Nation By Nation (21May10)

13May-21May -- Perhaps not too amazingly, considering the indisputable innate cretinism of the west bristly lot enhanced by brutal TV and "education" brainwash, no one in west has so much as asked why is it that west has begun crumbling physically now, let alone answered it. No west media whore has asked how it could be that Greece with its pifly 530B USD entire external debt is suffering general strikes, while UK with its over 9T USD and Germs with 5,3T USD external debts are remaining in control of EUnuchia, as though their debts are meaningless. Yes, astoundingly, west is still concealing with diatribes of "market woes", "bond yield spread", and "speculative trading" the fact its currency was obliterated in May2006 across the board and the next stop is total wall-to-wall disintegration of all things and lands west. But more important even than this is the new milestone we've just crossed, incidentally also deliberately ignored by west media whores. And this would be the west genocidal war-obsessed machine, suffering defeats abroad and fatal fiscal lacerations, focusing its unusual proclivity to evil against own kind. Concealed as "poverty measures" organised terror against civilians is spreading across all west lands perhaps even faster now than the plumes of deadly sludge aimed to destroy our oceans gushing out of the west state-of-the-art eco-murder machines. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - ~30 invaders killed, 14May, in chopper downing.
- Bagram base attacked, 20May.
- 55 occupiers killed, 11May, 3 choppers.
- Nuristan occupier's base captured.
- 7 germ occupiers killed, 21May.

B R A Z I L Brazil - In Moscow seeking expanded coop and dumping euro and dullar from trade twixt the two nations.
- Tells west to shove the Iran sanction drivel. This is after west media whores touted Lula's visit to Iran with puffy headlines like "last chance for Iran". Indeed, west lives in permanent and total disconnect.

C H I N A China - Deepens coop w/ N Korea. This development is particularly ugly for west. It's so ugly, in fact, it hasn't made west media rabid barking.
- Buys 17B USD more USA t-bills owning 877B USD of USA debt. Which state of the USA union was promised to Beijing this time?

E U EU - Poverty measures enacted basically all over EUnuchia. This marks the beginning of west's last chapter. Sideline: Hitherto, we've enjoyed the west industry vanishing as the west child-murdering war junta consolidated west's assets via "bailout" and cash printing schemes. Now, it's lockdown measures for all west BBCNN genocide choir monkeys. It should be clear that austerity measures aren't about saving money -- for simple arithmetic exposes the folly of such thinking -- but about the very tightening the screws of the west monkey cages -- an essential prelude to the terminal west wall-to-wall prolapse. Further, it should be clear that EUnuchia is no more. The basic premise of EUnuch central wank loaning euros to members is overwith and so is the sovereign rule of the caught nations as EUnuch central wank moves to governance role.
- West betters love flummoxing their cretinous neanderthal subjects with sport analogues -- that way no EUnuch understands a thing but EUnuch leaders can't technically be faulted for not raising the issue. In this laughable manner, EUnuch junta tell EUnuch plebes that "EU rulebook is rewritten". Indeed, the 4 month EUnuchia vampire is perhaps the most embarrassing of all empire building attempts.
- Euro plunges to 4 yr low and markets plummet despite the poverty measures and supranational bailout. EUnuchs scratch their bristly skulls wondering how so.
- Other EUnuchs go into a new frisson of hoarding S African krugerrands, little gold pieces. Yes, it's panic for economy across all lands west today.
- West exchanges plummet 3rd day, 21May. The quake rattles exchanges on both sides of the Atlantic. Watch west move to simple shut down exchanges in some clever way.

