Nation By Nation (13Jan2010)

21Dec09-13Jan10 -- Happy new year to all humans suffering the west freckly parasitic disease! And "happy" shall it be for the flush of the west pedophile swill is happily continuing. Pour yourself a goblet and let's jubilate the west beast's decay. But before you do, consider making a blog, spreading the message of all messages: "WEST IS THE DISEASE" for there can be no mercy for the planet's chief scourge. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - Attacks west base killing 8 of the sordid alien occupying intruders.
- 13Jan, west admits to more body bags en route the west cesspit.
- Sends 5 Canadians back home in bags. Happy xmess, lumberjackoffs.
- 27Dec through 2Jan, the west peace lovers murder 10 civilians in Narang in execution style, entering homes of civilians and shooting everyone including cuffed children. Youngest was 12 yr old. Read it again! West executes bound children at point blank! Make no mistake, be it the war junta, the cubicle tax paying baboon, or some freckly homeless wretch clutching at the christianic torture cross for his dear life, all west lifeforms are THE disease!

» Click to see west beast's crime

- 12Jan, USA murders 16 in a drone attack.
- 12Jan, NATO boys massacre 13 civilians wounding another 20 in Garmsir after sacking the local mosque.
- 11Jan, Pentagram admits 5 USA invader deaths.

NATO massacre of civilians sparked another protests and alas another massacre by the NATO terrorist forces murdering 10 civilians and wounding another 25, 12Jan.

B O L I V I A Bolivia - Nationalising railroads.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Carves 50K km2 area for an indigenous reserve for 7K people in the Amazon basin. This is while USA steals and auctions off "indian" land in NorthAm. Note, the cretinous gringo baboons don't even have the name right -- still thinking NorthAm to be India.

C H I N A China - Buries west cesspits in its dust becoming the biggest exporter and reaffirming its #1 car market status.
- USA selling WMDs to Taiwan, to wind up in Chinese hands.
- Tells west, yet again, no sanctions on Iran.
- ASEAN free-trade bloc in effect twixt China, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, and Malaysia. Trade at ~230B EUR.
- Tests a missile and calls it a "warning shot across the USA bow".

E U EU - France's Peugeot sales shrivel over 2% in 2009.
- No sooner the cabal of the Baltic EUnuch kind finished up their Cop-haggen earth warming orgies, hundreds saxonic vermin across the EUnuch cesspit freeze to death under the unusually cold spells lashing the womb of this planet's parasitic disease.
- Vaticunt beast sells a "secret" book. Yes, the jesuit pedophiles are eking a profit now off their vast secret dungeons, the centre of the Dark Ages, where all info, data, facts disappear while spamming the world with scum and rubbish like einstein, black holes, heizenberg, christianic bible blither, dark matter, photons, and the rest of the west physics offal the cretinous west monkey populaces have for reality.
- Amsterdam, EUnuch tourist gate, clocks 9% shriveling in action.
- French media whores got caught pawning Honduras anti-west-coup protests as Iran election protests. Yes, west news is patent 100% smear.
- Disgusting Germs refuse to return the 3300 yr old Nefertiti bust to Egypt where the grisly saxonic magpie hoards thieved it in 1913. Egypt, don't ask. Go take it!
- Lithuania hosted at min 2 west torture concentration camps. Prez promised action if this turned out true. What's the action? Tongue clean more west rump?
- Bomb goes off at Nat'l Insurance bldng in Athens, Greece, 27Dec.
- At least 10 Germs freeze to death over the holidays.
- Borrowing of EUnuchia at 85% of GDP, far over the agreed limit. France debt at 75% GDP, Germ debt at 80% GDP, and growing. Wunderbar!
- Remember the "recovery" orgies screeched by the Berlin vermin? It turns out it was all "justified". After all, Germ econ only shriveled 5% in 2009. This ain't auf-wiedersehen. This is good riddance!

I C E L A N D Iceland - Tells UK and Holland to shove it up their rumps, the near 3B EUR debt. UK responded with classic vulgarities and petulant threats. Looks like the matter whether Iceland should repay debt or not is moving to a referendum. Greece, Latvia, and everyone else, who joined the west EUnuchia child murdering genocidal bastards thinking they'll make a quick buck, join in, the west debt revolt has begun!

I R A N Iran - Gasline from Turkmenistan. Sanctions of west work miracles. While Russia and China keep playing with Iran, west castration from resources continues unabated to the chorus of west rabid jabber.
- Tells the UK idiots to keep driveling and get a smack on snouts. This is quite a different world than what the west creature had in mind a decade ago, isn't it?, in which Iran was slated to be a west prey.
- West assassinates nuke expert. USA denies the charge, a surefire sign of complicity.

I R A Q Iraq -

82mm mortar peppers Bakr base of the occupants, 3Jan.

5Jan and 6Jan, occupants' wheels, 27Dec hummer, 1Jan hummer, and a minesweeper with crew on 10Jan destroyed.

Basra airport under Katusha attack, 12Jan. Diwaniyah base attacked by Katushas, 26Dec.

-See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

J A P A N Japan - JapanAir goes belly up zapping 16000 jobs. Those who lick arse of genocidal child murderers shall too go down.
- Okinawa governor "urges" USA to bugger off. This just for a laugh, as if the west beast could understand words.
- Charges yank baboon solider with hit and run in a laughable act of anger against the west military occupation.
- Labour earnings shrivel 3% in Nov/y2y marking 18th straight thinning of the samurai's wallet.
- Pay in all industries shrivels near 6% in Nov/y2y. Shed west occupants, join ASEAN and possibly survive. Stay the course and lie in the same casket with the master. Astonishingly, Hatoyama has taken to playing finance debt wanking games instead of remembering that he was put on the throne to cleanse the isles of the west occupation.
- 2010 budget counts on debt inflation by near 500B USD partly thanks to the lowest tax receipts since 1984.
- Debt at 195% of GDP. Yes, the isle is as good as sunk.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - Comrade Obama, the west peace prize laureate farce, murdered 700 civilians in 2009 in 44 drone attacks in north Pakistan. This was before he expanded the west robot assaults.
- 1Jan, comrade Obama executes 6 civilians in a drone attack.
- 27Dec, comrade Obama executes 13 in north.
- Catches 5 trying to attack nuke power plant. They're all west baboon agents.

P A L E S T I N E Palestine - Israel continues air and tank attacks on Gaza civilians murdering civilians unabated.

Jan, 17 more homes razed by the invading Israeli child murdering organ thieves.

R U S S I A Russia - Reminds the west child murderers that two can play the pre-emptive strike game.
- Makes union trade zone with Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. Looks like they've seen enough of the west capitalist idyll. Russia is already 2X the USA Baboonarium, with Kazakhstan, it's ridiculous to compare.
- Chechen prez Kadyrov comes clean admitting west is behind Chechen violence against Russia. Indeed, Beslan child murder spree and Basayev have long since been linked to the west beast.
- Launches 2700 km long Siberia feed pipeline to feed Asia's market. Now, shutting off EUnuchs carries no price hit.
- Tells west there's no proof of Iran's n-work.
- Ex Yukos clown gets another 15 yr prison sentence as the west parasite readies to attack Russia over the masterful smackdown of Yukos rape in the Grand EUnuchia justice farce theatre.
- To build Turkey a n-plant. No threats of war from the west beast?

S O M A L I A Somalia - 21Dec, west propped legions attack parliament and AU officers in Mogadishu leaving 45 dead.

U K UK - Much like UK's diseased offspring known as USA, banksters divide up some 40B GPB for bonuses. The looting of west is also growing exponentially.
- 2nd cargo ship taken by Somalia in 2010.
- As an obedient poodle, joins comrade Obama in Yemen attack. After all, this is no laughing matter for the freckly west miscreant. If Saudi goes, so does west.
- Apologises to Israel for Livni arrest warrant for war crimes in Gaza 2008/09 and promises never to do it again. Yes, war criminals are now protected by UK as policy.
- Unemployment for 18-24 yrs old island cretins at over 18%, admitted. Such is the future of the child murdering kind.
- BBC brainwash launched in Dubai pronounced dead after the west media whore barfings managed to capture only 3% of available market. Indeed, it takes a special kind of a brainstem to graze on the BBCNN refuse, only found among the west neanderthal saxonic species.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - Gearing for election on 17Jan. Janukovic in lead per last poll. This could mean another nation liberated from the west parasitic disease.

U N UN - Stops food supplies to Somalia civilians. Yes, UN is no more than a west war front. Sideline: This is precisely along the lines of its original charter, created by Dulles and other west warriors and "peace" prize laureates.
- Attacks Eritrea, another west oil jugular nation, with sanctions and embargo.

U S A USA - Comrade Obama keeps unemployment at 10%. How? While USA lost 20M jobs in 2009, 85K just in Dec09, the USA stats weasels also shrank the 150M labour force to maintain the 10% ratio. It's no different than USA war deaths. Baboons who no longer get unemployment benefits aren't worthy any stats. The neanderthal monkeys remain, of course, unemployed and homeless but they no longer get to stain charts. In this fashion, the USA stats whores wiped out ~2M from labour force just in H2-2009. Yes, all things west are this patently 100% laughable rubbish. And never has it been different! The funny thing here is that labour pool shrinkage is west BBCNN mainstream media whore story and yet it sends no thoughts to the manure-filled skulls of the west neanderthal creatures.
- Ave work week has shriveled to 33 hrs. With min wage below 10 USD, do the math and understand that even tens of millions of officially employed baboons are effectively going hungry and homeless.
- It's no wonder then that personal bankruptcy grew 30% in 2009 to 1,5M baboons. It must be added that these are the ones that could afford to go bust. Again, like with unemployment, those that can't afford the filings make no charts, though they far outstrip those can afford this west capitalist pig luxury.
- 300K baboon dwellings go into foreclosure each month now. That's some 500-700K baboons made effectively homeless each month.
- 1M dwellings were wiped out in just Q4.

These are "home starts". Note it's never been this pathetic in the capital of the west cesspit. High time someone invests in USA and buys the ugly CNN eating miscreants a zoo. Certainly, beside mass cull, this idea has already occurred to the west war junta. Hence the labour barbwire camps strewn around the west paradise.

- So who's getting these baboon-free properties? That's right, the banksters! The USA central bank with its insurance branches is the biggest residential property owner in USA. It's gulped up near 1T USD in properties in just 2009, or 75% of the Freddie/Fannie monopolistic prolapsed portfolio. But apparently, even they've had enough and announced that by Q2, they'll quit loading up on the prolapsed properties. BTW, have the banksters paid the property tax, or some 10B USD, for 2009? Of course, not!
- Commercial paper shrivels to 280B USD in Q4 alone. Sideline: Commercial paper is the direct measure of trust among the chief of west pirates.
- Monetary multiplier shriveled to 8/10ths, marking an all time most pitiful record! Sideline: This is a measure of how much cash can be made off re-lending and re-lending and re-lending from a wank to a wank in the diseased west system of non-existent cash.
- GoldSacks apparently gave self more in bonuses in 2008 than it had made in revenues. Of course, the revenues were from bailouts. Yes, all things west are 100% sordid, diseased, twisted, perverted, and laughable.
- Is the yank baboon feeling the prolapse? Indeed! USA governance admits to 1 in 5 children (under 18) being under official poverty level in 2008. That's 2008 data!
- Aug08-Aug09, food stamp baboon pool grew at 25% with 36+M depending on them for food by Aug09. This alone means over 3M children were added by Aug09 to the baboon poverty charts.
- USA south and southwest ran 20% child poverty rate in 2008 with Mississippiss clocking +30%. Again, this is 2008 data, when things were all pretty in the Baboonarium.
- While USA boasts 40M on food stamps, unemployment rate eclipsing 20% on ave now, with basic debt at 80% of GDP and growing, comrade Obama is printing over 700B USD for his child executions in no less than 5 active war theatres today. If the baboon had a brain cell, this oughtta please him to no end.
- USA "debt" no longer wanted! While comrade Obama, as per their own admission (which means the numbers can be safely multiplied by the current deceit inflation multiplier of 10-20) ran up over 1,5T USD in deficit, only 300B USD of which were financed via bonds. (China only bought 100B USD in 2009). BTW, financing via bonds doesn't solve a thing. It only postpones the obligation at an expense, all paid by the baboon. The rest of the 2009 deficit, the remaining 80%, of comrade Obama's careless arithmetic was eaten by USA central bank. It's no surprise then that all USA budgets, down to the municipal ones, are labouring for the west bankster cabal henceforth.
- Bond market clocked 3,5% shriveling in 2009, biggest drop in 40 yrs. The scheme of issuing bonds to pay for bond liabilities is broke then too. USA has absolutely zero chance of paying the debt and has no option now but to default. Watch in 2010, the very actual default of Chinese 1T USD or some giant land reform in USA with which to square away the debt.
- Borrowing is through the roof though, clocking another all time record, with Nov level over 7T USD. Sideline: While credit vanishing from the system has been readily added to the perverse number masturbations resulting in pseudo deflation of M4, borrowing pricetag remains real and words like superhyperinflation have to be invented to describe this uncharted fiscal prolapse territory the west has entered.
- Public pension fund short of 2T USD. Time to tax the pensioner baboon for terrorising the west system by breathing too long!
- Total bailout admitted at 14T USD by now. Foregoing that this isn't the whole story, this alone represents a nice wealth reform.
- 1st week of 2010 means 1st bank dead. West shall be needing no banks soon.
- Pumps near 4B USD into prolapsed GMAC, courtesy the baboon.
- 4 baboons freeze to death in Chicago over xmess. This while the west war retinue screams global warming.
- Commits another act of self abuse to predicate full nudity airport searches to appease the deranged west hoards of psychotic pervs. Comrade Obama uses the BS tale to further the pretext for Yemen war.
- Adding 2T USD to M2 has now been suggested overtly. Indeed, superhyperinflation is too weak a word for this.
- 25 states out of unemployment funds borrow 24B USD from fed. 15 more states heading there within Q1.
- Messachushits (sic) clocks 18 arsons on 28Dec.
- NYC nuke reactor shut down due to malfunction. And these monkeys wanted to dictate the world n-power.
- BoE just happened forget to mention 15B USD losses at the beginning 2009 -- practice rewarded by USA stock exchanges and governances. Yes, all west #s are patent nonsense. After all, only a total imbecile could expect truth from a diseased child murderer.
- Comrade Obama hides AIG "bailout" loot. The same was done with 911 by Busch II and Hitler-USA by the Roosevelt masonic cripple.
- Comrade Obama promises Egypt aid and know-how in building a steel-concrete concentration camp wall around Palestine.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Fortifies Colombaboon border with tanks and troops against the planned comrade Obama war.
- Jets intercept comrade Obama's war fighters buzzing Venezuela provoking yet another war.
- Devals bolivar to stem dollar conversions by int'l parasitic concerns. Military deputised to smack down on firms using the repeg for price gouging.
- Takes over 3 banks and will take more unless they lower rates.
- Furthers China coop on Orinoco oil belt.
- Chavez: "21st model for west rape is via coups or interventionist imperialism."
- Launches Comerso -- common market with China, Argentina, & Bolivia. Chavez on Comerso: "It's not for the money grubbing marketeers selling food that fattens people and the capitalist intermediaries but for people".

Chavez to Toyota: "Make an affordable car that works or get out!"

Y E M E N Yemen - 11Jan, Houthis take 3 mil bases from Yemen mil in the north after Yemen army assaulted north killing over 15 civilians in a failed attempt to take Iqab.
- 19 Houthis killed by Yemen army during attack on Saada in op titled "Blow To The Head". The title of this op is taken directly out of the sordid west war book.
- Saudi Khawba base taken by Yemen rebels after Saudis attacked -- again -- on 5Jan with hundreds of rockets.
- Houthis repel yet another Saudi attempt to take Muannag destroying 8 enemy tanks.
- USA attacks against civilians in Sa'ada in 30 airstrikes, end of Dec.
- 22Dec, Saudi admits heavy casualties.
- Somalia heard express opinion of possible joining in.
- South Yemen calls strikes against west-bent governance.
- Yemen prez, west stooge, is now "open" to dialog. Looks like west's Op "scorched earth" worked like everything else this genocidal maniac plans. Unless comrade Obama sends in boys and quells the situation rather quickly, the chance here is that the west beast will be battling for its very dear life if the revolt spills into SaudiA.
- Saudi embassy in Sweden hit with Molotovs. be cont'd as it all piles up.


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James Wolfe said...


Happy New Year, hoped you and everyone else on ID/NBN enjoyed the festive holidays. Nice too see you back, NBN withdrawal symptoms are unbearable

Speaking of unbearable that photo of the child shot in the head, makes me sick. I was going to complain to you and ask you to stop putting photographs of dead children on your NBN reports, because I can’t take. I can’t read and scroll down the NBN reports because those graphic images of dead, mutated or deformed Iraqi, Afghan or Palestinian child sickens me. I dread reading your NBN reports, because I know I’m going to see horrific images that will disturb me and give me nightmares when I go to sleep. Then again its important to know the cruelty and depravity of the West fiend, to expose the lies and hypocrisies of the West savage.

Thinking of all those people murdered, raped, mutilated, tortured, robbed, and imprisoned by the US since it launched its global war of criminal aggression. Makes me cry, it really does, I avoid news on Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine now. Because I feel despair at times, and I want to physically do something to help, but I can’t do anything.

I know the US and the entire parasitical and fiendish West is bankrupt. I know millions of Americans are now homeless, I know 36/38 million Americans are dependent on Food Stamps to eat otherwise they’d starve, I know at least 20% of the US population are unemployed. I know Americans are suffering even though the US propaganda media does all it can to obscure the true extent of the economic catastrophe. Yet despite all this all I can think about is the people who have suffered since 2001 and before then. Financing Hitler, bogus Cold War, South American coups & Fascist coups. The Barbarism of the US in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq (1991), destruction of Yugoslavia.

