Nation By Nation (12May10)

1May-12May -- The beautiful desperation and also the remarkably off-scale fiendishness of the sinking west cesspits are best seen perhaps in the gem of EUnuchs moving their rumps, rather quickly, to try to bailout -- not a factory, not a industry, not a nation -- but the whole of the entire crazed Grand EUnuchia 24-language-blabbing amalgam, with the first pifly round of 1T EUR. The scenario of buying up EUnuch bonds to prevent default was a joke posted here but the west child-murdering cretins took the nonsense seriously, enacting it, and pretending it's all swell now in their gangrened billboard lands. They, of course, missed the point of the comment, which explained the terminal folly of the path the EUnuch finds itself on right this second. Let's watch them learn the hard way. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - USA chopper down adorned with many invader casualties.
- Bomb kills 2 USA troops, 11May.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Morales liberates 4 more electric power plants from the west beast talons. 80% of power is now controlled by Bolivia. UK gnashed its fangs: "it's disappointing".
- Claims surface west is behind union threats of open-ended strikes for not agreeing with only 5% pay rises.

C H I N A China - Launching 700M USD credit fund with S Korea & Japan.

E U EU - Prodded by Greek unraveling and perhaps also by 1 yr euro low vs the gangrene dullar, moves EUnuchs to total psychosis. EUnuchs, in hope to soften the looming default, print up 1T EUR to buy up the outstanding unpayable bonds (or simply put pay their elite war junta). In one mighty rattle of a cash printer, this makes the EUnuch central wank the one and only governance of EUnuchia dictating not only bond yields now but also deciding who needs cash or austerity, while castrating all EUnuch governances. Of course, buying bonds achieves absolutely nothing for EUnuchs other than preemptively channeling the bailout into the pockets of the west war junta before EUnuch-wide default could threaten the heist. Printing 1T, 2T, or 30T is immaterial. West remains out of industries, resources, and war targets.

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks - Unlike Spain, Latvia, and Portugal that join Romania in getting preemptively punished with Berlin austerity dictate, Frankensteins manage to evade fiscal penalties. It's nice to see that EUnuchia like the Baboonarium is at last clearly stratified into fiscal slaves, 2nd class citizens, and the pretty christianic child-murdering ubermensch. Stratification of this kind is necessary as it always precedes, shall we say, int'l tension.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs - Retail shrivels 2,4%/Q1. This while the west abacus wielding charlatans forecast 2/10th growth. Like cruelty, evil, and violence, stupidity too comes in unlimited and inexhaustible quantities in west.
- Herr Merkel governance calls for suspension of EUnuch votes unless Berlin austerity dictate gets its way.
- Herr Merkel's cave-in on what's erroneously termed a Greece bailout irks the eternally selfish and self-absorbed Germ. Votes against her christianic saxonic power grip pile in on a sudden.

E U - G R E E C E EU-Greece - 6May, governance rips Greek budgets with another 30B EUR laceration, as EUnuchs with IMF lend 160B EUR to tie Greece over their 3 yr defaults. It means some 11-12+% of GDP/yr additionally rinsed out of Greece per annum or something that's simply not poss. The general uprising supports the simple math that somehow eludes the west saxonic freaks.

Why are Greek cops fighting? Don't they get "austerity" castration is aimed at them as well?

- 6May, clashes continue.
- 3 die as bank gets attacked in protests in Athens, 5May.
- PM responds by saying: "Nobody has the right to violence that leads to murder." Odd, it's as though he missed west admission that its violence has led to the murder of 1M civilians in Iraq only. Yes, west is no more than a sick joke theatre today.
- Nation-wide strike, 5May.
- Protesters interrupt TV broadcast, 4May.
- PM calls for political unity to fight the general uprising and puts military on standby.

Fear of polarisation within west sends west stock exchange charades into convulsions forcing artificial trade cancellations and subsequent control.

Greek uprising, 1May.

Not too an enviable position, that of a west cop today. On the streets they're targeted by the general anger and behind the scenes they're fiscally targeted by the governances they serve.

Athens, 1May.

E U - L A T V I A EU-Latvia - Proudly boasts 23% unemployment, keeping instep with Spain and, of course, the very Baboonarium.
- Public wages shrivel 25% in 2 yrs.
- Retail shrivels 30%/yr.
- Further 9% of GDP rinse planned for the remainder of this year. Such are the perks of living under the west whip.

E U - N E T H E R L A N D S EU-Netherlands - The west monster admits to spilling 14K tonnes of oil in Niger Delta last year devastating the region still further. That's doubling the ongoing eco-vivocidal devastation in one year. Yes, west is THE disease and the eco-vampire is working around the clock systematically destructing our planet.

E U - R O M A N I A EU-Romania - IMF preemptively imposes austerity measures with 25% public sector pay cuts. Such is the beautiful life under the west whip.
- Protests erupt, 7May. Unions call for nation-wide strikes.

E U - U K EU-UK - The nonsense back-slapping behind-the-scenes dealings that poodles, like the rest of the west freakishness, have for "elections" see Brown out and Cameron in.
- Independent newspaper picked up by some Russian on the west-wide garage sale.

H A I T I Haiti - West enslaves the earthquake torn island. Parliament is expired and the butcher of Yugoslavia makes Haiti his private island annexing it and the billions rinsed under the earthquake aid scams. It's slavery in sweatshops and textile concentration camps now, all slaving for the baboon kind. This is oddly timed with UK's re-rape of TCI, Africa land purchases via Saudi, and recent USA Puerto Rico takeover prattle. Is the west monster trying to rebuild some low-cost assembly line alternative for China?

I R A N Iran - Unveils own defence system against cruise missiles and all sorts of low altitude flying thingies.
- Doubles gas exports/Q1. Has 2nd largest gas reserves. No wonder west wanted it so.
- Reveals anti-sub torpedo. This is particularly bad since west fleets have a hard time not crashing into one another in the Hormuz strait without being shot at and underwater at that.

"Abandon your stubbornness; live with other nations based on justice and friendship, like human beings; leave the region; leave Afghanistan; leave Iraq; withdraw to your borders and mind your own business," Ahmadinejad tells west, 12May. Pause for a second. Consider the change that has taken and is taking shape before our very eyes. Iran was slated for west takeover a decade ago when west launched its final crusade to re-conquer our whole planet dictating which nations get to die, which remain alive as slaves of west, and which are going to be harvested for organs to prolong the wretched lives of the west grotty obese freckly christianic pedophiles. Apart from 911 and London77 self-abuse, it's relatively safe to say that no part of the west NWO globalisation Busch II & Bliar sordid wetdreams has materialised -- and some might say that even the NYC and London crimes were pretty sloppy. Ponder the size of these truly globe-changing factors at play here and you'll see that the series of west grand defeats and the exponential slide down its fiscal abyss are no accidents, but rather the results of carefully orchestrated and thusfar brilliantly executed exorcism.

I S R A E L Israel - Maimed 6500 children in the recent Gaza genocide. No word from UN? Strange, isn't it?

J A P A N Japan - Hatoyama admits he's incapable in the matter of stopping the USA occupation. Breaking his chief pledge is noted with an approval plunge to 24%. Isn't there a samurai left on the island?

K Y R G Y Z S T A N Kyrgyzstan - Coup chased out PM charged with mass murder.
- Elections set for Oct.
- Opens investigation into 2M-tonne bribe deal to fuel the USA base used in support of the west's genocide of Afghanistan.
- Comrade Obama hurriedly sends 15M USD for his mil base rent.

R U S S I A Russia - Lula in Moscow seeks Brazil-Russia further coop on the usuals: mil, econ, & power.
- Doing coop with Turkey & Syria.
- Launching Iran's satellite.
- Gears S400 missiles for production this autumn. System's said to be 3X efficient than any other.

S Y R I A Syria - Comrade Obama extends sanctions on Syria.
- And so Russia initiates mil, econ, and nuke power coop.
- Asks Russia for help to denuke Israel.
- Doing coop with Turkey. Yes, indeed, west sanctions work charmingly.

T H A I L A N D Thailand - Abhisit offers elections in late fall if only reds go home but they want the head of deputy for 25 deaths in last month's riots. Oddly, yellows too want Abhisit out, albeit for a different reason: for not dealing with reds in a swifter manner.

U N UN - Maiming of children by the west beast is a non-issue for the planetary west symposium of "health". Instead, WHO wants to tax internet activity. Slight departure from their UN mission? Yes, west is THE disease in all its manifestations, colours, forms, shapes, and reincarnations.

U S A USA - 7May, in concert with Greece uprising, trade exchanges get shut down by governance and remain artificially propped as the EUnuch official prolapse quakes the whole of the west cesspits.
- The fun news is that USA governance members will remain free to employ their inside trading skills. That's right, it's legal for USA west junta to do what west peasants go to jail for.
- But the baboon peasant doesn't bother with that. It has other worries now. Food rises near 2,5%/Mar marking the biggest jump in 26 yrs.
- And that's just when 1 out of 8 baboons now depends for its dear life on governance food stamps.

The food stamp USA populace grows to a pretty round number of 40M. The chart sadly only shows the wonderful trend through 2008.

- Tax season brings disappointment as receipts in Califiendia and Mississippiss are below par 26% & 8% respectively.
- 68 banks pronounced dead in 2010, 8May. That's 1 bank or ~1B USD every 48 hrs getting the flush now. To the baboon, that's "recovery", however.
- USA treasury announced its need to rather quickly somehow wrangle some 90B USD out of the baboon banks. This with the recent 20B USD handed out in bonuses to the USA banksters. But again, baboon, no friend of arithmetic, rests unperturbed.
- So broke in fact that it asks Cuba for 6B USD in blackmail to lift the embargo.
- FanMae loses 11,5B USD/Q1 having been given free 76B USD before the next round of 8,5B USD it needs to survive a bit longer.
- FredMac loses 6,7B USD/Q1 having been given free 50B USD before the next round of 10,6B USD it needs to survive a bit longer. Not blessed with a mind that understand numbers, the yank baboon remains unperturbed.
- It's no wonder then that 96,5% or all of residential baboon mortgages are subsidised by USA governance. That's right, the entire USA realty market is a governance scam sinking in its own mire as 1 out of 4 homes are underwater or worth less than the note on them.
- But that's not all! USA commercial realty prices post a fun shrinking of 42% since 2007, when the first visible rot was noticed following the beautiful 2006 dullar nuking.
- Plus, all commercial realty is now underwater. Some 13T USD (that's TRILLION or say 13 EUnuchia-wide bailouts) spread across the FDIC catalogue ready to go bust. Just the learning curve on this fun particularity of the west-wide prolapse is enough to perplex the baboon from here on.
- Continental and United figure merging their debts will help them fly through their prolapse. So far no word on the extent of redundant job zaps.
- Cutting 275K "education" jobs across 49 states.

Another healthy trend. This is civilian baboons unemployed for 27 wks or better.

- While angry over Iran's pursuit of nuke energy, boasts it has over 5K nukes. Slight double standard there? Further, it states Israel doesn't need to disclose its nuke arsenal, in a silly off-the-cuff confirmation that indeed west has been nuclearising Israel against int'l treaties.
- Comrade Obama, west adorned symbol for peace, widens drone murders in Pakistan, achieving 10 murders on 9May.
- Pentagram laments over obesity running rampant among the young baboons fearing they're no longer capable of slipping into the standard issue fatigues.
- Admits to having pumped 4M gal into Gulf-of-Mexico. This is, of course, a lie. Let's see how big a lie, shall we? They're pumping some 25K and possibly as much as 60K barrels into the gulf each and every single day since 20Apr. The low estimate puts it then at near 60M litres by now. So the vivociders are lying then at minimum 400%.
- The oil slick has reached the shores of Taxes, Loseriana, and AlObama, enhancing now most of the baboon riviera. And these grease monkeys wanted to dictate ecology?
- Further admits to pumping 7K barrels of some chemical dispersant into the gulf to make certain this is truly the greatest eco assault on our planet yet.
- Comrade Obama's dispatched air force to combat the oil rig leak. Of course, that act of desperation had also failed.
- Gives 5K USD, that's 5000, to fishermen for having to wade through the oil muck.
- Comrade Obama appoints a judge to USA top court who has no judge experience. What's the qualification then? The appointment is one of GoldSacks' own. Yes, comrade Obama wants the banksters to run it all now.
- Loses NorthAm IntelSat satellite, which is now adrift in orbit. And these grease monkeys wanted to dictate technology?
- Newsweek on the west-wide garage sale. be cont'd as it all piles


Anonymous said...

Superb, man, superb. I'd come with a small piece of non-news, and had the good luck to stumble upon the latest NBN. Love it, man, love it. I'll still leave the news in question for some further use. See how it's turned. Now we are given the employment rate instead of straightforward figures which are probably also wrong.

UK unemployment rate soars to 2.5 million new
Number of people looking for work rose by 53,000 while the UK's employment rate slumped to 72%.

Anonymous said...

Medvedev in unprecedented Syria visit
Press TV - Tue, 11 May 2010

Russia's President is in Syria to revamp Moscow's political influence in the Middle East, days after the US slapped fresh sanctions on Damascus.
Dmitry Medvedev was greeted by his Syrian opposite number Bashar al-Assad upon his arrival on Monday.
The two leaders discussed the latest regional and international developments.
"Relations between our people go back many, many years and decades. They have always been friendly," Medvedev said referring to Soviet-era relations with Syria.
He added that Moscow's priority in the two-day trip is to reach a comprehensive approach to solve security issues in the Middle East.
The Russian leader said that as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, his country had an obligation to reset the Arab-Israeli talks.
Assad, for his part, urged Moscow to support Syria in efforts for a just and comprehensive Middle East peace.
The Syrian leader was alluding to Israel's continued occupation of the Golan Heights which it seized from Syria in 1967 and annexed in 1981. The move was never recognized by the international community.
Assad also touched on Iran's civilian nuclear program, underlining the need for "a diplomatic solution" to the issue.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, for below, a paraphrase would be a crime of lèse-majesté. So I quote you in full:

- Tax season brings disappointment as receipts in Califiendia and Mississippiss are below par 26% & 8% respectively.
- 68 banks pronounced dead in 2010, 8May. That's 1 bank or ~1B USD every 48 hrs getting the flush now. To the baboon, that's recovery, however.
- USA treasury announced its need to rather quickly somehow wrangle some 90B USD out of the baboon banks. This with the recent 20B USD handed out in bonuses to the USA banksters. But again, baboon, no friend of arithmetic, rests unperturbed.
- So broke in fact that it asks Cuba for 6B USD in blackmail to lift the embargo.

For beauty such as this, who wouldn't lay down their lives?

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, thank heavens the Vista problems have been overcome and we live to see another edition of NBN, stupendous as usual.

Anonymous said...

Financial crisis is a ploy to cut social spending and increase taxes
Faarigh Jazbati -

Dear All

I have been following the recent financial crises in greece and in other european countries. It seems very peculiar that solution to all these financial troubles faced by these countries is to so called "tihgtening of the belt for the masses".

The solution proposed by so far all include the cuts in the public services, pay cuts for government employees and especially in case of Spain while there is so called "socialist govenment" they are proposing a massive cuts in social benefits, pay cuts and other social sector spending.

All this seems to be very fishy as this is done very systematically country by country.The ideas are floated that every country need to cut back the public spending and need tax increase. No one is talking about government waste and huge spending on defence and so called national security. Although all the expert are saying that there is no danger of big conventional war between the old enemies or the new rival but still european and US government is spending trillions of dollars on the conventional warfare.

looking into all these I come to conclusion that this financial crisis especially in europe is created solely by the big military industrail complex multinationals to cut down public social sector spending, increase taxes and to privatise all the services like health, education, social security etc.

What do you think guys and Gals


p. this comes here from the other side of the world. I was struck by the way the ideas expressed here were so close to your own in many ways. Hope you can see the convergence, too.

Anonymous said...

Blogmaster, I have a bone to pick with you. How come your wrote has Japan not got any more samurai? Have your forgotten the dear to our hearts R.H? When the time comes, the Japanese samurai will show the world what they're worth beyond doubt or dispute.

Anonymous said...

