Nation By Nation (16Feb09)

7-16Feb09 -- Assembled from around; sifted for info to keep painting the NWO-run west current demise in true colours; and presented with simplicity that even yank baboons can understand. Mouseover flags, as always, for info.

A U S T R A L I A Australia - 18K jobs gone in Jan. It seems small compared to EU and US numbers but remember Aussie's a small white vampire settlement.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Taking back electric grid from the savage colonists. This time, UK, France, and Spain are the concerned parties. That's another knell for the NWO machine as the liberation of Bolivian assets from the claws of the western perverts continue.
- Morales in Moscow signing econ and military deals.

E C U A D O R Ecuador - Kicks US "insolent and foolish" diplo out. As the US agent provokes with cash, he's told to "keep the dirty money". Bribing in US cash today? Indeed, what a foolish person.

E U EU - Banks, broke again, scream for zillions again. What's the bank run rate in EU now? 100B a day? It's 130B in USA.

F R A N C E France - Cops sent to the French Caribbean colonies as people rise against the Paris lizards. Let's hope this silly trend does "not" spread to all west colonies.
- University employees join demonstrations on feb10 and union strikes are already planned for March.
- Sarkozy, without any solution, begs for "more time". For what exactly? To print more hyperinflated crap cash? To kill more kids in Gaza, Iraq, and Afghanistan? For orders from USA? For what? Anyone?
- As NWO consolidates assets, top banks merge. Soon the west is gonna be one giant gov't/firm conglomerate and its 800M poor.
- Renault takes a near 80% hit. Remember each layoff strengthens the demonstrations.

G E R M A N Y Germany - VDMA plant slices off 25K jobs. The punch line here is that, lest it's forgotten, Germany is the most grandest and most cherished of all EU brilliant economies. After all, it's only shriveling at a 2% rate.
- Nationalising banks. Yes, "capitalism" is kaput.

I R A N Iran - Didn't USA clearly ask Russia not to pal around with Iran? So how come Tehran folks are in Moscow debating who knows what?

I S R A E L Isreal - Suspends flights to Turkey in retaliation for Turkey's call for war crimes prosecution.
- US SEC (Wall Street cops) at last links Israel to the strange megazillion shorts placed on UA and AA twixt Aug and Sep 2001. In sum, the Israeli foreknowledge of 911 is now proved by US gov't agency.
- Khan Yunis hit by Israeli planes as Gaza attacks continue.
- Mobilises along Lebanon border.

J A P A N Japan - Desperate Panasonic orders staff to buy their own crap. To all with a bit of brain this is when you call in the shrink but to these NWO slaves, this is corporate policy.
- Nissan axes 20K. Will the rest be forced to buy a pretty little Nissan?
- Overall 10% shrivel in 4th qtr 08. That some abyss diving!

K A Z A K H S T A N Kazakhstan - Getting S-300 missile system from Russia. ...and then the book said there'll be much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the end. But it didn't say it'll be in Warshington and particularly as their Central Asia wetdream slips through their hairy US palms, did it?

R U S S I A Russia - USA sent Kissinger (the very man whose policy was to wipe out Iran with Iraq and vice versa) to beg for a 80% military spending cut, as USA is broker than the last meth-ridden skank in the whole of the brothel but alas, Henry scores no points. Moscow agrees to no cuts at all.
- 2008 is another consecutive world breaker in Russian arms sales.
- The 20 yr old battle over Central Asia tilts still more in favour of Moscow as uranium and military plane deals are struck with India. This further spays the US efforts.
- World market realignment in progress. As China shuts off the conveyor belt of toys to the broke West, China/Russia trade grows near 20%.
- Reminds the West that ICBMs can be launched within minutes just in case, the West war junta is still bent on war.
- Beefs up the hold of North Pole. USA kids will have to learn to address their Santa Claus letters to Russia henceforth.

S P A I N Spain - As if no lessons were learnt in Madrid, begins pouring billions into its prolapsed auto industry.

S W E D E N Sweden - The biting despair of the West-wide meltdown drives prime to an absurd and no more than token 1%.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Keeps bombing Kurds in Northern Iraq.

