Nation By Nation (15Nov09)

1-15Nov09 -- As the savage west "recovery" keeps hammering knells into the cesspit's casket, the WWIII aspirations of the west beast pullulate: bio-war has been launched, west's SouthAm war plans are underway, and west bankers now too claim west god links. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - Nuristan under new Taliban judicial and admin governance.
- Comrade Obama not impressed with any latest Pentagram strategies for the defeat.
- Pentagram screams for 40K more troops and the comrade is mulling sending 10K or possibly 20K. Numbers as strategies remain unspecified -- a commonality in all defeats.
- Germany rushes in to help the USA imperator sending in additional 120 troops. No, west and basic arithmetic doesn't mix.
- USA occupying forces have "shifted" strategy trying now to cut opium production as to hit Taleban's income. The west beast has de facto admitted to having grown smack for a decade until just now.
- Pentagram "ruled" not to release another batch of pics of west torturing civilians. Consider the patent sickness here. The west child murderers are taking pics of their sordid maimings so that their animal families can enjoy it too. Yes, west is THE disease.
- Out of troops and thoughts, comrade Obama forced again to deal with the terrists (sic). USA offered Taliban a deal to split Afghanistan leaving Taliban the south and north-east. The answer, as always, was "get out, gringo!".
- Not too surprisingly, a part of Taliban's income comes from USA directly. Pentagram insurgents pay some 10% of their logistic budget to Taliban in exchange of keeping attacks on NATO supply routes to a minimum.

A U S T R A L I A Australia - Comes up with a brilliant idea to make genetically modified sugar cane and to partner with USA, the known DNA perv.
- Turns away some 80 Tamils seeking refuge. After all, how could Aussia give sanctuary to someone the west was just genociding weeks ago.

A U S T R I A Austria - Takes a turn and flies to Moscow for another typical west knee-scraping begging round. What in the world could Austria offer to Russia? Mutual non-violation pact? Gold bricks tainted with tungsten, the latest west trick in gold markets? Ski tickets to their glacier slalom course?

B R A Z I L Brazil - Israeli diplo on another trip through SouthAm spreading hatred for Iran is welcomed by protests and banners that say "Go home, war criminal".

C A N A D A Canada - Quebec province, in the red, instigates the usuals: social programme cuts and hikes on everything else incl income, corp, and petrol tax. Indeed, no part of west shall remain standing.

C H I N A China - China's entered the weapon market carving a bit of USA's share by selling 1,4B USD worth of fighter jets to Pakistan.
- Mfg grows (at 55,4 from 55 previous month).
- Export climb for 5th consecutive month. Didn't the long snout saxon baboon mutter something about "global" prolapse or how China needs the USA wreck?
- Africa development forum, 8Nov. No details given but trade twixt Africa and China has grown 10X in the decade.
- Pumps 10B USD into the mighty continent over next 3 yrs. West wanted to rule the world but it can't even slow China down.

D O M I N I C A N   R E P U B L I C Dominican Rep - Charges USA with maiming of populace with birth defects by deliberate toxic waste dumping. Why isn't everyone doing it?

E U EU - No Grand EUnuch yet. But that doesn't stop the vampiric amalgam from instigating an imperial tax. The 1st round of EUnuch tax is to squeeze 4B EUR out of the 27 USA-wanna-be's.

F I J I Fiji - Booted Aussie and NZealand diplos. Petulant west retaliated, of course, in kind.

F R A N C E France - CreditAgri wank posts 21% income shriveling/Q3, only pulling 290M/qtr now. Compare this silly number to that of UK's 200B GBP "quantitative easing", RBS latest 300+B GBP bailout, Paris' own most recent 50B EUR "stimulus" pumped into its elite anti-civilian WMD manufacturers, or the new USA's 13+T debt ceiling and see why west needs WWIII.

G E R M A N Y Germany - Angry with USA for pulling out of the Opel sale. Germany was ready to pay billions to save the 10K-25K jobs. German workers walk off disgruntled and Berlin wants 8B USD from comrade Obama. Fight on, pretty west supermensch, fight on!

Germany's back at it. Germany murders over 100 civilians in a 4Sep strike in Kunduz, Afghanistan. German gen'l said the atrocity is "appropriate". Note the methodology of war against civilians is the same as is the psycho commentary of this saxonic monstrosity. This is a 3rd world war this incredibly aggressive DNA strain is starting.

H O N D U R A S Honduras - Comrade Obama suspends the silly opera squeals and overtly backs the coup side aiming to canonise it with a fruit revolution.

I R A N Iran - West beats an embarrassing retreat. In a span of 2 wks, west goes from the typical thug threats like "there's no time to delay, Tehran" to a rather meek "OK, have more time then" and finally finishes with a zero mention of its rabid enrichment terms. No wonder Ahmadinejad said that "capitalism has come to an end".
- Coop with Venezuela for 20Kbpd oil.
- Charges 3 USAns with spying.

"The painful results of capitalism manifest in wars, terror, and discrimination."

I R A Q Iraq - Civilian legions murdering children in Iraq caught in a child-sex ring. This west sex aberration sickness has come to light after the 2007 carnage in which this USA private firm killed 17 civilians. Per testimony of the "employees", the firm is on a "christianic crusade that views itself as eliminating Islamic faith and Muslims from the globe." Let it be known far and wide that "west is THE disease!"
- warnewstoday blog for war news.
- heyetnet for war news.

I R E L A N D Ireland - Wank of Ireland clocks 1B EUR loss for last 6 months. 6B EUR hanging in the air. Lucky, Ireland has joined Grand EUnuchia. It will kiss it all better.

I S R A E L Israel - 8Nov, shells northern Gaza.
- USA acquiesces on Israel land thefts, which, of course, TelAviv takes as a greenlight on another Gaza attack, more Palestinian plunder, and increased land thefts.

I T A L Y Italy - Bank wars explode as Italy charging JPMorgan and German Central Wank with fraudulent bond issue in Milan. What isn't fraudulent about west banking or west for that matter?
- 23 USA operatives found guilty for kidnapping. Of the the CIAda boys gets 8.

J A P A N Japan - 16 consecutive month of earning shriveling at 1,6% y2y across the USA mil base island.
- Foreign minister cancels USA tour.
- Comrade Obama required 16K cops to protect him from the growing anger against the USA occupation.

Here's the result of yet another failed comrade Obama's pre-election promises to "make friends". From the new management top down to the last man, Japan's sick to death of the psycho yank rape.

L A T V I A Latvia - Ratchets up state-run apartheid policies against Russians living in Latvia.

P A R A G U A Y Paraguay - Prez dumps mil commanders in a preemptive coup avoidance manoeuvre.

P O L A N D Poland - Just when it couldn't get much more bonkers, Warsaw issued a plea to be occupied by USA child murdering mil. The embarrassment was so big that the foreign ministry tried its best to deny it compounding the true psychosis of this west wanna-be minion state.
- If that wasn't insanity, Poland volunteered to happily test USA-flu vaccine.

R U S S I A Russia - Digging about in Cuba for gas and oil.
- GDP grows 14%/Q3.
- Int'l reserves up over 1B USD/fist half Nov.
- Warns EUnuchs with a gas shut off if Ukraine siphons off and suggests EUnuchs pay for Ukraine if they want gas this winter. It's nice to see EUnuch's energy supply completely out of their hands. Even if EUnuchs pay for Ukraine, they can't prevent the siphoning.
- Mulls fining EUnuchs for not drinking enough gas as per contract obligation. Nice one, Moscow!
- Bans DNA specimen exports like blood and marrow due to west's plot to target specific DNA with their bio-WMDs. Yes, we're very much in WWIII. But Moscow needs stopping adoption of its children to west for the west beast has an atrocious record in child abuse and murders.

S O U T H   K O R E A South Korea - Attacks N Korea's vessel claiming border crossing, 10Nov. Sends more warships in fear of retaliation.

S R I  L A N K A Sri Lanka - The gen'l in charge of the Tamil genocide did apparently so well he's up for prez. How about a Nobel Peace prize? Perhaps he can share it with comrade Obama. They can work out who murdered more civilians later.

T U R K E Y Turkey - Erdogan says he'd rather meet Sudanese prez Bashir than the Israeli boss.

Erdogan brings up a good point: "it's doubtful Muslims can commit genocide." Genocide does indeed seem to be the exclusive game of the saxonic christianic disease -- and with no competitor for 2000 yrs now.

U K UK - PM going about NATO looking for 5K more troops for the Helmand Stalingrad as the latest UK strategy is revealed to include a hasty Brit retreat from north Helmand, much to the chagrin of Warshington boys. Imagine the comedy phone calls.
- Broke and battered BratAir with losses at 300M GBP/6 months and while losing 1,6M GBP each and every day merges with Spain's Iberia -- as if that's gonna stop the terminal laceration. BratAir zapping 3K jobs but more will go after the merger.
- Personal insolvency up 28%/Q3 y2y.
- Has cash to hive away however every phone call and email. The madhouse of west can never be overestimated.
- Though in irreversible recovery, says last qtr to still be celebrated by more job zappings.
- Loondon governance pledges loss of control of RBS funds. For a laugh, RBS is 75% nationalised, which explains why UK governance doesn't seem to have the books. It's all total 100% rubbish, west.
- RBS is zapping to 6K jobs despite Loondon pumping 315B GBP into the prolapsed war financier. They're giving them 25B GBP immediately plus 8B GBP as a sundry "trouble fund" (NOT A JOKE!). Plus Loondon has made the UK poodles to underwrite or pay for the wank's 282B GBP toxic portfolio or war funding loss. Sideline: Now, since the wank is nearly public, could someone peek at this badly prolapsed portfolio to see where the 325B GBP went? Of course not! Loondon was also deft enough to pledge zero scrutiny on the books. All things west are 100% sick rubbish. Everything, down to the freckly cubicle war-spectator christianic fiends.
- LloydBG manages to get 6B GBP from Loondon. What does this mean for the poodle employees? That's right, 25K bank jobs to be zapped. But not to worry, as Sachs wank boss said, banksters cannot be limited in their bonus raking since they're "doing the work of god". Sideline: That's right. The west lunacy is governed by their christianic god. Banksters are rinsing cash from the baboons to "recover" some of the war funding that's been used to murder non-christians. West generals and leaders often speak of god as the reason and architect behind all this carnage. Indeed, west is THE disease.
- Nuke expert that flung himself out of the window is no longer a suicide. There's a shock! Yes, he was kelly'd.
- "Quantitative easing" or cash pouring into the empty war coffers via banks at 200B GBP. This will continue raising so long as there's a few coins left to rinse out of the drizzly isles.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - 250 dead, 70K hospitalised, and over 1,3M infected. With what? USA-flu, Pt2. They claim some new 100% fatal strain now. The pneumonia was apparently just a syndrome.
- Whistleblower confirms deliberate bio-WMD attack. It will be quite surprising if this doesn't spill into a bio-WWIII.
- flutracker

U S A USA - Texas shootout leaves 13 dead, 30 injured, and evidence to another inside op to possibly predicate a cull on Muslims within USA and Grand EUnuchia. Stories of more shooters, multiple weapons, and wireless phone network jamming emerge.
- Has begun seizing Muslim property. 4 mosques and a NYC skyscraper of Muslim non-profit org have been confiscated by the christianic state. This is like WWII and the seizure of Japanese property while German property flourished, of course.
- Homelessness has risen 18X in Los Angeles in last yr. Though no USA dept bothers tracking the homeless, it's guessed now at 3M. Yes, the prolapse's working just fine.
- Foreclosures of baboon dwellings up 19%/Oct y2y. 300K homes joined the bank-owned list/Oct, an 8th consecutive month in the residential realty prolapse.
- It's either paying 10-20K/yr for "medical" insurance or 5 yr of labour in a gulak for all baboons now. This is akin to some 1B USD aid to the medical insurance sector, which means that credit must be given to the architects of this anti-baboon measure for it's slightly more clever than just stuffing the prolapsed insurance industry with the usual boring "bailout". Sideline: BTW, this is classic, textbook definition of "fascism". Governance mandates yet doesn't provide. The mandate benefit is reaped by governance-selected sector creating a fascist oligopoly and effective merger twixt elite private business and governance.
- Lines begin forming for the voluntary round of vaccinations.
- This goes hand in hand with 4X suicide rate, as the "recovery" mercilessly lashes the Baboonarium.
- GMAC needs 11B USD more. And why not? It's a standard west bank christmess bonus.
- The state of New York has begun screaming it's going bankrupt in 3 weeks.
- Job zapping on 22nd consecutive month, which is the biggest frump since the baboons have learnt to read and keep records on this.
- Oct job loss at 200K, which was readily "celebrated" since it wasn't 220K like in Sep.
- Central Bank interest rate at near zero. But baboons keep paying 5-6% on their dwellings. Never in history of Milky Way has there been such an astonishing usury rape.
- 50% of food producing states declared disaster areas. What's next? Starvation of the baboon?
- FreddieMac clocks another 5B USD loss.
- FannyMae broke again with a 20B USD loss needing 15B USD right away.
- 123 banks dead this year.
- AIG gets 2,1B USD more.
- CIT gets 2,3B USD more. What the hell, it's Christmess.
- Though USA export's cheap like a meth slut thanks to the d0llar death, USA still manages to clock a trade deficit record, growing it 18% to 177B per Oct, a 13th consecutive month of deficit burgeoning. Deficit with China alone grew over 9% to 21B/Sep. It's a small wonder then that comrade Obama's singing Mao songs in Beijing today. Note here the accelerating trend of the prolapse.
- Commercial realty prolapse makes its debut with 2B USD worth of loans maturing. The total exposure/loss is at 300B USD and delinquency is at 16% and growing. Commercial renting shriveled by 17% and shriveling. Vacancy at 20% and growing.
- IMF dumps 200 tonnes of gold to raise a bit of quick cash. The 6-7B USD is truly silly in comparison to the west bank burn rate as can be estimated from the above.
- 37M baboons on food stamps. Let's visit with them, shall we? See what they're carrying in their manure-filled skulls. Barf bags on standby, as always!

Their nation has attacked 10 countries in the last decade on BS pretexts. It runs concentration camps where it tortures even children by policy. It's murdered millions and condemned entire nations and generations to death and maimings by DU bombing. It burns civilians to death with phosphorous bombs and rips off every shiny thing it sees. But look, all the baboon cares about is its medical care. Yes, this self-obsessed, obesity-deformed parasite lives off the blood of the planet.

Even the USA homeless fashion boasts the deeply innate USA-centric self-obsessive "what about me?" psychosis.

Look at this! Cretinous to the bone, the baboon thinks socialism has something to do with genocides, multi-zillion theft, and patent deceit, or whatever else could this bimbo baboon be objecting to. Note the ever-present idiotic grin on these creatures.

Again, note the freakish grin, the trademark of west. This pic beautifully sums up the west miscreant's twisted value system. Invade nations; murder children; raze cities; torture children; 911 -- it's all OK, as long as the baboon doesn't have to dig too deep in its pocket.

In general, no west social class experiences even the slightest remorse about the rivers of blood its parasitic existence has inflicted upon our planet. This is a true mark of a cold-blooded serial killer.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Signs 15 accords with Brazil.
- 15K troops mobilised along the 2K km long Colombian border.
- 90 Colombian arrested crossing border.

"The imperial yankee wants war" -- H Chavez.

Y E M E N Yemen - Saudi Arabia attacked Yemeni civilians, 7Nov-on, in northern Yemen, with USA phosphorous bombs helping Saleh's, one of the Bush II/Blair henchmen and Yemen prez, in this unraveling genocide of the Houthis that's intensified since Aug09. Saleh like all west faithful proxies declared "no truce till the tyrants are destroyed". West links the Houthis to Iran and justifies this latest genocide. Let's get this straight. West, via their Yemen and Saudi oil-whore monarchies, is murdering civilians to protect the west eroding oil theft route with fighters and banned bombs but it has the gall to blame Iran for the massacres. be cont'd as it all piles up.


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Anonymous said...

Excellent, classic NBN. Well worth the wait. Where's our tame, 80 IQ Yank? If he could read, he might just about learn a few important facts here. In any case, poiuytr, you've outdone yourself this time round. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the west is the ultimate disease. It is only the filthy means of a left-hand-tantra wing of elitist/banksters. In other terms.. Individualism encouraged and exploited by zions vs Individuation leading to (self-)realization.

I like the way you name things though.

Anonymous said...

Hardly have we finished going through the splendid piece above than the day's news catches up with us. Hope Putin knows what he's doing:

Russia and US in joint push on Iran
Russian and US presidents make unusual joint demand on Iran to agree curbs to its nuclear programme or face consequences.

Anonymous said...

Guess who to whom
Vee are here to help
Vee vill help you
Vott? Vott do you mean you don't need help.

Anonymous said...

I've said this before, I'll say it again. The choice of photos in itself is an enlightening commentary. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

Italy calls for a single European Army
Franco Frattini, Italy's Foreign Minister, said that without a common foreign policy and army Europe would be irrelevant

With or without, Europe is irrelevant, but how should a Franco Frattini be able to see that?

Anonymous said...

Perfect quotes from the hero-leaders, Ahmedinejad, Chavez, Erdogan.

Anonymous said...

LOL Veddy interrrestink.
Vee vill help you Vee haff too
vee haff too

Anonymous said...

Banks doing "God's work"
Now what on Earth might have prompted such a remark??
Or was it something supernatural??

Anonymous said...

Israel Jolted by Hezbollah’s Intelligence “Infiltration”
Mohamad Shmaysani - 13/11/2009
A wave of stormy questions has been on the rise within Israeli security and military apparatuses after Yedioth Aharonoth unveiled a document demonstrating the level of Hezbollah’s knowledge of Israeli activities, deployments and tactics in northern occupied Palestine. The widely read Israeli paper revealed that Hezbollah knows just about every detail concerning Israel’s military, particularly the 91st brigade in the north.
Perhaps the most pressing concern for the Israeli command is that Hezbollah might have been able to infiltrate sensitive security services thus acquiring top secret documents and data.
“Israeli experts and retired servicemen who served in the north have said that the data gathered by Hezbollah by means of the document was highly sensitive and that part of it had been cloned by Hezbollah from secret documents belonging to the 91st brigade. They detail the nature of the Israeli army’s deployment in the north. Those who see the documents know that they have been copied page by page from the original top secret documents. Hezbollah might have gathered the data by means of spies or by infiltrating into the Israeli side to take pictures,” Ronen Bergman, an Israeli expert in intelligence affairs told Israeli television Thursday. Yedioth said that the 150-page document “shows to what extent Hezbollah intelligence succeeded in penetrating into the Israeli army, and proves that Hezbollah has enough sources of information," even about Israeli military naval and aerial activities, including drones.

Anonymous said...

Gerald Celente Quotes For Those Who Care
- “Too big to fail” banks are anathema to real capitalism.
- US economy is like a ruthless mafia ripping-off the American public. The US is being looted.
- US economy is no longer capitalism, it’s oligarchies and fascism.
- We are witnessing the greatest heist in American history, and the banks are doing it.
- “I don’t like getting raped. I don’t like my money going to Goldman Sachs.”
- “Do you have eyes to see and a mind to understand? These crimes are an affront to my intelligence.”
- Bankers are money junkies lying to get their money fix. We have a criminal gang of money junkies dealing scams to get money from us. They never have enough. And for what? For gambling.
- This is no different from the French Revolution.
- The money junkies are in for a shock. The second American Revolution has begun.
- They are not my political leaders; they are political hacks. We are going back to royalty and serfs.
- This country doesn’t have a clue what’s going on, their minds have been deadened looking at presidential reality shows and bowing to political demagogues. What people have to do more than ever is think for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Sit back and take a boat cruise thru Russia
Absolutely stunning photos.
"Perished" whoever you are you crazy bugger you are one kickass photographer.
h ttp://

Anonymous said...

Concentrate on the stark facts presented so vividly and you can't but see what poiuytr's getting at, the end is nigh. 20:15: for the link many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Mr. President: Turn Away From War
Open Letter From the Peace Movement to President Obama on His Upcoming Decision Regarding the Afghan War By Cynthia McKinney

Dear Mr. President:
November 15, 2009 "Information Clearing House" -- According to press reports, you intend to decide between November 7 and November 11 whether or not to send tens of thousands of American soldiers to Afghanistan. We are writing in advance of that decision to add our voice to those of Sen. Feingold, many House Democrats, and of a clear majority of Americans in urging you not to escalate this war, but rather to announce an immediate cease-fire followed by a withdrawal of all US troops in the fastest way consistent with the safety of our forces. We urge you to end the policy of using Predator drones to assassinate Pakistani civilians on the territory of their own country, in defiance of all concepts of international law. We also call upon you to cease all covert CIA and Pentagon operations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran.
No vital American interest is at stake in Afghanistan. Former Marine and State Department official Matthew Hoh is right: the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan have come to be viewed as invaders and occupiers, and the resistance they encounter has nothing to do with international terrorism. This war is futile, and now doomed to failure. There is no military solution to the problems that beset Afghanistan. Afghanistan and the rest of this tragically war-torn region need a Marshall Plan of peaceful economic development, through which some of the 15 million unemployed workers in our own country could find productive jobs. We have no confidence in the advice being given to you by military leaders like Gen. McChrystal, who has been implicated in torture in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

A Science Fiction Story by Fidel Castro (11.11.09) - Castro on SouthAm's future:

What is Obama leaving to us in the hemisphere? The shameful problem in Honduras and the annexation of Colombia where the United States will set up seven military bases. They also established a military base in Cuba more than one-hundred years ago and remain there by force. It was in that base where they installed the horrible torture center widely known around the world; the same that Obama has been unable to close, yet.
I hold the view that before Obama completes his term there will be from six to eight right-wing governments in Latin America that will be allies of the empire. Likewise, the US extreme right will try to limit his administration to one term. Once again there will be a Nixon, a Bush or the like of a Cheney in the White House. Then, the meaning will be clear of those absolutely unjustifiable bases threatening today the South American peoples with the pretext of fighting drug-trafficking, a problem created by the tens of billions of dollars that organized crime and the production of drugs in Latin America receive from the United States.
Cuba has shown it only takes justice and social development to fight drugs. In our country, the crime rate per 100,000 people is one of the lowest in the world. No other country in the hemisphere can exhibit such low rates of violence. It is known that, despite the blockade, no other country can boast our high education levels.
The Latin American peoples will resist the onslaught of the empire!

