Nation By Nation (10Jun10)

22May-10Jun -- West-wide prolapse, which can no longer be denied even by the most bristly of the west neanderthals, makes NBN superfluous. But what the hell, here's another run down of the marvelous west cesspit flushing down the bog. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - Germ prez admits to all that west war in Afghanistan is about "trade routes". Yes, as per Germ governance, murdering children around our planet is west's business. Later, the prez had to leave office for further cementing the truth about the diabolical west disease.
- USA admits to 1K of their lot deaths. This must, of course, be multiplied by the nominal west deceit factor, which runs around 20X, explaining the west defeat in spite of comrade Obama invading troop surges.
- USA chopper down, 2Jun.
- USA chopper down, 9Jun, some 13 NATO invaders dead.
- 50 NATO trucks torched by Talib.

C H I N A China - Lends 500M USD to Mongolia, to keep the baboon out.
- Says S Korean ship sinking may be false-flag op.
- 23B USD oil deal with Nigeria.
- Tells USA copyright blithering fiends to shove off.

E U EU - Launch EUnuchbonds. Sideline: This was one of the 3 possibilities offered to EUnuchs under NBN May12. All 3 possible scenarios, including this one, were however made only to illustrate the sheer amusement and impossibility of averting the west-wide prolapse. Yet, EUnuchs, blessed with IQ tantamount to the yank creature, took it seriously, collapsing their periphery bond issuance and raising their central wank status to that of a governance. This does two things: it effectively wipes out the sole reason for being in the EUnuchia amalgam; and it turns EUnuch central bank into a governing body, soon to be granted EUnuch-wide taxation rights to pay for the EUnuchbonds monthlies.
- Boasts 10% unemployment, which is growing 15%/yr now. That's some healthy union there, EUnuchs.
- EUro at 4 yr low v the dullar. The EUnuch wetdream can't get much more laughable.
- NATO budget and troop cuts are tabled.

E U - F R A N C E EU-Franks - Celebrates poverty measure of losing pensions with a strike, 27May.
- Liquidates the right to retire at 60. It's slavery till death for the west IMF cannibalistic vampire now.

E U - G E R M A N Y EU-Germs - 85B EUR/4 yrs cuts announced as poverty measures are ushered in. That's savings of 21B EUR/yr, which won't even cover a single west bankster bonus rounds.
- Among the poverty measures is the zapping of some 15K jobs.
- Cutting 40-100K troops from the NATO fiendishness. But who's gonna protect the west trade routes?
- Hundreds more vatican pedophile rapes go public.

E U - G R E E C E EU-Greece - Advised by some UK think tank to leave EUro and default on 300B EUR. Although sound advice, this will not save EUro, dullar, or any part of the terminally prolapsing west.
- China's investing up to 1B EUR into Greece as the prolapsing west cesspits are being pried apart.
- Seeking Libya's aid. The west-wide fiscal gangrene has moved to physical crumbling of the west fiendish amalgam. The only way Berlin & IMF can hold their EUnuchium together is via tanks now.

Greece protests roll on

E U - H U N G A R Y EU-Hungary - Prolapses like Greece and ushers in poverty measures.
- Is made to withdraw its prolapse rhetoric and keep mouth shut as EUro responds with further prolapse.

E U - I T A L Y EU-Italy - Suspends mark-to-market to hide debt from EUnuch markets. This just for a joke.
- Ushers in poverty measures. Indeed IMF cannibal war against west has begun.

E U - P O L A N D EU-Poland - Deploys anti-Russian missile batteries.

E U - R O M A N I A EU-Romania - Some 50K demonstrators protest poverty dictate in front of governance.

E U - S P A I N EU-Spain - Central bank takeover of a bank further knocks EUro making it clear that collectivisation is not the answer for west either.
- IMF bestows 15B EUR squeeze upon Spain and Spain governance gladly accepts it.
- 75% of public sector or 2M go on strike protesting the IMF dictate.

E U - U K EU-UK - Murder troops stay in Afghanistan despite earlier governance whinging about the cost.
- Governance warns "whole life to be disrupted" across the drizzly isle. Oh, indeed, for such is the fun of terminal prolapse.
- Poverty measures announce 300K job zappings over 4 yrs, which some 50K are immediate. The measures include some 15% slash in public budget and upping unemployment to 2,65M this yr and beyond that in future. The details to be revealed after "emergency budget" of 22Jun.
- NATO budget cuts of 10-15%/6 yrs are announced.
- Motorways go on the west-wide garage sale.
- Shooting spree leaves 12 dead, 2Jun.
- Bans doctor that linked thermisol shots with autism. That's a way to solve it.
- Admits to having 225 nukes. Fails to admit how many it gave to Israel violating int'l treaties.

I R A N Iran - Gets slapped with UN's 4th round of sanctions. Ahmadinejad: "sanctions count for nothing" is the response and indeed, since Russian companies or individuals are exempt among west elite business, such is the case. Chavez: "Israel massacres, kills, doesn't comply with United Nations resolutions ... and the United Nations acts as if nothing has happened."

I S R A E L Israel - Attacks Freedom Flotilla, some 20 civilian vessels carrying Gaza aid to Palestine in int'l waters murdering tens of them and imprisoning some 700, 30May.

Response around the world was:
Ireland: "unacceptable"
Belgium: "regrettable"
Germany: "deeply concerned"
Russia: "barbaric", "we condemn the act", & urges UN resolution
Nicaragua: pulls diplos out of Israel
Iran: "Israel is a threat to global security", "Hold USA & UK accountable", demands UN resolution against Israel, sends more aid ships ready to rumble
Turkey: "death to Israel", "Ready to go to war with Israel", & pulls diplos
Venezuela: "act of war", doesn't pull diplos since they were already pulled in 2009
Greece: cancels airforce games with Israel
Israel: "perfectly humane"
USA: nods in agreement and tells west nations to tone down the anti-Israel rhetoric
UN: "Iran may have enough n-stuff for two nukes"

Turkey at Israel embassy as Israel pulls diplos.



Loondon. Now, since the ships sailed under the Irish & Greek flag, this is an attack against EUnuchia and NATO. Where are the NATO boys then? Oh, they're protecting west drug fields in Afghanistan. Yes, west is THE disease.




USA, Warshington

4K Aussies, 2Jun, Sydney


France and her civilian dressed cops

France and her robocops

More pics

J A P A N Japan - Hatoyama & #2 step down.
- Before they go, they still manage to commit last assault to the free Japan movement by firing minister Fukushima.
- Kan steps in and immediately pledges lapdog-like obedience to USA.
- JapanAir suddenly prefers Boeing to Airbus. Yes, Japan stands re-raped.
- IMF ratchets up dictate increasing Japan sales tax to crush any anti-west ideas.

K Y R G Y Z S T A N Kyrgyzstan - Stops fuel to USA war base. When the coup booted the pro-west governance, west media whores wrote that USA base future is "uncertain", when, of course, it was "certain", as NBN said and as we see now.

N I C A R A G U A Nicaragua - Opening embassies for S Ossetia and Abkhazia.

N O R T H  K O R E A North Korea - 100K rally against the west war provocations.

R U S S I A Russia - Launching metal exchange.
- Bomb kills 7, Stavropol, 27May.
- War games with Norway.
- Syria arms deal includes MiGs and navy equipment. West gnashes fangs and sputters the usual monosyllable vulgarities.
- Transdniestrian region and Moldova joining Ukraine/Russia trade zone.
- 3B EUR submarine deal with Vietnam.
- Just so happens to play war games by Koreas putting end to the west beast war wetdreams.
- Despite comrade Obama's ban, Russia moves to drilling for oil in Cuba.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Erdogan and Putin announce no gas delivery to Israel via new gasline to Turkey.

Erdogan on Israel

U S A USA - 81 banks dead this year, 9Jun.
- Political meetings adjournments arrive due to rising civil unrest.
- ConnectiCUT gets its rating clipped, as its deficit reaches near 1B USD.
- Pennsylvania capitol mulls bankruptcy with its 70M debt.
- S Carolina cuts health, education, and sundry social programmes.
- Minnesota's 12K nurses waddling about again with placards.

USA, rental vacancy up, home vacancy down... The trending here means that the baboon is taking refuge in its parent's hovel basements.

- 46% baboons report debt stress. Indeed, just the personal baboon debt (credit cards, school & hovel loans) now sits at 13,5T USD today, or equal to the entire USA fed debt. Every single baboon carries now 80K USD in personal and state debt. To make it even more fun, consider that 30% of baboons have ZERO cash left.
- 290K baboons zapped from jobs/May.
- Baboon bankruptcies up 9%/May.
- 93K baboons have homes repo'd/May, a record. The hovel repo rate grows at 44%/yr now.
- Near 50% of all the unemployed are unemployed terminally.
- Comrade Obama needs 84B USD more for wars. This is yet another 2-3 month ritual in west now.
- Comrade Obama is raising USA debt level, yet again. This is now a ritual every 2-3 months now. 6 months ago, the ceiling was at 9T, today, it's at 14T -- all time, solar system, and universal record. It's in fact so funny that USA GDP (including the bank printed cash, which they add as income) shall be eclipsed by debt in the next budget.
- Comrade Obama solving USA debt by axing some 100K teachers across the USA. Just for a laugh.
- AIG with their 182B USD bailout will not be investigated now for toxic underwritings. How kind of comrade Obama.
- Germ report on CIA printing USA cash complicates USA claims that N Korea counterfeited dullars.

The redneck Riviera stretching from Taxes to Fluorida now boasts free all you can eat fish to entice the summer benzene seekers.

- "Top Kill" solution, of course, failed and oil keeps on gushing a Valdez-size spill every 60 hrs.
- Comrade Obama deploys 6000 troops to guard the USA muck coastline from photographers and press. Finally, a decisive act.
- Comrade Obama gives press a good tonking for asking about the spill.
- Comrade Obama begs BP to quit pouring Corexit9500 on his shorelines. There's over 1M barrels now of this stuff washing the mighty US of A.
- Comrade Obama mulls oil-clean-up taxes. Clean up? A bit early, isn't it?
- Fluorida reports oil/corexit9500 rain fall.
- Alabummer & Mississipiss report oil/corexit9500 coastline.
- Looserianna pronounces 50km of shoreline dead and gone, which means soon there'll be zones that won't require any clean up at all.
- GoldSacks sold 44% stock of BP 3 weeks prior to the announced explosion, which means it was leaking and unstoppably so since 1Apr, not 20Apr. This means the west eco-terrorists have poured over 28 Valdezes into our oceans.
- Oil spillers beg Russia for submarines and help.
- Univ of Florida discovers another oil plume. Now, since when are baboon students in charge of oil spill tracking? Shouldn't this info come from comrade Obama?
- Oil cleanup estimated at 1,2B USD. They truly don't understand #s in Baboonarium, do they?
- Oil-cleaners get sick from benzene exposure.
- Active oil spill map documenting oil-onshore, oil-in-water, benzene odor, the whole set of the west eco-attack on our planet:

Apparently, second leak discovered

Spill pics, albeit with annoying music be cont'd as it all piles


Anonymous said...

poiuytr, you've put together a good NBN as usual. Your coverage of the Freedom Flotilla was specially to my liking. However, two important points were left out. Why on earth did China and Russia allow the Iran sanctions to go through and why didn't they insist on something similar for Israel? Sounds like first class boot licking to me.