Egypt extends emergency law
Parliament approves a presidential decree to extend the state of emergency despite protests. (12.5.10)

Spare a thought, please, for our Informatron who went off to Egypt sometime ago. He should have been back long since. But we've heard nothing from him since. One measly EMail from Cairo weeks ago and since then nothing at all. Let's hope he's not mouldering in some Egyptian jail. He was all for El Baradei taking over from that mummy Mubarak.

Anonymous said...

Don^t tell me p. that an intelligent man like yourself does not understand why Frankenstein is getting away with it all. You'll have heard the Z word or the J word, I take it. Protected territory it is at the moment. Just as Brits are siddling towards the same protected status shortly. Or do I know more than you do?

Anonymous said...

Quote of the week:

"You'd better listen to the Iranian nation's advice: Abandon your stubbornness; live with other nations based on justice and friendship, like human beings; leave the region; leave Afghanistan; leave Iraq; withdraw to your borders and mind your own business," President Ahmadinejad said in a public meeting today.

Anonymous said...

Sicko USA?????
by bernie22

So: the USA wants 6 billion dollars from Cuba to
lift the embargo????

Anonymous said...

(12.5.10)Russia-Turkey: bilateral relations

When Russian President Dmitry Medvedev arrived in Turkey on Tuesday May 11, it was clear that the main outcome of his visit would be the establishment of a High-Level Cooperation Council (to be co-chaired by Medvedev), the signing of an agreement on one-month visa-free travel for tourists, and cooperation in the construction of nuclear power plants.

The first meeting of the council, to be attended by the Russian president, is to formalize the agreement to launch a three-stage roadmap for strategic cooperation in the political, trade and economic spheres and between public organizations.

Medvedev will also meet with Turkish President Abdullah Gul and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The sides plan to sign a score of agreements and political documents, which should advance bilateral cooperation to a higher level. Turkey describes it as privileged cooperation and Russia as multifaceted strategic partnership.

Europe is always slightly alarmed when a Russian president (or a prime minister) goes to Turkey or a Turkish leader visits Russia. It fears that Turkey may lean too closely towards Russia and that the relationship could revive imperial ambitions in both Russia and Turkey.

Also, Europe sees a double danger in the fact that Russian-Turkish political friendship is being reinforced with energy, oil and gas deals.

Great traveller our Medvedev is turning out to be. First Syria and now Turkey. Good Europe is feeling alarmed. May they remain in that state everafter.

Anonymous said...


5% average pay cut for public workers in 2010
Payout scrapped to parents for birth of children
Automatic inflation-adjustments for pensions suspended
Funding to regions cut by 1.2bn euros

Anonymous said...

re: 13:17

These Eurorats are finally getting a taste of their own medicine.

It's called American-style Free Market Reforms, what the USA (with European help) routinely imposes on non-Western countries for DECADES

Looks like America is finally turning on Europe. LOL.

There is no honor among thieves.

Anonymous said...

Germany, France May Hurt AAA Ratings in ‘Ponzi Game’ - 12.5.10

Germany and France are among top- rated euro-area states that may compromise their AAA grades by standing behind the debts of weaker members with their 750 billion-euro ($955 billion) stabilization fund.
The package is “making debt profiles deteriorate, potentially damaging the ratings of core sovereigns,” said Stefan Kolek, a strategist at UniCredit SpA in Munich. “It’s a kind of Ponzi game at the highest level.”
The unprecedented loan package was designed by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund to halt a sovereign- debt crisis that threatened to push Greece, Portugal and Spain into default and shatter confidence in the euro. As part of the support plan, Germany’s Bundesbank, the Bank of France and the Bank of Italy started buying government bonds yesterday.
Bonds of Portugal, Spain and other deficit-plagued nations on Europe’s periphery soared yesterday and bunds — the safe haven for holders of European government bonds — weakened as the threat of a Greek default receded. The cost of insuring against sovereign losses using credit-default swaps tumbled yesterday, with contracts on Greece sliding 370 basis points, their biggest one-day decline, to 577, according to CMA DataVision.
The average Standard & Poor’s rating for the five biggest countries using the euro is AA-, three levels below the top, without adjusting for size, according to Gary Jenkins, a strategist at Evolution Securities Ltd. in London. After Germany and France, the largest top-rated nations that use the common currency are the Netherlands, Austria and Finland.

Anonymous said...

After reading today's NBN, I get the feeling the world has finally turned absolutely and totally bonkers. Turn whichever side I may, I no longer see any hope for humanity. We should all be locked up in the nearest asylum. And never mind all this crowing going on about how marvellously we're coming along. Seeing is believing. And I've seen nothing so far, except for scam after scam.

Anonymous said...

I liked the verve and utter seriousness of FJ's (13:17) analysis of the current financial crisis and his absolutely correct emphasis, often left unmentioned in mainstream articles, on the cost of the West warmongering. There is a striking contradiction between claiming to be broke and yet spending millions and trillions on warfare at the same time. Like saying you don't know where your next meal will be coming from and then going out and buying yourself, with cash or credit, who knows, a spanking new Rolls.

poiuytr said...

12:45 -- Medvedev in unprecedented Syria visit

Nuke power coop right on the border of israel and no vitriolic spittle from the west beast? Thanks comrade Obama for the stupendous sanctions unifying the Freeworld. The sanctions work as well as all the west's efforts trying to at least slow down the Gulf of Mexico 30K bpd oil squirt off.

Truly, it's the USA prez's that have done most for the fast and terminal prolapse of the whole of the west. They all deserve peace pips for that.


14:49 -- How come your wrote has Japan not got any more samurai?

You're 100% right to call me on this. I did forget Y Fujita and many others and even Hatoyama. After all, his failure in driving the USA occupiers off the island is no surprise.

But that said, it's surprising that the battle was waged in such a silly manner producing no effect at all. That's the disappointment here seen in the plunging Japan Hatoyama approval.

Thinking that there's a way to free Japan from USA talons is simply too tall. As you know, the first thing after Hatoyama's becoming PM, was comrade Obama putting his foot on Japan's neck basically re-invading it.

It seems then that the battle waged by Hatoyama was wrong and thus not worthy of a samurai, to be a bit tongue-in-cheek. Hence the line in NBN.

Instead of pulling out some old treaties and looking for loopholes in them, Hatoyama should have, with full support of USA occupation of Japan, slapped new mountain of taxes and fees on USA -- from eco tax to rape insurance fees. Battles have to be run in stages not in this hollywood manner that Hatoyama did it in.

Plus 911 should have been used, in exactly the same manner as Fujita raised it in 2008.

> When the time comes, the Japanese samurai will show the world what they're worth beyond doubt or dispute.

Some may say the time has come and gone already. But maybe you're right... what would you like to change the NBN line to? Any disrespect, if any, was meant for Hatoyama's ridiculous games with USA, no more than that. It raises a question how much did he get from comrade Obama to lie down again.

poiuytr said...

13:17 -- "other european countries. It seems very peculiar that solution to all these financial troubles faced by these countries is to so called "tihgtening of the belt for the masses".

It's an experiment to a point. Panarin, the dear readership of this blog, and the whole world has been asking what is the pain limit of west monkeys when they rise up off their rumps and become a violent mob. This question has been asked and assessed by the west junta for years. Concentration camps strewn around USA and EUnuchia ready to be opened en masse are perfect example of this.

The answer is however: no one knows. It's given there is going to be backlash, at some point but the point, the line is unclear to all.

In some ways, provoking mobs by ridiculous "austerity" measures in the peripheries push the experiment off from the saxonic centre of the west beast. But again, this is a fuzzy experiment and like all west plans it's going to bite the west beast in the most unexpected way, as always.

And you're 100% right. It's not only fishy but ridiculous. Squeezing 11% of GDP out of Greece per annum is NOTHING. It won't even pay for the recent west bankster bonuses. The idea that there exists austerity that can revive the west fiscal blood loss is totally and completely insane, very much like all the west baboon creatures.

What we're seeing is the west prolapse to at last bubble up to the very tops of the west structure directly threatening the entire EUnuchia fiendishness. West has hit the wall.

> No one is talking about government waste and huge spending on defence and so called national security. Although all the expert are

Not only that! The screamingly conspicuous question that has not been asked -- and deliberately so -- by neither the west media whore gang or the west leader war junta cabals is why not let Greece default.

For Greece, paying 30% of its debts and writing IOUs for the rest, would have been infinitely better. Going bankrupt would have been better.

But none of this -- absolutely none of this -- is about "tightening belts", "austerity", "default avoidance", "rating masturbations", "bond yields", "euro v dullar race to hell", etc... This is the end of all things west. This is perhaps the first largest manifestation of the 2006 dollar nuking, the event all have been waiting on. Here it is!

EUnuchia is on the ropes. West elite junta is on the brink of having to deploy violent methods to curtail the general uprising that awaits all lands west.

> enemies or the new rival but still european and US government is spending trillions of dollars on the conventional warfare.

You're right there! Right. No one is asking anything real. But that's been the case all along. Look at 911 near 10 yrs ago. No one's asked how could a Boeing vanish into thin air.

This is all just the continuation of the brilliant dismantling of all things west without prodding the west christianic lunacy into WWIII.

poiuytr said...

13:17 PT2

> industrail complex multinationals to cut down public social sector spending, increase taxes and to privatise all the services like health, education, social security etc.

Maybe on some small scale there are the typical west leeches stuffing their pouches, but that's far too small. Think larger! If west military wanted something, they'd just get it.

This is the very existential end of all things west. West money was nuked to hell in 2006 and there has been no way for west to revive its dead currency monopoly. Without that west simply cannot exist. It cannot even feed itself, let alone clothe or have energy of any kind. West was run in 2006.

This is uncharted territory for west and our planet. Although the west monkey populace is no more than 10% of our planet that does nothing but parasites off the Freeworld's children blood, the west beast is armed to its fangs and it will in all likelihood destroy everything if it goes down. Taking west down has been the most complicated challenge our planet has ever faced, ice ages included here. But thusfar, the defence has been no less than miraculously brilliant and EUnuch prolapse we're celebrating right now is one of its direct results.

poiuytr said...

17:30 -- "Don^t tell me p. that an intelligent man like yourself does not understand why Frankenstein is getting away with it all. You'll"

You misread the tone. It's all rhetorical, of course. It's no surprise that Frankensteins and Germs and UKians, the heart of the saxonic christianic child-murdering swill aren't burning like Athens -- just yet. The second line, I think, about the stratification of EUnuchia into slaves and ubermensch should have given that away.

On a serious note though, I think that's sort of key here, the stratification. EUnuchs, even in the EUnuchzone are no longer equal. That's important! Greeks, Spaniards, the Portuguese, Irish, Latvian, Romanian, well all non-saxons need to understand their place on the old Hitler hit list. Nothing's changed in that regard: non-saxons are simply 2nd rate at best. That's perhaps the most important thing in all this.

The fact that the saxonic centres of this NWO child murdering junta haven't been prolapsed into self-imposed austerity just yet is immaterial at the moment. It's the 2nd class status that Berlin has just enacted that needs be seen.

> have heard the Z word or the J word, I take it. Protected territory

If only it were this simple. Don't fall for the headlines. Israel is the very creation of the christianic saxonic beast, not the other way around. But be it as may, fingerpointing/scapegoating/blame-deflectionism within the west cesspits is neither here nor there. All west life forms, from the tops of the west junta echelons, the west christianic pedophile clubs, the west saxonic child-raping and torturing troops, down to the last sofa squatting baboon stuffing his snout full of chips, all west is guilty of the genocide, and the attack on humanity. West is THE disease here. No need to split hairs. No need to analyse further.


17:57 -- "Also, Europe sees a double danger in the fact that Russian-Turkish political friendship is being reinforced with energy,..."

This is funny and worth a pint! Turkey-Russia-Syria coop underway.

Also, this isn't in the NBN but there's Greek-Russia talks as well. It wouldn't be surprising to see Greece become a Gazprom client one day with new tender filling its banks.

The wedge is in. The liberation and exorcism from the beast has begun on the very land still wrongly-called in Berlin EUnuchia.

poiuytr said...

20:22 -- "After reading today's NBN, I get the feeling the world has finally turned absolutely and totally bonkers. Turn whichever side I"

West has been bonkers all its murderous and parasitic existence. It's just more visible today as it edges towards the abyssal terminal prolapse.

But this isn't time for despair! This is time of joy and great jubilation for the west beast has been bled anemic without provoking it into some giant int'l war conflict.

> ay, I no longer see any hope for humanity. We should all be locked

Humanity? Humanity is fully intact. West psycho pedophile creatures, however, cannot be accused of having any semblance to it and the word humanity and west shouldn't be mixed. Hence the many reasons, often relatively succinctly itemised in NBNs, to jubilate the west prolapse.

> about how marvellously we're coming along. Seeing is believing. And

If you're in west, -- and I'm not trying to be dramatic -- you haven't seen anything. West is headlong for total wall to wall prolapse across all its lands. Shards paving Athens streets with flames jutting out of rubbish bins, broken store fronts, and banks is nothing compared to what west is in for.

You see, west has lost. It effectively lost the fiscal rape game in 1990s and should have made amends revamping all contracts. But west had no wish to tighten belt and give up its planet domination then. In fact, it wanted to re-assert itself and re-rape the whole of our planet. And so it did 911, London77, blamed Afghanistan, and set on its terror war against all humanity and our planet.

The chief objectives of the Bliar/Busch II child-murdering campaign were re-occupying Central Asia stealing all oil reserves from Caspian and Iran. This would have prolonged the dollar dictate and carved China, the pesky rising power of the 90s, into a few more years of submission.

But something went wrong. Superbly wrong, in fact. And that's why we're here today celebrating it.

The entire west child-murdering juggernaut was stopped in Afghanistan and Iraq, the first two defenceless nations it stepped into in 2001 as the beast basically had launched its WWIII.

Then more marvelous stuff happened. Russia, without west noticing liberated itself from the west harrowing 90s buyout of the nation and SouthAm began rising creating a giant front the west baboon had no clue about then and probably isn't quite understanding it even today.

Once Russia was free at home, it forced its way on the int'l scale literary cleaning the whole of Central Asia of the parasitic west occupation. Kyrgyzstan today is but a flashback, soon to be quelled like Ukraine and more.

poiuytr said...

20:22 PT2

The west parasitic neanderthals were chased out of Asia and didn't stop their run till Romania where they've dug in the EUnuch occupied lands. Note here the amazing shrinkage of the west rape and no shot was fired from Russia or at Russia then.

Then came 2006, the year that's akin to driving a wooden peg into the heart of a vampire. The dollar monopoly was nuked. And better still! There was no way to save the dollar then and now. The Greece woes are the direct result of the loss of west's blood by this brilliant move.

So out of sheer desperation, the west war junta, watching their entire investment (known as the derivative market that's mourned around the west cesspits) into the Busch II-Bliar final crusade vanish with no effect whatsoever, west roped in the loons of Gruzia to have a go at Russia. Swiftly, following the attack on basically Russia, west had lost Gruzia and liberation of Ukraine was intensified. Today Ukraine and thus Black Sea, like the Caspian are under the control of Russia.

And here we are. It's 2010 and the prolapse of all things west is no longer a fantasy but the very reality that's beginning to bite all west creatures in one way or another. But rest assured this is all just a beginning.

If the west monster had a brain cell it would have folded a long ago. But as it is, it's going full out and whether it provokes an armed nation into retaliation remains to be seen. What's given, however, is the fiscal end of all lands west.

But don't mourn it too hard now. The west monkeys are no more than 10% of the planet and there's no corner of our planet that will so much as spare a tear for this incredibly lunatic, war-obsessed, organ-thieving, pedophile, genocidal, eco-destructing disease from hell. Quite the contrary, empty another pint for the EUnuchs have printed another 1T EUR thinking that's gonna save their bristly rumps.

poiuytr said...

21:29 -- "There is a striking contradiction between claiming to be broke and yet spending millions and trillions on warfare at the same "

This is precisely it though! On surface, it's totally and completely insane. Your point is 100% right to raise this issue or support the other comment that raised it here.

But the insanity of it stems from the fact that this isn't Greece default or Greece austerity solution at all.