Anonymous said...

Hear hear 21:10
BLummablumma {sound of fists on a GREAT BIG table.}

Anonymous said...

And here, 21:51, if you don't mind, are the chilling opening lines of the same truth-telling piece:

A Science Fiction Story

By Fidel Castro

The American people are not the culprits but rather the victims of a system that is not only unsustainable but worse still: it is incompatible with the life of humanity.

Anonymous said...

Yes Very very true. Millions of lives made miserable by something more sinister than can be criminally described. Purgatory and Limbo for the masses.

Anonymous said...

Well put: Purgatory and Limbo for the masses. Will any of it ever change? Or all this drag on forever and ever?

Anonymous said...

Hey, cheer up you gloomy lot, and that includes our highly venerated and venerable Fidel Castro. Take a look at this, yet another example of the growing distance between the USA and Germany:
Good News: Berlin Against Anti-Terror Bank Data Deal: The new German justice minister says Berlin is not comfortable with an EU measure that would grant US authorities access to European banking data. Now it seems likely that the Germans may scupper the deal, which is supposed to be pushed through at an EU meeting in Brussels at the end of November.

Anonymous said...

When in gloom, Pick up a broom?
I have long puzzled over the Katrina folks at the stadium. Look up, waaaaay up. Thats better.

poiuytr said...

15:20 -- west is the disease challenge

Under no circumstance can the west crimes be blamed on some cabal structure within the west cesspit.

It's not bankers that are torturing children in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Serbia, etc etc... It's not Bush or family murdering civilians around the world. It's not Rupert Murdoch raping kids in Iraq and burning them afterwards to hide tracks. (Don't twist this! It's not a defence of the genocide architects.)

It's the very christianic offspring of the west commoner. They're the ultimate guilty party here. The west war tax payer. The west cubicle war crime spectator. There has been zero opposition within the west lands to the war crimes though they've been televised for a decade now on BBCNN. West is THE disease down to the last baboon.

This is key since no mercy can be handed to west species now.


17:45 -- Russia joins USA in a push on Iran

This is an ongoing tale. Let's do sanctions, let's not! Let's give them missiles, let's not! On and on. Just a song for the birdbrain west.


18:07 -- Grand EUnuchia

The whole thing is about rinsing second tax to pay for the wanted 60K strong army. NATO command with 20 translators for each general is ridiculous. So the idea is to govern the nonsense from Warshington/Loondon, the capitals of the west religious genocides commanding imperial tax, imperial law, and imperial armies.

But like you say, even with a 100K strong army, EUnuchs are irrelevant. In 1951 China assembled 200K troops in a matter of days and pushed the armed McCretinArthur dirty yank scum down the Korean peninsula where's it's been squatting ever since. And that's 60 yrs ago when China wasn't as armed as today. Even if EUnuchs add 100K troops, which they won't, it makes no difference if they touch an armed nation.

Whether west manages to create another 6M strong army assembled on the Russian border for another Barbarossa, it makes no diff today. West can only use its forces against civilians, not armed nations. And thanks to Russia, much of the Freeworld is untouchable by direct west assault.

It's a partisan, proxy, or bio warfare henceforth or a giant nuke cataclysm for all.

In general, west is too late. 2001 was too late cuz Russia had been liberated from the west grab by then. Today, even Iran, militarily a non-entity in the 90s, can smack the EUnuch paradise with armies or without.

But I think they're so bullheaded about the EUnuch collectivisation cuz they just want to keep up the "recovery" of war funds by squeezing more taxes from the west idiots. Imagine the French paying property tax to London now. It's quite fun what's happening and most enjoyable.

poiuytr said...

19:53 -- Banks doing "God's work"

NBN items are all news, not off the cuff comments. This too is news. Don't recall from where now though...

Anyway, the news was that Sachs boss defended their ~20B bonus round by saying that bonuses to west banksters cannot be limited since "they're doing god's work".

The point isn't however highlighting that west god is the god of torture, theft, mayhem, genocide, and psycho deceit and war crimes but that the west is completely insane from top war leaders, top bankers, firm bosses, and down to the cretinous ugly populace of BBCNN sewage eaters, the chief enabler of WWIII.


20:08 -- G Celente

- “I don’t like getting raped. I don’t like my money going to Goldman Sachs.”

But you should, Celente, for it's for "[west's] god's work". LOL

Celente is exactly like the pics of the protesting baboons. All he cares about is his cash. The west, again, from the top to the bottom and back up, is all filled with cretinous, idiotic monkeys who don't have any semblance to humans.

Celente's nation is committing crimes that are beyond words and all he rants about is his pathetic wallet. Beheaded children mean nothing to him. Concentration camps mean nothing to him. Even the grilling of 3000 of his own species in 911 means nothing to him. West isn't human. It's a disease and Celente's yet another proof.

However it's great seeing that some baboons feel the pain of their fiscal rape for west woes are most appreciated, entertaining, and spiritually uplifting. Let jubilation reign, the baboon has begun feeling the rape.


As always, all words of kind praise are highly appreciated for the sake of building common understanding -- not just for the egoistic bruise-patching selfish reasons.

Anonymous said...

Nation by Nation and Much much more.
More than you know... It means a lot.
Awesome day this Nov 16th
Cheers Poiuytr

Anonymous said...

HEY Its not the 16th for 5 minutes

Anonymous said...

"Celente is exactly like the pics of the protesting baboons. All he cares about is his cash. The west, again, from the top to the bottom and back up, is all filled with cretinous, idiotic monkeys who don't have any semblance to humans.

Celente's nation is committing crimes that are beyond words and all he rants about is his pathetic wallet."

In short, Celente is a typical American scum that deserves to be sent back to Hell.

Anonymous said...

Veto-wielding China says 'no' to Iran sanctions
Press TV - November 14, 2009
As US President Barack Obama plans to pay his first official visit to Beijing, China signals its opposition to new sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program. The Chinese government believes that negotiation sides should make efforts to settle issues regarding Iran's nuclear case through "political and diplomatic" talks, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told IRNA on Saturday.
He added that a diplomatic and permanent solution to Iran's nuclear issue will help bring about peace and stability to the Middle East. As a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Iran has the right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, said the spokesman. Qin's remarks came one day ahead of a scheduled visit by President Obama to China, a permanent member of the UN Security Council. Obama is expected to discuss Iran's nuclear case with his Chinese counterpart.
Major world powers, spearheaded by the US and Israel, accuse Iran of efforts to develop a nuclear bomb and based on such allegations have threatened to impose more sanctions against the country.

The China-Russia good cop, bad cop act over Iran.

Anonymous said...

The Okinawa US Base Saga
Most Okinawans, including those directly affected neither by the removal of the old base nor by the construction of the new one, are enraged by the idea that the US and Japan think they can pacify them by simply moving a base from one part of Okinawa to another, Henoka.
Protest has been fierce and sustained. People from Henoko have been holding a daily sit-in at the Henoko fishing port; recently they celebrated their 2000th day of consecutive sit-in. Under the leadership of Henoko resident Higashionna Takuma, a team of sea kayakers was trained that has been nonviolently harassing the construction surveyors who come in to measure and test the sea bottom, and have delayed the project by many months and possibly years (and possibly forever). A court case was filed in San Francisco (Okinawa Dugong et. al. vs. Rumsfeld) arguing that the construction plan violates US laws requiring the protection of cultural properties in US construction projects overseas; in 2005 the judge handed down a favorable decision, but there has been no hint that this has affected US policy. In election results, in referenda, in opinion poll after opinion poll, Okinawans have made clear that they want this base out of their territory entirely.
It is true that the movement is divided on how to put their demand. The anti-war purists insist that the movement should make no statement whatsoever as to where the base should go: they say that it is wrong to relieve their suffering by imposing it on someone else, and that anyway as pacifists they should demand the base should not be moved, but abolished. A second group sees the issue not only as one of peace, but also of anti-colonialism. They point out that the bases are in Japan because of the Japan-US Mutual Security Treaty, which was negotiated in Tokyo without consulting Okinawa (when it was first signed Okinawa was still under US military rule). Most Japanese today seem comfortable with that treaty (the movement against it, once strong, has dwindled to almost nothing), and their comfort is made possible largely by the fact that 75 per cent of the US bases authorized under that treaty are located in tiny Okinawa, which comprises a mere 0.6 per cent of Japanese territory. They argue, if the Japanese people want US bases in their land, as their lack of opposition to the Security Treaty seems to indicate, isn’t it fair to locate those bases near the homes of the people who want them, rather than the homes of those who don’t’? (Imagine, if you can, the US government making a treaty with some foreign government to allow their bases on American soil, and then putting 75 per cent of those bases in Puerto Rico.) Another option that is talked about is Guam, which is, at least formally, US territory. But Okinawans who see themselves as a colonized people see Guam’s Chamorros as another colonized people, and argue that it would be far better to send the base to Okinawa’s original colonizer, Japan.
When the Japs get something into their head, change might just about occur. I think very highly of their staying power.

Anonymous said...

A short list of the nearer my God to thee bankers:
Lloyd Blankfein: Chairman & CEO of Goldman Sachs
Stephen Roach: Managing Director & Economist of Morgan Stanley
Martin Feldstein: Director of American International Group (AIG)
Alan Fishman: CEO of Washington Mutual (WaMu)

and not one of them a, how does it go?, saxonic, vatacanic, christianic bastard. Rather they belong to an earlier form of monotheism. We're not seeking to pick a quarrel with our blogmaster, the finest analyst on the political web. Just that he has his vision and we have ours. And long may they live in peaceful co-existence.

Anonymous said...

The Economics of Wishful Thinking and Gold
The danger for policymakers today is that, again, financial markets are offering not much more than wishful thinking. Indeed, disappointed with the absence of any effect on money-supply growth, the Bank of England is engaged in its own wishful thinking, arguing that the best way of gauging the impact of its quantitative easing programme is via the performance of financial assets – a claim which could easily go wrong given the fickle nature of investors.
The unfortunate reality is that unconventional policies are unconventional because no one really understands how they work. Whisper it quietly, but these policies may be no more than the ultimate economic placebo. Placebos can, of course, work wonders, but their best work is in the mind. Our central bankers are re-inventing themselves for a "new age" economy. They are no longer economic scientists but, instead, mystics who are hoping to persuade the rest of us of their miraculous powers.
If we return to a straight-line economy, central bankers' mystique will be justified. If, however, we're in a bungee world, their mystique will slowly be undermined. I suspect the costs will be seen mostly in increased currency volatility. Those central banks which have engaged in unconventional "funny money" policies need to see sustained results. If those results fail to materialise, we'll be left with weak economies and a broken printing press. The strength of the gold price in recent months suggests that investors still have their doubts about unconventional policies. They're buying insurance in case of failure. They're right to do so.

Anonymous said...

German foreign minister calls for Afghan withdrawal plan - Europe News - 15.11.09
Berlin - German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle called Sunday for preliminary work over the next four years towards laying down a plan to withdraw German troops from Afghanistan.
Speaking on ZDF television, he said, 'In the life of this parliament, we have to get sufficiently far with the concept of self- sustained security that a perspective for withdrawal comes into view.'

Ever the optimist, Guido. Four years are a long time. Summer 2009 was a bit too early, and perhaps no bad thing for the Stalingrad strategy. How about withdrawal - or rout - by the summer of the coming year?

Anonymous said...

Poiuytr writes for posterity and only by the way for today's avid reader.

Anonymous said...

Russia delays launch of Iranian nuclear power plant - 16.11.09
MOSCOW,(RIA Novosti) - Iran's first nuclear power plant, developed by Russia in Bushehr, will not be launched this year as planned, Russian Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko said on Monday. "We expect major results by the end of the year, but the launch will not take place," Shmatko said citing technical reasons. Shmatko said earlier the $1 billion plant in southern Iran would be launched in 2009.
Russia has frequently delayed the launch of the plant in the Islamic Republic, citing financial or technical problems. Iran is in the center of an international dispute over its nuclear ambitions and subject to UN sanctions. However, Shmatko said that "Russia is committed to its obligations to Iran."
Russia completed nuclear fuel deliveries for Bushehr in January 2009, a process usually carried out six months before the launch of an atomic power plant.

Anonymous said...

"Perfect quotes from the hero-leaders, Ahmedinejad, Chavez, Erdogan"

Erdogan a hero?

Not exactly.

Turkey is a member of NATO and has its troops in Afghanistan. Turkey also helped the USA bomb Iraq throughout the 1990s with its military bases. Turkey wants to join the E.U.

Oh, and let us not forget, Turkey is allies with Israel--despite their recent public bickering.

Anonymous said...

Everything you say is correct, 09:58. Alas, alas. The heroic in Erdogan is that, in spite of all his shackles, he's now begun to make statesman-like noises. After the cheapshot politicians overrunning the west, it makes a big change and sounds heroic (or almost) to our weary ears.

Anonymous said...

Gold ETF Warning, Tungsten Filled Fake Gold Bars /14.11.09)
'Roughly 15 years ago – during the Clinton Administration [think Robert Rubin, Sir Alan Greenspan and Lawrence Summers] – between 1.3 and 1.5 million 400 oz tungsten blanks were allegedly manufactured by a very high-end, sophisticated refiner in the USA [more than 16 Thousand metric tonnes]. Subsequently, 640,000 of these tungsten blanks received their gold plating and WERE shipped to Ft. Knox and remain there to this day. I know folks who have copies of the original shipping docs with dates and exact weights of “tungsten” bars shipped to Ft. Knox.'

Anonymous said...

One thing poiuytr is absolutely right about. The only reality west-dwellers ever recognise is money. Nothing else has ever made any lasting impression on them.

Anonymous said...

An extract below from a recent US-worshipping Brit shill who now has the gall to claim that the biggest risk to world economy is now China.

"President Obama said before going to China this week that Asia can no longer live by shipping goods to Americans already in debt to their ears. "We have reached one of those rare inflection points in history where we have the opportunity to take a different path," he said. Failure to take that path will "put enormous strains" on America's ties to China. Is that a threat?
It is fashionable to talk of America as the supplicant. That misreads the strategic balance. Washington can bring China to its knees at any time by shutting markets. There is no symmetry here. Any move by Beijing to liquidate its holdings of US Treasuries could be neutralized – in extremis – by capital controls. Well-armed sovereign states can do whatever they want.
If provoked, the US has the economic depth to retreat into near autarky (with NAFTA) and retool its industries behind tariff walls – as Britain did in the 1930s under Imperial Preference. In such circumstances, China would collapse. Mao statues would be toppled by street riots.
Mr Hu sounded conciliatory last week. China is taking "vigorous" steps to cut reliance on exports, still 39pc of GDP. "We want to increase people's ability to spend," he said.
Beijing is indeed boosting pensions and extending health insurance to the countryside so that people feel less need to save, but cultural revolutions take time. All we have seen so far are "baby steps", says Morgan Stanley's Stephen Roach."

Anonymous said...

GM says it lost $1.2 billion in third quarter, but says it shows progress. (16.11.09)

Anonymous said...

Moreover, each US soldier in Afghanistan costs 1 million dollars per year. At these prices, if a country does not go broke, when does it?

Anonymous said...

Iran does not need Russia, China does not need Russia. Russia has some amazing people and very promising technology. Unfortunately its leadership is either stupid, short-sightedly opportunistic, corrupt or bought out.
- Why is Sack of Shitsvilli still alive?
- Why are the NATO/EU countries breaking every agreement by parking large vessels in the black sea.
- Why has Russia delayed upgrades on various Syrian armaments (confirmed), S-300 for Iran (speculatively)?
- Why has Russia delivered defective armaments to Algeria?
- Why is Russia still behaving very poorly to China, even after returning a worthless island?
- Iran, China will soon be able to reproduce the technology in the S-300 and mass produce it very cheaply. It will be marketed under another name, will be cheaper than Russia's and will generate MORE demand as it will arrive on time and functional.
- Russia is pathetically behind in Electronics. Iran alone, generates MANY more important papers per year than Russia. Russia needs Iran not the other way around.
- Syria has given Russia its last port to the Mediterranean sea. If Syria feels that it can no longer trust Russia, due to its very poor reputation, this could spell the end of Russia's military influence on Europe.
Russia you are down to you king and pawn. Once you give away your pawn, you can not win, only draw and even then only against a mentally retarded player. What is your next move?

Anonymous said...

The strange thing is that so many people still think of Russia as some kind of saviour. They try to excuse Russian failure to stand by its allies as some kind of political chess game or 'judo move' as they love to go on about how Putin is such a skilled judoku etc and that this somehow translates into political sneakiness. That's just bullshit.
Russia showed her true face in 2008 when having the road to Tblisi wide open. They could have destroyed Shitsvilli, blasted the pipeline, cut off the training camps for Al-CIAda troops to go to Chechnya, ended forever the dreams of the Zionazis in the Caucasus, but THEY DIDN'T!! THEY JUST STOPPED!!! There was nothing, NOTHING that the west could have done to save Shitsvilli, and they wouldn't have imposed any sanctions or anything on Russia, as the Russian leadership would very well have known. Russia had EVERY CARD in that conflict and had a once in a lifetime opportunity to roll back the Zionazis in the area with almost no loss of life. BUT THEY DID NOT!!! Truly, if that doesn't show that they have the interests of the Ziowest at heart, then nothing does!

Anonymous said...

The Russian leadership suffers from the Boris Yeltsin/Gorbachev syndrome.

They think if they kiss enough Western ass, they will be allowed to join the Western Club.

This is pure insanity.

The West does not respect this kind of cowardly pandering. It respects only strength.

Russian elites need to get that through their head.

poiuytr said...

7:02 -- zionist bankers

Banksters isn't the only evil faction of west HOWEVER! You conveniently forget the butchers, the child rapists, the war fiends. Without listing useless names for days on end, the war bastards and west leaders including the very blond blue-eyed troops ARE predominantly vaticanian, saxonic, freckly bastards to a man, just like their very royal holy roman empire top.

Now, you can wail about the west bank looters like Celente and the rest of the west wallet-obsessed lot, but compared to raping a child, torturing a child, razing a single house, the entire theft of the whole of the west cesspit is immaterial and laughable.

Only a fiend would seek a difference twixt the hitman and the one that finances the hit. It's all the same and requires no further analysis. West is THE disease, from top down to the cubicle squatting BBCNN sewage grazing scum.

The only reason words like saxonic and christianic enter NBNs is to counterstrike the west anti-islam and anti-non-white war west-god-based evil.


9:58 -- Erdogan/Turkey

This is NO defence of Erdogan or current Turkey diplomacy, but Turkey's behaviour, past or present, isn't just down to him.

In general, I agree though with the sentiment -- if I'm reading you right.

It's very difficult to try choosing heroes. There don't seem to be any. Certainly none in west and one would be hard pressed to find any among the leaders of the Freeworld. The untangling of the west cesspit octopus is hard. It's left lots of tentacles in nearly all governances around the world. A few yrs ago, the planet's rich were interlinked with west and namely USA enabling west anti-civilian policies to be carried out throughout the planet.

The interesting stuff that NBN tries highlighting is the destruction -- systematic, orchestrated, and brilliant destruction of the west, its proxy arms, and directly with exploding its dollar monopoly econs.

For example, look at Japan. Since the 1945 nuking, it's been a right slag of USA slaving for the obese baboon in factories producing toys for the gringos and enabling Warshington policy in the region. In 2008, the opposition revealed Bush II/Blair war on terror to be "terror war on the world". Today, they've somewhat expunged the Bush II clowns and are at top attempting some headway to liberation from the Warshington policies. Of course, it's down to cash again, not heroism in Tokyo. But the change is there. And perhaps emboldened by the anti-USA rhetoric of the top, albeit quite meek perhaps, the commoner's rising with placards against the USA rape as well.

The change is everywhere. People across the Freeworld, perhaps with very different reasons, are rising against the west beast. So far, the uprisings and liberations from the west claws are contained to erstwhile west victims, but there are those whose might and strength has crossed their own borders and who are enacting anti-west policies on int'l scale.

In general, there seems to be an ongoing expectations -- especially among the west readership -- of some


20:29 -- Comrade Obama advising China

Considering that USA devised a military attack plan in the 50s to physically rape China; has been launching trade wars on China and endless currency fixing complains to stifle China's econ in the last 2 decades; and devised and launched a war in 2001 to carve China physically away from Central Asian and Iranian oil and gas pumps, comrade Obama's "advice" to China is beyond laughable.

It's like a rapist advising his victims to floss regularly.

All things west are absurd, preposterous, 100% deceit, disgusting, and bile-raising.

No part of west shares so much as a shred of semblance with humanity. No part of west has ever produced a single one thing that's beneficial to mankind. No part of west has ever done a single deed that could be considered laudable by simple moral measure. West is THE disease!

