Nation By Nation (21May10)

13May-21May -- Perhaps not too amazingly, considering the indisputable innate cretinism of the west bristly lot enhanced by brutal TV and "education" brainwash, no one in west has so much as asked why is it that west has begun crumbling physically now, let alone answered it. No west media whore has asked how it could be that Greece with its pifly 530B USD entire external debt is suffering general strikes, while UK with its over 9T USD and Germs with 5,3T USD external debts are remaining in control of EUnuchia, as though their debts are meaningless. Yes, astoundingly, west is still concealing with diatribes of "market woes", "bond yield spread", and "speculative trading" the fact its currency was obliterated in May2006 across the board and the next stop is total wall-to-wall disintegration of all things and lands west. But more important even than this is the new milestone we've just crossed, incidentally also deliberately ignored by west media whores. And this would be the west genocidal war-obsessed machine, suffering defeats abroad and fatal fiscal lacerations, focusing its unusual proclivity to evil against own kind. Concealed as "poverty measures" organised terror against civilians is spreading across all west lands perhaps even faster now than the plumes of deadly sludge aimed to destroy our oceans gushing out of the west state-of-the-art eco-murder machines. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - ~30 invaders killed, 14May, in chopper downing.
- Bagram base attacked, 20May.
- 55 occupiers killed, 11May, 3 choppers.
- Nuristan occupier's base captured.
- 7 germ occupiers killed, 21May.

B R A Z I L Brazil - In Moscow seeking expanded coop and dumping euro and dullar from trade twixt the two nations.
- Tells west to shove the Iran sanction drivel. This is after west media whores touted Lula's visit to Iran with puffy headlines like "last chance for Iran". Indeed, west lives in permanent and total disconnect.

C H I N A China - Deepens coop w/ N Korea. This development is particularly ugly for west. It's so ugly, in fact, it hasn't made west media rabid barking.
- Buys 17B USD more USA t-bills owning 877B USD of USA debt. Which state of the USA union was promised to Beijing this time?

E U EU - Poverty measures enacted basically all over EUnuchia. This marks the beginning of west's last chapter. Sideline: Hitherto, we've enjoyed the west industry vanishing as the west child-murdering war junta consolidated west's assets via "bailout" and cash printing schemes. Now, it's lockdown measures for all west BBCNN genocide choir monkeys. It should be clear that austerity measures aren't about saving money -- for simple arithmetic exposes the folly of such thinking -- but about the very tightening the screws of the west monkey cages -- an essential prelude to the terminal west wall-to-wall prolapse. Further, it should be clear that EUnuchia is no more. The basic premise of EUnuch central wank loaning euros to members is overwith and so is the sovereign rule of the caught nations as EUnuch central wank moves to governance role.
- West betters love flummoxing their cretinous neanderthal subjects with sport analogues -- that way no EUnuch understands a thing but EUnuch leaders can't technically be faulted for not raising the issue. In this laughable manner, EUnuch junta tell EUnuch plebes that "EU rulebook is rewritten". Indeed, the 4 month EUnuchia vampire is perhaps the most embarrassing of all empire building attempts.
- Euro plunges to 4 yr low and markets plummet despite the poverty measures and supranational bailout. EUnuchs scratch their bristly skulls wondering how so.
- Other EUnuchs go into a new frisson of hoarding S African krugerrands, little gold pieces. Yes, it's panic for economy across all lands west today.
- West exchanges plummet 3rd day, 21May. The quake rattles exchanges on both sides of the Atlantic. Watch west move to simple shut down exchanges in some clever way.

First, this chart is produced in its colour pentagramic beauty by BIS, west wank that once funneled cash to Hitler from nations hiving their cash before the west invasion of 1940. But... where's UKians on the graph? Where's Germs? Where's Frankensteins? They're only on the chart as creditors of these PIIGS. But how could that be? So who does UK owe its over 9T USD to? Franks 5T? Germs a bit over 5T? These are TRILLIONS. Just among the top three EUnuchs, we have external debt of 20T USD, or 3-4X that of all of the PIIGS that are charted here. Second, the chart just shows the EUnuch debt of PIIGS to the EUnuch rulers, nothing more! Facts omitted from this pretty chart are: PIIGS' EUnuch-debt is one third only of their total external debt; UK, French, and Germ debt eclipses PIIGS EUnuch-only-debt by 10X or by 1000%, if you prefer. So why the chart that omits key factors in west-wide prolapse? It should be clear, despite all the west media whore rants against PIIGS and the general 2nd citizens of the EUnuchia amalgam, the root of west prolapse is the saxonic core: UK, Germs, and Frankensteins with their unsolvable 20T USD collective external debt. And again, this should highlight that all the austerity measures enacted against EUnuch peripheries are NOT about saving 6B EUR in the next 2 yrs but about the unusual physical brutality and design-poverty being turned inward on the west cesspits, a symptom of the west-wide terminal prolapse. For amusement reasons: west (sampled by PIIGS + The_Three_Pretty_EUnuchs + USA) runs external debt of 40T USD at the moment while the Freeworld (sampled by China, Russia, and free SouthAm (say Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela)) runs external debt of 1T USD. This means that a person of the Freeworld owes a pifly 600 USD while each and every baboon owes 63K USD or roughly 100X or 10K% more, if so preferred. Considering these facts, debating PIIGS debt is totally immaterial in terms of the west terminal rot. (Bigger pic here at globalreseach)

E U - B E L G I U M EU-Belgium - As claims of christianic pedophile rape explode, even the west pope, our resident nazi-boy, caves in and admits pedophile guilt on behalf of west religion. No, there is no west civilisation. There's never been. It's just disease, rancid, disgusting, freckly, neanderthal, genocidal, and vivocidal at that.

E U - F I N L A N D EU-Finland - Receive warning on coming poverty measures.

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks - Threatens to dump euro. Sideline: The funniest farce and grandest of ironies of it all is that the chief EUnuchia objective, as printed in bold on their site, was to prevent all wars among the war-loving EUnuch kind. Indeed, the very crazed "peace mission" known as Grand EUnuchia, created on the Irish double-vote, is now the reason for much fist pounding and raised voices among the west war junta.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs - Funky political chair bouncing propels poverty measures forces with specific idea of cutting kindergarten aid. Indeed, the vote against Herr Merkel has been used to usher in poverty dictate.
- Doctors plan a week strike demanding higher wage. Don't they read what's happening with west?
- Herr Merkel owns up that the 1T EUR print did nothing but "buy EUnuchs time". Indeed, what it did is bought the elite investors in EUnuchia a bit more time to get out. The west creatures printed 1T EUR actually hoping to save the entire EUnuchia while just their NWO elite child-murdering war industries and central saxon banks have already sunk over 20T EUR in the west-wide bailout scheme. West is so challenged by even the simplest forms of math that the entire ruling cabal, not to mention monkey subjets, can't compare 1 to 20 and with certainty identify the larger problem of the two.
- Germ fiscal dictators ban short-selling with other opportunities that could result in accelerating west fiscal death and calls for penalties for insolvency. Oddly, that would put Germs at the top but somehow they're exempt from their own rules. Even the toughest of adrenalin-seeking market gamblers run as gambling rules are ripped up like int'l treaties by the west war-seeking lunacy.

Germ only imperial demand is the fiscal markets. If satisfied, peace shall be preserved and Poland can rest easy. UK, Germ, and Frankensteins are now meeting to decide EUnuchs future. If they decide to grant Germs their small demand like in 1938... well, you know the story.

E U - G R E E C E EU-Greece - Explosion rocks Athens amid nation-wide uprising, 14May.
- 20K march on the parliament shouting "come out, you thieves", 20May, during general strike.
- 10K march in Thessalonika, 20May.
- 4th general strike freezes Greece, 20May.

Greeks and state cops.

- In hope to quell the general uprising, PM makes vague promises of action against USA banksters and of governance corruption clean up. That's right, the EUnuch-tilted governance that's brought Greeks some 530B debt, asks Greeks to pay for it while promising not to be corrupt this time. The daily west comedy cannot be invented.
- PM turns to Arab world begging for cash. So the islands are going to Arabs then? This may make Germs -- who are blessed with sea shores so frigid and hostile that they're forced to dig holes in which they hide from the blistering Baltic winds when tanning their freckles -- a wee bit angry. The fun thing is, however, that despite his best efforts to remain the outstanding pole-dancing proxy of west, the PM may soon be finding himself out of favour anyhow.

E U - P O R T U G A L EU-Portugal - Follows Spain in bestowing ravaging poverty measures announcing increased vat and wage tax, and some 5% pay cut, and the usuals with pensions and benefits.

E U - R O M A N I A EU-Romania - Poverty measures include public pay cut of 25%. Pension cut of 15%, 15% cuts in benefits, and some initial 250K jobs being zapped to please the IMF dictators.
- 50K protest in Bucharest chanting "down with lying governance".
- Econ minister pelted with stones after TV appearance.

E U - S P A I N EU-Spain - Enacts poverty measures with 5% pay cuts across public sector & pension cuts. Zapatero hopes to save 15B EUR/2 yrs with the measures. Now, let's do simple arithmetic. That's 6B EUR/yr. GM took 5B USD AFTER it went bankrupt and 25B USD a few weeks prior. 6B EUR is currently some 8% of USA's MONTHLY deficit or per annum some 6/10ths of USA's deficit. Can't Zapatero count? No amount of poverty measures can even begin to hope to refill the west war junta sacked coffers or slow down the astronomically off-scale deval trend. Indeed, poverty measures aren't about saving cash but about the pretext under which west prolapses into poverty state-run lockdown. The reason for the concentration camps strategically strewn around west oughtta be a bit clearer now.
- 15K call for nation-wide strike in protest, 16May.
- Bond sale or fund raising fails and is cut short 1,5B EUR of its target raising Spain a whopping 6,5B USD. That's barely enough for a single west firm bankruptcy bonus. West #s perhaps best illustrate the tremendous disconnect from reality the west neanderthal suffers.

E U - U K EU-UK - New governance takes but a few minutes to announce poverty measures, as dictated by central wank, which will be followed by new "emergency" budget. UK measures hope to initially recover 6B GBP per year. That's an astounding full 2,5% of just the quantitative easing heist.
- Governance warns of more poverty measures claiming new hidden lacerations.
- BratAir annual loss grows 15% to 425M GBP as revenues shrivel 11% in the same time.

Fattened off the permanent rape of our planet, they dare protest the 20% loss of their school funds. It should be reminded that west school books teach these obese abominations that fuel can vapourise Boeings; that west owns the planet; that UK fought against Hitler in WWII; that Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas just one day vanished into thin air; that UK is liberating Iraq and Afghanistan; etc. And they ask for sympathy?

I C E L A N D Iceland - Banksters being rounded up for the wipe out of 50% of Iceland's wallet and the sinking of the island.

I R A N Iran - Makes n-fuel swap deal with Brazil and Turkey. Now west has lost even the front row seat to the Freeworld's happenings.
- Brazil visits Tehran and deepens coop in areas of trade increasing by some 10B USD. And west had hoped this meeting would push Iran against the wall.
- "The truth is that some countries, which dominate world's media, econ, and politics don't want others to progress. Together we can overcome these unfair conditions and change the current unfair world order". -- Ahmanidejad during the Brazil meeting.

I R A Q Iraq - News feed seems broke again. See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for more.

J A P A N Japan - 17K protest at USA occupation base.

K Y R G Y Z S T A N Kyrgyzstan - Bakiev supporters take over governance building and 2 airports, 14May. Another fruit revolt by west perhaps, in hope to keep the genocide base?
- Clashes erupt as some of the pro-Bakievs mob brandishes machine guns. 1 killed.

N O R W A Y Norway - 1150 cleaners go on 1st strike in 24 yrs in Oslo.
- King of Norway hopes for deeper econ and cultural coop with Iran. Odd, no "strong condemnation" from west?

P A L E S T I N E Palestine - Israel murders a teenager in West Bank, 14May.
- See Israeli human rights violations 13May-19May on

R U S S I A Russia - Meets with Hamas and recognises Hamas' role in Middle East. West is so beyond furious, it rarely brings this up.
- States the long since evident truth: after Obama comes war. Indeed, comrade Obama was put in only to usher in the prolapse and bend culpability.
- Moves to build Turkey a nuke plant. West is so prolapsed, it doesn't even do its routine round of the BBCNN rabid barking.
- Arms Syria against west war wetdreams. This is a particularly painful slap across west snout but it comes at a time when west doesn't even have time to notice it.
- While west banters about Iran sanctions, Russia moves to develop uranium reserves in Namibia.

S O U T H   K O R E A South Korea - War threats exchanged with north neighbours regarding the recent ship sinking. Comrade Obama chimes in with "strong condemnantions" of N Korea. Odd, yet Thailand massacres don't illicit any reaction in west.

T H A I L A N D Thailand - Unable to quell reds with promises of distant "free" elections, state mobilises armoured trucks against the red shirts murdering one. Violence erupts as Abhisit justifies the state killing.
- Red general sniper'd by state during protest.
- As of 17May, state clashes claim 36 and wound at min 230.
- As of 20May, 14 dead, 400 wounded, after military attacks civilians.
- As of 21May, at least 50 dead. Governance tries new quelling overtures on TV.
- Governance enacts curfews.
- Stock exchange set on fire shuts down early, 19May.
- Governance enacted "live fire zones" and promises more violence, 17May. West gleefully watches their anti-civilian massacre puppets in action in hope to regain the bastion nearly lost under west-coup2006-ousted Thaksin who steered the west-subjugated nation China-way.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Erdogan writes comrade Obama a letter to drop the Iran sanction rubbish and instead accept the Turkey-Iran-Brazil deal, or the effective diplo west-lockout on the matter. Sideline: Even if comrade Obama's one-sided sanctions are accepted by the UN genocidal watchers, it matters none for even Russian S-300 delivery to Iran has also been exempted from the "crippling" west-sanctions. Yes, all west moves today are no more than squeals of a castrate so many octaves above the mid-C that even dogs in the streets find it hard to be roused.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - Timoshenko under investigation for governance fund games.

U S A USA - Sends 50B USD EUnuch-way to maintain the west idyll pretense for a few more days.
- May deficit of 83B USD clocks 4X laceration that of Apr and marks another record in the west prolapse.
- 1 in 3 -- that's THREE now -- baboon homes w/ mortgage are under water or worth less than the note on it.
- Mortgage delinquency rises near 10%/Q1 y2y, which is also another record.
- 4,6% mortgages are in foreclosure, which is also another record.
- 8% mortgages are in pre-foreclosure, which is also another record.
- Boots some qtr million baboons out of their homes repo'ing 92K of them in Apr, which is also another record. What a trend! This makes it some 350K homes taken over by wanks in 2010, or some 1M baboons relocated to tents and streets.
- Governance, after hearing Pentagram's laments, declares national emergency over baboon obesity in fear that there'll be no baboons to refill the west war child-murdering ranks.
- Wall street ruptures with another scam. This time it's a near 3T USD municipal bond in some 200 deals across the USA union.
- Comrade Obama responds to all this by warning that "terrists" are hiding in USA and plans to root them out at any cost. Be it EUnuchs or USA, the dictatorship focus is invariably shifting inward and only in line of martial dictate.

Redneck Riviera readies for high season. If only it were just oil. This has some chemical "dispersant" added to it making certain it's the greatest eco-attack on our planet ever.

- Comrade Obama sends his nuke experts to the leaking oil rig. Looks like they're going to nuke Gulf of Mexico now. If they do, they'll find themselves wishing for the good ol' days when they destroyed the gulf with just the permanent leak. Oddly, comrade Obama has been unable to spin this one into perhaps: free oil to all baboons party, bring your own bucket.
- Oil leak firm wants to limit its insured liability, which is at pifly 500M USD, to the astounding 27M USD. Are these numbers unreal? Compare this to the latest west bankster bonus round.
- Leak gushes at 95K bpd. Some numbers put it at 80K. We finally arrive at the typical west lie factor of 20X used nominally everywhere by west, be it west econ or west war losses.
- Loseriana shores report oil sludge arrival.
- Fishing ban extended to 20% of Gulf of Mexico.
- The vivocidal west said the gulf is "big" and the leak "tiny" a week ago. Today they've moved to saying that "oceans are big" and the leak "tiny".
- Governance moves to crack down on filming the damage along the USA redneck riviera and "scientists" reporting the size and reasons for the vivocide.
- USA coast guard is guarding oil coast from USA journalists now, taking orders from BP. This is like 911, isn't it?

The west eco-dictators at work replacing Gulf of Mexico with 95K bpd of oil sludge enhanced with design vivocidal chemicals. This means that thus far they've pumped some 3M barrels into the gulf since 20Apr, equivalent to a dozen of Valdez-size disasters. And it further means that west is giving our planet a Valdez-size disaster every 60 hrs now -- with no end in sight. On 20May, comrade Obama took a resolute action and sent a letter to BP. Words fail to even begin to describe this sci-fi world of the west disease.