We cannot let the fiendish West win, we must have the strength to continue no matter what, evil must be defeated. I need to toughen up and be resolute, weakness and cowardice in the face of evil is unforgivable.

Isn’t in a coincidence that a day after China announces it tested a new missile.,8599,1953233,00.html?xid=rss-topstories

That Google now threatens to leave China, accusing the Chinese of spying, the irony is so absurd. Google along with the entire West telecommunication, technology and cyber industry has shamelessly collaborated with US intelligence agencies such the DIA, NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, etc to spy both on its own people and foreigners alike. Yet Google has the temerity to accuse China of espionage and malfeasance.

Germany now along with France and the UK have refused Egypt’s request to return looted treasuries, now that’s surprise. What is it with the West and thieving? I spoke with an Iraqi friend last month and I asked about the looting of Baghdad Museum when the West perverts invaded in 2003. He confirmed what I've read and in my gut suspected, he said the British organized the theft of Iraqi Babylonian, Sumerian, Assyrian and Iranian Sassanid artefacts. He also said the when Saddam (2006) was hanged that Al-Maliki, Al-Sadr, I think Al-Hakim and the Iraqi chief spook, were there to witness and carry out the execution. And that Al-Maliki executed Saddam on his sons wedding day and brought his body to the wedding banquet, which absolutely shocked me.

I give my condolences to the people of Haiti for the terrible tragedy that has befallen them today, I found out this evening after returning from work. Horrible news, so many innocents lost.

Anonymous said...

"Because I feel despair at times, and I want to physically do something to help, but I can’t do anything."

The best thing to do is to expose the true nature of the West, its lies, and of course its crimes.

Expose them for all the world to see.

And spread this awareness far and wide.

And ultimately help to build a global movement to defeat the West.

poiuytr said...

Hello there James:

> back, NBN withdrawal symptoms are unbearable

I don't know... I'm running thin on energy. It's so sapping, the west criminality. It cannot be outweighed any longer with the west prolapse jubilations.

> Speaking of unbearable that photo of the child shot in the head, makes

Yes. Me too! It's.... I cannot believe it. Can you? They went about homes at night, pulled kids out of bed and executed them at point blank. EIGHT of them. And this is the story we know. In Falluja, back in 2005, this was the policy of the USA murderer. It's beyond belief.

As far as the photos, I know... same here. So I added a html hack so that it's optional to display the pic(s).

> you and ask you to stop putting photographs of dead children on your NBN reports, because I can’t take. I

Agree! But... I agree, it doesn't go with the jubilations, does it? At the same time, it cannot be forgotten that the scumbags on food stamps begging for jobs across the west cesspits are these kind of sickening pedophile miscreants.

But hopefully, the show/hide hack will make it easier now. Of course, the next question is where's the line. The pic below is revolting as well. All pics of west are. Even their snouts as they parade in front of microphones with their ties grinning like monkeys when they spew their war hatreds and lies.

To me,... see, you're revolted by the pics of what west commits as int'l policy. To me, even the flapping of english turns my stomach. I honestly don't get how could BBCNN still be on -- anywhere.

> West fiend, to expose the lies and hypocrisies of the West savage.

Yes, that's the thing. It's impossible to talk west, or world peace, without confronting the west crimes, which are soooooooo gigantic that an average human mind cannot wrap around them. It's the size of these crimes that in some way protect the west baboon sons of whores from justice because the west's daily routine crimes are simply beyond what's traditionally accepted as the utmost imaginable evil.

Look at RussiaToday's pedophile expose of the west war junta aberrant child raping fiends. It's truly beyond any words available in all languages.

> criminal aggression. Makes me cry, it really does, I avoid news on Iraq,

Yes, me too. I avoid NBN! :) For that very reason myself. I'm sapped. The disease is so gargantuan... The sickness of the west populace is so revolting to me, how the monkey bastards keep hanging on to their fascist pedophile cesspits that birthed them.

> I want to physically do something to help, but I can’t do anything.

Other than write and spread the word, although that's doubtful too, since it's either preaching to a choir or wading through diseased commentary of the bristly baboon. But there remain a few things still that could be more effective than a blog like a book, film, etc... but they're quite challenging for other reasons.

> The Barbarism of the US in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq (1991), destruction of Yugoslavia.

West is so deranged, it's insane. USA alone attacked 70 nations from 1945 to 2000. West is permanent genocide. West is the parasite mauling all planet's resources and spreading death, torture, and poverty to vanquish competition.

John McCain boasted about murdering "gooks" and states plainly that USA bombed Vietnam to the Stone Age cuz it could have become the econ model for Asia. This is truly parasitic and satanic in the very essence of the words.

And yet, this murderous fiend ran for USA prezy and is in charge of USA policies today, getting decorated by saakashvili and other hitlers.

It's so sickening... every chapter of the west diseased existence. Rife and replete with crimes.

Physics is my fave too. Fucking einsteins... everything's pile of shite, everything!

poiuytr said...

James, Pt2

> no matter what, evil must be defeated. I need to toughen up and be resolute, weakness and cowardice in the face of evil is unforgivable.

Hear hear...

> Isn’t in a coincidence that a day after China announces it tested a new missile.

"a warning shot across the USA bow", one has to marvel at the phrase. Coincides with Putin's talk of possible pre-emptive anti-west aggression measures. The fear is that the west parasite won't stop till it gets WWIII. I used to honestly believe that they'd pull the plug after they've looted west via bailouts, etc, and run. That's how naive I was. Now, I'm believing that the west disease wants to kill all life cuz they ain't gonna make it much longer. The typical sore loser mentality. West has it all: pedophile-homos, serial-killer, baboon-acumen, pathological-liar, kleptomaniac, ultimate-coward, and sore-loser. It's disease however sliced.

> That Google now threatens to leave China, accusing the Chinese of spying, the irony is so absurd.

Yeah. Funny. It's like Obama's begging missions and love letters. He goes to Moscow begging, gets his arse kicked, and so he threatens missiles on Moscow from Ukraine, forgetting he doesn't run it. Everything west does is absurd like this.

Let's just see, if the revolt in Yemen spills to Saudi. Cause that could be, as they say, "it".

> collaborated with US intelligence agencies such the DIA, NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, etc to spy both on its own

Yes. West is the grandest farce every invented! Absolutely! The bastards are bombing the moon and Jupiter. They're teaching photons and black fucking holes. Microsoft admitted to having Win7 written by Obama's spies. West is 100% absurd on every level, in every single aspect! There isn't a single laudable thing about west, in its entire 2000 yr blood psychotic reign.

> surprise. What is it with the West and thieving? I spoke with an Iraqi

West is diseased. Loves pilfering shiny things so that the ugly saxonic bitches named Gertruda and Helga have something to wear on their elephant earlobes. Now, west is inflating their tits with silicone and cow fat. West is just pure sickness, especially the disgusting saxonic tribes barking about like a bunch of hitler dogs with their cretinous language.

> organized the theft of Iraqi Babylonian, Sumerian, Assyrian and Iranian Sassanid artefacts. He also

Yes. West cunts stole the battery. West thinks it invented electricity, fucking parasites. On and on...

I talked to Erich Daniken once and he complained about Hawas in Egypt for not letting german sons of Helga whores crawl through the pyramids and pilfer stuff. We had a heated debate about the stolen loot, the obelisks, etc. West is all sick. Somehow even relatively cool people in west like Daniken seemed are sick in their saxonic heads thinking the planet somehow belongs to them.

> Haiti

I tend to leave out geo disasters, there's so many. Unless, it's HAARP again.

poiuytr said...

2:09 -- spread the word

Yes, probably, that's the best. All have to understand that west is disease, without suffering the actual experience.

Make a blog, write, use NBN bits if you wish, send articles in.

Anonymous said...

Dear Poiuytr

Thanks for another nice post.
If possible, would you please let us know about

(1) Skewed Physics;

Which theories do you think are wrong ?
For example, I do not believe BIG BANG theory or S. Hawking, or Super String theory at all,
because they are not confirmed by experiments.
I know there aresome people who strongly deny the Relativity theory of Einstein.
Most of them are perhaps nuts, but I know there are some good physicists who really doubt Relativity.

But, I did not heard a rumor about Photons, for example.
You condemned Heisenberg. Do you think the Uncertainty Principal is wrong? or the whole quantum mechanics is wrong?
If so, is there an alternative theory which explains that are considered "quantum mechanical" phenomena.

(2) "Lost technologies" of ancient civilization;

Please write much more about this topic.
Did Babylonian/Sumerian/Assyrian invented batteries lon time ago?
I didn't know about it.
How good was it? Did Brits/Yanks steal it because the battery was a rather good one?

As for heliocentricity, I recently understood that ancient ppeople's knowledge was so vast
and they, in particular sun-worshippers, certainly knew it.
Perhaps, there are lots of secrets which I have not heard about (and which you think are in the Vatican dungeon).

I would appreciate very much if you give us some references or links to such websites

By the way, (though it may be a bit impolite, ) may I ask what kind of job you have?
To me you really look intellectual and I suppose you are perhaps a special kind of person like a scholar of high rank.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back, all of you, poiuytr, James W. and our Japanese friend. But will you please get on with the essential work and cut out the whining. The west is unspeakable full stop. All their uncountable victims will come back to haunt them, if they haven't begun doing so already. The Freeworld will take revenge, not to worry. Just the time factor needs to be readjusted. OK, thanks, poiuytr for above. Brilliant as usual. But you know that already. And stop neglecting the blog, for heaven's sake. It's one of the few "cognitive" weapons remaining on the internet.
I suppose you've heard about the latest brainchild of the monkey USans. "Conspiracy theorists" writings must be cognitively infiltrated to bring "cognitive diversity" to their readers. Good, huh? And in any case, tomorrow, the internet might well be censured and that will put paid to all your efforts - and ours.
To the people of Haiti, my heart bleeds for you. A pool of blood at my feet. May the survival instinct lend you its immense strength to carry on.

Anonymous said...

China banks eclipse US rivals
Posted by Gwen Robinson on Jan 11

Chinese banks have cemented their position as the most highly valued financial institutions, taking four of the top five slots in a ranking of banks’ share prices as a multiple of their book values. China Merchants Bank, China Citic, ICBC and China Construction Bank lead the table, followed by Itaú Unibanco of Brazil, all with a price-to-book multiple of more than three. The changes reflect growing confidence in emerging markets, particularly in China and Brazil.

Anonymous said...

My my, check out the hate speech orgy over at incoGmans...sub-pathetic. That'll be me poking Voodoo pins in the map of USA

Anonymous said...

UK 'depression' ended in 2009, says economic think tank NIESR
The worst British recession in almost 90 years came to end in the final three months of 2009 with economic growth of 0.3pc, a think tank has estimated. (Telegraph)

poiuytr will be happy with this one...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 07:23 - In response to your link:
White supremacist talk on what to do about Haiti after the earthquake:
"Here’s a great idea: We could air-drop some pallets of strychnine or some other fast-acting poison and Kool-aid, along with simple instructions (the pictograph, visual kind) on how to mix it properly before drinking. All things considered, that would be the best thing for both them and us. We shouldn’t let them suffer anymore.
Why so shocked by that idea? Hey, they’re worthless and always have been. Basically, it’s nothing but a giant breeding ground of disease (like HIV) for the Western Hemisphere and a drain on US Foreign Aid. They’ve cut down most of the trees to use as fuel for cooking any stray dogs and cats. They even eat mud cookies for real and are always robbing and murdering each other. It’s kind of like a large-scale, tropical version of Detroit."

Anon, my question: How do you even know of the existence of such a site? Me, it's not just voodoo pins in the map of USA. It's vomiting all over them, those pathetic bastards, so they drown in the stuff we spew out. Let the big one come to San Francisco and then we'll see.

Anonymous said...

No members of the human race, this white lot. And then we trust them to run the world! Freeworld, rise and take us elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Afghanistan today: The surge on the one hand, the insurgent on the other. The Afghan resistance is on the verge of obtaining modern Russian Rocket Propelled Grenade launchers. In the past, Afghan Mujahideen used RPG7; however, RPG7 is not effective against NATO armor. Hence, the most effective weapon would be RPG32, which penetrates all NATO and US armor vehicles and tanks. Furthermore, insurgents are also working on obtaining modern version of SAM7 anti aircraft shoulder-held missiles. This would be the final nail in the coffin of US's defeat in Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

Quenzjor Hello, Isn't it about time you too put in an appearance here. Or are you content with letting the mad west get away with its countless daily crimes? Do let us hear from you again, if possible. Now that's a good chap, thanks.

poiuytr said...

Dear 4:49 --

> Which theories do you think are wrong ?

The entire fundamental of west teachings basis is wrong. The mechanical view is wrong, which was birthed directly by Vaticunt nazis, very much the same cabal of pedophiles running the chief west mindrape today.

> For example, I do not believe BIG BANG theory or S. Hawking, or Super String theory at all,

Good on you! Bigbang was thought up by a Vaticunt jesuit bitch and is nothing more than a christianic "let there be light" bible blither dogma marketed to the baboons who are science-inclined.

> I know there aresome people who strongly deny the Relativity theory of Einstein.

First, relativity or let's be completely clear here, the admission that newtonian mechanical pile of excrement is simply wrong has NOTHING whatever to do with the unkempt psycho hairstyled einstein bastard. Second, the both the idea of space, be it warped, and time are preposterous. As preposterous as Bank of America forgetting to tell share holders about 15B USD loss. West is ALL absurd, on all fundamental levels, and now in growing details. It hardly matters if it's physics, econ, history, modern history, anthropology, chemistry, you name it...

> But, I did not heard a rumor about Photons, for example.

I imagined you wouldn't. Not likely just yet.

> You condemned Heisenberg. Do you think the Uncertainty Principal is wrong? or the whole quantum mechanics is wrong?

100% patent deceit like 911. Don't look for electrons for they're not there when you look. Heizenberg, beside being a nazi hitler fiend, for which he was awarded by the great US of A, like the other 20K nazi war criminals, is no more than another lie to prop up the big bang, mechanical universe of space and time. It's complete pile of insane shit! Amazingly, it doesn't take a whole lot to get it, but then again, pictorial evidence of Busch's 911 and Bliar's London77 isn't enough for the baboon west brain.

> If so, is there an alternative theory which explains that are considered "quantum mechanical" phenomena.

Yes, it's been around since 20s in detail. Electricity. Tesla, Alfven, etc.

> (2) "Lost technologies" of ancient civilization;
Please write much more about this topic.

How can I? There's tonnes of stuff out there. Electricity goes as far back as astronomy, heliocentric system, which predates the west baboon by 3000 yrs. West loves crediting self with Copernicus revolution but that's no more than giving comrade Obama a peace prize for executing children in 5 or 7 nations that we know of.

> Did Babylonian/Sumerian/Assyrian invented batteries lon time ago?

Yes. There's a battery cell, cylinder, acid inside, and a metal rod, etched away by the acid proving that it worked. It's from Babylon and was in museum in Baghdad until the monkeys broke in in 2001 and wiped out the ancient treasures that prove the west orangutans are no more than dirty monkey DNA with no claim to anything, but perpetual crime.

poiuytr said...

4:49, Pt2

> How good was it? Did Brits/Yanks steal it because the battery was a rather good one?

No. The thing's 4-5K yrs old. They simply destroyed it, stole it, looted. West has obelisk beautifying their grisly settlements full of psychotic fiends, not understanding a thing about vortex energies. West acknowledges it and has what's known, for example, as dousing, but it maintains it as witchcraft, exactly like all those who see 911 for what it is are all official "nutters" by west deranged policies.

West denies and refuses to acknowledge out of body experiences, for example, but secretly behind the doors spends billions in trying to unlock and harvest the very technology.

West denies HAARP but there it is shooting holes into the ionosphere. West is littered with homeless wretches but they don't hesitate to pump gigawatts of energy paid by the baboon kind into ionosphere ripping it on demand to cause solar radiation where they need to in attempt to burn the bits of the planet they don't care for. Equivalently, west denies this but has been for 100 yrs now trying to replicate and use Tesla's earthquake machine.

Etc etc etc....

> As for heliocentricity, I recently understood that ancient ppeople's knowledge was so vast
and they, in particular sun-worshippers, certainly knew it.

Yes. Sumer knew there are 9 planets. Of course, west now denies the 9th one, courtesy of Busch II. Dirty west bitches thought the world was flat propped up by big-eared elephants till late 15th century. West was near 5K yrs late on this discovery, yet it fully credits self with it all. The fact that the west sons of whores are using still today Sumerian time and calendar sends no thought to the baboons however.

Just recently, I read someplace in UK media that it's Rothschilds that are credited with the advent of banking. It was in context of west banking going bye bye soon. Of course, UK banking is also 5K yrs too late. The word check is semitic, like most things later picked up by the Roman empire swill and mauled into the english 200-word barking tongue. BTW, semitic is NOT jew. Only a cretinous west monkey equates that, and of course erroneously. The grandest anti-semite is, of course, west for Akkadia, Babylon, Sumer, Assyrians, Syrians, Iraqis, Arabs in general are semitic peoples.

> Perhaps, there are lots of secrets which I have not heard about (and which you think are in the Vatican dungeon).

It's called "Secret Library". Their name for it! Vaticunt spends zillions on buying all, even frauds, dig ups just to hide them. All ancient texts, etc. Same with Brit Museum. They've got Sumerian books and refuse to allow them to be seen. West is a psychotic piece of vileness, in every respect, including sciences and all related disciplines.

> I would appreciate very much if you give us some references or links to such websites

Yeah, maybe we should talk in emails. I can't recall a damn thing right now. What can I say right now? Look up Alfven or Alven. Look up "Big Bang Never Happened" and start there. Tesla, of course, but there's not a whole lot on him. But certainly read all the books you can get on him in particular. I think I have to credit Bohr here with his stance against the einstein idiot, the west's genius standard.

