Nation By Nation (26Jan10)

14-26Jan10 -- Covering the terminal demise of all things west and enjoying the prolapse of this unusually cruel and psychopathic scourge that's plagued the world for 2000 yrs giving the world genocides, blanket deceit, pedophile sickness, and the recent spoiling for a WWIII rumble. (Mouseover flags for info)

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - Rocket attack hits west fortified zone near Germ embassy, Kabul.
- Germs sending another 1500 troops.
- 25Jan, 5 west invaders killed in 24 hr period as confirmed by west.
- The unfavourable odds force USA gen'l to admit, under the cloak of feigned sudden love for peace, to negotiating with the enemy, Taliban, to cut losses, regroup, and re-assault.
- Germs also go public with paying Taliban for not shooting at them.

A R G E N T I N A Argentina - Renews claim to her Malvinas. Loondon occupiers promptly reject returning the stolen islands stating the Brit crown had gained it fair and squarely -- in a war. No spin here! Yes, west is THIS kind of disease. War, genocide, occupation is JUSTICE to the west child murdering monster from hell.

C H I N A China - Tells west -- again -- to bugger off with their sanction wetdreams on Iran, in hope to "soften up" Iran for assault, and sends a lower executive to meet the west war retinue with the message. West was perturbed by the snub but managed to hold the pointless war meeting nonetheless. Yes, west also is an incredible tie-wearing, meeting-happy wanker.
- Picks up 4B USD worth of items on the USA garage sale, which is 4X that it picked up in 2008. Yes, west is selling self like a meth whore going cheaper each day.
- Econ grew 8,7%/2009. Q4 growth outstripped expectations.
- Industrial product grew 18,5%/2009.
- Retail sales grew 17,5%/2009.

E U EU - UK spent ~20% of GDP on banksters in 2009. Of course, they forget to mention that banksters own the Albion isle with everything on it.
- UK GDP shriveled near 5%/2009.
- UK borrowing at a new record, with near 16B GPB/Dec09 or 120B GPB/9 months, or 142B GPB/2009. That'd be the highest since WWII. Note, the west beast lives only of wars.
- UK debt at over 820B GBP is touching 70% of GDP.
- And so the UK media whores reluctantly learn up a new word "inflation". That's, of course, wrong for what the slithering BBCNN sleaze means is superhyperinflation now but one can't expect miracles from monkeys.
- Unable to explain D Kelly's suicide away, Loondon simply locks the matter up for 70 yrs. What a solution to a murder? Just don't have the inquest. Amazingly, the Brit poodles don't mind such travesty. Why don't they lock up Loondon77 and 911? Actually, Busch II had made questioning of USA officials regarding 911 illegal a long ago. Yes, all things west are beyond perverted.
- French state thugs murdered another teenager and faced an angry mob on 21Jan in Woippy.
- Vaticunt meets on the matter of its satanic pedophile bent going too much public in Ireland. Among the typical kid rape charges against these christianic fiends is also "sexual enslavement of children". That's right! Christianism is a cabal of child sex slavers. This is why the christianic scum has their luciferian churches adorned with little statutes of naked chubby boys.
- Vaticunt caught in some 200M EUR cash laundering as west bank wars float up to the very top of the west genocide financing.

Mr Ratzinger as a nazi.

Mr Ratzinger as the fuhrer of all west religion herds. Christianicunts couldn't have picked a more befitting representation.

- Comrade Obama dictates EUnuch banks limits of operations. Specifically, EUnuchs won't be able to play around with "hedges". Yes, of course, it's one bank, one west ruler henceforth but it's fun to see how quickly the EUnuch sovereignty has vanished.
- Prolapsed GM zaps 8300 jobs in its Belgium plant.
- EUnuchs to fund Brussels war junta betters with a new EUnuch-wide service tax. The west hoards created the monster. Let it scoff them down.
- G20 and IMF merging their toxic gangrene assets and swan songs.
- Germ GM-Opel zapping 2500 jobs. Someone has to pay for the "out of the recession" orgies.
- France figures it'll solve pension deficit by raising retirement age. West logic is priceless. Besides, west parasitic populaces deserve no retirement for their child-murdering war-supporting "careers".
- Germ consumer confidence plunges yet another month, cuz of "unexpected" rise in unemployment. This just for a laugh.

H A I T I Haiti - 150K dead in the wake of the 7.0 earthquake.
- So comrade Obama invades Haiti with 20-24K troops, blocks relief efforts, shuts down airports and ports, and threatens a "long" occupation. Why? To "fix regime" and "improve USA image". Yes, west is patent insanity. Sideline: This is another giant concentration camp made by comrade Obama like Palestine. This is also a 4th nation attacked in 6 months by the west chief "peace laureate". Yes, all west standards are nothing but sickening farce, much like their west reptilian DNA.
- Following the invasion, humanitarian aid stops and children begin vanishing from hospitals. UNICEF confirms the children theft by west as 33 are tracked to France, 50+ to USA, etc. Many remain missing. Yes, west is patent evil -- with no rival.
- USA chief TV christianic mindrapist explains the earthquake as the result of the "pact with the devil". Yes, west is THE disease.
- Allegations surface regarding west's use of seismic WMDs styled after Nikola Tesla's quake machine, which was operational, along with free energy, 100 yrs ago. Oddities popping up support the allegation: UK fleet left days prior, much like USA's defence team NORAD had left NYC days prior to 911; USA troops were readied for large-scale invasion BEFORE the quake very much like USA teams of firefighters arrived the night BEFORE 911. That fact alone that USA has managed such quick and grand-scale invasion proves it must have been prepped. But whatever the truth regarding west seismic WMDs, note here that the west beast only attacks and invades defenceless nations that need be crippled either by vicious sanctions like Iraq, design famines like Ethiopia, design poverty like the erstwhile SouthAm, and eco-cataclysms. West is a scavenger sniffing out weakness slaking its evil on children and the crippled. And this is not just a policy but the very reflection of the true collective behaviour of the west freckly baboon creatures.

- Chavez on west occupation "Haiti has no shortage of guns. My god, they need doctors, medicine, fuel... what's this... thousands of troops?"

Haiti occupation and civilian massacres have been a steady west game since west found the isle. West has been raping and asphyxiating this island paradise for years and has ratcheted up the rape in 2004 and physical occupation since. Civilian massacres caused by west in Jan 2005 and Dec 2006 have now been eclipsed by the current invasion by the west child murdering psychos. Sideline: This follows the re-takeover of TCI and militarisation of Aruba. West beast is taking over the Caribbean.

While Russia waives education fees to all Haitian students, comrade Obama anchors USS Bataan, his portable floating concentration camp to "aid" the Haiti earthquake victims. West is the definition of madness.

I R A N Iran - Gasline with Pakistan.
- Considering slashing UK ties.
- Sends 5th fleet to Aden.

R T Erdogan on Iran: "It's unfair to ask a country not to have nukes when other country in the region already has them." Note here, the issue is no longer n-power but n-weapons. No, this is not the landscape the west parasitic beast had in mind.

- Under the Merkel scowl, Germs come slithering to Tehran for a 1B EUR job to build gas compressors. Serving the Freeworld is west's only survival prospect henceforth.
- Rejects west's nuke "offers". No, this is not the Iran west had in mind in 2000, when Busch II tried taking Iran's oil.
- Export with China at over 2B EUR /Mar-Dec2009, or 40% y2y. No, no part of west is necessary for any part of the self-sufficient Freeworld.

I R A Q Iraq - See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

J A P A N Japan - 77% in Okinawa vote for booting the USA occupants.
- JapanAir goes bankrupt.
- Ends refueling USA child murdering bombing sorties.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - 1 USA drone used to massacre civilians shot down.
- USA warns Islamabad that al-CIAda wants to provoke a war twixt Pakistan and India. Yes, west's econ policy is any war anywhere anyhow.
- Comrade Obama murders 20 civilians with another anti-civilian attack, 20Jan.

P O L A N D Poland - Claims to reveal "secret" comrade Obama's anti-Moscow missile silos. They're 40 km west of Kaliningrad, Russia. Yes, it's clear west is gearing up for WWIII but this Polish ruse to draw fire from Russia is, even by west baboon standard, shockingly cretinous.

R U S S I A Russia - France cedes cathedral in Nice to Russia as Putin continues reclaiming Russian assets from the west magpie fiends.
- Supplies MiG29s to India. The ongoing vying for India by Russia and west tilts to Moscow as war market is 70% Russian despite west's sweetest overtures, comrade Obama's love letters, and garage sale pricing schemes.
- Fleet sent to Aden.

S O M A L I A Somalia - UN does good on its anti-civilian threats and stops aid to 1M civilians.

S W E D E N Sweden - 3K protest their job zappings as GM/Saab falls prey to west "recovery". Odd, isn't it? The freckly bastards didn't protest 10 yrs of murdering children in over 7 nations on their behalf, did they?

Just look at the west vileness. Not a human among the west grisly war lot.

U A E UAE - Dubai freezes 22B USD debt debate for 6 month. This is what Iceland did prior to telling UK to kindly sod off.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - 17Jan vote liberates another nation from further west rape as the blue-skinned west orange revolt merchant's given the boot. This means Russian fleet on Crimea, no NATO eastward expansion as Busch, Bliar, and comrade Obama all so planned, and immediate lift of diplomatic freeze with Moscow.

U N UN - Melting Himalayas report with which the west eco-criminals terrorised the world turns out to be more west BS. That's not a shock but note that all west attempts at re-conquering the planet are falling on their baboon rumps.

U S A USA - 17B USD siphoned away from credit market into the pockets of the west central wanks. Tis be the great wealth and land reform or the west war junta asset consolidation.

The great wealth reform of the Baboonarium began the second the west war junta had realised their days were numbered following the masterful Russian nuking of the dollar machine mid-2006. The graph shows the amount of bank holdings. The grey bands suppose to mean recessions. Note the step function there around 2007.

- As such, Central Wanks is holding 2T under the wraps despite "bailout", in case there are still bailout believers.
- Other banks? They're dying at a rate of 1 each 3 days as in 2009. So far, it's 9 for 2010 gone rancid. On the upside, where the baboon's going, they'll be needing neither credit cards nor bank accounts.
- Citi, floated by "bailout" since beginning 2008, posts a near 8B USD loss for 2009Q4.
- BoA posts over 5B USD loss for '09Q4. Is that all? After all, let's not forget BoA forgot to mention 15B USD loss at the beginning of 2009.
- Borrowing limit UPPED AGAIN. This time by near 2T to 15T. 6 month ago, the ceiling was at 9T. At xmess, it was at lifted to 13T. Not hard to see where's west going, is it? WWIII or bust is the west beast's last policy and raison d'etre.
- USA airlines business shrivels 18%/2009, which be the largest drop ever since the monkey picked up making graphs.
- Walmart chains zapping near 12K jobs. Not to worry though! It won't affect unemployment, they'll just dump the perpetually unemployed from the stat and maintain the stat frozen like war deaths at a number the west baboon has accepted. Yes, perpetual deceit is west's policy.
- 11K added to the unchanging unemployment stat in 9Jan week alone.
- 18M homes empty now. 50M in poverty. Such are the beauties of capigalism.
- Foreclosures 21% up/2009 from 2008. Now, that's some "trending"!
- 4-week unemployment benefits at a steady 500K. Long term unemployment (3 months and shriveling as USA goes into the red on unemployment benefits) at a steady 4,6M. That's near 2M zapped each and every month.
- NASA garage selling engines, shuttles, and other rubbish.
- Comrade Obama breaks another promise failing to stop concentration camp in west-occupied Cuba. Hardly a news.
- Spills 2M litres of oil down its Texan waterways.
- Ex Malaysian premier M Mohamad joins the 911 truth chorus.
- Nationalising 100B USD student loan business. Yes, either pre-pay or go to war, baboon students.
- It's confirmed now that Busch II cabal weighed a missile attack on Russia during the Olympic 2008 proxy attack via Georgia when they saw Russia deploy 20K troops in 12 hrs carving up the petulant west war dog including the funny seizing of NATO launch codes. Busch II, in most eloquent redneck he could manage, demanded Putin return the humvee with the codes but after 4 days of mulling a strike on Russia backed down and buggered off back to his ranch where the west war junta likes relaxing by shooting animals and...actually people too.
- Shootout in Virginia leaves 8 dead, 20Jan.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - 1500 stores closed for gouging. Note the difference. In west, gouging is rewarded with tens of billions in bonuses.
- Nationalises French store chain Exito.
- Raises min wage 10%.

Y E M E N Yemen - 19Jan, Saudi air strikes north killing over a dozen of civilians. Oddly, Riyadh-based west oil marionettes deny any such war involvement foreign office saying: "I don't know where Ahmadinejad got this accusation... that Saudi is waging war on the Houthis." Has comrade Obama not notified Riyadh foreign ministry?
- 200K displaced by the west assault. be cont'd as it all piles up.


Anonymous said...

OK, perfect, poiuytr. World War III or go bust is west motto now. And the rest of it, specially human life, is wholly immaterial. The message comes out cold and clear. Elegance and brevity as ever as this latest installment of diseased west misdeeds unfolds. Let's hope the Germs infect themselves and the rest of their gang.

Anonymous said...

NBN is really stranger than fiction. Each fact cited above is plucked out from our everyday in reality, not one invented. And even as we are given the summation for the past ten days, new facts and figures emerge. Well, one thing we can be sure of at least: west is the disease and the Freeworld alone represents the cure.

Anonymous said...

