The Big USA Challenge

USA dwellers, please, give us 3 laudable things about USA. Just three! Actually, let's make it dirt simple. Just ONE! So please, after you've looked up 'laudable', try and give us one good thing about you and/or your nation. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hummus and tabbouleh, brought over by Jewish immigrants fleeing pogroms in Russia.

They also brought over MCsquared, for which one of them got the inspiration by watching Jews do a bolero dance in the square of Mcniew shtetl.

poiuytr said...

e=mc^2 ain't einstein though. like everything USA/west, the deitification of the badly unkempt albert, is no more than a laughable scam.

in reality, einstein made ZERO contributions to physics. he's celebrated strictly for his kowtowing to the diseased NWO, jesuits, and the mindrapist order that has been perverting west textbooks, politics, sciences, and media for centuries.

...and so the big USA challenge still stands.

Anonymous said...

Spot on about scammer Einstein. But if not him then who or what? The geopolitical disintegration of the West thought suddenly occurred. Hey, what about the Federal Reserve which has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 1913? Surely such a simple, effective, stylish banking system to satisfy insatiable greed is unique in the annals of history and deserves consideration as America's superlative-defying contribution to the world. And if I fail to convince on this one, what about Hiroshima and Nagasaki? By God, that was one formidable display of fireworks the likes of which had never been seen before. That should count for something, shouldn't it? And it's better than hummus and tabouleh, which happen to be Arab in any case. Do I win? Lima P.

poiuytr said...

in general, USA is breathtaking. it's nothing but crime since its inception. it's really the "holy roman empire" cont'd and perfected in all the sordid ways, be it: centralised funding monopoly of the royals or legislature, the common term today; perpetual war to thwart competition; divide and conquer maxim that made bin laden possible in the first place; of course the Dark Ages, 1 book, 1 printer, 1 media, 1 view, etc...; and the beautiful term 'inauguration' which has nothing to do with presidency for it is the continuation of bestowing ancient Roman mystic charlatan clairvoyant magical powers.

the fed. yeah, what a grand idea, that. :) but i cannot accept that since the idea of central coffer predates USA, though some credit could be given to USA for using the far the longest numbers in history of the solar system, especially now. :)

Hiroshima... deliberately choosing a CIVILIAN target for nuking and TWICE... that's a serious record. this is as breathtaking a record as torturing people to death and taking pictures next to bodies for family albums; or tying kids to tanks as human shield; or dressing like Arabs setting bombs on streets to provoke civil war; making bets whether the US snipers can hit a 6 yr old girl going to school and winning them; or murdering family, gang raping the 12 yr old girl and killing her by setting her on fire to try hide tracks; or burning 3000 of own people one Tue morning just to get some reason to predicate policies; yes.... though records they are i cannot accept them since they're only laudable from the USA view.

hummus&tabouleh. it's not just a tasty lamb dish but also helio centric solar system, planets even their colours, earth circumference, banking, algebra, geometry, architecture including arches, anatomy virtually unchanged today, writing, sea faring, trade, the notion of atoms. unfortunately, i cannot accept this either since all this was known 6K yrs BEFORE the west pretty saxonic kind peoples credit themselves with all these earth-shattering discoveries.

so... i fear the challenge still stands.

btw, im real pleased you know the score on einstein. that's quite rare actually i think.

Anonymous said...

I live in Switzerland, after all. There's even a movement on here to have the cunt declared the greatest Swiss who ever lived. And we know from other sources that much of what was attributed to him was actually ... Ah, never mind. Have always hated the bugger, not only for his kleptomania, but also for leaving his kids to be brought up in orphanages and so on. Moral, child-torturing turpitude.

For the rest of your wide-ranging answer, my best thnaks. Requires mulling over. A pity, I didn't win. Someone else wants to have a go? - Lima P.

Anonymous said...

I see my erstwhile sarcasm was missed, since in my post (the top one) I listed a bunch of stolen prizes: hummus, tabbouleh, mc^2, bolero, all shoplifted by Jews elsewhere and presented to Dumericans as an original.

Remove the thieving entity and the field of original contributions dwindles down to things like obesity and attention deficit syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Anon, We messed that one up quite badly, didn't we? Obesity and ADS are certainly remarkable achievements. If one puts one mind to it, one can certainly be self-laudatory about them. Or at least your Dumericans (nice one) can if vouchsafed some rare moment of concentration.

Anonymous said...

Another thing.
Maybe I imagine, since I am not a big pop music follower but am forced to listen to it while in gym.
They are polluting the pop feedback loop with faux-Israeli sounds as background to flap-vulva shiksas like Madonna and BS (Brittney Spears), these vaguely Arabic rhythms and keening Israeli voices.

This serves two purposes: to establish Khazars' Middle Eastern bona fides and more importantly, to nurture the concept of intrinsic Jew coolness, whereby a rabbi sweating chicken grease is seen as the epitome of cool.

This would be a genuine contribution in Poiuytr's context since they are all single-loyalty Americans, given that America is a non-autonomous province of Israel.

poiuytr said...

to "erstwhile sarcasm": it's hard with nicks... :) but no your 'erstwhile sarcasm' wasn't missed... i too tried sarcasm with my lengthy reply listing the US achievements like torture and so on, but it's hard to be funny about it. and mc^2 just sets me off cuz it reminds me of the west cretins and their perpetual dark ages. so i got the joke but failed to return the sarcasm.

to Lima: well, that's just it. einstein is deified, blair is gonna be the EU fuhrer and gets peace prize, bush is nominated for peace prize, it's absurd... the west awards the biggest butchers and bastards and "knocks" their protected allies like bin laden. the west is 100% inside out culture of monsters and baboons that pay for it all unawares. but that's given. i'm just glad that there are people who get that the dark ages are still on.

Anonymous said...

Look where you will, the Z lot and their agents are busily infecting the world. Perhaps this was America's biggest contribution to humanity. Nurtured the germs in their petri dishes then indiscriminate release from the laboratory among the unsuspecting great unwashed. They always claimed they were good at science. And it may well be so. Didn't they put together the Boeing 787 Dreamliner? Love 'em myself.

Anonymous said...

I've got it, the three laudables

1) Schizophrenia like in threatening people one day (China, Russia, Iran), begging for their assistance the very next (same inevitable three).

2) Hypocrisy like in claiming human rights don't matter now that a global crisis has been set into motion.

3) Mendacity like in lying about, among other things, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, the financial mess, the strength of the dollar, each hour the day counts.

poiuytr said...

to 15:01
it's funny... USA attacks Russia via Georgia and now they're sending kissinger to beg for 80% reduction in nukes. they're begging China to take their cash and not dump T-bills while they threaten to arm Taiwan. They arm Hussein and then have to kill him when he turns on them.

Russia told kissinger to fuck off and obama "moves ahead" on the nukes in EU. is this the best they've got now? they're totally out of leverage. they can't even manage to bribe/beg/threaten Kyrgyzstan. and if Klaus sentiment towards the west is any indication, the nukes in Czech Rep may become somewhat complicated now.

Anonymous said...

They - the USans - must have learnt the simultaneous carrot and stick approach in their cradles already. More power to them.

Has anyone ever thought that the American contribution to our comfort and culture might have been Hollywood. In the political arena, everything they do seems to be staged. O, not to think the Iraqi resistance or the Afghan fight for freedom is in anyway a myth. They are genuine enough. But much of the rest, including that surreal trip to China and the final statement. All in all, smoke and mirrors, therein lies a good claim to fame.

Counting on the Czechs as well.

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