; pay due reparations for genocides and resource thefts; withdraw all troops and contingent; cede all occupied territories; and apologise promising to behave henceforth as tweely as the sexy French twitter allows or will France continue the NWO thing?

G E R M A N Y Germany - Nationalising real-estate, private banks, and Opel.
- Shows true colours as 6K Nazis rally and goose step again. "Once a Nazi always a Nazi" should perhaps be remembered today by Christians since the head of the chief West religion, the pope, is a Hitler Youth member.

I R A N Iran - Leveling the playing field further by acquiring own spy drones and S-300 missiles from Russia.

I S R A E L Isreal - Continues civilian terror campaign in Gaza. Mosque destroyed in Khan Younis.
- Expanding occupation of West Bank to accommodate 2500 new Israeli homes. This after the Jan savage assault on civilians which has left some 90K Palestinians homeless.

J A P A N Japan - GDP shrivels near 13% in 4th qtr. No wonder the finance minister has turned to bottle. (Japan finance minister has just resigned after embarrassing self traipsing about all undignified and legless.)

K Y R G Y Z S T A N Kyrgyzstan - USA losing strategic stronghold is becoming reality, as the ruling party moves to approve the USA booting.
- UPDATE: Approved by parliament and signed by prez, US booting done deal now! . US has 179 days to get the hell out and lose their last grip on Central Asia. USA responded with muttering customary obscenities and sinister threats.

R U S S I A Russia - Reinvents energy distribution as it unveils the first liquid gas plant. Liquid gas is not dependent on the often unreliable pipelines. Moscow thus quickly adds Japan, S Korea, and USA to its long list of energy dependents.
- Warships going back to Cuba.
- While West media mindrapists give to delusions relentlessly spewing anti-Russian propaganda and sweaty fantasies of Russian collapse, Moscow reminds the West of balanced budgets and reserves big enough to keep it that way for years.
- Reduces EU importance as clients by expanding energy market with China.
- Moves to Mongolia to develop coal reserves.

S O M A L I A Somalia - US/UK oil vampires grow even more anemic as Sherif Ahmed returns to Mogadishu as prez. Watch a) West proxy Ethiopian invaders driven out; b) the defenders of Somalia oil in Gulf of Arden (incredibly termed as "pirates" by the Skull&Bones West war junta) legitimised; and above all c) papa Bush's oil fantasy wetdream vanish. Also watch for immediate rubbishing of UIC and Ahmed by West governances and media mindrapists.

S W I T Z E R L A N D Switzerland - As USA desperately hunts for cash in offshore hives, UBS bank relents and releases account info to USA. Is USA gonna find the bailout trillions now? LOL And watch the zillionaire exodus from Swiss now.

T A I W A N Taiwan - GDP shrivels 8%, a frightening, shocking, alarming, yet all too common trend for US chummies nowadays.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Following the Davos incident, Turkey turns to Russia deepening energy and military ties. As Medvedev says, the intent here is to keep the region USA-influence free.
- Kurdish protests erupt. (Turkey is 20% Kurdish and the raids on Kurds in northern Iraq aren't going over too well.)

U K UK - Oil slick at last reaches the drizzly island's shores. So what if commoners bathe in sewage so long as the "eco-friendly" oil moguls bathe in cash.
- Econ shrivels 3.3% and pound gets pounded even more.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - Protests against US diplo office erupt in Simferopol in the autonomous Crimean region.

U N UN - Africa's breaking of the West drug traffic monopoly more than halves the street price of coke. Suddenly, Int'l Narcotics Control Board is not amused and calls for quick and severe action. Let's sum up the double standard... So long as the supply routes were run by the West, INCB said nothing. But the second someone else muscles in on the game, usurps West profits, it's war.

U S A USA - Goodyear 5K jobs happier.
- GM, after getting over 20B, shuts 5 plants, fires 50K, and screams for 16B more apparently for its sterling performance.
- Chrysler wants 5B. Hell, why not? It's just funny munny (sic) now.
- Massachusetts to raise cash to thwart the prolapse by issuing to all drivers GPS fee metres that charge for each mile traveled. It's like being a driver and a taxi customer at the same time.
- California solves its 40B deficit by firing 20K, ignoring bills, instituting 15B tax hike, and borrowing 11B more.
- After getting 800B, Obama urgently needs 75B more to "stem" foreclosures. But there's no connection whatever twixt stemming foreclosures and printing cash. Does no one in the West understand the simple reason why printing cash has been illegal?
- Obama welches on promise to end wars and sends 17K more to kill Afghanis.
- Housing market shrivels 17% in just Jan, nearing 90% per annum. Don't let them fool you with "toxic assets" rubbish and other nonsensical fibs. This is not cyclical. This is no subprime oversight. This is no derivative issue. This is no toxic asset blunder. This is neither recession, depression, nor stagflation. This is the total and complete West-wide wall-to-wall prolapse stemming from the nuking of the petrodollar in May 2006.
- Int'l Commission of Justice condemns US violations such as torture. What's important here is the fact that US crimes against humanity and int'l law are now a matter of official record, not just the opinion of a "conspiracy theorist". Remember that Japan did the same for 911 elevating it from the mire of theory by making the inside job evidence a matter of official int'l record. (see youtube vid)
- 500B go missing from banks. US congress refuses investigation. Yes, we know, it's not a bailout, it's theft.
- A crashing satellite lights up Texas sky as it burns through atmo. (see youtube vid) Considering the same happened in Saudi Arabia and Sweden, plus the Russian/US satellite collision, and Iran's lifting of own satellite, one must ask: has USA launched star wars?
- Highlighting the sordidness of the West, a US congressman publicly admits that congress casts votes under duress, specifically addressing threats of "martial law". Of course, this could be no more than the old they-made-me-do-it plea in a desperate attempt to try shake blame for sacking USA before the revolutionaires come a-knockin'.
- Words like "revolution" and "riots" indeed make debut in US mainstream media.
- Washington threatens to arm Taiwain. Could this actually be true? Irking China? Now? Is USA run by morons?
- While beefing up war in Afghanistan, pursuing Iraq genocide, and applauding Israel's massacres of Gaza, USA, during sec'y of state tour of Indonesia, actually tells Muslims that USA is ready to play nice and sign all the no-war treaties. Evidently, yanks think everyone is as daft as they are.

This is not the Hitler murder machine at work. This is US foreign policy of 21st century. Without even a hint of disbanding their concentration camps, USA says it wants to "play nice" now.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Keeping his word to expropriate a failed bank rather than bail it out, Chavez takes over a US fraud-ridden b(w)ank.

...to be cont'd as it all piles up.