And now they've taken it upon themselves to distribute econ advise.

poiuytr said...

15:10 -- When does USA go broke?

It is broke. We're seeing it slide down the bog every day now. The trends are accelerating in every respect and on every level.

3 short yrs ago, the dollar monopoly was intact and all the money printing was fine. USA had no real debt and endless supply of dollars. Today, USA has debt and outlay of 95+T if it wants to continue on. It's got hyperinflation of 30% or probably better. It's prolapsed 18M baboons in the last 2 yrs due to going broke and it's adding to this unemployed/homeless lot every day. It's got no functional industries. It's lost mfg and is about to lose construction.

This isn't just USA, of course. It's the entire west.

The reason the west capitalist paradise is still making the pretense of standing is cuz there's still cash and property to be rinsed out of its baboon populace.

As I type this, personal baboon property and cash is being squeezed out of USA baboons and EUnuchs as well. So long as there's middle class around west, the trend of west war junta asset consolidation will go on.

But these are matters of months these days and the west prolapse is irreversible without west winning WWIII somehow, which is what they're desperately trying and will keep trying with all of their psycho anti-children arsenal like bio terror, HAARP, food supply poisonings, provoking civil strife around the world via false ops, direct DU assault on regions and continents, toxic waste dumping, and who knows what else.


18:45 -- Russia

None of this, again, is meant as defence of Russia. Just like Erdogan, Russia needs no defence.

> Iran does not need Russia, China does not need Russia. Russia has

I think that's true today. But the sole reason that this is true is down to Russia. A decade ago, Iran couldn't touch EUnuchs. Today, it will bring war to the saxonic ubermensch if attacked. Iran has subs patrolling probably the west oil routes complicating the long planned war on it and satellites with which it oogles the baboon armies. The subs and satellite tech is Russian, as well as missiles and other thingies. Same goes for China. And Venezuela.

The entire Freeworld has been armed by Russia and thus removed from the potential west victim list.

> - Why is Sack of Shitsvilli still alive?

He's a dead entity. He's lost territory and Georgia's econ. Impotent neighbour is the ideal. If Shitsvilli, as you aptly say, was removed by Russian force, he'd be replaced by another shitsvilli or Russia would have to supply its own proxy.

As you know, proxy is the game of west, but it's not all that effective. It creates Hussein's and Hitlers. While cash and resource draining they are unreliable. Governing through a proxy is as hard as governing by force both facing constant rebellion and both being a drain on the imperial coffers. These subjugation challenges go back to Roman Empire.

Incidentally, German fiends in WWII faced the same problems in governing occupied territory. They actually had a governance set up and ready to move in Moscow by Sep 1941 but there was the small issue of "rebellion" by the Red Army. Even if Germans had succeeded in 1941 conquering Moscow, they would have been crushed a year later or year after that.

So in short, neighbour that's impotent is far better than one you have to keep calling cops on all the time to keep in line.

poiuytr said...

15:10 -- Pt2

> Why are the NATO/EU countries breaking every agreement by parking large vessels in the black sea.

Great questions, BTW! I ask them as well and my impatience is running high over the west war crimes too.

But it's gotta be remembered that in the 90s, very recently, west owned EVERYTHING including Russia. It had a cash monopoly and couldn't print cash fast enough. It went from that to what we're seeing and jubilating today: totally prolapsed laughable meth skank with missing teeth. West decay and ultimately its terminal prolapse is not a matter of accident but the result of a very brilliantly orchestrated counterstrike led by Moscow. I hope, if I get this together, you will read my book on this. Your questions, which are reflective of general opinion and view, absolutely require this is somehow explained: that west's end is not an accident and that we're very much in some degree of WWIII.

Now, it would be probably easy to attack west directly but only for minutes or seconds. West is a psychopathic child murdering vermin, on all levels, in all aspects, and as such it will destroy the planet. In fact, west is doing it anyway for it cannot accept No West Order.

So disabling and bringing this saxonic scourge that's been raping the planet in the most beastly manner for 2000 yrs is a matter of very delicate war.

The war with west that's brought it to its knees and will bloodlet it to its ultimate demise is a war of flanking manoeuvres, of partisan warfare -- never a direct confrontation.

If west shows off muscles in Black Sea, it would be foolish to confront it. It's far more effective to rip off one of its tentacles in Afghanistan or do a Nigeria delta takeover. While the west beast is focused on "winning" the latest Iran S300 missile delivery from Moscow, it's better to arm Venezuela or squat oil in Cuba. While west is focused on surging Helmand, it's better to let it and carve off Libya's oil from the west wetdreams. And on and on.

Had Russia or China or anyone else been decisively stronger than west at any point in time, there'd be no west to debate today. What we're jubilating today is the equalisation of strength castrating the west child murderer, Freeworld polarisation, and terminal west econ crush.

Remember, the west parasite attacks children with fighter jets and cluster bombs always seeking 10X or better advantage in all its evil endeavours. Instead of marching against west tanks armed with rocks, it's better to lie around the Stalingrad ruins and sniper the west beast slice by slice.

And what's far more clever than this is never explain it, never mention it, never discuss it, never even hint at it -- which brings us to the ongoing Russian flip-flopping which drives, especially west readership, batty.

Thanks to headline and ForeignMinistry releases, the west beast has not even figured out the lesson of Stalingrad much less Helmand and as such shall keep walking its once limitless legions of child murdering christianic lunatics into fire till the very last baboon.

> Why has Russia delayed upgrades on various Syrian armaments (confirmed), S-300 for Iran (speculatively)?
> Why has Russia delivered defective armaments to Algeria?

This is the patent media warfare with west touched on just above. It's impossible to track Russian armament of anyone from headlines. Headlines and statements of the foreign ministry are there ONLY and SQUARELY to flummox the west monkey brain.

> Why is Russia still behaving very poorly to China, even after returning a worthless island?

How so? ASEAN market is alive and well due to giant participation and orchestration by Moscow.

poiuytr said...

15:10 -- Pt3

> - Iran, China will soon be able to reproduce the technology in the S-300 and mass produce it very cheaply. It will be marketed under

Of course! It's already happened. China proliferated VERA radar technology, which revealed the USA "stealth" batmobile to this passive radar BEFORE the garbage plane's maiden flight. China test-disabled USA satellites with primitive cheap laser tech several yrs ago. And on on.

> Russia is pathetically behind in Electronics. Iran alone, generates MANY more important papers per year than Russia. Russia needs Iran not the other way around.

Generating white paper -- though I'm taking no shots whatever at Tehran tech know-how -- is not akin to tech leadership. Russian fighters, subs, booster rockets remain superior to all techs. If we're comparing tree-destruction and white-paper blither production, the west maniac is the easy winner there.

> Syria has given Russia its last port to the Mediterranean sea. If Syria feels that it can no longer trust Russia, due to its very poor reputation, this could spell the end of Russia's military influence on Europe.

Russia's control of EUnuchs is down to a few gas taps these days, soon to be augmented by more precise market control via NordStream and SouthStream lines. Militarily, a single sub maintains EUnuchs in permanent check position.

In general, the sole credit for our being alive today goes to Russia. Russia stopped the west vermin in 1945 and liberated the planet from NWO plans then. It's done the same thing today with the exception of not losing a single drop of blood up till now.

The planet owes Russia for being alive. Had there been no Russia, Syria, Lebanon would have been Iraq today. Had there been no Russia, the entire SouthAm would have remained gringo's coke-growing and pedophile vacation garden.

The entire west prolapse is all thanks to Russia. Only a west-loving freak would be angry with the fantastic and brilliant results NBN tries bringing forth for wall-to-wall jubilation.

Anonymous said...

Argentina's Kirchner rejects pressure on her friendship with Chávez
Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the Argentinean President, said in the presence of Israeli President Shimon Peres, that Argentina "does not let anyone to choose its friends," referring to her country's relations with the Venezuelan government.

Argentina "has a profound respect for the way all the countries handle the destiny of their policies, not only in South America, but around the world," Fernández said in response to a question about Argentina's relations with the government of Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez, during a press conference with Peres, Efe reported.

"Argentina does not let anyone to choose its friends, and Argentina does not seek to choose the friends of any country. We strongly believe in the self-determination of each society, expressed through its elected officials," she said.

Anonymous said...

80 IQ ya right ... try 139 nonetheless freaks let me ask a question? What are peoples opinions as to why their is actually terrorism and suicide attacks.... I understand the overall goal to kill someone different than you, but an attack most likely only angers the opposition which in turn rallies its forces and attacks harder, i would assume at least. So is the goal to force someone or some force out, just send a message, disrupt the lives of those attacks?? I just dont get it. if they don't like our freedom why don't they come to come to our country?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you nut jobs love people like Chavez and that freak from Iran I can't even say his stupid name. Chavez is the Kim Jong Il of the Southern Hemisphere. The only reason anyone pays any attention to him is because morons like Danny Glover shamelessly kiss his ass. And btw his buddy Castro is fucking satan incarnate but you have to decipher through the medias left wing propaganda bullshit that is constantly reported to know better. I do agree with one thing we need a new president.

Anonymous said...

Anopther thing that makres me sick is how you looney lefties or commie prick or terrorist nuthuggers like to post pics of bomb victim...if you can't differentiate delibrately targeting civilian targets in a terrorist attack (ie 9/11, London, Madrid, Suicide bombers i.e Hezbollah and so forth) and civilian deaths that happen as a result of war despite efforts by the US and allies to avoid them (civilian deaths are an unfortunate reality of war), then I think you people are hopeless.

Anonymous said...

I thought the whole world hated us? Chew on this homos:

Millions worldwide would like to switch countries: study

Millions worldwide would like to switch countries: study AFP/Getty Images/File – More than 2,700 people are sworn in as US citizens during naturalization ceremonies in April 2009 in …
Tue Nov 3, 2:00 pm ET

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Some 700 million people worldwide, or more than all the adults of North and South America combined, think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence and want to permanently move to another country, a poll showed Tuesday.

Residents of sub-Saharan African countries were the most likely to want to move abroad permanently, the polls conducted in 135 countries between 2007 and this year by Gallup showed.

On average, 38 percent of the adult population in sub-Saharan Africa, or around 165 million people, said they would up stakes and head for another country if they had the chance.

The most popular destination was the United States, where nearly a quarter of the 700 million -- around 165 million people -- said they would like to settle.

In joint second were Britain, Canada and France, each being named as the preferred destination of around 45 million people.

Thirty-five million said they would go to Spain, 30 million to Saudi Arabia, and 25 million each to Australia or Germany.

The least likely to want to emigrate were Asians -- only one in 10 Asian adults said they would move to another country.

Nearly 260,000 people aged 15 years and older were surveyed, either by phone or face-to-face, for the poll, which has a margin of error of around five percent.


poiuytr said...

1:57 -- Argentina not impressed with Israeli hate mongering tour

It's unfathomable that comrade Obama and Israel is flying around dictating how to live. It's the biggest farce since the comrade's nobel nonsense. Well, all things west are 100% excrement.



Looks like a baboon has found this site and is littering it with its americunt trash. We may purge the plague by a few zaps but ultimately this may require a logon. Not my fault! As you know, the yank dick-clipped disease is everywhere with its badly misspelled monkey thoughts.

poiuytr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
poiuytr said...

Fun bits:

UK's 200B GBP quantitative inflation of the drizzly island is now rued for it has done nothing for the prolapse whatever. The mountains of hastily printed cash have vanished in someone wallet. This is truly priceless. Perhaps, Loondon will print another batch. What's a hundred billion among friends?

USA, with its 37M on food stamps, which is a record, has 50-60M actively hungry now, which is another record. That's 1 in 6 or better baboons with food supply problems today. Big and special cheers to that! Nowhere to sleep, nothing to eat! Let's hope for lots of snow so at least the baboon cretins can go rump sliding.

Anonymous said...

To the cretinous Yank:

You write that " btw his buddy Castro is fucking satan incarnate"

The world regards you Amerikkkans and your filthy, nasty degenerate Amerikkka as Satan incarnate.

poiuytr said...

6:09 -- Just tell me when you want the bastard's commentary zapped. On the other hand its animal conduct does clearly demonstrate the true psychotic disease the west miscreant is.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr; I love it; just discovered after
numerous attemts to spell your name; all the letters are on the top row.
poiuytr lol I can do it in less than a second LOL

Anonymous said...

Personal to poiuytr: 06:25, I beg, and on bended knee at that, that you do not start the zapping disease again. Not now, not ever. Worse than the swine plague, man. For the sake of the message, which is Pacific-profound, trust us on this one. We are your day-one followers, have never faltered in support. Ask James. The "purity of the blog" does not matter, its liveliness does. As long as you are not personally insulted, let everyone have his say. Someone calls Castro "satan incarnate", what the hell do we care? We know Castro as well as we know are own right hands, as we know Russia, China and the rest of the rising Freeworld. Poiuytr, tolerance is the name of the game. No sham west-style tolerance, but the genuine Freeworld thing. OK, I've had my say. Let us come and go in peace as we've done so far. A good fight on NBN is better than moving in and out of the morgue. All the best, Personal

Anonymous said...

GM upbeat in spite of $1.2bn loss
America's biggest car manufacturer claims 'solid foundations' are being laid after reporting huge deficit
I love this joker-loser one, that's why it's being repeated once more. I think if there's still a job going at GM (which I doubt), I might just about apply for it. A laugh a day company, that's what GM is now.

Anonymous said...

Poiuytr, you want to zap? Go ahead. But how are you better then than Obama and all the others with their constant threats of curtailing freedom and shutting down the internet? And while we're on the subject, get back informatron as well. You'll win our gratitude. He was priceless. We all benefitted from his smiling, lively presence.

Anonymous said...

Winter crisis could have GB 'run out of gas in hours'
If its storage facilities are full, the UK has enough gas supplies for about 16 days, based on average demand. France's storage capacity would last a maximum of 91 days and Germany's 73 days.
But National Grid has told energy companies that they only need to fill tanks by a minimum of 2.3% this winter. If all gas imports to the UK ground to a halt, for example if Gazprom turned off supplies to Europe, and supplies from the North Sea were disrupted, this amount would keep the country's households and businesses supplied for just six hours on a cold day.

Anonymous said...

The countdown towards Britain’s exit from the war in Afghanistan could start as early as next year, Gordon Brown told a City audience last night. (17.11.09)
He announced that a summit of Nato allies in London in January would set a process for transferring to full Afghan control district by district, and “if at all possible set a timetable for transfer starting in 2010”.
Although No 10 insisted that it would not be an “exit summit”, the inclusion of the 2010 date was clearly designed to assure an increasingly sceptical British public that the Afghan mission was not indefinite. Next year is also election year in Britain.

Anonymous said...

07:29 - Pilot, if you're the Pilot I know from a neighbouring site, then heartily welcome, and I wish you much joy of this one.

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, you scare us beyond measure. What if you'd had the nuclear button in your grasp, where would we all be now, do you think? As for Yank, aren't you relieved to learn he doesn't have only an 80 IQ, but something much, much higher? Surely his occasional outburst on this site is not so bad? You don't even have to read it, if it makes you sick as it does us. But at least let the chap breathe and us along with him.

Anonymous said...

Thouroghly enjoy NbN poiuytr .07seconds{lol}
Still dig Deep Purple "child in time'
ieaaaaaoww ouch.
lol my beards getting grey

Anonymous said...

BeacuseI think that the EU is a fascist union
and non democratic, I think that most of the ills of the world are in the foreign policies of the US government prisoner of Israhell, I think that there is a plot to enslave every human on the face of the earth, I think that there is a plot to reduce the population of the world by pestilence, bio-engineered diseases, staged wars and economic disasters, am I a terrorist to be placed on that infamous list of 500 million terrorists held by the US govt in conjunction with EU? No, no way. I'm simply among the last of the thinking men still remaining on the planet.

Anonymous said...

To the Yank Skank:

Of course, people in sub-Saharan Africa would like to move America. America is wealthier than those nations.

The question you don't have the balls to ask is how America got its wealth?

America got its wealth through the rape and pillage of the world--like sub-Saharan Africa.

And here is how America treats new immigrants to the USA. It is quite a rude shock to those who believe the Hollywood version of the "Land of the Free"

Anonymous said...

Cobalt is essential to our military industries’ ability to manufacture the modern weapons of war. So, the Congo War, a.k.a. the African holocaust, is a war for the sake of war itself. Even the complicit United Nations reports that the Congo War is the most lethal war in the world today, with the highest death toll since World War II, though the U.N. does so primarily to fundraise for ineffective mega-U.N. charities like UNESCO, UNICEF and the UNHCR. It has never censured the United States or any other imperial power for arming, advising and ultimately controlling myriad armies and militias in DR Congo.
Many Americans who supported Barack Obama had hoped for a de-escalation of the war, the perpetual, post-09/11 War on Terror, in Iraq, Gaza, Afghanistan and Pakistan and even the covert U.S. war in DR Congo, the war for the sake of war itself. And many are now shocked by Obama’s decision to leave 50,000 troops in Iraq, to send 17,000 more to Afghanistan, to bomb Pakistani insurgents and to stand behind Israel, no matter how mercilessly it bombs Gaza. And, to hike the U.S. military budget by 4 percent in 2010, startling even Robert Gates, Bush’s former defense secretary, who is now Barack Obama’s.

Pillage on an unending scale and then they smirk that Africans wish to go to US! Shameless bastards!

Anonymous said...

RE: the thinking man on the planet, they've become so rare, they're classified along with the dinosaur and the dodo.

Anonymous said...

No.1 Mexico, No.2 India, No.3 China
When it comes to global manufacturing, Mexico is quickly emerging as the “new” China. According to corporate consultant AlixPartners, Mexico has leapfrogged China to be ranked as the cheapest country in the world for companies looking to manufacture products for the U.S. market. India is now No. 2, followed by China and then Brazil.
In fact, Mexico’s cost advantages and has become so cheap that even Chinese companies are moving there to capitalize on the trade advantages that come from geographic proximity. The influx of Chinese manufacturers began early in the decade, as China-based firms in the cellular telephone, television, textile and automobile sectors began to establish maquiladora operations in Mexico. By 2005, there were 20-25 Chinese manufacturers operating in such Mexican states Chihuahua, Tamaulipas and Baja.
The investments were generally small, but the operations had managed to create nearly 4,000 jobs, Enrique Castro Septien, president of the Consejo Nacional de la Industria Maquiladora de Exportacion (CNIME), told the SourceMex news portal in a 2005 interview. China’s push into Mexico became more concentrated, with China-based automakers Zhongxing Automobile Co., First Automotive Works (in partnership with Mexican retail/media heavyweight Grupo Salinas), Geely Automobile Holdings (PINK: GELYF) and ChangAn Automobile Group Co. Ltd. (the Chinese partner of Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) and Suzuki Motor Corp.), all announced plans to place automaking factories in Mexico.
Mexico’s allure as a production site that can serve the U.S. market isn’t limited to China-based suitors. U.S. companies are increasingly realizing that Mexico is a better option than China. Analysts are calling it “nearshoring” or “reverse globalization.” But the reality is this: With wages on the rise in China, ongoing worries about whipsaw energy and commodity prices, and a dollar-yuan relationship that’s destined to get much uglier before it has a chance of improving, manufacturers have come to prefer Mexico as place of production.

Anonymous said...

What's a matter Poiuytr or whatever your name is want to "zap" me for having an opinion that contradicts you and your followers? As far as I can tell you people have a lot to thank us for.

1. Entertainment
The movies the world watches, the television shows they tune into, and the music they listen to are, for the most part, produced in the United States. For instance, the U.S. exports more than 25 times the number of movies and television shows than it consumes from abroad, a fact that causes Ben Wattenberg to observe quite correctly that America is "the most culturally potent nation in the world." Even the virulent America-hater the ex-Saddam Hussein reportedly spends a good portion of his time watching American-made movies such as The Godfather and Enemy of the State.

2. Immigration
During the hundred years ending in the 1920s, a majority of the world's immigrants came to one lone country: the United States. Today, the U.S. takes in more immigrants than at any point in its history. Yet, the Left portrays America as a bastion of xenophobia and bigotry. Alexander Hamilton (the first Secretary of the Treasury), John Jacob Astor (America's first multimillionaire), Alexander Graham Bell (invented the telephone), Louis B. Mayer (Hollywood pioneer), Selman Waksman (cured tuberculosis), and Ralph Baer (invented the video game) are among the immigrants to America whose lives belie the Left's premise. Just as those who complain about "oppression" in the U.S. would never entertain the idea of living anywhere else, the people around the world we allegedly oppress flock to come here. This contradiction between leftist theory and real-world practice illustrates just how delusional the central tenets of leftist thought really are.

3. Technology
Nothing disproves the Leftist mantra that "all cultures are equal" more than technology does. Americans have given the world motion pictures, the telephone, the television, the computer, the Internet, the airplane, the VCR, and a host of other machines and devices that have vastly improved the quality of life on the planet. Ironically, the terrorists who hate the U.S. give America a tacit endorsement every time they turn on a light, escape the heat through air conditioning, monitor their exploits on television or the internet, or communicate via telephone.

4. Creating Wealth
America is the sun around which the world economy revolves. The typical creator of wealth in the world is an American. Foreigners benefit from buying better products from American companies and working better jobs manufacturing such products. Take America's $9 trillion dollar economy out of the picture, and the economic well being of the rest of the world nose-dives.

Anonymous said...

