Nation By Nation (28Jan09)

28Jan09 - Compiled from sources around the planet, stripped of the languid rhetoric, and presented, as always, in that "boot-in-the-crotch" way for those capable of handling the truth as it stands in its naked glory.
BOLIVIA- Evo Morales gov't kicks out Israeli ambassador for Dec09-Jan09 Gaza holocaust- ratifies new constitution
CANADA- leaves the closet admitting some 70B deficit and joining the west prolapsing
COLOMBIA- amasses near 30K troops on Ecuadorian border.
GERMANY- after banks, and big business, exasperated Berlin nationalises realestate. As nationalisation sweeps the once mighty "capitalist" West, none needs be concerned about socialism or communism for in communism people get something back from the state, beside getting fired and lied to, as is the West-wide trend.- another 40B in quick "emergency borrowing" printed to plug up new collapse leaks.
GREECE- protests against NWO insanity continue. Some 10K block freeways with tractors and equipment.
EU- demonstrations and riots started by Greeks spread to Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland, Bulgaria, Italy, and strikes are underway in France. But west-media top stories are "Obama's record price tag inauguration" & CNN's "Cutbacks hit girl scout cookies" (I wank ye not!). BTW, "inauguration" doesn't mean making someone a prez but the ancient Roman rite to bestow magic powers upon one. Yes, indeed, they're mad!
EGYPT- 50K protest the US-stooge gov't complicity in war crimes in recent Israeli Gaza holocaust
FRANCE- general strikes appear on the horizon. 75% of France has had it too with the NWO madness. Are riots next up, following the Greek, Baltic, and Iceland revolution template?
ICELAND- collapsed and bankrupt. Gov't disbanded thanks to worst civil unrest (riots) since 1949. ( offered a military base to Russia as a gesture of thanks for aid but Russia politely refused
IRAN- seeks int'l legal action against Israel over the recent Gaza holocaust
ISRAEL- lied about Hamas rockets being the first to break ceasefire- ...therefore murdered over 1000 civilians maiming some 3000 others in the Gaza assault without provocation- used DU and phosphorous against civilians, classic US/UK style- used civilians including children as human shield during Gaza offensive- war crimes condemned by int'l community with the "surprising" exception of USA
JAPAN- boat ceased by Russia and in investigation- declares "state of emergency" economy
RUSSIA- corrects two US blatant lies: it has neither dropped the plans for EU missile counter-defensive nor has it agreed to let USA attack Afghanistan from north- building permanent military presence in Abchazia, formerly Gruzia- Gazprom spearheads energy venture in Kuwait, formerly exclusive USA territory. What's that noise? Oh, that'd be the gnashing of fangs in Warshington (sic).
SPAIN- 2nd consecutive qtr of "NEGATIVE growth". Yes, Spain is prolapsing too as all west nations are.
UK- PM, like a petulant brat not letting go of his fave toy, issued a threat that if he doesn't get his NWO, there'll be much trouble. There will always be nutters in every society but how is it they're always in charge in the West?- over 100 MPs join demonstrators and massive outcry in condemning BBC for hiding the Israeli atrocities in Gaza- BBC station in Glasgow taken by protesters- the question isn't the BBC degree of war crime complicity, be it 911, London77, Iraq, Afghanistan, torture/rendition, Somalia, or Gaza. The real question here is: How is BBC even relevant today? Are there still morons out there watching this USA controlled mindrape?- having chosen USA as its master, UK reaps rewards: record debt; lowest sterling; economy CONTRACTING at 1,5% (last qtr); and lowest output in 30 yrs; in sum, bankruptcy.- mulls 3 day work week to "stimulate" economy. If it weren't for the horrendous perpetual crimes against humanity, the gang of West leaders could seek careers in comedy.
UKRAINE- got another 2B penalty from Moscow for screwing around with gas supply- after typical conniption eventually ceded to terms, as gas supply has been renewed to the Moscow-dependent EU
USA- missile-strikes Pakistan twice. Pakistan calls for end of aggression as civilians are murdered by USA but US reply was: "strikes will continue". Clearly Obama = Bush and is fast settling in the relentless pursuit of the NWO goals of widening wars.- job axing rate at 500K/month, doubling from summer 6 mo ago- 80K jobs axed in two days on Jan28. But don't worry, the CEOs in receipt of the "stimulus bailout" will still hold their big celebratory piss-ups as planned.- admits Russia is "in the way" of the US desperate 20 yr long attempt to rape Caspian Reserves. Very unwise words from USA. The last time USA ran its mouth against Russia, the petrodollar was nuked precipitating the current West-wide prolapse. Is the West impervious to learning?- post office going bust too, going for a 5-day work week- bill (HR645) not only admits FEMA camps, the arming of non-govt groups to take on US populace in martial law, but also proposes upping capacity by building more of them ( food supply poisoning: this time proof positive that US corn syrup contains mercury. Strange additive, isn't it?- Obama quickly adds near 1T to the already ~8T nationalisation spree started by Bush thus doubling US nat'l debt in 1 qtr- banks now drink at over 100B/day from US central bank. That's 400% increase from ~1 yr ago or approx. over 10% MONTHLY growth.- housing market has 1 yr supply of homes now and collecting- at least 40 states go bust. California suspends all payments including tax refunds. But can US populace suspend payments too? Do they mind the inequality? How can they when average USan can't find Iran on a map of Iran. How can they when USA has 45M illiterate and 50M reading at 3rd grade level (that's near 30% illiteracy)? How can they when 60% of all USA assets are owned by 400 people? How can they when they haven't untangled something as simple as 911?- NIST, after 7 yrs of prevaricating, forced to admit that indeed WTC7 fell at freefall on Sep 11, 2001, at last supporting demolition and dislodging the Bush "terrorist" fairytale. There was no response from US public.
VENEZUELA- expelled Israeli ambassador and US one is on notice- in furthering the non-US world, after having gone off the dollar-based trade, creates a local trade fund with Colombia
If you've read this far, there's a chance you're wondering what the hell to do. Alright, number one, turn off your TV. Stop paying the mindrape fees and buy no newspapers. Buy only what you need. Don't participate beyond that in their economies. You have the power of veto, use it. Spend the time you save with your friends, family, and foes. Tell them, remind them. And of course, join in. Be a reporter. Tell us what's the latest in your area.

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Well, well, good to see you go backwards in time and to end on a concrete note, what next? The veto, the boycott, the protest prolonged. We'll go beyond, no doubt, when the situation becomes completely untenable. For the moment, the world is the stage, our politics provide the actors and we are patient, polite but fast-wearying spectators. By the way, why was the West Glossary which followed yanked off?

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