It's totally insane... I can't believe I'm writing this even.

Obama attacked Pakistan, Yemen, and intervened in Somalia, plus he escalated war in Iraq and Afghanistan and is continuing cold war with Russia. This guy is west's standard for peace today.

Einstein hid electromagnetic science with Vaticunt post, didn't get a single thing right in his cretinous babblings, got nobel prize for Plank's work, and he's west's standard of genius.

Everything with west is completely insane. I don't even know where to begin or end...

poiuytr said...

4:49, Pt3

> By the way, (though it may be a bit impolite, ) may I ask what kind of job you have?

I write the occasional NBN and looks like I'm gonna hang that up too soon.

> To me you really look intellectual and I suppose you are perhaps a special kind of person like a scholar of high rank.

NOT AT ALL! I'm a cretin like all humans. But that's enough to see through the baboon layers of deceit, be it "peace", be it "science", be it "econ".

Something happens in west that ensnares the populations into some state of effective catatonia. The deceit is so thick that there literary isn't anything to stand on. It's not just 911. It's the whole damn USA history, and compared to it, 911 isn't so crazy, even though by a human standard, it's off the chart. Attacking Afghanistan with drones isn't so insane (it's insane if you're a human) but not compared to the perpetual west genocide. And so on...

And something happens to the west all this. They have no place to go for all of it is 100% patent deceit promulgated by the biggest idiots the mindrape machine can find. Isn't Palin now an official west news anchor? It's this kind of thing.

And once some of the brighter of the west monkey lot begin to unravel something, it never ends and soon they lose their very own identity. And perhaps that's too traumatic an event for the west grisly monkeys, so they don't do it. They all stop and choose to believe the fairytales.

Thus, Craig Roberts, a celebrated west truther may be right about the current econ loot crimes but he chooses to believe there once was a great wholesome kind freedom loving peaceful USA. Very likely it's never occurred to him to question west sciences and history blither.

And so on. And so you have Galloway. He screams OK when it comes to Palestine and plays a good token anti-hero but when then he readily believes the Busch psychosis about 911. And so it goes.

The degree where one chooses to begin believing the canonised deceit of west may differ from baboon to baboon, but ultimately, 99% of west is still hanging on their barfs for their very dear life because if they grasped the true size of what sort of plague their kind has been in this solar system, they'd lose their own identity, name, sense of belonging, and all those things a right baboon requires to plod on in their cages of deceit and commercial-billboard adorned rubbish cesspits they have for home.

If you wanna talk specifics, let's in emails. I know you've asked before and I'd be happy to share the little bit I know.

poiuytr said...

6:58 --

> friend. But will you please get on with the essential work and cut out the whining. The west is unspeakable full stop. All their

NBN is done. That's the "essential" bit. There's no harm in sharing our mutual growing astonishment at west's increasing criminality, is there? One thinks one's seen it before. And then you get more econ loot. Then one sees the children executions. Yes, one's mind stops yet again, even though one fully knows they're dealing with a satanic lizard creature.

> begun doing so already. The Freeworld will take revenge, not to worry. Just the time factor needs to be readjusted. OK, thanks,

Good point. If there was no Afghanistan. No Yemen. No Somalia. No AFRICOM. No Palestine. No Georgia/Russia attack. Just the fact alone that west has made 5M orphans in Iraq should make your point brilliantly clear to all baboons, even the yank kind.

> stop neglecting the blog, for heaven's sake. It's one of the few "cognitive" weapons remaining on the internet.

That's mighty kind. I don't know. I wonder. No matter how brilliantly put some of these points are, I fear they cannot speed the 1000s yrs of evolution required to deliver west from its baboon state. Plus, west mindrape machine and west "education" systems are outpacing all combined internet efforts with the production of obedient monkey and legions of child murderers.

But good, nonetheless! Good to hear this. Join in! Write. Speak! Plaster it cross blogs, etc.

> I suppose you've heard about the latest brainchild of the monkey USans. "Conspiracy theorists" writings must be cognitively infiltrated to bring "cognitive diversity" to their readers. Good, huh? And in any

Love that! Yes, the west monkey cannot think a single thought without being told what it's supposed to be. But on the upside, it doesn't matter anymore. West is run. If not in wars, in its econ death.

> case, tomorrow, the internet might well be censured and that will put paid to all your efforts - and ours.

Yes. It has that feel, doesn't it? The west pervs actually think that by destroying internet they can force the masses back to their nauseating mindrape newspapers and TVs.

> To the people of Haiti, my heart bleeds for you. A pool of blood

Yes, and look at west. The chief TV christianic west hero explains the earthquake cataclysm as a payback for making a deal with the devil. While human heart bleeds at the site of the destruction, west heart is orgasming with satanic vileness. And west christianic swill is kissing the hand of these TV monsters.

poiuytr said...

7:40 -- UK 'depression' ended in 2009, says economic think tank

Would this be the same think tank that thought they could just go to Iraq and steel its oil? Or the one that thought they can go to Afghanistan and steel the drug fields? Or the one that chose Georgia to attack Russia for west? Or the same think tank that apologised to Israel for war crime warrants? Or the one that figured they'd finance UK debt with bonds sold via banks so that no one noticed? The same think tank that concluded David Kelly's dragging into the woods and stabbing him several times a "rather sudden and surprising suicide".

If it weren't for the horrendous crimes against all things human, west cretinism would be a matter of great entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Oh, good, good, good! Back in fighting mode. One can't undo the centuries of conditioning the west baboons have already undergone. all one can do is carry on repeating the same tired old facts, which should have become obvious to all by now, one feels, but it's never quite the case. Sarah Palin or no Sarah Palin,let's just carry on the struggle, fighting off any encroaching boredom or depression.
Please not to even think of giving up this blog. What you manage to do, no one else is capable of getting done. Believe us, do. Give NBN another year at least before you decide on early retirement, OK?

Anonymous said...

How radiant Chavez looks as he tells off Toyota. And god knows his job's one of the most difficult ones to do at the moment. He doesn't seem to be suffering from any second thoughts about his usefulness to the nation of Venezuela.

Anonymous said...

Dear Poiuytr,

>If you wanna talk specifics, let's in emails.
>I know you've asked before and I'd be happy to share the little bit I know.

Yes, I have once asked you about and ancient knowlegde.
Thank you very much for your proposal.
Where should I send an email? Or, should I paste my email address here?

Quenzjor said...

The Islamic Revolution enters into a new phase

(from Yavuz Özoguz, Muslim-Markt, 29/12/09; translation from German by Q.)

30 years after the foundation of the Islamic Republic Iran things happen on the streets of Teheran that should usher in a new phase in the Islamic Revolution

Hopes of the Western world that an overthrow might be at hand in the Islamic Republic of Iran have never been so big for all the incumbency of Imam Chamane'i. Western "reports" virtually make somersaults in their enthusiasm at any dead person in the streets of Iran. All the previous veils on one's intention, that a "soft revolution" is wished for, drop off and the rabble rouser's papers, like the English Times, and their mimics in the German crowd, spell it clearer than ever: The system must be toppled. It's long past time that this ceased to be about the fall of Ahmadinejad. It is about the fall of the entire system, a destruction of the vice regency of the judicial savant ["Statthalterschaft des Rechtgelehrten", evidently an Iranian constitutional or religious title, the correct translation of which I'm unaware of], the deposition of imam Chamane'i, dissolution of the constitution and erection of a West-friendly system that, above all, will silently accept Israel's policy of annihilation against the Palestinians. And when at the beginning, we had at least some papers in Germany taking a slightly more "critical" stance, now the unity front is perfectly in place. From the Lefts to the CSU [Catholic, conservative branch of the ruling party in Bavaria], from the "Jungen Welt" [weekly journal of the Ex-GDR-youth] to the "Bild-Zeitung" [yellow press, most vulgar, obscene and demagogic], all fight in the forefront against the Islamic Revolution. And one Chancelor finds the behavior of the Iranian government "unacceptable" while on the same day, Israel announces to further its occupation of Palestinian land without the Chancelor disagreeing.

On the other side of the medial frontier, there are the few proponents of the Islamic Revolution, rarely heeded and whose texts may be readily tolerated in the Western world to show one's freedom of expression because they will not be heard anyhow, against the of this overwhelming power. Apart from this, there are only some unnoticeably truth seekers, not particularly in favor of the Islamic Republic Iran, but aware that something is awry. But there are at least the sympathisers of an anticapitalist way who now and then read the erratic, remaining texts and marvel why the Islamic Republic Iran seemingly reacts so weak.

[... Part II]

Quenzjor said...

[Part II from Muslim-Markt]

The adversaries are turning topsy-turvy practically any facts, and the defenders do all but nothing about it. The west supporters time and again are killing Iranian proponents or unarmed state servants, but we hear nothing of it. Agents provocatuer, who act terroristically, commingle with the masses, set fire to buildings and much more. True, we are told of some deads, but these are mostly due to accidents. An actual defense of state power fighting back against insurgents would look different. We see this would be spiritual Karrubi prancing about and telling that not even the Shah dared trouble the holy processions of Ashurah, thus turning upside down anything that's news. For who was is that abused the holy processions of Ashura to foster unrest? But this man is not getting apprehended. We see ex-president Khatami talking in his wont manner of spirituality only to convey his predilection for the western world clad in it; the event gets interfered with by others but in the end nobody is arrested. There is further Mussavi, who downright baldly calls for West revolution on a daily basis agitating on his internet site, operating from Iran, but neither is this site blocked nor Mussavi detained. The Western world interprets these facts, slobbering with anticipated triumph, by saying that the opposition is so strong that these people are simply untouchable without risking yet more unrest. With relish they arrive at the conclusion that sooner or later the system is going to collapse.

The proponents of the Islamic Revolution, on the other hand, - they are doubtlessly still a negligeable minority in the western world - are admittedly confused why these criminals are not arrested. Indeed, they know that the Islamic system is now more consolidated than ever before, they know that Imam Chamene'i is more well-loved by the population than ever before, and they know that Ahmadinejad was really elected president with overwhelming majority, but they do not understand why the Islamic Revolutionaries will not take proper means to put an end to the insurgency.

[... Part III]

Quenzjor said...

While the Western-based opponents know nothing, anyhow, of the Islamic Revolution, the proponents should more closely study the circumstances to see that the Islamic Revolution has entered into a new phase. Has this revolution not set out to fight injustice? Of course, this was successful to some extent, but who would deny that there is still corruption in Iran? Has this revolution not proposed to accord the highest renown to those who truly serve the people? Indeed, this too has succeeded, incipiently, but who could negate that a group of clergymen are still profiting from the revolution like parasites in an inappropriate way? Have the very high ideals of the Islamic Revolution, within as without, already completely fulfilled so that the revolution could afford to keep stagnant? In the field of foreign policy, unimaginable achievements were reached, and meanwhile the whole world knows - except the Western world - that Israel wants no peace and remains the chief obstacle to pacify the region. Concerning domestic policies, a development has taken hold that is marked by a considerably high educational level of the population, an education which will be the future capital of the Islamic Revolution. But yet there remains some background in the Islamic Republic Iran in place to inhibit a swifter evolution to the ideals of Islam in the Islamic Republic. And the current ongoings ultimately serve this purpose to remove these obstacles. This merits a closer perspective:

An Algerian divine in a German speaking session has enlarged upon a part-verse in the Holy Qur'an, which is so important for Islam (5,3): "At this day, those who keep the truth in veils have surrendered before your religion; so fear not those, but fear me (God) ..." The savant pointed out that each Muslim who makes surrender the enemies of truth follows this Godly standard, and any man giving hope to criminals is in contravention to it. Without a doubt, the Karruis, the Moussavis and Khatamis are contravening the fundamentals of Islam, but why are they left unbothered? To better understand this, let us have a look into islamic history and the background of this verse:

The quoted verse was revealed as the Prophet of Islam upon return from his last pilgrimage bluntly designed his successor, Imam Ali, at a meeting in the face of 100,000 Muslims. The opponents of this decision, at that time, were the "Capitalists". They were those who have come to prefer material riches to truth. One of their leaders was among those congratulating Imam Ali! The masses supporting the Prophet thus could not recognize the "Counterrevolutionists". Islam did arrive to bring love, justice, fraternity, serving of fellows as the highest worship, alongside with other ideals issuing into the ideal unity and wholeness. But no sooner had the Prophet died, these ideals were piece for piece removed. The end came no later than 50 years upon that when the beloved grandson of the Prophet, Imam Husain, together with his stalwarts the holiest persons of their time were murdered in the abused name of Islam. This was the occasion for the commemoration procession taking place recently.

[... Part IV]

Quenzjor said...

[Part IV, from Muslim-Markt]

It's an easy thing to be against a phatnom, like Capitalism. In the end, everyone - save the FDP in Germany - are against it, even the CSU. But who is behind this phantom, who are the heads, who operates this system? As long as one is turning against Capitalism, this is acceptable, for one it's a quest against a phantom. But as soon as one were to openly take action against the highest bank managers, the leaders of the Western money system, against the chargers of usurious interest as soon as a person would elucidate how things are related to one another this system of capitalism would crack down adamantly. How many people have already become victims of these criminals? Thus, there is only one solution for this form of oppression, and this is the insight of the people.

Headed by the combined Western media power, which minute for minute, issuing from thousands of radio stations calls for subversion in Iran, the proponents of the Revolution are baited against a deceased cleric (Montazeri), a cleric who would be more at home with spiritual story writing (Karrubi) and an ex-prime minister who had been dropped for Imam Chamene'i by Revolution founder Imam Chomeini himself (Musawi). And while the present head of the Islamic Revolution gives some winks in his speeches, he lets those three living be unbothered and has the fourth even absolved of his crimes in his message of condolation!

Who says that this deceased Montazeri was a danger for the Islamic Revolution? This person has issued a continuous string of insurgency fatwas that were published uninhibited from Iranian websites. Whoever has heeded him? And is ex-president Chatami truly a danger with his apple-pie blather? Or is this Karrubi, laughed down even by his adherents and whose own staff have stolen from him, is he a danger for the system of dozens of millions of companions to Imam Chamene'i? At the most, one could count Moussavi, who managed to gather some crowd of young people who wish for some kind of disco islam. But that's not enough to foster much unrest. For such unrest, you need money, much money! They need people who have much to loose, much worldly things, once the ideals of the Islamic Revolution become implemented. They need a head of Capitalism in Iran, who fights for Capitalism and would be affected by the fight against Capitalism. This person is not nameless in Iran. This person has for months been forbidden to deliver a friday prayer, though he has done it for the time of two decades. This person is consciously kept out of the "firing line" by the Western media, who present us Chatami, Karrubi, Moussawi and a dead Montazeri instead.

It is, however, one goal of the Islamic Revolution to disclose the true perpetrators, internal and external ones. It is one of Islam's ideals to give the henchmen of crime a chance for reversal, while the true head of crime becomes discernible. Has not Imam Husain, in the last minute, held up an innocent baby high into the air, in order to ask what crime this child had done, as the adversaries send an arrow that tore the baby apart? For what purpose was this action? It served to expose the true crime, the true perpetrators, the actual background for all times to come. A Khatami, Karroubi or Moussavi could at once be checked from their vile deeds. But this would not expose the true proper crime. It would not become apparent who is behind it. It would not be set out in relief that there are "capitalist" powers also in the cloaks of an Islamic cleric, making abuse of the system. It would not get clarified who once wanted to accept a truce with Saddam and thus having Imam Chomeini drain a hemlock cup while another person went to the front doffing the turban.

[... Part V]

Anonymous said...

Quenzjor, Our deep gratitude for the translation of the above piece. Extremely thought-provoking and original in approach. We look forward eagerly to Part IV and any others that might follow. Thank you.

Quenzjor said...

[Part V of "The Islamic Revolution enters into a new phase"]

The true background of the further development of the Revolution must be revealed in order for the Revolution to make a great step ahead towards inward and outward release. But this cannot work "from above"! Such movements only work "from below", shall they prove sustainable. The Revolutionaries are very close to removing the obstacles! Very soon, it will become apparent what are the obstacles for the further development of the Islamic Revolution, and then, Capitalism will lose its true agent in Iran - as God wills. And then, once again, it will be said: " ... At this day, those who keep the truth in veils have surrendered before your religion; so fear not those, but fear me (God) ..."

For the time being, however, the adherents of a theology of liberation must content themselves with discipline and keep stalwart by telling the truth, a little bit more distince then ever in these days, even as the clamor against it gets so loud as to make inaudible your own voice. But the decline of Capitalism is no longer to be staved off! And whoever has studied the story of Cain and Abel, and the story of expected deliverance in any religion, will detect that already then, the Capitalist has slain the person venerating God and the prospect of deliverance in any religion is connected to the release from these bonds. Never before, mankind was so close to deliverance as today!


For the time bing, this article.

As an Anonymous has asked, I am rarely content in these days, much more often spellbound like the rabbit staring at the snake in the face of the corruption and apathy I live in. I guess contentness will be an even rarer guest to my soul for the rest of my life. But all this still isn't going to get us any further.

As Poiuytr and some other have elaborated we need to find a way to do some more than either preaching to the choir or quarreling with incorrigibles. I hope, with the little I can do, I am received in this way.

Anonymous said...

I found your article very good, indeed. There is so little reliable information coming out of Iran these days. Your translation gives us tantalising glimpses into the way the Iranians are running their revolution. With tremendous subtlety and patience. As they seem to do most things these days.

We are all in a pretty bad state at the moment. You Quenzjor, Poiuytr himself, James, most of the bloggers who come and write a few lines here. The war has gone on for far too long. It has taken a toll on our nerves, our equanimity. Peace at any price is what one feels like screaming out on certain days. Well, let's not give up, any of us. The day of our victory will also arrive at the appointed time.