5. Generosity
With great wealth comes great generosity. In 2000, Americans gave more than $200 billion in charity, dwarfing the amount donated elsewhere. Since World War II, the U.S. government has given well in excess of $500 billion (not adjusted for inflation) in foreign aid. Last year, our government distributed more than $20 billion to 130 countries. While American taxpayers have a right to gripe, what are we to make of foreign beneficiaries who return our favor by burning U.S. flags and chanting "death to America"?

6. Human Achievement
Americans have stretched the bounds of the possible. The first transatlantic flight, putting a man on the moon, breaking the speed of sound, constructing the Hoover Dam, and building the Panama Canal serve as testimony to American courage and ingenuity. It wasn't Danes or Bolivians or Iranians or Koreans who achieved these feats. It was Americans. This is significant.

7. Enlightened Power
The Soviet Empire ruled over Eastern Europe. The Ottoman Empire claimed dominion over vast stretches of the Islamic world. The Empire of the Sun sought dominion over the Orient. The American Empire rules...only Americans. America is an historical curiosity. It is the most powerful country in the world, yet it eschews imperialism. Instead, it has used its military might to liberate. Nazi Germany, North Korea, Soviet Russia, Hussein's Iraq, and Communist Vietnam are among the nefarious states we sought to prevent from increasing their totalitarian control over others. The world is a better place because America, and not some other country, is the sole superpower.

8. Medicine
Will Nigerian doctors make the blind see? Will Cambodians cure AIDS? Will Pakistanis eradicate cancer? The answer is probably not. Why? The reason is that non-Westerners have had no discernable impact on modern medicine. This year, like 45 of the last 60, an American won a share of the Nobel Prize in the field of medicine. Americans cured polio and tuberculosis, developed vaccines for hepatitis B and yellow fever, pioneered modern chemotherapy, and produced the CAT scan and MRI. What's there to hate about that?

9. Democracy
Leftists harp that American democracy is tainted because not everyone possessed the right to vote at the Founding. Denial of the vote in the 18th century, however, was universal. What made America unique was not that some people could not vote, but that anybody could. More than 215 years after the Constitutional Convention, most people on the planet still do not have a right to vote. Every Arab country, more than three-fourths of African nations, and many of the most populous nations in the Orient still deny their citizens the right to choose their own leaders. Despite the continued rejection by many foreign leaders, the ideals of the American Founding became contagious. Our example served to topple regimes far from our shores. Pro-democracy activists don't quote the founding documents of Saudi Arabia or appropriate the cultural symbols of China. They cite passages from the Declaration of Independence and hoist replicas of the Statue of Liberty.

10. Freedom
America has shined as a beacon of freedom in an unfree world for more than two centuries. To this day, for instance, most people living outside our borders reside in countries where the private practice of broadcast journalism is illegal and where the state is the dominant banker. Americans can say anything they want, worship any god they choose, and associate with any motley crew around. Our legacy is not slave chains, Wounded Knee, and the murder of James Byrd, but American GIs liberating a Nazi death camp, an immigrant's first glance of lady liberty's torch, and Ronald Reagan exhorting the Soviet's to tear down the Berlin Wall. If nothing else, America means freedom.

What country in the history of the world boasts such an impressive record of bettering the lot of all of humanity? The answer is no country. "Americans need to face the truth about themselves," Jeane Kirkpatrick once remarked, "no matter how pleasant it is."

Anonymous said...

Thank you, poiuytr. I don't quite understand what's happening. Zapped comments are back, others have gone. Whatever, thanks. And pay no attention whatsoever to best-day-80 Yank. I read a few lines - it's called intellectual honesty, taught once long ago when universities were still universities - and then skip. You won't regret this. Poiuytr, you're the Greatest!

Anonymous said...

Analysts: US capitalism on verge of collapse
Tue, 17 Nov 2009 (Press TV)
The privately owned US Federal Reserve
The declining state of the US economy has convinced a growing number of American analysts that the US capitalist financial system is doomed to disintegrate.
Citing the works of other leading economists such as Jack Bogle and Marc Faber, Market Watch commentator Paul B. Farrell gives 20 reasons, in a recent article, why the "American capitalism has lost its soul" and will.
Farrell points to Faber's Doom, Boom and Gloom Report and asserts that the economist is warning of the fall of "the entire system of capitalism."
"The future will be a total disaster, with a collapse of our capitalistic system as we know it today," Farrell adds, quoting the report. "Get it? The engine driving the great 'American Economic Empire' for 233 years will collapse, a total disaster, a destiny we created."
He writes that based on Faber's predictions, capitalism, which has been the driving engine of America and global economies for over two hundred years, will collapse and, consequently, trigger global "wars, massive government-debt defaults, and the impoverishment of large segments of western society."

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, oh, yes! "impoverishment of large segments of western society"! Exactly what NBN's crystal ball regularly offers for our contemplation.

Anonymous said...

FINANCE - UK inflation jumps to 1.5pc
Cost of living in Britain rises for first time in eight months.

There we have it, the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth.

Anonymous said...

And yet the US Government can spend trillions of your dollars on war and Wall Street and Israel.
When do you get angry, America?
How many children have to starve? How many children have to be tortured? How many of you must lose their homes and wander the icy streets this winter before you accept that this government has failed and is simply looting the populace to benefit themselves and their cronies?
When do you get angry, America?

Never, because that place is full of baboons like our tame Yank Shank who's mistakenly wandered onto our shores.

Anonymous said...

The movies the world watches, the television shows they tune into, and the music they listen to are, for the most part, produced in the United States. For instance, the U.S. exports more than 25 times the number of movies and television shows than it consumes from abroad, a fact that causes Ben Wattenberg to observe quite correctly that America is "the most culturally potent nation in the world." Even the virulent America-hater the ex-Saddam Hussein reportedly spends a good portion of his time watching American-made movies such as The Godfather and Enemy of the State."

America has also given the world such cultural treasures as Girls Gone Wild, Brittney Spears, and the Balloon Boy hoax.

America as the most culturally potent nation in the world?

America=Hollywood meeets the Third Reich.

poiuytr said...


8:10 -- The "purity of the blog" does not matter, its liveliness does.

There's a point to it all. At some point the spam will destroy both purity and liveliness.

>Someone calls Castro "satan incarnate", what the hell do we care?

True. However, the USA monkey calls everyone that, spreading violence, hatred, like his betters as the diseased lot flies around the world in hope to incite wars and genocides. I have no interest whatsoever moderating anything. On the other hand, I have no interest wading through the animal's filth. If I wanted that, I'd be reading west media mindrape. If you wanna engage with these USA bastards, go to youtube.

But let's give him a go for a bit.

> know Russia, China and the rest of the rising Freeworld. Poiuytr, tolerance is the name of the game.

Au contraire! Tolerance MUST be avoided!

They murder children. They torture children. They laugh about it.

And you're asking for "tolerance". Can you explain?

Murderers and this abject disease must be treated exactly as such. It deserves no mercy whatever, on any level. Dismantling of the west disease must be done in the most diligent manner, unlike in 1945, or the scum will hide and regroup for another world assault in a few years.

Asking for tolerance or debate with this parasitic filth crosses all lines of common courtesy and reason.

8:43 -- But how are you better then than Obama and all the others with their constant threats of curtailing freedom and shutting down the internet?

Better than comrade Obama? You jest surely! In his short reign, he's murdered thousands of children. If I zapped the whole damn site, it's nowhere near comparable. Please, stop making big deals out of smacking a disgusting yank bitch out of the site.

This NBN thing, if there is a point at all, is about JUBILATING the demise of this very ugly USA child-murdering parasite -- not about engaging the filth or give it a platform to spew its barfs.

Nothing's stopping from registering your own blog and inviting the child murderers for a chitchat. But don't ask me to share your pro-USA lifeform enthusiasm.

In sum, it's very simple: NBN is not allowed on west mainstream. West mindrape is not allowed on NBN.

> And while we're on the subject, get back informatron as well.

While we're on the subject, with respect bugger off with your commands. Informatron can do whatever he wishes: posting comments, sending articles in, or staying clear. As you know, NBN posted his article recently.


9:04 -- Brit running out of gas

How lovely! Absolutely priceless. Let's just hope Ukraine siphons.

The numbers they post are rubbish! If there is a gas shut off, the filled containers these revolting saxon nations claim aren't going to the baboons, but to ONLY preferred elite concerns. In reality, the west baboon is out of gas instantly. Let's raise a glass to that and hope the shut off comes on a particularly cold day in the EUnuchia.

poiuytr said...

11:46 -- West beast pillage

Great write. We oughtta compile the pillage case, although that's impossible for it's endless.


15:43 -- to the americunt

I'll zap you cuz I can't stand your constant repetition of the few curse words you picked up from your gorilla father with which he addressed your red-rumped mum, when the drunk returned to your hovel and found her, as usual, on her fours pleasuring the sailors from down the docks. Your "opinions" and "views" will have no bearing on it.

If you wanna talk without your innate USA vulgarities, fine. I'll be happy to have a go with you on any subject of your own choosing. But carry on the way you have and be zapped. It's that simple.

In case you do wanna talk...

Spare me the nonsense you're prattling here about USA movies, for they're ALL stolen little pathetic dummified remakes, and give me 3 laudable things about USA, the judeochristianic dick-clipped cesspit.

OK, just 2 then. Alright, just give me 1 single thing you think USA did/created/made for the benefit of the planet/mankind. Just one!


16:09 -- Zapped comments?

Which zapped comments? No comments have been zapped safe for my own in the last thread.

poiuytr said...

16:56 -- 50M Hungry baboons

Yes, at last back to the wonderful prolapse of the vampire. What a great #, isn't it?

Who would ever think a few years ago that the nuking of the dollar monopoly of 2006 would produce such brilliant and beautiful results in such a short time. That's 1 in every 6 baboons with a growling stomach now. Lovely! Only 37M of them are on food rations (if there is a 100% overlap, which there won't be but...), which means 10M or very likely better are reduced now to trashbin diving for their family suppers! How absolutely beautiful!

There is no need to take direct shots at west.

Many complain and see no reason why Russia has not dealt with the vermin thusfar but here you have it! It doesn't need to.

Not a single drop of Russian blood's been wasted and west is prolapsing into hell on its own. All it needed to do was to zap its currency printers. The rest became academic.

It's unclear how and when the west idyll will disappear for it's no longer running along some crafty NWO programme, but under the duress of increasing chaos. Plus there remains the matter of active WWIII and clear evidence emerges that the west beast is angling for exactly that.

But the results of Russia's counteroffensive are clear and conclusive: west is in its terminal prolapse. Uncork them bottles you've kept for a special occasion. No song is sweeter than 50M gringo stomachs growling in pain of hunger. Big cheers to that! Let jubilation reign for hunger has sunken its fangs into the west cesspit at last.


(this reminds me)
??:?? -- Someone said (either this thread or the previous one) that "RUSSIA ISN'T A SAVIOUR".

Agreement! Russia's not here to save baboons, to punish them, to bleed on behalf of anyone else. Russia's here to save itself, nothing else, which includes stopping the west beast and taking over parts of the baboonarium following the west prolapse -- a debate on this is already underway with the other west creditors.

However, one of the most important byproducts of Russia's brilliant counteroffensive, and the very reason why Moscow's game must be jubilated, enumerated, and itemised in NBNs is that: by having stopped the west murderer dead in its tracks in the first two nations it's assaulted since 911, there's the small fact that we're still all alive -- perhaps in varying degrees -- but alive!

Had Russia remained conquered in the 90s by the west rapists, there'd be no power on the planet to stop the 21st century NWO planet crusade and half the planet would have been murdered by now and the rest enslaved.

Regardless where you reside, your very life is owed to Russia's might, strength, guile, intel, and the symphonic-like orchestration of this perhaps greatest defensive ever in history of this planet.

Anonymous said...

"OK, just 2 then. Alright, just give me 1 single thing you think USA did/created/made for the benefit of the planet/mankind. Just one!"

1). The Salad Shooter. What a remarkable contraption that has benefitted all of humanity--thanks to good old Yankee ingenuity!

2). Internet porn. Another great contribution to human civilization, courtesy of ... you guessed it ... America!

Anonymous said...

Over 1.2 billion people suffering from hunger: The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has declared that over 1.2 billion people across the globe are starving. This is the face of the silent war.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant stuff above, poiuytr and 02:24. At least the unexpected appearance of that Americunt energised the site. My favourite sentence above: "there's the small fact that we're still all alive -- perhaps in varying degrees -- but alive!" Yes, poiuytr, still alive. And as for the degree - look: the suffering or dying in the active war zones, the 50 million in the USA with hunger pangs, the 1.2 billion round the world who have gone even beyond that. Only Europe, dirty, inhuman Europe, seems to escape any kind of punishment. Can you explain?

Anonymous said...

US paranoids and EU schizos, what a beautiful combination! Russia in a survival mode and China always mumbling wisely: Help, give me time, let me and my yuan grow up and then we'll see. And the rest of the Freeworld, divided into their impeccable fighters and their stinking governance, stabbing their own in the back, always sucking up to the whites as though that way salvation lay. As things stand, Give me Fidel's SouthAm anyday.

Anonymous said...

Spot on, 05:16:
"The Latin American peoples will resist the onslaught of the empire!" says Fidel rightly. Along with the Muslim peoples throughout the world, they will put a stop to imperial designs. Behind the scenes roles for China and Russia in all this, which they act out with varying degrees of success. Give me the L.A. and the Muslims any day!

Anonymous said...

I know one thing the US has given the world: obesity. Hog, and make pigs of yourselves and come out looking like balloons on the verge of bursting. One never knows. The 50 million USans above might even launch a fashion revolution. And that would be another positive thing we could put down to them.

Anonymous said...

Florida State Government: We Have No More Money To Fund Unemployment - 17.11.09
According to Bay News 9 the state government of Florida has exhausted its entire unemployment fund. Now the politicians in Tallahassee are going to increase unemployment fees to businesses by over 1,000%. Businesses in the state will see their unemployment fee jump from $8.40 per employee to over $100 per worker

Anonymous said...

Setting a lower value for the US dollar against the Chinese yuan unilaterally. This is the advice some so-called economists are giving the beggar state. As the world's #1 financial deadbeat, the USA is living off the goodwill of many creditor nations(not only from China, but Japan, Saudi Arabia & many others!) So, it's silly to think that the USA would even contemplate this fantasy of financial suicide. Besides, speaking of currency manipulation, it is the USA that has used its military Iron Fist to back up the use of the Dollar as the medium of exchange for global oil transactions. This broad daylight robbery scheme is the only thing keeping the USA Failed State from bankruptcy...In the long run, the only viable alternative is to return control of economic power back to the working masses, but that would entail dismantling the USA empire, which isn't going to happen without a widespread & protracted great cultural revolution first. Stay tuned.

ainst the yuan unilaterally

Anonymous said...

The US public debt has reached to an all-time high of $12.031 trillion, up from earlier figures of $11.999 trillion. (18.11.09)
US Treasury data shows the ballooning debt comes less than eight months after it hit $11 trillion for the first time.
Divided equally among the population, it amounts to a whopping $38,974.34 for each and every American.
The latest milestone in the ever-rising journey of the national debt reflects the massive budget deficit accrued by the government to revive the ailing economy.
Congress may raise the ceiling to prevent a shutdown of government operations as the debt approaches the constitutional limit of $12.104 trillion.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, we've lost count of how many times U.S. officials, across the Clinton, George W. Bush, and, now, Obama Administrations, have claimed that, this time, Russia is really on board for severe sanctions against Iran.
Many commentators continue to trot out tired arguments about how Russia's interests overlap with America's with respect to not wanting Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, so, if the United States adopted a "smarter" Russia policy than that pursued by President George W. Bush, Moscow would eventually come around to the American position on sanctioning the Islamic Republic. It is remarkable how such shallow analysis - fundamentally at odds with observed reality in multiple ways - continues to have considerable traction in public discussions of Iran policy in the West.
What interests actually shape Russia's Iran policy? Most immediately, Moscow clearly attaches a high priority to keeping the Iranian nuclear issue in the United Nations Security Council--where, as a permanent member, Russia has considerable influence--because it is the only forum where Russia can at least potentially constrain U.S. unilateral action. Largely for this reason, Moscow has supported three sanctions resolutions against Iran over its nuclear activities since 2006. (These resolutions are available at The Race For Iran.) However, on every one of these resolutions, Russia pushed back hard against British, French, and U.S. drafts to ensure that only narrowly focused measures (e.g., asset freezes and travel restrictions) targeting individuals and entities directly linked to Iran's nuclear and missile programs were authorized. By doing this, Moscow made sure that multilateral sanctions authorized by the Security Council would not impede Russia's pursuit of important longer-term economic, political, and strategic interests vis-à-vis the Islamic Republic.
Among these longer-term interests are selling nuclear and other high technology items and military systems to Iran, cooperating with Tehran to contain the spread of Sunni extremism in Russia's sphere of influence, and working with the Islamic Republic to weaken America's strategic position in Central Asia and the Caucasus.
Moscow may well end up supporting another Security Council resolution expanding the existing sanctions regime against Iran - giving just enough to keep the United States from taking the issue out of the Council and forging a "coalition of the willing" or of the "like-minded". Beyond its interest in keeping the Iranian nuclear file in the Security Council, Moscow is not happy with Tehran's ambivalent reaction to a proposal that Russia helped to develop and advance, to refuel the Tehran Research Reactor using a significant portion of Iran's current stockpile of low-enriched uranium. Conversations with Russian officials suggest that Moscow may also be looking for ways to show displeasure with alleged Iranian slowness in making payments for various weapons purchases and (perhaps) on the Bushehr nuclear reactor project.
Furthermore, while Russia does not want to see a military confrontation between the United States (or Israel) and Iran, Moscow also does not want to see an overly rapid rapprochement between the United States (or Europe) and Iran. Among other considerations, Russian policymakers and the leadership of Gazprom are keen to prevent head-to-head competition between Russian and Iranian gas, especially in Europe.
The bottom line: whether with regard to prospects for Russian cooperation, prospects for Chinese cooperation, or the likely impact of additional sanctions on the Islamic Republic itself, the Obama Administration remains attached to a delusional sanctions policy.

Anonymous said...

Belly up: 10 states face imminent bankruptcy
Ten states are facing imminent bankruptcy, confounding any possibility of economic recovery as tax revenues continue to decline and unemployment increases nationwide, Jerome Corsi's Red Alert reports. Those states in fiscal peril include California, Arizona, Rhode Island, Michigan, Oregon, Nevada, Florida, New Jersey, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

China, the Recalcitrant, China, the Reasonable
Reports from the ground in China suggest that domestic demand, irrespective of the Chinese fiscal stimulus, has already reached takeoff point. Higher incomes and greater access to consumer credit promise to create self sustaining growth in the Chinese economy. But as long as uncertainty persists about what happens as the fiscal stimulus is removed, the Chinese leadership is understandably not wholeheartedly going to embrace currency reform. And help out the dollar.
And why should it? The west has enjoyed a free ride off the developing world for an awfully long time. Given the history, equalling things out a bit doesn’t seem such a crime. If the persistence for a little while longer of currency misalignment is one way of achieving this result, it doesn’t look so obviously a bad thing. The “suffering” of America and Europe in this downturn is as nothing, believe me, to the grim reality of human existence in many developing countries. Obama says it’s all about jobs. Actually it’s about relative wealth, and within reason, it’s right there should be some redistribution.
Forget the credit crunch, this rebalancing of geo-political and economic power is the biggest story of our lifetime, and our children's too. Currency reform must happen in time, but let it occur at a mutually agreeable pace. That requires a little give from the West.

A Brit shill showing some "understanding" for the Freeworld. Wòrth a laugh at least.

Anonymous said...

15:44 - Russia is for Russia. I'm not even sure you could say that if it came to a showdown Russia would support Iran however every move Russia makes is for Russia interests only. The Big Five are only interested in power over who will sell the nuclear fuel ... nothing else. It was the Big Five that put the NPT together to stop other nations having nuclear fuel and this may be disputed but look at the stand Russia is making right now for evidence. If Iran allows Russia to produce it's nuclear fuel, Russia will send the defense missiles. If Iran wants to stand on it's absolute right under the NPT and do it's own fuel then Russia will withhold the S300's ... end story. It's not so much an alliance between the US and Russia but purely Russian commercial interests in the sale of nuclear fuel. Russia is for Russia ... rightly so, but lets not get confused what this UN yap on nukes is over.

Anonymous said...

The Myth of Democracy:
Democracy is a sham because the majority of people do not take an interest in politics, history, or philosophy, and they have little to no sense of responsibility toward freedom and justice, hence they will never be able to cast an informed vote. Also, the majority of voters can almost always be manipulated by the media into voting for a specific person or party, thus democracy gives the illusion of freedom, but is in reality a phoney political system based on media manipulation.
In a democracy there is no such thing as a free and fair election, the ruling party or parties always pass election laws favoring their own by making it harder for their competitors to get on the ballet, and the media will ignore independent candidates unless those candidates have a chance of winning, if they do - then they will engage in a smear campaign to discredit and demonize them by labeling them "racist" or "extremist", and the people fall for it almost every time and elect the establishment approved candidate.
Not only is democracy a sham, but it also cannot work except possibly on the local level where the elected live in close proximity with the electors, and where the average person knows and cares more about local matters than they do national and international. Otherwise, where does democracy work? Does democracy work in business? Do clerks elect the CEO of their company? Does it work in the military? Do army privates elect their commanding officers? Does it work in the medical field? Do nurses elect the doctors? Does it work in the schools? Do students elect their teachers? Just where does democracy work in the real world?
Even if the mass media were fair and balanced in their election coverage, you can't expect people who know nothing about running a country to elect someone that does, it's simply unrealistic. The Results. Since the majority of people are unqualified to elect our leaders, look who they have elected throughout the years to rule over us: incompetents and the most serious traitors ever have been elected to office, especially in the United States.

poiuytr said...