This is west dying. This is west rigor mortis spreading unstoppably, just like the oil leak in USA.

This isn't some cheque book game of pushing cash here to avoid late charges there and then refilling the coffer by cutting this and that.

This is the very terminal prolapse of west that's happening.

And as always, west has last decision to make. That's all that's left.

Either west goes in a fiscal wall-to-wall prolapse that will implode all lands west or west will ratchet up wars, in their endless and historically repetitive hope to get themselves out of trouble via war or even perhaps world war.

But since the world isn't what it used to be, even as short as ten years ago, if west touches a nation capable of 2nd strike, it will eat missiles today.

And so all the choices the west pedophile creatures once upon time had have shrunk to two: go in a fiscal prolapse or go in a nuke blaze.

And we're seeing that this is understood and battled on the very tops of the west war junta levels. The command of the west wars is flummoxed and suffering criss-cross psychosis. There are those who understand the imminent folly of touching, for example, Iran but there are those who still believe that the west wetdream of total planet re-rape is possible.

> yourself, with cash or credit, who knows, a spanking new Rolls.

Yes, well made point! And that's exactly it across all west. With the nearing terminal fiscal prolapse, the very psychosis is beginning to surface and grip all west command centres. Yes, insanity, desperation, confusion, and total dementia is all that west has left.

I think it's visible in west media whore product recently, which is turning more cretinous by the hour, as it no longer even knows what to conceal and what to forcefeed. There's a complete rigormortis in west, on all levels.

It's like Hitler command in 1944 or so.

Specifically, what EUnuchs chose to carry on their madness, is prolonging the defeat and exacerbating all the psychotic insanity that's no longer anyone in the west even tries to hide from the west monkey public.

West monkeys will now think everyone's gone mad but this is all part of prolapse. It happens on corporate level and it's happening on the EUnuch-wide scale and it will happen on the west-wide scale, which will soon make this period look "sane" and fully "logical".

Anonymous said...

Thanks poiuytr. That should have given us all a good start to the rest of the week. The lucidity of it all, the logic wrapped up in miles of verbal humour and charm. I've rarely seen you so expressive of late. If ever I have a desire to complain about something in coming days, I'll think back to your words today and feel the desire seep out of me asap.

poiuytr said...


So Zapatero bestows on Spain, after a talk with comrade Obama of course, poverty/austerity measures. Zapatero claims he'll save 15B EUR/2 yrs.

Now, let's do some simple comparisons, shall we?

So first, that's 8B a year rinsed out of Spain via these poverty measures.

The recent-most round of goldSacks banksters bonuses (that's just BONUSES) ran over 20B USD. USA's monthly, that's MONTHLY, deficit is over 80B USD, or 10X of what Zapatero proposes to save in a year, making USA's deficit alone 120X larger problem than what Spain hopes to save. That's 12000% larger problem, yet it's comrade Obama telling Zapatero what to do to save west.

Two USA mortgage fiends need 20B USD right now to make the next quarter after losing 18B USD last quarter. These two firms are then 10X problem that of Spain. Just two baboon firms mean 1000% bigger problem than Spain's books.

Quantitative easing, a clever code for giving poodle's cash to UK banksters, runs at some 200B GBP. This isn't even comparable to Spain's plans of saving 8B EUR/yr.

Not even bankruptcy in west is comparable. Take GM and their 30B USD prolapse bonus, when comrade Obama gave GM 25B USD weeks prior to their bankruptcy and 5B USD after for job well done. Spain in 2 yr will have saved, if the plan goes as planned, only 50% of just this little bankruptcy heist, which in itself was no more than a little blip on the west fiscal rigor mortis.

And on and on...

Spain going broke, Greece going broke, Portugal going broke, is not the issue here, as numbers show.

So what's happening?

That's right. West has slid off the edge of the abyss and they're jettisoning what they can to save at least bits of the war junta stolen goods.

Poverty measures enacted across non-saxonic west are no more than the step towards total west dictatorship lockdown martial dictate militarisation.

Soon, tanks will govern the west baboon way of life.


But that's not all. This is a point that's supported in all NBNs and should be fully understood today. But that's not all.

The last choice west will be making, as said before ad nauseam is whether to accept its terminal prolapse or launch a WWIII.

Lavrov, Russia FM, states precisely the same Obama-out warrior-in scenario as described in the "West Righting Itself" article.

Indeed, there exist factions in west that still dare wetdream not just of WWIII but of actually winning it.

Nothing more can underscore the truly neanderthal disease the west vampire has been to our planet.

Anonymous said...

California Is More Likely to Default than Iceland or Iraq - 12.5.10

The Federal Reserve isn't the only one who owns credit default swaps betting that California will default.

As Ed Harrison points out, credit default traders have now ranked California in the top 10 governments likely to default, with a 20% default probability:

Anonymous said...

The U.S. Government Is About To Get Hit With 'The Perfect Storm' Of Debt

Hearing President Obama’s economic peptalks, you might be under the impression that the U.S. needs to keep spending for just a little while longer to stimulate the economy – but then will swear off big deficits.
And if you believe that I have some of Saddam's 'nookular' bombs to sell you!

Anonymous said...

The Different Face of the Third World War - Siv O'Neall. Axis of Logic - May 12, 2010

Make no mistake. The third World War is right here. Now. It has been here for longer than you would believe.
The world is at war. Unrelenting, genocidal war. Another war that is a racket, but with a different face and a different racket. A war that kills millions, as is usually the case. There are two sides to this war, but it is not the East against the West. It’s not even the South against the North. It is not a geographical war. It’s a class war. It is the Poor against the Rich on all five continents. And right now the Rich are winning.

poiuytr, if you have time, have a look at this. It's on our link list already. Then tell us how you rate the stuff, if you can. Thanks.

poiuytr said...

10:00 -- What I think of the Siv's article?

Rubbish in short, though written in that classic hollywood out-of-breath apocalypse style. In general, all west narrative is aimed at emotions and backed only by emotional charge. West stuff never analyses and never ever talks data. Amazingly, the west dissenters are copying their brainwash masters in this peddling panic, fear trips, and mayhem confusion.

Specifically, Siv's "brief look back" milestones are 100% affronts to humanity. He lauds L Johnson as a hero, while the man is no more than another war criminal in the endless west junta charade. There are no goody good USA olden days, yet Siv and Rense, C Roberts and others from this lot love to pretend that.

The premise of rich against poor war is then quickly mixed with race against race war which is a contradiction to say the least.

Siv's right on about Ukraine's liberation but...

> (from Siv) Iraq is a ruined country but the U.S. will probably manage one day fairly soon to withdraw most of its military, declaring victory.

Under no circumstance can this ever happen. If it could have, USA would have been gone years ago. But if west leaves Iraq, it loses Saudi, all Persian Gulf and all its oil supply within hours of the last troop leaving.

> It is the multinational corporations that are sucking up the entire wealth of the world, leaving

West firms, yes. Not the Freeworld's. But west firms are totally immaterial today. Again, note that to baboons their regional experience somehow defines the planet.

> The world economy is in free fall, but you

Not true at all. Freeworld's econ is rising, with bumps, as it extricates itself further from the once omnipresent west holdings. West econ is non-existent and being replaced by austerity measures backed by robocops in the streets. But that's all part of the west terminal prolapse.

In general, this is classic west pathetic crying. There'll be a lot of it now. In fact that's all that west will do now and quite frankly as it should for it has murdered millions of children in attempt to enslave our planet.

I stopped reading here cuz it's all about the crying over the decay of USA. It's fun to see in terms of the rising west pain, which is well deserved, but pointless in terms of any understanding of anything. It's just the same old pro-USA global-cataclysm-wetdream diatribe.

Don't pay any mind to it.

poiuytr said...


This is, as they say "IT". This has been the most awaited moment and astonishingly none are jubilating with pints of bitter.

The new UK governance has just bestowed NEW 6B GBP cuts on its subject. That's some progress, isn't it? UK central bankster told them to do it and they hopped in a manner of minutes. This will be augmented with a "emergency" new budget revealed in 50 days. This is VERY quick indeed on a sudden, isn't it?

Yes, poverty measures, albeit somewhat less harsh at the moment than what Zapatero was forced by comrade Obama to activate, are here in the centre of the west cesspit.

Where is all the jubilation?

West econ has been buried. Where are the tomb dancers?

West econ has been replaced by poverty dictate enforced by robocops.

Where is the hallelujah choir?

BTW, it occurs -- seeing the UK's swift austerity measure enactment following the typically shady governance music chair games -- that Herr Merkel's vote loss was staged in order to predicate governance music chairs toss up in Berlin that like in UK will result in some new coalition deal, which will mete austerity, just like UK's new governance, to Germs.

Herr Merkel can't exactly smack Germia with austerity after the Greece "bailout", that could get ugly, but they can reshuffle governance and tighten the collective screws on the west neanderthals as west has become the official prolapsed lockdown.

But more importantly, where are all the merry carolers? West is prolapsing on itself. Another successful qtr of "recovery" like this and west proves Panarin true.

Anonymous said...

Well here we are, p, here we are, dancing round tombs, singing, carolling. But still awaiting some more final indication of prolapse than simply a few austerity measures of relative importance. But then we were always impatient beggars. It's a splendid beginning, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Thai protester shot, killed during violent clashes with police (13.5.10)

Earlier, the leader of the Red Shirt movement, Seh Daeng, was shot in the head while being interviewed, according to a journalist who witnessed the shooting. He was in critical condition.

Anonymous said...

Russia warns U.S. against unilateral Iran sanctions - 13.5.19

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned the United States and other Western nations on Thursday against imposing unilateral sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program, Interfax news agency reported.

The European Union has said it may impose unilateral sanctions if a U.N. Security Council resolution fails.

U.S. President Barack Obama's administration has been lobbying Western companies not to do business with Iran, but has not imposed sanctions against them.

Webmaster's Commentary:
Lavrov fully understands that any sanctions will be a prelude to a war which could well go global.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, thanks for comments on the Siv article. She's Swedish, by the way. So if I've understood correctly, you think nothing of her core idea that it's a war of the Rich on the Poor, apart from anything else it may or may not be. Also the genocidal elements she stresses here and there. The rest of it I myself dismissed out of hand. But the two points above somehow stuck in my mind. Specially since it does not contradict the things you've been saying all along, i.e. the war junta is hauling in its gains before it's too late.

poiuytr said...

21:02 -- we are, dancing round tombs, singing, carolling. But still awaiting some more final indication of prolapse

Oh ye of no faith. :) I understand the sentiment. Right. But internet probably won't be around when shards pave west streets from Aussia, across Israel, over EUnuchia, across the oil sullied Atlantic to the stolen NorthernAm plateaus, all the way to Pacific. So if there's gonna be a tomb party, it oughtta be happening now, thought the 3 yr industrial and 2 yr bank rot of west has given us plenty piss-up opportunities.

The thing here today, the change worthy a pint or two, is the departure from status quo. In 2008, west moved to print cash and raid future generations to float their collective banking making some ~20T wallet holes on each side of the Atlantic. We celebrated this change watching its marvelous effect as the 2008 departure from status quo decimated the entire west industrial complex in the last 2 yrs.

Today, we are at another status quo changing milestone. The cash printing is no longer sustainable by west. The 2008 cash manufacturing is over today. And so we have another status quo change today, which turns directly against the west monkeys and at last clearly divides west war governances and west creatures subjects.

Further, the impressive thing is, which highlights the truly desperate situation that's driving it all, is the speed at which this is happening. It was literary days ago, when we watched just some tiny periphery of west break off and begin struggling. Today, the poverty measures are everywhere. Today, EUnuchzone central banksters are taking over the management of EUnuchia. Today, the entire rule book that has been used hitherto is gone. Today, they're manufacturing the status quo in some hasty crazed meetings as west 1 qtr, much less 1 yr, or 5 yr future, is completely uncertain.

That's all... I thought this would be enough to jubilate. Also the beautiful exponential of the west prolapse is perfectly seen in all this west media natter today. But, OK, I accept, we can wait a bit longer for more physical manifestations of this sudden status quo change across all lands west.


21:05 -- "Russia warns U.S. against unilateral Iran sanctions"

Right! Forget sanctions here. Sanctions, shmanctions. They're 100% silly nonsense. West has no leverage on anyone except maimed children of Palestine and Iraq.

The beauty here is that Russia keeps whiplashing the west creature. Dealing with Russia, on any issue, in any capacity, must be total hell for west. Imagine the exhausted and perpetually flummoxed west rulers from all this. No wonder one day they slither up to Moscow thinking they own Russia and the next they threaten war against Russia via some cretinous proxy dog.

This isn't about Iran or sanctions but about the loss of west leverage, importance via further diplo battles.

> Lavrov fully understands that any sanctions will be a prelude to a war which could well go global.

M Rivero chimes in again. Sanctions on Iran won't do a single thing. Sanctions from west, the threat of or the enactment thereof, are totally impotent today. Quite the contrary, all west sanctions drive the nations into faster Freeworld coop, which quite quickly turns on the west as it becomes more hopelessly isolated.

West today cannot afford to sanction anyone and under no circumstance can comrade Obama achieve sanctions agreement across west today. France, Italy, etc etc all have been slithering to Iran, Libya, Russia, etc as much as they can to get their claws closer to oil and gas. They didn't listen to Busch II and they haven't obeyed comrade Obama. They're not likely to do that today.

All this is just Russia running the diplo show -- not west.

poiuytr said...

21:11 -- "Siv article. She's Swedish, by the way. "

She's freaking out. That's to be expected now. There shall be much teeth gnashing. There will be much confusion in the end days. Bitten by the loss of wallet, west monkeys will begin screeching and swinging wildly through the canopy of their burning jungle. Some will take flight in a mad stampede away from the rising plumes of smoke. Some will be attracted to it. Limbs and snouts will be broken as the monkeys crash along their panicked leaps through the branches. But their collective blabbing and insane behaviour is completely immaterial now. Their impressions, whether published like Siv's or stifled by the off-scale west illiteracy plague, are equally totally pointless.

Even Mike Rivero of WHR index is basically mad today or maybe just lost in his own confusion he believes to be reality. He was relatively alright on his comments years ago but now as the prolapse moves upward to int'l scale in EUnuchia (why does google keep underlining EUnuchia as a misspelling? don't they upgrade their dictionaries?), he is forced to expose his view on int'l matters, which is nothing short of laughable embarrassment. I fear none of the west dissent grasps anything and their readers are even dumber. I don't believe they understand how they got here, what exactly is happening, and couldn't enumerate even the last 5 yrs most important milestones, let alone WWII, west genocides since WWII, dollar monopoly. And there's nothing but vacuum in the west skulls considering anything prior to WWII.

So any diatribes from west today must be treated with extreme caution and pretty much avoided on par with the bombastic hollywood emotive slapdash rubbish for it's nothing but emotional abuse and mindrape.

> that it's a war of the Rich on the Poor, apart from anything else it

Right. This is not a war of the global wealth bastards against the rest of us. Why? Simply because there is no such thing as global wealth. I think the Busch II NGO fiends had planned it that way but forgot about all the wealthy enemies they have had.

If you delve into the illuminati, bohemian grove, CFR's and on and on agendas, it's probably very much this stuff in some way, but the globalisation wetdream of the west beast simply hasn't happened and never had a chance to happen. Not without the destruction of the non-west wealth and strength, a task beyond the west capabilities throughout the entire west existence. This should have been clear to Siv by 2003/4 when Iraq resistance stopped the mighty west tanks from rolling any further.


poiuytr said...

21:11 PT2

Siv's just commenting on what she sees. Typical monkey reflex common to all west miscreants and simpler organisms. There's no thought process whatever twixt the west baboon's eyes and their gobs. They just tend to repeat what they hear or see with no understanding of it or how it relates to the larger picture.

West prolapse... or any prolapse will always hurt the less fortunate first. That's all. Siv's seeing the prolapse in her west idyll land and seeing the poor workers booted from the GM Saab nonsense, she thinks the rich are murdering the poor and so she feels entitled to make a swift global generalisation based on her one pifly regional observation. And note how long it took her to put these slapdash thoughts together. West industry rot has been celebrated by NBN for years. She just caught on.