- But the baboon remains unmoved. After all it's got other worries as unemployment claims jump 5%/month to the routine full rank of 500K that receiving the rolling "aid".
- Poverty measures cross the Atlantic as the idea of federal medical care rations is tabled. Of course, no baboon understands the fun of this one.
- 45 states slash education, health, and poverty assistance.
- 30 states usher in sales tax rises and a gamut of new fees.
- 42 states slash pays and turn to massive layoffs.
- New Dork state announces over 1B USD cuts in education laying off 15K teachers.
- Michigone's Detrot boasting 50% effective unemployment moves to closing 45 schools and razing slums, the ugly reminders of the capitalist experiment gone hideously wrong.
- Illnoise with 13B USD deficit zaps preschool programmes and low-income aid pushing some 11K+ into imminent homelessness.
- Califiendia moves to poverty measures with 15% pay cut; medical, disability cuts; 600M in food stamp cuts (that's a good way to keep food stamp graph from rising off the chart); education freeze on funding; and a massive state garage sale of buildings and other hoarded assets. Sideline: Califiendia hopes to save 12B USD per year with its poverty measures. That's ONLY half of the most recent USA bankster bonus. If only baboons understood simple numbers, they too could enjoy the amusement of the west wall-to-wall terminal prolapse.
- The state of Taxes, literary awash in oil, announces poverty measures with over 1B USD cuts in medical care and the usuals. And this is before the free-oil-on-all-beaches tax that will soon eat the entire west wallet several times over.
- State-level fissures appear as Califiendia battles Airzona in energy and cash boycotts.
- 12K nurses in Minorsota waddle in circles protesting their poverty measures. Just for laugh.
- Personal bankruptcies rise 27%/y2y in Mar to 1,5M.

Very FUN graph! Pour a pint and cheer it! This is the credit debt of the baboon households. Note it equals the USA's federal debt of basically 14T USD. Living in the land of lunatic made up numbers was all well so long as the dollar monopoly was intact. But since its death in May2006, these #s are real and add up to one thing and one thing only: total wall-to-wall west-wide terminal prolapse.

- 72 banks buried, 14May.
- While the baboon's medical care, pension, and everything is taken away, comrade Obama found cash to buy Israel new missile defensive shield. The baboon remains unmoved.
- While the baboon's medical care, pension, and everything is taken away, comrade Obama needs 80B USD for summer upgrade of his 5K nuke missile arsenal. So long as priorities of west war junta remain intact.
- Comrade Obama's Iran-sanctions prove laughingly tricky even in USA, as the war junta elite big biz -- incidentally, which is all that's left in west -- doesn't much care for the idea, threatening massive layoffs and authority questioning, of losing such a solvent client. Watch comrade Obama save face by enacting sanctions with waivers for Russia and west big biz. It should be clear that such sanctions are not sanctions but enactment of big USA biz monopoly protectionism on Iran. Like banking, industry, war, bailout, insurgent, media, conspiracy, sanctions now too have been perverted to mean the exact opposite in west.
- Comrade Obama's angry about India doing biz with Iran. May have to write more waivers.
- Comrade Obama's drones murder 5 in Pakistan, 16May.
- Detrot police murders 7 yr child sleeping on a sofa as they raid her parent's house.

A Jones was murdered in a military-scale attack on a household while the raid was being filmed for baboon reality TV entertainment. No "strong condemnantion" from comrade Obama?

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Nationalises food producer firm, most of which was Mexican holdings. be cont'd as it all piles


Anonymous said...

Great work covering much of what is most striking in the coming west prolapse. The Euro ins abd outs are specially fascinating. It's all coming together and nearing some kind of a climax, or that at least is the feeling one gets.

Anonymous said...

Japan backs Tehran declaration
Press TV – May 21, 2010

As Washington is trying to impose new sanctions on Tehran, Japan’s foreign minister has backed a nuclear declaration signed by Iran, Turkey and Brazil.
During the separate teleconference with his Turkish and Brazilian counterparts, Katsuya Okada stressed the importance of implementing the new initiative in settling Iran’s nuclear issue, Kyodo News quoted Japan’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday.
The declaration was signed by the foreign ministers of Iran, Turkey, and Brazil in Tehran on Monday.
It commits Iran to deposit 1,200 kilograms of 3.5% low-enriched uranium in Turkey, which would be exchanged for 120 kilograms of 20 percent enriched nuclear fuel for the Tehran research reactor, which produces radioisotopes for cancer treatment.
Okada called on Ahmet Davutoglu and Celso Luiz Nunes Amorim to keep in close consultation with Iran on the declaration.
The foreign ministers said that the declaration “provides a chance to settle the standoff diplomatically,” the ministry added.
The talks came as the top Japanese diplomat is scheduled to meet US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in Tokyo on Friday to discuss Iran’s nuclear program.

To add to first half of the story above.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, thanks for the sleek and deadly latest NBN. Below support for things you've been saying all along from an unexpected source: Topic the eternal: Iran

China and Russia pull a Sun Tzu
Ancient Chinese military general, strategist, philosopher and author of The Art of War, Sun Tzu said, "Allow your enemy to make his own mistakes, and don't correct them." China and Russia, both master strategists, are applying this maxim with panache regarding the US.

The current 10-page UN draft sanctions resolution was already diluted to death by permanent members Russia and China - and whatever bellicose language remains will be further shot down at the Security Council by non-permanent members Brazil, Turkey and Lebanon (without unanimity at the Security Council new sanctions are for all practical purposes dead). There's no way Washington can coerce the rest of the Security Council to sign up for a new sanctions round when Iran is actually engaged in cooperation.

As it stands, the current sanctions package punishes Iran's import of conventional arms; curbs imports related to ballistic missiles; freezes assets of key members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps; and sets up cargo inspections in seaports and on international waters. Most of these sanctions are voluntary -or non-binding – and will have zero interference on Iran's global trade of oil and gas.

Beijing and Moscow are not exactly licking Clinton's whip. Immediately after her bombastic announcement, the Chinese ambassador at the UN, Li Badong, said the draft resolution "did not close the doors on diplomacy", once again emphasizing "dialogue, diplomacy and negotiations".

And Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made sure to talk to Clinton over the phone arguing for a deeper analysis of the fuel swap deal mediated by Brazil-Turkey. Lavrov also stressed Russia didn't like one bit the extra US and EU unilateral sanctions. The Russian Foreign Ministry said the unilateral sanctions would include measures "of an extraterritorial nature, beyond the agreed decisions of the international community and contradicting the principle of the rule of the international law, enshrined in the UN charter".

So we have come to a situation whereby a real, Iran-approved nuclear fuel swap is on the table at the International Atomic Energy Agency while an offensive towards sanctions on Iran is ongoing at the UN. Who is the real "international community" going to trust? Erdogan could not have put it better; "This is the time to discuss whether we believe in the supremacy of law or the law of the supremes and superiors ..."

Most of all, what the developing world sees is the past - US, France, Britain, Germany - fighting against the advance of the future - China, India, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia. The global security architecture - policed by a bunch of fearful, self-appointed Western guardians - is in a coma. The "Atlanticist" West is sinking Titanic-style.

Anonymous said...

Escobar is fine, but sounds deaf, dumb and blind compared to what poiuytr manages to grasp of the world situation.

Anonymous said...

Before we've even digested this week's NBN, back to the nitty-gritty, since time and tide wait for no man.

FDIC: 'Problem' Banks at 775


A total of 775 banks, or one-tenth of all U.S. banks, were on the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.'s list of "problem" institutions in the first quarter, as bad loans in the commercial real-estate market weighed on bank balance sheets.

Anonymous said...

One more in the same spirit:

HUD Is Trying to Privatize and Mortgage Off All of America's Public Housing

By George Lakoff (21.5.10, ICH)

The Obama Administration's move to the right is about to give conservatives a victory they could not have anticipated, even under Bush. HUD, under Obama, submitted legislation called PETRA to Congress that would result in the privatization of all public housing in America.

China, here's your chance of getting hold of the White House, lock, stock and barrel!

Anonymous said...

The Heresy Of The Greeks Offers Hope

As Britain’s political class pretends that its arranged marriage of Tweedledee to Tweedledum is democracy, the inspiration for the rest of us is Greece. It is hardly surprising that Greece is presented not as a beacon but as a “junk country” getting its comeuppance for its “bloated public sector” and “culture of cutting corners” (the Observer). The heresy of Greece is that the uprising of its ordinary people provides an authentic hope unlike that lavished upon the warlord in the White House.

Anonymous said...

Chavez fighting finance speculators in Venezuela, keeping the local currency artificially down:

"Let the international and local media criticize Venezuela’s measures. Constitutionally Chávez is obliged to protect the population against such machinations and if that means closing down the stock broking fraternity and the Caracas Stock Exchange itself, so be it."

"The greed of the Venezuelan bourgeoisie will have boomeranged back on itself and one can clearly understand why Chávez said today, “Tremble bourgeoisie! Long live the Bolivarian Revolution!”

Anonymous said...

Fake gold bars in Bank of England and Fort Knox
By: IC on: 22.05.2010

- This means the Reserve banks are bankrupt.

- Remember the 400 tons of gold the IMF were selling.

- Keep your eye out for real cheap saw blades from India. - China, check your gold out.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article

by phil_s66 on 22.05.2010 [13:40 ]

it is grim for the west. :)

Anonymous said...

U.S. warns Russia that they would defend Crimea and Sevastopol America will defend the Ukrainian status of Crimea and Sevastopol, said US Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs Alexander Vershbow. "We are continuing to support Ukrainian sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, including the Crimea and Sevastopol", he said in an interview with Ukrainian weekly Comments. "We have said many times that do not accept the notion of "sphere of influence" or " sphere of privileged interests" in the modern world ... Thus, we intend to continue to develop partnership with Ukraine", said the representative of the US government. Earlier, Russian ringleader Medvedev called "wise" European reaction to the agreement between Russia and the pro-Moscow president of Ukraine on the basis of pirate Russian fleet in the Ukrainian city of Sevastopol. According to him, "this agreement is a contribution to European security". Answering a question whether Ukraine need to fear of falling into a sphere of geopolitical influence of Russia, Medvedev said that it had already got into it: "There's nothing to fear, everything is absolutely fine". Source: Kavkaz Center

Hubris in full spate. USans never learn.

Anonymous said...

@ 22:06;

Yes, they do not accept the notion of "sphere of influence" for anyone, except themselves!

USans are the most canting hypocrites ever.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy personified, plus evil, 01:11.

Anonymous said...

Japan, US agree on Okinawa base shift
Sun, 23 May 2010
Residents of Okinawa strongly oppose the US military presence in the southern Japanese island.
Tokyo and Washington have agreed on a plan to relocate a US base in southern Japan despite local opposition and divisions in Japan's ruling coalition.
In an effort to adhere to his campaign pledge, Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama initially resisted pressure from Washington to implement a 2006 deal to move Futenma airbase inside Okinawa Island.
But Hatoyama, whose Democratic Party took power last year, toned down his opposition later, saying some US soldiers had to stay to deter threats.
The row over the airbase — which hosts about half the US forces in the country — further diminished support for Hatoyama, threatening his party's chances in an upper house election scheduled for July which it needs to win to avoid a policy deadlock.
The deal between Japan and the US came on Saturday, one day before Hatoyama's planned trip to Okinawa to call on the residents of the southern Japanese island "to bear the burden for a while longer," Reuters reported.
The deal, cut during talks between Japanese Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada and US ambassador John Roos, envisages a plan that is not much different from the original one calling for the base to be relocated to the less crowded city of Nago, where the US already has a base.
A new runway would have to be built near the US base on Nago's coast, but a decision on the exact location and construction method would be left until autumn, ahead of a visit by US President Barack Obama to Japan.
Nago City Mayor Susumu Inamine immediately rejected the plan, saying "the possibility of implementing this ... is zero."
The plan is also likely to face opposition from Hatoyama's coalition partners, who have urged more consensus on the issue.

Anonymous said...

The Americunts are beyond evil.

The Devil himself would be ashamed to associated with Americunts.

Anonymous said...

Impresssively put, 06:46. I greatly appreciate the vision. A baboon striding forth in one direction, the devil slinking away in the other. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Broke Britain 'can no longer afford role in Afghanistan' (Independent, 23.5.10)
Jonathan Owen: Cash, not casualties, could be the factor that finally forces a scaling down of military commitment

Brits were ever liars. Broke, no quarrel with that. But casualties, ha, these have skyrocketed. But who would admit that? Not the one in the West, Brits included.

Anonymous said...

300,000 jobs in public sector face the axe

As George Osborne prepares to unveil the first £6bn of cuts, the full scale of future job losses has begun to emerge.

Times online, 23.5.10

Anonymous said...

- Greece prepares for massive new strike
Massive general strikes by the Greek public sector will all but paralyse much of the country as Greek trade unions launch another 24-hour general protest against planned additional austerity measures.

- Massive Demonstration In Romania Protesting Austerity Measures - 22.5.10
Romania's workforce held a demonstration on Wednesday to protest the government's new austerity measures that cut jobs and wages.

The demonstration by some 20,000 people, who gathered in front of the government headquarters in capital Bucharest to protest planned government wage-cuts, was one of the largest mass protests that the Eastern European country witnessed since the fall of Communism in 1989.

Anonymous said...

"I greatly appreciate the vision. A baboon striding forth in one direction, the devil slinking away in the other. Well done."

This is hilarious.

The devil deigns not to consort with the American baboon in all its delusional arrogance.

Anonymous said...

"China, here's your chance of getting hold of the White House, lock, stock and barrel! 22/5/10 10:28"

As if China would want to touch get near your beloved White (Boy's) House with a 10 foot pole.

American apologists are such a race of arrogant cocsuckers they think the entire world wants to have anything to do with them, in the first place.


The only thing America or America-Lovers will get is to be wiped off this planet as the disease which they are.

And your precious Lilly White House in particular deserves to be burned to a charcoal Black.

Anonymous said...

Super comments above. Let's hope the disease pointed out above is not a lingering one, more of a galloping nature.

Anonymous said...

U.S. Implicates North Korean Leader in Attack
A new American intelligence analysis of a deadly torpedo attack on a South Korean warship concludes that Kim Jong-il, the ailing leader of North Korea, must have authorized the torpedo assault, according to senior American officials who cautioned that the assessment was based on their sense of the political dynamics there rather than hard evidence.

I thought when this first came out: a hit at China. Well, a hit is right, China is wrong. see below:

Anonymous said...

at Japan!

Hatoyama Accepts U.S. Base on Okinawa, Says He Has ‘No Choice’ - 23.5.10

Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama decided to move a U.S. military base within Okinawa in adherence to a bilateral agreement, saying security threats from countries such as North Korea trump local sentiment to shift it elsewhere.

How LUCKY for the US that North Korea (nudge nudge wink wink) "attacked" a South Korean ship just when Japan wanted to kick the US out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (WRH)

There is also news that it was apparently an Israeli torpedo which sank the ship. You takes your pick and you makes you choice.

Anonymous said...

So far today, no special news of interest tha tone could post. So here's a shprt resume of what mainstream has been reporting:

- North Korea. Apparently, west is all serious about attacking NK. As for Seoul, they have decided on that panacea, "sanctions" against its neighbour. Obama tells Pentagon to be prepared. There are still about 30.000 GIs (Ha!) still in South Korea waiting to take on NK (Ha!). And Israel, as is usual, is never far from the war drums ringing out.

- Israeli nuclear offer to South Africa. A UK daily reports that Israel offered to sell atomic weapons to S. Africa in 1975.

- Iran notifies IAEA over atomic deal.

- British Airways staff begin five-day strike.

- Jamaica declares a state of emergency, while Honduras journalists come under attack. Eight of them have already been killed recently.

- China and US discuss economy, i.e. China's once again put under pressure over the yuan.

- Palestinians boycott settler goods - A campaign urges dropping of Israeli goods in favour of Palestinian products. Long live Palestine!

Anonymous said...

Spanish bailout hits eurozone - 24 May 2010
European stock markets and euro have plunged in morning trading, as eurozone debt concerns are rising over the bail-out of a renowned Spanish bank.
Markets in London, Paris, Frankfurt and Madrid shed 0.3, 0.51, 1.2 and 0.52 percent respectively and euro dipped to 1.2414 dollars, from 1.2563 late on Friday, as the Bank of Spain proceeded to rescue one of the country's biggest banks, CajaSur, AFP reported.
Although a Bank of Spain spokesman said savings bank CajaSur would receive an injection of 523 million euros, analysts believe that the rescue package could be much bigger — around 2.7 billion euros, according to the report.
The injection sends a warning to the markets that if the European governments do not curb debts in the short term, such bailouts will become a running theme within eurozone.
"Trading remains choppy with most indices switching between small gains and losses in the opening session as investors tussle between uncertainty and appetite for risk." said analyst Giles Watts at City Index.
Last week, euro plummeted to 1.2144 dollars — its lowest level in four years. European markets, meanwhile, experienced a blowing shock after German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that the euro was in jeopardy and her country banned a speculative trading practice.

As far as I know, the worst hit of the Spanish banks is the famous Bank Santander. I believe it's probably benn getting bailouts on the sly all long, and mainstream has never let on.

Anonymous said...

Italy suspends mark-to-market accounting on eurozone bonds (24.5.10)

The Bank of Italy Tuesday said Italian lenders holding European government bonds in their available-for-sale portfolio don’t have to take into account possible capital gains or losses on them, in a move to safeguard capital ratios.

The decision came after volatility on European government bonds skyrocketed in recent weeks following several rating agencies downgrades, temporarily affecting the capital ratios of Italian, as well as other European, banks.

According to Italian securities laws Italian banks must deduct all the losses linked to the value of those bonds, but can only partially book capital gains.

