F. William Engdahl

The Gods of Money - German style

F. William Engdahl: The German banks played casino with Wall Street and now demand austerity from Greece

What happened to the "death of the dollar"?

William Engdahl, The Gods of Money Pt2 - US fights to maintain dollar hegemony at expense of economy


Anonymous said...

Beijing Suspects False Flag Attack on South Korean Corvette

Anonymous said...

Good for China. We'll get back to Engdahl in a short while. For the moment simply this: Haytoyama has thrown in the towel. He's resigned. A landslide historic victory and nine months later this. Saddening.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I listened to the Engdahl interview and found it fairly depressing because the implication was the dollar is still flourishing. Actually, we need poiuytr's views on the matter. He'll know best how to interpret the whole rigmarole.

I found E.'s anlysis of Germany quite interesting, especially concerning the infamous Deutsche Bank led by the cynical Swiss Joe Ackermann.

But it still left a bad taste in the mouth, the whole thing. So either they were not telling it quite the way it should be or else we've still got someway to go, quite someway, before the dollar collapse, if everyone is still scrambling to buy up that worthless bit of paper, the dollar.

Anonymous said...

So, the reports of the demise of the dollar were greatly exaggerated? I don't think so. I believe it will come about for all to see during the course of the coming months.I also have absolute faith in the Panarin Predictions. So there!

Anonymous said...

Yank neanderthal comment (as seen on Youtube):

"the sr-71 was in the black for 20 years, it's (sic) replacement is in the black still to day (sic) and rumerd (sic) to be called the arora, (sic)
the manhaten (sic) progect (sic) was a hole (sic) city in the black for years.
secrets can be kept.
a moon landing can be faked.
stanly cubrik (sic) is a prity (sic) uniqe (sic) film maker (sic),
vaun braun (sic) was in the north pole, he could have gont (sic) to get a good moon meateor. (sic)
i hope we went, but i wouldent (sic) bet y (sic) life on it.

THIS IS NO JOKE!!! 100% actual comment from an American.

Anonymous said...

(Part I)

I have a theory regarding the behavior of the US both at home and abroad.

First, according to all reliable statistics, the US constitutes 4% of the world's population, yet produces 80-85% of the world's known and documented serial killers.

Many of these serial killers are clearly psychopathic, conscienceless individuals, and who also engage in regular categorical denial of their crimes.

The same can be said of the countless US officials, starting with garbage like Henry Kissinger, who cannot get enough of US criminality, and that disgusting woman named Madeleine Albright, who bragged on television that half a million dead Iraqi children is "worth the price."

She was also the woman who was hidden by a Serbian family during the war, only later to bomb the same village where she was protected from the Nazis and ultimately her death. The same man who had lived in the village wrote her a letter pleading with her to stop the criminal US bombing of Yugoslavia. She didn't even bother to respond. That is the worst kind of psychopathic behavior, akin to the Nazis.

Also, Clinton in 1993 stated that he had "lost no sleep" when he learned that over a dozen cruise missiles which he had ordered to be launched on Baghdad killed a leading artist, Layla al-Attar, along with her husband and other innocent civilians.

Colin Powell joked that he "had run out of countries to bomb." And now he states that sanctions on Iran are not effective and reveals himself sadistically when he states that "I don’t see that this causes sufficient pain." Clearly the target of the US sadistic sanctions are again, innocent civilians.

Bush was another epitome of such psychopathic behavior. You remember well him joking about not being able to find weapons of mass destruction while looking underneath a table. And the audience laughed it up, much to the surprise of the rest of the civilized world. He also unequivocally stated that he had lost no sleep over so many human beings slaughtered by US violence.

Cheney was another ugly reptile. His response to Raddaz's revelation that "Seventy percent of Americans don't think it's worth it [to occupy Iraq]." He immediately responded with "So?" But it wasn't a typical "so" -- it was one with a mixture of the most vile contempt for human beings and a total disregard for the truth.

Anonymous said...

(Part II)

More psychopathic behavior:

The American cowards who bombed the al-Amiriyah shelter in Iraq on the night of 13th and 14th of February 1991, during the celebration of Eid and St. Valentine's day. It killed up to 480 women and children, first by a munitions bomb which trapped everyone inside, and then a phosphorous bomb which burned them alive.