4:58 -- dirty, inhuman Europe, seems to escape any kind of punishment. Can you explain?

The terminal prolapse of west includes Grand EUnuchia as well. As such, "punishment" in terms of unemployment + west-war-junta-looting manifesting as poverty and subsequently as hunger is being and shall continue being meted out to the EUnuch.

It's nearly impossible to assess the degree of any given national prolapse however and we can only go by trends, not any instantaneous data. For one, the gap in west nations has grown to record levels which means averaging is pointless. For example, while the unemployed west lot is "given" 200 USD as a annual tax credit, which BTW the yank baboon has to return now, the top bankster rakes in 100s of million or maybe a billion every successful "bailout" theft round. Averaging this simply cannot be done, just like GDP or trade deficit can no longer be aggregated in this simplistic manner. Plus, second, west nations include huge populaces from their colonies and all west nations run apartheid policies, not even counting the poverty among this deeply abused and tortured segment that effectively makes up west econ. Last, as you know, USA doesn't even bother tracking homelessness or the unemployed, very much like it no longer publicly admits inflation, or super hyper-extreme-inflation at that.

So all we have trends and they are where they should be for the terminal prolapse NBN celebrates concerns the entire west cesspit from nAussia, NZealand, Israel, EUnuchia, stolen NorthAm plateaus, and related occupied territories like Malvinas.

As such, the admitted unemployment in Germany and France is somewhere in the 9+-17 range, tracing closely that of USA, as it has to be for both cheeks of the west arse ran off the same dollar monopoly till 2006.

So the "punishment" is there and growing. If it hasn't been as obvious as in USA, it's only cuz EUnuchs, till their recent collectivisation, ran relatively socialist schemes extending the social net a bit over the USA lot, where it's always been the law of the most rapacious jungle in the history of mankind.

If you go back only 60 yrs, some may say that EUnuchs were the punished ones then, not the USA baboons. Some 20M of EUnuchs perished in the USA/UK-ran Barbarossa assault on Russia, aka WWII.


11:29 -- thanks for the news. BTW, as if 100 USD per employee will fix anything. Unemployment, 911, wars are all just theft "opportunities" for them.


13:35 -- 12+T USD

What fun! Comrade Obama running to "raise" the debt ceiling now literary every few weeks. Not many NBNs ago, we had the ceiling being raised to 9T. 13T limit by end of 09 doesn't seem realistic anymore.

poiuytr said...

15:44 -- Russia policy on Iran

> if the United States adopted a "smarter" Russia policy than that pursued by President George W. Bush, Moscow would eventually come

Under no circumstance. The only way west could affect Russian policy was via Hitler-like dictatorial agents or direct Barbarossa-like assaults -- and both of the common west methods of raping nations have failed with Russia. Under Putin, the failure appears permanent.

There's very little west can offer after having murdered 30M Russians, attacking Russia with Bin Laden, the chief USA-sponsored and terrist (sic), attacking Russia from within via Chechen USA/UK terrists, attacking Russia with saakashvilli in 2008, or now with bio-warfare via Ukraine.

In other words, west has no possible leverage/policy on Russia or actually the Freeworld today. That's why the begging trips of Kissinger and other such Nobel "peace" prize should be's are so laughable.

> What interests actually shape Russia's Iran policy? Most

Russian interest only! And those are survival and possibly a bit more today as the west prolapses down the econ abyss.

> as a permanent member, Russia has considerable influence--because it is the only forum where Russia can at least potentially constrain U.S.

Good point but there's no forum in the world to mete out any kind of justice anywhere. EUnuch's Haague is a disgusting farce that even the baboon doesn't adhere to. UN is a disgusting castrate that while keeping track of genocides committed by west does nothing short of issuing apologies to the west child-murdering cesspit. WTO is an abomination that works today rather less effectively than IMF or WB, the west instruments of slavery. Etc. Look at Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon 2006, North Pole energy, Japan, SouthAm. Those are the only platforms that work with the west beast. And Iran and Syria are included for without Russia they would have long since been attacked by the west fiend.

> on every one of these resolutions, Russia pushed back hard against British, French, and U.S. drafts to ensure that only narrowly focused

This is all BS games. Not what you're saying, but the UN platform and all this. This is patent rubbish to flummox, delay, and complicate matters while whiplashing the west war retinue here and there. Reality bears no semblance to any UN resolution or the enforcement thereof. UN is nothing but a faithful little west war minion, exactly as the predominantly USA war junta had planned. It's very reminiscent of Russia's offers to aid NATO or even run it for the laughably disorganised zoo of crazed command.

It takes EUnuchs a year to move a battalion and hundred thousand translators. The commands are probably fatter than the Lesbian Treat 500pg nonsense.

The same goes for WTO and Russian ascension bids. Just pile of nonsense paper for west to focus on while its tentacles are getting gnawed off.

poiuytr said...

15:44 -- Pt2

> show displeasure with alleged Iranian slowness in making payments for various weapons purchases and (perhaps) on the Bushehr nuclear

This maybe true, certainly! But UN or anything west is not the venue here. This is Russia/Iran issue only and as such fully impenetrable by the west loons.

> confrontation between the United States (or Israel) and Iran, Moscow also does not want to see an overly rapid rapprochement between the United States (or Europe) and Iran. Among other considerations,

This sounds right. Time in on Russia's side. Delaying tactics of any kind are essential. Each and every day that active WWIII is avoided, west tumbles down the grave it's dug itself with no one needing to push the gangrened monster.

> of additional sanctions on the Islamic Republic itself, the Obama Administration remains attached to a delusional sanctions policy.

That's a given. Wasn't the first thing comrade Obama was gonna do "if" "elected" to pull USA troops out of wars? All things, not just policies or delusions for that matter but all things west are absurd and patently diseased.

How about this? There you have it! 21:51 just said too, only in much more eloquent and effective manner: "Russia is for Russia...end story!"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for above comments à la poiuytr of old, the clear-eyed once again leading the well-meaning but short-sighted stumblers we are.

Anonymous said...

Why do deflationists have it wrong when Inflation is the Mega Trend for the coming decadè?
It is that focusing on the deleveraging of the the debt mountain is a red herring, taken on its own then yes it DOES imply deflation as the debt bubble 'should' contract. But given the asset price reaction of 2009 that is NOT what is actually taking place! the Debt bubble is NOT deleveraging, the bad debts are being dumped onto the tax payers! The huge derivatives positions that act as the icebergs under the ocean as compared to the asset price tips that we see above water are not contracting but expanding!
The bankrupt banks have not been allowed to go bankrupt, hence the debt is being systematically transferred to the state which has at its disposal the magic money printing press which can vanish the debt away by means of debt monetization.
Quantitative Easing is not just another ordinary policy measure. I have not been calling it the nuclear option for nothing for it's detonation is tantamount to MONETARY ARMAGEDDON! THIS IS NOT BEING RECOGNISED by either the mainstream press or the highly vocal deflationists who did catch the deflationary downdraft of 2008 but now having gained press and investor attention are stuck in a perpetual deflationary loop. The academic economists in the mainstream press, bereft of individual thought have jumped onto the deflationary bandwaggon and applauded money printing. What they are actually applauding is bankruptcy and hyper-inflation, calling it all the while red-blooded recovery.

Anonymous said...

Mauritania orders Israeli embassy staff out
(18.11.09) - Mauritania has ordered staff at Israel's embassy to leave the country within 48 hours after freezing ties with the Jewish state over its invasion of Gaza. What was that embassy doing in Mauritania in the first place? As things stand, however, I guess the US will be invading Mauritania soon. And add Bahrain to that list as well.

Anonymous said...

U.S. Sows Seeds of Wider War in East Africa
November 18, 2009
Somali refugees and ethnic Somali citizens of Kenya are being recruited and trained by the thousands for a U.S.-backed offensive in Somalia, to begin next month. The offensive against Islamist forces in Somalia is planned for late December, the end of the Somali rainy season. That’s the same seasonal window the Americans took advantage of three years ago, when the U.S. instigated an Ethiopian invasion of Somalia that plunged the country into what the United Nations described as the “worst humanitarian crisis in Africa.” That crisis continues, complicated by a severe drought and a U.S. blockade of food aid.
Warshington supports a puppet government that controls little more than a small corner of Mogadishu and which would immediately collapse were it not for the protection of Rwandan and Burundian troops that guard the airport. Most of central and southern Somalia is controlled by Islamist Shabab fighters. The U.S. is attempting to starve the region into submission by withholding 40 million pounds of food warehoused in Mombasa, Kenya.
With little support inside Somalia, the Americans have organized mass recruitment among the hundreds of thousands of Somalis who have fled the fighting to refugee camps in Kenya – a practice that violates international law. Recruits are also being drawn from ethnic Somalis who are Kenyan citizens, in the northeastern part of the country. Similar recruitment and training in the Somali regions of Ethiopia and Djibouti, where the United States maintains a huge military base. The recruits are lured into service with promises of $600 a month, but deserters say they are often beaten, ill-fed and unpaid.
By recruiting among refugees, the U.S. is encouraging a wider conflict in East Africa. Ethnic Somalis dominate in northeastern Kenya, in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia, and in Djibouti. Ethnic Somalis waged a secessionist war in Kenya in the mid-1960s and continue to resist Ethiopian rule in the Ogaden. Recruits in Kenya are deprived of their identification cards and told, “You are not a Kenyan. From this moment, tell yourselves and other people you are a Somali.” Recruiters are apparently doing the same thing among ethnic Somalis in Ethiopia and Djibouti.
The Americans, in their zeal to defeat the Islamist Shabab in Somalia, are encouraging Somali nationalism in neighboring countries, and thus planting the seeds of future wars of secession. Although the U.S. may think that it is turning brother Somalis against one another for U.S. foreign policy purposes, in reality the Americans are fanning the flames of war among Somalia's neighbors – including Kenya. These are the fruits of AFRICOM, the U.S. military's African Command. Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama is destabilizing his father's own homeland, and the whole of East Africa.

Anonymous said...

Re Democracy. It is only a created fiction in order for the few to rule in the name of the masses. Even as a principle it's wrong because in a society those winning, calling themselves the majority, does not give them the right to dictate conditions for the minority. A society is a whole and all should be involved. One man one vote if each has the same level of consciousness but that's not the way it is on this planet.
The matrix on this planet is not made for think alike, look alike conditions, it's made to create movements and conflicts by whoever created it, it's made to eat or be eaten with a triangular stuctural shape where the few who are the best at eating sit on the top. So democracy will never work with the present level of consciousness that's prevailing on the planet just like socialism or any other altruist system. Human nature is saturated with Greed, Selfshness Betrayal, etc. and the very, very few who are prepared to go for the altruist model will be eaten by the vultures and they have to wait to receive their reward in the heavens. And even if democracy worked the vote rigging systems will not reflect the right results,
The human race is a failed experiment since the improvement in consciousness since the days of the Romans, that's 2000 years ago, is very very very marginal, so the human race has to either vanish like the dinasours or take a major mutation to its consciousness something that is coming in the very near future.

Anonymous said...

There is one point bothering me and which I'd be glad to see cleared up if possible. On several occasions NBN has implied that Russia was arming the Resistance in Afghanistan and Iraq. I personally have noticed no such thing. The Iraqi Resistance took over the arsenal of the disbanded army, whereas the Afghanis trust to their old and tried rifles slung over their shoulders. Now, talk of foreign weapons has emerged recently, but that has to do with Israeli light rifles being found in the mountaineous regions of Pakistan.
There is, seems to me, a wholly ambivalent role assigned to Russia in these pages. Russia is the Saviour when it suits our purposes, Russia is for Russia, end of story when facts tend to contradict the saviour version. Whatever, the conclusion staring us in the face is only this: not even Russia the great is sui generis.
We all have to live together on this planet and doing so in peace would be better than adopting the piggish, thug tactics the west has come to choose as their preferred option.

Anonymous said...

Hot news from HQ regarding EU
In the past 24 hours 2,300 more terrorists
were born! 500 million NOT ENOUGH
Cars with bullhorns are touring each village encouraging residents..
"Make love for more war!
We remind you sales of contraceptives banned during this urgent crisis.

Anonymous said...

Société Générale tells clients how to prepare for 'global collapse' - 18.11.09
In a report entitled "Worst-case debt scenario", the bank's asset team said state rescue packages over the last year have merely transferred private liabilities onto sagging sovereign shoulders, creating a fresh set of problems.
Overall debt is still far too high in almost all rich economies as a share of GDP (350pc in the US), whether public or private. It must be reduced by the hard slog of "deleveraging", for years.
"As yet, nobody can say with any certainty whether we have in fact escaped the prospect of a global economic collapse," said the 68-page report, headed by asset chief Daniel Fermon. It is an exploration of the dangers, not a forecast.

Anonymous said...

Not a forecast? We have one for you:
Good grief
Going back thru the archives is surreal...
Nato sending more troops
Troops killed
Nato asked for more troops
Troops killed
More troops required
Troops killed
Blah blah
Troops killed
We are winning!
Troops killed
We Are Right!

Anonymous said...

Militants' Possession of Israeli Arms Raises Questions - 19.11.09
'Use of Israeli-made light arms by militants against security forces in Waziristan has raised several questions amongst many recently. TheNation has learnt on good authority that militants are using Israeli-made light arms including “Uzi gun” and “Rapid-fire pistol” against security forces in North Waziristan as the operation Rah-I-Rast reached its final stage.
In addition to Israel-made sophisticated arms, militants are making use of the latest version of US-made M-16 carbine with laser designator and binoculars, Bulgarian and Czechoslovakia made Kalakov and M-4 carbine with a grenade launcher and laser designator, which is a unique weapon with the US marines.'

Seen anything like this in Afghanistan, friends? Russia wants the Afghans to win the war for them and are too cheap to arm them properly. Shame.

Anonymous said...

US, NATO Target Latin America
Rumors Of Coups And War By Rick Rozoff
Global Research - 11-18-9
There is no way of overestimating the challenge that the emergence of ALBA and the overall reawakening of Latin America pose to the role that the U.S. arrogates to itself as lord of the entire Western Hemisphere. The almost two-century-old Monroe Doctrine exemplifies Washington's claim to exclusive influence over all of North, Central and South America and the Caribbean Basin and its self-claimed right to subordinate them to its own interests. Never before the election victories of anti-neoliberal forces throughout Latin America over the past eleven years has the prospect of a truly democratic, multipolar New World existed as it does now.
It is in response to those developments that the U.S. and its former colonialist allies in NATO are attempting to reassert their influence in the Americas south of the U.S. border.
While intensifying a full-scale war in South Asia, continuing occupation missions in Iraq and the Balkans, maintaining warships off the coasts of Somalia and Lebanon, and deploying troops and conducting war games in most parts of the world, the United States and its NATO allies have not neglected Latin America.
Central and South America and the Caribbean are receiving a degree of attention from the U.S. and its partners not witnessed since the Cold War and in some ways are the targets of even more intense scrutiny and intervention.
ALBA, the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America, consists of Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras (until the coup), Cuba, Dominica, Ecuador, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Antigua and Barbuda, the last three nations joining this June.
Washington is using Colombia as the nucleus of a new Latin American military bloc to counteract ALBA. Other prospective allies include post-coup Honduras, Panama, Peru and Chile, with pressure placed on Brazil, Guyana and Suriname to either supply bases or in other ways augment American and European military presence in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Time out for ALBA just about over?

Anonymous said...

Hey,don't be mean. The Russians must have taught the Afghans to make the roadside bomb with which they just got two more USan invaders today (officially). Or the Iraqi IED, a fabulous assault weapon in its own way.

Anonymous said...

India’s billionaires outstrip US counterparts
(19.11.09) - India’s billionaires have seen their wealth swell more than their US counterparts in 2009 according to Forbes India rich list, in a further sign that the subcontinent is recovering faster than western economies.
The combined fortune of India’s 100 richest people totalled $276bn in 2009, considerably higher than China’s 100 wealthiest people, whose net worth totalled $170bn, according to Forbes.

Now this is one country which, as it is run today under its white lady, definitely does not belong in the Freeworld.

Anonymous said...

Sharp rise in England swine flu deaths - Department of Health extends inoculation programme to include all children aged six months to five years (19.11.09)
Healthy children between six months and five years old will be vaccinated against swine flu, the Department of Health has confirmed.
The expansion of the government's inoculation programme was revealed as the latest weekly bulletin showed a sharp rise in patient deaths and the number of children being admitted to hospital.
The number of people who have died from swine flu in the UK has reached 214. There were 18 deaths in England last week. The figures since the start of the outbreak in May are 142 fatalities in England, 21 in Wales, 38 in Scotland and 13 in Northern Ireland.

Sorry, but the whole thing still doesn't make sense to me.

Anonymous said...

'Use of Israeli-made light arms by militants against security forces in Waziristan has raised several questions amongst many recently. TheNation has learnt on good authority that militants are using Israeli-made light arms including “Uzi gun” and “Rapid-fire pistol” against security forces in North Waziristan as the operation Rah-I-Rast reached its final stage.
In addition to Israel-made sophisticated arms, militants are making use of the latest version of US-made M-16 carbine with laser designator and binoculars, Bulgarian and Czechoslovakia made Kalakov and M-4 carbine with a grenade launcher and laser designator, which is a unique weapon with the US marines.'


Not suprising. Who benefits from "insurrection" in Waziristan? Israel's close ally of India.

Indeed, remember with the US-India-Israel agenda is in South Asia. Weakening--if not dismembering--Pakistan and promoting India as the West's regional hegemon against China.

It's chess not checkers.

Anonymous said...

Medvedev urges change to 'primitive' economy
MONTREAL - The differentiation in Russian policy and politics between President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minster Vladimir Putin is steadily becoming more accentuated.
The Russian economy and stock market have recovered from the desperate situation into which the global economic crisis thrust them over the past year, but the gains are largely linked to the increase in world prices for energy and other raw materials, on whose export the country's economic health so much depends.
The most recent evidence for the increasing divergence is Medvedev's nearly two-and-a-half hour "state of the nation" delivered late last week. In this, he criticized the "primitive raw materials economy" of the country as well as disorganized foreign and domestic policies based on "nostalgic superstitions". Medvedev, however, does not have, at least not yet, sufficient political weight to put behind his less and less implicit criticisms of what some outside Russia now call "Putinism".
In a nearly simultaneous interview with Der Spiegel, Medvedev again criticized the country's economic over-reliance on energy and raw materials exports. Although industrial production has recovered since it collapsed at the end of 2008, preliminary figures suggest a decline of no less than one-sixth in industrial output on a year-on-year basis throughout the first three quarters of the current calendar year.
By June of this year, there were indications of manufacturing expansion. The Russian Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) subsequently registered a neutral 50 in August, then 52 in September (a figure over 50 indicates expansion, under 50 contraction) but slipped to 49 last month. Even here, the growth of export orders suggests that overseas rather than domestic demand is behind the numbers.
Projections of rates of Russian economic growth into the future vary widely. The median figure (it is impossible yet to speak of a "consensus") seems to be for an increase of 2.5% in gross domestic product for calendar year 2009, and 4% for 2010. A consensus is forming that the rise of the rouble is inexorable into next year, due to the continuing strength of the advance of commodity prices, which may overpower attempts by policy-makers to moderate the currency, particularly also given the capital inflows into the country.
The stronger rouble makes consumer goods less expensive, and it appears that consumer demand is beginning to become a significant element in such decisions.

Anonymous said...

Bank Bonuses Surge; While many Americans will count themselves lucky to be drawing any kind of income at all this year, bonus payments will rise by 40 percent for most bankers, according to a recent survey conducted by New York-based Options Group.

Anonymous said...

Britain's borrowing hits record £11.4 billion.
Budget deficit jumps far more than expected.

Anonymous said...

Belgian PM named as EU president (19.11.09)
EU leaders have chosen the Belgian Prime Minister, Herman van Rompuy, to be the first permanent European Council President.
The other top job created by the Lisbon Treaty - foreign affairs supremo - has gone to the EU Trade Commissioner, Baroness Catherine Ashton from the UK.
Phony Tony has to be pissed!

Anonymous said...

LOL ha ha ha
I told you so...
Christmas IS cancelled lolol
h ttp://
OMG wtf
The children are gonna be pissed.
Begun in 1954
Can't write Santa no more.
Hug your kids if you have any.

Anonymous said...

Today is an historic day – To my taste, is the best news in one hundred year. The USA House Financial Services Committee has approved Rep. Ron Paul’s measure to drastically expand the government’s power to audit the Federal Reserve.
USA PEOPLE MUST IDENTIFY THOSE 26 TRAITORS AND BAR THEM FROM CONGRESS - keep an eye on WATT as he is trying to protect the Federal Reserve with stupid arguments - The Congress will not run the Feds but these bastards and criminals cannot be and inmune to destroy the republic, the economy and enslave people. THE GOYIM UNITED AGAINST ZIO-NAZIS.
Some form of Christmas there still might be, 03:46. Rejoice, rejoice.

poiuytr said...

7:30 -- Why do deflationists have it wrong when Inflation is the Mega Trend for the coming decadè?

Cuz "west is THE disease". Let me elaborate and apply this simple yet truthful maxim to the deflation deceit.

West is made up of either cretinism, evil, and the mixture thereof.

