USA Asserting 10th Amendment

USA constitution is immaterial and this should have been made quite clear already. For example, per the document, only USA congress can declare war. But as you know, USA congress, though made up of right war whores readily acquiescing the US/UK world terror wars, has nothing whatever with the initial assault by the packs of USA trained child murderers around the globe.

So waving the 10th amendment today in an attempt to remind Obama and gang that US states should be guaranteed sovereignty and freedom from his augur NWO powers is pointless, if not downright laughable.

However, many Yankistani who grasp what's coming on their heads due to their nation-wide Bush-reign complicity are pinning much hope on this wave of lip service that is sweeping the US state governances.

It is not the 10th amendment stuff, but this realisation of what's happening to Yankistani that makes this article a good read.
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Majority Of U.S. States Join Sovereignty Movement, Assert 10th Amendment Rights
(February 23, 2009, by jeepndesert/

A majority of states have bills passed or have proposed bills which affirm 10th Amendment rights. Some affirm additional rights and/or give specific reasons. New Hampshire has written the most aggressive legislation.

With the economy collapsing, it is a very real and immediate danger that the federal government can turn into a completely criminal and fascist government. They’ll put foreign troops on their streets. They’ll grab people to put in forced labor or concentration camps if they are unemployed or protesting. They’ll conduct experiments on these prisoners.

This is especially true since a private corporation owned by a small group of people, who own over half the world’s wealth, control our currency and monetary policy through the Federal Reserve. They also have such power over the world as a whole through the World Bank, IMF, most other national central banks, numerous well-funded non-government organizations, and numerous corrupted government officials.

The Federal Reserve owners want the economy to collapse so they can grab real assets and power. Their whole monetary system is a giant ponzi scheme designed to fail because money is based on the issuance of debt, and the interest owed is not put into the system except through more debt with more interest.

The stock market has dropped 50% in value since this started last year. This is a great depression. The unemployment will rise. The spending of the two bailouts plus the trillions the Federal Reserve has printed will cause inflation to rise sharply. This same situation happened to the Soviet Union. This is not just an economic recession.

This is not just about mortgages since the value of mortgages is much less than the spending packages. The financial releveraging of the mortgages in the form of financial derivatives has magnified the problem. Giving loans to high risk individuals and giving ARM loans did stimulate the problem. The manipulation of oil prices through dollar devaluation and speculation also helped stimulate problem.

This current economic problem is largely due to the fact that we’ve been existing on borrowed time, running huge trade deficits and growing debt exponentially. Our assets now exceed our debt. We now owe more interest on our debts than we can possibly earn. The debt ponzi scheme our currency is based has busted and has started the process of collapse. We can’t spend our way out of this because we’re out of assets and out of credit.

This group of men who own most of the world’s currencies and wealth want complete centralized control of printing money. They also want a powerful undemocratic regional and world government which can usurp the sovereignty of national governments. They want more European Unions. They want a stronger United Nations. They want to push their own agendas, which include population reduction through eugenics. The threat is real and well documented in policy documents and in the mainstream press.

The Federal Reserve is doing to the United States exactly what the IMF and World Bank do to third world nations. Unless we wake up and get our head out of our fluoride and Prozac ass, we’re going to find ourselves as a third world nation, if not in the middle of World War III, the Fourth Reich, civil war, and revolution.

The only way we can stop the U.S. government and these banks is through the states. If the states are united, the people are united. If the people are united, the U.S. government ceases to function, and the states are able to reform a functioning and lawful U.S. government instead of the completely corrupt, rogue, destructive, and lawless federal government we have now.

Armed rebellion is not going to work. It will just result in a lot of dead people because the U.S. government has excessive firepower. Violent rebellion is exactly what the men in control of our money want.

I encourage everyone to write, email, or call their state legislatures to encourage the passage of such bills. You may also wish to contact your Federal Reserve senators and representative letting them know you’ve lost faith in their ability to represent the people of the United States.

We need stronger legislation with stronger teeth to make a stand peacefully and legally. We must act to prevent what is happening in Arcadia, Iowa, with the Iowa National Guard training for door-to-door gun confiscation.