Every time I get through a new NBN, I think: yes, all has been said for the time being. Not one extra line needs to be added.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right, 08:54. But still, time and tide waits for no man, and updates have to be. My particular one here is about turncoats.
Russia first. Now that Ukraine is out of their hands, as Quenzjor pointed out so brilliantly below, time for west to get themselves another agent. Who? Yeltsin^s daughter Ms Yumasheva, who's started her own blog with the sole purpose of running down Putin, described as indecisive and careworn. Well, well. Yumasheva, apparently planning a run on the presidency in 2012, has become the west trump card, just as G. Kasparov was not so long ago.
Second Iran: Having been bribed to the full, I suppose, Iran's renegade politicians, Rafsanjani leading them, followed by Karroubi, Khatami and others, have now begun acknowledging President Ahmadinejad's authority. Another slap in the face for the west.
Third Pakistan: Nothing too spectacular here yet, but it has just rejected the atom bomb material cut-off treaty, FMCT (fissile material cut-off treaty). My, my, my, no longer on their best behaviour with west fiends either, these dratted Pakistanis!

Anonymous said...

I love this site!

Anonymous said...

Marvellous, so glad, 10:26, thank you. Now join us wholeheartedly and give us the benefit of your views.

Anonymous said...

Copenhagen Accord Bust

India, China won't sign Copenhagen Accord
The Indian and Chinese governments have had a rethink on signing the Copenhagen Accord, officials said on Saturday, and the UN has also indefinitely postponed its Jan 31 deadline for countries to accede to the document. (25.1.10)
Banks pull out of Carbon-offset market after Copenhagen. No more (at least for now) clean-energy project in the developing world because of the expected fall of emissions credits after 2012.
Saved by the bell on this one, we were. Thank you Internet, thank you China.

Anonymous said...

"Green Shoots of Hope" latest for this morning:
. 9 banks teetering after bad land bets
After betting heavily on real estate lending, about a third of Utah's smaller community banks are teetering between collapse and survival after the worst land-value crash in memory.
. Two dozen US States' Unemployment Funds in the Red, Nine More within Six Months.
. UK out of recession (always uttered with an ultra straight face). But 10% poorer after the slump.
. The rest of the "Green Shoots" will doubtless come out of Davos where the annual World Economic Forum will tell us what awaits us next.

Anonymous said...

Washington’s Militarized Takeover Of Haiti
by Stephen Lendman | It’s reminiscent of New Orleans post-Katrina, a mass ethnic cleansing exodus to level the city’s most valued parts, prepare it for upscale development, and prevent poor Haitians from returning.
Well, that's one way of looking at it, certainly.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this NBN a great deal, specially the bit about the moratorium on debt the UAE, following Iceland's example, has proclaimed to its west creditors. A perfect indication of things to come.

Anonymous said...

Saada Online - Tuesday, January 26th, 2010
Ansar Allah confirm and document their withdrawal from all 46 Saudi Arabian sites occupied by their forces, but Saudis continue attacks. Houthis have warned that should Saudis do not heed the ceasefire, "all out war" will be the Houthi repost, on multiple fronts inside Saudi Arabia.
It is to be noted that Saudis allowed the Yemen regime use Saudi territory from which to attack the Houthis in North Yemen.
In spite the Houthi unilateral declaration of a cease-fire yesterday and withdrawal from all Saudi territories, to stop Saudi attacks against Yemeni civilians, Saudi war planes and artillery continued criminal bombardment of villages and cities deep inside Yemen Monday night with (9) air raids and more than 540 rocket attacks, killing and wounding civilians.
The Press office of Mr. Abdel Malik Al-Houthi confirms the withdrawal of Ansar Allah forces from all occupied sites in Saudi Arabia on Monday 25 January 2010 at the cease-fire initiative of Mr. Abdel Malik.


Saada, Yemen

Anonymous said...

Missing something here?
This comment comes from a blog parallel to this one where NBN is also often posted (and read).

Anonymous said...

This writer seems to be against Christianity since he notes the time of the start of this mess as 2000 years ago. He damns the Catholic Church but says nothing against the Jewish religion. Although the Jews have pretty much taken over the Vatican bank as well as all other banks in the world. Just asking. No offence intended.

Anonymous said...

(PAP, RIA Novosti) -- Poland is giving the impression that it is strengthening its defences directly against Russia, says Moscow's foreign minister Sergei Lavrov.
The comment comes after reports this week that Poland is to situate US Patriot missiles 100 kilometers from the border with Kaliningrad, Russia. The Kremlin is seeking full information on the announcement, said the Russian foreign minister.
Poland defence minister, Bogdan Klich has denied there is anything significant about the placing of the Patriot missile battery and 100 US troops so close to the Russian border.
"[The town of] Morag was selected for the deployment some time ago without a public announcement on the decision. The decision has no political or strategic significance whatsoever," he said.
Moscow dismissed yesterday earlier reports that it was strengthening its Baltic fleet in response to what it saw as a an aggressive move by Poland and the US.
The patriot missile battery should be in situ by 2011.

Anonymous said...

16:42 - A tricky problem you pose there with your remarks. Which are not devoid of interest, no, but which are usually not so welcomed by the blogmasters. So let me take a shot at it, the way I've understood things so far. I think 2000 is always used here instead of, say, 2500, because in this blog's definition of west inhabitants, the original Semites are perhaps not included.
Another point: Christianity on the whole has caused more turmoil in the world than Judaism (modern times excepted) ever managed.
Being a Muslim myself, I'm only guessing here.
But the diseased west, as NBN sees it, includes US, Canada, Europe, Israel, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and all their various allies.
There is little to rejoice about in the situation of the Palestinians currently. Hence that omission. And Israel, too, hasn't yet got its come-uppance, so there too nothing much remains to be said.

Anonymous said...

Massive explosion rocks heart of Kabul
Tue, 26 Jan 2010
A loud explosion has rocked the Afghan capital after a terrorist bomber blew himself up near a US military convoy in Kabul.
The explosion caused casualties among foreign troops and Afghan civilians, security sources said.
According to a security source, the attack was aimed at foreign troops since it happened near the city center close to foreign military bases.
Tet 2 underway.

Anonymous said...

Davos was mentioned above. Well, take a look at this: Davos security chief found dead: 26.1.10
Markus Reinhardt, the police commander in charge of security at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, was found dead in his hotel room from an apparent suicide, according to media reports Tuesday. Further details of the death were unavailable.
Suicide one week before the event, my eye. Yet another one who was Kellied.

Anonymous said...

Britain scrapes out of recession
UK returned to growth at end of 2009 but a sickly 0.1% was much weaker than forecast.
Who ever believes such tripe?

Anonymous said...

Since Switzerland was mentioned in the Davos context, I'd like to bring up another scam in connection with the pharma concern Novartis who has claimed profits of over $8 billion for 2009. This, in spite of the fact that they recently bought up the eyedrops firm Alcon from Nestlé for the not inconsiderable sum of $38.5. Profits should be considered part fantasy, part a result of the sale of the wholly useless H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

Anonymous said...

"In an interview with Dina Gusovsky of Russia Today, Webster Tarpley pointed out that the escalating clash between Google and the People’s Republic of China comes in the context of rapidly deteriorating relations between the two countries on a broad front. Google is part of a cartel of Internet companies which notoriously works closely with the US intelligence community for political purposes, including the subversion and overthrow of foreign governments. We need only recall the central role of Twitter in the CIA’s attempted coup d’état in Iran last summer. Political manipulation by means of the Internet is an indispensable part of the CIA’s recipe for color revolutions, velvet revolutions, people power coups, and postmodern coups. When the Internet is introduced into previously authoritarian countries, it is often possible to dupe, manipulate, and stampede large numbers of enthusiastic young people who are not politically sophisticated. The results are often disastrous. In Georgia, a color revolution installed into power the madman Sakaashvili, who has already started one war. Yushenko, the beneficiary of the Orange Revolution of 2004, has just been massively repudiated by voters after a catastrophic presidency. The hangover of disillusionment surrounding Obama is related to the fact that he took power in something of the same way. The Chinese government therefore feels that there are valid reasons to prevent Western intelligence agencies from massively pumping black propaganda into China using the Internet. This is in any case a purely domestic Chinese issue, and Americans in particular ought to focus on putting their own house in order before starting to give lectures to the rest of the world."

from: "Google Attacks China as Washington-Beijing Hostility Deepens"

Anonymous said...

Americans should give us all a break and just shut up and vanish into the dark from which they came, never to be seen again.
As for the Google dispute, China will win and we internet users will benefit from that victory.

poiuytr said...

6:57 -- "World War III or go bust is west motto now..."

It's totally insane but it appears to materialise as such. But here it is in screaming colours. West has had no option for years but to vanish and hope for the best, hope to get jobs from its creditors. But it's bullheadedly pursuing two goals. One is west's internal policy of looting all assets pushing the nominal west wealth spread of 400 monkeys owning 60% of west assets to something never before experienced like 400 monkeys owning 90% of west assets.

On the international level, west is pursuing solely wars and is trying its best to provoke them anywhere and everywhere.

If these two policies seem at odds and deeply flawed to begin with it's cause they are. But this may not be the result of the west original plan, but rather some collective runaway momentum at work that none can stop.

In other words, west war junta command seems broken and there's wars among this grisly child murdering species now. The chaos of west command is the breeding grounds for the west cretins to ratchet up their crimes, be it west media whores deceit, west troop monkey civilian massacres and tortures, or west bankster looting. It's nearly anarchy in west now.

And since the west parasite has no intention to face debt, crimes, roll up sleeves, give over, and hope to land a menial job with one of its creditors after a hefty devaluation, the unstoppable trend is toward WWIII.

I keep waiting for some opposition to grow in west, yet none does. There is no opposition whatever today in west, which indicates the Busch II started blood purges of the west command have worked beyond imagination. So there doesn't even seem to be a faction within the west war junta cabal that could change west's fate.

poiuytr said...

9:33 -- Of Yumasheva and other west dogs

Yes, that's the ongoing west game, putting in their dogs like Pinochet, Hitler, Yuscenko, Abbas, or Mubarak or that crazed sakaashvili fiend. But unless the whole machine moves like Gorbachev's cabal, which nearly successfully wiped out Russia in the 90s, it's a long term planning. It's unlikely, she'd be able to revert Yukos for instance, the west theft of Russia's energy within some reasonable time frame. West appears to be out of time for such long-term subversion luxuries.

> Ahmadinejad's authority. Another slap in the face for the west.

I don't get why all this is such a hard game. I get the permanent struggle to fend off the west parasite turncoats while you're under physical attack from abroad. But how easy is it to simply draw the line and make it clear once and for all: west is THE disease!

It's a very simple argument to support and it effectively wipes out the west charade of multi-political, multi-view, multi-democratic, multi-command posturing. West can and should be treated collectively, not based on how some individual monkeys feels within west, but based solely and squarely on west's collective behaviour, which is nothing but deceit and crime and with staggering permanency that has no parallel.

There are differences twixt the French wine drinkers and the Germ beer swigglers in green pants doing their ridiculous yoddlings before they mount each other like animals. But there is NO difference twixt French and Germ governance and French and Germs war crimes. In fact, they themselves call it NATO and boast the unification war criminal cabal.

There is absolutely no need today to deal with west departments like Israel, France, USA, etc, including Poland if they so desire to be west animals in separate terms.

"West is THE disease" is the only sensible message and somehow it's not purveyed fast enough causing huge drain on Freeworld to fend off the constant ideological subversive assault via turncoats or from abroad via the west satellite network of whore lies spewing BBCNN deceit.

West loves dealing with scapegoats, offering a pitiful sacrifice here and there to stop the buck, to purge blame. I say to hell with that, that's no more than more of west criminal deceit.

poiuytr said...

9:33 Pt2

For example, Hitler is USA. Hitler is UK. And Hitler is NOT dead. Adolf is immaterial but Hitler, the front of the west criminal assault on Russia in hope to pave the way for total complete world rape 60 yrs ago is well and alive and doing what it had done then.

West governances blame business and business blames governances. None of that! All west creatures, small cubicle pathetic wretches, knee scraping old hags tossing coins down the christianic begging boxes, TV anchor whores, and policy makers are all the same animal in west.

After all, collective punishment is west's game and two can play.

If one needs to learn about yank baboons for exaple, all one needs to understand is that their nation is built on a 13-15M genocide. There is very little need to slice up the west parasitic disease to smaller organisms for it never in history behaved separately, not since the Holy Roman Empire christianic collectivisation through genocide, torture, confiscation of properties, and permanent warfare. Since the west disease stepped out of its EUnuchian disgusting confines in 15th century, it's behaved collectively with one goal in mind: total rape of the planet. Both the Holy Roman Vampire and the west's goal continue and are pursued with WMDs, deceit, turncoat subversion, design diseases, and HAARP and seismic WMDs to this very day.

West has NEVER once given humanity anything laudable, kind, beneficial. NOT ONE SINGLE TIME.

West has exported genocide, war, torture under the christianiac pretext, which in itself is perhaps the original crime in censorship, palimpsestation, revisionism, and, of course, copyright.

The Freeworld needs to treat west as such, as a single parasitic predominantly christianic saxonic entity, and then no bloody turncoat could even rear its whore mug.

poiuytr said...

12:53 -- Military assault of Haiti

It's the ongoing west vampire policy. Hispanola, stolen from natives under the christianic infection, converted to a loot mid-station for the west HRE crowns, has been under permanent west rape since really 15th century.

In 20th century, USA chief baboon wilson invaded in 1915/16 both Haiti and Dom Republic, whose name already suggests brutal christianic rape using all divine methods like torture and mass executions. BTW, much of the early 20th century invasions by USA were motivated by simple honest racism that's so innate to the saxonic freckly anemic baboon creatures. It's no different then as it is now.