Second point, and even more important: you failed to mention that Russia is now threatening to invade Afghanistan as well, apparently against the West, but since we've learnt to trust no one, least of all Russia, it could well be against Afghanistan, followed up by an invasion of Pakistan and then Iran. This piece of news was given to you several days ago. Didn't you think it worthwhile to follow it up and use your tremendous brains on it?

poiuytr said...

Picking up from last NBN's commentary

7:06 Russia Orders Troops To Prepare For War With US...... now you know the rest of the story

This seems too tall. Russia doesn't want war, of any kind. West bloodletting via Afghan/Iraq and its fiscal death is enough. It's all a matter of time and there's no need to risk anything. In fact, staying clear of war with west is the best way to speed up the west-wide terminal prolapse.


15:06 -- "I regard this cabinet as young, fresh and enthusiastic about their jobs."

It's hard to read this without a barfbag handy. Yes, comrade Obama saves USA foothold in Japan.


17:06 -- "Don't you dare ever tell us how clever Russia is again, poiuytr."

The only reason you're alive or presumably not enslaved by the west vampire today is thanks to Russia's game.

Second, the sanctions you're wetting your panties over are no sanctions at all. Haven't we been through that already? Russia-Iran relationship and of course, west-elite and Iran relations remain untouched. All this does is puts west into another corner. They'll have to enact a 5th and 6th round in a few months and on and on.

> The Freeworld will fight on alone, without the help of the giants, Russia and China. May their slavish souls all burn in hell along with those of the cretinous west fools.

Sanctions are a totally pointless moment in the history of west-wide rot. How can you get so sidetracked like this? UN vote means nothing other than shutting the west trap until they open it again in 3 months calling for harsher sanctions on Iran yet again.


poiuytr said...

17:15 -- (There we are. Poiuytr, gone into hiding, have you? Showing

Yeah, I'm in hiding.

> the same guts as your heroes the Russians. Or busy inventing new

Sanctions again? Actually, it's a good thing. But I don't wanna provoke you any more than the headlines have.

The sanctions aren't sanctions. Russia and China and unfortunately west big biz keep their relations unimpeded. But it's a good lock out, isn't it?

Sanctions have nothing -- absolutely nothing to do with sanctions, but all about market lock out on Iran. Locking out west from slithering to Iran is essential. Expect EUnuchs begin seeking ties with Nigeria, Libya, and Venezuela now.

> excuses for their lily-livered behaviour. Me, the China believer, I'm speechless with anger and disappointment. Go to hell HU Jiintao and Putin. You deserve your West friends.)

Nothing's happened. Absolutely nothing has happened. The results of this UN vote, if any, will be soon celebrated in NBNs.


17:49 -- Now you've got it off your chest, let me ask you: Is poiuytr Russia, is he China? Not even a pale proxy. Leave him be. Better still, apologise.

Mighty kind of you... but wait.


Why such strong reaction to headlines? This is an ongoing trend here. NBN tries to enumerate -- and this last version is a slipshod pile of manure, I admit -- but in general, NBN tries to underscore the trends.

The instantaneous headlining is not justified here. Never once has a headline was right, first of all. The best we can do is to read twixt the lines and connect the dots to see the beautiful pics. In fact, the greatest blows to west in the last 5 yrs typically didn't make any headlines.

And quite the opposite, the grandest nonsense is bantered about BBCNN 24hr/day.

No one should give in to any of the headline claptrap.

The reality with the Iran sanction vote is that it's no sanctions for China and Russia maintain their relationship, down to individuals, not just firms. At best, it's a lock out of west oil seekers.

> intelligent a country to take this with anything but a pinch of salt. The struggle goes on. Of that we can all be sure.

Right, the same reaction happened back when Russia opened the door to Helmand for comrade Obama as he sent 40K troops in. 3 weeks later, the results were in as comrade Obama was sending in another 15K or whatever and printing 80B USD for Marja emergency. But by then those who screamed about Russia caving in to west forgot that it's related.

It's a guarantee that the results of this vote shall soon be celebrated.

poiuytr said...

In general, thanks for the news.


22:57 -- I think Obama just walked into a trap. (WRH)

> By going along with the sanctions, Russia and China have removed the possibility of an attack by Israel and the US for the immediate

Sanctions again... I don't buy this for attack on Iran is an impossibility for west. But be it as it may... My bet it's something much simpler, probably an energy lock out of chiefly EUnuchs. After all, look what IMF did to EUro. Accident? Hardly. Baboons, britz, and EUnuchs are at their each other's throats fighting for their prolapsed currencies.

Sanctions on Iran have nothing whatever to do with sanctions.

> Iran's non-existent nuclear arsenal than previous one. As this article points out, the new sanctions are watered down from previous sanctions. They cannot really have an effect. Worse, American

Watered down? They're non existent. In fact, USA firms were up in arms over this threatening all sorts of layoff on comrade Obama. It's west that's gonna get it with these sanctions. Let's give it a few weeks or months to see and cheer it.

But overall, this is NO news worthy such great commentary coverage.

Greece entertaining China cash. That's news. Is Berlin gonna put sanctions on China now for trying to buy up Greek islands and rip the mighty Berlin-dictate apart?

UK & Germs celebrating poverty measures. Cheers to that! Remember, not long ago, someone said when Greece slid off down the bog that the Z capitals like UK and Germs are spared the prolapse cuz of them being the centres of the Z power. There always seems to be this simpler story blocking the view of the whole thing. People tend to focus on little trees, as they say, like some David Icke lizards, zionism, sanctions, etc and they completely miss the wonderment of the west-wide terminal prolapse. And that would be a waste, wouldn't it, for Frankensteins screaming for their pensions and the many other west prolapses are some sights to behold and jubilate.

Don't no one get hung up on some sideline claptrap, especially when it's coming from the UN USA castrate lapdog. West cesspits rot is continuing quite happily today and there is no aspect of west life that hasn't been bitten by the west-wide looming terminal prolapse.

poiuytr said...

19:25 -- Why on earth did China and Russia allow the Iran sanctions to go

Cuz the sanctions are so idiotic that they lock out west firms from doing biz with Iran trying to get their talons on oil and such. Russia and China are not so hindered by the "sanctions". In fact, the S300 delivery is not subject to these "sanctions".

Just like "bailout" in west is not bailout but theft, sanctions in west are the exact opposite.

I don't know the details but USA big biz was pretty angry threatening all sorts of punishments if comrade Obama went for the sanctions, so we'll see... Of course, they might have penned waivers in for these west elite business as well, which is probably the case.

But whatever the case, these are no sanctions at all.

> through and why didn't they insist on something similar for Israel?

I think Venezuela, Turkey, and Russia did urge some UN investigation and resolution. But UN is nonsense. UN is a west war front, no more.

All this BBCNN claptrap, UN votes, all of this is total waste of breath.

> Second point, and even more important: you failed to mention that Russia is now threatening to invade Afghanistan as well, apparently

Right. This is a repeat from about 2 months ago when Russia said they'd do that to cut the heroin lines. It's funny it's coming at this time when west seems to be getting thrashed.

It's seems too crazed a headline,...

> Afghanistan, followed up by an invasion of Pakistan and then Iran.

What you mean?

> This piece of news was given to you several days ago. Didn't you think it worthwhile to follow it up and use

Russia wanting to fight USA head on or vice versa is too tall. I can see Russia going into Afghanistan under the drug pretext to further complicate west's desires to stay in Central Asia but...

There's so much noise out there as west prolapses, which isn't surprising. On one hand you think Russia's licking comrade Obama's arse and on the other you think Russia is readying to nuke USA. Neither is likely or probably worth this much effort.

What's likely here and what's spelt in all headlines is west-wide prolapse.

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr not signed in)


Q: why were they passed?

A: Comes from Israel: Israeli Foreign Ministry statement said, adding that "the resolution on its own is insufficient."

Russia & China shut west's gobs up as they both continue to do whatever with Iran. The only one impeded is west's business. It's strange the lengths, comrade Obama goes these days to save face but judging from the strong knee-jerk reaction here, it works. After so many NBNs, I had hoped for more.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, your comments above make a handy complement to NBN itslef. Thanks, I now understand the sanctions story at long last. We're just a bunch of unruly kids when it comes to the Freeworld. And when we feel it might be in danger. Indebted to you for showing so much patience.

Anonymous said...

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan Deserves Medal as Fake Friend of Palestinians

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr here)

It's TWICE the oil now, as per west media whores. Lovely!

That makes it some 56 Valdez-size spills thus far and no way of stopping it.

It oughtta be clear that west and our planet simply cannot coexist.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

With all due respect, poiuytr, you asked me a long time ago to post NBN on neighbouring site. I have kept to your instructions. For once, I give you all the comments engendered without changing any names, so you, too, know what bloggers think of the extraordinary work you alone are doing for our awareness and keeness to carry on the fight.

by ILYANA_ROZUMOVA on 10.06.2010 [23:22 ]

Very excellent summary.
Only one thing is good about oil, that it will eventually end up in Europe,
Mostly around England Germany, and Scandinavia.
(No more English "Fish and chips.)"

by dit on 10.06.2010 [23:26 ]

baboons not doing good according to summary. I'm not surprised! baboons to hell

I just love...
by Kamau_Ajamu on 10.06.2010 [23:35 ] read this 'Nation by Nation' thread.

by gmmonko on 11.06.2010 [04:28 ]

...Europeans are quite stupid if they put up with this crap.

The oil spill could mean that tuna and other fish is no longer available in the Atlantic. Some people in Europe are still worried that they can't wash or drive their cars.

Anonymous said...

Kyrgyzstan in state of emergency

At least 14 dead and more than 140 injured as fears of fresh violence grow following overthrow of president.

(CIA, hello. If you think you're going to win this one, you've got another think coming.)

Anonymous said...