This again highlights the west false entitlement, a matter brought up here before. The west monkeys experience something and they think that's the way across the planet not grasping at all that the entire west cesspit behaviour, thoughts, mis-culture, mis-civilisation makes only 10% of our planet's population and that no experience of west is reflective or even remotely indicative of the rest of the planet. Most, a vast majority of yank baboons don't even, for instance, understand that Mandarin is the most spoken language, not English, and USA isn't the biggest nation on earth, not even second biggest. It's this pitiful.

> there. The rest of it I myself dismissed out of hand. But the two points above somehow stuck in my mind. Specially since it does not

I'm very pleased to hear you didn't fall for it.

There will much of this kind of crazed rhetoric today. Don't be yanked by the emotive bombastic style. All of the west channels will go mad now. They've been mad all along but now it's gonna go through the roof -- exponentially.

Siv's right that the poorer will get it first. That's just a methodology of any prolapse. When two people get a disease, it's the weaker one that will succumb first. When a firm goes, the millionaire that sat at the top of it probably doesn't care as much as the worker who dependeds for his dear life on the weekly paycheck handout. So all prolapses manifest along the poor, weaker edges first. That's true but unimportant and incomplete. The story is that the whole of the west is up for the same prolapse the west poor are already celebrating and terminally so at that. That's infinitely more important, not only to Siv, but mainly to the liberation of our planet from the west genocide. But not surprisingly, like a good baboon, she missed the important bit again.

She noticed that the poor are getting shafted, but she has no clue, NONE WHATSOEVER, that the entire west is terminally prolapsing, not just poor, but her in a moment, and all west lifeforms after that -- and at an exponential rate at that.


poiuytr said...

21:11 PT3

And on the genocide aspect: to her that's just a word and she's right that there is genocide. That's not hard to predict or sum. It's like saying there will be a big earthquake and torrential rains and droughts. But again, she doesn't get the important bit, which is that the genocide is orchestrated and carried out by the west beast and that west has done nothing in its entire existence than that.

As a Swede, Siv oughtta know the harrowing genocidal past of the very saxonic christianic EUnuch beast whose endless war scorched the EUnuchia continent for thousand plus years before the christianic genocide spilled across the seas genociding SouthAm, Asia, MiddleEast, Africa, and all the islands in the way of the west blitzkrieg. Swedes, under Gustav, fought the christianic pedophiles and she oughtta remember the blood-thirsty genocidal bent of the corner she's from.

> i.e. the war junta is hauling in its gains before it's too late.

Right. West... tends to. There's so much confusion. Just look at the comment above about the "Z" and "J" factions of west as the reason why UK doesn't have austerity.

Hours after that, we saw that UK got their austerity. The Z and J aspects as the commentator puts it are true. Why not? Illuminati is true, why not? Clubs are everywhere. Secret meeting are common everywhere. Everyone makes plans and writes their little to-do-lists. True, not everyone's to-do-list includes invading Holland, Poland, and annexing Czechoslovakia, while slicing France in half. True, not everyone's napkin doodlings include invasion of Iraq, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Syria, Lebanon, Tajikistan, Georgia, Armenia, while wiping out Palestine. But all this is just low level stuff. It's interesting but it's not indicative of the important collective trend that NBN tries highlighting and I think that's the trend that affects our planet and is responsible for the immense loss of life, namely children's, which is the most important thing.

Whether the britzie royalty can shape shift into scaly tongue-flicking lizards is amusing for a bit but it's not important. The life of the child taken by the west beast with the deliberate beastliness to do it and the BBCNN whore celebrations of the murder afterwards, and the west-wide condoning of this genocide is what's important and what all humans should be responding to. Talking about these silly west factions is nothing more than concealing the west criminality and collective evil.

And so the west is in part completely confused, and in part deliberately deflecting blame by scapegoating. Globalresearch, WHR comments now, C Roberts, Engdahl, Duke, Rense, all of them are pursuing their hobbies at best. None of them grasp the west prolapse picture. Some don't want to and some just aren't capable among their freckly lot.

And therefore all they see is what interests their pathetic, and often deeply racist-based mindset, not what is really going on.

And the astonishing thing is that it's simple. That ultimately, on the top level, it's very simple to see. Well, NBN tries to highlight that ongoing trend of west terminal prolapse due to the orchestrated exorcism of the uniting Freeworld from the beast, but... I realise, it's one of many many many blogs and one that plods along with a new post every two weeks now, offering little blood pumping excitement unlike the hollywood BBCNN whores.

But still, if there's one reader who wants to debate the important things like whether active WWIII can be avoided, how... it's fun to jubilate the many west unravelings.

And you're right, west war junta has been consolidating their assets via the bailout scams, amassing all west's values under one house, in one account, under one governance across west. But now west has moved to not be able to provide for its neanderthal lot and things are going to change quite a lot now.

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr not signed in)

21:05 -- Sanctions shmanctions

USA corps (boeing, exxon, and insurances) are now "questioning" authority whether governance of comrade Obama can even ask for sanctions and threaten tens of thousands lay off if comrade Obama goes ahead.

The point is that wets corps, whatever is left, NEEDS, desperately NEEDS Iran for business.

West is toothless now and sanctions is just a word today bantered about aimlessly like all the west harebrained thoughts and barfs.

M Rivero, in his cretinous WWIII commentary is just spreading panic cuz he doesn't wanna understand like all the west neanderthals that west is just a laughable hunched over toothless crone shuffling to her gallows now.


Also, Germs are talking "poverty" measures in Germia today. That's very fast, isn't it?

Koch, feared to win a ruling chair in the current German back-session governance reshuffle, is talking cuts and all sorts of fun thingies pushing the very centre of the saxonic west disease into martial lockdown.


West has slid off the edge of the abyss, ladies and gentlemen. And none of you are dancing. How so?

Anonymous said...

NO, NO, NO, poiuytr, we are dancing, dancing so hard, blisters have appeared on our feet.
The music is so much to our liking, we can't keep still, even when some blisters open and bloods pours out.

Wrong there, then. If some express some reservations here and there. they're probably having a bad day, a day of doubt, for some reason or the other. You take them in hand with a few chosen sentences, they come out smiling ear to ear and utterly prepared for the next round of the prolapse.

And please, poiuytr, no doubts about the absolute necessity of this blog, the only one of its kind. If things are not always seen as clearly as you see them, any surprise? Otherwise they would be the blogmaster and you among the faithful bloggers.

An every two-week NBN does more damange to the west than any word said by all so-called dissidence over a six-month period. And even Ilyana Rozumova says so and that's not to be sniffed at. Very bright woman, our Ilyana.

Poiuytr, thanks and take care, keep well. There's still so much to be chronicled as we go along. Regards,


Anonymous said...

"Rubbish in short, though written in that classic hollywood out-of-breath apocalypse style. In general, all west narrative is aimed at emotions and backed only by emotional charge. West stuff never analyses and never ever talks data. Amazingly, the west dissenters are copying their brainwash masters in this peddling panic, fear trips, and mayhem confusion."

Yes, this is one of the defining and peculiar traits of that pathological disease known as "Western Civilization."

Breathless panic, paranoid delusions, all topped off with thinly concealed fantasy scenarios of The Apocaplyse.

A future psychologist would have a field day with the lunatic asylum that is the West today.

Anonymous said...

Sarkozy Threatens To Pull France Out Of Euro

If you were wondering why the market is spooked by rumors that Germany may be returning to the DM, here is actual fact that French President is on the verge of reinstating the franc. And with that, the euro is nothing more than a political toy for Merkel, Sarkozy and whoever the current non-indicted head of the Italian government is, to achieve their political goals. The currency is now dead. Parity coming within a few weeks.

From The Guardian:
The markets were initially unsettled by news that the French president had threatened to pull France out of the eurozone. The startling threat was made at a Brussels summit of EU leaders last Friday, at which the deal to bail out Greece was agreed. according to a report in El País newspaper quoting Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.
Zapatero revealed details of the French threat at a closed-doors meeting of leaders from his Spanish socialist party on Wednesday.
Sarkozy demanded "a compromise from everyone to support Greece ... or France would reconsider its position in the euro," according to one source cited by El País.
"Sarkozy went as far as banging his fist on the table and threatening to leave the euro," said one unnamed Socialist leader who was at the meeting with Zapatero. "That obliged Angela Merkel to bend and reach an agreement."

A different source who was at the meeting with Zapatero told El País that "France, Italy and Spain formed a common front against German and Sarkozy threatened Merkel with a break in the traditional Franco-German axis."

El País also quotes Sarkozy as having said, according to another of those who met Zapatero, that "if at time like this, with all that is happening, Europe is not capable of a united response, then the euro makes no sense".

Well, an epiphany 10 years late is still better than no epiphany. And, of course as many will say, he who panics first, just may salvage something. Which for most American citizens still infatuated with their currency, may mean very bad news.

Anonymous said...

12:00 - Spot on. A real Bedlam.

Anonymous said...

Home / Markets
Friday, May 14, 2010
UPDATE: Russia Needs To Cut Trade With "Slow-Growing" Europe
MOSCOW -(Dow Jones)- Russia, emerging from its deepest recession in 15 years, needs to reduce the share of its exports bound for "slow-growing Europe" and look to boost trade in more promising regions, Economy Minister Elvira Nabiullina said Friday.
"The main part of our exports is currently directed at the slow-growing European market, and the threat is increasing that we may find ourselves outside the center of powerful growth," newswires including the official RIA Novosti service reported Nabiullina as saying at a government meeting.
The bulk of Russia's exports, mostly via pipeline, go to the European Union, led by Germany. One-quarter of the EU's natural gas comes from Russia. Still, the EU's share of Russian exports slipped to 53% in 2009 from 57% a year earlier as demand for gas dropped and commodity prices fell.
"If Europe grows slowly, i.e. demand for Russian energy there grows slowly, then Russia will naturally increase exports to other faster-growing economies which need energy and raw materials," Troika Dialog chief economist Evgeny Gavrilenkov said. "Russia's exports to Europe will decrease simply arithmetically but not by the desire of the economy ministry."
The International Monetary Fund this week said it will lift its estimate for Russia's gross domestic product growth in 2010 from 4%. Russia's economy is "quite robust and not likely to be affected by developments in Europe in the short term," the IMF Moscow representative, Odd Per Brekk, said. The organization sees 1% growth in the EU this year.
"Diversifying away from Europe is going to take time," said Yaroslav Lissovolik, chief economist at Deutsche Bank AG in Moscow.
"To a significant degree, it will be a function of the capability of developing Russia's infrastructure in the East, including ports and pipelines. Furthermore, such a geographical diversification of trade is sustainable only if it is supported by long-term economic trends."

Official website:

Anonymous said...

Yank, yank,
Ignorant, narrow-minded wank,
Dumber than a bucket of bricks,
Thicker than a huge bundle of sticks,
Stuffs his mouth sunrise to sunset,
Threatens every nation on the planet,
Preaches in a place called church every Sunday,
Then molests young boys in a rent-a-car on Monday,
Hides like a girl behind his lawyer,
Then behind his gun,
Shoots up his classmates yearly just for fun.
Brainwashed by his flat-screen,
Plagued by a million fears.
And still has nothing but scrambled eggs between his ears.
Avoid this ugly creature while you can,
It's frightening, it's hideous, it's called an American!

Anonymous said...

McChrystal Terms Afghan War ‘A Draw’
Some six months into the “McChrystal Plan” the US had dramatically increased its military presence in Afghanistan and President Obama has claimed they are making “undeniable” progress. To Gen. McChrystal though, the war is still “a draw.”

And even McChrystal’s claims of a draw are questionable, based on his insistence that the Taliban’s momentum has been stopped. This is not well supported by recent data, however, which has shown a rising death toll, rising numbers of Taliban IED attacks, and ever increasing numbers of civilian killings.

Anonymous said...

Afghan Update
May 14
30 American troops killed as US helicopter shot down in Helmand province
Qari Yousuf Ahmadi
HELMAND, May 14 - On Friday night, May 13, 2010, a US helicopter was shot down in Helmand's Sangin district, killing about 30 American soldiers and crew members aboard, Mujahideen officials said.
According to the report from Helmand province, Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate, amid major countrywide operation al-Fath
Last Updated ( Friday, 14 May 2010 13:19 )

May 11
Helmand battle : dozens killed, 3 US helicopters shot down amid operation al-Fath
Qari Yousuf Ahmadi HELMAND, May 11 - As many as 55 Americans have been killed and 37 terribly injured with their three Chinook-like helicopters shot down in clashes with Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate in Helmand's Nowzad district through much of Monday, Mujahideen officials said. According to the details, the deadly battle erupted as about hundreds of American cowardly soldiers, airdropped by some 20 helicopters into the different areas of Nowzad district, wanting to
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 11 May 2010 09:25 )

One crusader base captured in the province of Nuristan.

James Wolfe said...

What a pretentious clown Sarkozy is. What an arrogant and stupid little man!

NIcolas Sarkozy ‘on steroids’ threatened to quit euro

Poiuytr your ability to type is both awe inspiring and frightening. The end of the vile barbaric and criminal West is truly a joy to behold and cause for the most rapturous celebrations!

COME ON EVERYONE LETS DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Wolfe said...

Anarchy and squabbling reigns in Europe. The Euro dream is shattered, the fantasy of a neo-Charlemagne Holy Roman Empire has turned into a nightmare.

Shares and euro take beating as fears for Europe gain currency

BIG Selloff In European Banks

Anonymous said...

I Stand By Palestine Forever
I stand by the people of Palestine, because they don't breach the international regulations. I stand by the people of Palestine, because they are standing on their own feet. I stand by the people of Palestine because they don't occupy, terrorize and massacre. I stand by the people of Palestine, because they don't pay the mainstream media to stage psychological warfare. I stand by the people of Palestine, because they haven't been subject to any UNSC resolution. I stand by the people of Palestine, because they haven't been supported by any of the imperialistic powers so far. I stand by the people of Palestine, because they don't receive $7.0 million of military aide from the United States per day.

Anonymous said...

Russia opens a new pipeline of diplomacy
By M K Bhadrakumar 15.5.10

Russian diplomacy has been on a roll in recent months, the revival of ties with Ukraine being the most dramatic manifestation. But a string of successes, major and minor, sung and unsung, has been notched up below that high point - in Poland, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Norway and Syria.

Even with regard to Russia's highly inflammable relations with Georgia, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has opened a new front by trying to find people to talk to in Tbilisi, such as former parliament speaker Nino Burjanadze.

Russian commentators freely admit that the improved climate for relations with the United States opens up opportunities for Russian diplomacy to spread its wings. But then, according to a most recent strategy report prepared for President Dmitry Medvedev (which has found its way to the Russian media somehow - presumably through an authorized leak), the Foreign Ministry in Moscow remains apprehensive that respite from United States antagonism toward Russia could well prove transient.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov apparently wrote in his preface to the leaked 70-page report that "the military, intelligence and foreign policy establishment of the US" is seeking to "return to the confrontational policies of the last administration", referring to George W Bush's presidency. Lavrov pointed out that US President Barack Obama has "transformative potential" as a leader and any weakening of his position could lead to increased tensions between the US and Russia.

Unsurprisingly, the Kremlin appears to be hastening to explore the new vistas that have emerged as the fog of Cold War politics fades.

However, an historic breakthrough in Russia's ties with Turkey does not quite fall into this category. A tempo has been steadily building up over the past two decades for Russian-Turkish relations to develop into a strategic partnership between the two rivals who constantly jostled or even fought bloody wars against each other through centuries.

Their post-Cold War "reset" - as much at Ankara's initiative as Moscow's - in actuality by far predates the Obama era, and is based on well-thought-out foundations of hardcore mutual interests.

Medvedev's visit to Ankara this week has cemented this phenomenal transformation in the ties and launches it onto a far higher trajectory. A relationship that was heavily based on economic interests so far is rapidly acquiring political content. As Medvedev pointed out on Wednesday, "Russia and Turkey are strategic partners, not only in words but genuinely."

Anonymous said...