Anonymous said...

The relentlessly maintained, deliberately inflicted political and economic ruin of Haiti has a direct bearing on the amount of death and devastation that the country is suffering today after the earthquake. It will also greatly cripple any recovery from this natural disaster. As detailed below, Washington's rapacious economic policies have destroyed all attempts to build a sustainable economy in Haiti, driving people off the land and from small communities into packed, dangerous, unhealthy shantytowns, to try to eke out a meager existence in the sweatshops owned by Western elites and their local cronies. All attempts at changing a manifestly unjust society have been ruthlessly suppressed by the direct or collateral hand of Western elites.
The result? Millions of people -- weakened by hunger, deprivation, malnutrition, disease -- living jammed together in precarious, substandard housing. A lack of the physical, financial and civic infrastructure needed to support a decent life in ordinary times -- and to provide proper assistance, and a strong framework for rebuilding, when disaster strikes. Even a far lesser earthquake than the one that struck this week would have caused an unconscionable amount of unnecessary suffering in a nation that has been as ruthlessly and deliberately throttled as Haiti.
With Hurricane Katrina, we saw how callously and unjustly America's elites reacted to the destruction of one of their own cities. Politically connected Mississippi millionaires got prompt and copious assistance -- while many New Orleans natives are still refugees, scattered across the country years after the flood. And this in a nation in which the infrastructures -- though rapidly rotting from the corruption of greed and militarism -- are still strong. What hope then for Haiti?
Yes, there will now be a great outpouring of immediate aid, as there always is after any spectacular disaster. And of course, this is laudable, and I encourage anyone who can to contribute what they can to these efforts. But unless there is a sea-change in American policy, unless there finally comes an end to the curse that has been laid on Haiti -- not by God, or by the Devil, but by the hard hearts of elites following blindly in the cruel traditions of their predecessors -- then this flurry of caring and attention will soon give way again, as it has always done, to callous disregard, brutal repression and inhumane exploitation.
The tale of these cruel traditions -- and the "continuity" with them that Obama has already displayed -- does not augur well for such a change. But as that wise man, Edsel Floyd, always says, we live in hope and die in despair. And such a hope for Haiti is worth holding onto, and working toward.

Anonymous said...

The celebratory tones usually heard on this blog were somewhat muted yesterday. I put the sombre mood down to the Haiti effect. The earthquake came like a stab in the back. The first countries to organise aid were the SouthAm ones. For them to extricate Haiti from west cluthches now and get it back on its feet again. For us to rejoice in the midst of tears that out of sheer evil some good might finally come.

Anonymous said...

'Significant chance' of second financial crisis, warns Davos World Economic Forum
There is now more than a one-in-five chance of another asset price bubble implosion costing the world more than £1 trillion, and similar odds of a full-scale sovereign fiscal crisis, a key report warned.
Investors must steel themselves for the possibility of a second leg to the financial crisis, and should be equally prepared for a fiscal crisis, in which a major economy faces either default or a "sudden stop" in financing themselves on capital markets, according to the Davos World Economic Forum. (Telegraph)

Poor "investors". Tough times ahead, what!

Anonymous said...

Count your blessings: One thing bloggers did manage to do last year was to see off the swine flu scare. Their other achievement was the failure of the Copenhagen farce.

Anonymous said...

Jan 17 will mark the beginning of Ukraine's return to its natural sphere. And the colour orange will be banned from wardrobes. Rejoice, rejoice!

Anonymous said...

There are no miracles, not a single one:

When the Great 2008 Global Banking Collapse began, Professor Igor Panarin of Russia's Diplomatic Academy stated that the United States, in 2010, would face its final collapse: “The dollar isn't secured by anything. The country's foreign debt has grown like an avalanche; this is a pyramid, which has to collapse. Public dissatisfaction was growing and was held back only by the election and the hope that Barack Obama can work miracles, but when spring 2010 comes, it will be clear that there are no miracles.”

Anonymous said...

The importance of Insurrection Daily - It acts as a life-saving antidote to all the poison we ingest in our daily conversations and deadly brushes with the mainstream media.

Anonymous said...

There we go. One promise kept at least.

Japan Ends Refueling Ships in Support of War in Afghanistan
By Sachiko Sakamaki and Takashi Hirokawa
Jan. 15 — Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama said Japan today will end its refueling of ships in the Indian Ocean to aid U.S.-led operations in Afghanistan.
Hatoyama thanks navy personnel who provided fuel and water to ships from Pakistan, the U.S. and other countries, and said Japan will continue to participate in the international efforts against terrorism, according to a statement. Japan in November said it will provide as much as $5 billion over five years to help in the reconstruction of war-torn Afghanistan.
“I think more direct, civilian assistance is important for Afghanistan to secure economic stability and peace,” Hatoyama told reporters today in Tokyo.
Japan’s navy had refueled warships in the Indian Ocean since 2001. Hatoyama’s Democratic Party of Japan ousted the Liberal Democratic Party from 50 years of almost unbroken rule and vowed to end the operations.

Anonymous said...

Bits and Pieces out of America

- "Republic" replaced by Council of Governors, a preliminary move towards martial law.
- State of Hawai can no longer afford to hold elections.
- US has invented a new term: "the disposable worker".
- Derivatives out, "High-Frequency" trading in. Both based on algorithms. Both rushing towards the super crash.

Anonymous said...

Anon 08:15 - There has also been talk of Hatoyama's going to Nanking and Hu Jintao being received in Hiroshima. Salutary moves on the part of two indispensable neighbours.

Anonymous said...

NATO-USan barbarians have lost a lot of soldiers in Afghanistan this month. A trend which will probably carry on as the months pass. Do the Afghans scent the end is nigh?

poiuytr said...

10:40 -- Fighting mode.

West is ratcheting up the war on truth. They're launching all their nukes now: palin, who on a good day has even smaller IQ than busch or comrade obama, and unleashing governance blog shills for cognitive infiltration. Some could say, west is on its last legs with aces like this, but they never cease to amaze. They could outlaw speech and hand signals altogether soon. And require every blog be moderated by a governance truth correcting officer.

> centuries of conditioning the west baboons have already undergone. all one can do is carry on repeating the same tired old facts, which

I fear you're not wrong! Hence my repeated calls for all to promulgate the message of west disease, regardless of wording, via all blogs available.

> NBN another year at least before you decide on early retirement, OK?

If cognitive google legions give us that long. :) Pentagram did this years ago -- remember Rumsfeld siccing internet troops, now the west governance. Soon they'll be joining in the debate with their 100 word vocab.


14:03 -- Contact

I hacked up this ugly contact form in the right margin. It only took 4 hrs to link it up and it's still screwed up. :) But it seems to work. Just use it to send your email in and I'll reply.

Actually, articles for posts could probably be sent through that as well. AUTHORS, Just cut and paste them in that little block and send them in.


6:31 -- "The celebratory tones usually heard on this blog were..."

For me, it's the children execution. It's just unreal. It fully demonstrates the true evil the west parasite is, in the most graphic indisputable manner. And it fully shows what west wants and how far from humanity this freckly pale creature from hell is, and the length it's happy to go to.


6:55 -- "leg to the financial crisis, and should be equally prepared for a fiscal crisis, in which a major economy faces either default or"

I thought UK think tank has proclaimed UK fully out of the woods. :)

The funny thing here is that west has collapsed. It's good as gone. All this is just the epilogue wealth and land reform before the end of it, whatever that may be. They feed the west orangutans tales of recovery while the west war junta loots what's worth something in west. So long as the baboons have bank accounts, the loot will go on.

Plus there's a complete collapse of info now in west. None of it squares, much like the drivel coming out of the west governances on any of the subjects: war, econ, bailouts, unemployment, etc.

Reading twixt lines is getting harder each day now.

poiuytr said...

6:59 -- "Count your blessings: One thing bloggers did manage to do last y"

And prolapse? I would hope there's been some ground taken or rather liberated from the west mindrape on the subject of the econ prolapse and its cause.

West said it's a "global" prolapse cuz of some subprime mortgage oversight while it's just the west sliding down the bog cuz of the nuking of its cash monopoly.

And now it seems the next issue is here, which is unbelievable: WWIII. West wants it! West needs it! West is angling for it! Econ, bailouts, foreclosures, etc are immaterial now.

2008 came real close to WWIII.

Busch II had apparently called it off (which is a tall tale since hardly one would consult such IQ on such an issue), but yes, west wanted to strike Russia via Georgia but after 4 days of WWIII pondering perhaps someone in the Pentagram had brought up Stalingrad. And so it was that Mr tie-eating saakashvili was left alone, much like Hitler after the Dec41 Moscow counter offensive, watching his own land quartered with amusing permanency.

The funny bit was that Russia took NATO's missile codes, which means they were ready to be launched Moscow-way.

But the point is that west is actively -- VERY ACTIVELY -- pursuing WWIII, or attack on Russia, the core reason for the wonderful west's terminal prolapse.

It's given now that the west is pursuing by all means available to its child murdering mind, the destruction of the planet: diseases; ionosphere puncturing; earthquake frequency transmissions; provoking nations against one another via false 911 terrorist attacks; creating a ring of proxy idiot dogs around Russia for the Barbarossa II fantasy strike; and if nothing else then at least via the spread of poverty and hunger under the pretext of bailouts and recoveries and eco mandates.

Yes, west is the disease in every way and has no other objective than all children on the planet dead either in flames of phosphorous genocides or executed at point blank house by house. West even had a slogan for this "No child left behind".

West has no other agendas, no other thoughts, no other programme.

(here's link to busch II Russia strike fantasies)


7:23 -- Ukraine

Readers, place your bets. If the west blue-faced fiend loses, is west gonna pull another "revolt" like in Iran? At minimum, will the EUnuch denounce the election in the harshest possible terms?

Anonymous said...

Heated EUnuch denunciations are certain, poiuytr. "Revolt" less likely. But rigged elections are always on the cards with the west. Let's see. But I, personally, think Ukraine is out of their hands. Can't be otherwise. Russia has to win this one (and all the others as well)or then we, the Freeworld, are toast.

Anonymous said...

Q, the article above on Iran was quite fascinating. The mysterious Mr Capitalism in religious robes is, of course, ex-Prez Hashemi Rafsanjani. He and his clan have much of Iran's wealth in their hands. But beyond that, there's a question of political fine-tuning. Iran in my eyes has achieved a superb system of checks and balances which the zios are now trying to overturn. Well, they can't have everything they've set their hearts on, can they now?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

BTW, you seemed to feel, poiuytr, that prolapse had been left out of our "blessings". Certainly not. But the prolapse you've been announcing since 2006 at least. What 2009 brought in that direction was further confirmation rather than fresh achievement.
Hence the omission, for which my apologies.

Anonymous said...

Friday, 15 January 2010
Our Role in Haiti's Plight

'What is already all too clear, ­however, is the fact that this impact will be the result of an even longer-term history of deliberate impoverishment and disempowerment. Haiti is routinely described as the "poorest country in the western hemisphere". This poverty is the direct legacy of perhaps the most brutal system of colonial exploitation in world history, compounded by decades of systematic postcolonial oppression.

The noble "international community" which is currently scrambling to send its "humanitarian aid" to Haiti is largely responsible for the extent of the suffering it now aims to reduce. Ever since the US invaded and occupied the country in 1915, every serious political attempt to allow Haiti's people to move (in former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide's phrase) "from absolute misery to a dignified poverty" has been violently and deliberately blocked by the US government and some of its allies.'

I don't know when I hate them more. When they bare their teeth and show their true predatory nature or when they slip on the "noble" mask.

Anonymous said...


It is, or ought to be, widely enough understood that the category of ‘natural disaster’ is increasingly redundant. Whether it’s an earthquake, a storm, a flood or a crop failure, the truly shocking and baleful consequences of ecological events are generally caused by their interaction with existing political economies.

Anonymous said...


Fake gold bars in Bank of England and Fort Knox
A recent discovery — in October of 2009 — has been suppressed by the main stream media but has been circulating among the “big money” brokers and financial kingpins and is just now being revealed to the public. It involves the gold in Fort Knox — the US Treasury gold — that is the equity of our national wealth. In short, millions of gold bars are fake!
another different batch of gold in the bank's vaults has also been found to be fake, and this time it was gold which had been there for several years, after being seized from smugglers trying to take it to Djibouti.
Go figure...

Anonymous said...


American has repeatedly invaded and occupied that nation for decades, installing one American puppet regime after another.

Yes, guilt falls squarely on America.

Something you will not hear the lying American media admit.

Anonymous said...

15:35, 17:06, yes, yes, yes. As one by one the heart-breating details of the Haitian disaster reach our ears, our anger against the USA blazes to the skies. Once again, their mad capitalism, their unbelievable disregard for human life are in evidence. And never mind now that their aid planes are going to Haiti through airspace graciously opened up by the Cubans. Another crime on the conscience of the zombie nation.

Anonymous said...

How to get rid of excessive reserves, Chinese style. This is not something you will see reported in the media, but recently, China sent off a cargo plane packed with crates from the mainland to Dubai, the plane piloted by a Pakistani. In Dubai, then, a local journalist more curious than most snooped about and finally discovered what the crates contained: US dollars. Thus does China with the greatest discretion remove dollars from its foreign reserves without alarming the markets.
This story brings back to mind an incident on the Italian-Swiss border in which, some six months ago, a Japanese was caught trying to smuggle in US treasury bonds worth billions.

Anonymous said...

12:30 -- "But the prolapse you've been announcing since 2006 at least. What 2009 brought in that direction was..."

No contention intended on my part. No apologies needed. Yes, I agree, the USA flu I and II attacks were countered by the spread of info resulting in grand neglect in getting vaccinated.

As far as the west prolapse goes, it's a growing laceration across the west throat, or really the only thing to celebrate.

All other info like west flu-agent attacks, west child executions, west AFRICOM genocide department, west Haiti rape, west war junta econ loot, etc... aren't exactly items that uplift the human spirit. They're necessary for west criminality, in its full nudity, must be shown and shown again.

Typically, this is the context of all blogs and in general it will eat a hole in one's soul. Like JamesW says, pictures of west crimes, at some point become unbearable.

Hence the NBN attempt to aim to highlight and jubilate the west terminal prolapse -- something that's screamingly lacking on the web -- the west beast's demise, decay, and ultimately death in econ sense and likely physical sense, if they get their WWIII wish.

Many expose the overt west crimes, but none tend to celebrate west's terminal gangrene prolapse. Many analyse the west mainstream whore rants but none underscore west's irreversible demise.

Even the Rense boy is clutching to his "global" prolapse fairytales. Even CraigRoberts and Chossudovsky, despite their in-depth semi-intellectual analysis keep wistfully straying in their dirges to some beautiful pretty nice US of A of yesterday. But none state the simple fact: west was THE disease, west is THE disease, and west shall remain THE disease till its last breath.

And so counting west's homeless, unemployment rise, west econ shrivelings, west pirate wars as they grub for the loot amongst themselves, obama's begging trips to Moscow, are all points that need be jubilated, laughed at, enjoyed, toasted with the finest of libations for they are morally uplifting, just, entertaining, and spiritually healing.

That's the whole point of NBN for the lowdown of the soul-shriveling news is available elsewhere. And yes, sadly this point gets overshadowed by the west crimes in Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, etc which must be reported as well.

But at the same time it's essential to take a few seconds here and there and look at comrade Obama's taxing USA banks in hope to recover some 90B USD from the 14T USD bailout. This is pure joy and fun. It means the USA baboon kind is gonna get another hefty bill.

USA central bank hiding and refusing to tell where 2T USD went under the threat of collapsing USA if they audit is pure fun, pure entertainment, pure jubilation. It shows the disease the west establishment is dispelling all the baboon's fantasies about some checks and balances, democracy, and freedom.

Swiss arguing with UK. Greece arguing with Brussels. Iceland arguing with Holland. It's all fantastic stuff worthy a good weekly piss-up for it shows the west's rancid desperate decay.

And what could be more joyful than seeing west monkeys pile into the streets with signs "Don't close our factories, please" like they just did in Sweden at the GM plant going belly up. It's fantastic!

Anyway, so no contention meant about the prolapse being forgotten.

(poiuytr, just not signed in)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for above, poiuytr. You just wrote the most resounding justification for why NBN should carry on, regardless of any fatigue or strain one might be feeling. It's clear-sighted, far-sighted and unique. We do fan out onto other existing blogs. We have tried and shall keep on trying to take the west is the disease message to others. We are met with utter incomprehension in most cases. But patience is master and repetition in the name of the prolapse cause joy. But then we've been beautifully trained, haven't we? Almost like ninja warriors, I sometimes get the feeling. Visible here, invisible there, split on the one hand, menacingly whole on the other. Together, we shall read each sentence of the "epilogue" of west's ill gotten gains with painstaking care and till the final, fatal full stop.
=west is toast. Long Live NBN!=

Anonymous said...

Second bomb in one week goes off in Athens
Sat, 16 Jan 2010 - Press TV

A powerful explosion has gone off at Greece's Ministry of Press and Information in Athens, causing extensive damage but no injuries.
The explosion on Saturday, the second in one week, caused panicked residents to run onto the street in the residential area that houses the ministry near central Athens.
Police said the mechanical device went off nearly 12 minutes after an unknown caller contacted two private television stations, warning of the explosion, DPA reported.
The bomb attack took place exactly one week after a leftist group claimed responsibility for another explosion outside the Greek Parliament, near the Monument of the Unknown Soldier.
The leftist group, Fire Conspiracy Cells, said in a statement posted on the Internet that it targeted the building to hit "the well-secured temple of democracy."

Anonymous said...