First, this chart is produced in its colour pentagramic beauty by BIS, west wank that once funneled cash to Hitler from nations hiving their cash before the west invasion of 1940. But... where's UKians on the graph? Where's Germs? Where's Frankensteins? They're only on the chart as creditors of these PIIGS. But how could that be? So who does UK owe its over 9T USD to? Franks 5T? Germs a bit over 5T? These are TRILLIONS. Just among the top three EUnuchs, we have external debt of 20T USD, or 3-4X that of all of the PIIGS that are charted here. Second, the chart just shows the EUnuch debt of PIIGS to the EUnuch rulers, nothing more! Facts omitted from this pretty chart are: PIIGS' EUnuch-debt is one third only of their total external debt; UK, French, and Germ debt eclipses PIIGS EUnuch-only-debt by 10X or by 1000%, if you prefer. So why the chart that omits key factors in west-wide prolapse? It should be clear, despite all the west media whore rants against PIIGS and the general 2nd citizens of the EUnuchia amalgam, the root of west prolapse is the saxonic core: UK, Germs, and Frankensteins with their unsolvable 20T USD collective external debt. And again, this should highlight that all the austerity measures enacted against EUnuch peripheries are NOT about saving 6B EUR in the next 2 yrs but about the unusual physical brutality and design-poverty being turned inward on the west cesspits, a symptom of the west-wide terminal prolapse. For amusement reasons: west (sampled by PIIGS + The_Three_Pretty_EUnuchs + USA) runs external debt of 40T USD at the moment while the Freeworld (sampled by China, Russia, and free SouthAm (say Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela)) runs external debt of 1T USD. This means that a person of the Freeworld owes a pifly 600 USD while each and every baboon owes 63K USD or roughly 100X or 10K% more, if so preferred. Considering these facts, debating PIIGS debt is totally immaterial in terms of the west terminal rot. (Bigger pic here at globalreseach)

E U - B E L G I U M EU-Belgium - As claims of christianic pedophile rape explode, even the west pope, our resident nazi-boy, caves in and admits pedophile guilt on behalf of west religion. No, there is no west civilisation. There's never been. It's just disease, rancid, disgusting, freckly, neanderthal, genocidal, and vivocidal at that.

E U - F I N L A N D EU-Finland - Receive warning on coming poverty measures.

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks - Threatens to dump euro. Sideline: The funniest farce and grandest of ironies of it all is that the chief EUnuchia objective, as printed in bold on their site, was to prevent all wars among the war-loving EUnuch kind. Indeed, the very crazed "peace mission" known as Grand EUnuchia, created on the Irish double-vote, is now the reason for much fist pounding and raised voices among the west war junta.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs - Funky political chair bouncing propels poverty measures forces with specific idea of cutting kindergarten aid. Indeed, the vote against Herr Merkel has been used to usher in poverty dictate.
- Doctors plan a week strike demanding higher wage. Don't they read what's happening with west?
- Herr Merkel owns up that the 1T EUR print did nothing but "buy EUnuchs time". Indeed, what it did is bought the elite investors in EUnuchia a bit more time to get out. The west creatures printed 1T EUR actually hoping to save the entire EUnuchia while just their NWO elite child-murdering war industries and central saxon banks have already sunk over 20T EUR in the west-wide bailout scheme. West is so challenged by even the simplest forms of math that the entire ruling cabal, not to mention monkey subjets, can't compare 1 to 20 and with certainty identify the larger problem of the two.
- Germ fiscal dictators ban short-selling with other opportunities that could result in accelerating west fiscal death and calls for penalties for insolvency. Oddly, that would put Germs at the top but somehow they're exempt from their own rules. Even the toughest of adrenalin-seeking market gamblers run as gambling rules are ripped up like int'l treaties by the west war-seeking lunacy.

Germ only imperial demand is the fiscal markets. If satisfied, peace shall be preserved and Poland can rest easy. UK, Germ, and Frankensteins are now meeting to decide EUnuchs future. If they decide to grant Germs their small demand like in 1938... well, you know the story.

E U - G R E E C E EU-Greece - Explosion rocks Athens amid nation-wide uprising, 14May.
- 20K march on the parliament shouting "come out, you thieves", 20May, during general strike.
- 10K march in Thessalonika, 20May.
- 4th general strike freezes Greece, 20May.

Greeks and state cops.

- In hope to quell the general uprising, PM makes vague promises of action against USA banksters and of governance corruption clean up. That's right, the EUnuch-tilted governance that's brought Greeks some 530B debt, asks Greeks to pay for it while promising not to be corrupt this time. The daily west comedy cannot be invented.
- PM turns to Arab world begging for cash. So the islands are going to Arabs then? This may make Germs -- who are blessed with sea shores so frigid and hostile that they're forced to dig holes in which they hide from the blistering Baltic winds when tanning their freckles -- a wee bit angry. The fun thing is, however, that despite his best efforts to remain the outstanding pole-dancing proxy of west, the PM may soon be finding himself out of favour anyhow.