Germany retires more than half of its subs
Jun 10, 2010 - Berlin

The German navy surprisingly decommissioned more than half of its submarines, a move observers say is part of a larger effort to cut costs.
The six 500-ton U-206A-class diesel-electric submarines were retired last week and could be sold or scrapped. Their retirement date had been set to 2016 but in light of increasing pressure to cut the German defense budget by around $1.3 billion per year, the decommissioning might have been advanced. That means Germany has four U-212A-class subs left for international missions.
The Kieler Nachrichten newspaper said the decommissioning has dropped Germany from second to sixth among nations that operate non-nuclear submarines. In Europe, Turkey leads the pack with 14 subs, followed by Greece (eight), Italy and Norway (six each) and Sweden (five).

Anonymous said...

Euro Crisis to Set One World Currency?

Is Europe heading for a meltdown? ...

This financial crisis is worse than the sub-prime crash of 2008 because the sums are so much bigger and it is governments that are in dire straits. Edmund Conway explains the dangers. Mervyn King, the Bank of England Governor, summed it up best: "Dealing with a banking crisis was difficult enough," he said the other week, "but at least there were public-sector balance sheets on to which the problems could be moved. Once you move into sovereign debt, there is no answer; there's no backstop." In other words, were this a computer game, the politicians would be down to their last life. Any mistake now and it really is Game Over. Or to pick a slightly more traditional game, it is rather like a session of pass-the-parcel which is fast approaching the end of the line. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: The wise men of Brussels and the courageous citizens of the EU will muddle through.

Anonymous said...

BBC - Israel Mossad did 911 and Iran does not want Nukes

Former Senior BBC Mideast Correspondent Alan Hart says on air that Israeli Mossad did 9/11 and much more in his revealing interview with Kevin Barrett which can be heard here- Alan explains the take over of America by zionists and exposes the failed false flag attack of the USS Liberty by Israel using Napalm.

Anonymous said...

Debt Facade Cracking in U.K. as Sovereign Contagion Spreads
by Mike Larson 06-11-10

When Greece’s markets first started cracking wide open, a lot of claptrap spewed forth from Wall Street. The general consensus:

• The problems in Athens would stay bottled up in Athens.

• They would remain “contained.”

• They didn’t mean anything for larger economies, including the rest of Europe, the U.K., or the U.S.

Me? I told you the exact opposite …

I said the implosion in Greece’s stock and interest rate markets — stemming from concerns about that country’s massive debt and deficit problems — were a huge red flag. They foretold a collapse in other sovereign debt markets, with collateral damage in currencies and equities.

Lo and behold, markets are now weakening worldwide. And this week, the contagion spread to the U.K. The British pound got hammered, while the FTSE 100 Index rolled over, amid concern the U.K. would be the next domino to fall!

Anonymous said...

Russian official regrets anti-Iran UN vote
Fri, 11 Jun 2010 17:56:25 GMT
Deputy Parliament Speaker and leader of Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) Vladimir Zhirinovsky
A senior Russian politician has criticized Moscow's support for new tougher UN Security Council sanctions against Iran, calling the move a mistake.
"The introduction of new sanctions ruined relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and our country," Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Colonel Vladimir Zhirinovsky told reporters on Friday.
"We just raised our hands to vote for the resolution and now millions of people are chanting 'Death to Russia,'" Ria Novosti quoted the founder of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia as saying.
"What did the Americans do? They have removed (Russia) from the list of friends of Iran, and now they're redirecting it to this country (the US)," he added.
Twelve Security Council member states, including China and Russia, on Wednesday voted for a US-proposed resolution for a fourth round of sanctions against Iran. Brazil and Turkey voted against the resolution while Lebanon abstained from vote.
Despite welcoming a May 17 fuel swap declaration by Iran, Turkey and Brazil — under which Tehran agreed to send some 1,200 kg of its low-enriched uranium to Turkey in exchange for 120 kg of higher-enriched uranium — both China and Russia voted for tougher punitive measure against the Islamic.
Iran strongly denounced the move, accusing Russia and China — both veto-wielding permanent members of the UNSC with major trade ties with the Islamic Republic — of having double standards toward Tehran's nuclear program.
Beijing and Moscow, however, attempted to mend their ties with Iran by downplaying the sanctions as insufficient, emphasizing the need for a negotiated solution to the standoff over Iran's nuclear program.

(Although, willy nilly, we're resigned to this vote now, it's not going to leave us anytime in a hurry. I still believe it was a mistake on the part of Russia and China.)

Anonymous said...

More analysis of America's eco-crimes and coverup, what some analysts suggest is nothing less than the worst oil disaster in history.

Gulf Oil Spill "Could Go on Years and Years" ...

Anonymous said...

Love nation by nation

by phil_s66 on 11.06.2010 [13:37 ]

a read i look forward to a lot.

Anonymous said...

04:43 - If you're the globalresearch person who posted the Turkey piece above, then let me tell you here that I took a close hard look at the article you mentioned, and it was one propaganda sentence after another from start to finish. And let me add in passing: the Armenia genocide story is a fiction and as for the PKK, anyone at all in know, knows PKK is a precious Zionist asset and has been so for years. Grow up, mate. Erdogan is a great man, whether you like it or not.

Anonymous said...

Russia now says Iran sanctions ban S-300 missiles - 11.6.

(Here we are. There won't be any S-300 for Iran and shoulder held missiles which are the best weapons to repel a ground invasion are also out of the picture. Still a game being played with the West?)

MOSCOW — The new U.N. sanctions prevent Russia from delivering S-300 air-defense missiles to Iran, a Kremlin official said Friday, in a reversal of the position announced by Russia's Foreign Ministry the day before.

The Kremlin statement was sure to please Israel and the United States, which have long urged Russia not to supply the powerful missile system. Russia signed a deal to sell the missiles in 2007, but has delayed their delivery.

The U.N. Security Council resolution passed Wednesday bans Iran from developing ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons, investing in nuclear-related activities and buying certain types of heavy weapons.

The Kremlin official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the S-300 falls under these sanctions.

The U.N. resolution does not specifically prohibit Russia from supplying the S-300, the U.S. State Department spokesman said. "However, for the first time, the resolution calls for states to exercise vigilance and restraint in the sale or transfer of all other arms and related materiel," spokesman P.J. Crowley told reporters in Washington. "We appreciate Russia's restraint in the transfer of the S-300 missile system to Iran."

This distinction may help explain the initial confusion.

On Thursday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko said the U.N. resolution did not apply to air-defense systems, with the exception of shoulder-fired missiles.

The head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, which oversees arms trade, also said Thursday that the sanctions would not affect the S-300 deal. But on Friday the agency said an analysis of the resolution indicated the missile system was banned under the new sanctions.

In Paris, a French presidential aide said that Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, in talks with French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Friday, said that Russia had decided to "freeze the delivery of the S-300 missiles."

Putin also said supporting the Iran sanctions was a decision that "wasn't exactly easy," according to the presidential aide, who spoke on condition of anonymity in keeping with Sarkozy's office policy.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will issue a decree specifying which types of weapons cannot now be sold to Iran, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in Moscow.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:20

I don't know what is more embarassing for you. Your ardent belief that the American regime and British Petroleum are not massively lying about the true extent of the Gulf oil spill. Or your giddy schoolgirl crush on Erdogan and the Turkish regime.

Either way, sport, it's you that need to grow up and understand that surface appearances often deceive in the world of geopolitics.

Lies and evasions in defense of BP

Erdogan is no hero

Anonymous said...

Did BP's mini H-bombs cause this oil spill?

This is just my baseless guess and I really do not have any concrete evidence that actually prove it. So, you may skip this post if you do not want to read.

There were some articles a few years ago,which said US used small H-bombs to find or drill oil in the arctic region. For example:


Nine Arctic Nukes Exploded in Eighteen Hours
November 18, 2008
By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

On November 17 and 18, 2008 nine H-Bombs were exploded below the Arctic Ocean near the North Magnetic Pole. I was unable to transfer this info from the IRIS Seismic Monitor, so I copied this information longhand and typed it back onto my computer.

Maybe, you will find many other articles if you do some google-searches. So, when I read that the crack from which oil spills out is so large, it hit upon me that the real reason was BP's failure in handling mini H-bombs.

Dear readers of NBN, how do you think about this possibility?

Anonymous said...

For the BP story, we're quite willing to believe it. It would explain as well why Goldman Sachs sold off all its BP shares some two weeks before the BP oil spill either took place or entered the public domain.

On Erdogan, let's just say this on our side. The jury is out on this on. "Schoolgirl crush" seems to believe everything is humky dory. Hardliners seem to imply Erdogan is playing a double game or something. We prefer to suspend judgement until more evidence is presented by one side or the other.

Anonymous said...

We are absolutely not winning this war in any measurable way. (WRH - 12.6.10)

The only area for which the US and NATO can cheerily say "mission accomplished"(which of course, they never would publicly) is control of the drug trade, which the Taliban had almost completely eradicated under their watch.

Anonymous said...

Kyrgyzstan is now in the midst of a minor uprising and has asked the Russian government to come to the rescue. Russia has refused so far, meanwhile consulting with UN of the feasibiity of sending in Russian peacekeepers.

Anonymous said...

(Continued from 14:02)

Something beneath seafloor or seafloor itself seems to be damaged.It seems really serious. Jeff Rense, where I found a link to this article, commented "Game Over." At least, it is far graver than some rigs or pipes being destroyed.

Washington's Blog; BP Official Admits to Damage BENEATH THE SEA FLOOR 06/12

As I noted Tuesday, there is growing evidence that BP's oil well - technically called the "well casing" or "well bore" - has suffered damage beneath the level of the sea floor.
The evidence is growing stronger and stronger that there is substantial damage beneath the sea floor.Indeed, it appears that BP officials themselves have admitted to such damage.This has enormous impacts on both the amount of oil leaking into the Gulf, and the prospects for quickly stopping the leak this summer.

BTW, where are enviroment activist groups like GreenPeace or SeaShepherd? They were very brave when they harassed French tuna-catchers or Japanese whale-catchers.What are they doing now?

Anonymous said...

"BTW, where are enviroment activist groups like GreenPeace or SeaShepherd? They were very brave when they harassed French tuna-catchers or Japanese whale-catchers.What are they doing now?"

Most of the Western "environmental" organizations are bought stock and barrel by Anglo-American corporations like BP.

Anonymous said...

Above BP story - If they've really pierced the sea floor level, God alone knows what awaits us. It's a highly scary thought and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing irretrievable will happen, though the chances of that are slight indeed, I'd be the first to acknowledge. Time will tell us the extent of this particular crisis.

Anonymous said...

Russia sends troops to Kyrgyzstan
By: Press TV on: 13.06.2010

A battalion of Russian paratroopers has arrived in southern Kyrgyzstan on the third day of deadly ethnic violence in the former Soviet Union republic.

Russian security officials said Sunday that the troops are only to help protect Russian military facilities in Kyrgyzstan and have no plans to intervene.

"The mission of the force that has landed is to reinforce the defense of Russian military facilities and ensure security of Russian military servicemen and their families," Interfax quoted a security source as saying.

