CNBC - Dollar Will be Utterly Destroyed, Global Currency, New World Order

Yes a New World Order, an order of the FREEWORLD a non-West New World Order.


Anonymous said...

Two things to retain from above: USA has a 65- trillion dollar negative net worth and the US exports promises and pretty paper. He forgot war there. So what about his forecast that countries with resources - he cites Canada, Brazil, Australia - are going to do well in the future. It isn't quite what he hear on this site.

Anonymous said...

America has its health insurance and , at the same time, has signed away the last shreds of freedom it could still lay claim to. Henceforth, a bank-cum-pharma govt for the USans.

Anonymous said...

Fuel convoy hit in eastern Afghanistan November 8 2009
KABUL - An Afghan police official says at least two private security guards have been wounded and two fuel tankers set on fire in eastern Afghanistan when militants attacked a supply convoy for NATO forces.
Provincial police spokesman Ghafor Khan says the two were injured in a battle Sunday near Jalalabad between the enemy combatants and private guards providing security for the convoy. He says other tankers were damaged along the highway, a main supply route between Pakistan and the Afghan capital of Kabul.

poiuytr said...

Oh those laughable baboons. CNBC lost 50% of baboon viewers last month. So they're probably trying to bring in a bit of reality but it's still laughable, the west mindrape.

When west media whores talk about winning wars, they, of course, mean they're suffering biggest defeats since their hitler stooge was crushed.

When west media whores talk recovery -- which BTW USA and UK central banks have just again celebrated -- they mean prolapse.

So we can bet that when they're at last talking the death of the dollar, they mean the death of the west, of the very baboon they're paid to lie to.

Fancy that, 3,5 short yrs, and the entire west vampire monster that's plagued this planet for 2000 yrs is brought to its knees -- and so far it's required no direct shot.

Anonymous said...

Harmony in G20 starting to unravel. No agreement on Tobin Tax and local priorities countries going their own way
So far Germany has acquiesced in calls for maintaining fiscal stimulae. But the new government won on a tax-cutting pledge and the constitution requires reduced public debt by 2015. Domestic politics will likely beat global rhetoric.
Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister, said yesterday that India would "wind down" its fiscal stimulus from 2010 as growth rises to 7 per cent. Inflation is a big concern for a country where millions live on just $2 (£1.20) a day.
Australia has raised its interest rate twice since September, taking it to 3.5 per cent. The country saw just one quarter of contraction, at the end of 2008, thanks to continuing commodities exports, particularly to China.
Norway was the first European nation to tighten monetary policy with last month's quarter-point interest rate rise. its oil and gas industry insulated it from the worst of the downturn and ensured a swift recovery.

Anonymous said...

Emerging economies show the "recovery" way. In other words, the good old "decoupling" theory which does not get much of a hearing these days.
The improvement in global manufacturing conditions may also reflect a shift in the balance of global demand. A generation ago, the emerging nations were tiny in economic terms and their influence on the major industrial nations was minimal. Following decades of, in some cases, extraordinarily rapid growth, many emerging nations are now major players on the world stage. Unlike the developed nations, they spend their money on investment goods and not on the ephemera associated with modern-day consumption. And their spending is only going to get bigger. As my Hong Kong-based colleague, Qu Hongbin points out, Beijing's subway system is tiny compared with London's Underground, yet its population is far bigger (and I've just returned from Mumbai where there is no subway system at all).
The emerging nations have pulled out of this crisis faster than the developed nations. Part of the reason has been a renewed focus on precisely the kinds of infrastructure projects which help to explain otherwise odd developments elsewhere in the world. If Western demand is so depressed, why are oil prices so high? Why are commodity-producing nations – for example, Australia and Norway – raising interest rates when no lead has been given by the US or the eurozone? Why are German capital goods exporters doing well when the euro has appreciated such a long way?
The answer to all these questions is the enhanced economic muscle of China, India, Brazil and other emerging nations. Meanwhile, life for domestic non-manufacturing companies remains tough in the US and Europe. The reasons are not hard to fathom. The credit crunch is ongoing. Banks don't have the funding of yesteryear and, as a result, are having to ration credit more aggressively. Shortages of working capital leave companies scrabbling around for cash: firing workers is one simple way of improving cashflow in these difficult times. Even with the recovery in financial markets seen over recent months, job losses in the financial sector more broadly will probably continue. And while the various subsidy schemes may have lifted demand for cars, they may have diverted demand away from other areas.
More generally, the US economy and, for that matter, the UK economy, fell off the edge of a cliff two years ago. They have both suffered a hard landing and are now trying to climb back up in an attempt to return to some sense of normality. It is going to be a long, hard climb. In an economic battle for the survival of the fittest, companies will be under tremendous pressure to keep tight control over their costs, even as activity begins to rise again. Labour markets are, therefore, likely to remain weak. Moreover, with the credit crunch still very much in place, new start-up companies will be few and far between, implying that many people will end up leaving the labour force altogether, as they have been doing so in droves in the US in recent months.
The silver lining will come in the form of rapid productivity growth as output rises faster than job creation. That, though, is cold comfort. The best decade for American productivity growth in the 20th century was the 1930s simply because employment fell even faster than output. We won't see any repeat of those conditions but, with Western economies still on economic life-support, the best hopes of recovery lie not with the US or Europe but with growing demand in the emerging world. We have to hope that, when the US sneezes, the emerging nations go shopping. (Independent)

Anonymous said...

Venezuelan president calls on soldiers to prepare for war (US proxy war on SouthAm?)
CARACAS, Nov. 8 (Xinhua) — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez urged the army and civilians on Sunday to prepare themselves for war.
"We cannot waste one day to fulfill our mission: to prepare for war and help the people to get ready for war," Chavez said during his weekly TV-radio show.
His words came after Colombia and the United States signed a military agreement allowing the United States to use seven military bases in the country, which has aroused protest from its neighbors.
"Let's form the militia. The workers, the women, all ready to defend this sacred homeland," Chavez announced, adding that the best way to avoid war was to prepare for it.
After the signing of the U.S.-Colombia military agreement on Sept. 30, Venezuela has stepped up its military presence in states bordering Colombia.
According to the U.S.-Colombia agreement, the United States' military presence would be increased by up to 1,400 people across seven military bases in Colombia to fight local drug traffickers and insurgents.
However, Colombia's neighbors Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela have been criticizing the agreement since it was first discussed in July, saying it posed a threat to their national security.
Colombia remains the world's largest producer of cocaine, and has two large active rebel movements — the National Liberation Army and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) – both listed as terrorist groups by the United States. Colombia has been accusing Venezuela of covertly supporting the FARC. Venezuela denied the charge and in turn accused Colombia of backing U.S. ambitions allegedly going far beyond fighting drug deals and terrorists to control the region's raw materials.

Anonymous said...

Whatever we might think of poiuytr's contention that the mere "threat" (and it still remains just that till today) of selling oil in currency other than the dollar brought the west econ to its knees, we greatly resent
the statement below:
"Fancy that, 3,5 short yrs, and the entire west vampire monster that's plagued this planet for 2000 yrs is brought to its knees -- and so far it's required no direct shot."
Direct shot, no. OK. Indirect proxy shots have taken the lives of millions of Muslims the world over. But, of course, those benighted people hardly exist in what the various blogs tell us about the state of the world.