E U - P O R T U G A L EU-Portugal - Follows Spain in bestowing ravaging poverty measures announcing increased vat and wage tax, and some 5% pay cut, and the usuals with pensions and benefits.

E U - R O M A N I A EU-Romania - Poverty measures include public pay cut of 25%. Pension cut of 15%, 15% cuts in benefits, and some initial 250K jobs being zapped to please the IMF dictators.
- 50K protest in Bucharest chanting "down with lying governance".
- Econ minister pelted with stones after TV appearance.

E U - S P A I N EU-Spain - Enacts poverty measures with 5% pay cuts across public sector & pension cuts. Zapatero hopes to save 15B EUR/2 yrs with the measures. Now, let's do simple arithmetic. That's 6B EUR/yr. GM took 5B USD AFTER it went bankrupt and 25B USD a few weeks prior. 6B EUR is currently some 8% of USA's MONTHLY deficit or per annum some 6/10ths of USA's deficit. Can't Zapatero count? No amount of poverty measures can even begin to hope to refill the west war junta sacked coffers or slow down the astronomically off-scale deval trend. Indeed, poverty measures aren't about saving cash but about the pretext under which west prolapses into poverty state-run lockdown. The reason for the concentration camps strategically strewn around west oughtta be a bit clearer now.
- 15K call for nation-wide strike in protest, 16May.
- Bond sale or fund raising fails and is cut short 1,5B EUR of its target raising Spain a whopping 6,5B USD. That's barely enough for a single west firm bankruptcy bonus. West #s perhaps best illustrate the tremendous disconnect from reality the west neanderthal suffers.

E U - U K EU-UK - New governance takes but a few minutes to announce poverty measures, as dictated by central wank, which will be followed by new "emergency" budget. UK measures hope to initially recover 6B GBP per year. That's an astounding full 2,5% of just the quantitative easing heist.
- Governance warns of more poverty measures claiming new hidden lacerations.
- BratAir annual loss grows 15% to 425M GBP as revenues shrivel 11% in the same time.

Fattened off the permanent rape of our planet, they dare protest the 20% loss of their school funds. It should be reminded that west school books teach these obese abominations that fuel can vapourise Boeings; that west owns the planet; that UK fought against Hitler in WWII; that Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas just one day vanished into thin air; that UK is liberating Iraq and Afghanistan; etc. And they ask for sympathy?

I C E L A N D Iceland - Banksters being rounded up for the wipe out of 50% of Iceland's wallet and the sinking of the island.

I R A N Iran - Makes n-fuel swap deal with Brazil and Turkey. Now west has lost even the front row seat to the Freeworld's happenings.
- Brazil visits Tehran and deepens coop in areas of trade increasing by some 10B USD. And west had hoped this meeting would push Iran against the wall.
- "The truth is that some countries, which dominate world's media, econ, and politics don't want others to progress. Together we can overcome these unfair conditions and change the current unfair world order". -- Ahmanidejad during the Brazil meeting.

I R A Q Iraq - News feed seems broke again. See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for more.

J A P A N Japan - 17K protest at USA occupation base.

K Y R G Y Z S T A N Kyrgyzstan - Bakiev supporters take over governance building and 2 airports, 14May. Another fruit revolt by west perhaps, in hope to keep the genocide base?
- Clashes erupt as some of the pro-Bakievs mob brandishes machine guns. 1 killed.

N O R W A Y Norway - 1150 cleaners go on 1st strike in 24 yrs in Oslo.
- King of Norway hopes for deeper econ and cultural coop with Iran. Odd, no "strong condemnation" from west?

P A L E S T I N E Palestine - Israel murders a teenager in West Bank, 14May.
- See Israeli human rights violations 13May-19May on

R U S S I A Russia - Meets with Hamas and recognises Hamas' role in Middle East. West is so beyond furious, it rarely brings this up.
- States the long since evident truth: after Obama comes war. Indeed, comrade Obama was put in only to usher in the prolapse and bend culpability.
- Moves to build Turkey a nuke plant. West is so prolapsed, it doesn't even do its routine round of the BBCNN rabid barking.
- Arms Syria against west war wetdreams. This is a particularly painful slap across west snout but it comes at a time when west doesn't even have time to notice it.
- While west banters about Iran sanctions, Russia moves to develop uranium reserves in Namibia.

