Nation By Nation (10Sep09)

31Aug-10Sep09 -- In spite of the west "recovery" celebrations, the braindead west media whores are bantering the word "collapse" in connection to their idyll on daily basis now. That's a small wonder for west is under a double-prong econ attack. While suffering beyond extreme fiscal lacerations, the collapsing industries around the west erode revenues. Panarin gives the west lunacy 2 more months. (Mouseover flags for info)

A B K H A Z I A Abkhazia - Orders destruction of Georgia vessels should they violate Abkhazia's waters again. Yes, west has succeeded in putting the area on war footing once again.

A F G H A N I S T A N Afghanistan - West beast murders over 100 civilians in a aircraft attack on 4Sep, in Kunduz. Over 400 injured.

Made in USA.

Despite the west surge in war crimes, the red bits making about 80% of Afghanistan are under Taliban control today.

A U S T R A L I A Australia - Some 500K litres of oil have been gushing out of a rig in northwest every day since 21Aug making another splendid eco-cide 150km-long oil slick.
- Battles rage over who's to pay for the mass vaccination. Insurers don't wanna pay and neither do doctors. Watch west baboons not only roll up their sleeve soon but to pay for it as well.

B R A Z I L Brazil - Tells west to knock it off with their constant "sanctions" on Iran.
- Finds new 2B barrels of crude offshore.

C H I N A China - July trial of conducting trade in CNY apparently worked so China moves to selling int'l bonds in yuan. Though short and mundane, this news is, as they say, "it". The dollar's being flushed with the whole damn west.
- Though Aussies screamed a few months ago about keeping Aussie resources Aussie, the prolapse has changed their mind. Canberra's ceded 70% of the Northern Territory uranium reserves to China.

C O L O M B I A Colombia - First fringe benefits of the USA military "coop" are here. A yank troop raped a 12-yr old girl. Colombians still pleased with their USA child-raping "friends"? Strangely, even the Bush II-decorated Mr Uribe has failed to comment on the benefits of USA military presence.

E C U A D O R Ecuador - Opens Iranian bank.

E U EU - Meets and meets and meets some more in order to try curb bankers bonuses. Sideline: This is, of course, just a smokescreen. But it illustrates the sickness of west rather well. While west governances have printed trillions drowning the west baboons in insolvent debt, the banks just took the cash, celebrated it as profit, added it to west GDP #s, and divided it as bonuses. West governances are now pretending to be getting it back for the people. Too bad west folks are the stupidest on earth otherwise they might have at least enjoyed this theatre before they're devalued, prolapsed, and dumped.
- 170K EUnuchs were tossed out of their jobs in Jul. Such is price of "recovery". Unemployment admitted at 9,5%, 10 yr high.

F R A N C E France - Predicates "6 month detention by cops without charge" and "trying kids as adults" on the USA-flu pandemic, as astonishing and bizarre as this is.
- Despite the much celebrated "recovery" Jan-Jul deficit is BIGGER, at 110B EUR.
- Governance spending up over 5%/Jan-Jul at 215B EUR.
- Tax revenue shrivels over 23% eroding 40B EUR pulling it now only 133B/Jan-Jul. But to west media whores, this means recovery.
- Despite being obviously broke and operating with negative cash, pledges unlimited war support to USA's attack on Afghanistan.
- Loses more jobs in Q2 than "reported". They explain the misreporting by fearing that the truth would curtail sales. Yes, they actually admit to lying in order to mindrape. No part of west media can or should be believed, let alone trusted.

G E R M A N Y Germany - Service sector sales shrivel 4%/Q2. Employment in service sector shrivels over 2%/Q2. If this is "recovery", imagine what the prolapse's gonna be like.
- Biz bankruptcies rise by 15%/Jan-Jun on h2h. This will make the job easier for tax collectors.
- Biz insolvency filing up 16%/Jun on y2y. Annum rate at ~15%.

G R E E C E Greece - 10K protest the econ rubbish, Thessalonika.
- 2Sep, bomb goes off at Athens stock exchange injuring 1.
- 2Sep, bomb goes off at a governance bldg, Thessalonika.