Anonymous said...

US preparing for war in Latin America
Official US Air Force Document Reveals the True Intentions Behind the US-Colombia Military Agreement
by Eva Golinger .
Global Research, November 6, 2009
An official document from the Department of the US Air Force reveals that the military base in Palanquero, Colombia will provide the Pentagon with “…an opportunity for conducting full spectrum operations throughout South America…”
"The language of war included in this document evidences the true intentions behind the military agreement between Washington and Colombia: they are preparing for war in Latin America."

Someone predicted some such thing on this blog not so long ago.

Anonymous said...

Off topic:
Fannie Mae to allow borrowers in foreclosure to lease back homes
How generous of them. You still pay the monthly payment, but you no longer own.
Is there any scam USans will not try out?

Anonymous said...

On topic now: SouthAm war preparations = diversionary tactics while Israel gets ready to attack Gaza, Lebanon, Iran or all of them? Interesting times ahead.

Anonymous said...

China pledges $10 billion in low-cost loans to Africa - November 9, 2009
SHARM EL-SHEIKH, EGYPT -- Wen Jiabao, China's premier, has pledged $10 billion in new low-cost loans to Africa over the next three years and has defended his country's engagement on the continent against accusations that it is "plundering" the region's oil and minerals.

Wen made the pledge Sunday at a China-Africa summit here, at which he also urged the United States to keep its deficit to an "appropriate size" to ensure the "basic stability" of the dollar. China is the biggest holder of U.S. government debt, and Wen's comments reinforce similar ones made in March, when he expressed concern that Washington's deficit could erode the value of China's U.S. dollar assets. The loan pledge for Africa was double a $5 billion commitment made in 2006. At the summit, delegates on both sides stressed that their ties go beyond the Chinese acquisition of raw materials.
"There have been allegations for a long time that China has come to Africa to plunder its resources and practice neo-colonialism. This allegation, in my view, is totally untenable," Wen said at a news conference. Trade between China and Africa jumped 45 percent, to $107 billion, in 2008, a tenfold increase since 2000, and the new loans are likely to sustain the expansion.
One superpower makes war, the other offers trade. Which would you choose for an ally?

Anonymous said...

Down with brazen exploitation and wars. Up with development and trade. We'd reach out for the Chinese model anytime. And, no fools they, that's exactly what Africa is doing.

Anonymous said...

Change that to America will be utterly destroyed, then we will have something to celebrate.

Even if the Dirty Dollar is destroyed, the USA will just develop the AMERO (as part of the North American Union) to replace it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:26 - You can't believe so deeply in the future of the US to think the death of the dollar does not spell out the destruction of the country as we've known it in our lifetime. The Amerco can come, but will come without esteem or trust. The world will have learnt their lesson. Never again will USan currency dominate dealings between trading partner, etc. Wait and see.

Anonymous said...

3 U.S. military personnel killed in Iraq
BAGHDAD, Nov. 9 (Xinhua) — Three American service members, including two pilots, were killed in two incidents in Iraq on Sunday, the U.S. military said Monday.
A U.S. marine attached to Multi National Force-West died of injuries sustained of a non-combat incident in Iraq's western province of Anbar, a military statement said without providing further details.
Earlier, another military statement said two U.S. pilots have been killed in a helicopter crash Sunday in Salahudin province north of Baghdad. The two were killed during a hard landing in the province, the statement said without giving more details.

Anonymous said...

America Has the Health Insurance It Deserves
It is the everyday middle class American that will suffer the consequences of this travesty. Indeed, while the economy is reeling and unemployment pushes depression-era levels the arrogant Congress has decided to pass the biggest expansion of government in the history of the United States. It will create a new tax that will primarily be felt by the middle class, the ones most likely affected by the current depression. This is because as Americans are forced to purchase health insurance, the wealthy will have no problem paying for escalating costs. Nor will the poor feel the burden as they will receive government health insurance subsidies. Yet, the forgotten man will be the middle class working American who now already struggling against the burden of economic ruin will be forced to pay fines or even face possible jail time for not complying with our government’s take over of his/her health care. As this tax sinks in, the middle class will be forced downward into the ranks of the working poor and therefore into the ranks of government rationed medical care. Inevitably, government healthcare will swallow the whole of the medical insurance world and there will be no escape.

Anonymous said...

Copenhagen, Future Oil Prices
The danger from carbon emissions has sparked a world-wide search for renewable sources of energy, such as wind power, nuclear energy and solar energy. China, the United States, Spain and Germany have all launched ambitious projects to harness solar energy. The idea is also catching on in the Arab world. Morocco, for example, has just announced a 6 billion euro project to produce 2,000 megawatts of electricity from solar power by 2020. It is estimated that six solar energy production sites could produce over 40% of Morocco’s electricity needs, and save up to a million tons of oil a year. Kuwait, in turn, is considering the use of solar power as an alternative to oil, according to Saad al-Showeib, managing director of the Kuwait Petroleum Company, who was speaking last week at an international conference on Alternative Energy Applications.
According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the world’s dependence on natural gas will drop dramatically if environmental policies are adopted to limit carbon emissions. The IEA’s World Energy Outlook, its influential annual publication, published on November 10, is said to predict a coming glut in gas supplies and over-capacity of gas pipelines. Russia, Iran and Qatar, three major gas exporters, should take note.
Another trend worth watching is an expected over-supply of oil. Iraq, for example, has recently signed a number of highly-significant agreements with international companies which, according to Oil Minister Hussein Shahristani, could boost Iraq’s production from less than 2m barrels a day today to nearly10mbd within a decade.
Britain’s BP and China’s CNPC signed a deal which could nearly triple production at the southern oilfield of Rumeila, while ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell are to develop the West Qurna field. Italy’s ENI has initialled a contract to explore the smaller Zubair oilfield in southern Iraq.
Within the coming years, OPEC countries will have to face the most unwelcome prospect of having to decrease their own production to make way for Iraq’s soaring output.
At the same time, more intensive oil exploration deep beneath the seabed, together with new technologies for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) of existing fields, are expected to give a considerable boost to the world’s recoverable oil reserves. In other words, far from oil and gas being scarce, they may well soon be plentiful. What was a sellers’ market could easily become a buyers’ market within the coming decade.
With these developments in mind, who would dare predict where prices will be a decade or two from now? (Patrick Seale)

Anonymous said...

Turkey PM: Israel war crimes worse than Sudan
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday accused Israel of committing greater crimes against Palestinians during its war in the Gaza Strip than those for which Sudanese leader Omar al-Bashir had been indicted.
Erdogan said he would rather confront Bashir, indicted for orchestrating crimes against humanity in Darfur, than discuss state killings of civilians with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
The Turkish prime minister also said that he did not believe that Bashir was guilty of the crimes for which he was indicted.
"I cannot discuss this with Netanyahu but I can easily discuss such issues with Omar al-Bashir. I can say to his face: What you are doing is wrong," Erdogan said.

The man seems to have turned into another Chavez. Bravo! Now if only Putin would adopt the same straightforward tactics, we'd have five Freeworld leaders (four of them Muslims) showing no fear of the truth.

Anonymous said...

Gold price hits all-time high
Gold powers above $1,100/oz barrier as investors seek a safe-haven.