S O U T H   K O R E A South Korea - War threats exchanged with north neighbours regarding the recent ship sinking. Comrade Obama chimes in with "strong condemnantions" of N Korea. Odd, yet Thailand massacres don't illicit any reaction in west.

T H A I L A N D Thailand - Unable to quell reds with promises of distant "free" elections, state mobilises armoured trucks against the red shirts murdering one. Violence erupts as Abhisit justifies the state killing.
- Red general sniper'd by state during protest.
- As of 17May, state clashes claim 36 and wound at min 230.
- As of 20May, 14 dead, 400 wounded, after military attacks civilians.
- As of 21May, at least 50 dead. Governance tries new quelling overtures on TV.
- Governance enacts curfews.
- Stock exchange set on fire shuts down early, 19May.
- Governance enacted "live fire zones" and promises more violence, 17May. West gleefully watches their anti-civilian massacre puppets in action in hope to regain the bastion nearly lost under west-coup2006-ousted Thaksin who steered the west-subjugated nation China-way.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Erdogan writes comrade Obama a letter to drop the Iran sanction rubbish and instead accept the Turkey-Iran-Brazil deal, or the effective diplo west-lockout on the matter. Sideline: Even if comrade Obama's one-sided sanctions are accepted by the UN genocidal watchers, it matters none for even Russian S-300 delivery to Iran has also been exempted from the "crippling" west-sanctions. Yes, all west moves today are no more than squeals of a castrate so many octaves above the mid-C that even dogs in the streets find it hard to be roused.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - Timoshenko under investigation for governance fund games.

U S A USA - Sends 50B USD EUnuch-way to maintain the west idyll pretense for a few more days.
- May deficit of 83B USD clocks 4X laceration that of Apr and marks another record in the west prolapse.
- 1 in 3 -- that's THREE now -- baboon homes w/ mortgage are under water or worth less than the note on it.
- Mortgage delinquency rises near 10%/Q1 y2y, which is also another record.
- 4,6% mortgages are in foreclosure, which is also another record.
- 8% mortgages are in pre-foreclosure, which is also another record.
- Boots some qtr million baboons out of their homes repo'ing 92K of them in Apr, which is also another record. What a trend! This makes it some 350K homes taken over by wanks in 2010, or some 1M baboons relocated to tents and streets.
- Governance, after hearing Pentagram's laments, declares national emergency over baboon obesity in fear that there'll be no baboons to refill the west war child-murdering ranks.
- Wall street ruptures with another scam. This time it's a near 3T USD municipal bond in some 200 deals across the USA union.
- Comrade Obama responds to all this by warning that "terrists" are hiding in USA and plans to root them out at any cost. Be it EUnuchs or USA, the dictatorship focus is invariably shifting inward and only in line of martial dictate.

Redneck Riviera readies for high season. If only it were just oil. This has some chemical "dispersant" added to it making certain it's the greatest eco-attack on our planet ever.

- Comrade Obama sends his nuke experts to the leaking oil rig. Looks like they're going to nuke Gulf of Mexico now. If they do, they'll find themselves wishing for the good ol' days when they destroyed the gulf with just the permanent leak. Oddly, comrade Obama has been unable to spin this one into perhaps: free oil to all baboons party, bring your own bucket.
- Oil leak firm wants to limit its insured liability, which is at pifly 500M USD, to the astounding 27M USD. Are these numbers unreal? Compare this to the latest west bankster bonus round.
- Leak gushes at 95K bpd. Some numbers put it at 80K. We finally arrive at the typical west lie factor of 20X used nominally everywhere by west, be it west econ or west war losses.
- Loseriana shores report oil sludge arrival.
- Fishing ban extended to 20% of Gulf of Mexico.
- The vivocidal west said the gulf is "big" and the leak "tiny" a week ago. Today they've moved to saying that "oceans are big" and the leak "tiny".
- Governance moves to crack down on filming the damage along the USA redneck riviera and "scientists" reporting the size and reasons for the vivocide.
- USA coast guard is guarding oil coast from USA journalists now, taking orders from BP. This is like 911, isn't it?