I R A Q Iraq - 9Sep: USA Saladin base shelled; USA patrol in Kirkut bombed; rocket attack on USA in Kirkut.
- 8Sep: USA patrol bombed; USA minesweeper destroyed in Falluja; USA occupied Baghdad airport shelled; 2 USA humvees destroyed in Ramadi.
- 7Sep: USA patrol IED'd, Baghdad.
- 5Sep: missile attack on Baghdad airport; USA transport attack in Dilaya;
- 31Aug: N Iraq USA HQ shelled.
- See warnewstoday blog and heyetnet for war news.

I S R A E L Israel - Continues Palestinian land theft. USA now fully supports it. How else, as if there is difference twixt Israel, USA, or any other part of west.
- Bombs gaza, 4Sep.

Chavez: "Israel is an imperialist nation that annihilates other people and is hostile to peace".

L I B Y A Libya - Tells UN to disband Switzerland cause "Swiss is a mafia, not a state". There's a good point. A nation that is no more than a bank teller for the Vatican genocidal beast with 5 languages spread among 5 million dwellers that occupy every cliff and crag of this erstwhile west tax haven is very questionable indeed.

L I T H U A N I A Lithuania - Willingly becomes a host of a new USA's concentration camp.

P A K I S T A N Pakistan - 7Sep, USA missile-attacks "school" on Afghan border killing 5.
- 20 NATO transporters en route to Afghanistan blown up near Karachi.
- USA insurgents attack Islamabad.

P E R U Peru - People down state chopper as the battle over Peru goes on twixt the west-run governance bent on raping Peru's resources and the general uprising.

R U S S I A Russia - Building 2 gaslines from Iraq and reviving 1996 oil deals. What happened to Bush II "Iraq's only for our partners in crime" rubbish? It's down the bog like the rest of the west cesspit.
- Surpasses Saudi Arabia in oil export with 7,4M bpd vs Saudi's 7M. Sideline: As an act of abject desperation, Bush II enacted subsidised oil scheme in 2008 in an attempt to price-starve Russia by artificially keeping the OPEC price down. Of course, like all NWO plans, this too "worked". As a result, west has been bloated by uncontrollable hyperinflation, the Freeworld stands unaffected, and Russia takes the lead in oil export.
- Offers west to take over the command of NATO. It offers no troops but just to take over the reins. It's too bad the west loons are such pitiful retards, the beautiful irony is lost on them. Sideline: Russia gave NATO a proposal to run the inefficient, cumbersome, and deeply disorganised org for them 2 yrs ago. The proposal was ridiculed, as Moscow had predicted, by the arrogant west. A few more genius attacks by comrade Obama, and west won't have an option but to also garage sale their military.

S P A I N Spain - 85K lose jobs in Aug ending Q2 unemployment at modest 18%.
- Goes ahead with prosecution of Bush II torture cabal.

S W E D E N Sweden - In round 3, after USA's fully joined Israel in getting pissy over the Swedish expose of Israel organ theft, Swede PM opts out from going to Israel.

U K UK - This is funny! UK banks got trillions in free cash at the expense of the UK poodles and kept the cash instead of loaning it out in some harebrained effort to keep the west econ pretense up. West governances lack control over their banks so they're thinking now that by making the central bank's prime NEGATIVE they'll force the banks to dump the cash on. Yes, the last days of the west vampire produce amazing bits of the most entertainingly absurd comedy.
- Printed 50B GBP in Aug. Sideline: Note the entire USA 2008 ANNUAL weapon industry revenue was 40B USD. The hyperinflation vs west revenues ratio (the biggest ones are weapons and drugs, both accounting for about 90B/yr) is no longer comparable.
- Printing 25B GBP for Oct, just to keep the drizzly island afloat for a few more weeks. (This is basically the entire budget it cost for the entire west to harvest heroin in Afghanistan, which is barely enough these days to pay for the cost of the military harvest.)
- While obviously completely broke, it happily pledges its war forces to Afghanistan without any limits whatever.
- Gives the prolapse west bank, IMF, 10B GBP. Seems like a lot but it's only about 2 weeks of what UK prints now.
- Unveils 100B GBP plan to privitise infrastructure. Note the trend: assets are hoarded by the west junta at the expense of west public. All public gets back is debt and toxicity. Isn't west great? But the west baboon surely couldn't have thought there was no price for the decade of BBCNN genocide watching.