The west has been raping all the small defenceless peoples for its entire span of its truly satanic existence.

The pretty christianic peace-loving democracy-loving USA folks gave Haiti official slavery in prior 1919. USA actually confiscated land, shackled people and forced them into labour.

Again, this has been carefully lost in Hollowwood films about nonsense and west media whore accounts. Instead west dares blaming revolt of 1919 in Haiti, a general uprising against the disease.

And again, this highlights the truly demented brainstem of the west miscreants! They dare blame locals fighting for their families and country while under west invasion and terror like they do today in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Africa, SouthAm, etc. Only a right monster could argue this psychotically.


16:12 -- Saada online news

THANK YOU!!!!!!!! for info and keeping us up to date.


16:39 -- Missing Palestine

Much is missing. Palestine and Israel's rape of Palestine do make NBNs. In all honesty, apart from the ongoing land theft and land destruction, I didn't catch any major development. I'm aware of the plant in Gaza getting shut down and so on. In general though, Palestine's struggle is NOT omitted nor west's assault against the people.

But it's poss I missed some large scale assault. If so, please add it in.

poiuytr said...

16:42 -- "He damns the Catholic Church but says nothing against the Jewish religion. "

What was the news regarding Judaism that NBN missed?

This isn't comparative religion critique class. Christianity is west's own pretext for their international policies which are genocide, war, torture, and general mayhem. It's west own name, west own decree. I just use it as such. Remember, Busch II and Bliar both are self-proclaimed christianics who prayed before they razed the city of Falluja and gave commands to "put two bullets into all living and dead people" there. Remember, USA gen'l in charge of Iraq genocide in 2005 showing the world pictures with smudges on them stating that's Satan there on the photo and that christianic west will cure it. This is NOT a joke! West is this psychotic. Or remember, Busch II telling the world christianic god often speaks to him and told him to invade and murder children in 2 nations?

It's west's own labels, cabals, rings, identities, not mine. I use their own news, preferably as west mainstream as one can get and their own claims to supernatural for west disease can be beat on its own turf.

If Vaticunt makes headlines, it's likely to make NBN. That's all. No other intent in NBNs.

But if there is a missing news on some judaism crime, add it in, let me know.

Also, in general terms, not related to NBN, it would be however interesting to review christianity in terms of its dogma and behaviour.

The dogma, or the bible, is a censored lift from Jerusalem, which is a censored and deeply modified lift from the semitic (semitic does NOT mean jew only! this is another west's word crime) original writs that predate all west "religion" by good 3000 yrs.

...and of course in terms of christianic behaviour, which is nothing but one long genocide that murdered 15M in SouthAm and some 13M in NorthAm alone. This does not even touch christianic torture chamber and wars in EUnuchia before it was fully conquered by HRE and then spilling the evil into Asia and Africa. Go to SouthAm, have a good look at christianic torture implements with which the god-loving west creatures spread their god word around the continents. Not to defend Judaism and not to say that it doesn't exist, but I haven't seen synagogue torture chamber. And then the west beast tells the world they have no clue where Aztecs, Mayans, and Inkas went.

Plus, we have "sciences" perverted by Vaticunt like big bang and so on.

If I had more time, I would love to show christianity is nothing but revolting sickness and a pedophile club. In USA and parts of EUnuchia, christianic pedophile rings require own court processes for they have bogged down the normal venues with child molestations, rape, and sexual enslavement. The crimes are beyond the grasp of an average human mind. To west, it's their dominant religion.

BTW, the person answering this on the blog's behalf (17:24) did rather well. Probably more effective in explaining it.

BTW, it should also be made clear that christianity or critique thereof has nothing to do with some creator of the universes) or the belief therein. But if one is inclined to believe in such alien creature(s) with super-human powers, one is served better by going to the sources (at least the ones available for most are locked in the dungeons of Vaticunt Secret Library and Loondon museums), not to the deceit known as the christianic bible, which is no more than a silly personification of sun-based ancient astronomy.


19:28 -- M Reinhardt unfortunate suicide

One might say that it's bad policy when political power blood purges begin making headlines every few weeks. Watch Reinhardt's suicide get a 70 yr lock up too. "Kellied" is the right word!

poiuytr said...

21:58 -- UK out of recession

Yes, near 5% GDP shriveling and debt growing to over 60% of GDP is "the end of recession" to west. To west, Iraqis defending own land are the terrorist thugs. To west, anti-semitic somehow means anti-jew. To west, someone who is unemployed longer than 3 months is no longer unemployed. To west, military occupation is earthquake relief aid.

Everything is 100% perverted in west. Everything!

There is not one single page in all west's chapters that isn't this perverted. Not one!

It's astonishing and I realise such statements read rather like the rant of a crazed lunatic but it's true. And still, despite understanding this, I'm astonished with more sickness pouring out of the west cesspit each week and uncovering in its luciferian lizardian child murdering past.


22:36 -- China v Google

This is precisely what I said above. West loves scapegoats. This time it's the Google front. Seemingly benign little website that works to deliver web searches.

All lies! Just like microsoft's win7 has been admitted to have been written by USA NSA or USA governance, so is google censorship. The lack of news on google should be a hefty indicator for anyone who used google a year ago. The change and blackout are beyond noticeable.

Google censorship and ideological assault of Beijing is no more than Rumsfeld web troops spreading web war. It's west's attack via web.

And China made it fully clear (I left it out of NBN cause there hasn't been any real action taken yet in the feud) that it doesn't want google's censorship and its sickening bias.

Anonymous said...

CIA and Google Team Up Again For More Spying

Ex-Agent: CIA Seed Money Helped Launch Google

CIA enlists Google's help for spy work

US spooks and Google

Google's China Hypocrisy Ignores Deep CIA Connections

Anonymous said...

16:39 PT2 -- Missing stuff in NBN

I just thought of one. The fake gold brick in west vaults and what they've sold about as real gold. This oughtta get fun.

It's some 60 tonnes admitted, or, let's see.... that's some 2M*1000 USD roughly or 2B USD suspect. If only half is tungsten that's some 1B admitted faked as gold.

If they have been peddling the fake stuff, one would expect a fun refund battle.

This news is as funny as those Japanese with a suitcase of USA bonds trying to dump them covertly in Switzerland.

(poiuytr, just not signed in)

Anonymous said...


You often mention the murderous Christianic cunts of the West, correctly.

But Russia is also a largely Christianic nation.

How do you reconcile the two then?

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr not signed in)

4:24 -- Russia Orthodox v west christianic monster

There's nothing to be reconciled here.

It's like saying "troops are bad". Not necessarily. If a troop is defending a nation and family, then the troop is good. If a troop is invading a nation then the troop is bad. It's that type of thing.

The word alone doesn't indicate anything.

Or take lying. Many will quickly conclude, if asked, that lying is bad. Not so! If you're lying to a USA tourist and send him the other way then it's purely fun. If you're lying to gestapo to protect family, then it's beyond laudable. If you're lying on BBCNN for the west war criminals, then it's bad.

So Russian Orthodox has nothing whatever to do with west vaticunt christianic religion cabal. And the word "christianity" doesn't mean anything much like "lying" and "troop" above. That's why I use the word "christianic" for west, since in the claws of the west beast, even religion has been perverted into a mass WMD that's murdered tens of millions and stolen entire continents.

And under the christianic pretext west christians, centred in Vaticunt, have dished out one long permanent genocide and exported Dark Ages, which persist today and have astonishingly permeated even traditionally non-religious aspects of life like big bang in science.

Russia has Russian orthodox. It's Russian, not HRE's. That's why Putin has fought to maintain its identity unsullied by the west beast and strengthen it by revival and funding. And Russian Orthodox has never wiped out continents, raped sciences, demonised peopled, waged wars, or tortured and executed heretics on supernatural grounds.

Much like NGOs, political campaigns, business, west uses religion as a WMD and has been unsuccessful in penetrating Russia with the nazi fascist Vaticunt control.

That's all. Christianity is WMD like everything in the hands of the west baboons.

Now, the other side of christianity, the content... the sun worship personification and afterlife promises and so on, is very interesting for it reveals how the west criminal mind works in full detail but it's got nothing to do with the question and separation of SouthAm christianity, Russian orthodox, and vaticunt christianic fascism.

BTW, remember Yugoslavia? Well, they're eastern orthodox, not under the spell or control of the HRE vaticunt child murdering beast. And that's why Mr Clinton bombed them, invaded them, ripped their nation to shreds, and is occupying them to this very second.

Anonymous said...

Palastine was well covered in the Dec21 nbn.
Today's doublespeak,; spending cuts. All except defence of course. Watch tomorrow's state of the union. Laffable

Anonymous said...

‘The US has deployed 19 military bases in Afghanistan and Central Asian countries since the war began in October, 2001. These bases function autonomously from the surrounding space, are networked by airlifts, and get supplies from outside of Afghanistan, also mostly by air. The system of bases makes it possible for the US to exert military pressure on Russia, China, and Iran… The US does not need a final victory over the Talibs. Despite their widely advertized ferocious conflict, the US and the Talibs manage to coexist quite successfully in Afghanistan…’

US Objectives in Afghanistan

Anonymous said...

Saudis declare end to Yemen border conflict: The Saudi-Yemen border conflict is a closed chapter with agreements reached by both sides, a Saudi minister said yesterday. (26.1.10)

Closed chapter, indeed, the puling, purblind bastards! We'll see how closed it is when the Houthis come after you.

Anonymous said...

8 Americans injured in attack on US base in Kabul - Press TV, 26.1.10

KABUL: A suicide car bomber targeted a US base in the Afghan capital on Tuesday, wounding 14 people, including eight Americans, said officials, hours after gunmen killed four policemen in southern Afghanistan.
The car bombing was the latest attack to hit Kabul, coming just over a week after a team of Taliban gunmen and suicide bombers staged an assault that paralysed the city and left 12 people dead. The violence has underscored fears that militants would try to stage attacks ahead of a key international conference on Afghanistan to be held on Thursday in London.
The bomber detonated a minivan packed with explosives near Camp Phoenix, an American base inside Kabul, wounding at least six Afghan civilians, said Jamil Jumbish, the head of Afghanistan’s Criminal Investigation Unit.
The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, and said an international military convoy had been targeted, according to a text message to The Associated Press from a phone number commonly used by the group.
NATO forces confirmed a car bomb struck outside the main gate of Camp Phoenix, and said it was aimed at a civilian convoy that was entering the controlled checkpoint.
Eight Americans suffered minor injuries, according to a NATO official, who released the information ahead of a formal announcement on condition of anonymity. He did not say if they were troops or civilians.

The end is nigh: TET 2 underway!

Anonymous said...

Some more Taliban stuff:

- London, all things to all men place, is holding their Tali Conf now, which should be a donor thing to gather money to pay off the Tali, pensions included, so the west can get away with their own dastardly act in that country unimpeded.
And here's NATO current chief with his take on the matter:

Q: Why would the Taliban buy into reconciliation while they claim to be winning the war?
AFR: Well, they will not win. We will prevail. They will not regain power in Afghanistan, first of all, because the Afghan people want freedom and democracy, they don't want the Taliban back, and secondly, because we have made very important decisions on the way ahead. We have increased the number of troops significantly. We will develop the capacity of the Afghan security forces. We will train Afghan soldiers and Afghan police and, gradually, Afghan soldiers and Afghan police will take over the responsibility for the security. And finally, the international community will provide more funds for development in Afghanistan and, in that respect, the Afghan government has also committed itself to a strengthened fight against corruption and the drug trade and, in general, committed itself to deliver better governance. So, for all these reasons, we will see new momentum and new progress in Afghanistan in 2010.

Indeed, you silly Dane. Now that the Turks have grown lax about protecting you, all you'll see is TET 2 coming at you from all sides.

Anonymous said...

07:32: Objectives are one thing, and of those the Evil Empire has more than its fill. Reality is something wholly different. And reality tells me the whites are on their way out from the whole of the Freeworld.

Anonymous said...

Obama Administration Orders World Bank To Keep Third World In Poverty
More starvation and death guaranteed by blocking poorer countries from building coal-fired power plants
Paul Joseph Watson
January 26, 2010

Under the provably fraudulent and completely corrupted justification of fighting global warming, the Obama administration has ordered the World Bank to keep “developing” countries underdeveloped by blocking them from building coal-fired power plants, ensuring that poorer countries remain in poverty as a result of energy demands not being met.
Even amidst the explosive revelations of the United Nations IPCC issuing reports on the Himalayan Glaciers and the Amazon rainforest littered with incorrect data, the U.S. government has “Stepped up pressure on the World Bank not to fund coal-fired power plants in developing countries,” reports the Times of India.
The order was made by U.S. Executive Director of the World Bank Whitney Debevoise, who represents the United States in considering all loans, investments, country assistance strategies, budgets, audits and business plans of the World Bank Group entities.
By preventing poor nations from becoming self-sufficient in blocking them from producing their own energy, the Obama administration is ensuring that millions more will die from starvation and lack of access to hospitals and medical treatment.
Not only does strangling the energy supply to poorer countries prevent adequate food distribution and lead to more starvation, but hospitals and health clinics in the third world are barely even able to operate as a result of the World Bank and other global bodies ordering them to be dependent on renewable energy supplies that are totally insufficient.

Anonymous said...

Poiuytr, much in your this week's post-NBN comments is spot-on. But what really went straight to my heart was this observation of yours:

"I keep waiting for some opposition to grow in west, yet none does. There is no opposition whatever today in west, which indicates the Busch II started blood purges of the west command have worked beyond imagination. So there doesn't even seem to be a faction within the west war junta cabal that could change west's fate."