The west eco-dictators at work replacing Gulf of Mexico with 95K bpd of oil sludge enhanced with design vivocidal chemicals. This means that thus far they've pumped some 3M barrels into the gulf since 20Apr, equivalent to a dozen of Valdez-size disasters. And it further means that west is giving our planet a Valdez-size disaster every 60 hrs now -- with no end in sight. On 20May, comrade Obama took a resolute action and sent a letter to BP. Words fail to even begin to describe this sci-fi world of the west disease.

- But the baboon remains unmoved. After all it's got other worries as unemployment claims jump 5%/month to the routine full rank of 500K that receiving the rolling "aid".
- Poverty measures cross the Atlantic as the idea of federal medical care rations is tabled. Of course, no baboon understands the fun of this one.
- 45 states slash education, health, and poverty assistance.
- 30 states usher in sales tax rises and a gamut of new fees.
- 42 states slash pays and turn to massive layoffs.
- New Dork state announces over 1B USD cuts in education laying off 15K teachers.
- Michigone's Detrot boasting 50% effective unemployment moves to closing 45 schools and razing slums, the ugly reminders of the capitalist experiment gone hideously wrong.
- Illnoise with 13B USD deficit zaps preschool programmes and low-income aid pushing some 11K+ into imminent homelessness.
- Califiendia moves to poverty measures with 15% pay cut; medical, disability cuts; 600M in food stamp cuts (that's a good way to keep food stamp graph from rising off the chart); education freeze on funding; and a massive state garage sale of buildings and other hoarded assets. Sideline: Califiendia hopes to save 12B USD per year with its poverty measures. That's ONLY half of the most recent USA bankster bonus. If only baboons understood simple numbers, they too could enjoy the amusement of the west wall-to-wall terminal prolapse.
- The state of Taxes, literary awash in oil, announces poverty measures with over 1B USD cuts in medical care and the usuals. And this is before the free-oil-on-all-beaches tax that will soon eat the entire west wallet several times over.
- State-level fissures appear as Califiendia battles Airzona in energy and cash boycotts.
- 12K nurses in Minorsota waddle in circles protesting their poverty measures. Just for laugh.
- Personal bankruptcies rise 27%/y2y in Mar to 1,5M.

Very FUN graph! Pour a pint and cheer it! This is the credit debt of the baboon households. Note it equals the USA's federal debt of basically 14T USD. Living in the land of lunatic made up numbers was all well so long as the dollar monopoly was intact. But since its death in May2006, these #s are real and add up to one thing and one thing only: total wall-to-wall west-wide terminal prolapse.

- 72 banks buried, 14May.
- While the baboon's medical care, pension, and everything is taken away, comrade Obama found cash to buy Israel new missile defensive shield. The baboon remains unmoved.
- While the baboon's medical care, pension, and everything is taken away, comrade Obama needs 80B USD for summer upgrade of his 5K nuke missile arsenal. So long as priorities of west war junta remain intact.
- Comrade Obama's Iran-sanctions prove laughingly tricky even in USA, as the war junta elite big biz -- incidentally, which is all that's left in west -- doesn't much care for the idea, threatening massive layoffs and authority questioning, of losing such a solvent client. Watch comrade Obama save face by enacting sanctions with waivers for Russia and west big biz. It should be clear that such sanctions are not sanctions but enactment of big USA biz monopoly protectionism on Iran. Like banking, industry, war, bailout, insurgent, media, conspiracy, sanctions now too have been perverted to mean the exact opposite in west.
- Comrade Obama's angry about India doing biz with Iran. May have to write more waivers.
- Comrade Obama's drones murder 5 in Pakistan, 16May.
- Detrot police murders 7 yr child sleeping on a sofa as they raid her parent's house.

A Jones was murdered in a military-scale attack on a household while the raid was being filmed for baboon reality TV entertainment. No "strong condemnantion" from comrade Obama?