Bloodshed in Thailand - 15.5.10
Bangkok is a city at war, with the promise of more bloodshed to come. As pitched battles raged across the capital throughout a sweltering day today and deep into the night, both sides in this conflict – the Thai government and thousands of red shirt protesters – warned they would not back down or negotiate.
Seven people were killed and more than 100 injured in clashes between troops and protesters, bringing the number killed in the two-month protest to 36.
Leaders of the anti-government movement warned that they were prepared, and expected, to spill more blood.
"We will continue to rally here," the reds' leader, Jatuporn Prompan, said. "If the government wants to disperse us, do it tonight and don't wait till tomorrow. because we'll fight to the end."
What exemplary courage!

Anonymous said...

Add to above Russia's growing ties with Syria as well,

Anonymous said...

US zizags on Iran as Brazilian and Turkish leaders head for Tehran
By: DEBKAlies on: 15.05.2010 [09:25] (8 reads)

US zizags on Iran as Brazilian and Turkish leaders head for Tehran
DEBKAfile Special Report May 14, 2010
Washington seems to be in two minds on key aspects of Iran's nuclear and missile programs, providing momentum for the Brazilian and Turkish leaders to promote their mediation bid in Tehran Sunday, May 16, debkafile reports from Washington and Tehran.
Tuesday, May 11, President Barack Obama's nuclear adviser Gary Samore told reporters that "setbacks in Iran's uranium enrichment program have significantly delayed its progress towards building a nuclear weapon." Three days later, on Friday, May 14, an official at the UN nuclear watchdog's Vienna headquarters contradicted him: "Iran has set up new equipment that will allow it to boost its efficiency in enriching uranium at higher levels," the anonymous source told reporters.
Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Turkish prime minister Tayyip Erdogan meanwhile plan to launch a diplomatic initiative to bridge the gaps between Iran and the bloc of five UN Security Council powers and Germany over its offer to process Iran's low-grade enriched uranium overseas to 19.5 percent, to prevent Iran making the short jump to weapons grade material.
Iran has meanwhile claimed it can produce its own high-grade (19.5 percent) uranium, without recourse to the six-power offer.
There are other gaps for the would-be brokers to address. And so the Brazilian president dropped in on Russian president Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow Friday and will meet Erdogan before they present their proposal to the Iranian leaders Sunday. Their offer to top up the uranium enrichment process outside Iran in Brazil, Turkey or Russia came up in Medvedev's talks with Syrian president Bashar Assad in Damascus Tuesday and with Erdogan in Ankara Wednesday.
Thursday, President Obama was on the phone to the Russian president, sounding amenable. He did not object to the new mediation bids, in which Moscow too has a stake, he said and if there is progress, he will take note.
But the day before, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton opted for the reverse tack.
She warned the Turkish and Brazilian foreign ministers that Iran is not serious about accepting international demands to prove its nuclear program peaceful. "Tehran must face fresh penalties unless it does a quick about-face and complies," she said, adding, "In our view, Iran's recent diplomacy was an attempt to stop Security Council action without actually taking steps to address international concerns about its nuclear program."
A third tack came from London Wednesday, when the International Institute for Strategic Studies, which has close ties with the US intelligence community, determinedly played down Iran's ballistic missile capabilities in "a net assessment."
Some Middle East sources inferred from this surprising report and the confusing signals from Washington of the last week that, rather than going all out to curb Iran's nuclear weapons program, Washington and London are intent on blocking the road to sanctions.

Anonymous said...

Leaked Russian document: Could Medvedev era tilt more pro-West?
A leaked Russian document lays out a major reappraisal of the country's foreign policy priorities under President Medvedev. The confidential Foreign Ministry report calls on the Kremlin to abandon the prickly, go-it-alone approaches of the Vladimir Putin era.
A leaked Russian document lays out a major reappraisal of the country's foreign policy priorities under President Medvedev.
By Fred Weir, Correspondent / May 13, 2010
Someone in Moscow is tearing a page out of the American playbook, and leaking secret documents to the press.
Nobody knows who handed over a 70-page sweeping reappraisal of Russian foreign policy priorities, apparently generated by a committee inside Russia's Foreign Ministry, to the Russian edition of Newsweek.
But everyone is talking about the confidential report, which calls on the Kremlin to abandon the prickly, go-it-alone approaches of the Vladimir Putin era and reach out for terms of closer cooperation with the developed world, particularly the US and the European Union.
"It sounds like someone with an American logic must have leaked this, because it's absolutely not normal for it to happen in Russia," says Yevgeny Bazhanov, vice rector of the official Diplomatic Academy, which trains Russian diplomats.
"Who knows what to make of it?" he says. "We don't need a new foreign policy doctrine. We already have one, and they don't get changed every couple of years."
Officials in the Foreign Ministry have confirmed the document's authenticity to journalists, but no one will define its purpose or say what the Kremlin might have wanted it for.
Why was it made public?
And no one seems to have the slightest idea who made it public, or why?
Most analysts say the leak was probably deliberate, and a few suggest it may be a sign of a growing bureaucratic rift between the still powerful prime minister, Vladimir Putin, and the more liberal but significantly less popular President Dmitry Medvedev.
Mr. Medvedev's ongoing problem is on full display in a public opinion poll released by the independent Levada Center in Moscow last week, which shows that halfway through his first term in office, just 22 percent of Russians think the president conducts his policies independently, while 66 percent believe he's still under the thumb of Mr. Putin.

Anonymous said...

Europe's fiscal Fascism brings British withdrawal ever closer
Telegraph 15 May 2010
Just when you thought the EU could not go any further down the road towards authoritarian excess, it gets worse.
The European Commission is calling for EU powers to vet budgets of the 27 member states before the draft laws have been presented to the House of Commons, the Tweede Kamer, the Folketing, the Bundestag, the Assemblee Nationale, or other national parliaments. It applies to Britain even though we are not in EMU.
Fonctionnaires and EU finance ministers will pass judgement on the British (or Dutch, or Danish, or French) budgets before the elected bodies of these ancient and sovereign nations have seen the proposals. Did we not we not fight the English Civil War and kill a king over such a prerogative?
Yet again we are discovering the trick played on our democracies by Europe’s insiders when they charged ahead with EMU, brushing aside warnings by their own staff economists that monetary union was unworkable without fiscal union. Jacques Delors knew perfectly well that this would lead inevitably to a crisis, but it would be the “beneficial crisis” that would force sovereign parliaments to submit to demands that they would never otherwise accept.
This is now playing out before our eyes. Club Med governments have built up €7 trillion sovereign debt under the cover of monetary union, which shut down the warning signals for borrowers and creditors alike. We are now near – or beyond – the point of no return. Eurozone states must go along with this cynical entrapment, or risk economic catastrophe. The conspirators have succeeded. The €750bn shock and awe package agreed over the weekend clearly alters the character of the European Project, crossing the line towards an EU debt union and an EU Treasury. How long will it be now before the EU acquires direct tax-raising powers?
As French president Nicolas Sarkozy said: “We have a veritable economic government”. I hope the excellent and proud French people realise what this means before it is too late, as it is for the Greek, Irish, Portuguese, and Spanish peoples. They are being forced by the logic of the economic machine to squeeze fiscal policy at a time when they are either in recession or trapped in a deeper perma-slump without offsetting stimulus. A Deutsche Bank note to clients said these countries have given up all three instruments of economic control: fiscal, monetary, and exchange. They are powerless. We are under an “EU protectorate”, said Spain’s opposition leader Mariano Rajoy last week, though it was empty, useless rhetoric since he does not draw any of the necessary conclusions from this intolerable state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

Midwest Bank Seized By FDIC: Despite receiving $85 million from a federally-distributed Troubled Asset Relief program, Midwest Bank was seized Friday after failing to raise enough capital to remain an independent bank.

FDIC closes Missouri and Illinois banks: The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has taken over Southwest Community Bank, based in Springfield, Mo. It had deposits of about $102 million and $96 million in assets.

FDIC shuts Plymouth bank: The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. said Friday that it took over New Liberty Bank in Plymouth. It has about $101.8 million in deposits and $109.1 million in assets.

Bank-Failure Tally Grows to 72 for 2010: So far this year, 72 banks have collapsed and the spate of failures is expected to continue throughout 2010.

Bank Failures Exceed 2009's Pace: Year-to-date bank failures were more than double the pace for the same period in 2009, when there were 33 bank closures.

Bankers' earnings surge towards pre-crash levels: Pay and bonuses totalled £20.5bn in four months to April, compared with £24bn at height of boom in 2007

(ICH - 16.5.10)

Anonymous said...

Russia plans to open naval bases in Ukraine in response to NATO's eastward expansion

Russia plans to open naval bases in Ukraine in response to NATO's eastward expansion, military sources have said.

Ukraine may agree to the re-opening of a Soviet-era submarine base in the Crimea and the establishment of three naval bases on Black Sea coast, said the Nezavisimaya Gazeta quoting Russian military sources.

“The planned expansion of the Black Sea Fleet is Russia's response to the NATO expansion to the East,” said Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov, former Black Sea Fleet Commander, referring to the establishment of NATO bases in Romania and Bulgaria, both Black Sea coastal states.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, you suggested above that the only topic of real interest at the moment was: WWIII, yes or no? And in case of the former, how, in what form or shape? No answers to that do I have. But here are some signs of the whole thing warming up:

- The Pakistani head of the local govt of the northwestern Province bordering Afghanistan said today clearly: The fighting in Afghanistan and the Pak border areas was more a proxy WWIII involving West, China, Russia, India, Iran. Even Pak has begun talking of WWIII. Let's all wake up a bit.

- The news posted at 07:01 is another element in it, I'd say. Just as the news that Romania is getting its missile defence, whatever USams may mean by that.

- Thai Military Slaughter of “Red Shirts” Intensifies
In the last two days at least 22 people have been killed and 170 wounded.
I put that in too for whatever it's worth. There has been talk, though no one has made much of it so far, that Russian money is funding the uprising. Why can't China-Russia fund such a thing in key country Pakistan, I'd like to know.

- And last but not least, key country Saudi Arabia has openly called US "inept" in its dealings with the Afghans. Such a statement from the usually publicity-shy Saudis could carry great weight.

There. Your turn now to add and subtract.

Anonymous said...

America's eco-crimes continue unabated.

Gulf oil spill at least 10 times larger than previous estimate

Anonymous said...

Poland says no NATO secrets leaked in Kaczynski crash (15.5.10)

There were no NATO sensitive data or devices on board the Polish president's plane that crashed in April near west Russia's Smolensk, a top Polish military counterintelligence official has said.

A Soviet-made Tu-154 aircraft crashed on April 10 when it attempted to land in thick fog, killing all 96 people on board, including President Kaczynski and other top state officials.

"There was a satellite phone on board the Tu-154 plane, but there were no 'secret codes,' devices or cryptographic materials," said Col. Colonel Krzysztof Dusza, head of Poland's Military Counterintelligence Service (SKW).

"The above-mentioned president's phone was a simple satellite phone," he told reporters on Saturday.

Concerns have emerged with media suggestions that the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) could have intercepted sensitive documents and data carriers, such as laptops and flash drives, immediately after the crash.

The Polish official called these unconfirmed media reports "pure speculations."

Russian and Polish investigators and experts are jointly investigating the causes of the deadly crash, while Polish military prosecutors are conducting their own investigation.

Anonymous said...

10:24 - Hope you also know that there are rumours that the extent of the oil spill is being exaggerated by the government. To what end exactly, I cannot tell. Can you make something of it? Perhaps to scare people off the coastline and grab the land left vacant? The USans and their machinations are beyond the scope of my own small brain.

Anonymous said...

Press TV – May 16, 2010

Thousands of people have formed a human chain around the Futenma airbase on the island of Okinawa to protest the US military presence in Japan

Some 17,000 protesters called on Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama on Sunday to move the controversial facility out of Okinawa, Kyodo news agency reported. The rally comes just days ahead of a visit to Japan by US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.

The relocation of the Futenma airbase is at the center of a dispute between Washington and Tokyo. Hatoyama had promised to move the base off Okinawa by the end of this month. However, local media say the government has abandoned the deadline and is now seeking to settle the feud by November.

The islanders have suggested that the Futenma base should be moved off the island of Okinawa or even outside of Japan altogether.

The Futenma airbase has been used by the US since the final days of World War II. Some 47,000 US troops are currently based in Japan, with more than half of the soldiers stationed in Okinawa.

Hatoyama’s failure to move the base will endanger his weakening ruling coalition. The issue has threatened the political future of Hatoyama with both Washington and his political allies putting him under pressure to find a solution to the deadlock.

Anonymous said...

Russia to supply Syria with arms (16.5.10)

Russia is to supply Syria with warplanes, defense apparatuses and military vehicles in a move that would irk Israel and the United States.

Head of Russia's Federal Agency for Military Cooperation Mikhail Dmitriyev said on Friday that Moscow is contracted to sell Damascus MiG-29 fighter jets, Pantsyr short-range air defense systems and armored vehicles, Russian media reported.

Russia is sending the clearest possible message to the US and Israel; don't even think about a military misadventure in Syria or Iran!

Anonymous said...

Thailand Protests Worsen For Third Straight Day, Gov't Declares 'Live Fire Zone'
Thailand's leader defended the deadly army crackdown on protesters besieging the capital's heart, saying Saturday the country's very future was at stake. Protesters dragged away the bodies of three people from sidewalks – shot by army snipers, they claim – as soldiers blocked major roads and pinned up notices of a "Live Firing Zone."
"I insist that what we are doing is necessary," Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said in a defiant broadcast on national television, making it clear he would not compromise. "The government must move forward. We cannot retreat because we are doing things that will benefit the entire country."

So, the wholesale slaughter of protesters is going to "...benefit the entire country.?!?
The Thai government, through its actions, just may have a real revolution on its hands. The US is evacuating all of its diplomatic personnel out of Thailand immediately, which indicates that they know this situation is very much likely to worsen. No mention of the military base though. That stay put, does it?

Anonymous said...

Update 19:17

Army gives redshirts camp deadline

Thai government orders all women and children to leave camp in central Bangkok before a final offensive tomorrow.

Salauds, va! What a "government"! This is another part of the west crumbling before our eyes. A lot of bloodshed ahead, apparently.

Anonymous said...

The Bailout of Big American Banks Has Cost Trillions More Than We’ve Been Told

Washington’s Blog | TARP bailout is peanuts compared to the numerous other bailouts the government has given to the giant banks.

Some dazed USan in a slow regain of sense? Can't quite count on it, can we?

Anonymous said...

Iran accepts nuclear-fuel swap deal (17.5.10)

The announcement followed a day of meetings between Iranian and Brazilian officials [AFP]

Iran has signed an agreement brokered by Brazil to ship low-enriched uranium to Turkey in exchange for nuclear fuel for its power plant, according to official media.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, signed the deal on Monday following a breakfast with his Brazilian counterpart and the Turkish prime minister.

The move aims to ease Western concerns over Iran's nuclear programme, and stave off a possible new round of sanctions by the United Nations.

Reports said Iran had agreed to swap 1,200kg of uranium for the higher-enriched nuclear fuel, which would be used in a medical research reactor.

Manouchehr Mottaki, the Iranian foreign minister, said in the event the deal is not implemented, Iran's uranium must be returned.

"Based on the agreement signed this morning, if the swap does not take place, then Turkey will be obliged to send back our dispatched uranium immediately and unconditionally," Mottaki said.

The game goes on, but this time on Freeworld terms. Most impressive.

Anonymous said...

Bells tolling for humanity, 17.5.2010

Faced with the end of the age of oil and systemic collapse, the leaders of the Anglo-American empire have engaged in increasingly violent and transparently futile zero-sum games to salvage what is left of a corrupt governmental and economic milieu. From the BP-Deepwater Horizon catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, crashing stock markets, and the bloody consequences of manufactured wars, it clear that the empire has lost control of its own criminal system.