There is no deflation threatening the west cesspit. Never, in fact, has there been deflation. West has always opted for cash print -- inflation or beyond, in all its crises. Till 2006, it worked OK since they owned their currency monopoly. Since 2006, their cash printing is a matter of astronomical and beyond laughter super hyperinflation that will eat the entire west several times over.

Why are they spewing the 'deflation' deceit? Cuz they're baboons, always ready to lie for their war child murdering junta.

They base it on dropping CPI, which is yet another west trick of substituting inferior goods and thus artificially driving net price down of this pointless west econ indicator.

Though, a drop in prices may mean, in some textbook fantasy, a tertiary symptom of deflation, it's also the primary symptom in "going out of business" sale. West baboons are out of cash, facing 10-35% unemployment depending on their lucky locality. It's nothing whatever to do with deflation.

Oddly, some parts of west, even in the fiscal arena, do talk of "serious" inflation. All this means is that the increasing chaos of west applies to their cue cards as well.


You're not wrong there! Except it should be clear that the armageddon is deliberate.

I hope you're not waiting though for some recognition of this simple fact by the west media whores cuz in the 8 yrs they have not recognised that airplane, like cars, fly thanks to exploding and burning fuel in its turbines/engines. The entire west is based on -- for 8 yrs now -- on the perverted fact that airplane fuel will melt and vapourise the entire plane including the turbines its meant to and designed to operate in.

Equivalently, genocides of children aren't being recognised by these whores. Or for that matter, not even the herds of west homeless and unemployed.

In sum, nothing is recognised by the west media whores safe for patent 100% deceit.

> pplauding is bankruptcy and hyper-inflation, calling it all the while red-blooded recovery.

What they're applauding is a different kind of recovery. They don't mean the recovery of the west cesspit econs or the baboon wallet. That's all designed to perish.

They're celebrating the partial recovery of their squandered war funds. West has a derivative market, which is nothing more than war funding with public and private cash. The defeats of west in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc has cost them this 500T and they're recovering it by way of squeezing it out of the cretinous baboon populace under bailouts, stimuluses, toxicity, write-downs, or quantitative easings.

Anonymous said...

I get the point, poiuytr, or so it seems, and then I lose it again, both about hyper-inflation and about the recovery. You are clear enough, as was 7:30 earlier. I'm not putting the blame on you. It's just that duplicity on such a scale is beyond my grasp. So the question remains: when, O when, will all this go away? When does the west crash in such a way that even their dwellers recognise their broken bones? Do you give it another year, another five, a whole lifetime? Weariness speaking, poiuytr, utter weariness. Thanks for reply.

Anonymous said...

Raw Power - Ganging up on Switzerland
Switzerland no longer exists. The Swiss government caved in to pressures brought on it by the U.S. and by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development.) The OECD has 30 member states. The OECD links and overlaps with the European Community which has 27 member states.
These organizations are proto-world government. They are supra-state organizations of states that encompass a major portion of the world. When combined with similar entities from other continental regions, the spectre of world government becomes ever more visible.
The Swiss faced a blacklisting from the OECD. By all press accounts, the pressures placed on them were severe. This means that the other European countries and the U.S. were making credible threats. They ganged up on Switzerland. They made it clear that unless the Swiss gave in, there would be negative consequences. A draft communiqué referred to a "toolbox of sanctions" to be imposed on the "non-transparent, non-co-operative and loosely regulated jurisdictions, including off-shore centers"
There is no question that the U.S., the EU, and the OECD are going after all other jurisdictions. These include Singapore, Hong Kong, the Caymans, the Shetlands, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Austria, Luxembourg, etc.
It is extremely difficult for a European state to run a country when a number of other important neighbor states impose trade and financial sanctions that cut off commerce, transportation, financing, travel, and so on. That is why the Swiss caved.
Whether the Swiss will find the wherewithal to stage a comeback is still in the stars.

poiuytr said...

7:59 -- Somalia attack

Things are far more complicated than AFRICOM could ever hope to grasp. No question that the west parasite is mulling re-siccing Ethiopia on Somalia but things don't go by NWO plans.

> Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama is destabilizing his father's own homeland, and the whole of East Africa.

Great statement! It can be readily applied to all the west murdering proxies or Nobel prize laureates: Pinochet, Hussein, Saakashvili, and Hitler, of course.


8:09 -- democracy

> The human race is a failed experiment since the improvement in consciousness since the days of the Romans, that's 2000 years ago,

Not so! Indeed, what's masqueraded as "human race" or "civilisation" for the last 2000 yrs is the "failed experiment". But let's be clear here. This has nothing to do with humans!

The freckly saxonic DNA flaw that was birthed by the harsh Baltic moors is merely an imposter, somewhat of an upright walking baboon.

It's done nothing in its entire existence than genocide and pillage. No corner of this planet has been spared its vicious monstrous blood thirst. It's brought the planet nothing but pain, torture, and evil. It's a small wonder that the inner west war junta circles are believed to be faithful satanic minions.

Make no mistake! The failure you're speaking about has nothing whatever to do with humans, the victims of this west parasitic disease.

Know that everything: astronomy, algebra, geometry, anatomy, music, architecture, libraries, etc... were all solved and used 3000 yrs BEFORE the west diseased has been disgorged on this planet.

> o the human race has to either vanish like the dinasours or take a major mutation to its

Again, it only applies to the west cesspit baboon and you're right: the west disease is being cured and the human is rising.

Hence the NBN's periodical celebrations of each and every death knell hammered into the west baboon casket. Join us for the wonderful jubilations of the west mounting homeless monkey population, ratcheting of west war junta looting of west assets, and the masterful bloodletting triumphs of the child-murdering west beast.


9:33 -- On several occasions NBN has implied that Russia was arming the Resistance in Afghanistan and Iraq. I perso

Any similarity twixt NBN's items and persons, places, or animals is purely coincidental! NBN, much like the Russian gen'l charged with this very thing by some west media whore during the vicious west assault of Lebanon in 2006, makes no claims of Russian or Russian proxies smuggling weapons or intel into any of the active war zones!

With the so far peaceful Freeworld, it's another matter. Iran and Venezuela, beside many others, have been armed and thus taken off the list of the west beast direct victims. The west tie-wearing bastard will require a proxy for beside being the biggest scourge in the Milky Way, it's also a patent coward daring to attack only children and their mums armed at most with rocks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe now, 7:49, some of the wealthier Europeans will start depositing their wealth outside of Europe to escape the prying eyes of the US-EU corporatocracy. West in trouble, big trouble, man. Now's the time to dance and sing, not sit in gloom and heavy-eyed depression.

poiuytr said...

9:48 -- poetry much appreciated!

Attack Taliban
Troops killed
Surge insurgents
Troops killed
Propose a deal with Taliban
Troops killed
Put Taliban on payroll
Troops killed
Attack Somalia


Celebrate recovery
West keeps dying
Print 200B GBP just in UK
West keeps dying
Steal assets
West keeps dying
Give the west baboons all the debt
West keeps dying
Up debt to 13T for USA only
West keeps dying
Threaten China to unpeg
West keeps dying
Beg China to unpeg
West keeps dying
Sing Mao songs
West keeps dying
Celebrate recovery
West keeps dying
Dress troops in "URBAN UNIFORMS", deploy them around west, and prepare for collapse

LOL, such a sweet symphony, the west prolapse. If only the baboon had a braincell among its freckly number so it could enjoy it as well.


17:25 -- USA-flu pandemics

> are 142 fatalities in England, 21 in Wales, 38 in Scotland and 13 in Northern Ireland.

Sorry, but the whole thing still doesn't make sense to me.

You're right! It doesn't. Either the numbers are badly wrong it's not a pandemic. But it's the result of the west bio-WMD launch.

It's gotta be remembered that bio-warfare and west is like a bunch of kids getting stoned in a haystack. It can't end according to any plan.

Though the west beast is splicing up the deadliest agents it can get its claws on and breaking beakers on subways it's got no clue what it's playing with. It's far more random than AFRICOM or the Iraq and Afghanistan war results where the west is fighting children, a war they're used to for 2000 yrs.

The pandemic scare is probably to incite fear and have the baboons form lines for the vaccinations, which seem to be the real genocide idea.

But again, west baboon and bio-WMDs mixes like comrade Obama and geography. But that's not to say that the west scum isn't hard at work making design genocide DNA poisons right now to augment their HAARP ion destruction machines.

Anonymous said...

Good, poiuytr, 09:33, that's been cleared up at least. Those most in need must count on their own strength alone. They've not done too badly so far. A few more miles and then they'll be home and grinning. BTW: what role does China play in all this, do you think? I always feel their presence behind the scenes, but can never quite pin it down. Russia is almost transparent compared to that inscrutable giant.

Anonymous said...

Excellent examples of poetry above, both pilot's and poiuytr's. It puts things into perspective and brings a hearty laugh to the lungs.

Anonymous said...

Switzerland gone? What a shame! Take it from me, Qatar is positioning itself to become the Switzerland of the NWO.

poiuytr said...

7:38 -- . It's just that duplicity on such a scale is beyond my grasp.

I AM MOST PLEASED TO HEAR THAT!!!!! for it means you're a human.

You're absolutely 100% correct. Indeed, such degree of deceit that is common for the west whores is beyond the grasp, beyond the comprehension, beyond the words of all humans!

Forget the silly deflation lies. Look at Hitler, you'll find USA/UK. Look at Gaza, you'll find USA/UK, the same old christianic holy royalist genocidal beast that's been torturing this planet its entire life! Look at Afghan heroin fields, they're there. Look at Colombia coke traffic, same beast again. Look at poverty around the planet and see the west beast at work. Look at Brazil poverty, you'll find west pedofile junta elite clubs murdering children after rapes just for their fun.

Lying about deflation is silly in comparison with west's beastly actions but in terms of it (since you asked) it's a deliberate misdiagnosis of the dropping CPI to maintain the facade of the west.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to explain the size of the west disease for the crimes are so horrendous that they don't fit in any blog and so large that the very size protects the west criminals. And the ridicule runs so deep like with the BS Nobel Prizes or this deflation or the recovery orgies, the bankster bonuses that a west person who was waving the west crusader flags yesterday will question own sanity when they begin to realise that they're dealing and surrounded by this kind of psychotic satan worshipping child murdering beast.

But at the end of it is liberation, not depression. Depression runs rampant in the early stages in this cognitive dissonance process -- when something is amiss and one realises that the BBCNN mindrape natter is violating one's own conlusions. Ultimately, you'll realise that plane fuel cannot under any circumstance turn steel into molten lava, much less vapourise two Boeings as Bush II claims happened.

Once you realise that, the rest falls into place, and suddenly one will clearly see the baboon creature masquerading self as an upright species.

> When does the west crash in such a way that even their dwellers recognise their broken bones?

Good question, not uncommon though. What can I say?

When 3 yrs ago I said that west is finished economically, baboons were nattering about subprime mortgage defaults completely disconnected from reality or the monopoly-run system they thrived in. No one knew anything in west 3 yrs ago. Not many grasp it today. Today, the fibs of subprime, mortage oversight, derivative over extension etc... maybe over but the west keeps nattering deflation, recoveries, quantitative easing blither. Though words like hyperinflation, chaos, collapse are part of west media whore vocab today, none in west has revealed just yet the permanence of the west currency nuking.

But look at the results. USA alone has 18M made jobless in the last 2 yrs, no functioning industry, dead mfg, dying construction. USA alone has pockets with 30+% unemployment, ~50M affected by hunger, 37M on food stamps. 1 in 6-9 yank baboons today are suffering broken bones, as you say!

poiuytr said...

7:38 -- Pt2

So I say that the prolapse IS happening and so exponentially. There is no need to worry that the west won't prolapse. It is.

When and how the death of the west is pronounced? I don't even know if it will. Chrysler's building in NYC is Arabic today. CIG is non-USA. The most posh bits of Aspen and Florida are Russian today. Claims against the west astronomical debt in terms of its land and assets are being staked out as I type this. The west prolapse terms are being negotiated as I type this. West is offering deals to everyone who cares to listen, including their erstwhile biggest enemies. And each day, the claims grow and west deals grow anemic and thin like west overstretched legions.

Look at Australia. In the beginning of the year, they screamed they'll keep resources away from China. Today, they're begging Beijing to buy something at garage sale prices.

With the increasing west econ chaos come large uncertainties that cannot be predicted. Even Panarin underestimated the increasing entropy. I thought that west war junta will run after sacking the west through bailouts, after consolidating assets, setting off a 911-like chaos across the west cesspit and disappear in the clouds like they did in 1945 down in Americas. I still think it could happen and think that there'll be some giant surprising breakup of the west war junta. Look how they're trying desperately put everything, not just EUnuchia, under a consolidated command. West banksters are being collectivised right now as well. In other words, there's battles erupting within the west war junta structures. It's anyone's guess what's gonna happen next. But the econ prolapse is certain.

It's, in fact, beginning to appear that west won't give up till they get WWIII, by way of bio warfare or very likely a nuke proxy assault.

The dump of the dollar has been deliberately delicately controlled by Russia/China not to set off a hasty chain reaction leading to a possibly avoidable nuke exchange.

Considering the diabolical long reign of the west world-rapist, short 3 yrs following the dollar monopoly nuking, I aver that the results are beyond marvelous!

If we further consider that most haven't realised something's badly amiss in the west paradise till mid-2009, one might say west dismantling is moving rather right along if questions like yours of west's imminent end are now being raised on such large scale even before this year is out.

Raising such a question in 2006 would have drawn laughter and insults of insanity. Today, they just raise eye-brows. That alone speaks louder of the west terminal prolapse than any west transparent econ deceit like the deval comedy routines.

poiuytr said...

7:39 -- Swiss v USA, round III

Yes, it's funny watching the west bastards at each other's throats. First round was the USA/UK pillage through Swiss vaults. In round 2, the Swiss knocked down USA accounts. Now this. It's funny! Fight on, saxon pirates!

Where's the naked chick carrying "round IV" sign? It wouldn't be surprising to see Swiss leveraging Vaticunt vaults against USA's leased property.


8:00 -- Now's the time to dance and sing, not sit in gloom and heavy-eyed depression.

Indeed! Best dancing shoes on! Freeworld, raise your full challis or the whole damn bottle for the west is tumbling like comrade Obama's ideas. Let jubilation reign!

poiuytr said...

8:07 -- Those most in need must count on their own strength alone.

A truly heart-wrenching statement. Pictures of maimed children by the west obese saxon animal suddenly destroyed my festive mood. Yes, you're right.

It's about the options. If Russia confronted USA directly, we all die, some immediately, the rest hours later.

It would be fantastic if there was a power on this planet that could save the next child from the west murderer but there isn't -- or hasn't been.

60 yrs ago, Russia too lost 30M and 1000 towns and cities to this diabolical west monster. China was raped by the west monster and forced into child slavery till just recently. SouthAm was till literary yesterday west elite's child rape and drug orgy playground. Iran and Iraq were made to bleed each other for the amusement of the west scum. Vietnam and Cambodia, on the verge of their rising, were cut in their prime and bombed to the Stone Age by the west verminous vampire of freckly monkeys. Africa, the mighty continent, has been plundered in the perhaps most mindstopping manner by the west psychotic child rapists.

Great! 8:00 comment got me dancing, reminding me of the giant strides made against the planet's disease and 7 seconds later, your comment reduces me to pathetic tears and rage.

In 1941, Russia hung on to life by the skin of its teeth. Had it fallen, this blog, you, or me wouldn't be. Today, most parts of the Freeworld are untouchable by the west beast sending the vampire into insanity trying to, in its final stages of life, encircle Russia with WMDs and try again.

> what role does China play in all this, do you think?

I think that China's happy to be liberated from the econ slavery of 80s-90s, still purging the west colonial rape.

China's future was also hanging on a thread. Under the Blair/Bush II blood terror reign, west wanted to carve it from oil re-establishing the west oil-based slavery diktat on Beijing, which means that peace in Iran is China's interest -- perhaps more of a reason behind Ahmadinejad's stance than Russian S-300 missile headlines.

So I think China's, no different than the rest of the Freeworld, rising, getting armed, eying the opportunities at grabbing land/resources in west and west erstwhile colonies enacting Beicon in Africa and SouthAm, while paying due attention to trying to avoid WWIII.

Of course, with China, the rise is unprecedented. The nation alone replaces all the west markets combined. And armed, it could probably produce a few armed troops for every west baboon -- something that even the Pentagram war bastards have noticed forcing them to arm space and launch the satellite wars.

It's no big shock that the warshington boys are singing China love serenades after decades of racist contempt and verbal abuse.

But like Clinton and Bush II, comrade Obama prattle receives either scornful laughter or nothing at all.

No question that west flying to Moscow and Beijing with their pathetic deals at truce are trying to push the creditors against one another.

I just hope that unlike the west pirates are fighting over the loot they've plundered from the west idiot baboons, the Freeworld, namely Russia and China, won't start bickering which bit of USA and EUnuchia they'll take.

I would also think that China has a few accounts to settle but like Russia telegraphs nothing.

Anonymous said...

Indebted to you poiuytr for your delicate, crystal-clear answer above. And for all that you've done for us throughout the past three years. Helped to put my/our thoughts in order each time panic struck. Know what to expect next. As for the baboons, the majority still don't realise they've/we've reached the end of the road. 2010, the year of multiple dangers, looming ahead.

Anonymous said...

Poiuytr, not to worry. The stremgth 08:07 spoke of is immense. I know, I come from there. They'll manage their bit and chase the scum off the face of the earth.
R & C should carry on doing what they do best: keep the dastardly west guessing as to their next moves.
We haven't forgotten either what Russia did in WWII. What it has carried on doing for mankind from then till now. And there's no question that, in the present circumstances, prudence is best. Russia, unlike China, or the Muslim world, has no population to waste.
Someday soon we shall be drinking together to celebrate the end of the futile wars. And the ruined west.

Anonymous said...

RE: Medvedev urges change - 19:02
The fact of the matter is that the new method for GDP EXCLUDES ALL ACTIVITIES THAT COME FROM GOVERNMENT SERVICES AND INDUSTRIES. So these reports exclude probably over 20% of russian economic activities.
"""Medvedev, however, does not have, at least not yet, sufficient political weight to put behind his less and less implicit criticisms of what some outside Russia now call "Putinism".""
Raw material economy is is not putinism but democrapcy. Medvedev's policy is just the continuity of the Putin's one : re-industrializing the country. What i do not understand is all this shit in Western Medias about a hypothetical confrontation between Putin and Medvedev, a confrontation which does not exist at all. Trying to create a climate of mistrust hoping that it will weaken both or even that Medvedev will join the great clan of democraps will fail since they are from the same team, with the same objectives : make Russia stronger, improve the life of the people.......

Anonymous said...

"Some outside Russia" = USans, you know, the nice guys, various colours, who gave us all those wars.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that whereas some of the wealthier Europeans will deposit their wealth outside of Europe, many average Europeans will keep their money at home (under the mattress sort of thing) and may even resort to local currencies, bartering, etc.
Those are things that average US people should be doing anyways since their nation's economy has been stolen by international financiers.
But don't expect too many US people to think outside of the box. If FOX news or CNN doesn't mention something, the idea won't exist in their minds. An original thought among Usans? Don't count on it.

Anonymous said...

Brit Finance - 20.11.09 (DT)

House price rally to falter
This year's surprise rally faces serious headwinds.

UK risks 'debt spiral'
The OECD says 'drastic' action is needed to cut the public deficit.

Anonymous said...

Like poiuytr above, having a bit of a downer. Year almost up and serious change yet to be registered. Except as regards swine flu and its infamous vaccine claiming one victim here, one victim there with the authorities screaming pandemic. It's not just the USans, 13:10 who have no ideas in their heads. All of us elsewhere are no better endowed when it comes to brains.

Anonymous said...

Japan wants US military base out of Okinawa
20 Nov 2009
Japan's Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama says he will devise a plan to relocate the US military airfield based in Okinawa as soon as possible.
His government has called for the US to move its troops off the island, and even Japan altogether. The new administration in Tokyo has also ordered an investigation into secret US-Japan deals ratified by previous governments.
Washington has about 47,000 troops based in Japan, more than half of which are on Okinawa.
US troops have been continuously stationed on the island since 1945. Local residents have been angered by crimes committed by US service personnel.
Japan's Defense ministry proposes the transfer of some F-15 fighter jet drills out of Okinawa as a condition for implementing the 2006 accord with the US. Meanwhile, a junior partner in Japan's coalition government says the airbase should be moved off southern Okinawa to a more remote islet or to US territory in Guam.
Tokyo and Washington have been at loggerheads with each other over the presence of US military forces in the country since the new Japanese government took the reigns of power in September. Thousands of people held rallies against the American military presence during US President Barack Obama's recent visit to Tokyo.

Anonymous said...

$4.8 trillion - Interest on U.S. debt
Unless lawmakers make big changes, the interest Americans will have to pay to keep the country running over the next decade will reach unheard of levels. You can't kick the can down the road. Now's the time to come clean and make amends.

Anonymous said...

Interest on US debt (2)
In 2015 alone, the estimated interest due - $533 billion - is equal to a third of the federal income taxes expected to be paid that year, said Charles Konigsberg, chief budget counsel of the Concord Coalition, a deficit watchdog group.
On the bright side - such as it is - the record levels of debt issued lately have paid for stimulus and other rescue programs that prevented the economy from falling off a cliff. And the money was borrowed at very low rates. (N.B. No mention of futile wars)
But accumulating any more interest on what the United States owes at this point is like extreme sport: dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Collapsing America
The Eagle sits on its perch, fighting wars in foreign lands while spending billions of American dollars doing it. The average American will see no benefit or harm whether we win or lose against the Taliban in Afghanistan. What we will have done however, is strap Americans with more debt and more use of precious resources. The American eagle is getting a little bit wobbly on its perch and it wouldn’t surprise me to see all American soldiers taken from all overseas assignments and brought back to this country just to deal with the economic collapse, and because we can no longer afford to keep them overseas.