Anonymous said...

Monday, 09 November 2009
Need for Special Needles Delays Vaccination Campaign in Norway (D. Icke Blog)
'In Norway, the swine flu vaccination campaign was delayed because the hospitals had to wait for special needles and syringes. It has been suggested that special government supplied needles are to be used because these will contain a nano chip. A bar code on the syringe package would allow traceability, for example.
Also, all of the big pharma companies are reported to have contracts for RFID chips with Verichip.'

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr, not signed in)

6:45 -- keep your panties on

"Direct shot" means exactly what it says "direct shot".

It passes no judgment whatever on the heroism of the Freeworld to confront the beast in the 10 nations it's attacked just this decade.

Direct shot means a shot DIRECTLY at either Grand EUnuchia or baboonarium, something that's gonna happen the more west keeps provoking bigger and larger nations.

So again, let me ask you, for the sake of the blog debate, to quit your constant angling for fights and deliberate twisting of words.

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr, still not signed in)

12:26 -- AMERO

Yes, amero's been on standby. However, intro of "new" currency is very much like ignoring bank toxicity or bailing out a bankrupt firm/bank. It's nonsense that solves nothing collectively for the west but only reflows some of the assets left into the pocket of west war governance.

Amero is just another means of west war junta asset collectivisation, nothing else.

It still means poverty and total west-wide econ prolapse for the west baboons.

The only way out for west is to fold, give up, and be taken apart on the much awaited estate sale.

But all signs point to west war junta's increasing resistance to this only solution it's had for 3 yrs and instead towards a giant multi-continental, if not world, military conflict or very much a WWIII provoked, instigated, and started by the west beast.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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poiuytr said...

FYI, About deleted comments as to avoid any scream ups.

Those were my two comments in response to 15:40. I wasn't signed in and there were so many errors even I felt ashamed of myself.

poiuytr said...
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poiuytr said...
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poiuytr said...

15:40 -- why isn't Putin straightforward too?

Good question! Don't think I'm defending Putin's strategies or putting down Erdogan, Chavez, Bashir, etc. I'm just thinking about the overt diplo policies with west.

The covert nay stealthy Putin strategy, which btw is the main thrust of my *book* (one day) has been the essential and key element in what we're witnessing as the Freeworld uprising against the west evil.

Had Putin not used the most polished of diplomatic methods, the beast might have been aroused to its orchestrated and brilliant 15 yr long castration.

As it has been, only small pockets of the west war retinue have stumbled on the Russian hurdle and it appears it's only now that the Warshington/Loondon war beasts have connected all the dots -- a decade too late.

Had west moved 911 five yrs forward, to some 1994-5, just a few yrs after the papa Bush celebrated NWO launch on 9/11/01, things would have been very different.

It's this stealthy diplo full of whiplashing smooth rhetoric that leaves west no chance and strips it slice by slice of its venomous powers reducing it to the gibbering wreck it is today -- note that west is so broke today, that even the west baboon gets it.

It's very much the same partisan warfare, perhaps only perfected by learning and studying the beast vampire ways, that Russia used in 1941-45. The situation was the same, not long ago. West commanded 5-8X advantage over everyone. But like in 1941, brains, strength, bravery, etc stripped the west beast of its some 800% advantage and shredded it to bits.

Putin himself gives hints shining some light on this brilliant counterstrike methodology that arguably he's been in charge of this entire time. He says he uses opponent's much greater strength against the opponent.

This is echoed throughout history of Russia's constant war with the west rapist and, of course, today in all corners of the rising Freeworld.

Note, after every giant escalation (those that typically make the west mindrape headlines) there is usually a Russian cave in or some side-step. This sends everyone through the roof each and every time. But I maintain as always that it's all a diversionary tactic or part of this very stealthy strategy, or not being straightforward, as you said.

Each time, the west beast is focused on some issue throwing its entire might on it, as is typical for this strong but deeply cretinous west braindead ogre, there is a flank op going on.

poiuytr said...

15:40 Pt2

While west battles Moscow on some pointless WTO entry, a piece of west's leg is chopped off in Nigeria. While west celebrates Moscow's cave in on letting west go to Helmand, a damn good thrashing is prepped for the west hoards there. Note Pentagram is screaming for 40K more troops, 80% of Afghan is Taliban's, and NATO has retreated from two bases, and UK troops are running this very second much to the chagrin of the warshington war architects. While Moscow zigzags on Iran's N-stuff, Libya's energy is ripped out of the EUnuch talons and given to Gazprom. While west is arming a front against Chavez in Colombia, weapons are surrounding it elsewhere. While west is dicking about with strategically worthless Poland, mil pacts are made twixt Russia/Venezuela, Russia/China, etc.

As such west has remained totally clueless as to the next flank attack and powerless in dealing with them.

It is very much down to this brilliant strategy that Erdogan and Chavez and Africa and others can rise on the wings of this truly sweet orchestrated counteroffensive symphonies. And it requires the very opposite of straightforwardness.

One day, I hope to show this in a book detailing and outlining this awesome strategy that's saved the planet from the west rapist on ongoing basis -- and may possibly be crowned with success even this time as well -- if WWIII is avoided.

I understand the impatience, the anger over the Moscow's headline shillyshallying but at the same time judge Moscow on the results, not words. The results are seen in UK banking prolapse, in USA banking prolapse, in west unemployment crises, in west war defeats, in every west word that is now filled to bursting with desperation, anger, and fright of its own future.

The words are there merely to flummox the west cretin.

It has to be remembered that Russia never ever says a thing prior to any action and very rarely afterwards.

This goes along my earlier statement, some joker took up for another fight here, with the "direct shot".

It's this stealthy outflanking that has avoided the need for a direct shot on the west capitalist pig paradise where bankers, per their own admission, now apparently do the "work of god".

Anonymous said...

AIG taps $2.1 bln from US for ILFC share purchase: American International Group Inc (AIG.N) tapped the U.S. government for another $2.1 billion to buy shares of its aircraft leasing arm, International Lease Finance Corp, or ILFC, the insurer said in a regulatory filing on Friday.
Confirmation of what poiuytr posted recently. All US recovery stories simply BS.

Anonymous said...

OK, poiuytr, sorry. That "direct shot" misunderstanding was all my own doing. I should have known you were subtler than my reading of the sentence implied. A "joker" I may be, but at least a sincere one. If I see my mistake, I acknowledge it. So profuse apologies for having got hold of the wrong end of the stick.

Anonymous said...

China Calls on U.S. to Control Deficit
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao urged the U.S. to limit the size of its deficit to ensure the stability of the dollar, Reuters reported.
America should play a responsible role in contributing to a global recovery, Wen was quoted as saying yesterday at a briefing in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. It should keep the deficit at an appropriate size, the premier said.
Wen is renewing concerns expressed in March, when he said he was “worried” about China’s holdings of Treasuries and wanted assurances that the nation’s U.S. investments were safe. The dollar fell today after the Group of 20 governments agreed to keep stimulus measures and remained silent on the greenback’s decline this year.
The U.S. currency has dropped about 13 percent against a basket of currencies of major trading partners in the past seven months and the International Monetary Fund indicated in a Nov. 7 report that it may still be overvalued.
China’s foreign-exchange reserves climbed to a record $2.273 trillion in September and the nation is the largest holder of U.S. Treasuries, owning $797.1 billion of the securities in August.
China is closely watching its U.S. assets, which are a very important part of the nation’s wealth, Wen was quoted as saying. He reiterated that his government sought safety, liquidity and good value when investing its currency holdings.
China is facing calls to let its own currency gain against the dollar which it has so far ignored.