As Michael C. Ruppert wrote in his 2004 book Crossing the Rubicon:
- There are many factors that the rulers of the American empire now have to manage as they read their own delusional map of the world. They have to: Apportion dwindling resources among competitors, some of whom possess nuclear weapons;

- Maintain and expand their control over enough of the oil and gas remaining to ensure their global dominance and maintain order among the citizens of the Empire;

- Simultaneously manage a global economic system, made possible by hydrocarbon energy that is collapsing and in which the growing population is demanding more things that can only be supplied by using still more hydrocarbon energy;

- Acknowledge that they cannot save their own economy without selling more of these products;

- Control the exploding demand for oil and gas through engineered recessions and wars that break national economies;

- Hide the evidence that they are systematically looting the wealth of all the people on the planet---even their own people---in order to maintain control;

- Maintain a secret revenue system to provide enough off-the-books capital for military advantage; improving their technological posture, and funding covert operations;

- Repress any dissent and head off any exposure to their actions;

- Convince the population that they are honorable;

- Kill off enough of the population so that they can maintain control after oil supplies have dwindled to the point of energy starvation.”

Never has this agenda, its tragic consequences and ultimate futility, been more obvious than with the unprecedented events of the past weeks. etc., etc.

See, what the chap is actually saying, our poiuytr says in a few simple words: the nuking of the dollar!

Anonymous said...

I'm sad to say the leader of the Thai revolutionaries, shot in the back of the head has just succumbed to his injuries. May his followers go on and never stop until some form of justice returns to Thailand.

Anonymous said...

Save humanity and push the US (Ugly Snakes) off the planet!!!

Anonymous said...


Mike Ruppert did a good job on 911. I also read the book. He believes Peak Oil Theory and view the war in the Middle East from that perspective. It is sad he became sick and fled to Canada after a few harassments or persecutions.

By the way, do you guys here think the Peak Oil theory is true? The theory says that we have already used cheap and good oil and what remains is either expensive or of low quality.

Looking at several countries like Indonesia or Britain with declining oil wells,
I once thought it might be true. It seems, however, that even among the "Truthers," not so many people are in the Peak Oil Camp.
Ho do you think about that?

Anonymous said...

17:52 - My response, for whatever it's worth, is: no, the Peak Oil theory sounds good on paper, but probably has little to do with the facts in nature. Let's see what others have to say. Even we "truthers" are such a divided bunch.

Anonymous said...

Euro slumps to four-year low (17.5.10)

The euro has hit a four-year low against the dollar amid fears that spending cuts and tax rises adopted by European governments would stifle their economies.

The shared currency was trading at $1.2237 on Monday morning, its lowest level since April 2006, as finance ministers from the European Union prepared to discuss financial regulation in Brussels.

Ministers are expected to sign off tougher controls for hedge funds and private equity funds.

Monday's slump is the latest fall for the euro, which has dropped 12 per cent over the past week, despite a $1 trillion financial rescue package unveiled last weekend by the EU, together with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Andre Sapir, a former economic adviser to the president of the European Commission, told Al Jazeera that the "massive bailout" could not stop the euro crisis while it was still only a plan.

"The mechanism that has been set in place. It has yet to be truly put in place as far as the money's concerned. Member states cannot decide such a mechanism at such short notice," he said.

Anonymous said...

Family: 7-year-old shot by police was asleep
Tags: DICTATORSHIP - 17.5.10 - WRH

Seven-year-old Aiyana Jones was asleep on the living room sofa in her family's apartment when Detroit police searching for a homicide suspect burst in and an officer's gun went off, fatally striking the girl in the neck, family members say.

Her father, 25-year-old Charles Jones, told The Detroit News he had just gone to bed early Sunday after covering his daughter with her favorite Disney princess blanket when he heard a flash grenade followed by a gunshot. When he rushed into the living room, he said, police forced him to lie on the ground, with his face in his daughter's blood.

Anonymous said...

Strategy shift in the Middle East - 17.5.10

The failure to reshape the Greater Middle East has left the field open to a new alliance, the Tehran-Damascus-Ankara triangle. Since nature is allergic to vacuums, Moscow is filling the space left vacant by Washington. The wind has changed and it’s blowing strong. In a matter of a few months, the entire regional balance of power has tipped.

Anonymous said...

- Iran Agrees To Uranium Swap (18.5.10)
Iran's Declaration on Nuclear Deal

Tehran has agreed to a draft proposal whereby Iran will ship its domestic low-enriched uranium to Turkey in exchange for 20 percent enriched uranium.

- Turkey Urges West to Forget Iran Sanctions

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday he saw no need for United Nations Security Council sanctions after Iran agreed to send some of its uranium abroad.

Anonymous said...

Update from the unto-the-death Afghanistan Resistance's latest military operations

My estimate in rough figures for May 17 would be: 18-20 operations carried out throughout Afghanistan

Dead and Injured (Invader and Puppet soldiers combined): 145 persons

Tanks blown up: 7 (including one super tank MRAP= mine-resistant, ambush-protected

Military Vehicles destroyed: 24

This is how it goes more or less daily. Sometimes helicopters downed are added to the list.

In my opinion, it's going very well, indeed. Look at it this way. If the rough figures above are multiplied by 8 (10-17 May), we get a scale of enemy casualties of round 1.160 persons for the first week alone.

Anonymous said...

Guess how much oil is spilling into the Gulf of Mexico: Steven Wereley of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, estimates that the well is losing 70,000 barrels of oil a day. That's equivalent to an Exxon Valdez disaster every four days, and more than 10 times the 5000 barrels a day estimated by BP.

Submerged oil plumes suggest gulf spill is worse than BP claims: Ocean scientists in the Gulf of Mexico have found giant plumes of oil coagulating at up to 1,300 metres below the surface, raising fears that the BP oil spill may be larger than thought – and that it might create huge "dead zones".

Bye bye fish. Loved you so.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown May Get IMF Role | The ex-PM tipped to head the International Monetary Fund in Washington when the job comes up in 2012

Anonymous said...

Germans lose faith in EU

Times Online | Suddenly Germans are asking questions about the European project that has been the bedrock of their politics for 60 years.

Anonymous said...

The vicious circle of debt and depression -- it is a class war
By Ismael Hossein-zadeh

Never before has so much debt been imposed on so many people by so few financial operatives -- operatives who work from Wall Street, the largest casino in history, and a handful of its junior counterparts around the world, especially Europe.
May 18, 2010, 00:25

Obama, Clinton pressuring Medvedev on Khodorkovsky
By Wayne Madsen
(WMR) -- Informed U.S. government sources report that President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have personally interceded with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and other Russian officials in urging the Russian government to release from prison Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the former multi-billionaire tycoon serving a nine-year prison sentence for fraud.

Anonymous said...

US Sends Iran Sanctions Draft to UN
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the United States and other major world powers have agreed on a draft resolution that could impose a fourth round of United Nations sanctions on Iran.
Hubris knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

China and Russia again dancing to Hitlery's tune or again a mass of manoeuvres? Today's really not my day for hope or thought.

Anonymous said...

Thai protesters surrender as army storms camp

Thousands of Thai Red Shirt protesters have begun to surrender to troops after a military offensive against their camp in Bangkok left up to five dead, including an Italian journalist, according to reports.

This will return to bite the bloody "authorities" where it hurts most. Swine, damned swine. Long live the Red Shirts!

Anonymous said...

The German Government Has Had Enough

If you thought the German government was going to be a lapdog for Sarcozy, or worse, was going to fellate Brussels and the ECB, you got a rude shock today.

It appears that the German Government has just plain had enough of the crap that the banksters have tried to pull, and has decided to do what Barack Obama should have done in early 2009.

That is:

* No more naked credit crap, especially against sovereigns but not only against sovereigns. No insurable interest, no CDS - period.

* Naked shorting will now be actually stopped in 10 leading financial institutions.

* Germany has had it with naked shorting of Gold, and specifically noted bank manipulation of gold prices via naked shorts beyond intent or ability to deliver.

Anonymous said...

Ex-Bundesbank Chief Says Greece Will Never Repay Debt, Says Bailout All About “Rescuing Banks And Rich Greeks”
Zero Hedge
May 18, 2010

Finally someone speaks the truth. In an interview with Spiegel Magazine, former Bundesbank chief Karl Otto Pohl, says it how it is: “Without a “haircut,” a partial debt waiver, [Greece] cannot and will not ever [repay its debt]. So why not immediately? That would have been one alternative. The European Union should have declared half a year ago — or even earlier — that Greek debt needed restructuring.” As for the reason for the bailout, Pohl’s observation will not be a surprise to our readers “It was about protecting German banks, but especially the French banks, from debt write offs.” Is there any hope for Europe now? It appears no, as the right decision was to let Greece go bankrupt: “Investors would quickly have seen that Greece could get a handle on its debt problems. And for that reason, trust would quickly have been restored. But that moment has passed. Now we have this mess.”

Anonymous said...

Non-crew members were in cockpit of crashed Polish presidential plane (Update)

Non-crew members were in the cockpit of the Polish presidential plane that crashed in April near the western Russian city of Smolensk, killing everyone on board, the head of the Interstate Aviation Committee said on Wednesday.

"It was proven that non-crew members were in the cockpit," Tatyana Anodina said.

She said the voice of one person was identified while the others are being identified by Polish officials.

Anodina did not specify the number of people in the cockpit or their identities.

The Interstate Aviation Committee chief, Alexei Morozov, said Russian controllers had repeatedly warned the crew of Polish president plane of bad weather conditions and landing should be avoided.

"The lead controller warned the crew twice about fog at the airport, visibility of 400 meters, and that landing is impossible," Morozov said.

A Soviet-made Tu-154 aircraft crashed on April 10 when it attempted to land in thick fog, killing all 96 people on board, including President Lech Kaczynski and other top state officials.

Russian and Polish investigators and experts are jointly investigating the causes of the deadly crash, while Polish military prosecutors are conducting their own investigation.

MOSCOW, May 19 (RIA Novosti)

Anonymous said...

Violence rocks Thai capital - 19.5.10

Buildings across the Thai capital, Bangkok, have been set ablaze by anti-government protesters after the military stormed a protest camp in the centre of the city.

At least six people are known to have died in Wednesday's assault on the so-called red shirts, but that number could rise further.

The government imposed a curfew from 8pm (1300GMT) to 6am (2300GMT) on Bangkok and extended it to 21 other provinces in an effort to re-establish control over the streets.

It said military operations would continue overnight.

Authorities also said that a state of emergency already in place in Bangkok and 20 provinces would be extended to Kalasin and Mudkahan in the northeast.

Six important leaders of the red shirts surrendered to police after soldiers breached barricades surrounding the protest zone in the upscale Rachaprasong shopping district early on Wednesday.

The leaders issued emotional calls for their followers to leave the area, but in vain.

Red shirts' fury

The retreating red shirts set several buildings on fire, notably the Bangkok stock exchange. Central World, the second largest department store in Southeast Asia, was destroyed in a blaze.

The red shirts also attacked the offices of state-run Channel 3, setting it on fire, forcing the evacuation of its executives by helicopter. Police rescued the rest of the staff.

Forget the Greek. These are the real revolutionaries. The others are West entitlement babies.

Anonymous said...

Breakup Of U.S. Is Inevitable - 19.5.10

People all over America are discussing freedom’s future. In short, they are worried. In fact, many are actually talking about State secession. In coffee shops and cafes, and around dining room tables, millions of people are speaking favorably of states breaking away from the union. Not since the turn of the twentieth century have this many people thought (and spoken) this favorably about the prospect of a State (or group of states) exiting the union. In my mind, this is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Russia concerned about unilateral U.S., EU sanctions against Iran
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has expressed concern over reports that the U.S. and EU are preparing unilateral sanctions against Iran in addition to a draft Security Council resolution currently being discussed.

My least liked story in all. On again, off again.

Anonymous said...

Spanish debt auction comes close to failure: Spain came close to its first debt auction failure on Tuesday, highlighting the funding problems for weaker eurozone economies.,Authorised=false.html?

Anonymous said...

FINANCE (Telegraph, 20.5.10)

- Markets crash on short ban
Markets tumble as investors react to Germany's short-selling ban.

- Behind the drama in Europe lies a global crisis Investors seek Swiss refuge
Germany's 'desperate' short ban triggers capital flight to Switzerland.

poiuytr said...

11:28 -- "NO, NO, NO, poiuytr, we are dancing, dancing so hard, "

Good for the prolapse of EUnuchia and Baboonarium is better -- far better -- than previously exposed. It's a bit like the Gulf of Mexico replacement of sea with west muck or the west Helmand "victories".

The pathetic 24-tongue blithering amalgam didn't even make 5 months. But that's not all! The laceration exposed by Greek default runs throughout the entire fetid IMF central nervous system exposing in its gruesomest the festering rot west is today.

And they wonder why no one wants euros.

Printing trillions, converting private toxicity to public debt, squeezing the last coin from the west baboons, and bailing out giant industries including west stock exchange charades only worked for 4 yrs and actively really just 2.

That's all west has managed to do, postpone their wall-to-wall slide down the abyss where this unusually evil child torturing fiends belong by pifly 2 years at the expense of all their future neanderthal generations.

We're not jubilating just the poverty measures bestowed upon the west kind, some bond yield spread, bumped up west vat surcharge, or looming default. We're jubilating the west flush down the bog.

> blisters have appeared on our feet.

Right. It's new dance shoes for every poverty measure announcement now -- well, for every headline really.

> If some express some reservations here and there. they're probably having a bad day, a day of doubt, for some reason or

Funny... when some headline tilts Russia west-ward, a spate of depression erupts like Iceland volcanoes and dismal pall ash descends across our dance floor. But when there's a flurry of headlines pushing Russia rather against west, like recently with Syria, Turkey, and Hamas, the jubilations are often repressed as though the dancers are holding their breath, perhaps in disbelief, or are in fear of being let down, or jinxing it.

It should be understood that west rigor mortis and its unavoidable wall-to-wall prolapse are the results of the Freeworld's defence, not some series of unlucky accidents. They're probably not even the results of the west collective failures and the unique and unabashed cretinism.

This has been very much WWIII, or the "cold" prelude thereof and the planet has been pushed a few times to the brink of active WWIII. But thusfar the west dismantling has been nothing short of brilliant and no BBCNN whore headline can alter these simple facts.

So no holding breath, no doubts, etc, are justified today.

And so it's funny that the trend, often the most emphasised factor in NBN's, isn't enough a foundation to maintain general optimism and even increasingly celebratory mood and that the readership still bends to the tune of the rabid BBCNN ongoing mindrape.

poiuytr said...

11:28 PT 2

In fact, let me hammer this point, not with NBN barfs, but with data taken straight from the horse's mouth, as they say. West chief issues are:

1) war in Iraq
2) war in Afghanistan
3) general war "on terrists"
4) dying econ
5) taxes
6) federal spending
7) pension evaporation

This is west's itemisation, not NBNs! Note that the west top three items are wars.

Now, this list has been espoused in all NBNs. It's no accident that NBN and west own worry list match. This is not a NBN sale pitch here but the pitch for calm attitude and dancing wassailing mood for the Freeworld's efforts have turned west into the pile of offal seen in west daily decay.

On the grand scale it's astonishingly simple. West econ has been dying since May2006. West econ was sustained till now by massive, not int'l, west junta elite bailout heists. Now it's going to die even faster as all efforts have failed to even postpone the rot any further. Now, west turns inward for a bit more time with vicious poverty measures soon to be backed by chaos and state tanks.

West's only way out has always been war and so going broke in the mid 90s, launched a war on everyone in 2001 under the pretext of the 911 self-abuse. A decade on, all that west's war's achieved this time is bloodletting west to its present amusing anemic state and unifying and arming of the Freeworld.

Apart from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine, wherever west turns next, it may be facing 2nd strike capability, something that has completely changed the odds. And so there is no way for west to increase war without facing 2nd strike capability and postponing their econ death by "bailouts" is dead.

BTW, it's also very interesting to see who west's chief's enemies are -- again right from the horse's mouth. And it's also no surprise that it's Russia for being the superpower she is and China for USA owes her more than it can ever amass even if it put everything twixt Pacific and the Atlantic on a priced-to-sell garage sale.

So no doubts anymore.

poiuytr said...

In general, on behalf of the blog gentle readership, thanks for Afghan updates!


JW 1:06 -- "Anarchy and squabbling reigns in Europe. The Euro dream is shattered, the fantasy of a neo-Charlemagne Holy Roman Empire has turned into a nightmare."