I have been waiting for the same thing myself all along and nothing has materialised. No opposition, no humanity. Nothing but the war junta as far as the eye can see. Even so, the Freeworld will triumph and on that day people will crawl out of the woodwork like lice and claim they were never in favour of what was going on, but what could they do, the poor souls, their meagre jobs were in danger.

Anonymous said...

Sri Lankan president wins election
State television says President Rajapaksa has won, as troops surround his army chief opponent's hotel.

Oops... doesn't sound too good to me.

Anonymous said...

So many things going on at the same time, I mean the maudlin meetings for public consumption, I get confused. But now it's official: NATO, Russia Formally Resume Ties.
Good for them. Now, then, how did the Lenin formula go? One step back and two steps forward.

Anonymous said...

08:27: At last count, it was 850 for the Germs, 0 for the frogs. Troops for 'stan, I mean. Can't remember Brits numbers. Also, UN, the grandiose organisation, has begun rehabilitating the Taliban, lifting sanctions hung on various individuals. Absurdity piled upon absurdity. But change is in the air, definitely.

Anonymous said...

Back to basics, man, back to basics. The banks as an institution are on their way out, and high time too:
IMF warns banks need billions more
Banks under renewed pressure to do more to bolster their balance sheets.
Other equally revered institutions are warning the number of banks will have to shrink drastically before the "crisis is over".
And we want to see IMF and its fellow rogue creation, the World Bank, become toast before too long.

Anonymous said...

06:28 - Do you know anything about the Obama nationality case which was supposed to be heard today. By tomorrow, of couse, we'll be holding our sides as the man in charge perorates to the winds.

Anonymous said...

China's $2.4 trillion grip on the global economy
China disclosed the other day that its foreign exchange reserves had increased to about $2.4 trillion in 2009, up $453 billion for the year. These stupendous figures — and the likelihood that the country's reserves will rise by a comparable amount this year — have become a financial, economic and geopolitical reality of surpassing significance. The significance is not, as many imagine, that China might suddenly "dump" the dollar and dethrone it as the world's major international currency, undermining American economic power and prestige. Two-thirds or more of China's reserves are estimated to be held in dollars. As an economic strategy, dumping the dollar would boomerang. It would amount to a declaration of economic war in which everyone —Chinese, Americans and many others — would lose.
And it's with China that the hubris-doomed west is trying to pick up a quarrel! Over arms to Taiwan, or Tibet, or military build up, and now, the latest, Internet freedom through Google. I tell you, these people must have been oxygen-deprived as they tumbled out of their mother's womb.

Anonymous said...

Russia, Turkey and the Great Game: Changing teams - By Eric Walberg - Online Journal
Jan 27, 2010
For all intents and purposes, Turkey has given up on the European Union, recognising it as a bastion of Islamophobia and captive to US diktat.
As Switzerland bans minarets and France moves to outlaw the niqab, the popular Islamist government in Istanbul moves in the opposite direction — supporting the freedom to wear headscarfs, boldly criticising Israel and building bridges with Syria. This is nothing less than a fundamental realignment of Turkish politics towards Turkey’s natural allies — the Arabs . . . and the Russians.
This new alignment with Russia began in 2001 when Turkish and Russian foreign ministers signed the Eurasia Cooperation Action Plan. It went into high gear in February 2009, when Turkish President Abdullah Gul made a state visit to Russia, including a visit to the Russian Federation’s thriving and energy-rich Autonomous Republic of Tatarstan, populated by a majority of Muslim Turks, with pipelines, nuclear energy and trade the focus of attention.
In the past, Russia had poor relations with Turkey, which since its founding as a republic in 1922 was firmly in the Western camp and seen by Moscow as a springboard for infiltration into the Caucasus and its Turkic southern republics. With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Yeltsin’s Russia acquiesced to US hegemony in the region, and as part of this opening to the West, Turkish schools, construction firms and traders came in great numbers to the ex-Soviet “stans” (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan). 9/11 convinced Russian president Vladimir Putin to go so far as welcoming US military bases in the most strategic “stans.” The old Great Game appeared to be over, lost resoundingly by Russia.
But as the world tired of the US-sponsored “war on terrorism,” it seemed the Great Game was not over after all. A NATO member, Turkey was soon joined by Bulgaria and Romania, making the Black Sea a de facto NATO lake, alarming a now resurgent Russia.
Ukraine’s Western-backed “Orange Revolution” in 2004 further tilted the balance away from Russia, with Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko defiantly vowing to join NATO and kick the Russian fleet out of Crimea. He even armed Georgia in its war with Russia in 2008.
However, not only Russia was fed up with the new Pax Americana. Over 90 percent of Turks had an unfavourable view of the US by 2007. It is no surprise that Turkey began to back away from unconditional support of NATO and the US, notably, during the 2003 invasion of Iraq, by its refusal in 2008 to allow US warships through the Bosphorus Strait to support Georgia, and by its outspoken criticism of Israel following the invasion of Gaza that year.
In contrast to the US-sponsored colour revolutions in the ex-Soviet bloc, Turkey’s “Green Revolution” brought the religious-oriented Justice and Development Party to power in 2002. Its political direction has been in search of balance in the region and peaceful relations with its neighbours, including Armenia and the Kurds. In 2004, Russian president Vladimir Putin signed a joint declaration of cooperation in Ankara, updated in February 2009 by Gul and Russian President Dmitri Medvedev in Moscow. Gul declared, “Russia and Turkey are neighbouring countries that are developing their relations on the basis of mutual confidence. I hope this visit will in turn give a new character to our relations.”
Key to this is Turkey’s proposal for the establishment of a Caucasus Stability and Cooperation Platform. Following Gul’s visit, Turkish media even described Turkish-Russian relations as a “strategic partnership,” which no doubt set off alarm bells in Washington.
None of this would be taking place without solid economic interests. Turkish-Russian economic ties have greatly expanded over the past decade, with trade reaching $33 billion in 2008, much if it gas and oil, making Russia Turkey’s number one partner. They may soon use the Turkish lira and the Russian ruble in foreign trade.

Anonymous said...

Libya buys most shares in Russian aluminum giant RusAl's IPO
Libya's sovereign fund has bought the most shares in Russian aluminum giant RusAl's initial public offering in Hong Kong, along with Russia's national development bank Vnesheconombank (VEB), a business daily reported on Monday.
Libyan Investment Authority bought 1.43% of RusAl stock for $300 million while VEB paid $663 million for a 3.15% stake in RusAl. Overall, the world's largest aluminum producer sold 10.6% of its shares in the IPO and raised $2.24 billion, Vedomosti reported.
RusAl's IPO was the first share offering by a Russian company in Asia.

Anonymous said...

Agha: Israel created Gaza valley flood to cause environmental disaster
Palestinian Information Center - 26.1.10
GAZA, (PIC)-- Palestinian minister of agriculture Dr. Ramadan Agha, said Wednesday that the flooding in Gaza valley was deliberately created by Israel in order to cause an environmental catastrophe and destroy the agricultural life in the areas of the valley, Johr Al-Deek and AL-Maghraqa.
During a symposium on Gaza valley flood organized by the ministry, Dr. Agha noted that Israel used to dump chemical waste in the eastern side of the valley and when it opened the floodgates of one of its dams, all this is swept throughout the flooded areas leading to the contamination of soil and water.
The minister highlighted that the direct and indirect losses of the agriculture sector caused by Gaza valley flood amounted to more than $1,000,000.
He added that his ministry mobilized its entire technical and administrative staff to assess the damage caused by the flood such as the destroyed dunums of agricultural lands, the death of livestock, and the contamination of soil and groundwater.
The minister pointed out that the government distributed emergency aid to the distressed families whose homes were flooded.

And tomorrow, if reports are correct, Israhell is to try out its own earthquake machine in the Negev desert. Let's see what that brings. Inhumanity to the power of whatever...

Anonymous said...

RE Israhell:

Danish companies to divest from that piece of stolen land. Also, Livni, Barak "Wanted for War Crimes" in Poland.

Anonymous said...

Italy's energy giant Eni and Venezuela's PDVSA sign US$18 billion oil production deal
CARACAS, Venezuela - Italian energy company Eni SpA and Venezuela's state-run oil company have signed a series of agreements to invest more than US$18 billion to develop oil fields and build a refinery in the South American nation's Orinoco region.
Under the agreements, Eni and Petroleos de Venezuela, or PDVSA, will create a joint venture to produce and refine oil in the region's Junin Block 5 field. Venezuela claims the field holds proven reserves of 7.8 billion barrels of heavy crude.
Venezuelan Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez says PDVSA and Eni would invest US$8.3 billion in the facility, which is expected to eventually pump 240,000 barrels of oil a day. The agreements signed on Tuesday also include the construction of a US$9.3 billion refinery.

Anonymous said...

Pepper spray and rubber bullets greet Haiti crowds seeking aid. The zombies have really taken over that stricken land.

Anonymous said...

We read: Indonesia mulls tearing down Obama statue. The question comes unbidden. Why on earth did they put it up in the first place? Another statue requiring urgent tearing down is the Clinton one erected on Serbian soil.

Anonymous said...

Saudi Arabia accepts Houthi truce - 27.01.2010

Good News!

Al Alam (Iran) 18:42:17 GMT Wednesday, 27 January 2010: Saudi Arabia Deputy Defense Minister Khalid bin Sultan, said today in a press conference in Al Khawba, southern Saudi Arabia near the border with Yemen, that his country accepts the truce offered by Houthis cease-fire. Bin Sultan said, Houthis withdrew from the kingdom by force and not voluntarily.
He stressed the need to spread the Yemeni army on the border and the fate of six missing Saudi military, adding that 109 soldiers have been killed since the beginning of Saudis fighting in 3 November, 2009.
The Commander in Chief of the Parachute Brigade, Saeed Al-Ghamdi Saudi declared the end of the fighting, and said that there had been no clashes between Saudi forces and Houthis since the introduction of the truce.
On the other hand, the Aden Press, quoting official sources in Sanaa, said President Ali Abdullah Saleh expressed his concern at Riyadh's desire to stop the fighting, accusing many countries in the region for this war. "Saleh told of his concern of the Saudi concern willingness to accept the truce offered by the leader of Houthis Abdul-Malik of the cease-fire.
The sources confirmed that the Saudi decision to accept the offer of a truce may be related to the killing of 70 Saudi soldiers in an ambush attack by Huthi at the Houthi occupied Saudi Gabri site.
For its part, News sources indicated that a number of countries of Gulf Cooperation Council, including the United Arab Emirates had responded to the request of Saudi Arabia on sending troops to participate in the fight against Huthi in northern Yemen.
Abdul-Malik Al Houthi announced on Monday an initiative to stop the war with Saudi Arabia and withdraw its troops from Saudi territory. Houthi vowed in an audio channel that "open war" would declared against Saudi Arabia if it continued the war.

(NB: In another development, Saudi Arab SAT has discontinued transmission of Al Alam-Iran TV, yesterday).

Anonymous said...

More on the situation in Yemen

Meanwhile the spin on this is ridiculus in the Western Press:
BBC headline are thus for example:
Saudi troops 'forced Yemen rebels from their soil'
Saudi troops forced out Yemeni rebels who said they had withdrawn from Saudi soil, the country's deputy defence minister has said.
On Monday the Houthi rebel leader had said his forces would withdraw voluntarily, given the chance.
But Prince Khalid bin Sultan said on Wednesday his forces had encountered resistance and taken 1,500 prisoners.
Only isolated Houthi snipers remained in the mountainous area inside Saudi territory seized last year, he said.
"They did not withdraw. They have been forced out," Prince Sultan told a news conference near the border with Yemen.
Prince Sultan said 109 Saudi troops had been killed in the three month operation to recapture the area.
According to Saada Online, these were the developments for last night:
Yemeni warplanes resumed criminal bombing of Sa'ada, Al Jawf, while Saudi Arabia continued to bomb the territory of Yemen yesterday evening
Yemeni warplanes resumed criminal raids on the provinces of Saada and Al-Jouf following the announced peace initiative of Mr. Abdel Malik al-Houthi to stop the war with Saudi Arabia and spare the blood of Yemeni civilians. As part of the peace initiative, Houthis withdrew Monday from all (Houthi occupied) sites in Saudi Arabia.
Yemeni warplanes resumed their crimes and launched 15 air raids yesterday afternoon, Tuesday, three of which on the Directorate of Al Matma directorate - Al-Jouf province, and the remaining 12 air raids on various locations in the province of Saada.
Saudi crimes continued as their warplanes bombed Mt Dhahr Al Humar and the area of Al Menzala and Shada which was also attacked together with Malahete directorate by more than 120 Saudi rockets.
Ansar Allah fired artillery at the Al Kanb military base at Malahit. A tank and an armoured personnel carrier were also blown up as they tried to enter the Houthis occupied Yemeni military base at AL Taba Al Hamra.

Anonymous said...

Re: "China's $2.4 trillion grip on the global economy?

That article is $2.4 trillion worth of Western propaganda spin. It completely obscures the relations of force and the true nature of American Dollar Empire.

Those "dollar reserved holdings" (in China and elsewhere) that the Western parasites are always nervously prattling about ... are worthless.

In reality, Chinese and international purchases of American "debt" and treasury bils are a form of tribute that other nations pay to America.

This is the true parasitic nature of what article calls America's "prestige and power."

And it is American Dollar Empire that has "true grip on the global economy" (not China.

Much like how a vampire has a grip on his victims as he sucks it blood.

This point cannot be repeated, as I routinely see so-called "dissident" or "alternative" webistes--including this website--promote the basic Western Lie of how the global economy and American Dollar Imperialism operate.

Anonymous said...