Mark-to-market accounting was what allowed ENRON to post profits that did not actually exist in order to run up their stock prices.
Italy trying to be clever à la USan. Shame!

Anonymous said...

Burden of Irish debt could yet eclipse that of Greece - 24.5.10
What will sink us, unfortunately but inevitably, are the huge costs of the September 2008 bank bailout, writes MORGAN KELLY

European bank jitters as Spain steps in to save Cajasur (24.5.19)

Investors are braced for fresh turbulence in European bank shares after Spain's authorities stepped in to rescue Cajasur, one of the country's largest regional lenders.

Anonymous said...

Greater China - May 25, 2010
China plays lap-dog in sanctions ploy
By Peter Lee

China's plan to survive and thrive amid the Barack Obama administration's Iran sanctions drive appears to be on track - albeit with more than a little public diplomatic cost and humiliation.

China's tactics have the potential to weaken sanctions at the national as well as the United Nations level. Therefore, Beijing may still earn the grudging gratitude of Iran - and even the United States, whose push to extend sanctions it has agreed to support.
When the sanctions drive was threatened by the fuel swap agreement between Iran, Turkey and Brazil (hereinafter the ITB swap) China gritted its teeth and, instead of supporting this dramatic and apparently genuine exercise in developing-world diplomacy, undercut it by acquiescing to Washington's rushed riposte: the announcement that a draft sanctions resolution approved by the "Iran Six" would be circulated to the Security Council.

To observers who expected China to champion the rights and interests of nations outside the Western bloc, it was not a pretty picture. The resolution announcement incensed Brazil and Turkey, two natural allies in China's plans for a new, post-US world order.

Iran's reaction to China's actions has been muted, even though Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki was reportedly thunderstruck when a Reuters correspondent told him about the resolution announcement on May 19 in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Within China, indignant netizens employed salty language to excoriate China's capitulation to the United States - and its wordy, parsing efforts to justify the government's actions.

One aggrieved commenter wrote: "'So, you want to live like a whore and then have a ceremonial arch erected to commemorate your chastity! Don't think the Chinese people don't understand what's going on!''

As China's Foreign Ministry reached out to Turkey and Brazil to praise the fuel swap deal and repair China's standing in the developing world, two complementary editorials in China's influential Global Times - one in English for a Western audience and one in Chinese for everybody else. These laid out Beijing's case and labored to salvage China's public image as an independent and principled world power.

At the same time it was made clear that China was not going to attempt to exploit the ITB swap announcement in order to embarrass the United States and decouple from the sanctions drive.

In fact, the editorials laid out a position comforting to the United States: that more than the fuel swap agreement was needed if Iran wished to avoid sanctions.

Usually we post things about Russia not being up to the mark. This time it's China in the firing line. Any comments?

Anonymous said...

There we go, the latest in the terrorism fashion:

Thaksin faces Thai terrorism charges (25.5.10)

Court issues arrest warrant accusing former PM Thaksin Shinawatra of fomenting two months of unrest that killed 88 people.

They kill and the "terrorist" is Thaksin. Any logic there?

Anonymous said...

Finance Round up - Telegraph, 25.5.10

- FTSE 100 joins in global stock market slide
Blue-chip index drops almost 3pc as European debt crisis fears dominate.

- UK GDP grows at 0.3pc
ONS revises economic growth upwards as manufacturing rebounds.

- Spate of suicides engulfs Chinese iPad maker
Foxconn, the manufacturer of Apple's iPad, hit by deepening crisis.

- Sovereign debt crisis threatens new bank poison
Empty public purses risk a second bank crisis, says Jeremy Warner

- Britain 'at risk of deflation'
MPC's Adam Posen says country is ill-equipped to deal with recession.

Anonymous said...

Spain must make wide ranging reforms, weak recovery-IMF - 24.5.10

Spain must make far reaching, comprehensive reforms, including to the labour market, while its economic recovery remains fragile, The International Monetary Fund said on Monday. "The challenges are severe: a dysfunctional labor market, the deflating property bubble, a large fiscal deficit, heavy private sector and external indebtedness, anemic productivity growth, weak competitiveness, and a banking sector with pockets of weakness," the IMF said in an annual report on Spain.

The IMF said after a weak recovery the economy would grow by 1.5-2.0 percent in the medium term.

"Our central scenario is one of continued adjustment of the various imbalances with growth rising gradually to 1.5-2 percent in the medium term," the report said.

Anonymous said...

Remember what happened to Latvia last year. The same seems now to await Spain in coming days. More and more and more demands on the part of IMF, the world's worst extortionate institution.

Anonymous said...

16:35 - If at all true about China, I wonder whether the US bargaining chip here wasn't the threat of impending war on N. Korea. China loathes war just as much as US seems to thrive on it.

Anonymous said...

FTSE crashes through 5000 mark• FTSE 100 loses 2.5% to nine-month low
• Bank shares hard hit by euro debt worries
• Market fears over North and South Korea

Asian markets began the falls overnight prompted by North Korean leader Kim Jong-il ordering his military on to a combat footing. Euro worries compounded the flight out of equities (25.5.10)

Shares in London closed at their lowest level in almost nine months today after fears of a fresh phase of the three-year global financial crisis prompted a global sell-off in equities.

Evidence that Europe's debt crisis has spread to Spain and escalating tension between North and South Korea led to a stampede out of shares and into the safe haven of bonds in Asia, Europe and North America.

With the Treasury and the Bank of England monitoring the possible impact of the euro area's deepening problems on the fragile UK recovery, more than £32bn was wiped off the value of the City's leading shares. The FTSE 100 index dropped 128.9 points to 4940.68, its lowest close since early September 2009 and a 15% drop since the middle of April.

(A falling stockmarket is again somewhat of interest to NBN. Strange how, in spite of all those PPTs. etc. sometimes they lose control.)

Anonymous said...

North Korea Severs All Ties With South Korea

North Korea declared Tuesday that it would sever all communication and relations with Seoul as punishment for blaming the North for the sinking of a South Korean warship two months ago.

The false flag to beat all false flags. USans are really beyond the pale, to put it politely.

Anonymous said...

Iran's friendship with Russia turns sour
May 25. 2010

TEHRAN // Iranian officials have voiced dismay at Russia for backing a US-led tougher round of sanctions against Tehran, and followed it by criticising Moscow for failing to deliver an anti-aircraft missile system that would enable Iran to guard its nuclear facilities against a US or Israeli strike.
The fallout has led some analysts to question the closeness of a relationship that previously appeared to be airtight

(This will have us all limping and howling on NBN. Et tu Brute? Actually, only Iran can ever be counted on to play a straight game.)

Anonymous said...

US appoints first cyber warfare general

The US military has appointed its first senior general to direct cyber warfare – despite fears that the move marks another stage in the militarisation of cyberspace.

Anonymous said...

The sinking of the Cheonan: Another Gulf of Tonkin incident

Anonymous said...

From Tonkin to Tonkin to Tonkin... where are we heading? I feel great despair for humanity in all this. Or do I mean west? Poiuytr-trained though I am, my tough warrior stance is overtaken at times by the utter horrors of yet another war, and yet another, and yet another.

Anonymous said...

Just remember one thing: everything out of the mouths of Western cocksuckers cannot be trusted--least of their trojan horse (cough) antiwar movement and false flag "dissidents.

Anonymous said...

Obama Accelerates Military BuildUp In Black Sea Region….does the no good bastard have a DEATHWISH? 26.05.2010
by Rick Rozoff
Global Research, May 21, 2010

In the post-Cold War era and especially since 2001 the Pentagon has been steadily shifting emphasis, and moving troops and equipment, from bases in Germany and Italy to Eastern Europe in its drive to the east and the south.
That process was preceded and augmented by the absorption of former Eastern Bloc nations into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization beginning in 1999. In one of the first nations in that category, Poland, the initial contingent of what will be over 100 U.S. troops arrived in the town of Morag this week, as near as 35 miles from Russian territory, as part of a Status of Forces Agreement between Washington and the host country ratified this February.
Also in February, the governments of the Black Sea nations of Romania and Bulgaria confirmed plans for the U.S. to deploy a land-based version of Standard Missile-3 anti-ballistic interceptors on their territory.
The U.S. Sixth Fleet, headquartered in Italy, has deployed warships to the Black Sea with an increased frequency over the past few years, visiting and conducting joint drills with the navies of Bulgaria, Romania and Georgia.
Last autumn it was revealed that the Pentagon planned to spend $110 million dollars to upgrade and modernize a base in Bulgaria and another in Romania, two of seven such newly-acquired installations in the two nations.
The air, naval and infantry bases in Bulgaria and Romania have been employed for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and, although not publicly acknowledged, doubtlessly for arming Georgia before, during and since its five-day war with Russia in August of 2008.
The Pentagon’s Joint Task Force-East has all but officially been assigned to the Mihail Kogalniceanu Airfield in Romania and also makes regular use of the Romanian Army’s Babadag Training Area and the Novo Selo Training Range in Bulgaria, the latter near the strategic Bezmer Air Base and the Black Sea port city of Burgas (Bourgas).

(Not just that bastard, the whole west bastard leaders and populations share that deathwish)

Anonymous said...

09:15 - Absolutely. You say it right. Couldn't be bettered. And we never lower our guard with their trojan horses (can it be done in the plural?). But I personally start this one battered, in a state of advanced exhaustion. One more, and yet one more and yet one more... And the final curtain still to go up. Come to think of it, I, too, in my own way, probably have that deathwish in me. Poiuytr, how to dance on this one, you tell us?

Anonymous said...

Russian Scientists: Toxic Oil Spill Rains Warned Could Destroy North America …very scary stuff folks!
A dire report prepared for President Medvedev by Russia’s Ministry of Natural Resources is warning today that the British Petroleum (BP) oil and gas leak in the Gulf of Mexico is about to become the worst environmental catastrophe in all of human history threatening the entire eastern half of the North American continent with “total destruction”.
Russian scientists are basing their apocalyptic destruction assessment due to BP’s use of millions of gallons of the chemical dispersal agent known as Corexit 9500 which is being pumped directly into the leak of this wellhead over a mile under the Gulf of Mexico waters and designed, this report says, to keep hidden from the American public the full, and tragic, extent of this leak that is now estimated to be over 2.9 million gallons a day.
The dispersal agent Corexit 9500 is a solvent originally developed by Exxon and now manufactured by the Nalco Holding Company of Naperville, Illinois that is four times more toxic than oil (oil is toxic at 11 ppm (parts per million), Corexit 9500 at only 2.61ppm). In a report written by Anita George-Ares and James R. Clark for Exxon Biomedical Sciences, Inc. titled “Acute Aquatic Toxicity of Three Corexit Products: An Overview” Corexit 9500 was found to be one of the most toxic dispersal agents ever developed. Even worse, according to this report, with higher water temperatures, like those now occurring in the Gulf of Mexico, its toxicity grows.
The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in discovering BP’s use of this dangerous dispersal agent ordered BP to stop using it, but BP refused stating that their only alternative to Corexit 9500 was an even more dangerous dispersal agent known as Sea Brat 4.
The main differences between Corexit 9500 and Sea Brat 4 lie in how long these dangerous chemicals take to degrade into their constituent organic compounds, which for Corexit 9500 is 28 days. Sea Brat 4, on the other hand, degrades into an organic chemical called Nonylphenol that is toxic to aquatic life and can persist in the environment for years.

(Today is really a pre-Armageddon day, seems to me. One half dies of DU poisoning, the other, from the spill. Now tell me: who's still afraid of nuclear war? Would clear the air at least.)

Anonymous said...

re: "Russian Scientists: Toxic Oil Spill Rains Warned Could Destroy North America"

Who says the BP oil spill is all bad.

The sooner that Nazi, er North America is destroyed, the better.

Anonymous said...

12:08, spot on. More such oil spills, please, to hasten matters. The quicker this one goes, the better for us all.

Anonymous said...

Romanians protest wage and pension cuts
Euronews - May 25, 2010

In one of the largest mass protests since the fall of communism, around 50,000 Romanians took to the streets of Bucharest on Wednesday.

They are furious at drastic cuts to state wages and pensions proposed by the government to reduce the country’s ballooning budget deficit.

“I am a pensioner after 40 years of working and they want to cut 15 per cent of our pensions. How will we live from now on?” asked one angry woman.

Protesters say they should not have to pay for the government’s corruption. But the government says its hands are tied.

Hee, that's what all govts say. If their hands are so tied, they should all resign and give someone else with untied hands a chance.

Anonymous said...

Three titles of articles which say it all. The text itself is of little importance:

- China still opts for diplomacy on Iran

- Iran warns Russia over S-300 delivery

- Japan PM under fire over US base deal

I shan't insult anyone's intelligence by further comment.

Anonymous said...

Russia sends its mightiest warships for drills in Far East - 26.5.10

Flagships of three Russian fleets have united in Russia's Far East for the large-scale naval exercises in the Sea of Japan in June, a Pacific Fleet spokesman said on Wednesday.

The flagship of the Black Sea fleet, the Moskva missile cruiser, arrived at a naval base near Vladivostok on Wednesday and teamed up with the flagship of the Northern Fleet, the Pyotr Veliky nuclear-powered guided-missile cruiser, and the flagship of the Pacific Fleet, the Varyag guided-missile cruiser.

The Sea of Japan borders both North and South Korea. What Russia is saying to North and South Korea, to the US, and the world with this exercise is, "cool your jets, folks; no monkey business!" (WRH)

Anonymous said...

US to launch covert strikes on terror targets
The US has authorised a sweeping expansion of covert military operations in the Middle East and Africa, aimed at destroying terrorist networks in the region, and preparing the ground ahead of any presidential decision to attack Iran.

Welcome to WWIII, folks. The bad news is, this time the Americans are the bad guys, and this time, the US will lose the war.

Anonymous said...

- Israelis open fire on Palestinians Gaza: Hours after 16 people were wounded by Israeli warplanes; Israeli soldiers have opened fire on Palestinians, wounding three workers in the Gaza Strip.

- Visiting MEPs decide to visit Gaza and ignore Israelis: Israeli government officials canceled meetings with a group of 15 members of the European parliament visiting Israel, after the MEPs canceled meetings with Israeli NGOs and decided to focus on visiting Gaza, Israel Radio reported on Wednesday

- Large aid flotilla to test Israeli blockade of Gaza: Eight ships are sailing toward Gaza with 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid to challenge Israel's blockade of the Palestinian territory. In a legal challenge, an Israeli group wonders why chocolate and other foods bound for Gaza are a security risk.

- What is Gaza's legal status?: The United Nations and the international community continue to consider the strip to be occupied by Israel, along with the West Bank and occupied Arab East Jerusalem. Why then does Israel insist that the occupation of Gaza has ended?

For once, four short pieces on Gaza.

Anonymous said...

Iran and Russia clash over nuclear sanctions
Iran and Russia have clashed over Tehran's nuclear programme after the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad launched an extraordinary attack on a country that has traditionally been one of his few allies.

Andrew Osborn in Moscow
Published: 8:00PM BST 26 May 2010

Throwing diplomatic nicety to the wind, Mr Ahmadinejad used a televised speech to heap strongly-worded criticism on Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian President, for Moscow's apparent support for a new US-backed round of sanctions against Tehran in the United Nations.

"Today it has become very difficult to explain Mr Medvedev's behaviour to our people," the Iranian leader railed. "Iranians do not understand whether they (the Russians) are our neighbour and friend standing by our side or are after other things."

Barack Obama needs a new weapon against IranThreatening to add Russia to Iran's list of historical enemies if things did not change, he advised President Medvedev to tread carefully, suggesting the Kremlin chief "act more cautiously and "think more."

His comments followed an American claim that Russia and China have signed up to a draft sanctions resolution to punish Iran for its nuclear programme.

The Kremlin responded to his comments with ill-concealed anger, suggesting Mr Ahmadinejad refrain from what it called "political demagoguery."

Sergei Prikhodko, the Kremlin's top foreign policy adviser, also scornfully dismissed an Iranian claim that Russia was pro-American and hinted that the Iranian leader should tread carefully himself if he wanted to stay in power.

"Any unpredictability, any political extremism, lack of transparency or inconsistency in taking decisions that affect and concern the entire world community is unacceptable for us," he warned. "It would be good if those who are now speaking in the name of the wise people of Iran ... would remember this."

Russia and China have traditionally shielded Iran from US pressure but are showing signs of losing patience with Tehran despite Iran's last minute offer to ship some of its nuclear fuel to Turkey in a confidence-building deal.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, if you're at all around, can you tell us what to make of this apparent spat? It sounds pretty sickening to me.

Anonymous said...

War Pretext Incident? The Sinking of the South Korean Corvette in the Yellow Sea.

Anonymous said...

Quite. 06:32. And we even know who was behind it. But never mind that now.

Anonymous said...

FINANCE (Telegraph, 27.5.10)

Europe must react 'quickly'
Tim Geithner calls for leaders to act 'with force' to help markets.

America's money supply plunges at 1930s pace
M3 money supply's 'frightening' contraction despite near zero interest rates and fiscal blitz.

'I let people down'
BP chief admits to failings over the company's handling of US oil spill.

Anonymous said...

you could make.
The Worst Money Supply Plunge Since The Depression Means A Double Dip Is Now A ‘Virtual Certainty’ (27.5.10)

The stock of U.S. money as measured by ‘M3? money supply fell to $13.9 trillion from $14.2 trillion during the three months ending in April.