Kyrgyzstan's interim government had already called on Russia to send troops to help contain the ethnic clashes in the country's south.

The violence between the Kyrgyz and Uzbek ethnic groups has killed over one hundred people and injured over 1,200 more. Tens of thousands of ethnic Uzbeks have fled their homes.

The political situation in Kyrgyzstan has been shaky since the revolt that overthrew former President Kurmanbek Bakiyev in April.


Anonymous said...

Iranian Foreign Policy Commission:… Russia remains our Dear Friend, and Peoples Republic of China dependable partner.. Magic Negro of USA aka Obanana is upset.

Chairman of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Alaeddin Boroujerdi
Iran says it has no plans to decrease relations with Russia and China, despite having grievances over their support for a new round of UN sanctions against the country.

Speaking to Mehr news agency on Sunday, Chairman of the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi said the country has made no plans to downgrade relations with long-time partners, Russia and China.

"Iranian officials are rather disappointed with Russia and China's approval of more sanctions against Tehran, but this does not mean we are looking for ways to reduce the level of relations with the two countries," Boroujerdi said.

Anonymous said...

Persia is the land of Great Culture,

One of the greatest civilizations of the Earth. Persian leaders are wise and compassionate, they understand our temporal problems. Wait, friends, we'll kick out our ZOG bunch from kremlin. We have no choice, either, we do this or die.

Anonymous said...

New Japan Prime Minister Warns Country May Default - June 11, 2010

When he was Japan’s finance minister, Naoto Kan advocated loose monetary policy to end two decades of deflation.

But since his sudden promotion to prime minister, Kan has been crying out about public debt levels. Today, he even used the signal word for austerity: Greece.

“Our country’s outstanding public debt is huge. Our public finances have become the worst of any developed country. We cannot sustain public finance that overly relies on issuing bonds. As we can see from the eurozone confusion that started in Greece, there is a risk of default if growing public debt is neglected and trust lost in the bond market.“

R.H. please. Your comments if any. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Iranian President: US Dollars Are Worthless Paper. “The problem is the U.S. That has to be resolved,” he added.

Posted by Europe on Jun 11th, 2010

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Friday U.S. dollars are “worthless paper” that the U.S. government injects into the world economy in exchange for goods and services.

Continuing with his U.S. bashing at a press conference in Shanghai, he said the U.S. deficit is “theft of the wealth of other nations.”

The Iranian president was attending the World Expo’s Iran Day in Shanghai.

Separately, Ahmadinejad said Iran has “very good” relations with China and there are no reasons to weaken that relationship.

“The problem is the U.S. That has to be resolved,” he added.

Earlier Friday, the Iranian President lashed out at the U.N. Security Council as a “tool of dictatorship,” and said new U.N. sanctions over Tehran’s nuclear program “will have no effect.” He also denounced the sanctions vote as a bid by the U.S. to control the Middle East and by the five permanent Security Council members to “monopolize” nuclear energy.

Anonymous said...

UK government spending cuts threaten over 700,000 jobs - 14.6.10

Just days after the Conservative-Liberal coalition government outlined its plans to slash public spending, a report has estimated that this could push up unemployment in Britain to 3 million, more than 10 percent of the workforce.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) predicts that over 725,000 jobs in the public sector will be in danger from the coming cuts, 12 percent of the 6 million public sector workers across Britain.

Anonymous said...

Question: What is the significance of BP breaching the sea floor?

How would this compound this econological disaster?

Anonymous said...

My own questions exactly. poiuytr would you know how to answer these extremely pertinent interrogations which have begun haunting us?

Anonymous said...

Cuba Marks Birthday of Che Guevara

Today marks the 82nd birth anniversary of an extraordinary human being, one whose name will live through centuries and generations. He is none other than Ernesto Che Guevara, the legendary guerilla, statesman, thinker and revolutionary, the greatest Gemini that ever lived. A moment's thought for the Che, friends, a moment's thought for the Che who changed the face of the world.

Anonymous said...

Angela Merkel's government threatened with collapse• German coalition faces trouble on several fronts
• Election of new president could prove to be catalyst (Guardian - 14.6.10)
German chancellor Angela Merkel's centre-right coalition government looked to be close to collapse today, weakened by a string of disagreements and intense infighting over austerity cuts, policy reform and the departure of senior conservatives.
Less than eight months after it took office, the government was given only a narrow chance of running to a full term by the majority of Germans, 53% of whom said in a poll they expected it to fall.
"Either we get things sorted out in Berlin, or it will soon be the end for the coalition," said Jorg-Uwe Hahn, head of the Hessen branch of the Free Democrats (FDP), the junior coalition allies of the Christian Democrat Union (CDU) and its Bavarian sister party, the CSU. Renate Künast, leader of the opposition Greens, said: "The phrase 'new elections' is in the head and the heart of anyone who is thinking in a politically responsible way."
Merkel called at the weekend for the government partners to bury the hatchet over their disagreements after a week when relations reached such a low that members of her government had variously referred to each other as "wild pigs" and "gherkin troops" (rank amateurs).
But much of the mistrust and anger is being directed at Merkel herself. This week's Spiegel magazine called her the Trummerfrau, a reference to German women who cleared away the rubble after second world war bombings. It painted a picture of a woman presiding over a government in ruins and used its title page to request the government in one word to "Aufhören!", or stop.

Anonymous said...

Food prices to rise by up to 40% over next
decade - 15.6.10
Food prices are set to rise as much as 40% over the coming decade amid growing demand from emerging markets and for biofuel production, according to a United Nations report today which warns of rising hunger and food insecurity.

Anonymous said...

America leaves Iraq a toxic legacy of dumped hazardous materials - 15.6.10

American troops going home from Iraq after seven painful years are leaving behind a legacy that is literally toxic.

An investigation by The Times in five Iraqi provinces has found that hazardous material from US bases is being dumped locally rather than sent back to America, in clear breach of Pentagon rules.

Anonymous said...

Nightmare vision for Europe as EU chief warns 'democracy could disappear' in Greece, Spain and Portugal (15.6.10

Democracy could ‘collapse’ in Greece, Spain and Portugal unless urgent action is taken to tackle the debt crisis, the head of the European Commission has warned.

In an extraordinary briefing to trade union chiefs last week, Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso set out an ‘apocalyptic’ vision in which crisis-hit countries in southern Europe could fall victim to military coups or popular uprisings as interest rates soar and public services collapse because their governments run out of money

Anonymous said...


Approximately what percentage of the population of the United Snakes identifies with and supports US terror?

Anonymous said...

RE: 19:41

Question: Approximately what percentage of the population of the United Snakes identifies with and supports US terror?

Answer: 99.99999999%

Anonymous said...


What is your opinion of the recent unrest in Kyrgrstan?

And also, do you think it is any coincidence that America has recently announced the discovery of $1 trillion worth of minerals in Afghanistan?

Or did the resource-hungry Americans already know about these minerals before the US invasion of Afghanistan to uh ... capture CIA asset Usama Bin Laden?

Anonymous said...

Athens - China on Tuesday made billions of euros worth of investments in the troubled Greek economy, from the construction of cargo ships, tourism and the export of olive oil.

News of China's interest in stepping up investments in Greece came as Moody's rating agency to downgrade the country's sovereign rating to "junk" status.

A delegation led by Chinese Vice-Premier Zhang Dejiang signed the series of 14 commercial deals with Greek Deputy Prime Minister Theodoros Pangalos on maritime affairs, telecommunications, tourism and for the export of Greek olive oil to China.

China's Transport Minister Li Shenglin and Greece's Economy Minister Louka katseli also signed a cooperation agreement for the shipping sector.

Last year China's state shipping company Cosco signed a 25-year concession deal to expand the two main container terminals at Pireaus for 3.4 billion euros.

The downgrading of the state debt provoked an angry response in Athens.

"The downgrade of Greek government bonds does not reflect in any way Greece's progress over the past months, nor does it reflect the potential created by the country's effort of fiscal consolidation and increase competitiveness," it said in a statement.

The ministry insisted its budgetary measures, "show that the programme that Greece has agreed on with the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund is on track."

Moody's said it dropped its rating for Greece by four notches from A3 to Ba1 on concerns about how Athens can repay its debts.

The downgrade comes just as officials from the European Union, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Central Bank were in Athens conducting a review of Greece's finances and reforms to determine whether the debt-ridden country is meeting its economic targets.

Anonymous said...

While waiting for poiuytr to answer the first question above about Kyrgystan which is fairly mysterious to me, too, let me give you one answer to the second suggested by Uruknet:

US “surge” in Afghanistan in disarray
By Barry Grey
June 14, 2010 - In the midst of one of the bloodiest weeks for US and NATO forces in the nearly nine-year war in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the overall commander, announced Thursday that major military operations around Kandahar would be delayed until September. The offensive had been slated to begin this month, but, as McChrystal admitted, the US has been unable to win the support either of tribal leaders and power brokers or of the populace in and around Afghanistan’s second largest city. The town of 450,000 in the heart of the Pashtun-dominated south is the birthplace of the Taliban and remains a key stronghold of the anti-occupation insurgency...
continua / continued [67047] [ 15-jun-2010 07:36

Afghanistan's Mineral Riches: A Conveniently Timed Zombie Story (Updated)
By Steve Hynd
June 14, 2010 - Last night, the New York Times' James Risen "broke" what the mainstream media are insisting is a blockbuster story about Afghanistan's untapped mineral wealth - not just iron and copper but strategically significant minerals like lithium and all told valued at around $1 trillion. Wow! Only...not wow. When the NYT published Risen's story to the web last night, I tweeted "What a convenient time to find $1 trillion, eh?" and "Just as McChrystal's in big trouble, liberal thinktanks starting to shift anti-war, Pentagon publicizes $1 trillion Afghan treasure trove," because this is a zombie story, resurrected yet again for political purposes...

The two summaries must be read in conjunction, 20:46, to understand what's what.

Anonymous said...

Can you guess which is the most indebted country in Europe?

You might be tempted to assume Britain holds the dubious accolade of being the most indebted nation in Europe, when it comes to households. But, in cash terms at least the perhaps surprising answer is that German households owe more than any of their European neighbours. The evidence can be found in this recent European Parliament paper.

Now, I’m being slightly disingenous here: Germany has a considerably larger population (82m) than the UK (61m) or Spain (46m), so perhaps it’s not a surprise that it has a larger stock of household debt than other nations in Europe.

Nonetheless, even when you compare household debt to disposable income (a pretty good yardstick of how overextended families are), it isn’t as if Germany is a paragon of economic virtue. The chart below shows that Spain has by far the most overextended households, with debts worth over 90pc of their annual disposable income, followed by the UK at around 75pc. But it is striking that Germany actually has more overextended households than Greece, and although its position is improving (while others have seen their indebtedness worsening), it remains severely stretched.

poiuytr said...