A bit harsh and unjust, 20:02, but what the heck. We accept your views a 100%. The evil empire and its client states paying tribute is also a notion familiar to us. Where we differ, perhaps, is we believe that the west's vampire grip on the global economy has weakened considerably and will break in not too long a time.

Anonymous said...

Davos in full swing. Slimy Soros says gold is the next bubble. N. Roubini, econ, claims the EU monetary union is on its way out, citing Spain as the main offender. Deutschebank and others criticize plans to scale down the size of banks. And China swats away criticism that its currency is undervalued. All the others seem to believe the "recession" was phoney, the "recovery" real.

Anonymous said...

Yemen: Today's news from Yemen is Pakistan has sent troops to that country to... to do what exactly is unclear and, on the face of it, the idea sounds bad. Until reflexion kicks in and one realises Pak has quickly preempted any need for US to send their military in as well. Apparently Muslim countries have learnt their lesson. Yet another occupation of one of their countries must be nipped in the bud.

Anonymous said...

Thursday, 28 January 2010
Very Quietly Obama's Citizenship Case Reaches the Supreme Court
'In a move certain to fuel the debate over Obama’s qualifications for the presidency,the group “Americans for Freedom of Information” has Released copies of President Obama’s college transcripts from Occidental College .
Released today, the transcript school indicates that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia as an undergraduate at the college. The transcript was released by Occidental College in compliance with a court order in a suit brought by the group in the Superior Court of California.
The transcript shows that Obama (Soetoro) applied for financial aid and was awarded a fellowship for foreign students from the Fulbright Foundation Scholarship program. To qualify, for the scholarship, a student must claim foreign citizenship.'

Anonymous said...

Anon above, make of it what you will, but there's a rumour going around that Obama will shortly be replaced by Hilary Clinton. Also, that the Federal Reserve Board is on the verge of collapse and is fighting tooth and nail to avert the final outcome of bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

China Reigns in Davos - 27.01.2010 Pravda.Ru
The 40th World Economic Forum started working in Davos on January 27. Russia’s Vladimir Putin opened the forum last year, but neither Russian, nor US leaders are going to attend the event this year.
This year the forum pays special attention to developing countries – over 30 impressive delegations arrived in Davos to take part in the forum.
There will be no top officials from Britain, Germany and other key members of the European Union. Russia’s delegation – 58 people – is chaired by Finance Minister Aleksey Kudrin.
About 2,500 officials and businessmen from all over the world are expected to arrive in Davos for the forum, reports.
Russia will not be a key subject for discussion at the forum. China will take one of the most important places: the world’s fastest-growing economy will have two separate sessions. The summit will discuss the role of Beijing as USA’s chief creditor and China’s growing role in world economy.

Anonymous said...

Unemployment figures for Germany in January 2010: 3.6 million.

Anonymous said...

Cognitive dalliance - UK police like their counterparts elsewhere will now take to infiltrating the Internet so as to influence people in opposition to the powers that be to change their views. Think like us, else... We know where your house lives.

Anonymous said...

Drug firms 'drove swine flu pandemic warning to recoup £billions spent on research'
An inquiry heard yesterday that the WHO allegedly softened its criteria for declaring a H1N1 flu pandemic last spring - just weeks before announcing there was a worldwide outbreak.
Critics said the decision was driven by pharmaceutical companies desperate to recoup the billions of pounds they had invested in researching and developing pandemic vaccines after the bird flu scares in 2006 and 2007.
Unflipping believable, but perfectly predictable.
And so Novartis posted its 8+ billion dollar, 2009 profits!

Anonymous said...

Russia maintains stance on Iran arms deal
Thu, 28 Jan 2010 - For the umpteenth time:
Russian arms-export giant Rosoboronexport said Thursday it would not drop its arms deal to sell the sophisticated S-300 anti-aircraft system to Iran.
"I just don't quite understand why supplies of the S-300 system to Iran trouble you so much," the head of Rosoboronexport, Anatoly Isaikin, told reporters at a news conference on Thursday.
Iran struck a deal with Russia in 2007 to obtain the sophisticated defense system to improve its deterrence power.

Anonymous said...

Standard & Poor's warns may downgrade Japan

TOKYO — Standard & Poor's warned Tuesday that it might downgrade its credit rating for Japan's sovereign debt, saying efforts to put the public finances in order were slowing under the new government.
The ratings firm revised its outlook on Japan's "AA" long-term government bond rating to "negative" from "stable".
"The outlook change reflects our view that the Japanese government's diminishing economic policy flexibility may lead to a downgrade unless measures can be taken to stem fiscal and deflationary pressures," S&P said.
"The ratings on Japan could fall by one notch if economic data remain weak and measures to boost medium-term growth are not forthcoming, given the country's high government debt burden and its weak demographic profile."
An "AA" rating, the third highest possible, means Japan is seen as having an extremely strong capacity to repay its borrowings.

Anonymous said...

Thousands of British jobs axed (28.1.10)
AstraZeneca, Shop Direct and Toyota slash staff amid fears recession will blight UK for years.

Only yesterday they were out of recession, they begged to be believed, and now they're back. Media drivel driving us all crazy.

Anonymous said...

27 January 2010 (irish4palestine)
Oh, where does one begin. I am just after reading an opinion piece on "Justice" (there's the first joke of many) in the the Zionist rag "Ynetnews." If you can recover from the Chutzpah and shock of the first paragraph where Israel wishes for 2-3 more earthquakes, the remaining argument will test what's left of what we call reality. Firstly, Israel's "Haiti Hasbara Hat Trick":
With two or three more earthquakes we’ll be resolving all our Goldstone problems.
Is your head spinning off it's axis yet? No? Well no worries, there's a whole lot more to follow. Like how Israel is entitled to all the Palestinian land, and that they need to present those "facts" to the "American Gentiles" and the rest of the world instead of framing their argument in regards to "security" issues instead.
Our PR salvation needs to come from other places, and especially from our righteousness.

Jews and their righteousness? A glaring contradiction in terms.

Anonymous said...

Sad but true. Just because the Israelis set up some kind of a field hospital in Haiti, they think they are terrific heroes and the whole world is impressed. No reality check whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON: The war in Iraq is ending and all US troops are coming home, US President Barack Obama said Wednesday in his State of the Union address.
"We will support the Iraqi government as they hold elections, and continue to partner with the Iraqi people to promote regional peace and prosperity," Obama told Congress.
"But make no mistake: this war is ending, and all of our troops are coming home."

Except for the ones who have already returned in coffins and body bags.

Anonymous said...

Israeli vessels open heavy fire at Palestinian fishermen: Israeli military boats opened heavy machine gun fire against Palestinian fishermen sailing off the coasts of Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, Palestinian sources said.

Anonymous said...

The Holocaust Backfires
Wednesday, January 27, 2010 - Gilad Atzmon

Ynet reports:" Peres in Berlin, Netanyahu in Auschwitz, Lieberman in Budapest and Edelstein at the UN headquarters in New York all plan to attack the Goldstone report into the Gaza war on International Holocaust Day this Wednesday.
Israel's political echelon will once again try to divert attention from the fact that the Israeli crime is beyond comparison.
Israeli Propaganda Minister Edelstein told Ynet before leaving for New York. "The connection between the Goldstone Report and the international Holocaust memorial day is not an easy thing”. He is indeed correct. The true interpretation of the Goldstone report is that Israelis are the Nazis of our time. “We must learn the lessons from what happened” Says Edelstein, “then too, those who yelled out were told that Hitler is a clown and that all the gloomy predictions of the 1930s were nonsense.”
Someone should advise the Israeli Propaganda man that by now no one regards mass murderer Barak, Nuclear enthusiast Peres, warmonger Livni or ultra racist Lieberman as clowns. We respect them for what they are. Yet, we prefer to see them locked behind bars.
In fact, those world leaders around the world who bowed to Jewish pressure and made the Holocaust into an international memorial day must have been convinced that the Holocaust carries a universal message against oppression and racism. They were actually correct, if the holocaust has any universal and ethical meaning, stopping the ‘Jews only state’ and bringing its criminal political and military leaders to justice is the true interpretation of the lesson of the Holocaust.
Propaganda Minister Edelstein added "on the Holocaust memorial day of all days, which also marks the battle against global anti-Semitism, we must discuss this connection, because today the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces are accused of harvesting organs and murdering children”. The Israelis better internalise that the truth of Israeli brutality is now common knowledge. IDF mass murder of children, elders and women is part of our collective memory. The Israeli institutional involvement in organ harvesting is also well documented and an accepted fact.
Minister Edelstein is wrong when he argues that "After World War II and the establishment of the State of Israel, anti-Semitism is not directed at Jews but at Israel and the Israelis. The Goldstone Report, the publications in Sweden about organ harvesting and similar reports, are simply a type of anti-Semitism." Edelstein is wrong because all the accusations against Israel are well grounded. Furthermore, the opposition to Israel, its Jewish lobbies and Jewish power in general is politically orientated rather than racially motivated.
In the wake of the ‘International Holocaust Memorial Day’ I will say it loudly and openly. To oppose the Jewish state and Jewish nationalism is the true meaning of the memory of the Holocaust. To say NO to Israel is to say NO to racism. This is what ethics and universalism are all about.

Anonymous said...

Hoy Quenzjor - Any comments on 07:43?

Anonymous said...

Records piling up in US:

Record foreclosure filings

Record jobless youth

And many more similar

Anonymous said...

oil tanker blown up on Pak Afghan highway
Friday, 29 Jan, 2010 The highway near the Ali Masjid area of Jamrud has been blocked due to the bomb blast, no casualties were reported. –Photo by AP Pakistan
Blast in Khyber kills one, wounds two Blast in Khyber kills one, wounds two KHYBER AGENCY: A Nato oil tanker has been completely destroyed in a powerful bomb explosion on the Pak Afghan Highway near the Ali Masjid area of the Jamrud Tehsil, official sources said.
The Pak Afghan Highway is blocked due to the bomb blast, no casualties were reported, sources told DawnNews.
This as they negotiate a plan to buy a five-year exit plan from the Afghan resistance is waved in our faces. Ha, bloody, ha! The symbolic response to all London conferences.

Anonymous said...


By NBN Blogger (Part One)

We haven’t quite reached the April 1975 Capture of Saigon moment yet, That will come with the fall of Kabul. But we are certainly in the Tet 2 offensive phase. In Afghanistan. And if you think I’m putting two and two together and coming up with some outlandish figure, see for yourself how things in favour of the Afghan Resistance are piling up at an extraordinary speed.

Already last year, many of us believed the war was coming to an end. But, no, what occurred instead was a change in US command and control and a new bloke, that McChrstal man, some people call him a general, came up with the brilliant idea of the need for a further surge in West troops occupying Afghanistan. After some dilly-dallying, the USans agreed to send off another 30000 armed men from their precious army to keep the naughty, nasty Taliban in check. The Germans, Germs for short, offered an additional 850 men, the frogs held back and said not a soldier more, whereas the Brits did their calculations and decided 500 was a fair figure. Adding insult to injury, the leading Germ even said troops might be reduced by 2011. As though they wouldn’t be bumped up long before. Media reports tell us the troops, USan in any case, have already reached their destination. As we worried over what effect all this might have on the actual battlefield, Pakistani sources set our minds at rest. None whatsoever, they assured us. These extra troops were coming, they maintained, to help the west military exodus out of Afghanistan and to take care of the mop up job any such military occupation inevitably leaves behind. In that case, we said somewhat doubtfully.

But now those doubts have fled. Look at what’s happening: On Jan 18h, the Resistance entered Kabul and carried out a furious gun battle with the Afghan police. Or so the media tell it. Since then, similar entries into Kabul, each one deadlier than the last, have been repeated. The Turks who so far had ensured the security of the capital have no doubt grown tired of guarding the foreign forces huddled in their their bases and barracks. Sebastapol, Afghan style, must also come to an end sometime.

Anonymous said...


Bloggers are no fools. One of them, percient beyond words, summed it up thusly:

“Tet 2010? Triple the casualties and damage for a “truer” perspective of all this. Kabul is the HQ for all the ZOG forces in Afghanistan. If they can’t prevent a major Taliban attack there, then, it is logical to assume that they have lost control of the entire country. The 1968 Tet offensive signalled the beginning of the end for US involvement in Vietnam. I’m betting that this incident does the same for Afghanistan. Two years at most!”

Thing is, we don’t necessarily agree on details. Our rule of thumb is to multiply all casualty figures by ten. But this is immaterial. What does matter is, accompanying Tet 2 and as though by magic the talk now is all of “reconciliation” with the Taliban, paying them off, salaries for not killing the occupiers and generous pensions thrown in as well! To this end, Afghan meetings are multiplying. Fund raisers, donor conferences Afghan regional groups to aid in reconstruction and stabilisation antics. You name it, we have it at the moment. And the most extraordinary news of all: the UN has lifted its ban on leading Taliban figures. Yesterday’s terrorists are today’s partners in crime, the hope being the drugs trade will be controlled and channelled to benefit the dying west.

Remember the peace conferences for Vietnam? Now something similar is going on with the successful guerrilla warriors of the Hindu Kush, who some term the Waterloo Warriors.

In all this hyperactivity and hypocrisy, the Taliban ultimatum to the west has been conveniently forgotten: GET! OUT! of Afghanistan and then we'll talk, otherwise, prepare for war. The music is playing loud and clear. Deaf, we're not. Never mind the silly lyrics, the melody is the melody of defeat.

Anonymous said...