Anonymous said...

Pandemic? What flu pandemic?
First we were told swine flu could kill 65,000 Britons. Now the death toll is unlikely to top 1,000. For loud-sounding Ukraine, the last figures I saw was some 60 deaths. That kind of "pandemic" the west has every passing winter. Are the baboons in the zoo getting it finally?

Anonymous said...

Commercial mortgage lending down 54% - 10.11.09
Commercial and multifamily mortgage lending in the U.S. fell 12 percent from the second quarter to the third quarter and is down 54 percent from year ago levels, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. The drop includes a year over year decrease in lending for all types of commercial properties. Loans for retail properties are down 62 percent. Loans for office properties are down 56 percent, MBA says. Apartment lending is down 40 percent.

Anonymous said...

Another strangely well-governed country and an example of decoupling: Lebanon has largely shrugged off the effects of the global financial crisis but has public debt of around $50 billion. And the USA?

Anonymous said...

Barclays' profits drop
UK's second-biggest bank sees profits decline so far this year. (DT)
I have the distinct impression that only the other day they were saying exactly the opposite about Barclays. Go figure.

Call to cap the euro (DT)
European industry blasts China over weak Yen as euro surges.

Anonymous said...

"Another strangely well-governed country and an example of decoupling: Lebanon has largely shrugged off the effects of the global financial crisis but has public debt of around $50 billion. And the USA?"

Well, the USA has tent citys and Obamavilles!

So there.

Anonymous said...

90,000 Casualties, but Who’s Counting?
by Kelley B. Vlahos, November 10, 2009
Veterans Day arrives tomorrow, and with it, the anticipated harvest of heartbreaking anecdotes driving the press coverage and our ever wandering attention back to less desirable realities: the disfigured but persevering hero, the homeless warrior, the unemployable sergeant, the father or son or daughter who came home a stranger and cannot be reached.
Usually, there is nothing more powerful than a personal story to pound home the cost of eight years of war overseas, but I think today there is something even more disturbing to bear.
It’s the number 90,591 .pdf.
As of Oct. 15, that’s how many American casualties there were in Iraq and Afghanistan since Oct. 7, 2001, when the Afghan war officially began. That includes a tire-screeching 74,782 dead, wounded-in-action, and medically evacuated due to illness, disease, or injury in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and 15,809 and counting in Afghanistan, or Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF).
That it may sound incredible – even unreal – is understandable. Early attempts to effectively count casualties (outside of battlefield fatalities) had been in earnest, then erratic, but finally dead-ended, frustrated by the Department of Defense, which has always been loath to break down and publicize the data on a regular basis.

Battlefield fatalities numbers require serious revision. Otherwise, useful enough indications.

Anonymous said...

Fear and Secrecy Cloak Eritrea, Africa's Hermit Country
Asmara - Needs are acute in Eritrea, a narrow shard of sand and rock along the Red Sea that's presided over by one of Africa's most secretive regimes. As its quixotic experiment in economic self-reliance falters, the Ohio-sized country of 5 million has slipped into its deepest political isolation in its 16 years of independence.
The United States and others accuse President Isaias Afwerki of funneling arms and money to Islamist insurgents in Somalia and have threatened to slap him with sanctions. Analysts say Isaias is bent on wresting influence from Ethiopia — Eritrea's large southern neighbor and adversary in a 30-year liberation struggle — and is backing several rebel groups across the chaotic Horn of Africa.
In a rare interview, Isaias dismissed the allegations as "fabrications" by Western interests — including his favorite bogeyman, the CIA — that traditionally have sided with Ethiopia. The pariah label has reinforced his belligerent attitude toward a world that long ignored Eritrea's cries for independence, and one in which he now seems to have just one remaining friend, the wealthy Persian Gulf emirate of Qatar. "Why would you want to have allies?" the 63-year-old president said. "It's a sign of weakness."

poiuytr said...

7:11 --
Like JamesW has said, it's very sapping. All of it. And writing is ambiguous anyway. For example, I'm slapping NBN together and I'm totally shredded and can't write a line.

There's people dying in thousands all over the globe. Kids are tortured in Gaza camps. USA lies regarding the Colombia attack plans on SouthAm have been revealed. The pictures of the peace-loving freedom spreading west haunt me night and day and probably all those who have seen them. And look, all the west baboons are going to their cubicles tomorrow -- well those that still have one to go to -- like there's nothing going on and after that they'll be slaking their vampire bloodlust on BBCNN sewage mindrape while obediently turning over all property and cash to their "bankers" who have elevated themselves to the ranks of gods.

While this blog may seem off on something, it's nothing compared to the patent insane asylum that's outside of these virtual walls.

If you think I'm babbling some rubbish sometime, please, ask me for clarification before we take the gloves off. I'll try the same. Maybe we'll avoid some of the needless misunderstandings.


I was hoping someone would tell me their thoughts on the counterstrike strategies against the west beast. I think there are identifiable patterns in how Russia defended in WWII and how west struck out. This is not related to any news at the moment, but in general, it's the ongoing main point here, how and when will the west be dealt the final blow. Will west pull the plug from within? Will it launch all its arsenal? Will it cull its own lands to mitigate revolutionary ideas?

Though I personally hate studying war, I find the emergence of battle patterns fascinating cuz the side with less variation, adaptability, and opportunism should come up short in the end.

Anyway, sorry for the long unanchored drivel, my mind's a total wreck and recharge time's still long hours away.

Anonymous said...

Fort Hood Psyop Gone Wrong : Nidal Malik Hasan’s Monarch Programming Goes Haywire

Anonymous said...

poiuytr, excellent that the new NBN is on its way. As you put it, the outside world (as compared to the relative safety of this blog) is such a lunatic asylum sort of place, the occasional cool breeze of sanity becomes an absolute must. NBN provides that. Only one more thing to add: If James and you take the world's disease(s) too personally, you might not last the course. So give depression a miss. We'll ponder your thought-provoking question: how is the end to come finally? and get back to you if and when an idea occurs.

Anonymous said...

Some things are just too below human consumption for one to be able to take them. The story of bankers doing god's work was one such. The Nidal Malik Hasan B.S. is another story (like the 9/11 fictions) which lies wholly out of our reach as regards further commentary.

Anonymous said...