Indeed. Like Voltaire told them HRE is neither holy, Roman, nor an empire. But they didn't wanna hear that, did they? That's perhaps the most astonishing trait of the west kind: their immense resistance to reality.

Today, EUnuchia is no more than a synonym for secret torture dungeons, gang of little USA war bootlickers with an incomprehensible 24 language war command, ridiculous racist-filled trade dictates, pointless political diatribes highlighting the laughable loss of all leverage over everything, and, of course, the pedophile christianic fiendishness. But they're still going on and on, in their idiot used-car salesmen uniforms shouting slogans like they've got future.


7:57 -- Russia opens a new pipeline of diplomacy

> does not quite fall into this category. A tempo has been steadily building up over the past two decades for Russian-Turkish relations to

Nothing against the assessment here of Russia's tour de force. Good sum, but none of these things just happen on a sudden. All this is the result of long waged plans and much fuzzy control of the systems.

The results are often sudden but the strategy behind them is anything but spontaneous.

Therefore, don't ever give into to any of the knee jerking drivel of the west BBCNN whores and the momentary smears and emotive screams that the west monkey lot has for news. West prolapse has been and is rolling on as planned and executed for over a decade and with each day, west loses more control, gains in desperation, and the Freeworld unity strengthens.

Just behold Iran's Turkey and Brazil n-fuel swapping deal carving the west war-obsessed animals even from the front row seat they've so far had to Iran's enrichment. From here on, west will have no clue what's going on and where. It wouldn't be surprising if west didn't put forth some 1st grade arguments here that it needs to monitor the fuel swapping directly in Ankara.


18:01 -- Russia "leak" info: "Who knows what to make of it?" he says.

Whiplash. The west beast is analysing it and may even be scrambling for maps of the mentioned places in the note to see where they actually are. No need to worry west with Syria, Hamas, Greece, etc at the moment, is there?

poiuytr said...

9:50 -- WWIII

> poiuytr, you suggested above that the only topic of real interest at the moment was: WWIII, yes or no? And in case of the former, how,

Yes. The west is run, that's given. How, when exactly... it's run for 40M yank baboons today. Greece is done. Germs have no future. It's all over in one way or another and all we're witnessing is the exponential trend of the west sinking highlighted in the increased insanity of west news but whether it will devolve into a WWIII or some giant conflict within west... that's worthy a debate.

On one hand I'd say no for there clearly are factions within the west war junta that understand full well the folly of hitting Iran or anyone even bigger. The west innate cowardice rises to the front quickly and is seen in the evil bullying of Haiti, TCI, or Palestine. BTW, that's precisely why Iran is still there. Someone in Warshington knew that there'd be much wailing when Iran shot back.

But on the other hand, the west undeniable insanity could easily pervert into some Jack the Ripper madness someplace and it wouldn't be surprising to see west touch someone capable of 2nd strike, for those nations are growing too, and it's unlikely the west monkey has been keeping up with the sweeping changes.

> Afghanistan and the Pak border areas was more a proxy WWIII involving West, China, Russia, India, Iran. Even Pak has begun talking

Right. The idea, the same old idea the west beast has had in its mind -- for the west creature is resistant to learning and attacks the same way its entire genocidal existence -- is proxy war on Russia. There's no question this is and has been happening. Poland/Romania shield is precisely it. Ukraine was meant to be that. Moldova was tried by west to be roped into it. It seems west abandoned this one somehow learning it's even smaller than Georgia, which being 200X smaller than Russia, was not the greatest choice for Barbarossa II in 2008.

Thailand is being pushed into its anti-civilian massacres probably to re-rape the land and re-create the old bastion of local terror in the region but it's unclear how it could benefit either on the larger scale. The idea of going against China, although NOT NEW, something USA did try in the early 50s, is as insane as playing with Russia. Plus, there's the additional problem that west doesn't have too many footholds in Asia and even Japan, in any state of emergency, may be problematic beyond west's capabilities.

poiuytr said...

9:50 PT 2

This is a very interesting debate. Take the world map. Plot in energy flow. Plot in wars and costs. And tell me what would you do if you were west. Take over Afghanistan? Take over Iraq? These lacerations that west will never be able to pay for have destroyed west's peaceful rape of Iraq and Afghanistan prior to Busch II/Bliar wars. Leave them and lose everything? And that's just a problem. The problem is, of course, lack of hemoglobin for dollar is dead and there's no monopoly west own it could link the green paper to.

Would you suggest to west junta to take over Bolivia's lithium, Venezuela's oil wells? Would you suggest arming Poland and Romania with nukes and have them touch Russia? There's just no solution in sight. There hasn't been for a long time and the days of west have been numbered 4 yrs ago. So what on earth, will the beast do next? Will the factions break up in blazing rows, playing out feuds on local regional scale across west?

> funding the uprising. Why can't China-Russia fund such a thing in key country Pakistan, I'd like to know.

Good question. Sometimes it's probably better to leave the west proxies in. After all, they're special material, the lot, aren't they? Where would you find a rules that eats ties? So why replace him? Why replace Karzai? Karzai's teetering on doing a 180 degree turn on west as it is. It's probably more costly for west to try maintain rule through Karzai than if they put in someone from amongst their own ranks like Hitler did in WWII in occupied lands. So if things are working, don't fix them could be the answer.

Then there's the proverbial enemy of enemy is a friend at play. Many shake their heads over Saakashvili's remaining on throne but it should be noted that he singlehandedly caused the liberation of Abkhazia and S Ossetia. He's truly unique calibre whose talent to wreck west's plans should be rewarded like Bliar and Busch II. Comrade Obama has done nothing but aided the rapid dismantling of west, so why fight his throne?

Karzai may go the way Hussein went for west and they'll have no way of fixing this one as easily.

And then there's blood's thicker than water at play, so if you're gonna fund these, fix your neighbourhood first like the liberation of Caspian Sea back in 2003, liberation of Ukraine, and now the liberation of Black Sea.

And it's probably a combo of these and a bit more.

> - And last but not least, key country Saudi Arabia has openly called US "inept" in its dealings with the Afghans. Such a statement

It's strange with the Saudis. While they're living right off the perks they get from west for enabling the west oil rape, they're going down with the masters and have been for over a decade trying to find a way to sever the line. Saudis threatened, albeit it verbally only, the petrodollar many times even in the 90s. Busch II too got an earful in 2000 and that's probably why Saudi nationals were rather hastily penciled into the 911 script.

As far as the WWIII possibility goes, we probably shouldn't forget the unique war-obsession of the EUnuch.

Yes, it's only supposed to be a fiscal rot at the moment but behind the scenes we see the unmistakable signs of the repressed saxonic bend for a good rumble. It's clear they've got nowhere to run to now and so they're stuck in their rotting capitals surrounded by debt and bickering mobs of monkeys. This is not the scenario in which the historical differences among the central EUnuchs are likely to lie forgotten. A few more fist beatings, the odd racist slur here and there, and we have a full out ubermensch world title fight on again. And imagine the 24 interpreters rattling down the line the tantrum insults.

poiuytr said...

11:41 -- Poland says no NATO secrets leaked in Kaczynski crash

Of course not. How could there be any secrets? It was only the Polish prez, top military chap, and some central bankster. Surely, it's unlikely there's anything of value in their bags, laptop drives, or in their hand written napkin plans.

But that said, Busch II incidentally helped NATO with giving away its codes in 2008 when he attacked Russia via Gruzia and forgot the two USA parked cars there. But unlike Polaks, at least Busch II told us straight he needs the two cars back cuz NATO keeps bugging him while he and Dick are trying to recreate selves by killing animals on their ranch sprawl.


11:44 -- "Oil Leak: Perhaps to scare people off the coastline and grab the land left vacant? The USans and their machinations are beyond the scope of my own small brain."

It means your brain's intact, if you feel you can't outguess either the west evil, insanity, or the truly unique mixture thereof that so unmistakably defines the west neanderthal baboon species. It's simply impossible to predict the behaviour of an insane child-murdering fiend.

But it's unlikely that the west neanderthal would know how to cause such a disaster in the first place. They just dabble in things pretending to have opposing thumbs.

If they wanted to grab the land, they just would. After all, they are. Didn't they grab some farm land in northeast USA and tons of Califiendia? Strips of USA have been taken over with baboon squatters being driven off under some primitive pretext, like outmoded fire codes and so on. Even comrade Obama repo'd some giant parts of USA recently. Why design complicated plans when west war junta simply gets what it wants at home.

poiuytr said...

10:23 -- "Bells tolling for humanity"

> Faced with the end of the age of oil and systemic collapse, the leaders of the Anglo-American empire have engaged in increasingly violent and transparently futile zero-sum games to salvage what is

Great summary!

> M C Rupert to-do-list for west. This isn't the critique of MC Rupert but rather of the west's collective brainstem power, which Rupert too reflects, and on a good day could perhaps rival that of a baboon family strolling leisurely across the parking lot to the rubbish bins for a healthy snack.

> - Maintain and expand their control over enough of the oil and gas remaining to ensure their global dominance and maintain order among the citizens of the Empire;

This is most troublesome for west cannot hope to maintain its present oil rape, let alone expand it. This defeat, cemented in 2000 when Iran told Busch II to shove his oil overtures, is the leading factor in the subsequent loss of petrodollar, thus dollar, thus euro, thus Greece, thus bond auctions, thus Portugal, thus... well, every single thing across all of west.

As to "global dominance" -- although indisputably the longest running wetdream pushing on the brainstems of the west freckly saxonic creatures -- is nothing more today than a gang of bohemian grove crazies huddling in some saxonic witchcraft rite around owl statues; or stones chiseled with lunatic codes, or mind-numbing art work sprawling the walls of Denver int'l airport. It's as silly today as Hitler and Germs with their cretinous "arbeit" and "ordnung". Even if Germs really apply themselves and re-apply arbeit and ordnung 24/7, they can't save themselves from the west-wide prolapse.

Today, west is fighting -- as we see in the enactment of poverty measures across all west, for the dominance of its own lands, and not so successfully.

> - Simultaneously manage a global economic system, made possible by hydrocarbon energy that is collapsing and in which the growing population is demanding more things that can only be supplied by using still more hydrocarbon energy;

West cannot manage its own backyard. Debating west's need to manage anything beyond its fist-beating tantrums is a waste of time.

> - Acknowledge that they cannot save their own economy without selling more of these products;

Sell? If west sells its own land, it cannot wriggle self out of its debt, probably not even deficit. Other than that, west has no product whatever and depends for its dear life on import. Shut the import lines to west, and west is energy dry in 5 days, starved to death in 3, and frozen stiff in hours.

poiuytr said...

10:23 PT 2

> - Control the exploding demand for oil and gas through engineered recessions and wars that break national economies;

West is indeed trying war and fruit revolt in every nation it finds on the map but overall, the pathetic desperation of these loon acts hasn't congealed in any effective strategy, unless the dissecting of Georgia and loss of Black Sea is what west had in mind.

> - Hide the evidence that they are systematically looting the wealth of all the people on the planet---even their own people---in order to maintain control;

How can they? Even greece PM, west's own little poodle proxy, is fingerpointing at yank baboons now threatening actions for Greek prolapse.

> - Maintain a secret revenue system to provide enough off-the-books capital for military advantage; improving their technological posture, and funding covert operations;

Drug trade, organ trade, etc, yes. But Afghan drug trade is costing west more than it makes them a year. It's cheaper to dump such revenue streams that west has feeding its dying self.

> - Kill off enough of the population so that they can maintain control after oil supplies have dwindled to the point of energy starvation.”

This is very difficult. Typically populations don't take kindly to being slaughtered en masse. The west has dispensed nothing but the most brutal genocide of all life backed with the state of the art murder machines all its life in every corner of our planet. Result? West frecklies make up 10% of the planet.

Even blitzkrieg of USA/UK/Hitler achieved nothing in the long run. Germs are today forced to deny citizenship to non-saxons who are getting born in Germany to keep their purity #s from tumbling in their overfilled nation. Israel is perhaps even better an example of this folly. It's done nothing but systematically genocided Palestine, carving it into the pitiful vestiges that are left today on map as West Bank and Gaza. Result? Jews are minority in Israel. Apartheid and perpetual murders work in the short run, kind of like the west bailout schemes. In the long run, however, west has no answers to any of these quandaries.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say this, but I hate the Greek. Agammemnon, the grasping war lord, Achilles, the hero, Odysseus, the wily were the West of the times. they utterly destroyed Hektor's Troy (the Freeworld of the time) which had managed to ensure the peace around them for over 40 years. Let's hope today's Greeks do better than some of the ancestors.

poiuytr said...

17:52 -- "By the way, do you guys here think the Peak Oil theory is true? The theory says that we have already used cheap and good oil and what remains is"

Under no circumstance believe any of this. First there's two completely separate issues here intermixed as though they're connected. One is oil and the other is price. They cannot and shouldn't be mixed.

They're mixed by the west monster deliberately to create purchasing power, monopolistic stranglehold, and the vehicle for their vampire rape. All west prices are arbitrary. None of it reflects market. None of it reflects demand. None of it reflects supply. All west prices, on any given day, reflect is the elasticity of rape typically backed by arbitrarily enacted monopolies. In short, there is no economy, no competition, no open market. And therefore there is nothing to price other than the degree of rape.

You probably object saying, but if that's the case why not raise the prices to infinity. And that's precisely the game, if that's your objection. The prices are at the highest rape levels. Always been! Nothing to do with market condition, or the supply of the resource or product, be it whatever or oil, as in the case in point.

The only reason a pack of cigs doesn't cost 2M EUR today is because it won't achieve nothing but the loss of the vampire's entire tobacco revenue and shatter the west tobacco rape machine.

Raise tax on sales tax, and people will stop shopping. Stores and malls will increase their death dance. Banks will prolapse. West states will prolapse. People will move to bargaining and black markets. State loses even the bit of tax it had on sales before the increase while getting bit by the domino effect.

Raise tax on tobacco, and people will stop smoking. Now, state has lost the original revenue and people are not only angry but healthier, total opposite where the state wants them to be.

Raise tax on booze, and people will stop drinking. Bars, the entire west booze making and distribution structure topples like west realty sinking the silly west banks and exchanges. And state is not only out of the original funds but is now facing an angry mob of sober people who were once willing to pay to forget the state's crimes in the first place. Not to mention that an empty bottle can turn rather quickly into a few pretty formidable weapons.

poiuytr said...

17:52 PT2

Raise tax on energy, and people will stop watching TV. Now, no one's eating the blithering Murdoch whores barfs. The state loses the elaborately built brainwash-hold over the west monkeys. They're now walking upright, some talking , first to themselves, then they exchange a kernel of some distant idea. Next, the monkeys are thinking and talking, some, per chance, even reading instead of being daily erased by the BBCNN talking head cabals. And the entire zillion-dollar brainwashing machine with its buzzing satellites? It's now just floating in the orbit at best providing entertainment for some alien psychiatrists trying to unlock the saxonic mental sickness.

Raise prices of cars, and people will buy bikes and -- as it is now -- the state will pay more in renting the airports where they park the unwanted rubbish than if they gave the lot of it away free.

Raise tax on realty and kill what's left of the west state-"bailed out" rigormortis, which incidentally kills one of the main tax revenues.

Raise food prices and people stop eating the peripheral poisoned foods forced by state to go back to the basics. Now, the state poison machine has lost its monopoly on rotting brains and, in general, the public's healthier, perhaps the most fearful factor of all unwise tax ratcheting-ups. Some may even learn that growing own potatoes is simpler and more fun than living in the west billboard cage.

There is no easy answer for state to try to rinse cash out of its monkeys and all west prices -- and this is the case always -- are at their very upper limit to maximise the rape or profit, before the model begins crashing. It's purely driven by pain, west market, nothing else, a concept that like genocides, torture, and organ theft somehow doesn't make the west textbooks.

Now about oil!

Sorry about the lengthy treatise here. I somehow cannot state things briefly. I too suffer it, believe me. For the terse pithy summaries, I squarely rely on JamesW or the readerships.