We can’t allow the U.S. government to continue to usurp state sovereignty. If we allow the U.S. government to do this, we’re going to have a lot of dead people in this nation because a lot of people aren’t going to give up their guns and aren’t going to tolerate the U.S. military, corporate militias, and foreign troops invading their communities and homes.

The states may be forced to stand down. However, we started the process of thinking locally to solve our problems and to make it through these tough times. We want local, responsible, and focused local and state law enforcement to maintain order. We don’t want foreign troops and the U.S. military to do this for us.

We should consider training our local and state law enforcement to stop such door-to-door terrorism by agents of the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve. We should consider making it a high crime in the state for a federal official to offer a bribe or give threats and a high crime to receive such a bribe. We should consider forming voluntary local and state minutemen under the authority of local and state government to maintain order in emergencies.

Whether you agree with everything I put forth or not, a majority of the people do believe the U.S. government is corrupt, out-of-control, and don’t represent the interests of the people. If you don’t agree, you haven’t done the research nor have you paid close enough attention to the news. We’re on the verge of major crisis and change.

Here are a list of states who have passed or proposed bills to affirm 10th Amendment rights. I have not verified which bills have passed though many of them have been passed. Many of them are very new. We need to continue to encourage the states to take more specific action because of the very real dangers. I’ll try to keep this list updated with links.

2009: Arkansas - 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment, Funding Issues

2009: Arizona - 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment

1994: California - 10th Amendment

1995/96: Georgia - 10th Amendment

2009: Georgia - 10th Amendment

2009: Kansas - 10th Amendment

[NEW] 2009: Kentucky - 10th Amendment

1997/98: Louisiana - Sovereignty Constitutional Amendment

2009: Michigan - 10th Amendment

2009: Minnesota - 10th Amendment

2009: Missouri - Freedom of Choice Act (Abortion), 10th Amendment

2009: Montana - 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment, 2nd Amendment

2009: New Hampshire - 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment, Federal Reserve, Taxes, Martial Law, 2nd Amendment, Draft/War, Patriot Act, Labor Camps, 1st Amendment

2008: Oklahoma - 10th Amendment, (Other Legislation: No Child Left Behind, Real ID Act)

2009: Oklahoma - 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment, Funding Issues

2009: South Carolina - 9th Amendment, 10 Amendment, Martial Law and Related, 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment

2009: Tennessee - 10th Amendment

2009: Texas - 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment, Funding Issues

1995: Utah [Number: HJR003, Session: 1995] - 10th Amendment

2009: Utah - Real ID Act

2009: Washington - 10th Amendment

* Proposed: Alabama - 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment

* Proposed: Alaska

* 1994: Colorado - 10th Amendment

* 1995: Florida - 10th Amendment

* Proposed [HJM RS18517]: Idaho - 10th Amendment

* Proposed: Indiana - 10th Amendment

* Proposed: Iowa - 10th Amendment

* Proposed: Maine

* Proposed: Nevada

* Proposed: Ohio - 10th Amendment

* Proposed: Pennsylvania - 10th Amendment

* Proposed: Virginia - 10th Amendment

* Proposed: West Virginia - Same As New Hampshire

Republic of Lakotah - Full Independence

Hawaii - Full Independence

* Not verified with the actual state and may have not yet been filed with the state.

For latest updates, visit the Tenth Amendment Center.


Fixed a couple of typos and added a couple more points.

Added a bill from Utah.

Added a new bill from Kentucky.

Made a clarification. I haven’t sorted which bills have actually been passed.

Visit for an excellent collection of YouTube videos of Alex Jones interviewing state representatives in regards to the 10th Amendment resolutions.

Visit here for some additional analysis of the bills.

Death to the Federal Reserve! Death to the New World Order! GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!


Anonymous said...

This is interesting in view of Professor Igor Panin's prediction that America is about to break up (roughly within the next six years)into various self-governing regions. Of course, all this is a part of the general Daftism which has swept over the West in recent times. A coming break-up of the highly-touted EU, monetary union first followed by all the rest, belongs to the same order of things.

poiuytr said...

if lucky, usa will break up into six parts... it looks like the entire west is gonna become one big spanking abu ghraib gitmo camp. but who could argue that the west dwellers complicit in all the crimes don't deserve a bit of their own medicine?

my guess is EU's gonna go breaking before northam.

Anonymous said...

