2 Documentaries: Georgia/South Ossetia & Kyrgyzstan

Interesting Russian documentary I’ve watched a few times on the Georgian-South Ossetian-Russian war of August 2008, aka the 5 day war, where US lackey Saakashvili’s forces were routed.

And the clown Saakashvili eat his own tie

ran for his life

There are English subtitles so don’t worry.

Pt 1

Pt 2

Watch how the US soldiers dance to a Georgian song at 7:00 lol not bad I say, those fellas do have some moves. lol

Pt 3

Another Russian documentary exposing US drug dealing and trafficking at their military airport at Manas Kyrgyzstan. Unfortunately this is entirely in Russian, nevertheless you get the gist of the story.

Pt 1

Pt 2

Pt 3

This is what passes for American humour at 3:11


Anonymous said...

Oh, God help! Watching the stuff above, I got shivers down my back. And I don't understand Russian patience in the face of such tremendous provocation from every side. Only poiuytr and a few others see the beauty of it all. I'd much rather a straightforward "NO" to the whole damn US domination ploys.

Anonymous said...

I thought as I watched the above vds that really, if Afghanistan ever lost its battle to chase out the invaders, it might well suffer the same fate as Kyrgystan: Drugs galore for the whole population, childen include, compulsary. Young Afghan girls initiated into west ways of licentiousness. Alcohol on every street corner, ham sandwiches in every eating place. And in the land of the Bamiyan Buddhas, statues of all the crooked presidents of US. Take a look at Kyrgystan and beware, I feel like saying to the Afghan Resistance. But then they probably know the dangers awaiting them better than most.

Anonymous said...

Could Poiuytr or someone else on this site please adequately explain how Kyrgyzstan permitted the Yanks to occupy their country?

James Wolfe said...

Black Water thugs are now operating in Pakistan, something that was widely speculated.


Now Black Water not content with being hired assassins for the US government, now call in air strikes from NATO on targets in Afghanistan. You can’t make this stuff up.


James Wolfe said...

The West fiends are now backstabbing and conniving against each other. The Anglo-American rape gang have joined forces to ruin Greece, undermine the Euro and shaft the Eurocrats in a desperate attempt to draw attention away from their failed imploding economies and currencies.

Eurozone under warfare: Engdahl on Greece crisis


James Wolfe said...

Anon 5/5/10 23:12

It was Putin that helped the US in Central Asia straight after 9/11. And the US further strengthen its position in Kyrgzstan after the Rose revolution in 2005, even after the latest Revolution/Coup the new Kyrgz President has made clear she wants US forces to remain.

Anonymous said...

James, thank you. That was extremely informative and useful. What I don't understand is how a sophisticated and sincere politician like Putin let himself be taken in by the US. I hold him co-responsible with west for the harm that has been done the Muslims the world over. Revenge for Soviet collapse? Blind people, all. And Russia got it in the neck through the Georgia business. History will judge it the way I say.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating stuff. Like hearing history-in-the-making speaking out aloud.

Anonymous said...

More examples of America's perverse sense of "humor."

Obama’s Predator joke—no laughing matter

poiuytr said...


First, good seeing you around and greetings, of course, James.

Great post. It's always essential to remind all that west crimes against humanity shant be forgotten or swept away.

> I’m not the cyber warrior that I use to be. (from 4/5/10 19:28)

Cheers to that! None of us are what we were. When we saw holes in the 911 Busch II self terror, our jaws might have hit the floor then. Today, we understand murdering 3000 in an hour is but a drop in the bucket of the daily routine west evil.

Today, we all understand that west defines nothing but evil and has brought our planet nothing but deliberate genocide and vivocide spanning now its entire 2000 yr rape.

We know now that west has never once produced a single thing to the benefit of mankind and we know that west can no longer even be mistaken -- despite the attempts by the west monkeys to shave their bristles and hide their neanderthal visage under used car sales-men uniforms crowned with ties to make sure no animal fur juts up their necks, and trying to walk upright -- for anything to do with humanity.

That's why the Freeworld is putting its differences, which are silly in comparison to the evil our planet is facing, and has been unifying in a brilliant decade of wresting the war swords out of the talons of the west disease.

What we see in everyday west media whore headlines are the direct results of the wonderment of the defence against this unusual vampiristic psychotic disease known as west.

And so we too change. And we move from the realisation, spreading the word, to jubilation, spiritual uprising, and in many cases even healing.

Athens, after days of strikes and general unrest today resembles war zone with flames licking governance buildings, jetting from rubbish bins, and cars set on fire. Saxonic-treasonous state is riled into calling for military standby and the Acropolis is majestically swathed in a giant banner calling for general supranational uprising against the west child-murdering sickness.

All this is down to our collective change in unlocking this west disease and bringing about understanding that it threatens the very extinction of all humanity from our planet.


poiuytr said...

JW, Pt2

> Nevertheless 9 or 10 years of arguing with cretins and being exposed to nauseating propaganda everyday takes its toll on my psyche and

And that's why there's NBN. It jubilates. It celebrates. It heals. All NBN items are from west own rubbish they call media and in all their animal squeals we find the most tasty morsels of humanity prevailing over the west christianic pedophile saxonic child murdering sickness from hell, or whence such abomination could have been made.