“It’s frightening,” said Professor Tim Congdon from International Monetary Research. “The plunge in M3 has no precedent since the Great Depression. The dominant reason for this is that regulators across the world are pressing banks to raise capital asset ratios and to shrink their risk assets. This is why the US is not recovering properly,” he said.

Anonymous said...

South Korea South Korean navy starts military exercises - 27.5.10

South Korea fired artillery and dropped bombs in military exercises off the west coast of the divided peninsula today, with tensions running high in the area.

The navy said 10 vessels, including a destroyer, fired guns and launched anti-submarine bombs south of the capital, Seoul, in a one-day exercise.

Note that this exercise is only one day in duration, not a week, not two weeks.

I would like to think that cooler heads in Pyongyang and Seoul are prevailing at this moment, allowing tensions to defuse.

Neither Korea wants a full-on war at this time.

So diversioary tactics again?

Anonymous said...

Spain approves austerity measures (28.5.10)
Spain, once Europe's top job creator, now has its highest unemployment rate [AFP]

Spain's parliament has approved an $18bn austerity package by just one vote, narrowly avoiding what could have been an embarrassing defeat for the government.
The bill, which includes a pay cut for civil servants, was passed with 169 votes in favour and 168 against on Thursday.
A defeat would have been a serious blow for the Socialist government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the prime minister, as it attempts to prove it can handle Spain's mounting debt crisis.
Some commentators had said it would have been difficult to imagine how Zapatero would have been able to stay in government had he lost the vote, which would have sent shockwaves through markets.
The bill was only saved when 10 deputies from the centre-right Catalan nationalists (CiU) abstained, saying they did not want Spain to be plunged into a Greek-style crisis.

Anonymous said...

Dubai unit seeks debt push-back (28.5.10)
Dubai World's request to restructure loans last November caused a stock sell-off [AFP]
Dubai International Capital (DIC), an investment company owned by the ruler of Dubai, has requested a three month delay on repayment of part of its reported $2.6bn debt.
DIC, part of SheikMohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum's Dubai Holding LLC, had been due to make a $1.25bn loan payment that matures next month.
"Dubai International Capital and a co-ordinating committee of banks today presented to lenders a request for a three-month extension to 30 September 2010 of certain maturities," DIC said.
The company said it was making the request to "allow the implementation of a consensual longer term plan that would enable DIC to maximise the value of its business for the benefit of all its stakeholders".

Anonymous said...

French protest retirement age plan (28.5.10)
Ministers confirmed this week that they planned to abolish retirement at 60 [AFP]

French labour unions have staged a day of strikes and street rallies to protest against plans by Nicolas Sarkozy, the president, to raise the retirement age beyond 60 years.
Tens of thousands of marchers gathered in several cities but there were mixed reports about participation in strike action.
Teaching unions announced that 40 per cent of primary and secondary school teachers had gone on strike, whereas the education ministry put the figure at just over 12 per cent.
Public transport was only mildly disrupted nationwide, with three quarters of regional trains and all high-speed TGV services running as normal and only very minor delays for some Paris commuters.
A strike by air traffic controllers in support of the protest saw 30 per cent of flights from Paris Orly airport cancelled and 10 per cent from Charles de Gaulle, the environment ministry, said.

Anonymous said...

Bankruptcy talk spreads among Calif. muni officials (27.5.10)

Orange County Treasurer Chriss Street would not be surprised if more local governments across the Golden State sound a similar alarm.

Street expects more talk of municipal bankruptcy across California because local government finances are in such dire shape -- a situation underscored on Wednesday when a top finance officer for Sacramento County projected a worse-than-expected shortfall for the county of $181 million, which could force more than 1,000 layoffs from the county's payroll.

"You don't have the easy out of increasing revenue and you have a lot more call on services because of the economy," Street said. "There's no such thing as entertaining bankruptcy; there's ending denial."

You're going to start seeing more of this from more cities and counties all over the US.

Anonymous said...

100,000 teachers nationwide face layoffs

Senior congressional Democrats and the Obama administration scrambled Wednesday to line up support for $23 billion in federal aid to avert an estimated 100,000 or more school layoffs in a brutal year for education budgets coast to coast.

As early as Thursday, the House Appropriations Committee expects to take up a bill that couples the school funding with spending for the Afghanistan war -- a measure that has bipartisan support. But a parallel push in the Senate stalled this week after a leading proponent concluded that he couldn't muster enough votes to surmount Republican opposition.

All the public money has been diverted to wars and more wars and weapons.

We may be seeing the beginning of the end of public education, and its complete privatization in the not too distant future.

Anonymous said...

Let America burn.

That is the only thing this criminal empire and its equally criminal citizens deserve.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, 07:48, let it go up in one fine blast. The problem is that until we reach the cinder and ashes stage, a little time must still elapse. So we must work on our fund of patience and make that multiply.

poiuytr said...

14:58 -- fake gold in west banks

Right, "gold" is just a code in west for tungsten today. Sanctions are a code for monopoly biz relations. Stopping leak is a code for springing another one. Recovery is a code for prolapse, and so on. It's preposterous... the whole west psychosis. What can one say but "west is THE disease".


22:06 -- U.S. warns Russia that they would defend Crimea

Now, how could USA do that, if USA doesn't own Crimea. Yes, the plan of the beast might have once been to annex Ukraine and put nukes there against Moscow but alas.

USA threats of wars -- especially against Russia -- they shouldn't even be honoured with a commentary. It only highlights the west's growing and amusing disconnect from reality. This is all while they're drowning in oil mixed with Corexit9500. A few more leaked bpd and USA coastline will never recover.

The only reason here for the threats is some pathetic attempt at leverage over Moscow. Comrade Obama wants to offer Moscow Crimea for something else, perhaps for tough sanctions on Iran. West creating leverages is absurd. West is totally absurd today.


7:08 -- UK can no longer afford role in Afghanistan'

If they go, NATO will follow and then what? West loses 50B USD drug market to boot? This is unlikely. It's more likely, IMF will pin britzie poodles with some VAT war-luxury tax while UK governance try save face. But again, the absurdity of west is off the chart.

> 300,000 jobs in public sector face the axe

Or zap half a mil poodles. That's more like it! Either Afghan or zap all poodles. West's prolapse underscores that west hasn't been endowed with a single brain cell.


poiuytr said...

22:17 -- U.S. Implicates North Korean Leader in Attack

If USA "implicated" whoever then it's nearly guaranteed the whole things to be an inside falsie op, perhaps to cement Japan into its obedient corner, perhaps to turmoil Asian markets to mask the laughable west slide down the bog, perhaps to anger China and Russia with war games.

Comrade Obama should rethink this one. He can't even go against BP, but wants N Korea? Presumably, BP, though in charge of USA border troops and press now, doesn't quite wield nukes just yet, or does it?


13:11 -- great news sums

> - North Korea. Apparently, west is all serious about attacking NK.

Like Iran, N Korea is out of west's grasp, whether they try pushing some simpleton against it or not.

> - Israeli nuclear offer to South Africa. A UK daily reports that Israel offered to sell atomic weapons to S. Africa in 1975.

This is west. UK/USA peddles nukes/war tech to Israel and Israel sells it on. It wouldn't be surprising today for west monkeys to be facing their own weaponry in places they least expect it.

> - China and US discuss economy, i.e. China's once again put under pressure over the yuan.

Do whatever with yuan, it changes nothing for west -- as if USA had some leverage over China to begin with. But the whole issue is like the Iran sanctions bantered about everywhere. They solve -- even if they were real sanctions -- absolutely nothing for the terminally prolapsing west.

poiuytr said...

21:21 -- Italy suspends mark-to-market accounting on eurozone bonds

Now, there's a solution! At last! I thought west was out of tricks. :)

Why this trite nonsense now? West has long ago since dumped all accounting practices and now they're pretending they're still dropping more like this market-based valuation of their collective rot. Pretending today that Italian bonds don't have to reflect west market rot is as absurd and silly so long as Italy chooses to remain EUnuch-tied.

No amount of accounting voodoo perversions today can change the fact that west is terminally prolapsing and as investment remains as attractive as a 70 yr old Moulin Rouge whore going for her VD shots.


16:55 -- Thaksin faces Thai terrorism charges (25.5.10)

> They kill and the "terrorist" is Thaksin. Any logic there?

The unmistakable logic of west. Clearly, west is trying its hardest to at least keep a pro-west ally in the region after having all its talons severed.


18:45 -- Spain must make wide ranging reforms, weak recovery-IMF -

Nice to see who's running west. Yes, that'd be the west bankster cabal. Spain doesn't matter in this point. It chose to ride with west, it shall reap all the benefits. What's important here is that IMF has turned fully inward on the west miscreants and has begun its vampiric job of bleeding its creditors, the west monkeys today, to death.

A decade ago, this wasn't the case as IMF's fangs were buried in many parts of our planet slurping it dry. Just like west was chased out of Central Asia, so was IMF out of non-west. Today, the IMF vampire has no choice but to morph into a right cannibal and eat the west BBCNN baboon and its offspring for breakfast.

poiuytr said...

22:03 -- If at all true about China, I wonder whether the US bargaining chip here wasn't the threat of impending war on N. Korea.

Good point. It seems too much for just pinning Japan but... then again, west does these routinely everywhere to predicate their cretinous logic.

> China loathes war just as much as US seems to thrive on it.

Yes, China, Russia, Freeworld in general doesn't need war and every single day it stays clear of it, it becomes stronger while west is bled drier and more pathetically anemic. So erupting conflict and perhaps WWIII could only be the policy of the west beast.

That said, I don't see how west could hope to touch N Korea. It's no different than Iran. And west, the coward, doesn't touch armed nations and S Korea would be a foolish proxy to make do this. This could predicate west's loss of S Korea and very quickly after that Japan. Maybe it's no more than trying to seed war fears and fear-trip Asian markets into chaos to mask the EUnuch/baboon prolapse for a bit.

If one sinks a boat, banters about war threats, the market freaks are likely to forget their trading volumes as they try to unlock cui bono and how to make cash from the political turmoil. West needs turmoil and turmoil it will pursue. But war with an armed nation? Very unlikely.

poiuytr said...

9:12 -- From Tonkin to Tonkin to Tonkin... where are we heading? I feel great despair for humanity in all this. Or do I mean west?

I think west, yes. :)

> Poiuytr-trained though I am, my tough warrior stance is overtaken at times by the utter horrors of yet another war, and yet another, and

True about the war horrors but let's count: west cannot touch N Korea. If it could it, would have been done. West cannot touch Iran. If it could, it would have been done. There's many reasons but the chief one is that west has never attacked an armed nation. Not once! And the reason is simple: west is a coward bully who loves to rape, torture, and maim children armed at most with rocks. West hunts civilians at night with missiles shot from choppers. West commandos break into civilians houses and massacre families. That's the scope of west rape. Ravaged Haiti, Honduras, children of Gaza, Iraq softened with 13 yrs of crippling sanctions that murdered 500K children (under age 6). Even for Yugoslavia, west required Bin Laden's terrist (sic) commandos.

Now, roping in a proxy against N Korea is a very difficult game here. Unlike with Russia where west is or rather was spoilt for choice (with Ukraine liberated and Poland now in an effective standstill after its decapitation) only S Korea comes to mind here.

One of the key trouble points here is that N Korea has, perhaps understanding west's shyness when it comes to facing missiles, made it clear that if attacked it will target primarily USA. So even if S Korea could be false-op'd into a military move on N Korea, if it turned ugly, it's likely to spill against west.

A war engulfing Russia, China would be tremendously beneficial to west's current laughable fiscal prolapse plus the USA's drowning in its own oil but I don't believe there is a plan that could provoke something that wouldn't spill into touching west.

It seems it's a market-turmoil torpedo. Well, S Korea should figure it out, although... like Japan, they really haven't for 60 yrs, have they?


9:27 -- USA in Black Sea

That's a good one. Who's USA gonna defend here? Romania that doesn't want it? Saakashvili who wanted it in 2008? It's preposterous. It's truly like comrade Obama has never seen the map. It must be another pathetic attempt, soon to be another comrade's int'l embarrassment, at creating a leverage on Moscow.

poiuytr said...

9:32 -- my own way, probably have that deathwish in me. Poiuytr, how to dance on this one, you tell us?

Nothing's changed! The dancing shoes are still on. Listen to the symphony so finely orchestrated... never mind the screeching and shouting, that'd be the west sinking in its own muck.

Let's see... what's so sour today?

1) Comrade Obama finds Black Sea?

Driving frigates through Dardanelles amounts to nothing. USA cannot attack Russia over Crimea or any other reason. Ukraine, not just Crimea, and parts of Gruzia remain wrestled out of the west's talons, whether USA navy buzzes Turkey and Bulgaria shores or not.

What's behind this is comrade Obama's another unraveling int'l embarrassment of trying to create a bargaining chip over Moscow with his Black Sea boats. Much like with his nuke trench, which Busch II tried so hard to lie about that it isn't against Russia, comrade Obama just blurted it out that he'll pull the nukes against Moscow hoping that his overture over the non-existent battery would actually move someone in Moscow. It's very likely the same scenario is unraveling right now. It would be fantastic to see Moscow play along and make comrade Obama think he's actually got something worthwhile there.

2) Comrade Obama implicates N Korea?

It seems to be no more than an Asian market hit. Severing ties twixt the USA-sliced Koreas will only hurt west markets via hitting S Korea's holdings. If it masks the EUnuch charade, it will only do it for a few days.

Second, it pins Japan but then again, Hatoyama had apologised to his constituency for not being able to keep the promise of ridding Japan of USA occupation prior to this. But even, if USA somehow cemented their stay in Japan. So what? It solves nothing for west.

3) Iran-Russia rift?

No need to wail about this one either. Iran is armed and thus west-proof whether it gets S300s, as per headlines, on time or not. A rift twixt Iran and Russia couldn't come at a better time. West will assemble its usual phalanx of might and try exploit this. Perhaps, west has already jumped on this offering new concessions/deals in Moscow.

4) Iran sanctions?

Whether enacted by UN or not, they're NOT sanctions. USA and EUnuch biz war biz gets to keep its Iran accounts and so is Russia and so is China going to get to keep its Iran oil deals. It's ridiculous and it sort of highlights the game of words Iran/Russia is playing with west with their rift theatre.

In general, there shouldn't be clear black&white lines drawn today. No targets policy. West is obvious, but Freeworld must remain slippery and flummoxing the west monkeys till its last vine-hanging days.

poiuytr said...

9:58 -- Corexit9500 death

Indeed. The funny thing is that USA's EPA begged BP to use something else and were told off. And now comrade Obama is backing BP and thus Corexit. The deliberate vivocide by the west beast cannot be more blatant. Unfortunately, the baboon blessed with a brainstem barely powerful enough to find the Gulf of Mexico on a Gulf of Mexico map, cannot unlock anything this complicated. After all, the baboon has been gleefully feeding on aspertame and CNN.

> of DU poisoning, the other, from the spill. Now tell me: who's still afraid of nuclear war? Would clear the air at least.)

Right, hence the word vivocide. Yes, the west beast is deliberately destroying our planet. It figures, since its days are numbered, it doesn't wanna leave without destroying it all.


15:47 -- Romanians protest wage and pension cuts

Someone tell Romanians, it's just the tax for housing the west war machine.


18:55 -- Welcome to WWIII, folks. The bad news is, this time the Americans are the bad guys, and this time, the US will lose the war.

This just to highlight the west dissent cretinism. This is M Rivero, the news compiler of WRH. Note he too believes in this goody-good US of A of his and loves WWIII panic. All west monkeys are just... well, idiots on an extremely good day.

It should've been clear to them that Hitler=USA/UK/west and, in fact, USA fed Hitler oil till 1945.


20:44 -- 4 Gaza pieces

Thank you for that update on Gaza and the aid flotilla!


23:42 -- poiuytr, if you're at all around, can you tell us what to make of this apparent spat? It sounds pretty sickening to me.

The Iran-Russian tiff: I wouldn't make anything of it.

It's not the first time. The Busher went through this. The deliveries of arms before went through this and so on. It's essential to keep west flummoxed, although it may not be totally orchestrated.

I think Ahmadinejad said something about Iran not knowing if Russia is with or against them asking for a stand on the sanctions. It's perfect. Who's to know now? We're yet again reduced to judge from results.

West loves black&white lines like hollowwood heroes are always clean, young, pretty, blond, blue-eyed, and have tons of chicks, and the USA villains are always ugly, speak with some mimicked accent of some nation USA is trying to rubbish, have a limp, and dress funny. West wants it simple. Headline rifts flummox the monkey and jumbles up its int'l policies so carefully designed.

It could be the Polish-Romanian missiles again. Russia can say now that it too is concerned with Iran's emotional outbursts and will gladly host the west missiles -- if indeed they're against Iran. Although this scenario already happened when Putin had offered that to Busch II calling his bluff.

It's possible that this will provoke the west idiots into bringing Moscow recycled gifties in exchange for tough sanctions on Tehran.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear your voice again. poiuytr. Yes, and everything you say makes perfect sense. Much more so than anything said elsewhere. It's great to be on this blog and clear one's head from all the nonsense spewed out in mainstrean or "alternative" blogs. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Once again poiuytr dots i's and crosses t's with a flourish, and a world picture emerges which cannot be faulted. It takes time occasionally, but when he does get there, he makes mincemeat of all our preconceptions. To our own advantage.