U K R A I N E Ukraine - Gets a 2B EUR loan from Russia so it doesn't prolapse before the elections.

U N UN - Joins the "let's dump USA dollar" chorus.
- Admits to deliberately infecting masses with viruses for profit. Read here.

U S A USA - Governance mulling hiring girl scouts to battle "hurricanes, pandemics, and terrorism". Not a joke!
- Comrade Obama tells little kids "Just cuz you don't have cash, it's no excuse to cut school", in a nation wide attempt to calm the prolapsing nation.
- Loses "the most competitive econ" title.
- Is demoted to 93rd place among 133 nations in terms of "econ stability".
- Despite "recovery" it's now 89 banks dead/2009.
- Admits to unemployment rising in Aug and currently being at 9,7%. Sideline: Again, #s are irrelevant, as all west #s are patent lies, but the trends are nice. While west celebrates "recovery", its econs are marching on unaffected towards the glorious west-wide prolapse.
- Made 40B USD/2008 by peddling weapons. Sideline: Consider here that the entire USA weapons market for 2008 took in 40B in revenue. Match this to a "print of cash" of 700B that lasted comrade Obama 7 months. Match it to 30B GBP that UK is printing now every single month to stay afloat. And you'll readily understand why west cannot, under any circumstance, but prolapse.
- Consumer borrowing down by 21B/July. That's right, shopping spree in USA has too died. Sideline: Not to worry, the death of credit cards in USA doesn't mean USA baboons are out of debt. They're still 2,5T in the red and that's NOT counting their mortgages, which runs it off scale.
- After raising debt limit to 9T very recently, comrade Obama is raising it to 12T.
- Gold over 1K USD/ounce, as dollar flush nears. Sideline: Make no mistake, USA governance will repo all gold once the deval hits. There is no clever escape for the baboons from their imminent prolapse.
- Governance tells USA baboons the 55B USD "loaned" to GM/Chrystler ain't never coming back.
- It’s well over 40M “poor” in USA now. 2008 saw 13% rise and 2009 hasn’t been all that great either. Now, for laughs, USA defines “poor” to be someone “living” on 11K USD/yr or a family on 22K USD/yr.
- Bill predicated on USA-made disease terror authorises state home searches and random detainments.
- IBM slides confirm the USA-flu pandemic is west-made terror as it was known by the west elite. IBM knew in 2006 about the 2009 "planned" disease pandemic.

Rest of slides here: D Nicoloff

How is it that IBM knew? Well, IBM worked for Hitler.
That's Watson, IBM guru and IBM beloved leader. The one on the left, that'd be Hitler. Roosevelt knew all this and granted licenses to trade with the enemy to USA elite biz in order to abett and aid the Hitler machine. Yes, USA created and supplied Hitler with trucks, motors, cash, comm systems, and even fuel till 1945.

V E N E Z U E L A Venezuela - Getting 10 agreements signed with Russia including acquiring more weapons.
- Signs energy coop deals incl oil export with Iran.
- Getting nuke knowhow from Iran.
- Chavez on a Freeworld trip forging ties with Syria, Algeria, Libya, Iran, Belarus, Russia, & Turkmenistan. "It's now or never to liberate world from imperialism" says Chavez. be cont'd as it all piles up.


James Wolfe said...

Murdering children whether it be in Afghanistan, Iraq or Palestine is the forte of the West. Cruelty and barbarism of the "civilized White West" never ceases to amaze.

Chavez is the hero of our time, he is the rightful heir of Simon Bolivar.

Anonymous said...

Venezuela has no intention of being another Iraq.

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