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Nationalises food producer firm, most of which was Mexican holdings. be cont'd as it all piles

Nation By Nation (12May10)

1May-12May -- The beautiful desperation and also the remarkably off-scale fiendishness of the sinking west cesspits are best seen perhaps in the gem of EUnuchs moving their rumps, rather quickly, to try to bailout -- not a factory, not a industry, not a nation -- but the whole of the entire crazed Grand EUnuchia 24-language-blabbing amalgam, with the first pifly round of 1T EUR. The scenario of buying up EUnuch bonds to prevent default was a joke posted here but the west child-murdering cretins took the nonsense seriously, enacting it, and pretending it's all swell now in their gangrened billboard lands. They, of course, missed the point of the comment, which explained the terminal folly of the path the EUnuch finds itself on right this second. Let's watch them learn the hard way. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - USA chopper down adorned with many invader casualties.
- Bomb kills 2 USA troops, 11May.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Morales liberates 4 more electric power plants from the west beast talons. 80% of power is now controlled by Bolivia. UK gnashed its fangs: "it's disappointing".
- Claims surface west is behind union threats of open-ended strikes for not agreeing with only 5% pay rises.

C H I N A China - Launching 700M USD credit fund with S Korea & Japan.

E U EU - Prodded by Greek unraveling and perhaps also by 1 yr euro low vs the gangrene dullar, moves EUnuchs to total psychosis. EUnuchs, in hope to soften the looming default, print up 1T EUR to buy up the outstanding unpayable bonds (or simply put pay their elite war junta). In one mighty rattle of a cash printer, this makes the EUnuch central wank the one and only governance of EUnuchia dictating not only bond yields now but also deciding who needs cash or austerity, while castrating all EUnuch governances. Of course, buying bonds achieves absolutely nothing for EUnuchs other than preemptively channeling the bailout into the pockets of the west war junta before EUnuch-wide default could threaten the heist. Printing 1T, 2T, or 30T is immaterial. West remains out of industries, resources, and war targets.

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks - Unlike Spain, Latvia, and Portugal that join Romania in getting preemptively punished with Berlin austerity dictate, Frankensteins manage to evade fiscal penalties. It's nice to see that EUnuchia like the Baboonarium is at last clearly stratified into fiscal slaves, 2nd class citizens, and the pretty christianic child-murdering ubermensch. Stratification of this kind is necessary as it always precedes, shall we say, int'l tension.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs - Retail shrivels 2,4%/Q1. This while the west abacus wielding charlatans forecast 2/10th growth. Like cruelty, evil, and violence, stupidity too comes in unlimited and inexhaustible quantities in west.
- Herr Merkel governance calls for suspension of EUnuch votes unless Berlin austerity dictate gets its way.
- Herr Merkel's cave-in on what's erroneously termed a Greece bailout irks the eternally selfish and self-absorbed Germ. Votes against her christianic saxonic power grip pile in on a sudden.

E U - G R E E C E EU-Greece - 6May, governance rips Greek budgets with another 30B EUR laceration, as EUnuchs with IMF lend 160B EUR to tie Greece over their 3 yr defaults. It means some 11-12+% of GDP/yr additionally rinsed out of Greece per annum or something that's simply not poss. The general uprising supports the simple math that somehow eludes the west saxonic freaks.

Why are Greek cops fighting? Don't they get "austerity" castration is aimed at them as well?

- 6May, clashes continue.
- 3 die as bank gets attacked in protests in Athens, 5May.
- PM responds by saying: "Nobody has the right to violence that leads to murder." Odd, it's as though he missed west admission that its violence has led to the murder of 1M civilians in Iraq only. Yes, west is no more than a sick joke theatre today.
- Nation-wide strike, 5May.
- Protesters interrupt TV broadcast, 4May.
- PM calls for political unity to fight the general uprising and puts military on standby.

Fear of polarisation within west sends west stock exchange charades into convulsions forcing artificial trade cancellations and subsequent control.

Greek uprising, 1May.

Not too an enviable position, that of a west cop today. On the streets they're targeted by the general anger and behind the scenes they're fiscally targeted by the governances they serve.

Athens, 1May.

E U - L A T V I A EU-Latvia - Proudly boasts 23% unemployment, keeping instep with Spain and, of course, the very Baboonarium.
- Public wages shrivel 25% in 2 yrs.
- Retail shrivels 30%/yr.
- Further 9% of GDP rinse planned for the remainder of this year. Such are the perks of living under the west whip.