U K UK - A man arrested for sending a DVD about London77 terror attack being an inside job. The obvious violation of freedoms is not the issue here however. It's the fact that they're still fighting the truth. Is there actually anyone in UK that doesn't know that like 911 London77 was an inside job?
- Collides a nuke sub with 15 nuke warheads with a French nuke sub carrying another customary dozen of nukes. The collision occurred in the big blue of the Atlantic ocean and in peace time. What will these sailors do in waters much smaller, like for example the pesky 50km-wide Hormuz Strait, while under full fire?

U N UN - Astonishingly, moves ahead on Israeli war crimes by setting up a committee to "look into" it. Watch for a rather sudden US-driven leadership change in the silly NY-based org.

U S A USA - Prolapsed GM auto maker figures a "way out": dump debt and run with free cash. Ingenious, isn't it?
- MLynch executives give themselves million bonuses from the cash rinsed out of the US subjects.
- How is this cash printing possible? It's not! US deficit - not debt! - including all USA outlays is now nearing 70T. USA deficit - not just debt! - is now bigger than all of world's assets today. Printing hyperinflated currency simply doesn't work. It's just a prelude to pulling the curtains once Rome is sacked.
- Obama gets another 800B more printed.
- US Treasury screams it needs 2T more. None of these numbers mean a thing as US debt, now doubling every qtr, eclipses all known solar system's assets.
- Wall Street tries garage selling its dogs with fleas but not even vultures are circling this time around.
- US lab that keeps all the murderous things like anthrax (btw, the very brand that was blamed on the ghost terrorists in 2001), plague, ebola, etc suspends "research" due to inability to "track" the deadly substances. Nice, isn't it?
- Nerve gas goes missing from a gov't agency and rats infested with plague disappear from a New Jersey lab. Another 911 in the works perhaps?
- MorganStanley, UBS ax near 7K jobs.
- FAA (USA flight standard cops, the very people who happened to have a nation-wide training on 911) simply slackens 15 yrs of safety rules, so that the new Boeing can pass. This perhaps best illustrates both the US ingenuity and integrity.

Hugo Chavez embodies yet another major failure of the evil Warshington NWO policy.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Hugo Chavez scores a victory in a referendum abolishing term limits. Chavez vows to run again in 2013 solidifying "the US Nightmare" or, as it's more commonly known, the "Bolivarian Revolution".
- After expelling Israeli staff for crimes against everything human, EU parliament deputy gets the boot too now. be cont'd as it all piles up.


Anonymous said...

How well-pondered your presentation is. Perhaps we could add to the above my two favourite news items at the moment: HUGO WINS THE VOTE AGAINST TERM LIMITS and the collision in mid-Atlantic of the British and French subs. What exactly were they doing there, how did they crash into each other and how come nothing happened? No radioactive leak, no loss of crew, no warheads gone? Media mendacity again. Hot stuff. LOL. - Lima P.

Anonymous said...

How well-pondered your presentation is. Two more items to add: HUGO WINS THE VOTE AGAINST TERM LIMITS and the collusion in mid-Atlantic of the British and French subs. What were they doing there and how come nothing happened, no radioactive leak, no crew lost, no warheads damaged? Media mendacity again. Hot stuff. Lol. - Lima P.

poiuytr said...

Lima P:

Yes, I'll add that on. Great thanks! Hugo Chavez was right after I put it up, but let's add on!

Anonymous said...

Sufficient unto the day are the victories thereof. Yahoo, hurray! - King

Anonymous said...

Thank you for Chavez, complete with pic. Thank you so much. And the splendour of that red in hommage to the flame and glory of liberation! Unforgettable. Lima P.

Anonymous said...

Russia unveils its first LNG plant in Sakhalin-2.

poiuytr said...

thanks about the LNG plant news... lots of news coming up soon.

Anonymous said...

Pearls of the Day, Friends:

- Stanford International Bank in Venezuela (and elsewhere) down the tubes, along with much of the money belonging to Venezuela's stinky opposition groups. Que Viva Chavez y el Pueblo Venezolano.
- The nicer side to deflation: Cocaine prices drop as stockpiles build up in West Africa. The Int. Narcotics Control Board very worried and want action to be taken to maintain price stability. Imagine that!
- Even on Lampedusa, refugees riot!
- Switzerland lifts bank secret and offers 250 names to US authorities. Wow!
- Smart Power Clinton in Indonesia to woo leaders. Too little and far too late. Never again will any Muslim country be a friend of the West. No way.

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