Crude Oil Prices at $80 or above per barrel

One analyst puts it this way: It appears to me that Saudi Arabia - its participation is essential - could currently be playing the role of a central bank whose currency is crude oil, backed by the country's reserves of crude oil in the ground. Through extremely opaque market interventions by investment banking intermediaries, they could lend oil to the market - financial oil leasing - against dollar loans from investors in oil, and buy back their forward sales of crude oil in order to support the oil price within their chosen parameters.
The outcome - which has the effect of monetizing oil in the ground - is very similar to the way in which some governments maintain their currency more or less pegged to the US dollar and illustrates the reality that oil is not priced in dollars: dollars are priced in oil.

Anonymous said...

Chronicling the Prolapse: Sovereign Debt Crisis Coming As Recovery Stalls

Bloomberg is reporting Greek Markets Rattled as EU Says Deficit Forecasts ‘Unreliable’.

The New York Times is reporting German Economy Contracts 5 Percent in 2009

States In Serious Trouble

California Cash Crunch

Bosch cuts 900 jobs in Wales

Anonymous said...

Hey 08:24: You left out UK where the econ contracted by 4.8% in 09. And what to make of this idea that actually it's all a planned move:

There are 2 sets of books being kept by these is public and the other is not. They claim to be broke to justify taxation increases from all directions and dump unprofitable services......BRILLIANT! It's curtains for the welfare state, what!

Anonymous said...

Hugo Chavez raises Venezuelan minimum wage 25 percent

Anonymous said...

The Economic Collapse - January 15, 2010
#1) When even Wal-Mart is closing stores you know things are bad. 1,500 jobs cut in order to reduce costs.
#2)1.41 million Americans filed for personal bankruptcy in 2009 – a 32 percent increase over 2008.
#3) American workers are working harder than ever and yet making less., 9% less than in 1977.
#4) Unemployment is absolutely exploding all over the United States.
#5) December was actually the worst month for U.S. unemployment so far.

#6) During the 2001 recession, the U.S. economy lost 2% of its jobs and it took four years to get them back. This time the U.S. economy has lost more than 5% of its jobs and counting.
#7)The percentage of Americans 16 to 24 who have jobs is 13 percent lower than ten years ago.
#8) So where did all the jobs go? Estimates say that 22% to 29% of all current U.S. jobs will be offshorable within two decades: Mexico, China and India.

#9 Delinquent home loans at government-controlled mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac surged 20 percent from July through September.

#10) A massive “second wave” of mortgage defaults is getting ready to hit the U.S. economy starting in 2010.
#11) Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve has announced that it made a record profit of $46.1 billion in 2009. Apparently during this economic crisis it is a very good time to be a bankster.

Anonymous said...

The Haiti Earthquake - You Need To Know Where it Came From - 16.1.10
'Anyway, I knew from that broadcast that the broadcast was a component of a well planned operation. I notice that this earthquake caused no Tsunami damaging any Fat Cat's ocean front property in Florida etc. And the event so helps both Obama and Clinton -- when Obama is just on the brink of collapse of his political power and presidential authority.
They had the motive and the means to create this earthquake. None of the properties or people were important to the interests that I know were responsible for the 9-11 deaths, the steering of Katrina and, yes, the December 2004 Sumatra magnitude 9 earthquake and Indian Ocean Tsunami where wave 100 ft high in places and at least 50 ft high along a 60 mile stretch of the coast of Sumatra --76,000 deaths and 100,000 homes destroyed.'
Dick Eastman -

Anonymous said...

The papers today are full of Obama's low popularity ratings. One went even so far as to claim that even a Charles Manson would beat Obama if elections were held today. In light of this imminent downfall, the Haiti earthquake provoked by USan criminals as diversionary tactics does not seem so far-fetched after all.

Anonymous said...

Ansar Allah (Houthies): Saudi helicopter gunship down
Saturday January 16th, 2010, Saada Online - Information Office of Mr. Abdel Malik al -Houthi Saturday,
At dawn today Saturday, Ansar Allah (Houthies) detected and destroyed an army truck loaded with munitions and missile warheads on the main road (Buqa - Saada - the Al Qataa segment). The ammunition truck was still burning at this time of writing.
On Friday (15 Jan) evening, with God's help and support, at (5:45 pm) before dusk, an Saudi Apache helicopter was shot, caught fire, and crashed in the vicinity of (Al Khawba). The helicopter gunship was supporting the now broken Saudi attempt to advance on Mount Al Mudud. The Saudi crawl was broken at 19.00 hrs in the evening.
As the world watches silently, the Saudi regime continues to commit the most heinous war crimes in the province of Saada, launching on Friday evening 29 air raids focused on the populated districts and villages of Saada and destroying homes, killing civilians far away from the battle fields on the Saudi, Yemeni border.

Anonymous said...

Iran suggests dealing with Russia without dollars - 16.1.10
Iran and Russia should use their national currencies in settling accounts for bilateral projects, an Iranian oil official suggests during talks.
"We want our national currencies to be used in our projects," Iran's Deputy Oil Minister Hossein Noghrehkar Shirazi told reporters on Wednesday in Moscow, adding that this measure would speed up the implementation of large bilateral projects.
The Iranian official also proposed the set-up of a bank for the purpose as part of a long-term energy cooperation plan.
The statement of the Iranian official visiting Moscow offers support for Russia's drive for a more extensive use of national currencies and less of the US dollar.
Shirazi was attending a meeting of the Russian-Iranian working group on cooperation in the oil, gas and petrochemical spheres in Moscow. The group intends to map out a plan for energy cooperation over the next 30 years.

Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)--Three U.S. banks were shuttered on Friday night by state regulators, bringing the total number of bank failures this year to four, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation said.
Two small banks were closed in Illinois and Minnesota and sold to other lenders, but the FDIC was unable to secure a buyer for a third failed bank in Utah and instead created a bridge bank to give customers time to transfer their money elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

But none state the simple fact: west was THE disease, west is THE disease, and west shall remain THE disease till its last breath.

This is eloquence.

Till its last breath, the West cannot and will not deny its true nature.

Anonymous said...

A regular reminder of what this site is all about, 07:56. But where you lose me is your last sentence. It seems almost irrelevant what the West cannot and will not deny till its last breath, so long as the rest of the world opens its eyes and sees the nature of the rampaging beast.

Anonymous said...

Haiti stands in desperate need of aid. So what does the head of the stupid beast do? It pours in 10.000 US troops. The world saved once more.

Anonymous said...

Haiti was attcked by HAARP

check this out:

See what was going on in Alaska and Eiscat and the Svalbard antennas all at the same time leading up to the quake.

In Edmonton weird cloud formations pointing south were seen. Edmonton is on the line between Gakuna, Alaska and Haiti. How quick the Yanks were there in force! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

At least the beast is getting a few bullets in its body. The latest official casualties from Afghanistan: 2 Brits and one Canadian. Multiply by ten, please.

Anonymous said...

Nicaragua's Ortega warns of US deployment in Haiti - 17.1.10 - Press TV
Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega says that the United States has taken advantage of the massive quake in Haiti and deployed troops in the country.
"What is happening in Haiti seriously concerns me as US troops have already taken control of the airport," Ortega said on Saturday.
The Pentagon says it has deployed more than 10,000 soldiers in Haiti to help victims of Tuesday's earthquake.
This is while US paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division took control of the main airport in the capital Port-au-Prince on Friday three days after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake brought death and misery to the impoverished nation.
The leftist Nicaraguan president denounced Washington's move in deploying military forces in Haiti, saying "It seems that the bases (on Latin America) are not sufficient."

While Russia plays the smiling puppet, World War IV being nicely prepared.

Anonymous said...

Ukraine's opposition worried by inflow of "athletic" Georgian men (Ria Novosti - 17.1.10)

Ukraine's opposition Party of Regions has warned of a possible attempt to disrupt the country's presidential vote as three charter flights from Georgia carrying over 400 "athletic men" landed in the country.
On Sunday Ukraine will hold presidential elections. With former premier Viktor Yanukovych expected to win the first round of voting, after which he is likely to face a run-off against current premier Yulia Tymoshenko, pro-Western incumbent Viktor Yushchenko's time in office would seem to be over.
On Friday two charter flights from with of 297 Georgian men onboard landed in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk. Some of them had lists of all polling stations in the region. The Georgians, aged from 25 to 40, told border guards that the purpose of their visit was to meet with Ukrainian girls they met on social networking sites.
On Saturday another charter flight from Georgia with some 120 male passengers landed in the capital Kiev. The official purpose of their visit is unknown.
The Georgians were to "interfere in the electoral process... with an aim to change the outcome of the elections and disrupt the vote," party member Mykola Azarov told a news conference on Saturday.
Ukraine's central election body had earlier refused to register over 3,000 observers, sent by Georgia to Sunday's presidential polls, citing the absence of necessary documents. The number of monitors from the Caucasus state exceeded the total number of observers sent by other states and international organizations.
A source in the Georgian opposition told RIA Novosti the visitors were related to Georgian special services and the military.
"The vast majority of them are servicemen. Some have identity documents with other names, almost all had undergone special training and have close-combat skills," the source said.
He said they were to receive bonuses ranging from $20,000 to $32,000.

Anonymous said...

O8:39 - Make that four, would you. It appears a US soldier also died. Multiply by you know what...

Anonymous said...

"The Georgians, aged from 25 to 40, told border guards that the purpose of their visit was to meet with Ukrainian girls they met on social networking sites."

A laughable alibi.

Anonymous said...

Laughable, it was. Why weren't they all rounded up. stamped as undesirable aliens and deported straightaway? All fun and games, seems to me. Does Russia want these elections to be disrupted or are they so naive, they never learn from experience, never see the dangers looming?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone ever learn from past blunders? USans don't. As for the Russians, they did two splendid things in the recent past. They got Yukos and refused to go to Iraq. Since then they seem to have been resting on their laurels. Good luck to them.

Anonymous said...

Nature modification weapon HAARP

For those of you wondering what that might be exactly, here's poiuytr on the subject

this is 100% true. look it up. There are patents, USA patents that clearly link HAARP and mass mind control and chemtrails together. no exaggerations.
chemtrails are proven. there's cases all over. it's high altitude seeding with metal particles, basically barium and such spread thin in clouds at high altitudes. why?
HAARP smacks it with their arrays of transmitters and thus charges it with particular frequencies charging the ions to cause all sorts of disasters in the upper atmosphere.
weather is one. rips in ionosphere is another which is the reason why the sun burns more these days. these west scumfuckingbags blame spots and crap like that while they're 24/7 pounding upper atmo with gigawatts that you lazy ugly west child murdering sons of bitchers are subsidising and willingly so.
this angers me to no end. so, it's all the same stuff HAARP, chemtrails, LSD, MK ultra, bla bla bla bla, and now USA flu.

yes, it's in its last days that the west beast shall be the most evil and dangerous for it's lost all its reason for existence. but it's the west commoner that's the guilty bastard for these crimes against the planet and its Freeworld population. let's not forget that and try to contain the west evil within its ugliness.

Anonymous said...

Obama’s Bank Tax Is Chump Change – Celente
The tax on banks proposed by Washington guarantees Wall Street $US 4 trillion which means top banks will keep playing the same game in the future, economic trend forecaster Gerald Celente warned.

“Goldman Sachs is nothing more than a big hedge fund, period and paragraph. If they went under – people don’t have go to the ATM machine to get their money out of the Goldman Sachs bank, they do not have Goldman Sachs cheques, they are just fronting for Wall Street and all Wall Street is doing is gambling and their risks are covered by the American taxpayer,” Celente added.
"Everything in America has gone corporate,” grieved the forecaster. And he concluded by saying, “the merger of state and corporate powers, according to Mussolini, who knew a thing or two about it, is called fascism and fascism is coming to America.”
Russia Today

Anonymous said...

Russia to drill for oil off Cuba

And all of a sudden, the US militarization of Haiti makes a whole lotta sense! Also Ortega's comments above, 08:44.

Anonymous said...

Why does the US owe Haiti Billions?
The US has worked to break Haiti for over 200 years. We owe Haiti. Not charity. We owe Haiti as a matter of justice. Reparations. And not the $100 million promised by President Obama either - that is Powerball money. The US owes Haiti Billions - with a big B.
The US has worked for centuries to break Haiti. The US has used Haiti like a plantation. The US helped bleed the country economically since it freed itself, repeatedly invaded the country militarily, supported dictators who abused the people, used the country as a dumping ground for our own economic advantage, ruined their roads and agriculture, and toppled popularly elected officials. The US has even used Haiti like the old plantation owner and slipped over there repeatedly for sexual recreation.
Bill Quigley - 17.1.10

Anonymous said...

Ukraine Exit Polls: Yushenko and Tymoshenko in next round. As expected, Georgian hooligans causing trouble.

Anonymous said...

Ukrainians vote for new president
Presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovich appears likely to win the first round vote
Voting has finished in Ukraine's presidential election, with exit polls predicting a small election lead for Viktor Yanukovich, five years after the Orange Revolution removed him from power.
Voting closed at 1800GMT on Sunday, with early reports suggesting Yanukovich has not achieved a clear enough lead to avoid a second round runoff against his main challenger, Yulia Tymoshenko.
If confirmed, Yanukovich will face Tymoshenko, the current prime minister, in a February 7 runoff vote.

Al Jazeera - 17.1.10

Anonymous said...

Hey 18:21. Must have been in a hurry. You got one of the names wrong there.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sorry.

Anonymous said...

The Militarization of Emergency Aid to Haiti: Is it a Humanitarian Operation or an Invasion?

While presidents Obama and Préval spoke on the phone, there were no reports of negotiations between the two governments regarding the entry and deployment of US troops on Haitian soil. The decision was taken and imposed unilaterally by Washington. The total lack of a functioning government in Haiti was used to legitimize, on humanitarian grounds, the sending in of a powerful military force, which has de facto taken over several governmental functions.

So this is how it's done nowadays. One for the textbooks, man.

Anonymous said...

"yes, it's in its last days that the west beast shall be the most evil and dangerous for it's lost all its reason for existence. but it's the west commoner that's the guilty bastard for these crimes against the planet and its Freeworld population. let's not forget that and try to contain the west evil within its ugliness."

This is very true. The Western world and people's very reason for existence is to subjugate others.

Without this, they are nothing--less than dust.

Let us treat them as such.

And never fail to expose them as such.

Anonymous said...

History of a Haitian Holocaust
Blackwater before drinking water
There's no such thing as a 'natural' disaster. 200,000 Haitians have been slaughtered by slum housing and IMF "austerity" plans. And now their "aid" has definitely taken on sinister proportions. Pentagon leading it, US soldiers pouring in, hastily joined by soliders from Canada. The launching pad to attack SouthAm being set up?

Anonymous said...

While Chile takes a right turn with Sebastian Pinera, pro-Russian candidate edges ahead in Ukraine. As mainstream laments this morning,
West's biggest ex-Soviet ally is poised to move back towards Russia as Viktor Yanukovych wins first round in elections.

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Many interesting developments to report in this war against Yemeni civilians. This ugly war that nobody talks about on TV (even before poor Haiti).
Today we have more humiliating defeats on the ground of the Saudi and Yemeni regimes, by Houthies, who now mention the presence of Peshmerga mercenaries on the ground in Yemen (for the first time); we have the call for solidarity with Houthies by an important Northern Yemen tribal figure (this may be the last nail in the coffin of Saudi Arabia, and the Yemen regime); and we have Saudis going Nuclear! It is difficult to top this one as a news item: The Saudi attempt at legitimizing their war crimes by abusing the Holy Kaaba, and using it as a weapon to fight other Moslems. As if the Holy Kaaba were the personal property of this Zionist Saudi family. This abuse of the Holy Kaaba is certainly going to back fire against these Saudi running dogs, for sure.
And of course today we also have more terrible crimes committed, again, by Saudi war planes on civilians. The only thing Saudis know how to do with success.

Anonymous said...

07:19 - Chavez must have got the message, too. He's now talking about improving bilateral relations with US.

Anonymous said...

Ukraine will never join NATO – Yanukovych, the Future President

Ukraine's opposition leader Viktor Yanukovych, supported by more than a third of the voters in the country's presidential election, has said Ukraine will never join a military alliance. Answering the question on whether the ex-Soviet state would join NATO, the leader of the pro-Russian Party of Regions said: "Ukraine will never be a bloc state and will join no military alliance. This is the Ukrainian people's position, which we should respect."
The presidential polls took place in the country on Sunday. With 40% of the ballots counted, Yanukovych is leading in the elections, gaining 36.74% of the vote. Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko trails with 24.45%.
The two contenders are likely to face each other in a runoff as none of the candidates is gaining 50% plus one vote needed to win the elections in the first round. The country's incumbent President Viktor Yushchenko, who has sought for NATO membership, has garnered 5.03% of the vote.
Both Yanukovych and Tymoshenko have pledged to improve ties with Russia, soured over Kiev's NATO bid, gas disputes and the former Soviet republic's support for Georgia in the August 2008 war over South Ossetia. Yushchenko, who was brought to power as a result of the 2004 Orange Revolution, earlier said his reelection was "the only realistic way of standing up for Ukraine and Ukrainians" and continuing the policies he had pursued for the past five years.

KIEV, January 18 (RIA Novosti)

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Haiti: Too Many Cooks…
The Earthquake devastated Haiti last Tuesday afternoon. On Sunday evening, five days later, only 60% of the disaster area has been covered, water is not reaching those most in need, heavy lifting gear is bottled up at the airport and the people are understandably getting desperate.

Anonymous said...