We have moved from wasting time talking at the baboon to celebrating its marvelous decay.

60K barrels of oil daily, now for 2 weeks, drowning the baboon kind in its muck is the sweetest symphony dazzling all senses. Prolapse of wall street and EUnuchRo, despite the Greece aid -- as the west media whores say -- is beyond beautiful in its healing power. Detrot slum razings and USA mortgage market being near 100% governance subsidised is truly astonishing in their marvelous impact they have on the west-wide terminal prolapse.

Some while ago, many doubted the words being endlessly raped by the west media war. Today, prolapse of all things west is understood by a vast majority. Now we're bolstering the word "terminal" which has been added to the west prolapse.

The trend is that of healing and victory of mankind over the vampire animal sickness that murders, lies, and destroys everything it lays its grisly claws on.

Anonymous said...

Dow drops 1000 in one day.

On May 6, Dow droped 998 around 2 o'clock, but then recovered a bit (perhaps after intervention). At close, Dow lost 347 or 3.31%.

USD/JPY rate droped from 94 in the morning to 88 around 2 o'clock. Once again, JPYen's strength in a panic was confirmed.

Gold soared to 1200.

Anonymous said...

Continued from 03:42

"Triggered by a rader error?????"
Unbelievable. Not at all.

Stock Selloff May Have Been Triggered by a Trader Error

But, everyone, what is really amazing is :

The Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange took the unusual step of declaring that
they would cancel some trades that took place during the height of the selloff.
Both markets said they will cancel all trades more than 60 percent
above or below market that occurred between 2:40 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. New York time.

CANCEL TRADES ??? (when "they" made a big loss)??Is it showing the whole US financial market is a huge fraudand they don't even try to hide it?

Anonymous said...

Continued from 05:25

US really looks like the former Soviet Union (or worse). But, this can be expected, because Comrade Obama often says,


Anonymous said...

Excellent comments above, thanks. And now back to Kyrgystan: In whose dirty paws has it landed this time round? A one word answer would be enough: Baboonistan or Russia?

Anonymous said...

I want to know one thing only. When is Russia going after Georgia at long last? After WWIII? Better by far to do it while there's still time. Later might be too late.

Anonymous said...

Russia should just nuke America and do the rest of humanity a favor.

Or better yet, slip some "loose nukes" to some enterprising suicide bombers for martyr attacks throughout the USA. Warshington DC, New York, LA, SF, Chicago, Miami, St Louis, New Orleans, Denver. Las Vegas, Philadelphia, etc.



Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, don't forget San Diego, US Navy town.

Langley, Vagina, home of the CIA.

Fort Meade, Maryland, home of the NSA.

Anonymous said...

Excellent advice, 19:01, 19:03. Trouble with Russia has been all along a highly developed Slavic sense of honour and a shrinking from causing bloodshed and suffering on this earth. But what do you want? The dirty commies were ever thus. Unlike its Christianic capitalist distant cousins.

Anonymous said...

Where is Poiutyr to provide us more of his insights into the economic death throes of the American Reich.

Burn the American parasites off this planet, by hook or by crook.

Anonymous said...

I wish that S bloke from Georgia US had choked on that tie of his. The only thing red about him is that tie. Even his blood is more white than the colour most normal blood reveals.

Anonymous said...

A trillion here,
a trillion there,
We're talking useless money

Nincomp 'poop' Enomics.

poiuytr said...

9:20 -- "Where is Poiutyr to provide us more of his insights into..."

I'm here marveling at the wonderful unraveling of all things west.

One must surely note what feels like increasing silence across the west media whore channels; their christianic pedophile gobs filled to bursting now with cretinous tabloid nonsense now -- as the west runs out of things to tell us.

West media heightened state of the west-wide cretinism is no accident. It's one of the natural symptoms that accompany its terminal prolapse.

First, the top story is the death of west. Gruzian tie eating contest, though truly rabid to its animal marrow, is no more than a side west freak show.

I take you now to a comment titled Ευχαριστώ Ελλάδα, or Thanks Greece, posted under the most recent NBN.

In the section "What's Gonna Happen" is a scenario that has actually come to pass now. Yes, this is not the first time the west pedophile lot reads and follows NBN.

The Greece default and "rescue" package have nothing whatever to do with Greece. It's all about trying to prolong the west psychosis, namely the Berlin dictate in EUnuchlands and the overall west pretense.

Though Greek work ethic profile still, as per Berlin's official stand, inferior to the Berlin ubermensch prettiness is being faulted and though Greeks are being fiscally punished in an exemplary fashion by the entire west fiscal rapist team, the fault of Greece near default lies solely with Berlin and Washington's own cretinous incapabilities.

If anyone cares, and wants to know how so, let me know, I'll be happy to elaborate -- for this is a fun tale, a truly a gem among the west gangrene treasures.

Meanwhile, back to the "rescue" of west.

And so it happens that Greece isn't the only default candidate in EUnuchlands. They're all on the brink of default.