12:55 -- With all due respect, poiuytr, you asked me a long time ago to post NBN on neighbouring site. I have kept to your instructions.

Thank you kindly then. I had no clue you've kept up this long. & thanks for the commentary x-post.

> by gmmonko on 11.06.2010 [04:28 ] ...Europeans are quite stupid if they put up with this crap.

Quite astute of gmmonko. The gulf stream's gonna first wash the east US of A with the toxic muck and then it's gonna fill the Norwegian fjords with it before mixing it with the EUnuch-side Atlantic sewage waters.


13:11 -- Euro Crisis to Set One World Currency?

Doesn't solve anything, single currency. Quite the contrary. Besides, that's what EUnuchRO and Dullar are, single currency spanning the whole of the west cesspit. And the results? They're obscenely amusing.

> Is Europe heading for a meltdown? ...

EUnuchia is in meltdown. West IS in an effective meltdown and the next step is military dictate. Once the cash control vanishes, which is nowish, it's guns that will keep the EUnuch or baboons in line. In fact, that's already happening.

> This financial crisis is worse than the sub-prime crash of 2008 because the sums are so much bigger and it is governments that are in

There was no subprime crash of 2008. There was a dullar crash of 2006. Subprime areas might have been the first trickled down effect, but even that should be argued. This is all smokescreen laid real thick by the neanderthal west media whores.

There is no global downturn or recession or depression. There's just the small issue of west's terminal prolapse, nothing else.

poiuytr said...

19:13 -- I said the implosion in Greece’s stock and interest rate markets — stemming from concerns about that country’s massive debt and

This is all 100% nonsense. More barfs from the west monkeys. All that's happening is the terminal prolapse of all things west. That's all! There is no Greek bond problem. There has been no Greek implosion on Athens stocks. That's all 100% rubbish tales for idiotic west lifeforms so they can go back to their pedophile-religions and their cubicles and mortgages.

West child-murdering junta has run out of war cash. That's all. The Busch II/Bliar war on our world should have lasted a few years and be done before Busch II 1st turn. West had planned to reconquer the Central Asian basin, rip off Iran's reserves cementing their Persian Gulf oil rape. And so west junta invested hundreds of trillions into the magnificent plan of NWO via derivatives.

But the west beast had miscalculated. It was physically stopped in Afghanistan and Iraq, the very first two nations it began to rape as part of this lofty wetdream of the pedophile vaticunt christianic saxonic animal.

And then its currency, the very essence of its lifeline, was blown sky high making all west deficits, accumulated debts, and fiscal #s REAL for a change.

In 6 months, the dollar began its death. In 2 yrs, all top west banks were broke requiring permanent west monkey tax influx to keep them pretending to be standing. In 3 yrs, all top west industries were wiped. West elite stocks on west stock exchanges require west monkeys to "bail" them out to maintain the ridiculous pretense that there is west. In 4 yrs, nations began to crumble.

And the west child murdering elite needs more cash because they're totally and completely insane, in fact beyond that, and are trying to erupt wars all over the planet thinking their world-dominance tour of 2001 is still on, still winnable, still feasible.

Greek destruction has nothing -- although it was mechanically facilitated by the Berlin bond-for-euro trap of the EUnuchia amalgam -- to do with Greece at all. It's just a symptom of the west-wide terminal prolapse. And we move from watching west beast's elite war industries being "bailed out" to seeing nations put under military/political dictate to maintain the wars going.

> Lo and behold, markets are now weakening worldwide. And this week,

WESTwide, not worldwide. All west holdings are dead or dying. Are they spread around our planet? Of course, for there isn't a corner on our planet that hasn't been raped by the west pedophile child murdering evil disease but all that's happening is the west-wide terminal rot, nothing else.

Only west media whores and the west bristly creatures hanker after "global" death.

poiuytr said...

21:04 -- Vladimir Zhirinovsky
A senior Russian politician has criticized Moscow's support for

Vlady Z back in the news. He's toned down quite a bit. It must be considered here in this large game that's been played out in front of our noses. Vlady's rhetoric of the 80-90s was dead on but far too open. He told Busch II to dispense with the charade and start learning Russian. This was before Mr Cheney figured out that it's Russia that's stands in the way of west's re-conquest of the world. And this was in 2006.

Had Zhirinovsky been allowed more voice in the past, Russian liberation from the west raping talons of the 90s might have not gone as unnoticed as it were. And equivalently in the 21st century, the clean out of the west hoards from Central Asia might have been more complicated.


10:48 -- Russia's S300

This is FUNNY! A world class comedy act, isn't it? The ban is on, then it's off, then it's on, and then it's off. No one knows a thing anymore and even the west media whores have lost track what exactly is happening.

And S300s? Iran doesn't need it.


19:51 -- Above BP story - If they've really pierced the sea floor level, God alone knows what awaits us.

It's gushing some 60K-100K barrels/day and it's probably day 76 or 77 given GoldSacks ditch of BP stock. That makes it 7M barrels or 30 Valdez size spills, which is enough to waste 30K km of coast line and 700+ km2 area plundered. And that's not counting the deliberately added toxins.

At the beginning of May, Looserianna clocked 1,2-1,4K ppm for benzyne on the coast dispersed in the air. Benzyne is considered toxic at over 10 ppm. A month and half ago, USA redneck riviera was 100+X over the allowed limit.

This and DU use by USA is the very definition of vivocide against our planet.

USA closed off air from prying pilots and comrade Obama has mobilised, beside USA coast guard, some 6K personnel to keep the baboon from the beaches. This is truly insane here. The collusion and conspiracy twixt west child-butchers business and governances cannot be any clearer than in this case.

Also, comrade Obama has closed some 230 km2 or mucked up water along USA coast.

USA has just lost some 30% of its coast, and their "top kill" worry is keeping it under wraps.


17:07 -- New Japan Prime Minister Warns Country May Default - June 11, 2010

Yes, indeed. After obediently licking west's boots, Kan, admits to total prolapse. No west holding, including the occupied Japan, shall survive the west-wide terminal fiscal prolapse.

poiuytr said...

22:27 -- My own questions exactly. poiuytr would you know how to answer these extremely pertinent interrogations which have begun haunting us?

You mean the ruptured ocean seabed? If the story is real to begin with; that is: the pipe sprang a leak around the floor entry, then ripping the floor would mean larger pressure, which would mean there's no way to stop it. They apparently tried tossing mud on it. That was what the west eco-murderers called the "top kill" a few weeks ago. And so if there's too much pressure now, no amount of mud will do. And they'll have to mull what Russia had said right away: nuking it, or exploding something rather larger in hope to block it. This, of course, cannot and most certainly won't do.

It's odd -- if this is the case: pressure in the under-floor cavity -- then they should've drilled the cavity from other sides to release the pressure so...

So I wouldn't waste time analysing this for it's 100% they're lying, lying, and again lying about it all, every single aspect of it. And that's only if they're not busy mobilising USA troops to keep the baboon from the beaches.

If they're estimating 70K barrels/day, it's probably 5X that to begin with, so the amount of the destruction hasn't even been estimated correctly. Stopping it seems a sheer impossibility yet note, BP or comrade Obama hasn't told us what the reserves are.

They're now moving to burning it, which means ash-filled atmosphere in a matter of weeks for the whole of the planet making el-nino and all that laughable in comparison.


19:41 -- Approximately what percentage of the population of the United Snakes identifies with and supports US terror?

I'd guess a high number. Although the baboons may disapprove of governance, it's for different reasons than the evil USA dispenses against our planet.

Plus my bet is the ultra-righting of west, which means that as the baboon and EUnuchs begin losing their future and present, which is happening now, they'll quickly all convert to Busch II lovers and expect war on someone to pay for their own misery. After all this is the unmistakable mark of the beast.

And so I'll give you 7 out of 10 baboons openly supporting war against planet.

poiuytr said...

20:46 -- What is your opinion of the recent unrest in Kyrgrstan?

USA lost its war base first with the fuel inquiry and then fuel shut-off. Suddenly, ethnic violence erupts with untagged cars brandishing machine guns mowing down civilians along ethnic lines. This is patent west method used in Kosovo by the Clinton/Albright/Bin Laden team, Iraq, Afghan, and likely in Koreas just recently with their torpedo.

So it's another violent mayhem created by the west saxonic pedophile beast in hope to turn the place into total chaos in hope to remain there. It's not unlike the recent Hatoyama ousting, although here we have perhaps as many as 700 civilians dead and 3000 wounded by now in the west psychotic evil.

This is further bolstered by comrade Obama's want to deploy USA troops into Kyrgyzstan to "maintain peace". It couldn't be more clear, in fact.

Looks like, if Russia remains, there may be a face off, much like there was one in Georgia in 2008, if it goes that far.


> And also, do you think it is any coincidence that America has recently announced the discovery of $1 trillion worth of minerals in Afghanistan?

I don't get how the discovery of lithium is in any way strategic to USA top general. And yet here we are with west top warriors creaming his pants over some enormous reserves that he cannot understand himself. If nothing else, this oughtta highlight the true and unabashed disease the west child murdering cesspit is.

Second, if the 1T USD # is anywhere real, it's should have no bearing on anything, least of all the west new attempts at war surging as the NATO boys announce fund slashes and UK begins toying with running home, yet that's precisely how this tale is being used.

The only commentary apt here is -- as in most things connected to the west methodology of warfare: west is THE disease in every shape and form, aspect, and has been through its entire life.


7:03 -- Germany's household debt

Yes, the amusing west-wide terminal prolapse includes the yodeling freckly kind as well.

Anonymous said...


Britzies and Americunts are at each other's throats about BP.

U.K. fury over Obama's ‘BP-bashing’

‘Discovery’ of Afghan Riches a Pro-war PR Scam?

Afghanistan Mineral Riches Story Is War Propaganda

Anonymous said...

Obama To Push Nightmare Carbon Tax In Oval Office Speech

Paul Joseph Watson | Globalists to fully exploit suspicious BP oil spill in pursuit of “green economy” fascism.

Anonymous said...

Indebted to you poiuytr. Excellent responses to our multiple queries. Everything becomes much easier to grasp thanks to your painstaking explanations.

Anonymous said...

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili "Western claims over Iran ties ridiculous & exaggerated" - 15.6.10

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili rejects Western concern over the increasing ties between Tehran and Tbilisi, calling it "ridiculous and exaggerated."

In a recent interview with French daily 20minutes, Saakashvili said his country enjoys the positive trend of cooperation with Iran in various fields of media, energy and economy.

Anonymous said...