Get this: the Patriot missile battery in Poland which at the time of writing was still more scrap metal than weapon will be taking aim not at Iran as so far maintained but naturally at Mother Russia. Expect repercussions.

Anonymous said...

Germany's workers to hit the streets soon. Their battlecry: We're not paying for your crisis (Wir bezahlen nicht für Ihre Krise) will cross the Atlantic and, if USans are at all alert, become a part of their struggle for justice as well,

Anonymous said...

Who ever said Americans were alert? Take a gander at this:

February 16, 2009

US African-'Americans' "Creeped Out" By All The "Friendly" Whites

WASHINGTON—A majority of African-Americans surveyed in a nationwide poll this week reported feeling "deeply disturbed" and "more than a little weirded out" by all the white people now smiling at them.

Black citizens have reported a disturbing 350 percent increase in interracial high-fiving since January 20.

First witnessed shortly after President Obama's historic victory, the open and cheerful smiling has only continued in recent months, leaving members of the black community completely unnerved.

"On behalf of black people across this nation, I would like to say to our white brethren, 'Please stop looking at us like that,'" said Brown University psychology professor Dr. Stanley Carsons. "We're excited Barack is president, too, and we're glad you're happy for us. But giving us the thumbs up for no reason, or saying hello whenever we walk by, is really starting to freak us out."

Added Carsons, "We just want to be able to stand in line at Home Depot without getting patted on the back."
Enlarge Image

According to the poll, more than 92 percent of African-Americans have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of beaming Caucasians in their vicinity, as well as a marked rise in the instances of white people making direct eye contact with them on the bus, engaging them in pleasant conversation, and warmly gazing in their general direction with a mix of wonder, pride, and profound contentment. All respondents reported being "petrified" by the change.

"Yesterday, I'm pretty sure the cashier at the Giant Eagle winked at me," said Eddie Wilkes, a Pittsburgh resident who described himself as "not a politics person." "Then she said something about what a happy day it was and tried to bump fists. The whole thing gave me the willies."

"I can't even be at a bar anymore if they have the news on," said Chicago native and small business consultant Jarell Brown. "Obama gives a speech on the economy and people act like my team just won the Super Bowl. I didn't even vote for the guy. I'm a Libertarian."

Although poll respondents said that the regularity of jovial white strangers greeting them in elevators has risen approximately 450 percent since mid-January, the incidents are reportedly nowhere near as frequent as they were on Nov. 4, 2008. On that day, the country was temporarily seized by an epidemic of unsolicited white-on-black hugging.

In an attempt to return the nation's interracial interactions to their preinauguration level of stilted awkwardness, the NAACP and the ACLU released a joint statement Monday addressing the issue. In the four-page address, the activist groups call for normalcy and urge the nation's whites to immediately desist creeping everybody out with all the nodding and warmth and raised eyebrows.

"If you could all stop acting like you're generally pleased to see black people walking around, out in the open, that would be better for all of us," NAACP president Benjamin Jealous said to a smiling and misty-eyed press corps that was "just thrilled" to have him there. "It's very kind of you to be so enthusiastic about our achievements, but if it's still on the table, we'd like to return to the times when your reactions varied between unfounded apprehension and complete indifference. To be honest, you people are kind of terrifying when you're happy."

Added Jealous, "Oh, and please stop e-mailing us that picture of Jesse Jackson crying. We've seen it."

While experts couldn't predict how long this unsettling new trend would continue, at least one citizen, who wished to remain anonymous, said he had given up hope of ever feeling comfortable around white people again.

"Everywhere I go, there they are: offering me pancakes, laughing at all my jokes, even bursting into tears when they see me," said the Washington, D.C. resident and father of two. "I know you mean well and all, but seriously, knock it off. You're giving my children nightmares."

As of press time, the nation's Arab-Americans have reported no discernible change in all the angry, reflexive scowling.

Sent by Kamau

Anonymous said...

States re-assert 10th Amendment, Now public find a new way to protest throwing good money after bad by re-enacting the Boston Tea Party in city after city. Are the slow, bumbling Yanks finally waking up to the threat in the air?

Anonymous said...

Peace prize nominees (Nobel) Obama, George W., Sarkozy, Maliki, Karzai. Why not Livni, Olmert and Barack?

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