UK businesses 'in critical state'
Insolvency report says 140,000 firms are in trouble and face collapse sooner than in previous recessions. (Guardian)

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A few tears will be shed this week by those more compassionate in our society for the horrendous catastrophe befallen Haiti, but rest assured that life will continue on, the major issue of concern in our lives remaining at center stage, and that happens to be the dismal state of the US economy.
In a week or two, after the media has milked dry this human tragedy occurring in the Caribbean, those poor souls living in Western Hispaniola most likely won’t be given a second thought. Help will be sent initially by much of the world, including this neighbor less than 200 miles to its northwest, but it will be limited; after all, it’s money that the US will have to borrow this year in addition to the $700-plus billion dollars needed to conduct two wars . . . plus a few other empire-building incidentals. But after the initial phase, this natural disaster will be treated with similar disregard as the many others that happen to be manmade. And the desperately poor Haitians will be left to fend for themselves, just as those who continue to live in utter despair in “punished Gaza,” or millions victimized by US wars of choice (Afghans, Iraqis, Pakistanis) and surreptitious ways (Cubans do come to mind); none of these people-issues appear as a major concern to Americans if for no other reason than the purposeful silence imposed by the corporate press.
So the American media, after a slight pause, will return to covering some aspects -- definitely not all -- that affect changes in the economy. For the most part, they will continue parroting what politicians and other special interests want Americans to believe: that the recession is over; that the economy is on the mend. Confidence must reign supreme in order to maintain the capitalist house of cards intact; after all, isn't "consumer sentiment" supposed to be the most revered leading economic indicator among the sacred ten?

Online Journal

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Americans are preparing to turn Haiti into a "protectorate". They've been working on it a for some time now. They got rid of Aristide in 2004, sending him into exile in South Africa, though the man was a twice-elected leader of the Haitians. And now, I suppose, they feel their path is clear to take over completely.

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07:56 - Enter Peshmerga in the Yemen civil war. The Kurds will be slaughtered if they play this game. They have enough enemies that will eliminate them from what they think is kurdistan, unless they relate to their cultural and Moslem heritage. Otherwise they are doomed and the ziowest which is encouraging them right now will not lift a finger to come to their rescue.

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France asks UN to specify U.S. role in Haiti relief efforts

PARIS, Jan. 18 (Xinhua) — The United Nations needs to specify the role of the United States whose military forces are controlling the main airport in Port-au-Prince, capital of quake-hit Haiti, a French official said Monday.
"The UN is working on it. I hope we can get a decision. I hope things can be specified about the role of the United States," French State Secretary of Cooperation Alain Joyandet told Europe 1 radio after returning from Haiti.
"It is about helping Haiti; it is not about occupying Haiti," complained Joyandet.
He said he had to intervene personally last Saturday to get authorization from the Americans for the landing in Port-au-Prince of a French plane carrying relief materials.
Earlier reports said the Geneva-based aid group Doctors Without Borders had complained that the U.S.-controlled airport impeded relief distribution.

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200 Bank Failures Expected in 2010 - 01-18-10
Washington has so thoroughly botched its supervision of the banking industry that 200 banks are likely to fail this year — easily surpassing last year’s 140 bank failures … inevitably involving the greatest bank losses in history … and already costing the FDIC ten times more than the great S&L and banking crisis of the 1980s did.

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Netanyahu weighing a trip to Moscow in mid-Feb.
Six months after a clandestine, 10-hour trip to Moscow, details of which have not been revealed to this day, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is planning a trip to Moscow in mid-February, according to Russian sources.
According to these sources, Netanyahu was originally scheduled to travel to Moscow on January 27, a day after Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's scheduled arrival in Moscow for a four-day visit. The proximity of the two dates led some Russian officials to talk about the possibility of a summit between the two leaders in Moscow.

Anonymous said...

One topic on the agenda for above visit could be Iran. Another. swapping horses midstream. Israel might be abandoning the American alliance - US is down, who knows it better than the Jewish state? - and inviting Russia to take its place as big brother protector.

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Japan Airlines files for bankruptcy protection
TOKYO – Japan Airlines has filed for bankruptcy protection in one of the biggest corporate failures in Japanese history.
A state-backed corporate turnaround agency said Tuesday it received confirmation from the carrier that it had applied for protection from creditors under the Corporate Rehabilitation Law — Japan's version of US Chapter 11.
The widely expected move culminates a process that began in October when Asia's biggest airline first turned to the Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corp. of Japan for help. It was saddled with debts of 1.5 trillion yen ($16.5 billion), falling passenger traffic and swelling pension costs.
JAL will now embark on a massive overhaul under a prepackaged restructuring plan to shed the fat and inefficiency that undermined its finances.

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Chavez: US uses earthquake to occupy Haiti: "There is not a shortage of guns there, my God. Doctors, medicine, fuel, field hospitals, that's what the United States should send," Chavez said on his weekly television show. "They are occupying Haiti undercover," he warned.
Venezuela's ouvertures to US didn't last long, did it? Now US is trying to inveigle Brazil to send in something they call "joint aid". Since it's the USans talking, be sure what is meant is "militarised" aid: more soldiers and guns per square km than doctors, food or water.

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NATO to Rebuff Russian Bid for Separate Treaty, Officials Say
Jan. 18 — NATO is likely to rebuff a Russian proposal for a bilateral security treaty, seeing it as a ploy to regain lost influence over eastern Europe, four allied officials said.
Russia’s proposed treaty, limited to the trans-Atlantic alliance’s 28 members, would require them to “perform defense planning in a way that it does not threaten the security of other parties,” according to a three-page draft the Russians have submitted.

Anonymous said...

Like Russia gives a f--- about Nato. Sure they have an agreement of sorts with them, but only in public. They’re working on much bigger plans.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday, 19 January 2010
Israeli Army Crosses Into Lebanon
'An Israeli army unit on Sunday crossed the borders with Lebanon in the direction of the occupied part of al-Ghajar village, Lebanon's state-run National News Agency (NNA) reported.
"An intense Israeli build-up of forces during the past 24 hours has been observed along the eastern sector of the Blue Line, with mobile and fixed patrols," said NNA. It added that "Israeli tank emplacements were spotted amid intense overflights by helicopter gunships and warplanes".'

First they violated Lebanese air space on a regular basis. Now this. Seems they're desperate to make their mark somewhere, somehow.

Anonymous said...

The End of Israel and The Rise of Palestine - By Matthias Chang (19/1/10) - I

Few analysts, if any, dare venture to explain why Israel is so obsessed in its attempts to subjugate the Palestinians in Gaza and why the regimes in the Middle East by their tacit silence closed their eyes and betrayed their ‘Arab brothers’. Fear! Deep-rooted fear, to be precise, fear of the Palestinians as a people, as a nation!
The British understood that to win the Great Game, control of the massive land mass stretching from Turkey to the Central Republics of the former Soviet Union and the Middle East was paramount. The Sykes-Picot agreement established the present Arab regimes and the secured boundaries that ensured the total compliance to British dictates. The Balfour Declaration and the subsequent establishment of Israel provided the geopolitical basis for a state of perpetual war against the Palestinians and as a surrogate bully to control and threaten the various Arab regimes, should they entertain any ideas of rebellion.
But the Palestinians refused to follow their Arab brothers and submit to the fate laid down by the Imperial powers of the day.
The mandarins in Whitehall and now the policy-makers in Washington fail to appreciate and understand that there are certain principles and values that are inviolate – freedom, self-determination, self-respect, dignity and independence. And that death is a worthy sacrifice to achieve these objectives.
For sixty years, the Palestinians have not for one moment given up their God-given right to be a free and independent nation. The Zionists in Israel and the world over have one great fear – fear of this indomitable spirit, a weapon more powerful than any nuclear bomb. Palestine and Palestinians cannot be conquered and subdued.

Anonymous said...

The End of Israel - II
One may well ask, “How can the most powerful nation in the Middle East fear the Palestinians?” Simple! Israel could never survive on its own. It needs the combined power of the west to launch the least attack against Palestine. If Israel in fact has over 200 nuclear weapons, why is this Zionist state in frenzy over Iran’s peaceful use of nuclear power, notwithstanding repeated and longstanding assurances of United States’ retaliation against any state that intends to attack Israel?
While Israel may be able to intimidate the Arab regimes with its alleged nuclear arsenal, its leaders know that such threats and its armed might has always been perceived as hollow and a “paper tiger” by the Palestinians. While Israel may get away with nuking a pariah Arab state (on the pretext of eliminating terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism), it knows that any nuclear attack, be it by tactical nuclear weapons, would spell the end of Israel as a state. The backlash of anger and hate against Jews in general and Israel in particular would assuredly destroy Jewish power in the United States and in Britain.
This is the worst nightmare for Israel. The Israelis cannot fathom why and it is mind-boggling to them that the Palestinians have no fear of Israel. In fact, the Palestinians have utter contempt for the Zionist war criminals and consider them as weaklings! In simple terms, the Zionist cannot compute this equation.
Worst, the Israelis fear that the ‘Palestinian disease’ would spread to the entire Arab world and liberate the minds of the present Arab population locked in the straight jacket of subservience and obedience. The Arab regimes have a similar fear as a liberated population would spell the end of their dynastic rule.
A liberated Palestine as the end game would mean the transformation of the entire Arab and Muslim world and a regional power un-beholden to any imperial power. The Great Game would be over. A historic power shift would move to central Asia, with Palestine in the dominant role. Too far fetched?
This will not happen soon, as the great powers will definitely ensure that such an end game will not materialise. But I am an optimist and I believe that such an outcome will occur in the 21st century. My belief is grounded on my experience in Gaza.

Anonymous said...

The End of Israel - III
We can debate till the cows come home whether my conclusions are justified. Unless and until you have visited Gaza and talked to the Palestinians, you will not be able to comprehend and understand my faith in the success of their struggle.
Just pause and reflect: The Palestinians have been brutalised, tortured, collectively punished and betrayed for sixty years, yet they remain undaunted and steadfast in their quest to liberate their homeland. When young Palestinians subjected to daily bombings and atrocities consider Israelis and Zionist as weaklings, they cannot be defeated and conquered.
The Vietnamese succeeded after fifty years of colonial rule.
But the Palestinian victory will have a greater impact, greater than even the collapse of the Soviet Union, which ended the Cold War.
An imperialist mindset can never ever compute such an equation!

End Notes

1 This background of necessity is brief and simple as it is not intended for the purposes of this article to provide an exhaustive analysis of the historical developments in the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

Citi loses 7.6 billion dollar loss in fourth quarter - 19.1.10
Battered financial giant Citigroup said Tuesday it suffered a net loss of 7.6 billion dollars in the fourth quarter of 2009, resulting in a full year loss of 1.6 billion dollars.
Citigroup said its fourth quarter revenues were 5.4 billion dollars, or 15.5 billion dollars excluding a repayment of a government bailout loan, down from 20.4 billion dollars in the prior quarter.

Anonymous said...

Central Virginia shoot-out. 8 dead. Lone shooter cornered.

Up America. More of the same, please.

Anonymous said...

Bloggers on this site are the laziest of their kind. Or else they are all in Haiti, under the rubble or cosying up to the Three-Scoundrels team.

Anonymous said...

Pakistan: First there was the "Long March" about a year ago. Then the reinstatement of the Chief Justice. Now the Supreme Court has ordered a full-scale investigation of Pakistan's most criminal president ever. Patience, thy name is Pakistan.

Afghanistan: The Resistance finally entered Kabul. Apparently their strategy was not of the best and they didn't really manage to make their mark. But still a remarkable first.

Anonymous said...

Argentinean President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has cancelled all foreign trips over fears that the country's vice-president, who has openly joined the opposition, will seize power, local media said on Wednesday.
Kirchner, Latin America's most unpopular leader, according to a recent poll by Mitofsky international research company, reportedly cancelled her trip to the Bolivian capital, La Paz, where President Evo Morales' inauguration was to take place on Thursday. Morales was re-elected to the presidential post in early December.
The Argentinean president, who is being supported by only 19% of Argentineans, also decided to postpone her visit to China originally scheduled for Monday.
Kirchner was quoted by media reports as saying she could not leave power in the hands of Vice-President Julio Cobos, who had recently joined opposition forces.

Anonymous said...

IMF to Haiti: Freeze Public Wages
To great fanfare, the IMF announced a new $100 million loan to Haiti on Thursday. But Debt relief activists tell me that these loans come with conditions, including raising prices for electricity, refusing pay increases to all public employees.
Well, here we go again. These people are incorrigible.

Anonymous said...

The desperate, evil, Bush Nazis attack Haiti with a Tesla Earthquake machine

The recent earthquake in Haiti was caused by an earthquake machine using technology developed by Nicola Tesla, according to MI6. The earthquake machine is not HAARP as I have previously suggested but rather some sort of nuclear device, according to this source and a CIA source. The CIA source says an expedition sent to the epicenter of the Indonesian earthquake that triggered the tsunami found it to be totally lifeless one year later, something that could only be explained by radiation. “The oil companies won a war and got rights to the oil in that region and nobody even heard about it,” the CIA source said.
In confirmation of these comments, recently declassified documents show the US government planned to attack Japan with a tsunami towards the end of World War 2 by setting of a large explosion along an underwater fault zone.
The attack on Haiti was a Bush/Nazi faction response to the ongoing cut off of their financial assets, according to the sources. The attack cut undersea cables and prevented the transfer of large sums of money to South American central banks. In addition, the attack was a warning by the Nazi faction saying: “If you squeeze us too hard we will start killing lots of people.” These criminals need to be punished for these evil acts.
Benjamin Fulford

Anonymous said...

Illinois enters a state of insolvency
As Illinois' fiscal crisis deepens, the word "bankruptcy" is creeping more and more into the public discourse.
"We would like all the stakeholders of Illinois to recognize how close the state is to bankruptcy or insolvency," says Laurence Msall, president of the Civic Federation, a fiscal watchdog in Chicago.
"Bankruptcy is the reality that looms out there," Republican gubernatorial candidate Andrew McKenna Jr. says.

Anonymous said...

Is the latest 6-something quake to hit Haiti also machine-made? And, if so, why?

Anonymous said...


20.1.10 - U.S. Housing Starts Down 39% in 2009
U.S. housing starts fell 4% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 557,000 in December compared with the revised November estimate of 580,000.
For the full year, housing starts were down 38% to an estimated 553,800 housing units versus the 2008 figure of 905,500.

Anonymous said...

Russia diversifies into Canadian dollars
Russia’s central bank announced on Wednesday that it had started buying Canadian dollars and securities in a bid to diversify its foreign exchange reserves.
Analysts said the move could be a sign of increased diversification of emerging market central bank assets away from the dollar and into investments denominated in other commodity-linked currencies, such as the Australian dollar.
Adam Cole at RBC Capital Markets said if taken in isolation, Russia’s announcement that it was buying Canadian dollars was not significant, but if it was part of a broader trend, then it was an important step.
“If it is a barometer for the activity of other central banks, then its is structurally positive for the currencies of countries like Canada and Australia that have a commodity bias in their economies,” he said.
Although not officially confirmed, traders said that other emerging market central banks, including some in Asia which hold large foreign exchange reserves, have also been active in the foreign exchange market in recent weeks buying both Canadian dollars and Australian dollars.

They pondered diversification with their entire grey matter - and came up with this. At times, Russia drives me to despair.

Anonymous said...

A Tale of Two Surges

- China's econ surges by 10.7% in 4th quarter 2009

- US troops surge in Haiti, going up to 16.000 from the original 10.000 soldiers

Anonymous said...

Look at this one, folks. Poland's DM announces US missiles will be deployed on the border with Russia, and still the Russians are willing to sit down for a cosy chat with NATO. This is mouse behaviour. No man worth his salt would take this lying down.

Anonymous said...

What prescience! Shill M. Chossudovsky publishes an article today entitled: A Haiti Disaster Relief Scenario Was Envisaged by the US Military One Day Before the Earthquake. Seems to bear out the B. Fulford fulminations above.

Why no word still from our blogmasters? Have they decided to let the lunatics run the asylum?

Anonymous said...

Hey, who says the Russians never react? See below. They'll also be buying up German "nuclear" subs, no doubt.

Russia's Navy to build up Baltic Fleet over Polish missile plans
Russia's Navy will equip its Baltic Fleet with high-precision weapons over Polish plans to station U.S. Patriot missiles closer to the Russian border, a high-ranking source in the Navy said on Thursday.
"Primarily, surface, underwater and air components of the Baltic Fleet will be reinforced," the source said.
He added that new corvette class warships with long-range high-precision cruise missiles on board would join the fleet.
The Russian naval spokesman's statement came a day after Poland announced plans to deploy a battery of U.S. Patriot missiles just 100 kilometers (60 miles) from the Russian border.
Polish Defense Minister Bogdan Klich said on Wednesday the decision was neither political nor strategic, explaining that good infrastructure was the only reason to use a base near Russia's exclave of Kaliningrad rather than one outside Warsaw.

MOSCOW, January 21 (RIA Novosti)

Anonymous said...

FINAL POSTING - So sorry, fellows, this will be my final posting on this blog. I'm glad I leave more in sorrow than in strife. No one has been zapped or hounded away. Nothing like that. Not a moment for collective action. Just the creeping feeling that, though this is the most stylish of the blogs going, those in charge have given up on us. Protracted silences, growing indolence, etc. at a time when we would actually need full concentration on the matter at hand. Well, anyway, see you elsewhere. And of course I'll be back for a gander from time to time. Thanks for everything.

Anonymous said...

A pity you're leaving, Anon 11.00. But I see your point. Without poiuytr's regular whiplashes, we tend to dither somewhat. Man does not live by angst alone. He needs hope in equal measure. We'll see you, then and many thanks for tireless input.

Anonymous said...

Chavez, too, on the machine-made Haiti quake bandwagon:

Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez Wednesday accused the United States of causing the destruction in Haiti by testing a 'tectonic weapon' to induce the catastrophic earthquake that hit the country last week.

President Chavez said the US was "playing God" by testing devices capable of creating eco-type catastrophes, the Spanish newspaper ABC quoted him as saying.

Anonymous said...