Tighter Bank Lending Standards Reinforce Fed Decision on Rates By Scott Lanman - Nov. 10 The Federal Reserve said U.S. banks kept tightening lending standards for companies and consumers last quarter, reinforcing the central bank’s decision to leave its benchmark interest rates at record lows for a long time.
At the same time, the number of banks making it tougher to borrow diminished, the Fed said yesterday in its quarterly Senior Loan Officer survey. Demand for most types of loans weakened at a smaller number of banks than in the second quarter, the survey showed.
The report helps explain why Fed policy makers last week said “tight credit” remains a drag on the economy and pledged to keep their benchmark interest rate near zero for an “extended period.” JPMorgan Chase & Co. is among the banks that have reduced lending in response to stricter underwriting standards for consumer loans and lower demand among companies.
“The fact that banks are still tightening standards is just another reason why the Fed is not going to be raising rates anytime soon,” said Dean Maki, chief U.S. economist at Barclays Capital Inc. in New York, who predicts the Fed won’t tighten until September.
While the Fed isn’t about to raise rates, with fewer banks making it tougher to borrow, “credit may be less of a headwind to growth in coming quarters than is commonly believed,” said Maki, a former Fed economist. The percentage of banks tightening standards was “quite similar” to the end of the last recession, in 2001, he said. Separately, the Fed said yesterday that nine of 10 bank holding companies deemed short of capital in May have raised their reserves enough to withstand the risk of higher unemployment and slower economic growth.

Sometimes, seems to me, I understand what poiuytr is trying to say. But this piece above, like much of media-whore writing, is simply beyond my comprehension. Ditto for the Malik Hasan psychop and, and, and.

Anonymous said...

Iran to share power with Russia, PG states
Tehran Times Economic Desk
TEHRAN – Iran plans to connect its national power grid with Russia and the Persian Gulf states, energy ministry caretaker said here on Saturday. IRNA News Agency quoted Hamid Chitchian as saying that, “currently Iran’s national power grid is connected to Iraq, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.” “We plan to connect our power grids to Russia via Azerbaijan as well as linking to the Persian Gulf states via sub-sea cabling,” he added. “We are planning to connect the national power grid to new countries within the next two years,” he noted.
According to Chitchian, Iran currently exports electricity to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Turkey. Iran’s electricity export saw 123% increase in the current Iranian calendar year. Iran is among the top ten manufacturers of gas turbines with a capacity of 160 megawatts. Iran has acquired self-sufficiency of over 80 percent in constructing hydraulic turbines and over 90 percent in producing gas turbines. Within the next few years, Iran can join the list of countries that produce power plant technology. Iran has achieved the technical expertise to set up hydroelectric, gas and combined cycle power plants.
Iran is not only self-sufficient in power plant construction but has also concluded a number of contracts on implementing projects in neighboring states. A research by the Ministry of Energy indicated that between 15,000-20,000 megawatts of capacity should be added in Iran’s electricity production in the next 20 years. Iran ranks as the 19th largest producer and 20th largest consumer of electricity in the world.

Anonymous said...

Lloyds Banking Group to cut another 5,000 jobs
Bank is to axe thousands of jobs next year in fresh wave of cuts under plans to reduce costs

Barclays on track for record profits (The Guardian.) Above somewhere the Daild Telegraph affirmed the exact opposite yesterday, I believe. Got their wires crossed have they, the illiterate shills?

Anonymous said...

Gorbachev Says Obama Should Start Afghan Withdrawal - Nov 10
Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, drawing on his experience of military failure in Afghanistan in the 1980s, said the U.S. can’t win the conflict there and should begin pulling out its soldiers. Afghanistan, where U.S. and NATO forces are battling a Taliban-led insurgency, is too fragmented between clans to be controlled militarily, Gorbachev, 78, said in an interview today in Berlin. While he said President Barack Obama would be unlikely to take his advice, Gorbachev said he saw no chance of success even with more U.S. troops. “I believe that there is no prospect of a military solution,” Gorbachev said in Russian through a translator. “What we need is the reconciliation of Afghan society — and they should be preparing the ground for withdrawal rather than additional troops.”

Anonymous said...

Shut the hell up, Gorbachev.

Isn't Gorbachev too busy sucking the cock of his American masters to offer any bullshit 'advice' about how to save the American Empire.

Gorbachav is vermin.

Whoring for the Americans is the only thing that he can do.

Anonymous said...

CELEBRATING the FALL of the BERLIN WALL? ..perhaps you should think again!
We and the Germans are celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall. To the Germans, it meant the eventual reunification of their torn country. To the world it meant the coming end of the Cold War. To the average American and many others it has meant our downfall.
Looking back after 20 years the Cold War actually kept the lid on ethnic tensions and strife globally. The Soviet Union never would have tolerated the persecution of the Palestinian people as they have suffered under Israel since 1989. The US never would have invaded Iraq or Afghanistan if another super power existed. The first Gulf War would not have started since we would have kept closer control of our puppet Sadam out of angst for the Soviet Union. The wars in the former Yugoslavia would not have happened.
Here at home, our government never would have allowed the transfer of manufacturing and technology to China. Who would have conceived of enriching a country in the Soviet sphere of influence? Globalization would not be turning our workforce into greeters at Walmart. The standard of living of the average American would never have fallen nor would our real unemployment be approaching 20%.
I don’t look back on the fall of the wall with joy, rather sorrow for the loss of the more balanced world we once had.

Too little too late, friend. And only too true, 04:10, Gorbachov was a sad example of trash and traitor.

Anonymous said...


How disappointing is this piece of news from WSWS:

"The awarding of development rights over the huge West Qurna oilfield in southern Iraq to Exxon-Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell last Thursday once again underscores the criminal character of the continuing US-led occupation. As the direct result of the Iraq war, major American and other transnational energy conglomerates are now gaining control over some the largest oilfields in the world."

So the Yanks have now fulfilled their objective of robbing Iraq of its oil?

Anonymous said...

Pound under new attack as agency says it will cut UK's credit rating - Britain's sovereign status is most at risk, says Fitch 11.11.09
The pound's value against the dollar tumbled yesterday when a leading credit ratings agency suggested that Britain might lose its cherished AAA status because it was the "potentially most at risk" of the major economies.

Anonymous said...

Brown signals start of Afghan 'exit strategy'
Prime Minister says British forces will hand over two districts of Helmand province to Afghan control by middle of next year.

Anonymous said...

"Here at home, our government never would have allowed the transfer of manufacturing and technology to China. Who would have conceived of enriching a country in the Soviet sphere of influence? Globalization would not be turning our workforce into greeters at Walmart. The standard of living of the average American would never have fallen nor would our real unemployment be approaching 20%."

More American bullshit on this website.

It is more contagious than the USA's bioterror concoction known as swine flu.

This motherfucker is basically whining that America was not able to reap the imperial fruits of its Cold War destruction of Communism.

Too bad.

Like most American shills he stands reality on its head.

While most American parasites whine about "Globalization" in terms of predatory American concerns like outsourcing or (sniff, sniff) job losses, the real issue is what America's brand of globalization has meant to the world: unfettered American rape and pillage of the globe.

America exploits workers in the Third World (but Americans whine about outsourcing or foreign stealing "our" jobs).

America imposes the Washington Consensus on the world and demands free market privatization, impovershing billions (but Americans whine about US corporations investing globally).

This goes to show you the sick self-serving nature of what masquerades as American "Dissent."

On the one hand, you have the flag-waving Pro-American vermin.

On the other hand, you have the flag-waving Pro-American vermin who tries to portray itself as political dissent.

This is the ultimate American Delusion: Americans want to mold and manipulate the political terms of opposition to Americanism, instinctively spreading their American First drivel like a persistent telemarketer or used card salesman.

But, the USA is a nation of shysters, con artists, and hucksters from top to bottom.