ICC makes waging war a crime (16.6.10)

The International Military Tribunal at Nuremburg described aggressive wars as
'a supreme international crime' [GETTY]

Following the devastation of the second world war, the International Military Tribunal at Nuremburg, established by the Allied Forces to try leading figures of defeated Nazi Germany, described aggressive wars waged against other nations as "[a] supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole".

Some 60 years later, history was made in the early morning hours of Saturday, June 12, 2010 in Kampala, Uganda, the site of the Review Conference of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

For the first time in the war stricken story of mankind, waging aggressive wars has become a prosecutable crime in international law and given precise meaning and teeth before the ICC - this on the strength of an unexpected consensus reached between member states of the Court (or in ICC terminology 'states parties').

The conference in Kampala concluded with the adoption of a resolution that at last defined the crime of aggression listed in Article 5 of the Rome Statute - the Court's founding treaty - using the UN General Assembly Resolution 3314 (XXIX) as a guide.

The resolution, in effect, criminalises the use of force (for example: blockades, invasions, bombardments) against another country in violation of the Charter of the United Nations; giving the Court the power to try future political and military leaders who plan, prepare, initiate or execute illegal wars, and to hold them (individually) criminally responsible for the commission of this new, and long-overdue, international crime.

Anonymous said...

Spanish debt wilts amid €250bn rescue plan confusion
European debt markets remain under high stress on persistent reports that Spain is in secret talks with EU officials and the International Monetary Fund for a support package of up to €250bn (£208bn), the largest rescue in history. (16.6.10) - A.E.-P.

The spreads on 10-year Spanish bonds jumped to a post-EMU high of 224 basis points above German Bunds as traders brace for a crucial auction by Madrid on Thursday. The relentless rise in bond yields replicates the pattern seen in Greece at the onset of crisis. Spain must raise €25bn of debt in a cluster of auctions in July.

"We're in a dangerous and stressful situation," said Gary Jenkins, a credit expert at Evolution Securities. "Spain is a big enough borrower to wipe out the EU's rescue fund."

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr not signed in)

21:42 -- "We're in a dangerous and stressful situation," said Gary Jenkins, a credit exp

You gotta love these disgusting saxonic animals commenting on their own rot. And this is an "expert" among the monkeys.

To USA gen'l, Afghanistan is "enticing" because of the "valuable mineral trove".

How in the hell have Afghani resources, rich or poor, anything to do with west's war OBJECTIVES, as they announced them themselves in 2001 when the west massacres of children had begun? That's right, to west, murdering civilians around our planet is business and west troops, just like the Germ prez has just now told us, are west's businessmen.

The exact same sickness is found in this Gary Jerk's commentary.

How does some Gary Jenkins scumbag from the saxonic hierarchy of the west vampire evil dare comment on Spain?

While, indeed, Spain debt hole may be 20+X that of Greece's recent default, which recently required a quick 750B EUR print to postpone and total refurb of all EUnuch rules -- so what?

What's it to some saxonic G Jerkins twat? How is Spain unemployment *his* problem?

The seeming endlessness of the west lies, sickeningly pitiful deceit woven now into every word is truly mind-stopping.

Of course, the answer here is that it's not Spain or Greece under water, but the very essence of the west child murdering beast: the very centres of these christianic NATO-boy genocides are under water: Berloon, Warshington, and Loondon.

And yes, Mr Jerkings, it isn't Spain, but you, the very saxonic christianic vampire, that's going down with all your west misculture, miscivilisation, and all the looted goods from our planet stashed in UK, USA, Frankenstein, and Germ museums.

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr not signed in)

21:42 PT2

Blaming Spain and punishing Spain children for your genocides and failed re-conquest of the planet will get you nowhere. It won't even buy you 3 more months these days.

For the rest, Spain is NOT the problem, even if going strictly by numerical econ terms. Britz, USA, and Germs all run far greater fiscal lacerations, greater debt/GDP ratios, greater deficit/GDP ratios, than any of the blamed peripheries of the EUnuchia bizarre slipshod nonsense, the targets of the current Berlin "punishment" attack on the children of Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, and Ireland.

It's laughable and at the same time disgusting beyond words to hear some anglo-saxon baboon drivel about Spain, while the britzie drizzly isle full of cretins from shore to shore runs near 10T sterling debt alone off record deficits to boot. Jerkins and other orangutans have whinged about Greece and Spain, while the entire UK, Frankenstein, and Germ banking has required 20T EUR to date since the west-wide bank death of late 2007/early 2008.

The disease of west, in every one of its dirty folds is beyond words, beyond comprehension, and truly only outlines the neanderthal evil nature of this parasitic monkey our planet's been suffering for 2000 yrs of permanent genocide and vivocide from this wretched offal freckly christianic child-molesting lifeform.

Not a single word can be trusted from these monkeys. Not a single word printed by the west fiends is free of permanent evil bias and filled to bursting with rancid deceit. No west monkey should be honoured with reprints and analysis today. They're all disease, from head to toe, from bottom to top, from left side of the oil-filled Atlantic to the right, in every shape and form.

This includes J Renses, D Dukes, Engdahls Chossudovskys, C Roberts, and the rest of the cretinous west monkey pool.

Anonymous said...

"They're all disease, from head to toe, from bottom to top, from left side of the oil-filled Atlantic to the right, in every shape and form."

Yes, America fully deserves that oil spill. America and Britain are guilty for causing it, and they deserve to reap the bitter fruits of it.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, some of the postings here are so that you can shoot them down once and for all. No one takes A.E.-P.'s word for anything. He says white, one promptly thinks black and so on. Other items are put in for their plain news value, etc.

And now a technical question. When one enters the comments section to this NBN, we see, I think, 62 comments. On the opening page of this NBN, however, 58 comments are indicated. Some discrepency there. For old hands, it doesn't matter. We know our comments will appear finally. For anyone new to the blog, it might be off-putting. So could you perhaps have a look, please. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

CIA report: Israel will fall in 20 years

A study conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has cast doubt over Israel's survival beyond the next 20 years.

The CIA report predicts "an inexorable movement away from a two-state to a one-state solution, as the most viable model based on democratic principles of full equality that sheds the looming specter of colonial apartheid while allowing for the return of the 1947/1948 and 1967 refugees. The latter being the precondition for sustainable peace in the region."
The study, which has been made available only to a certain number of individuals, further forecasts the return of all Palestinian refugees to the occupied territories, and the exodus of two million Israelis — who would move to the US in the next 15 years.

(For once I agree with what the CIA might have said. My only quarrel is with the 20-years figure. I believe it will come about much much sooner.)

poiuytr said...

7:17 -- Technicalities/difficulties/oddities: "62 comments. On the opening page of this NBN, however, 58 comments..."

Right now, it says, 64 comments and before this very one, there indeed are 64. Yet, in the blogger panel, it tells me 59 comments, so right now, it's showing more than it's indicating on the driver dashboard.

In general, I have no flipping idea as my "test" comment above indicates. It takes unduly long sometimes before it shows up, whether you refresh the page or not.

But this has nothing to do with any of the pilot features here for there's been no change made to in terms of moderation, holding comments, or anything else like that.

poiuytr said...

7:39 -- CIA study

Again, more laughable rubbish from the west cesspit. It's truly mind boggling... it's truly as though there's no brain cell left in the whole wide wild west.

Imagine the cretinism that's required for such utter bollocks to be bantered about west. Just imagine the creature that sits there eating the lunatic BBCNN talking head spew.

As far as Israel, one doesn't need a degree from CIAism to understand their burning problem, which is making the west-created nation a mite jumpy.

Israeli birth rate cannot hope compete with Palestinian/Arabic birth rate within Israel and WB, Gaza, and East Jerusalem.

Sickeningly racist apartheid or the brutal evil Gaza siege change very little in this regard, although that's the reason for the Gaza genocide.

CIA study's arguments about some 2-state and the Israeli movement away from such are total hogwash and as laughable as comrade Obama's speech to the baboon about the wonderment of raising the baboon's tax for the destruction of 30% of USA beaches by the west oil vampires.

And CIA's grossly wrong about the time frame as well. So, 7:39, you're not wrong there in your last statement.

Today, it's roughly a split population-wise in Israel, with some 5M jews and 5M Arabic people. But the birth rate of Arabic population far outstrips that of the jew minority today.

Using exponential doubling times, in 10 yrs, or in 2020, non-jew population will reach somewhere below or touch 9M, while the jew pop will round off about 6M. The minoritisation of jews within Israel has already begun, 2-state or not.

Gaza's terrifying siege has to do with west trying to induce higher birth deaths -- exactly as west deliberately did in Iraq under the savage BinLaden/Clinton reign, and what west is doing with DU bombardment, and possibly now with benzene assault of the baboon -- to upset this statistic. Gaza was chosen probably due to running the highest non-jew birth rate with the astonishing doubling time of 15 short years.

So that's the story. No 2 state rubbish and no 20 yrs.

In general, numbers and letters cause the west neanderthals much brainstem strife. Unfortunately, even after it's explained, they still don't get anything, always turning their vacuous mugs back to the emotive barks ladled upon them by the west fattened talking gobs of the BBCNN cabals.

That's how the west neanderthals missed 911, their very own bailout heist of everything they ever thought they had, and they're likely to miss their own terminal fiscal prolapse.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, you did make me laugh there, the west missing their own funeral and their cadavers thinking they're still alive.

Any many, many thanks for the impressive piece on the demographic question in Israel. And the rest of the West as well, which might well be one of the reasons they went to war with the Muslim world. How come you have such a clear mind when many of us are so groggy in the head?

poiuytr said...

16:44 -- How come you have such a clear mind when many of us are so groggy in the head?

Thanks for the compliment. They're appreciated for the courage to demonstrate solidarity.

The whole thing has to be based on some sound foundation. No west story is. I don't wanna knock anyone in particular, but none of the west "dissent" voice has got the foundation correct.

They may be correct about details here and there but the foundation -- if faulty -- will pervert the overall picture that they all instinctively try to portray.

That's why they all present very different views in essence, although they agree on detail info here and there. For example, David Icke has his lizard shape shifters. Mike Rivero has his Apollo nazi boys playing golf on the moon. C Roberts has his phantasmagoria of some kind, pretty USA of yesteryear. And D Duke has his Israel does it all solutions.

These are all details and none of them should be used to finish the picture.

And astonishingly, the foundation that's sorely missed by all is very simple. And that is: (1) west is THE disease, always been and (2) west neanderthals are baboons, literary lobotomised by years of cruel and deliberate mindrape.

Once this is grasped -- and it's not said over and over here for the dramatic or vulgar value -- the picture then emerges. It explains the incredible, the immense, the unusual west's evil and proclivity to crimes that no normal human can even begin to grasp. And it explains the west's population enabling thereof.

The rest are details, in a way.

And west's only goal that this parasitic Baltic child murdering miscreant has sought has been total and complete enslavement and destruction of our planet.