Anonymous said...

Interview excerpt: Dutch TV Interviews Finkelstein (21.11.09)
Norman Finkelstein: Hamas is not obliged under international law to accept the legitimacy of the state of Israel.
If you go back, for example, 1947 Gandhi said he’ll accept the reality of Pakistan, but he would never accept the legitimacy of the state of Pakistan.
Hamas is not expected to be held to a higher level of diplomacy than Gandhi.
Gandhi said: ‘Pakistan is a reality which I’m forced to accept, but I don’t accept it as legitimate.’ And that’s the same position of Hamas. They said we’ll solve the conflict on the June ‘67 border.
Adam Holm: This is what makes Jerusalem wary of Hamas because they keep saying how can we have a neighbor which doesn’t recognize our legitimacy.
Norman Finkelstein: But you see the problem is; listen to yourself,.. your own language..
You’re just spouting Israeli propaganda. Why are you saying ‘Jerusalem’? East Jerusalem is occupied Palestinian territory under international law, that was the ruling of the International Court of Justice since July 2004, and if you look at the Goldstone Report that just came out a month ago, they refer to East-Jerusalem as occupied Palestinian territory.
But now you’ve given over Jerusalem to the Israelis. You’re just repeating Israeli propaganda; they have no title under international law to east Jerusalem.

Anonymous said...

Venezuela blows up border bridges with Colombia
Venezuela has blown up two pedestrian bridges on its border with Colombia in the latest sign of deteriorating relations between the Andean neighbours. Soldiers destroyed the walkways because they were being used by illegal militia and drug traffickers, said Eusebio Aguero, an army general based in the border state of Táchira.
Venezuela's military might also have considered the bridges an excellent crossing point from which US commandos could have entered Venezuela to attempt some kind of destabilization activities against the Chavez government. And given the rather sordid history of US intervention in South America, they could well have been correct.

Anonymous said...

Love Finkelstein, man. He even makes international law sound like something to be respected. Principles, man, that's what he's got. And which this blog shares. Put the human being first and to hell with all the west propaganda.

Anonymous said...

NORAD may ground costly 9/11 air defense system
The government is to review an air defense system established after the September 11, 2001 attacks to determine whether the costly program is still necessary.
Translation: We might as well quit wasting money on the dog and pony show since most Americans know 9-11 was an inside job anyway.

Anonymous said...

Beginning of the end for the Internet in the UK
Nov 19th 2009
Often lauded as the 'CCTV state' and 'the most surveilled country in the world', the UK may soon deliver a killing blow to the Internet as we know it. Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing is reporting some leaked legislation from the UK government that would remove any kind of freedom or privacy that the Internet grants its users.
The proposed amendments to the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act would allow the Secretary of State (or 'Pirate-Finder General') to alter the law on an ad-hoc basis without approval by Parliament.
Cory goes on to site the potential repercussions of these proposed changes:
1. Immediate remedies for copyright infringement — jail sentences and removal of Internet access can be meted out purely at the discretion of an unelected official (that is most likely under the sway and pay of media lobby groups).
2. The raising of pirate-hunting militia — the Secretary of State could "confer rights" to music labels and movie studios to help them protect their works. It would be within the rights of the copyright owners to compel ISPs, schools and businesses to hand over details of those using their network for 'nefarious' purposes.
3. Pirate-hunting duties could be forced upon ISPs — not merely content with perusing ISP records, the Secretary of State could force ISPs to act as gatekeepers. You can imagine how it might impact your surfing experience if a copyright lawyer is forced to peruse each and every one of your emails to check for plagiarism...

Anonymous said...

Turkey cancels Russian-won nuclear plant tender - 20 Nov 2009
Turkey revokes a tender won by a Russian-led consortium to build the country's first nuclear power plant following a year of constant pressure to cancel the process.
The Turkish Electricity Trading and Contracting Inc. (TETAS) released a brief statement on Friday, announcing its decision to cancel the tender, citing an article in the bid specification that allowed the firm to scrap the process without any liability.
A consortium led by Russia's state nuclear giant Atomstroyexport had won the tender to construct four nuclear reactors with a total capacity of 4,800-megawatts at Akkuyu, in Turkey's Mersin Province.

Anything to do with gleefully media-reported Russian dithering over Iran's Bushehr plant? If Russia throws in its lot with the ziowest, it may as well shut down straightaway. The Freeworld's much the better place for it to be in as things stand.

Anonymous said...

Off topic: Not only banker shysters should lay their hands on incredible bonuses, now shareholders also want a part of the loot. Perhaps the public could also join in with their demands. So runs the economy of the ruined west. Throw in free internet access denied and we get the bigger picture.

Anonymous said...

The real reason behind Obama's trip to China was to tell his hosts to open its markets to Wall Street and the gaggle of financial pirates and bank-vermin who just blew up the global system and are looking for new prey.

Anonymous said...

This internet thingy...incredible. Cheers to the true nwo aaaand

Anonymous said...

Islamabad under pressure over Blackwater presence - 20 Nov 2009
Islamabad is under pressure to meet a deadline to explain the alleged sanctioning of the presence of a notorious US security contractor, formerly known as Blackwater, on Pakistani soil.
At the request of the Lahore High Court (LHC), the government is supposed to file an explanation by Friday, November 20, a Press TV correspondent reported.
The court started to press the authorities on the matter, acting on a petition filed by Pakistan's Wattan Party, the Pakistani daily The News International had reported earlier in the month.
Urging the across-the-board disarmament of the Pakistan-based US officials and military personnel as well as prosecution of alleged subversive elements, the party's Punjab President, Hashim Shaukat Khan said the Interior Ministry let 200 Blackwater staffers enter Pakistan without clearing the customs "under American pressure," the newspaper added.

Anonymous said...

A political leader’s decision not to seek re-election usually triggers fervent discussion about potential heirs. Yet, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ withdrawal from the presidential election scheduled for January 24, 2010, has produced nothing of the kind in Palestine – not because of a dearth of leadership or a reluctance to mention possible successors, but because the presidency of the Palestinian Authority (PA) has become irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

'Credit card firms are pushing up interest rates by as much as 7 per cent ahead of Christmas. The move by Capital One means some customers will be paying almost 40 per cent interest on their Christmas gifts and January sale purchases unless they clear the balance on their cards. The American-owned finance giant said the rises were to reflect the higher risk of certain customers and 'market conditions'. But there are concerns that Capital One, which has 4million British customers, will be followed by other banks. The decision has angered customers, who described the increases as 'legalised extortion'.

Anonymous said...

New EU President Rompuy Announces 2009 as “First Year of Global Governance”
'Rompuy attended a Bilderberg dinner at Hertoginnendal, Brussels on November 15th, during which he announced a plan to implement EU wide taxes that will be paid directly to Brussels. Recently Mario Borghezio (Italy), member of the European Parliament, spoke openly against the influence of globalist organizations such as the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission. “Is it possible that no one has noticed that all 3 (EU Presidential candidates) frequently attend Bilderberg or Trilateral meetings?,” asked Borghezio. Rompuy will undoubtedly serve globalist interests during his reign of the European Union.'

Anonymous said...

Obama Allies Want New Tax. Despite the fact that 36 per cent of income tax already goes to national defense - 21.11.09
Not content with savaging American taxpayers with two huge new financial burdens during an economic recession, in the form of health care reform and cap and trade, close allies of Barack Obama have proposed a new war surtax that will force Americans to foot the bill for the cost of protecting opium fields in Afghanistan, paying off drug lords, and bribing the Taliban.
Warning that the cost of occupying Afghanistan is a threat to the Democrats’ plan to overhaul health care, lawmakers have announced their plan to make Americans pay an additional war tax that will be taken directly from their income, never mind the fact that around 36 per cent of federal taxes already go to paying for national defense.

Anonymous said...

Deflation hits Japan ... again
The economy may be growing and consumers more confident, but prices are on the way down once more. By Sarah Arnott - 21.11.09
It's official. After months of avoiding the issue, Japan's government yesterday admitted that deflation is once again casting its long shadow over the land of the rising sun.
The monthly report from Tokyo's Ministry of Finance is blunt in its assessment. "Recent price developments show that the Japanese economy is in a mild deflationary phase," it says starkly, before calling on the Bank of Japan to implement "appropriate and flexible monetary policy" to help fix the problem.
Deflation is an emotive subject in a country that only recently clawed its way out of the last so-called "lost decade" of stagnation which followed the 1989 asset bubble collapse. A degree of deflation is no surprise following a period of recession: a newly contracted economy leaves a surplus of supply, pushing down prices. The danger for Japan is that its 10-year history of deflation creates a psychological expectation that in turn leads to a self-fulfilling – and highly destructive –deflationary spiral. An even greater worry is what will happen when fiscal stimulus measures run out next year and the current uplift in economies around the world begins to flatten out.

Anonymous said...

yankee gringo hijodeputas have no culture no class no education nothing...poiuytr keep doing what your doing my friend expose these murdering sacks of shit.

this is for you my friend...

Anonymous said...

GEAB N°39 is available! Global systemic crisis – States faced with three brutal options in 2010: inflation, high taxation or default
As anticipated by LEAP/E2020 last February, in the absence of major reappraisal of the international monetary order, the world is now entering the phase of geopolitical dislocation of the global systemic crisis. In 2010, as protectionism and the economic and social depression will gain momentum, a large number of States will be compelled to choose between three brutal options: inflation, high taxation or defaulting on their debt. A growing number of countries (USA, United Kingdom, Euroland (1), Japan, China (2),…) have used all their budgetary and monetary cartridges in the 2008/2009 financial crisis and are now left with no other alternative. Nevertheless, out of ideological reflex or in an attempt to avoid by any means having to make such painful choices, they will try to launch new stimulus plans (under different names) even though it is now clear that the huge public effort made in the past months to boost the economy is having no impact on the private sector. Indeed the consumer-as-we-knew-him in the past decades is dead, with no hope of resurrection (3). Knowing that nearly 30 percent of Western countries’ economies are now made of « economic zombies » (financial institutions, companies and even states, whose signs of life are only due to central banks’ liquidity injections), it is possible to confirm the inevitability of the “impossible recovery” (4). The international and social (within each country) « everyman for himself » rule is beginning to prevail, as well as a general impoverishment of the ex-Western world, United States in the first place. In fact the West is being scuttled by leaders unable to face the reality of a post-crisis world, who keep resorting to methods from yesterday’s world despite their proved inefficiency.

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr here, just not signed in)

JUBILATE WITH CHALLISES RAISED HIGH and for those about to suffer the unavoidable moment of rage and doubt.

West is as good as run. West has no way of repairing its fiscal lacerations. Its only future, at this present status quo, is total wall-to-wall (from Aussia, Grand EUnuchia, USA, Israel, and occupied territories) prolapse.

Detroit has changed in 1 yr into not just a ghost town but into a cemetery where no one bothers cleaning up the filled body bags with the baboons.

Thousands of homes are abandoned. Windows smashed and roofs missing. Mortuaries full of dead bodies, some unclaimed for 10 months. Murder rates through the roof. Unemployment over 30%. City's wallet in the red and getting redder. Blocks of malls and shops boarded over. Schools in active prolapse.

All in all, Detroit today is probably even worse than Miami.

Hope the yank baboon creature is enjoying its wonderful self-designed fate. But even if the cretinous loser monkey still generates no thought in its manure-filled skull, Detroit alone is a reason for Freeworld to jubilate.

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr, not signed in)

19:39 -- Marveling at Sarah Arnott's brainlessness.

> "Recent price developments show that the Japanese economy is in a mild deflationary phase," it says

Price movement, even downward, does NOT mean deflation. And this is just going by the west econ rubbish textbooks full on nonsense scifi natter.

> of Japan to implement "appropriate and flexible monetary policy" to help fix the problem.

And here's the crux of the deceit. This "flexible monetary policy" wouldn't by some off chance favour printing trillions more, would it?

All this is patent 100% classic west-style rubbish. Like 911 and everything else, they're using a transparent crime to predicate even a larger one. (In case of 911, they murdered 3000 of own kind to predicate a world war, of which they were certain they'd win back in 2000. With deflation they're justifying more yen prints, a policy that's drawn some angst on the USA-occupied island and in part helped instigate anti-west governance.

It would be silly to comment on west prattle but it's important to keep showing that west is lying on every level, in every instance, with every word, constantly, deliberately, and with an astonishing arrogant disconnect from reality only seen in serial criminals empowered by deeply psychotic, typically genetic diseases often mixed with incurable religious hallucinations.

> newly contracted economy leaves a surplus of supply, pushing down prices. The danger for Japan is that

Indeed! There is surplus of rubbish in the west cesspit cuz no one's got cash to buy the trash anymore. GM and other prolapsed west trash makers are renting closed down airports to park hundreds of millions worth of their pathetic product.

That's NOT deflation however! That's depression. Is it possible the west media whores got the two d words mixed up?

No, west, no part of it -- be it some homeless wreck, media whore wretch, some bristly cubicle caged engineer, or some long-snout silverback knuckledragging politiCIAn -- can be trusted, not even with a single word today.

West is THE disease! Thanks Sarah A, for helping drive the point.

Anonymous said...

Enlightenment above, poiuytr, thanks. West is dyslexic. Can distinguish neither left from right, nor d from b, nor right from wrong. Gets its words mixed up, its figures in a muddle, specially when it comes to the economy, and, all in all, knows more about pharma-induced pipe dreams than any form of reality. I'm with you there: west IS the disease!

Anonymous said...

Latest west drivel on Afghanistan to be read between the lines:

As deaths in Afghanistan rise, so does the growth of opium. The Taliban, bankrolled by drugs production, have the upper hand over coalition forces - 22 November 2009
Attacks on coalition forces in Afghanistan are at record levels and threaten to derail efforts to rebuild the war-torn country, while an unholy alliance of Taliban drug dealers and corrupt government officials has made a mockery of coalition forces' attempts to stem the export of heroin. The war is being lost.
In Afghanistan, there were nearly 13,000 attacks between January and the end of August this year – more than two-and-a-half times the number experienced during the same period last year and a fivefold increase on the total in 2005.
The ferocity of the fighting has seen almost 100 British service personnel killed and more than 400 wounded since the start of this year. According to a report, distributed to the US Congress and senior Pentagon officials, security has "deteriorated significantly" since 2005, "affecting all aspects of US and allied reconstruction". A resurgent Taliban, weak Afghan security forces, a thriving drug trade and threats from safe havens in Pakistan are all cited as factors.
The worsening situation is resulting in reconstruction projects being delayed or abandoned. In some areas, supplies cannot be transported by road and have to be flown in. Colonel Richard Kemp, a former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, said yesterday: "Since 2006 we've seen increasing Taliban action. The situation has got worse. We're finding it hard to do much more than just hold the situation."

Anonymous said...

By Gilad Atzmon - November 21, 2009

The Jerusalem post reported yesterday that the Chairman of NATO's Military Committee, Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola, visited Israel earlier this week to study "IDF tactics and methods that the military alliance can utilise for its war in Afghanistan." A senior Israeli defence official added "The one thing on NATO's mind today is how to win in Afghanistan…Di Paola was very impressed by the IDF, which is a major source of information due to our operational experience."
I would advise both the Israeli official and Admiral Di Paola to slightly curb their enthusiasm. The IDF didn’t win a single war since 1967. Yes, it murdered many civilians, it flattened many cities, it starved millions, it has been committing war crimes on a daily basis for decades and yet, it didn’t win a war. Thus, the IDF cannot really teach NATO how to win in Afghanistan. If NATO generals are stupid enough to follow IDF tactics, like the Israeli generals, they will start to see the charges of war crimes pile up against them. They may even be lucky enough to share their cells with some Israelis in due course, once justice is performed.
In the Jewish state they were very enthusiastic with Admiral Di Paola’s visit. They regarded it as just another reassurance of 'business as usual. The visit of a NATO high supreme official was there to convince them that no one takes note of the Goldstone report. "Di Paola's visit is significant" says the Jerusalem Post, "since it comes at a time when the IDF is under increasing criticism in the wake of the Goldstone Report on Operation Cast Lead as well as a decision by Turkey - a NATO member - to ban Israel from joint aerial exercises."
However, it would be crucial to elaborate on the emerging mutual interests between the two parties, Israel and NATO. "During their meeting on Wednesday, ways were discussed to upgrade Israeli-NATO military ties as well as the plan to include an Israeli Navy vessel in Active Endeavor, a NATO mission established after the 9/11 attacks under which NATO vessels patrol the Mediterranean to prevent illegal terror trafficking". This is indeed a necessary move for the Israelis. At the moment the Israeli Navy is operating in the Mediterranean as a bunch of Yiddish Pirates (Yidisshe Piraten), assaulting, hijacking and robbing vessels in international waters. Once operating under the NATO flag, the Israelis would be able to terrorise every vessel in the high seas in the name of the 'West’. For the Jewish state this would be a major step forward. Until now the Israelis have been committing atrocities in the name of the Jewish people. Once operating under the NATO flag, the Israelis will be able to perform their piracy in the name of 'Europe’. Such a move is further evidence of the spiritual and ideological transition within Zionism from 'promised land’ into 'promised planet’.
While the Israelis desperately need NATO’s legitimacy, NATO is far more modest. All it needs is knowledge and tactics. For some reason it insists on learning from the Israelis how to inflict pain on a civilian population. More pain, that is, than it is already making. "NATO's Defence officials said that Di Paola used his meetings with the IDF to learn about new technology that can be applied to the war in Afghanistan". The Jerusalem Post reports that Israel is a "known world leader in the development of specialized armor to protect against improvised explosive devices (IEDs), otherwise known as roadside bombs." This is indeed the case. Israeli generals realised a long time ago that their precious young soldiers prefer to hide in their tanks rather than engage with the 'enemy’ i.e. the civilian population, kids, elders and women. But it doesn’t stop there, Di Paola was also interested in "Israeli intelligence-gathering capabilities and methods that the IDF uses when operating in civilian population centers." Di Paola noted that "NATO and the IDF were facing similar threats - NATO in Afghanistan and Israel in its war against Hamas and Hizbullah."

Anonymous said...

My Coffee's getting warmer... hmmm
I knew it, Those buggers
Microwave weapons must indeed be a reality.
Urgent, Wear reflective clothing to send the pain ray energy beams back at the enemy.
Working on an LRAD capacitor to send a great audio burst back as well...
Imagine the loudest F@ck you!!! ever heard.
Resist or become BORG.
Thats the spirit.

Anonymous said...

Finkelstein, Gilad Atzmon, the two righteous men, the only two, from the killer camp.

Anonymous said...

America, the caca is getting deeper
Yes, it has been getting deeper every day since I wrote my first essay with that title, and will continue to get deeper. Just look around you. Even before the housing bubble, even before the capital markets fraud and Madoff Ponzi Schemes, even before the endless promises to end the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, and even before the bailout of the Wall Street liars and thieves, it just keeps getting worse and accelerating. The lies keep getting more brazen and egregious. The actions are collectively worse each time this wantonly corrupt leadership pretends to lead.

Anonymous said...

A US soldier ran over pedestrian in Okinawa last week. See how this will help Hatoyama to get rid of the mad troops sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

The best thing going for the U.S. in its economic relationship with Beijing — which holds $800 billion in U.S. debt and some $2 trillion in dollar-denominated assets — is that for China, the American economy is simply "too big to fail".
While the U.S. currently needs Chinese help on a raft of economic and geopolitical issues, Beijing is less dependent on U.S. help, although it balks at any hint out of Washington of protectionist trade policies. While some in Washington will criticize Obama for being too deferential and allowing the Chinese to stage-manage the visit to avoid any domestic discomfort, it is the shift in the real balance of power that has forced the U.S. to change its approach to China.

Read more: (,8599,1941684,00.html#ixzz0XZXkpsVI

Anonymous said...

Ahmadinejad begins LatAm tour after Peres visit - 22 Nov 2009
Iran's President is scheduled to begin his tour to five countries in Africa and South America on Sunday days after the Israeli president ended a tour aimed at rallying support against Tehran.
“Iranian President (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) will visit Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela, Senegal and Gambia,” IRINN reported on Sunday.
“Ahmadinejad is slated to visit Gambia in the first leg of his five-day trip,” it added.
He will then visit Brazil on the second day. Bolivia, Venezuela and Senegal will be the next targets. Ahmadinejad's tour is aimed at boosting political and economic ties with the five African and South American countries.

Anonymous said...

There is now no question that the Fed is in the process of massively devaluing the dollar, which is an insidious and subtle way for them to tax and confiscate any dollar-based wealth. This will lead to a much higher cost of living and diminish purchasing power as foreign imported goods rise in cost. That means higher inflation. That of course leaves the idiot econ analysts wrong yet again. This ongoing deliberate dollar devaluation makes bonds, CDs and money market investments sure losers. That is why they have to be sold and switched into gold and silver related assets.

Anonymous said...

Lebanon: Happy Independence Day
Lebanon’s 66th celebration of it’s Independence Day is today,November 22nd 2009 . It is a day in which the Lebanese remember and commemorate their liberation from the French Mandate which was imposed over Lebanese soil for over 23 years.
Lebanon has not only been occupied by foreign entities but attacked by them as well, most recently -the illegal state of Israel- during the 2006 July war wherein the Zionist entity attacked after Hezb’Allah captured two Israeli soldiers who had tried to illegally enter Lebanese soil.