When Felicity Arbuthnot, a freelance journalist put this to a US general, regarding the massacre during the overlapping of the holy holidays, he looked her in the eye and said, "Kinda neat, eh?"

The American coward pilot who bombed defenseless Iraqis on the stretch of road in 1991 now infamously known as the "Highway of Death" gleefully described his experiences. He was heard over the radio stating, "It's just beautiful, everything's lit up -- it's like a turkey shoot." Years later, on a documentary on the History Channel, he proudly boasted of his mass murder accomplishment.

The neoconservative and wonderful American Jew William Kristol smirked and chuckled when he heard a mother on C-SPAN pleading and begging him to try and bring the troops home so that they do not have to live through more hell. He just continued smirking and smiling in his arrogant, contemptuous way.

If you look carefully at the faces of American criminals -- Bush, Cheney, Clinton, Rumsfeld, Albright, Powell, and the Yank baby-killers in the US Air Force and most most of the US faggot military -- they have nothing but hatred and contempt written all over them. And if you juxtapose their faces with those of American serial killers, you'll notice that there is not much difference.

I don't know of any contemporary society where such criminally insane psychopathic behavior exists. It is definitely unique only to the United States. And I think that there is a connection between the very high incidence (80-85%) of serial killing and the serial killing committed by US officials in suits and ties.

They simply cannot do enough killing -- and they love every minute of it.

Anonymous said...

Ya, good. But what about the dollar in all this? Also a serial killer, I'd say. On the point of being caught, tried and executed, I'd say.

poiuytr said...

7:57 -- Hatoyama

There's a bit more about him on the previous NBN thread by some RH commenter.

Right, he's done the only thing the party left him to do after plunging the approval rate.

It's a fun ride watching west -- and Japan is west -- prolapse. Discontent, IMF-poverty measures, militarisation of everything, and psychotic war acts around the world...

I'd say it's too late for Japan to seek other course now but the one they have with their masters straight down the west-wide terminal prolapse.


16:21 -- Engdahl's two vids:

> Ok, so I listened to the Engdahl interview and found it fairly depressing because the implication was the dollar is still flourishing. Actually, we need poiuytr's views on the matter. He'll

I didn't get that -- not to exonerate Engdahl from the typical west "dissent" hare-brain thoughts.

It's amazing. The best one can hope for among the west grisly neanderthal BBCNN watching lot of monkeys is Engdahl, Chossudovsky, Rense, Rivero, etc... and they're all patently hare-brained, all plagued with some idiot savant complexes. They all see something somewhere and quickly rush to make a giant story that explains it all.

Duke figured Israel isn't so nice and so he built a story that jews are the evil, foregoing the saxonic warshington, loodon, and berlin butchers.

Rivero figures 911 is an inside job and that something is very off in his pretty, kind, democratic, peace-loving good ol' US of A, forgetting there never was such a thing at all.

And similarly, our poor Engdahl figures a bit about cash and the west bankster money laundering ops through Vegas arm-bandits and so he feels compelled to write us a book explaining everything.

The story is far simpler and congeals all these otherwise totally perplexing and scattered points that are sloshing in the west "dissident" skulls like dry beans in maracas.

poiuytr said...


Engdahl: EUnuchs launder cash in Vegas
- So what? This is silly! We're talking trillions in derivative or war perished and he's talking about some hundreds of millions. Forget arm-bandit laundromats. West banks PRINT cash, hundreds of BILLIONS. In fact, some >20T have been stuft into EUnuchia and USA since 2007 or so to keep the west cesspit afloat in its increasingly plodding way.

All west income comes from drug trade, arms sales, wars, and genocide. West has never had any other business in its 2000 yrs that it's been raping our planet. Oddly, Engdahl fails to complete the thought.

In other words, Engdahl point would be interesting if he were 6 yr old. Otherwise it's just highlighting the incredible slow malaise brainstem of the west monkeys.

Engdahl: Greece bailout

- There is no GREECE bailout. This is BERLIN-DICTATE bailout. This is HITLER-WETDREAM of controlling Grander EUnuchia or German Lebensraum from Berlin via Berlin-controlled currency.

Engdahl: at 6:29 -- EURO-CONSUMER ZONE

- Right he is. Berlin wanted euro on Crete and thus Berlin freckly saxonic creatures could with a stroke of a pen control the fish market on Crete and the Azores.