Anonymous said...

i dont know i think all u fuckers are crazy i have read this shit and still in all honesty say that america, the good ol USA, is the best place to live on bs, no lie, no troll ujob, just a red blooded american telling it how it is.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord, we've netted an American at long last! And red-blooded at that! No wonder the US is thriving, with people such as 08:44 making up the population. Look, man, the thing is your country is the worst in the world and also the one that has caused the most amount of harm the planet over. And now nemesis, i.e. the Freeworld, stares you in the face. When that happens, all exits are blocked. Don't take our word for it. Soon it will dawn on all you USan dunderheads as well. History bypasses whomsoever it will. America's turn has now arrived.

Anonymous said...

Press TV - November 11, 2009
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has urged the US administration to make real changes by ending its support for Israel.
“US President Barack Obama should make a big choice in order to realize his change motto,” Ahmadinejad said in Istanbul on Monday, IRNA reported. Ahmadinejad was in Istanbul for the 25th Session of the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation (COMCEC) of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, which ran from November 8 to 10.
“He should choose between supporting the Zionist regime or friendship with the Middle East region's nations because these two are not compatible,” Iran's president stated. “No change is made unless great choices are made,” he added. “We would welcome the changes, and wait for big and correct decisions to be made,” Ahmadinejad said.
“We will clasp any hand that is extended sincerely toward us, but changes should be made in practice,” he stated.

Anonymous said...

Iran urges Russia to fulfill S-300 missile supply contract - RIA Novosti - 11.11.09
TEHRAN - Russia has to fulfill its contract on the supply of S-300 defensive surface-to-air missile systems to Iran, Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said on Wednesday.
"We have a contract with Russia to buy S-300 missiles. I don't think it is right for Russia to be seen in the world as a country which does not fulfill its contractual obligations," Vahidi was quoted by Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA) as saying.
Russia signed a contract with Iran on the supply of S-300 missiles to the Islamic Republic in December 2005. However, there have been no official reports about the start of the contract's implementation since then.
In December 2008, the Iranian media reported that Russia had started delivering elements of the advanced version of the S-300 missile. However, Russia's Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation has denied such reports. The latest version of the S-300 series is the S-300PMU2 Favorit, which has a range of up to 195 kilometers (about 120 miles) and can intercept aircraft and ballistic missiles at altitudes from 10 meters to 27 kilometers. It is considered one of the world's most effective all-altitude regional air defense systems, comparable in performance to the U.S. MIM-104 Patriot system.

Anonymous said...

Well here we go again. This could be a false claim. Russia has already delivered S-300's to Iran, and it is obvious why they are concealing that fact. Alternatively, Russia could be at one with the Zio masters. Videos exist showing Putin in Rotschild company not so long ago. Then I remember Khodorovsky and Yukos and hesitation once again overcomes me.

Anonymous said...

'Good Lord, we've netted an American at long last! And red-blooded at that"

you little prick thanks to us the world is free of communism and facism or did you think that all just happened by itself? I've met lot of you fuckers in my days always whining and crying and hoping the worst for this the same time speaking of peace and democracy, it's total farce like your lives if america falls then what on to the next piont the finger and scream untril somebody anybody listens... you fuckers NEED an enemey without you have no identity. With that I end my assault.

Anonymous said...

To the illuminated Yank at 00:01:

Your IQ does not exceed 80 on your best day.

Anonymous said...

Also, 00:01, 90.000 US soldiers dead in the wars against the Muslims, but what's a few dead redneck kids that nobody wants?
Members of the US government are multi-millionaires because of their investments in companies that profit from wars. These well-paid public servants couldn't give a damn who dies to make them even wealthier. All they care about is the profits from this "great adventure" which is no skin off their teeth. You can be certain that no relative of theirs has to die for their war profits. I'm sure they are already counting the profits from the coming war in South America. Will you and your kids be sacrificed? But, of course, if your IQ does not exceed 80 on your best day, you probably don't know how to count.

Anonymous said...

Xinhua Economic News - 11/11/2009 - PetroChina will energetically put forward building of pipelines and LNG projects to ensure a stable supply of natural gas, said Zhou Jieping, president of the company in the company's 2009 natural gas marketing work conference held recently.
Natural gas business now has become a new economic growth point and profit contributor of PetroChina, and it represents an important development trend of PetroChina in a certain period to come, Zhou noted. The company's natural gas pipeline has so far totaled 24,000 kilometers, doubling that of 2000, and the sales grew an annual rate of 20.7 percent on average, reaching 53.2 billion cubic meters in 2008.
The Central Asia natural gas pipeline and the western section of the second West-to-East gas transmission pipeline will be completed at the end of this year, ushering in a new era of importing natural gas via pipeline. They will pipeline natural gas from Turkmenistan to China, diversifying China's natural gas supply. According to Zhou, in order to achieve a sustainable and rapid development of the natural gas business, PetroChina will set up a natural gas market research group and establish a natural gas marketing settlement center.

Anonymous said...

BTW: China, the world’s biggest economy, expanded 8.9 percent in the past quarter, the fastest pace in a year, according to official data. Money supply increased a record 29.4 percent in October from a year earlier, the central bank said today. (12.11.09)

Anonymous said...

For our homegrown USan above: Prez Obama has begun an Asia trip today which will take him to Japan, China, South Korea and Singapour. Everywhere he goes he'll declare forcefully: We are Americans and we are here in Asia for good. And everywhere his hosts will nod politely and raise a hand to the mouth to hide a yawn.

Anonymous said...

Christmas approaching and 2010 and along with the two the disintegration of the US as predicted by Russian prof and seer Igor Panarin. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, you red-blooded ones.

Anonymous said...

Barrick shuts hedge book as world gold supply runs out - 11.11.09
"There is a strong case to be made that we are already at 'peak gold'," he told The Daily Telegraph at the RBC's annual gold conference in London.
"Production peaked around 2000 and it has been in decline ever since, and we forecast that decline to continue. It is increasingly difficult to find ore," he said.
No more gold for the world? Boo hoo!

Anonymous said...

We'll all have to fall back on the dollar now.

Anonymous said...

China sets plan to let currency move higher
China signalled it will allow its currency to appreciate against the U.S. dollar, bowing to international pressure days ahead of a visit from U.S. President Barack Obama.
The move to allow the yuan to rise against the greenback would provide much-needed relief to countries trying to compete against China's mighty export machine and put further downward pressure on an already battered U.S. dollar.

Anonymous said...

Afghanistan’s Oil Binge: 22 Gallons of Fuel Per Soldier Per Day: The U.S. military consumes 22 gallons of fuel per soldier, per day. And each gallon costs $45 or more to haul to the battlefield. Actually, $45 per gallon is a lowball estimate; according to the Navy, it’s more like $300 to $400.

Anonymous said...

Nine U.S. States Face California-Type Budget Crisis, Pew Says - 12.11.09
At least nine U.S. states face similar fiscal strains brought on by the global recession as those that left California on the brink of insolvency four months ago, according to the Pew Center for the States.
Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island and Wisconsin are dealing with declining tax revenue, resurgent deficits and increasing unemployment and home foreclosure rates, the center, a public policy research group, said in a report. All but New Jersey, Illinois and Wisconsin also have been hampered by a rule requiring a two- thirds legislative vote to approve tax increases, the report said.