Iran plans to lop three zeros off currency
Thu, 21 Jan 2010 - Press TV
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says three zeros will be dropped from the national currency.
Iran will remove three zeros from its national currency, the rial, so it can recover value lost in recent years, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said. "We are supposed to remove zeros from the currency... as for various reasons the rial has depreciated during recent years," Ahmadinejad told reporters on Wednesday. "We have to restore its true real value to the one existing in law."
Ahmadinejad did not say when the changes would happen and gave no other details.
A 10,000 rial note is currently worth about one US dollar.

First Venezuela and now Iran. Draw your own conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Still in the same vein, USans are definately fixating on SouthAm now. First Haiti where it's full-blown takeover with the usual trimmings, 20000 soldiers, Blackwater and company. Energised by Pinero's win in Chile, they have decided to launch a "covert econ war" against Chavez who had the bad manners to make noises about machine-made in connection with the Haiti earthquake. BTW, the last time they used that machine, I believe, was in Pakistan to try and destroy the northern parts.
So, from now on, one eye on Asia and the other on SouthAm, please. As for Russia, war is also coming closer with the missiles in Poland. Another decade of armed shenanigans? I literally quake in my boots.

Anonymous said...

Markets in Asia tumbled today in the wake of President `Barack Obama’s pledge last night to wage war on American banks in the biggest regulatory crackdown on financial institutions since the 1930s.
Japan's Nikkei fell 3.6 per cent, the biggest weekly loss in three months taking it to a three-week closing low, following the announcement of a sweeping series of measures aimed at curbing the behaviour of banks and clamping down on risky deals.
In Hong Kong, the Hang Seng Index fell 2 per cent at 20,446.32 points, its lowest level for more than three months after reaching a four-month low earlier this morning.
In Shanghai, banking shares fluctuated wildly as investors looked to snap up bargains, while the benchmark stock indices in Taiwan and Seoul were down 0.34 and 2 per cent
President Obama's comments had already prompted heavy falls in stock markets on both sides of the Atlantic last night. In London, the FTSE 100 fell 85.70 points to 5,335.1 — a fall of 1.6 per cent — while on Wall Street share prices fell by more than 2 per cent at one stage.
The radical proposals would limit the size of institutions and bar them from the most cavalier trading practices.

Anonymous said...

Saudi deaths in fight with Yemen rebels reach 113: The Saudi army has lost 113 troops since the kingdom launched a sweeping offensive against neighboring Yemen's Shiite rebels in early November, a military commander said in comments published Thursday.
Please to readjust figures.

Anonymous said...

Last ten days of Jan bring two meetings seemingly of importance, but actually show all the way. One is the London nonsense on Afghanistan. Lots of talk there'll be. But, oh well, they all like the sound of their own voices, so what to do? If the US are really seeking a retreat from the Af-Pak war, it will be done behind the scenes. Not in any open forum at this stage. Two: Russia and NATO are joining up somewhere in Moscow. I seem to remember. Some more show. When, O when, will Russia finally decide to throw down the gauntlet? It's like my giant younger brother saying. O, let me grow some more, then I'll take down our enemies.

Anonymous said...

Foreknowledge or foreplanning?

Inquiring minds want to know.

"A Haiti Disaster Relief Scenario Was Envisaged by the US Military One Day Before the Earthquake"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for link, Anon 11:33. Is the jury still out on this one? Slowly but surely one gets the feeling Chavez was right. Diversionary tactics plus the start of SouthAm destabilisation is the way it looks from where we stand.

Anonymous said...

Either or or both, A 11:33, 37. After all, these are thugs and desperadoes we're dealing with. What Fulford calls the "cornered rats".

Anonymous said...

Swedish Bank Fee Sets Example for America
Sweden has enacted a direct tax on banks to pay for their own bailouts, similar to President Obama’s proposal aimed at recovering bailout money.
Will this do any good?

Anonymous said...

About Haiti, what has changed in that poor martyred country, apart from the arrival of the US troops? Number Crunching from Private Eye:

2 million = Number of people affected by Haitian earthquake the UN is currently trying to feed

2 million = Number of people in Haiti the UN estimated did not have a guaranteed supply of food before the earthquake struck

Anonymous said...

US recognizes Taliban as Afghan political force - 22.1.10
The US Secretary of Defense has recognized the Taliban as part of what he describes as the political fabric of Afghanistan. The Taliban are even being offered salaires and - you won't believe this! - a pension fund, if they quit shooting down those white soldiers. What they haven't offered so far is to take themselves and their hardware and get off Afghan soil. But we don't despair that this will come soon too.

Anonymous said...

GM to cut over 8.000 jobs in their Opel plant in Belgium. EU calls it a declaration of war against the European worker. Hah!

Anonymous said...

I heard that these "fun ships" or vaction cruises were docking in parts of Haiti in order for their "guests" to baske in the sun, sight-see, waterski and frolick around like all is well - 'oh look at these poor niggers oh well - pass me the sun lotion' - sick vile motherfuckers no words can describe these people.

With regards to Chile a few facts:

- Pinera won by a little more than 200,000 votes (this is despite having all the media at his disposal)
- after winning the election LAN stocks went up 38 % Pinera holds a 30% stake in LAN
- Pinera has mentioned that he will privatize parts if not all of the Nation's major copper company Codelco
- over 40% of the people of voting age in Chile did registar to vote
- Pinera himself is a known thief
- His base of support comes from a party (UDI) that has strong alliegences to the terrorist Pinochet
- People who oppose Pinera are many don't be fooled his policies will come face 2 face with the people.

Anonymous said...

Fortune shines on Chile's billionaire prez-elect


Shares in Chile's leading airline have more than doubled since a major shareholder was elected president, prompting a regulatory investigation and reviving concerns about conflicts of interest.

President-elect Sebastian Pinera resisted pressure to divest holdings before Sunday's election and since then has seen his 26 percent stake in LAN Airlines SA surge in value to between $1.5 billion and $1.6 billion.

LAN shares closed Thursday at 31.5 pesos ($0.06) a share, up 137 percent from 12.9 pesos at the pre-election closing.

That increase prompted halts this week in the sale of LAN shares and an automatic investigation by stock market regulators that happens whenever share prices increases by more than 20 percent during one day's trading.

Outgoing Finance Minister Andres Velasco criticized Pinera for not divesting before the vote, and outgoing President Michelle Bachelet cited Pinera's holdings in pushing for a new transparency law in Chile.

"It would have been better for the then-candidate to have divested all of his shares at the time, before and not after (the vote) -- this would have been vastly preferable," Finance Minister Andres Velasco said.

Fernando Barros, president of Axxion de Pinera, the investment company that controls most of the president-elect's LAN shares, said Pinera is following through on campaign commitments to sell investments to avoid conflicts as president.

"The promise was to start this process as soon as he was elected," he said.

Investments "will be invested in very liquid instruments, very broadly, in Chile and beyond, without touching any area that would create a conflict of interest with his position or his actions as president of the republic," Barros said.

He ruled out calls by political opponents to put profits in a blind trust, although Pinera last year put about $500 million in investments inside Chile in blind trusts.

Axxion's manager Ana Maria Delano informed stock regulators that the company would resolve the process of selling its shares in a February meeting with the Cueto family, which controls 30 percent of LAN shares, and that the Cuetos would have right of first refusal according to a long-standing agreement.

The pending LAN sale presents an image problem for a president-elect who promised zero tolerance for corruption.

Nevertheless, Pinera's coalition has pulled together a narrow majority in Congress, after two small parties broke with the dominant center-left coalition.

"This is worse than having lost the presidential election on Sunday," said congressman Pablo Lorenzini, whose ally Eduardo Frei lost to Pinera on Sunday by a 4 percent margin.

The center-left Concertacion coalition holds a narrow majority in the Senate.

Anonymous said...

Anon 20:43, 20:51 - Thanks for letting us know what's what in Chile. One may have suspected that Pinero was low-class and a thug, but not through the mainstream media which was full of praise for Chile's bright new President for the rich.
The same dastardly rich who are enjoying themselves, cruising off the coast of Haiti. As for that poor country, for the moment, it's clear, it's a US takeover. And who cares under the circumstances, as long as the suffering millions get something to eat and drink, along with a minimum of medical care.
All in all, seems to me, US is in a bit of an impasse over SouthAm at the moment. What next?
Come the spring and the fulfilment of the Panarin predictions maybe. Or the Fulford predictions might prove reality rather than simply fantasy. And may the poiuytr predictions gather speed and the west dash its econ brains out against the first available mountain.

Anonymous said...

Latin American leaders say US occupying Haiti
22 Jan 2010
Bolivian President Evo Morales
Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua say the US is using the international relief operation in Haiti as a cover-up for a military takeover.
Bolivian President Evo Morales said that he will request an emergency UN meeting to reject what he calls the US military occupation of Haiti.
"It's not right that the United States should use this natural disaster to invade and militarily occupy Haiti," Morales told a press conference on Wednesday.
"If you have all these problems with the injured and the dead from the earthquake, you have to go there to save lives, and you don't do that from a military standpoint," he added.
An outspoken critic of US policies, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez also had accused Washington of occupying Haiti "under the guise of the natural disaster."
Nicaragua also has taken a similar stance toward US with respect to the situation in Haiti.
The United States is deploying up to 20,000 troops to Haiti. US servicemen have taken control of the country's international airport.
The Pentagon has sent one of its biggest aircraft carriers to Haiti, along with other navy and coast guard vessels.
On Friday, Arturo Valenzuela, the US assistant secretary of state for Western hemisphere affairs rejected that the US was occupying Haiti.
"Haiti is a sovereign country, everybody respects Haiti's sovereign country, the United States respects Haiti's sovereignty," said Arturo Valenzuela.

Anonymous said...

08:23 - I'd make that the Panarin predictions, the Fulford fantasies and poiuytr prescience. Then we get the complete picture.

Anonymous said...

Mixed economic messages
Economists gear up for the official end to the UK recession.
Now isn't that a relief!

Anonymous said...

ECB prepares legal grounds for euro rupture as Greece festers

Fears of a euro breakup have reached the point where the European Central Bank feels compelled to issue a legal analysis of what would happen if a country tried to leave monetary union.
"Recent developments have, perhaps, increased the risk of secession (however modestly), as well as the urgency of addressing it as a possible scenario," said the document, entitled "Withdrawal and Expulsion from the EU and EMU: Some Reflections."
The author makes a string of vaulting, Jesuitical, and mischievous claims, as EU lawyers often do. Half a century of ever-closer union has created a "new legal order" that transcends a "largely obsolete concept of sovereignty" and imposes a "permanent limitation" on the states' rights.
Those who suspect that the European Court has the power pretensions of the medieval papacy will find plenty to validate their fears in this astonishing text.
Crucially, the author argues that eurozone exit entails expulsion from the European Union as well. All EU members must take part in EMU (except Britain and Denmark, with opt-outs).
This is a warning shot for Greece, Portugal, Ireland, and Spain. If they fail to marshal public support for draconian austerity, they risk being cast into Icelandic oblivion. Or for Greece, back into the clammy embrace of Asia Minor.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir Mohamad: 911 was staged.
KUALA LUMPUR/Straits Times - MALAYSIA'S former premier Mahathir Mohamad claimed the Sept 11, 2001 attacks in the United States, which killed nearly 3,000 people, were staged as an excuse to 'mount attacks on the Muslim world'.
Speaking at the General Conference for the Support of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) here, Tun Dr Mahathir said killing as an excuse for war is not new to the US. He also argued that Israel was created to solve the 'Jewish problem' in Europe, saying the Holocaust had failed as a final solution against the community.

Anonymous said...

Dr Mahatir's views on 9/11:

Anonymous said...

China warns US over censorship of 9-11 evidence

China lodged an official complaint to the US, saying that media censorship of critical analyses of the 9-11 attacks is rampant. The PRC government hinted that it would suspend fiscal aid to the US, until the US Federal government ends its suppression of key facts refuting the official White House version of the 2001 attacks.

Anonymous said...

Dangerous Crossroads: US moves troops and missiles close to Russian border - Rick Rozoff
The missile battery and troops in question are scheduled to arrive in March or April. As part of the Obama administration’s new missile shield project, one which will be integrated with NATO to take in all of Europe and extend into the Middle East and the Caucasus, the Patriots will be followed by Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) interceptor deployments on warships in the Baltic Sea and, for the first time ever, a land-based version of the same. “The Pentagon will deploy command posts of SM-3 missiles, which can intercept both short- and mid-range missiles….” An SM-3 was used by the Pentagon to shoot a satellite out of orbit in February of 2008 to give an indication of its range.
Further deployments will follow.
The new, post-George W. Bush administration, interceptor missile system will employ “existing missile systems based on land and at sea….Deployment of the revised missile defense would extend through 2020. The first step is to put existing sea-based weapons systems on Aegis-class destroyers and cruisers. “Subsequently, a mobile radar system would be deployed in a European nation….More advanced, mobile systems would be put in place later elsewhere in Europe. Their centerpiece would be…Lockheed’s Terminal High Altitude Defense interceptor missiles and improved Standard Missile-3 IB missiles made by…Raytheon.”
Last December Washington signed a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) that formalizes plans for “the United States military to station American troops and military equipment on Polish territory” and “opens the way for the promised Patriot missiles and US troops to be stationed in Poland…as part of an upgrading of NATO air defences in Europe.”

A new chapter in how to make friends and influence people.

Anonymous said...

Regulators shut five more banks, bringing 2010 total to nine
By Marcy Gordon, Associated Press
WASHINGTON — Regulators shut down banks Friday in Florida, Missouri, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington, bringing to nine the number of bank failures so far in 2010, following 140 closures last year in the toughest economic environment since the Great Depression.
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. took over the five banks: Charter Bank, based in Santa Fe, with $1.2 billion in assets and $851.5 million in deposits; Miami-based Premier American Bank, with $350.9 million in assets and $326.3 million in deposits; Bank of Leeton in Leeton, Mo., with $20.1 million in assets and $20.4 million in deposits; Columbia River Bank, based in The Dalles, Ore., with $1.1 billion in assets and $1 billion in deposits; and Seattle-based Evergreen Bank, with $488.5 million in assets and $439.4 million in deposits.

Anonymous said...

Have the west through their figurehead USA run totally mad? Currently they are threatening the Muslim world, China, Russia, SouthAm and Africa, all at the same time. Hubris on this scale usually means Nemesis is preparing to make an entrance. Watch out then! Dire consequnces are all one sees.

Anonymous said...

Palestinian proverb:

"Those who plunder others always live in terror."

Anonymous said...

We've seen that, haven't we, 19:58, all those people always bleating about terror and terrorists. Their sole enemy is their own bad conscience.

Anonymous said...

Where's Poiutyr?

Just post something, a short message or commentary even.

Anonymous said...

I second that. It's growing quite frightening, the unending silence. Give us a break, poiuytr, give us a sign.

Anonymous said...

Stranger Than Fiction?
Report: US Weapon Test Aimed at Iran Caused Haiti Quake - By Press TV

An unconfirmed report by the Russian Northern Fleets says the Haiti earthquake was caused by a flawed US Navy 'earthquake weapons' test before the weapons could be utilized against Iran.

Anonymous said...

Scroll up and the last signs of poiuytr's presence on this blog are those sinister squares which usually denote a Far east language. Is poiuytr unwell again? James, do help us out on this one.

Anonymous said...

Ha. The sinister language is none other than the West's beloved newspeak called the (spit) Queen's English.

English, the language of snakes.

Anonymous said...

Agree there, 08:41, the sibilance of serpents is what the English language contains. And the venom as well. As for the Queen and the tongue she speaks, who knows, she might have to pick up Mandarin soon.

Anonymous said...

The English language launching another assault on our innocent minds. Women terrorists of non-Arab appearance are being trained in Yemen to attack the west, in general, UK, in particular. Courtesy of The Guardian.

Anonymous said...

Good to see that more mainstream media (albeit in the non-West) are picking up the possible American hand behind the Haiti quake.

Like 9-11, the USA's weather modification/HAARP evil must be outed.

Anonymous said...

And destroyed. Completely destroyed. Where are those with the technology to do so, Russia and China? Wait long enough and their own countries will get a taste of it. China already has. So has Pakistan. And let's not forget Iran and the terrible tsunamis.

Anonymous said...

Vatican bank charged with money-laundering
24 Jan 2010 - Press TV
The Bank of the Vatican has been accused of laundering USD 200 million by proxy through an Italian creditor, a report indicates.
The allegation of the Vatican bank's financial corruption has been made by an Italian magazine that pointed to the financial institute's purported involvement in stealth fiscal transactions —via several accounts —with Italy's UniCredit Bank, Russia Today television network quoted the Panorama magazine as reporting.
“This corruption is continuing on a regular basis in the Vatican,” claimed Janathan Levy, a lawyer familiar with the bank.
“Again, there's no reason for a religion to have a bank that does worldwide commercial activities, dealing in gold, dealing in insurance, dealing in property and then hiding behind the Roman Catholic Church," Levy pointed out.

Anonymous said...

Haiti Earthquake
The Russians let the cat out of the bag this time in retaliation for the Polish missiles attempt. How long is Russia going to play this silly tit for tat game? Isn't it time they put the collapse of the Soviet Union behind them and collar the USans for their uncountable crimes?

Anonymous said...

Good News from Yemen:
Information Office to Mr. Abdel Malik al-Houthi, January 24 2010:
The Yemeni military base (Taba Al Hamara, at Harf Sufian - Al-Omran) fell yesterday on Saturday evening in the hands of the "Ansar Allah".
The base, with the grace of God, was seized complete with all its equipment, its armoured vehicles, military supplies, and communications equipment.
Meanwhile last night, Saudi Arabia continued its criminal air attacks on towns and villages in Saada province. The Saudi army launched more than 366 rockets and mortar attacks on Yemeni border areas...

Anonymous said...

The China-Google dispute
"US plans to harness Internet to its hegemonic goals"

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's January 21 speech on internet freedom marks a major escalation of Sino-American tensions. Amid a censorship dispute between China and the search engine firm Google, Clinton unveiled a global policy of Internet-driven regime-change, under the guise of freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...