As if in confirmation of above, 08:97, this:
Pakistan Daily News | January 28, 2010
PESHAWAR: Following the crash of two US drones in North Waziristan in just one week, the tribesmen were surprised on Wednesday when they could not see any spy aircraft during the past two days.
“We have not seen any US drone during the past two days, which is a surprising news for us,” remarked Haji Syed Halim, a tribesman of Danday Darpakhel village, five kms west of Miramshah, the main town of militancy-stricken North Waziristan.
He said even the children were asking their elders about lack of thundering sound of the drone, which is called “bangana” locally. The tribesman said it was for the first time in the past several months that no US drone was seen flying over the tribal region.
He said continuous flights of drones over villages in the tribal region had left immense negative psychological impacts on the local population, particularly women and children. In Mirali subdivision — the second biggest town of North Waziristan which had been targetted quite frequently by the CIA operated spy planes in the past few months — villagers said the drones were no more seen in the skies.

Anonymous said...

Yemen: Saudi attacks continue
Thursday 28 January Saada Online:
Saudi forces launched more than 94 rockets this morning, and heavy machine gun fire and mortar shells were launched against (Malahete directorate and Bani Syah and Mount Dhahr Al Humar) from Mount Al Mudud. It is to be noted, Houthi fighters withdrew recently from Mount Al Mudud as part of the Houthi ceasefire offer.
Yesterday evening, Saudi artillery attacked territories inside Yemen, and Saudi warplanes launched 21 air raids on different parts of the province of Saada and Haydan Directorates.
On the other hand, Yemeni warplanes also bombed villages of the province of Saada with 9 air strikes, while two army crawls were broken this morning at Harf Sufian, Imran province, as well as on the front at (Al-Iqab) Saada province.
Meanwhile, sources in Saada province revealed that intensive negotiations are underway to stop the war between the Houthis and the Central Yemeni government. (summary translation)

Anonymous said...

08:07 - Good effort, NBN Blogger, and not too premature either. I expect tings to be winding up as the year goes on. The Taliban are far too determined. And also, US has trained its sight elsewhere now. By which I mean SouthAm and, perhaps, Poiuytr's WWIII.

Anonymous said...

Some more rating scam, but at least hopeful:
Standard & Poor's yesterday issued its most strongly worded comments yet on the state of Britain's economy and banking system, raising the prospect of a credit downgrade just before the general election.
The loss of Britain's prized AAA rating would represent a serious blow to Gordon Brown in the lead-up to the vote and would almost certainly cause a run on the pound and a sharp increase in the cost of servicing Britain's enormous public-sector deficit.
Explaining its decision to drop Britain's banking system from Group 2 out of 10 to Group 3 – alongside the likes of Chile and Portugal –S&P said: "In our opinion, the weak UK economy will continue to hinder the credit profile of the UK banking industry. We believe this factor affects the profile of the UK banking system more than it influences the banking systems of most other major mature market economies in Europe and around the world, notably Canada, France, and Germany in BICRA Groups 1 and 2."

Anonymous said...

Look, west is having a terrible time of it. Shed a tear. On the one hand they want us to believe they won the war. On the other, they want to convince us there was no war as such, just a short, well-intentioned invasion to ensure the liberation of Afghanistan and a better life for its people. Ditto Iraq. Well, who cares what they want. No one's been taken in.

Quenzjor said...

Hey, 07:51

I'll give you a few thoughts on 07:43, but just a short note here:

The good news in these days, for me, was that Medvedev has cancelled his participation in this "H." commemoration orgy of besotting of consciences. Well, a article stated that so did Lavrov, Merkel and Westerwelle, but while these last-named German slaves indemnified themselves at the revelries of a huge ersatz feast in the corral of the Bundestag ...

..., Medvedev officially preferred some unspecified other appointments. This is significant. I guess, Merkel and Westerwelle did not travel to Auschwitz at this occasion only for that reason that without high profile Russian participation it would have raised even more questions, because, not even in west it's possible to obscure the fact that it was Russian military to take over this place in 45.

This is a progress against Putin taking part five years ago, it has nothing to do with the dreamt-up differences between the two leaders. For even if, it'd be the other way around. (haha)

Medvedev sent a message to the commemorations (according to my reading of the article) stressing the inadmissibility of attempts to confuse between those acting and those receiving in war crimes and singled out the Ukrainian nazi decoration for criticism. Thus, in the very act of engaging the west in a fight against revisionism, Russians slowly revolutionizes the focus of commemoration away from the ideological reading of Jews first and foremost back to all nations involved of guilt and suffering.

A hope and guess that come the time when the west NATO slime attack, via Ukraine, Baltics, Poland etc. will finally have stalled, Russian leadership will judge the time ripe for the last great myth to be dropped that today still is necessary to prop up Russian self-esteem, the only potent counterforce against global fascism for the time being: drop the myth of Stalin's innate goodness, or harmlessness in comparison with the other top actors.

Up to then, mankind will have to wait; enjoying the brilliance of Russian strategic counteroffensive against the global NWO fascism, that in my expectation is destined to issue in a global enlightenment of unforetold proportions, remains restricted for those few who have eyes to see.

Poiuytr does a fair job in stoking up anticipation. That's where I am grateful to him, too.

Quenzjor said...

Little self-correction. Ahead:

"back to all nations involved [u]in their proportions[/u] of guilt and suffering."

Anonymous said...

Excellent, Quenzjor. This twist to the H story was missed out in most of the media accounts I went through. So glad you supplied it. And your conclusion, extremely penetrating and subtly expressed, is ours as well a 100%.

Anonymous said...

Right, Quenzjor (please, no personal offence intended): They didn't go to Auschwitz, instead they opened up the Reichstag to the enemy. Oh, well, if things go as we imagine, this is the last time such a thing will happen:

Shimon Peres addresses Reichstag as world marks Holocaust Memorial Day
"At times during his 30-minute speech, the 86-year-old, who was wearing a skullcap, reduced some parliamentarians to tears with his personal account of the Holocaust."
The zioMaster of lies and murder and the talmudist zionists in the bundestag were crying with joy to see that they put a shoe in the mouth of every single German humiliating them, mocking them and taking their funds all over the years including nuclear sub delveries all with the consent of ziofarting merkel and the ziogerman establishment.
The speech was held in hebrew to add insult to injury.

Anonymous said...

No ray of hope for Palestinian statehood: Moroccan PM
WARSAW (AFP) – Moroccan Prime Minister Abbas El Fassi said Thursday he currently saw no hope for the creation of a Palestinian state, as he paid an official Thursday visit to the Polish capital Warsaw.
"We see no ray of hope for a Palestinian state today," he said at a joint press conference with his Polish counterpart Donald Tusk.
"Of course, Arabs definitively accept Israel, but on the condition there is a Palestinian state. "Today there is just one state, Israel, and the oppressed Palestinian people who suffer repression," he added.

Posted here because for once we hear a Moroccan voice on the subject. As a rule they hide behind their west allies.

Anonymous said...

Funds flee Greece as Germany warns of "fatal" eurozone crisis
Germany has triggered a near-panic flight from southern European debt markets by warning that there will be no EU bail-outs, even though it fears the region's economic crisis has turned dangerous and could prove "fatal" for the entire eurozone.
The yield on 10-year Greek bonds blasted upwards by over 40 basis points to 7.15pc in a day of wild trading. Spreads over German Bunds reached almost four percentage points, by far the highest since Greece joined the euro, and close to levels that risk a self-feeding spiral. Contagion hit Portuguese, Spanish, Irish, and Italian bonds.
George Papandreou, the Greek premier, said in Davos that his country had been singled out as the weak link in a "attack on the eurozone" by speculators and political foes. "We are being targeted, particularly by those with an ulterior motive."
Marc Ostwald, from Monument Securities, said the botched bond issue of €8bn (£6.9bn) of Greek debt earlier this week has made matters worse. Many of the investors were "hot money" funds that bought on rumours that China was emerging as a buyer, offering them a chance for quick profit. When the China story was denied by Beijing and Athens, these funds rushed for the exit.
However, a key trigger yesterday was testimony in Germany's parliament by economy minister Rainer Brüderle, who said there would be "no bail-outs" for struggling debtors and no move to a "European economic government".
"A few European nations are exhibiting dangerous weaknesses. That could have fatal consequences for all countries in the eurozone," he said. Despite the warning, he said each country must solve its own problems.
Mr Brüderle's hard line contradicts a report in Le Monde that Franco-German officials are discussing a rescue for Greece in order to keep the International Monetary Fund at bay.

Please to read between the lines.

Anonymous said...

and so it begins.

Small cracks leading to bigger cracks and the whole Euro house of cards collapses as so many of us always predicted it would.

Anonymous said...

Scuppered and done for, eh, 08:07? I share your sentiments entirely.
I also wish to add that Quenzjor, in his usual measured manner, has given us much to mull over.

Anonymous said...

Did you think the London Afghan Conference was the only one exercising minds? Wrong. You forgot the Yemen London Conf.:
Yemen near crisis that will pose global threat, foreign ministers warn
Yemen faces a crisis that would threaten global security, foreign ministers from across the world warned yesterday as they met in London to pledge support for the country’s battle with al-Qaeda.
Mrs Clinton warned that in a digital age, radicalisation could take place anywhere. “The question ‘Where?’ in the 21st century may be somewhat beside the point,” she said. “Increasingly, we are having to face whether it’s the UK, the US or Yemen, threats coming from beyond our borders that cannot be pinned on any place.”
Hilary Clinton has a magnificent job of asking the absolutely wrong questions. And never getting any answers right, either.

Anonymous said...

Plunging value of pound leaves £1.3bn black hole in Britain's defence budget

No wonder they've got that black hole. All these futile conference they're organising on a daily basis. London the new Geneva.

Quenzjor said...

As has already been mentioned above and on the last NBN, Tatyana Yumasheva, the youngest daughter and "Lady Rasputin" to the first Russian president, "democratic reformer" and "tsar" Boris Yeltsin, has spared some precious space of her little blog dedicated up to now to dietary tips and first class gossip for the bored folks to tell us that her father was "uneasy with the direction Putin took the country in later years."

In case I'm telling anyone something new, there's a nice report on this on (hit on my name, above). I simply loved the replies from Iranian-Shi'ite, which are not only a quick reading in taking apart a particularly shallow article from the democratic-illusion angle but serves as some help to give you a vantage point to understand what a tremendous turning point in the history these times from 1998 to 2000 were.

This Putin is a giant, that's for sure, the likes of which are found not once in a century, but once in a millennium, - if at all. His most striking feature is self-discipline, and while I don't believe that all who claim to appreciate him (like me) have already got their last surprise or disappointment from him, I yet state that in my judgment this trait of his is the most important presupposition for being successful in this task that lies on his shoulders: overseeing the bankruptcy of the west (moral and physical), while keeping up a nucleus of order and civilized behavior in thim imminent transition from the old to the new, Asia-centered architecture of power and culture.

In US an actor became president, and people thought this of significance because they were in denial over the fact that a US pres as such is no more than a clown. In Russia, obviously, a president had and still has to be an actor while in power, and I am too much immersed in my west-upbringing to the see the (probably very simple) relation of this fact to the general "culture of fusion" as which some famous Russian personality (was it Dostoyevsky??? I completely forgot) was quoted describing the Russian orthodox culture in its contrast with the west in some article I read some time ago.

We'll have no choice but stand by and wait what comes of it. Me as most feel racked by the scarcity of information one truly gets from behind the scenes.

Quenzjor said...


Poiuytr, much in your this week's post-NBN comments is spot-on. But what really went straight to my heart was this observation of yours:

[waiting for west opposition that never materializes]

Anon 27/1/10 09:46


Dear Anon, I couldn't agree more. I feel exactly the same way. Some three and a half years ago (laughably short for those who see this coming much longer, I admit ...) I made some commitments in my life, - nothing heroic though, but yet I made them - which make this failure to be also some kind of personal defeat.

I am yet able to explain this development to myself, and somehow I don't think that the failure of just these years to present mankind with an escape from both planetary rape and world war proper is so much telling for the possibility of a future dénouement.

Please, let me have this statement just stand without being able to convincingly prop it up. It has to do with me seeing this as the culmination of an ideological perversion.

In any case, I was glad and feeling great respect to see poiuytr include this observation. It shows me that despite all his avowals, he yet is not completely submerged in the logic of giving inhumanity for inhumanity.

Anonymous said...

Quenzjor, that last sentence of yours above. The logic of giving inhumanity for inhumanity is not the message of this blog. Never on your life. You who see so much, haven't you noticed the tremendous guilt borne by the common man in the west for the horrendous figures which have blighted our last nine years. They don't give a damn. Not a single anti-war demo after those which marked the start of the wars. No protest, not even as their own original freedom has grown so threadbare, even a tiger in a cage happens to be better off. All this blog has ever said over and over again and ad nauseum is: wake up, humans. Stop behaving like baboons (the poor creatures). This is an absolutely fair position to take for anyone defending the Freeworld.

We do show great respect for anyone in the west who fell in battle on our side, all nicely assassinated. Dr Kelly, for instance. And Robin Cook. Germany has Jurgen Möllemann, Austria, Jürg Haider. And now the latest death we can count among our own perhaps, that of the Davos security chief in Switzerland. Or was that just a falling out among thieves? Whatever, it the west had the gumption of fight their own crooks, what need for us to waste our time?

Anonymous said...

MOSCOW — NATO and Kazakhstan completed an agreement Wednesday that will permit NATO allies to ship cargo through Kazakh territory to Afghanistan, providing an important alternative to vulnerable routes elsewhere.
Kazakhstan was the final holdout in the so-called northern supply line, which will allow cargo to pass overland from Europe to NATO troops in Afghanistan. Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan have signed similar agreements.
“This allows supplies for our forces to start moving from Europe to Afghanistan, beginning in the coming days, complementing the very important transit route through Pakistan,” NATO’s secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, said in a statement in Brussels.
The American-led NATO coalition has been seeking to reduce its reliance on supply routes through the Khyber Pass in Pakistan, where attacks by the Taliban have been frequent.