E U - N E T H E R L A N D S EU-Netherlands - The west monster admits to spilling 14K tonnes of oil in Niger Delta last year devastating the region still further. That's doubling the ongoing eco-vivocidal devastation in one year. Yes, west is THE disease and the eco-vampire is working around the clock systematically destructing our planet.

E U - R O M A N I A EU-Romania - IMF preemptively imposes austerity measures with 25% public sector pay cuts. Such is the beautiful life under the west whip.
- Protests erupt, 7May. Unions call for nation-wide strikes.

E U - U K EU-UK - The nonsense back-slapping behind-the-scenes dealings that poodles, like the rest of the west freakishness, have for "elections" see Brown out and Cameron in.
- Independent newspaper picked up by some Russian on the west-wide garage sale.

H A I T I Haiti - West enslaves the earthquake torn island. Parliament is expired and the butcher of Yugoslavia makes Haiti his private island annexing it and the billions rinsed under the earthquake aid scams. It's slavery in sweatshops and textile concentration camps now, all slaving for the baboon kind. This is oddly timed with UK's re-rape of TCI, Africa land purchases via Saudi, and recent USA Puerto Rico takeover prattle. Is the west monster trying to rebuild some low-cost assembly line alternative for China?

I R A N Iran - Unveils own defence system against cruise missiles and all sorts of low altitude flying thingies.
- Doubles gas exports/Q1. Has 2nd largest gas reserves. No wonder west wanted it so.
- Reveals anti-sub torpedo. This is particularly bad since west fleets have a hard time not crashing into one another in the Hormuz strait without being shot at and underwater at that.

"Abandon your stubbornness; live with other nations based on justice and friendship, like human beings; leave the region; leave Afghanistan; leave Iraq; withdraw to your borders and mind your own business," Ahmadinejad tells west, 12May. Pause for a second. Consider the change that has taken and is taking shape before our very eyes. Iran was slated for west takeover a decade ago when west launched its final crusade to re-conquer our whole planet dictating which nations get to die, which remain alive as slaves of west, and which are going to be harvested for organs to prolong the wretched lives of the west grotty obese freckly christianic pedophiles. Apart from 911 and London77 self-abuse, it's relatively safe to say that no part of the west NWO globalisation Busch II & Bliar sordid wetdreams has materialised -- and some might say that even the NYC and London crimes were pretty sloppy. Ponder the size of these truly globe-changing factors at play here and you'll see that the series of west grand defeats and the exponential slide down its fiscal abyss are no accidents, but rather the results of carefully orchestrated and thusfar brilliantly executed exorcism.

I S R A E L Israel - Maimed 6500 children in the recent Gaza genocide. No word from UN? Strange, isn't it?

J A P A N Japan - Hatoyama admits he's incapable in the matter of stopping the USA occupation. Breaking his chief pledge is noted with an approval plunge to 24%. Isn't there a samurai left on the island?

K Y R G Y Z S T A N Kyrgyzstan - Coup chased out PM charged with mass murder.
- Elections set for Oct.
- Opens investigation into 2M-tonne bribe deal to fuel the USA base used in support of the west's genocide of Afghanistan.
- Comrade Obama hurriedly sends 15M USD for his mil base rent.

R U S S I A Russia - Lula in Moscow seeks Brazil-Russia further coop on the usuals: mil, econ, & power.
- Doing coop with Turkey & Syria.
- Launching Iran's satellite.
- Gears S400 missiles for production this autumn. System's said to be 3X efficient than any other.

S Y R I A Syria - Comrade Obama extends sanctions on Syria.
- And so Russia initiates mil, econ, and nuke power coop.
- Asks Russia for help to denuke Israel.
- Doing coop with Turkey. Yes, indeed, west sanctions work charmingly.

T H A I L A N D Thailand - Abhisit offers elections in late fall if only reds go home but they want the head of deputy for 25 deaths in last month's riots. Oddly, yellows too want Abhisit out, albeit for a different reason: for not dealing with reds in a swifter manner.

U N UN - Maiming of children by the west beast is a non-issue for the planetary west symposium of "health". Instead, WHO wants to tax internet activity. Slight departure from their UN mission? Yes, west is THE disease in all its manifestations, colours, forms, shapes, and reincarnations.