Anonymous said...

Dollar Primed for Collapse by End June: Charts
The dollar's recent strength has been explained by most market analysts as a result of the euro weakness rather than any fundamental support for the greenback. In fact, a closer look at the dollar's chart - particularly the dollar index - suggests the currency may be primed for a collapse.

Anonymous said...

Ukraine drops Nato membership pursuit
28 May 2010

Membership of the U.S.-led military alliance was ardently pursued by the pro-Western ex-president Viktor Yushchenko, despite widespread indifference in the country and lack of encouragement from the alliance itself.

But under the new leaderhip of Viktor Yanukovich, who came to power in February and has tilted the ex-Soviet republic back towards Moscow in several areas of policy, has made clear NATO membership was being pushed on to the back burner as an objective.

He has equally told Moscow that Ukraine will stick by its policy of staying out of military blocs. He has not responded to an invitation by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to join the Russia-led CSTO security grouping.

"Ukraine will continue developing its relations with the alliance, but the question of membership is now being removed from the agenda," the foreign minister, Kostyantyn Gryshchenko, was quoted by Interfax news agency as saying.

"This corresponds to the way things are today," he added in comments to a foreign policy coordination meeting.

Interfax quoted Mr Gryshchenko as saying that NATO membership did not have the support of the majority of the population and had a "destructive effect" on state policy.

But his words indicated that Ukraine, whose Crimean peninsula is home to Russia's Black Sea fleet on an extended lease until 2042, would continue to take part in military and civil emergency programmes with NATO countries.

Anonymous said...

Rising Horus, your turn for a comment, please:

Japan minister fired over US airbase
Fri, 28 May 2010

The Japanese premier fires a minister for rejecting Tokyo's recent compromise with Washington on a controversial US air base on Okinawa Island.

Japan's Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama dismissed consumer affairs minister Mizuho Fukushima, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

Tokyo and Washington have issued a statement, saying that the Futenma air station in the southern island of Okinawa would be relocated to a new site on the same island.

Fukushima told a press conference that she "could not betray the people of Okinawa," Press TV's Michael Penn reported. The former minister added that she "could not accept the plan to create a new US airbase on the island which would increase the burden for Okinawan people."

Fukushima said that politics demanded trust and that if she betrayed her campaign promises to the people, she would be breaking that trust.

Hatoyama had run for premier on a campaign to materialize a "more equal" relationship with Washington. He had also promised to move the base off the island which houses three-quarters of the thousands-strong Japan-based US military.

Anonymous said...

Euro falls as Spain suffers rating downgrade• Ratings agency cuts Spain from AAA to AA+
• New York stocks and euro down on news

Wall Street stocks slipped and the euro weakened against the dollar after Spain today lost its coveted AAA credit score from Fitch, the second ratings agency in a month to downgrade the country.

As the Spanish government battled to push through €15bn (£12.7bn) of spending cuts, Fitch cut its sovereign debt rating for the nation by a single notch from AAA to AA+. The move, which followed a similar downgrade by Standard & Poor's four weeks ago, fuelled fears of contagion throughout the eurozone.

Anonymous said...

Russia Backs Iran's N-Fuel Swap Deal
"Russia expressed its readiness to actively support the advancement of the process of negotiation aimed at resolving the situation surrounding the Iranian nuclear program," the statement said.

The latest version of the refurbished S-300 story, on again, off again. Ah, yes. And there's the Bushehr reactor on again/off again tale, too.

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr, not signed in)

20:14 -- Hatoyama's about face and laying into USA occupation opposition

Hatoyama's days in power should now be numbered as his Fukushima stunt makes him an embarrassing liability to the elected party -- if things are more or less as they seem.

Mid May he enjoyed 21% constituency backing and today he must be right in the teens -- the nominal approval rate of all west war junta retinue, proxy or direct.


5:39 -- The latest version of the refurbished S-300 story, on again, off again.

Exactly! Does Iran have missiles or not? Can west hit it or not?

Imagine the lengthy west war meetings of these aged lizards peering through clouds of cigar smoke at some colourful powerpoint presentation on Iran's "muscle", for that is what the cowboys call it.

If you treat yourself to the laughable image, you'll be able to hear some gruff bark cut through the overhead projector humdrum: "God damn, Jim, I say hit those sons of bitches now!" And then from across the room, another USA colonial accent twangs in: "Right, Dave, hit'em Afgani sons of bitches." Then the bozo at the front USA-nasally reminds all they're still on Iran. To that, this cowboy retorts with that unmistakable hollowwood chortle of those seasoned USA film leaders: "Afghani, Irani. I could care less, (yes, yank monkeys routinely say and write "I could care less" for they're truly that stupid) Jim, hit'em all! Hit'em all them sons of bitches. Korea, Chavez, and Brazeel too. Make a sand crater out of the place for all I care." And some stupid yank chick, sitting on the side, is feverishly penciling down the meeting minutes full of crafty SOB acronyms.

It may seem too absurd but USA governance member did once threaten Bolivia with "bombin' into the ocean" not grasping Bolivia is landlocked.

After all, not long ago, comrade Obama bargained with non-existent missiles clearly spelling out USA's intent behind the Poland-Romania trench.

In general, one probably shouldn't expect the Freeworld to disclose info this sensitive when west, on daily basis, including peddling nukes, breaks all treaties it has ever signed.

Anonymous said...

"Imagine the lengthy west war meetings of these aged lizards peering through clouds of cigar smoke at some colourful powerpoint presentation on Iran's "muscle", for that is what the cowboys call it.

If you treat yourself to the laughable image, you'll be able to hear some gruff bark cut through the overhead projector humdrum: "God damn, Jim, I say hit those sons of bitches now!" And then from across the room, another USA colonial accent twangs in: "Right, Dave, hit'em Afgani sons of bitches." Then the bozo at the front USA-nasally reminds all they're still on Iran. To that, this cowboy retorts with that unmistakable hollowwood chortle of those seasoned USA film leaders: "Afghani, Irani. I could care less, (yes, yank monkeys routinely say and write "I could care less" for they're truly that stupid) Jim, hit'em all! Hit'em all them sons of bitches. Korea, Chavez, and Brazeel too. Make a sand crater out of the place for all I care." And some stupid yank chick, sitting on the side, is feverishly penciling down the meeting minutes full of crafty SOB acronyms.

It may seem too absurd but USA governance member did once threaten Bolivia with "bombin' into the ocean" not grasping Bolivia is landlocked."


Americunt baboons.

There is no greater scum on this planet.

Anonymous said...

Russia Assists USA in Search and Capture of Osama bin Laden
The USA’s previous President George W. Bush swore two weeks after the 9/11 terrorist attacks that Bin Laden would be captured either dead or alive. The Americans have not succeeded at this point yet in spite of the fact that Washington raised the reward for his head to $27 million. “I know for certain that we assisted and will continue to assist the United States in the search and capture of Osama bin Laden,” a Russian official said in Washington. (Pravda - 29.5.10)

Now who is making fun of whom I wonder. Bin Laden died in 2003 in a Pakistani hospital. Why don't we go and look for him in his grave. Both sides to this farce are sickening.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, poiuytr. A pity Hatoyama turned out to be swo weak. One was expecting great things from him.

As for the long complicated minuet being danced by Iran and Russia, it's clear that's the safest way to get to the end of the road, namely release from US domination. How intelligent the Freeworld has become, almost overnight. Long may it live and prosper!

Anonymous said...

Greece urged to give up euro (29.5.10)

THE Greek government has been advised by British economists to leave the euro and default on its €300 billion (£255 billion) debt to save its economy.

The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), a London-based consultancy, has warned Greek ministers they will be unable to escape their debt trap without devaluing their own currency to boost exports. The only way this can happen is if Greece returns to its own currency.

The globalist agenda takes another kneecapping!

Anonymous said...

- Analysts question Korea torpedo incident

How is it that a submarine of a fifth-rate power was able to penetrate a U.S.-South Korean naval exercise and sink a ship that was designed for anti-submarine warfare?

- Rand: 400,000 troops needed to secure N. Korea and its 'loose nukes'

If there's one sure way to infuriate the North Koreans, it's to talk of "regime collapse" and "contingency planning". As far as Pyongyang is concerned, such speculation is proof positive of United States-led plotting of a "pre-emptive strike".

That will be the day, US attacking NK. Or Iran, for that matter. Apparently there is a US nuclear submarine and an Israeli submarine (or is it the same thing) lying in wait already in the Straits of Hormuz preparing for the great event. When countries start decaying, they do so at a horrifyingly speedy pace.

Anonymous said...

Godspeed to Gaza (29.5.10)

The Turks did it! The world as we know it has changed with the new-found independence of Turkey. Within one month, this erstwhile American semi-colony under the charismatic leadership of Recep Erdogan has made two strong moves that have brought it to the forefront of policy-making:

The Tehran Declaration of a nuclear fuel swap with Iran, countersigned by Brazil's Lula, was the first move.

After derailing the sanctions against Iran, the second move: the indomitable Turk sent his vessels to relieve the siege of Gaza. A whole flotilla of small and medium boats is on its way to Gaza now, and among them, a large boat from Turkey, accompanied by a boat bought and equipped by another great friend of Palestine, Mahathir Mohammad of Malaysia.

Long live Erdogan, Mahatir, Lula! Long live the Freeworld!

James Wolfe said...

I share the comments and sentiments of our posters and readers who rightly condemn the United States. I feel no pity for the millions of Americans: who have been made homeless, jobless, or the municipalities and states that are now bankrupt. These bastards deserve it all and much more.
France, and Spain were technically bankrupt in May 7-10, neither states who service their debts, until the Greek bailout was announced. The bailing out Greece was really a bailout of France because French banks owned billions Euros of Greek debt. The French banking system is insolvent: no wonder the little turd Sarkozy has been more animated and hysterical than he usually is.

>Fattened off the permanent rape of our planet, they dare protest the 20% loss of their school funds. It should be reminded that west school books teach these obese abominations that fuel can vapourise Boeings; that west owns the planet; that UK fought against Hitler in WWII; that Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas just one day vanished into thin air; that UK is liberating Iraq and Afghanistan; etc. And they ask for sympathy?<

I really liked Poiuytr’s comments regarding the UK education system, as someone who has been exposed to the UK education system. I can confirm that most Brits are totally ignorant, of their own history and other people’s history. The delusion of grandeur and sense of entitlement that pervades the UK, both on the right and left is amazing.

>Right, "gold" is just a code in west for tungsten today. Sanctions are a code for monopoly biz relations. Stopping leak is a code for springing another one. Recovery is a code for prolapse, and so on. It's preposterous... the whole west psychosis. What can one say but "west is THE disease".<

The abuse of language is one of the West’s greatest crimes, for example “extraordinary rendition” isn’t kidnapping, “enhanced interrogation tactics” isn’t torture, and occupation is really “liberation”. People who fight invaders are really “terrorists” or “insurgents”. The US is "withdrawing" from Iraq, by maintaining its garrisons and replacing departing soldiers with more hired thugs. Oh yeah “contractors” aren’t really mercenaries. The US economy isn’t in a recession but in a “down turn”, a recovery is “jobless”. How can any sane and sentient person fall for such nonsense and euphemisms?

James Wolfe said...

Now the US government says anyone who believes in “Conspiracy Theories” is a Marxist?

James Wolfe said...

The US Military infested with gangbangers and neo-Nazis no surprise there.

US military in Iraq needed “hardcore” troops with warlike mentality – journalist

Anonymous said...

James, you and poiuytr make an excellent team. And posters here support both of you on every point, i'd say. West is a poison to which no antidote has been found so far. But it's not as though it's not being feverishly sought for in the laboratories of the Freeworld. and soon, soon, we'll be saved from its evil effects without first having to die, then resurrect.

Anonymous said...

As oil spill damages Gulf, will U.S. change energy use? (30.5.10)
WASHINGTON — The Gulf oil spill has triggered a crisis of confidence, shaking Americans' views about BP, the oil industry, technology and President Barack Obama and slowing a planned expansion of domestic offshore oil drilling.

Are the worst spill in U.S. history and images of dead birds and toxic syrup lapping at Gulf shores shocking enough to be a tipping point for energy policy and consumer behavior, however?

Will Americans rush to smaller cars or spend more to buy hybrids? Will politicians embrace gas taxes and charges on large carbon polluters or adopt other measures to punish fossil-fuel burning and encourage alternative energy use?

It's probably too soon to say. Public willingness to change - and the political courage to provoke change - may hinge on how long the spill continues, how the wind blows, how the cleanup goes and the extent of damage to wildlife, seafood, jobs, tourism and real estate.

The debate also comes as the nation is emerging from the worst economic crisis in decades, saddled with debt, trying to wrap up two wars and embarking on an experiment in health care that has left many Americans unsettled and businesses bracing for higher taxes. It also comes as key developing nations, including China and India, rely heavily on oil and coal to drive their expansions. For now, many experts say Americans aren't ready to change.

(There, the usual we can fix it, everything in order, feel good type of US stuff we've grown so used to, we no longer even thrown up any longer). But with a hint of something new in the air all the same, hence posting.

Anonymous said...

Some observers have claimed that the BP Gulf Oil Disaster is Obama’s “Katrina.” Sadly, this is far worse. The Gulf Oil Disaster and scandal has reached the point of being America’s Chernobyl.

Chernobyl might have had a USan hand in it. The Gulf Disaster, on the other hand, is wholly homemade. Though I shouldn't be surprised if the media suddenly try and blame it on others. Yet another mark of "Muslim terrorism" perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Japan party quits coalition over US base
Japan's Social Democratic Party, SDP, has decided to leave the ruling coalition government amid a row over the controversial presence of the US military in the country.

Obama's bullying (and using that false flag attack n the South Korean warship) to force Japan's PM to allow the US base to stay on Okinawa might bring down the entire Japanese Government.

Anonymous said...

'Russia, China put Iran ties in jeopardy'
Press TV - 30.05.2010

An Iranian lawmaker says Tehran must "seriously" downgrade relations with Russia and China if the two fail to veto the US-pursued UN sanctions resolution against Iran.

"If Russia and China vote against Iran in the UN Security Council, Tehran must seriously and broadly downgrade relations with them," Mehr News Agency quoted member of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Heshmat Allah Falahat Pishe as saying on Sunday.

"I believed we must work hard on avoiding the imposition of another round of sanctions against us," the lawmaker added.

The call comes amid mixed signals of support from Moscow and Beijing.

Both governments have welcomed Iran's recent tripartite nuclear declaration, but have struck deals with Washington to join its sanctions campaign.

Under the May 17 nuclear declaration issued in Tehran, Iran expressed readiness to swap its low enriched uranium on Turkish soil with fuel for its research reactor — a proposal originally outlined by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as a diplomatic solution to the nuclear standoff.

Western powers received the declaration with skepticism, vowing to press on with the sanctions campaign as it failed to answer all demands.

The US demands Iran completely halt its uranium enrichment to avoid a fourth round of sanctions, while Washington's European allies do not object to Iran's 3.5% enrichment activities.

Iran rejects Western allegations that it is seeking a military nuclear program, arguing that as an IAEA member and a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) it has a legal right to a peaceful nuclear program aimed at electricity generation and medical research.


(Latest chapter in this ongoing saga)

Anonymous said...

More examples of how Zionist Israel and Hindu India are partners in crime.

Zionism Recruits Indian “Jews” as Settlers

Anonymous said...

Oil spill is Mexican Gulf seems really serious and it might be a Chernobyl for US oil industry.
Now I wonder why the US government is not so tough with BP as they were with Toyota.

Can anyone please explain.

Anonymous said...

re: 14:21

British Petroleum is British, while Toyota is Japanese.

America would never criticize a fellow Anglo Axis of Evil partner, would it?

Anonymous said...

- Five More Banks in U.S. Are Shut: State and federal regulators closed five banks in Florida, California and Nevada, bringing the nationwide total of failed institutions so far this year to 78, with 13 in Florida, six in California and two in Nevada.

- The Canadian ‘good banks’ myth: We are, according to the IMF, actually the third worst of the G7 countries, behind the US and Britain, in terms of financial stabilization costs.

Anonymous said...


Yes....... I know. But, I just wanted to complain.

Let's hope the sea animals and plants may survive this tragedy. (and let's weep for the lives already lost)

Anonymous said...

Aid convoy ambushed

Anonymous said...

UK faces revolt in Caribbean islanders
Britain is facing a revolt against its rule of a group of Caribbean islands, amidst a growing crisis there. (Independent, 31.5.10)

Turks and Caicos Islands: an economic free-for-all that veiled a culture of corruptionn

Anonymous said...

China's economy overheats
Nation struggles with rising house prices, inflationary wage rises and a continuing surge in money supply.

N.B. Exactly the opposite to what's happening in US as regards "economy" and money supply. China is the only functioning economy in the world.

Anonymous said...
Israel attacks Gaza aid fleet

Aid convoy was attacked 65km off the Gaza coast

Israeli forces have attacked a flotilla of aid-carrying ships aiming to break the country's siege on Gaza.

Up to 16 people were killed and more than 30 people injured when troops stormed the Freedom Flotilla early on Monday, the Israeli Army Radio said.

The flotilla was attacked in international waters, 65km off the Gaza coast.