Anonymous said...

Rebels Say U.S. Spying on Venezuela from Colombian Base

BOGOTA – The smaller of Colombia’s two main guerrilla groups says the United States is spying on neighboring, leftist-led Venezuela from a Colombian base on the border.

U.S. military personnel have established an “underground base” at a Colombian army battalion headquarters in the northeastern province of Arauca, the National Liberation Army, or ELN, said in a statement posted on its Web site.

The alleged U.S. listening post is part of a conspiracy to “try to overthrow (Venezuelan) President Hugo Chavez,” the rebel group said.

The ELN said President Alvaro Uribe’s government has allowed more than 200 U.S. military personnel and contractors to operate from several bases in Arauca, center of Colombia’s oil industry.

“President Uribe not only paramilitarized the public administration and narcotized the Arauca economy, but he also handed over the territory for construction of gringo bases,” the rebel communique said.

Rebel chiefs also mentioned the accord Bogota recently signed with Washington – source of $500 million a year in military aid to Colombia – promising U.S. forces access to at least seven Colombian bases.

The bases pact has driven Colombian-Venezuelan relations to their lowest point in years and is a source of concern even to U.S. allies such as Brazil and Chile.

The statement also touts the ELN’s success last month in rescuing a high-ranking rebel as he was being transported from one prison to another.

With roughly 5,000 fighters, the ELN is about half the size of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known as the FARC. EFE

Anonymous said...

Wait a bit and they'll be sending Blackwater in, just as they've done with Pakistan. But we back Chavez' Venezuela over US mercenaires anyday.

Anonymous said...

With the Democrats backing-down on a second round of stimulus, the Fed signaling an end to quantitative easing, and Obama moaning about rising deficits; there’s a good chance that the ailing economy could take another dunk down the elevator chute.
Deficits are not the problem. Deflation is. Bank lending is shrinking, consumer spending is down, housing prices are falling, unemployment is soaring and the wholesale credit markets are in a shambles. Which one of these problems is deficit related? None. This isn’t the time to slash government support in the name of “fiscal responsibility”. Obama needs to ignore the alarmists and deficit-psychos and pay attention to the Nobel laureates like Stiglitz and Krugman. These are the guys you want at the tiller when the water gets rough.
Has Obama perused the jobless figures lately? Has he noticed the Fed shoving more than a $1 trillion under the collapsing housing market with no sign of improvement? Has anyone told our strapping sagamore that the entire financial system is resting on a crumbling foundation of garbage mortgages, toxic paper, and non-performing loans?
Cutting the deficits now–when we should be expanding them–will lead to a cycle of debt deflation that will push-down asset prices, increase defaults, force more layoffs, slow consumer spending, lower earnings and put the economy into a long-term funk. It’s a suicidal policy that will end in catastrophe.

Here's a mainstreamer giving us the benefit of his insight...

Anonymous said...

US almost out of its mind and, right, who cares? But still it has a touch of humour about it:

- Couple arrested for not paying tip in restaurant and charged with "thievery".
- Girl, ten years old, tasered by a policeman for throwing a tantrum. Policeman in question called in by the girl's own mother.

Anonymous said...

Newborn tasered for crying. If the cop deems that they are crying with terrorist intentions, an immediate use of the lethal force might be authorized.
It was my old and original idea. Incidentally, the anti-abortion people in USA are also against any form of welfare and for the death penalty. So, at one time I offered to them a great idea that would eliminate the need for abortions and, simultaneously, guarantee that the unwanted babies would not end up on public support: to install small electric chairs in the maternity wards of all American hospitals.
A woman would be forced to give birth, then the unwanted baby would be sentenced by the ad hoc tribunal of the concerned citizens for crying and subversion of the social order, and then duly electrocuted in the "Little Sparky". Look at all the advantages: no abortion, no need for welfare, and the death penatly is promptly administered to the newly born public enemy even before he managed to harm anyone. That's the American way! And they're proud of it!

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr not signed in)

14:53 -- deval of dollar

I agree, next up is deval for the super-hyperinflated west currency. But how? The deval has gotta be over 99% which means instant hunger and war across all west lands. Even the crazed loons arresting people for not-tipping and tasering kids won't be able to handle the 700-800M monkeys.

If they devalue a little bit, tiny tiny bit, they'll send the world institutions still holding the dollar into the final dump and they'll be at the same spot like they'd be with 99% deval.

Disastrous econ policies become active war policies and west is beyond econ at this point. It's Panarin scenario henceforth whatever they do with the dollar. Whether it's augmented by amero, devalued at whatever rate, it's warfare.

But I think the deval option is correct or the end of west econs rather. And clearly it's happening.

Even tungsten-laced gold bricks are appreciating like crazy against the west dead currency.

Anonymous said...

The more that the American vampire deservedly drowns in its own blood and filth, the more these cretinous Americans will cry like bitches with a arrogant sense of self-entitlement.

This is true of all Americans from the Left Wing to the Right.

Burn them off this planet, so we want have to hear these stupid America Whines .

Anonymous said...

US builds up its bases in oil-rich South America - 23.11.09
From the Caribbean to Brazil, political opposition to US plans for 'full-spectrum operations' (using nuclear and non-nuclear weapons to ensure US domination over the planet) is escalating rapidly.
The United States is massively building up its potential for nuclear and non-nuclear strikes in Latin America and the Caribbean by acquiring unprecedented freedom of action in seven new military, naval and air bases in Colombia. The development – and the reaction of Latin American leaders to it – is further exacerbating America's already fractured relationship with much of the continent.
The new US push is part of an effort to counter the loss of influence it has suffered recently at the hands of a new generation of Latin American leaders no longer willing to accept Washington's political and economic tutelage. President Rafael Correa, for instance, has refused to prolong the US armed presence in Ecuador, and US forces have to quit their base at the port of Manta by the end of next month.
So Washington turned to Colombia, which has not gone down well in the region. The country has received military aid worth $4.6bn (£2.8bn) from the US since 2000, despite its poor human rights record. Colombian forces regularly kill the country's indigenous people and other civilians, and last year raided the territory of its southern neighbour, Ecuador, causing at least 17 deaths. President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who has not forgotten that US officers were present in government offices in Caracas in 2002 when he was briefly overthrown in a military putsch, warned this month that the bases agreement could mean the possibility of war with Colombia.
In August, President Evo Morales of Bolivia called for the outlawing of foreign military bases in the region. President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras, overthrown in a military coup d'état in June and initially exiled, has complained that US forces stationed at the Honduran base of Palmerola collaborated with Roberto Micheletti, the leader of the plotters and the man who claims to be president.
And, this being US foreign policy, a tell-tale trail of oil is evident. Brazil had already expressed its unhappiness at the presence of US naval vessels in its massive new offshore oilfields off Rio de Janeiro, destined soon to make Brazil a giant oil producer eligible for membership in Opec. The fact that the US gets half its oil from Latin America was one of the reasons the US Fourth Fleet was re-established in the region's waters in 2008. The fleet's vessels can include Polaris nuclear-armed submarines – a deployment seen by some experts as a violation of the 1967 Tlatelolco Treaty, which bans nuclear weapons from the continent.
Indications of US willingness to envisage the stationing of nuclear weapons in Colombia are seen as an additional threat to the spirit of nuclear disarmament. After the establishment of the Tlatelolco Treaty in 1967, four more nuclear-weapon-free zones were set up in Africa, the South Pacific, South-east Asia and Central Asia. Between them, the five treaties cover nearly two-thirds of the countries of the world and almost all the southern hemisphere.

Anonymous said...

Poiuytr, 05:47, this is your answer. War, war and more war. Your Amis will go up in smoke in all this - and so will a lot of other innocent people.

Anonymous said...

Copenhagen will fail – and quite right too
Even if the science was reliable (which it isn’t), we should not force the world’s poorest countries to cut carbon emissions. Hear, hear!

Anonymous said...

There, now, our intuition was not too bad, after all. The Muslim wars slowly winding down and the time come for the launch of the Christian wars. The small "window of opportunity" for SouthAm being slammed down fast. If Russia continues to play the stand up comedian in all this, they'll regret it throughout this century. Chilling prospects ahead.

Anonymous said...

All Putin & Co have to do is attend the Third All-Russia Anti-Global Forum, Moscow 3-4.12.09,
and apply some of the principles presented there:
1. Economy for man, not man for economy.
The logic of modern civilization, which represents global capitalism in the final stage of capital concentration and expansion of markets of raw materials, labor and sales, is profit maximization as the basic task of production. This approach appears to be a form of fetishism, a kind of religious ministry to a deified material idol. It breeds widespread poverty and actual purposeful genocide of the "economically unjustified" populations of entire regions of the world, escalation of class and ethnic conflicts, extremely wasteful and historically irresponsible squandering of nonrenewable natural resources, destruction of traditional cultures and moral standards, imposing standards of consumer thinking and behavior that lead to cultural and intellectual degradation of mankind, denaturalization of consumer goods, leading to an increase in the number of diseases, including the genetic degradation of the human species.
As an alternative, we propose a planned system of production, entirely subordinate to the purposes and objectives of Life and Life Reproduction, meeting the needs of a particular country in the agricultural, industrial, and information products required for the stable maintenance of a decent standard of living. Such a type of production requires as a prerequisite the nationalization of major industries and a significant preponderance of public (state) ownership over private ownership. The existence of such production should imply stable, sustainable self-reproduction, rather than unlimited growth and expansion.
Of course, this approach does not exclude the differences in the levels of development and consumption between developed regions and those lagging behind, but, at least, the present absurd situation of exterminating the "economically unjustified" population will be impossible, given that population has everything needed for sustainable life reproduction on their land.
2. The unconditional priority of the principles of national statehood and sovereignty over the international law, the authority of international organizations and the rights of transnational corporations. etc.
Global Research Article by Sergey A, Stroev

Anonymous said...

Israel as usual doing its bit with bombs over Gaza and Lebanon.

Anonymous said...

India challenges Western data linking climate change, Himalayan melt (22.11.09)
06:19 - Something of sense coming out of India for a change. Their minders must have been having a day off.

As countries around the world prepare to flex their negotiating muscles at next month’s climate-change summit in Copenhagen, India has begun to question the Western model of computing global warming statistics.
Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh released a report last week that says there is no conclusive evidence that climate change has caused the melting of the Himalayan glaciers. The report says that not all of the glaciers are receding at alarming rates and that a few are even advancing.

poiuytr said...


Can you elaborate? I'm quite interested in the small window in SouthAm.

Don't be afraid to max out the google 4K character limit.

Anonymous said...

Poiuytr, 06:23 was just the blogger speaking, putting two and two together, sorry. No one article behind it. It's up to you to make something of it in your own inimitable fashion.

Anonymous said...

US builds up its bases in oil-rich South America By Hugh O'Shaughnessy
From the Caribbean to Brazil, political opposition to US plans for 'full-spectrum operations' is escalating rapidly
November 22, 2009
The United States is massively building up its potential for nuclear and non-nuclear strikes in Latin America and the Caribbean by acquiring unprecedented freedom of action in seven new military, naval and air bases in Colombia. The development – and the reaction of Latin American leaders to it – is further exacerbating America's already fractured relationship with much of the continent.
The new US push is part of an effort to counter the loss of influence it has suffered recently at the hands of a new generation of Latin American leaders no longer willing to accept Washington's political and economic tutelage. President Rafael Correa, for instance, has refused to prolong the US armed presence in Ecuador, and US forces have to quit their base at the port of Manta by the end of next month.
So Washington turned to Colombia, which has not gone down well in the region. The country has received military aid worth $4.6bn (£2.8bn) from the US since 2000, despite its poor human rights record. Colombian forces regularly kill the country's indigenous people and other civilians, and last year raided the territory of its southern neighbour, Ecuador, causing at least 17 deaths.
President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who has not forgotten that US officers were present in government offices in Caracas in 2002 when he was briefly overthrown in a military putsch, warned this month that the bases agreement could mean the possibility of war with Colombia.
In August, President Evo Morales of Bolivia called for the outlawing of foreign military bases in the region. President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras, overthrown in a military coup d'état in June and initially exiled, has complained that US forces stationed at the Honduran base of Palmerola collaborated with Roberto Micheletti, the leader of the plotters and the man who claims to be president.
And, this being US foreign policy, a tell-tale trail of oil is evident. Brazil had already expressed its unhappiness at the presence of US naval vessels in its massive new offshore oilfields off Rio de Janeiro, destined soon to make Brazil a giant oil producer eligible for membership in Opec.
The fact that the US gets half its oil from Latin America was one of the reasons the US Fourth Fleet was re-established in the region's waters in 2008. The fleet's vessels can include Polaris nuclear-armed submarines – a deployment seen by some experts as a violation of the 1967 Tlatelolco Treaty, which bans nuclear weapons from the continent.
Indications of US willingness to envisage the stationing of nuclear weapons in Colombia are seen as an additional threat to the spirit of nuclear disarmament. After the establishment of the Tlatelolco Treaty in 1967, four more nuclear-weapon-free zones were set up in Africa, the South Pacific, South-east Asia and Central Asia. Between them, the five treaties cover nearly two-thirds of the countries of the world and almost all the southern hemisphere.
The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), the world's leading think-tank about disarmament issues, has now expressed its worries about the US-Colombian arrangements.
With or without nuclear weapons, the bilateral agreement on the seven Colombian bases, signed on 30 October in Bogota, risks a costly new arms race in a region. SIPRI, which is funded by the Swedish government, said it was concerned about rising arms expenditure in Latin America draining resources from social programmes that the poor of the region need.
Much of the new US strategy was clearly set out in May in an enthusiastic US Air Force (USAF) proposal for its military construction programme for the fiscal year 2010. One Colombian air base, Palanquero, was, the proposal said, unique "in a critical sub-region of our hemisphere where security and stability is under constant threat from... anti-US governments". (Part One)

Anonymous said...

The proposal sets out a scheme to develop Palanquero which, the USAF says, offers an opportunity for conducting "full-spectrum operations throughout South America.... It also supports mobility missions by providing access to the entire continent, except the Cape Horn region, if fuel is available, and over half the continent if un-refuelled". ("Full-spectrum operations" is the Pentagon's jargon for its long-established goal of securing crushing military superiority with atomic and conventional weapons across the globe and in space.)
Palanquero could also be useful in ferrying arms and personnel to Africa via the British mid-Atlantic island of Ascension, French Guiana and Aruba, the Dutch island off Venezuela. The US has access to them all.
The USAF proposal contradicted the assurances constantly issued by US diplomats that the bases would not be used against third countries. These were repeated by the Colombian military to the Colombian congress on 29 July. That USAF proposal was hastily reissued this month after the signature of the agreement – but without the reference to "anti-US governments". This has led to suggestions of either US government incompetence, or of a battle between a gung-ho USAF and a State Department conscious of the damage done to US relations with Latin America by its leaders' strong objections to the proposal.
The Colombian forces, for many years notorious for atrocities inflicted on civilians, have cheekily suggested that with US help they could get into the lucrative business of "instructing" other armies about human rights. Civil strife in Colombia meant some 380,000 Colombians were forced from their homes last year, bringing the number of displaced since 1985 to 4.6 million, one in ten of the population. This little-known statistic indicates a much worse situation than the much-publicised one in Islamist-ruled Sudan where 2.7 million have fled from their homes.
Amnesty International said: "The Colombian government must urgently bring human rights violators to justice, to break the links between the armed forces and illegal paramilitary groups, and dismantle paramilitary organisations in line with repeated UN recommendations."
Palanquero, which adjoins the town of Puerto Salgar on the broad Magdalena river north-west of the capital, Bogota, is one of the seven bases that the government of President Alvaro Uribe gave to Washington last month despite howls from many Colombians. Its hangars can take 100 aircraft and there is accommodation for 2,000 personnel. Its main runway was constructed in the 1980s after Colombia bought a force of Israeli Kfir warplanes. At 3,500 metres, it is 500 metres longer than the longest in Britain, the former US base outside Campbeltown, Scotland. The USAF is awaiting Barack Obama's signature on a bill, already passed by the US Congress, to devote $46m to works at the base.
Many Colombians are upset at the agreement between the US and Colombia that governs – or, perhaps more accurately, fails to govern – US use of Palanquero and the other six bases. The Colombian Council of State, a non-partisan constitutional body with the duty to comment on legislation, has said that the agreements are unfair to Colombia since they put the US and not the host country in the driving seat, and that they should be redrafted in accordance with the Colombian constitution.
The immunities being granted to US soldiers are, the council adds, against the 1961 Vienna Convention; the agreement can be changed by future regulations which can totally transform it; and the permission given to the US to install satellite receivers for radio and television without the usual licences and fees is "without any valid reason".
President Uribe, whose studies at St Antony's College, Oxford, were subsidised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, has chosen to disregard the Council of State. (Part Two)

Anonymous said...

Military: Four U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan (23.11.09)
KABUL (AP) — Four U.S. service members were killed in the past 24 hours in Afghanistan, NATO forces said Monday.
Three of the Americans died in southern Afghanistan on Sunday, the statement said. Two of them were killed by a bomb attack and the third in a separate firefight.
The military said the fourth U.S. service member died in the east Monday in a bomb explosion. The deaths bring the number of Americans killed in Afghanistan in November to 15. October was the deadliest month for U.S. troops in the eight-year war, with 58 dead.

Anonymous said...

BAGHDAD, Nov. 23 (Xinhua) — An American soldier was killed in action south of Baghdad, the U.S. military said Monday.
An anonymous Iraqi police source in Kut, the capital city of Wasit province, told Xinhua on Monday that they have a report saying that an unknown sniper shot a U.S. soldier during a U.S. military patrol in the afternoon on Sunday in the town of Nu'maniyah, some 40 km east of Kut.

James Wolfe said...

Thanks again for another outstanding NBN, I’m constantly amazed by your knowledge and stamina, poiuytr. You’re able to explain the most complex concepts such as the farcical deflation/inflation debate, and the end of the West dollar monopoly.

Thanks Anon 18/11/09 17:23

Ambrose Evans Pricthard is always good for a laugh, he’s always predicting doom and gloom for China, and how the US will remain the predominant power. All his columns always insinuate war against the uppity Asians, reading the comments below a great many of his cretinous West readership also subscribe to such Warmongering twaddle.

Not content with blowing up women and children in Peshawar markets using their hired child rapists Xe aka Blackwater, the US is now actively helping the same Taliban they are supposed to be fighting in Afghanistan to destroy Pakistan.

US shifted TTP leaders to Afghanistan: Beg

Monday, November 16, 2009
LAHORE: General (retd) Mirza Aslam Beg has alleged that the US has shifted Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief Hakimullah Mehsud and the other Taliban leadership to Afghanistan.

Add this with the bizarre the decision of the US military to abandon their posts on the Afghan border when Pakistan was conducting its offensive in FATA earlier this year. Its obvious the US using the fake Pakistan Taliban to undermine and destroy the Pakistani state. How else to do you explain the targets being hit such as Army & ISI HQ, Police stations, markets, mosques, etc.

Let’s not forget Karazai’s accusations that the British have been flying Taliban to Northern Afghanistan on their helicopters, and the Afghan journalist who broke that story was conveniently killed in a British rescue attempt recently.

James Wolfe said...

The ability of the US to conduct these most outrageous frauds never ceases to amaze. No content with poisoning the world with their Hollywood propaganda, and toxic assets (MBS, CDO, CDS). The US has now stooped to shoving the world with fake gold. Yes that’s rights gold-clad Tungsten is now being peddled.


Its heart-warming seeing the Swiss being fucked by their fellow West perverts. What’s left for the haughty and rude Swiss now that their fraudulent and criminal banking industry is gone? What will the Swiss have to be so obnoxious about? Still I’ll see if there is any change in the Swiss personality when I visit the country earlier next year for my annual snowboarding.

Anonymous said...

No change in Switzerland yet. Still sporting their We're the best persona. So too early to spot the difference. Give it another year or so, and you'll be enjoying your winter hols to the hilt.

Anonymous said...

Solid stuff there on Pakistan, James W, wholly credible and perhaps even right. Still, one underestimates Pakistan at one's own peril.

Anonymous said...

Hold Off On Calling This Pandemic
Overblown or "A Dud" Just Yet
In the last few weeks, the mainstream media has really started to jump on the alternative media's bandwagon. They've highlighted wasted government investments in pandemic planning, mass vaccinations and even questioned a flu hype that never materialized. Something is going on, and it likely has to do with a strategy for what is coming in the next few weeks or months.
We're hearing it every day now. Major media outlets are starting to say things like "a wasted investment on vaccines", or "a pandemic that was a dud". I have a strong suspicion that the media is now starting to play on both sides of the fence. Why? Because they want to reestablish confidence in a growing skeptical public who has embraced alternative sources.
The fatality rate of the virus in the Ukraine has been estimated by infectious disease experts to be between 0.5% to 0.7% and possibly growing. That means there could be well over 10,000 deaths right now in the Ukraine and they're refusing to disclose these numbers to the rest of the world. They've barely disclosed even 400 deaths.
So the media's strategy right now is to play both sides until they decide it's time for the public to hear the actual numbers.
More and more people are becoming conscious to the reality that the H1N1 swine flu has been nothing more than a mild flu across the world. It has "so far" caused a lower mortality rate than even the seasonal flu. So the media must now cater to this mindset until the real pandemic begins. Then they will change their tune and announce that public health officials were right all along. What will happen when the mutated virus reaches other parts of the world? Panic!

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