Anonymous said...

Top Russian General Warns of Stumbling Blocks in Nuclear Talks - US Observers Appear the Primary Sticking Point - November 12, 2009
According to top Russian General Nikolai Makarov the new nuclear arms treaty between the United States and Russia, which is meant to replace the START treaty that expires next month, has hit a snag.
Gen. Makarov cites “a number of problems” which still need to be addressed before the new treaty is settled. He expressed hopes however that all the problems could be worked out. The biggest problem, according to the general, is the presence of US observers at the Votkinsk facility where ICBMs are produced. Though the US has a “permanent” mission at the site, Russia is not permitted similar observer missions at any US plants.

Anonymous said...

Population Reduction: Globalist Endgame Begins?
There are reports now coming from Romania, India, Bulgaria, Belarus, Turkey, Norway that the rate on increase of flu is increasing rapidly

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to my favourite Finland?

Anonymous said...

We like the way the Taliban are shaping up at the moment. They take money and free plane trips from the enemy without qualms. Prez O has now begun uttering the magic words "exit strategy" in their connection. And they've taken over the province of Nuristan and are in the processing of setting up an alternative government for Afghanistan. Wonders will never cease!

Anonymous said...

You fuckin idiots....Communism failed, not the good ol US of A. You guys can wine all you want but we won and let me tell you why when only one economic agent(the state) posesses all the factors of production, he can't figure out how to weigh one capital configuration against another, what to manufacture, and how much of each good. Therefore communism leads to chronic waste and simultaneous shortages and oversupplies of various consumer goods. The Soviet Union was forced to look to the West (USA England France) to figure out how valuable things were, or what to produce. The soviet Union was a running joke among USA economists

More info: Economic calculation problem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Anonymous said...

"Prez Obama has begun an Asia trip today which will take him to Japan, China, South Korea and Singapour. Everywhere he goes he'll declare forcefully: We are Americans and we are here in Asia for good. And everywhere his hosts will nod politely and raise a hand to the mouth to hide a yawn"

Who cares if they yawn we have the markets and we have the power.

Anonymous said...

See it does not matter what you terrorist lovers say there are people in the world that love the USA. My question is when will Iraq erect a statue of GW Bush like the one Clinton recieved in Kosovo?

PRISTINA, Kosovo – Thousands of ethnic Albanians braved low temperatures and a cold wind in Kosovo's capital Pristina to welcome former President Bill Clinton on Sunday as he attended the unveiling of an 11-foot (3.5-meter) statue of himself on a key boulevard that also bears his name.

Clinton is celebrated as a hero by Kosovo's ethnic Albanian majority for launching NATO's bombing campaign against Yugoslavia in 1999 that stopped the brutal Serb forces' crackdown on independence-seeking ethnic Albanians.

This is his first visit to Kosovo since it declared independence from Serbia last year.

Many waved American, Albanian and Kosovo flags and chanted "USA!" as the former president climbed on top of a podium with his poster in the background reading "Kosovo honors a hero."

Some peeked out of balconies and leaned on window sills to get a better view of Clinton from their apartment blocks.

To thunderous applause Clinton waved to the crowd as the red cover was pulled off from the statue.

The statue is placed on top of a white-tiled base, in the middle of a tiny square, surrounded by communist-era buildings.

"I never expected that anywhere, someone would make such a big statue of me," Clinton said of the gold-sprayed statue weighing a ton (900 kilograms).

He also addressed Kosovo's 120-seat assembly, encouraging them to forgive and move on from the violence of the past.

The statue portrays Clinton with his left arm raised and holding a portfolio bearing his name and the date when NATO started bombing Yugoslavia, on March. 24, 1999.

An estimated 10,000 ethnic Albanians were killed during the Kosovo crackdown and about 800,000 were forced out of their homes. They returned home after NATO-led peacekeepers moved in following 78 days of bombing.

Leta Krasniqi, an ethnic Albanian, said the statue was the best way to express the ethnic Albanians' gratitude for Clinton's role in making Kosovo a state.

"This is a big day," Krasniqi, 25 said. "I live nearby and I'm really excited that I will be able to see the statue of such a big friend of ours every day."

Clinton last visited Kosovo in 2003 when he received an honorary university degree. His first visit was in 1999 — months after some 6,000 U.S. troops were deployed in the NATO-led peacekeeping mission here.

Some 1,000 American soldiers are still based in Kosovo as part of NATO's 14,000-strong peacekeeping force.

Police in Kosovo upped security measures ahead of Bill Clinton's arrival by adding deploying more traffic police and special police.

NATO officials said the peacekeepers were also on alert, although no additional security measures were taken.

Former President Clinton unveils statue in Kosovo - Yahoo! News

Anonymous said...

"90.000 US soldiers dead in the wars against the Muslims, but what's a few dead redneck kids that nobody wants?"

90,000 man where do you get this number? Redneck kids most of the army is made up of blacks and brown childremn of this country fighting for your freedom. You have the balls to talk like this during the week we remeber the sacrifice of our Veterns? If you had lived under a murdering dictator you probably would have thanked whatever country that ousted that dictator from power.

As far as I know,the world owes an large debt I mean the Germans thanks us for defeating Hitler and East Europe thanks (see statue of clinton) us for defeating communism and South Koreans thanks us for not living under the same regime as North Korea. Put that in you pipe and smoke it!!

Anonymous said...

Lets ask a serious question where do you guys think he most bad guys are from?

here is my list:

north korea
saudi arabia

part 2: how should they be dealt with?

this part is harder. only a few of those countries should be invaded IMO. we could prolly just stop trade with france and crush them economically, but north korea should be bombed eventually IMO. russia i think will just implode on its own again i think.

Anonymous said...

Our pet USan tends to trip over his words, but he's no doubt got his heart in the right place. Perhaps a trip to California and a viewing of implosion at first-hand there might give him a bit of a kick and inspire him to churn out further drivel.

Anonymous said...

Taliban Establish Rival Government in Nuristan
In a sign that the Taliban’s de facto control over the Nuristan Province is becoming more and more formal, one of the commanders of the group’s forces in the province says the Taliban is setting up a rival government.
According to Dost Mohammed, the commander in question, the group has established its own judiciary and is appointing administrative officials, and is setting about to provide basic needs to the remote province’s residents.

Anonymous said...

Europe's recession officially ends as Britain lags behind - Europe's worst recession since World War II is over, figures showed today, leaving UK companies hoping that a recovery on the continent will help drag Britain from the downturn. (13 Nov 2009)
The German economy is driving the start of a recovery in Europe. The economies of the 16 countries that share the euro expanded 0.4pc in the third quarter after contracting 0.2pc in the second quarter, a release from the European Union showed.
Germany and France led the way, with growth of 0.7pc and 0.3pc respectively, as exports from both countries picked up. However, Spain's economy shrank again, and with unemployment still rising across the continent and the euro gathering strength, economists cautioned against the prospect of a robust recovery.

Anonymous said...

Dear Yank,

First, learn how to spell.

Second, most of the world regards your "veterans" as psychopaths who travel thousands of kilometers abroad to kill thousands of children and blow them to bits. And why not? You enjoy doing this. Just like at home -- your country makes up 4% of the world's population but produces 80% of the world's known serial killers. The same is reflected abroad. You have never fought against a formidable opponent and attack ONLY and ONLY nations which have no capability of defending themselves. You Yanks are the ultimate cowards. And at home as well. Trust me on this one.