Footage from the flotilla's lead vessel, the Mavi Marmara, showed armed Israeli soldiers boarding the ship and helicopters flying overhead.

Al Jazeera's Jamal Elshayyal, on board the Mavi Marmara, said Israeli troops had used live ammunition during the operation.

The Israeli Army Radio said soldiers opened fire "after confronting those on board carrying sharp objects".

Free Gaza Movement, the organisers of the flotilla, however, said the troops opened fire as soon as they stormed the ships.

They also said the ships were now being towed to the Israeli town of Haifa, instead of Ashdod to avoid waiting journalists.

Earlier, the Israeli navy had contacted the captain of the Mavi Marmara, asking him to identify himself and say where the ship was headed.

Anonymous said...

Is the BP oil spill Obama's Katrina? Cherynobyl?

Try the worst environmental disaster in American history.

Anonymous said...


It was very unfortunate for Hatoyama that a peculiar incident happened in Korea at this timing.(How convenient!!) But, is he or Democratic Party losing power? Let's see what happens in the coming election for the Upper House in summer.(The precise date and schedule have not been announced, yet.)

Before one reaches to a conclusion, one has to consider the following points, too.
Although all the major media report that approval rate plunges, there are some people
who really suspects media are forging polls.
(All the mass media in Japan are pro-US, because the system was constructed in the occupation days.)

For example, when I talk to people around me, I did not find a person who really thinks the Hatoyama cabinet could kick out the US base. After all, the Futenma problem was started in the former cabinet (and US armed forces' staying in Japan is 60 year-old, something that cannot be solved in a short time).Remember that US bases in Japan are of crucial importance for their global strategy, because of location and Japanese manufacturers' maintenance ability.
So, I do not think that so many supporters of Democratic party change their idea because of his failure in US base problem. (But, there may be some because of economic/financial problems.)

After all there are essentially only two choices, Democratic Party or Liberal Democratic Party. And, LDP seems to be losing power and popularity faster than Democratic party.

For example, on May 29, one business association (i.e., a kind of lobbying group)
announced that it is going to let each members decide which party to vote. (Members used to be "strongly recommended" to vote LDP.) This is the second one to make such an announcement among the three biggest business associations.In other words, business leaders are abandoning LDP. If one reads newspapers carefully, one would find similar articles for medical associations, etc.

Fukushima's Social Democratic Party left coalition, but it does not mean very much,
because they have only 7 seats in the Lower House and 5 in the Upper House. This kind of breakup has lately happened to LDP, too, at least 2 times.

After all socialists/communists are assets of Rockefeller/Rothschild and are not reliable.
If you let me get a little bit far fetched, I would say this is perhaps an secret operation to make confusion
in Democratic Party before the election.
Otherwise, they should protest US embassy, not Japan's prime minister.

In this case, SDP Japan is strongly related North Korea and a lot of its member seem to be
"closet Koreans." (Yes, just like "closet jews" in West, there close Koreans in Japan and
some of them are picked up by CIA to become leaders of Japan.)
And as you may know, North Korea is a country who is bribed by CIA to play the role of "enemy." Moonists a.k.a. Unification Church is the "bridge."
Most important aim is to prevent Japan/China/Korea from forming the biggest economic block in the world.
(Subjecting Japan and S. Korea is also important, as well as weapon sales.)

Maybe, I've already written too much and I stop here. For those reasons, I really do not think Democratic party would lose in the coming election.Let's wait for a while and see whether I'm right or wrong.

Anonymous said...

R.H., That was super. A terrific analysis. If I had been Japanese, I'd certainly have given my vote to Hatayama. All that background about the other political parties in Japan was also fascinating. So the communists are Rotschild-driven and the SDP are CIA? God, these two seem to have a finger in every pie! And is it really true that North Korea is also a CIA-asset? That was a bit of a blow, I must confess. Shall look at them with different eyes henceforth. Well, whatever. Thank God, you're around R.H. We definitely need input like yours in our battle to free the world from all its leperous sores.

Anonymous said...

German president quits over military remarks
By GEIR MOULSON (AP) – 31.5.10

BERLIN — German President Horst Koehler resigned Monday in a surprise move after being criticized for reportedly linking military deployments abroad with the country's economic interests — creating a new headache for Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The resignation, effective immediately, came only a year into Koehler's second term as the largely ceremonial head of state. Merkel had installed the former International Monetary Fund boss as president in 2004.

The current president of parliament's upper house — Bremen Mayor Jens Boehrnsen, a member of the opposition Social Democrats — will take over presidential duties temporarily, largely signing legislation into law.

A new president must be elected within 30 days. German politicians now will have to figure out quickly who should replace Koehler even as they are preoccupied with trying to make budget cuts amid the eurozone debt crisis.

Merkel called off a planned visit Monday to the German World Cup team's training camp in Italy.

Koehler, a member of Merkel's Christian Democrats, cited a week of criticism over a radio interview he gave following a visit to German troops in Afghanistan.

He said in that broadcast that, for a country with Germany's dependency on exports, military deployments could be "necessary ... in order to defend our interests, for example free trade routes."

(Quenzjor, but you've given up on us, I suppose. Otherwise, your comments, please)

Anonymous said...

Israeli Butchery at Sea (31.5.10)
An institutional failure of a morbid society

By Gilad Atzmon

Considering the fact that Israel stormed naval vessels sailing under Irish, Turkish and Greek flags. Both NATO members and EU countries must immediately cease their relationships with Israel and close their airspace to Israeli airplanes.

Anonymous said...

By the way,
some bloggers are talking about the list of participants of Bilderberg 2010.
Kissiger's name is not on the list.


If he is sick, it's good. If he's lost power, it's very good.
But, if he is busy doing something else, what is it?
There is only one thing that is more important than Bilderberg. War preparation.

Does anyone have any information about this?


Anonymous said...

South Korea cracks down on a dissident member of the probe team that investigated the Cheonan sinking, and dared question the offical story.

Anonymous said...

R.H. To try and answer your Kissinger question, I went to the only place I know which carries such news at times: Ben Fulford.

He's a crazy bugger and to be believed only at your own peril, but occasionally he talks about Kissenger and other satanists, as he calls them. K and Bill Clinton, apparently were both in Japan in April trying to get the Japanese to bail US out. If K, has gone missing and he's not already dead, a favourite prediction of Fulford's in times past, then he might be in S. Korea or with Israel over its latest brutish action of people beyond the pale. If I hear anything more, shall let you know.

Anonymous said...

Europe’s Coming Summer Of Discontent
The Economic Collapse
June 1, 2010

The summer of 2010 promises to be the most tumultuous summer in the short history of the European Union. The sovereign debt crisis sweeping the continent threatens to cause economic and political instability on a scale not seen in Europe for decades. The truth is that governments across the eurozone have accumulated gigantic piles of debt that simply are not sustainable. Prior to the implementation of the euro, these European governments often “printed” their way out of messes like this, but now they can’t do that. Now they either have to dramatically cut government expenses or they have to default. But the austerity measures that the IMF and the ECB are pressuring these European governments to adopt are likely to have some very painful side effects. Not only will these austerity measures cause a significant slowdown in economic growth, they are also likely to cause the same kinds of protests, strikes and riots that we saw in Greece to erupt all over Europe.
As the IMF and the ECB continue to push austerity measures all over Europe this summer, the chaos that we witnessed in Greece could end up being repeated over and over again across the continent.
You see, most Europeans have become very accustomed to the social welfare state. Tens of millions of Europeans aren’t about to let anyone cut their welfare payments or the wages on their cushy government jobs. In most of the European nations that are experiencing big financial problems there are very powerful unions and labor organizations that do not want anything to do with austerity measures and that are already mobilizing.
As the IMF and the ECB continue to push austerity measures all over Europe this summer, the chaos that we witnessed in Greece could end up being repeated over and over again across the continent. This could truly be Europe’s summer of discontent.

Look out for: Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Germany, Ireland, UK.

Anonymous said...

Dow Ends Worst May Since 1940

Bloomberg | U.S. stocks slid, capping the worst May for the Dow Jones Industrial Average since 1940.

(Good! Carry on!)

Anonymous said...

IMF calls for gradual rise in Japan sales tax

Japan should start fiscal consolidation next year, including gradually raising the country’s sales tax, taking advantage of solid growth now, the IMF said.

(So. On the one hand, Japan should bail out US, on the other, it should submit to IMF dictates. All a bit upside down, seems to me.)

Anonymous said...

Israel: The Pariah of the International Community 31.05.2010 Source: Pravda.Ru
The most striking feature about Israel’s most recent act of terrorism, an act of piracy and murder on the high seas, is that it surprises nobody. A robber steals. Israel commits war crimes. What is even more remarkable is its attempts at self-justification, claiming that its soldiers were attacked.
Well of course they were attacked. They were illegally boarding a ship carrying peace activists trying to feed the starving people of Gaza in international waters. This was an act of piracy, this was an act of terrorism. Someone invades your space. You fight back.
What Israel has to understand is that to be accepted as a member of the international community, it has to act like one and this involves abiding by UN Resolutions, it means not only halting the building of colonies on land which has been stolen from Palestinians, it involves dismantling each and every colony set up on land outside the original borders of Israel.
The theft of identities to carry out a mafia-style hit, violations of human rights, the bulldozing of civilian homes, the seizure of land, attacking ambulances and shooting rescue workers, the shooting of children in the eyes with rubber bullets, the wearing of T-shirts with pregnant women with the caption “Two for the price of one” or “Two with one bullet” may be funny to Israeli people, it may even be hilarious and no doubt has many of them curled up giggling themselves helplessly to a doubled laundry bill.
True, there are many Israelis who are not Zionists. True, there are many Israelis who support Palestinian causes and inspect the actions of the Israeli Defense Force. True, not all Jews support the murderous horrific and illegal practices of the State of Israel. Yet the State of Israel goes on and on and on…and on, perpetrating them.
And what precisely does Israel hope to gain from these outrages against international law? Friendship? Sympathy? Respect? If so, then the notion that Israelis are intelligent, if one may hazard a collective description, is blasted into outer space. Such actions drive a wedge further between the hearts and minds of those of us who wish to live together like brothers and sisters around a common lake – our seas – and those who seem to like to live and die by the sword.
The notion that Israel can get off scot-free after this latest act of terrorism is as unacceptable as it is true. Ladies and gentlemen, it is going to happen. Watch this space. Israel’s main colony, the United States of America (ruled in fact by AIPAC) will veto any attempt at sanctions through the United Nations. Turkey will not pull off a punitive raid. After all, Israelis are not defenceless Armenians.

(Stupid PRAVDA columnist. Believing in Israel's invincibility, belittling Turkey's powers, espousing without a thought the highly controversial Armenian story of genocide. How much lower can one go?)

Anonymous said...

Eurozone unemployment rate rises - 1.6.10

The unemployment rate in the countries that share the euro has hit its highest level in almost 12 years, statistics have shown.

Eurostat said on Tuesday that the jobless rate in the 16-nation eurozone had climbed to 10.1 per cent, or 15.8 million people, in April, from 10 per cent a month earlier.

Some 25,000 more people were seeking work in April compared to March and 1.27 million jobs have disappeared over the past year.

The figures come as the euro sank to a new four-year low of $1.2115 on concerns about the European financial sector's ability to weather the region's debt and deficit crisis.

Al Jazeera

Anonymous said...

Japanese PM resigns amid Okinawa row

Yukio Hatoyama was Japan's fourth prime minister in four years.
Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama who took power less than nine months ago following a landslide victory has announced his resignation.

Hatoyama, 63, announced the decision on Wednesday at a special parliamentary meeting of lawmakers from his Democratic Party of Japan, AFP reported.

"The government's work has not reflected the public's wishes," the Japanese premier said.

Hatoyama further added that he had also asked party heavyweight and secretary general Ichiro Ozawa to quit.

The Japanese prime minister was forced out as his poll ratings plummeted after he broke an election promise to move an unpopular US military base off the southern island of Okinawa.

The move angered the people of Okinawa who have long been complaining about base-related noise, pollution and crime.

"I have caused trouble for the people of Okinawa," Hatoyama said.

"We will need to make efforts to move the US base outside of Okinawa. But the result was that we could not deliver," he further explained.

After months of tensions, Tokyo and Washington announced in a statement last week that the US base would be moved, as first agreed in 2006, from a crowded urban area to a coastal region of Okinawa.

The move infuriated Okinawans as many want the Futenma Marine Corps Air Station moved off the island entirely.

(A great pity for us all this, R.H., a great pity!)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's a pity....

But, before we cry, let's see who is the next PM of Japan. If Mr. MAEBARA is next , who is the minister of Land & Infrastructure and is a dog of US weapon industry, then this is a serious defeat and I will cry. If it's Mr KAN, who is now a deputy-prime minister, then it's much better. KAN has a similar policy as Hatoyama and Ozawa.

Anyway, PMs come and go, in particular in Japan. Quitting is not so bad as betraying one's counrty or belief. Indivisual politicians do not matter very much anywhere in the world, compared to their policies and regislations.

So, in my opinion, the folloing two questions are of more importance.

(1) Who is the next PM?
(2) Can Democratic Party win in the coming election perhaps on July 11 ?

Anonymous said...

Excellent response. Many thanks. You are right. Honour comes before any victory, that is an overwhelming fact. Thank you Japan for reminding us, we who have grown so used to any form of scam, opportunism and nepotism.

We'll keep our eyes open for the next PM and party.

Anonymous said...

Israel deports last of flotilla activists
Last updated 13 minutes ago

Decision not to prosecute anyone is an attempt to limit damage to relations with Turkey, says Israel. (2.6.10)

Anonymous said...

U.S. will no longer use Kyrgyz base to refuel tankers By Barbara Starr, CNN Pentagon - 1.6.10

Washington (CNN) -- The U.S. military will no longer refuel its tankers at Manas air base in Kyrgyzstan, after the central Asian nation demanded to renegotiate its contract.
The military uses Manas to refuel its KC-135 airplanes, used for mid-air refueling of jets in Afghanistan. It has described the base as "hugely important."

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman would not discuss the specifics of the negotiation but did offer one explanation.
"They are not proposing reducing the cost of fuel," he said.
Whitman said the military has other options for the KC-135 and the not using Manas would not affect U.S. air operations in Afghanistan. The United States will still use the Kyrgyz base to fly troops in and out of Afghanistan.

(Not bad, if true. Except for the last sentence, of course. But since this is CNN. who knows what's true and what not?)

Anonymous said...

A Plague Upon The World: The USA is a "Failed State" Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
June 02, 2010 "Global Research," -- Interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Question: Dr. Roberts, the United States is regarded as the most successful state in the world today. What is responsible for American success?

Dr. Roberts: Propaganda. If truth be known, the US is a failed state. More about that later. The US owes its image of success to: (1) the vast lands and mineral resources that the US “liberated” with violence from the native inhabitants, (2) Europe’s, especially Great Britain’s, self-destruction in World War I and World War II, and (3) the economic destruction of Russia and most of Asia by communism or socialism.
After World War II, the US took the reserve currency role from Great Britain. This made the US dollar the world money and permitted the US to pay its import bills in its own currency. World War II’s destruction of the other industrialized countries left the US as the only country capable of supplying products to world markets. This historical happenstance created among Americans the impression that they were a favored people. Today the militarist neoconservatives speak of the United States as “the indispensable nation.” In other words, Americans are above all others, except, of course, Israelis.
To American eyes a vague “terrorist threat,” a creation of their own government, is sufficient justification for naked aggression against Muslim peoples and for an agenda of world hegemony.
This hubristic attitude explains why among most Americans there is no remorse over the one million Iraqis killed and the four million Iraqis displaced by a US invasion and occupation that were based entirely on lies and deception. It explains why there is no remorse among most Americans for the countless numbers of Afghans who have been cavalierly murdered by the US military, or for the Pakistani civilians murdered by US drones and “soldiers” sitting in front of video screens. It explains why there is no outrage among Americans when the Israelis bomb Lebanese civilians and Gaza civilians. No one in the world will believe that Israel’s latest act of barbarity, the murderous attack on the international aid flotilla to Gaza, was not cleared with Israel’s American enabler.

poiuytr said...

10:29 -- "How is it that a submarine of a fifth-rate power was able to penetrate a U.S.-South Korean naval exercise and sink a ship that was designed for anti-submarine warfare?"

How is it that a building made of steel turns to dust after a Boeing goes through it? How is it that GoldSacks sold BP shares 3 wks before the oil assault on our oceans was noticed by the west media whore? All rhetorical, of course... Indeed to your point.

It's amazing to see the length the baboon beast goes to maintain its S Korea/Japan military footholds.

West is increasingly turning to more insanity to try slow down their rot on every front. This reads like severe anemia is now rotting the very brains of the west beast. The end can't be far now. Unfortunately, it will be accompanied by much thrashing by this freakishly evil animal.


10:38 -- Long live Erdogan, Mahatir, Lula! Long live the Freeworld!

Great list, I'd add the captivating walk out at Davos.

Perhaps, the EUnuch cretins made a big mistake by not letting Turkey join 15 yrs ago and assumed proxy-control of Ankara, much like Athens. Although, had that happened, Turkey would be defaulting like Greece.

As it is the west innate racism did not help the west beast in the case of keeping Turkey out of their diseased EUnuch union.


poiuytr said...