U S A USA - 7May, in concert with Greece uprising, trade exchanges get shut down by governance and remain artificially propped as the EUnuch official prolapse quakes the whole of the west cesspits.
- The fun news is that USA governance members will remain free to employ their inside trading skills. That's right, it's legal for USA west junta to do what west peasants go to jail for.
- But the baboon peasant doesn't bother with that. It has other worries now. Food rises near 2,5%/Mar marking the biggest jump in 26 yrs.
- And that's just when 1 out of 8 baboons now depends for its dear life on governance food stamps.

The food stamp USA populace grows to a pretty round number of 40M. The chart sadly only shows the wonderful trend through 2008.

- Tax season brings disappointment as receipts in Califiendia and Mississippiss are below par 26% & 8% respectively.
- 68 banks pronounced dead in 2010, 8May. That's 1 bank or ~1B USD every 48 hrs getting the flush now. To the baboon, that's "recovery", however.
- USA treasury announced its need to rather quickly somehow wrangle some 90B USD out of the baboon banks. This with the recent 20B USD handed out in bonuses to the USA banksters. But again, baboon, no friend of arithmetic, rests unperturbed.
- So broke in fact that it asks Cuba for 6B USD in blackmail to lift the embargo.
- FanMae loses 11,5B USD/Q1 having been given free 76B USD before the next round of 8,5B USD it needs to survive a bit longer.
- FredMac loses 6,7B USD/Q1 having been given free 50B USD before the next round of 10,6B USD it needs to survive a bit longer. Not blessed with a mind that understand numbers, the yank baboon remains unperturbed.
- It's no wonder then that 96,5% or all of residential baboon mortgages are subsidised by USA governance. That's right, the entire USA realty market is a governance scam sinking in its own mire as 1 out of 4 homes are underwater or worth less than the note on them.
- But that's not all! USA commercial realty prices post a fun shrinking of 42% since 2007, when the first visible rot was noticed following the beautiful 2006 dullar nuking.
- Plus, all commercial realty is now underwater. Some 13T USD (that's TRILLION or say 13 EUnuchia-wide bailouts) spread across the FDIC catalogue ready to go bust. Just the learning curve on this fun particularity of the west-wide prolapse is enough to perplex the baboon from here on.
- Continental and United figure merging their debts will help them fly through their prolapse. So far no word on the extent of redundant job zaps.
- Cutting 275K "education" jobs across 49 states.

Another healthy trend. This is civilian baboons unemployed for 27 wks or better.

- While angry over Iran's pursuit of nuke energy, boasts it has over 5K nukes. Slight double standard there? Further, it states Israel doesn't need to disclose its nuke arsenal, in a silly off-the-cuff confirmation that indeed west has been nuclearising Israel against int'l treaties.
- Comrade Obama, west adorned symbol for peace, widens drone murders in Pakistan, achieving 10 murders on 9May.
- Pentagram laments over obesity running rampant among the young baboons fearing they're no longer capable of slipping into the standard issue fatigues.
- Admits to having pumped 4M gal into Gulf-of-Mexico. This is, of course, a lie. Let's see how big a lie, shall we? They're pumping some 25K and possibly as much as 60K barrels into the gulf each and every single day since 20Apr. The low estimate puts it then at near 60M litres by now. So the vivociders are lying then at minimum 400%.
- The oil slick has reached the shores of Taxes, Loseriana, and AlObama, enhancing now most of the baboon riviera. And these grease monkeys wanted to dictate ecology?
- Further admits to pumping 7K barrels of some chemical dispersant into the gulf to make certain this is truly the greatest eco assault on our planet yet.
- Comrade Obama's dispatched air force to combat the oil rig leak. Of course, that act of desperation had also failed.
- Gives 5K USD, that's 5000, to fishermen for having to wade through the oil muck.
- Comrade Obama appoints a judge to USA top court who has no judge experience. What's the qualification then? The appointment is one of GoldSacks' own. Yes, comrade Obama wants the banksters to run it all now.
- Loses NorthAm IntelSat satellite, which is now adrift in orbit. And these grease monkeys wanted to dictate technology?
- Newsweek on the west-wide garage sale. be cont'd as it all piles