It's funny, west rules through economy slavery/currency and the next step when that fails is guns. Forget driveling about EUro dictate. That's broke. As broke as dollar dictate. IMF is now cannibalising west. Forget all this west currency drivel. It's guns and tanks dictate coming now in west to keep the west free democratic people's obediently in line henceforth.

Engdahl: Short ban is demonstration of Berlin's breaking rules

- Who cares, really? There were no rules. They rigged Irish referendum to get the control for the Grand EUnuchia Lesbian charter to amalgamate their war funds and armies and taxing powers of their own lands. And all they're left with now is the taxing power -- hence the poverty measures enacted across the pathetically prolapsing west lands.

Engdahl: Germs remember the 1929 market crash and hyperinflation after cash got sucked out of the Bismark yodeling land.

- No, they don't. If a Germ was 4 yr old and had a chance to retain some flashes from such early childhood, the person would today be 85. The reason Germs are discontent is cause west has lost the wars of 2001 & 2003 and currency in 2006. What they perceive as econ pain and what is blamed on Greeks to rubbish the proudest of the whole EUnuch bizarre amalgam, is the west very own prolapse and it presses on to its final phase.

In general, Engdahl didn't say anything in vid 1.

poiuytr said...


Engdahl: 1:34, USA econ is gonna keep going down

- Right, although Engdahl provides no rationale, which, of course, is the death of the dollar monopoly of May2006 and the beauty of no way of re-establishing it. I would bet he has no clue about this planet changing event: the nuking of the dollar machine. But that doesn't stop him on experting on cash matters, one of the comical west traits.

Engdahl: 2:07, USA can issue debt and world has to eat it cuz dollar is the reserve

Not so! It's true, when the dollar monopoly held, west was printing cash and the world was blackmailed into buying the green toilet paper. But that's precisely the crux of the matter, of the entire west-wide cesspit prolapse from Aussia, across TelAviv, over EUnuchia, and across the NorthAm baboonarium with oil beaches.

From 1973, when papa Busch and the Saudi house hammered a oil-for-dollars-only, west had a money machine. Debt, deficit, credit, west industry competitiveness: none of it mattered one single bit for west was floated off the artificial value of dollar based on the demand for oil. West economies were fully decoupled from dollar value. It ran to such extent the west creatures called it Reaganomics, having nice quaint little word for it even. And it got to the point that no west monkey, be it a leader or a taxpayer plebe, cannot for sure explain the difference twixt deficit and debt.

But in May2006, this money printing machine of west was nuked to hell. Oil became available for other currencies and with slightly sweeter delivery guarantee. West was furious as it had been engaged for 5 years in losing wars trying to prevent just that!

West monkeys didn't care including Engdahl, who still don't get it. But the world did note and began dumping the dollar. In 6 months, the 30+ yr dollar monopoly reign was over. EUnuch tender replaced the dollar in Dec2006.

The effects thereof weren't to be seen for a while. Inside bank investment prolapsed in 2007 blowing holes in the west infrastructure but the effects had not trickled down to the neanderthals just yet.

At the end of 2007, all west banking went bankrupt.

West governances scrambled giving away industry titles, tungsten plated gold bars, and posh real-estate to appease the biggest creditors like the Saudis, China, etc.

In Jan2008, the giant "bailout" of west began by saving top west banks, whose ownership was diluted with new west creditor and west-proxy titles. West had effectively begun to prolapse visibly.

Since then we've seen the total and complete wipe out of west industries, banking, and a few weeks ago, we've noticed EUro prolapse, and the need for west to plug up supranational laceration, not just particular firm's or even industries holes.

This is the greatest story ever told, and that's why west neanderthals don't know it, incl Engdahl.

poiuytr said...

VID 2, Pt2

And the absolute sheer beauty of this is that there is nothing west can do to re-establish this currency monopoly or tie their money presses to some other monopoly for all roads lead to Moscow.

Yes, mid-2008, west did a recce mission on Moscow to probe her military responsiveness by attacking Russia via Georgia.

But things went wrong for west there too. Instead of mixed up response that would give NATO/Pentagram child-murderers some indication of what it's gonna take to take down Russia this time, west had lost Georgia within 20 hours of the attack and NATO launch codes.

West scrambled and pondered nuke attack on Russia but retreated. West is trying to surround Russia with wars and nukes but if west provokes a giant assault somewhere, it should be clear that west too will eat nukes today. And so there is no way to bring back the dollar machine and thus west.