Anonymous said...

Economy soars 5.7 percent, fastest in 6 years
WASHINGTON – The economy grew at a faster-than-expected 5.7 percent pace in the fourth quarter, the quickest in more than six years, as businesses made less-aggressive cuts to inventories and stepped up spending.
The robust performance closed out a year in which the economy contracted 2.4 percent, the biggest decline since 1946.
After falling off a cliff at the start of the year, gross domestic product turned higher in the third quarter, and the quickening fourth-quarter pace reported by the Commerce Department on Friday suggested a sustainable recovery was building.
"Wow, great number. It's very solid and gives us a running start into the second half of the year when we can't rely on government stimulus," said Jack Ablin, chief investment officer at Harris Private Bank in Chicago.
"That's part of the plan, to get us moving as fast as possible so when life support is removed we'll have a pulse."

Usual media drivel which the "baboons" will have no trouble believing.

jimbo said...

thnx for "quoting" me on iraq-war...uhh...didn't think any-one read me occasional interjections there, eh?!?...i was in junior high here in 0zz when the NV took Saigon in 1975...remember following it in the daily print media for a "school project"...the current situation in the 'Stan is almost a carbon copy.....*bottom line* can't conquer an enemy who has "the moral high ground"....and knows it!...the NV were prepared to die for their country (several million did just that!)....similarly, the Taliban are too...NATO troops are not prepared to do so...inevitably, then, they will lose!

Anonymous said...

BTW Quenzjor, Your description of Putin was magnificent, a fitting tribute, an absolute gem. I couldn't resist the temptation of taking it out of context and offering it to our readers once again:

"This Putin is a giant, that's for sure, the likes of which are found not once in a century, but once in a millennium, - if at all. His most striking feature is self-discipline, and while I don't believe that all who claim to appreciate him (like me) have already got their last surprise or disappointment from him, I yet state that in my judgment this trait of his is the most important presupposition for being successful in this task that lies on his shoulders: overseeing the bankruptcy of the west (moral and physical), while keeping up a nucleus of order and civilized behavior in thim imminent transition from the old to the new, Asia-centered architecture of power and culture."

Quenzjor said...


I'll take your reproach. I was rash, certainly. No excuses, I should at least have taken the positive thought I originally had in mind. Indeed, I guess, most of the hard words and thoughts could have been avoided if I had joined and accompanied this blog for a longer time before all this latest disappointments took place, and lived through them with you, together.

In any case, it's "my" culture that is failing, we will pay the price, and I, personally, can no longer escape. I'll take your last sentence as my conclusion too.

"If the west had the gumption to fight their own crooks, what need for us to waste our time?"

Even though, the persons you mentioned, are for the most part dead now. Indeed, you are right with what you imply: their are times when resistance becomes duty even though it will mean martyrdom. In my culture, we have systematically ignored all the warning signs that should have got us on our way to prepare for such a hard devotion.

Any return to sanity will come at an ever higher price. And yet, I believe, it will come, some day. Ideological perversion, resulting in moral corruption, must "mature", get over-ripe till the fruit drops to the ground. Why is this "must"? I don't know. Ask God or the devil, whomever you meet after you completed your course. And I'm NOT saying that it will not matter who explains it to you.

Anonymous said...

09:15 - My posting is a bit more positive than yours. Seems the deed is done.

UK Banks downgraded by S&P
Britain's banking industry was downgraded by the international credit rating agency, Standard & Poor's, as a result of the country's "weak economic environment" and the banks' "high" dependence on state support.
In its second major intervention in Britain in the past year, the agency announced that it was demoting Britain's banking industry by one tier to its Group 3 out of 10. Banks in Canada, France and Germany are in the first and second groups.

Anonymous said...

Pentagon Confronts Russia In The Baltic Sea
Persistent U.S. and NATO military moves are threatening to turn the Baltic Sea region into a powder keg that another hostile encounter between Western and Russian military aircraft could ignite at any time.
As to government officials and the news media in Russia, a year is a sufficiently long period of time to awaken from the illusion of an imaginative rest button that will reverse a decade of NATO penetration of the Baltic Sea and the consolidation of military infrastructure there aimed squarely - and exclusively - at their own nation.
It has been made painfully obvious that this administration - and NATO -have made the decision that Russia is the enemy, and are making every bone-headed effort possible to reinforce that stance with military muscle.

Anonymous said...

Poiuytr's Third World War Looming Ahead?
Obama Makes Clear that Missile Shield is About Russia, not Iran - 29.1.10
I have embraced the vision of John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan through a strategy that reverses the spread of these weapons, and seeks a world without them. To reduce our stockpiles and launchers, while ensuring our deterrent, the United States and Russia are completing negotiations on the farthest-reaching arms control treaty in nearly two decades.
With these words in his State of the Union Address, Obama last night made clear what the missile shield in Eastern Europe is really about. While the Bush administration claimed that the missile shield was about dealing with a threat from Iran, Obama has made it clear that it is about a threat from Russia, or at least a perceived threat. Having scrapped the plan for a missile shield in Eastern Europe last September, it is now back on the table with missiles set to be deployed in Poland as early as March or April of this year. The missiles will be within 35 miles of the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, which makes clear that this is geographically about dealing with a perceived Russian threat to Eastern Europe, rather than an Iranian threat to the West. This is not about Iran, this is about Russia, and the Cold War lives on.

James Wolfe said...

Americans again demonstrating their barbarism. Americans it seems simply can’t help themselves abusing and murdering children especially foreign ones.

Russian Furor Over U.S. Adoptions Follows American’s Acquittal in Boy’s Death

An American through deliberate neglect and callousness kills a child, this American murderer is as usual acquitted by the US legal system that protects American fiends. As seen with the Haditha Marines (2005), Stephen Dale Green’s rape/murder of a 14 year old girl & her family (2006), and the Blackwater Nisor square massacre (2007). Not to mention the Abu Grahib, Bagram,Guantanomo, and CIA/Secret prisons rendition scandals, etc. The US legal system protects American criminals and fiends.

These same American fiends are “adopting” read stealing children from Haiti, like vultures American fiends prey on the carcass of Haiti.

Anonymous said...

These same American fiends are “adopting” read stealing children from Haiti, like vultures American fiends prey on the carcass of Haiti.

Americunts are a nation of thieves. Everything these cocksuckers have, they steal.They steal other people's children, other people's oil, and most importantly, the very Native Indian land the Americunts occupy to this very day.

poiuytr said...

9:49 -- West opposition

Yes, the blood purges have worked in west assuring a tight iron fist control over all things west. The opposition was crushed in 2004 or so with the military coup attempt in USA. Since then, all "opposition" is as ridiculous in west as is the mainstream child-murdering programme cabal.

Amazingly, the west populaces of monkeys accept the little dancing comedians as "opposition" and so their delusion of full political spectrum, freedom, and democracy, and all the other Pavlov dog's commands that make the west hoards salivate uncontrollably and wave their flags, remains intact.


15:37 -- Turkey on EUnuchs

I don't get why it's taken this long. Turkish minority treated like slaves in Germia for decades, constant rancid racist chastising of Turkey by the EUnuch supermensch, growing fiscal requirements to even talk the idiotic EUnuchia joining and zero reciprocal aid, and, of course, the wonderful west-wide prolapse into a has-been status and soon was status.


THANKS FOR NEWS, ALL, and especially on Yemen/Saudi situation.


19:20 -- BBCNN whore spin on Yemen/Saudi truce

The west media whores are so desperate now they've become careless in their mindrape propaganda. The west barfs are so rife with such clear bias that they've effectively come to tell the truth by publishing the exact opposite of it today.

They used to be more clever wrapping the west endless venomous spin in kernels of unrelated facts their mindrape stories could lean on if questioned. West used to be quite adamant about adhering to their propaganda format of beating a specific charge by a blunt generalisation and vice verse. Today, after the purges of the BBCNN machines, they're left with pure idiots who cannot operate nearly as effective and who now only paint pathetic pictures with cretinous west word slogans.

One would think west media whores like all things west are on the rocks very much feeling their own demise and prolapse into abyssal irrelevance even among its own herd of monkeys.

Now, consider the brainstem power of the west baboon idiots that still pay -- yes, that's right PAY -- to have the BBCNN cesspool offal shoveled into their very homes.


20:02 -- China's trillion grip spin

I think all of it is complete spin. When it comes down to it, cash isn't necessary for survival at all. Food, energy, yes, not cash.

This is along the lines of the west media whores constantly trying to fear-trip and terrorise the world with doomsday rhetoric of everyone's death econ or otherwise, if west is allowed to perish.

It's all 100% nonsense. China could dump the 800B USD just to burn the yank baboon's arse without so much as hick-uping.

I think the whole point is, since mid-2006, the grand wealth reform at play.

And as such the west grisly monster is searching new and more insane ways of pegging its pointless existence to some cash, like the USA-flu disease spread, eco-assault from Cop-hag orgy, or the recent one with the latest west idea to explode volcanoes to fill the upper atmo with ash and block sun.

In 2006, west ceased to have its cash backed. It's backed by the west collective comedy and filth today, something no one half sane could invest in. The rest is academic.

The debate of the China foreign reserve is a sideline blur item so that the west whores can scream: no China would never dump USA cuz it would hurt primarily China, and other such "global" doomsday nonsense.

The situation is very simple, it's just west going down economically and for good, nothing else. And the second, more important issue that arises from this, is that west is going for WWIII solution unable to accept NWO (no west order) world.


poiuytr said...

9:34 -- Hitlery replacing comrade?

I'm certain it's a possibility. It's just amazing to me, the lengths the west is going to. This is really some end of the road desperation permeating every layer of the west cesspit. And it's funny, like Cliton will kiss it all better.

It makes no difference, like with China's 800B USD reserves in USA, west can resurrect Hitler, there's nothing it can do to save itself from total and complete wall to wall econ prolapse -- and that's the best case scenario for the west freckly hoards of right baboons.


11:34 -- Cognitive cops in west

Yes, west is reaching record plateaus of new desperation in every field. They actually fear dissent, don't they?

If I were them, I wouldn't cuz the baboons aren't capable of any, but it's still funny. Maybe the baboon is going into some hibernation mode.


17:59 -- Israeli hospital in Haiti

This just after UNICEF report on children theft and trafficking and after NYC jews and USA governance caught in organ smuggling and after Israel getting caught harvesting organs in Palestine.

Compared to these crimes for which there are no words, cognitive west cops is a comedy tale of light entertainment value.


12:09 -- "George Papandreou, the Greek premier, said "We are being targeted, particularly by those with an ulterior motive."

Did he explain the ulterior motive?

It's also reassuring that China central bank isn't rushing to help Athens and thusby crush the child murdering EUnuchia house of cards.


poiuytr said...

15:38 -- Q, knock it off!

STOP TWISTING MY COMMENTS or I'll start again zapping your disgusting west arse preemptively!

My comment about no opposition in west has nothing to do with my waiting for some saviour like you'd like to spin it!

It has to do with the mere fact that west blood purges instigated under the Busch II/Bliar terror reign have been perhaps the most effective purges of all times in history of this planet. That's all!

All you disgusting west bitches are perpetual spin doctors and little side line jab whores. As said, many times before, nothing about you, your animal background is worth and laud.

So for the last time, you cunt, don't twist my words!

And since we're talking...

You said you were leaving this blog TWICE. Have you no spine, you silly dumb west dildo?

poiuytr said...

2:23 -- BEAUTIFULLY SAID!!!!!!!!!!

YES, indeed, the west parasite steal, pilfer, thieve, and rob.

And they only do that when they're not murdering children.

West has no other programme! It only murders and thieves. And that's all it's done its entire satanic existence.

West has no other plan but total world enslavement or destruction. As the plans of enslavement vanish to tatters like west collective economies of billboard refuse, the west beast moves quicker and quicker to total planet destruction.

West populace is THE criminal on the earth. They're the chief enablers of children sexual enslavement by the christianic jesuit homo parasite filth. They're the chief enabler of the west war financing cabals murdering children in 7 nations without abatement. They're the chief purveyors of the west deceit that has raped every single piece of data on this planet. They're the chief criminals in donating their freckly disgusting saxonic offspring to the Pentagram and NATO murder machine to terrorise the planet by murdering, raping, torturing, and carving organs out of children around the world.

Nothing in the entire history of this planet comes anywhere close to even hope to compete the west parasitic beast in its crimes and sickness it represents.

West is THE disease. From the very west war junta bankster cabals down to the pitiful west cubicle bitch and back up again through the rancid west ranks of the cesspit society from hell.

It must remembered and the west hoards of freckly baboons must be treated as such henceforth.

Anonymous said...

Just so one knows the Taliban are not resting on their laurels:

3 Americans killed in eastern Afghanistan: Two U.S. occupation force service members and one U.S. employee were killed Friday in eastern Afghanistan, pushing the American death toll this month to 29. One U.S.occupation force trooper killed by IED in southern Afghanistan: A United States serviceman with the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) was killed Thursday in an IED (improvised explosive device) attack in southern Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

02:23 - Please never to forget: The USans are there, on Native land, only on sufferance. And not for very much longer either. History, to put it simply, takes its own revenge.

Anonymous said...

In the West Bank's stony hills, Palestine is dying. In the richest of the Occupied lands, Israeli bureaucracy is driving Palestinians out of their homes. The bulldozer is king.

Anonymous said...