War above, 03:56, will be won by China. As China will win all its wars. Another war the US are definitely not going to win, the Afghanistan war:

Five US soldiers killed in Afghan unrest - 25.1.10
Five US soldiers have been killed in bombings in Afghanistan, NATO's international Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said.
Two of the soldiers were killed in a homemade bomb explosion in the country's south, where the insurgency is most intense, the force said in a statement.
"Two ISAF service members from the United States were killed today in an IED strike in southern Afghanistan," ISAF said, referring to the improvised explosive devices, or roadside bombs, which have been the scourge of foreign troops fighting the Taliban.
The force announced a third IED death in the south shortly after, taking the number of American soldiers killed in Afghanistan in past 24 hours to five.

Do take note of the latest euphemism: "unrest"!

Anonymous said...

True, and they took one UK man along with them as well. So the Afghans won't give up. What's new there? On the other hand, the battle for this blog might well be lost, faute de combatants, as one says. No news from Poiuytr, no news from James.

Anonymous said...

Google is evil and we must denounce its stunning hypocrisy
The attempt by Hitlery Clinton to score propaganda points over China by accusing it of internet censorship of Google is a stunning display of hypocrisy. Google has been distorting its search engine results and page view counts in order to protect criminal mass murderers who hijacked the US government. For example, a colleague of mine made a movie about 911 called “911 eyewitness,” and put it on U-tube. When the movie got a million hits, suddenly Google switched the hit count to zero. The only possible explanation was that they wanted to prevent that video from reaching the most viewed list.
My own u-tube posting view numbers are also routinely distorted by Google. For example, my posting about HAARP as an earthquake weapon reached 240,000 views before it was suddenly reset to 20,000 views. Google also blacked out a report from a press conference about 911 held at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan.
Any truth seeker putting out information about these mass murderers has had similar experiences.

Anonymous said...

An Afghan day today (perhaps also a Poiuytr day?) - Rocket strike at Afghan base wounds NATO troops (25.1.10)

KABUL (AP) — NATO forces say a rocket strike at the major international military base in southern Afghanistan has injured eight service members - four Bulgarians and four Romanians.
Flight Lt. Wendy Wheadon says the rocket hit inside Kandahar Air Field Sunday evening. She did not provide details on the severity of the soldiers' injuries.
The base has been hit by rockets before, though rarely with enough precision to injure people on the massive complex. Wheadon said the last time a rocket hit inside the base was early December. There were no injuries from that strike.

Anonymous said...

- So has the U.S. government learned anything from its mistakes? No. In fact, Senate Democrats on Wednesday proposed allowing the federal government to borrow an additional $2 trillion to pay its bills, a record increase that would allow the U.S. national debt to reach approximately $14.3 trillion.
- It is going to become even harder for the U.S. government to pay the bills now that tax receipts are falling through the floor. U.S. corporate income tax receipts were down 55% in the year that ended on September 30th, 2009.
- So where will the U.S. government get the money? From the Federal Reserve of course. The Federal Reserve bought approximately 80 percent of all U.S. Treasury securities issued in 2009. In other words, the U.S. government is now being financed by a massive Ponzi scheme.
- The reckless expansion of the money supply by the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve is going to end up destroying the U.S. dollar and the value of the remaining collective net worth of all Americans. The more dollars there are, the less each individual dollar is worth. In essence, inflation is like a hidden tax on each dollar that you own. When they flood the economy with money, the value of the money you have in your bank accounts goes down. The chart below shows the growth of the U.S. money supply. Pay particular attention to the very end of the chart which shows what has been happening lately. What do you think this is going to do to the value of the U.S. dollar?….
- When a nation practices evil, there is no way that it is going to be blessed in the long run. The truth is that we have become a nation that is dripping with corruption and wickedness from the top to the bottom. Unless this fundamentally changes, not even the most perfect economic policies in the world are going to do us any good. In the end, you always reap what you sow. The day of reckoning for the U.S. economy is here and it is not going to be pleasant.

Anonymous said...

Military-style spy planes 'to be used to target civilians in the UK' For our own good, of course: another step toward the total surveillance state. Welcome to the civilisation of the drone.

poiuytr said...

7:56 -- Yemen

Thanks for Yemen liberation news and all others, of course, on the subject!

I'm puzzled by Saudi foreign ministry saying they're not in war with the Houthis. Are they insane or think we are?


9:50 -- "Bloggers on this site are the laziest of their kind. Or else they are all in Haiti, under the rubble or cosying up to the Three-Scoundrels team."

Indeed! I was down for 4 days with cold and fevers and many other disasters. But I cannot rule out some degree of laziness. But stress... After having figured out a point of the book, the very message that binds with clear and succinct reason all my rants turning them into data, I've been organising it and reorganising it going madder and madder at the gigabytes of nonsense. I had to buy several disk drives just for the purpose. And all that means stress. As for JamesW? No word from him. But I'm nearly done with another NBN...

But it's YOUR blog! It's yours, yours, and yours. And yes, even yours. Contact me via that dumb form on the right, and you run it, you add to it, you join in.


8:33 -- Haiti and earthquake machines

No doubt there's such a thing as an earthquake machine. Tesla had it and he knocked down his NY lab from some miles away. Tesla had all and more. That's why he's erased from west books and replaced by impotent jesuit Dark Age charlatans like einstein.

What was the disaster in Malaysia? 2004 was it? Big quake in the trench and then a tsunami? I could have this mixed up but that too was some op.

I doubt though they're this exact with it. After all, they're not Tesla. They're baboons! Yes, they found the machine 100 yrs ago and been fiddling with it since but west's overall efficacy suggests overpowering inability.

That's not to say, it's not just that. Strange things have been happening. Some pyramid over Moscow, odd clouds everywhere, that spiral with that blue beam just recently from HAARP station in Norway, etc.

I'd aver they wanted to knock H Chavez and it didn't quite work out. So they occupied Haiti at least.

But as always, two can play this game.


8:54 -- Ukraine receiving Georgian bullies to revolt the nation.

This reads like some comedy. 400 athletic men arrive to disrupt the election runoff, and take over the country.

I don't doubt that some west cretin thinks these things up. After all, John McCain thought Georgia was enough to attack Russia a few years ago, as though he'd never seen the map.

But if this is what west is down to, sending athletic men to bully countries into some political servility, then... west is defeated.


12:11 -- NATO rebuffs Russia

West loves spinning everything. West is now offering to buy truce with Taliban and the way the bitches spin is by saying stuff like "terrists only understand a payoff" or something like that. West is psychotic. After all, USA GDP grew in Q4 and unemployment is frozen at 10% despite 5M baboons zapped each qtr. It's all spin and deceit.

Russia made NATO 2 yrs offer to run it for the EUnuchs. EUnuchs, as Russia predicted, laughed. Last year, EUnuchs came crawling to Russia, but were unwilling to relinquish their command. Yes, they're that stupid.

It's all rubbish, west news. And controlling eastern EUnuchs is as strategically important as shaving the west monkeys before they slip them into the used car salesmen uniforms.


17:08 -- "Is the latest 6-something quake to hit Haiti also machine-made? And, if so, why?"

Great question! Much impressed. But wouldn't be the aftershocks the result of the first quake? A chain reaction of sorts?

poiuytr said...


17:13 -- "U.S. Housing Starts Down 39% in 2009"

Yes, the graph above shows USA home starts at its lowest since graph making. USA central bank is the parent of the biggest property owner, FDIC. It's beautiful.

West politiCIAns fly around selling cars and car loans while shaking their fists at everyone. West militaries attack children after they've been decimated by earthquakes and starved for days. West media prints headlines about some Hollowwood bimbos, some golfer divorce settlements, and utter rubbish like that and the west populace of the orangutanian baboon is glued to the BBCNN tit slurping up their daily hours of mindrape otherwise they couldn't face their pathetically squandered lives chasing lies in their cubicle zoos. West generals, as they fill their body bags, crawl to Taliban for truce. West statistics bend and rape numbers. West religion bastards rape and traffic children. West doctors carve organs from stolen children for their west organ market. I don't get how the human parts are compatible with the baboons though. West baboons are an extinct species whether west junta gets its WWIII wish or not and they carry on like some supernatural creation of barely upright resplendent freckly beauty with no thought or care in their monkey skulls. West museums boast stolen artefacts. West scientists erase inventors names of everything the west knows and put their disgusting scumbags on everything like a little rabid dog pissing on every corner.

What's my point? Oh, and west banks own properties and take zero interest loans with no maturity from the baboons and west house owners keep the debt and move to tents.

May some of these species be kept for future study for the DNA abomination that's created this scourge cannot be explained by normal means.


9:17 -- Poland reveals missiles.

We've known there'd be missiles and radars in Poland and Czech Republic for years. Surely, Russia has known too. Polish revelation changes nothing nor is it surprising. Perhaps, the only surprising thing here is that they said the location is secret or was secret until the Polak gave it away, but even that... Russia's not taking it lying down.

Unfortunately, the silence on the western front is deafening, this is very much WWIII, or the very brink of.

This almost seems... I cannot believe I'm writing this but yes, west is truly THIS cretinous. This almost seems like the monkey west tried to provoke Russia into some action after the "secret revelation". Like it was all deliberate so that Russia thought they learnt something tremendously important by the careless Polish tongue slip up. West is so imbecilic, it's quite possible.

And Russia did beautifully saying they'll beef the Black Sea fleet, which is immaterial, unrelated, and again something that's west has had a front row to observing anyway.

And I'd further bet, the braindead child murdering lot in warshington is creaming their panties thinking Russia has swallowed the Polish missile ruse and they're now trying to find this Black Sea so that they can pencil in Russia's move.


11:00 -- Leaving the blog

Yeah, me and James are right bastards. But it's not ignorance. You folks run it better than us. I must admit that it's tougher, noticeably tougher now. There's a screaming lack of news. Google at censorship? And west media whores are not printing anything anymore. It's not poss to even read twixt the lines. But alas, we're here when diseases allow.

Quenzjor said...

Now let me turn from green to orange, from one failed fake revolution to another ... (little note ahead: to see how this process works in nature, the other way around, have a click on the website under my name, and enjoy the picture).

Let's turn from Iran to Ukraine, ... or was it Ukraine, being organge ???

"No more Orange but in Holland"
(by: "The Uneasy One", translated from German by Quenzjor; -

two remarks ahead: I) The self-naming is appropriate. Most Germans feel awkward, if not annoyed by the presumed "oversimplification", of such an outspoken pro-Russian stand as his. I know that from personal experience. It's very sad, for it shows you the force of that infamous west media spin machine, as most Germans ARE somewhat opposed by gut feeling against the aggressive NATO policies being forced upon us since the end of the so-called cold war, but yet never dare to think their misgivings to the proper end.

II) Of course, this article is less news, but a dedicated opinion. I share it with you for refreshment's sake) ....

Quenzjor said...

"No more Orange but in Holland"
(Part I)

The first of elections in Ukraine is past and the preliminary results show Viktor Yanukovitch with about 10% advantage to his rival Yulia Timoshenko. The nationalist Yushchenko, once celebrated as a bright hero by the west media came in far off on place 6 with about 5 % of votes.

Accordingly, the outcome of the actual elections is a rather uncomfortable affair for the west media. It's not too easy to explain to their own public how far off the mark their own former coverage of the matter had been, ideologically tainted as it was. Every person evincing Russophobia had been elevated to the proportions of a hero of democracy.

The said incompetent man used his five years in power to tread the nationalistic mills instead of tackling the true problems of the country. While economic growth, after his election, rapidly dropped from 12 % under Yanukovitch, Yushchenko only bothered to posthumously decorate SS-captains like Roman Schuchewytsch with medals of heroism or to progandistically exploit Stalin's famine of 1933 against contemporary Russia. Among his other favourite occupations ranked the kindling of gas conflicts with Russia or the perpetually drag a country into NATO which, according to polls, is by 80 % opposed to it. The rocket launchers he sold to Saakashvili, this bosomfriend of his used to wage an attack on the sleeping civilians of South Ossetia. Most of his time, Yushchenko were occupied by his perpetual wrangle with his former companion in revolution, whom, at last, he even dubbed as dawdler or death with braid.

All the while fully nothing happened that could have served to prop up the ideological pillars of the former Orange Revolution or to finish off the incriminated. By this, I mean the mystical legends like the so-called poisoning of Yushchenko, the "massive Russian encroachment" or the claimed ballot rigging. Notwithstanding the president had all the means during his five years in power, neither case was solved or proved. The only legitimation for five years of Yushchenko at the helm remains an opaque decision by a court in which Yushchenko himself lost confidence shortly afterwards at the parliamentary elections.

[... Part II coming up immediately]

Quenzjor said...

"No more Orange but in Holland"
(Part II)

At the end of his presidency the erstwhile hero of the west is confronted with his political wreckage. By the way, he established a historical anti-record, for never before an incumbent president has managed to shrink to 5 % of trust. A warrant for incompetence and neglect of the real problems of a country in free fall. Only recently, Ukraine's population dropped below 46 millions, as opposed to 52 millions at the end of the USSR. An unprecedented depopulation, while those in power prefer to be focussed on history. Ukarine's GDP/capita figures less than half of the Russian and about 70 % of the Belorussian. Popular income is on an appalling level.

Yet it is also a warrant for anti-Russian policies. Even in the west, it is slowly dawning that Yushchenko has not been overthrown owing to Russian interference, but to the actual choice of the Ukrainian people. Only now, realization appears that the Ukrainian people actually want no NATO accession and that polls showing that 80 % of Ukrainians plead for good relations to Russia have a real background. Generally, observation of the Ukranian affairs by west medie is a woeful struggle between wishful illusion and reality. In Warsaw, London, Washington, too many would like to see a continuation of the anti-Russian policies of Yushchenko. Commentaries admit to errors, which are no longer deniable. Too doltishly the revolutionaries had meddled with things that should have seen a charier and cleverer approach. But the errors are admitted on the tactical level, not the strategical. While Warsaw boisterously demanded an immediate admission of Ukraine into NATO and EU as late as 2004, today, the hopelessness of the such radical positions is realized, but the goals are not abandoned nevertheless. So western minds are beginning to focus on the question: How can the project of an anti-Russian Ukraine survive the loss of Yushchenko?

Who of the two remaining candidates will win the presidency, must make sure to win the votes of "king maker" Sergei Tigipko, who got 13 %. The odds are a bit better for the demonized Yanukovitch, however. The west thus confronts its self-caused dilemma: they will have to deal with a man precociously reviled as a political leper.


3 commentaries on that page: My own favourite stating that the political pendulum is swinging back, and is going to surprise in the process by its very force all those perverted US kissasses who thought they could get away with it.

Another commentary observes that the matter has indeed suspiciously swiftly dropped back into silence, in west media. We will have to wait some more two weeks to see if the west has yet any more of its infamous trump cards up the sleeve, or if, - hopefully, finally -, one first important domino is going to fall back in the direction that benefits humanity.


Anonymous said...

Good man, poiuytr, good man, Quenzjor. You'll supply "woman", if that's the case, won't you? This is really turning out to be our day. For the moment just this: You say it's our blog and we keep it up and running to the best of our ability. Except we lack your intuitive, even visionary, powers, poiuytr. Sorry, you were unwell. And now that you've confirmed you're working on a book as well, you get all the understanding in the world from us, never fear. The next time people start getting restive, just write the single word "book" and we'll doubtless all subside. Looking forward to next NBN as well as to Quenzjor's part two on the highly interesting topic of Ukraine. As for James W., he's probably having one of his periodic fit of the blues. He'll be back, too, when he throws that one off. My gratitude to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Quenzjor, I found your piece highly interesting. Coupled with poiuytr's comments above about Poland, I can almost feel the reversal in the air. Russia growing to full-power stature again. And the Evil Empire quietly, no, sorry, noisily slipping away.

Anonymous said...

U.S. commander sees eventual Taliban peace deal
The commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan said he hopes increased troop levels will weaken the Taliban enough for its leaders to accept a peace deal.
Didn't the Soviets think so too? When all the Afghans want is to see the back of the invaders.
As for fairytale-loving USans, as I recall, the US had the same strategy in Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

In fine fettle, our Poiuytr sounded above, the way we like him to sort out events, fighting fit. I don't want anyone to think me mawkish, but, how to put it? he's in some way our moral compass. We don't hear from him over a longer period, seems to me we no longer know whether we may not have loped off in the wrong direction. All this to say I'm glad he's back. We do our bit and we'll carry on doing it. That one can be taken to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Houthis declare unilateral cease fire
URGENT summary: To save Yemeni civilian lives from Saudi criminal attacks, Mr. Abdel Malik al-Houthi declared, by audio message, a unilateral cease fire with Saudi Arabia forces, and confirmed the withdrawal of his followers from all Houthi occupied sites in Saudi Arabia but vowed "open war" on many new fronts against Saudi Arabia in the event of its continued aggression against Yemen.
He explained that that the reason Saudi sites were occupied was because Saudi Arabia had allowed the Yemeni army to launch attacks on them from those sites.

More when the text is released.

Anonymous said...

NB: This move is made from a position of strength.
Houthis have defeated both the Yemeni army and the Saudi army (reinforced by Jordanian, Moroccan, Peshmerga, special forces) on the ground. Houthis have withdrawn from Saudi territory which they occupied, and which the Saudis were never able to re-conquer after so many counter attacks supported by massive air power. Saudi lost over 70 tanks and armoured vehicles at the one Houthi occupied site of Al Gabri, for example.
Now if the Saudis continue their bombing of Yemeni civilians, the Houthies warn that they will repost with "open war". Saudi Arabia needs to carefully re-consider their continued criminal attacks against Yemen.

poiuytr said...

20:37 -- thanks much for the translations of the news!!!!

Anonymous said...

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