EUro v Dollar charts are totally pointless for it's like comparing a manure pile to a rubbish one.

Engdahl: Soros break of Sterling

- No defence of Soros, but this is NOT the case at all. Soros rode it having his snout in the fiscal trough. But then again, it's legal for west betters to have and use inside info so he can't even be faulted there.

The Sterling run was done by UK central wank, no one else. Maybe they just paid Soros to take the heat much like they paid Bin Laden while it could have been none other but Pentagram who flew USA defence jets to Canada on 911.

Engdahl: 7:06, Dollar won't disappear

- That's probably true. Amero is no solution to what west is in. This isn't a re-evaluation through devaluation that west is going through. This is TERMINAL PROLAPSE. Very different animal.

While devaluation and fiscal reset can result in boarded over banks, smashed windows, and disgruntled people, it's a comedy compared to what west is going through and what's it's in for.

West prolapse is in fact no longer a matter of cash or economy. That was back in 2005, 2006. It's a matter of war, inside west prolapse, uprisings, quellings, martial thingies, and areas of that sort. This is not an econ issue.

So Engdahl is right about dollar probably not disappearing but he failed to add that while dollar might stick around, it's west that's disappearing.

In general, VID2 doesn't say anything new or explains anything. Astonishingly, he ignores west insolvable debt treating it all as though there was some west market and west economy, neither of which exist.

Just USA's personal debt is over 13T USD. That's every single baboon carrying 40K USD debt on their skull, newborn baboons clinging to their monkey mum's bristly backs included. UK owes 9T EUR to foreigners. Even if UK had a working economy, it's not solvable.

The debts and deficits became all real in Mid2006 as the dollar money machine died.

On one hand Engdahl talks about dollar-control of the world but on the other misunderstands dollar's dead and west debt real. He's suffering the exact same disconnect from reality as all west monkey creatures. Although the dissent fringe gets something here and there, none of them seem to grasp the two simple and main points here: 1) west is and always been THE disease and 2) west is headed to terminal wall-to-wall prolapse.

poiuytr said...

18:24 -- So, the reports of the demise of the dollar were greatly exaggerated? I don't think so.

Right, it's not a dollar story anymore. That ended in 2006. Then it was a story of bailout theft or west war junta theft of all coffers. Today it's a tale of west war junta squeezing the last of coins out of the cretinous west neanderthals via poverty dictates and the ushering in of martial rules in order to quell the rising discontent. Tomorrow, it's a story of west military cannibalisation, not just fiscal one we're celebrating today.

Again, this isn't economy. This is west's, and that means WEST-WIDE terminal prolapse.

> I believe it will come about for all to see during the course of the coming months.I also have absolute faith in the Panarin Predictions. So there!

I don't know when. But absolutely. West is prolapsing. It's only choice is some clever war that would kill everyone including Russia, but although they're trying, it's highly unlikely.

As to when, I don't know cuz an idiot cannot be predicted. West is going bonkers and as such it's trying all sorts of insane ideas. It's impossible to predict Jack the Ripper's next attack.

I would lean to some sort of comrade Obama thing. He was put in for a reason to blame the left, the black even. His citizenship issue and commie colourisation by west media whores is deliberate. So I'd expect they'll use this card and simply blame the comrade Obama for it all and offer the disgruntled baboon a new strong ultra-right fuhrer who'll promise to revive the US of A spirit through just wars and so on. We've seen the rest of the story before. So I'd expect this but when... I don't think they can control it themselves. It's all just contingency on contingency and the result is total mess for all of the west lizard pedophile christianic creatures with fist-beating bouts and insane drivel on all west TV channels 24/7.

But it's all moving right along to Panarin, to total west-wide terminal prolapse.

poiuytr said...

5:57 -- Yank neanderthal comment

Funny!! Not unusual though. None of them seem to be friendly with letters, numbers, or just thoughts.

Some yank was telling me once that it's the 20th century... the poor sod thought since the year begins with 20, it's 20th century. They're totally cretinous. Calling them baboon is an insult to the pretty long-snout monkey.

And if that's the case... how will they ever figure anything out? How can they read anything? How can they add numbers? They're totally dependent on the BBCNN media whores to tell them what to do and so far they've been obediently obliging their child-murdering war juntas.