One of the scenario in the comment under last NBN was repo'ing the outstanding bonds, or debt, and simply erasing the default that way. Now this has actually happened!

I'm shocked, dismayed, and totally amused with the enormous cretinism of west, of the entire west structure.

They have printed 1T EUR to repo all the outstanding bonds.

poiuytr said...

I'm not saying this to someone highlight some "I told you" rubbish but because there's more to this scenario than just printing cash to buy up the bonds. And it appears the west fiscal clown charlatans failed to read the whole comment.

You see, this is a very impossible scenario. Printing 1T EUR is possible, true. They have done 25X better in the recent 3 yrs, in fact, but this effectively changes the entire EUnuchzone structure, premise, and foundation. In effect, this is the very death of the west euro domination dreams and likely the death of the whole of Grand EUnuchia dictate.

In order for EUnuch central bank to buy the bonds from the EUnuchzone banks, they'll have to effectively shutter the EUnuchzone banking and issue bonds (or take loans for its lands) via the EUnuch central bank now. This means that EUnuchzone governances are powerless as of today as they can't raise cash on their own and instead they'll have to go to EUnuch central bank for the bond issue handout.

Now, this makes all EUnuchzone governances a direct subordinate to some bond issue dept of the EUnuch central wank.

Give this a though for it's beyond amusing! This means that PMs strewn around the EUnuchzone lands are only slightly less powerful now than some EUnuch central bankster secretary.

Also, it means that EUnuch central wank has to, assuming the effective EUnuchland governance role, tax the EUnuchzone lands to float its own budget, just like any governance does. And it's even better still. EUnuch central wank will now, not only tax EUnuchzone victims but it will, as the whole of west is prolapsed, dictate "austerity".

The scenario in the comment was just an off-hand possibility aimed to just underscore the impossible situation the west cesspit is in but it turns out it was the best the entire west insanity was able to come up with. And as such, EUnuch central wank is now replacing EUnuch governances in every aspect.

This oughtta be most laughable for a bank that taxes, issues bonds, and dictates fiscal policy is NOT a bank and so what we're seeing is the effective decapitation of all EUnuchland governances as well as all banking.

The next step, dear readership, is EUnuch tanks in its own EUnuchlands maintaining peace, democracy, and the general west happy idyll.

poiuytr said...

16:14 -- "I want to know one thing only. When is Russia going after Georgia at long last? "

It's done. Georgia's been castrated. Georgia today is not the Georgia of 2008. Black Sea today is not the Black Sea of 2008. The next step for Georgia is its own meltdown and political turn on the west fiends. Not something that needs be prodded or funded from abroad as it's happening on its own.

The key is that the west beast has lost Georgia and Black Sea. The rest is immaterial.

Anonymous said...

Super poiuytr, Reassurance about Georgia, clear explanation about the loss of both governance and banks in Euroland. But then the EU Central bank with all powers in its hand becomes very much like the US Fed? Or am I wrong? Austerity measures being demanded, EU pops in a bit of an uproar. Tanks in the streets of European countries. What a sweet scenario. Finally some of their own bitter medicine for others back to be swallowed by themselves as well.

poiuytr said...

22:04 -- EU Central bank with all powers in its hand becomes very much like the US Fed?

Yes, you're 100% right. It's bankster dictate executed by the west governance. And there has been a centralisation so we can talk about west central wank now, EUnuch + Fed, controlling west stock charades, as they too have been merged under "terrist" laws to fight speculation etc, and it has further been joined by the IMF, the west supra-state bank aimed at raping the world, which is now only raping west today.

The clear lines of power separations are immaterial. It's given that the governance will remain the pseudo-commander rinsing taxes, dictating austerity, and deploying troops against the mob, but behind the scenes it's a bank dictate.

The thing with EUnuchzone is that what they decided today is the consolidation of castrating of EUnuchzone power, in one mighty 1T EUR print.

It would be surprising if this move wasn't celebrated across all west whore media channels today and even by comrade Obama.

> Austerity measures being demanded, EU pops in a bit of an uproar.

That's the question, how much comfort loss or pain will the monkey take. It's a question we've been asking and it's the question west governance/banksters have been trying to guess as well.

There's been riots in Romania as the "pre-emptive" austerity round 1 has been announced there.

The acropolis is wearing a giant banner calling for general EUnuch uprising.


Today, with the castration of EUnuchzone governances and banks, the Berlin dictators are facing EUnuchzone governances and EUnuchzone banksters, cabals far more powerful than the angry EUnuch peasant even if armed with a scythe.

It wouldn't be surprising to see the breakup of EUnuchzone, with foreign cash flooding in on a sudden for exchange of EUnuchzone infrastructure.

It wouldn't be surprising to see Greece with new tender and Crete feature say, a Russian mil base -- or Portugal, Italy, Spain, Ireland.

And the only way the saxonic child-murdering EUnuch can stop this is by a physical takeover of the peripheries.

The idea of printing 1T EUR and centralising the EUnuchzone bond debt and dictating EUnuchzone bond yields is beyond something they understand or can control.

Anonymous said...

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