17:03 by JW:

> insolvent: no wonder the little turd Sarkozy has been more animated and hysterical than he usually is.

That's funny! Little effete fist-beater... Just think about that. This bozo from France screeching like a brat waving his fists in the face of some fat Germ freckly old crone who needs an interpreter to even follow half the vulgarities. It's so preposterous, truly words fail to capture just half the west mental sickness, let alone their daily evil.

> and other people’s history. The delusion of grandeur and sense of entitlement that pervades the UK, both on the right and left is amazing.

West is so sordid. It goes along what papa Busch had said once while still on the throne of Baboonarium. He said they create reality or something. And indeed west textbooks, the entire west experience is "created", just "made up" from scratch. I don't think west even gets this point.

NBN covers the crimes, and the west prolapse but this permeates every single aspect of west life. Every bit is manufactured.

They believe in photons, in Einstein, in evil terrorists with beards, in alien vanishing of Easter island population, Columbus travel agency, the whole Hitler tale, they think WWI was about some Sarajevo shooting, communism, capitalism, everything... The entire gamut that makes up life's experiences and knowledge is totally made up in west, and thanks to the robotic brainwashing in west, it's accepted as "reality". It's insane... I don't know where to even begin on this...

Anyway, it's most pleasurable to see there are humans out there who understand it. Most uplifting.

> The abuse of language is one of the West’s greatest crimes, for example “extraordinary rendition” isn’t kidnapping, “enhanced interrogation tactics” isn’t torture, and occupation is really “liberation”. People who fight invaders are really “terrorists” or “insurgents”. The US is "withdrawing" from Iraq, by maintaining its garrisons and replacing departing soldiers with more hired thugs. Oh yeah “contractors” aren’t really mercenaries. The US economy isn’t in a recession but in a “down turn”, a recovery is “jobless”. How can any sane and sentient person fall for such nonsense and euphemisms?

Right. I gotta update the west new age dictionary.

Also, they pervert it to propel their endless bias.

Baboons are patriots but Iranians are nationalists.
West leaders are determined, while Freeworld's are obsessed.
West terrorism against civilians like against the Freedom Flotilla is military intervention, while Russia's military defence in 2008 against west attack was thug occupation. In fact, it's still is that... as I saw some west media whore spew recently whinging about their long lost Georgia wetdreams.

Anyway, right... Good seeing you about, James.

poiuytr said...

17:08 Now the US government says anyone who believes in “Conspiracy Theories” is a Marxist?

It's great. USA governance is now explaining Apollo boys traipsing around Kubrick's sets. West is such a laughable pile of manure... it highlights the incredible cretinism of the west neanderthal populace to require such slipshod cover-ups.


20:43 -- Japan party quits coalition over US base

It's incredibly expensive for west to keep Japan and S Korea now. Already spread thin like the baboons brain matter, this isn't the kind of a long term stand off west can afford, time-wise and fiscally.

Although, USA won the round in this flower revolution, Hatoyama's damage to the idea of booting the yank child-rapers movement will provoke even stronger backlash.

West is run and it's only way to maintain order in colonies is with guns, a very expensive game, and not one that can be won for too long.


20:50 -- Iran v China/Russia over sanctions

It's necessary to separate Russia/China from the hotspot.

First, the sanctions -- if passed -- are not sanctions, allowing Russia-Iran trade and even S300 delivery to continue, beside allowing west war business to keep groveling in Tehran.

Second, clear lines would be a strategic mistake. The map of the Freeworld must remain as hazy and possible.

Otherwise, you get slaughter, if you give west a clear target like with the Freedom Flotilla.

poiuytr said...

8:52 -- UK faces revolt in Caribbean islanders

Free TCI, you freckly bastards
Free Haiti, you Yugoslavian butchers
Free Malvinas, you lizards
Free.... etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

So west is now drowning the Caribbean in Corexit.


8:58 -- China's economy overheats

Perfect example of the west rape of words.

So when house prices go up in USA, it's a sign of thriving economy.
When the same happens in China, China's econ on the ropes.

It's preposterous.... all things west, every single west media whore barf, every single action, everything is the definition of diseased insanity.



> For example, when I talk to people around me, I did not find a person who really thinks the Hatoyama cabinet could kick out the US base. After all, the Futenma problem was started in the former cabinet

I disagree. With respect and all that... But I do, I disagree!!!!!!!
It's impossible to come in and call comrade Obama and tell him to leave. If indeed that's what Hatoyama's idea was, then he's a simpleton at best. I cannot judge this cause there's likely far more to this....

But steps should have been taken to Japan's liberation. Increased city cleaning tax should have been sent to Warshington. A bill for some base maintenance fees should have been drawn up. Small city ordinances should have been enacted to limit or just harass the baboon contingent. Etc...

And mainly, Fujita should have continued with 911 expose as he did in early 2008.

Now, having said this, I realise that all this is right claptrap for twixt the lines there're the west thugs trained to maim, torture, and Kelly-suicide civilians.

I agree no big changes could've happened but Hatoyama should have played it smaller then.

> If you let me get a little bit far fetched, I would say this is perhaps an secret operation to make confusion
in Democratic Party before the election.

Yes, I agree here. It's far more complex behind the scenes. But the idea wasn't to physically boot yank civilian murderers off the island. USA will pull troops once it prolapses. That's already taken care of and moving right along across the whole of the west child-murdering cesspit.

But partisan-efforts front should have been created by Hatoyama and he failed there, although he had giant support, not just in Japan. Didn't Japan lose to Zukov? Japan had a giant mil advantage much like the west beast in 1941. Didn't they learn a single thing from Russia?

Hatoyama's putting his foot down in front of the west psychotic butcher is silly but some degree of brains could have been used. But I'm not certain just yet whether that's the case or not.

The current stand-off suggests that Hatoyama might have brought the situation to a near boiling point, if that's the case, and that would have been enough for west cannot afford these war-teetering stand-offs.

poiuytr said...

16:23 -- So. On the one hand, Japan should bail out US, on the other, it should submit to IMF dictates. All a bit upside down, seems to me.

Right. Funny! West is funny this way. It's run by IMF.

Unfortunately, Japan must still be counted as west and as such will continue its happy prolapse right along with its west masters.

You gotta love the IMF cannibalism though. That's so enchanting and something to celebrate today. IMF's fangs are stuck in itself now slurping its own subjects from Japan, EUnuchia, Aussia, to the baboon-infested plateaus of NorthAm.


7:53 -- "I have caused trouble for the people of Okinawa," Hatoyama said.

This sounds like Hatoyama meant it with booting the yank, doesn't it? This is perplexing as it seems honourable. It all seems like Japan is still looking for the old 7 samurai again to save the village from the bandits.


23:56 --

> the US to pay its import bills in its own currency. World War II’s
destruction of the other industrialized countries left the US as the only country capable of supplying products to world markets. This

First, USA is the chief aggressor of WWII, systematically annihilating all economies ascribed to be perished in the wake of Hitler.

Second, USA did NOT have any product other than cash, which they lent to war-torn nations for gold or industry-titles as collateral.

All this is the ongoing evil we're seeing daily today. There has been no change. Statements as above are all diluting the ugly truth about the baboon child-murdering kind and must be corrected, although it changes nothing perhaps about the aim of the comment.

Anonymous said...

Look, beautiful and timely, poiuytr. About the very last bit though. what I found interesting was the veiled comment from the USan that 9/11 was a put up job. Anyway, thanks for above, after the flotilla incident and the still ongoing Rachel Corrie racing, racing, racing towards Gaza (after this, I'll forgive my old pals the Irish quite a bit), your words today were a much needed bracer. I know we can always count on your clear-sightedness to give our morale a boost.

Anonymous said...

Home Owners Stop Paying Mortgages

The New York Times | More than 650,000 households had not paid in 18 months

Anonymous said...

- Europe faces summer of intermittent unrest: "The main risk is going to be in capital city centres where you have a risk of protest," said Daniel Riordan, head of political risk at insurers Zurich.

- Experts fear spread of social unrest as financial crisis continues : Continuing financial crisis and associated austerity measures could lead to global social unrest should conditions worsen and populations lose faith and patience in their governments.

- In case you missed it: UK police body warns of riots and unrest: The chairman of the Police Federation, which represents thousands of rank-and-file officers, warned on Wednesday of mass 1970s-style social disorder were Britain to suffer a similar crisis to the one that has hit Greece.

Anonymous said...

No tears for now, R.H. It's Kan taking over for the present. May he show the courage which failed Hatoyama at the last. Have a good one, friend.

Anonymous said...

Gaza flotilla attack: Israel 'considers easing blockade'
Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, could ease the blockade imposed on Gaza following international criticism of the deadly raid on an aid flotilla, according to reports. (4.6.10)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected criticism of the raid Photo: EPA The prime minister could allow merchant ships to carry goods to the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip but only after an inspection, public television said.

The private Channel 10 television said meanwhile that the prime minister could seek international help to inspect shipments heading for Gaza.

The reports said Mr Netanyahu hopes this would ensure that no arms reach Gaza and that it would help deflect international criticism following Monday's deadly raid that killed nine foreign aid activists.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon demanded Wednesday that Israel lift the blockade immediately in the wake of the raid.

Mr Ban said the crippling Israeli siege of the impoverished Palestinian coastal enclave was "counter-productive, unsustainable and wrong." In recent months, Mr Ban has consistently urged Israel to lift the blockade and allow the United Nations and other humanitarian relief supplies into Gaza.

Anonymous said...

UK must cut pensions (Daily Telegraph) 4.6.10

Britain risks default unless the state cuts public sector pensions.

Anonymous said...

Eurozone plan for common bond issue to head off debt crisis - Germans fear 'mutualisation of sovereign debt', Friday 4 June 2010

European governments are considering the issue of common "eurobonds" for the first time as part of their huge exercise in staving off a sovereign debt crisis across the Mediterranean and shoring up the single currency.
EU finance ministers are to meet in Luxembourg on Monday to establish the workings of the €750-bn (£650bn) safety net agreed last month following weeks of crisis and dispute.
The ministers, from the 16 of 27 EU countries in the single currency, are to haggle over two options for the operations of the rescue fund –borrowing on the markets to lend to a country in distress, or guaranteeing the borrowing of the cash-strapped country. The first option amounts to eurobonds, senior officials told the Guardian.
The "eurobond" issue is acutely sensitive, especially in Germany which is allergic to any hint that the lending vehicle will enshrine budget transfers from the stronger to the weaker eurozone members. Sceptics fear it would entail mutualisation of public debt, and Germany fears jeopardising its liquidity and low borrowing costs. But in agreeing to supply up to €148bn of €440bn for the eurozone rescue fund, Berlin is already committed.
"The Rubicon has been crossed. In agreeing to the [€440bn] special purposes vehicle, they have already accepted it," said an EU official.
The overall package is split into three – €60bn in fast-track funds borrowed against the EU budget and administered by the European commission, €440bn from the eurozone countries, plus €250bn from the International Monetary Fund.
On Monday the ministers are to create a new entity to run the €440bn fund, the European financial stability facility (EFSF), based in Luxembourg, with a 16-strong board, one from each single currency country. The ministers are expected to appoint a chief executive and managerial staff.
An EU diplomat said that any EFSF issues would "amount to a eurobond in all but name, all these countries coming together under one umbrella to borrow".

Anonymous said...

Swiss take next step to end bank secrecy
Switzerland moved a step closer to ending its centuries-old laws which have protected the secrecy of the country's banks on Thursday after a key parliamentary vote.
The upper house of the Swiss parliament ratified an agreement made by the Swiss government to hand over the names of thousands of UBS clients to the US.

The vote is seen as a major step forward in the US taxman's attempts to get his hands on the names of 4,450 of UBS's American clients as part of a wider investigation into tax avoidance.

Anonymous said...

US stocks stumble on jobs data - 5.6.10

Jobs data showed weak hiring with May figures falling far short of investors' expectations

US stocks have slid to their lowest levels in four months as investors were hit by the jitters after the government released job figures for May.

The US labour department said in the report released on Friday that jobs created in May fell far short of the 513,000 that Wall Street had expected, and a drop from the 218,000 in April.

The Dow Jones industrial average dropped 323.31 points, or 3.15 per cent, to 9,931.97. The Standard & Poor's 500 Index lost 37.95 points, or 3.44 per cent, to 1,064.88. The Nasdaq Composite Index tumbled 83.86 points, or 3.64 per cent, to 2,219.17.

Investors were also worried about another developing crisis in Europe, this time in Hungary.

Anonymous said...

Talk of Hungary default "wildly exaggerated": EU
EU's top economy official dismissed talk that Hungary was about to tumble into default, saying its economy was on the way to recovery.
Saturday, 05 June 2010 14:19

The European Union's top economy official on Saturday dismissed talk that Hungary was about to tumble into default, saying its economy was on the way to recovery.
Fear of a Hungarian debt crisis pushed the euro to a four-year low on Friday after a government spokesman said the country had only a slight chance of avoiding the same fate as Greece is facing.
"Hungary has made serious progress in consolidating its public finances over the last couple of years," EU Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn told reporters in the South Korean port city of Busan.
He was speaking at the end of a two-day meeting of finance ministers of the Group of 20 leading developed and emerging economies, dominated by concerns over the increasingly troubled euro zone.
"Now the Hungarian economy is on the way to recovery and has shown the first signs of strength in the first quarter of this year. Therefore, any talk of a fiscal or debt default in Hungary is widely exaggerated," Rehn said.
A run on its currency after the 2008 global financial crisis forced Hungary to turn to the EU and the International Monetary Fund for a $25 billion rescue package.
Spain's Economy Minister Elena Salgado, also attending the G20 meeting, said an EU-IMF mission would have to decide whether the concerns were correct and to what extent the fiscal deficit might rise. But she made no mention of whether such a mission was imminent.
"Nevertherless, the Hungarian government has taken very brave measures to reduce the fiscal deficit and I think they are going to continue doing that," she said. Spain currently holds the rotating presidency of the EU.

Anonymous said...

North European Euro Nations Preparing to Slaughter the PIGS
Currencies / Euro-Zone
Jun 02, 2010 - 04:10 PM

By: Jim_Willie_CB

Natural forces are at work in Europe, powerful forces, in fact forces that are not evident. It is amazing how little the financial analysts notice the forces at all. Since the year 2007, a hidden force began to put pressure on the European Union financial underpinning. Like any fiat currency, the foundation resorts to debt. It came to my attention almost three full years ago that Spanish EuroBonds had a yield slightly higher than the benchmark German.

Commentary swirled that the EuroBonds were not homogeneous, and therefore the Euro currency was badly flawed. They were identifiable by the markings on the bond IDs. German EuroBonds carry an 'X' in the ID. So the arbitrage professionals went to work, buying the German and selling the Spanish bonds. The flaw was to the structural foundation to the Euro currency, not the market that traded them, surely not the alert speculators. In time, the Greek, Italian, and Portuguese bonds, even the Irish bonds, showed significant separation from the German benchmark. Last December, the Greek bond broke first. Its arrival to the crisis was not part of evolution (natural selection) as much as European tribal leader selection. Greeks are neither Latins nor Teutonics. The bust of the EuroBond structure invites the arrival of a gold-backed currency, urgently needed to provide stability.

A second natural force has arrived in the gigantic bond marketplace. While as many political analysts as financial analysts promote the wisdom of a preserved European Union, and a shared Euro currency across that union, a natural force works to separate the entire group of PIGS nations. Refer to Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain. As much force comes from the Nordic Core power center to push the PIGS nations away from the common European financial structure, as does the force from the PIGS nations to sever ties and go it alone. A German banker contact has repeated an important point on numerous occasions. The European Monetary Union experiment has cost the nation of Germany over $300 billion per year, all for what clearly appears to be a welfare program directed toward the benefit of wasteful inefficient nations not deserving of a low bond yield. After ten years, the cost has been $3 trillion to Germany. It is not a matter of German willingness to continue the Southern Europe Welfare Program, as much as their ability to continue. They cannot continue. They cannot afford it.

My forecast made since January was that Germany would not aid Greece, but would say all the right things. Their leaders did occasionally show human tendencies, like when some critics claimed Greece possessed innate specialty in dance, drink, and song. My longer standing forecast is that all PIGS nations would revert to their former currencies, the Greeks to the Drachma, the Italians to the Lira, the Spanish to the Peseta, and the Portuguese to the Escudo. The forecast is of decentralization and increased local autonomy. However, and very importantly, the path is a very slow one with political obstacles, face saving requirements, economic pressures, and social pressures too. Notice the Germans appeared to be cooperative in aiding Greece, but when money had to be committed, arguments ensued surprisingly. Not a surprise to the Jackass. The German High Court will surely reject both the Greek aid and the Euro usage itself, all in time.

Anonymous said...

Illinois - A State In Crisis
Illinois is a microcosm of the nation. Facing the largest per capital budget deficit in America, equal to half its operating budget, it's in deep crisis, one of many problems being poverty, the issue the Heartland Alliance addressed in its May 5 report titled, "2010 Report on Illinois Poverty," deepening under budget-balancing social safety net cuts, making a bad situation worse for growing numbers throughout the state, suffering under dire economic conditions, exacerbated by bad public policy.

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Russia builds listening post sparking fears of Georgia strike - 5.6.10

Construction of the outpost near the town of Tskhinvali, capital of the enclave, has provoked Georgian warnings that Russia is actively preparing for a repeat of the 2008 August war that proved a disastrous humiliation for Western-backed democracy.