With oil.... look at the map of our planet. Now overlay a map of wars and genocides. You'll note that the west oil pumps are in the dead centre of these permanent genocides, mayhem, design poverty, and wars now lasting ~100 yrs since the west oil crusade of 1918.

poiuytr said...

17:52 PT3

This overlay west-war-to-west-resource match doesn't work just with oil, but with ALL west resource imports.

Why is that?

West needs slave labour preferably performed by children for they're easy for west to murder and maim. Yes, it's as simple as it's sick to the very core. Hence west is THE disease mantra.

West pumps a barrel of oil for a dollar, maybe less, in these west-genocided lands and sells it for 60-80 in Loondon and Warshington.

If the west frecklies pumped the oil out of Alaska, it would cost the lazy obese west whores 100 USD to pump the same barrel and another 100 USD to insure it and another 100 USD to add all the RFID computerised tracking and shipping&handling tariffs. And this is, if they don't screw up like they did in Alaska or now in the Gulf of Mexico where the west christianic pedophile disease is effectively replacing the water with oil muck.

Now, second bit on oil. It's made by earth. There are no wells. Oil is made right now everywhere and there's reserves everywhere and they're being made and remade like on a giant assembly line conveyor belt. It's probably true that some are easier to get to, some reserves are richer and thus cheaper to raid but overall oil is created and being replaced by earth as part of this immense living earth cycle.

In sum, price is no reflection of anything. Second west cannot import anything, incl oil, from anywhere where it costs to make it for it won't be able to afford it and make its cabal killings on the resale of the stolen product or resource.

West has always required for its dear life slavery markets. That's why west bombs a nation after nation to keep everyone in ruins and thus maintain cheap labour rate areas. Yes, it's this sickening. That's why Haiti has been invaded and currently annexed by USA butchers.

That's why west since WWII to 2000 bombed some 70 nations murdering ~30M civilians, incl children around our planet. West is simple THE parasitic disease of our planet.

"Peak oil" too is yet one of west's nauseating barfs, no more.

> "Truthers," not so many people are in the Peak Oil Camp.
Ho do you think about that?

I'm glad to read this. Every single postulate, theory, or idea west puts forth is 100% NONSENSE. That's all that needs be known today. West lies all the time and about everything. And that's only if it's not busy murdering and raping humanity. It's good some of it isn't catching on.


17:33 -- "US Sends Iran Sanctions Draft to UN"

Yes, but the word sanction doesn't mean what it used to a week ago. There are waivers for nations and select west war junta industries within west. This makes "sanctions" on Iran nothing short of monopolistic west job protectionism -- the exact opposite what it's being sold as. Remember, all west words, all west actions, all west headlines are 100% nonsense.

poiuytr said...

11:39 -- Germs have had enough

All the silly market masturbations don't add to anything. EUnuchia is broke. Berlin control of Grand EUnuchia is over after lasting a bit over 4 months and they had to rig the Irish vote to even get that far. This has been a very costly and embarrassing experiment -- for Germs in particular. There's no measure today that can save them from prolapsing right along the same lines as all of west. Let's see if they pull out their bayonets out of their closets and knock the rust off.

But it's fun seeing the emergency fiscal cretinism measures.

And "CRETINISM" it is for the west idiots oughtta know you can't just change the rules midway. For beside "rules" there's only tanks and fighter planes in this big cash game. It'll drive the big investors away in a flash. Could this be? Is west really this cretinous? "Baboon" may have been an over-estimation after all. It's puzzling. Are they really this cretinous or are they so far over the cliff of the prolapse that it no longer matters, the final destruction of the west fiscal "markets". A bit of both? Either way, it's fantastic to see west fiscal rules being ripped to shreds by Berlin. It's like Hitler ripping apart treaties. I trust everyone knows the next step.


11:45 -- Greece will never repay debt

How can one repay debt on cash that's laced with rigormortis? Germs can't print trillions for selves and then a few tens of billions and think somehow it becomes real simply cuz they're peddling it across their border.

Remember, all west #s, all west reasons, all west rationales, predictions, data, thoughts, though amusing and necessary in showing how fast the whole west house of cardboxes is coming apart, are 100% nonsense rooted in psychotic phantasmagorias of ubermensch superiority and entitlement to our planet, not to mention innate evil.

poiuytr said...

20:12 -- Breakup Of U.S. Is Inevitable - 19.5.10

Most amusing!

Convert debt, dump private toxicity into the public coffers, print trillions, send more christianic troops to the front lines, masturbate with sanctions in UN, enact poverty measures, shoot HAARP beams, break up EUnuchia, invade Haiti, break up US of A.... it does NOTHING! At the end of each day, west monkeys are broker and more desperate.

At the end of each day, the west monkeys are closer to not being able to afford any of the import that sustains their genocidal and parasitic existence on our planet.

At the end of each day, the west bristly baboon is encircled by the rising and uniting Freeworld against the malicious menace that since slithering out the Baltic moors has strangled our planet for 2000 yrs without a single day going by without the west beast killing a child somewhere.

At the end of each day, the entire west cesspit is closer to its unavoidable and terminal prolapse.

At the end of each day, the need for NBN becomes more superfluous for the west-wide prolapse has moved to its last stage of physical manifestation.


21:18 -- "nd EU are preparing unilateral sanctions against Iran in addition to a draft Security Council resolution currently being discussed."

> My least liked story in all. On again, off again.

Why? This sanction stuff, it's all laughable pile of rubbish. It's no sanctions at all. West own elite machine gets waivers. Russia gets waivers. China doesn't care. It's all 100% nonsense whether enacted by west or not. West has no leverage on Iran, with sanctions or without.

Don't even waste time on this west prattle. Enjoy the venom trickling down the gobs of the central EUnuchs as they eye each other's loot coffers. Enjoy the quandary west bankster will have if Greek PM will turn against the west wanksters or just keep pointing fingers at his betters.


22:23 -- "Spanish debt auction comes close to failure: "

Spain raised 6,5B EUR, short 1,5B EUR of the planned target, instead of getting some 12-15B in bids. That's some 90% failure. Indeed, not even west is betting on itself any longer. And that's with self-imposed poverty measures before any talk of default.

But Germs failed. Brits failed too. It's funny how the west media whores quickly spin Spain failure to be just a "temporary" and only EUnuch-periphery phenomena. Yet, we know better.

All west cesspits and those who are willingly playing with them or remain unable to free themselves of the west harrowing occupation like Japan are all beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, long at last. And the shimmering glare that's hove into view is, of course, nothing but the terminal prolapse of all things west.

poiuytr said...

6:25 -- Short-selling is now verbotten?

Indeed, the Berlin desperation over the loss of its 4 month empire has come back to the Berlin verbotten shouts. If there's one thing to clear the accounts, it's Berlin goose-stepping and annexing the markets.

It's hard to believe there isn't anyone with a brain cell left in west. Could this really be?

Was 911 west's last somewhat successful gig?

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, poiuytr, the one and only! You're really incomparable. Go from one end of internet to the other, something as hard-hitting and lucid and witty as NBN will not be found. You're still straight for the Louvre material. Thank you. I myself am going into the dancing shoes business. I think I might well make a fortune out of that. Long may you live, p. long, long!

Anonymous said...

Second part no less good than the first: West's last succesful gig! Indeed. Whereupon their voices got strangled in their throats.

Anonymous said...

Hats off, poiuytr, another round of clear as spring water discussion. From which we'll go on to face mainstream shit with equanimity. Good of you.

08:41, I rather liked your comment on ancient Greece. Exactly my own feeling. Down with Greece, Up with Troy. Even till today, one needs to take sides between those two giants. And soon it will be: Down with west, Up with Freeworld. And there there is no scratching of heads. We know where our allegiance lies.

Anonymous said...

Gulf oil spill may be 19 times bigger than originally thought (19.5.10)

The latest glimpse of video footage of the oil spill deep under the Gulf of Mexico indicates that around 95,000 barrels, or 4 million gallons, a day of crude oil may be spewing from the leaking wellhead, 19 times the previous estimate, an engineering professor told US Congress on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Bangkok in flames as protesters refuse to back down - 19.5.10

Rioters set fires at the stock exchange, electricity headquarters, banks and government offices. Siam Theatre, a much loved city institution, collapsed in flames. Hundreds of people had to be rescued from the burning headquarters of Channel 3 television. The death toll since fresh outbreaks of violence on Thursday now stands at 51.

The government issued "shoot on site" orders for a dawn raid as troops tried to disperse 2,000 Red Shirts who had been camped in Rajprasong, the capital's premier shopping and office district, for more than six weeks.

Anonymous said...

Now a report has apparently come out claiming the South Korean ship which recently went down was shot by a North Korean torpedo. Is west now planning to take on North Korea as well? Can it be? An anti-China move?

Anonymous said...

General strike paralyses Greece: "We are here to send a strong message to the government, the Brussels directorate, the IMF and all those pencil-pushers who are targeting the social, labour, pension and economic rights of employees."

This might go a long way to making up for Agamemmnon's antics in Ancient Greece, eh?

Anonymous said...

Germany, Greece and Exiting the Eurozone
Currencies / Euro-Zone
May 18, 2010 By: STRATFOR

Rumors of the imminent collapse of the eurozone continue to swirl despite the Europeans’ best efforts to hold the currency union together. Some accounts in the financial world have even suggested that Germany’s frustration with the crisis could cause Berlin to quit the eurozone — as soon as this past weekend, according to some — while at the most recent gathering of European leaders French President Nicolas Sarkozy apparently threatened to bolt the bloc if Berlin did not help Greece. Meanwhile, many in Germany — including Chancellor Angela Merkel herself at one point — have called for the creation of a mechanism by which Greece — or the eurozone’s other over-indebted, uncompetitive economies — could be kicked out of the eurozone in the future should they not mend their “irresponsible” spending habits.

Rumors, hints, threats, suggestions and information “from well-placed sources” all seem to point to the hot topic in Europe at the moment, namely, the reconstitution of the eurozone whether by a German exit or a Greek expulsion. We turn to this topic with the question of whether such an option even exists.

Anonymous said...

US leads warnings to N.Korea, China seeks restraint
"This was a serious provocation. There will be definitely be consequences," State Department spokesman Philip Crowley told reporters.

The United States did not specify its counter-measures. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, asked repeatedly at a news briefing about the US response, said only that "a lot of things" were on the table.

In sign the United States was not expecting tensions to abruptly escalate, the head of the US military, Admiral Mike Mullen, said US troops had not been put on a state of alert, despite Pyongyang's threats of "all-out war" in response to any effort to punish it.

Webmaster's Commentary: (WRH)

Our options here are monumentally limited.

China and North Korea have a mutual defense pact, as does the US with South Korea.

The fact that there has been no uptick in military alert in the region indicates that the US understands that military intervention is not the answer.

The most reasonable thing the US could do, as I believe Secretary of State Clinton may be doing, is to have a number of high-level, closed door negotiations with China and develop some kind of a plan to coax North Korea back to the bargaining table on a number of issues, including the signing of an actual peace treaty to replace the armistice which has prevailed between the two Koreas since 1953.

Well trained, you, 16:43. Bravo. Must be all this association with poiuytr is leading to something at last. Love the story myself. China's Georgia moment?

Anonymous said...

Texas leaders announce $1.2 billion in state cuts - 20.5.10
State leaders facing a budget shortfall announced $1.2 billion in cuts Tuesday, trimming such expenditures as Medicaid reimbursement rates for doctors but sparing areas including state psychiatric hospitals and most of the prison budget.

psychiatric hospitals and prison budget intact? No wonder. This is what US is all about.

Anonymous said...

The correction is coming and it will be a bloodbath - Zero Hedge - May 20, 2010
The correction, soon to be crash, is here: the market had a bigger relative open to close move today than it did on May 6. We closed at the day’s lows on massive volume, despite definitive central bank intervention, regardless whether it was the SNB, the ECB, or the Fed. The central planners have lost control of the market, and all thanks to the inevitable collapse of hyper capitalist Keynesianism coming out of the formerly most communist country in the world. A day of ironies. And it’s not over. Futures are already down another 4 handles. The correction is coming, and it will be a bloodbath. The Fed can not push rates lower. It will print. It is inevitable. It is our destiny.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Obama, Tear Down Those Walls!
20.05.2010 Source: Pravda.Ru

In the grand old west, everywhere you look, walls are going up...are we talking 1960s? No, we're not. Are we speaking of the east? No, we're not. It seems that the west is hardly able to contain the Pandora's box they opened up from back in the days of the Soviet-Afghanistan war when they made the major blunder of supporting fanatic, greedy criminal elements disguising themselves under the cloak of religion.
What goes around, comes the west finds itself mired in the quicksand of Afghanistan and Iraq with none of the prestige or good intentions the Soviet Union had. The Soviet Union left behind schools, hospitals and a social system that guaranteed basic human rights and social benefits. The Soviet Union was not afraid to let the people of the country make their own way when troops were withdrawn. The country was able to sustain itself for nearly 3 years before U.S. backed criminals finally managed to get the walls to come crashing down...welcome to today where their reward soon followed with 9-11.
When the west has been completely exhausted, and they are well on their way, what will they leave? Millions of dead bodies, looted resources, ravaged women, destroyed homes and families, and most of all an ecological disaster that will haunt the area for billions of years.
Yugoslavia was a practice run for the devastation they have spread in the Middle East, not only in the countries they invaded, but in the aid, encouragement, financing and assistance to their Israeli allies.
Fighting terrorism? Neither NATO nor the Israelis are fighting terrorism. They themselves are the terrorists. They have created the perfect breeding ground for terrorists as well.

Yet in order to protect their cowardly backsides...and they are craven cowards that shoot everything in sight while they remain fearful to even break a they are building walls.

Anonymous said...

For several days now, I've been meaning to write something about the wall phenomenon, then I stumbled upon this Pravda article with its defects and qualities and am using it as an introduction to the wall business.

After the Berlin Wall "fell" what jubilation struck the entire world. You'd have thought we'd discovered the way to go to Mars and back. And now, "walls" are all the fashion, as though we'd returned to some kind of medieval times. Let's enumerate walls, then.

1. We all know the notorious Israel Wall and its satanic uses.

2. Baghdad has now announced it's going to encircle itself with a, yes, wall. Wonderful thought!

3. India is setting up a wall between itself and Bangla Desh. Nice one, India.

4. Pakistan promises to follow suit, a wall between itself and Afghanistan, another between itself and India.

5. Europe's wall to shield it from immigrants.

6. And, surely soon, a wall between Arizona(?) and California.

This carries on, Germs will be walling themselves in against the rest of EU.

Anonymous said...

US Begins Massive Military Build Up Around Iran, Sending Up To 4 New Carrier Groups In Region By: Tyler Durden on: 21.05.2010
USS Truman is deploying: There is considerable international discussion that the confrontation between Iran and the international community over its nuclear programme may change in character into a major war between Iran and either US or Israel or both in conjunction with allies such as the United Kingdom.

As if uncontrollable economic contagion was not enough for the administration, Obama is now willing to add geopolitical risk to the current extremely precarious economic and financial situation. Over at Debkafile we read that the president has decided to "boost US military strength in the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf regions in the short term with an extra air and naval strike forces and 6,000 Marine and sea combatants." With just one aircraft carrier in proximity to Iran, the Nobel peace prize winner has decided to send a clear message that peace will no longer be tolerated, and has decided to increase the US aircraft carrier presence in the region by a 400-500% CAGR.

From Debka:

Carrier Strike Group 10, headed by the USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier, sails out of the US Navy base at Norfolk, Virginia Friday, May 21. On arrival, it will raise the number of US carriers off Iranian shores to two. Up until now, President Barack Obama kept just one aircraft carrier stationed off the coast of Iran, the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Arabian Sea, in pursuit of his policy of diplomatic engagement with Tehran.

For the first time, too, the US force opposite Iran will be joined by a German warship, the frigate FGS Hessen, operating under American command.

Anonymous said...

Spain: Spanish labour unions have threatened to carry out a general strike if things do not improve. EU stockmarkets react with a shiver to the threat.

Anonymous said...

15:45 - The usual Dekba nonsense. Not to take it seriously. It's just one ship replacing another which has completed its six month stint. No build up prior to outbreak of war.

Anonymous said...

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