Third, you write that " ... I mean the Germans thanks us for defeating Hitler." Again, your IQ does not exceed 80, even on your best day.

Anonymous said...

So here we go again: The Yank is back. And so is "recovery" west style. All thanks to the car scrappage scheme in Germany or the Cars for Clunkers nonsense in the USA. And, to cap it all, the two econ laggards, GB and Spain have joined up as British Airways proudly announce a merger with Iberia.

Anonymous said...

US Joins Ranks Of Failed States - The US has every characteristic of a failed state.
The US government's current operating budget is dependent on foreign financing and money creation.
Too politically weak to be able to advance its interests through diplomacy, the US relies on terrorism and military aggression.
Costs are out of control, and priorities are skewed in the interest of rich organized interest groups at the expense of the vast majority of citizens. For example, war at all cost, which enriches the armaments industry, the officer corps and the financial firms that handle the war's financing, takes precedence over the needs of American citizens.
There is no money to provide the uninsured with health care, but Pentagon officials have told the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee in the House that every gallon of gasoline delivered to US troops in Afghanistan costs American taxpayers $400.

For the Yank with best-day IQ 80. One of your own US shills reporting.

Anonymous said...

The Americans have started to leave Iraq, having gained nothing except to make Iran the regional great power, and to create hostility for American oil companies who wanted but are not getting oilfield development contracts.
Iraq is still a very unsettled country, with a difficult national election scheduled at the beginning of the new year. American troops are supposed to leave the country in two years, but doubt about that remains. Mideastern, Turkish, European, Russian and Far Eastern companies are highly actively looking for business there. (The U.S. State Department advises American businessmen against traveling to Iraq; it’s too dangerous.)
Afghanistan departure also pre-programmed.

Anonymous said...

North Pole News;
Due to the lack of an end to the Laffghan mission and a failure to halt the Lie-raq war and no indication of any peace forthcoming on the raidar, Mr and Mrs Claus regretfully announce that Christmas is cancelled this year.
Resuming surfing...............................

Anonymous said...

06:14, Brilliant wit? But Christmas was cancelled quite sometime back. Or didn't you notice? So nothing new there. Seems like you don't agree with shill at 03:44. But Laffghan and Lie-raq are really on their way out. Don't bother about radar. Feel it in your veins, always a surefire indication, By the way, Mr and Mrs Claus are upping their number of soldiers in Laffghan by a whole hundred. That will make all the difference. Surf away on that.

Anonymous said...

Gunmen torch NATO tankers in Pakistan, kill driver - November 14, 2009
QUETTA: Suspected Taliban militants on Friday torched five trucks carrying fuel from Pakistan to NATO forces in neighbouring Afghanistan, killing a driver, police said.
The attack took place at Bolan pass, some 70 kilometres (40 miles) south of Quetta, the capital of oil and gas-rich Baluchistan province bordering Iran and Afghanistan, where both separatist rebels and Taliban militants are active.
"A truck driver was killed and two others were wounded in the pre-dawn attack by around two dozen gunmen," Bolan district police chief Junaid Arshad told sources."There were about 13 tankers parked at a trucking station. Gunmen set five tankers on fire before fleeing," he added.

Anonymous said...

Germany to send 100 more troops to Afghanistan
German defense minister: Germany to send more than 100 extra troops to Afghanistan in January
to be stationed im Kunduz - Nov 13, 2009
Germany will send more than 100 extra troops to Afghanistan in January, the country's defense minister said Friday.

See the subtle difference in wording between headlines and para 1. With troops such as these, the war is surely won.

Anonymous said...

Pak buys 36 advanced China's J-10 fighter jets
November 10, 2009
Pakistan seems to have donned the role of a guinea pig-cum-promotion agent for China's arsenal experiments, as it is all set to buy at least 36 advanced fighter jets from China in a landmark deal for about $1.4 billion (Rs 6,500 crore).
Pakistani officials confirmed the deal and said they might buy "larger numbers" of the J-10 fighter aircraft in the near future. As part of the initial agreement, China will supply two squadrons of the fighter jets. "This agreement should not simply be seen in the narrow context of Pakistan's relations with China," said Abdul Qayyum, a retired Pakistani general told the paper.
"There is a wider dimension. By sharing its advanced technology with Pakistan, China is also saying to the world that its defence capability is growing rapidly."
Though China has earlier supplied Pakistan with fighter jets, this is the first time that it is supplying advanced jets to Pakistan in such large numbers.

Anonymous said...

Chavez warns of US war against Venezuela
14 Nov 2009
Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has renewed his charges that the US and Colombia have sealed a "devil's pact" to wage war against Venezuela.
For the second time in little over a week, Chavez called for his military and the country's militia to prepare for war to protect the sovereignty of Venezuela against the threat posed by the US using Colombian soil.
"I am not calling for war. The party provoking war is the imperial Yankee. It is my duty to call all Venezuelans to prepare for the struggle to defend this fatherland," Chavez said on Friday, Dpa reported.
Chavez is furious over last month's signing of a military cooperation deal between Bogota and Washington granting the US the use of seven military bases on Colombian soil.
Colombia and the US signed the pact in late October. The agreement allows for a maximum of 800 US military personnel and 600 contractors in Colombia. Prior to the deal, there were anywhere from 71 to 210 US military officers in Colombia.

Anonymous said...

Sunday, 15 November 2009 - 71% of Brits Want Withdrawal from Afghanistan
Seven out of 10 Britons back The Independent on Sunday's call for a phased withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan as a landmark report by Oxfam this week exposes the real human cost of the war.
The powerful dossier by the aid agency reveals how women and children in Afghanistan are bearing the brunt of the ongoing conflict, undermining the international community's claims that they are the very people being helped by the West's activities.
Its contents will add to mounting concerns among the public, and in some quarters of the military and the House of Commons, that the US and the UK are fighting an ill-conceived and ill-judged war that has left as many as 32,000 Afghans dead and 235,000 displaced.
In a ComRes poll for the IoS this weekend, an overwhelming proportion – 71 per cent – supported this newspaper's call for a phased withdrawal of British forces from Afghanistan within a year or so, while just 22 per cent disagreed.

Anonymous said...

Blogmasters in hibernation, bloggers in retirement, general shut-down? At least that tame Yank gave us a laugh when we most needed it.

Anonymous said...

A real live Americunt is now infesting this blog.

Have at this fucker.

Study his delusions, his flag-waving stupidity, and his chest-beating arrogance.

The rip him a new asshole as an act of charity.

poiuytr said...

4:10 -- well expressed about gorbachev.


7:13 -- Iraqi oil goes to west vampires

No crying over this! Iraqi oil is non-affordable for west. Never again will the west parasitic beast return to pre-2003 oil rape levels.


7:46 -- Well said! Oughtta be an article, in fact!


9:43 -- Yes, baboon's here.

Yes. It was just a matter of time before the americunt baboon attacked. Zapping may appear from here on. So no shocks about that!

Anonymous said...

You zapped us all out of existence again, poiuytr. You'll never learn, will you? Too bad.

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