The strategic potential of the base, which would stand further south than any other Russian listening post, is much greater than has previously been suggested.

This installation may well be less about any potential strike against Georgia, and more about a potential war against Iran. (WRH)

Anonymous said...

By taking short term profit with a failed attempt of the Tonkin Bay type,
did US much more?

It seems S. Korean's are fed up with US warmongers.

S. Korea’s Governing Party Surprised by Election
By CHOE SANG-HUN Published: June 2, 2010

SEOUL, South Korea — President Lee Myung-bak’s party has suffered a surprising setback
in local elections that were widely seen as a referendum on his handling of North Korea’s
alleged torpedoing of a South Korean warship.

In Japan, Democratic Party of Japan (=DPJ)'s popularity soared again
after Hatoyama-Ozawa's resignation.

Look at this chart (in Japanese, unfortunately);

GREY ="No answer, or I don't know"

On 5/20--30, when the agreement over US base was announced, both RED and BLUE has 20% approval rate.
On 6/2--3, when Hatoyama and Ozawa resigned, RED jumps up to 28%
On 6/4--5, the new PM, Mr. Kan, was elected, RED moved up to 33%

On the other hand, BLUE slid down to 17% on 6/4--5

(3) Are US globalists stupid ?

Anonymous said...

Thanks R.H. Delighted the popularity figures have soared again. Also about the S.Korea item.

Anonymous said...

Medvedev: World powers in agreement on Iran sanctions - 5.6.10

(CNN) — Calling Iran's nuclear stance "irresponsible, Russia's president said Iran's leadership needs to heed an international community now in agreement on sanctions against that country, a Russian state news agency reported.

"Nobody wants sanctions," Russian President Dmitry Medvedev told reporters on Saturday during a visit to Germany, where he met with Chancellor Angela Merkel. "But in some cases, it is necessary to agree on them."

"The situation is such that in practical terms, agreements on these sanctions exist," he said.

Medvedev, whose country in the past has balked at tough measures against Iran, said Moscow's position on the Iran nuclear issue had moved closer to that of its Western partners, Ria Novosti reported.

"I think that this is very important for the future of the international community and... for the future of our relations with European and other countries — with the United States and China," he said.

"We hope that Iran's leadership will listen to the voice of the international community," he said. "It is necessary to talk with partners within the international community, and that is the only way to solve the most difficult issues."

The five members of the U.N. Security Council — the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China — and Germany have been mulling over a tougher set of sanctions against Iran.

These nations say Iran has been pursuing nuclear weapons development, but Iran says it is only interested in nuclear power for peaceful purposes.

"It is necessary to talk with partners within the international community, and that is the only way to solve the most difficult issues," Medvedev said, stressing that decisions like sanctions should be made through international consensus and not "personal ambitions."

In another matter, Medvedev said he hoping for a dialogue on the elimination of visas between his country and the European Union, a move that would free up travel in Europe.

Medvedev has said Russia was prepared to get rid of visa requirements for residents of EU states "tomorrow," if the EU did the same for Russians.

(Most depressing account to date of Russian West boot licking, sigh.)

Anonymous said...

A real blow to poiuytr's Freeworld theories? Sounds like it somehow.

Anonymous said...

Bilderberg 2010 - 6.6.10

Most urgent inside Bilderberg 2010 is the instability surrounding the Euro, which is threatening to unravel, and take the momentum for further regional integration and global currency with it. More gravely, veteran Jim Tucker has told the Alex Jones Show that many attendees inside Bilderberg were very supportive of initiating the long-boiling war with Iran. According to inside sources, even a nuclear strike was not off the table.

Further, it was disclosed that many members declined to attend this year because public awareness has reached a significant enough level that political pressure has been put on figures who attend, perhaps for the first time ever. Many officials were ’scared’ of potential scrutiny.

The overall panicked atmosphere over economic issues during the previous year– most dramatically demonstrated by IMF riots in Greece– has signaled a loss of control, while public anger has spread globally. This year, Bilderberg is also concerned about significant protests outside its own meeting, as well as increasing media coverage of Bilderberg. Mainstream media outlets have begun taking notice: the Drudge Report is linking to coverage; Charlie Skelton has initiated a second year of coverage for the London Guardian; Russia Today has done extensive coverage; speakers are demanding answers about Bilderberg inside the European Parliament.

This attitude carries over to eyewitness accounts of conversation inside the hotel. A ranking member of the conference organizers– the secretariat employees working on behalf of the powerful group– were overheard by London Guardian reporter Charlie Skelton discussing the ’scary’ presence of one Alex Jones who bullhorned the meetings in both 2006 and 2008. These people also joined in lamenting the growing number of protesters who had begun surrounding the hotels across the world during recent years of the conference.

The popular uprising and political dissent via tea parties, “Truthers” and Bilderberg critics have, if nothing else, contributed to the rising tide of voters throwing out incumbents and demonstrating furious anger at both Wall Street and Washington. Part and parcel with this is the near-total failure of the globalists’ agenda for world government at Copenhagen, failure to pass Climate Change taxation schemes and the widespread rejection of phony “global warming” rhetoric and public anger over the cooked data exposed by the Climategate scandal last fall.

This meshes with the melancholy tone of former National Security Advisor and Trilateral Commission co-founder Zbigniew Brzeziski, who recently lamented before his audience at the Council on Foreign Relations that, for the first time in history, “Mankind is now politically awakened and stirring.” He further warned that the rise of China and other powers had forever compromised any hopes for a unipolar world hegemony dictated solely by the Anglo-American elite.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Medvedev above got his orders about Iran from this year's Bilderberg.

Anonymous said...

Someone below was wondering where Kissenger might be. Well, the answer seems to be right there among his "peers". Check out the list in the link.

Anonymous said...

Ahead of sanctions, Ahmadinejad to visit China
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is heading to China this week to discuss the threat of new UN sanctions over Iran's nuclear program, as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said world powers have the necessary votes at the Security Council.
His visit to Security Council veto-wielding permanent member China takes on particular significance as a vote on a new sanctions package looms after the United States introduced a draft resolution last month.
China, which has emerged in recent years as Iran's main trading partner, continues to insist on diplomacy to resolve the standoff over Tehran's nuclear program but US officials say they have Beijing's support for the sanctions resolution.

Anonymous said...

Russia Orders Troops To Prepare For War With US...... now you know the rest of the story

Reports circulating in the Kremlin today state that Prime Minister Putin has ordered Russian military forces to prepare to confront American military forces in Afghanistan over what Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov warns is the “greatest threat to International peace and security”, Afghanistan’s thriving drug trade supported by the US and NATO.

Not being reported to the American people about the Afghanistan war is that it has nothing to do with their being protected from terrorists, but rather it involves the billions of dollars gained for many of the West’s top intelligence agencies (mainly the CIA) from the heroin produced in this region (90% of World’s total) that by 2001 the Taliban had virtually eliminated.

Immediately after the US invasion of Afghanistan in October, 2001, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) installed one of their main Afghan operatives, Hamid Karzai, as President, who then put into power his brother Ahmed Wali Karzai, who since then has increased heroin production to levels unseen in modern times and resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of Russian citizens.

Viktor Ivanov, the head of Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service, Russia’s National drug enforcement agency, told parliament in May that it was reasonable to “call the flow of Afghan opiates the second edition of opium wars.” Ivanov was referring to the 19th-century war between Britain and China sparked by exports of opium from British India to China. Ivanov isn’t alone.

“I can name you a lot of politicians in Russia who said that the Americans specially arranged the situation in Afghanistan so that we would receive a lot of drugs, and this is the real aim of their occupation,” said Andrei Klimov, the deputy head of the foreign affairs committee in Russia’s lower house of parliament. “I’m not sure this is true, but who knows.”

One person who definitely knew it was true was German President Horst Koehler, who after returning from Afghanistan last month linked the war with the defense of German economic interests because it was securing free trade routes for the West and had nothing to do whatsoever with terrorism. For his “outspokenness” President Koehler was forced to resign plunging an already battered Chancellor Merkel into even greater political turmoil.

Most shocking to understand about the CIA’s being the World’s largest drug trafficker is that it isn’t even kept secret anymore and has been embraced by their new President, Barack Obama, who has used billions of dollars earned through Afghan heroin deals to fund his sending US Special Forces teams to over 75 different Nations as well as building for them a new $100 million headquarters base in Afghanistan while his own citizens plunge deeper into poverty.

Anonymous said...

- UK PM warns of harsh budget cuts: Britain's prime minister has warned that the impact of the government's planned spending cuts, due to be announced later this month, will be "enormous" and worse than previously feared.

- Euro debt worries hit global shares: World stock markets have fallen, with the euro hitting a four-year low against the dollar, as investors reacted to signs the US economic recovery may be slowing and new debt worries in Europe.

Anonymous said...

Japan's new PM names cabinet - 8.6.10

Japan's new prime minister has named his cabinet, keeping 11 of 17 previous ministers from the ruling Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ).

Naoto Kan also appointed Yoshihiko Noda as the new finance minister on Tuesday.

Noda, Kan's former deputy, takes over the finance ministry as pressure mounts to revive the world's second-largest economy and to slash Japan's public debt, which is nearly twice the country's gross domestic product.

"Prime Minister Kan has appointed the ministers mindful of the need to form a government with professionalism, very clean politics and ability to govern," said Yoshito Sengoku, the newly appointed chief cabinet secretary.

"I regard this cabinet as young, fresh and enthusiastic about their jobs."

Anonymous said...

How the pound has fallen
Sterling has lost a fifth of its buying power in four years.

Anonymous said...

Russia, Turkey denies Israel fuel due to "economic considerations." (8.6.10)

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that they don’t plan to export natural gas to Israel via a new pipeline to Turkey.

“There is no such thing on our agenda,” Erdogan said at a news conference with Putin in Istanbul when asked about the gas.

Russia has held talks on shipping fuel to Israel from a pipeline under the Black Sea. OAO Gazprom, Russia’s natural-gas export monopoly, is negotiating supplying the fuel, Gazprom chairman Viktor Zubkov said on March 22.

Israel may not need the extra gas, which could be transported to Syria or Lebanon instead via the planned Blue Stream-2 pipe, Putin said.

“The Blue Stream gas may not go to Israel because of economic considerations,” Putin said. “I don’t think Israel needs the gas because they found a reserve recently.”

Turkey has said it’s considering paring economic and military ties with Israel and has recalled its ambassador to the country after nine Turks were killed on an aid flotilla headed
for Gaza and intercepted by Israeli commandos last week.

Anonymous said...

Putin says to meet Ahmadinejad as Iran sanctions loom - Tue Jun 8, 2010

ISTANBUL - Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said he will meet Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Istanbul on Tuesday ahead of a U.N. Security Council vote to impose a fourth round of sanctions on Tehran.
"The president of Iran is here and I think we will see each other within the framework of the conference," Putin said at a joint news conference with Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan.

"We will have an opportunity to discuss these problems if my Iranian colleague will have such a need," he said, adding that the Security Council resolution has been "practically agreed."

Russia is expected to support the sanctions.

Attending a regional summit in the Turkish city, Putin told a news conference that the sanctions should not be "excessive" and should not create barriers for the development of Iran's nuclear energy sector.

"I hold the opinion that this resolution should not be excessive, should not put Iran's leadership or the Iranian people in a tricky situation that creates barriers in the way of developing Iran's peaceful nuclear energy," he said.

He also said the long-delayed Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran should come on line in August regardless of the sanctions.

Anonymous said...

Israel Set to Steal Lebanese Gas. (8.6.10)

Another episode of the conflict taking place between Lebanon and the Israeli enemy seems to begin.

However, this episode is unique and very different from all previous ones.

After occupying the land and detaining the men, Israel is now seeking to steal the Lebanese gas!

Anonymous said...

So 20:48, would this be Israel's new source of gas, Lebanese gas?

Anonymous said...


They went and did it, your dirty China, your filthy Russia. They voted against Iran. The sanctions passed. The West victorious. Don't you dare ever tell us how clever Russia is again, poiuytr. A bunch of sold out thieves to their traditional masters they all are.

The Freeworld will fight on alone, without the help of the giants, Russia and China. May their slavish souls all burn in hell along with those of the cretinous west fools.

Anonymous said...

UN approves new Iran sanctions

The Iranian president has warned that Tehran will not agree to nuclear talks if new sanctions are imposed

The United Nations Security Council has overwhelmingly agreed to a new package of economic sanctions against Iran.

12 of the council's 15 members voted on Wednesday to approve the sanctions resolution.

Turkey and Brazil both voted against the resolution, while Lebanon abstained.

Susan Rice, the United States ambassador to the UN, praised the vote as a "decisive" move against Iran's nuclear programme, which she called a "grave threat to international security."

"Iran has shunned opportunity after opportunity to verify the peaceful nature of its nuclear programme," she said.

"Iran has given us all more reason, not less, to suspect that its goal is the ability to develop a nuclear weapon."

Brazil and Turkey, both of whom last month negotiated a nuclear fuel swap deal with Iran, warned that the new sanctions package would spoil the prospect of continued diplomacy with Tehran.

(There we are. Poiuytr, gone into hiding, have you? Showing the same guts as your heroes the Russians. Or busy inventing new excuses for their lily-livered behaviour. Me, the China believer, I'm speechless with anger and disappointment. Go to hell HU Jiintao and Putin. You deserve your West friends.)

Anonymous said...

Above, be fair to poiuytr. Now you've got it off your chest, let me ask you: Is poiuytr Russia, is he China? Not even a pale proxy. Leave him be. Better still, apologise.

Why the big powers agreed is a mystery. But Iran is too intelligent a country to take this with anything but a pinch of salt. The struggle goes on. Of that we can all be sure.

Anonymous said...

We are a world of individuals with independant thoughts deeds and actions.
It'll sort itself out.
Iranians are among the most intelligent. A solution to the circling rabid usurious dogs will be found.

Anonymous said...

Long-Term Unemployed Now 46 Percent Of Unemployed, Highest Percentage On Record

The proportion of people jobless for six months or more has accelerated in the past year and now makes up 46 percent of the unemployed. That's the highest percentage on records dating to 1948. By late summer or early fall, they are expected to make up half of all jobless Americans. (8.6.10)

Anonymous said...

19:11 - One couldn't have put it better. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I think Obama just walked into a trap. (WRH)

By going along with the sanctions, Russia and China have removed the possibility of an attack by Israel and the US for the immediate future. The US has to give the new sanctions time to work, and the fact that we know these new sanctions won't have any more effect on Iran's non-existent nuclear arsenal than previous one. As this article points out, the new sanctions are watered down from previous sanctions. They cannot really have an effect. Worse, American businesses are coming forward to report that the new sanctions will harm American businesses more than they will harm Iran. But Israel must be obeyed, the sanctions were voted through, and now the US must be seen to give the new sanctions time to work. Now that the sanctions are a done deal, there is no more story! Iran is off the table as a media distraction for the next few months!

That means Obama and Israel have lost their largest smoke screen, and now the focus shifts back to...

1. Israel's possession of nuclear weapons and the attempted sale to South Africa.

2. Israel's attack on the aid flotilla in international waters.

3. The US Government's total abandonment of American citizens and a US-flagged ship in their haste to protect Israel from criticism.

4. The collapsing economy.

5. The Gulf Oil disaster.

By going along with the new sanctions, Russia and China have created a situation where Obama cannot justify an attack on Iran until AFTER the November elections, too late to use Iran as a campaign issue to keep Democrats in control of Congress

Anonymous said...

EU TImes - Alert: Russia Orders Troops To Prepare For War With US (7/9.6.10)

Reports circulating in the Kremlin today state that Prime Minister Putin has ordered Russian military forces to prepare to confront American military forces in Afghanistan over what Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov warns is the “greatest threat to International peace and security”, Afghanistan’s thriving drug trade supported by the US and NATO.

(If a Third World War is about to break out, why on earth did Russia bother to vote alongside the US against Iran?)

Anonymous said...

Libya, Greece ink strategic cooperation deal

TRIPOLI - Libya and Greece have signed an accord that paves the way for "strategic cooperation" between the two countries during the Greek premier's visit to the oil-rich country, Libyan media reported Thursday.

The memorandum of understanding envisages cooperation" in the areas of investment, energy, tourism, food production, finance and renewable energy, Libya's official JANA news agency said.

It also calls for joint investment in oil, gas, food and pharmaceuticals.

Greece is in the throws of a severe economic crisis and Libyan Prime Minister Baghdadi Mahmoudi said during a visit to Athens in May that Tripoli stood ready to help the stricken country overcome its difficulties, while strengthening cooperation in energy.

During his one-day visit to Libya on Wednesday, Greece's George Papandreou met Mahmoudi, before being received by Libyan leader Moamer Gathafi.

"We are today reviving a solid and historic relationship between the leader Moamer Gathafi and my father Andreas," when he headed the Greek government in the 1980s, Papandreou was quoted by JANA as saying.

He added that Greek companies could contribute to Libya's development programme, particularly in the fields of infrastructure and archaeology.

A massive public deficit has dented international confidence in Greece's economy, frightening traditional investors and lenders.

Last month, Athens agreed a rescue package worth 110 billion euros (131 billion euros) with the European Union and International Monetary Fund to cover its debt obligations after it could no longer afford to raise fresh funds on the international markets

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