That's it. There are no other equations here.

BTW, this is why west should be spelt with a small w and without the "the" article.

poiuytr said...


So it's been leaking since Feb, not just 1Apr, as per the GoldSacks stock dump, which makes sense since GoldSacks boys couldn't have reacted in one day.

So we're on day, say, 140. Taking the mean flow rate of, say, 75K bpd (the highest admitted has pegged 90K bpd), we've got 10M barrels, or 1,5M tonnes, or at minimal 40 Valdez spills thus far.

Now, we're finally getting to the nominal west deceit rate, aren't we?

And that means that to date, they've spewed so much rubbish into our oceans to kill off permanently -- going by previous spills and the respective eco destruction (Valdez washed some 2K km of coast and perverted some 30K km2 of water) -- some 85K km of coastline plus 1M km2 -- that's area the size of France+Spain.

poiuytr said...


This is not to defend Russia in any way -- as if Russia needed it -- but to show the marvelous results of the Russian misinfo campaign.

Many get exasperated with Moscow dillydallying and wishy-washy rhetoric when it comes to Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, EUnuchia prolapse, Polish missiles, SouthAm liberation, the mighty continent of Africa rise, North Pole drilling, N Korea, etc, basically everything.

When at war, one of the essential strategies is to keep flummoxing the enemy. The best decoy of all is hiding the front trenches. And the Russian, oft criticised strategy, has done precisely just that.

I now give you the very top of the west child-murdering cabals and its voiced flustered frustration and ask you to pour a pint and cheer the marvelous results of the Moscow constant whiplash of the baboon.

"Russia appears to have a "schizophrenic" approach to Iran, viewing Tehran as a security threat while pursuing commercial deals with the country, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Thursday."

Imagine his mug as he's gritting these unwise war-misinfo admission to the west media whores exposing the total vacuum west has for brains.

And don't for a second think that this game is played on our plebe headline level. It's BETTER even than that.

Gates confirms this by saying: "When he met with then-president Vladimir Putin three years ago in Moscow, the Russian leader "told me that he considered Iran Russia's greatest national security threat,"

So which is it, Moscow? The chorus is now joined by the very world war architects themselves.

No game ever has been orchestrated, executed, and played to its finest details as this marvelous terminal prolapse of all things west, we've been cheering, jubilating, and celebrating for years now.

I now hope you too shall join in with a pint of bitter, or whatever's your choice tipple.

Note also, that Gates has -- and very UNWISELY -- admitted west has no data on Russia, the chief reason while we're still alive.

One, thus far, cannot ask for better results.

Anonymous said...

The reason why Western "dissent" is ultimately fucked up, as Poiuytr has stated, is that it refuses to admit a fundamental axiomatic truth: Western Civilization (sic) is malevolent to its roots.

Deception--not freedom--is its most cherished value.

Manipulation--not democracy--is its highest achievement.

And cunning--not liberty--is its defining characteristic.

Here is but one small example (of note is the interesting section on the movie The Exorcist of all things):

CIA Media Operations in Chile, Jamaica, and Nicaragua,_Jamaica,_and_Nicaragua

Anonymous said...

China tells G20 to keep its hands off the yuan
Thu Jun 17, 2010 - China says exchange rate management is a sovereign issue

BEIJING, June 18 (Reuters) - China told the rest of the world on Friday not to meddle with the way it manages the yuan, calling the exchange rate a sovereign matter for it alone to decide.

Beijing is under pressure from Washington in particular to let the yuan rise in value to help reduce the large U.S. trade deficit with China, and markets are expecting the issue to come up at next week's Group of 20 summit in Canada.

But senior officials brushed aside that idea.

"The RMB is China's currency, so I don't think it is an issue that should be discussed internationally," Cui Tiankai, a vice foreign minister who is China's G20 sherpa, the official in charge of preparing for the summit, told a news briefing.

China has kept the yuan, also known as the renminbi (RMB), steady around 6.83 per dollar for almost two years to help its exporters ride out the global financial crisis. Many Western economists believe it is undervalued by as much as 40 percent.

Zhang Tao, head of the central bank's international department, said that as far as he knew the yuan had never been discussed at previous G20 summits.

"The Chinese government will decide on its foreign exchange rate policy according to both domestic and global economic situations," Zhang said.

While the global economic recovery was unfolding more strongly than expected, the world economy was facing multiple uncertainties, Zhang said.

Foremost among these was the euro zone's debt morass, Vice Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao added.

"The global economy is in the process of recovering, but still faces uncertainties, especially the European debt crisis," he said.

Anonymous said...

- Illinois Debt Default Insurance Climbs to Record, CMA Data Show - 17.6.10

The cost of insuring Illinois bonds against default rose to a record as lawmakers sought to close a $13 billion deficit in the state’s proposed budget for the year starting July 1.

- BP Aware Of Cracks In Oil Well Two Months Before Explosion - 17.6.10
BP was aware of cracks appearing in the Macondo well as far back as February, right around the time Goldman Sachs and BP Chairman Tony Hayward were busy dumping their stocks in the company on the eve of the explosion that led to the oil spill, according to information uncovered by congressional investigators.

Anonymous said...

Strikes in China signal end to era of low-cost labour and cheap exports - 17.6.10

The Chinese Communist party called on employers to raise salaries and improve training for workers today, as Toyota became the latest foreign firm to be hit by a wave of high-profile strikes.

According to labour activists, there have been numerous strikes in recent years, though few get reported in the media. Chang Kai, professor of labour relations and law at Renmin University, said the number had increased by 30% per year.

Their impact has grown as the "one-child" family planning policy starts to thin the bulge in the working-age population. This demographic change in the balance of labour supply and demand has added to improved worker organisation and greater activism at high-profile foreign firms.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, thanks, blog working beautifully for now.

Anonymous said...

More bailouts and closures in store:

More Than 90 Banks Miss TARP Payments - 17.6.10

More than 90 U.S. banks and thrifts missed making a May 17 payment to the U.S. government under its main bank bailout program, signaling a rising number of lenders are struggling to meet their obligations.

The SNL Financial statistics show 91 banks missed their dividend payment under the Troubled Asset Relief Program.
The statistics, compiled by SNL Financial from U.S. Treasury data, showed 91 banks and thrifts skipped the May dividend payment under the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP. It was the first missed payment for 23 of the banks; for the others, it was at least their second miss.

The number of banks missing their TARP payments rose for the third straight quarter. In February, 74 banks deferred their payments; 55 deferred last November.

Anonymous said...

(Latest chapter in my favourite story):

Russia cancels S-300 delivery to Iran
Fri, 18 Jun 2010

Russia's S-300 anti-aircraft missile system
Russia says it is determined to maintain solid defense ties with Iran, despite its decision to cancel the delivery of the S-300 missile system to the Islamic Republic.

Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrey Denisov said Thursday that the country will continue to uphold its defense cooperation with Iran, but has no choice but to freeze the delivery of the S-300 air-defense missiles system to Iran “as it runs counter to the new round of UN Security Council sanctions on the country.”

He was referring to the UNSC session on June 9, in which 12 member states voted in favor of a US-drafted resolution to impose tougher sanctions against Iran.

"Moscow believes that article 1929 of the sanctions resolution clearly forbids the sale of the S-300 system to Iran," Ria Novosti quoted Denisov as saying.

Under a contract signed in 2005, Russia was required to provide Iran with at least five S-300 air-defense systems, but the Kremlin has since oscillated between delivering the systems to Tehran and Washington's demands for the deal to be scrapped altogether.

The truck-mounted S-300PMU1, codenamed the SA-20 by NATO, can detect and shoot down any aircraft within a 120 km (75 miles) range.

If delivered, military experts believe, the SA-20 would make Iranian nuclear sites "invincible" in the face of an attack, notably aerial saturation bombings of the sort that could be carried out by Israel.

Anonymous said...

"Moscow believes that article 1929 of the sanctions resolution clearly forbids the sale of the S-300 system to Iran," Ria Novosti quoted Denisov as saying.

Article 1929 of the UN sanctions resolution is immoral and illegitimate to begin with, as is the entire bogus "Iranian WMD" issue that America, Britian, and other Western stooges peddle.


Anonymous said...

Quote of the day:

Iran Responds to UNSC Resolution

By Press TV

"How can a regime that is not able to contain an oil well be trusted by the world to contain its arsenal of nuclear weapons that jeopardizes global security?"
Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC)

Anonymous said...

Medvedev Pushes Ruble Reserve Currency to Cut Dollar Dominance (18.6.10)

Russia wants the ruble to be one of the world’s reserve currencies as President Dmitry Medvedev renews his push to reduce the dollar’s dominance and make Moscow a global financial hub.

“Only three, five years ago it seemed like a fantasy” to create a new reserve currency, Medvedev said yesterday in a speech in St. Petersburg, Russia. “Now we are seriously discussing it.”

The BRIC countries -- Brazil, Russia, India and China -- were net sellers of U.S. assets in April, driven mainly by Russian divestments, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. Senior Currency Strategist Win Thin said in a June 15 note.

(Eh, are they finally coming out into the open, the good, ole Russians? I sincerely hope so.)

Anonymous said...

How The Ultimate BP Gulf Disaster Could Kill Millions (19.6.10)

...Death from the depths

With the emerging evidence of fissures, the quiet fear now is the methane bubble rupturing the seabed and exploding into the Gulf waters. If the bubble escapes, every ship, drilling rig and structure within the region of the bubble will instantaneously sink. All the workers, engineers, Coast Guard personnel and marine biologists measuring the oil plumes' advance...

Anonymous said...

Another page in the unfinished masterpiece.
Son kills traitor father in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

19:26 - Your words went straight to the heart: yes, the unfinished masterpiece, and like Shubert's symphony, poignantly haunting.

Anonymous said...

China in pre-G20 climbdown over yuan
China said yesterday that it would allow a more flexible yuan, bringing to an end its controversial 23-month peg to the US dollar which has been accused of keeping Chinese exports artificially cheap.

The move by the People's Bank of China brings a 23-month peg to the US dollar to an end The People's Bank of China (PBOC) ruled out the one-off revaluation that US politicians had sought, arguing that there was "no basis for big fluctuations or changes".

Instead, the yuan's 0.5pc daily trading band will remain unaltered, but the central bank will use a system of setting daily reference rates for the currency to slowly guide the exchange rate against the dollar higher. This is a similar policy to that followed for three years until the start of the credit crunch in mid-2008. The yuan appreciated by 21pc against
the dollar during that time.

"The global economy is gradually recovering," the PBOC said. "The recovery and upturn of the Chinese economy has become more solid with enhanced economic stability."

Anonymous said...

China caves in? More power to it. It may regret it. On the other hand, it may be a move on its part to claim a place in the sun of the new reserve currencies mentioned by Medvedev in one of the posts above.

