Nation By Nation (3Feb09)

3Feb09 -- Compiled from everywhere and presented as it should be: sans the endless West media whore blithering smarm. Mouseover flags for tiny info.

A U S T R A L I A Australia - Also reaping the benefits of serving Warshington (sic). Among them are recession, econ crashing, negative growth, nationalisation, etc. Canberra's adopts a sensible solution, goes for hyperinflation and lets out a wistful bloodcurdling call for NWO.
- Unable to part with the late capitalist system, Canberra coins another West oxymoron: "Social Capitalism".

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Frees its industry from USA grip running US agents out. Scorned US boys vow to keep watching from across the border.
- Discovers more oil reserves.

E U EU - In fear of losing the prolapsed and gov't toppled Iceland, Brussels adopts some extraordinary fast-track approach to swallow the bankrupt island.

F R A N C E France - Gen'l strike followed by 1,5M strong demonstration through Paris. Will the French knock the rust off the old guillotine too?

G R E E C E Greece - State troops decide to attack demonstrators who have blocked major freeways.
- Clashes and riots flared up again in Athens.
- Mounting solidarity with Greek heroes around the world.

I R E L A N D Ireland - Joins west-wide prolapse pouring billions into the blackhole banking.

 border= Israel - Slips up and reveals plans to attack Iran apparently "next month".
See vid on youtube

J A P A N Japan - NEC some 20K jobs fitter.

N   K O R E A North Korea - Rips up all accords, military and otherwise, with South Korea.

R U S S I A Russia - Putin puts it best: "In 12 months US banks lose 25 years worth of profits". That's indeed better than criticism.
- At Davos Putin teaches M Dell, a US computer peddler, a quick lesson in direct sales spelling out the obvious for the slow ones: "The trick is that Russia doesn't need any help."
- After nuking the petrodollar in 2006, the very act that without a single shot precipitated the inevitable end of the whole of the West, Moscow now calls for the final curtain for the dying dollar. This should have been the chief news all over the West but like the May 2006 petrodollar nuking, it just simply isn't.

S O M A L I A Somalia - While the West's amassing Navy forces along oil-rich Somalia, Somalia takes over German tanker. This may be a false flag op to predicate a land invasion for the West.

S P A I N Spain - In token political tug of war over whether to charge Israelis with crimes against humanity and war crimes or simply forget the whole thing. No, this isn't made up.

S O U T H   K O R E A South Korea - Gov't takes over stock exchange.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Walks out of the Davos charade where obviously speech against Israeli barbarism is also prohibited. In Davos, Erdogan gets applause and in Turkey a downright hero's welcome. See vid on youtube and expect west-media whores to begin rubbishing Turkey.

U K UK - Unplanned oil workers strikes erupt around the island in the last days of January.

U N UN - Eldabarai of IEAE boycotts BBC for their pro-genocide/pro-Israel bias. He's right about the blatant bias but is a decade or so too late.
- States that Israel violated int'l law in 2007 when it attacked Syria.

U S A USA - 46 states go bankrupt (only four left to get the courage to admit it).
- California quits tax returns, school grants, and pensions, state employees forced to "furlough". Once pensions are suspended, hunger shall follow. The rest should be academic even to the nominally "educated" USans.
- J Carter joins 911 truth movement by suggesting reinvestigation.
- The industry of boarding windows may experience a boom in USA as Florida, Maryland, and Utah banks go shut.
- Obama well on NWO track. Pre-election stand: 1) no war, 2) no crazy spending. Not-even-a-month-in stand: 1) widens war by attacking Pakistan and is doubling troops in Afghanistan, 2) adds a near trillion to the US hyper-debt. But so long as US voters don't mind...
- Collapsed GM, after getting free billions for their performance angles to pay no tax. What an inventive econ system: showering select appalling performances with free blank checks and tax exemptions. How could a brilliant system like that not work?
- Finally realises that it's Russia all along and now even Turkey that's in the way of their oil-vampire lust for the Caspian Reserves jugular, a project started under Clinton.
- Actually now complains that Russia is just too damn strong and better at all strategies than them and EU.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Joins the int'l outcry over the Israeli genocide of Gaza declaring Israel "criminal".
- Ran Israel ambassador out and pulled ambassador out of Israel.
- Chavez pithy remark unmasks Obama: "He has the stench of Bush". be cont'd as news pile up.


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