08:56 - Take a look at this as well:

Taliban suicide squad seizes hotel in Helmand
Gun battles with security forces as suicide squad takes hotel in British-garrisoned province of Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

British Airways heading for a £1bn loss
In what could be its worst financial year ever, the airline is facing losses 50% greater than it suffered in 2008

But US, naturally, is roaring back to prosperity. I tell you, even babies wouldn't believe such bedtime stories.

Anonymous said...

Iran cites buildup, questions intent of more than 90 foreign warships (30.1.10)
Iran has reported a naval buildup in the Gulf. Officials said Western and allied forces have deployed scores of warships in the Gulf and Arabian Sea. They said nearly 100 warships have been conducting operations, many of which appear to be directed against Iran.
"The Westerners know well that the existence of these warships in the Persian Gulf serve as the best operational targets for Iran if they should want to undertake any military action against Iran," Iranian Defense Minister Ahmed Vahidi said. Vahidi, in an address on Jan. 19, said more than 90 foreign warships were detected in the Gulf region. He said they included Western aircraft carriers, destroyers, frigates and submarines in what has created a "military environment."

Anonymous said...

Robust responses above, including James and Anon 02:23. So just as we get a bit livelier, poiuytr you unsheath and bring down the sword on Quenzjor's neck. Hopefully you missed.
But still, reflect, man. I'm not defending Q. He's a thinking person, and big enough and strong enough to take you on himself. I speak for the blog and its uniqueness. We are the only ones pleading for joy and jubilation because the diseased west is soon to be breathing its last. If you want that message, which we are the only ones to purvey, to vanish from the internet, then you're going about it the right way. But I sincerely hope you'll decide otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Russia Unveils Its First Stealth Fighter Jet: The Sukhoi T-50

Anonymous said...

P.S. to A 09:41

Lots of people have threatened to leave this blog, Poiuytr included. Many have done so already. Some have returned, some not. Gone forever. We're back to the "purity of the blog" versus "morgue" syndrome. Zap us again, P., and we all go. We have to. It's that human dignity thing. Kill us,if you like. But do not dishonour.

Anonymous said...

"West has no other plan but total world enslavement or destruction."

Quoted for truth.

Anonymous said...

Neurotic blog, neurotic blogmasters, neurotic bloggers. No humility, no civility. Nemesis follows wherever hubris leads.

Quenzjor said...

Anon 29/01 16:25

Any comments from you on poiuytr 30/01 08:01?

Okay, one thing is clear: it was a mistake for me to step beyond my self-restriction to factual comments and translations.

But the other thing is again in heavy doubt for me. Does this poiuytr really more good on this site than he does self-defeating things?

He pounces on my human strains and weaknesses and displays them as a "proof" that all west is inhuman. This IS either inhuman or just absurd.

Just one more litte contribution, perhaps my last. From Ria-Novosti article (click on name). I learn that Blair was shouted down by his "poodle" audience at a session of his farce inquiries. After hours of (perhaps provokatively mild) question and answers, the audience had their fill and shouted "Blair is a liar and murderer!"

Of course they were muzzled in the end. Blair afterward destroyed their effect (if you like to see it this way) by giving one of his lengthy declaration full of hand ringing and false morality.

But they did it nevertheless! These "poodles" showed couraged. Exactly BECAUSE they did it IN and DESPITE the hopeless situation! How is this proving that all west are alike, just because all are equally unsuccessful?!?

It takes a bit more than just unswayable determination to fight a true evil of global power. We can count ourselves lucky, indeed, that Putin and Medvedev are chips from another block.

Quenzjor said...


My comment about no opposition in west has nothing to do with my waiting for some saviour like you'd like to spin it!

I don't await a savior and didn't suspect of waiting for one. I have no idea how you managed to understand me this way. You seemed, however, to imply with this one observation of yours that you are not completely in line with your overall assumption (you call it: conclusion) that some part of the world (geographically, religiously, ethnically defined? you are not clear as to that yourself) is as such not human, but "THE disease".

West acts as "the disease", no doubt, but that is because of moral ("ideological") corruption and degradation. I have no idea how any Muslim, for example, can square the axiom of this blog with his faith, since I have learnt that Muslims, just like Christians, see all humans as children of God, even though most are living in rebellion to their own nature.

Zap me pre-emptively. I guess you ARE a former part of west! (?)

Anonymous said...

Good man, Quenzjor, you're telling it like it is. The blog's running mad again, as it does from time to time. Good question you put to the Muslims there. Each one must work it out for himself. And there are never any easy answers.

Quenzjor said...

30/1/10 13:45

Thanks for your simple, true words. I have made a decision. I'll keep to the line that all but any of the others apply.

Share some interesting articles (especially those than are available only in German, not too many anyway) with you. And pass some few, factual infos. No more on this site. If at all, I'm doing no good here, sum-total taken.

Sorry, Anon 29/01 07:51 (I'd not have had more than one or two thoughts, anyway.)

Apart from this, I guess I'll give it a try on, some time ahead. See you there, - me, under my wont nick.

Anonymous said...

Qunezjor and company, Muslims all. Pay no attention when the atmosphere is light, the mood good. And pay as little heed when skies are overcast. Ignore, ignore, is the motto of the day. We are not in this for any one person, we are in this for the cause. Which is what? When one says west is the disease, the meaning is the west is, ideologically speaking, a disaster. The domination and/or destruction of the world, is that a purpose any one in their right mind would pursue? The disease is insanity. Stark, raving mad, the leaders and their populations, brainwashed to within an inch of their lives, along with them. Thank you capitalism, thank you democracy, thank you the entitlement society, thank you perpetual war for perpetual peace for the west. I'll just carry on, in spite of everything. The idealogical struggle can't be left in unreliable hands. And I hope the rest of you will also change your mind and join in as well.

Anonymous said...

Sending a Flotilla in the Spring to Break the Siege of Gaza By Free Gaza Team | 28.1.2010

Istanbul, Turkey Today the Free Gaza Movement and the Turkish Relief Foundation (IHH), announce a joint venture, sending 10 boats in the spring of 2010 to the besieged Gaza strip. Organizations from Greece, Ireland and Sweden have also promised to send boats to join the flotilla with the Free Gaza movement and Turkey.
Mr. Bulent Yildirim, chairman of the IHH said, “We sail in the spring to Gaza, and our last port is freedom; freedom for the 1.5 million Palestinians denied the right to rebuild their society. We will never stop sailing until Israel’s siege is lifted.”
Two cargo ships will be part of the flotilla, one donated by the Malaysia-based Perdana Foundation and one from IHH. Both will be laden with building supplies, generators and educational materials that Israel prohibits from entering Gaza since their brutal attack on the civilian population a year ago.
The many passenger boats accompanying the cargo ships will carry members of Parliament from countries around the world as well as high-profile journalists and human rights workers.
IHH, Ahmet Emin +90 530 341 19 34
Free Gaza Movement, Eliza Ernshire +44 754 011 22 94

Now here are people who are trying to get something done and not just sitting around yapping like us.

Anonymous said...

Quenzjor, if you abandon us now, I'll always think of it as an act of cowardice. Just as, before you, an informatron ran away because he felt misunderstood, and his feelings were hurt. I never accepted his defection as an act of courage either.
Our work is clearly defined: open eyes wherever we can, never mind the cost. Let's just get on with it and expect no thanks from anyone at all.

Anonymous said...

Pentagon to Send More Special Forces Troops to Yemen (30.1.10)
The Pentagon is assigning more special forces personnel to Yemen as part of a broad push to speed the training of the country's counterterror forces in the wake of the failed Christmas Day attack on a crowded U.S. airliner.
Military officials familiar with the matter said the U.S. will begin rotating the same groups of special forces personnel through Yemen and keeping some of the elite troops there for longer tours, changes designed to help the American trainers develop closer relationships with their Yemeni counterparts.
Great timing; just when the Shiite rebels in north Yemen have signaled that they would accept the government's conditions to end the war, what is the US doing? Sending in more troops, of course!
The more wars the merrier. Although, naturally, the situation in Yemen is much more complex than anyone outside that country suspects.

Anonymous said...

Yemen rebels 'would accept conditional end to war' - 30.1.10
The leader of the Shiite rebels in north Yemen said on Saturday in a message released on the Internet that he will accept the government's conditions to end the war if attacks against them cease.
I announce our acceptance of the (government's) five points, after the aggression stops," Abdel Malak al-Huthi said in an audio message released on the Internet. "The ball is now in the other party's court."
I hope to heck that Yemen's President Saleh and the US are listening, very carefully, to this offer.

Anonymous said...

Yemen rebels 'would accept conditional end to war' (30.1.10)
The leader of the Shiite rebels in north Yemen said on Saturday in a message released on the Internet that he will accept the government's conditions to end the war if attacks against them cease.
I announce our acceptance of the (government's) five points, after the aggression stops," Abdel Malak al-Huthi said in an audio message released on the Internet. "The ball is now in the other party's court."
I hope to heck that Yemen's President Saleh and the US are listening, very carefully, to this offer.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, something went wrong there technically. Didn't mean to post the same piece twice.

Anonymous said...

Paulson Says Russia Urged China to Dump Fannie, Freddie Bonds - 30.1.10
Russia urged China to dump its Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bonds in 2008 in a bid to force a bailout of the largest U.S. mortgage-finance companies, former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said.
Paulson learned of the “disruptive scheme” while attending the Beijing Summer Olympics, according to his memoir, “On The Brink.”
Notice a crescendo of Russia and China-bashing here in the US, in order to deflect Americans' anger away from what our own government has done to destroy this economy. (WRH)

Quenzjor said...

@ 18:32

Did this "informatron" post on this site and then quit? I mean, there is an "informatron" quite active on

Expecting no thanks is one thing. Expecting a zapping quite another. ... Okay, no that I've searched my mind for a while, I must admit that it was my third input, where I crossed the line and got personal again. Against being warned. But do you think that as this has happened, poiuytr will suffer me "breaking my word" for a third time?

You must see, I happen to be no good in just compiling facts or other people's opinion. Sooner or later, I would once again come up with own evaluations.

Do you think there's place on this board for two opinionated people with an "identity", keeping a snarling truce of silence against one another?

Please, two answers from your side.

Anonymous said...

Quenzjor, From your contributions here, I have come to respect the way you see things, and I feel specially linked to you over your views on the tremendous Medvedev/Putin task lying ahead. Poiuytr, on a good day, forces my respect as well.
Evaluate away, that's part of the job. Just don't be personal. As for zapping. Poiuytr has zapped us in the past and we all stand under a threat of imminent zapping. Come to think of it, it's a bit like the world situation, west and Russia, let's say, or China, with no one quite clear as to when the other side is going to let off its missiles. Yet co-existence must be.
I personally would feel greatly enriched if you didn't turn your back on us and carried on giving us the benefit of your opinions and analyses.
As for informatron, yes, it's the same person you can read quite often on the other blog.

Anonymous said...

Clinton warns China to stay the course on Iran nuclear sanctions
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton warned China on Friday that it faced international pressure and increasing isolation unless it joined other world powers in sanctioning Iran to try to halt Tehran's nuclear ambitions.
The admonishment from Clinton came on the same day the Pentagon announced more than $6 billion in arms sales to Taiwan, a move certain to infuriate Beijing and add a new complication to the U.S.-Chinese relationship, already strained by the Copenhagen fiasco and the internet censorship row. Add it all up.
Secretary Clinton either has to be barking mad, to make such a demand, or the US has made the decision that a world war is inevitable, possibly because of the following potential economic scenario.

As reported on 17 January, 2010 in:

"The move to reduce the use of U.S. dollars in trade has been a two-part process. While China has engaged in a long series of bilateral trade agreements to boost its share of global trade, it has simultaneously inked numerous "currency swaps", supplying its trade partners with renminbi to use in their future trading - and permanently excluding the U.S. dollar from those bilateral relationships.
Indeed, inept Western analysts point to the large hoard of U.S. dollars still in China's possession, and conclude (erroneously) that the Chinese government is still increasing its holdings of U.S. IOU's through "buying" its debt. In fact, such accumulation has almost stopped.
China is willing to take whatever "hit" that it must on the U.S. dollars which it is holding (through currency swaps), because it is effectively "sterilizing" global trade from the cancerous effect of the biggest flood of greenbacks in history (and the horrific inflation they would cause). Instead of these depreciating dollars being used again and again, in that back-and-forth flow of trade, those dollars have been removed from global markets - and replaced with renminbi.

The above explanation sounds plausible enough. Whatever, strange that USans are baring their teeth both at the Russians and the Chinese at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Quenzjor, I just saw the messages above. I certainly second what 19:56 said. Leave the blog if you must, to get back your breath sort of, but please to make it only a temporary departure.

Anonymous said...

(poiuytr here, not signed in)

PLEASE, leave the blog alone!

You know who you are. It's all you cretins who are more interested in zappings/personal BS and other such tabloit excrement. You fuckers waste half the bandwidth here with you tabloid shit and personal snides.

JUST PLEASE GO AWAY, go to facebook or some other dildo site and there you can jerk each other off to your animal fulfillment. Yes, Q, you're included in this invite!

Anonymous said...

Fine. Duly noted.

Anonymous said...

9:30 -- thank you for your future absence!

Now, if only Q had half your spine.


James Wolfe said...

Never argue with Poiuytr, I never do. Anyone who doesn't like the blog please go elsewhere and do you what you want.

The blog is here to celebrate the demise and death of the most despicable, murderous, thieving and barbaric entity of all time: "The West".

This is blog isn't for petty and churlish name calling and inane personal feuds. Go elsewhere for that.

People who try to undermine the blog with their own ulterior and obvious agendas aren't wanted.

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