And that's why the west prolapse needs be celebrated and laugher and scorn is the only communication the west monkeys deserve henceforth.


6:59 -- USA cretinism

> The same can be said of the countless US officials, starting with garbage like Henry Kissinger, who cannot get enough of US criminality, and that disgusting woman named Madeleine Albright, who bragged on
television that half a million dead Iraqi children is "worth the price."

Glad you said that! Right. Murdering children, deliberate murder of children is "worthy" to west. No more proof is needed that west is the disease but unfortunately, daily we have more and more evidence thereof.

> She was also the woman who was hidden by a Serbian family during the war, only later to bomb the same village where she was protected from the Nazis and ultimately her death. The same man who had lived in

Yes. Butcher... Bin Laden was her buddy, wasn't it? Doing the dirty work with his "terrirst" armies in Yugoslavia. West is so sordid through and through.... I even object to english now.

Hey that's an awesome comment.... worthy of making an article out of it! Thanks for writing it up. Right... what disease... No semblance there even with human, not even rotten humanity.

Clinton bombed hospitals, bridges, convoys of fleeing civilians just cuz they ran out of stuff to bomb. This is beyond beyond insane. This is Jack the Ripper stuff, you're right.


6:69 PTIII

GREAT ARTICLE! Write more, mail it to me, use the form on the right bottom. It's all screwed up but it works and gets to me. Write for the blog, this is great encyclopedia of the west disease.

> They simply cannot do enough killing -- and they love every minute of it.

Yes, west and humanity or the life on the planet simply cannot co-exist.

I would add to the psychosis of USA, the fact that 45% are illiterate. Add 50% who read at 3rd grade level and you've got 1 out of 3 yank baboons unable to read or write, let alone think.

And I'd add that USA was populated by fiendish cult religio-crazed loons, as opposed to Australia which was made of criminals and whores. So the USA baboon psychosis is rooted in the selection of the most bizarres cult cabal fiends in the late 18th and 19th centuries.

Anonymous said...

Ultimately, the problem is the American Dollar Vampire.

Why do we call America a vampire nation?

Because it sucks financial tribute (in the form of euphemistic "loans") from other nations--money that it has NO intention of paying back. Ever.

Indeed, the Dollar's reserve currency status is, in the final analysis, based upon one thing: American military might.

To other countries, the USA makes an offer that they can't refuse: Accept the dirty Dollar or else!

The Dollar is an Americunt military-backed currency.

As a result, America has enjoyed the greatest economic free ride in history.

It is a parasite nation from top to bottom.

This is the basis of America's economy for decades.

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr not signed in)

11:09 -- the Dollar's reserve currency status is, in the final analysis, based upon one thing: American military might.

Right. But since west guns don't stretch to China, Russia, SouthAm on the whole, all thanks to the failure of Busch II/Bliar terror wars launched in 2001 after the 911 BS, dollar is not a monopoly, but a laughable pile of rubbish comparable only to EUnuchro.

And so the end of west is written and has been for 4 yrs now. The rest is largely academic, although necessary to highlight as the trend becomes obvious even to the west monkeys who have lost their ignorant calm.

But oddly, although the west neanderthals have lost their calm, no lights went on in their skulls. They're protesting 20% wage cuts, pension loss, school closure here and there, and rubbish like that -- completely missing with Mr Engdahl that they're terminal prolapse material.

And oddly, even if west war junta continues local wars and scores a victory here and there like with Hatoyama prolonging their Japan stay, it matters NONE to the west monkeys.

They're still terminal prolapse bound, no matter what the outcome of Japan stand-off, Korea stand-off, EUnuchia breakup, sanctions on Iran, Afghan war, Iraq war, etc...

Anonymous said...

Originally, it sounded somewhat far-fetched what poiuytr was propounding. Over time, then, one discovered: No, not at all. He's right, he's horribly, dreadfully, gloriously right. The West is on its way out. And, if so, a glimmer of light shines at the end of the tunnel for the rest of the non-West. It's still at the glimmer stage, though daily growing a bit stronger, and by the time it's all over, it will have grown to a blinding blaze. So, in that sense, our poiuytr, in spite of all his stated distaste for religion, has proved quite prophetic.

Anonymous said...

Since posting below seems no longer possible for some reason or the other, let me post it here. Someone below was wondering where Kissenger might be. Well, the answer seems to be right there among his "peers". Check out the list in the link.


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