Anonymous said...

Armada of U.S. and Israeli Warships Head for Iran (19.6.10)

More than twelve U.S. and Israeli warships, including an aircraft carrier, passed through the Suez Canal on Friday and are headed for the Red Sea. “According to eyewitnesses, the U.S. battleships were the largest to have crossed the Canal in many years,” reported the London-based newspaper al-Quds al-Arabi on Saturday.

Israel attacks Americans in international waters and the US does nothing. Iran has not invaded another country in 200 years and the armada is on the way!

At the same time we hear, that US warships are streaming into the South China Sea (is that why China caved in over the yuan?) Has US gone totally mad? Is this a preparation for WWIII? How do they take on Russia in this scheme of things? Alternatively, of course, it could all be the mainstream media's usual shit.

Anonymous said...

California on 'verge of system failure’

Arnella Sims has seen a lot in her 34 years as a Los Angeles County court reporter, but nothing like this.

Case files piling up by the thousands, phones ringing off the hook, forced midweek courthouse closings and occasional brawls as frustrated citizens queue for hours to pay parking fines.

“People think we’re becoming a Third World country,” said Ms. Sims, 55. “They don’t understand.”

Anonymous said...

RE 8:18.


I spit on America and California and the West in general. Their economic misery is only the chickens come to roost and a small taste of what the Western nations are guilty of imposing on the Third World through their "free market reforms" and financial liberalization (e.g. Anglo-American financial looting).

Paraphrasing Che Guevara, there will hopefully be one, two, three many Californias throughout the West from the USA to KKKanada to Euroreich land.

Send those Western vulture nations back to hell for all I care.

Anonymous said...

Beijing just announced it's going to let YUAN rise. This may be a big time.

Anonymous said...

THE ECONOMIC CRISES 101 a must read , especially, for Obama the Clueless One

The cause of the current economic crisis is two fold. The derivatives market bubble, and the destruction of America's industrial base. Either one by itself has the ability to push the United States into an economic depression, but with both, the results will be worse than most people can imagine.

Today some analysts will mention the derivatives market, but rarely will you find one talking about the damage done to our manufacturing base by Free Trade agreements such as NAFTA and GATT.

The only way to pay off our nations debts, and change our country from a debtor to a creditor nation is to erect protective tariffs on cheap labor countries such as China and Mexico, and bring back the manufacturing base we lost.

It is well known that there are only three ways to create wealth: farming, mining, and manufacturing. A service oriented economy does not create wealth, hence the need to prop up our economy with debt based currency.

A good comparison is China and America.
China has a healthy industrial base and has trillions of dollars in surplus cash, America has lost its industrial base and is trillions of dollars in debt.

Anticipating the anger of the American people at seeing 'Made In China' on everything they buy as they lose their jobs, the corporate news media has already started using false propaganda and fear tactics to denounce protective tariffs by saying that it was Smoot-Hawley trade tariffs that made the Great Depression worse. In truth, what made it worse was a tightened monetary policy enacted by the Federal Reserve and their puppet President.

Since our government is occupied by globalists, don't expect a pro American trade policy any time soon. And since that is they case, don't expect our economy to recover any time soon either. The stock market and the economy may bubble up again, but the underlying problems will remain, so any recovery will be short lived. The globalists understand this, and will try to use it to their advantage by playing on people's fears. In the near future they might say something like: 'Do you want the economy to get better so you can find work again? Then tell your congressman to support the new Global Banking Act, or the North American Union.

The Jews who are primarily responsible for our current economic crises will stop at nothing. They are determined not only in obtaining global control, but the sucking of all the wealth from the people in the process. They will use the devastated economy, and millions of soon to be hungry and homeless people to advance their schemes of a New World Order. The Jews created the economic problems (and made money at the same time doing it), and then they will offer up a pre-determined solution that will give them their Orwellian police state.

But don't lose hope, these people have been defeated before. Below is a list of places where the people rose up and threw these parasites out. Unfortunately Jews who had nothing to do with this bad behavior suffered the most. Hence the reason why Jews should start holding their own people accountable. But racial separation between Jews and Gentiles is still required to ensure the survival and freedom of each group.

Anonymous said...

Trade war? Bill would ban government from buying Chinese - 19.6.10

WASHINGTON — The US government would be barred from buying any Chinese goods or services under legislation unveiled Friday by US senators angry at Beijing's policy of buying only from domestic sources.

The prohibition would last until China, a World Trade Organization (WTO) member for nearly 10 years, signs on to the WTO's "Agreement of Governmental Procurement," enabling Washington to challenge Beijing's procurement rules.

"China continues to discriminate against American businesses, refusing to let our companies bid on Chinese government contracts," said Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow, the measure's lead author.

"We want to export our products, not our jobs. Until China agrees to play by the rules, our legislation guarantees federal taxpayer dollars are not being used to purchase Chinese goods and services," she said in a statement.

The lawmakers, three Democrats and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, complained that US firms cannot compete in China's government procurement market, estimated at 500 billion dollars, while the US government buys Chinese tires, ammunition, office equipment, and other items.

"I want a good, working relationship with China, but that partnership needs to be fair and equitable," said Graham.

Anonymous said...

re: 14:10


The American thugs lash out and blame others for their corrupt and implding economy.

And the American jingoists stamp their foot like entitled little brats, demanding that other nations buy their crap.

Predictable American nationalist demagoguery.

What exactly does America have to sell that anyone wants to buy?


Anyhow, what that article carefully forgets to mention is that most "imports" from China are actually made by and for AMERICA-owned corporations in China who exploit labor there in order to reap higher profit margins. These goods are then shipped back to the USA for those parasitic American consumers.

All the American nationalists whining about "outsourcing" or "foreigners stealing Americunt jobs" predictably portray the American Exploiter as the victim, in Orwellian fashion.

American Victomology is the basis for the fascistic American nationalism that is rearing its murderous head, as can be seen here.

Regardless, China needs to dump the dollar and let the American Empire and economy implode as they so richly deserve.

Anonymous said...

O6:30 - Spot on, mate. But it's coming, it's coming, that dollar implosion. Russia is creeping out of its corner now, claiming the rouble should become one of the reserve currencies along with a few others. Promptly on cue, China now drops all pretence of humility and removes its yuan from the dollar peg. The next G20 promises quite a few other surprises. Meanwhile US-Israeli warships have crossed the Suez and are in the Red Sea, direction Iran, etc. Finally all US will have left to sell us is its wars. Want some shares in its latest war enterprise anyone?

Anonymous said...

Global markets fear US Treasuries sell-off as China ends currency freeze (20.6.10)

Global markets are braced for a possible sell-off in US Treasury bonds after China said over the weekend that it will allow the yuan exchange rate to adjust against the dollar, ending a two-year currency freeze that has led to trade clashes with Washington and Brussels.

Anonymous said...

Bank failure is 83rd in '10; pace more than double last year's - 20.6.10

Regulators on Friday shut down a Nevada bank, raising to 83 the number of U.S. bank failures this year.

The 83 closures so far this year is more than double the pace set in all of 2009, which was itself a brisk year for shutdowns. By this time last year, regulators had closed 40 banks. The pace has accelerated as banks' losses mount on loans made for commercial property and development.

(And you've got Biden and Obama touting this as the "Recovery Summer"?!?
Are these men barking mad?!?!? WRH)

Anonymous said...

Iran out, but Russia eyes Turkey for S-300
Russia's arms export chief says Moscow hopes to sell Turkey the powerful S-300 air-defense missile system -- and possibly the more advanced S-400 -- after blocking delivery of the weapon to Iran.

And after Israel gunned down a bunch of the Turks in international waters, I would not rule out a re-sale by Turkey to Iran! (WRH)

Anonymous said...

Having put recent events, symptomatic of the acceleration of world geopolitical dislocation, into perspective, the four individual points of failure in the second half of 2010 (2), according to LEAP/E2020, are as follows:

• Western public debt: when insolvency becomes intolerable
• European austerity: when contextual growth is abandoned in favour of structural stablility
• Chinese inflation: when China is going to begin to export its inflation
• US contraction: from « hidden mass austerity » to « imposed Federal austerity »

Each one will be affected by a major shock during the course of the second half of 2010, leading to a sectorial, regional or global crisis.

Anonymous said...

Webster Tarpley cuts through the American propaganda that is flowing fast and furious here and elsewhere, as the US Evil Empire implodes economically.

America's economic policy is to export Depression to the world and China in particular.

That is what America's threats against China about devaluing the Yuan are really about.

"The policy which Obama and Geithner are attempting to pursue is one of competitive devaluation of the US dollar. This is the policy of exporting the world economic depression towards China, which has been less hard hit so far than the Anglo-Saxon derivatives paradises of the US and the UK. This is a beggar my neighbor policy broadly similar to the one pursued by the British between 1931 and the outbreak of World War II. The US is demanding an upvaluation of the renminbi by something between 20 and 40%. This is another way of saying that the US wants to devalue or n value the US dollar by the same 20 to 40%. The idea is that Chinese products will then become more expensive on the US market, helping to reduce the astronomical merchandise trade deficit and balance of payments deficit which the US is suffering. It is a crackpot scheme."

Anonymous said...

Greece puts island on the market
Greece prepares sell long-term leases on at least one of its sun-kissed islands in an effort to solve its mountainous debt problem

Anonymous said...

Iran, Russia to finalize oil deal
Sun, 27 Jun 2010
Top Iranian oil official Hojatollah Ghanimifard
An Iranian official says negotiations to finalize an oil-fields deal with Gazprom Neft, the oil arm of Russia's OAO Gazprom, are in final stages.

"We are in the last stage … We hope to have a final decision soon", Hojatollah Ghanimifard, vice president in charge of investment affairs at the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) told Dow Jones Newswires.

The official added he hopes the two sides will reach "a good conclusion" on the deal.

In November last year, a preliminary agreement was concluded with Gazprom Neft to develop Iran's Azar and Shangule oil fields.

The deal comes in defiance of the recent sanctions resolution adopted by the UN Security Council against Iran.


Anonymous said...

Moscow admits alleged spies are Russian

MOSCOW // Following the arrest of an alleged network of Russian spies by US authorities, Moscow shifted into damage control mode this week with a disclosure virtually unprecedented in the history of its intelligence affairs: it has admitted the accused covert operatives are Russian citizens.

Russia’s foreign ministry said in a statement late Tuesday that the accused agents are Russian citizens and said it hoped they would be afforded access to lawyers and Russian consular officials while in US detention facilities.

A woman who answered the phone at the ministry’s press office this week said all 11 suspects identified by the FBI were Russian citizens, though the chief ministry spokesman, Andrei Nesterenko, on Thursday declined to give details and referred inquiries to the statements posted on the ministry’s website.

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